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Selective Service Pushing To Fill Positions On Draft Boards

December 19, 2011 by  

Selective Service Pushing To Fill Positions On Draft Boards

The Selective Service, last Thursday, issued a statement encouraging school administrators to fill vacancies on nearly 2,000 Selective Service boards throughout the country.

When Selective Service registration requirements were resumed by Congress in 1980 after the end of the Vietnam draft in 1973, the agency also revived the local board system. The purpose of the board members is to hear claims for exemptions, deferments or postponements to a young man’s military draft in the event that the practice is reinstated.

Currently, there is no draft, and local boards are not hearing claims. But the agency is urging school administrators to volunteer to serve a 20-year term as a Selective Service board member in the event of a national emergency.

The statement says little of the agency’s reasoning behind the renewed urgency to staff the boards, but does say which individuals it believes are best suited for the job:

“[T]here are vacancies on the roughly 2,000 boards. Selective Service would like to fill them. In the agency’s reasoning, who would make better board members than school administrators? Who understands the lives and needs of young men better than school teachers and staff? Who would be better equipped to adjudicate claims of young men facing induction?”

The military draft has not been an issue discussed heavily in the United States in recent years, though it was mentioned by one Democratic lawmaker on this year’s anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Representative Charlie Rangel of New York said he believes the decision to engage in war would be handled more carefully under draft circumstances, according to The Hill.

“It’s abundantly clear that everybody does not assume the same sacrifices, whether we’re talking about taxes or loss of life,” said Rangel to fellow House members. “I submit that we have to have a draft … not a plea for those people who for economic reasons have to protect themselves.”

Rangel introduced a bill in March, The Universal National Service Act (H.R. 5741), that would mandate two years of national service for all adults 18 to 42 in any capacity that promotes national defense.

According to Huffington Post, this is not Rangel’s first attempt at pushing a draft bill. The House of Representatives voted down a draft measure he introduced in 2004 by a 2-402 vote.


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    ithink it would be for the young to serve thier country i know i did 42 years ago i joined the army and was in three years and i grew up fast.

    • JB

      Even primates can use thumbs on a keypad, sean – - pathetic display ! !

      • Warthog0

        You are so right, you use the keypad so well, for a primate…question?, Orangutan or Chimp or what? Nice typing nevertheless…. AH

        • Warthog0

          To JB of course!!!!!!!!!

      • texastwin827

        JB, you are proof positive that SOME primates don’t have to think.

    • wandamurline

      Unfortunately, the draft does not work and Viet Nam is a good example. I know because my husband was over there, but he volunteered. When people are “made” to fight for their country, they resent it, and it put this country into turmoil with lost of guys going AWOL (Slick Willie Clinton was one of them…he went to Canada), plus you had college kids getting shot at colleges when they were protesting and throwing things at cops, and then you had people like Hanoi Jane Fonda going to North Vietnam taking sides with them against the soldiers from her own country, and then there was LB Johnson, Democratic President, that decided that we could not longer bomb North Vietnam…our guys were being spit on when they returned home….it was disgraceful and that is why our generation decided our soldiers would never be treated like that again…that is why you see baby boomers at airports, etc. It was a terrible era. Do I think it would be good for the younger generation to serve their country? Yes, because it would teach them responsibility, honor, discipline…do I think they should be “made” to….no. It just would not work…it did not work in the past and it will not work now. A voluntary soldier is there because he feels the need to be there and wants to be there and this type of military works much better than an involuntary one…like what we had in Nam.

      • independant thinker

        ” When people are “made” to fight for their country, they resent it,….”

        That depends on the circumstances. In WWII the people were proud to serve in the military.

        • http://Steve Steve

          WW2 was the last war that was actually declared by congress…we went to war…won the war…and it was over….everything else after that has been some bankster/defense contractors endless profit center with no regard for the lives of our troops…

          • Warthog0

            @Steve, You are being unnecessarily and excessively way too loud and are going to wake the populaccio up. Besides, your comments are way out of line as they are too factual and you are causing great confusion and undue mental stress. Please refrain from posting unless you promise it to be pabulum.

