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Self-Fulfilling Defeat And Energetic Abundance

March 1, 2011 by  

Self-Fulfilling Defeat And Energetic Abundance

I see several hundred patients a month and the most frequent things I hear is: "Oh, poor me." This self-defeating mantra actually comes in two forms: Self-defeat and hopelessness.

Mantras Of Self-Defeat

  • "I’m so sick."
  • "My pain is so bad."
  • "No one suffers like me."
  • "I can’t do anything."

Mantras Of Hopelessness

  • "No one can help me."
  • "I’m not expecting this to work."
  • "The doctors don’t know what’s wrong with me."
  • "I try everything and nothing works."

I can’t express how sorry and frustrated I get when I hear statements like these. To be fair, I fully expect to hear them on the first visit or two. Most people, when seeing a new health care provider, tend to focus on their pain or illness… to spotlight it. They do this in an effort to express the degree to which it affects their quality of life.

But after a few visits, therapeutic intervention and motivation, when I again ask patients how they feel they tend to regurgitate what they said on the first visit. The self-defeating and hopeless statements have become their mantra, their self-fulfilling prophecy. They have come to define themselves as being in poor health, as one who suffers, as one whose condition is beyond repair. Yet, when I review their list of signs and symptoms, a strong percentage are either gone or no longer troubling them to the same degree.

What is happening is the person has been suffering for an extended period of time. And to date, nothing they have "tried" has worked wonders for them. And what I often find on further questioning is that while many patients give things like acupuncture, herbal medicine, meditation, diets and so forth "a try," they drop out of the program when results are not felt or seen quickly. Yet these health modalities are long-term methods to rebalance the body where change is manifested over time. So quitting too soon, when "soon" is not how they work, will only result in the method not working.

It can be said that the self-fulfilling prophecy of defeat is already set in motion before the wellness treatments began.

"I know this won’t work, but my friend says to try it." And when they don’t feel better right away, it’s proof that it "didn’t work," and that their health concern "can’t be fixed."

This doesn’t have to be the case.

Universal Abundance

The first thing that needs to be understood is that the universe is made up of vibrations — in other words, energy. And energy frequencies are either harming or healing, depending on the condition. There is an abundance of energy in the universe because every single thing has it and all cells and atoms are nothing but energy that is vibrating at specific frequencies.

As an analogy, a flower, knowing only flower things such as growing, absorbing water, absorbing the sun’s rays… is living in harmony with the abundant energy of the universe. The gardener, eating preserved food, drinking high caloric and caffeinated beverages and staying up late at night, is living in disharmony with abundant energy.  The flower blooms when nature calls it to bloom. The gardener tries to work too much to make things (money, jobs) happen faster than they should. The result is sickness.

If people can realize that the universe is full of abundance and all they have to do is to align themselves with nature and ask for that abundance, then what they ask for will manifest. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed, and so you will get nothing without asking. A closed door permits no entry so even if abundance comes, if you are not ready to accept it, it will pass on by.

What this means is, if you are ill and want to get better you must open your mind and heart to the healing process. And healing is a process.

First, you must set your mind not only to try a healing modality, but to see it through the prescribed duration. And by committing to the duration of the method you are allowing it take hold and make change in your body by keeping the door open. It takes time to realign energy to correct illness and to allow wellness to manifest.

Second, you must discard the self-defeating and hopeless mantras that have become your habit. You must accept the good and the bad and change the frame of your thoughts to positive ones that allow abundant healing energy to come to you. Here are some examples:

"I am certain this will work, if I allow it to work."

"While I am still sick, my back no longer bothers me as much."

"Yes my cholesterol is still high, but it is 5 points lower this week."

"I trust my healer, I trust myself, I seek wellness and I ask abundance to bring healing energy to my body."

With the right outlook, the right energy and trust focused on yourself and the process of healing, you will be at once open to receive abundant healing and able to ask for it with unyielding purpose. Focus on the small steps, keep asking for abundance in healing, and self-defeating words will no longer rule your life or keep you from your goal of achieving renewed health and vitality.

–Dr. Mark Wiley

Dr. Mark Wiley

is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. The Wiley Method provides a revolutionary way of providing recovery and prevention of chronic pain, illness and disease. Grab your FREE COPY of Dr. Mark Wiley's "The 3 Secrets to Optimal Health" HERE.

