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Senate Democrats Relent, Abandon Energy Reform Legislation

July 28, 2010 by  

Senate Democrats Relent, Abandon Energy Reform LegislationCiting a lack of bipartisan support, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) announced last week that his party has abandoned its efforts to pass a comprehensive energy bill that would limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Reid and other Democrats were forced to walk away from the legislation after it became obvious that the measure would garner virtually no Republican support, a development that the senator called "terribly disappointing."

If passed, the bill would have allowed the Federal government to charge power plants and other manufacturers for the number of greenhouse gases that they emit.

The proposal has been referred to by Republicans as a "national energy tax" that would cripple the already weakened economy, Yahoo News reports. GOP leaders have argued that capping emissions would force energy providers to move their businesses overseas and, at the very least, compel them to charge consumers higher fees.

Furthermore, with the November elections only a few months away, it was still unclear how many Democrats would actually support the bill.

"Reid can hardly blame Republicans for opposing legislation that would raise energy prices on Americans, when his own party doesn’t even support the idea," Robert Dillon, GOP communications director for the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, told The Washington Post.

However, Senate Democrats indicated that they plan on crafting a more modest piece of legislation that would, among other things, increase the liability that oil companies have following major oil spills.

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  • s c

    The Democrats claim that a lack of bipartisan support means America won’t get any energy reform legislation in a hurry? Harry, are you hiding something from America? A lop-sided majority can’t control a minority in Washington?
    Maybe it’s those damned, bluedog Dems. Maybe it’s a phase of the moon. Could it be that there are still enough people in Washington who know crap when they see it?
    Whatever it is, you must relize that Harry isn’t done with this scheming scam. Flies never give up on an aromatic mound of waste.
    While we wait for the next round, Harry, I have an 80 ounce tub of vaseline you might useful in trying to ‘stow’ your legislation. I’ll ship it at my expense, and I’ll even include detailed instructions so you don’t apply it the wrong way. You’re welcome, Harry.

    • WarriorH

      S.C. – I believe there is definitely a problem with the air in places like San Fran, L.A., Chicago, NY, Boston, Detroit, D.C., etc. How else can one explain the blue haze that has settled over these cities for decades?

      • Deborah

        pollution? That is man made. Smog? Yep, man made too.
        Global warming is also man made but, it’s a man made lie to promote the removal of money from your pocket to the ones telling the lie.

        Greed is the greatest factor in global warming lie.

  • Al Sieber

    Don’t believe it, it’s a trick. it’ll come up under another name.

    • Cribster

      Absolutely! They must think we live in a pre-information era and are uninformed. We’re onto their tricks, the “progressives” NEVER give up persuing their sick, twisted aqenda.

      In the mean time, until their next assault, they will have the EPA do as much damage as possible by regulating carbon emissions and stealing yet more of our personal wealth.

      • Karolyn

        So you like breathing in all that crap!

        • Al Sieber

          Karolyn, go back to sleep, everything is okay.

          • blamesomeoneelse

            Thanks Al!
            I am laffing so much but the sad part is you are right.

        • Zackery

          Well, it’s better than the alternative. Hahaha

          • Karolyn

            Not really. I’d love to be free of this body and having to deal with hateful people.

          • kate8

            Karolyn, you sound depressed, honey. Your side seems to be getting all they want. You should be happy.

            I don’t think anyone here means to be hateful. We just get tired of the same old liberal mantras when we are trying to have meaningful exchanges. You libs pipe in with stuff which you well know pushes our buttons, and then holler “hate”.

            Why not find a nice liberal blog where you feel more at home.

        • Dan Burke

          If you are talking about breathing in carbon dioxide? Of course some of us do. We breath it out every breath (unless you are dead in which case you’ve probably stopped breathing). In fact, if you want to quickly OD on carbon dioxide, you could ignore all those safety warning about putting a plastic bag over your head. I wonder where the CO2 comes from?… And for those of us that remember some basic biology in school (if they even teach this anymore) the natural cycle includes life that actually loves to breathe in CO2 every day, and they put out 02. See, the reason we breathe it in every day is because the atmosphere maintains a concentration of CO2 to that plants “breathe” in. It doesn’t just go straight from your mouth to the plant, so help contribute to a concentration of CO2 that plants need. Now if you want to get wacky, perhaps you should start legislation that calls O2 a pollutant too because it potentially reduces the amount of CO2 a plant has access to “breathe.” Which, by the way, my biology is way rusty, but I think the plant uses a little O2 too. And even our bodies are designed for a certain balance of CO2 to O2–while I am aware of the health benefits of O2 as used in hospitals and other settings, I also know as a recreational scuba diver that we don’t go diving with tanks of straight O2 either….

          • Christin

            Good Basic Science… guess the progressives spent more time in Marxism 101, 102, 103 and 104 and skipped “American History,” “Natural Science” and “Biology” (study of life) in their liberal universities.

          • kate8

            You guys are trying to make sense.

            This carbon nonsense is intended to boggle the mind, rake in the profits and control us completely.

            Nothing else.

