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Senate Extends Key Aspects Of Patriot Act For One Year

March 3, 2010 by  

Senate extends key aspects of Patriot Act for one yearThe Senate has voted to temporarily extend several key provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act, the nation’s primary counterterrorism surveillance law. Lacking a filibuster-proof majority, Senate Democrats decided against adding new privacy protections to the provisions, which had been scheduled to expire at the end of February.

The bill, which was approved on a voice vote with no debate, will extend for one year three important sections of the USA PATRIOT Act.

If endorsed by the House, the legislation would continue to allow investigators to require third parties to provide them access to a suspect’s personal records without their knowledge. It would also enable the government to utilize roving wiretaps to monitor phone lines and internet accounts that a terrorism suspect may be using, according to Main Justice.

Finally, the bill would allow the government to track a suspect without advanced knowledge of the target’s affiliation with a foreign power or international terrorist organization.

Democratic supporters of the extensions believe that they may protect the Obama administration from Republican criticism that they are too soft on terrorism, according to MSNBC.

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  • L, USA

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    The Center for Democracy and Technology /____/ Volume 2, Number 29
    A briefing on public policy issues affecting civil liberties online
    CDT POLICY POST Volume 2, Number 29 August 1, 1996

    CONTENTS: (1) Clinton Administration, Congress Propose Sweeping
    Anti-Terrorism Initiatives
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    In the wake of the recent bombing at the Olympics and the suspected
    terrorist involvement in the TWA crash, the Clinton Administration and
    members of Congress are proposing a set of sweeping counter-terrorism
    initiatives. If enacted into law, these proposals will dramatically
    increase law enforcement surveillance authority over the Internet and other
    advanced communications technologies. An outline of the Administration’s
    proposal was circulated on Capitol Hill on Monday July 29.

    President Clinton has urged Congress to pass new counter-terrorism
    legislation before the Congressional recess at the end of this week. While
    several prominent Republican members of Congress, including House Speaker
    Newt Gingrich (R-GA), have said publicly that Congress should not rush into
    any new counter-terrorism legislation, most observers believe there is a
    strong possibility that some or all of the Administration’s proposal will
    be enacted before the August recess.

    The draft proposal contains several measures which were rejected by
    Congress as part of the previous counter-terrorism initiative proposed
    last year after the Oklahoma City bombing, as well as several new measures
    including as-yet unspecified changes to U.S. encryption policy and funding
    for the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA, a.k.a.
    Digital Telephony).

  • L, USA


    The Administration’s proposal would also significantly expand current
    wiretapping authority to allow multi-point (or “roving”) wiretaps. This
    would dramatically change surveillance authority to include wiretaps of

    This proposal would do away with the delicate balance between privacy and
    law enforcement that Congress has struck over 30 years of wiretapping
    legislation. Federal law has always required that wiretaps issue for a
    specific location, to meet Fourth Amendment requirements. In 1986 Congress
    introduced a narrow exception to this rule, only for cases where it could
    be shown that the target was intentionally evading wiretaps by changing
    facilities. The Administration proposal would completely remove this
    standard, allowing so-called “roving taps” for any persons whose behavior
    makes wiretapping difficult for law enforcement.

    The administration proposed similar provisions in the spring of 1995 in the
    wake of the Oklahoma City bombing. These provisions proved controversial in
    Congress and were dropped from the final bill.

    • Marc

      It would seem this is just in response to the increased use of cell phones…which are not tied to a specific location. If you do want protection from “terrorists”, it is necessary to keep up with their use of technology.

      • JC

        When was the last time a terrorist was caught because of his using a cell phone? Marc, they threw them into the desert a long time ago.
        Independant cells can do that. And a laws that allows airport authorities to have a go ot our senior citizens and other long term patriotic americans has nothing to do with “technology” It’s just plain immoral.

  • Ken

    So Bush was right. But because he is Bush, he was wrong.

    • Joe H.

      you are right! I now tell ALL these libbies out there that cuss out Bush for passing the Patriot act that anything that happens under the patriot act is now OBUMMERS FAULT!!!!! Live with it!

      • sventoby

        How about both were wrong and this shouldn’t be a partisan issue?

