Schools Send Letters To Parents Of Fat Youngsters, American Schoolchildren Hate Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama has made it her pet cause as first lady to ensure that American youths are introduced to healthy lifestyles, using public schools as a tool to push her agenda. She has revamped school lunches and encouraged educators to push her message to both parents and children.

Recent reports indicate that many school districts have taken to measuring students’ weight and body mass index at the beginning of the school year to gauge whether the child is underweight, of normal weight, overweight or obese. Based on the results, the schools then send letters to parents informing them of the results.

Below is an example of the letter some parents in Massachusetts have received:


Meanwhile, students throughout America recently returned to school to find that the first lady altered public school lunch offerings. Here’s how some feel about the new school lunches:


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  • marcdepiolenc

    Why are there school lunches? How long does it take for a parent who actually cares about his child to pack a lunchbox?

    • independent thinker

      Some schools have been known to make the kids throw away a lunch from home the school deemed improper.

      • John

        My Daughter has two kids in school and packs a lunch for each every day and always has. She asks her girls what they want to eat and if it is no healthy she puts something else in the lunchbox. But she does let the girls have a snack also. Once a week or so she takes them out for ice cream. I guess Ovomit will come and take her kids away for unhealthy diet. Neither is fat and both are straight A students. The twins are just one year old now.

    • ibn insha

      When parents become lazy the government gets another way to indoctrinate our children.

  • marcus johannes

    My Daughter definately does not love Moochelle Obama , The wife of Comrade Chairman Obama the illegal alien Communist from Kenya ,Besides Moochelle is looking alot like Michael ( The Fascist ) Bloomberg these days

  • Chester

    I hope someone realizes that schools had started this long before Obama became President. Seems like I heard of some schools from, yes, Massachusetts, doing this as far back as 2007. I do know it is NOT a new thing, other than possibly in that this writer just now heard of it.

  • flashy

    Ketchup is a vegetable. so ruled Ronnie Reagan in order to “healthify” school lunches in the 80s.

    interesting the crazies now have to resort to kids whining to buttress their wacko talk . show me a teen that doesn’t complain….askin’ ’em to wash the car us akin to hearing about child abuse, death sentence and slavery ( usually in the same whiny voice as a TPer complaining about some hyped faked overblown lie about America.

    • US Army (retired)

      Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. Talk sense to a liberal (leftist) and they call you a hater, racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, denier, wingnut, teabagger, terrorist, hillbilly, redneck, Republican, extremist, angry mob, greedy capitalist, religious bigot, etc, etc, ad nauseum. This is because they CANNOT debate on the merits of their position and fear what may be heard if it continues so they can only resort to attacking you with profane slurs, ad hominem attacks and wild labels in hopes that you will SHUT UP.

      • Speedy

        Babble on sparky.

        • US Army (retired)

          That’s it??? ROTFLMAO!!!!

    • Barakolips

      That biotch hoochy mama first lady of yours needs to keep her fat arse out of the kids business! Next shell be telling them when to wipe their arses and they’ll grow up robots like you Flashy!!

  • msueh

    mebbe those “I love [moochelle] øvømit” gushers will grow up to become non-øvømit/democrat voters, remembering how they were treated in school…

    • rivahmitch

      If they’re dumb enough to love Moochelle, they deserve to eat dreet.

    • Alan

      Don’t count on it. Democrap voters are like rabid Pavlovs dogs.

  • duif100

    It is time that parents reciprocate with letters about lousy teachers.

  • TheTruthHurtsAsWell

    It’s not ‘overweight’, it’s ‘overfat’. As the article & research suggest you can be considered overweight using BMI but this may be due to muscle mass.

    ….most children (and adults) are overweight because they are overfat, not muscular.

  • Robert Peterson

    I don’t need a reason I can’t stand Michelle Obama either. Fortunately our school district doesn’t adhere to such foolishness as to following her guidelines for healthy eating. She’s one to talk, all that healthy eating went straight to her booty


    unfortunately my daughters school had to buckle under to the obama pressure and now my daughter comes home hungry every day she doesn’t take a lunch to school!.i wish obama’s pet ape would have kept her beastie hands out of kids lives and away from schools!while she sits back and grabs cheeseburgers with her big beastie hands and chokes down fries with a pepsi,she tells all the kids(in between swallows)to eat right!what a load of crap!
    (like obama telling us,and taxing us,TO STOP SMOKING WHILE HE WENT OUT BACK AND SMOKED A PACK!)

