School Administrators Attempt To Ruin Boys’ Futures Over Toy Guns


Boys will be boys. That is, unless bureaucrats and jumpy, nosy neighbors have a say.

Two seventh-graders in Virginia were given long-term suspensions from school (similar to expulsion) for playing with toy airsoft guns on private property as they waited for the bus in the front yard of the 13-year-old Khalid Caraballo’s Virginia Beach home. A neighbor, ironically the mother of one of the boys playing in the “airsoft gun war,” called the cops to complain when she saw the youths wielding the orange-tipped mock weapons.

“This is not a real [gun], but it makes people uncomfortable,” the unidentified woman later told WAVY. “I know that it makes me (uncomfortable), as a mom, to see a boy pointing a gun.”

The 911 call resulted in Khalid and his friend Aidan Clark being suspended from Larkspur Middle School along with two other boys when administrators caught wind of the incident. Khalid and Aidan have also been threatened with expulsion for the remainder of the school year for “possession, handling and use of a firearm.”

While the incident did occur as the boys waited for the bus, Khalid told local media that he was nowhere near the school bus stop located 70 yards away from his home as he played with the nonlethal pellet gun.

“[I]t’s unfair because we were in our yard,” he said. “This had nothing to do with school. I didn’t have anything at school at any time.”

His mother agreed with her son, saying: “My son is my private property. He does not become the school’s property until he goes to the bus stop, gets on the bus and goes to school.”

But the principal of Larkspur Middle School, Matthew Delaney, disagreed.

Via WAVY: “ reached out to the principal of Larkspur Middle School, Matthew Delaney. In a letter obtained by he said his investigation found the ‘children were firing pellet guns at each other, and at people near the bus stop.’ The letter from Delaney says one child ‘was only 10 feet from the bus stop, and ran from the shots being fired, but was still hit.’”

But the youngsters remain steadfast in insisting that none of the shooting occurred at the bus stop.

Virginia Beach Police Sergeant Adam Bernstein released a statement regarding the incident that takes a more levelheaded view of the incident than the panicky school administrators’:

We understand that a number of juveniles possess air soft guns and have “airsoft gun” wars with each other, but as it relates to the city code … they are in violation of the code if the juveniles are not exercising “reasonable care”. Also keep in mind that this is not something that we proactively seek out to enforce. If we receive a complaint … we will investigate the call for service and enforce it appropriately, i.e. warning or prosecution.  We want to stress to the parents of the juveniles and the operators of these type of “pneumatic guns” that they need to be handled responsibly and with reasonable care to ensure that the projectile is properly contained.

Police are not charging anyone in this case and noted that Khalid has a target and a net to catch the airsoft pellets on his property.

Though he faces no criminal charges, young Khalid is a bit worried about his future.

“It’s terrible,” he said. “I won’t get the chance to go to a good college. It’s on your school record. The school said I had possession of a firearm. They aren’t going to ask me any questions. They are going to think it was a real gun, and I was trying to hurt someone. They will say ‘oh, we can’t accept you.'”

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Sam Rolley

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  • lbrack

    Everyone associated with the school’s decision to suspend these kids should be fired and their teaching credentials (if they have any) revoked due to their demonstrated extreme incompetence and faulty judgement. How can such people be trusted with making decisions related to children when their decision making ability is so inept concerning such a simple situation? Even the police realized the activity of the kids didn’t reach the level that would exceed the reasonable care threshold required by city code.

    • FreedomFighter

      People are being hyped by media…just a couple of days ago…after Bow Hunting I needed to go do some banking chores. I had no weapons, my checkbook, keys in my hands but was wearing full camo and high top hunting boots – no head gear, hunting gear or anything threatening at all. I walked into the crowded bank and the place went silent and I would bet several tellers pooped on the spot. Fastest service I have ever had at a bank — its getting really ridiculous out there.
      Laus DeoSemper FI

      • independent thinker

        Fortunately it is not that bad where I live. At least not yet.

  • dan

    they could have put an eye out…..oh dear, I’ve become my parents !
    ….but suspension ?! more like take the toys for a while …..

    • ChiefBoring

      With an airsoft gun? Please! I hope you were being sarcastic.

