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Senate Rejects Both Spending Proposals

March 14, 2011 by  

Senate rejects both spending proposalsThe GOP's plan to significantly cut Federal spending has gained steam due to a wave of defections by Senate Democrats.

On March 9, a total of 11 Democrats voted against a bill backed by Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) that would have cut $6 billion from the budget for the remainder of fiscal year 2011. However, the Republican measure to slash $57 billion also failed to pass, which means that lawmakers will head back to the bargaining table.

The government is currently operating on a temporary spending extension that is set to expire on March 18. Many Tea Party supporters believe that the Republican proposal doesn't cut enough, while many liberals claim that the GOP-backed budget could cripple economic growth. However, the latest votes in the Senate reveal a divide among Democrats.

"Eleven Senate Democrats just voted against their leadership’s proposal,” said Michael Steel, spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), quoted by The Hill. "The bill supported by Senator Reid…proved less popular than the 'draconian' House Republican proposal in the Democrat-controlled Senate."

According to The Associated Press, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) said her party's cuts were not enough, while Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) condemned the entire process, accusing legislative leaders of pushing partisan proposals that they know will fail. 

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  • s c

    So what is the real Senate message? On the surface,
    anything brought up by Reid that is defeated is good for America. Likewise, getting rid of Reid and everyone like the old fart is inherently good.
    If they’re listening in Washington (I doubt that very much), what concerns Americans so much is the idea that anyone would go to Washington to see how much money can be spent. Spending tends to be a great liability, and when you’re spending and wasting money that isn’t yours, your presence is also a great liability.
    Some lessons take a long time to learn, and America pays the price for it. It’s enough to make an economic revolution sound like the only solution.

    • Warrior

      It’s actually quite simple. From the Repub side they are attempting to reign in spending by scrutinizing each government program one at a time as is witnessed by each committee/subcommittee hearing currently being held in both houses. The dem approach is to hold out on approving spending cuts because they want tax increases using the excuse that the repubs are not addressing “comprehensive reforms” i.e. taxing the rich more.

      • barbm

        i agree that the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share. a flat tax with no deductions is needed. i’m not referring to the businesses, i’m talking about the owners and highly paid administrators. don’t come at me with what percentage is paid by the wealthy. 10% of $2000 leaves the tax payer with little to live on. 10% of $1 million still leaves a lot of fun to be had by the wealthy. there has to be a bit of give on the republican side too. and it seems that education is a piss poor place to cut since our kids are our future.

    • Patty

      They should not raise the “ceiling” again. Shut them down. At least if they are shut down they can’t spend any more money. Why call it a ceiling if you continually change it? The next go around on the 18th they should cut 100 billion before they raise the ceiling one more time. Let it go 2 more weeks trhen cut another 100 billion or shut them down. Stop playing these games.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Isn’t the ceiling of YOUR house on hydrolic jacks so you can jack it up and down when you need a little wiggle room?!? I’ll be damed!!

  • American Taxpayer

    The Tax and Spend Congress needs to adopt the idea of Tax Less and Spend Less by starting with cutting Obamacare & foreign aid.

    • Lastmanstanding

      A T Let’s also cut money to any organization that is entirely funded by the taxpayer. These businesses are all over the USA in damn near every community. The money is given to groups for political payback. Through my research these groups are liberal/progressive. I am sure that somewhere their are conservative groups. In 10 plus years of watching this crap, I have yet to see a conservative group taking taxpayer money other than stimulus. Which I don’t agree with either.

      These grants are procured for lengthy periods, year to year, etc. The only jobs that they do/get are other also funded by grants, etc. The people that work at these places are ALL PROGS. In my community this robbery of the treasury is all run by the same people. These people have a direct pipeline to the govt treasury and the money is doled out on their loyalty to the prog movement. They have it down to an art form.

      They do not compete with anybody for the work. Their money must be stopped!!! They hide behind the 501 3c (non profit status). Why,because they ARE NOT CAPABLE OF PRODUCING A PROFIT. THEY BELIEVE THE CORPORATE GREED CRAP, THEY ARE SMARTER, THE MINI ELITES. THEY ARE BACKDOORING THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER IN PLAIN SITE OF THE COUNTRY AND LOVING EVERY $$$ THEY GET BECAUSE THEY ARE SO SMART!!!

