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Senate Committee Approves Use Of Force In Libya

July 4, 2011 by  

A Senate panel OK'd the use of U.S. forces in Libya.The Senate Foreign Relations Committee recently voted to approve a resolution backing President Barack Obama’s use of United States forces in Libya.

The panel voted 14-5 to approve the resolution that will allow the military to continue to conduct limited strikes using unmanned drones and planes, according to The Washington Times. However, the resolution explicitly forbids the use of American troops on the ground either during the conflict or afterwards.

Despite the passing of the resolution in committee, a number of senators on both sides of the aisle have been critical of the Obama Administration’s handling of the Libya situation.

“I think the administration has been cute in their response and I think it’s created a mini-firestorm in Congress by their being cute, one tick too cute,” Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) told the news source.

Senator Jim Webb (D-Va.) expressed concern that the Administration’s reasoning on the War Powers Resolution could allow it to “unilaterally inject military force” on unclear humanitarian grounds, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The resolution will go now go to the Senate floor. However, the House rejected a similar resolution by a vote of 295-123, reports The Washington Times.

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  • Bob

    Some of those who voted to support scumbama’s illegal Libyan “adventure” must be Republicans. Give us their names.

    • Rubicon

      Here’s the breakdown of the vote:

      YEAS: Kerry, Boxer, Menendez, Cardin, Casey, Webb, Shaheen, Coons, Durbin, Udall, Rubio, Inhofe, Isakson, Barrasso

      NAYS: Lugar, Corker, Risch, Demint, Lee

      • wandamurline

        Well, it would seem that Rubio voted for this endeavor…maybe the people in Florida had better have a talk with their so-called representation.

      • Bert Cundle

        That is only 19… is that all that REALY Voted?

        • James

          That was a committee vote, headed by Sen. John Kerry. I think that committee has 19 members. The whole Senate will vote on it later.

    • wandamurline

      Where were the other senators…where was my Texas Senators? Why are they voting with less than half of the Senators present? I smell a rat. Why do they protect this overreaching POTUS…are they going to give him permission at a much later date when he decides to nuke someone? They have to put this dog on a chain…God, we hope to make it to 2012 when we the people will use our courage at the ballot boxes and do away with this ineligible POTUS.

      • meteorlady

        It was the foreign relations committee, which does not consist of all the Senators. Your’s will get a vote when it hits the senate floor.

      • James

        Wandamurline, The senate vote on that bill will be later. Before a vote can be taken, a quorum must be present, and in the Senate it takes a simple majority, 51 senators, to make a quorum. If 51 are present, 26 could pass a bill. If all 100 are present, 51 could pass a bill. That’s the constitutional requirement, however, the Senate has adopted a rule that 60 votes are required.

    • Ann C

      It seems, Bob, that where you used the term Republican, you should have put Democrat instead. Just thought I would point that out.

      • meteorlady

        Liberals don’t need facts for them to spout the “truth” according to their beliefs.

        • Brian

          Good one I like that phrase do you mind me using it in the future?

  • coal miner

    There we go again,getting involved.I had enough of these so called liberation wars.What I propose,why don’t we mind our own business.

    • coal miner


    • home boy

      here’s a better proposal. get rid of all politicians.

      • coal miner

        I agree.

    • coal miner


      Obama speaking on Libya

      Posted on Monday, March 28, 2011 7:07:27 PM by k3nn3th

      Obama to address the nation on Libya. I got attacked by other freepers when I said we would, but should not, get involved in Libya. We’re in. It’s a dumb idea. We don’t know who we’re supporting. We don’t know what the rebels will do if they seize power. We’ve set a precedent of getting involved in civil wars when there is no vital interest for us to do so.

      He talked for 20 minutes and said nothing. Of course he didn’t take any questions.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Yes that would go a long way to gaining respect around the world. Truthfully, it is Libya’s problem and no other countries. What the hell ever happened to our government to give them the idea they can do what ever they want, and then talk about FREEDOM!

      • Freedom

        And which side are we supporting, since both sides are bad

        • Freedom

          Should have added or are we just going to BOMB the hell out of the entire country????

  • TIME

    This is “100% totaly wrong,” We have no business being in Libya, as in ZERO reason to be there, or attacking Libya by way of NATO or any other reason.

