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School Tracks Students With Microchips, Some Refuse

October 11, 2012 by  

School Tracks Students With Microchips, Some Refuse

Since October, some schools in Texas have asked all students to wear microchips in an effort to cut down on truancy. Freedom-loving pupils have refused to do so, but not without suffering the consequences.

Students attending John Jay High School and Anson Joes Middle School are supposed to attend class with photo ID cards equipped with radio-frequency identification chips. The strategy is intended to help teachers know where students are at all times during the school day.

“I had a teacher tell me I would not be allowed to vote because I did not have the proper voter ID,” said Andrea Hernandez, a sophomore at John Jay High School. “I had my old student ID card which they originally told us would be good for the entire four years we were in school. He said I needed the new ID with the chip in order to vote.”

Deputy Superintendent Ray Galindo issued this statement to Hernandez’ parents: “I urge you to accept this solution so that your child’s instructional program will not be affected. As we discussed, there will be consequences for refusal to wear an ID card as we begin to move forward with full implementation.”

Some people feel that the chips have the potential of doing more harm than good.

“Using this information along with an RFID reader means a predator could use this information to determine if the student is at home and then track them wherever they go,” said Heather Fazio of Texans for Accountable Government. “These chips are always broadcasting so anyone with a reader can track them anywhere.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • czman75

    All in all, we’re just another brick in the wall…

    • RJS

      Hey teacher! Leave those kids alone!

    • eddie47d

      I’m thinking the parents will love this and will be able to track where their kids are. Actually this is a waste of money since those kids can leave the chip (ID card) at home and still be truant someplace else. Now why would a Conservative state like Texas with Conservative school Administrators implement this? Pity the hard working Liberal school teachers who have to keep track of these students because the Conservatives think they can do it better. What’s next RFID chips in your voter ID cards?

      • Grammy

        eddie: in your voter ID cards? Nah…it’s unconstitutional to have to prove you are who you say you are when you go to vote.

      • got my licence

        Edwad. Yes Texas is conserative but the school district is like most liberal.

      • Vicki

        Texas may be conservative overall but these schools are in San Antonio, Texas. Since the mayor of San Antonio was invited to speak at the DNC we can quickly figure out why such a cities school system would go for these RFID chips.

      • independent thinker

        eddie, not all of Texas is conservative. 45Cal correct me if I am wrong but I believe it is Houston that is considered one of the more liberal cities in the US. The article does not say what city (cities) the schools are in.

      • cpa

        Texas is overall pretty conservative. However, that is getting a bit watered down with the influx of new people moving to Texas. People have moved in droves from states that don’t have jobs to states that do (Texas is one of those states). Many are moving from places like New York, California, etc that have unfavorable tax environments for businesses. Some businesses have moved to Texas for this reason. The owners are often conservative (if they are moving their business for tax reasons and business friendly environments). But they sometimes employ thousands (not all from Texas) who then move to Texas who are not.

        Same basic concept – these people ruin their own states with nanny state laws and high taxes, then when the jobs run dry and businesses close up – they all move to the next productive area to ruin. Kind of like parasites. Hopefully Texas can educate some of their new transplants to a more productive way of thinking and not lose their heritage of common sense conservatism in the process which they are known for.

        As for schools – these have always been liberal. They are a force on the rest of society. When they say you have to do this or your child’s education may suffer – what are parents going to say? I hope they fight this. Doesn’t seem necessary to me.

        Can’t they tell if the kids are truant or not by looking at the kids in class? What are the teachers not physically in the room? Do they really need electronic surveillance to determine who is in class?

      • 45caliber


        Most large cities, including those in Texas, are liberal. Houston certainly is. It is also a “sactuary” city for illegals. Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Waco, Austin, etc. are all similiar. My grandson in Ft. Worth has a school card with a chip in it. I saw it when I visited two weeks ago. He doesn’t have to wear it outside school but he does at school. I don’t think he can even get into the school without it as it is used to open the door.

      • DG

        No Eddie– THEY want to inject the chip into our bodies- the same kind they put into dogs

    • steve

      boy am i glad i went to school in the 50′s and 60′s. talk about control. all the jocks should stand up and quit there teams in protest. football is hugh in texas . see were that will get the school in trouble with the tax payers and fans. stand up for your privacy rights kids.

      • Elected4Life

        Ditto! Hit’em where it hurts, the pocket book! That’ll get their attention.

      • 45caliber

        High school football is certainly huge in Texas. Generally they have more people attend high school games than they do college games.

    • Ed Weber

      Only if “We the people” permit it.

