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Senate Backs Obama In Rejection Of Keystone Pipeline

March 12, 2012 by  

Senate Backs Obama In Rejection Of Keystone Pipeline

Democratic Senators voted to ratify President Barack Obama’s decision to reject the Keystone XL pipelines, leaving the oil project in limbo and ensuring that it will remain a political issue in the near future, The Washington Times reported.

According to the newspaper, Obama personally lobbied Democrats to support his decision, and reaped the rewards when 42 of these Senators sided with him in opposition of the pipeline – enough lawmakers to sustain a filibuster against a GOP-led effort to undo the President’s rejection.

“The Democrat-controlled Senate just turned its back on job creation and energy independence,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said in a response to the move. “President Obama’s personal pleas to wavering senators may have tipped the balance against this legislation. When it comes to delays over Keystone, anyone looking for a culprit should now look no further than the Oval Office.”

The Chicago Tribune reported that Republicans are eager to showcase Obama’s decision to withhold approval of the Canada-to-Gulf-Coast pipeline as proof that the Administration is not doing enough to increase the Nation’s energy supplies and generate jobs.

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  • Jim

    Well both Obozo and the Senate have done nothing to alleviate the high gas prices or our dependency on Middle Eastern Oil. You have to be totally insane to believe for a moment that they care about the welfare of this country. They will sit down there and spout out their green crap to anyone stupid enough to listen. One world government through socialism is their agenda and everything else is irrelevant, and that includes both parties.

    • castaway

      Why should they? We’ll continue paying too much for it untill it gets so high we simply cannnot.If we develope another form of energy, or form of transportation, the oil companies and the government will, and currently do have their greedy hands all over it. Stand up people! Let them know you will not continue to take it. Of course you will need to make some sacrifices, but that is life.

      • Brad


      • Gary

        Given some of the decisions by this administration, is it any wonder many of us question, with civility, the intent of Obama? Is it not self-evident that our bumptious, self-centered president has focused on verbal malarkey to bamboozle the public? Moreover, is it not obvious that Obama’s self-righteous rhetoric is designed to mislead us with empty platitudes without substance? In short, may I suggest Obama is fixated on re-election and self while pretending to care about you and I?

    • mark

      Obama is the anti christ

      • kkflash

        I have said the same before on this site.

    • Christin


      You got that right.

      I think the Keystone pipeline would be good …IF we were able to refine the oil and sell it to the American market.

      Jobs, jobs, jobs…and lower prices

      However, I believe drilling in ANWAR in our own country would be GREAT … especially if we refine it and sell it to the American market


      WE own it… we don’t have to redistribute our wealth… keeps jobs here… and prices low.

      Common sense or too difficult for anyone here or in gov to get????

      I mean if Congress and the WH (& speculators) REALLY want to help America.
      it is a NO brainier… who can’t comprehend that?

      • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

        This is more of a commie theft job than we all realize. At the top of the page is a picture of a real pipeline. That section is just a short distance from Glennallen Alaska. I happened to be on the crew that installed the insulation on that very piece of pipe in the picture.and many more miles of it. This enviromental impact study is stalling for time to squeeze the pipeline co. into nationalizing the whole catoot. Govt owned. Commie strategy. That happened on that pipeline, But Alyeska pipeline co. held out on that one. . We’ll see how this one does..

    • Lev Belinkov

      Hello, Jim!
      You should also add that all those senators must pay for gas their own money!
      May be (just may be!) they understood people who have voted for them and surely will not vote during next election.

  • Robert Smith

    Let’s see… What’s being requested is a pipeline that goes to a duty free port. The oil gets sold to markets other than America without America getting anything for it.

    What’s right with that picture?

    As they say… Let’s get the WHOLE story out.


    • castaway

      Just another government/ big business screw job.

      • Robert Smith

        Only if it goes through.


    • Warrior

      And where did you find that bit of information?

      • Robert Smith

        Here you go Warrier: “2. Valero, the top beneficiary of the Keystone XL pipeline, has recently explicitly detailed an export strategy to its investors. The nation’s top refiner has locked in at least 20 percent of the pipeline’s capacity, and, because its refinery in Port Arthur is within a Foreign Trade Zone, the company will accomplish its export strategy tax free. ”

        There will be little, if any, benefit to Americans if Keystone goes through.

        That’s from:

        It’s just another scam by the 1% to take more out of us.

        We need to REDUCE our consumption of oil. Nuclear is the quickest and most reliable. Wind will help a lot.


      • Warrior

        Oh, I get it now. We shouldn’t sell scrap metal to china because they may create something of it and sell it back to us.

    • Vigilant

      RS says, “Let’s see… What’s being requested is a pipeline that goes to a duty free port. The oil gets sold to markets other than America without America getting anything for it.

      What’s right with that picture?

      As they say… Let’s get the WHOLE story out.”

      Indeed, why don’t you tell the whole story? America’s demand for gasoline has been dropping. You couldn’t sell it here if you wanted to. Maintaining world oil supplies keeps the price from escalating higher than it already has.

      Another part of the story you ignore is that the price is inflated thanks to the Federal Reserve’s printing of fiat money.

      And, of course, Mr. Smith, what would be your position if the pipeline was to be used exclusively for US domestic consumption? Would you be all for it then? Somehow I doubt it.

