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Senate Leaders Can’t Reach Agreement As Certain Unemployment Benefits Expire

December 3, 2010 by  

Senate leaders can't reach agreement as certain unemployment benefits expireUnemployment benefits expired for thousands of Americans on Nov. 30, as Republicans and Democrats in the Senate continued to disagree on the terms of an extension.

According to media reports, Republicans rejected an 11th-hour proposal by Democrats that would have extended benefits for a year and would have cost the government $56 billion. GOP leaders said they would approve an extension only if the price tag was offset by savings allocated elsewhere in the Federal budget.

The Labor Department projects that approximately 8,400 Americans will have their unemployment benefits cut off by the end of week. If an extension is not finalized by the third week of December, about 1.36 million citizens will see their benefits end.

Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass.) said that the Democrats' proposal would have burdened future generations of Americans by adding to the national debt, according to Bloomberg. He added that Congressional leaders can find a better solution if they work together.

Mary Kay, the president of Service Employees International Union, called the end of the long-term unemployment benefits "a sad night in America." She urged Senate Republicans to accept the extension bill introduced by Democrats.

"Right now, there is only one job available for every five unemployed Americans. Until we create more jobs and get America back to work, Congress must do its part to help families in crisis," Kay said in a written statement. 

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  • http://none Mike

    5 to 1 I would say in some areas that could go as high as 10 to 1.Pretty much unless some magic job fairy shows up by christmas the unemployment rate is going to stay about the same. Hopefully the republicans can get the dmocrats to come off some of that tarp slushfund money and pass this but I doubt it. This is a 2012 democratic scheem. They get to hold american workers hostage by holding out for unfunded unemployment benifits. All the while makeing it look like the republicans are scrooge for not agreeing whole hartedly to do it the dmocrat way.Wnich is just print it and the voters will come. New mantra for me anyway. Politicians politisize while the people suffer.Its all been done before. Just take a look at Russia circa Linnin 5 years in to his glorious workers utopia. Mike L.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      The repubs are between the proverbial rock and a hard spot. If they agree and pass it without savings elsewheres, the conservatives will say they caved and are just RINOs. If they stand their ground and the benefits expire the unemployed will say they just don’t care and vote against them in the 2012 election! There is absolutly no way they can win completely!!

      • http://none Mike

        They could just come out and tell the truth. That the democrats want this as an issue come 2012.And that they want it unfunded as a deficit spending bill. Maby once they apply the light of truth to them they might be forced to compromize. The problem is the way they are going about it now makes them look like the bad guys. Mike L.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I’ve been considering your answer and quite frankly I can’t see where it will do any good as the progressive libbies will only say they are just trying to push their own shortcomings off on them again! What you would need for that to do any good is for BOTH sides to tell the truth and we BOTH know the libbies will NEVER say ANYTHING is THEIR fault!!!

          • http://none Mike

            Joe ,But in doing so they will open the eyes of alot of people out there that are on the marginal side of politics. It dosent take a genuis to figure out if the republicans offer a plan of their own to figure out the democrats are playing dirty pool. Time to turn the tables on them and see how they like it. Mike L.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I only pray you are right!!

  • TIME

    As per the JOY we all got from the news of 93,000 new jobs created just last month, well guess what people, its all part time work, and for the holidays only..

    That means that in January 2011 – The 93,000 jobs will be 93,000 jobs lost again. This is a bloody shell game, can’t you all see this????

    There are NO JOBS, extending benifits is as worthless as eating cow pies. We gave away our jobs.. How??

    We regulated and TAXED them into the bloody ground.

    If I were to start my business today that I started 35 years ago, I could not do it today, WHY?

    Due to all the restrictions and limitations and TAXS that one faces let alone all the other fee’s & cost, etc.

    PLEASE WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The only people who are getting wealthy now are the ones who control the BANKS of the world and the MEDIAS and YOUR GOVERNMENT and all the GOVERNMENTS of the world.
    And just for your intel factors, They also place in office YOUR POTUS, You don’t have damm thing to do with it, not for the last 40 years you have had no say, its an odds game.
    “”Both are owned lock stock and barrel.””
    There is no differance between a DemOFat and a RebOFart and there has not been in 40 years.

    Can I make that any more clear. WAKE UP……..