          • Bus

            Steve, we actually never came home after World War II, we emerged as one of the two super-powers and ended up with troops in Iran, Greece, German, Japan, Korea, etc, etc. In the history of Rome the Democracy ended and the Empire began with Ceasar’s takeover, when the history books are written about the American democracy it will show its demise to be the shift to a world empire. Of course we didn’t need or want control of territory, just markets. Let the Koreans run their own country, only keep it open to American markets. The imperail presidents after WWII used the Comminust threat to extend their power over more aspects of govenance and the growth of bureaucatic hegemony removed the governing power further and further from the people. Since losing the Commie menace we were able to replace it with islamo-terrorists.
            Now we are just waiting for someone to “cross the Rubicon” and formally convert all of us citizens into subjects, send the Senate packing, and execute the non-comliant. Perhaps getting the draft boards up and functioning is a step in that direction. After all “Never waste a good crises” could be followed up by “get really prepared to take advantage and enlarge the next crises”.

          • Warthog0

            Bus, well put very astute.

      • El Gringo

        Well it sure as ‘ell worked in WWII and Korea. I kwow, I was there (in Korea).

        • whistlestop

          @warthog, is this all you do is sit in these sites and make petty remarks to others with an opinion?

          • Warthog0

            whistlestop says:
            December 20, 2011 at 4:22 pm
            @warthog, is this all you do is sit in these sites and make petty remarks to others with an opinion?

            whistlestop, Oooooppppsss you caught me. I didna think you woulda found me here. Ive been trying desperatly to get away from you but you are sure toooo clever for me and tracked me down. Imagine finding out that anyone posting on these sites does so with an opinion, as for petty remarks, please be specific.

      • texastwin827

        Wanda, as the widow of a Vietnam “draftee” (they called him up at age 22) I have to disagree with you, totally.

        My husband was drafted and served as a door gunner with the 191st AHC Bounty Hunters and I can assure you, he took his “job” seriously even though door gunners had a high fatality rate. He was not the only draftee there and his unit had one of the highest kill rates of any, in Vietnam. Many draftees took his approach “when they want me, they will come get me” but once they were there, they served their country as well as any regular enlisted man did.

        To suggest that they didn’t is an extreme dis-service to those who went.

        • Warthog0

          Texastwin827, I am in total agreement with you, once you are on the line you do your job, conscript or volunteer we did our best. 129th Avn Doorgunner ’66-67 as well. My heart out to you.