        • Deborah

          Karolyn, look it is very simple. Since you buy into the “fear” our environment is dishing out I’ll give you something you can think about, okay? I’m not saying we don’t have problems with the air quality because we can’t pull a air quality report or live satellite feed to look at the air or anything else.
          The few science reports I’ve been able to get my eyes on described some pretty frightening details about the effects BP could possible have on our upper atmosphere. They suggested that under the right conditions, higher levels of methane, sulfa (volcano eruptions), CO2 along with a many other government created factors could forced our Stratosphere, where the Ozone is located, down closer to earth. The stratosphere a constant temperature but if was to move toward earth it takes the others with it. It has to do with the energy involved to move such a mass and the expansion of gas can only go as far as the energy allows it to expand.
          They went as far to say that conditions here on earth could plunge into the -150 mark.
          I’d suggest you find reports from creditable scientist that doesn’t have a government job to believe.
          Even 11 years ago we were hearing about this Global Warming crap with sound effects meant to scare you. We were warned then to follow the science and leave the theatrics to Hollywood trend setters.
          The environment is not healthy. Mother nature is getting ready to clean up our mess. Included in those of us finding ourselves wide awake, mother nature.
          It’s not good to mess with mother nature..especially when she was already preparing for an ice age.
          You can be prepared, or you can buy into a lie. Good luck and God bless.

        • Richard Pawley

          China is now consuming more oil each year than we are and pollution from China, far, far worse than ours, is reaching our shores. Even if we all have to go back to riding horses, which is possible if there is a big CME in 2012-13 (that’s Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun that would fry our electric grid and our way of life on earth. This last happened in 1859 and fried only the telegraph wires in Europe and elsewhere, starting a few fires in our pre-electronic age). Some believe it is only a matter of time when this happens again and the next time could be in 2012-13. Anyway tripling the price of fuel (and food) is a given, based on the money congress has already squandered which will cause (and should have already) at least 200% inflation. Remember that the Progressives took over Congress in 2006 and the if we don’t replace them in three months it will be a lot worse than just food prices tripling. The sad thing is that the crazy spending of congress takes so long to get into the economy that we often blame the wrong people because of the time lag involved and congress always gets off the hook because we always blame the president. Congress is the cause of most of this (all the bills they pass unread). Charging $10 a gallon for gas or milk as I said was coming in “The Last Days of The Late Great United States” or $20 a gallon as I heard recently, will not reduce world pollution even 1%. If you want sensible legislation you need to elect those who care about the Constitution, the economy, freedom. I would gladly buy the small two seater SMART CAR that is sold in Canada (the cleanest diesel on earth) and that gets 70 to 100 mpg depending on how it is driven, but the environmentalists won’t allow it in this country. The SMART CAR we have here in the USA only gets 38 to 41 mpg, not even the 52 to 60 mpg that the gasoline powered Mexican version gets. We can go all-electric someday but not in this generation nor likely the next. No matter how high the Progressives raise taxes that is not going to change global warming that has been going on for a 100,000 years. The ice was over a mile thick here where I live in NY back then and raising taxes is not going to change that. We need to be concerned about the environment, after all we live here, but worshipping the false gods of atheist socialism and zapping it to the small people is not the way to go. Socialism didn’t work in Nazi Germany, nor in the Soviet Union in Russia, nor in Red China, nor in Cuba, and it is failing dismally in Venezuela, but we are going TO MAKE IT WORK HERE?…I don’t think so! The quickest path to riches is to be elected to office in Washington. VP Al Gore was worth maybe ten million when he left office. Now he is worth well over a hundred million. Hillary Clinton who says the rich don’t pay their fair share is spending a half million dollars on flowers for her daughters two million dollar wedding. That sure sounds like rich to me! They weren’t this rich before her husband was elected to the presidency. We have one chance only to change this and slow it down if you don’t want to live under Progressive Socialism, Communism or whatever name it is eventually given, and that is to educate yourself in the next 90 days and vote wisely in November. Those who have eyes to see can see the terrible inflation that is coming when the little deflation ends and there are shortages in everything made elsewhere, well over 57% of everything sold in the USA, and most especially food. Just because you do not see this doesn’t mean that you will not be affected by it, because everyone on this planet is going to be affected by the results of the insanity that is coming out of Washington. You have 90 days and if you succeed you are still not going to like the inflation that is coming but if you fail and we just have more of the same, then starvation will reduce the population of this country and this planet in the not to distant future. Never say no one ever told you. The more who prepare for the chaos that is coming the better off the survivors will be. We have ignored what they are doing in Washington too long and we just said that age old refrain, “Let George do it” and George Soros who made Billions in the stock market and now hates the freedom enjoyed by Americans IS DOING IT, funding all kinds of socialist groups and political action committees and propaganda machines right here in the USA. We can’t run him out of town because he lives in England they are in almost as worse shape as we are in. Learn all you can or you will be astounded when the time comes and your grandchildren will go hungry because there is no food to buy with the food stamps that 40 million now depend on. Unemployment, I mean honest-to-goodness real unemployment, is 19.6 percent (see Shadow Government Statistics) not the “official” 9.5 percent of the government statisticians. Teenage unemployment is over 25% because the minimum federal wage has priced them out of the market. Black teenage unemployment is over 35%. Things are not going to get better for the country but they can get better for you. It is not going to get better. There is still time and still hope but the Progressives want a one world communist government. If you want it too, then vote for your people in November. If you don’t then vote for whatever Tea Party Conservative you can find, not just a regular run of the mill Republican because if it’s someone like Lindsey Graham or a so-called Independent like Lieberman or other RINO Republicans. Don’t go by what they say but by their record. Time is short. As it says somewhere in the Bible, “With God all things are possible”. Never give up!