    • http://?? Joe H.

      that 93,000 jobs is more than offset by the 430,000 new filers on unemployment! The rate as I understand creeped ever so slightly to 9.8% from 9.6!!!

    • http://none Mike

      Time, You are exactly the type of person I would love to sit down to dinner with and have a long conversation. :)Alot of people even here have a tendancy to pee and moan alot but you just put it like it is and go in guns blazeing. Heck if we started that conversation it just might take the rest of our lives to finish it. But the ideas that could spring from it are almost scary. :)Mike L.

      • TIME


        I tell you as I watch the events unfold daily just keeping an eye watching the other hand is hard, let alone waiting on the other shoe to drop is making me even more gray than I am.
        When you think I was told about every event that has happened so far since that day in May 1985 when I not only learned many things I knew by way of picking up intel, was not only on target, I only had a small piece of the puzzel.
        One such event was I was told about was – that a guy named Bill Clinton was going to be the next POTUS.
        I had no clue who he was, yet in 1992 who became the next president, I also knew that GWB would follow him and that a young Black man was next after GWB.
        And that by 2015 the Progressive would have set in place the
        “New World Order.”
        As I look back now I am stunned that not only has every thing fallen in place as I was told it would I am stunned that so few have seen whats happening, and years ago when I would tell folks what I had been told, they all laughed in my face and told me I was crazy.

        Years ago when I met my now Xwife about one week prior to that special day her dad handed me a folder about five inches thick what was in it you all may ask?
        Every person in my familys life on all sides.

        He was a big name in the progressive movement, the family still is as his sons have taken up the game. Can any of you fathom what its like to have someone hand you a file about every person in your life and everything they ever did?

        I can tell you I was not only speachless for the first TIME in my life, I was not able to speak for weeks as I went through all the details. If they had that ability in 1985, what level do you think they have NOW??????????

        • http://none Mike

          Time with computer technology what it is today thats not really hard to belive. The things you are being allowed to see right now are most likely allready obsoelete. The technology to identify bio que’s was developed in the 70′s. What we see now is 7th or 8th generation tecnology. These cameras you see all around big cities are linked to this tecnology. They can do remote scans from 1/2 mile or more with the camera tec that is street available now.
          Back in the 80′s I had a friend who could hook his commador computer up to a satalite dish and hack just about any database there was out there at the time. He built his transevier hook up from parts he bought at radio shack. He got caught and insted of going to jail. He was scooped up by a millitary group and went off to not be heard from again up untill last year.
          I have studied these technologies since the 80′s and have seen many things that could scare the pants off you. There is very little defence for these technologies. The only way is to learn to live with and avoid them.Its like I have said to a few people on here about the microchip technologies. That is so far behind the times now its pathetic.There are people developeing nano technologies that make micro chips obselet. They have one out now I have seen that draws its power from the human body. This nano bot is able to pass through cell walls it is so tiny. They are able to link together to store information and transmit it via rf wave. So in otherwords we could be chipped right now and not have a clue about it.
          The run into artifical intellagence is alot closer than most people think as well. One thing I have been following kinda closely for the past 2 years when I got wind of it is called Quantum computeing.They have one bulit right now that is the size of a suitcase that computes as fast as 5 craig supercomputers. These computers use the electronic charge between atoms to store and compute information.You would only need to be able to build a complex enough android with a small nano cloud brain to have this function. The brain in the android could be smart enough to handel simple reasoning commands such as walking a maze and being able to see in 3 dimensions. You could have a central brain transmitting the more complex commands via satlite. Sort of like the hive mind of ants and bees.
          There are ways to defend yourself from these technologies. Some of these are commercially available. Some are not. I have a few ideas for defence from this but not alot in the way of funds or developement teams. Mike L.

