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Sarah Palin Sinks In The Poll Of Potential GOP Presidential Candidates

August 19, 2010 by  

Sarah Palin sinks in the poll of potential GOP presidential candidates Although she led the GOP pack for a long time, and arguably gets more media attention than her rivals, Sarah Palin’s popularity as a potential White House occupant may be waning.

A new survey of Republican voters released by Clarus Research Group has found that support for the former Alaska Governor as a possible GOP 2012 presidential nominee has gone down by one-third in the last five months, from 18 percent in March to 12 percent today.

Currently, Palin, who was Senator John McCain’s running mate in 2008, occupies the fourth place in the poll, behind former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

“Palin gets more attention from the national media than presidential support from Republicans,” commented Ron Faucheux, president of Clarus.

He further explained that during the past year, Mitt Romney’s support has declined by 4 percent, while both Huckabee and Gingrich have remained steady in the poll.

However, Faucheux added that despite these changes, the survey suggests that the contest is still wide open and difficult to predict.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19925546-ADNFCR

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  • http://?? Joe H.

    The only one of the front runners I would vote for is Huckabee. Maybe him and Sarah as a team so she can prove herself!!!

    • dan az

      Hey joe
      I like Ron paul with her as side kick she has balls

      • Norm

        A lot of people have balls, brains are what we need,

        • Bud in San Antone

          This pretty lady definately dosen’t have balls. That one is trying to be on The Supreme Court.

          • Norm

            Bud in San Antone
            If you mean MS. Kagan, she definitaly has brains. By the way she has been sworn in. It’s a done deal. As far as balls literally, I have no interest.

          • Earl G.

            Elena Kagan wrote false statements in a document to the Supreme Court. It was a Case she had before the Supreme Court on Partial Birth Abortion. She is Anti-Gun, Pro Gun Control, anti 2nd Amendment, believes that the Letter by Thomas Jefferson, who was never at the Constitutional Convention, should be used in order to determine the meaning of the Freedom of Religion; but that the Declaration of Independence, which Jefferson also wrote, should be ignored. She is extremely dangerous to our country, and was appointed by a President who was mentored by an America Hating Preacher, and “CONFESSED” to the U.N. that the USA was guilty of Racism, Discrimination against Women, Blacks, Hispanics, etc. and is married to a WOMAN , MICHELLE OBAMA, that FINALLY is proud to be an American. She made that statement in 2008 during B. Obama’s campaign for President.

        • Jeep

          I suppose that it is a good thing she has more “brains” than you. Right Norm?

          • Norm

            wrong as usual!

          • jimmy joe

            Good Call jeep;How Can Anyone possibly be A good Judge of Brains.Whose Still stuck in the sixties,Frying their own brains,searching for their next high.Jimmy Joe/”The Liarfryer”

        • http://naver samurai

          She has a lot more than Kagen, Hillary, and you put together Norm! That even counts bigger balls.

        • clh

          Our idiot president has neither

          • Marilyn

            Ooooooohhhhh, good one!!!!

          • lee


          • Shasta

            YOU got that right clh……..Idiot pres
            I will take anyone on that list for Pres ahead of Barry the thief…….personally I like Huckabee…..but Mitt…..sara….I would vote for Fred Flintstone ahead of Barry the thief!

          • http://google Bob


          • Wendy Price

            Agreed. Absolutely

        • Marilyn

          Obama has brains,I’ll give him that, but he doesn’t use them for the people’s good.

          • Bob

            This story is about Sarah. You people are so full of hate you can’t concentrate on the subject. Before you call me names I don’t like Obama either. Nor Gingrich or Hucklebee.

          • http://aol don

            for his peoples good.

          • who cares

            because your republican party is blocking him from getting things done. you must get you’r information from fox news.

          • Louie

            Marlyn, where are obama’s brains, in his lower head, he doesn’t have any in his upper head & he is not smart or intelligence…and this is “not” a racist remark I am about to make…he was put in office because he is “black” & the White people owed it to him. I have heard that statement & had it said to me too many times to not know what I’m talking about. He hasn’t fooled anyone with his talk or actions. the only people that He has fooled are the ones that said the White people owed him the office of President & some of them have changed their minds. Next he’ll be & his ilk will be saying he should be President for life. I believe the last person that claimed that title was eliminated with violence.

        • William

          Norm if you will pay attention she has proven to every one except the very feeble minded that she has Brains,

          • marvin

            William this lady has more brains in her big toe the obubo if obumbo would write notes on his hand maybe he would keep his foot out of mouth and stop blaming bush, and yes if palin ran in 2012 i would vote for her

          • http://aol don

            im goin with huck and beck

          • http://google Bob


        • Dreadknot

          A Palin Ginrich ticket gives us a moma Kick-ass grizely with brains, who isn’t afraid to castrate a donkey, and a walking historical dictionary to help direct her. Palin Paul works too.

          • THOMAS STEWART

            Like You Said Anyone Is Better Than The Manchurian Muslim Pres Obamacare Who Can Not Stop Lying, Yikees, However If I Was Going To Battle Give Me The Iron Lady Sarah Palin, Yippee, Who Has Taken All The BS That The Chi-Town Mafia Politics Can Throw And Still Is A Winner.

          • LeRoy

            I would vote for Palin in a heart beat. She has the common sense to get this country back on its feet and after oboma leaves we need a person like that. That is what this country is lacking-common sense-

          • Ken

            Do a Google search for the real Newt Gingrich. The John Birch Socienty has some interesting things to say about him and some interesting old video of Newt. He is a globalist too!

          • who cares

            you are high

        • Average Joe

          Atually I was thinking Ron Paul / Bob Barr as a team…
          As for the Balls and Brains, there are plenty of both already in DC
          most of those in DC have Balls ( You can see that when they stand in front of us and lie their asses off to us) and most of them are educated fools (brainiacs)….I want someone with Constituional principles, values and a respect for our nation and it’s people.

          • Average Joe Patriot

            I’ve no idea where you got such a ridiculous handle, Joe (I hope the good people here don’t get us confused), but apparently it’s not the only similarity we share. Given the other choices, I’m completely with you on Paul/Barr.

            Caveat: That is, provided Barr keeps his mitts off what are legitimately States rights issues and promises not to waste time on frivolous crap like marijuana and gay marriage, and to focus on the serious stuff, like the alphabet: FDA, FTC, USDA, FEMA, HS, SEC, DoD, HEW, FBI, CIA, BATF, and our unholy alliance with the UN. If he wants to worry about what goes on in marriage suites, let’s see him rip into the incestuous menage a trois between Wall Street, Treasury, and the Federal Reserve.

            Second caveat: And further provided that Paul grow a pair and challenge the living $#!T out of every media slight, every questionable primary result on the run-up, and that he convinces every one of his supporters that he’s really in the race to the finish. I want to know that HE knows he’s not in a whiffle ball match, rather a street fight where they use real baseball bats, and to campaign accordingly.

            I know I’ve indicated my disillusionment with our two-party political system many times, but a Paul/Barr ticket would definitely pique my interest one more time, whatever they chose to call themselves.