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  • John Myers

    I enjoyed your column Dr. Mark. As my late mother — a very wise woman use to say” “Find the silver lining.”

    Let me give you an example. Across from our offices somone has a dog with a bad temperment (it turns out he is small and old but sounds very mean).

    After getting over the first month when it use to give me a near heart attack when we would come and go I began to think, ‘Hey, we have the protection of a guard dog which we don’t have to feed, walk or clean-up after.”

    Which gets back to another saying you mention in your column, “the power of positive thinking.”

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      Thanks for sharing your story, John. Everything is perception. Our reality is shaped by our perception. And when our perceptions change, so too does our reality. Anais Nin wrote, “We do not see things as they are; we see them as we are.”

      • Mike in MI

        Dr. Wiley – Good article in many ways.

        However, I’d like to take issue a little with your assertion that “everything is perception”. If that were a fact then someone who has cancer – say , third or fourth stage lymphoma (like my wife had once) but doesn’t feel any malaise or symptomatology (no “perception” of illness) would certainly never be threatened with their own demise – because the perception is that “everything feels O.K.” Right?
        Or, consider the people who yearly get a medical checkup, are told and believe, “…everything is in normal limits. Go home and enjoy yourself.” Then, within the week fall over dead from some sudden cardiac, cerebral or other asymptomatic vascular or neurologic event. In what category of “everything is perception” do those fall? Also, you see people who have chronic, unilateral, asymptomatic back stiffness (with a wedged disc) until they bend or lift wrong and suddenly become invalids from herniated or ruptured discs. Erroneous perceptions?
        I have a problem with telling folks, “If you tell a problem, ‘Go away,’ then it’ll just go away”. I’m not sure that works all that well.
        However, I do know that to note and accept that a problem exists (when there is one), find out something about its nature and believe that whatever the specifics are have been removed and dealth with is a valid methodology. Further, you keep that expectation up as long as necessary, exploring every avenue toward wholeness until the desired result is achieved.
        The brain is a transmitter (via radio frequencies, as well as nerve and endocrine signals and immune functions) to the cells of the body to make the body do what it needs to do until problems get fixxed. I have also seen that somehow it attracts things/people out of the external environment who have expertise/skills to assist in bringing desired results. If the nervous system can’t work right or if people think foolishly or give away self-responsibility, good results are almost impossible to get.
        One of the most enlightening books on the subject I ever read is “The Biology of Belief – Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles”, by Bruce Lipton, PhD; (c. 2005). Dr. Lipton explains how it works on the side of cytological phenomena he has investigated.
        Of course the ultimate text on the subject is The Bible (The Amplified Bible version)…explains it all. Look for the analogies symbolically comparing the Church (Body of Christ) to the human body’s functional capacities. (It is amazing how much they knew – or, unless, it’s just what God taught them to say. You Judge.)
        Have fun with it.

        • karolyn

          It’s much deeper than just “positive/negative thinking.” We all create everything in our lives, good and bad, illness and health. It’s all about vibrations.

          • Kate8

            Mike in MI – It also depends on which reality we are tuned into, or oriented toward. If we believe everything is physical, and change must be made on the physical level, then that is what must happen.

            All disease originates on the mental/emotional plane, and takes time to become manifest physically. Even injuries – are they manifested because of some inner disharmony? Anyway, sickness results because of blocks in our energy system, which manifest as blockages in our lymphatics, which concentrates stuck energy in an area, resulting in a problem. One Qigong master says that illness is nothing more than too much stuck energy.

            Because these energy blocks are the result of unresolved life trauma (fear, unforgiveness, hurt, etc.) which get stored in our bodies (and act as emotional triggers), we are usually unaware of them until we begin to look for the origin of issues we have, whether physical or emotional. So, while we may not feel ill, and a doctor won’t see a problem before it has manifestation, these things are brewing on an unconscious level until we have symptoms.

            When we realize that ALL is energy, we see why drugs, surgeries and such rarely bring the level of wellness we’d like. Until we heal the soul, we will continue to have illness.

            “The wages of sin is death”. “Sin” is any offense against the Law of Love (Life) which causes dis-ease within ourselves, which, unforgiven, eventually results in decay and death. We also project this dis-harmony into our lives and our world.

