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School Worker Fired For Displaying Republican Sign

April 3, 2012 by  

School Worker Fired For Displaying Republican Sign
Mary Taylor, a custodian in Wisconsin, has been fired for displaying a sign in support of Republican Governor Scott Walker.

Mary Taylor, a custodian in Wisconsin, has been fired for displaying a sign in support of Republican Governor Scott Walker. In the midst of a parking lot full of left-wing anti-Walker signs, Taylor displayed a sign on her car that read “Stand with Walker.” She was told she would have to remove the sign.

Walker relayed to Fox News what her boss told her: “She told me that I was to take the sign out of the back window and put it on the floor of the car or I could park across the street.”

Although she pointed out many teachers had anti-Walker signs, her defense was to no avail.

“I know that’s my right,” she told Fox News.

After receiving warnings, Taylor refused to remove the sign and was fired. Taylor has been offered unemployment and is seeking legal action.

“Justice for me is just to hopefully let people know that liberal school teachers and liberals in general cannot push the public around when they have different opinions other than theirs,” she said.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Sirian

    This woman got her job back but was transferred to another building. In simple terms, out of sight, out of mind. Oh how fair the union based mindset of Wisconsin can be. Such idiots – very useful idiots for sure!!

    • Robert Smith

      And then there is the rest of the story that wasn’t covered: “But according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the company — Diversified Building Maintenance of Janesville — said it rescinded its request for Taylor to remove her sign after speaking with school officials. Joan Dedolph, Taylor’s manager, said the dismissal was a misunderstanding and that she never used the word “fired.””


      IOW, it wasn’t a teacher or the school that initially had a discussion with her but her boss.

      Quit blaming the teachers. Apparently they had nothing to do with it.


      • Robert Smith

        Correction: Little to do with it.

        They complained as is their right.


      • ArkansasRebel

        One might assume that her “boss” was in fact also a teacher since most school administrators come from the ranks of “teachers”. The point being that he or she had a
        bias based on a teachers mindset.

      • Robert S

        It was the teachers who were complaining, then her boss, while claiming to not exactly “fire” her, did “offer to help her secure unemployment benefits”, which sure sounds an awful lot like being “fired” to me, in a round-a-bout sketchy “I don’t really want to say it, because that would be a too cut and dried, and hard to try and get out of way”.

      • Dennis48e

        Fired, laid off, staff reduction, no longer needed, etc. etc. etc. all mean the same thing. They mean you are FIRED. Just because different words than fired were used it is the same thing.

      • Cliffystones

        Well golly Beaver, that makes it oakey doakey!

    • Don

      All public unions should be eliminated and band.

      • APN

        I agree completely!

  • Ted Crawford

    This action is perfectly understandable! It clearly falls under the mandate of ruleVI of the Rights of the Sovereigns; ” The Sovereign is the sole judge as to what opinions and doctrines are adverse or benificial to the Commonwealth” ! Hobbes made that clear!

    • Bruce Belligan


    • Christin

      Silencing of our Right to Freedom of Speech… 1st Amendment

      This is damaging as the janitor’s car sign is not hateful or destructive speech, just opinionated.

      We all have heard real hateful and horrendous speech and it was allowed to hurt an individual and devastate them.

      Where’s the American people’s ‘moral compass’ to know the difference…?

      • Bruce Belligan

        I think you missed the sarcasm…

    • Jazzabelle

      Except that NOBODY involved in this situation was a sovereign.

      • Bruce Belligan

        Nobody in this COUNTRY is a sovereign, no matter what President Barak Hussein Obama thinks.

      • Jazzabelle


        Yes, there are still plenty of sovereigns left in this country.
        Just none were involved in this specific situation, if the details in the article are to be believed.

  • Sprock

    And yet another HYPED OUT OF ALL PROPORTIONS story, with important FACTS missing, showing how dirty liberals are ruining our country. I’m sure this custodian was treated as a celebrity on FOX Not NEWS for participating. As pointed out by the Ultra Left Wing “NEWS” outfit, The Blaze, the custodian didn’t even work for the school district, she was a contractor.

    • Bruce Belligan

      Your point is irrelevant. Freedom and Liberty is not based on your employer.

      • Bruce Belligan

        Are not based

    • Sybucket

      So based on your statement if she did not work for the school district she has no right to an opinion? Interesting how your mind works.