        • Bob

          Sarah Palin is another Neocon plant set up by the media to fool the suckers once again.

          • LeRoy

            Bob, You don’t have a clue!! Just ask the people from Alaska.She has done a lot of good for Alaska and she would help fix America once the muslim lover is gone.I bet you voted for oboma!!!

          • Average Joe Patriot

            I strongly suspected that when she was picked. I don’t like McCain as a person or a whichever-way-the-wind-blows politician. I don’t like his waffling on border security or the smarmy, brush-off way he and other Repubs treated Paul and Huckabee, as though both were just a media flash-in-the-pan, while McCain, Romney, and Giulliani were the real deal.

            But when McCain stepped out front and the PTB placed Palin beside him, I realized that the PTB had decided it was time for a “change” they could con the gullible public into believing in. The fix was clearly in. Whether the American people like or dislike Palin as a person, few were honestly ready for her as POTUS if McCain couldn’t physically cut the mustard. American History students recall who really ran the White House when Wilson got sick, and most of us know who really ran the country while Bush was cutting brush. (Or at least, who the puppeteers were directing how to run the country.)

            Our country’s Controllers never intended Palin, or McCain, to make it into the White House.

          • wally

            no no the media will bash her because the liberal media is afraid of her

        • Don

          She has more brains in her little finger than you have in your whole body, just check her track record, and you can’t call her a quitter any more, look at Emanuel and a few others !!!

        • http://yahoo nuzo5

          you missed the point…

        • Steve

          I think you’re wrong in this, What we need is Balls not Brains, because if you inter this playing field without balls you will lose your brains.

        • marvin

          BRAINS AND BALLS YOU HAVE NETHER as for sarah she has more brains in her big toe then you have we the people will make that choise in 2012 you are still one zero short of moron

        • wally

          we had 2 bumbling presidents with brains and no substance look at jimmy carter a neulear phy, now this dude a speaker brains enough to brain wash the ignorant, what we need is a common sense approach which i see lacking in govt

        • wally

          we tried brains in jimmy carter and now this dude what about a lil common sense

        • http://CHEERIE wally

          ni we tried brains with carter an
          bd now this dude what we need is common sense

          • http://google Bob


      • eyeswideopen

        dan az, she critizes someone for using the word retard, yet defends someone using the word [offensive word removed] 11 times on a radio show?? It seem appro that she works for the fox new network who is part owned by the Saudi’s. I hope she does run again, the longer she runs her mouth, the more people will see her obvious lack of logic.

        • bmuridaho

          The muslim President will have created the massive terrorist attack you liberals fail to see conspiring far before 2012

          • Duende

            Another 9-11. Could be… however I’m suspecting they’re going to do more through the economy to get people into line than any terrorist attack.. unless it’s semi nuclear.

          • clh
          • http://google Bob


        • PauOW

          eyeswideopen, braininpark

        • Marilyn

          Oh, FOX owned by the Saudi’s??? That is SOOOOOOOOOOOO untrue!!! Get your facts straight before you put them out for other people to read. That’s a ridiculous statement!!!

          • Bob

            Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch who is a shill for the Bronfman Family who work for the Rothschilds.

        • darylj46

          You sure show that you agree with this socialistic government that is well on our way.You people that put Palin down have that right but always remember that what we say can come back and bite us. She , at least, speaks the language most Americans do and has made Alaska stand tall when she was governor. She isn’t a push over and does what she says. You liberals have your day cause it will make you regret.

          • Prophit

            All presidents say what they want us to hear. But lets look at facts.

            1. Palin wrote a book and so did Obama when they were virtual unknowns with no record of any seriousness to rely on. So how come?
            Because it justifies a from of campaigning visiting bookstores and book signings. Its simply an exposure ploy for the puppets being trained to run and act as President when in fact its their handlers who run everything. That is why there was not difference between Bush and Obama.

            2. Wall Street Bankers and Israel funded Obama, and helped with the promoting those books for both Obama and palin.

            3. In the previous election, all but 4 of the candidates on both sides were either CFR managed, or wall street banker funded. The only one that was not on the right was Ron Paul and he was the one who turned out to be right on everything he warned us about and we didn’t listen. Lets not make that mistake again.

            4. Huckabee and his wife took hundreds of thousands of dollars as gifts as governor of Arkansas from people they ended up aiding in thier special interests. Romney is questionable as far as that goes. Palin is bought and paid for by the international bankers and Israel. Gingrich is a neocon and a filanderer while his wife is dying in the hospital he goes and asks for a divorce to marry his secretary. You can keep him, he is pond scum. That will come out big time if he runs.

            The only ones that can beat Obama even as low as he is in the polls, is Romney or Ron Paul. They should be paired together, with Ron as Pres and Romney as VP. One is way too rich to take any kick backs, an the other is too principled and has the courage to take heat from everyone for years and stuck by his principles even so…. turns out everything he warned us about came true.

          • Ruth

            darylj46 You are so right about Sarah Palin. If any reads her book with open eyes ( and shut mouth)in their heaart will know she is genuine, smart and honest. A rearity in Washington DC these days. I’m still registered Republican;but that can change. If Tea Party became an official Party, I’d be on board.

          • who cares

            sarah is two fried short from a complete meal. we are a socialist country. who you think pays for the military, schools, police, firefighter, and government. do you see any thing wrong with getting something back from the taxes you pay?

        • William

          eyes. put the koolaid down and smell the coffee,

        • Bob

          She spent too much time in an Igloo.

          • marvin

            Bob and you spend to much time in the wine bottle

        • CJM

          eyeswideopen: Apparently your eyes are partially closed! If the Saudi’s owned even 1% of the Fox Network, there would be no reporting unless it mimicked CNN and Chris Matthews and his gal pal, Maddox. Let’s be fair, you just don’t like Palin, Fox, and folks who disagree with the dumbo in the whitehouse. Don’t you think it odd that dumbo never learned to give a speech like other more learned men/women do by scanning their notes? Dumbo needs a teleprompter that wife Michelle monitors closely (why–does he have trouble with using proper English?).

        • Average Joe

          “It seem appro that she works for the fox new network who is part owned by the Saudi’s. ”

          Did you forget your meds again? FOX is owned by……..Rupert Murdoch

          Moving into the United States

          Murdoch made his first acquisition in the United States in 1973, when he purchased the San Antonio Express-News. Soon afterwards, he founded Star, a supermarket tabloid, and in 1976, he purchased the New York Post. On 4 September 1985, Murdoch became a naturalised citizen in order to satisfy the legal requirement that only US citizens were permitted to own American television stations. In 1987, in Australia he bought The Herald and Weekly Times Ltd, the company that his father had once managed. By 1991, his Australian-based News Corp. had worked up huge debts (much from Sky TV in the UK), forcing Murdoch to sell many of the American magazine interests he had acquired in the mid-1980s.

