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Seeking ‘Tools’ To Use Against Gun Owners

November 9, 2011 by  

Under fire for lying to Congress about the “Fast and Furious” gun-walking scandal, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder revealed exactly what was behind the government’s policy that resulted in the government letting guns flow into Mexico.

There is a two-pronged policy underway. First, it’s an effort to ratchet up the lawlessness along the U.S.-Mexico border and gin up the war between drug cartels. Though Holder would never admit this, the CIA and the Drug Enforcement Administration are imbedded with Mexican troops and the drug cartels and working both sides of the war, in violation of Mexico’s laws.

The lawlessness has spurred the Mexican legislature to push for a new National Security Law — based on the USA Patriot Act — that would give the Mexican government broad powers to spy on its citizens and remove their rights. It’s also a boon to U.S. financial institutions that are laundering money for the drug cartels.

It’s also part of the Barack Obama Administration’s admitted strategy to work behind the scenes to implement greater gun control in the U.S. And that’s exactly what Holder was referring to when he told Congress:

But beyond identifying where errors occurred and ensuring that they never occur again, we must be careful not to lose sight of the critical problem that this flawed investigation has highlighted: We are losing the battle to stop the flow of illegal guns to Mexico.

One critical first step should be for congressional leaders to work with us to provide ATF with the resources and statutory tools it needs to be effective.

Don’t be fooled by the three-ring circus surrounding this affair. Seeking additional “tools” to use against American gun owners is first and foremost the goal of operations like “Fast and Furious.” That the Mexican government can also gain an excuse to remove more of its citizen’s rights while propping up financial institutions and creating a climate that allows more drugs to move into the U.S. is just gravy.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • JeffH

    Eric Holder must go…no if’s, and’s or but’s. This administration is without a doubt the most anti-American, anti-state, anti-freedom, anti-capitalist “regime” in my lifetime.

    Patience is a virtue that Americans practice perhaps better than any other civilization on earth. However, when our own Attorney General is at the forefront of a criminal scheme so unbelievable that you would only expect to see it in a B-level mobster movie, the time for patience is over. Now is the time for all Americans to demand Eric Holder’s immediate resignation, firing, or impeachment.

    Over 2,000 illegal guns in all were permitted to “walk” across the border under this scheme.

    Law-abiding Americans were blamed for drug crime and murder in Mexico, meanwhile, our own government was putting guns in the hands of known Mexican drug cartels. Now, more than 150 Mexicans and U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry are dead as a result of this criminal enterprise.

    Carlos Canino, Acting BATFE Attache in Mexico, called Fast and Furious “The perfect storm of idiocy.”

    “We armed the [Sinaloa] cartel,” says Canino. “It is disgusting.”

    Now, over 100,000 Americans have signed NRA’s petition to President Obama, the U.S. Congress, and the disinterested mainstream media demanding Eric Holder’s “immediate and unconditional removal from office.” If you have not yet signed the petition, please do so now.

    • clh

      Here is the link to sign the Petition to get rid of Eric Holder
      Use it and pass it on

    • CJ

      Joe Paterno is retiring to avoid (maybe) punishment, even if he wasn’t directly involved. US Naval ship commanders are fired because people under their command do something wrong even while they may not have participate in the bad act. Holder MUST be held to the same standard. He’s accountable, even if he didn’t order it (not that I believe it), and he should be fired now, PERIOD. Criminal charges should follow as the investigation continues, but he should no longer hold the office.

      • Sid

        Cj needs to pay attention to the topic. Joe Paterno has nothing to do with Fast and Furious. Now for anyone who just refuses to get it….EVERYTHING concerning our government, banks, large corporations and charities are part of a criminal organization occupied by men with sociopathic needs to fill. Everything they creatures do starts from this point and devolves from there. They don’t care that you can see them commit their crimes as they control the forces with guns. CJ seem to think a football coach has a moral obligation to say something… how much more so is there a moral obligation to take to the streets until moral order is returned to our lives…I am talking about calling out liars period I refuse to keep silent!

        • Joe H.

          I agree with him! Paterno had an OBLIGATION to speak up! Had any of them been my son, there wouldn’t have been a trial!!

        • Dan S.

          Well said. Thankyou!