    People write, call and fax, email and tell your state reps NO DAMM WAY – get us out now.
    Your Government is not repsenting your best interest and thats the only job they have end of story.
    Its not up to the politicians to make war when they fell like GE or Dupont needs extara money Stolen from YOU, by way of illegal TAX’s.

    • Al Sieber

      TIME, this was all planned years ago, it’s called The Project For The New American Century. read The Grand Chess Board and Between Two Ages by Zbiew Brezinski.

      • Al Sieber

        They call for endless wars, Obama needs to give back the Nobel Peace Prize, which he never deserved in the first place.

      • s c

        Happy 4th, Al. So how many tree-huggers, Sierra schmucks and do-gooders are flocking to Arizona to pick up and dispose of the tons of trash brought into the US by ILLEGAL ALIENS?
        Nixon, if you will recall, had Kissinger (big mistake). Obubba has Zbig (bigger mistake). Spooky stuff, eh? And people wonder why America is so screwed and SO screwed-up.

        • Al Sieber

          Right on sc, happy 4th, they’re not gonna pick up any trash here, they’re afraid of the illegals, afraid of being out in the wilderness alone. we pick up a lot of the trash here without them, millions of pounds.

      • TIME

        Thanks Al.

      • coal miner

        Al Sieber,
        We need to get of the middle east altogether,stop fighting these silly wars.This benefits no one,but Israel.

        • coal miner

          I forgot out.

      • coal miner

        Al Sieber

        Jack Bernstein:
        THIS IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF THE KIND OF POWER THE ZIONIST JEWS HAVE …. manner – - giving favors to the elite clique and brutally suppressing any dissent. … submachine guns and assault rifles, and practice shooting in playing …

        • Al Sieber

          Thanks for the links coal miner, interesting reading only a matter of time before they censor that.

          • Al Sieber

            coal miner, I didn’t know know we gave them 30 billion a year, I thought it was only 5 billion, 1 dollar is too much to give any country, we need to take care of our own and get the hell out of the middle east and all foreign countries.

          • James

            Al S., There is no provision in the U.S. Constitution for Congress to tax Americans and give it away to foreigners. Any survey that’s ever been taken on foreign aid, has always shown Americans overwhelmingly against it (80% +). Yet they still do it. Our annual foreign aid to Israel is just under $3 billion, but that doesn’t include all the military aid we provided.

        • Al Sieber

          coal miner, the article by Jack Bernstein is right on.

    • Lost in Paradise

      I have been doing as you say, but it”falls on deaf ears”.

  • http://naver samurai

    I agree that we don’t need to be there. We have overextended our forces and supply lines. Tell Obama bin Laden to knock off the unconstitutional stuff and just go back to Kenya. Also, have him sever all ties with the muslim brotherhood. They’re just a bunch of murderers and need to be taken out. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • mrsgengiskhan

    we didnt INVADE libya with ground troops, to wipe out kadafy, after lockerbie, it certainly isnt necessary now to invade nor bomb kadafy.
    o ignors any and every law, if the outcome is against o’s policies, o ignors the US congress. it doesnt matter what and who approves of o’s actions. o will do whatever he wants to do. o is socialist/muslim, anti western civilization, o wants all Americans to live in mud huts and have absolute control over everyones life.
    o ignored Memorial Day.

  • Jay

    (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama’s selection as winner of the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday left many Americans puzzled about why he deserved the honor.

    “It would be wonderful if I could think why he won,” said Claire Sprague, 82, a retired English professor as she walked her dog in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. “They wanted to give him an honor I guess but I can’t think what for.”

    Hospital worker Itya Silverio, 33, of Brooklyn, said: “My first opinion is that he got it because he’s black. What did he do that was so great? He hasn’t even finished office yet.”

    Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who won the prize in 2002, said Obama’s win showed hope he had inspired globally.

    “It is a bold statement of international support for his vision and commitment to peace and harmony in international relations,” Carter said in a statement.

    Some Americans resented Obama’s popularity in Europe and other parts of the world.

    “Obama gives speeches trashing his own country and he gets a prize for it,” said conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, who has a wide following.

    The peace prize announcement quickly became one of the top discussions on social networking website Twitter. One user commented: “Why not give him the literature prize? At least he’s actually written a couple of books.”

