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Semper Paratus (I’ll handle the liquor)

July 28, 2011 by  

Semper Paratus (I’ll handle the liquor)

I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoy the recent spate of zombie and/or space invader films. While each has small-to-gaping plot holes (Tom Cruise saves the world?), they’re good fun. While I lose no sleep over someone’s great aunt rising from the grave to try and nibble on my spleen, and I suspect E.T. isn’t likely to blaze in with a few million of his terraforming friends, there are real dangers out there. Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons, for example. A well-placed EMP, and everything with solid-state circuitry which isn’t case-hardened is toast. No more zombie movies on your television and no more phone calls to the Air Force because Representative Dennis Kucinich thought he saw an alien. Your world just became a sequel to Hurricane Katrina; only this time, even if the Democrats wanted to help, they couldn’t.

Fortunately for you and me, there are abundant resources available to help us prepare for the worst, while hoping for the… less worse. Our own site has Peggy Layton’s food and storage tips plus an entire section on emergency preparedness here.

But if you’re like me, you’re still trying to figure out whether you can get a solar still to make hooch that won’t blind you. So I read a few sources, talked to a few folks who will probably live a couple of steps up the food chain from me in what the “prepper” community calls a “TSHTF” scenario, and I’ve come up with a basic plan to live past my next birthday should the proverbial merde hit the ventilateur.

Location, location, location!

While we all love a nice beachfront view, being near the coast is a poor choice. Higher ground is a good goal. Actually, I’m thinking of heading for Mr. Livingston’s place (probably should have told him that before now). Arable land is important. Defensible land is equally so. Do a little research and find a place that fits both bills.

Getting there is half the misery

If an EMP is deployed against us, your minivan is a 2 ½-ton doorstop. Unless your vehicle is at least 50 years old, it’s not going anywhere. And something tells me you don’t have a mule team in the shed. Buy a bicycle and keep it maintained. That reminds me: I need to air up my tires.

Gimme the cure

Try to get a medical professional into your group. If not, kidnap one (just kidding, doc!). No matter what, you’re going to need basic first aid supplies. And you’re not going to be able to knock over the Rite-Aid and tote it with you. Have a ready supply of rubbing alcohol, bleach and iodine (they purify water, as well).

Where there’s smoke

Without fire, you’re just a heavy squirrel. Parasitic infections are awful. You’re going to need to cook your food and boil water. Buy a fire-starter.

Eat ’em and smile

Every “prepper” I know talks about their “bugout bag” and the canned food they’ve stored. That’s terrific if you’re already in a good location. If not, canned food is heavy, and it runs out fast when you’re feeding people traveling on foot. Learn to field dress an animal and cook it properly. Yeah, it’s nasty work; but in an extreme situation, you either eat or you’re eaten.


This is the single most contentious issue I’ve encountered among “preppers.” What weaponry to bring? My suggestion is to avoid the endless “AR vs. AK” debates, and find a weapon with which you’re comfortable. The weapon (and the ammunition) should be portable, easily wielded and reliable. Sure, that Barrett .50 is awesome; but in a severe scenario, it’s a millstone around your neck. Plus, if you use it on anything smaller than an elephant, you’ll need a straw.

The rest of the story

Durable clothing and footwear are a necessity, obviously. That Armani suit will have to wait for the archaeologists. Also, leave that uber-cool katana sword at home, and get a machete and a decent field knife. Paracord and portable shelter are also vital.

I know I’ve left out a great deal. Feel free to add your suggestions; hell, I welcome them. I figure my rank amateur’s take on emergency preparedness won’t help, but it might make you think about how well prepared you are. We live in an increasingly disturbed world. Better to be safe than — well — dead. Also, anything I forget, I can pick up at Mr. Livingston’s house.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • DaveH

    EMP detonation, the next false flag event?

    • skippy

      Well Dave not sure about an EMP…it COULD happen. THEN what??!!! Better to be safe than sorry, heh?? You betcha!! Thanks Ben for the great article. I don’t have the patience to be a “Peggy”…but I like your quick tips!! My Marine son is aware of the EMP and I have not heard anything about it elsewhere until now. Good job Ben.

    • SteveM

      And I was so looking forward to eating all that Spam/canned goods I have hoarded in my basement!!!! lol I would suggest those crank flashlights as it could be dark for a while. Also, a knife sharpening kit would be handy. How about sleeping bags, blankets, and lots of extra clothing? Some kind of trade-able valuable would come in handy! Of course, this is assuming we can leave in time to get to the safe place. Otherwise, you’ll find me eating Spam in my basement!!