    • ChristyK

      As much as I would like Holder to be fired, I don’t believe it will ever happen. I believe that Holder and Obama planned “Fast & Furious” to put guns in the hands of drug cartels as an excuse to take away our 2nd amendment rights. Holder knows, that if he is fired, he could lose his license to practice law and possibly even jail time. If Obama fires Holder, I believe that Holder will “squeal” about what Obama knew. Obama will never risk the information getting out. With the Senate “owned” by the Democrats, even Congress will be unable to do anything. Vote them out 2012! (if we get the chance)

      • Joe H.

        Like I said on the other thread. If holder lied and he knew he should be tried and jailed, If he didn’t know then he should be fired for dereliction of duty!! It is hia JOB to know what his subordinates are doing!!!

      • NVRAT

        KristyK you have left out one important person in this sham and she made it public during Obama`s first year in office. Holder attempted the “Fast and Furious” project because of Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Brady anti-gun organization. During her husbands POTUS terms she had repeatedly complained of guns going to Mexico from the US and when she became Secretary of State she saw the opportunity to advance that idea. Hillary Clinton had seen the opportunity and she took it because Obama has the same anti-Second Ammendment ideas and the staff who would try to pull it off.

  • s c

    So, the AG and the prez are truly cut from the same, stinking, rotting cloth. Frankly, Mr. AG, I’ll be inclined to believe you and support The Anointed Useful Idiot the day that every utopian flees the country.
    Obviously, Mr. AG, you haven’t learned anything since you helped Bubba Clinton free those Puerto Rican terrorists. You have admitted that you and convicted felons are brothers. You think your law license is a license to do anything you want.
    What’s next? Will we be told that you did what you did because we need to be saved by ‘special’ people like you?
    While I can’t read your warped mind, I won’t be surprised if you and your boss find a way to get us into a war with Mexico. Sooner or later, you and people like you will be tempted to eliminate the 2nd Amendment and try to win all the political and economic marbles in one movement.
    A child learns to avoid a hot stove, Mr. AG. Adults should know better than mess with certain topics. A child can be excused. Adults don’t rate that ‘King’s X.’ And you, in particular, rate a swift kick, if only to get your attention before the ‘big one’ sweeps you out of office, out of the country and out of recorded history and into a tempest that’s more like an old-fashioned revolution.

    • mrrzk

      well said. I just hope and pray that the bandits running our country will soon be incarcerated—and NEVER to be heard from again. THEY ARE ALL A TOTAL DISGRACE TO OUR COUNTRY.


  • R. k. Shadle

    Just like obama eric holder is a pathological liar and is so incompetent its unbeliveable. This so called administration we have in D.C. is full of liars and incompetents. If they could even get a job in the real world they would be fired within a week.

  • tim

    The whole thing was probably obamas idea. The more US serial numbers they find on guns the better. The first time around after they sorted out all the lies and liars the number of US serial numbers was less than 2%, so now they start walking guns to get higher numbers!!! Would of worked, but there are some honest citizens in the govt who blew the whistle. Too bad there weren’t more citizens like them!!!
    Holder needs to be held responsible for the deaths that occured from these guns. He walked away from the murders at ruby ridge!!!! It’s time he was held responsible, the man is a criminal and should not be holding any govt position, especially something to do with the law. He is a criminal looking for more power!!!!

  • Harvey

    If a foreign country were to invade us and try to take away the gun of our citizens the largest fight you ever saw would begin. Why is this not happening now with all of the socialist, communist and queers in office are trying to do the very same thing? We are being defeated from within! Stop the liberals from turning us into a socialist muslim third world nation.

    • gunsrule

      Harvey’Thanks so much for the comments.I laughed like hell cause it’s so true!!Thanks for making my day

  • Kane Bittner

    They all gotta go. Period.
    And at this point I don’t care how it happens.
    Think about that.

  • Elisa

    Dust off your pitch forks and torches kiddies, these imposters will not go quietly.

  • Don age 77

    The simple truth of it all is that WE HAVE BEEN HAD…! The “useful idiots” are out numbering the people with some common sense. The Soros sponsored propaganda machine is winning. The United States is in serious trouble. Where will it end up?

    • 1911man

      Don, if it doesn’t change in this next election I fear it will end with a revolt, full blown revolt. I don’t personally want to see that happen but I don’t want to see my country go quietly into that good night either.

