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  • Sam

    Feed the kids what they like and make it nutritional. Common sense. The government just wants to micro manage everyone’s school. Let the counties and states monitor their own schools.

    • Don

      I totally agree with Sam

      • MargaretJacobson

        If the kids dont like cafeteria food, no problem. Bring your lunch from home!

        • Motov

          Whatever happened to personal responsibility?
          Why is it always the federal government responsibility to do what every parent/guardian should be doing?
          Brown bagging a lunch is the most economical way to feed a kid, When I was growing up I had to make my own lunch, or I simply went hungry if I didn’t.

          That’s our society today, kids have time for video games but no time to pack something to eat and drink? I thought part of growing up was to learn about taking care of your self and not rely on others to do things for you.

    • independent thinker

      “Feed the kids what they like and make it nutritional”

      ” Let the counties and states monitor their own schools.”

      Never work Sam. Why you ask? Because it makes sense.
      Or perhaps I should say never happen.

    • chocopot

      “The government just wants to micro manage everyone’s school.”

      And they are working on every other aspect of your existence as well.

  • yolds

    It’s the Moochelle weight lose program. Feed them crap they don’t like and send ’em home hungry!! Ya, that’ll work, lol

  • ldazzle

    From the size of moochies butt, she should be eating these lunches.

  • carl_AF

    This is a problem of leading from behind. The children need to start burning up the calories that are consumed. We need to start a prevention program of returning to a time of recess and the parents should have a responsibility to see that these children have some activity at home and the community. Todays children spend too much time on their butts.

    • Robert Messmer

      I agree a vigorous 45 minutes of dodge ball would solve a lot of problems. Besides burning up calories it would also teach them that sometimes in life things don’t always go your way. That if you only try to get your “self esteem” from others then you are going to be highly disappointed.

  • Ol’ Grey Ghost

    Other news report that I read on this subject said that most schools that are dropping the program are doing so because they are losing money in the cafeterias because the children are eating food from home or going hungry. Other schools have said they will continue the program regardless of whether the children refuse to eat it or not because it pays too well to stop.

    Government paying for food that no one is eating. What next, the government will pay farmers not to grow food? Oops, already been done…

  • guy r west

    rember when i was in school way back when the lunches were cooked on site insted of being subcontracted out . too privt compainys and that has happened in other schools since then such as the state rehab center for the blind they quit prepairing meals on site the quailty goes down hill

  • U.S.Cavalry

    My Daughter has to take required items on her lunch tray. I asked what do you students do with the required items you don’t like. She said i should see all the full trash cans in the lunch room. Remeber the old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. What are they going to do next??WATER BROAD OUR CHILDREN OR SHOVE FEEDING TUBES DOWN THEIR NOSES.

    • Elevenarrows

      I wonder if I can make a deal with these schools to collect all the thrown away food to feed to my pigs! Hmmm….I’m sure there is some regulation forbidding that….just like Dunkin’ Donuts is required to throw away all the leftover donuts every night. Only in America would we have hungry people in the streets while restaurants throw away good food. I asked my local Dunkin’ Donuts why they can’t donate the leftovers to a soup kitchen. They said they weren’t allowed….? By whom?!

      • Robert Messmer

        You would have to approach the School Board about being allowed to buy the garbage but in many areas I would say that if you can come up with the green you will be allowed to collect the grey mass. Dunkin’ Donuts aren’t allowed by their attorneys; they do not wish to be sued.


    my daughter came home hungry last year almost everyday she didn’t take a lunch!.this school use to be on the verge of being a charter school,funds dried up in the public rehlm and this school had to ask for a grant from the gov’t(with regulations attached)now you should see it,a new prison paint job and crappy chow hallway rules and no music class cut select sports and a nazi chick in charge of making sure the regulations are followed!.teacher parent day was messed up(she showed me a school rule on how they are directing children in a certain path to adulthood)i was not happy to say the least!..but that’s another story!
    this is what happens when the people not in charge push themselves to be in charge that have no reason or sense to be in charge!
    we had a classroom Lt. like that!it didn’t work either!

  • Dale H Brown

    When I went to school , we didn’t have any lunch program –bad weather days we could bring a lunch and not have to go home –the govt should stay out of schools –and especially the obama woman — she was not elected to any office her Chicago thug husband was —and he is in way over his head –she was a Lawyer , so what does she know about food ?? and many of the people that enforce the govt rules don’t know crap about food either –it is a job that’s all–my sister worked for school on their , breakfast , and lunch programs , she told me of the stupid rules they had to follow and this was before the Chicago duo was in the White House–she was a cook and not just server of food — the obama woman should spend more time in her garden —

  • Elevenarrows

    I attended a small Christian school that had limited resources in its early years. For lunch, they served something called “Stewart Sandwiches”. You could get a pizza, cheeseburger or sausage biscuit. They came shrink-wrapped and were thrown in the microwave by the lunchroom workers. I avoided them like the plague. I watched my teacher literally wring the grease out between a stack of napkins.

    I’m sure the school was doing the best it could. If we didn’t like the options, we brought lunch from home. It didn’t take interference from the White House and politicians or Food Gestapo to figure this out. Eventually, the school was able to afford better options and did so. Problem solved. We never felt that the government or even the school were responsible for our health choices.

  • Debbie

    My Grandchildren have taken their lunches after the first week of school. You can’t push food down children if they don’t want to eat it. It so much easier to lead a child than to push one.

  • sharon

    blame the parents (or caregivers) for the kids eating habits