Senate Gangsters Say Amnesty First


Don’t be distracted by the scandals making headlines. There is another one taking place in the Senate that has been forced to the back pages, but poses a real danger to our way of life and our future as a Nation.

The Senate began debating an illegal alien amnesty bill yesterday.

The bill was put together by a so-called “Gang of Eight.” They are a gang in every negative connotation of the word. Everything they’ve said about the bill in its run-up has been a lie.

They promised to secure the borders first. Gang member Chuck Schumer now says, “First, people will be legalized… Then we’ll make sure the border is secure.” We’ve heard that lie before.

Among other things, the bill will grant amnesty to 11 million illegals — including about 4 million who have overstayed their visas — by granting them work permits, Social Security numbers and access to welfare. It allows the Department of Homeland Security or an immigration judge to use discretion on deportations. It does not require that illegals pay back taxes owed… nor does it require businesses that hired them to pay back taxes.

A promise made by the gangsters was that any bill would require illegals learn English and take civics classes. That provision doesn’t kick in for 10 years. Another promise made is that it would bar those who were criminals. But the DHS secretary will have the authority to waive that provision.

Finally, the bill will add tens of millions of new immigrants and double the number of guest workers allowed. This will swamp the job market. Real unemployment is already at almost 20 percent, and the influx of new low-wage workers will drive unemployment higher and wages lower.

The Senate amnesty bill is disastrous for America. And so-called conservative Marco Rubio, a supposed “Tea Party darling,” is leading the charge.

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  • vicki

    In the 1980’s (1986) Amnesty was proposed and passed on the promise that this would be the one and ONLY time.

    Tell us if you please, were you lying to us then or are you lying to us now?

    • mari

      both…the truth Is not in them.

  • hippybiker

    How can you tell when politicians are lying? Their pie holes are open.

    • Jake Thomas

      How can you tell when politicians are lying? If they’re breathing.

  • Jonathan B.

    On top of this, Rubio’s plan prevents amnestied illegals from having “Obamacare” on any level. Since their employers wouldn’t have to pay for amnestied illegals’ Obamacare requirements, they’ll hire amnestied illegals over natural born or naturalized American citizens as a cost saving measure.

    • Jake Thomas

      While they can’t have Obamacare, per the supreme court, they can still go to the emergency room and get treated and we will still be paying their medical bills. Additionally, all it takes is one baby born here and the entitlments AND obamacare for the kid will start flowing.

  • KG

    I hope by now you would realize why Reagan did amnesty in the 80’s. It was primarily to destroy the labor unions in America. But, what happened is those same immigrants started to work union. And we know, once you start working Union, you tend to vote Democrat. That’s the reason you want to criminalize alien workers. It really doesn’t have anything to do with the Borders.

    • Vigilant

      “You’re off base on a number of counts, KG.

      There is absolutely no substance to your claim that it was a union-busting measure. God knows where you get your “information.”

      The Simpson-Mazzoli bill passed the senate 78-18 on a clear bipartisan basis. Support on both sides of the aisle was so strong that the House passed it by voice vote.

      “criminalize alien workers?” What part of “illegal alien” do you not understand?.

      • KG

        Ask any Native American who the illegal aliens are.

        Yes it was bipartisan, primarily due to the need to, somehow, provide some kind of status for undocumented workers. You do realize that these “illegal” workers still pay taxes? BTW, taxes they will never benefit from due to undocumented status? How many will ever qualify for Social Security when they retire?

        Oh wait, they look different from Americans so it’s OK to shoot them.

        • Vigilant

          “”Yes it was bipartisan, primarily due to the need to, somehow, provide some kind of status for undocumented workers.”

          My my, how KG’s story changes when presented with facts. As for paying taxes (which most don’t), you’re barking up the wrong bleeding heart tree to get me to sympathize with their “plight.” Unbelievably, you’re asking us to empathize with criminals. Not today, KG.
          The paltry amount of revenues coming into the treasury is dwarfed by the costs to legal taxpayers, including medical, welfare, educational and crime.

          BTW, no need to “illegal” in quotes. They are here illegally, they broke the law to get in, and as soon as you communists begin to understand that the Constitution is the law of the land, the better.

          “Oh wait, they look different from Americans so it’s OK to shoot them.”
          Absolutely ludicrous statement. Tell us, KG, what does an American look like? And who said anything about killing them? You’re completely balmy.

          • KG

            My guess is that you have never been to the southwest of America? Along the US border, many ranchers have a second hobby – sniping innocent border crossers with high power rifles. But it’s OK, because, after all, “theay is just Mexicans!”

          • vicki

            Along the US border, many ranchers have a second hobby

            Proof by bald assertion.

        • vicki

          Oh wait, they look different from Americans so it’s OK to shoot them.