      • Laurie Tudor

        It is my belief that we are all hoping to turn this ship around with this next election, if this fails, I think it will prove that the election process has been a failure, and other means will be called for, this cannot continue.

    • JeffH

      Don age 77, we the people, the patriots, are the last vestige of hope to restore the republic. It is now, the 2012 elections, or never.

      Ron Paul 2012!

  • Justice4All

    Just like the old “Buck Rogers” science fiction stories have almost all become fact, we now see the the old stories of this GREAT COUNTRY losing it’s freedoms and being ruled by a traitorous government becoming real. It was told to us, but we were not alert to the warning. Now we have very few choices remaining for survival from being totally taken over by this Devil’s army.
    Where do we begin? Who do we have on our side? Do we leave this home, where we have always felt safe, as did other cultures in the past? Do we stay and fight this onslaught of corruption?
    We each must take it upon ourselves to now make tough decisions! What we decide will either propel us further into the fires of Hell, or, get us back to a life we once cherished.

    GOD Bless The U.S.A.

    • 1911man

      you actually brought tears to my eyes, HEAR-HEAR.

  • dan

    MURDER…if one were to furnish the weapon to a known criminal to commit murder and mayhem,would one not be an accessory to MURDER ?
    If one passed and/or supported a policy that made the supply of weapons
    to known criminals for the intent and purpose of subverting the LAW of the Land (ie the Constitution ) would one not be considered a traitor?
    If one were to cover -up,deny or hide ones involvement with said
    crimes ,would one not be considered a liar ? Would not a common court find those guilty of such crimes (is murder ,treason and lying) a
    threat to society and summarily execute punishment ? Hmmmm?

  • Steve

    If Eric Holder did not know about the gun running tasks of the ATF, why did he give this speech in 2009?Attorney General Eric Holder at the Mexico/United States Arms Trafficking Conference CUERNAVACA, MEXICO ~ Thursday, April 2, 2009

  • Joan

    We, the United States of America are in trouble because we are up against the World, this is not just a National agenda, but instead, an International push. We are not informed, so we are not able to take on the Bilderbergers, CFR and many other groups and organizations that are working minute by minute to destroy our country. Some from within and some from afar. I do not pretend to know enough about this, but I do know that Obama and his Administration are all a part of this.Example is Eric Holder, can you believe what is happening in “Fast and Furious?” Those in the now Undemocratic party,seem to truly believe that Obama is working for them, while he continues to put in place policies to undermine what is good and right. It is not just Obama, but many in both parties along with world government leaders that will surprise and shock you. I no longer know whom to trust. God please place you hands back upon the United States of America and guide us in the right direction. Amen!

    • JeffH

      God will only help those that help themselves…but not to other peoples money either.

  • HawkCW4

    It is a hard hard thing to watch the destruction of this Great Country by this Anti-American regime occupying Washington now. It is clear they believe they have the unconditional right to turn us into a Islamist anti Isreal, socialist state but holding on to Liberal ideals that have clearly cost this country Trillions of dollars.

    First they will always strive to keep that slave welfare state in full force, they need those people on welfare to remain in power. To do that, they will take from productive Americans and give to the UN productive Americans, its the Liberal way. They will strive in any way conceivable to circumvent the US Constitution and take away your guns and your rights to own them. They need an unarmed citizenry to complete the destruction of America. They know as long as Citizens are armed, they will never allow total destruction without a full fledged fight.

    Things like Obamacare are not good for this country and will bankrupt us further, BUT it has been the Holy Grail for Liberals forever and without regard for an honest system, the current dictator rammed that piece of garbage down the throats of Americans behind closed doors and with no honest debate allowed. They didnt care about the consequences, they only wanted to be the one that captured the Grail.

    In keeping with their hypocritical and arrogant ways they rail against wars that keep Americans safe in their one county while at the same time demand that they be allowed to kill babies at will. In short, Liberal politics demands the right to tax those that work and give unearned money to those that dont, and they say this is not socialism. So we see they also demand the right to give us the definitions of words we used to understand clearly but now we dont.