      We are on to these bastards and they are on the run. Please everyone you have them in your community. They are directly connected to Washington DC. It is classic wealth redisribution. They don’t care where the money comes from as long as it isn’t theirs.

      The jobs that they say will be lost if we don’t keep spending/funding/investing are these jobs. These jobs are BULLSHIT!!!
      Billion and billion and billions of taxpayer dollars year after year being robbed from the US treasury so that they can be a loyal little socialist or communist. Every dollar they get puts you, your kids and your grandkids closer to slavery. Worst part is that they think they will be EXEMPT FROM THE PAIN THEY ARE BRINGING TO OUR GREAT NATION!!!

      Let me finish by saying,” No one will be exempt if God has something to say about all this.” The day of reckonning is not far off.

      Thank God for the USA. Our outcome is uncertain…Please stand firm.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Easier than that, let’s just defund any group that has ANY political aspirations!! no money for groups like ACORN whether they are liberal, conservative, libertarian, independant, or any other political backing!!

    • 45caliber

      How about home aid (Welfare) too? ALL Welfare! And while we are at it, all charity funding? (Many charities are 99% funded by the feds.) Let’s include all federal construction, while we are at it except for interstate highways. And shut down all Departments such as Energy (which doesn’t support energy) and Education.

      • Suzanne

        Don’t forget the FDA and Dept. of Agriculture. They are both controlled by private industries (Big Pharma and Big Agri) that use them to create monopolies and restrict our access to medicial care and food of our own choosing.

        • barbm

          let’s stop the farm and oil company subsidies and tax breaks. paying people to not work = welfare.

  • Dan

    I totally believe Bob’s article today “U.S. Exporting Runaway Inflation Across The Entire World With Its Reckless Money Printing U.S. Exporting Runaway Inflation Across The Entire World With Its Reckless Money Printing” and in doing so it really doesn’t matter what congress does, it’s too late and won’t matter much. Obama will stop any cuts with the veto pen and by the time he is outta there it will too late.

  • Carrie TPT

    I may have missed something, I thought all Money bills had to start in the House. ? ? ? How could the Senate put up an alternate? I agree that the Republican plan doesn’t cut enough, maybe it’s all a big diversion or smoke screen to keep the pundits talking while nothing actually changes in Washington.

    • Rob D

      I agree!! When the dems are in charge they push for spending and never barter with the repubs, when the spineless repubs are in charge all they now how to do is to barter and never stand thier ground.

      I think they all have different means to the same end, ONE WORLD ORDER

    • 45caliber

      The Repubs are so used to bargaining to get ANYTHING that now that they are in power in the House, they continue to bargain in hopes that the next time the Dems are in power they will feel a little sympathy for the Repubs – which will never happen.

  • meteorlady

    Sounds like some Democrats want to keep their jobs next election period. With that said, we will need to research what they supported before the last election. They, like Obama, aren’t going to change their spots, they are just going to use words to try and get re-elected. Look at what they do, not what they say.

    This budget proposal is a drop in the bucket. We will never pay back the debt that Obama and company have amassed without slashing big government and regulatory agencies. We need to start cutting government agencies, lower the corporate tax rate to get businesses back here, stop the grants to organizations like la Raza and ACORN, and stop giving aid to every corrupt third world country in the world. We need to abolish the Department of Energy, Education and privatize the post office and other service organizations the federal government has created. We need to stop the health care bill before it eats us alive. Medicare/Medicaid are already taking 40% of our budget and they are fraud ridden, inefficient run, and have done nothing to decrease health care costs or make health care better in this country.

    • 45caliber

      Their “budget” is like you or I buying ten new cars, a million dollar house, a private yacht, and a personal jet – charging it to some neighbor – and then agreeing to drop one electrical receptical from the house to “balance” the purchase. And then we’d expect the person paying the bill to be happy we had been so thrifty with his money.