      • dan

        just funnin’…I was a boy ,once and I raised three healthy
        hell-raisin’ rowdies (that took after their mother)

        • ChiefBoring

          Glad to hear it! Mine is a girl; don’t think I’d trade her. LOL

          • dan

            no way would I trade…but I would have loved a daughter to spoil. I was told I had to wait until the boys brought three girls home for me … and I can’t wait for grandkids
            although the nieces and nephews have helped fill the gap.

          • ChiefBoring

            May the lord bless you with grand children of both pursuasions!

          • dan

            …and may he hold you and yours
            in the palm of His hand :)

          • ChiefBoring

            Thank you, kind Sir!

  • HueyDude1

    “You’ll shoot your eye out” The only thing these kids could’ve/should’ve done is wear safety glasses while doing this kind of stuff. Of course, if it were my kids, I would have gotten onto them for playing and getting sweaty and nasty while waiting for the bus, but that’s a different point. We used to shoot actual BB guns at each other growing up, but our parents were responsible enough to teach us that an actual firearm is a dangerous tool and if handled improperly can do more than put an eye out.

  • Mike the Cowboy

    Get rid of these uneducators from school system.They belong on farm picking fruits,they are all commie fruits.

  • Don 2

    Somebody pinch me…..wake me up from this wussification of America nightmare called liberalism.

  • YourAntithesis

    This is too stupid for words, but when kids are being singled out for biting their breakfast pastry into the “shape of a gun”, I can’t say I’m surprised. The sad thing is, had I told Americans just 10 years ago this was going to happen, they would’ve called me crazy. People in this country have become paranoid sheep. We may as well remove the verse “and the home of the brave” from the Star Spangled Banner. As citizens, we’re not brave. We sit here and take any and every assault from the government for the sake of our “safety and security”, from the NSA spying on us to being frisked at the airport. We’ve become a nation of cowards. This story is pathetic, yet a very true representation of what this country’s citizens have been reduced to.

  • tim

    These school administrators are programmed with NO common sense. Go after their union jobs and you will see changes immediately!!!!!! Get them fired, all of them who pull this crap!!!!! Start suing them and the school district hard, no mercy!!!!!

    • joe1cr

      Another reason to get rid of the Dept. of Education and return control to our local school boards.

      • ChiefBoring

        The worst thing Jimmy Carter ever did was create the Dept. of Education!

  • Dcp5674

    I blame the liberals fearmongering. Obviously, the neighbor is a low information voter who doesn’t think boys (including her own) were playing a harmless game, perhaps “cops & robbers” or ” cowboys & Indians” harmless games all you boys play. This is “politically correct” Obamanauts taking the fun out of childhood due to paranoia, aided by Obama having one of his hissy fits about gun owners.
    I applaud the parents allowing the toy guns, and would be happy to teach the kids proper gun handling. Obama can stick his head up his butt. And, don’t the Police in Virginia have real criminals to chase? And don’t the mother who called it in have laundry to do, or soaps to watch! Most of all, don’t the idiots in the school district have reading, writing and arithmetic to teach. Unless, of course, this is a Common Core district, where the schools run the kid’s lives 24-7. Ya gotta love liberal for believing the line of crap Obama throw around like, well, like BS.

    • Chester

      For this lady, there is no such thing as a “harmless game” of cops and robbers, or cowboys and indians. Seems all those games involve at the least mock violence, and she abhors the idea of any child even knowing violence happens, let alone practicing it.

      • Dcp5674

        Good luck as an adult, or even a teenager. Society is by nature violent. You’d better be able to face and handle violence. If not, he will be a victim instead of a participant. And I really hope Momma wakes up and have him take personal defense classes and to own and trained how to use a gun, because by the time he’s an adult, he WILL need both skills.

    • Robert Messmer

      Maybe they were playing “libertarians against liberals” or “infidels against Muslims”.

  • Doc Sarvis

    I agree that the school system went too far with the punishment. That being said; I do think that the NRA’s promotion of guns in the hands of most everyone and the public’s right to shoot first and ask questions later (i.e. “stand your ground”) will eventually lead to someone misinterpreting youths playing with toys as violence and shooting those innocent kids.

    • Vigilant

      “… the school system went too far with the punishment.”

      I think it’s far more serious than that. What the school did is clearly illegal.