    • s c

      Well said, Ken. We have a Con Artist-in-Chief who is a consummate LIAR. I F the patriot act is bad (and it is), then it makes more sense to scrap the damned thing. But no, this Ponzi Scammer-in-Chief vacillates in a perverted attempt to act like like he has a nickel’s worth of credibility.
      Among his many ‘talents,’ Obummer is a loser’s loser. But, without legions of robots who praise
      and salute everything he does, he couldn’t last a week in Washington.
      Once again, we have first-hand evidence of what makes up a con artist who dotes on a twisted combination of fascism, socialism, communism and NWO insanity.

  • Max

    The Patriot Act is a direct attack on the Constitutional rights of we the people by anti-Constitutional terrorists.

    • DaveH

      I have never quite understood why this act was necessary. If they had reason to suspect a person, why not just go to the Constitutionally mandated procedure of getting a judge to issue a warrant? How hard is that? They just want to circumvent our Constitutional protections. That is all.
      After they ignore enough of the Constitution, we the citizens will no longer have any expectations of rights.
      I figure this country is lost. So, brace yourselves for tyranny.

      • DaveH

        Or Wake up and vote Libertarian. Reduce the size of our Gargantuan Government, and get our Freedom back:

      • L, USA

        What it gets to is; we run to the front rag-shod because of the collective advance of enemy flood against freedom from within and without. Founding fathers knew the trials and tribulations, Ronald Reagan knew it, and we must endure till the end if we will overcome.
        Republican party platform resists the advancement of evil.

  • L, USA

    What it gets to is; we run to the front rag-shod because of the collective advance of enemy flood against freedom from within and without. Founding fathers knew the trials and tribulations, Ronald Reagan knew it, and we must endure till the end if we will overcome.
    Republican party platform resists the advancement of evil/tyranny.

  • http://Don'thaveone Sally

    Does anyone on this post know anything about the Transfer Agent bit in the Patriot Act? I just heard on TV that for example you have a company and you have transferred out of one of your bank accounts to another account ie paying a bill and the amount is over $10,000.00 that you have to register and become a transfer agent or if you are caught without the status that you can be fined and go o jail for a minimum of 5 yearw. I really would like a clear explanation on this or where to find the truth of the situation.


      Sally, you are right to be concerned. the new movement afoot is only new in date not in concept. As they put it” Why should anyone who is a law abiding citizen care if they are tracked even by accident.” That is how it will all be done. if you have nothing to hide then what’s the problem. Wake up people. Has everyone been briefed on the “save our schools” program set to launch on this Thursday 3-4-10. Here they go after our school kids next. Check out one of the talk radio guys , name rymes with heck or something like that.

      Get ready to form ranks! If it’s not too late.

  • Victor L Barney

    This is how the Domestic Terrorist Agenda will be launched! Watch! That’s how Progressives work! Imagine if America wanted Hitler to be our President, as we wanted an Islam person to be ours! Like now, we couldn’t have won that one either! Plus, there are no General Patten’s this time to save us from ourselves!

  • Jana

    The part of this piece that says, and I quote,

    “Lacking a filibuster-proof majority, Senate Democrats decided against adding new privacy protections to the provisions, which had been scheduled to expire at the end of February.”

    The Democrats can’t even agree amongst themselves thank goodness. That shows there are some good Democrats out there. I just wish they would show themselves a lot more often.

    • Jana

      Not that privacy protections would be wrong, it depends on whose privacy they were going to protect. Liberals/Socialists would protect the privacy of our enemies who would like to attack our country.

  • Annie Ladysmith

    This is NOT a “Patriot” Act, it is an ENSLAVEMENT Act. The snatching of civil liberties, the stockpiling of coffins, the erosion of any individual privacy, and the condoned use of torture, together with the other stock pile of guillotines at FEMA locations, leave no other conclusion except that we are to be, on a future date, rounded up, murdered, and buried in mass graves. America has done it before, to the native tribes and also in the south, so YES, this is looking less unbelieveable with every law they pass.

    • s c

      Obummer’s crap is way past mere insanity. Annie, do you get the feeling that America needs a new Abraham Lincoln? Last time, it freed the blacks. Now, we need it to free AMERICA.