    • independant thinker

      Think sunspots. Will have to look it up but I think it was in the 1880s that there was a massive sunspot eruption that was powerful enough to fry ahy electronic circuit we have unless it is properly shielded. Granted the chances of it happening is one in a million but if it does it will be a lot more destructive than an EMP blast.

      • granny mae

        independant thinker,

        I think you are right. I remember reading something about it. They said it took out the telegraphs across the country ! There wasn’t a whole lot in the electronic field yet at that time but still gave them fits with what they did have !

    • RayK

      Although fiction, the book ‘One Second After’ gives one author’s view on what the world will look like after an EMP attack. The Fed’s had an EMP commission (report is published on-line) and they concluded that EMP is a ‘when’, not ‘if’ event.

      • Gordon in Texas

        Although the book was fiction, the author consulted numerous military brass (retired and active) to achieve a real scenario and probable outcomes of an EMP. Great book and I read it every year…just as a reminder of what can happen to society when all goes to hell.

        • granny mae

          It is a good book and I to have read it. Gave me a lot to think about if one should come our way.

    • BJ

      If an EMP were set off over the Midwest, I think it only effects the areas that are in the line of sight. So Central AMerica and Europe and Asia would not be impacted by the EMP set off in the US.

      • Freedom

        Hey man, you’re everywhere, shtf,, and here as well.

        If an EMP were set off, EMP can only be caused by a large explosion such as a nuclear bomb, and that’s not a natural occurence. Perhaps a false flag and most others will believe the same thing.

        • granny mae


          EMP is not only the result of a nuclear explosion, it can also be caused by sun flares. It has happened before and it will happen again and it can also happen by a terrorist attack. NOAA is now reporting sun flares on their weather site. Check it out !

    • Dan az

      Actually it dosen’t have to be a false flag they are predicting the suns reversal of poles will do it according to all the scientist.That should be coming up shortly.It will take out all the satellites and communications first before it hits and who ever is on the side of the sun at the time will get hit with an EMP I would guess that with our luck it will be us.

  • Ralph Roshto

    Well the list could be pretty long…
    Those solar cell systems you have on your roof? They’re gone. The solid state inverter that the batteries use to produce AC power as well. Gone. Get a SMALL generator, and convert it to LP gas. Cover the gen with a 1/4 inch steel ‘coffin’ and it will survive an EMP, as long as it is not directly overhead. Then, you’ll have to already have a supply of gas, because NONE will be available afterwards.

    Water. The source of LIFE! If you have a well, how do you pump water? My well uses a submerged water well pump. Useless after a grid is off-line. So I also put in a HAND OPERATED WATER PUMP. Sort of like Grand Paw used to use.

    Sewerage. If you are alive, you will produce sewerage. If you are on a municipal line, it will not be usable. I know, I’ve been there. It is not a pleasant experience. You will need a bucket, treatment available at any Whatever Mart, and a place to empty it…preferably not in your own back yard, unless you have a place prepared for that too. And don’t forget the T.P. Tampons for the Women.

    Have an led light ready…they last the longest. And they’re small enough to ‘cocoon’.

    Aspirin, Ibuprofen, antiseptic ointment, all the stuff you normally have, decongestant, allergy pills…none of the ‘over the counter’ stuff will be available, because there won’t be any counters any more.

    Small arms. A small caliber rifle, like a 22, is not only handy, I consider this one of the most important items you can own. It’s cheap, can bring down game and/or intruders, and the ammo is cheap and easily transportable.

    Communications. A walkie-talkie would be really handy to keep in touch with base when you go forage, and it too can be ‘cocooned’. Hand held “Citizens Band” radio would probably be best. A minimum of two, perhaps three.

    Batteries. Survivable in the case of an EMP. Valuable commodity items.

    Kerosene lamps and a 5 gallon can of sealed kerosene. Candles.

    One of the best ways to find our what you will need is to cut yourself off from the grid for a MONTH! Every time you need something, write it down. This is not as difficult as it seems. Turn the water and the gas off, too. You will be really surprised at what this one little trick can teach you.

    Learn how to use Salt as a meat preservative. If you have never done this, look it up and learn. You won’t have a refrigerator any more, so this is the best way to keep a whole animal preserved.

    Pet food…well, I keep a SMALL dog, because of his defensive capabilities, and he can hunt too. A large dog eats too much, but would be handy for eating. (I know that sounds repulsive, but if it comes down to it, he will die anyway, and so will you if you don’t face the fact that SOMEONE will eat him.)