    In my lifetime I have never before seen anything as close to insurrection as we see today. Americans are sick of what is going on in Washington and it seems we no longer have a voice in what happens. That my friends, dont leave many options in the way of solving our problems. I can tell you I do fear for this country if something dont happen quick in this next election. If Obama remains, this country will not survive the following 4 years. It will become so destroyed you could see all elections curtailed and a dictator declared to “solve” our crisis. The very crisis they created in the first place. You will see TV/Radio in the hands of ONLY dedicated Liberals. You will see house to house searches for your weapons. You will see your companies run by the Government. AND you will see the total transformation into a muslim islam state and you will be on your knees at prayer time or else. I dont care if your a Democrat or Republican IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT????? Are you willing to cling to those new found LIBERAL IDEALS just to keep your LIBERAL Dictator in power? These people are no more true Democrats than my donkey is. Hang on to your Democratic ideals but for God’s sake, find yourself some true Democrats and get them into Washington.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      I have absolutely no doubt there will be a Second American Revolution if Obama wins the 2012 Election, as he can’t win it unless there is massive voter fraud. I am talking about ACORN & all of the offshoots rallying Illegals, prisoners & other ineligible voters, dead people, cartoon characters, dogs, sheep & anything they can think of to stuff the “Voting Boxes”. Tomorrow our “Oath Keepers”, Veterans, LEO’s, Firefighters & anyone else taking an oath to protect the US Constitution will be meeting in DC to give Obama & his Administration a warning that their oath to protect the Constitution means all enemies of the Constitution, them included. It will be a peaceful demonstration, not like thugs invading NYC & other Cities in the USA. This will be a peaceful March on DC to let them know we will not allow insurrection & will take whatever means necessary to preserve the Principles of the Constitution & if our votes fail to remove Tyrants we have other means as our option.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Holder is the second biggest crook in the current “Thugocracy”. Obviously, the Congress won’t impeach the biggest one. There’s no reason, however, for this one to stay.

  • http://personalliberty larry


    • OldNYFirefighter

      Ammo & more Ammo! A gun makes a lousy club & that is all they are if you have little or run out of Ammo. Also practice, practice, practice, as it does no good if you shoot your own foot or miss a thug with designs for your death at his hands. It is also not an easy decision to make for defending yourself or Family from someone meaning you or them harm. Self defense is an individual decision & the results of that decision has Moral as well as Legal repercussions in following that option. I like many others knowing what that option could result in, would rather be judged by twelve, than be carried by six. For many of us, protecting Family & loved ones is far more important than our own life.

      • Vicki

        Thought it is far better to neutralize the enemy at range, do not discount the ability to use your rifle as a club, your handgun as a brass knuckle. Your sand filled sock as a truncheon.

        Add a bayonet to your rifle and you have a short spear.

        Have lots of ammo but do NOT give up when you run out. Use ANY tool available to fight off the tyrant.

        Use the pen now to avoid using the sword later. But polish the sword.

    • Dan S.

      I have guns, I believe also in protecting oneself against terrorism whether from abroad or within, BUT. Martin L. King was against any form of phisical abuse. Words DO hurt more than fist. I know it sounds awkward, but I believe that a smart mind can control controvercy. We need mind leaders before the need to use any weapon. Spread intelligence before buckshot.

  • Dwayne

    God allowes us to make our own choice. When a person or a nation rejects God,God lets them have their own way. Through failure and misery, we learn that without Gods relationship in our life and country, we can not successfully rule ourself. LESSON TO LEARN AND THAT INCLUDES ME.

  • http://personalliberty larry


  • 1911man

    I just got an email stating that hillory and obummer have commited to the u.n. gun registration(gun ban) plan. better write you reps. and demand they state a clear, uncomprimising no to this plan.

    • independant thinker

      Hillery at least stated her approval of the treaty months ago. The treaty HAS NOT been formaly drawn up yet nor has it been signed as it does not exist as a compleated work. However, you can be sure if it is ever finalized Hillery and Obama will sign it.

      • OldNYFirefighter

        Once it has been signed by Hildabeast & Obama, it has to be voted on by the US Senate. If the Senate Vote passes, that will be the Democrats Declaration of War against US Citizens & the Constitution. There is only one way of answering that Declaration of War that I know of, & is not one I am looking forward to answering, but one that must, for the survival of Our Constitutional Republic.

      • DaveH
  • 45caliber

    The entire “Fast and Furious” affair is designed for one reason only – to bann gun shows and to further constrict gun dealers. If it would give them reason to confiscate guns in the border states, so much the better.