      • Warthog0

        One of the many poster quotes that one saw throughout military bases, during the Vietnam War, when I served as well, was one that appealed to you with “follow me”. I served with many soldiers who were conscripts and they served admirably. We were from different parts of the country, different backgrounds, different educations, some of us were not citizens, some of us had different mental attitudes. We were a cross section of America, all different but we covered each other’s backs, and by default our country’s.
        The whole thing started to unravel when the citizen soldier was asked to continue the fight for something, the media informed him, that the country was no longer interested in fighting, and that in reality we could not win the war, thank you Mr. Cronkite wherever you are. Granted, government is not always in a synchronous orbit around the wants and interests of its constituency, but they should at least pretend to like a smart streetwalker. As far as the government was concerned, the follow me turned out to be a sham, they pushed you ahead of themselves for their benefit and greed.
        We both were fooled the conscript and the volunteer. We were fighting for democracy, fighting against communism. Yes, yes, but you didn’t tell me about the profits that you and Ladybird and many of our leaders, Halliburton (yes even then, as it is today) were making on the war, I guess it’s called collateral profit. The future leases and oil rights in the Gulf of Tonkin were still the main issue for the real beneficiaries of the Vietnam War as they were the last ones to leave Vietnam. The oil company representatives were still trying to negotiate oil leases I venture. What has changed in the wars in the Middle East, niennte, nada, nichevo, Nothing! The only justifiable outcomes have been the passing into history of Saddam Hussein and Osama B Ladin, everything else is just business, the Silk Roads must be protected. It was so then; it is so now.
        So some of the college kids that truly had a conscientious objection to the ethical and moral question of the war were right, they stayed and protested, but were used by the media and government as well, just like OWS today. The ones that fled or gave support and comfort to the enemy, have no place to hide, they were and are traitors, time may provide them with a moral black hole of dementia but it does not mend the wounds of families nor brethren born out of the tragedy of war. They were traitor then, if not to their country then to the thousands of naïve, willing or unwilling, innocent 18 year olds who had the misfortune of today being remembered on Memorial Day, with a block of white marble in a field of eternal slumber. Their families, brothers at arms and friends as well as the homeless wino in camo field gear; lying on NY subway grate in his Sears appliance cardboard home remembers them. When It was my time to leave Vietnam I wondered why I was leaving them behind and by what right. So, yes when we are made to fight for something, it had better be for our liberty, our freedom and for truth, for something more sacred than a yen or a dollar, my friends were priceless. A day does not go by when most if not all Vietnam Veterans don’t think of them; even though it was in a galaxy far, far away.
        And looking back I still think that it is important to have a well-organized country with a citizenry that is engaged in all the aspects of self-government. An engaged citizen is the only one that stands between his own freedom and the tendency of government for tyranny and despotism. This includes a citizenry who is willing to fight for their self-determination, their freedom and that of their neighbor. It begins with an early dose of education about the things that are important in life. One’s development where we learn responsibility for our actions, the discipline to do the right thing at all times, justice above and for all and the honor of being part of a country that provides all of us the opportunity to enjoy these gifts. Values we should learn at home, Boy/Girl Scouts, Air Patrol, Boys Club, any organization that will impart a sense of self, family, neighborhood, country and the world at large. To have the conviction and willingness to defend these values, even against a tyrannical government of our own making, through our own neglect.
        And as far as a “voluntary soldier is there because he feels the need to be there and wants to be there and this type of military works much better than an involuntary one..” is shucking your responsibility to yourself and your fellow countrymen and women. Let Mikey do it, is a somewhat of a shallow commitment to the tenets that are the basis of the freedoms we have in this country. If you have a differing conviction regarding military duty in the field, work at the countless desk jobs available in the Armed forces, drive a truck, be a medic, but put your time in. The military is not the only place we can perform our citizens duties, and yes they are duties.

      • sfcpete

        Get it straight Wanda – slick willie never went to Canada to avoid the draft – he chose rather to use his political contacts and lies to stay in school and keep his student deferment – even going to school in England and taking side trips to the USSR – in the end he was presented a high lottery number and thus avoided the draft. It was Jimmy Carter’s
        cowardly son who chose to hide in Canada and then JC himself granted all the cowardly dodgers amnesty. These cowards had the opportunity to refuse induction and go to jail as did Cassius Clay (Ali) whom I have always respected for his decision.

  • joe northwest

    this is particularly scary with the times we live in. why in the world would you let union led school teachers and administrators possible choose who would be drafted to go off to war? right now most of the states are having a push to irradicate the unions from running the state and federal gov’t. if we went to war and started the draft up again, because a particular war is going to be nasty. the unions could and would have the ability to bypass the more liberally potential voters in favor of targeting the more conservatively based population. by defacto saving their voting base, placing their fingers on the scale in their favor.

    • Dara

      Didn’t they already do that – during Viet Nam? My understanding was that by enrolling in college, young men would be exempt from serving in the Military, (hence all the draft aged college kids – protesting the war)

      I was very young at the time, so I could be wrong.

      • independant thinker

        The exemption was supposed to be for four years after the four years you were supposed to have to get an exemption from the local board to stay in school and not be drafted.

      • libertytrain

        Weren’t all bets off if you had a low number as well? Things weren’t consistent during the draft during that war…

    • Warthog0

      Joe, insightful!

  • John

    It’s 1 thing to defend your country when being attacked then its another to be drafted for a politcal war with too many rules for engagement they didn’t care where to bomb in WWII but,being drafted to be a policeman or woman I don’t agree with.