        • http://none Mike

          Its really no big secret at least not since the 40′s and 50′s. The new world order has been pretty much been out in open. That is if you knew where to look. Follow the money and soon you will find the trails of it. Heck even here lately the Discovery and History channels have been running some specials on it.This crowd is made up of a few so called secret organizations.Such as the Masons, The Illuminati, The catholic church to some extent and the Fabian socity as well as their sister groups. When it really gets intresting is when you find out about the enviorenmental whack job groups that are involved. These include The Flat earthers,The extionist,And a large umbrella of enviormental sceintist. I would say there is probly a link group of some sort behind the scientist.People like Soros and a few other ultra rich fund these groups either directly or indirectly. Suppriseingly if you look though there are some conservitive groups out there that are starting to get the money and backing to fight this. And there are some dissentions in their ranks as well. Any time you get that many ego’s together there are bound to be conflicts. These cracks havent really openly shown yet but I bet they are there. Soros will most likely be the first to break. Him and the fabian socity are too open about it for the comfort of the Rockafellas and The Rothchields. He opend the door for people to start shineing some light on them and they had to scurry away for a while and try to cover tracks. I think alot of times these people while blessed with alot of book sense are lacking in anything that would resemble comman sense. Thus it becomes simple to see through them if you know how to look.Mike L.

  • Doc Sarvis

    So the GOP is holding up the working class who are out of work so they can line the pockets of the top 2%.

    • TIME

      DOC Pull your head out from between your butt cheeks will you.
      Its not a bloody GOP thing you bloody moron.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Instead of throwing weak insults why don’t you articulate where I am wrong.

        • Norm

          Doc Sarvis
          TIME thinks it’s the Dems fault that jobs went to China, Mexico, Viet Nam, etc.
          The fact that the Fat Cat bean counter “Princes of Capitalism” are getting obscenely rich by getting nearly free labor doesn’t seem to concern him. He doesn’t want any government controls, but when tainted food and drugs and dangerous products kill Americans he’s probably going to blame it on Obama.
          I wonder if TIME would like to return to slave labor.

          • TIME

            No Norm,
            Your the one pushing for slave labor, by your utter mindless sheepee like statments ~ over and over and over like a broken record where you not only support a “One World Government” your begging for it.

            You can’t stand anyone who has made money in an honest way, yet you pander over and over to Barry Soetoro who is at best a “100% TOOL” of the very people who you claim you so dispise.
            That 2% you keep ragging on about. Strange how that works out Norm.

            You don’t like anyone who has made money in an honest method as YOUR so bloody green with ENVY its crazy.
            As I recall you called me a “Money Grubber”.

            Why was that? For being able to stand on my own two feet even being a Black Man in America and to have the drive to make it – and make not only money for myself but to employ many others.
            Let alone give to many charitys.
            Yea Norm, your one hell of a steller person.

    • s c

      Comrade (in case you’re wondering or if you don’t get it) ‘comrade’ is NOT a flattering term. Your thinking is flawed, as you dare to claim that America is always enmeshed in a class war. Your brainwashing masters don’t have to work very hard when they have people like you around to “mold.”
      Frankly, DS, you haven’t learned much in the past year, and I’m willing to bet that you’ll claim that the Obamameister is a living, infallible god long after he’s left the White House in disgrace.
      You’d do well to re-educate yourself. Get off those damned drugs, and re-join the human race, chum.

  • Tim L.

    How nice of the republicans to care so much about the deficit and cut off unemployment to people who can’t find work. And, how wonderful it is that the republicans are working so hard to maintain tax breaks for the 2% of the population who are the wealthiest!

    • ValDM

      You must have missed the part of the article that said the Reps would go for extending benefits if it could be funded by savings from a different department. In essence, this means they would go for the extension, but it MUST BE FUNDED one way or another. What’s so wrong about not wanting to increase the deficit? What’s so wrong about not wanting to continue spending like a drunken sailor?

    • Palin12

      “people who can’t find work”? Or people who don’t want to work? Many would rather keep getting one unemployment extension after another, while sitting at home on their asses watching game shows and Oprah. When times got tough for me, I went out and took whatever job I could to tide me over until things got better. And when things did get better I wasn’t saddled with debt.

      • http://WVI Joe Spenner

        How many citizens looked up “WORK,” in a dictionary. Look it up.
        Luxury, sick-sex, drugs, abortion & sodomy are wrecking America and
        the world. We need to hold those responsible for babies born out of true family life, accountable to pay for raising every baby the male concieves in a girl or woman, and not the innocent taxpayers. Next, move offices of every official that promotes a war out into the area of battles, like the Kings of ancient history, who led their soldiers in wars.
        Joe Spenner

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Joe S,
          good facts and good luck!!

    • barbm

      there are lots of jobs out there, people just don’t want them. i see signs all over. driver delivering auto parts, mucking out kennels at vet offices, delivering pizza (quite lucrative, actually), micky d’s, lots of jobs. but people would rather be on the dole than do something they consider beneath them. people in this country no longer have a work ethic or pride.