          • eddie47d

            Why would an environmentalists ban the new Smart car in America. I find that assinine and don’t believe you. Maybe the oil companies don’t want it here or maybe the auto companies. Environmentalists have been pushing for high mileage cars for 50 years. Please explain.

        • Paul M

          Karolyn, please, go buy yourself a gas mask; you can wear it while you read the 2000+ page bill. It’s a little uncomfortable, but you can wear it while you sleep too!

    • Sheila

      You can bet on its getting hidden as a rider on some other 2000 page bill that no legislator reads.

    • Carolina Mom

      What he said was, “We don’t need a comprehensive energy bill in order to regulate greenhouse gasses. We think we’ve found a way for the EPA to do it without further legislation.”

      Joy!!! Congress has now officially rendered themselves irrelevant! We can, and we will, repeal most of this crap they have passed… but we’ll also have to pass other legislation to un-do a lot of the stealthy stuff they have snuck into bills for the last 100 years, We’ll have to clean house at all of these beurocracies and get the Socialists out. We’ll also have to make sure we fire all of the Czars that serve only our “naked emperor” without Senate approval.

      We have lots to do… so they had better be ready to follow through on these promises, or the new crop of elected representative won’t last long enough to get comfortable in their office chairs.

  • Jim H.

    The fact that it can’t get any support from the other side of the aisle tells me that it must be a bad bill. The Dems will try to say it’s the Reps. being unreasonable, and some will fall for it.

    • blamesomeoneelse

      The poor will beleive and vote dem as the evil Rep are pro business and we know how evil business is. Business won’t give jobs to people so they can keep it all themselve and grow smaller and maybe one day be taxed out of business. or better yet move the company to another country, that will teach them! We have big government to save us…

  • Ken Roberts

    What it is they are afraid to do any more damage before the election alone, they want the republicans in the pot with them. If the republicans are smart they will stay away from more taxes and more spending we will understand . Can we stick our heads in the sand and ignore this administration nope we can not . The most inept and the most dangerous of all time . they will go down in history as the attempt to destroy America. It may already be passed in another bill and we may see prices rise at the pump and in the mail along with our energy bills . look out America the elites are coming for your freedom and your money. Wake up and vote it is time for pay back for all the name calling and insults from Pelousey ! remove her from her throne .

  • Robin, Arcadia, IN

    Harry Reid is up for reelection. If Nevada votes him back in, they deserve what they get. Unfortunately, the rest of the United States has to deal with him, too.
    Vote in November. Vote those out who are not listening to the people. It is America’s only hope!

  • Deborah

    Jesus H. Christ! When are they going to STOP?!
    They’ve regulated us to death!
    Green house effect, what a crock of bull sh1t!
    I remember a few years back when all these movie stars started THROWING big bucks at the greenhouse lie. Of course, where there is money the politicians move in.
    In college, 11 years ago, the scientist with any creditability were predicting a global ice age not global warming.
    Funny thing is all the data points at an ice age. Core samples from the poles shows the various levels of ozone, CO2 and other elements from the onset of the last ice age is right where we are now.
    NASA, about a month ago, announced the sun spots were GONE. They explained why…see
    There was money to be stolen, the government smelt the air and went into a taxing spree.
    This is a lie…global warming is a lie! It is a natural state the earth goes through. Rising temperatures was expected!
    The documents slung into cyber space showed that Al Gore and his group of liars was after the money and using fear of Global warming as their catalyst.
    Do this, basic science, fill an ice tray with regular tap water. Now, fill an ice tray with hot water. Place them in the freezer and see which one freezes first. For those of you that do not wish to do this experiment…it is the hot water that will freeze first.
    This is because the molecules are moving faster than the cooler water. As it starts to cool, the molecule movement aids in its ability to freeze faster since the regular tap water has less molecule movement it takes longer to freeze.
    We’ve been taxed to death on global warming. Do yourself a favor. Prepare for an ice age, global warming is a friggin lie!

    Harry Reid is a slime ball!

    • Karolyn

      Can you tell me why arctic ice is melting and glaciers are disappearing. That’s not fiction.

      • Jim H.

        Karolyn, The glaciers were formed during the ice age. The climate got warmer naturally and now they are melting. If you want we could have another ice age to reform them. The ice caps have always grown and receded on their own, with natural climate change. It really wasn’t caused by our cars or by us having electricity.