      Schools have absolutely no right to cross a private property line and insert themselves into a private affair. If this precedent were allowed to stand, school officials can come into your house and grade your kids on the nature of TV shows they watch, the kinds of toys they play with, or the length of time they spend in the bathroom.

      The principal and the leftists that run the school board (and they voted unanimously to suspend the kids) should be heavily fined, suspended themselves and/or subjected to civil suit in a court of law.

      Had the children been charged with “possession, handling and use of a firearm” ON SCHOOL PROPERTY, it might have a leg to stand on. Any smart lawyer (and I expect a number will come forward) could shoot the school out of the water and have punitive/compensatory damages assessed in the kids favor.

    • joe1cr

      POPPYCOCK !!!

      • Doc Sarvis


        • joe1cr

          Absolute certainty is the privilege of uneducated men and fanatics. — C.J. Keyser

        • ChiefBoring

          Doc, crawl back under the bridge and resume your duty as TROLL!

    • Don 2

      Sometimes it is amazing how much of an idiot someone can be to immediately go after the NRA, when they had absolutely nothing to do with any part of this article, but then, after awhile, you get to expect it from the idiots.

    • Robert Messmer

      Did you notice the “orange tipped”? That is because of police responding to and misinterpreting playing with toys. According to the article the nosy neighbor even told them that they were not real weapons but it made her “uncomfortable”.

  • nopc

    Who owns our media? Not one single member of the founding stock of this nation owns any major media. Ted Turner didn’t last long at his own creation, CNN. All of the media, movie industry, publishing industry, textbook industry, music industry and art industry are owned and controlled by jews. No outlet for us to oppose what they are doing to us.

    They stir stuff such as this to distract people from what they are doing to us, taking away all of our freedoms and managing every aspect of our lives and setting up a One World Order that will destroy Western civilization.

    Get a mirror and look at your ass. You’ll see a big hooked nose. This filth sticks its nose in every aspect of our lives. They are the cancer that is destroying life on Earth. They are a parasitic, predatory, cancerous plague.

    We always played with guns growing up including bb guns. There was never a problem until the jew found another way to oppress us and take our freedoms. Is there anything they don’t stigmatize?

    Are we still allowed a Bible? Oh yeah, kids at OUR schools are also taught that Jesus is divisive and Jesus has been made into an object of ridicule and kids are taught to deny Him. But no one is allowed to deny their holohoax. The weapon that we should get rid of is the jew. The jew is the threat.

    • Vigilant

      What an absolutely poor excuse for a human being you are. Goebbels would be proud of you.

      • nopc

        I am proud of Goebbels.

        Name calling shows that you cannot refute anything I said.

        Tell me the difference between a Nazi and a Zionist.

        • Vigilant

          I will not engage in conversation with mentally aberrant lowlifes such as you.

          • nopc

            You cannot engage in conversation with me. You can only resort to name calling.

            Any historical event or any issue should be debatable. The United States was a great country until jews came here. Now the only thing that gets done in our congress is to make more laws to take more of our freedoms or to fight more wars for that podunk, trouble-making, criminal [expletive deleted] hole that jews call a state.

            I think those of us who oppose jews have valid legitimate reasons. They are not sacred cows in my book.

            When jews were in Stalin’s inner circle they committed The Holodomer in which they systematically slaughtered 60 million Ukrainians and Russians in their own countries.

            The Soviet Union, which sprang from the jew brain, was hell on Earth. People fled to the United States from the Soviet Union. Today our people, Snowden for example, flee to Russia to get away from jew terrorism in our country.

            Don’t jews own and control all of our major media? The publishing industry? The movie industry? And I could go on. And are they not able to get control of all of this by stealing us blind through the Federal Reserve Bank?

          • Robert Messmer

            So if Jews are so all fired powerful how come you can slander them with impunity?

          • nopc

            Perhaps they are busy attempting to get Obamacare passed or bringing in more foreigners or plotting to get our children killed in Iran.

            Don’t you have to lie for it to be slander? According to Disqus, a moderator at the website where you are posting determines whether or not to remove your comment. So I suppose I must thank personalliberty for allowing my comments.

            I have been blocked from posting today at mondowiss where they are supposedly “debating” the holohoax. But only comments claiming that the holohoax was the worst thing that ever (never) happened in the history of the world are allowed.