  • Warrior

    Good Grief, If I see another response about the top 2% paying their fair share I’m going to start my own campaign to have you sent back to kindergarten so you can start over with your edumacation. You people are f-ing clueless!

    • Doc Sarvis

      Tell me why this argument is a “clueless” one.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        tell you what OH GREAT CLUELESS ONE, go find the first homeless person living under a bridge and ask him for a job and see how far it gets you!!!

    • Lastmanstanding

      For weeks, I have read comments on this site. Some I agree with, some not…We all live on this planet. For millions of years the earth has worked only one way. (whether you believe in God or not.) Survival of the fittest. Those of us that accept this will prosper/exist until it is time to go. Those of you that rely on the govt. for entitlements, jobs, etc. are broken. You are at, or have been at a “Fork in the road.” Most have been there several times. You must take the unfamiliar or scary path. If you continue to take the way that seems safe or familiar, YOU WILL GET THE SAME LESSON OVER AND OVER!!! All of us have the ability to over come hardship. It just takes confidence, patience, faith (in yourself, and God if you are a believer.) and ALOT of hard work.

      If you wait for the govt. to help, you are lost.

      There are a lot of you that live your lives exactly opposite of how the earth works. You are in deep trouble. There is no guarantee that those of us that do get it will even survive.

      We have been given an incredible life here in the United States of America. Many Americans have sacrificed their lives to give us the liberties and freedom that we have today. Others have come from all over the earth (legally) to enjoy their sacrifices. DON’T GIVE IT AWAY!!!

      Finally, I will share a true story that happened on my jobsite in Sept. (I am a self-employed landscape contractor). I hired an out of state contractor to do some specialized work. One of the young men on the crew was from south Sudan. He was adamant about being from “South Sudan”. He came to the US on a student visa, got a job, a degree in engineering and became a US Citizen. The job he was doing was far below his pay grade as an engineer.

      This jobsite was high in the Rocky Mountains. He ran everywhere to get whatever the crew needed. I joked that he’d better watch that the elevation was much different from his home on the Washington coast. He replied, ” I’m a runner. The air is so clean and fresh here. I wish that I could set under one of those big pines and just breathe this air the rest of the day.” I asked him if he had any other family here in the US? His nonchallant reply was, “No, They had ALL been killed or murdered.” ( By a group/country that we get a majority of our oil from.) He continued that his mother was here and they were doing everything to legally get her citizenship, but the outcome is uncertain.

      As is ours in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…


      Take a few moments to think about how the earth really works…

      Remember to thank veterans for their service and pray for our troops now serving and those who have given their lives so that we may have ours…God Bless the USA.

      • for the children

        Wow powerful but to the point. ENTITLMENT. A word that should be stricken from the dictionary. I know theres all kinds of suffering and disease that people suffer from, but can’t we the taxpayer decide who should benifit from our taxes. Why must a drug addict on welfare have the same rights as a person that works 40-80 hour weeks have? I think the only people that have a right to vote is someone that has a job, recently jobless (6 months from elections) or retired. All illegals ,welfare and perpetual jobless would not have the right to vote. This would weed out the undesirables in washington.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          For the children,
          I know a couple of people that under your formula would not be able to vote but if anyone deserves to have that right they do. One is a friend of mine that is a vet disabled, but not by service. He refuses to file for disability. Because of his disability he can’t work so he lets his wife support him and she chooses to agree and understands. He is a very proud person and I have told him myself that he should file but he won’t. Be sure you add veterans to the formula that you post!

        • Bleh

          My solution to the welfare folk is not to give them money in hand but to give them some sort of pre-paid and metered card that can only be used in food and clothing establishments. They sell the food they come out with and they go hungry.
          They sell the clothes they come out with and they end up in rags. Not our problem.

          As for paying their rent/trash/water or whatever, either it gets paid directly or we can make the card work for those to.
          They can’t sell the card or they end up in rags, go hungry and homeless because the next one they get, if they get one, is linked to the same account as the previous. You can only use what would be in the account and only in the predefined places.

