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Scientific Researchers Decry Sequestration

November 26, 2012 by  

Scientific Researchers Decry Sequestration

Science Works For U.S., an advocacy group supporting university researchers across the Nation, believes that the looming budget sequester could have a devastating impact on American scientific research.

The sequestration cuts that are scheduled to take effect in January would slice the Federal government’s research budget — which makes up only about 2 percent of the budget as a whole — by $12 billion in 2013 and $60 billion through 2016.

The group argues that allowing automatic and across-the-board spending cuts to American scientific research is going to lead to the Nation falling behind other global competitors in areas like technology, health and agriculture.

“There is a great deal at stake here,” said Steven J. Fluharty, senior vice provost for research at the University of Pennsylvania. “In the near term, we’re talking about job loss. We’re talking about dramatically reducing the rate of discovery and innovation in this country, which has traditionally been the lifeblood of our economy. In the longer term, there is no doubt that we will impact on the very discoveries that will improve our ability to both treat and ultimately to prevent diseases.”

According to Science Works for U.S., Federal funding for research is now at the lowest level (in real dollars) in the past decade and further cuts will hurt research without creating a real deficit solution.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • eddie47d

    If Research and Development provide positive results in job creation,new technology,wiser health choices and so forth then it is needed. China/So Korea pour many more billions into research so do we remain competitive or lose more ground.If the private sector isn’t willing to boost ingenuity then the government should step in .Since China is using R & D as a potent economic weapon against world economies we must make better choices in how they are winning that battle.

  • canoworms27

    But, are we not in a catch 22 here? spending vs. what money we take in (taxes). Besides, did not Mr. Obama say “we need to invest in education”? So how will this play out? Yes I know, a lot of questions that need to be answered.

  • Ted Crawford

    If i had any optimistic feelings left in my body, I’d shout GOOD! At least we will. finally, be free of the Anthropomorphic Climate Change take-over artists! However I’m aware that Obama will find a way, regardless, to fund Junk Science!

    • Robert Smith

      I’ll bet you don’t consider creationism to be junk science.

      BTW, I consider it to be just junk. No science at all. Believe and you will see!

      I work on see and I’ll believe.


  • Vigilant

    EVERYONE sucking at the teat of government decries sequestration.

    I say let the automatic cuts go into effect. Anything else is just kicking the can down the road. Government spends too much, government taxes too much. If we don’t get a handle on things (and be assured the pols in Congress don’t have the sack to do it), it’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of “when” we go over a cliff anyway.

  • DavidL

    Sequestration? Thank you Tea party.

  • Hedgehog

    Pure research always pays off. Eventually!

    • Robert Smith


      Just from NASA we got calculators, telemetry, home blood pressure cufs, and all sorts of other neat stuff like portable EKG monitors.


  • DockyWocky

    Does anyone believe that king Obama will actually act to continue important scientific research instead of simply gobbling up all available funds for his social engineering?

    As a person with absolutely NO scientific background, as far as we are able to discern from the niggardly information he has made available, does anyone but the most brain dead Obamaphile expect that he will suddenly grow an interest in scientific research and affairs?

    And as someone who continually moves, every time, and at every opportunity, to diminish the former United States of America, does Obama deserve any benefit of the doubt, any longer?

    • eddie47d

      We do have an over bloated military budget. How about taking some of their toys away. Their R & D causes wars and foreign intervention more probable and makes the US less secure.

  • Dr. Kevin

    I think that private research would fill the gap from loss of government funding if the governemnt retained the tax breaks for private funders.
    More importantly, the actual researcher would continue to inovate with the extreemly limited funding they will have after the proposed funding cuts…IF…government would remove the excessive regulations that inhibit inovation in science even now. If researchers could be allowed to bring to market sooner the inovations in science that they work on, then the risk would be lower and they could recover their private/personal investment money. But, budget cuts plus more regulations is a sure death sentence.

    • http://midcontent brand inspecter

      If therer wasn’t so many worthless paper pounding theorists from government agencies impeding research and development. by slow permitting and approval of new products, There will be more R&D happening if. private businesses and people can devlope new things and products needed. The Green (BS) Energy is another nonstop waste of taxpayer funds, millions wasted on studing the on mating habits of dung bettles and how fast shrimp move. Better to study how long it takes to breed out the genitic mindset of having to follow tribal thinking, of letting someone else make decisions for them. The idea it takes a tribe to raise a child, carries over to life long habit , that everyone follows the goat herd right over the cliff to their destruction.Look at the mindset of socialist demorats and the marxist loving moron in the WH, that embraces the government knows best for everyones’ life style, down to what they eat and think, a marxist tenet.

  • Scipio

    Lets see … after spending 6 TRILLION dollars there is not enough money to support the scientific community. Well I guess thats what you get when you elect, then reelect, a president that proclaimed an agenda that would “Fundamentally Change America”
    Obama is doing exactly whey he said he would do?

    • http://midcontent brand inspecter

      Back to doing heart surgrey in water tanks and blocks of ice. Rember the live mike with the communist Russian and the tailless monkey in the WH. That is the Nocare way!!

