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Scientist Wants To Produce Meat In A Lab

February 21, 2012 by  

Scientist Wants To Produce Meat In A Lab

Science has taken nature out of healing, growing crops and nearly every other aspect of modern life, often to the detriment of health and prosperity; now, scientists want to grow your meat in a lab.

Mark Post, a Dutch scientist, says that by fall he will have perfected a method of making beef from the stem cells of cows, and his goal is to replace the entire animal meat industry.

According to Discovery News, Post is working to invent an efficient way to produce skeletal muscle tissue in a laboratory that exactly mimics meat. He says that he is still in the laboratory phase, but should be able to make a stem-cell hamburger by fall.

Post is the chair of physiology at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. He said his project is funded with 250,000 euros from an anonymous private investor who claims their motivation is “care for the environment, food for the world and interest in life-transforming technologies.”

Scientists like Post hope to perfect their “meat” products for mass consumption, claiming they will reduce the environmental and health costs of conventional food production.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • s c

    Sam, I’d keep this guy out of America. He sounds like czar material for any kookoid prez who’s looking for a Frankenstein wannabe.
    If that ‘scientist’ wants to do something productive for humanity, let him figure out ways to get dingbats like Al (duh) Gore, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Reid, Waxman, Boxer, Waters, and the usual assortment of mental giants from polluting Earth’s air with their oral excrement.
    He can work on Crissy Matthews’ leg tingle when he gets done with his project with Gore and the rest of the herd.

    • eddie47d

      Oh YUMMY! That ought to be a real treat!

    • nc

      SC, you asked in a later post what kind of drugs I was on when I voted for the “anointed Fakir” as you called him? The same drugs I have been on since 1960 when I first voted for a Democrat President as a result of reading the Republican Party Platform, which hasn’t changed since with it’s obligation to the most wealthy>
      I have recently noticed that not one of my votes for Democrats has caused us to be knocked out of the number one position in the world and that like 7out of the last 8 recessions have occurred during the admistrations of the “other” party. I also noticed that I don’t see some sort of evil Federal agent behind every tree! But then I have never been treated for paranoia! When are your sessions?

      Is there some way that you can post a reply here and cut off the other party from replying by not having a “reply” icon? I notice that when you post that there is no “reply” app!
      I’m not real up on computer science! Too old!!

      • s c

        You’ll have to talk to Bob Livingston about a ‘response icon,’ n. It does seem to happen, and I don’t pretend to understand the whys.
        Explain to PLD readers WHY we never see even ONE utopian try to justify, explain or take a hard look at the Fed. Since utopians tend to have a permanent, throbbing erection for protecting Uncle Scam AND Big Government, it seems more than curious WHY OR HOW any utopian would ignore or defend the Fed. It is THE WORST CORPORATE MONOPOLY in America. Do utopians have NO standards at all? Or do utopians just go through the motions of having standards and being responsible? Enquiring minds want to know, n. If you answer it, you’ll be the FIRST.

  • Patriot1776

    Hey, I have a radical idea; let’s get meat from cows. It tastes like real meat already, is made by God’s great hand, and grows naturally. This sounds like another government grant waste project to prove that man is a good as God. Twenty years after the government tells us that this is much better for us, we will find out that it is toxic to our bodies.

    • Edistone

      I agree. If you are really daft enough to want to eat meat then its your choice! But you need to know that humans are not equipped to eat meat. They don’t have the teeth, the digestive juices or the alimentary canal to cope with it. If you heat meat to 100 deg C (212 F) you destroy all its protein. The only thing it is good for is a few mineral salts. If you eat it uncooked your stomach enzymes cannot deal with it very well. Carnivores digest raw meat because their enzymes are 20 times more concentrated, and guess what animals don’t cook meat! Wow! Ever watched a cat eat a mouse? I have. It starts at the head and eats all – skull, ears, teeth, bones, hair, entrails and contents, and tail and it doesn’t even cough up a pellet like an owl does. Sheer madness to try to imitate a carnivore. When we are starving we often eat meat to stay alive but not to be well fed. So why is some idiot trying to MAKE meat artificially when the stuff is no good to us anyway. Guess what? I like meat because I have been trained to eat it as a baby. But what a waste of time and energy and what ignorance?