      • Walt

        One issue not considered here is that while oil speculators are a factor in the rising price of oil. The interesting thing is who are the speculators? They are mostly the Middle East Sovereign Funds who are re-investing their higher oil profits back into the speculative part of the global oil market. More profits from oil = more invested in speculation market = higher prices = more profits from oil.

        We are the ones caught in the middle of their “profit circle”. Meanwhile, our “Dear Leader” is realizing his socialist dream of raising prices to the point where “sustainable energy’ sources will be competitive with fossil fuels, as he promised to do in 2008.

      • Robert Smith

        From Vigilant: “Mr. Smith, what would be your position if the pipeline was to be used exclusively for US domestic consumption? ”

        I would first ask: Why can’t it be refined up north? Why does it need to be transported to a free port.

        IF it is refined in a better market location in America and it benefits Americans I’m all for it.

        But thanks for demonstrating your willingness to express the opinions of others. It shows just how much the right wing is willing to lie.


      • Vigilant

        RS, I stand corrected and apologize for assuming something that wasn’t true.

        Now, will you address the IMPORTANT issues I raised in my posting?

      • Brad

        I agree 100%. My thoughts are that consumption is down due to the truth that 50% more Amercicans are out of work than they are reporting. So many are not leaving their home or have lost their vehicle due to not working that consumption is down. Put people back to work and the American people back to work and that figure will go up. just pain and simple.

        The price of fuel consumtion is higher because it takes more of the US Dollar to pay for the same market value of raw product

      • Brad

        Sorry. I earlier wrote: Put people back to work and the American people back to work and that figure will go up. just pain and simple.

        Correction: Put American people back to work and the American people the ability to begin moving again and that figure will go up. just plain and simple.

    • kkflash

      So RS, do you have a problem with companies selling their product for the highest price available? That’s called free enterprise, and it creates American jobs, and it produces profits on which taxes are paid to the US government, who badly need that money to balance our budget. What possible justification could the liar-in-chief have for hindering American business and jobs in this way, other than some unproven speculation about environmental impact?

      • Robert Smith

        Presumed: “and it produces profits on which taxes are paid to the US government, ”

        No it won’t if it goes to a free port and away from America without paying any taxes as has been shown is the plan by Volaro.


      • Dennis48e

        I don’t know what Volaro is but it is not a major oil company.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Right Robert Smith; How was this project going to provide us with energy independence???

    • DavidL

      And governors, some Republican, objected to the pipeline because of its environmental impact and risk to their citizens’ drinking water. Waiting until safety is fully vetted is the prudent thing to do.

      • DavidL

        Also, this Administration is drilling more oil in the US than during the last decade, our overall demand and consumption of foreign is down, and the price of gasoline is rising. In Norway, where they produce a great deal of oil, the price of gasoline is over $9.00 and it isn’t much better in Europe. By comparison, we still have cheap gas. Just like it wasn’t the fault of W. Bush when gas prices spiked to over $4.00, it isn’t this President’s fault either. Speculators anyone?

      • JimH

        DavidL, Existing oil ang gas pipelines go through that “sensitive” area already. No problems.
        The water table is just fine and will remain that wat with one more line going through with all the others.

      • Vigilant

        DavidL says, “Also, this Administration is drilling more oil in the US than during the last decade…”,

        Now how many times do I need to tell you to stop misrepresenting the truth? You made the same bogus claim on March 9th.

        I repeat my answer:

        “DavidL, put your brain in operation before you engage your mouth.

        You say, “By the way, Conservatives, this administration is drilling more domestic oil than in the last ten years. Prices are still going up?”

        (1) Administrations don’t drill for oil, corporations do.

        (2) Oil production is up on private and leased lands. It has decreased thanks to Obama and his cronies on lands owned by the Federal governemt, and due to the restrictions put on deep water drilling in the Gulf, as well as boneheaded attempts to block the XL pipeline. The PRIVATE sector has made up for the reductions IN SPITE OF government interference.

        (3) We have limited control over world instabilities, and in the areas where we might make a difference in the world’s oil supply, we have acted contrarily and helped foment, not quell, trouble.

        (4) Devaluation of the dollar through fiscally and financially irresponsible Federal Reserve policies has caused the per bbl price to increase beyond reason.

        (5) Wipe out all Federal Excise, state and local taxes on a gallon of gasoline and you save 30-50 cents a gallon IMMEDIATELY.

        (6) If, as you say, production increases don’t contribute to bring the prices down, then why is the administration floating the possibility of tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserves?

        A little logic goes a long way. Try it.”

      • Vigilant

        And DavidL proclalims his ignorance of gasoline pricing when he says, “and the price of gasoline is rising. In Norway, where they produce a great deal of oil, the price of gasoline is over $9.00 and it isn’t much better in Europe. By comparison, we still have cheap gas.”


        It’s one thing and one thing only: TAXES to support social welfare states. In the US, Federal, state and local taxes take 30-50 cents out of your pocket for every gallon of gasoline you purchase, which, BTW, is a Hell of a lot more than the oil companies get for it. It’s MUCH MUCH higher in Europe.

        P.S. Norway is in Europe. Geography-challenged, are we?