      • Sprock

        She has every right to her opinion as you do your’s. But as business owners continually remind us, they own the property on which you park and if they don’t like something visible on or in your car they can require you remove the item or the car or both. If the custodian was an employee of the school district she most likely would have been covered under the collective bargaining contract in which case you folks would treat her like dirt. And she wouldn’t be treated the same either.

      • afdbghq

        Sprock says:

        She has every right to her opinion as you do your’s. But as business owners continually remind us, they own the property on which you park and if they don’t like something visible on or in your car they can require you remove the item or the car or both.

        The school property is public property that belongs to the taxpayers and not the school board, teachers, or any other individual. Therefore being public property she had the right to display any sign she wanted without fear of any type of retribution This is just another tactic of the thugs who run the union to silence any thought or opinion except what the union tells you you can have.

  • Bruce Belligan

    The tyranny of the majority. Exactly what our founding fathers and the Bill of Rights are against.
    Again, the teachers and the unions show their true colors.

    • eddie47d

      This article wasn’t presented very well and didn’t tell the whole story (as Robert pointed out). Logically the custodian should be allowed to have a sign on her car and so should everyone else. Unless the message is extremely offense (which it wasn’t) then free speech should reign.

    • Robert S

      So….we are supposed to be subjected to the tyranny of the minority? I suppose that is what the Supreme Court is for? Also the dictatorial powers of the ethnic minorities in play currently? Then there is the all powerful 1%, pulling the strings of the ubiquitous one world government worming it’s way in there somewhere. Tyranny never tires!

      • Bruce Belligan

        Educate yourself. Try reading the bill of rights and our constitution. Then you will see how fallacious your argument is.
        Try the Constitution 101 course on line at

      • 45caliber


        I keep a copy of the Constitution and all amendments on my computer all the time for referal. I’ve never seen anything in that that refers to a fear of a tyrany of the majority but I’ve certainly seen signs of a fear of big government. Perhaps you should re-study your copy without the shading of liberal bias.

    • Robert S

      I always thought that the reason this country was formed was to leave tyranny behind us, across the “pond”, and not have to deal with that injustice any longer. Wasn’t that the point of having a constitutional form of government with the three forms of checks and balances, which with any luck, works most of the time. Unfortunately, as with most things involving large populations, ethos swing as a pendulum on a perpetual arc, and we are never to be satisfied as to its placement for any length of time. We can only hope that we survive each of it’s dalliances in the eras which we don’t find agreeable.

      • Bruce Belligan

        The tyranny of the minority, also known as aristocracy, monarchy, Marxism, oligarchy et al… Exactly what our founding fathers and the Bill of Rights are against.
        Again, the teachers and the unions show their true colors. Educate yourself instead of blindly following the elitists in the education sector, incidentally, another aristocratic minority.

      • Bruce Belligan

        You “thought” wrong. Educate yourself. I’ve already provided you a link.

      • Alex Frazier

        Bruce, a true aristocracy is not tyrannical. In saying aristocracy, I assume you intend to refer to the ultra rich who have their noses in the air when it comes to the average person. Applying that politically, you’re speaking of wealthy, over-privileged rulers.

        Wealthy, over-privileged figures of authority who rule because of their wealth instead of their quality of character is an oligarchy, not an aristocracy.

        To be ruled by an aristocracy, as per its original Greek meaning, is to be ruled by the “best” citizens, or those who are superior. In the case of our own founders, regardless of any status of wealth, they were aristocrats. They were wise, intelligent, educated, and of good moral character so far as we can tell. Relative to these characteristics, they were superior in many ways to the average, uneducated citizen. In being so, they were capable of governing their fellow citizens.

        But of course, many over the centuries who were undeserving of the title “aristocrat” often considered themselves as such due to their state of wealth or privilege. They considered themselves better than the common man, though they were often useless people without their money.

        So just a little fun information for you. An aristocrat is only an aristocrat if you think that person has genuine qualities that set them above the average person in terms of wisdom, intelligence, education, etc., that would qualify them to govern the rest of us by virtue of their superiority over the average citizen in the necessary qualities of character.

        I would personally consider Ron Paul an aristocrat according to its proper definition. He is by far amongst the best of men.

      • Bruce Belligan

        Alex Frazier:
        There is nothing noble or desireable about ANY of the forms of TYRANNIES I have mentioned in this posting. The moral depravity you have alluded to disgusts me. You have the perfect mindset for a serf, subject or a slave. I have nothing but contempt for a creature like you.