    This could solve the food problem,world wide.

    Test-Tube Burgers May Be Coming This Fall
    1 day ago … Scientists are trying to grow meat from cow’s stem cells, called “test-tube” meat, to produce hamburgers. … The scientist wants to develop these products for mass consumption to reduce the costs to the … The burgers are still in the lab phase, but the researchers are growing muscle cells and fibers from cow …

    • Big Charlie

      What would solve the problem is to quit feeding corn to cows. We feed 70% of the grain grown in this country to ruminants – animals whose guts are made to digest cellulose – and as a result we also give them about 70% of the antibiotics produced in this country to keep them from getting sick and dying on that diet. If we turn that 70% of our row crop land back into perennial pasture with rotational grazing of cattle, sheep, and bison, we can easily feed ourselves and others high quality protein without antibiotics. Well managed perennial pastures are also amazing carbon sequestration sinks – way better than forests – so if you’re worried about the CO2 levels in the atmosphere, pasture is the way to go to lower it.

      • Edistone

        Again I agree. Not only do they feed those grains to cattle to produce meat, but ever wondered what happens to all the leftovers after slaughtering the animals? The tonnage is far too great to bury them all. So they throw them into a big cook pot, boil them up and turn them into some weird mess which they then feed back to the cattle in pellet form. They also sling in any other animals found dead – including skin and hair, bones, entrails and contents, and even the odd leather collar winds up in there. Plus any animal medicines including euthanasia chemicals… Then they feed this concoction of not only sub-human but sub-animal content back to *HERBIVORES*. The end product winds up on your plate as “highest quality processed meat”, would you believe? It makes me sick! At least it would if I ate it. You too I am sure. Meat needs dumping from our diet except in very small and very selective quantities. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a vegetarian because I have been conditioned like the rest of us to eat meat since I was a child!!! What ignorance?

  • Sirian

    Hmmm, once they get this down pat what’s next? Question is though, how un-genetically modified will this “New Meat” not be? If none whatsoever, then and only then may it be possibly safe – possibly! But as things of this nature usually run, no telling what form of monstrosity the end result will be. Mother Nature has and is providing us with the best thing going, why change it? Besides, just how much would a pound of “New Meat” cost in comparison to “Mother Natures Meat”? Sure, three times as much if not more since they have to recoup the R&D expenses, right? Sure, the “organic” freaks would accept it as the best of the best.

    • nc

      Right Sirian, always think “conservativly”. Always think inside the box. That would have put us on the moon in a hurry! It was “possible” that penicillin and the Polio vaccine would not work either and cause great damage ! But you have your second amendment gun and can always go kill a moose! UNTIL WE RUN OUT OF “MEESE!”

      • s c

        N, you’d do better thinking like a conservative ( at least ONCE in your messed-up life). Look what “thinking” like a utopian has done for you and generations of ‘like-minded’ airheads of progressives, communists and assorted LOSERS. What drugs were you taking when you voted for The Anointed Fakir?

      • Sirian

        Yes, I suppose you could call it “conservatively” thinking. Personally, I call it rational, logical, critical thinking. But that’s of no consequence to you, or is it? Insofar as we put ourselves on the moon by thinking inside the box, well, yes, in relation to the laws of physics, that is true. We stepped outside that box too yet it did not, nor could have had a possible major impact on everyones health, worldwide. But genetic manipulation leaves us open to an unlimited number of various paths that remains as an unknown for the end result. Have you not at least a wee bit of understanding of that? Doesn’t appear as though you do. Penicillin and Polio vaccines were not genetic manipulations, genetically engineered. There is a tremendous difference between those and this. It is a true shame you don’t know the difference – poorly educated along that line. Finally, NO, I don’t have my 2nd Amendment gun, I have multiples thereof. BTW, Moose are not an indigenous species of Oklahoma. Would you like some buffalo, deer or quail? Buffalo steaks are exceptionally good!!