    There are plenty more ideas, so keep looking for them.

    • independant thinker

      Idealy you would have two rifles. A 22 rimfire and something larger but still small enough that it is not a burden to carry something along the lines of an SKS or Winchester or Marlin 30-30. If you do only have the 22 I would suggest a bolt action as they will generaly shoot any 22 ammo from CB caps up to hi velocity long rifle rounds where a semi-auto generaly only shoots long rifle.

      • Gordon in Texas

        Make sure you have the proper weapons and ammo for self defense. A good riot gun (home defense shotgun) would do. The ammo is cheap and it can also be used for hunting. Gun cleaning equipment and spare parts should also be on the shopping list.

        For first aid, I bought a good trauma kit and added a few Israeli Battle Dressings (IBDs) and blood clotters. Infection will be your worst fear when isolated from proper medical help so keep lots of antibiotics around (they last much longer than the expiration date). If you can’t get prescription antibiotics, Fish-Mox (amoxicillin), Fish-Cillin (ampicillin), Fish-Pen (penicillin), and Fish-Cycline (tetracycline) can be substituted. Don’t use any of these products until you research and understand why they’re used and how to use them.

      • Cawmun Cents

        I have three .22 handguns all revolvers.Also…a 10/22 can be loaded and fired much like a single shot rifle.Just FYI.-.CC

    • Arecee

      All of this is great information. Thank you. The most important thing is to have a relationship with Jesus. Next….
      Here is a site to visit with a list of the things that you should get. My suggestion is to all of you out there…make a copy of it and start working on it A.S.A.P. if you haven’t already. Times are getting tougher and these items are getting harder to find and will only get harder to find the longer you wait. God gives us wisdom, let’s use it!!

      Another thing, get onto the interenet and start finding home remedies and purchase some of those items. Make physical copies of all these searches and put them into a folder because you won’t be able to retrieve this info later no matter how many different ways you’ve saved them in your files if there is no electricity. Start encorporating herbs into your diet and start trading them out for pharmaceuticals as they won’t be available or even the OTC products you are used to. Become friendly with your neighbors because they might be your only hope in some instances depending on the area where you live and encourage them to be prepared. The more people you have around you that are prepared, the less you will have to carry them should something happen and you just can’t leave them with nothing. Remember the saying, Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
      I appreciate all the wisdom that people are sharing in this area. I hope that we don’t have to use this info but as was stated before, isn’t it better to be prepared and have an assurance that you will be alright then to just shrug your shoulders and fall apart?

    • Dan az

      where did you see that solar cells would fry?Could you post it for us because I have never heard that before.Thanks

      • Dan az

        OH BTW a EMP pulse is DC current and over protection devises are built in to the inverters from to high a voltage and current.But it never hurts to have a back up like I keep off line just in case.Batteries don’t care how much voltage they get its the current that they don’t like and the size of your cables will only allow so much current to enter.But always keep aside a back up bank just in case.

    • granny mae

      Ralph Roshto,

      It’s good that you think of the needs of the women but you just can’t stock enough pads or tampons . It s too bulky and there is a better way. When I was a young girl I asked my grandmother what they did in those times of need and she said they used rags ! Hence the term on the rag ! Today many women can’t afford to buy such products so what they have done is go back in time and made themselves modern cloth pads. They can be washed dried and reused ! 12 or 14 of them store in a back pack easily. Haven’t heard too many women consider what they would do if they had to improvise so this is a good alternative! Also you have to think of little babies and women getting ready to have babies. Cloth diapers are the answer. It takes about 2 doz. of them and some diaper pins along with plastic pants. They diapers and plastic pants can both be purchased on line through Gerber and probably some other sites. I just bought my granddaughter 2 doz. diapers at Wal-Mart but couldn’t get the plastic pants there so I sent for them to Gerber and bought her 2 pkgs. of each size so she is all set till the baby is potty trained !

  • dan

    Well said,Ben….lmao:heavy squirrel.Bikes and shanks-mare….you can’t take what you can’t carry.I’m glad I’m on the highground but I have access to long distance water transport. EMP protection can be a well grounded steel trash-can…it’s where I stash my essential electronics.
    I’ve been ‘camping’ all of my life and I love my gadgets:night vision,
    multi freq.scanners/monitors,motion/heat sensors,inverters/photo-cells and chargers to power rechargable batteries…but I still require a sat phone and laptop for coms with other techies who don’t plan to reinvent fire,lol’s.