      • JeffH

        Does the DOS Environmental Impact Statement Dismantle Obama’s Reason for Rejecting Keystone?

        The President referred to a five-page Department of State (DOS) report that echoed why he decided in November 2011 to postpone the decision until after the 2012 election. Despite a rigorous, three-year environmental review with multiple comment periods, DOS recommended that the current route was not satisfactory and additional review was necessary to study and reroute the pipeline around Nebraska’s Sand Hills region.

        Land owners in Nebraska voiced their concerns, DOS listened, and TransCanada volunteered to reroute the pipeline. None of this should lead to a denial of the permit application or force TransCanada to resubmit its permit application.

        The DOS acknowledged minor realignments and route variations can be made if needed without changing environmental risk. Since Nebraska and the company already agreed to reroute the pipeline in a way that would satisfy Nebraskans’ concerns, President Obama could have easily granted conditional approval to commence construction.

        DOS acted as though Nebraskans’ concerns about the Ogallala aquifer and Sand Hills region were a new development causing the agency to pull back on the project. In fact, DOS analyzed the pipeline’s impact and the possibility of the spill, the effects on soil and possible alternative routes to avoid the Sand Hills, along with countless other potential environmental risks. With respect to the Sand Hills region and potential oil spills, the DOS Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), released in August of 2011, reads:

        An example of a crude oil release from a pipeline system into an environment similar to the Northern High Plains Aquifer system occurred in 1979 near Bemidji, Minnesota. While the conditions at Bemidji are not fully analogous to the Sand Hills region, extensive studies of the Bemidji spill suggest that impacts to shallow groundwater from a spill of a similar volume in the Sand Hills region would affect a limited area of the aquifer around the spill site. In no spill incident scenario would the entire Northern High Plains Aquifer system be adversely affected.

        DOS studied a number of alternative routes to minimize or completely avoid the pipeline crossing over Sand Hills. The department worked with the Bureau of Land Management and state agencies where the pipeline passes through and made more than 340 minor realignments to the pipeline route.

        There is absolutely no reason to delay the entire project when DOS explicitly signed off on additional route variations that could occur throughout the construction process.

      • kkflash

        There’s nothing prudent about the delay unless you count Obama’s re-election strategy as prudence. He’s stopping the creation of badly needed jobs in order to secure the votes from the environmental crowd. After the election, if he wins, he’ll lie to that crowd like he lies to everyone else, and the pipeline will commence anyway. He only opposes it now because the Republicans support it.

      • Vigilant

        JeffH, excellent posting. Don’t hold your breath expecting any lefties to acknowledge the facts. They’re pathologically incapable of being swayed by the truth.

      • JeffH

        Vigilant, :)…this is for those others the ask the question of “why they can’t refine the oil up north”, there is a simple answer to that. I posted this on another thread last week.

        The Other Keystone debate
        Oct 1st 2011, 18:00 by M.D. | OTTAWA

        At the moment, the heavy, black, viscous oil known as bitumen extracted from the tar sands undergoes a preliminary processing in Alberta known as upgrading, so that it is liquid enough to be shipped through a pipe to an oil refinery. Most of those refineries are in the United States, which imports about 1.1m barrels per day (b/d) of tar-sands oil (and another 900,000 b/d of Canadian conventional oil). Canada had plans to expand its refineries and build new ones before the global financial crisis, but most have now been put on hold. The Alberta government is planning to build a refinery in partnership with an oil company capable of processing 50,000 b/d of tar-sands crude.

        Meanwhile, the Keystone XL pipeline will have the capacity to carry 830,000 b/d to refineries in Texas that are either already processing similarly heavy oil from Mexico and Venezuela or expanding their ability to do so. This makes sense from the perspective of the North American oil industry, which is integrated on a continental basis. And it makes sense for the tar-sands producers, who expect to get a better price from the Texas refineries than they currently do in the Midwest, where recent increases in American production have produced a glut at the refineries.

    • Brad

      Independence is a dilusion as long as the cycle is continued. As long as you have less consumption in the US due to no jobs then we will use less. If we use less, what should the seller do with his product? I’d sell it to if I have a bunch of it and no one buying in my market. Put Americans back to work and possibly we will gain market, then we can pay taxes on it to balance budget. But as long as they keep printing money and spreading it all over the world, inflation will break our will along with any demand. Food and energy prices will sky rocket just as we are experiencing now, but you can not even imagine what the cost of living will be if that insane maniac gets his way for another 4 years!!


  • castaway

    As Americans, we continue to take it in the BUTT. I am soooo very sick of this crap, but what can I do? I suddenly feel all alone. We need a total change of government, but no one will lift a finger to do what is right. All I hear, is ignorant B.S. like we’ll vote em out in November. Yeah sure you will.

    This pipeline is another screw job like so many others. Canada came to Wisconsin to search for minerals with planes that flew mile upon Square mill of realestate. They found what they wanted, set up mines, sent the profits back to Canada, closed up shop, and left us a frikken mess.

    THis oil from Canada will do us no good, and they only want to use our realestate to put the damn thing on. It is not crude oil, and the only reason it is practical to retrieve, is because of the price of oil in our current time. If the price of crude goes down, it will become impractical to harvest shale oil. There has also been another discovery of crude in the USA, that I believe is in Wyoming, and is said to be like the mother load of crude.