          In 1995, Murdoch’s Fox Network became the object of scrutiny from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), when it was alleged that News Ltd.’s Australian base made Murdoch’s ownership of Fox illegal. However, the FCC ruled in Murdoch’s favour, stating that his ownership of Fox was in the best interests of the public. In the same year, Murdoch announced a deal with MCI Communications to develop a major news website and magazine, The Weekly Standard. In the same year, News Corp. launched the Foxtel pay television network in Australia in partnership with Telstra.

          In 1996, Murdoch decided to enter the cable news market with the Fox News Channel, a 24-hour cable news station. Following its launch, the heavily-funded Fox News consistently eroded CNN’s market share and eventually proclaimed itself as “the most-watched cable news channel.” Ratings studies released in the fourth quarter of 2004 showed that the network was responsible for nine of the top ten programs in the “Cable News” category at that time.

          In 1999, Murdoch significantly expanded his music holdings in Australia by acquiring the controlling share in a leading Australian independent label, Michael Gudinski’s Mushroom Records; he merged that with Festival Records, and the result was Festival Mushroom Records (FMR). Both Festival and FMR were managed by Murdoch’s son James Murdoch for several years.

          Sometimes (always) it is a good idea to research the subject you are going to comment about…before shooting yourself in the foot…..I am guessing that you are out of feet to shoot now.

          • Average Joe Patriot

            On the other hand, virtually everything is “partly owned by the Saudis”: investments purchased in part with our money, in payment for our “oil addiction.” Their financial and legal advisors are apolitical, color-blind, and not religiously motivated. Their only concern is not to lose the money they’re charged with investing. The Saudis, educated in British and American Ivy League colleges, are savvy enough not to care if they’re occasionally villified in the MSM, provided the overriding message is that We Need Them (and that our President’s bow and hold their hands in photo-ops).

            The real question we might ask is: Who owns Rupert Murdoch?

            His history shows he got into financial straits, and one might wonder, how’d he get out? He runs News Corp. so MSM cannot be relied on for the inside story on that. A plausible scenario is that the Rothschild tentacles into media–which began with Reuters in the 1800s–couldn’t resist a good thing when they saw it (or found a good front man). Clinton-the-Clever (NWO Puppet) paved the way for consolidation of nearly all our once independent media into a mere half-dozen multi-national conglomerates here in the US. And up steps Murdoch…or perhaps he was pushed out onto center stage, a poster child for the NWO MSM.

            (Incidentally, the blood feuds between various cable networks, personified by talking heads attacking one another with clever repartee ala Olbermann and O’Reilly, merely raises ratings for both, keeping all the gullible American couch-slouches glued-in to a tissue of–rather a fly-paper of, palatable half-truths on both sides of any issue. And what neither address inevitably turns out to be the reality we should be concerned about. In other words, it’s not merely misinfo or disinfo, it’s professionally engineered misdirection.)

            So here we have an Australian directing US public thought and opinion. If you’ve seen him interviewed, you may’ve wondered how such a domineering egomaniacal bastard could find, let alone inform, the pulse of our once-free nation, or even begin to manipulate our regulations against foreign ownership of US press, and get around our FCC rules against news monopolies. All by his domineering self and despite his obviousness. How’d he do it?

            One would almost suspect he had NWO help. I personally believe he’s no more a free agent than is any “elected” US president since…well, you fill in that blank.

            I suspect it goes back further than my memory serves (my young-adult recollection only stretches to Goldwater and Kennedy).

        • Delores Smith

          Check your left eye. It’s not wide open. Take care.
          Delores Smith

      • Robert G Morrill

        Sara should never have sided with the building of the Muslim’s Victory build at the site of the trade center’s.I wouldn’t vote for her or any team she is a part of after that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • CJM

          Who told you that?? I listened to her speech regarding the building of the mosque near ground zero and she said that the muslims were being insensitive, which she is correct in saying so. She does agree, along with the surviving families that no one is saying they cannot build a mosque, just not there—so the request was to move the proposed site. Guess you got that from Chris Matthews; he hasn’t had a thrill up his leg for awhile now so the jerk is getting desparate!!!!

          • Average Joe

            They get that tingly feeling all over… when Chrissy speaks…you know how that is right? (not)….lol…It’s TINGLE TIME!

          • Bob

            The Mosque at ground zero is set up by the CIA to divide the people. Some of you will never learn.

      • guyb

        I think george soros would make a good president…. I think I have it…. Lets just give our country to saudi arabia and they will know how to force Americans to make prayer rugs and face mecca!!!!! Look,America,I ran for president on a six letter word(CHANGE) and you did not even know what change I meant so quit your cry’in!!!!!! When I am done with you,you will owe the world your entire country and I will be off to my own little castle in the desert!!!!!!!Let me make this perfectly clear!!!!! Its all Bushes fault!!!!!

        • Leon

          Now we have an idiot for president and an llegal at that because of idiots just like you .

      • Joey Fat One

        Ron Paul is the one exception to these puppet politicians ( and if you don’t know what he’s saying, he’s anti-war, anti-fed, anti-flouride and will give an interview to anyone and is all about YOUR rights)…Palin shrinked away from Govener because of lawsuits, I think some gusto would be sticking around and doing her job, but besides Palin is alot of talk (and not very good talk) and no game. No one has backed Paul because he would flip shit upside down(or maybe right side up), check out Campaign for Liberty or something if you want to see his voting record.

        • Pete

          You need to get your information straight. She left her position as Governor to save Alaska the financial burden of defending against all the frivolous law suits, not because she was shirking her duties. I’d vote for her in a hot second. She doesn’t back down and I like her style.

      • Ronnie Reeferseed

        Sorry, “dan az”,

        Ms. Palin is a devoted stooge for that bigoted, socialistic, totalitarian, aggressive criminal regime, Israel…

        On the other hand, Ob-Gyn Dr. Ron Paul has been working FOR DECADES to return our once-proud republic to the wisdom found in our precious US Constitution, i.e., liberty, and NON-interventionaism, treating all nations fairly, and not surrendering our national interests to ANYONE!!!

        No, Ob-Gyn Dr. Ron Paul just needs a younger version of himself, (Dr. Rand Paul?), to help deliver our once-proud US Constitutional Republic to our position of global-leadership BY EXAMPLE!

        • who cares

          really? are you high? you drinked rand paul pee i mean tea. what can he do he is a jr senator. i tell you what is doing. he is laughing all the way to the bank. who ever voted for him for the rest of rand paul’s life he will get and his family medical benefit and about $300.000 a year pay check. drink that with your tea.

      • Robert S

        Dan Beware of the unknowns who shoot to the top of the ladder even when noone has ever heard of them. Remenber Carter, Clinton and Obama. And don’t mention that they were Democrats because they are all controlled by the same Elite.

      • Bill

        She does indeed, have a fine pair of stones ;)

      • Tom Houchin

        Her “Balls” aren’t what men are looking at and stupidly supporting her for!

    • Norm

      Hukabee, to people outside the bible belt, is a religious extremist. He’d never get elected in the Northeast or West Coast.

      • Bud in San Antone

        I know this man. Where in hell do you live.