  • Sirian

    EMP bombs do exist but I seriously doubt that they may be used. Even so, there is another source for such an attack that the majority of the population is totally unaware of. This source is what keeps us warm and grows our food – the SUN. If, let me repeat that, IF the sun gets really active, as it has been recently, it could possibly toss out a very large CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) which in turn could hit our planet and inflict a global scale EMP!! There has been several warnings as to the increased risk of this happening over the past two years but so far we have been very fortunate. But once again, it very well could take place and when it does those that are not prepared will be the ones that suffer the most. So, stock up on the things that have been mentioned and settle in for a very, very possible rough ride in the years to come. You will be more at ease that you’ve followed your instincts instead of what the “all knowing” evening news keeps telling you.

  • TML

    “Plus, if you use it on anything smaller than an elephant, you’ll need a straw.”

    That’s disgusting

    • Brian Lynch

      What is ‘disgusting’ about it???

      • TML

        Uh… the idea of sucking the remains of an animal through a straw? lol

        • granny mae


          LOL ! That may be but I can tell you this from experience, if you use a bigger gun than necessary to shoot a small animal such as a rabbit or squirrel, you will certainly be looking for left overs with a magnifying glass ! I saw my son do that one day with a squirrel and he was shocked ! Shows you just how well some kids listen when you tell them something !

    • Dan az

      I keep a 50 around just for the two legged kind.And its going to take a mop not a straw to clean up that mess.

      • granny mae

        Dan az

        LOL ! OMG that is disgusting ! LOL ! Maybe instead of cleaning it up with a mop, we could just leave it for bird feed ! Or even to feed the ants ! Oh gees I’m grossing myself out ! Yuk !

        • http://?? Joe H.

          granny mae,
          Naw, if they’re libbies, leave em’ for the dung beetles!!!

  • Republic, We Are.

    Don’t over look booze and tobacco even if you don’t do either. Good trade items.

  • s c

    I rarely see an ultraliberal progressive take the time to address an issue like this. Apparently, they’ve been trained to believe that it’s not possible for anything bad to happen in America.
    Maybe there’s a problem with definitions involved. As I recall, America has had its share of bad things [tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, drought, politicians who think they'll evolve into gods, wars that should have been avoided, etc.].
    Y2K never happened, so maybe that’s all the ‘proof’ they need to believe that nothing bad on a national scale can happen. Whatever makes an ultraliberal progressive ‘tick’ is something I don’t want. If they’re really convinced that nothing bad will happen, or that their politicians will take care of them if something does occur, then let them think what they want.
    Who am I to try and persuade a world-class genius that there’s more to this life than what you’re told at your political headquarters?

    • Dan az

      Shhhhhhhhhsh they might start preparing and that’s the last thing we need.I hope they all just sit back and play I told ya so when it happens.Think about it we could finally be rid of them once and for all.
      Who says there isn’t a God after all. :)

      • granny mae

        Dan az,

        Who is the cutie on the bike ? All the more reason to prepare ! HUH ?

    • DurangoKid

      Maybe a good ole EMP would be nature’s way of thinning out the libtards and taking them out of the food chain as a favor to the rest of us….lol.

      • granny mae


        Do you really think we are that lucky? I can only hope !

    • Old Henry

      S C:

      Something bad has happened to us on a national scale. It took place on January 20, 2009.

      • granny mae

        Old Henry,

        Ain’t it the truth ! Looking back it is the worst to have happened. All others we seem to be able to handle quickly at recovering from but 2009 is not so easy and is taking a lot longer to stop !

  • Brian

    TML – I don’t know about ‘elephant’ sized, but man-sized or smaller that is true – even if it is ‘disgusting’…

  • Lynne Marie

    Thank-you all for the valuable input, I take this topic very seriously (even if my older children scoff, they appreciate the gadgets sent to them).

    Note: I”d buy protein powders which come in plastic cannisters and transfer them to sealed bags if desired. Also, buy green superfood powders for their live nutritional value, and store as you choose.. all packaged food probably lacks vital enzymes, the superfoods supply them.
    Health/medical tip: find a source for food-grade hydrogen peroxide which contains about 34% oxygen, and oxygen heals disease.. i.e. cancer cells cannot exist long in the presence of oxygen. YOu’ve heard of hyper-baric chambers in hospitals for serious wound victims? Oxygen heals and alkalizes the body. VERY DANGEROUS if taken without proper dilution, however.