            When our hearts begin to resonate with Infinite, Divine Love, these areas of stuck energy begin to dissolve, and usually we will see our weaknesses and where they come from and they can heal. When we resonate with Love/Life, we don’t get sick anymore.

            We are all so much more than we think we are.

        • Dr. Mark Wiley

          Mike, indeed much more is meant here by ‘perception’ than mere thinking or feeling. We create our own realities by how we see, interpret and react to things and people and situations. But it’s not an all-of-a-sudden thing. The theories of quantum physics provides a platform for explaining this is scientific terms. Spiritually, we have our faith. But the sudden appearance of a disease or illness often occurs after a lifetime of thought/perception that attracted more of the same to it and then the illness can be a result or manifestation of that. The topic is very complex, and difficult to describe in 1,000 words. However, the awareness that our thoughts form our perceptions and our perceptions inform or create our reality is the basis.

          Two informative books that relate to this are “The Divine Matrix” by Gregg Braden and “The Vortex” by Esther Hicks… layman’s guides the first based in physics and the second based on law of attraction vibration theory.

      • Always Right

        …and our perceptions are shaped by reality. For example, crime and sociopathic behaviors are more prevalent among some groups than others, so we have a correct perception that said “groups” are to be avoided in the intersst of staying alive. “We” can’t change such things. only “they” can. Until “they” do, we just have to learn to live with our perceptions.

        • karolyn

          But we can change our perceptions and be just fine. Back in my 20s I was a drug addict. With the perception I had (and have), I was able to “hang out” in prevalently black and Hispanic areas in NYC without being afraid and never had any problems. Someone who perceives those neighborhoods as dangerous would most likel encounter danger. My perception, my KNOWING, is that I am healthy; and so I am. When I was a kid, my parents’ perception of black people was not good; however, I went to school with them and got along great. To this day, I feel totally comfortable in a room full of black people, with me being the only white. My perception of them is that they are just human beings.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            go into some of those areas today when they don’t percieve you as someone that might be able to score for them someday!!

  • Anthony

    Good points all around, Dr. Mark. I will have my Mother read this as well. It’s very early here (now) and I’m headed to the office, but one paragraph struck me … and I wanted to focus on it specifically…

    “The first thing that needs to be understood is that the universe is made up of vibrations — in other words, energy. And energy frequencies are either harming or healing, depending on the condition. There is an abundance of energy in the universe because every single thing has it and all cells and atoms are nothing but energy that is vibrating at specific frequencies.”

    There is this DVD that a friend just showed me, the other day, which also speaks to a very similar action/reaction process based on the same “vibrations”….

    It’s called: The SECRET … and it’s about the Law of Attraction.

    Now, most people immediately think about relationships, when you hear that phrase, but watching the DVD you see it’s MORE than that.

    It’s about using this Law of Attraction (which in essence focuses the vibrations of your thoughts) being the core of what you can accomplish in life (or not). My sense is that much like the power of positive thinking, one can focus their thoughts and along the way, what they were hoping to have or do, will eventually become the reality. The DVD uses multiple persons describing their use of it and what they were hoping to achieve.

    An extrapolation of your discussion, blended with mine here, leads me to think this Law of Attraction could also be used for health, not just the other things in life that people would (might) like to have.

    I also sense their message is that one should be using this mental power that we all do have, this mental ability, ….for good … as a positive, not a negative.

    You hear philosophers, etc., all talk about dark energy … the mean spirited essence of humanity. Well, this Law of Attraction process (to me) seems it would work best when you avoid the bad thoughts … and I’m practicing what they speak about throughout my day, in small amounts, to see if I can sense the vibrations of my positive thoughts and how would the action/reaction event(s) occur around me.

    I can now begin to see when I’m in a bad mood how quickly things “seem” to go awry, as well. I’m still testing the essence of it all. Yet, to me, it seems that this process might fit well with what you discuss in this Article. (and, what John Myers is bringing to the discussion, as well).


    Everyone has the ability to thnink for themselves, so come to your own conclusions…….