    Political blogger Jon Henke tweeted: “So far, the right, left and media all seem to agree that the Nobel Peace Prize committee just beclowned itself.”

    “OBAMA WON?”

    An online straw poll by MSNBC asked whether Obama deserved the honor. About 62 percent of more than 194,000 answers said no, about 24 percent said yes, while 13 percent said some day, but the award was premature.

    “It looks less like an objective award than it does a political endorsement,” said William Jelani Cobb, a history professor at Spelman College in Atlanta.

    Some people believed the award was political.

    “This is the Nobel committee giving Obama the ‘you are not George W. Bush’ award,” said Brian Becker, national coordinator of Act Now To Stop War and End Racism. “Unfortunately Obama is continuing many of the same policies of Bush and is in fact expanding the war in Afghanistan rather than ending it.”

    Haag Sherman, director of Houston-based investment firm Salient Partners, said Obama’s win also showed the global strength of the United States. “It illustrates that the U.S. is still the prevalent power in the world and that the world really is seeking engagement with the United States,” he said.

    In Chicago, retiree June Latrobe, 68, was also nonplused. “In all candor he hasn’t done anything yet,” he said.

    Many seemed happy even if they weren’t sure why Obama won.

    “Somebody was very anticipatory,” said George Fleming, 64, a career transition coach from Phoenix. “It is a marvelous selection … he has sounded all the right notes for a more productive and harmonious international political community.”

    Others were willing to go with the flow.

    “Obama won? Really? Wow,” said David Hassan, 43, of Pine Brook, New Jersey, from his coffee and pastry cart in Times Square. “He deserves it I guess, he’s the president. He’s a smart guy and I guess he’s into peace.”

  • http://charter howe

    The quick answer to your short sited statement is that Obama did not get Congressional approval for the Libyan engagement, while Bush did get approval by the Congress and if you think about it we the USA are in the Libyan conflict because Obama thinks the U.N. Security council trumps the U.S. Congress. What’s worse, we are broke as a nation and this action is not really funded, so while Congress is bickering over trying to cut 6 Billion dollars of a trillion dollar debt, this operation in Libya will cost much more than 6 billion dollars and may last for months or years. The exit strategy doesn’t exist because there is no idea by the amatuers at the whitehouse what to do with Kadaffi. I have listened to the liberal cry babies on waterboarding enemy combatants, but no in in the administration is having a problem with using drones in Pakistan and Libya to kill the enemy whoever they are. Oh Yeh, quite often there has been considerable collateral damage like a few farmers, women and children being blown up by drones, But that is not as bad as the evil result of waterboarding. What low life hypocrites we have in Cogress and the W.

  • BillT

    I suppose it would be gauche to point out that Barry has now dropped more bombs worldwide than all previous Peace Prize winners combined…

  • coal miner


    “Religious institutions that use government power in support of themselves and force their views on persons of other faiths, or of no faith, undermine all our civil rights. Moreover, state support of an established religion tends to make the clergy unresponsive to their own people, and leads to corruption within religion itself. Erecting the ‘wall of separation between church and state,’ therefore, is absolutely essential in a free society.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

    • Ann C

      Please note that, according to the First Amendment the government shall not “establish” a religion nor infringe of the rights of the people with respect to their beliefs. The only “wall of separation,” if one wants to use that very abused/misused term, is that the people of the U.S. are protected from government forcing a religion onto us. If you knew our beginnings, you would know that our ancestors fled from such dictatorial practices. Government, at any level, has no right to force us into any particular belief system. THAT is what our FIRST AMENDMENT is all about.

      • James

        Ann, The First Amendment reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
        It says Congress shall make no law “respecting” (i.e., concerning) an establishment of religion. “Establishment” is a noun, not a verb. It’s a restriction on Congress from making any law whatsoever concerning religion.

    • Jay

      What does your statement on religion have to do with the war in Lybia?