  • Gordon in Texas

    I consider myself a prepper, as did most of our ancestors years ago. Last year I purchased some property way off the beaten track and I’m in the process of preparing it to sustain myself and my family if TSHTF (for now, it’s a great weekend retreat-in-the-works). I’ve been using my 401K to purchase tangible assets (things that I will still have under any circumstances) and I’m pretty close to being prepared for any situation. We can have everything packed in under an hour and be on our way. I’m also prepared to survive in place if we cannot relocate. Next year I’ll have a nice, fully-restored 4-wheel drive that is over 40 years old…and should be impervious to an EMP.

    Most here are discussing an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) that is caused by the human element. We should also look at natural causes. Astronomers and astrophysicists are predicting high sun spot activity later this year and again at the end of 2012 (may or may not have anything to do with the Mayan predictions so we won’t go there). This activity has the ability to produce numerous EMPs that could fry any electronics you have in your home, car, truck, tractor, etc. You can protect many of these devices with a Faraday cage (Google it). I’m in the process of collecting a few old microwave ovens to protect my small electronics; cheap (or free) and easily stored. I’m also in the process of constructing a Faraday cage in my barn. This will protect larger electronics.

    The bottom line is that we need to be prepared for he worst and hope for the best. The worst that can happen is a major catastrophe (man-made or natural) totally cripples the country. The best that can happen is that I have a great little get-away with a garden, pond, and numerous wells that will keep me happy and busy for the rest of my life.

    • granny mae

      Gordon in Texas,

      A metal barn or shed can easily become a faraday cage as long as it is grounded and I would place what ever you are protecting on a wood floor ! My husband is retired electronics from the Space Center and he agrees with me that this should work and possibly even for a regular car if driven in the shed and up on boards ! As long as the shed is all metal ad is grounded. Make sure it is grounded ! Metal garbage cans well grounded and something wood on the bottom and nothing being protected should touch the sides ! There is a company over seas that provides the plans and materials for making a room in your house a faraday cage. I sent for their information a long time ago and it was quite interresting ! I found them by chance on the internet one time ! Now I don’t know where I put the information ! Fat lot of good it is going to do me now !

  • JRWS

    All great info. Thanks. Where can the aware-but-average John & Jane Q. obtain some of these essential supplies? Canned goods are okay for long-term support in basement situ, but what’s the next best besides pounds of beans and rice? Can’t haul that either. Would like some suggestions to protect electronics from EMP (a buried trash can wrapped in 1/4-inch steel?) C’mon, guys; can’t leave cell phones in there and can’t hear it ring. Have stocked in a .25 Raven for close, a .12 pump and a Marlin; can you suggest additional ammo and amount? Need supply sources in order to be truly prepared AND ready to take in scare spitless, zero-prepared family members. A pain to consider, but it is what it is. Thanks for all your suggestions; each is going into my logbook.

    • Gordon in Texas

      I have enough freeze-dried food for my family for just over a year. I also have heirloom seeds for my garden (heirloom are genically altered or hybrid and will produce year after year). Freeze-dried foods use much less water than dehydrated foods and can be prepared quicker. Water will be a vital resource if things go bad.

      BTW, cell phones and many other electronic communications devices will be null and void if a major EMP hits the Earth. They’re no good without the geo satellites…which would be fried (not sure to what specs they’re hardened to). We’ll most likely have a few hours warning if major sun spot activity is to occur.

      • granny mae


        There are many sources of storage food and many companies out there. Peggy Layton from here has her own and there is a place called Emergency Essentials that is out of Utah that carries almost everything and then you can do what I have done. I bought some of everything ! Store bought canned goods, Freeze dried from Emergency Essentials and home made from my garden or bought from roadside stands or recieved from neighbors such as pears from a friends fruit trees ! I have a dehydrator and vacuum sealer and the seal-a-meal bags. Also bought some large mylar bags from EE to be able to pack my own wheat corn and oats and soybeans. Got the plastic buckets from Home Depot and Lowe’s. I buy the wheat and other grains from a farm and feed store a few miles from my home. Right now their 50lb. bags of wheat are going for $8.00. The corn is about a dollar more and the soybeans are almost double that ! I can process and package it myself here at home without much fuss and save myself a lot of money, especially now that I am also helping my granddaughter and her husband get ready. A hardware store near us is selling the food grade 50gal. barrels for $14.00 each so we will be getting them some of those also ! I also have a large pressure cooker canner that I can a lot of foods in. If you can buy it canned in the grocery store you can pretty much can it at home. Not everything but most everything. I have canned butter, bacon, cheese,and a host of other things. I use my dehydrator all the time. I do onions for cooking with and green pepper, celery and any frozen veggies that are on sale. If I dehydrate fresh veggies I always blanch them first as they hold their color better and keep longer, then I put them in vacuum seal bags and seal them up and store them in some plastic buckets with tight fitting lids and when I do my grains I also use a couple oxygen absorbers in the bucket with the grain before vacuum sealing. You can get them at Emergency Essentials also ! Hope this has helped you. Good luck !