    • Randy131

      Who’s next??? What if they want to put those chips in driver licenses, so they know who is driving the care when it is stopped, before they have to walk up to the car and investigate who is driving and why they just violated a law, traffic or otherwise? Lost of your freedom, rights, and privacy doesn’t happen all at once, it takes little steps, one after another, until you’ve lost so much that it can’t be stopped and all is lost. That first step may start with the children in our schools, then what is the next step, who is next that the government forces lost of privacy on, and then rights, and finally your freedom? Why most people want to come to the USA is because they know that our freedom, rights, and privacy are the most dear things humans can possess, yet we take them for granted, and are willing to give them up for the most inane excuses, like in this matter for truancy (very poor excuse), and at our airports with the TSA for supposed security, which the Founding Fathers proclaimed that anyone who gave up a right for security, deserves neither, and will probably end up losing both. Of my 65 years, I never thought I would see Anmericans giving up freely, what they have just since Obama became President, the weakening of the US Constitution and the lost of many of the Bill of Rights, how sad and pathetic.

      • Louise

        Could this be called “The mark of the beast”…..

      • Scott Todd

        My thoughts exactly, Louise. Or at least a good precursor of it.

  • kategray

    First it starts with something small and then when all is said and done something bigger will come along and take it’s place. Your FREEDOM is no longer your own, but belongs to BIG BROTHER. in the guise of protection. What we need is protection from BIG BROTHER. If the school system and parents do their job they would not have problems. Parents need to teach first values and respect, not Government, second teachers need to teach and not think of the bennies they might not get

  • Rick Brown

    Pretty soon, they wil want to implant the chips for extra convenience, protection against loss etc. George Orwell, where are we now?

    • Schlumbio T

      We (those of us who are Christians and love Jesus Christ) have read the last book of the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) and we know how it all ends – this is merely part of the picture – Revelations states that everyone must take the MARK in order to be able to buy or sell (that includes food, rent, even water) We can, however, delay the end result if we would just pray and ask God to forgive us for living without obeying HIM and ask for HIS help in keeping this country we all love free and strong!

      • JDN

        Schlumbio , I’m sure prayer is fine and all but really is that the only answer offered by God ? Does he really want everyone to bow down to all the evils of this world and pray for deliverence .Then if it doesn’t happen to just lay there like a whipped dog and accept your just deserts ? If so how convenient for evil is this setup .

    • 45caliber


      They are already offering to implant chips in kids nation wide to “make it easier to find them if they are kidnapped.” Actually, I think it is meant to be able to identify the bodies more easily. Many hospitals offer the chance to new parents.


    The solution is easy have all the students put the card in the microwave for ten seconds. the chip which is metallic in its properties will no longer function. no outward signs if alteration will be evident. If the card also has a magnetic strip a few strokes of a strong magnet scrambles this. The kids will be in compliance with the rules. It will be up to the school to prove the cards were intentional disabled. God damn big brother.
    God bless America.

    • Schlumbio T

      AMEN Grampa! EVERYONE needs to stand up to these goons! If they aren’t kicked out of their jobs, then kick them out of the country – let them go live in anotherworld! If that doesn’t work, then use lead or rope and eliminate the problem for good (that is, for the good of all the people who love freedom)

    • Bill

      Good Idea

    • dcjdavis

      So simple. Love it.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      At firt glance I loved your ideas. But then I thought, NO! We need to REFUSE! We need to tell them, we will NOT be controlled!!! We will NOT comply!!! It doesn’t END here!!! They’re only STARTING with the kids because they’re more compliant!!!

      • Mom Henning

        Kids don’t go to school, they go to jail…..Schools look like a prisons, act like one..homeschool your kids…..Mom Henning

  • Big Woody

    It is futile to resist. All citizens must comply. This is for the better good of all. We are here to help you. It is futile to resist. All resistors will be terminated. Compliance is manditory.

    Welcome to the NEW America. Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, doesn’t it?

    • Schlumbio T

      Turn the tables on them and TERMINATE anyone who wants to remove the freedoms that people fought and died for.

    • http://google gary gerke

      Right on Big Woody, shoot them where they stand!!!!

  • duif100

    Where does the school get the authority to do this?
    Since when is anyone accountable to a school for his/her whereabouts 24 hrs/day?

  • Diana B

    This is just plain scarry. What kind of country has the United States become. Our freedoms are slowly being taken away. The fact that this information can be stolen at anytime is scarry as well. This is just plain wrong. This school system should be investigated. The kids and parents need to band together and say no thank you. Go to a other school if necessary. Public awareness is a good thing to stop this kind of thing.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      They’re just setting up the control grid and training people to be obedient!!!