  • Charlie

    I agree 100%

  • oldgringo

    This is a Civil War of which the G8/O5/G20 Nations took the opportunity to jump on Gadafy so that they may lay claim to and or control the Oil and Rare Earth Minerals that lie beneath Libya’s soil. Now you know why the whole Mid-East has been turned upside down all for the sake of the New World Order and their phony Democracies….. Obama and Hillary Clinton have proclaimed our participation in this war is for Humanitarian Protectionism of Civilians…..So far neither of these egg heads have done a good of protecting civilians from our bombs…..Latest figures are 30,000 men, women and children have been killed by our US Air Command and drones as we support Nato’s War. We have killed civilians on both sides by faulty information passed on by Nato. These Senator’s who voted for this resolution need to be voted out of office come the next Senate elections……These jerks are working for the Global Governance Groupies and their scheme’s to control the World…..These violators of our Constitution are a direct danger to the United States of America and the people for which our flag still stands…..They would like to see an end of all of it in favor of a One World Government!

    • Ann C

      Hurrah to you, oldgringo. We are going to have to stay strong for our country and WISELY use our votes next November!!

  • s c

    Imagine that. We have a prez who uses socialism, communism, fascism and whatever else is convenient to get what he wants. And, by the way, that document that he supposedly respects and took an oath to defend [the Constitution] is now what amounts to a mere scrap of old paper.
    What he has done is to avoid any constitutional challenge by ducking in and out of war-like situations by viewing them as non-wars. Shades of Bubba Clinton. So what does “is” really mean?
    We have an imperial presidency, people. And to think that Herr Obummer and his ilk never hesitated to see RMN as an imperial president who needed to be slam-dunked daily. Look in the mirror, prez, and try not to throw up when you take a hard look (if you can find the time). We know you’re SO busy with golf and personal appearances.

    • Ann C

      Kudos to you, s c!!! I wonder if anyone has noticed that this president also is very selective in going to natural-disaster sites in our country. He was absolutely mute when Tennessee’s mainly white area was devastated with floods. What gained my ire was that his lackies became worried that the big river waters were going to flood a portion of New Orleans so, instead of that, thousands of farmland was flooded, ruining many farmers. Apparently it will take at least three more years before the land can be farmed. Gee, it was best to save a casino or two instead of the farmland.

      Thank you, s c, for speaking out!!

  • Ann C

    Every move this president has made since the initial protests in Egypt is to stand up for the Muslim Brotherhood. He actually stated in a television interview that the MB did contain some radicals, and then he equivocated from there. Mubarek had reached agreement with the protesting college students, but then the crowd became infiltrated with radicals, many who obviously came from other places because they were found speaking the language in a stilted accent. The MB now has gained considerable power in Egypt. Why did this president demand Mubarek’s immediate removal when a plan had been put into place for the decent transition? Why are we bombing Libya when we did nothing in Yemen, Lebanon, et al.? Perhaps it is because, in our White House, he invites in and celebrates with Muslims. Perhaps it is because he has been recorded sending greetings to his “Muslim brothers and sister.” Perhaps it is because he has been televised taking all the credits of the Jews through history, i.e., inventions, humanitarian efforts, peace-focuses, and crediting all of it to Muslims. Are those enough “perhaps’s”?

  • Jay

    As we speak, nato war planes have bombed the crap out of tripoli killing dozens of innocent civilians, men, women and children! Meanwhile, CNN is covering the Casey Anthony trial. What’s wrong with this picture? Btw, where is the Gandhi-wanna-be, nobel-peace-prize winner and liar-in-cheif, obama? Getting in a few rounds golf, perhaps!

  • eddie47d

    When it comes to war Obama is Bush lite and both were blinded by their handlers. Bush had visions of the easy victory in the Gulf War and Obama the same in the Balkan wars.They both thought these wars would be quick and with little pain. The boys would be home in short time and the world would be fine. The war in Iraq is still deadly and Gaddafi is still in power so both Presidents miscalculated. Like any nation that looks at military conquests as a sign of power and prestige there is plenty of blame to go around. We have been spoon fed wars of Patriotism for so long that it has become an addiction. Diplomats and Ambassadors are scorned and called sellouts. To some, searching for peace is a sellout and will not be tolerated. If a compromise is on the horizon to end a war the pro war folks will scream un-American and back diplomacy into a corner. Those “patriots” will keep insisting on total victory whether a war is right or wrong. Every country has those die hard nationalists who don’t want to appear weak so we slough along with no end in sight. Who has the courage to stand up against Obama’s wars or Bush’s wars or Reagan’s wars or Johnson’s wars? They have all become a blur.

