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Schwarzenegger Calls Out Federal Government, Asks For Aid

January 12, 2010 by  

Schwarzenegger calls out federal government, asks for aidRepublican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger criticized the federal government for leaving California in financial peril and asked for its assistance in closing the state’s $20 billion budget gap in his final State of the State speech last week.

"The federal government is part of our problem," said Schwarzenegger. "We are currently owed billions of dollars by the federal government for various programs. We no longer can ignore what is owed to us, or what we are forced to spend on federal mandates," he declared.

Schwarzenegger added that the national healthcare proposal currently being debated in Congress would only increase the state’s mounting debt.

The governor, whose state is facing a 12 percent unemployment rate, also outlined a $500 million plan to train workers, a move that he hopes will create approximately 100,000 jobs.

Schwarzenegger, who cannot run for reelection next year due to term limits, has furthermore called for the privatization of prisons and a massive overhaul of the state budget.

"As bitter as the words are in my mouth, we face additional cuts," he told lawmakers. "We know what that means…we know the pain it entails."

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  • maggiemoo

    Waa Waaaaa Waaaa. I guess he doesn’t need to take responsibility for any of it……

    • J C

      DAMN!!! I read the cover and was going to say exactly the same thing! LOL

      Looks like The Terminator could use a big thick Federal soother. ;)

  • Robert

    Federal Mandates. That is the problem with most states trying to balance their budgets. Washington politicans mandate that states have to provide costly services and doesn’t help fund them. My suggestion. All states should discontinue federally mandated programs immediateley and see if the Federal Government calls in the armed services to invade and take control of those states. Also, States might want to consider madating that all companies in their states stop sending withholding taxes to the Federal Government and place those funds in escrow accounts until the Washington politicians clean up their act. And if the Fed takes over the Banks and confiscated those funds, every American should scream bloody murder and tell their sons and daughters serving in the military to make a hard decision. Either kill us or resign from the military. Don’t worry, if the terrorists see this as an opportunity to attack us, just unleash the neuclear missles to those countries harboring these animals.

    • Samuel

      Amen and Amen!!!!!!! The federal government can stinkin’ leave the States alone where they have no business being in the first place. If the federal government would abide, as they’re supposed to, by the Constitution there would not be this problem; for their powers are very limited!

    • DaveH

      I have a real hard time mustering any sympathy for my old home state of California. The Liberals have been taking the state down the path to financial ruin for decades, and they were also very instrumental in getting those Federal Mandates passed that Arnold is now whining about. Boo Hoo.

      • Joe H.

        I have one message for Ahnold. You are supposed to be a good actor so act like a governor!!!! Grow a pair and make the hard decisions that have to be made to balance your budget!!!! Terminate some of those state employees and deport ALL those illegals to Mexico! Your troubles will be less by next year!!!!

        • Robert

          Amen. Opps, I shouldn’t have said that. I think it’s against the law now or it might offend others or something of that nature.

  • Marilyn

    Sorry Arnold. CA put that State in the red by giving everything to the illegals. Check out the school systems! Everything is free to the illegals while the working slobs pay for their children who really want to learn. The illegals “EXPECT” the freebies!! CA needs to redefine their position on GIVING assistance to the poor and illegals. Now, Arnold wants bailed out. Like GM, you put yourselves there so get your act together and start operating in the black.

    • Robin from Indiana

      I agree. You can only support so many for so long when they contribute nothing. I wouldn’t live in CA if I was given a nice home and a good paying job. It would make me nuts knowing how the illegals bleed dry those who are not illegal!

      • Jana

        Robin: And this is what the Federal Gov’t wants to do too, by making all of the illegals legal. Good grief, we are struggling now to support ourselves because of the illegals, we need to send them home.

      • DaveH

        That is the beauty of Limited Federal Government, the Fishbowl Effect. That is, people outside of these Liberal states can see what a mistake those policies are, and do better in their own states. That is why Liberals want to institute their policies at the Federal level where the Fishbowl Effect will be nullified.

  • cerebus23

    Ca dug it’s own grave my massive regulation, hand outs, social programs they cannot afford. cali is just a mini washington dc spend spend and spend more then tax tax and tax more but you cannot tax enough to cover your spending.

    balanced budget amendments and cutting programs learn it live it.

  • independant thinker

    California faces a two pronged problem. First is the unfunded federal mandates that the state has to furnish money to pay for. The other is the socialist nature of California providing free services to illegals while expecting citizens to pay for the same services plus the illegals services. While California might be woed money for the unfunded mandates as are all other states they should not get a penny until they clean up their act and show they can spend responsible and live within their means. Fortunately I live in a state whose constitution requires a balanced budget. If there is a shortfall in state income they have to make some tough choices as far as where to cut but they cannot go into debt to cover the shortfall.

    • independant thinker

      Oops, that should be owed money not woed.

    • J C

      Same old story, thinker. I think it was (ironically) Margaret Thatcher who said, “The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of everyone else’s money.” And that’s what happening wholesale in the US right now.