        • Earl Grunden

          I do not know where Norm is from; but I was born in Southern California, and recently moved to Missouri. I used to consider myself a CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRAT, but I began debating politics with a friend of mine who was a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN. I paid attention to what he said, checked out who was being nominated by the Democrats. Every single one of them was a LIBERAL. When Registering to Vote because of my belief in CONSERVATISM, I registered as a Republican. Nixon was a severe disappointment and a R.I.N.O., so was Ford, as was Bush 41, and Bob Dole, and Bush 43, and McCain. Reagan was the only Conservative, that was nominated by the Republicans in my life of nearly 63 Years. Hopefully, the Tea Party supporters will be able to turn the Republican Party from Establishment/Rockefeller/Liberal or Progressive to Conservative Dominated Reaganesque Republicans and return our country to that of our founding fathers.

          • Marilyn

            Have faith in the Tea Party. They are a composite of the “salt of the earth”, the every day, ordinary American.

          • darylj46

            I agree on the tea party but “we Americans” have to stand up and fight for truth, honesty and integrity. We need to come together like the tea parties are but for returning our government back to what our “founding fathers” started.

          • Robert S

            Reagan was a Liberal all his life until he ran for office.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          Bud in San Antone.
          Norm lives with Bob and they are TeaBagging.

      • Jeep

        Norm, you would never vote for anything but a progressive anyway, so your “vote” here really doesn’t count for much.

      • Average Joe Patriot

        Actually, you’re correct. I was born in the Midwest, since lived all over, including both coasts. Boston, NYC, DC, LA, and San Fran generally perceive anyone carrying a Bible into the White House as a possible fundamentalist zealot. An elected leader can swear an oath on one to get in, but most people in those aforementioned areas would rather see the Bible checked at the door.

        To paraphrase Gordon Liddy during the Carter years, “I don’t object to him talking to God. I don’t even mind if God answers him back. I just object to him basing US foreign policy on what he thinks God is saying to him.”

        And that’s what troubles many people about Huckabee, the fear that he might mix up his job of defending the Constitution with his interpretation of the Bible. Whether he would do that or not is arguable but irrelevant, that is the perception and the fear in those places you mention. Your statement is accurate.

        (As if many US voters have even read all of either document. Yet they vote, then they expect their newly elected hero to swear on the one to uphold the other. Hey, I’m only half guilty, in this regard. Actually, I can plead Not Guilty altogether…no one I’ve ever voted for has ever been elected.)

      • marvin

        why is that they don,t belive in god or the constition like you ,so you are an extremest if you follow the bible and the constition liar liar your body,s on fire

    • Bud in San Antone

      Come on Mike Huckabee, you da man.

    • Bud in San Antone

      Come on Mike Huckabee. I lived in Little Rock when Mike was gov. of Arkansas and met him several times. He is a genuine man. He dosen’t know the meaning of phoney and I know that his wife Jan can kick Michelle Oblamas big booty. Jan, dosen’t plant gardens, she climbs mountains for fun. When the Mansion was remodeled Mike and family lived in a donated double-wide on the back lawn while the project was underway. Here in Texas the Gov.s mansion is being remodeled also. I think the project is now about in its third year due to workmen setting the place on fire. We have rented gov. Rick Petty a ranch to live on until out house is completed. I’ve forgotten the exact figure but, it seems that the rent figure was in excess of $6,000 per month. Must be nice.

      • Norm

        Bud in San Antone

        Here then, are the Top 10 Moments in Mike Huckabee’s extremism:

        Huckabee Calls for the Quarantine of AIDS Victims.

        Huckabee Enables the Politically-Motivated Parole of Repeat Rapist/Murderer.

        Huckabee Offers Faith-Based Pardons.

        Huckabee Undermines the Teaching of Evolution.

        Huckabee Speaks for God.

        Huckabee Speaks to God.

        Huckabee Claims God Behind His Rise in the Polls.

        Huckabee Proclaims His Theology Degree a Unique Qualification to Fight Terrorism.

        Huckabee Flip-Flops, Calls for Federal Abortion Ban.

        Huckabee Calls for Consumption Tax, Abolition of the IRS.

        • john

          So far you only made me want to vote for the must be a limp wristed leftist liberal,pro-gay,pro-death,anti-family atheist.

          • Marilyn

            Me, too!! I only want to vote for him more,now.

          • guyb

            You are right Big John, Huckabee is atleast honest.. and that evolution crap,its not only a lie but darwin himself accepted the lord before he died. Its time to go back to our roots. God,familyand real people.

        • Palin12

          Abolition of the IRS? Sounds great to me! Then we wouldn’t have to hire those 16,000 new agents to oversee Obamacare.

          • http://naver Samurai

            Right on, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Marilyn

            Oh, boy, I don’t EVEN dare get started on ObamaCare. That’s a mess!! That one gets me so riled up I can’t see straight!!

          • Average Joe Patriot

            Then hope for a Paul/Barr run. Most working Americans average something less than eight hours sleep, during which time we’re allowed to dream. I put over half a grand I couldn’t afford into Paul’s campaign (never got my bumper stickers, by the way), and probably damaged a few friendships and familial relationships in the process.

            No matter, they think I’m odd anyway. But if those two hooked up, Paul and Barr (with each coaching the other), I’d do it all over again and never lose a minute of sleep over it.

        • darylj46

          Wow, I sure do want him for president now. A Christian and not afraid to show it. Sounds to me that God is a cus word to you. I believe in God and do know that I will not be burnt toast when I die. I have one choice and that is God and anybody that defends Him even in politics will be my number one.

        • Nancy

          I think all those are good.

          • Nancy

            Bad, unhealthy habits should be taxed. Smoking is bad for you and those around you, drinking kills others as when you drink, you are dumb enough to drive and gee, who gets hurt then??!!!

        • marvin

          Norm if truth be known you are a litte old wine o that hates the truth and when the lord passed out brains you heard rain and said hell no don,t need none liberal thru and thru

        • CJM

          Norm: Everyone I know called for the quarantine of AIDS/HIV patients when this first hit the country; most folks do want to abolish the IRS with a more fair standard of taxation; every State in the Union, including the Federal Board of Prisons, promotes faith-based prison programs, after prison programs, and probation/parole; every President that I know of professed and acknowledged God in their lives and just about everyone of them, EXCEPT OBAMA, attended the local churches while in the White House. Therefore, Huckabee doesn’t have a premium on anything you mentioned—–so what’s your point???

        • kenneth

          Some of what you said is just garbage. Huckabee isn’t an extremist, he is what our country use to be when our fonding fathers came to this country. He has faith in Jedeo-Christian faith which is what is lacking in our country’s support of our constitution. Our society has forgotten it’s true self, and what it means to be a society of faith. We are now a me me country looking for meaning and problem solving from our government, our new God. Huckabee, I feel, understands this and this makes people like you who don’t have a faith scared of him. It’s people like you who have turned this country into a mess. You don’t have any desire but to further your own selfish ideology. Leftist only want people to think they are after their good, but they are only after their own self interest, and most of that is just power and corruption. Anything that will take us from putting God first and our constitution second as it should be.