    • Robbie

      Why don’t you pack a lunch for your kids instead of whining? You shouldn’t be taking food from the government anyway remember? Come on, be a patriot and give your own kids a burger and fries everyday with extra gravy so the little dears won’t go hungry. Hopefully they’ll then blow up into fatties weighing in at 200 pounds a piece. Yeah, it’s time you showed Washington who’s the boss – maintain your god given right to fatten up your kids.

      • guest

        How very “progressive” of you.

        • Robbie

          Thank you. I’ve always believed in progress.

          • Dale H Brown

            I don’t remember reading in the Constitution any thing that gave the socalled “firstlady” or even the president the authority to determine what a healthy meal is for an American , adult or child

      • Pamela Olson

        Whose whining Robbie? It’s called an adult debate and conversation. Adding in a red herring or rational that does not exist within the conversation is called ‘dodging’. Glad you are good at it.

        What the majority here are clearly saying is that Government intervention into ‘healthy’ school lunches has far surpassed Clinton or Regan era intrusions. There are schools that forbid certain items within a home packed lunch. The local public school food police will go through your child’s packed lunch and ‘throw out’ items ‘they’ deem unacceptable. That’s absolutely out of line and not within the realm of their authority to do so.

        As to the health of a child. Define healthy for any given unique human being. Do that, an I’ll sell ya a bridge for cheap! lol Each human is unique. There is solid decades old science that backs up that race, cultural heritage, genetic markers of family history as well as gender are all markers as to each unique childs normal and healthy growth pattern. No two children are created the same nor equal when it comes to brain or body development.

        Add in big Agra… they produce nice cheap food that is shelved and re-hydrated and stuffed down our kids throats. AT least a juicy burger and fries is fresh and not rehashed or reheated or thawed from a year ago an served to the buying public. No private food service would survive the public fleeing from their cruddy food. And yet….we serve it to our children daily.

        Lunch ladies…have you taken a good hard long look at these women? Talk about unhealthy and severely under weight or severely over weight. You’re telling me these people know what is better for my child when they themselves obviously wouldn’t understand decent nutritional values if it smacked up side their heads? Come on man… take the blinders off and smell the rehydrate veggies burger with a side of pesticide fries!

        Lastly, Parents, good parents, bad parents, apathetic parents, liberal parents, conservative parents, libertine parents…all have one commonality…they want what is best for their child. Are you really gonna sell me a woman who has a hard time with her own health and weight has any business telling American parents what and how to feed their children? As if a few raspberries or handful of grapes with two disgusting pressed preserved semi kinda like chicken fingers is gonna fill up a child? Come on man… give it a rest.

        • Robbie

          Maybe YOU should ‘come on man.’ Lighten up. Educators are simply trying to get kids to eat better. This is not that big a deal except for those – like yourself – who like making mountains out of mole hills.

  • Guest

    On the one hand, I do not think the overweight Michelle Obama should be telling any kid how to eat, especially in light of the fact that my tax dollars go to stuff her own mouth full of food. The Feds never have ever fixed anything, only made a problem worse. On the other hand, however, it is sad how much food is thrown away because children are too picky as to what they will eat. Children in other countries would only love to eat what American children would throw away as trash.

  • Debbie

    My Grandchildren have taken their lunch since the first week of school. The lunches are so small the teachers allow the kids to bring a snack to hold them over until they get home.

  • Quester55

    Reporting like this, Belongs in the OUT-House along with the other Things M.O. has Attempted to do in & to, this Country.

    Michelle Obama, is as fat as a 4 legged SOW PIG, and is a Joke, trying to get our kids to eat less! by Feeding them G.M.O. Laced foodstuff, that is slowly killing off these future generations.

    Please don’t be Blinded to this HAG’S Concerns, Like her Husband, THEY DON’T have your Best Entrust At heart!

  • Robert Messmer

    Where did this weigh-in take place? One nurse, one scale and 800 or more students, by the time she gets half of the letters sent, school will be over.