        • eddie47d

          Jim H. and Deb,You have no proof that cars,ect. aren’t effecting our climate.1/3 of artic has melted in a 10 year period. That is not a natural cycle. The Sahara Desert took millions of years to form as land masses shifted around not 10 years. Most ice ages lasted hundreds and thousands of years and the warming did too. Not these massive shifts we are seeing now in shorter time periods. Look at both sides and not just Republican talking points.

          • Jim H.

            Eddie, You have even less proof that they do. Look at both sides not just the DNC talking points. If you have studied 10% of what I have you would know better.

          • Deborah

            Like hell I don’t have proof! Core samples taken from the frozen tundra of the NORTH and SOUTH poles have been studies for decades. There are thousands of reports relating and reflecting the results of the many detailed outcomes by real scientist. Not just by American scientist, but world wide scientist that for the most part agreed.
            Now, let’s see, recent NASA report stated that the Sun Watchers were reporting the sun has no sun spots.
            Sun spots are like massive storms on the sun. NASA says that by 2015 we will see be able to see the difference in temperature…going into a mini ice age.
            Fact of the matter is that the global warming science don’t fit. The pollution causing the “global warming” scare could be reduced and therefore, results could be realized sooner rather than later. Do you see any changes being made by the big oil? By deforestation? After all CO2 and ozone are the issue, forests bi-product is oxygen and they use the carbon for photosynthesis. Oxygen (O) Carbon (C) so the break down of CO2 is 1 carbon and 2 oxygen molecules. Tell me, do you see the government running out and planting trees? Are they treating plants like they are gold?
            No, they are not. Smog is a different issue. Over population in a area with poor air movement..pfft Come on, use your head for something other than a hat rack. Look at LA from a distance, the smog lingers like a huge gross cloud. I really hated driving through LA after seeing the huge cloud of ewwww.
            The earth doesn’t care about taxes, only the government cares for money…the earth will do what the earth has done for eons, so will the politicians.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            No sun spots?!?!?! Myword, what will cable be able to blame their outages on now??? I know, the green fairies that turn the water into fuel in greenie vehicles so they don’t pollute just like SanFranNans jet!!!!

      • Deborah

        The ice caps melt and freeze, melt and freeze…been going on forever.

      • sheilah


        You poor uneducated twit, get your head out of the wrong part of your body and get into the real world. America is being depleted every day by the Progressives that are betting everybody is going to buy their BS.

        • Karolyn

          What is wrong with you lady? Oops, sorry I used the wrong term. Can’t think of a term. At least not one that I’d write here. Did I attack you? Who do you think YOU are? Don’t you ever get tired of fighting? Do you hate that much? Was your childhood that bad?

          • Deborah

            Karolyn, I’m sorry if you feel attacked, really! We’ve just tried to educate those to the facts. We’ve been attacked over and over trying to explain this horrible lie, or should I say horrible lies.
            You don’t have to believe. You don’t. Those of us that has studied environmental science and followed it like a religion can be just as aggressive as any church goer regarding their beliefs.
            I do apologize that our passion for the truth can overcome our emotions.
            Please, ask any question you want and make any comment you’d like. Some responses may be less than friendly but often, I find that many will respect that you are at least attempting to find a new path and reach out to you.
            God Bless

          • Christin

            Karolyn, spoken like a true Liberal Democrat… Demonize others and accuse them of hate and racism. Bravo! You are following the Weatherman play book to a T.

        • Deborah

          Karen, you catch more flies with honey. At least she’s still here…that’s something:) It takes time to reprogram someone that has been lied to. I know you’re frustrated. Reach out to those Americans that find us. Give them the information and one day it might click.
          We are all in this together, some of us just take a while to catch up.
          God bless

      • Carolina Mom

        Yes Karolyn, it IS FICTION. Go and ask the people who live in Alaska… they will tell you. IT IS A LIE!

      • kate8

        Karolyn, temperatures have only been recorded for the pat 100 years or so. Out of billions of years, that is hardly worth looking at.

        Our solar system goes through galactic cycles which influence our planets, in addition to the solar cycles of Earth. There are warming trends and cooling trends, heat cycles and ice ages. It is how things have always been.

        This “global warming” fear is unfounded. We cannot control these cycles. It is about control, money and dominance.

      • JC

        It’s a cycle…it’s happened before and it will happen again.
        The lid has pretty much been blown off of the Global Warming Scam.
        And if the Oceans are all going to rise why would the Reverend Al Gore buy beach front ptoperty?
        The owner of the weather channel is even suing to finally get some real debate on the subject as there has never been any.

    • Joyce from Loris

      I love it when INTELLIGENT people confuse stupid people with FACTS. You go girl, keep the FACTS coming. You did a good job describing the HISTORY of the climate exactly. Science has proven that there have ALWAYS been and ALWAYS will be ebbs in our temperatures and climates. It’s a fact.

    • alpha-lemming

      Nicely done!! Stated another way, the process of freezing is an exothermic (heat flowing from) action. Hot water has a higher rate of heat loss than does cold, ergo it frezes faster.

