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SA@TheDC – “I Like Ron Paul Except on Foreign Policy”

November 21, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • vicki

    What our foreign policy should be is easy to sum up. This picture says most of it.

    Simple, straight forward and too the point.

    • Joe H.

      I tried your site but the picture would not come up. If it was, indeed a picture of the Gadsen, then yes, i agree it says it all. I fly the Gadsen 24/7 right below my Stars and Stripes!! Yes, it is lit!!! They can turn off my power and it will still be lit as the light on it is a solar spot!!

      • JC

        That’s awesome Joe, proud of ya! :)

  • Bruce

    Ignorance as well as utter and complete Stupidity are the main factors as to what the American Public has allowed to exist.

    Will it ever change?
    Not unless the American Public wakes up and starts to take its POWER back from the POLITICAL class who works daily to make CRIMINALS of us all.

    Please watch this link

    I beg you all to put down your glass of Stupid.

  • Mushin

    I dunno Bruce! STUPID RUN’S PRETTY DEEP in our fellow Americans!!! Ha,ha,ha!


    {If you don’t vote for Paul, you’ve got a permanent case of “STUPID” that can’t be cured by Dr. Paul – OR ANYONE ELSE!

    • Joe H.


    • Curtis Bostic

      u r so right Mushin

  • AJ
  • Robert, TX

    Pretty fun! Sure shoots a big hole in the “anybody but Obama, except Ron Paul” RINOS! In reality, what they are saying is “I don’t like Ron Paul, I think he is going to cut my government check, or both of my government checks – or in some really disgusting circumstances – all three of my government checks. God Bless Sarah Palin for telling the truth in front of that eunuch imposter hannity.

  • Aranna

    I totally agree with Ron Paul but,
    I am concerned about Iran or Syria getting a nuclear weapon.

    These people are fu*ken insane and want us dead, do you think if we pull out, They would acquire the weapon faster and easier than they would if we weren’t watch dogging them?

    As far as I’m concerned that is my biggest thing when it comes to foreign policy, I think if Iran gets them and the capability to get them to the U.S. they absofu*kenlutely will use them , regardless of the circumstances.

    • Mark in LA

      Another dimwitted know nothing or paid shill with the “nuclear weapon” nonsense. How do you stop a committed Iran from getting a nuclear bomb? Are you planning a massive nuclear strike (peaceful of course) or are you planning an invasion requiring a minimum of 500,000 troops leading to 20,000 American dead at least?

      How much does AIPAC pay you to post on these sites?

    • Gin

      The U.S. has nuclear weapons, and oh, yes, isn’t the U.S. the ONLY country to ever drop nuclear bombs…TWICE…on Japanese civilians! I’m more concerned about the United States government’s blood lust…and how Obama just increases troops (Afghanistan), begins new wars (Libya) w/o constitutional approval…and doing all with borrowed money.

  • fedup

    Its more than likely they already have picked up nukes somewhere anyway Aranna. If you remember back in the cold war days, the war machine chanted the same propaganda at U.S.S.R, Korea,China, and the list goes on and on. Stop letting the war machine feed you scared pills, that is how the un-Patriot Act got passed. Strong borders, strong Military, and mind your own damn business, that sounds like good policy to me. RON PAUL-2012 OR BUST!!!!

  • Bishop Harold E. Nash

    It seems that Dr. Paul is the right man for the job. I fear that if he should get the job,he will be killed long before he is able to do the job. He is right to say bring home our troops. This Mr. Hussein Obama does not want to do, and will not do. He has other plans for them. Like sending them to the South Pac. so that we have a stronger presinents there. The Truth is he does not want our combat hardened TROOPS here when he makes he’s play to be the frist detaitor of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Belive me when I tell you that it is his plan. How many times did he call those that aline with the TEA PARTYS as unamerican? How many times did he and Polsie call them none persons? How many times did he call them ASTRO TRUFF??? Ask yourself this how many times has this COMMUNIST Obama said a thing about his COMMUNIST FRIENDS that have been craping and peeing in the STREETS of good old New York. How many times did any one of Dem’s come out and say that it is not a good thing to have people running around NUDE in the STREETS? Not one of them, not even the the head COMMUNIST Mr. Hussien Obama has said a thing about it. But he has compaired the (o.w.s.) to the TEA PARTY. What a very bad joke. Obama would not know how to pour pee out of a boot with the instructions on the heel of that boot.

    Yes I believe that Ron Paul is the right man for the job. I fear for his life should he get the job. He believes in GOD, Country, and the Flag. As do I.