    • eddie47d

      Organic beef is the best Sirian and seems to be worth the price. When the budget gets tighter we forfeit the good organic meat for cheaper cuts. Those who raise beef are more on the Conservative side of the business yet they are the ones who allowed all these hormones in the feed to fatten up the cattle. Take a look at Monsanto a very Conservative company changing the way our crops are grown. They even trample on the rights of other farmers so I’m not sure if Conservatism is a label to be hiding behind. Unfortunately over population will eat up land that ranchers and farmers use so other venues will be used to mass produce the food we eat. Now the question is will they produce a pure organic product from these petri dishes.

      • s c

        *@^> it, ‘e.’ Get this into that thick head of yours. A conservative does NOT use CONTROL of others to get things done. MONSANTO? Who the $^*+ are you kidding? Did you just fall off the turnip truck?
        If Monsanto was a CONSERVATIVE corporation, they’d be making money responsibly, not on its knees to Uncle Scam [LIKE GE!], not screwing with GMO products and they’d be on the utopian ^*&# list EVERY DAY! UTOPIANS specialize in CONTROL- NOT conservatives. GET THAT INTO YOUR HEAD, ‘e.’ Maple syrup in the middle of winter is faster than you!

      • eddie47d

        Stop fooling yourself SC. Not all is well in Conservativeland. I believe you are the one who bumped your head falling out of the wagon.

    • Theo


      You mention how you think that “mother nature’s” way is best in terms of avoiding potential harms to the general health. You said that going to the moon wasn’t a good example because it posed no threat to the health of the public and it wasn’t “genetic engineering.” This makes sense, but then you say that the “organic” freaks will pry go nuts for it. Maybe, maybe not, even vegetarians are pretty sharply divided on the issue… but my question for you is this: Did you put the “organic” in quotes because you believe that the certification is lax and organic really isn’t.. or are you saying that organic is a scam? Because if you believe that mother nature’s meat is the best, why not mother nature’s plants.
      Organic is one of the few ways that you can know that the product is not genetically manipulated (80-90% of corn and soy in the U.S is), sprayed with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers (that are both unnatural and potentially very harmful), radiation, sewage sludge… If mother nature’s way is the way we’re going, then shouldn’t we be consistent? Most of the antibiotics we use in this country are given to livestock, before they even get sick, because it allows factory farms to pack them in tighter. This can lead us to some very unnatural practices, like having a hamburger that has pieces of thousands of cows in it since they’ve consolidated the slaughterhouses; but also potentially damaging, “unnatural” outcomes, such as antibiotic-resistant bacteria and outbreaks, aided in part by the fact that there’s many, many cows in your burger, and they’re allowed to use the one’s that aren’t… so healthy.
      But, I digress. Do you think that organic is b.s. or do you think that the standards are misapplied?

      • s c

        T, no one responded, so here’s what you need to know. If you think USDA “organic” is the “gold standard” of organic, you are living in a dream world of your own making, chum.
        It started out as a relatively good, somewhat safe idea.
        But, as it is with ALL things that Uncle Scam touches, it soon turned into #^*+, and it won’t get better as long as Uncle Scam does things HIS way. You’ll get better results and more integrity with a New Orleans PIMP than you’ll ever get with Uncle Scam. GROW UP!


    Maybe a steak:

    First Test-Tube Hamburger Ready This Fall : Discovery News
    23 hours ago … A Dutch scientist wants to replace the entire meat-animal industry. He’s produced a test-tube meat made from cows’ stem cells. Laboratory-made hamburger could help reduce environmental costs of conventional food …


      HowStuffWorks “The Future of Nanotechnology”
      Science fantasy today,scientific fact tomorrow.

      The future of nanotechnology is bright as uses for the technology continue to increase. … In the world of “Star Trek,” machines called replicators can produce … and if it ever does become a reality, it could drastically change the world. … Eventually, we could be able to replicate anything, including diamonds, water and food.