  • Glen

    Instead of school administrators, how about someone who actually knows what military service is about? I am a retired soldier (10 years now) and because I am retired, I am ineligible to serve. Makes no sense to me.

    • old sarge

      Here here it makes no sence at all to exclude military retriee’s from the draft boards. I am a former recuiter someone who has been out at least 10 years and has a recuiting back ground I think would be a good thing to have on the board in at least a none voting status.

  • mari

    I thought we were ending the wars abroad. Am I paranoid to link this story with the FEMA story about building emergency camps? Could the “boots on the ground” saying soon apply to the the soil of the USA? After all “We the People” are being called terrorists more often, and the war on terror is focused here with the right to detain citizens in camps indeffinately without due process. All of these things seem so well planned and ready to implement. Should we be afraid of our own government???

    • Lost in Paradise


    • Bob Marshall

      Isn’t it amazing what happens to a country when so many chose to be ignorant and in many cases in denial. Thomas Jefferson said, “It is the responsibility of every citizen to be informed and not be ignorant.” George Bernard Shaw said, “Beware of false knowledge, it is more dangerous than ignorance.” Millions of Americans have been dumbed down so long by the corporate controlled news media they have lost the ability to think for themselves.Unfortunately for America, there too many loyalist and not enough patriots today. As for fearing our government, one day many of us may be in one of those non existent FEMA camps talking about what happen to our freedom and our liberties. To understand why we are having so many wars google Land Destroyer.Which Way To Persia 150 pages. Read pages 84 and 85. Since 70 members of congress voted to abolish our Constitution eariler this year. You are right to be worried although i believe it is too late to reverse what has happened.

  • JB

    More gov’t agencies, bigger gov’t , greater costs for what ? ? ? ? ?

  • Daniel

    I just went to their site and applied for a position on the local board. Everyone should consider doing the same thing. It is a good chance for us old men and women to still serve our country one more time.

  • 4-just_us

    The draft is just another device for the few to control the many. The draft is not freedom; it’s forced slavery. Which means they have full control over my life. Warmongers, war profiteers, egomaniacs, and those who see people as disposable as an empty shell cartridge are all for war. We don’t need a draft for people to stand up and protect their homeland. It’s not saying very much about Americans if they have be drafted to fight for their country.

  • Sirian

    If they push it through, attached in the back pages somewhere, as they usually do with things of this nature, they haven’t the slightest idea what backlash will occur. There were tons of demonstrations and draft card burnings back in the sixties due to the mess they pushed us into – Vietnam. Things have changed over the years and if it weren’t for the full “volunteer armed forces” that we have, and should’ve had back then, this wonderful idea coming out of Rangel’s mind is very unnerving. Good Lord, he was in Korea – what symptoms are more evident of Alzheimer’s than this? Yes, this is supposedly more concerned with merely manning possibly necessary draft boards in the future. But just how far in the future are they looking? When we have a “Declared War” by Congress there will be no need for such things, just as it was at the beginning of WWII. Yet there hasn’t been a “Declared War” passed through Congress since WWII. This again is nothing more than another subversive plan in disguise. This is how they slowly, quietly, remotely work things into place that will rearrange, to their advantage, that which we truly don’t want.

  • http://LibertyAlert Bud

    In this age of equality, shouldn’t both sexes be eligible for the draft?

  • James

    My father was drafted in 1943, right in the middle os WW II, he was 37 years old, and married with two children in high school. I turned 17 in 1945 and had to register for the draft, if the war hadn’t ended that year, a father and son would have served in the same war.
    Since WW II, none of our wars have been to defend our country. They now say it’s serving our country. I would add it’s serving our country’s political entaanglements and worldy ambitions.

    • Sirian

      Very well said James, very well said.

  • CP

    Can’t say as I agree with all the service haters on here, as national service of some sort would be good for everyone. Has anyone taken a look at Israel or Switzerland lately? All youth are required to serve a minimum of two years in the Israeli armed forces, barring medical or physical exemptions, and even those exempted from military service are expected to do national service in some other way. Switzerland, too, has no draft, as all young men are required to serve there as well. Too many of our young people now have no idea what service to the country means. We DO need some other way of fulfiling that service than just the military, but no one is interested in doing that. Well, except Charley Rangel.