  • Mark

    Mark of the Beast

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I agree!!!

  • Rogue Elephant

    Be sure to thank a ‘teacher’!

  • Chester

    These microchips have to be read by a transceiver that is relatively close, as within a few feet, not a few blocks. Perhaps those who think otherwise should go to the nearest big box store and see just how far away they can scan a shelf of goods to do inventory. The last I heard, the scanner, or at least the scanner antenna, had to be within about five feet of the embedded chips before it could read them. These chips are NOT self powered, all they do is reflect a signal with a few alterations, much like the old IFF equipment used to identify aircraft and ships back in the fifties up to the eighties and nineties. Truth be known, they are still using similar equipment today, just miniaturized.

    • Mark

      and so it starts. Always start with something simple and non-intrusive. Conditioning sheeple to accept the small step. If they can get it started in a state like Texas, condition kids and parents alike, the next step can be taken.

    • independent thinker

      “Perhaps those who think otherwise should go to the nearest big box store and see just how far away they can scan a shelf of goods to do inventory.”

      Comparing rotten oranges to horse apples. The Big Box stores use optical scanners for scanning items and shelf lables for inventory purposes not RFID or similar. They do use something similar to RFID for security purposes to help deter theft. It is purposely set to low power because they only want it to go off when a security tagged item passes by in the immediate area they do not want it going off every time someone moves a tagged item three isles away.

    • Vicki

      Chester says:
      “These microchips have to be read by a transceiver that is relatively close, as within a few feet, not a few blocks. ”

      I don’t think that “few” feet means 400 feet. Perhaps you are thinking of ancient technology?

      Here is just 1 receiver that has an expected 400 ft range and can be connected with others in a “mesh” of units to cover a MUCH larger area.

      Price is reasonable too.

  • tim

    WTF is it with texas lately?? Are there a lot of californians moving there??? I’m hearing all kinds of stuff like this about texas. Time to purge the californians and the rest of the liberals out. As for the ID, sounds like a good time to start a lawsuit!!!!!!! This is a harassment and a violation of personal freedom!!! Get rid of the teachers unions!!@!!

    • Curt

      ” As for the ID, sounds like a good time to start a lawsuit!!!!!!! ” Damned good idea. If Odumba$$ can file lawsuits for every little thing that he doesn’t get his way with, why can’t parents sue the schools?

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Liberals from all over the country are moving to the large cities in Texas. The same things happening here in Omaha. The big corporations relocate here because it’s such a “nice place to live”! Then they use their big money to change it so that it’s like the rotten big cities they left!!!

  • Caroline

    How stupid can the school boards get! All the students have to do is leave their IDs in their locker and it will look like they’re in school. Then they can leave the school and no one will know the difference! Once the schools figure out this glitch it will mandate injecting RFID chips in the students themselves! And people wonder why I never wanted to have children! For what? 9 months of carrying a baby so the government can say hand him/her over?

  • gaaak

    A few seconds in a microwave oven will fry the chip, and it won’t show on the card.
    “Ooops; the TSA scanner must have erased it”.

    • Curt


      Love it !

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    Not a single person should ever agree to any form of tracking in what is an
    “Alledged ~~ FREE Society”

    Thus ~ A tracking chip in and of its self ~~ ~ states that you are not in a “FREE Society.”

    Thus the “direct implication” of such is ~~ that you are either a “Modern day Slave / chattel” who’s master must keep tabs on your every movment ~ Thus ~ protecting their investment or {managing their livestock.}

    Take your pick ~~ As either way it’s direct PROOF by way of (( clear cut evidence )) that you are nothing more nor less than {animial stock / Cattle / Sheep ~ etc for harvest. }

    The flip side is that you are in fact also owned by the “Centeral Bank/ FED” as you and your children now owe them {{$16 TRILLION Dollars}} and they plan on collecting that sum, one way or the other.

    Again this is quite clear when you remove all the mindless rhetoric about keeping your children safe ~ or any of the other mindless babbel / CONFOUNDING BS from the SLAVE Masters who own each and everyone of YOU.

    So ~ What will you do, act like sheep for slaughter ~ Thus allow your children to be chipped, or will you now make a stand?

    Afterall no one made a stand in 1913 when the Money rape began by way of the “Federal Reserve Act,” ~~ let alone by the Corpoation known as The “United States, inc.”

    What will it take to wake the American people from their state of Deep ~ Slumber?