    Everything else is simply gratis. It’s nice but it wasn’t the reason they did this.

    They wanted guns sold in America to appear at crime scenes along the border as “proof” that the cartels were getting guns here. That would then give them reason to pass laws to forbid anyone from getting guns.

    • JeffH

      45caliber, you’re 100% right. Designed to promote gun control by manufacturing evidence to achieve a political result.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Exactly! There is no way they can replace our form of Government while the Citizenry are still armed, & that is exactly their plan. If you love this country, that can’t be allowed to ever happen. Lock & Load!

  • Buck

    Eric Holder should be turned over to Mexico authorities to stand trial for heading up a gun smuggling operations smuggling guns into the country and for supplying the drug cartels with weapons .

  • Bruce Anderson

    Aide from the out right violations of the Congresstional powers to Acts for war , & disregard for the 2nd Amendment and Say the Dick Act of 1902 this was in fact or gross violation of the United nations as well even from the stand points of Nato if I am wrong please by all means correct me! I am still not hearing much on the Bigger picture of the Democrats? & other World Leaders as like Obama in the Middle of this mess seeking to suit the States for the rights of self defense to be {stoped?} as a whole has a underline factor to the human Micro Chip Implant open borders and the I-69 matter its a plight to dissolved Big parts of the Sovereignty of the United States

    • Old Wolf

      Actually, it’s also in violation of the 1866 civil rights act, which is currently enshrined in title 18, section 242, making it a criminal act, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation or custom to deny to any person the rights, privileges, or immunities guaranteed under the constitution or laws of the united states. Any enforcement of any laws against any rights for any person in the United States, the states, territories, districts or possessions, is a criminal act, subject potentially to life in prison, or the death penalty if the person dies due to that denial of rights.

  • Bruce Anderson

    The REINS Act, H.R. 10 / S. 299 has now been included in both the House and Senate Republican plans for job creation.

    AS I understand this Bill is to help fix or should I say waist more time to do what should be done already acording to the Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the United States Constitution, sometimes referred to as the War Powers Clause, vests in the Congress and Not the more of the views of say Obama views of Exscutive power in wartime. We have still many lessons to learn from what became the down fall of Nazideutschland!

    Bruce Anderson
    Reader of Imprimis Bloomington Indiana

  • tom

    these criminals in the whitehouse should all be put up on treason charges!!!we are NOT a socialist nation and will not put up with such
    shinanigans, period! look what he did to “fix” the economy: pissed away trillions of our money? how is that “hopey-changey” thing working for you?

  • Jefferson Dowda

    When is someone going to say something or do something about the 80 miles of US teritory occupied by the Mexican drug cartels. This is an outrage, American citizens being murderd on our own soil and nothing being done or even hardly mentioned. We have been invaded by a foriegn force and the spineless, lying jerkoffs in DC on both sides of the isle distract everyone with BS that isn’t going anywhere, it’s just smoke and mirrors. If Congress was serious about5 any of this, Obama would never have qualified for the presidential ballot, much less get elected.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      You are correct! Most US Citizens don’t realize we not only have undeclared wars going on in other Countries, we have waring factions against us right here in the USA. Our own Government is declaring a de facto war against US Citizens. We also have Mexican & Central American Drug Cartels that have also declared war on us. CAIR, La Raza, The Reconquista & other factions are also waring against us. We are also being invaded by Illegals from many Countries. ISlam wants to take over this COuntry just like it has in the UK, Spain, France & other Countries that let their guard down. If you don’t think there is a need for a Citizen Militia, you are either ignorant, are part Ostrich or probably a Liberal/Progressive, as they don’t see anything as a danger to Socialist ideals. To make matters worse, Congress doesn’t see Illegals, Islam or anything else as a danger to US Citizens Freedom, as they are too busy spending our Great Grandchildren’s money to see anything but $$$ signs. Time to buy more ammo before that becomes as extinct Congress’s brains.

  • john winter

    why hasnt Holder been fired ?

