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School Suspends Student Growing Hair For Locks For Love

October 24, 2012 by  

School Suspends Student Growing Hair For Locks For Love

A high school junior in Ohio has been suspended because of his long hair. Zachary Aufderheide was growing his hair for Locks for Love, a group that uses donated hair to make hair pieces for kids who lose their hair because of illness.

Aufderheide has been growing his hair since October 2011.

“If I could just give the chance for one kid to have a normal life, then I’m just going to go for it,” Aufderheide said.

But Aufderheide’s hair is a violation of the school’s dress code. School officials told Aurderheide that his hair has to go.

“Just them telling me, ‘No, you can’t do this. You’re not allowed.’ When it’s so close to being done–its just–it’s unbelievable,” said the junior at Canton South High School.

Aufderheide does not plan to cut his hair until he’s ready. Therefore, he’ll face suspension. Aufderheide was planning on growing his hair another inch.

“It’s just hair. I know it’s in the [school handbook] contract. I know it’s in the school policy. But it is just hair. What harm can hair do?” Aufderheide said.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Congress Works For Us

    If this is a public school, the dress code is a violation of the 1st amendment.

    If this is a private school, he’s outta luck.

    • The GLB

      @ Congress Works or Us: It is curious that the article never states whether, or not the school is privately funded, or paid for by the largess of the taxpayers via the ‘gubment’.

      Of course, I could do my due diligence and find out, but right now, at this hour, I would rather just blame the ‘gubment’.

  • Thomas

    This was the same question we asked in school in 1970. Together we brought down the dress code. I thought the “hair wars” were over by 1975. What the hell is going on here?

    • rb

      OK so work to get the hair thing out of the handbook. Where does the school draw the line? If it’s in the handbook it needs to be addressed or they will have to face other issues of selective enforcement of the code. This student was well aware of the handbook when he chose to grow out his hair. He was also well aware of the consequence but chose to do it anyway. This is called being responsible for your actions. While it may be a great cause it’s still a violation of established policy set forth to keep the school functioning in a civilized manner. Do I think it may be a silly policy? Maybe… However you work to change policy not just ignore it because you don’t like it. I believe that’s the concept behind providing a more structured environment in our schools.

      • The GLB

        rb: one might ask, “When was the hair length mandate added to the school handbook?”

        I have a sneaking suspicion it is something relatively new, but I could be completely off-base.

    • Bev

      Me too. I remember when it was a big deal to be able to wear jeans to school. Girls had to wear dresses, skirts, or pantsuits and this was in the early 70′s. I thought we were way passed the long hair thing. This leaves ridiculous in the rear view mirror.

    • Gary L


  • eddie47d

    Hey, Ohio school you can’t teach so you pick on a frivolous issue. Will shorter hair make the kid smarter and you dumber. Just askin!

  • Jennifer

    Good grief! Are there not more important things for schools to worry about than a good kid doing a good deed for another? Oh how about, bullying, falling test scores, drop out rates, teachers having inappropriate relations with students, important stuff. If the kid’s parents don’t have a problem with it since he is doing it to help others, not to be defiant of their authority and support him in doing this good deed, I fail to see how the school should have a problem with it. If my son wanted to do something like this, I would support it 110% or my daughter, I am completely okay with it. If it was a real problem, the parents would have a fit long before the school would and imposed consequences so obviously the parents are supportive.

  • Lee

    Sounds like a sex descrimination lawsuit to me.

  • Bill

    No wonder this country is going down hill. Just take a look at who’s teaching the kids. Kind of explains everything going wrong. If this was a boy that wanted to dress and act like a girl, I’m sure they would not have a problem with his hair. Matter of fact, the school administration would probably embrace it.

  • Michele

    Once again…glad I am homeschooling my children. Whenever, I hear about a school it is bad. How about doing some teaching? You remember, the three R’s…

    • 45caliber

      But Michele! If they teach the “three R’s” they would have to abandon the really important stuff!

      You know. Sex education, Gay rights, and environmentalism.