    Peace and Love

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I agree with you!!! I am wide awake!!! Ain’t nobody chipping ME! Not EVER! If one of my kids allowed my grandchildren to be chipped, I’d knock em upside the head!!! People better wake up, before it’s too late!!! Time is short!!!

  • JimH

    Generations of children managed to get educated without a tracking chip. I’ll bet they still can.
    I graduated before Carter was President. I managed to get educated without a Dept. of Education.
    How did we ever do it?

    • 45caliber

      I can tell you graduated early. After all, you don’t spout the government nonsense all the time as some here do.

  • simon11

    hay i am a truckdriver and when they have are tralers loaded with hight value produck they will put a chip on the produck that can be traced by a satalight

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I’ve got no problem with them tracking inanimate objects. But people are not objects! We have right to privacy. We have the right to not be tracked! We do not belong to them!!!

    • r.p.

      The CDL’s in every state have been issued with an RFID chip in them since 2006. It was a federal mandate by DOT. I read an article less than a year ago that it was being implemented for all types of licenses in every state. This information was not aired by any of the MSM. Law enforcement can pull up alongside you and read who you are. Colorado just passed a law that makes it illegal to be without your license. Your vehicle will be impounded and you will be hauled off to jail. This was part of the “National ID” legislation that didn’t pass, but somehow they managed to get the tracking chip in anyway.

      • Raymond Carl Hardie

        Yes it’s true that the DOT mandated the magnetic strip on your drivers license, but there is a way to secure your information, wrap a piece of aluminum foil around your drivers license while carrying it and it drives the scanning device crazy and unable to read any of the data so when stopped the police still must ask for your license since their pocket scanners get no credable data when approaching your vehicle. So if you are a freedom minded American, do this for your own good.

  • Dee

    What is this country coming to? We need to get rid of the jerk in the oval office and get Gov Romeny which is an American and hopefully he can get our country turned around.

  • http://PLD FRENCHIE


  • SJJolly

    Radio Frequency Identification Chips (RFIC’s) can’t broadcast — not without some kind of power supply attached — but rather return a coded echo in response to a scanner transmission. Much like the security tags on store merchandise.
    One use of the chips would be a quick attendance roll call. Simply send a monitor to walk the corredors, scanning each classroom in passing.
    Implanting the chips in or on students is certainly the next step. Elsewise, a student could attend class with some other student’s RFIC, attend with several student’s RFIC’s, or even send in some non-student substitute. I suspect that students will figure out RFIC technology faster than teachers and administrators will, including ways to spoof it.

  • Antonio

    Hey I thought that the military was fighting for our freedoms and defending our constitution. Oh Yeah, I almost forgot they are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy. They are not here for our freedoms; so stop supporting them…

    • FWO21

      Please don’t badmouth the folks in the military. They are doing what they are told to do; they can not write their own rules. I know, it use to mean they were fighting to keep America free from communism, etc. but now they are used for all sorts of things. We need to get our military back to the way it was intended. Not to fight for oil, or a drug war or whatever other reasons they come up with.

  • Ghost

    My little sister has to wear one of these dam things! I always tell her to join other kids who are against this, and not wear the id. This is some grade a government bullsh*t.

  • FWO21

    I heard it said that the chip in the ID card is to condition the kids for when the time comes to put a mark on the forehead or the right hand, they won’t have a problem with it because they grew up with it. Sounds like there are some pretty smart kids out there and the parents too. Also, the children being targeted do not speak English real well nor do the parents, so that makes them easy targets. Check out the spychips website and there is one just for this cause and it should be listed on K. Albreicht website.

  • Bill Roth

    Place card on anvil. Apply liberal hammer strokes.

  • Bezare1

    This is a very serious developement! To properly honor respect and protect those chips I would carry mine in an aluminum case wraped in several layers of aluminum foil!

  • Ogrrre

    Microwave that ID card for about 10 or 15 seconds. Problem solved.

  • gunner689AI

    can you say 666 ? a good method to curb truancy is to fine the parents.

  • Chief Boring

    “Badges…(chips)…We don’t need no stinking badges!” (Treasure of the Sierra Madre.) This has got to stop somewhere! I’m a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer who swore to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. It seems they are getting more domestic all the time. I’m from Georgia, but had relatives in Texas. One of them fought at Bexar. Texans are better than this. Y’all need to “educate” your new residents! Chief Boring

  • michael

    conservative commentator Mark Levin recently made the observation that most people in this country would fight to the death if someone tried to take their I-phone away, but don’t even think twice about the daily assault on our personal liberties.


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