  • Corsica

    That picture of a man can’t be Mary Taylor.

    • Libertytrain

      The picture doesn’t say it is her – it is a picture of the Governor – whom she was showing support for.

  • Edmund Jones

    Regard less of who she worked for the school didtrict or out side contracter, has no legal right to force her removal of the sign ! The very fact that some one offered her help with unemployment would seem to be that they were caught and embarrased by the act and hoped it would go away ! And yes the majority of administraters and supervisers in school districts do come from the teachers ranks thus long union affiliation !

  • jopa

    Corsica; No wonder she was fired she was impersonating a “governor to be gone” soon.She should not be able to collect unemployment benefits either for refusing employment.She was offerrsed a job, refused, and no hand outs for her.

    • Carol J

      Say what??? I saw nothing that says she refused employment. The only thing she refused was to take the sign from her car window. And that is her privilege as an American citizen. The biggest problem here is that we still do not know the whole story.

    • LAB

      You show a severe mental problem with this statement please report to the nearest brain bank and get an implant.

    • afdbghq

      jopa: By your posts you have shown us that you are nothing but a drone for the big union thugs. By your post you are a union person to the core, which means you have no opinion except what the union tells you to have. No free thoughts.

  • 45caliber

    This isn’t a surprise and it isn’t a political statement about the GOP. It is, plain and simple, a reprimand by the unions for her support of Walker. They hate him with a passion. I’m surprised that she was given any chance to hide the sign and wasn’t actually attacked by union thugs.

    • Bruce Belligan

      Try the Constitution 101 course on line at
      And don’t you EVER call me a liberal again. Take your own advice.

      • Honestly

        I’m curious, who are you addressing with this statement?

    • Bruce Belligan

      To honestly:
      This was a reply to 45caliber in the following post:
      “45caliber says:
      April 3, 2012 at 10:16 am

      I keep a copy of the Constitution and all amendments on my computer all the time for referal. I’ve never seen anything in that that refers to a fear of a tyrany of the majority but I’ve certainly seen signs of a fear of big government. Perhaps you should re-study your copy without the shading of liberal bias.

      45caliber missed the sarcastic barb posted by Ted Crawford and thought I was agreeing with him. The thread would not allow me to respond to his misguided insult.

      * Note to 45caiber: read the federalist papers.

      • 45caliber

        Bruce: I will appologize for calling you a liberal since you say you are not one. However, the Constitution was meant to free us from a minority rule in England. It was never meant to free us from a majority rule. Writing at that time expressed the opinion that you had to be careful of majority rule because they could oppress minorities. What has happened is that this has become the dominate feature of the US now in that any minority can complain about their “rights” being violated and get what they want. They have rights, just as majorities do, on things like freedom of religion, etc. but that does not include things like forcing the rest of us to give up religious symbols because it “offends” them.

      • 45caliber

        Incidently, I’ve never liked the Federalist Papers because they push for a strong federal government. That was not what was wanted by most people of that time and was not what we were supposed to have until Lincoln and the Congress of the North insisted they had the power through the federal government to control the South. NOT SLAVE ISSUES! That’s why the South removed themselves from the Union as they had the right to do. However, it would have hurt the profits of the northern merchants if they were allowed to do this, so Lincold declared war. It was never a “civil war” since it was not fought to give a different group federal power.

      • Bruce Belligan

        The Bill of Rights is the product of the federalist papers. I urge you to go online and take the Constitution 101 course ( ) who is sponsoring it free of charge. Some things you have written are not correct. It’s just in the details that you err.

  • good time charlie

    Teachers should not be allowed to belong to unions and also hide behind tenure laws. They should have to earn their position.

    • Gail C Sees

      AMEN!!!! I’ll second that notion!

      • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

        Same here, I agree 100%. The Unions have screwed up Public education so much that some of our kids can’t even read their own diplomas when they graduate. If they can they don’t understand what they have read.

    • Robert Smith

      Good time says: “Teachers should not be allowed to belong to unions and also hide behind tenure laws.”

      Why? So they can be abused like the were in Dover, PA?


    • 45caliber

      Teachers haven’t been abused in decades. So your argument is out of date.