    I really believe we have enough natural recourses, in the USA to last us several generations. BIg business , and government are playing games with us and of course lying to us big time. More of “same [offensive word removed] differnent day”.

    What ever happened to the spirited Americans that would stand and fight for what they believed in, and were not afraid to die doing it?????????? Are there any men with courage around? Good greif what ever happened?

    • Don

      Where do i sign up

    • Sirian

      Yes castaway, we have the resources, more than plenty. The Baccan, west Texas, Alaska, east & west coastlines and the Gulf. This and coal deposits that everyone knows is substantial for sure. It’s simply the problem that is sitting in each and every household. They haven’t realized how easily they are being played. Shoot, we’ve all been played for decades and in so doing it seems normal. That’s the problem.

    • kkflash

      You’re wrong about the pipeline doing no good.
      It makes oil available to us from a politically stable country that is our near neighbor and a valuable trusted ally, thus reducing our dependence on Mideast oil, which we buyfrom people who hate us in a politically unstable region halfway across the world.

      It produces thousands of American jobs which we need more than anything else.

      Your view that the availablity of this oil is dependent on a temporary situation is short-sighted and just plain wrong. Tar sands oil can be produced for less than $40/bbl, a selling price you’ll never again see in your lifetime.

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    If the power grabbing govt was out of the way America could continue as it always did with supply and demand. Any idiot that thinks it wouldn’t without govt. intervention has never known real life And doesn’t want anything but govt.

    • Sirian

      That’s been their plan for decades gottaplenty, longer than most understand! And do these all knowing Progressives have an overwhelming number of idiots to play with? You betcha!!

  • Gloria

    I am so glad that the President is receiving backing from the democrats to scrap the XL Pipeline until the environmental impact studies have been completed thoroughly. We are just now beginning to see some of damages and dangers of fracking to our environment. You can’t just shoot all of those toxins into the earth to cause chemical reactions and not expect no harm to come from it. I live in PA, where coal mining decades ago that we PA taxpayers are still paying for the cleaning up from that industry. The coal companies made their billions then walked away leaving the pillage for us to clean up and the last thing we need is another whack at it for gas & oil by fracking it out and poisoning this area even more for our grandchildren to clean up. We should be giving our future generations a free ride in education because we will need their bright young minds to get us out of the messes that the greedy will make in their need of more money. The EPA should be closely regulating what is being done to protect us from them.

    • eddie47d

      Then I assume Gloria you are aware that Gov Tom Corbett signed into law ACT 13 (effective April 14th) that gas companies can drill in Pennsylvania with impunity.They even have the right to overturn(revoke) local laws and even drill on private property without land owner approval. Zoning laws have been cancelled to favor the drilling industry. Now some communities are fighting back and trying to enact civil rights ordinances to control where these gas companies drill but it will be an up hill battle. More laws in an attempt to keep local control but the Governors ACT can now supersede local authority.

    • mn1013

      The problem is that the EPA is another arm of the government. If you can’t believe one arm why can you believe another? The EPA (like all other alphabet groups) are out to prove they are needed (whether they are or not) and will produce regulations which most of us find to be excessive and against the people in the long run.

    • ConcernedVet

      Gloria, you should look back at the photos of Oil City, Pa, during the oil boom, and the slime that ran down the hillsides there. workers had to cross planks nailed to stumps to get around. Now if you go to those places they are the most beautiful places in Pa.
      And Yes, the feckless, worthless DEP should be there getting their money from the big oil, thru fines and costly delays -So that the oil companies can pass that cost on to us…

      Yes, child -drink your koolaid, and eat your Pablum, and the Easter Bunny will be here soon.

      • eddie47d

        Take a look at all the mountain tops in W Virginia that haven’t been reclaimed and pour toxic sludge into the river systems. Take a look at all the Super Fund sites that have not been cleaned up. Some companies are responsible to the community and some are no more than scavengers that take and run.

  • Ken

    Obama and his cronies have an agenda to bring down this nation. I was at a loss to understand why so many people blindly follow this man and support his policies. I read an article that puts thing into perspective and I share with you an maybe it will provoke some thoughts in your minds. The url is as follows:

    • Doc Sarvis

      What a bunch of made up rubbish (the article in your link). Even the “evidence” in the videos is out of context snips and misdirected quotes from President Obama. I’m glad I read and watched this to see how far the right will go in its smear campaign of outright lies.

      • Ted Crawford

        You are right Doc, this administration does worry about the cost fossil fuel. Steven Chu, in 2007 ” We havwe lots of fossil fuel… That’s really bad news!” ” Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe”
        Steven Chu Secretary of Department of Energy 2012 When asked by Alan Nunnelee If the DOE’s overall goal was to lower gasoline prices his answer was ” NO “, he went on to say ” As I have repeatedly said, in the Department of Energy, what we are trying to do is divirsify”! It’s working!

      • Doc Sarvis

        My reation above is to Ken, immediately above mine.

      • Vigilant

        Sarvis, for the first time we have at least partial agreement. I’m still laughing over the weird claim that ‘:yes we can” pronounced backward is “thank you Satan.” Try to say “nac ew sey” with the long “e” in “ew” as it should be, and see how close that comes to what they claim. Absolute and utter provocateurship.