      • ssgrick

        Hey .45 you forgot to add the instruction in compliance, State first, and the Communist Manifesto. All required instruction as laid out by the communist democrats and their unions.

      • Robert Smith

        45 spouts as if he disapproves of: “You know. Sex education, Gay rights, and environmentalism.”

        I think kids should get age appropriate sex education. Most don’t get it from home, and rarely except as an outright prohibition with no thought do churches offer any advice. Sex needs to be taught, just as traffic laws keep us all safe.

        Again I’ll ask, what is improper about teaching equality in school? This is AMERICA, not someplace where the Taliban shoots people for wanting to learn. BTW, equality is what gays want. You still haven’t given us any information about “special” rights the rest of us don’t have.

        And environmentalism… It’s where we live, breath, etc. I want my kids to know how things in our environment relate to each other. Why do you object to kids hearing about the dangers of spills, fracking, and global warming?


  • paul

    It’s a public school.I used to live up near there

    • 45caliber

      And since it is a public school (i.e., government) it can do as it wants.

  • pete0097

    If girls can have long hair so can the boys. That is the law and the ACLU should back him up for free.

  • The Big Easy

    Why doesn’t the organization he is trying to help,come to his defense for the person that will be getting the GIFT of the hair.I feel sorry for the one that is supposed to be getting the hair.They will be the one who will be hurt by NOT getting this GIFT.

  • NoteToSelf

    Smart kid, he admits the truth of knowing the policies and takes the consequences. With this exposure, maybe the school will allow exceptions for kids growing hair to donate to this cause. It seems like thinking is in order.

    • The GLB

      Don’t count on it.

      Read my above response to Wil, and hopefully you will recognize this stuff just gets worse and worse (or worser and worser, should one prefer).

  • Wil

    Get used to it kid,Obama gets another term,you will be hearing ‘it’s not allowed’ in every aspect of your life.

    • Robert Smith

      Except women will be able to make their own health decisions in health care.


      • Ms. M

        Has anyone really thought this “abortion-on-demand” issue through? Could we ultimately be giving women the ability to selectively abort their MALE babies – a female majority would certainly change the socio-economic and polital climate of the planet, would it not? I support contraception and even the “morning after” abortifacient pill (goes to the “access” issue); women choose to not become mothers for a number of reasons and have been exercising that right since they became aware of how babies were made! I do not believe society can legislate morality; however, neither is society obligated to support irresponsible social behavior by paying for abortions/abortifacients/contraceptives to alleviate the financial or personal commitment a birth would create. I do not support aborting a baby (did not say “fetus”) with a heartbeat. Abortion in cases of rape, incest, endangerment to the mother (or other exceptional, warranted medical conditions) most always is performed within the first tri-mester of pregnancy. So let’s reconsider the “unintended consequences” of allowing women to ultimately play God…….

      • Charles A

        Robert, you haven’t been paying attention. Under Ubamacare, NO-ONE will be able to make their own healthcare decision. All decisions will be in the hands of a small number of government “experts.” Experts on cutting expenses, that is.

    • The GLB

      Wil: It isn’t just Obama, these Zero Tolerances policies have been around for a while and they just seem to be getting more and more absurd and draconian.

      The purpose being to get the young people to follow orders and to not challenge ‘Authority’, and one can see the roll out of it all of the time, e.g. the TSA and their stupid rules, to which anyone who travels just bows. If one does not comply, well then …

      It is the exact same thing with ‘gubment’ schools and their idiotic ZTP’s: just go along to get along even if my personal liberties have been throw into the toilet along with a very soiled Constitution.

  • 45caliber

    I was talking to a friend the other day. He said his nephew (who was home schooled) went in to apply for college this fall. When the offical he was talking to heard he’d been home schooled, he was told to “go to that line there”. It was an automatica acceptance into the college with no questions or tests to qualify …

    • Ms. M

      Look up the stats – home schoolers always have the highest standardized test scores, even ahead of private schoolers. Why? Because their curricula are Mastery Based! They spend 100% of their academic hours mastering the subject material. They are not encumbered with non-essential pressures/distractions attendant with the current public education system. They also tend to be more mature than their public school counterparts and more aware of the world at-large. They will excel in collegiate studies for two reasons: they have been taught to value education and they are self-reliant – capable of accomplishing a great deal on their own. I also home schooled our children – it was a most rewarding experience!