        • marvin

          eviloution sorry evolution an,t that where monkeys like you and bob where made when a man screwed a monkey and got your chain started

      • Bob

        Bud That’s good. If he’s elected we can close the white house and rent him a trailer and build him an outhouse to make him feel at home.

    • Jennie Walsh

      Romney, Huckabee and Gingrich are ALL wolves in sheep’s clothing. I hope that American Patriots will not be deceived by them!
      Gingrich is a CFR member!
      Romney and Huckabee are easily bought!
      I believe Sarah Palin is sincere and means well, but rather naive in believing what the international banksters want her to believe. The last I heard she was very hawkish on Iran. But basically, I think that she would be a much better choice than any of the above three.
      For honesty, common sense and patriotism, please, stick to Ron Paul and Congressman Pence. Also check out who has signed the pledge to uphold the constitution “Contract From America” at

      • Norm

        Jennie Walsh
        Is there a man in your life?

        • http://naver Samurai

          Is there a special man in yours, Norm?

          • Marilyn

            Oh, you picked up on that fast!!

          • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

            See I told all of you the Norm is living with Bob and they are Teabaggers.

        • Nancy

          What has a man in her life got to do with picking a good president? Every time you open your mouth you show your IQ…

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Look out, Norm is hot to trot for YOU!!! I’m really suprised as he usually is hot for somebody like denniso or hflashman!!! Then his big heartthrob is Nobama!!!

      • newplato

        Excellent analysis, JW !!!
        Sarah Palin showed how naive she was when she went to visit Comrade Henry Kissinger, presumably to get a “tutorial” of world current affairs. Still, anyone who cooks mooseburgers is my kind of cook.

      • Marilyn

        The American Patriots know what they’re doing, and so does Sarah Palin!!


          All You Girly Men Give Sarah Palin The Reins Of A Country That Needs A Good House Cleaning, Sarah Said Get Rid Of The Good Old Boys In DC And Give This Little Fire-Ball Palin A Chance To Balance The Budget, Just Like Your Wives Do For Us. Read Sarahs Book “Going Rogue” And Vote Postive-ly Palin 2012. God Bless America.

      • Shasta

        sorry babe, i would take him against any DEM O Crap, however he is too extreme and would not win…..he just is not that popular, however i have to say his followers are very faithful

      • Bob

        Sarah Palin is a Zionist. She had an Israeli flag on a shelf next to her desk. She didn’t have any other country’s flag there.

        • Dreadknot

          Great stuff Bob
          She has a Hebrew Bible too, like mine. Those Jews have a great plan, kind of like interactive tv, only the real thing. Jesus, and those other Jew Apostles have a plan that will save the world. You should check it out.

    • EddieW

      That would be a great team!!! I like Huckabee, but not sure whether he is CFR or not, because if he is…might as well keep obammer in there, they would both be wings on the same bird!! Sarah at least definitely thinks for herself! That’s a big plus!!!

      • Marilyn

        My point, exactly!! Sarah THINKS!!

    • Earl Grunden

      Right on! I was talking to my wife just yesterday, and I told her that my dream ticket would be Mike Huckabee for President, and Sarah Palin for Vice President. He would connect with the Fair Tax People and all those who hate high taxes and runaway spending. Sarah Palin would connect with the little guy, and women, who are Conservative. I think that the Liberals, be they Democrats or Republicans, should fear that combination if they don’t already.

      • Marilyn

        That’s a good combination. I haven’t heard anyone speak much of Mitt Romney. He would be good with the finances!

      • Bob

        All the presidents of the last hundred years sounded good until they were elected. It’s never going to change.

        • Dreadknot

          Chear up Bobby
          There is still hope,Our system will work if we let it. There is an angel riding in the storm. Evil only prospers when good men do nothing, and the good people are waking up all over this land. Lets pray they do there homework from now on, and never vote for another collectivist.

          • Bob

            Hey Dreadlocks I’m very happy. I don’t worry about anything because I’ve known for 40 years what is coming. People who believe anyone who works for Fox News is in for a rude awakening. They are all Zionist stooges.

    • Marilyn

      My gosh, man, she knew a heckuva lot more than Obama did and does. Have you even researched her qualifications and beliefs(particularly versus Obama’s”? She could handle the energy problems we have, beautifully, and if she could accomplish what she did AS A GOVERNOR (not a Jr. senator), this should tell you a lot. All Obama was, was a Community Organizer. Check out his record as a junior senator in Illinois. It wasn’t very good. Plus, his record in abortion issues was sad. I lived in Illinois when he was a junior senator, and he was really pathetic. When he was nominated for President, I made the statement, then, that if he by any chance became our president, we were in for a lot of trouble.

      • William

        Marilyn. I totaly agree with you on everything. that was what shocked me so much when obummer won. I just couldn’t beleive there were that many total IDIOTS in this country. of course you can’t call the dead IDIOTS because they didn’t even know they were voting. and like you I think Mitt Romny would make a good choice for Sarah too because of his organisational skills and the financial skills he has, I can vote for either team. Palin Romny or Palin Huckabee,

        • Shasta

          speaking of Dead Idiots William, I just heard on the news this morning (cleveland mind you) that they found ballots registered to dead people, now i was half sleeping and tried to focus on this, i thought WTF, why isnt the FBI investigating this??? I dont remember the amount, but even ONE is Ovomit in by fraud, wouldnt you say??

        • Bob

          William Anybody who voted for a Rep or Dm was an idiot.

        • Pete

          I’m convinced that had the election been legal and honest, Obama would not have even come close to being elected. But thanks to left wing law breakers like Acorn and others, he found his way in. I just hope the next go around doesn’t go the same way.

          • wally

            right on about acorn their back but under a different name. in lake county indiana they found 3000 dead people that voted for this dude in office in 2008 check it outnow i submit watch out if the dream act passes. again this dude will be elected again, by fraud

      • marvin

        Marilyn, obama was born on welfare grew up on welfare was schooled on welfare went to collage on welfare been on welfare 90% of his life and is on the goverment dole now[obama has been on and will be on the tax payers the rest of his life a true liberal from word go

      • guyb

        Thats right on!!!!! But , Let me make this perfectly clear,I have a plan to line the pockets of all my buddies with the us tax dollars.I will disguise it as a stimulus and make the American people buy into it. I will make it perfectly clear. Its Bushes fault.

    • http://none Bob Knutson

      Here are a few ideas for those that want to talk about 2012 election.

      Sarah Palin has everything it would take to get my vote, except the ability to win a national election. The liberal press would tear her apart. However, she would make a first class Secretary of State!

      Hayley Barbour of Mississippi would be a great candidate. He has al the necessary qualifications and the moral courage to do what’s best for the country as he has in his own State.

      Maybe Bobby Jindal or Rick Perry would be good VP candidates, if they want the job. That’s still undecided.

      Romney is a RINO. His health care plan in Mass is a disaster.

      Huckabee is a good man and might make a good VP, but he comes across as too vanilla for many of the people.

      Newt has some great ideas, has some baggage that the libs could exploit if he ran.