        Now, I don’t agree with your stereotype about the Right. I thought you lefties were so supersensitive about eschewing stereotypes, but that’s just what you’ve done. Taking one posting and extrapolating that into a whole category of people is something we Conservatives are told cannot be done. What’s not good for the goose is not good for the gander either, Sarvis.

      • Doc Sarvis


        “Right” or Wrong – I used the broader brush in this case because I know, at least that first video (in the linked article/site), has been referenced multiple times on this site.

      • eddie47d

        You got that right Doc more under handed propaganda in the video.

  • Craig Driver

    Didn’t surprise me that Harry Reid’s minions would vote to kill the pipe line. Just like they never brought the fifteen job bills passed by the Republican led House to a vote in the Senate.

  • ConcernedVet

    As long as the ‘gang-greenies’ keep squawking, we can kiss our sorry butts good-bye. The whinny greenie have been spoonfed this enviornmental BS since kinder garden and we will have to let them ‘pay’ for their Gore(y) mindset. Perhaps they will understand when the burden ($) starts to overwhelm their future, meager, paychecks.
    Still, NO body mentions good-ole Warren B’s ownership of the Burlington-Northern Rail Road. ?The one that hauls the oil everyday? 2+2 folks… pay attention…. No pipeline=more revenue(s) for Uncle Warren (not to mention his tribute to the King O) THAT =FOUR!
    And for those that don’t understand speculation, and price setting, go risk YOUR money and see what kind of returns you would ask for against the risks of today’s world… blaming speculators is from the mind of a child moron! If it weren’t for speculators your morning coffee, cereal, oj, butter costs would be $1.00 one day or $10.00 the next. And the investors want returns against the risks of: war, floods, drought, shipping, weather, labor shortages,,,etc, etc, etc….get the Picture moron! Get a lot more information before you spew your ‘great opinions’ this way….OR your green pablum.

    • Sirian

      There’s way to many of them that are far gone ConcernedVet. No matter what we tell them or even show them they will not accept anything other than what they want – period. They have no earthly idea of how insidious they truly are. I get just as frustrated as you with these idiots. . . :(

    • Brad

      Man YOU Are RIGHT ON!! I love it 2=+2 That equal 4

  • scout

    I’m not voting for ANY incumbents regardless of how they voted on the XL pipeline.

    • Brad

      well get ready for another 4 years of this insane idiot, HOLD ON to your panties!! Your getting ready to get a big ole’ OBAMA F__King!

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    That Pipeline enviromental impact BS is just that BS. Im surprised that every buisness , big or small doesn’t consult all these people from PA and LA that seem to have all the answers You can bet they never had a dam thing to do with any kind of industery or developing of same in their brain washed life. But if you are after answers just ask the (little people) that are so fearful of all the things they enjoy as luxeries daily ,electricity, gas for thier car , water to lounge in and such. that they had nothing to do with. but jus know there is something bad about it.. We have to stop it before it gets off the ground .That proves they are good democrats. They stopped something, like thousands of lagitimate jobs and a chance to get independent from mideast control. We all know the agenda is to destroy America and They have much help in the ones they have duped. With free condoms Etc…

  • http://facebook Marine Dad

    The question of the pipeline is not ”if” it’s a matter of ”when” and the when is,when will it best suite the dem’s and presidents political gain. The president has the luxury of saying “I want all the facts before I make a decision”. Fair enough,safe tactic.But let me ask this; In light of the recent tornados that ripped through Ohio,Kentucky,and Indiana ect.Other states recieved federal assistance,but Kentucky did not because the Governer took too long to declare it a disaster area.Dont get me wrong the locals,the red cross,churches,and volunteers were stellar in thier efforts,but doesn’t the Governer deserve the same consideration in making a decision as other paid government employees?

  • carrobin

    The big oil companies are desperate to get this highly dangerous pipeline built, although it won’t benefit the US oil consumer at all since the oil is Canada’s and is being sold to other countries. There may be as few as 6,000 jobs for Americans, at the risk of destroying soil and water safety for generations. If Obama allows this, I’ll figure the oil companies are paying him off.

    • Sirian

      When was the last time you ever checked on the number of pipelines that already exist and how long they’ve been in place? There are way more than you are aware of and it’s clear that you really have nothing more to yak about than what you’ve been fed. Question what you’ve been led to believe. Research what you’ve been influenced to say. Lord there are so many environmental mushrooms running around. . .

  • mark

    Down with Oboma. We have got to get rid of him or he is going to see that a great deal of us has been gotten rid of. He wants to be a big hero to his race just like the X guys like malcum X and all the others jerimiah wright and others of that culture. They want to kill us and have total control. It is clearly right in front of us. Only the week canot see. The time is now to stand together and defeat obama. He knows what he is doin. Cant say he is not a smart man. They still hate us and will always hate us for what we had nothing to do with. It was some ancestors to there ancestors. They are goin to get us.

    • Brad

      you are right about their ancestors. Their great, great, great grand father sold them to different parts of the world, not just America, in hope of them finding a better place on earth than that God for saken place they came from. If they were not fighting off lions tigers and bears daily (oh my), their women and children were being gang rapped by a rival tribes just as they are still fighting since time in that region from the same insane rock throwing, spir chunking regimes, but have moved up to automatic weapons and blood money for diamonds and child labor. looks like American was a great rescue for millions of this un-appreciative race that have been giving more rights the the original natives of this great country we all call America.