    • Marc

      “stock pile of guillotines at FEMA locations” Ummmm…where is anything to back this up ? Have tried doing web searches on this and have found no CREDITABLE evidence. Mostly just conspiracy rants. Of course if you are right, the government probably can track you through your post here (they control everything, right?) and then we will never hear from you again.

      • Joe H.

        anne ladysmith,
        Even I have to ask for proof of this one. A little too far fetched to believe!!!

      • L, USA

        You know how Aushwits and Nuremburg was prepared for the Jews in 1941, before anyone knew it. Then, with nationalism and food shortages, the people were “helped” to board the trains for the camps. Who knew it then?

  • Raggs

    Ok i have a goodie for you….
    In the 60′s and early 70′s it was mandated for all US citizens recieve a small pox vaccination…. This always left a scar on you arm.
    odumbo has no scar.

    • Mike

      I got one it left no scar besides wasn’t that the polio vaccination?

  • Sunshine in Florida

    Maybe I got news for you, Raggs, I am an 80 yr old lady and when I was five years old, I was made to be vaccinated before I could start school. So this mandate has been in effect for many years longer than you have posted in your post.
    As far as Obama having no scar from this, he also has no birth certificate to show either.
    Go figure.

  • JC

    Obama and Co. decide to extend the Patriot Act? Well gee, there’s a surprise! As if Pelosi, Napolitano, and Reid et al: would ever let something happen that decreased their power. So much for “Change”, now we can only “Hope” this drunken rampage through our Liberties gets stopped…and quick!

  • Mike

    Patriot act is unconstitutional and Fascist at best they could at least use it to get rid of gangs and illegal’s after all if we have to give up our rights under the constitution we should get at least something in return.

    • DaveH

      Those who are willing to give up their freedom for security will get neither.

    • momof4

      Mike, very good point!!!

  • phred

    Being honest, I just skipped to the bottom to record my comment, which is:
    To be real Patriot in the United States is to OPPOSE the so called “Patriot Acr”. All it does is place us under what needs to be called Martial Law, violates ALL of our rights, ALL OF OUR PRIVACY, ALL forms of sanity, and gives government powers that even Josef Stalin didn’t have, nor use!
    I’m very sorry that I can’t remember who said it, but, “Those who would trade some liberty for some security deserve niether.” (sounds like something Ben Franklin may have said, tho’)
    But, I do remember Billy-Bob Klinton telling us that the “American people are more than willing to trade a bit of liberty for security.” Bush follows up, and I’m sure the Marxist currently occupying the White House is heavily salivating over the whole idea!

  • dean

    Amen Phred! I too remember Clinton saying that. At The time my wife and I were in the Navy and had some serious issues with it. What the American people need to remember is that most of the laws made by our government on the books are the same as a lock on your house. They are only strong enough to keep an honest person out. Terrorists will always find ways around our laws, the same way with criminals. Instead of instilling more laws on our liberties, how about we increase the penalties. For instance, you can buy a automatic rifle, but if it is used to kill someone, unless you were protecting you and yours, you will be killed back-PROMPTLY! I have heard a lot of people say the death penalty doesn’t work. Do you know why? Because we have muddled up the justice system to where, even if you wind up on death row, your chances of being killed are less than being killed in gang violence in a major city! It will work if we give it a chance, and I am even liberal enough to give any person convicted of a capital crime a chance. ONE APPEAL! IF ONE DOESN’T CLEAR THEM, THEN TEN WON,T EITHER. And as far as democrats vs. republicans. They are all crooks, lining their own pockets and to hell with us. Any one on this blog that is chanting dem or rep is merely lying to themselves and anyone who will listen. Todays politicians don’t live in the same world as the average $8-$15 an hour guy. I personally don’t even think they realize people can even survive on those salaries. We need to vote out all the crap on the Hill!!!!!! And start voting people in who have common sense and know what is like to work for a living. Term limits would also be nice. Give a person say, 6 years in house or senate, and then that same person has to move right back into his or her old address and go back to living as they were before they served in government. That would sure make your elected party vote more responsibly for the people.


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