      Love Ron Paul but he already tried a couple of times and couldn’t make the cut.

      At this point in time we don’t know who else might emerge as a viable candidate by the end of next year.

      Full disclosure. I’m a Californian transplanted from Tennessee after 30 years USN.

      • Bob

        Just keep recycling all the usual losers. Out of 300,000,000 people we can’t come up with someone better than the recycled trash.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          Bob-O- Bob, Go back to your Tea-bagging with Norm and while your at it. invite Dennisio and the Flushman to Tea-bagging promenade. Don’t you get it, You are being ignored.

          • Bob

            Hey Wild Indian Does that peace pipe you smoke have hair around it?

    • Jim

      Most anyone could win the presidency with Ali Obama’s numbers so low. Most anyone except Mitt, Mike, Newt amd Sarah.
      C’mon Republican Party get your crap together and don’t blow this for us. Get a candidate that has a serious chance to beat this closet muslim. If you don’t find someone that will call it like it is (and that is that the Trojan (read muslim) horse has been brought in the gate) then we have Ali for another 4 years and you can take it to the bank that the muslims will own this country by the end of that time.
      We locked up the American Japs because they were the enemy. The enemy is the enemy regardless of color, nationality or religion and we all know that islam is the enemy – so let’s lock them up and stop any more from coming in! Drastic? Yes! But are you willing to bet the country and your freedom on the premise that being political correct is the right thing to do? Better safe than sorry – it’s them or us. I vote for US and U.S.

      • Average Joe

        It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so.
        Robert A. Heinlein

    • guyb

      I think Huchabee is a good honest American and Pallin has a ton more experience than Obama even though he ragged her down and said she did not have the experience neede like he had a bunch. When can you be sure Obama is not telling the truth,his lips are moving!!!!Look,He promised c-span so everyone would know which representive was working for the people and which ones were not…. No c-span tells me Obama and pelosi and reid do not want the American people to know they are the ones who have sold us out.

    • guyb

      Look,America,Its time to WAKE-UP!!!!!The far left media has already crushed pallin with all kinds of smearing lies…. She will not be the president because she loves our country and the far left media fueled by the bank roll of george soros will never allow her to make it….. I feel we need everyone in the white house to line up and pledge allegiance once again to our great country and do so in front of all America.If our elected officals will not pledge allegiance to America in front of all the world then we should boot them out!!!! Its time our elected officals do the very best job possible for America and the American people.


        Right-On guyb, However Remember George Soros And The Manchurian Pres Obama Are Out Of The Same Mold, Follow The Money And You Have A Paperless Phoney Pres Bought And Paid For By George Soros, And If Sarah Palin Runs 2012 Against Barry Soetoro AKA Barack H. Obama He Will Show His Records Birth Certificate, Selective Service, Social Security Number 042, Will Not Fly, Plus School Records Proving He Never Attended Columbia College Yet He Graduated, Show Sarah Your Records Buckwheat The Jig Is Up.

        • guyb

          You are correct and I agree.

    • patricia

      Huckabee is all right, however I hear people talking about wanting change also. Why not elect Sarah Palin? She has common sense, has experience in various fields….and whichever way you look at it, is qualified to be president. If you don’t think a woman alone can do it (I happen to think she can), why not a Palin/Romney ticket or vice versa, they would have to decide that.If change is what you want, elect a woman…that would be a real change(puhleeze, not Kagan).

    • guyb

      I would go for that too.

    • EddieW

      I agree with you Joe!! Why is the Extreme LIBERAL Washington Post & also Newsweek Glorifying Sarah Palin?? Something we don’t know about?? She belong to CFR or Trilateral commission?? Too many questions about Sarah…especially with Liberals pushing her!!!

    • Eric

      I am on board with that duo. Huckabee and Palin in 2012 ……… That could be a great ticket…..

    • tommy matt

      SARAH fixed Alaska and the press add Newt or GUILANI who helped with the healing process

    • lethrneck

      More people are finding out about her soft positions on illegal aliens and her (McCain) desire to get them a “fast track” to citizenship; in other words, amnesty!

      We just can’t reward people for breaking our laws and that’s what she would do. She also supports the “sanctuary cities” of Anchorage and Fairbanks in Alaska where illegal aliens are protected from being turned over to the feds for deportation.

      These positions will doom her with conservatives.

    • who cares

      you got to be kidding you have been drinking the tea. palin is a busch in a dress.

    • Lisa Wells

      I really wish she would not run for president in 2012. There are so many people that hate everything she stands for, that she would just be turning over another 4 years for Obama. I can’t stand to see that happen. Let someone run who the majority would be excited to vote for–please. Don’t be as cocky as the one in office now to think you could push your way through!

    • Jerry

      As more and more people find out that Sarah Palin is FOR Amnesty her numbers will continue to fall, especially with conservatives.
      And don’t scoff at that; she has said in public and on Fox News TV.
      She gets it from McCain who has always been for Amnesty.

      Palin says she’s against bit government, big spending and big taxe and she’s for getting more jobs.

      OK nice goals; but she wants to give citizenship to all the 12 to 20 million illegals that are here in the country NOW. She apparently does not think that all these illegals are the cause of MORE big government, MORE big spending, MORE big taxes and they take away jobs that some our our millions of unemployed would probably like to have.

      Before you doubt it, ASK her if you can; she avoids talking about it because she knows she is WRONG.

  • Viper 1

    This headline represents the statistical illiteracy that perverts the thought processes of those who suffer the deficiency.

    Palin’s numbers dropped 6% while Romney’s dropped 4%–a remarkably shallow slide considering the vast forces aligned against her and relatively indifferent to Romney.

    At the same time, the President’s job approval numbers have plummeted by 18 points in 18 months with key members of his own party jumping ship, refusing to continue in office, and/or flat out distancing themselves from him in terms of policy.

    Worse still, independents have literally left the building.

    The bottom line: Palin and Obama are almost running head to head now in some polls in a general election.

    The suggestion that the democratic turnout for Obama would far exceed the turnout for Palin in the 2012 doesn’t pass the laugh test.

    I’ve been doing hard-core research in the field of immunology for a long time and you know when somebody has decided to toss out a critical variable, in this case the rights “ABO” (Anybody but Obama).

    In two years when just about every program by this administration is likely proved to be ill-conceived and
    socially detrimental, Obama is going to be life and death to not get swamped in the general election.

    • Dreadknot

      Right on Viper
      I told a friend who complained ” Palin can’t win “. One of my black russian hogs could win against this Alinsky cloan. We better pick someone this time around with cahoneys, and Moma Grizly Sarah beats them all in that department.

  • s c

    What happens to Palin is up to her. She should know from her apprenticeship under McMediaHo that you have to go with your strengths, and overcome your weaknesses.
    If she thumbs her noses at RINOs, the whore media and those who worship pc, she might have a chance to move into the White House as Obama’s or Biden’s replacement. ANYBODY can do better than The Anointed One or Mouthflappin’ Joe.
    Whatever happens, as long as Palin espouses solid conservative values and hammers away at Obama’s many weaknesses, she has a good chance to thoroughly rip progressives a new one and help put American back on solid ground via a functional, constitutional republic.