    • coal miner

      A Chinese Proverb:


      When a person’s heart can hold different conflicting things, that people will start to become valuable.



    • Lost in Paradise

      Ursula riches, you know they would. They would bomb you into oblivian.


    WHERE IS CONGRESS?? I THOUGHT CONGRESS HAD TO GIVE APPROVAL?? Why do we pay their salaries, healthcare and pension? The President has made them irrelevant….If he bypasses them on the debt ceiling they all mind as well go home and STAY THERE

  • northbrook

    The Senate should not approve the action against Libya. The citizens of the country rose up in a revolt against their government. The UN and other european interests felt compelled to aid the rebels and dragged the US into the fray to essentially finance this war. It is a war by any definition of the word. Now the US citizens are now forced to bear the cost of this a third war when we have enough problems with attempting to handle our fiscal affairs. We need to get our house in ordder first before committing to solving other world problems.

    • coal miner


      I agree!

    • Lost in Paradise

      I totally agree with you northbrook. The problem is we have a totally corrupt government and I do not see any improvement coming anytime soon. They have been allowed to continue with this madness for way too long, and now they are so powerful it ain’t even funny. DO not correct me, I meant AIN’T. Our vote really does not count much anymore. What a shame it is.

    • Al Sieber

      north, I agree also we need to get out of every foreign country and close our borders. protect our country first.

  • Lost in Paradise

    THis never ending situation we are in is really very scary when you think about it. It looks very serious, and it appears if we want to save our republic, we will need to use force. There just does not seem to be another way. I have two questions based on this statement. Are there enough of us, and is there another country that would be willing to help US, as our corrupt gov. is helping Nato?

    I can, for the first time in my life, honestly say that I hope Obama recieves an assasins bullet soon. What a mess we all have.

  • Lost in Paradise

    This may be interesting to some of you, but I’am currently in another country, and one of our carriers shows up in their territorial waters.Several different groups were quite agitated about it, and I think scared.People no longer see us as the great samaritan, and see us as a serious threat. Here they are actually afraid we will not leave, and will start another conflict. To tell you the truth, it is very embarrasing for me.I hate to even tell anyone I’m from America.

  • white tiger

    Rubio is a flake. He is a catholic who pretends to be a protestant to garner evangelical votes. Now he votes to support Oscambos dictatorship.

  • chuckb

    we are at the present time using drones in somalia, yemen and bombing in libya, not counting afghanistan and iraq. this insuffient man in the white house is playing the fiddle while the world is burning.
    all this uprising in the middle east is the doings of the muslim brotherhood, we are assisting these jackals. i umderstand what barry is doing, he and his hit man the attorney general are muslims and they are conquering us within. the wimps in our congress and senate are afraid to speak out with the spectre of rasism hanging over their head. we should take heed of this vote rubio just made, it looks like we got suckered again.

  • chuckb

    correct spelling: racism

  • TNJan

    We had better HOPE and PRAY that we can CHANGE our commander-for-self in this next election. That is the last chance we will have. If we don’t do it next year, there will be no more US, only THEM!

  • Steve

    All of the ones that are for the disaster in charge, need glasss so they can see. It would be a good business to supply those with glasses, so they can see what is happening to them. Therer is also the ones that don’t care. All of us have to open their eyes so they can see. You are right, TNJan, ” this is the last chance to get “him” out of office. Thank You

  • i41

    When the ones who vote for these marxist/communist democrats and the party of George Soros is removed, from wasting space and air. Then there can be a chance, to restore America back to its ability to become a great nation again. Everytime the niggardly muslim marxist opens his pie hole, more lies are expounded, and his trained Pavlov lap pooches, start salivating and start chasing their tails. Don’t think the muslim countries that a getting wiggy Thes countries have Onumnutts and his marxist/communists democrats have their paws in the Onumnutt and Soros poop. The niggardly muslim is just following his radical mentors and doing what their books said to do in their plans, which since its inception democrats have tried to achieve. The dream of everyone living under total government control and a dictator at the helm, Since all jews, blacks, ahab arab muslims, and any EU puke that has journyed here in the last 50 years votes democrap and believes the bildge. The founding fathers had the right plan to make people asemulate into America society when coming here, not go around in their backward mental state of thinking, acting and behaving like they were from.