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      Anthony, yes indeed The Secret is based on these ideas. More than that, the teaching of Abraham (Esther Hicks) is the foundation from which “The Secret” book/research began. We attract what we put out, energetically. Low vibration thought (I am so sick) will attract more of “I am so sick.” Change that to, “I can’t wait to feel better soon,” and “feeling better” vibration is attracted back to you. It’s not only what we think, but how we feel about what we think. Thanks for your post.

      • karolyn

        Dr. Wiley – You are my hero! I have been an avid Abraham-Hicks fan for several years. Started out 30 years ago reading Wayne Dyer. Thank you for your excellent articles!

        • Carlucci

          I love Dr. Wayne Dyer, too.

        • Dr. Mark Wiley

          I, too, am a fan of Dr. Wayne and Abraham-Hicks!

      • BigBadJohn

        I was in bad car acident, someone came across the median on the freeway and hit me head on, I missed 6 months of work. The doctors told me I would never be able to do anything physicaly strenuous again.

        I wouldn’t believe it and went on to get a black belt in Karate. At one point my knee, which was destroyed in the accident, started hurting so bad that I did not think I could go on. I would wake up in the morning and say things like “my knee is killing me, I don’t think I can go back to karate.” Then I realized what I was doing, and all I did was to PAY ATTENTION to what I was saying and change it to “I feel better today, I think my knee is healing up.” Within two weeks my knee was a lot better and I finished what I started.

        PAY ATTENTION to your self-talk. Tell yourself anything that you want to achieve, and it will come to you.

        • Dr. Mark Wiley

          Thanks for sharing this story, John!

      • Nathan Hopkins

        “I can’t wait to feel better soon,
        This is a negative statement your subconscious will only see I can’t feel better soon.
        All statements should be in the positive format
        such As I will feel better soon.
        Research Subliminal statements and phrasing to get a better understanding of this you don’t want to put something in that your brain will turn around into something negative,good luck Nathan

        • karolyn

          Even better is “I feel great!”

          • BigBadJohn

            I’m feeling better and better every day in every way

    • Al Sieber

      Anthony, thanks for bringing up the secret, I have the book, the audio, and the video and have been preaching it for years. Dr Mark, thanks for the article it put things back in perspective.

      • Kate8

        Wonderful article! We also must remember that these frequencies do not affect us at random. Our being, at it’s core, vibrates at its own core frequency, and it is that with which we resonate that determines what experiences we attract to ourselves.

        The Secret leaves out the most important element in attracting that which we want, and that is the power of LOVE. Infinite Love is the frequency of GOD, Source, Creator, Divine Matrix. When we learn to align with Infinite LOVE, the rest comes naturally. The Bible says, “Seek ye first the KINGDOM, and the rest will be added unto you.” Resonate with the Law of Divine Love, and you resonate with all good.

        Here is a book that supplies the missing link, and its by the same author. I found it to be awesomely inspiring. This is the complete audio verson. It’s called The Power.

        If we can all learn this, we will not only be able to heal ourselves, but also to heal our world. It is the MOST powerful thing we can ever do.

        • karolyn

          Kate – Rhonda Byrne’s new book “The Power” is the followup to “The Secret” and focuses totally on love. It is a perfect 2nd book for her.

        • karolyn

          Sorry, Kate, I didn’t read your whole post before posting. I have almost completed reading “The Power,” and it is indeed a great book – and simple, which is important.

          • Kate8

            karolyn – That’s okay.

            If we could begin to understand that LOVE is the force of LIFE itself, the eternal creative dance, the force that holds the entire universe in perfect order (by humanly impossible mathematical calculations repeated throughout all of creation), we could be transformed.

            The greatest obstacle to healing of any kind is unforgiveness, because it blocks the flow of Life. If we are not healing, we need to look at where we are holding unforgiveness toward someone, even ourselves.

    • karolyn

      Anthony – The Secret is but a beginning! The exciting subject of Law of Attraction is so freeing, uplifting and life changing! Quantum Physics is really the basis for everything. There is a movie that you can watch on YouTube in parts called “What the Bleep Do We Know” that is totally awesome! You can also watch Abraham-Hicks videos there.

      • Al Sieber

        Karolyn, I saw that video a few years back, thanks for reminding me again.

      • Dr. Mark Wiley

        Indeed, quantum physics and Abraham-Hicks, and Dr. Bruce Lipton… all powerful information that informs and explains and puts into perspective a larger reality of possibilities.