    • Norm

      s c
      Being a “redneck” isn’t for everybody. Those dang educated yankees aint a buyin mammy yokum.

      • Dagney

        Careful Norm, your predjudice is showing.

        • Palin12

          Norm would rather date Pelousy than Sarah.

          • clh

            Good, let him take her away where she can never be seen or heard from again.

      • Byron


        Are you saying that because of the left (not all) west coasters along w/the left new Englanders pushing the marxist way of life for all who are willing to tear this nation to piece by piece is what real Americans wants? Instead of calling you a ignorant and totally misguided idiot I’d like for you to study Fabianism (Cloward & F. Pivens etc) along with the communist manifesto and if you agree w/the leftist freaks, well, of coarse folks with (or w/o) some education will know your agenda. A lengthy education proves nothing for that’s not what built the greatest nation EVER known to the world, being book smart and know not how to implement your knowledge in a constructive way means nothing (for this nation has a house full of “them”) so take your hot air and blow it up your nose and you can keep your intitlements and let America do what She does best with Her reverent (healthy) fear of Her creator!

        • Norm

          It’s those “book smart” people who conceived and built the greatest industrial nation on earth. It’s their engineering expertise that put men on the moon, pioneered solid state electronics, and made life great for all Americans.
          It’s those religious freak high school dropout neocons who make money by trashing America, advocate living back in the 1700′s, and believe in destroying anyone who doesn’t agree with them who are the traitors.

          • http://naver samurai

            Be carefull Norm. Our founding fathers believed in nature and nature’s God. They even instilled their beliefs in the founding of this country, Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, etc, so what is it that you don’t understand> Go back to church Norm and find out what that means. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Bud in San Antone

        Norm, did you have your coffee this morning?

      • del

        Norm, The most intelligent people in the country are found in the South. You should look it up for yourself.

      • Marilyn

        Where were YOU educated, Norm, in the cellar?

        • darylj46

          Norm, you are getting what you want just like your “beloved one” and that is ignorance in attention.

      • William

        norm you really need to put the koolaid down. I am and have been a red neck all of my 74 years here on Gods green earth. get a life son,

      • Nancy

        I am begining to think that Norm is on government aid of some kind and does not want to loose that handout. Are WE the taxpayers taking care of you Norm?

      • marvin

        Norm there you go running your mouth i may live in alabama but was born and lived for 30 years in illinois and have a large famly there so now where do you go liberal, you know turn norm around it is one letter short of moron

        • Average Joe

          The problem with people like Norm is that their party built an unstable platform and are now afraid that if they stand on it, it will collapse.
          So, rather than make repairs to their platform and stablize it…they have decided to try to tear down their opponents platform…
          Norm, you better get a much bigger hammer….and attempt to fix your own platform….because we’ve built ours on a solid foundation…rather than shifting sand.

    • William

      SC you are so right,

  • Mo

    You people are crazy. Less then 50% repub’s want Sara to run. 100% Libs want her to run. Palin Half-term has no chance.

    • Dagney

      Sorry, the left is deathly afraid of her. You can tell who they are most afraid of, even you show it, by who they attack. So, people who love this country, remember that when it starts getting close. The more attacks, the more the MARXISTS are AFRAID of that person! You’ll know by that alone who is the BEST candidate to take power away from the current communist regime!

      • Marilyn

        Dagney, this is the best I’ve read, yet!! Bravo!!

    • Palin12

      Sorry Mo, I don’t fit into your statistic.

    • Dreadknot

      Like I said earlier MO, even a hog could beat Boy Wonder.
      Don’t misunderestimate the TEA party Patriots or Moma Grizely.

    • patricia

      Apparently “Mo” has never been to Alaska. I spent 6 mos there last year. During that time I did not hear one bad word against Gov. Palin. They absolutely love her there. The Alaskans are a unique people. So is she.

  • viktor leben

    Here we go again. The American People are making another big mistake !!! Here you have someone capable of being President (she has more experience than Obama did back in 2008) and the dumbass Republicans are blowing it again …

    • Norm

      viktor leben
      She was a lousy governor of a poor state(before she sold out for profit), and she would make a horrible president. We would be the laughing stock of the world.

      • William

        norm where in the hell are you getting you information? oh yes the deemocrat talking points. you need to do some researh son. you just possibly might wake up and smell the coffee.

      • ponderful

        So many types of Republicans, yet so different in opinion. In my opinion however, me thinks it belittles oneself to belittle others and/or call or incinuate stupidity, I mean just because THEY arent as whatever as self.Sometimes just plain old commonsence and practicality carries the day. Not to forgo good manners,no games, not trickery, not porky payoffs, just having an inkling of righteous legislation, in my opinion would be a turn in favor of our country to correct course………………………………………………………..As far as Mrs.Palin I believe she truly has a mothers heart for the U.S.And though it is true, she truly did have more experience in running a state from the executive level, the Republican establishment thought it time to vote on yet yet another highranking RINO, McCain,,Go figure!! They still dont get it..I see no evidence of regret, and change for that matter. they simply tolerate conservatives and founding principles…………………………………………………….Yes Palin, in my opinion would probably have faired victorious had she been the candidate instead of McCain.But whew what a putdown that would have been to the RNC..,and McCain, the progressive Republicans……………………………………………………Yes, Palin truly has stood up to THE ESTABLISHMENT, and to me now, IT IS TRULY A BLESSING and REFRESHING TO. SEE THE INNOCENCE OF A GOD LOVING MOM AND TRUE PATRIOT…..

        • Joseph

          You have said it all, and with COMMON SENSE!

        • http://Adultbloggingisfunny! Rhea

          Joseph … thank you … Sarah is not driven by the opinions of the silly and petty remarks coming from this crowd … I hate that I have wasted my time reading some of this teenage nonsense … but I simply wanted to see what drives the kind of people who supported Obama.

          Sarah Palin is the only person yet who does not go with the crowd … she has done that all of her life and many will be left behind still talking when the dust settles from her whirlwind attack on dems and RINOs … as she blasts a campaign to get America back to the basics. She is the one person that doesn’t ‘kiss up’ to the big ole boys. Study up and observe her actions. Who else do you know that has the attention of so many … even in a pack of animals … a leader claims his territory … look at the miners incident … did they have to vote for a leader, NO … leaders rise to the occassion.

      • Chuck

        laughing stock of the world ?
        We are far past that.
        Who else can bomma be sub servant to, bow to and what ass is left he hasn’t kissed ?

        He’s currently selling us out to the un, still attempting to remove the second amendment, though be says it’s the dems and not him- lies.
        Kissing up to russia and screwing poland by denying the missile defense the US promised them.

        Hay bomma is letting the muslims have their victory masque in NY.
        Denying proper personnel and upholding CURRENT laws on immigration letting them flood in on purpose…

        If I felt like it I could go on for a while.
        laughing stock is right.

        • Norm

          Nobody buys into “pax America”. It failed ultimately for the Romans and it will fail for us.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Whose azz hasn’t he kissed? Mine but he can rectify that problem!!!