    • Scipio

      In Obamas America he will save money by eliminating costly medical procedures like heart surgery for the elderly and medical service rationing will be the norm. When the government federalizes all health care workers, as was done with TSA employees, you will have “government employees” rendering health care services. You wait in long lines at the airport for TSA security and the same lines will be in the hospitals and doctors offices.

      When government gets out of the way and lets the private sector flourish, then America is strong. Government overregulation thwarts growth and prosperity for all. When the private sector does well the public sector can feed on tax revenue and all is relatively well. Thwart the private sector and you get the same as GREECE, FRANCE, PORTUGAL, ITALY, SPAIN …… and finally, financial serfdom thru confiscatory taxes.

      Obama and his democrat cabal is taking America down road to perdition and OBAMA-supporters ( the 2008 & 20013 electorate) have no clue.Who was the genius that said: ” ignorance is bliss” ?

      • Robert Smith

        Scipio says: “you will have “government employees” rendering health care services.”

        Nope. They will still be independent agents working for themselves in most cases.

        Further, government health care ain’t so bad. The VA hospitals are among the best (although under Bush lots of flaws were found). The doctors in the military are direct government employees (as in our armed services).

        Planned Parenthood has many doctors who work on a voluntary basis.

        And, you can look at the Catholic health care. I hear that’s about 10% of America’s health care.

        Shiners’ Hospitals! NO cost to the patients for their orthopedic and burn care.

        BTW, I’d personally rather have a “government” doctor rather than one who is only interested in how much MONEY he can make. My health care is more important to me than his bottom line.


      • Robert Smith

        ROFL Scipio… you said: “Obama and his democrat cabal is taking America down road to perdition and OBAMA-supporters ( the 2008 & 20013 electorate) have no clue.”

        GM is alive and Osama is dead.

        The stock market is setting records.

        Housing sales and starts are up.

        Sandy was handled much better than Katrina and the right hasn’t said, “Good job Browny.”

        And as an extra added bonus there has been NO new federal gun legislation over the last four years.

        You really shouldn’t listen to Faux, oops Fox news and Rush so much.


      • JimH

        Apples and orange time.
        Bigbirds alive, the diplamat is dead.
        Housing sales and starts are pitifly up from the dismal record lows they have been.(in spite of, not because of the Bamunist)
        Sandy wasn’t near the storm Katrina was, so it makes sense it was easier to clean up.(it wasn’t anything the Bamunist did)
        No new federal gun laws “since Clinton”, YET.

      • Scipio

        “GM is alive and well”. Did you know that the biggest customer for GM products is ….. the US government and it has One vehicle for every 6 to 7 government employees. And then there is the Chevy VOLT …. the first automobile which can transform into a BBQ pit.

        “No new fire arms legislation from the FED” . WOW! sound’s like you missed the ATT.
        Whats that U say? Obama is doing firearms control thru UN …. no need to go thru congress. This ATT treaty will be enforced by the UN and the UN will have complete control over the interpretation of the wording in these treaties. Here is the best news of all …. Hillary Clinton has signed the ATT treaty for the US , Obama will sign it before The end of the year and the democrat senate will most likely approve it . So much for NO NEW FEDERAL FIREARMS LEGISLATION.

        You should check it out the UN “Small Arms Treaty” (ATT) and the LOST treaty which requires the US to pay royalties to the UN for off shore drilling. Beside that there are two more treaties the further will erode US sovereignty and US revenue. THEN…. add this to the list …. the UN is working to tax the INTERNET. This should all make your day.

        Who are you tag me with Rush and FOX thing ….based on your infatuation with a dead OSAMA (not to mention BENGHAZI, four dead US citizens, and the Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt), minimal housing starts at best, the stock market setting a record (by dropping to a two year low the day after Obama was elected), and your perceived “better handling” of Sandy ( which indicates your not in the effected NJ shore points or on the Saten Island ) tells me it doesn’t take much to keep you happy. Apparently, your Kool AIDE goes a long, long way, doesn’t it?

        I stand by my words that Obama is taking the US down the road to perdition and many are clueless as you so eloquently illustrated .

  • awkingsley

    Private industry and personal initiative will have to pick up the tab. Goretex was developed in a basement, the Apple computer in a garage. Hopefully, all of the research into drugs that plague the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan with such great expense and so little benefit will be totally ended. Since Allopathic Medicine is totally trauma and bacteriological medicine, ending all research grants for medicine by the Federal Government is not only extremely desirable, it is mandatory. If the Federal Government does not get out of medicine, we will never have any cures for chronic disease because in Allopathic Medicine there are none. Big Pharma makes too much money by not curing chronic disease, making sure it treats only symptoms so that it can gouge the tax payer for phenomenal sums for the entire life of the patient. Patients have no hope of ever getting well under the care of Big Pharma research.

  • JimH

    Argon National Lab works with private companies on much of their research.
    Private companies finance alot of the cost to use the facility and equiptment there.
    It is a joint effort and if some of the federal funding is cut, private industry, who benifit from the research will pony up more.
    The difference will be private companies will want results. There will be no milking the grant for years on end.
    Better for everyone.

    • jon a.

      why don’t you go back to hiding under your bed,and leave the military to the
      real men. we the money for r&d so we can keep this country free.

      • Toy



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