          Hmmm.. Biped humanoid. 2 eyes. 2 ears, one nose, one mouth. They look just like any other human. Are you attempting to play a race card?

        • Frank Kahn

          Okay, are you a liar or just stupid? Illegal, undocumented workers don’t pay taxes, they get over inflated tax refunds, that far exceed any money they contribute. They also benefit from the unregulated welfare system. There is nothing good about illegal aliens from Mexico. If they were good honest people they would follow the law and use the system that is in place for them to come here legally.

    • Frank Kahn

      Illegal aliens are already criminals, we don’t have to criminalize them.

      And, yes, Unions is the biggest problem in the nation, so keeping out new prospective union thugs is a good thing.

  • Don 2

    California was a former Republican state. The 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act was the beginning of the end for California. Liberals can implement whatever they want in California without Republican opposition. If this new amnesty bill passes, the rest of the country will go the way of California with anywhere from 11 million(doubt this figure) to 30 million illegals, 75% who will vote Democrat because a majority of Mexicans believe in big government and government taking care of them. This will be a disaster of American employment, particularly in the black community.
    Rubio is a RINO.

  • Warrior

    So, that me see if I have this “right”. All of the “immigration policies” of this country since it’s inception have been “wrong” up until now. Ok, pass the “bill” and then let’s see what’s in it! That’s how this works, “right”?

  • jimmie smith

    The senate approach to this seems to be, just bail water, and fix the hole in the boat later…huh?

    • CatGman

      jimmie, The senate isn’t even bailing the water. It is ignoring the hole and pretending that the water is supposed to be IN the boat instead of outside of it.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Amnesty was good enough for Reagan…
    “Securing the border” is a nice catch phrase but where are the specifics on how that gets done, how much would it cost, and how affective would it be. The cheapest, most effective way to nearly eliminate illegal immigration is for Americans to stop hiring illegal immigrants.

    • Jake Thomas

      The cheapest, most effective way is for the government to start enforcing the laws on the books

    • Don 2

      Amnesty was good enough for Reagan…

      However, Congress did not keep up their end and secure the border; and they wouldn’t keep up their end this time, and secure the border after the fact, either.

  • Jake Thomas

    Rubio had good intentions when he was elected. Unfortuately, he got suckd in. I hope the same doesn’t happen to Cruz.

    • vicki

      The NSA is data mining for dirt on Cruz as we type.

  • dicksi

    I am a life long Republican but, If this amnesty bill passes, I will register as an independent with the intent of voting in the Democrat primaries. The effect of this bill will be to marginalize the Republican party and create a permanent Democrat majority. The only votes that will matter will be to choose the least damaging Democrat in the primaries since the general election will be moot.

  • mari

    We need representatives who represent us. We need a judicial system that makes decisions based on the constitution. We need a president who loves the rule of law and who is not a law unto himself. We need a media that reports the truth. We have control over two of these things. We failed to vote them out when they stopped representing us. We said, “oh well, what can you do”, like they were naughty children. We voted along party lines regardless of what that person believed. We let the media and schools redefine what we deemed right and wrong. Now they have grown into all powerful monsters. It may be too late to vote them out.

  • $8012302

    This is a kick in he groin for legal Americans. Immigration laws of the past worked quite well for a lot of years. Red tape made it inefficient though. Don’t change the law change the administrators. Illegals today are many times subversives being planted for future mobilization. Obama is thought to be one by many, his origin unknown or as least questionable. To all of a sudden throw 11 to 33 million unknowns into our population, social welfare systems, retirement system and most egregious on our workforce is an unconscionable act. This is again using politicians’ own political or economic gain over the welfare of our current legal citizens. Looks like Rubio has given up his support by the constitutionalist and the Tea Party for immediate gratification. He is surely forfeiting any chance for reelection as senator or future election to the presidency. We don’t need any more RINOs. Conservatives, mobilize and use your vote wisely. It is amazing how power has corrupted Rubio so quickly.

    • vicki

      It is amazing how power has corrupted Rubio so quickly.

      Power or NSA Data mining.

      • $8012302

        That is a good question Vicki. If either is true, his usefulness as a republican senator is limited an he should resign. Whether natural or coerced, his actions will only compound America’s problems. Thanks for that avenue of thought Vicki.

      • Don 2

        Yeah, Rubio is a real disappointment. I heard him say in an interview with Rush about 6 – 8 weeks ago that he would never go along with an immigration bill that did not require that the borders be secured first.

  • Dennis

    Marco Rubio is a worthless bastard, I will vote democrat to get him out of office if that’s what it take to do it, worthless POS

  • Dadwasright

    Lots of votes to keep the corrupt in power. TOO bad it will cost US so DEARLY.