  • Randy131

    Have the socialistic unions achieved the power to make the state of Wisconsin communistic over the rights of it’s citizens,not unlike the old USSR, and can do what ever they want, even to the extent of ruining ones livelyhood and life? Is this not what Governor Walker stands against, and the reason these socialistic unions, who prefer communistic governance, fear him and want him gone, so nobody can challenge things like this woman’s right of free speech, to support whomever or whatever she wishes and wants, without retalliation for her right of free choice? Is Wisconsin still part of the United States of America, and under the mandates of the US Constitution, that guarantees the rights of that document and all of it’s amendments? Unions have driven our Industry and Entepreneurs out of our country, and now they’re trying to do the same with the common people who don’t believe as they do, and won’t submit to their demands, is this really what America is about, or is this the doctrine of the old USSR being imported to this country through the unionization of America and it’s people. Now we know why Governor Walker has so much support, because there are still some American Patriots left in this country, for the Unions have failed to drive them all out yet.

  • carolinerh

    Wait! What about this worker’s rights. Having worked with 3 unions, I say THROW them out, public or otherwise, because they are not patriotic, nor Americans, but little gods they think to run our workplaces. Teachers unions have not allowed teachers to take the National Qualification exam because they won’t pass. Most teachers today just want the money and perks, are ill-educated and incapable of teaching a class of 2 let any more. My classes were always over 40 and I did not complain because I had become a teacher in a school that taught one how to be a teacher. Demonstrations are to be peaceful or not allowed. Obviously, this demonstration was not peaceful. They had NO RIGHT to deny her to express her opinion and when fire and brimstone came, the “leader??” had to backtrack on “firing her” and saying it was a mistake. We are not getting what we pay for. Why were these teachers not in class teaching. Fire them all. The students will be far better educated by someone off the street than these vultures and their union leadesr living in luxury on our and the teacher’s money! Walker stay the course. You did the right thing for the state and they just can’t stand it. If the teaches had guts, they would band and get rid of the union which has led them down the path to no future in education and that would not be bad, come to think of it.

  • lj

    My My My. You don’t need The Declaration Of Independence for this. It is quite simple.

    One person was not allowed to have their political sign in their car and other people were allowed to have their political signs. That is not fair. The fact that the one sign that was not accepted by the person in charge was supporting a different party than all the others demonstrates an disgusting lever of bias.

    The wrong person was fired. ( And lets not caught up in the word “fired”.) She lost her job because the person with the power to “fire”, dismiss, cause her to be unemployed decided she supported the “wrong” political person.

    This is Wrong!! It is so obviously wrong that the founding fathers would refer to such an issue as “self evident” It doesn’t need explaining.

  • Gail C Sees

    It frightens me to think that educators and school officials have adopted the attitudes of the Union officials. Absolute BULLIES! It would only follow that those same educators will BULLY their students. The American education system is NOW a failed system, and needs to be tossed away.
    I admire Walker for his tenacity to stand up against the pure “D” evils of the union bureaucracy. And shame on any employer or employee, whom through their union, bullies another employee. I cant understand how any union employee can benefit from paying union dues for the privilege of working, and WHAT help…and at what COST? I Stand with Walker too.

  • LAB

    Governor Scott Walker is the BEST GOVERNOR This country has ever seen!!! Wisconsinites need to get the cheese curds out of their heads and start using the brains the Good Lord gave them!!! Wish he’d run for PRESIDENT!!!

  • s c

    Like pres, like school stooge (the school ‘boss,’ that is). Utopians have a most curious approach to “fair play” and constitutional rights. The temporary tenant in the W H just makes it worse. Combining arrogance and paranoia is a dangerous combination.
    But, that’s the way it is – for now. Until Obummer is gone, administrators and some teachers and most union thugs and elected useful idiots and other assorted filth will be able to get away with way too crap. It’s what worthless utopians do. It’s a major tenet of their “religion” [Big Government is 'God,' and 'others' are not welcome unless they're pc and properly programmed].

  • 2¢ worth…

    Well, all I can say is.. Other than the Big Foot Fines, this is the most ridicules crock of crap I’ve ever heard.. If I want to back a Pub in the general location of some other group of backers then I should have that right. This joint is beginning to suck big time!! Pity there’s not another friendly country that we can invade and subject the natives to vile treaties so we can make it our own.. Oh well, maybe in another life.

  • ToeTagTunny

    I would certainly like to be a fly on the wall in about a hundred and fifty years so that I might find out what this history has taught our heirs.. I wonder, would what we’re doing now, saying now and acting now be seen as wisdom then or a shameful period in history.. Of course, we’ll never know this BUT we can definitely change the opinions tomorrow by acting more sane today. Am I asking too much? (probably).


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