          If they don’t like it then they can get a freaking job.
          Welfare should not be cash in hand. It should only provide the necessities of life and perhaps a little extra (debatable).
          If you need it to live then great it would still do that, if not then you no longer have any incentive to stay on it as you only get the essentials..
          It should not pay for Brand new vehicles or entertainment, it should only provide what you need to live up to an acceptable standard. Perhaps every few years kick in a lil extra for a new TV, computer or something but nothing that can be repeatedly sold to support a habit like drugs.
          Solves the illegals sending it home and discourages some from wanting to be on it.

          Maybe a lil strict but that’s my opinion.

  • Joyce from Loris

    First thing that has to be recognized is GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT AND CAN NOT CREATE JOBS. That top 2% everyone is screaming about, they are the ones who create jobs. The government, with all their rules and regulations, are the ones that DESTROY the ability to create jobs. Look at the recently passed S510 “Safe” food bill. It will destroy small farmers, like us, and put us out of business. Does that sound like a government that is trying to support people to create jobs? No. Problem is, 90% of those in Congress and Senate have never held a public JOB, have never owned a BUSINESS, nor worked anywhere outside of the GOVERNMENT. They are career politicians that do not have a clue, yet they set on Capitol Hill and dictate what business people must and must not do. They make that bill sound so wonderful, SAFE FOOD. Well, who in their right minds would not want that? Please, read the details. All the businesses that had problems with their foods being contaminated were ALREADY BEING INSPECTED BY THE USDA, yet bad food still got out?? So, instead of blaming the USDA and the FDA for not doing a good job, they have been REWARDED with more power to shut businesses down.
    As far as the unemployment extensions, that’s a problem. Most Americans know someone who is on unemployment. We also know MANY who will not find a job until their unemployment runs out. The unemployed have SAID THAT, TO OUR FACES! “Why should I find a job making $8 an hour when I can get $10 an hour NOT to work? I make more setting at home”. It falls into the same category as welfare. Those who abuse the system ruin it for those who need the system. And there will always be abusers of all systems. I get sick of hearing the government say it will “cost us $700 billion over 10 years if we extend the tax breaks to the wealthy”. Cost you??? IT’S THEIR MONEY, NOT YOURS. That is one of the biggest problems we have with the government and about 50% of the nation today. IT’S MY MONEY, I WORKED FOR IT, I EARNED IT. IT’S NOT YOURS! It does not matter if it’s $30,000 or $30 million, IT’S MINE! NOT YOURS!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Wow Joyce! Well said! You posted like I wish I could have posted!

  • Claire

    I think taxes should be in accordance with what a person earns. It is the Welfare System that needs a good housecleaning, including the government. In fact, a good housecleaning is in order for all programs. But this will never happen since the politicians have to cover their bases–I think they are all on the “take” in one way or another. The old “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” mentality.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Claire… You too are right. That is where the FAIR TAX would come in handy. Those who earn more spend more, but we all have the same tax rate to pay. What could be more fair?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I haven’t been a staunch supporter of the fair tax in the past, but the more I consider the benefits of it, the more I like it! Like the fact the illegals as well would FINALLY be paying something into the pot. Now too bad we can’t make them produce proof of citizenship or pay 10% more!!! I’m very tired of paying for their lives and them getting things handed to them on a platter!

    • Bill from N.C.

      Claire,When the FairTax becomes law,the Dept. of Social Services can be eleminated for good.This full of coruption and fraud.Welfare checks will have a new name call a “Prebate” for only legal citizens.Call your congressman to get on board with {H-R 25 & S-296}and become a co-sponser.

      • Claire

        Bill from N.C. — I will do this.

  • Bluff Rat

    Joyce from Loris,

    Very well stated – those that don’t understand don’t want to understand.

    • Joyce from Loris

      You are correct, Bluff Rat. People have forgotten that we are not suppose to steal what belongs to others. In THE NAME OF GOVERNMENT, they will take what does not belong to them. If you don’t PAY YOUR TAXES, they will seize your property, garnish your wages, and seize your bank account. They will put you in jail. All because you have not given what they perceive as THEIRS. It’s my money. I don’t mind paying taxes to help my nation, but my government now TAKES a portion of every penny I make, and every penny I spend, and they are not good stewards of my tax dollars. They are increasing my taxes, taking my money, and giving it to people who will not work. In our community, which is small and everyone knows everyone, the welfare people live better than the working class people. Go to the grocery stores at the first of the month and you will see the types of people who are getting your money. Nothing warms your heart like standing in a grocery line with your little $30 worth of groceries behind a woman with 5 children, and she whips out her EBT (food stamp) card to pay for Two BUGGY LOADS OF GREAT FOOD, and she can’t even speak English.