  • http://deleted Claire

    I will never “give in” to self-defeat. Bad moods? Nothing more than a cop out in various situations. Sure, things happen in my life than makes me want to be depressed, but I shake it off, and think: I am alive, I will put my best foot forward and MAKE it a good day come hell or high water. I tell myself that even though bad things happen in life, I have to deal with it, and giving in is not part of my demeanor. I think of the good things in life and all that I am thankful for, and somehow this overcomes the bad things in life–at least for me.

    • karolyn

      As it does for anybody, Claire, as long as they practice it. Too many people have that woebegone, critical, pessimistic attitude that does not serve them well; and they wonder why their life sucks!

  • Sean

    Ahhhhh…the secret…Maybe this is the day and age that it spreads like wildfire. With faith and love in my heart, It is nice to meet you Dr. Mark Wiley

  • Suzanne

    Very interesting article. I was sick for a long time but never gave up looking for the source of my illness. When something didn’t work I didn’t accept defeat but just kept looking. Finally I found the answer, made necessary changes, and got well. It took about a year but I stuck it out. To this day I don’t know why others with chronic illness don’t do the same. Why are some people motivated by their suffering while some simply accept it as a permanent condition? I’ve known many people who acted against their own self-interest by sticking with doctors and treatments, sometimes for years, that did nothing to help them. Why? What is so attractive about years of suffering? Why can’t they see that they need to do something different?

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

      Satan works non-stop keeping people feeling sorry for themselves. That keeps their focus off of God Almighty. Satan loves misery, and creating misery. Our weak human nature seems to cause us to be easily overcome.

      We all struggle every day, all day battleing Satan as he roams the world as a lion.

      • karolyn

        If it works for you…….. I believe there is no such thing as Satan.

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

          And that is exactly the way he likes it.

          • BigBadJohn

            Henry, You be concentrating on God’s love and blessings instead of fearing the devil.

  • Amy

    A defeatist feeling seems to come with disappointments…sometimes easy to overcome and at other times more difficult;depending on your moods.As said, we see things the way we are…
    Good replies…Thanks. A

  • JR

    Tests with placebos have shown, that a positive attitude archives more then all medications and Dr. ever will.

  • Carlucci

    This is a great article. I wake up every day with a focus on being thankful and counting my blessings.

    Sometimes the answers can be fairly simple. My mom suffers from arthritis. I hope I have finally convinced her that she has been over-medicated, eats too much sugar (which causes inflammation – big time), and doesn’t drink nearly enough water. Fortunately she met a woman about her age at the beauty salon. This new friend has arthritis, too, and was always talking about how wonderful her acupuncturist was. My mom decided to try it and is now doing so much better after a few months of treatments. I went to see an acupuncturist/oriental healer a few years ago when I was in peri-menopause hell, and was given an herbal formula that put me back on the road to health and happiness. It’s all about balance.

    As far as the sugar thing, I would like to recommend two excellent books that everyone should read – “Sugar Shock” by Connie Bennett, and “Beat Sugar Addiction Now” by Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. Talk about mind over matter, and the power of thinking positively, Dr. Teitelbaum suffered from fibromyalgia when he was a young man in medical school. He was so ill he had to drop out of school, and subsequently became homeless. This is his story about how he found the proper road to recovery, and it did not involve pharmaceuticals.

  • karolyn

    I am so surprised at how this wonderful column does not really fit into the Personal Liberty agena at all. According to the truth of Dr. Wiley’s blog, everything that the bloggers on Personal Liberty (other than the doctor) espouse, is forwarding the negativity in this world. Their negativity breeds more negativity, ad infinitum.

    • karolyn

      - right there! You used the word “scum” to describe a large portion of society. That is blatant negativity! The concept is rather than to be AGAINST something you are FOR it’s opposite, thereby using the positive to achieve what you want to; so berating others and arguing is self-defeating. Yes, I do fall into the trap; however, I learned long ago (living with an extreme pessimist) that arguing solves nothing. I am more apt to state my point and let it go. I am far from a perfectly spiritual person, but each day I make progress. I should, having been working on it for over 40 years (since my late 20s)!