  • JeffH

    Obama’s lack of decisive leadership is evidenced by his desire to pander to his support groups – his environmental base, which, for the most part, opposes any oil and gas development anywhere in the U.S., and the labour unions, even though the pipeline would provide them with thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in high paying wages. What a sad commentary on presidential leadership.

    The president has also chosen to ignore the fact that the $7-billion project is ready to go. The line will be privately financed with no government subsidies, unlike the Obama administration’s stimulus program, which has cost U.S. taxpayers billions, adding to our nation’s $15-trillion deficit.

    Environmental groups have said that the pipeline may be unsafe and would put the surrounding area at risk. But look north to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, a project that has withstood the test of time. The pipeline, for over three decades, has moved as much as two million barrels per day since its startup. At that time, this was about 25 per cent of domestic U.S. production.

  • Dona McDonald

    GO ROMNEY!!!

  • Buck

    Demonrats have ALWAYS been about party power instead of their constituents and country .

  • Walter Holm

    In looking behind the scenes of this issue, I,ve found that the hold-out of
    this pipeline passage is that the American processors(refineries) are un-willing
    to give a guarrantee that the oil and gas (once refined) will stay in the USA for
    use here in the states. I disagree with just about everything Obama but in this case
    we should get a guarrantee that it is for use here in the USA. In the game of
    oil/gas, it is to the Oil Co,s advantage to keep prices as high as possible, including
    selling it out of country to make sure we don’t end up with a glut and drive prices
    down. The only way we’ll drive prices down is with Independant producers that are
    above all else, patriots.

    • Brad


    • Vigilant

      Walter Holm says, “In looking behind the scenes of this issue, I,ve found that the hold-out of this pipeline passage is that the American processors(refineries) are un-willing to give a guarrantee that the oil and gas (once refined) will stay in the USA for use here in the states.”

      Mr. Holm, please consider the following: The oil market is a global market. It follows demand. And there is no demand in the USA at the moment.

      Moreover, a “glut” in the USA/Canada would not have the effect of driving prices down. The supply/demand model doesn’t describe lower prices for a bbl of oil in a particular country because that country happens to have surpluses. The pricing model looks at worldwide resources and demand, as well as local instabilities.

      Thus, the worldwide price went up in part during the Libyan fiasco and now in response to Iranian saber-rattling. Neither of those countries ship(ped) any real amount of oil to the US, but our prices rose because the European market was affected.

      You say, “the only way we’ll drive prices down is with Independant producers that are above all else, patriots.” I heartily agree with you, but that could only occur on two conditions, i.e., that (1) we remove ourselves from the global market, and (2) encourage production of fossil fuels in this country.

      Do you foresee either of those two things happening? I don’t.

      • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

        Give this some thought, This administration went into office immediately (helping) struggleing buisnesses .get up and going again ,did they not? Using our money to prop up the auto co,s banks of all kinds a phoney energy co. Selyndra -check spelling- and any one else that would take the money…. In simple terms better known as …….nationalizing , the private sector. Now what a chance for those vermine to nationalize a huge piece of American buisness. . We’ll make a deal. I was In Alaska during that pipeline, and Alyeska pipeline co nearly lost control of the whole thing by the govt . trying to steal it. By enviromental stealth, over a river crossing. They made it by a very narrow margin. If you think that kind of thing hasn’t crossed that slimey mind your missing something. What realy gets you to wondering about some of these geniouses and algie burners is what they will never know about such trivial matters as building a pipeline. Then advertise thier ignorance to the rest of the world. They try to sell themselves as some kind of expert on what will destroy the land and polute the water etc. and have probably driven over many pipelines and never saw one or saw any damage that they continually spout off about. That alone is a clue to who to ignore.

  • Thomas

    China would like to thank the US Senate for all their help.

    Do you really think that the US is the only market in the world?

  • Raggs

    The king in the whore house is more than glad to bow to his useless idiot leftist / communist slim formerly known as the senate. This FOOL is proud not to be an American.
    This idiot is also proud to strip America of its wealth…

    • mark

      Down with obama that black Devil

  • John Maynard Keynes

    Alberta can easily replace the crude oil currently coming from the middle east. That is the last thing some people want to see happen. Alberta is not the only source in Canada either. In the North West Territories, near Norman Wells, there are huge gas fields and conventional oil reserves that are sitting untapped.

    The energy game is fixed. Political decisions trump economics.

  • Proud USAF Vet

    The Moron-in-Chief can’t “drill, drill, drill” only “spend, spend, spend!” But not to worry; you can always count on your 40-mile radius electric lawnmower to take care of all your future transportation needs.

  • simian pete

    One solution is not to accept anymore imported oil from the Middle East or Venezuela …

    Build the pipeline optimized for enviromental protection, Build a pipeline that will last a 100 years. Use stronger materials and thicker pipe , etc.

    Use the oil from this pipeline to make up for all the other oil imported from the Middle East…

    How is that for a solution ? I figure this advice is worth at least 50 grand.