      • ValDM

        You reminded me of something that still raises my hackles when I think about it. Many years ago, I lived in Hood River, OR. (the wind-surfing capitol of the world). While in the grocery store buying squid for dinner, I was teased by several people about buying bait. Then, squid was very cheap. The person just ahead of me was a student that was taking the summer off to wind-surf. He was getting food-stamps and having fun all summer long, and get this, was buying lobster!

  • FreeDame

    Joyce from Loris – I’m with you 100%. Another thing to point out is the fact that illegals have shut out American citizens and legal immigrants from LOTS of jobs. And I’m not talking about cabbage picking jobs, either.

    I used to teach for our local Literacy Council. Then I realized that most of the people using the resources were not Americans learning to read, they were illegal aliens learning “English as a Second Language.” Most of them had at least one person in their household holding a good job that many unemployed Americans would be happy to take. They got the job – and keep it – by buying a fake Social Security card.

    Do I appreciate they’re at least TRYING to learn our language? Absolutely. Do I believe they – and their “anchor babies” – should be sent home immediately anyway? Absolutely.

    • Joyce from Loris

      And there is a bigger disaster with the illegal aliens. According to documents, most illegal aliens are here, NOT TO BECOME CITIZENS OF THE U.S., but to simply get our money. The Bank of Mexico reported remittances totaling $1.95 BILLION dollars in August, up 9.3% from August of last year. A Mexican based financial company is forecasting $22 BILLION in remittances for 2010. Remittances are deposits wired from other AMERICA by Mexicans working here. Remittances are Mexico’s largest revenue maker, behind Crude Oil. So apparently, the job market in AMERICA is not so tough for them. Yet, we all set around, trying to figure out what is happening, financially, to our nation. They want to scream and yell at “Millionaires” for not giving more of their money to the government, yet our government sets with their thumbs up their butts, and allows, no, PAVES THE WAY, for these people to come to America and ship all the money BACK TO MEXICO. These Mexicans will go home, when they have all the money they want, and live like kings and queens, while Americans are setting here, stockpiling food for the disaster of the total destruction of our financial system.

  • http://com i41

    doc, did you every check out all the banking reform bill did to stifle jobs. Now you can not use euipment as collateral for a business loans. That was strictly drafted and created the socialist democrats and the pay no taxes cheats , like geithner, who was in the Wall Street democrat crook circle, along with Daschle. Banks got billions from their push plate buddies. Corperate boards have more democrat tax cheat sitting on their boards than republicans. Besides Socialist Trator Soros, democrats got way more campaign funding from hedge funds, banks, and investment firms, which the banking reform bill is geared to. The democrats and the marxist muslim purple lipped jugeared moron should really be proud of their f–king mishandling of the economy, unemployment has stayed at over 9% for 20 months. Don’t blame GW democrat socialist Congress has had the majority for an extra 2 years. Before they got to office, 4.6% of GW’s looks pretty fine. Now unemployment is at offical manulipated figures of 9.8%, actually 20%, doesn’t it you National Marxist Communst Democrat Union Socialist idoits really proud. Maybe some of the marxist loving morons who voted for the jungle gymn muslim like their hope and changy crap. The idea of a college education and getting weeks of unemployment, because it is against your employment standards, tough s–t, voting for marxist socialist muslims have consquences, so shut up and get a hold of you government doll!! Now who is going to pay for this marxist communistic governemnt boondoogle “healthcare crap bill”?

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    The Republicans are right, if they want the extension then make cuts in spending to fund them, if not then no extensions. Pay for your policies now instead of borrowing for them from future generations.

    • Doc Sarvis

      They sure did not make that demand on the last administration’s spending.

  • jimster

    99 weeks of unemployment give me a break. If you can’t get a job at Mcdonalds in that time you are not looking also you could go to school in that time and get a certificate in a growing section of the economy may not start out making $50000 a year but sure beat unemployment and it dosen’t run out after 99 weeks.