  • Johnny

    Many believe excessive spending is the biggest threat to our country. Clearly, eliminating the Selective Service is one cut in the military budget that we can live with.

  • cawmun cents

    In the event of an”actual”war,most folks should volunteer anyhow.
    They should never have to draft people to go to war.
    Of course these police actions that we have experienced since WW2,shouldnt count as wars,even though that is what they are.
    We have rules of engagement set down by decrees,but the whole premise of war is to win.So if you desire to whip the thugs,often you must do as necessary.
    Anyone who lets an enemy of the United States hide in their town or village,and doesnt evacuate from said place,is a target for our military.
    In war,often the civillians must leave the battlefield or be considered enemy combatants.
    In that scenario,it would make it much easier for us to identify the enemy.Those who choose to stay,are the enemy.
    The enemy often finds a way to use the locals as bait or enlist their help anyway.
    Let me put it to you this way,if a large army came to your town and were killing everyone they came upon,would you stay there or flee?
    Defense of property is a certain right,but in the face of overwhelming odds,is your property and posession of it more valuable if you are alive or dead?
    It is only possible to reclaim your property if you are alive to do it,ergo:no brainer.It is highly unlikely that you can defeat a modern military group without help from same.At most,as seen in the current conflicts,you can deter,or harass them,but it hardly leads to winning if you are not alive to retrieve your property does it?Of course not.
    Better to retreat to a safe distance and seperate yourselves from those doing the harassing,to live and return to said property another day.
    Even the least educated people in the world could understand that premise,if the rule of engagement was to kill who was present on the battlefield.Instead we require our troops to be able to seperate enemy from civilian non-combatant.
    Am I saying that this is a tactic which we should use in all cases?
    Not necessarily,but in nearly all cases.
    But give the military that which it needs to keep our soldiers alive first and foremost.Dont let the enemy hide in rural areas and pockets of civilian populations.Seperate the old,the women and the children,from the combatants and then kill the combatants.
    Have special executions from those who enlist help from the civilians.
    Fry them in pig grease slowly or something to that effect.
    But protect our troops first and foremost.
    These niceguy tactics only serve to get our women and men killed.
    Lets protect our soldiers first and then worry about other folks,by keeping the politics off the battlefield.

    • Warthog0

      @cawmun cents, You are right regarding the use of civilian population as a shield, it is an old tactic. When in Vietnam one of my first questions was “how do I tell if some one is a Vietcong?” The answer was “can you tell a Republican from a Democrat just by looking?” So, unless we are talking of armies that are sanctioned by all the current aggregate of accords, everyone else who is not in uniform is not covered by the sanctions and is treated as one would a spy and or a terrorist, not a soldier.

  • LBJ

    No to women being drafted! What a crazy idea! Girls need to be protected by the men, not exposed to rough and dirty soldiering. That is a guy thing.The new army has it all wrong with their recruiting of women. Rape and pregnancy are the result. Motherless children. And if both parents are deployed-orphans. That is plain wrong. Men are the natural fighters.Hillary and the feminists have increased disrespect for women with their pushing them into the military in larger numbers.Most women would not qualify for the physical requirements either so that means less military readiness and a weaker military.The thinking at the Pentagon seems to be, ‘we’ll just send some missiles wherever. What is so important about having soldiers who are strong and ready to fight?The bombs are the ultimate defense.’

    • texastwin827

      LBJ said “Men are the natural fighters”

      Really? Apparently you don’t know how vicious a woman can be if something she loves is threatened. I can assure you, should someone try to harm my family, I would make a man look like a wimp. As the old phrase goes I’d “show them no quarter”.

      Contrary to popular belief, women are NOT the weaker sex. The Pioneer women proved that, many years ago.

      • Sirian

        As a side note only texastwin827, there is a small museum in Ponca City, OK that is dedicated to “Pioneer Women”. There is a twenty foot statue out front of a pioneer woman also. It is very well worth the time to stop by some time and see what it has to offer. Again, just a side note for you.