            I am usually blocked and my comments censored while the jews have all the freedom in the world to spread their plague.

            I hope that answers your question. If jews are not that powerful why are OUR kids dying in the middle east? Why do they own and control all major media? Why does a majority of Americans disagree with everything Congress is doing? Why does Netanyahu have the right to demand that our Congress to go to war with Iran?

          • Robert Messmer

            Well no, historical events can not be debated, ie WWII happened and no amount of debate will make it unhappen. GE owns NBC, Westinghouse owns CBS so your contentions about all media being owned by Jews are wrong.

  • Debbie Biersdorfer

    Boy am I glad they were not around when we played Cowboys and Indians, we would all be in jail.

    • ChiefBoring

      Do you remember the time when tires had tubes, and they were made with real rubber? We made rubber guns out of wood and clothespins. The tubes were cut into 1″ rounds, stretched over the end of the gun “barrel” and secured by the clothespin attached to the handle. When released the rubber band was launched toward the enemy! They could sting at close range!

      Later we had BB gun wars with our Red Ryders and Daisy pumps!. WWII Tanker Goggles were required here, to avoid “puttin’ our eyes out” as our mommas warned.

      I won’t even go into our home made bows and arrows, lest the youngsters get ideas! LOL I feel sorry for todays young ones.

      • Debbie

        I know I have three Grandsons, Now they just sit and play games on the computers and then you get an e-mail with your grandson’s pick on it taken by hacking into his webcam, Lord I feel sorry for these kids.

  • JimH

    Now schools can punish students for something they did, not during school hours, not on school property? The thing they are being punished for isn’t even illegal.(no police charges)
    They could probably have been arrested for drug possession (not on school property,not during school hours) and the school would have stayed out of it.(as they also should)
    But it was “GUNS”, even if they weren’t real. It shouldn’t matter, not the schools business. I see law suit. Don’t go after the school. Tax payers get stuck paying for it. Go after the school administrator(s) who suspended them, personally.

  • Mike V99

    This is why God created lawyers. To SUE the bastards!

    We need to make stupidity a crime in this country when it is practiced by government officials.

  • joe1cr

    My god, we have sat by and are letting the lunatics run the alyssum.
    Roy, Gene and Hoppy would be on the PC ten most wanted list today.

    We inherited a republic with rules to limit the federal Gov. oppression of the people rights.Power hungry politicians’, judges and lawyers have done exactly what the founding fathers warned us to guard against.

    “Our country is in danger, but not to be despaired of . . . On you depend the fortunes of America. You are to decide the important question, on which rest the happiness and liberty of millions yet unborn. Act worthy of yourselves. Remark of “Dr. Joseph Warren–President of the Massachusetts Congress and a Major General, killed in action at Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775


    yep liberal ass holes at their best!messing with children!and democratic voting nieghbors putting their noses into you’re life!aint Amerika,USSA grand??!!

  • Quester55

    so if this continues, Then kids that use Straws for Bean or Spit-wads, Shooting, Will be Removed from School & What, Jailed for being a Child???
    We’d all be better off, If We could All Home School our Children & Remove them from those Communistic Indoctrination Centers we call Schools!!

  • jdn

    Its a shadow of the Hitler Youth . The government and schools own your children and you have no say in what happens or what they are taught . Soon parents will be jailed for protesting these actions , its the next step .

    • independent thinker

      ” Soon parents will be jailed for protesting these actions , its the next step .”
      Already happened although he was later released and the city dismissed charges.

  • ibn insha

    Why people don’t understand that if they want anything from government they would have to pay a price for it, most likely in the form of liberty. Throw government out of your lives if you want to live your lives your way. Before anybody starts assuming that I mean government overthrow I want to make it clear that what I mean is confine government to provide us only the protection from real criminals, (which our government always fail to provide miserably), and we will take care of the rest.

  • MexicansaysLibtardsRpukes

    So a Libtard failed public education, Can kick you out of school for playing cops and robbers in your own yard and it probably goes for public place like parks! ??? Time to take your Los niños(Children) to private schools, Home school your Los niños, take them to charter schools, Even teachers who had enough of their Libtard Unions and Public failed schools Should start a non profit schools not using one tax payer money so govt cant dictate how to run your school. So they can give the Los niños a Real Education without the indoctrination.