  • James

    The War Powers Resolution (1973) allows a president to engage in hostilities, IF the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces, are under attack. That is the only condition that a president may engage our armed forces inj combat – without a congressional declaration of war or a statutory authorization of war.
    Since Libya did not attack the U.S., President Obama had no authority whstsoever to engage in hostilities there.

  • coal miner


  • http://littleaussiebattler barry

    amazing! don’t you remember Pearl Harbour? you stayed out of the war in Europe until you got hit by the japs well and truly! your dads had NO CHOICE but to fight a treacherous unanounced attack by a ruthless dictator don’t you remember the death march on Corregidor where your boys were bayoneted if they couldn’t keep marching ! of the approximately 100000 THOUSAND of forced marchers about 97000thousand died from brutality by the japs! they paid the supreme sacrifice partly because your politicians were not prepared until it was too late! nobody in their right mind wants to go to war unless you have no choice! you had no choice! either you fought or you get wiped out! sadly in every generation there are new bullies become dictators that is the tragic reality as your late president Kennedy said …no one can build his security upon avoiding facing the stark reality of evident behaviour of totalitarian regimes like gaddafi in Libya basha al assad in Syria in Iran the murderous fanatical in Gaza the president of Sudan who has bombed & burnt raped the african women of South Sudan & right now is paying his insurgents in Darfur & northern Sudan to subjugate those non islamic tribes your own Ben Franklin wisely noted they that give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety!!! when Neville Chamberlain went to confer with Hitler & came back to London waving the “guarantee” from Hitler Hitler was smirking behind his back and we all know what happened not many months later! trying to appease a tyrant only shows him that you are a “pushover” and he can be confident to secretely make plans to attack without any hindrance do you think the” Dear Leader” of Nth Korea will ever give up his power??? why are the Communist leaders building up a massive increase in fighter planes attack submarines LONG range missiles & threatening Taiwan if they even declare that want to remain independent! you don’t spend trillions!to build up your offensive capacity for nothing! don’t look at what SAY look at what they have been DOING ! those who won’t learn from recent history are doomed to repeat it! the Pacifists before the war got a shock course in reality! just like the present “peace” activists Stalin called them ” useful stooges”

    • http://littleaussiebattler barry

      actually I forgot the correct quote from your late president Kennedy as follows…it is an unfortunate fact that we can secure peace only by preparing for war also I forgot to mention president Achmenidinidad of Iran who OPENLY! threatened to “wipe Isreal off the map!!! and he is getting closer to achieving this threat as his nuclear bomb capability is nearing completion with the help of the Russian nuclear conglomerate from their massive stockpile of nuclear weapons & 60 years of technical know how from the hydrogen bombs tested in the early 1950′s under the then soviet communist leadership from Stalin Bulganin Kruschov right up to Breshnev & Gorbachov remember about 1963-4 khruschov got ships loaded with long range missiles to Cuba ready to fire at the U S but president Kennedy told Kruschov to back off & take his soviet missiles back to the Soviet Union ? the world held it’s breath as Khruschov “blinked” & backed down …. I am sure that there were many praying that he did so.. otherwise ????? what an awesome responsibility for Kennedy!!! a true hero of the free world !!! who later paid with his life when he like president Lincoln was assassinated also you can be rightly proud of his courageous stand against a tyrant like Khruschov! think of the millions who would have died if Kennedy didn’t make a stand !!! yet the millions under the Soviet system of the Gulags (forced labor camps)were not freed until Reagan outdid the Soviets by technical superiority & Gorbachov realised that a system run by fear eventually cannot compete with a system allowing freedom of association by choice instead of coercian by secret police torture beatings public hangings etc …. like in Nth Korea & Iran today & Syria & Libya Yemen Sudan myanmar(Burma) Somalia right now! causing a huge influx of refugees from the fanatical Islamic barbarians who are determined to take over yet another suffering people !…. when will they EVER learn!!! of course they are spiritually blinded by their satanic beliefs tragically…. it’s their deception that they cannot see….there are none so blind as those who refuse to see!!! it is ironic that in their Koran it says… to allah the MERCIFUL & COMPASSIONATE on every page !!!

  • http://littleaussiebattler barry

    no wonder the only true God likens us to sheep!!! we humans sure are foolish!


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