      Now boys and girls…. what is the most prevalent “greenhouse” gas on the planet? Anyone?? It’s water vapor…. swamps all other contributers combined. Now, if you were really concerned with saving the planet… shouldn’t this “pollutant” be the one you would go after?? You need more convincing…. in its’ liquid state this chemical has been responsible for millions of deaths over the last decade. It’s too dangerous to expose to the public. So, all you good little progs…. step up to the plate, make a real difference, and do your part to rid the planet of this scourge. Gaia is depending on you.

  • Deborah

    OH, there are newer articles than the one I posted…supporting NASA’s claim.



    • Eddie Gianola

      I’m with you on this one. F.D.R.’s administration was infiltrated with communists and like a cancer they’ve grown to the present ranks. Oboy never ran for POTUS,but to accomplish a coup to overthrow the country.
      Americans are suckers for Hollywood,especially young people. It was easy as pie to run a non-statesmanlike pop star over the top and into the White House with his goals of economic chaos being well established. Articles for Impeachment exist in the Oath of Office whereby it states….to uphold the Constitution and to protect from all
      enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. Obama nicely fits that and the Congress sworn to that same oath remain sitting on their pompous asses doing nothing except worrying about what kind of light bulbs we should be using.
      Remember November and throw all the Marxist Dummycrats out and same goes for the RINOS like Lindsey Graham. Dirty Harry here in Nevada had better go or Nevada is going to be the most despised state in the union besides California with their Pissylosi.

      • Christin

        By not securing the borders and Protecting the citizens of the United States of America they, congress & POTUS, have broken their oath… treasonous… who holds them accountable… WE THE PEOPLE??? I guess we ALL have to go up to DC and demand their resignations and KICK THEM OUT!!! Is that a plan?

        • Christin

          Why wait for November, nows the time,. Most have broken their oath the law.

          • Christin

            Why wait for November… nows the time. Most have broken their oath and the law.

      • http://GOOGLE JHSUNBUM



      • blamesomeoneelse

        Speaking of Pelosi, have you seen her bar bill every month? And her private travel Service better known as the US air force, cost the tax payer (not the poor as they get money for not paying taxes, but the rich)

    • Deborah

      Most are communist. A few others, probably puppets of the stronger in the bunch. Remember, the southern democrats are more hatemongers than anything else. I don’t say that lightly or out of meanness. I was raised in a southern democrat home. I seen the level of hate that can be directed at the blacks. Of course that was ages ago and most of my family are now independents.
      It was a hate for the black man that stemmed from the Republican post Civil War that kept them my family there for to long. Civil war was not fought over the slaves. It wasn’t. It was over high duties, taxes.
      Abraham Lincoln, democrat, used the slaves as a bargaining tool to force the south to rejoin the union. It’s true. He signed the Emancipation Proclaim. 4 years after the union succeeded. It wasn’t until after the war was over, Lincoln shot, and the following December before the REPUBLICAN CONGRESS freed the slaves.
      Andrew Jackson became president after Lincoln was shot and did very little, outside being forced by Congress, to help the southern, newly freed slave.
      AGAIN, it was the Republicans that set up the NAACP to give them aid, food, clothing, shelter, education…but the south was angry. You know the rest of the story.
      We’ve finally came to a place that all Americans are going into slavery. Truly, the new 2011 tax budget has wording that says hundreds of billions of dollars, set aside for the public is “AMERICAN EXEMPT”.
      New 2011 Tax Budget states changes in your hiring practices too.
      Say 1 million Americans apply for a job. IF there is no “IMMIGRANT” among the applications he MUST seek out an immigrant…have him apply…and then hire fairly.
      The 500,000 new tax burden banking jobs, you watch, they are not meant for Americans.
      At least 26,000 illegals are headed out of the States. That should be a drop of tax money we can apply back to the National Debit. You must remember two things about taxes, especially now, Americans are not allowed to have any of it and they spend what is there so they can have a bigger budget next year. Doubt we’ll get any of that back if spent.
      I know I’ve been off the subject here and I do apologize. No disrespect to the author or any of you readers intended.
      It’s just that we’d be better served if we reached over and connected with people at the stores, parks, bowling allies, religious sectors..just anywhere we can embrace our countrymen and educate them about what is really going on. Show them, take your computer, videos of them moving their mouths!
      Like I seen the other day, even if this is a fair election :(, we can’t take enough seats in the house or the senate to make a difference. We can’t even oust the president, biden and the pole cat.
      We have to make sure our countrymen remember who did this to us. They count on us forgetting! Hope they counted wrong again.
      God bless America and God bless her People