        • granny mae

          by the way,

          I purchase some of the powdered milk and shortening and things like that from EE, and any flour or corn meal and mixes I purchase at the store I freeze in the freezer for a week or so then I vacuum seal them and store them away. For home dehydrating you can purchase a dehydrator from Wal-Mart as long as it has a timer and temperature control on it. Also check out a web site dehydrate2store for lots of info. I learned a lot from there and refer back to it often !

    • Gordon in Texas

      JRWS, I’ve been doing research for about 4 years. I started with a Google search for the items I thought I needed. I put together an Excel file with everything I thought I’d need to survive any situation and worked from there. I’ve also read many books on the subject of survival. Foods? Your preference and space will be your main driver. Freeze-dried foods will last up to 25 years, if stored properly. Lots of medical kits out there. There are also many sites that offer survival items, such as water filtration kits.

      I would also suggest that you obtain and store some barter items (para cord, silver, ammo, food, medical supplies, fuel, batteries). If you have any special talents (woodworking, welding, medical, etc.) you can use them as barter.

      I barter hay today for some services that I need done at the property.

    • Dan az

      Try cheaper than its a pretty good site.As far as how much ammo that depends on allot of things.For food or protection from the ones that didn’t prepare?I reload so I don’t worry about how many I will need I just keep on hand everything that I need to reload that I own and that would be a thousand rounds of ea.The thing about protection is that as long as your a good shot you will always have the other guys gun and ammo.You could start a collection.In three hrs there will be rioting in every city and there will be know food left in a couple of hours so don’t bother trying to go to the store it will be to late and all you will be doing is putting your life on the line.If its an EMP from the sun you will know it before it hits and it will only be for a matter of seconds before every thing goes down.Gas stations will not work for months possibly for years so on your way out make sure that you carry a good siphon hose because there will be plenty of cars stranded that have full tanks.Not all cars have computers in them nor do motor cycles they all will work fine but the best way to convert an engine is to put an LP carb and regulator on it.Because you can store allot more gas and not have to worry about it going bad on you.Plus its cheaper to buy it than buying gas or diesel.I prefer diesel because of my trucks and generators run on it.And the trains that go by here all carry two saddle tanks that have 3500 gals in each tank.Not a big problem to get!

      • Cawmun Cents

        I am of the opine that a vehicle will make you a target for the have-nots.Better not to have to get shot because of having something others do not.I’ll use my dogs.Buy a nice set of boots,and go on a prolonged march.I like quietly being private.Noise makers and confetti will leave, along with civilized behavior if there is a huge crisis.Having personal transportation may seem like a good thing,but hey buddy….do you have an armored car?I didnt think so….I hear they get crummy gas mileage anyhow.Oh well…what do I know?Apparently very little.-CC.

        • libertytrain

          I’ve wondered about the vehicle myself. What will occur trying to get from the city to the country in a car, or when you run out of all the gas you brought along…..I’d rather walk with a good pair of boots as well.

          • Cawmun Cents

            If it were to get very hairy,you would not want to announce where you are.Having a running motor,would be like having a column of flame following you around.You may be able to get from place to place more quickly,but you might get burned if you werent on the go constantly.I prefer subtlety,to modern gadgets.Being quiet will be the real issue.Going about with a v8 bullhorn might seem prudent at the outset.But I venture to guess that it wont last long before the novelty will wear off…haw!
            Run silent run deep I always say.Or do the opposite and see how shallow you are.I think the sniper is the ideal survivalist mentality,but I will not fault others for getting themselves killed for thinking differently.Aim high,and lead slight…..-CC.