  • stew

    Nostradamus is predicting the destruction of ruminants and the invention of artificial beef


    Advancing Science – AAAS – The World’s Largest General
    Hooray for science.

    Scientific News:
    1 day ago … Meat From the Lab, Soon Ready for the Market. Scientists want to find ways to make meats that are more environmentally friendly, healthy, and safe.

  • Deerinwater

    Sounds gross!

    But so did man-made ice in the early 1800′s.

    Ice was harvested at the poles and shipped in, to satisfy markets demands for years.

    Then a Frenchman made the first Ice producing machine, ~ It was great for many things but people were slow to put it in their mouth. For they knew something just “wasn’t right” about it.

    It took years and flu epidemics and nursing high fevers and wars and shipping blockades and scarcity before people decided to consume man-made ice.

    • Sirian

      Hmmm, gee whiz Deer, I didn’t know that ice was genetically manipulated. Golly, I learn something new every day.

      • Deerinwater

        At that point in time in history, it was much the same thing to the people of the day.

        But I suppose, that the ability to project that far into the past and grasp parallels is beyond conservatism thinking.

        I understand , don’t try ~ It will only make your head hurt. Stay with what’s under your nose and the things that you trip over. It’s easier.

    • Sirian

      You’re using the “man made” production of ice as a comparison to genetically engineered meat? Woo, that’s an exlempary comparison if there ever was one. BTW, people were using ice cut from frozen rivers and lakes on a very regular basis during the Revolutionary War and before to pack in basements or storage sheds to preserve meats for a much longer period of time. They would also use small barrels to freeze water during the winter to use for the same purpose. Now that couldn’t possibly be called “man made” ice could it? Get a grip Deer. You manage to toss it in that “the ability to project that far into the past and grasp parallels is beyond conservatism thinking.” Where did I mention anything concerning an “ism”? Hummm, didn’t – sorry, what I said had nothing to do with a political stance one side or the other. So just who is tripping over things, especially what’s right under your nose?

    • AintSayin

      Come on Deer! What you trying to say. Water turns to ice at 32 degrees. It turns to ice at the North and South poles because the temps are below 32 degrees. Water turns to ice in all other places because the temp falls below 32 degrees. In either case, the water was made by God and the result is still ICE, not FRANKEN-ICE. What kind of BS you pushin, Deer?

  • Elz

    I say, let’s follow this story. Oftentimes, I have wondered how they did this on Star Trek, this must be how they did it. Science has given us many wonders, I say, seriously, let’s follow this. It may be a way to feed a hungry world, but of course…..only till there’s standing-room-only…..maybe we can have floating cities built to withstand the 5000-foot tidal wave we will have when the asteroids hit the earth, etc., etc.and have these food machines isolated from any possible catastrophe……execpt ownership, of course. But seriously, in a polluted world, this may be a partial solution to mankind’s problems. Yikes, what goes wrong when the stem cells are polluted? More people=more pollution. Maybe we can have Newt run a meat factory on the moon, and they will sell it here from franchises owned my Romney. Santorum can be sure we are fruitful and multiply. Ron Paul can just shake his head in disbelief. Obama will make sure Goldman Sachs owns all distribution rights, so by just signing papers they can steal the wealth, not having to invest any money, just use their “connections”. That’s about how this would work out.

    • Sirian

      HA, Star Trek used advanced technology machines that were called “replicators” which replicated the molecular structure of whatever they had copied and loaded into the computer. So, instead of playing with the genetic makeup of whatever they wanted to “replicate” they simply reproduced the original. If that was what the Dutch scientist had developed – go for it!! But you’re right, who’s gonna own the distribution rights? More than likely yes, Goldman Sachs and needless to say, George Soros. Very possible indeed!