    • June

      simian-That is only “part of the solution” – -the other “part” is to “prevent” the oil companies from exporting “our” oil anywhere outside the USA, unless WE have enough, on hand, to keep our $$prices “below” $2 a gallon!
      We actually produce “enough” oil, to supply the entire USA, on a day-to-day basis- -we “produce it” but the oil companies choose to “export it” – -”because” they can make “more profit” that way!

  • chuckb

    lets organize three million people to march on washington and demand change!, let’s demand barry soetoro. harry reid, boehner, mcconnell leave office. then hand pick thru the democrat and republican party removing all liberal/bolshevik politicians to go with them. this election s going to be the most fraudulent in history, so let’s not let them get away with it. at the same time call off the election until we can get more worthy candidates, clear of washington politics. at the same time ban the islamic religion and all, who are connected to it. i think god would smile.

  • June

    After the 2012 elections, ALL of the “dimwitcrap traitors” will be standing in the unemployment line – -mark my words. American voters ARE smart enough NOT to re-elect turncoats!

  • Maynard

    This era of the 21st century will go down as the most misguided, selfish, wasteful, foolish and vicious time in all mankind’s history. At least, I hope it cannot get worse. We cling slavishly to filthy fossil fuels when, with our ingenuity, know how and available capital, we could soon be enjoying clean, renewable sources of energy. The sun, wind, hydrogen in every drop of water, hydroelectric and hydrothermal sources are unlimited and available daily wherever they are needed. No more escalating prices for an ever dwindling supply. Much less pollution of our land, air and water. No more battles for oil which deceivers tell us are for “freedom,” no more need for false flag operations to incite us to attack, destroy, imprison, torture and slaughter innocents. But then what is the crux of the problem? Those who control our capital through their manipulations and machinations would be depriving themselves of their greatest sources of profit: monopolistic control of fossil fuels and war profiteering.

    • June

      Just a quick PS- -your comments about “the most misguided, selfish, wasteful, foolish and vicious times in all mankinds’ history” sounds like you’re talking about the current “liberal/progressive democrat” party! It sure fits.

      • http://Yahoo Maynard

        I don’t expect any one source will supply all of our needs. Besides active solar for hot water and electricity, passive solar to store the heat energy in masonry, water tanks etc. would help keep a well designed and insulated house warm for times when the “sun don’t shine.” Occasionally, this could be augmented by other forms of energy such as electricity generated by the wind, heat pumps to extract heat from the earth and so on.
        As far as running automobiles, I’m pretty confident if we can afford to do fracking and oil shale, ship or pipe crude oil huge distances,and fight enormously expensive wars for oil we can figure out ways to split hydrogen and oxygen inexpensively and then use the hydrogen as is done for space missiles. The thing is big oil enjoys political and economic monopolies and has no intention of allowing other cleaner means to develop despite all their pretty propaganda.
        . I totally agree that our water supply is crucial. Using hydrogen for combustion has a clean water vapor byproduct (It is not a waste as comes out of ordinary gasoline burning exhausts). The terrible thing about oil shale and natural gas fracking is that extremely toxic chemicals are needed and plenty of water is used and polluted in the process.
        I have gone beyond the stage where I feel the labels conservative and liberal are accurate. When it comes to our Constitution I agree with Ron Paul and am apalled that all the other candidates think it is fine to follow provisions in the NDAA 2012 that grant the president the power to have the military arrest American citizens here at home and imprison them indefinitely without a trial. Don’t you agree that $63 billion that has been appropriated for a domestic drone program to spy on, intimidate and arrest US citizens sounds like a police state?
        I believe I have the conservative position also when it comes to protecting nature by eschewing filthy fossil fuels. It could be done and of course would involve a lot of difficult changes in our approach to energy use. But, it needs to be done if we want to leave a beautiful, clean earth for future generations instead of only thinking of the selfish immediate resolution of our needs.But what is “conservative” about not conserving nature as much as possible?
        Where I feel I am “liberal” is that I believe society has a resposiblilty to take care of it’s unfortunate members: the disabled,the very young, the very old, the sick,and the homeless. Getting everyone a chance at a productive life through education and training is also important. This all could be done better if we would do as Ron Paul suggests, bring our troops home and stop meddling in other countries’ affairs.
        I also agree with him about drugs. It is counterproductive to be incarcerating at great expense people who at worst are only hurting themselves. Legalizing drugs would bring down the price so that it would not be profitable for cartels to be fighting over their sales. Most intelligent people with proper access to information will not want to use drugs anyway. Those that do mess up are ill and should have intervention not incarceraation.
        Both political parties are merely masquerading their differences anyway. The both owe their allegiance to big bankers and corporations who give a crap about the rest of us. They have been using tricks to steal our money through war expenditures, real estate scams like the Savings and Loan ripoff under Reagan-Bush and the more recent housing derivatives Ponzi schemes. Look behind the labels and surface issues they are almost identical.
        They set us up with the false flag of 9/11 as they did with the Gulf of Tonkin, the sinking of the Maine and tried to do with Operation Northwoods.
        Take that healthy anger and skepticism you have about one party, and start applying to both parties.