    • Bus

      Once the people in a democracy learn that the majority can steal from the minority, legally, that is the end of the democracy. So it comes down to who does the government screw? Tap into all that cash the top 2% has earned, let the unemployed find a job or another way of getting along, or stick it to the kids and the unborn to shoulder the burden. However if the libs abort all the babies then the choices are further reduced.
      Our government is in deep trouble, the collapse will be spectacular and cause hemorrages around the world.

    • http://none Mike

      Jim, Come try that in my county in Tennessee man.We were an industrial town here up untill about 3 years ago. The real time unemployment numbers for here and most part of middle Tn. are 26% + Not only am I unemployed almost everyone in my neighborhood is.These arent lazy people that you might think 30 people out of my 100 member church are unemployed. Thoes of them that could afford to move have allready.Thoes of us still here make do the best we can. Welcome to my reality. Mike L.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    In large letters on its front page, the NY Daily News (Thursday, 12/2/2010) suggests that the GOP is telling unemployed people to “Drop Dead”. Sounds like they’re mimicking the Democraps!! If you’re destitute and hungry, and can turn to one of two neighbors, which would you choose of the following? Neighbor ‘A’ will give you 2 slices of pizza. But Neighbor ‘B’ will give you only one slice of pizza. Of course you’d choose the former!! And although ‘Half the goose is better than none”, it’s important to consider that unemployment benefits are only half of what you’d normally earn in a real job; millions of which have been destroyed due to the democraps’ victories in 2006 and 2008. And of course if the GOP (most of them, discounting a few RINOs and Republi-crats) had its way, there’d be far fewer unemployed Americans, thus no need for these benefit extensions!! For those who still support BHO and his democraps, this means that were it not for the Democrap party, the recession and high jobless rates would’ve been gone by now!!

  • http://com i41

    Some state unemployment benefits are more than get a paycheck that pays the same. So when socialists keep giving money to you for no work. Sounds just like the 3 decade s of landowns getting paid for doing no work or putting out any expenses. 2 landowner collecting a billion or a few every year is ADM and Con-Ag. Another fine money wasting program, from the the democrats. Remember all Natyional Marxist Communist Democrat Union Socialist Party which has always wanted total government control, along with Socialist Traitor Soros who is the money man manualupator who pulls and control the party. Think thee pukeswill every change with a genitic mess in their skulls.

  • Irena

    Well, if we kick out the 30 million plus illegal aliens out of this country, and repeal the wonderful, socialist health care bill, maybe we might have the money to extend unemployment benefits. As it stands, the Feds are too busy supporting those whose mere presence in this country is against the law, and telling us what we can or cannot buy in the form of health care. I would have rather spent a trillion dollars on unemployment than on health care. Bus, you are so right in your comment. Someone once suggested that those who do not pay taxes should not be allowed to vote. That comment sure did get me to thinking. For this is exactly what you get: Those without forcing those with to support them. After awhile, those without feel that it it our duty to support them-ala socialism. It makes me wonder how far behind we are from the Europeans-whose sense of entitlement has gone on for so long, everyone feels ‘entitled’ to someone else’s money? Problem is, the government eventually runs out of spending and redistributing everyone elses money, and then what? How about bringing jobs back to this country? We never seem to hear about that.

  • http://com i41

    Put out a private government contract for capure and delivery of any illegal to the nearest livestock yards of $1500 a head. Bring a woman and a anchor the price goes up to $2000. Load out on air conditioned slatted trailer and will be unloaded in 24 hour at the border. Will need 300-500 hd every 30 minutes to keep trucks loaded.Between 7200-12000 every 24 hour with only one chute. Average yard has 4-6 chutes so that would be averaging 28800-96000 headed back to Mexico, or shipped back on a boat out of here.Several good points, first would create lots of good paying jobs, in just the gathering nad loading out. Also would creat a lot of opening everywhere, and you could actually get a hamburger with a happy meal.Social costs would steeply decline. I know even up at the Canadian border USA towns I can be at the border with a sleeper team in 24 hrs. Or unload at Sheriff Joes for branding, implanting and tagging and just trail them on back. Just a reverse of the Cowboys movie. As amatter of fact, Belle Fourche and Billings have great load out facilities for trucks. Think of the wasted billions that could be saved, budgets could be slashed. Between Onumnutts and the ACLU beating their gums raw with excessive CO2 emisson, think of the extra money off of EPA fines for the Treasury. Just might have a new apointment of the a new majority leader. Sieu would be out of business and maybe the nexr election would possibly be a lot more honest, with out the democrat corrupt meddling in this country!