      • Joyce from Loris

        Deborah, you mean well, and I applaud you, but Old Abe was a Republican and Andrew JOHNSON, from Tennessee, was the president after Abe. As far as the Southern people hating the black people, that came from the fact that Martial Law was imposed on the Southern people after the war between the states for TEN YEARS, and black people were placed in positions of ruling them, keeping the white people “in their place”. No person who had served in the Confederate Army were allowed to serve in political office. The blacks voted on any law that Republicans told them to vote on. The economy was destroyed for the South. Sherman had burned the South into oblivion. My state, South Carolina, was burned 80 miles wide. Every hog, cow, goat and chicken was killed. All the fields were burned, all the churches and the homes of the citizens. 260,000 men, women and CHILDREN were killed in this war. The blacks, once in power, finished destroying what ever economy was left for the southern people. Today, Southern children are told that they can not wear their Southern Heritage flags on their shirts to school, yet the MEXICANS can wear their flags, the BLACKS can wear Malcolm X (the most racist human being, next to Louis Farakan, in history), yet southern white children are still being held down by the blacks in power. All of that, after only 5% of the Southern people even owned a slave, according to the census of 1859 and 1860. Those who went to war did NOT do so, so the rich plantation owners could keep their slaves. They fought for freedom to live their lives without the tyranny of the government. They still try to keep the Southern people down, calling them “back wood hicks” and “rednecks”, because they fear that the Southern people may one day, again, get sick and tired of the tyranny of the government. Southern people are predominately conservative. This administration that currently is in power does not set well with most Southern people. You can’t say it’s because Obama is black, because he isn’t. He is part white. Now, there are those in the administration who are trying to make it a LAW that ALL WHITE PEOPLE benefited from slavery, so ALL WHITE PEOPLE owe them retribution. Even the white people who are from the North will have to pay retribution to them, if this law passes.

        • Deborah

          Made myself laugh! Your right of course. Jackson…bwahahah..oh, I’m sorry guys! Lincoln was a Republican and Jackson was not his vp…:) It was before my first cuppa…:)
          I remember back in the early 80′s,82 or 83, watching a klan member shooting an unarmed black man at point blank range on TV. He got off when he should of went to jail.
          We’ve got to remember, many whites placed their lives on the line, were killed for helping or being seen with a black person before slavery was ended to current date.
          We won’t make it through this without each other. Skin color is a thing of the past. We are all slaves now.

    • kate8

      The democrat party was taken over by communists a long time ago.

      • Deborah


      • JC

        The “White House” was taken over by Global Bankers bent on world control… a long time ago.

  • Wm P. Martin

    I love the fact that the article calls Reid “the senate MINORITY” leader. Looking to the future? Personally, I hope the only thing he is leader of is his lawnmower on parade!

    • Christin

      I think he deserves jail time… he is a traitor to the United States of America and our Constitution. Let him lead the inmates. Jail time will probably not come until after death for him.

      • Freeme

        YES Christin, you’re right on target about the traitors in Congress!
        Unfortunately, Reid is only one of hundreds. Where do we start? Round them up all at once and place them under citizens arrest? oh…forgot. that wont work, they are ABOVE THE LAW.

        • Christin

          How on earth did these crazy congress men and women get themselves above the law? The bills they pass should apply equally to every citizen of the United States of America REGARDLESS of position or status… period.

    • Deborah

      I hope he’s the clown behind the horses.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Wm P. Martin,
      yes, I hope he is leading his mower and it’s self propelled, on high speed and a full gas tank!!!! I hope it’s a BIG sucker, too!!!

  • Raggs

    Reid is a liar!!!!!!

    He already has plans on sneaking a bill in under a different cloak.

  • FreedomFighter

    They relent because they have now made congressional approval of the agenda ‘Not Needed”. The 5000 or so pages of new laws passed will enable regulationary actions, just as effective and damaging.

    If the current Marxist bent dictatorship bound regime in power does not accept being voted out, or perverts the election system to retain power, the US Military needs to remove them from power.


    • Christin

      agree… Will they do it?

  • Zackery

    Perhaps if we could put algore, Reid, etc. in an oven and turn up the thermostat they would have a legitimate claim to their “global warming”.

    • Christin

      That didn’t sound too good… they did that to the Jews in Germany and I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now.

      I would like to think we are better than that.
      I don’t have any desire to help the crooks legitamize their LIES.

      Expose fraud and corruption and give prison time.

  • Peter

    This little TROL reid is a lying [offensive term removed]. He states that they have no plans for Cap & Trade that is incorrect. If someone looks at the 5000 pages that these idiots signed somewhere in those pages is a paragraph or two giving them the power to do what they want. Now these little pricks are trying to get rid of the ELECTORAL COLLEGE SO big cities will elect the president THE TIME IS NOW TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY. So do not believe harry [offenisve word removed] reid he is a liar and so is that little [offensive word removed] obama. Vote in Nov.

  • Joyce from Loris

    Reid can’t blame the lack of partisanship on the death of this stupid bill. The lack of partisanship did not stop the OBAMACARE fiasco froming being past. The blue dog dems stopped this bill. They are running scared before this November election, as they should be. People across this nation are LIVID with ALL of those in government. Once the Republicans take back control, I can only offer them this advice. They BETTER work quickly to undo all this mess, or THEY WILL BE NEXT. Sometimes the view between the two parties blur.

