Say No More: Henry Kissinger ‘Delighted’ If Chris Christie Takes 2016 GOP Nomination


Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger told National Review today he’d be delighted to see New Jersey Governor Chris Christie win the Republican nomination for the 2016 Presidential race.

“We’re friendly, and I think extremely highly of him, and he knows I’d be delighted if he became a national candidate,” Kissinger said. “Conservatives should recognize his long-term potential.”

Kissinger’s remarks suggest he, like many in the GOP establishment, views the word “conservative” as a functional description used to identify a political base, rather than as a values-laden term that connotes a principled ideology or world view.

It’s not surprising that Republican leaders have been preoccupied with vetting “electable” candidates with lazy mass appeal, instead of finding future leaders who possess well-defined ideas – even if their conservative values aren’t all things to everyone.

Despite his camera-hostile corpulence, Christie’s giving the GOP the former. His sound bites are filled with all-inclusive, rah-rah ear candy – but they signify nothing.

From National Review:

“I’m in this business to win,” Christie told [Boston RNC members last week], to approving cheers. “For our ideas to matter, we have to win, because if we don’t win, we don’t govern, and if we don’t govern, all we do is shout into the wind.” It wasn’t an ideological overture but a pugnacious and pragmatic message directed to a group that’s tired of losing. And they loved it, and Christie, too, since he increasingly looks like the only center-right governor and national star looking hard at a 2016 campaign. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush is widely believed to be leaning against it, and senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, though popular with tea-party activists, are privately viewed with wariness by the Republican donor class.

If the GOP leadership continues, like Kissinger, to long for a Chris Christie run at the White House in 2016, the Republican Party will be doubling down on a National strategy that’s gotten their insipid high-profile candidates nowhere – even as principled, values-driven Republicans continue to win statement victories as State Legislators and Governors in recent years. As ever, the National GOP is already showing signs its 2016 strategy will consist of Playing Not To Lose.

Personal Liberty

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • JimH

    Right after Nixon resigned after Watergate, there were 6 people on a plane. The pilot, Nixon, Ford, Kissinger, a boyscout and a Priest.
    The pilot comes back and says the plane is going down, there are 6 of us, 5 chutes and one of them is mine, goodby.
    Nixon says I would stay but I have knowledge pertaining to the security of the U.S., so I have to be saved. He takes a chute and jumps.
    Ford says it’s the same with me, I’m President and have knowledge pertaining to national security, so I have to be saved. He takes a chute and jumps.
    Kissinger says I’m the smartest man in the world, so I need to be saved and out he goes.
    The Priest tells the boyscout, you’re young and have your whole life before you. I’m ready to meet my maker. You go.
    The scout says we can both go.

    The smartest man in the world just jumped out with my backpack.

    • funnybone

      Hahahahahaha!!! MADE MY DAY!!!

      • dave ussery

        Mine as well! rolflmao!

    • IsThisAmerica

      Enjoyed that LOL Thank you.

  • Fay Guht

    Talk to anyone who has lived in South Amrrica. All the dictators and murderer puppets put in place to keep the masses in line were allegedly put there by ole Henry. Now he is sponsoring the gluttonous SWINO Christie? Look out! Hopefully Henry and “Ziegbeniew” will pledge him for a weekend of fun and frolic at Bohemian Grove, where the little porker can earn his stripes naked on all fours while tthe one percenters drive home their agenda.

  • Elseebee

    Well, that’s the kiss of death for me. If Kissinger endorses Christie that speaks volumes for why the Repubs should NOT nominate Christie!

    • azcat

      Yeah – I kinda, sorta used to like Christie but now Kissipoo put the death curse on him. Kissy should just keep doing funny spots with with Colbert.


    Chris Christie is blatantly anti conservative and evolved into a first class big guv RINO….useless and expensive..

  • Charles K Johnson

    Christie is one of the worst republicans I have seen since McCain.The republicans might as well not run anybody. He don’t know what conservative means. His kissing up to Obama turned my stomach.He is a blob of slob.

  • tahoeax

    Sooooo . . . we’re supposed to give a rat’s ass if a senile old man supports Mr. Christie? OK . . . but shouldn’t we be looking at the world as it exists in the year of our Lord 2013?

  • SSMcDonald

    What should anyone expect from RINO Kissinger? He’s a big promoter of the one-world government.

  • Ethel

    Kissinger is also a member of the Bilderberg group. A liberal in drag !

    • IsThisAmerica

      Run from that group as fast as you can. Part of the one world order to wipe us out.

  • dave ussery

    Never liked Kissassenger-even less now!

    • Honorary

      Kissinger- who? or what is it? a clown? a diaper?

  • Dennis Patrick

    “Kissinger’s remarks suggest he, like many in the GOP establishment,
    views the word “conservative” as a functional description used to
    identify a political base, rather than as a values-vacant term that
    connotes an unprincipled ideology or world view.”

    • Frank Kahn

      No, we are talking about conservatives not liberals. You have the group to description mixed up.

  • me

    McCain and Romney were the wrong candidates who didn’t stand a chance against President Owebutthole. they were guaranteed to lose because they didn’t appeal to the voter in anyway enough to get voted for. If Christie wins it will be a repeat of the last two elections. Hillary would beat him badly. Biden would have a chance. Paul and cruz would be the ones with the best chance to win over Christie. getting the voters to vote reght in the primary election might give this country a decent candidate.

  • Must be Joking

    Go for it! Guaranteed to lose! Fat man in the Whitehouse – what next? What is wrong with the GOP? They are clueless, that’s what is wrong!

  • Sarah Conner

    GOP…stop being spineless,stop letting the old guard Whigs pick our candidate,designed to lose[mclame,romney ]stand up and be proud and start shoving back against the bullcrap the dems are spreading…when too many voices are saying the exact same thing,you need to stop and listen to the lone voices that are telling you ‘No,that’s not the road we want to travel’…STOP YOUR SPINELESS,SNEIVELING, GROVELING TO THE old guard OR IT’S A GUARANTEED LOSE…MAN UP FOR PETE’S SAKE…WE’RE DYING OUT HERE…STAND UP FOR U.S. AND WE’LL STAND WITH YOU…

    • Sarah417

      Sorry to tell you, there are no Republicans and Democrats. They are all Progressive Globalists of the NWO kind.
      As long as they are taking in the tax payers money and lining their pockets they will not give up power. They’re all scum.

  • Sarah417

    This should be the very reason that you don’t vote for Chris Christy. Kissinger is and has been for 50 yrs a NWO globalists. He belongs, along with the Bushes, Clintons, Obama don’t know how many others, to the Trilateral Commission, COFA. They’re all scum. They’re all afraid they will lose their power and wealth so they have to keep the people in check. If we don’t do something soon the UN will be our government and Agenda 21 or constitution. It may be too late.
    The latest: Comcast is now carrying Al-Jazeera all over the US. Its’ being advertised on FOX. FOX is co-owned by a Saudi prince.
    Give thought and do your homework on Scott Walker. He has done wonderful things for Wisconsin.
    God help us.

  • dan

    Kissinger…Viet Nam…. need I say more

    • JimH

      nuff said.

  • jag

    Mooseman for prez? He’ll eat his nomination, I think he’s missin a kid! And henreey is STILL ALIVE! Wow!

  • Chris

    Even though he has the same name as I,Anything else thats common between us does not exist!!!Saving myself from having to repeat what has already been stated, please read (or Re-read) the comment made by Denis Byrne, Short,true,and quick to the point!!A statement that says it all!!(I just wonder though,if he does chose to run in 2016,if those new clips will be used against him??,He made himself look like such an ass when he did that,I almost laughed!!!