          • libertytrain

            I wish I had been raised in a family that knew about weapons… :) I wouldn’t have much luck if I were discovered. I may need to learn about these things – so if all hell does break lose I would know more than how to walk quietly. If nothing else, for those darn snakes in the grass, and bears, and wildcats, and boars. Oh, Lord, I would have to just curl up and eat my canned food while it lasts…

          • Dan az

            I don’t know where you live but here you better have transportation the nearest town is 50 miles away good luck walking!We have quads that do most of the work around here but when it comes to getting to a advantage spot it takes 4×4′s and 50 cals to take care of business.I have a teem of snipers with helicopters for major problems and rescue ops.I agree with running silent and always have but we have what you would call a very big back yard.And at 5000 ft we don’t need to run sense we have been off grid for 17 yrs now.I refuse to go to cities mostly because I just can’t stand them to begin with.There are allot of us on here that live in states that have excellent gun laws and thats why we choose to come here.Besides I think we will be the next ocean side property when and if kaly drops into the ocean.

          • libertytrain

            Dan, I think you are right, this is a big country, some people would fare better than others depending on what their own landscape is. And different accommodations are needed for each. You are very rural. I am sort of but not nearly rural enough. I think I would fear for the city dwellers the most.

          • Cawmun Cents

            Dan az,I live in sunny California.I suppose I could surf on over to Malibu and enjoy a l’atte with Lindsay Lohan,but I dont think The waves will be bitchen’enough that day brohenghis.
            No I live in a suburban metropolis of a million or so folks.Does that give you a clue where I live?I hope not.Lets just say there is legislation nearby.
            Anyhoo…I would be set with limited choices were the scat to aviate to the propellar.The honest truth is…north to Alaska! Go north the rush is on.I have many a relative in betwixt me and the north slope.
            So it is a question of walking huh?Well if Lewis and Clark could do it….perhaps I can too!Of course they had the spectacular Sacagewea to enlighten them along the way.I loved a Tlingut woman a time or two when I lived in Alyeska…..So I figure I qualify.Walking never bugged me…although the noseeums and crawlin criiers do occaisionally.So if’n I can put up with injun wimmin,and pesky varmint types…why not hoof it?-CC.

  • missy

    Would love to learn more about EMP and all it’s effects. We had a couple of the crank flashlights but they were trash. I’d like to find some good ones. Anyone know of a decent brand? We’re not planning on leaving our property but we’re rural and have 75 ac. It would be nice to have a place other than our house. That’s one of the next things on our list. We could maybe eat 3 mnts. but water-another need. We have a hand draw well but it won’t last with over use. I guess we all have areas we need to work on!

  • Average Joe

    Hungry? I have 5 cans of pork and beans for a ’63 chevy implala….lol

    The best thing to have for barter if TSHTF…is food…..if a person is hungry enough, they’ll trade pretty much anything the own to eat….just make sure you have bullets in your gun when the bartering begins. Little bitty bullets add so much to the bargaining table….trust me on this one.

    • Cawmun Cents

      Can you imagine the worth of ammunition?More so of food.But water will be the magnet.I would trade any electronic device for a sip of water if I were thirsty.Any smart person will not try to overvalue what they posess,if it is not ammo,food,or water.In reality it will be worth less than nothing.
      I posess a hand crank radio,that can charge cell phones and mp.3 players,but those would get traded in a hurry for sustainence.I would trade almost any firearm for a good bit of food or water.But I would ensure that I gave them no ammunition.That will not likely be traded openly since it would not be prudent to give the person the means to kill you with.No….ammo is off the list of trading.The more I think about it…the less it makes sense.
      A good knife would be of great value to anyone,in that position.Tools will be hard to come by if you have to move from place to place quickly.A good hatchet,and a hand saw of some type would be ideal.
      Plastic bags…preferably black or dark green would be must haves.There is no substitution for being dry.Dry and cold I can handle,wet and cold…not so much.
      Cans of sardines go a long way as far as food is concerned.perhaps a small pot to cook foods in.
      Water purification is always preferable.
      Sunblock or lipbalm.
      Shaded safety glasses are a must…protect your eyes.
      Rugged footwear.
      Warm clothing.
      Ruger 10/22,appropriate amounts of ammunition.
      Medium sized Shotgun or rifle,preferably slide action or pump as some call them.
      Wheelgun or revolver with a gun cleaning kit.
      Firemaker…various type and kind.
      Needle and thread.
      First Aid Kit
      personal hygene kit.
      roll of toilet paper.
      Bag balm
      desenex or a type of foot powder.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Wow!I already need a bus to carry it all…haw!-CC.