  • Tom

    Most people now know that global warming due to carbon dioxide is a fraud. The psuedo scientists that push it have covered up the facts against it and are getting paid to push the fraud. Al Gore should be in jail. The communists running the country (ask Pravda the Russian news source they have said they can’t believe the USA is now communist and it fell without a whimper)will use cap and trade for power and profit.The Chicago Board and Trade are ramped up to handle the fraudulent funds and the ex head of Fannie Mae has the patent on disbursment for his crooked cromies. This is the mosst dagerous and corrupt time the USA has ever faced and the President snubs his nose at all who ask for his credentials. The courts refuse to do their duty and the congress is useless ans conspiatorial. Better pray for the USA.

  • Christin

    My first thought was “Thank God,” and I was happy their job/business killng no-energy bill is off the table (for now), but as I read your posts I must admit you guys are right… they will try it again in another bill or after the Nov elections when they ARE LAME DUCKS. Stay vigilant my friends.

    • Christin

      Oh, and Reid…”You are terribly disappointing” to say the least!


    It may appear to some that Reid and his ilk have suddenly been struck in the forehead with reality but the truth is they never will bend to logic when they can rely on politick and deception to line their pockets and practice their cronyism. This enviromentalism lying is now a part of their credo, soon to be a part of their genetic make-up and you will be their favorite target. As long as they can incrementally milk you of any profit you are entitled to, you can bet they will always be lurking in the shadows to make a stab at stealing anything you are working for.

    We are now seeing first hand the results of fascism in the form of avoiding the FIA(Freedom of Info Act)by allowing the SEC to withhold security information on deals concerning major companies and this would give cockaroaches like Madoff cover of darkness in order to operate. So now SEC has more people to expend money on as added cost to the tax payer and the taxpayer will be getting more for less and non-transparency to boot….RE-PARE AMERICA’S GOVERNMENTS..for Christsake hurry up.

  • http://gmail i41

    The communist democrats have realized, they can let the crap EPA do their bidding. EPA’s over educated smucks aren’t elected, so no body can hit back on faceless bastards. Democraps win by default. Only way is to stop them, is defund any agency like the EPA. That will not happen, because we have too many socialist, and rino feel good s–t birds that are brain dead, over envior excretment being expelled as truth and fact. McIdoit beleived the same bildge as Onumnut does on gobal warming, and electric cars and windpower energy, and the bio theory.

  • coal miner

    Here is an interesting website I found. It is called Global Green Solutions.

  • Tea Party Tim

    It has been abandoned because it is not a necessary political move.

    Cap & Trade can be and most probably will be accomplished by mandate through the powers that have been granted to the EPA.

    We need to be vigilant in insuring that legislation is not passed to bestow more power to the EPA than what they currently have. As a matter of fact, legislation needs to be passed that limits their power to actions only approved by the Senate and House of Representatives.

  • coal miner
  • Deborah

    No legislation required. Constitution limits it. Under current situation, Americans should pass legislation dictating what powers they are limited to, unfortunately. I’m for America to become anti-federalist. Federal government, small and unable to have negative effects on our lives ever again.

    • Tea Party Tim

      We already have such a document. It is called the Constitution. We need to demand that our government be restored to the constraints of the Constitution that they have swore to uphold.

      There is currently only one Representative in the House of Representatives or Senate that has a 100% voting record on issues according to the Constitution. His name is Ron Paul.

      • Deborah

        I agree.

  • chuck b

    good thought t p tim. the epa is the root of our problems and a tool for the communist dems.

  • Freeme

    They really do not need to pass a ‘cap n trade’ bill to get what they want. The EPA has authorization to whatever they want in that ‘green’ area, so WHY BOTHER?

  • libra


  • atlas reborn

    would not it be interesting in we had a revolution and took back our country and returned to our constitutional government? I believe it is necessary NOW or it is lost forever. why would you trust liars and theives to give back that which they took from you? it is illogical to believe they would go against their own desires and interest. they have never obeyed before. when they do not get their way they just put it in another bill and slip it by you because you do not read the bills and that is what they count on. after its done they blame it on others. Please obey our founding fathers and the constitution and overthrow the evil ones.

  • Raggs

    Laws mean nothing … Just ask the democrats…
    The consitution is a piece of paper, just ask obama.

    powder burns are the furture… just ask me….