    • Charles A

      Part of it is the fact that the public school systems are constantly dragged down to the level of the least capable students, so that they won’t “feel embarrassed.” So the better students suffer from lack of challenge and accomplishment. Even if they take it upon themselves to study and do extra work, they are penalized.

  • http://facebook Pam Deininger

    The school’s have more important things to worry about, then some guy growing his hair to help others. LEAVE HIM ALONE. LET HIM BACK IN SCHOOL.

    • Joe H

      yeah, but it makes all those balding spinsters crazy to see a male with hair longer than theirs and FULLL!

  • hambone

    I can understand where this student is coming from. why can girls have long hair and not guys? Hair is hair, everybody has it (for the most part). I guess if Jesus were here today, they would make him get a hair cut.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Jesus Christ was not a Nazarite.
      The boy is a manipulative. Wait long enough to find out that this has nothing to do with growing his hair to make wigs for Locks for Love.

      • diamond1957

        sure by all means lets suspect the worse, its so much easier than believing this supposed degenerate is actually a caring person.

      • Karolyn

        Nad – Are you just so pessimistic that you can’t accept that a young man might want to actually be doing something to help others? Wow! I am floored. And what’s wrong with long hair anyway?

  • ssgrick

    An experiment to challenge this policy would be for a young lady in this school to cut her hair short and see if she gets expelled for a violation of that code. If the young men can’t have long hair then surely logic would indicate that girls could not have short hair. Since all democrats think in terms of zero sum gains one would think that this would be the policy would it not?

  • tim

    Sue them, you;ll win

  • Smash Crasher

    If he were black and wore dreadlocks . . . the liberal cowards would quake in fear.


      YES, THEY SHOULD CALL THE POLICE – Obama dosen’t have long hair ..Or does he?

    • Gary L

      I was wondering when someone would bring race into this. You should be so proud of yourself now.

  • Val Galamb

    I know 2 wonderful young men that were in their teens and early 20′s who grew out their
    beautiful long thick hair for Locks of Love, and they did it out of compassion (did I mention they were home schooled?) This young man is to be commended for his compassion AND staying dedicated to his plan. The school should be ashamed and make an exception. Even Jesus “broke the rules” when love and compassion exceeded the law. It’s the spirit, not the letter of the law that matters! A matter of character and unselfishness. I wish there were more young men and women like this young man.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDiegest Dennis Jones

    He should be able to grow his hair long if the school allows him to submit an agreement in writing for the soul purpose for doing so with proof from Locks for Love. Otherwise the rules of the school should apply.

    • The GLB

      Dennis, it is a stupid rule. He should not have to give an explanation for why he is growing his hair long.

      His reason could be as simple as I like that it adds 15 minutes to my morning preparations, and that would be as good a reason, although less altruistic.

  • Sol of Texas

    This is a fine example as to why states should provide for school choice (vouchers) since they are determined to bankroll government school education at all taxpayer’s expense. That way a student can likely choose a school with more focus on education and less on its dress code.

  • Lisa

    Please sue the school district for sex discrimination. There should be no differences in the dress code by sex.

  • Charles A

    Am I surprised that after more than forty years, the length of a male’s hair is something that raises the ire of control freaks? No. It will always be so. They will latch onto anything to make themselves superior so that they can crush their chosen enemies.

  • John

    Way to go Zachary, I know dress codes generally mean something but I think there should be exceptions like in this case when a person can prove it’s for a good cause like that, just thinking back my son had long hair I would say at least below his shoulder blades between the belt line and his shoulders and was working at a Bank they had a dress code but as long as it was well kept and neat it was okay. Dress codes are fine but people grow mustaches and beards for various causes I’m sure many of them work at places with a dress code but are allowed because of the cause.


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