  • TIME

    This issue is little more of less than a DOG & PONY show to amuse the mass of the population, whos brains are the size of a bloody single PEA.

    Dig deep, cut deep and cut long and hard as the issue is not what can be cut, its what has to be cut and how much more after the cut has been done can be done to cut even more.

    Don’t let your state reps “congress or senate” get away with this rhetoric.
    Push them into a wall and VOTE the SOB’S out of Office if they don’t start cutting NOW. It makes no differance what party they are in. If they will not get the JOB done, FIRE them.

    What would happen if you screwed up this baddly in your JOB?

    • 45caliber

      You are very correct. I believe that most politicians (of both parties) are so used to the people not paying any attention that they believe that they don’t really have to be concerned now. All they have to do it give a token reduction and allow the media to play it big so the public will go back to ignoring them.

    • Teresa

      Agree, they are PURPOSELY destroying the dollar value. Any fool can see this! SHUT IT DOWN!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I emailed my reps and told them if they refuse to cut substantially then SHUT THE DAM THING DOWN!! In those exact words!!

  • http://Persoanllibertydigest Jim

    I hate to say it but Washington just can’t get it done — The Democrats and Republicans just don’t get it — They are both prisoner of their masters: For the Demo’s its the Unions, greenie’s and loony left and the Re-pub’s its Farmer subsidies, Big Business and ultra conservatives but both are missing the point — Bottom line — We are going bankrupt without meaningful reforms in all entitlements. When the system collapses it will take us all down the drain — We need the 450 people working with-in the beltway to put our country first and put politics second — Any and all compromise should be part of a larger long balanced budget and repayment plan. We need a real leader to step forward to broker a real plan and its certainly not OBAMA

    • 45caliber

      When you reduce the budget by less than 0.1% of the money that is borrowed, it isn’t a reduction in anything except words. I don’t want them telling me that they “reduced the budget” so I’ll be happy. I want to hear them tell me they “balanced the budget”.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        i want to hear that they balanced it and then a couple of years later, I want to see them be able to say that they took in a little more than they paid out!!

    • Tom JR

      Nicely said Jim

  • Bob

    It is time for a scorched earth policy throughout the fields of government waste, to slash government compensation and to outlaw government unions. I have worked for(and with) government agencies for all of my adult life and I have seen money wasted in ways the average person cannot even comprehend. It is also time to severely punish those politicians and government drones who are responsible for this waste. Finally, there needs to be a way to reward and protect those who are willing to expose government waste and to make it a crime to fail to act when waste is exposed.

  • http://com i41

    One 2 other areas Congress of eith party will not mentionor touch are. The worthless billions wasting Dept of Ag, which was created by FDR, ands pays billions to a few land owner to do nthing. Over 74% of the budget goes to 10% of the owners of the farm ground laying idle for over 3 decades, average payment for this 10% is $455,000 a year. Reasons are several Congress persons get free taxpayers money this way. The second area needing a good clean out and cutting, is the Congresssional freebies, such as their offices, staffs, and free travel around money. Besides this isn’t including all the fat lazy bastards still getting free health care and massive retirement benefits.

  • jopa

    Time; When I had a cat scan done on my head, my brain was much larger than your PEA sized brain.I believe the American public to be of a high intelligence but I would say only about thirty per cent are politically intelligent.

    • TIME

      WOW jope,

      Lets see as that statment I noted was made by a person who is quite well known, I just repeted his statment.
      I guess that means you feel that way about this person, By the way that was Chuck Schumer, who was speaking with Harry Reid who agreed with him as they both laughed about just how stupid the American Population is. The back side of that conversation was this;
      ” We can do what ever we want to the population of the United States afterall we make the rules, they – as in the {American Population} have NO SAY in what we do at all.”

  • Mick

    jopa says:
    March 14, 2011 at 9:00 am
    Time; When I had a cat scan done on my head, my brain was much larger than your PEA sized brain.I believe the American public to be of a high intelligence but I would say only about thirty per cent are politically intelligent.


    WOW jopa !! (my brain was much larger than your PEA sized brain.I )……..