      • Kate8

        karolyn – Understanding the forces that are working against us in the world is NOT being negative. It allows us to see how our collective thinking has and is being manipulated to fulfill an evil agenda, so that we can turn away from this collective hypnosis and begin to form a new, more healthy, vision.

        People in both camps are still falling right into the engineered mindtraps, because they are afraid to know the truth about how these forces run the world. They seem frightening until we realize that they are using the same laws of attracting and creating on a massive scale, and using the COLLECTIVE MIND to do it. So we are all creating exactly the world we fear, because we don’t understand what they are doing.

        Even Yeshua faced the forces of darkness before He began His work. He even descended into Hell before He arose again from the dead. Does anyone see the metaphors here?

        Unless we GET what’s happening, we can’t change it. We will only continue to have our strings pulled, and we will be led right where the PTB want us to go. The are very clever, and they know how to make us want what they want, and to make us think it is good.

        Aligning with the forces of Divine Love will protect us from deception. But we need to have courage, determination and FAITH. This is not about religion. It is about focusing on, and coming to understand, the only Healing Power there is, and that is the Power of Infinite Love. Sounds simple, but how many of us have any concept at all of what LOVE really is? Because it’s so much more than what we understand.

        • karolyn

          I understand your point Kate. What I’m saying is to be FOR and not AGAINST. That is something I was recently reminded about and have to remember. To be FOR good health and not AGAINST sickness. To be FOR freedom and not AGAINST too much government control. It brings to mind the war against drugs. Now if we had a war for mental health, drugs might be defeated. Love is the answer to everything.

          • bob wire

            The concept of unconditional love eludes many. They don’t understand it, even if they were ever fortunate enough to experience it.

            To have the faith of a mustard seed is too complex to grasp.

            The ability to remove your self-interest and ego is too profound a notion.

            The world from the prospective of “I” is limited “if” I is only self.

            but if ones understanding of “I” has accepted all of it’s parts, only then might you see.

            The secret for me has been to become aware and it wasn’t an easy road I traveled as I was born into confusion and taught confusion and earth bound with notions that God was apart from self and only if I believed and did certain things might I be welcomed in.

            Of course now I know, God has always been there regardless and it’s for each of us to find inside ourselves, it’s self ego that blocks the view. It’s So simple, it is confusing and hard to get this simple message across.

            If your bladder is full, you get no relief if I pee. Somethings require the individual to do and cannot be done for them as simple and unimportant as they may appear to be.

            Pure, clear thoughts void of ego is powerful stuff! Thoughts created this world we live in.

            I enjoy traveling the south and looking at all the old houses. When I look at an old house, with it’s many roof gables, buttress, decorative windows, porches and walkways, ~ I see a man love for a woman manifested with wood and stone and allow my mind to dwell and ponder what kind of love that must have been.

            I didn’t always look at a house in such a way. ~ As a child, I marveled at it’s size. As a young man, I had accepted the fact that it was there.

            As a middle aged man, I marveled at the craftsmanship, detail and effort.

            As a Senior man, I’m left to marvel over the amount of love it took to build.

          • karolyn

            Bob – You are such a poet! Have you ever written poetry? Yes, it is nice to find common ground amongst some of the posters. Unfortunately, too many people have closed minds and are so afraid to venture into unknown territory, especially at a later age. I say I want to keep growing and changing until I die! I belong to a Yahoo LOA group and find it helpful to staying on my path.

            I have always loved old houses and will look at in a new way now!

          • Kate8

            bob wire – What a beautiful post!

            You are, indeed, a very complex person and, while I don’t always agree with you (sometimes I do, especially lately), you show much wisdom and thoughtfulness.

            God bless you, and Godspeed.

    • libertytrain

      karolyn, it appears you just plain don’t understand Personal Liberty and have created your own misguided view.

      • karolyn

        liberty – I think I am understanding more and more. It’s just the back and forth, name calling and bickering that show such negativity. The sarcasm of Ben Crystal and Bob Livingston are negative. There is a way to get a point across without being so negative. Someone can be said to be wrong in another’s view without that person being slandered, called names and joked about. Yes, that’s the American Way; but it doesn’t have to be.

        • libertytrain

          One’s perception is only in the eye of the beholder.

          • karolyn

            It has nothing to do with perception. It is what it is.