  • Rosemarie Pandiscio

    We all know Obama is just a puppet with his short 2 year Senate seat, left it to run for president. People with the “Really” big bucks run this country. (Not talking about the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates who made their money honestly, being brilliant and making The American Dream big time, and by the way, I will fight to the death they should keep most of it and be taxed justly) Mayor Daley decided to retire, (Daley’s don’t retire), Power companies, railroad talk big and expect big when they finance a person into office. The people who picked Obama chose him carefully and methodically. Number one, he is black. Number 2, he is young and cocky. On every issue regarding his ‘origin’, education, background, it took months before his speech writers could come up with the least stupid response. Think about it, elected into the Illinois Senate, stayed 2 years (not long enough to his ‘wet behind the ears’ dried), and “Bingo” he’s is the whiz-bang Democratic candidate. If you think Communism is coming closer, think again. It’s here and here to stay. Know why? Too much damned apathy in this country. We MUST stop buying anything not made in the USA. (Hard to do). The last I heard, China is a Communist country, and they are shipping us FOOD on rat ridden boats along with VERMIN never heard of in this country. On the East Coast, people are sick and some dying from this Asian bugs! Authorities not complaining much, but doing their damnest to find a “Cure”~ Do you understand this? Can we all meet on the corner, start telling our dirty Communist politicians, “We are Not Paying Taxes Until the Trade Laws change, and Big Business moving out of the U. S. is ‘tried, convicted, and hanged in the town square as the traitors they are. Can they put millions of God Revering Americans in jail? I don’t think so. The last 2 -3 generations (not all) have NO clue in what’s going on. Only care about the cell phones growing out of their ears. Hey, I’m willing…to start our own peaceful and quiet revolution. People who “earned” 300-350K this year worked their butts off. After paying the 39% to Nutso Barney Frank, how much is left? Do I have an Amen? Are you with me? No taxes for a couple years would be fair. Dirty politicians (and Lobbyists), need a rude awakening.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Rosemarie Pandiscio

    Sorry sorry sorry sorry….. Wow! Need some sleep. “My email will not be published”, is a courtesy. I get it. Geeeez. Thank you for publishing my letter, and accept my apology.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Rosemarie Pandiscio

    Sorry again, but I just have to add this comment. How many pictures have you seen with Obama’s feet ‘propped’ up on tables, desks, coffee tables, anything…I mean, this cocky know-nothing, wait-for-the-speech-writers president seems to constantly be in this position. Legs crossed, leaning far back in his chair. If you know anything about “Body Language”, this tells and shows much of who and what this man is all about. I’m sure most of you have seen these pics He’s taking orders from the ‘Big Boys’ and shows his disrespect openly. I have seen photos of other presidents with their feet up occassionally, but not in an arrogant manner. The Big Boys are trying to Disarm free and innocent people in defending their homes and families, while they are Aiding and Abetting Mexican gun runners with Army Assault Weapons, he better get his feet off his desk and starting running……not for office, but for his life. I’m just a 76 year young great grandma (still strong and look pretty good), but what I wouldn’t give to be able to knock that chair out from under him. People are not just angry, they are scared. But, there is strength in numbers. The problem is, how many would ‘chicken out’? No good government? No pay! If a person doesn’t do his work well ahd hurts others he or she gets fired. Government not working for Americans? No pay! No Taxes! How many of us would be ready to go that route? No one gets hurt…very peaceful. Very effective. For me, my number one demand is stop this idiotic butt kissing with countries who hate our guts. Tell COMMUNIST CHINA to keep their ‘crap’ in China, that goes for their FOOD. Can you believe that?? Food from China?? Communist China. My husband was a POW in the Korean War, tortured by the RED CHINESE for 107 days. I’ll bet at least the last two generations don’t know anything about those times. See, Obama by himself is not the problem. I’m taking names and kicking dragons. We’ve got to do something..Save your tax money, don’t pay it. We don’t have enough money in our ‘kitty’ to build enough jails for all us grandma’s and grandpa’s. Damn, I’m ready. We must stop these Mexican illegals NOW. If we don’t we will have total Anarchy, and being a family of Law Enforcement and Military, we know there have been cut-backs locally, citywide and statewide in manpower. That’s like, “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters”!

  • Joe

    I’ll keep my guns and ammunition and you can keep the change. O has to be impeached and holder should have been fired a long time ago, along with his ineffective staff. In addition get rid of the czars, never heard of anything so ridiculous. Come on owanna give us a break , we do not need any Islam radicals as head of our USA government.


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