    I have been praying for the last 3 years that GOD would remove all the Evil from our Republic, from the leadership of the smallest of towns to the White House. I no longer pray for that. I now pray that GOD will cut loss HIS anger on the world. My HE punish all of satins children.
    Bishop Harold E. Nash

  • s c

    People must be reminded that simple is always best. ‘Simpler’ means more complicated, and ‘complex’ is more trouble than it’s ever been worth. When it comes to foreign policy, there are basically TWO options and they are 1) whatever feels good, sounds good and might keep someone’s sorry ass in office and America in chains and 2) benign neutrality and the avoidance of entangling alliances.
    In case anyone isn’t certain, the first option helped to get us where we are now. The second option was suggested and recommended long ago, and would have done much to keep us away from the
    self-destroying pit we’re in now.
    Once again, I will remind you that the only people who don’t understand the difference between those two options are people who refuse to understand.
    They hate themselves, and they hate America. And, God help us, some of those people are in Congress and the White House.

  • http://deleted Claire

    First, bring all American troops home. For good. Stay out of foreign countries, let them handle their own messes. Never, and I mean never cut back on our military might, never cut back on the defense budget. America must maintain and remain a strong super power. America should not look for a fight, if another country picks on us, we will clean their clocks. America must always have the capability and the weaponry for defense. Always be on the alert and ready in the event of an attack. And quit telling foreign countries about our planes, weapons, etc. We don’t need to advertise this to the world. I am not a warmonger, but I believe in the ability to take care of America and all Americans. I would also go after the so-called groups that are in the U.S. that have intentions and plans to commit treasonist acts against America. I sound radical but this is what I think.

    • Mark in LA

      Remember once you have a big military, the pressure is on to use it. Like Albright said about Kosovo – why have it if you don’t use it. We DO need to cut the miltary budget. Russia and China are not going to to a Normanyd style invastion of the US so there is no need to have conventional forces capable of repelling such an attack. We could rebuils all the bridges and levies in this country with what is saved by scapping weapons programs we don’t need. What would be better for the county in the long run?

      • http://deleted Claire

        One never knows what any country will do to another country at any given time. I stand by my comments. If we never use our weaponry, etc. then that is great. But if we ever have to, we should have adequate defense. As far as bridges, roads, levees, etc, they should have been maintained, instead of squandering money on “other” meaningless projects. Every state in the U.S. has squandered money for politicians’ pet projects. This is why we are in the mess we are in. This “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” mentality has the taxpayer in a bind. Politicians are like diapers, they have to be changed often or they begin to stink.

    • Lost in Paradise

      I believe that we do need some military presence in some countries, to help stabilize things, and to keep the aggressors at bay. I do however agree that we need to stay out of others business and not go to war, unless attacked. If we bring all soldiers home we may end up in a world of take overs. What do we do about our friends around the world. I would say leave if they want, and stay if they ask us to.TO be the worlds TOP COP, no way. Help when asked is much different than butting in where not wanted. I also think Ron Paul is the best we can get at this time. He does have enough brains to figure out what needs to be done,and will operate by the Constitution.

      • JC

        Over 190 other countries? Because that’s what we have on the go right now. And any American military presence in foreign nations is for one purpose and one purpose only…to protect American interests” which roughly translated means, make it safe for crony corporations to do business there.
        I’m not saying we should isolate, I’m saying if we’re going to do business with other nations it should be in the spirit of trust and mutual gain…not at the end of the (subliminal) gun.

    • JC

      Agreed Claire, to a point…
      The military costing almost 40% of our budget.
      If we were to concentrate the assets we have spread around the planet back in the US I think we’d find we have more than enough to defend the US from all comers. Way more than enough.
      I agree with you in spirit, but I think the whole thing would have to be evaluated and maintain only what we need…for “defense”.

      • http://deleted Claire

        JC–See my post above–9:03 p.m. Thanks for your reply.

  • Barry

    Ron Paul has the correct vision for our America. Do people want peace or war. Peace would be good. Our debt has enslaved us. Banks want even lend because their debt is HUGH!! Ron Paul is by far the best for America . Even in foreign policy. Iran cannot even make it’s own gasoline. Israel will very soon take care of Iran. Ron Paul can bring back a America from Zero to Hero. He understands how everything works . First he is righteous person. Righteousness exalts a Nation!! all Americans, Tea Party group . Really everybody would end up loving Ron Paul once they come to understanding his leadership. Americans simple are being destroyed by the lack of knowledge . Bad money , corrupt business frauding each other. I hope Americans learn a lesson how to vote. Not by beauty contest, race , a system 999 God forbid vote the person who is the best for America and her constitution. Ron Paul is the True Champion for the USA. Sadly America at this time is missing the mark. But Reconsider Ron Paul for our President. go America.

  • Chuck

    Ron Paul definitely is the only candidate with a broad range of knowledge that none of the others even come close to. When people as they like Ron Paul except for his foreign policy I think they are referring to statements he has made about no standing behind Israel if they were attacked.

  • JC

    Love the video. Very well presented and…Logic Rules!


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