  • Tom SC

    I fear that if things do not change our next armed conflict is going to be on our own streets and against our own Govt.There’s your political entanglements and wordly ambitions.

  • Pepper

    I am thinking about volunteering for one of these positions. Of course, I would grant an exemption to anyone that wanted one because military conscription is incompatible with a free society.

    Reason number 743 to vote for Ron Paul.

    • Vigilant

      Pepper says, “I would grant an exemption to anyone that wanted one because military conscription is incompatible with a free society.”

      Where the Hell do you get that from? Without conscription, we’d still be under the thumb of the Brits. Ask the Koreans, or the Israelis about conscription. They are some of the most free societies on earth.

  • dan

    Until one suffers under Communism…which is essentially what the military/war machine is…one cannot appreciate liberty.Yes to
    mandatory service for the young before they taste freedom (or should)
    and begin families (or should)….it would be the completion of the indoctrination and brainwashing they receive in the government schools.
    Put them in a politically correct gang with uniform rules (UCMJ)and
    maybe teach them good hygiene . They should start prepping in daycare…maybe issue khaki diapers . USA Uber Alles/ we’re number one.

    • Warthog0

      dan, and when pray tell did you suffer under communism?

  • Bill

    would there be OTHER reasons for registering draft age US males at this time?? maybe someone wants to get a good database of those who could pose a threat if the Gov’t decides to further suspend our rights and liberties.

  • El Gringo

    Yes, reinstate the draft. That way Obama would have his own private army–something he advocated early in his presoidency.

    • Vigilant

      Only you and mari have come close to what I believe is the real reason for this newfound interest by the Gov’t in this sort of thing. By “national emergency,” I have no doubt that they are NOT talking about war with another nation. They are talking about controlling massive civil strife WITHIN the borders of the USA.

  • http://aol Frank

    The Iraq war is a prime example of what happens when you have a volunteer milatary and unscrupulous, hawkish, politicians calling the shots. If this had been a drafted military the people would not have tolerated it, they would have been rioting in the streets and the war would have never started or come to a Quick conclusion. Once they volunteer. the public becomes detached and loses interest
    Be careful who you vote for.

  • Warthog0

    If we keep on developing robots and drones, we won’t need a very large military. They (robots) are more reliable and have no loyalties or scruples. You would not ever have a situation like the Chinese had at Tiananmen Square, where a lone man stood off a column of tanks; why? The army unit was in their own home town on “furlough”. China, Russia, and other large land mass Asian and African countries are still groupings of tribal lands of varying ethnicities. The military of the former Soviet Union, and China as well, have their military units serve outside their ethnic “homeland” that way they have no ties to the population where they serve. One of the travesties we have suffered recently is the usurping of states governors control of the National Guard, by the Federal Government, so much for the Commitatus law. Think about all the changes that the armed forces have undergone in the last 50 years. Uniform, boots, helmet, back/fanny pack, mess kit, rifle, ammo, bayonet, rifle cleaning kit, poncho, pup tent in the field and six man or 12 man in the rear, compared to todays army. Someone is making a ton of money. Not only that, our military is selling it to other countries, is something wrong with this? As another poster said WW2 was our last legitimate war that could be justified (departure of Saddam and Osama notwithstanding).

  • WickedPickle

    I get the feeling someone (entity) in the background (behind the curtain) is preparing for WWIII and the young is the lotto winners, but unlike German youngsters who loved their Fuhrer.. These harbingers will rely on the draft to insure their insanity. Put everyone of these bastards in a military prison and let’s continue with our constitutional freedoms.

  • Nam Vet 65

    Oh Yes, the FEMA Camps are real – and the Barbed Wire points inward, you know that sounds like a Jail to me & don’t forget GITMO will be used for US Citizens who disagree with this government. Think about the president who had a White Mother & was raised my his White Grandparents and was going to make the USA the best country in the world, and so many fell for the line – we can make it change in 2012, because if we don’t we may all be in those FEMA Camps.


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