      • Edistone

        Sirian! What are you talking about “Startrek used….” Startrek hasn’t yet happened. It is all a fantasy. Warp seven is impossible for us yet. We haven’t even got to warp one. (Supposing that Warp one = the speed of light) And if we did we would be travelling so fast that nobody would see us. It would take us 13 years to get there and back from the nearest star (including 1 year to explore…what?) I don’t believe that Alpha Centauri has a planet “in the life zone”. Even if it did, the chances of it having evolved 1. intelligent life 2. at a similar technology level to ours, are remote beyond calculation almost. To get to a star (sun) with a planet in the life zone you might have to travel 12,000 light years away. At warp one that would you 24,000 years there and back. At warp 10 it would still take you 2,400 years. As well as the evolution problems mentioned above. (The employment of cryogenics is a given for such a journey and even that has had no testing at those distances – how could it?) And after you have travelled all that way there might be nothing ‘suitable’ in the life zone anyway.
        Any more imponderables????
        I am a maths teacher so: please do the maths.

    • Maryland Freestater

      Hey! I am hip to the idea myself as long as the stuff is actually EDIBLE and not poisonous. Look at all the crap we eat currently, and wonder how much of this is poisoning us (eg, high fructose corn syrup). Proteins ‘spun’ from a nutrient broth without all the growth hormones, kosher ham, why not?

      I was raised on the original Star Trek and wasn’t amazed by the Internet, so why should I be bothered by food replicator technology? Synthohol should be illegal before it even exists (it’s like drinking decaf coffee – WHY BOTHER?).

      It’s also going to be necessary someday when (ok, if!) we become a spacefaring species to recycle our wastes – so this means we’ll be eating recycled poop. Not very appetizing for the non-fly and dung beetles. Perhaps a carbon ‘fishnet’ to scoop up carbon and water atoms from space to do this.

      • r.p.

        Maryland Freestater:
        I’m inclined to agree with you. I’m not too sure about going along with growing my meat in a petre dish, but I’ve always liked the idea of StarTreks replicators. Have you heard about the 3D printers. WOW!! Go to TEDtv and search. Students are now working on “printers” that work on the molecular scale theoretically able to replicate any carbon based material including foods. We are not that far away from applying it to our survival in space. Here’s a short vid on what they have already.
        Live Long & Perspire: r.p.

      • r.p.

        P.S: Ever since the beginning of life on this planet. Every living thing here has been sh$ting and pi$$ing on her. So we’ve been recycling for a very long time. Think about it!
        Live Long & Perspire: r.p.

      • Mom Henning

        Somehow all this reminds me of Soy Lint Green: recycled people. I’m getting a visceral response….. hasten Jason, bring the basin., urp slop bring the mop!

      • AintSayin

        Speaking of spacefaring. Better hope the ship docks inside of one generation. Otherwise, the “Elite of the Ship” will be throwing FOCKERS overboard as a result of overpopulation! Hmmm! Just a thought!

    • AintSayin

      LOL!!! Elz, you so funny, but so true!

  • michael




      Remember the horseless carriage, today almost everyone in America owns a car.What is expenive now,could be a food problem solver tomorrow.

      • COAL MINER

        I left out the (S) in expensive.

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    Are we shure of what this scientist is saying? He may have misspelled labratory for lavatory. We may have witnessed just such a thing just before flusing the john

    • s c

      Thanks for the laugh, gottaplenty. On this one topic alone, I’ve seen just about enough raw stupidity to barf or bang my head against a brick wall. At any rate, you are RIGHT. I wouldn’t trust many scientists to be able to distinguish between a laboratory and a lavatory.
      Besides, it’s a good idea to be aware of certain buzzwords that ‘certain’ people use. Among these words and phrases are Mama Earth, environment, world ‘needs,’ sustainability (when used in the wrong context), life-transforming and HOPE AND CHANGE. Thanks again for the laugh.

      • AintSayin

        Especially HOPE AND CHANGE!

  • Max

    Zombie Apocalypse?!?! Tainted Burger?!?! 2012!?!?!?!

  • WickedPickle

    Next phase: Soylent Yellow, Red and Blue (sounds almost patriotic doesn’t it).. Then…

    On back burner: Soylent Green (open mouth and say ‘aah’ to somebody’s wafered uncle’)…


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