  • June

    Maynard-So you say; renewable energy IS necessary for “certain things”, however MOST vehicles cannot be run on sun, wind, hydrogen AND the earth is “running short of water”!! Or, so people, like you, would want US to believe.
    Solar energy is great, IF you live in an area where sunshine is “constant” – -a LOT of the USA is not so gifted, by God, or Mother Nature!
    Wind power – -GREAT, if you’re NOT in the west, or mid-west where “frequent” rogue winds would tear those turbines apart, “unless” they are “shut down” – -sometimes for an extended period of time! Then what- – -storage batteries only hold up for so long.
    Hydrogen, from water; ok, great- -and if your water source dries up, then what?
    I dare say the “real crux of the problem” is people like you and Al Gore, or any other liberal that wants to “spew” a wad of nonsense and expect everyone to just believe it!

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      June, despite all my words above I did not mention Al Gore. I have just recently looked into his carbon credits concept. Initially, I did not like the idea of paying someone not to produce carbon emissions when we can avoid their use with hydrogen, solar, heat pumps (geothermal), wind (I agree they may need to be shut down during tornadoes and such) and methane derived from animal raising operations and land fills . To pay for a cow’s flatulence is absurd. Proper methods could recover those gases and use them in methane production.
      I do not think Al Gore would have had the audacity to carry out 9/11 and the anthrax scare scams as Bush, Cheney et al did. That does not mean he’s not using his scheme of carbon credits for personal gain.

      • http://Yahoo Maynard

        Maynard, What about the use of human wastes for methane gas (the main component of so-called natural gas)? The dry solids could be sterilized and used as fertilizer as is done in Milwaukee with the product they call Milorganite.
        Concerning the idea that 9/11 was an Inside Job, I read that they discovered human bone and teeth fragments on top of the Deutsche Bank Building in 2006. The airliner had already passed by the bank before impact so the only way those bones could have been fragmented and blown so far from the WTC is by explosion.Yet the 9/11 commission did not breathe a word about explosions. Of course, they were too busy to take information from firemen and reporters who mentioned a lot of explosions. Do you think the fact that the Executive Director was Phillip Zelikow, a dual citizen Israeli-American who authored the pre-emptive war philosophy for Bush, affected what he let get published? In the report, he did not mention Norman Mineta’s eye witness testimony that he saw Cheney taking reports at regular intervals of the incoming Fl 77 and yet did not scramble jet fighters from nearby Andrew Air Force Base or call for any evacuations even though they had been frequently practiced.And wasn’t it odd how the FBI confiscated the tapes from the hotel and gas station that would have shown what happened at the Pentagon? Also, what a coincidence that the airliner or something hit the accountants when it could have easily gone straight and taken out Rumsfeld and the top brass. How did little, 5′ Hani Hanjour take over the cabin from Charles Burlingame a Navy veteran and body builder? Why do the recovered flight recorder tapes indicate the cockpit doors were never opened during the flight? Baffling also is why none of the crew put in the four digit code indicating a hijacking in progress. And Hani Hanjour was denied permission to rent Cessnas, he was so bad, yet he made a 330 degree turn and descent at high speed pinpointed the accountants lookingforf the $2.3 TRILLION dollars Rumsfeld reported missing the day before.Experienced pilots said they could not have done that. Do you think the plane could have been flown by remote control? They’ve been able to do that for decades.
        Also, I read that the White House insiders secretly started taking Cipro, an anti-anthrax antibiotic that is somewhat risky to take, on 9/11 three weeks before the first known threat. Another thing that makes that look like insider involvement is that the first victim, Robert Stevens, was a relatively unknown photo publisher but he had published a photo of Jenna Bush, the President’s daughter sitting on another girl’s lap. Don’t you think that was very uspsetting to the president? Why did Rudy Giuliani buy the building where Stevens was contaminated? He had it “detoxified” right after.At the time they still had not traced the strain of anthrax to our own government’s facilities. Why did Jeb Bush have a bill giving him the authority to initiate martial law passed and signed the week beforfe 9/11?
        Wasn’t it a coincidence that Jim Pierce, the president’s cousin had his meeting moved out of the WTC on 9/11 and the Silversteins (father, son and daughter) also failed to show up for their jobs in the Towers on 9/11?
        Going back to the anthrax thing, wasn’t it odd that Bruce Ivins committed suicide and was cremated without autopsy just before he was going to be charged? His colleagues point out he could have easily defended himself since he did not have the equipment it took to turn the anthrax into an easily dispersed powder to make it effective to kill when put in a letter.Wasn’t it odd how McCain and Jerome Hauer, the one who told the White House to take Cipro, both publicly blamed Sadaam Hussein?We did not find out the anthrax was from here until after we were “shocking and awing” innocent people who may have been terrorized before they died. Of course, many, including children suffered quite a while before their death. Even though no Iraqis were involved in 9/11 we couldn’t bomb the Saudis. We get too much oil from them. And the Afghani sTaliban had cut back drastically on heroine poppy production depriving our CIA of a big source of secret funds. Of course, the FBI admitted in 2006, at least their spokesman Rex Tomb did, that Osama bin Laden was not connected in any provable way. He had denied it on the basis of his religion prohibiting the slaughter of innocents: women, children and non-combatants. That video they found of “him” bragging about turned out to be faked. The man in the video playing bin Laden had a fat bulbous nose and bin Laden had a long narrow nose.
        Sorry, Maynard, I got carried away. I have more oddities to tell but I guess that’s enough for now.


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