    What standards are you using with this determination ??

    We have to get off this mediocre trend if we’re to make it in our country……….

  • 45caliber

    I think just the promise of cutting $100 billion is an insult to the American people considing how much over the budget they are going. At worst, I’d like to see a budget that cuts AT LEAST 1/2 trillion – and I’d much prefer to see one that is balanced. And, despite what the politicians say, it is certainly possible.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    How obscene both Republican and Democrat proposals really are! The CBO projects Obama’s deficit for this year, which Obama has agreed with them, to be 1.65 trillion dollars. The Republicans proposal of a cut of 57 billion dollars only reduces that deficit by .057 trillion dollars, thats right, 57 billion is just .o57 trillion, which would leave Obama’s projected deficit at 1.593 trillion dollars, yet the Democrats refuse to accept that because it is to draconian, their words. Can’t the American people see they are being scammed by both Republicans and Democrats, especially Obama?

    • TIME


      Yes and NO, there are many of us who see throught the smoke filled Rhetoric, yet the hard CORE can’t grasp the most basic idea.

      Saddly we will hit the wall at some point very soon.

      In any form of business if a person were acting the way these government Leaders act they would be fired ASAP.
      And thats with No benifit package for poor or lacking job performance.

  • BrassRing

    We had a local Dentist just elected to Congress. He sold his little office and business and went off to Washington, where he was given a five million per year personal budget for his office. Boy, did his politics change. No more direct answers like when he was in the Primaries or running against his election opponent. He is now a “Politician”. Does every Congressperson get an immediate 5 million budget? They shouldn’t. Let them come into office and develop a zero based budget open (line by line) to public scrutiny, rather than be handed a big bunch of money (5 million per year!) that far exceeds anything they handled prior to gaining office Hat size increases 10 sizes and we all pay for it.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Even worse, if they don’t use it all, they can give it to their employees in the shape of bonuses!! there is one that did and his assistants got 27,000 a piece!!! YOU ever got a twenty seven thousand dollar BONUS???

  • Charles

    What 30% is that? It sure isn`t the people who voted
    for Obama, now is it jopa.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Many of us were pleased by the midterm election results 4 months ago, especially to see that Nasty Pelosi was no longer speaker and replaced with John Boehner. Now, I’d hate to take the ‘eh’ out of his name, but I wonder if the GOP made a ‘boner’ with Boehner as speaker. Likewise with Eric (Can’t??) Cantor. Can’t (Can’t-or) Cantor or (Boner) Boehner lead, or stand up to BHO and his democraps?? It’s good that they voted to repeal Obamacare, but not good enough. The GOP still doesn’t have the seats/votes to repeal in the Senate, much less override a veto by the Marxist-in-Chief!! So defunding and stalling Obamacare’s implementation is the best thing to do until we (hopefully) take back the Senate and White house in 2012.

    I heard the Great One on the radio plating a Ronald Reagan sound bite: “OH SHUT UP!!” from 1980. That’s exactly what the GOP needs to do to the democraps. As long as our military, social security and other vital services continue, why not shut down government?? Not only is it critical to destroy Obamacare, but government is too big!! It needs to be downsized!! Of course the leftwing democraps will use fear mongering and lies to attack the GOP for doing the will of the people. All Republicans: Just stand up and say “OH SHUT UP!!” to the democraps. If we have to shut down the government until 1/20/2013 (hopefully the end of this error), then good!! DO IT!!

    Let’s also consider the risk here. The voters gave you a second chance, Republicans. Think about the Independents or swing voters. If the GOP sells out again, it will mean another comeback for the democraps in 2012. That’s the last thing we need!! Of course, our focus on the 2012 campaign should be on primaries. It’s critical that all RINOs and Republi-crat wimps are defeated in primaries as some were last year. As for voters, they must use good judgment, and not repeat the errors of 2006 and 2008. Remember, we’ll never get rid of Obamacare or the out of control profligate spending by electing the democraps again. GET REAL!! It was the democraps who caused these problems in the first place. As evidence in 2006 and 2008, electing democraps only makes bad situations worse!! WAKE UP!!!!


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