  • Truth Eludes Some

    Hi Folks:
    Thanks for all the great comments, guys. I realize there are many more comments than in years’ past on all sites because: 1) a true Marxist whack-job is in the WH, and 2) that whack-a-mole was preceded by folks like Carter, Clinton, Dodd and Frank (they of Freddie/Fanny infamy), meaning we all have more time to write comments due to un- or under-employment. I’ve been working (first in the fields, picking vegetables in CA) since age 9 (year was 1958), and been a laborer, landscaper, carpenter, civil rights worker, Elvis bodyguard, soldier, cop, tech writer, intelligence analyst, crime analyst, homeland security LE instructor, intel software instructor, ESL teacher, a dozens of other things…never seen, throughout its struggles, anything threatening the US more than Obama and all the sub-groups in the socialist/marxist club (enviros, fems, weed-legals, illegal lobby…..etc). Very stupid people, all, because – like all good lefties – they totally ignore the total-failure record of the left running anything larger than a rally (hence, the “community organizer” on Pennsylvania Ave is a total wipe-out as a lefty prez trying to run our economy). However, point to be m-ade is that every American seeking restoration of our founding principles of small gov’t/individ freedom had BETTER GET IN SHAPE, GET TRAINED IN SELF-DEFENSE AND WEAPONS, and VOTE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS UPON IT, because if the most confused of our citizens (youth, college, blacks on the Dem plantation, women only worried about their own comfort, etc) again vote for Dope and Strange (Obama and Biden), our lives and those of our children and grandchildren WILL be in jeopardy, both from the gov’t, from lack of QUALITY healthcare, and from a gov’t refusing to do its FIRST job, which is protect the borders and the people. My 20-year old daughter was murdered by an illegal shortly after the birth of her only child, whom we immediately adopted (he was only 8 months old)…at 61, I have no problem being unable to retire (though female HRs make work difficult to find), but I will fight, and die, if necessary, to protect my (now) three sons’ opportunties and safety. I still teach both martial arts and – as an ex-cop – handgun and rifle, and the numbers of students in self-defense is multiplying FAST, as people are getting a sense of how the Patriots must have felt in 1774, just before all hell broke loose. Also, ALL of you should be GOING TO SCHOOL, learning NEW skills, keeping OLD ones current, and preparing for – I PREDICT – an ultimate dividing of America into TWO autonomous regions…because it should be clear to ALL that we traditional Americans will NEVER be able to live in peace and PROSPERITY will liberal, progressive WHACKOS in our midst. Since the states with oil (except CA, but anyone can beat the spoiled twits in my state) are almost all conservative (that does NOT mean Republican, folks, not any more), we’d have oil, the fighters within the military, most of the cops, and all the guys willing to work (note: only a few union people will show up). Please NOTE: Obama has largely ignored the pleas for help from the Gulf because the region affected is largely conservative, meaning he could not give a rip…his answer to those pleas is to extort money from BP and “promise” to give some of it to the region. In fact, being anti-energy, it appears more and more that he wants to use the Deepwater Horizon tragedy as a lever to cripple the oil industry (another strategy is in place for coal). I would suggest you read the very sober, objective article “Beyond the Spill” in National Review (it’ll be online shortly), as it provides a very realistic and unemotional portrait of who and how Obama seeks to artificially create an energy shortage in the US, the better to push forward his fantastical (as in naive and unrealistic) green agenda. For those who actually think we can somehow leap a generation of time and have “green” energy, I present for your edification the NEW Chevy Volt (from GM, “Gov’t Motors”): fully electric, this gem get only 40 miles per charge, and cost – READY? – $41,000! Agenda: Obama stated the gov’t would subsidize $9,000 of that…subsidize with what? OUR MONEY, folks. At least liberals, marxists, commies, enviros, progressive, etc are CONSISTENT: they never miss an opportunity to demonstrate clearly that they are not, and never were, true intellectuals, because THINKERS would not – with noble intentions – F-up everything they touch. No, they are platitudinous, elitist snobs who STILL believe their degrees mean they are smart, but, given that much of education is run by the left, one cannot expect much of any graduate at any level unless it’s the more non-political science (now filled with global warmists, unfortunately) and engineering. For all out there, focus on finance (needed to build a new society), education (we need more teachers who only seek truth), science, math, engineering, tech, etc – we ALL need to get READY, folks, because, before we know it, that fight all here allude to will start…perhaps when the moronic New Black Panthers, La Raza types, or any of the aforementioned lefty groups goes after voters and tries to steal the upcoming elections. Please prepare, folks. God bless – pray for peace, prepare for war (good advice from our friends in the military).

    • Christin

      Good post Truth Eludes Some… from your heart and your head.

      I keep wondering why they’d/ we’d want electric cars when I constantly hear of a future threats of a missles over the USA taking out our power grid… the electric car would be rendered useless.

      • Tea Party Tim

        Most likely if you are driving a petro vehicle from the mid 90′s and up it would be rendered useless as well and a lot of them had electronic controls going back further than that.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Actually, I think Dodge/Chrysler had electronic ignitions as early as 71(?).

  • atlas reborn

    Truth eludes I know what you say is true, but it is extremely larger than you think. We are in for a supreme effort to keep our sanity,our property, religion, way of like if we can keep it. when the president decrees what we have to do and is going to distribute medical care, food, and put non americans in a position to take some of our states and join mexico. invalidate laws in most of the states that allow gun ownership. and much much more. he is going to make hitler look like a boyscout. so do not be shocked be prepared. this will be the last chance to save yourself and your country. I beleive the founding fathers knew something like this was possible because they did not put enough protections in the constitution to avert this. they did not put term limits in the constitution. they did not make distinct the objectivity of the Supreme court and that they could not create law. also to forbid the president from edicts and directives to the public .now we must correct that when we can after the revolution.


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