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Senate Leader Calls Chinese President A “Dictator”

January 21, 2011 by  

Senate leader calls Chinese president a dictatorPresident Barack Obama hopes that his meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao can help smooth tensions between the two nations, but a leader in the Democratic party preferred to characterize Jintao with a word commonly saved for figures such as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

During a Jan. 18 interview with a Las Vegas journalist, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) called Jintao a dictator, then immediately admitted that he may have used the wrong wording. Regardless of his intentions, Reid's statement stirred some controversy preceding Jintao's scheduled visit with Obama and other top American officials.

According to FOX News, the two world powers were slated to finalize a nuclear security deal during Jintao's visit. In addition, the leaders were expected to discuss other major issues such as currency, trade and human rights.

Reid's recent remarks weren't the first of his to ruffle feathers. During Obama's presidential campaign in 2008, Reid described Obama as "light skinned" and "with no Negro dialect." Last year, he apologized for his "poor choice of words," according to media reports.

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  • Devasahayam

    “Even a busted clock is accurate twice a day” (albeit twice-a-day is several magnitude-orders more than the number of times Dirty Harry Reid has been truthful).

    • EddieW

      So he is…but Obaba is trying to be a Dictator here!! Even GWBush said it would be a lot easier to be a Dictator, and perhaps it would……The “supreme” Court today saying the Constitution is VOID…might well leave us with Fascism and a Police State!! A big problem is popping up this summer, so please pass this on to you friends!!
      China is devaluing the dollar by 30%…other countries will soon follow suit!! By summer we can expect a 30% inflation rate, for clothing, gas, oil, electronics, and most importantly FOOD!!
      If you can afford to, and have a cool place to store it, pick up some Freeze Dried foods…They will last 25 years! Dehydrated needs spices, which could be hard to locate!
      My favorite Freeze Dried food company is…beprepared(dot)com.. Rule 1….Buy things you like to eat!!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I must have been asleep at the wheel. When did the supreme court say today that the constitution was void? Could you show me a link to that?


        EddieW, besides what Joe H asks..what do u mean China is devaluing the dollar? The yuan is the chinese currency.

        • Dan Burke

          I don’t know what he meant, but I do know that I have been reading that there is a link between their currency and ours. The details elude me at the moment save that supposedly on the President’s agenda for this recent “visit” is the devaluing of their currency. It has a negative impact on our own economy. Of course, I had to laugh when I read that. That would you going to the bank who owns your home and car and asking them if they would stop making money. The bank would probably remind you that you don’t actually own your home, or your car, and that your credit card is through them and so on and so forth. So reading about President Obama supposedly going to pressure China to advise them on how to handle their economy, well, I had to laugh. It would have been one thing if we were the bank and worried about our money being wasted but in this case it is China that is the bank and it is their money invested in America that people are wondering if it will be squandered and if America will default on its debts….

          As for the 30%, that is the first I ever heard a figure attached to a prediction for the year. Not sure where they got that. And even if they got 30% for China, why would that translate into 30% in America. That sounds like lazy math to me unless you prove a one-to-one relationship or something darn close to it.

          • Pete NY “R I P FEDERAL RESERVE BANK”

            This link is called a “pegged” relationship between 2 currencies. The Central Bank of China fixes the exchange rate between the dollar and yuan. It is called “manipulation” here in the US; but it serves to make China exports cheap in terms of dollars. And China must export to survive. That said, the last thing China wants is a more valuable currency.

  • J.M.R.

    one dick-tater to another dick-tater what can we do together to screw america and the people.

  • eddie47d

    China is still a Communist country and very weak on human rights and censorship issues. Maybe calling Jintao a dictator was a poor choice of words but not totally inaccurate.



      • lallyby

        Better yet,”It takes a commie to know a commie.”

    • http://naver sook young

      Take it from someone who is from East Asia, he is. China does have some capitalism in it’s economy, but it is only allowed to go a certain level and is still controled by the government in Beijing. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

  • Mike In MI

    Why,…Hairy Reed…do such an off the wall offence?

    Gotta be jealousy, pure jealousy. Hu just has more people under his thumb than Hairy, that’s all. And, Hu Jintao doesn’t have to filter his dictatorialism through a bunch of predictably recalcitrant and difficult political hangers-on (leeches) such as the SEIU, Rainbow (with a pot of gold baby poop at its end) People’s Party and fifteen gazillion czars that he must negotiate before he gets his audience before the Wizard of Want. Yes, Hairy’s just a pretender to the Wizard’s Hacienda. But, he knows how dictators get things done and he recognizes Hu’s superiority in the field. And,…is he jealous???
    Hu-u-oo-ooo weeee, yasss.