          • libertytrain

            I have to disagree. Everything is based on one’s perception of events, people and the like. Otherwise there would be no wars and there would be peace on earth, goodwill to man. :)

        • Kate8

          karolyn – The Left accuses anyone who disagrees with them of hate-speech.

          BTW, did you know that all democrats in positions of power are not allowed to disagree with Obama? It is a condition of their keeping their positions.

          • BigBadJohn

            LOL No ONE was allowed to disagree with George Bush…..

          • Karolyn

            Kate – How do you know that?

          • Kate8

            BBJ – What are you talking about? Many of us disagreed with W.

          • Kate8

            Karolyn – I listened to an interview on the radio the other night, and it was about a well-known Hispanic spokesperson (can’t recall her name at the moment). Anyway, she was offered a position with some democrat group at $150,000 per year. She was told that a condition of the position was that she must never, ever disagree with Obama.

            It’s not much of a stretch to see that prevails among the party. No one ever does disagree, do they? Is that even reasonable that an entire party would be in lockstep with Obama’s agenda?

  • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

    Dr. Mark:
    That was a good article. At first blush it rang in my brain as some of that transendental hippie crap of the 60s.

    However, as I continued reading, and imagine this: Thinking, it does make sense. There is SO much in our universe that we as insignificant humans do not know and a lot of what we do know we do not fully understand.

    God Almight;y put everything we need right here for us. All we have to do is, as you stated, be open to Him and His omni knowledge.

    Americans are an instant gratification society. We are also the largest bunch of spoiled brats to ever inhabit the planet.

    Several years ago I had become about 60 lbs too heavy. I had a sedentary job and worked 50 to 70 hours per week.

    It took about 18 months of walking several miles per day, but the weight did come off. Some has returned, but I am resolved to stay ahead of the situation and with weather more condusive to walking it will happen.

    Ill health does not happen overrnight. Healing does not happen overnight.

    • karolyn

      Old Henry – It really is “transcendental hippie crap”!

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        That is too bad. If that is true then it is basically Satanism. For if anything is not based on God’s plan it is oriented toward Satan.

        • karolyn

          Ad how do you know it’s not based on God’s plan? I can’t think of any scriptures off the top of my head, but much of what Law of Attraction is about can be supported by the Bible. “Ask and it shall be given unto you” is one.

  • Kate8

    karolyn – You are right. Being against something creates polarity, resistance, and what we resist, persists.

    But even Yeshua did not deny the existence of evil, nor do evil forces deny the existence of God. Yeshua stood firm in the presence of evil, and was able to be unaffected because He “had nothing in common” with them. This means that there was nothing in Him that resonated with the vibration of evil.

    He faced off Satan in the desert for 40 days, and came out stronger. During his ministry He didn’t hide from evil either. Instead, He commanded it to leave His presence. When He knew the time had come for Him to be persecuted, did he run and hide? Or deny the existence of those who hated him? NO. He agonized and suffered great sorrow that man was capable of such evil, but He faced them, stood firm, and told them to give it their best shot.

    While having full knowledge of evil, He kept His eyes and heart with the Father, and He came through in truimph.

    He told us to keep watch lest we be deceived. To see, and to give warning, is not fear mongering. Tell that to all of those who mocked Noah, and died when the floods came because they weren’t prepared. “As it was in the days of Noah”.

    I quote scripture because it’s what I know best. But other traditions tell similar stories. The wise take heed.

    • Kate8

      karolyn – the above post was in reply to your post further down. It appears in the wrong place.

  • http://com i41

    karolyn did you and Turbo Tax Geithner take the double speak b–l s–t class on how to talk smack. Your post sounded just like Geithner explaining the money situation and debt. It sounds like bs on not being against sickness and too much government control. That convulted crap sounds like a greasy used car salesman selling some 14 year old a peice of junk. As for a war on mental health, cowboy up and quit the damned whining, we have become a pusified nation of whimps and spoiled jackasses. To afraid of failure to try something not a 100% sure, risk you might fail and learn something to make you a better person. God cares for his children like a good parent, and would never hurt uhis children. I know it is hard for atheists and non beleivers to understand since most family abuse happens in this groups.. We have more girly boys than ever, which promotes the queer attitude and makes females think they are males. When schools started treating boys like girls, and had a fit if boys acted like boys, society started going to hell. Our cross bred niggardly behaving muslim marxist moron shows what a book trained worthless idoit he is, always to late to see problems even though he has more advisors who wouldn’t know reality if it hit them in the head. The calling s–t birds scum isn’t negativity but facts. Like the idea of muslims being peaceful and want to get along with other religions or other people is pure crap. It isn’t negativity on calling soros socialists dumbocraps marxist/communists intend to destroy the USA. The dems have always beleived that mantra since its inception. All people have to do is look at the party leadership and past behaviors of scum like all Kennedies.