  • Aix Sponsa

    OK, so it’s going to cost a few billion unfunded or not. What percent is that compared to the trillions the Congress has already p-d away in the last 2 years? With no immediate solution to the jobless and underemployed, what else can we do? Make them totally homeless? Unless and until the REAL jobs come back, this country is headed to be a third world nation with the poor slaves and the ultra rich. Bear in mind, the rich business owners are the people who need to keep their cash to spend to expand and create jobs here. Trouble is….. foreign workers who make $3 day.

  • Rick

    One airline recently had 1000 openings for flight attendants. More than 100,000 applied. That’s 100 to 1. I haven’t had a full-time job in 7 years. Most lost jobs are not coming back – EVER. This economy is NOT and will NOT recover. This nation is headed toward destruction as the New World Order comes to fruition. We have forgotten God and His laws. We are sowing what we have reaped. Destruction of the U.S. is coming soon.

  • JimH

    99 weeks of unemployment benefits. Never in our history has it gone that long. Left alone economies recovered and new jobs were created before it got that far. 99 weeks is how long the Dems have had a white House and congress monopoly. (coincidence?) If the politicians want to help the economy they should try something they have never tried before. Leave it ALONE. How is that hope and change thing working for you?

    • http://none Mike

      But but…but Jim They would loose all that vote buying power.And all thoes sweetheart deals that come with the back room poiliticking. They might have to go before the american people and admit they were wrong about how to fix the economy.The system is broken its time for a complete overhaul. Dump this bizzar tax code thats 1/2 a million pages long now. Impliment H.R 25 and repeal the 16th.Create a 10th amendment commity to return powers to the state that are specifically theirs.Defund and eventually repeal Obama care. Loosen restritions on new oil and gas wells and coal mines here. Dump dependecies on forigen oil. With that will come the I dont care attitude twords the middle east. Let them go back to camel humping. Tell the rest of the world hire their own police and dont rely on us so much.Slash the budgets for HS TSA and other 2 and 3 letter useless departments.Elimanate the federal reserve once investigated. If found to be guilty of fraud make the charge treason and expidite the trials. Go back to an older style of justice. Meaning if you commit a murder or attempt one you get a short visit to the chair not a liftime of appeals. Rape incest and other sexual crimes come with chemical castration and relese back into the general population of the prision. And the list could go on and on and on. Mike L.

      • JimH

        Hi Mike, I know asking our pseudo-leaders to admit that going trillions of dollars into debt, holding the unemployed hostage to grovel for a few more weeks of unemployment checks and taxing and regulating corporations to death,isn’t working, is a really radical idea. Then for their incompetent hands to give the reins over to the people who know what they are doing, is to wild to imagine. Let the economy grow and give them what they need(job, not another extension). Deserate times call for desperate measures.

  • chuckb

    the quickest way to get out of this depression is: remove barry soetoro and his administration. start drilling in the continental u.s. remove u.s.crude from the commodities market, (soros and the big investors will be unable to control the price of energy.) applpy a flat tax of say 20% and shut down the education,energy and epa dept’s. reverse obama care. enforce the immigration law. issue green cards for illegal workers that are needed in the farming industry. issue a foul proof voting card for all registerd voters. make a stiff penalty for anyone voting illegally and enforce it. stop all bailouts. it’s just that easy

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I agree 98%! All except for the voter card! Too easy to make it a national ID card! A valid drivers licence that took a BC and a social security card to get should be more than enough!

  • http://com i41

    Either get rid of all parks, federal grasslands, and forest or make the federal land make some serious money. The land needs to start earning money to pay their costs of governemnt land management are alwat doing a crap job. Private ownership provides jobs and contributes to the Treasury. Also even parks cannot earn enough to pay the costs of the personel to maintain the idled land. End all the fraudlant non profit corporations, they are corrupt and waste taxpayers money. They are set up just like any damned government controlled organization. The top management screw off, get the money and free trips, the clowns working in the trenches get the minium wage pay and as always do all the work. Another money pit is all the organizations that don’t pay federal taxes or contribute to paying debt. IE Indain reservations and all the church property, just for starts.


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