  • Alvis Jenkins

    What you say we get something different in the news that affects millions of USA citizens. The one subject that almost no one wants to discuss and make known. The simple fact that not anyone according to the USC of Title 26 is obligated to a payment of income tax to the IRS. This subject is keeping Americans from enjoying life at its fullest. It should be noted that anyone who has been paying the tax can stop immediately and when asked by letter or orally why they stopped paying the tax, is because there is no “liability” for the tax according to subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code. Imagine Bob what this would do for our economy overnight? We the people could cause the federal government to have to lay off a huge number of IRS employees and save the Government of a lot of expense. But it’s not going to happen unless websites such as this begin to expose the criminal activity of a already corrupt federal government. Make some headlines and expect the IRS to get some federal judge to place an injuction against you but that is what we must face is more criminal activity from the government. Alvis Jenkins

  • Aix Sponsa

    Alvis Jenkins is obviously laboring under a delusion. Stiff the IRS and they WILL take ALL that you have and leave you living with your friends, if you have any friends left when the IRS is done publicly destroying you. They will then intimidate your friends with audits. If you think that you are rich enough to fight them, give it a try. Nothing like moving into your next life of poverty ASAP. I know 2 people who have tried it. Now they wish that they had paid the easy way. They have lost it all with little hope for their future. Try going from 6 figures to food stamps and see how you like it.


    Hairy Reed is a poor choice, that pretty much covers his uncontrollable mouth and inability to use commonsense, it also explains his devious, ulterior thinking and inability to stop lying. All in all Hairy is the model Deemer.

    He did get that dictator part right, I wonder why he sounded so proud of the visiting commie?


      Harry is trying to compete with Joe Biden. By the way, I wonder why Governor Christie went to that state dinner.


    Isn’t that just like a Democrat to stick his foot in his mouth, and then say that he didn’t mean to say what he said, but he still won’t retract it. Then, whoever he insulted acts like he never said it. If a Republican or Conservative does something like this, it is on the 24 hour liberal news circuit for days, but very few words about a dumb liberal remark.

    • JoMama

      True dat!!

    • Vigilant

      For my money, Harry never stuck his foot in his mouth on either count.

      Political correctness seems to be affecting the right as well as the left these days. I’m certainly no lover of Harry Reid, but he called a spade a spade (no pun intended) in both incidents cited.

      • JUKEBOX

        You are correct, but I was making the point that when a liberal says something his peers do not find proper, he is not excoriated to the same degree or intensity as a conservative saying the same thing.

        • Vigilant

          Very true.

        • lallyby

          Gentlemen!Careful or you run the risk of being called a Nazi by Cohen…..

  • FlaJim

    At least Hitler was elected by popular vote. That’s never happened under the Chi-Coms, so yes, he’s definitely a dictator in the same sense that Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Kruschev, et al were.

    • Vigilant

      Hitler was APPOINTED Chancellor by Hindenburg under pressure. Get the history correct.

      • http://naver sook young

        Yes, this is true Vigilant, but wasn’t he elected to his position in government before Hindenburg made him Chancellor? Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

        • Vigilant

          Yes, you are correct. I was simply trying to clarify a statement that has been around for years which implies that Hitler was elected by the people to become a dictator. He was not.

          • http://naver sook young

            OK, I understand. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

  • Delores Smith

    No more deals with foreign leaders. Remember, the New Start Treaty confused the Duma in Russia? Let’s allow the checks and balances of Congress and the Supreme Court to do their work. It’s difficult undoing your work. Harry Reid, I can understand your mistake. You were thinking of Obama.
    Delores Smith

    • Vigilant

      Delores, the Constitutional checks and balances no longer work. The Supreme Court is in the business of writing laws, the Executive is under the impression it can also legislate without the Congress, and the Congress blithely sits on its hands while the other two branches usurp its powers.

      • Carl Casino

        You have it 100% correct. We have elected a few fools by fools to further the progressive ideology. It took Obama 18 months to get out of camphign mode and now he’s back in campaign mode. No time to be presidential, it might intefer with his and Michaels vacations. the only thing 90% of the politicians care about is getting re-elected.

        With todays vicious media why would a patriot stand up to do the right thing ?

  • Bitter Libertarian

    And he’s not a dictator? LOL

  • Bitter Libertarian

    So you cant call someone what they are?
    Sooner or later its going to be a crime to say “Its Hot outside” because people will panic and all turn on their AC’s causing a Blackout! LOL


      Before you know it, everything you say has to be a loving, sensitive statement that is politically correct, UNLESS YOU ARE A LIBERAL.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        yeah just like the movie “Demolition Man” with Stallone!!!! Cuss and a little machine gives you a ticket for it!

        • http://naver samurai

          It may be worse then that with commisars walking around watching and waiting for you to mess up. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    BO’s a wantabe dictastor to.


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