      • Claire

        J C—I think Margaret Thatcher is awesome. Wish we had some politicians like her around! I would vote for her in a heartbeat!!
        California’s plight is what you call living high off the hog. Eyes too big for the wallet. Just like good old Illinois.
        California was ranked first in some poll(?) and Illinois was 4th. I read it in the newspaper several months ago but dang it I can’t remember what kind of poll. I remember thinking that I was surprised Illinois was not 2nd. Well, one thing I remember it sure wasn’t a good poll.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      Just out of courosity – do you live in South Dakota? I know that is one of the states that their constitution won’t allow debt. You know those few states that have to have a balanced budget should have their representatives show the FED how it is done and hold their feet to the fire. Newt Gingrich when he was speaker of the house made Clinton make a balanced budget. Congress only had to send Clinton’s budget back five times until he got it right. But of course, sorry, I forgot, it was the donkeys that balanced the budget.


    Arnold is going to find out that Kaaaaleeeephornyaaa is not “TO BIG TO FAIL”. This adminsitration is the Alinsky dream, “let chaos reign supreme and control the masses with favors.”

    Do you feel your government is to expensive, well if you do BOzo is going to make it evem more so. Just like Juan Peron dominated Argentina and made it a facist country, destroyed the banks and economy, so too will this clown some of you call a POTUS.

  • Rod

    Schwarzenegger is at leist part of the problem. He and his Democratic
    lefty ways have left the state of California broke. He and his lefty
    radicals are the reason they have no money! Now he comes out whinning
    and boo hooing and wants the rest of us to bail out the radical left
    and if they get the money, WATCH OUT! They will start giving themselves big pay raises. He just needs to ask his Democratic wife
    what she wants him to do next cause he dosn’t have brains enough to figgure it out by himself.

  • Robert

    I wonder how State Governments can justify incressing state jobs, spending on pork projects, giving themselves sweetheart benefits and perks, then cry the blues. I previously said that Federal Mandates that are unfunded are part of the problem, but there is a bigger problem that needs to be addressed. Out of control politicians giving away the bank for the sake of re-election. When and if there is a Tax revolt, bet on these politicians to call out the National Guard and put us evil, law-abiding, god fearing, patriotic Americans behind bars or executed. That is the law of the land now. Shut up and do as I say or else. Is this what America has become. Are we so scared of these political bullies and henchmen that we’re just going to take it. And for those that keep reminding us about the November 2010 elections, don’t think for one minute that these scoundrels wont fix the outcome. Look who we got in the White House, Congress and Senate. Not to mention all the freeloading politicians in State and Local governments. Back in 1776, the colonist had enough of the tyranny and did something about it. Well we have tyranny right now and we better all step up to the plate and do something about it before it’s too late. God bless American and the real Americans in this country. And dont you dare give up your guns and ammo. It’s the only thing we have to protect ourselves and this government is doing everything possible to make sure we loose them.

    • chuck b

      california is a living example of liberalism. the democratic party has controlled this state for many years and even tho we have had republican govenors at times and with the exception of a couple of years they have had very hostile democratic legislators to deal with. the republicans as usual couldn’t muster up enough bravado to run the state legislature when they had control and we have had a liberal free for all in spending. this state is a federal and state workers utopia and the democrats throw money at every shadow, welfare, teachers union and illegal alien welfare. arnold made an attempt to fight this problem, however, he found out thru the ballot these people would not support any reform, they vote their pocket book. so california should as the banks and auto industry should have been, left to repair their own problem and maybe the people of this state will not be so eager to follow the yellow brick road of liberalism

      • Joe H.

        chuck b.
        I knew Ahnold was not a conservative the minute he married Shriver!!! Joe Kennedy would be rolling over and over in his grave if that happened and the ground over his grave is quiet!!!! Arnold is about as much a conservative as eyes and dennislobber!!!

        • Claire

          Arnold sure kept his job as the “Terminator.”

    • JC

      Stock up. Don’t bother with anything like .308 or NATO rounds…they’ll dry up in a minute.

  • http://n/a Mark

    The feds are the biggest problem but the states are screwing up just as much. Whats wrong Arnold, Pelosi got all her illegals wrapped around your neck. How much money would we all save if the illegals and their supporters were sent home? Old Arnold has to blame someone to save a weak image. And hey Robert, you are right, don’t give up your guns and ammo because if the feds steal them all then the muslim swine will attack. The only reason the feds want our guns is they know they will soon be the targets.

  • DaveH
    • DaveH

      So the financial institutions argue that disclosure might harm their public image. Heaven forbid that the depositors or shareholders know the truth about their financial positions.

    • DaveH

      This is Big Government at its finest – “You can’t handle the truth!”.

  • Viktor Lieben

    The DEAL was Arnold would put aside his CONSERVATIVE views and go to COPENHAGEN for President OBAMA ………………….


    Has OBAMA turned the water on in the San Joaquin Valley ?? HAS THE BARCLAY RANCH BEEN SAVED ?


  • rlindsey

    Wealso need to stop payments to the united nations. That would give us money for students and college and things that are needed here we pay the united nations millions of dollars a year.

  • cris

    I don’t care who the hell if offends,,,,Deport those damed ILLEGALS and I garuntee you’ll have enough money, you won’t have give all that FREE shit out to them! So go home Mex, we don’t need you!


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