    • Karolyn

      i41 – I would never expect you to get it. As far as taking risks goes, I am and always have been a #1 risk-taker. And…your take on “girly men” is pure BS. You didn’t even get my meaning right on mental health. I said war FOR mental health. I would also take issue with your saying that most child abuse happens in atheist and non-believing groups. You are way out in left field; you just came up with this out of thin air. What about the preachers and priests being found out? What about the poor Bible thumpers who raise drug dealers and rapists. If more boys were raised with sensitivity and not to be so tough and manly, we would have less war, sexual assault, and crime in general.

  • Karolyn

    I just wanted to post this link here, so people can see what is happening in Europe right now with regard to herbal supplements. Should this happen here, it is something I would take to the streets to campaign for the freedom we have to remain so with regard to herbs and supplements.

    • Kate8

      Karolyn – It IS happening here. The EU is just a little ahead.

      It is about harmonizing laws the world over, as part of WHO and Codus Aliamentarius. We’re rapidly getting there.

      BTW, the people of Europe have been putting up a good fight but, as is happening here, the PTB are not listening.

      • Karolyn

        If I recall correctly, it’s been going on there for around 10 years now. I remember I first heard about it about that time or maybe 8 years?

        • Kate8

          Karolyn – At least that long. I think, longer. The Europeans fought GMO foods – wouldn’t even allow them to be imported. The fought the regulation of their healthcare and natural healing practices.

          Their leaders are being strongarmed if they try to protect their people.

          BTW, there was a clip on one of the alphabet channel news networks last night, commenting on the increased radiation from the sun and the effects it is having, and will increasingly have, on Earth and all life.

          I thought that was interesting that they are now going public with something that has been known (by modern scientists) since the discovery of Planet X back in the ’80s. It is a ball of intense radiation that orbits near Earth every 3660 years, 4 times the size of Jupiter, and wreaks havoc on our magnetic forces. Wild weather, earthquakes, volcanos, and shifting of the poles.

          Its last orbit near Earth was the great flood, when the poles shifted dramatically and rearranged sea and land mass.

  • http://com i41

    Karolyn, if you are not against too much government control. Then the government will control you and everything you do, think, or eat. As for preists and preachers being abusers, it is the blind following of the likes of the doros socialists democrats. I never have been an a follower s of organization such a Farmers Unions,NFO, or just about any organization like Masons, Elks or such, who totally beleive in the organizations mantra. When I speak of atheitist and non beleiver and child and spouse abuse, it is coming from arrest I have made or have come in contact with in uniform. About 7% of any population will rwist off,commint violent crimes or committ suicide. Suicide useally stops the mental issue and the feeling of a victum. As society keeps making males more sentive and pusified their is more mental identy issues and wornding what they and who they are. Girls and boys are totally different and need to taught totally different as schools are stats are proven. Onumnutts is a classic screwed up example, his sire ran out on his dam, who hooked up with other tribal idoits, and then she abandoned him with his grandparents who were socialist liberial loons, no wonder his tryed the queer way and then got a brashy brazen witch to sheperd him around, he has sold and used some pretty hard drugs as well. We all are getting the worthless can’t make asnap decisions even if needed, Theories need action not having wine and flogging the log.

    • bob wire

      We had a collection of “like minds” going there for a while!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        wasn’t it you that told somebody the other day that if they wanted a group of like minded people without disent to go to another site??? Well if you want like minded posts that echo your thoughts, then I suggest you go to puff n toke!!

  • Bert Cundle

    LIFE… Todays living depends on $ for freedom, Plenty of sorces to take the $. Fewer places to get the $…

  • test

    Zune and iPod: Most people compare the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It’s very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thicker


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