        • granny mae

          Cawmun Cents,

          You are right, you would need a bus. The smart thing is to have your bug out spot already stocked ahead of time and then just carry what you will need to make the trip. The way I look at it , it will take a little time for everything to set in with most folks when TSHTF. So it will be prudent to get your family together and head out as quickly as possible, and if it will take you more than one tank of gas to get there then you need to have some gas to carry with you because you may not find anything open along the way. We have made a plan for this family to get together and how we would pick up the children from school if need be ! We have also made plans to pick up any neighbor children and get them home safely if need be ! We will stay put right here as I can’t walk and the old guy just isn’t up to any long treks himself. My sons won’t leave us so we will make sure all is protected right here ! I will pray for all of you that will be leaving and pray that you don’t wait around or take too long getting packed. The more time that passes the more chances of problems !

  • pegasis

    Retired SEaL, Corpsman,nurse OR tech. My wife and I also have several weapons, both for defense and hunting, both excellent shots. We are also both accomplished cooks. Need any of the above services, willing to barter same for community of like – minded survivalists.

    • Average Joe

      Out of all of the guns that I own, my personal favorite for hunting and personal protection,is the .17 HMR. It is lightweight, shells are inexpensive and quite devastaing. Myself and some friends here in Florida actually use it to hunt wild boar…one shot behind the ear and the hunt is over. If you have not seen or heard of this amazing small caliber rifle, you should look into it. I know YouTube has several videos of it…..forget the .22….. .17 HMR is the only way to fly.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Better stock up on ammo… wont find many of them bullets in the wilderness.Folks will stick with what they know,so if someone does offer to trade ammunition it wont likely be your caliber.
        I am merely asserting that some rounds may be hard to come by in a pinch.I’ll stick with the.22 thank you!-CC.

        • Cawmun Cents

          All I am saying is that ebbuddy has a .22.Hence availability.That is all.(I like the .17 hmr as well,and my son loves his)But he will still take his .22 over the other(in a survival situation)because of the availability of ammunition.-CC.

          • Average Joe

            I’m pretty well stocked on ammo (as I buy at least a box everytime I head to town) I have everything from black powder rifles and pistols up to a a .50 cal. desert eagle and everything in between. I am also a Archery buff…..silence is golden…..when survial counts.

          • Cawmun Cents

            I learned how to make a silencer for my .22 in 1985….havent used the knowledge as of yet,but I consider it practical to know.Also posess a compound bow,but in a thicket it is of little use,being large and cumbersome and all.Rather crawl on my belly like a snake,little bit at a time,and get them with one good shot.Just my MO.
            “Get em’ before you send out the report,I always say.”-CC.

      • Average Joe
  • Tankerman

    Retired Army. Served as Tanker, Scout(recon), Instructor. Lots of good suggestions on things to do. I would like to add a couple of things that might be helpful. Telephones. The old rotary dial telephones do not require electricity to work. You only have to plug them in, and as long as there is no damage to the lines, you should be able to make a call. I have 2 on hand that I can use if my power is lost. In a WCS, it may not work or maybe it can. This depends on others having them available. I think it might be worth while to search for these older phones for family and friends so you could try to contact them in an emergancy. Look for them at yard sales, garage sales or maybe even antique stores. I would not mention to the seller why you are buying them as the price would undoubtedly go up. Additionally I would recommend going to a book store, go to the military history section. You will find books on survial, first aid, sheltors, navagation, ID edible plants, etc. The Army Survival Handbook, for example includes color pictures of plants that can be used for food or medicinal purposes. Also books on canning, preserving, drying, making jerky, hunting and dressing your kill are available through various websites and hunting/fishing stores. Also based on your situation at times you may not want to shoot firearms. I think you should also have a good bow or crossbow in the event that it is prudent not to shoot a firearm. These are also good stealth weapons if required. Also cage and jaw traps could also be considered. This would help you to preserve your ammo for the primary pupose of self defense if required. I would also suggest that you have a bible available(for those that believe) and books that have the most important documents of our founding and Constitution. It is most important in the event that we need to start over because of a catastrophe event. I hope this provides some information that may have not been considered.

  • Roger

    Dont leave out, CANDLES and wood matches and the best weapon is 22 rifle with FACTORY load and hollow points included.Very portable and effective against small prey and if you are a good shot,even some larger prey like deer.No kixk for those gentle, sweet, and small ladies

    I have previously lived in the bush for years

  • Kopen

    Hey makes me sit up and take note on how unprepared I am for any disaster .. thanks for all the input .. I’ll get to work.

  • Moosie

    To keep your electronics, electric generators and what not from frying as a result of an EMP burst, learn how to build “Faraday Cage” to protect those items.

    Also, learn how to make a “Colloidal Silver Generator” since antibiotics will be long gone after the riots begin.


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