      • http://naver Samurai

        No where as big as Obama bin Laden. The whole muslim world is laughing at us because we have a president who is a muslim, trying to change us into a socialist state, and has even gone against the will of WE THE PEOPLE and supports the mosque near ground zero. He bows before people, associates with terrorist groups, destroyed our economy to implement his plans, etc., what don’t you understand Norm? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • guyb

          WOW!!!!! I am with you 100% But,Let me make this perfectly clear!!!! I will create jobs!!!! Look at the wonderful job I did on those stupid northern california farmers I cut the water too! Man I am glad I left the door open for pelosi to still get all the water she needs for her multi million dollar northern california vineyards!!!! Look,I will not come against the ones who are on my side, Just ask Joe the plumber!!!!!!Pelosi is on my side so she deserves the water. Those northern california farmers will just have to think twice if they think they are worth more then my delta smelt friends!!!! Besides, I have acorn signing up those delta smelt to vote in the next election… I will over come the will of the people!!!!! Let me make this perfectly clear!!!!! I do not need no stink’in birth certificate,I know george soros,he’s my firend!!!!!So quit your cry’in America,I ran on CHANGE!!!!!

      • viktor leben


        The USA is the “laughing stock” of the Western European World. It always has been and it always will be. The “cosmopolitique” Europeans look upon us as uncivilized frontiersmen aka “hill billies or Mountain Men”.

        Why are you interested in what the Europeans have to say ? You will always seem like “Daniel Boone” or “Davy Crockett” or “Jed Clampett” to them. Does Jethro Bodine get any respect these days in Paris ?

        From my viewpoint, I would rather have Sarah Palin as President than Obama. Not just because she’s Hot (as in womanly aesthetics) but she has something Obama doesn’t – COMMON SENSE …

      • Palin12

        Norm, just what the heck do you mean by a “poor state”? You are profiling people. Have you ever even been to Alaska?

        • Nancy

          I have, and I LOVE it…

      • clh

        What do you think we are now?
        She quit for the good of the state, because the liberals drowned her in frivolous lawsuits.

      • Marilyn

        And, just WHAT do you think we are, now??? Obama, with his “apologies” for the U.S.A. has already accomplished making us the laughing stock of the world.

      • darylj46

        Norm, again you are proving what I said earlier that you are ignorant and just like Obama you crave attention. For once in your backward life look and listen to what you say and the lack of knowledge you show.

      • Rush Housel

        We are all ready the laughing stock of the whole thanks to Obama and his administration. Sarah Palin would bring honest, integrity, intelligence, experience, a desire to bring American back to the NUMBER ONE country in the world, stand up for democarcy, freedom, The Consitution, The Bill of Rights, and bring back class & charisma to Washington D.C. Sarah Palin would be a welcome change to the present corrupt, self centered, socialist Obama administration.

      • LeRoy

        Norm- what kind of scumbag are you?You voted for the muslim and now you are afraid we are going to elect a good honest person to replace your buddy and repair the damage he is doing.

      • http://CHEERIE wally

        norm i see yo have internet service so look up what she;s done for alaska. and quit reading liberal newsless

    • Bud in San Antone

      Our political system here in the United States of America has fron the beginning been called, The Great Experiment. After almost 240 years we are still experimenting. Are we having fun yet?

      • Norm

        Bud in San Antone
        I love it!

  • Jim H.

    I don’t take much stock in polls. If the polls were right in 04, Howard Dean would have been the Dem candidate, not John Kerry. The way polls are taken, who is polled, how the questions are phrased, have a big result on the outcome. I’ve been polled, they ask the question and tell you that you have a choice of 4 answers and none of them apply to what my answer would be. I tell them my answer and they tell me that it has to be one of the 4 THEY said it could be. So how can they find out what we want if they won’t accept OUR answer?

    • William

      Jim H. I agree with you 110%. I too have taken those polls and I find myself asking where is the alternativ. I dont like any of the answers,

  • http://??????? Stephen Browning

    The way that the Media portrays the person they want in the head office makes a difference as to who will win the race. Most people will go by what the media says and not what are the facts. I still have not heard anything as to what the U.S.A. did or is going to do about the Cartell down in Larado taking over those ranches. To me that was an attack on the United States.

    • William

      Stephan you wont hear anything till we get rid of the IDIOT in cheif and get some leadership back in washington

    • clh

      Obummer is not interested in doing anything. In fact, he took the lawsuit against AZ to the Unitied Nations (a joke in themselves) and reported AZ on civil rights violations.
      Really????? I have to show my Drivers License for many things, sometimes my SS card. I am not offended Only those with something to hide, like being illegal, are complaining. Even OBAMA won’t show his, we know what he is hiding.

      • Marilyn

        Oh, boy, my feelings exactly!!

      • darylj46

        I agree and if the IDIOT in the white house had any backbone and pride for and in American Citizens he would push the immagration law on the books that is exactly like the one that AZ has. What this idiot and the Hillery fool did in the U.N. is not only a disgrace to this NATION but to all AMERICANS. Look out AMERICA cause the “New World Order” is on its way.

    • lee


  • J.M.R.

    i vote for sarah as she has been one of the very few to call it like she sees it. romney is a no vote because of romney care in mass, which would be on for the U.S.A. IF he GETS IN OFFICE.

  • J.M.R.

    i would also like a huck/palin ticket either way

    • Norm

      I would too. Obama would destroy the riff raff.

      • William

        norm you keep showing your ignorance,

        • Bud in San Antone

          Norm didn’t have his coffee. Forgive him.

        • Norm

          Could you elaborate a little on that. I know elaborate is a big word but you can look it up.

          • http://naver Samurai

            I think he means state your facts and the sources you are using. Do you understand now?

      • Marilyn

        Obama IS the riffraff!!

      • marvin

        Norm you are ether stuped a moron black a homo or illegal most likly all of the above most black people i know have more brains then you

      • Dreadknot

        Hey NORM
        The riff raff presently occupy the White House, and most of the capital, Do you know something about a suicide pact or what ?

    • William

      J.M.R. I’m with you my friend,

    • Bob

      I’d like a Huckleberry/Finn ticket.

  • newplato

    What a sad state of affairs in this world! Idiots in many countries worship “their” king or queen as someone who is somehow “special” and more important than the rest of us. So here in America, some profound thinkers in the late 1700′s set up a system to avoid that nonsense, and it worked farily well for a while. But now we have reached the point where most Americans either love or hate the President, and the sociological difference between having a president and a king or queen is diminishing toward nil. So many people vote for President (and other offices) the same way they voted for Middle School “Student Council” that the perverters of democracy use that sociological flaw to continually elect enemies of freedom.

    Who is President is far less important than who is in Congress. Rather than focusing on the 2012 Presidential Election, we should all get involved locally and regionally to help elect the best candidates to Congress. Always vote for the one who most favors LOWER TAXES, LESS GOVERNMEN, and MORE INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. Don’t vote for the “lesser of two evils” instead of another philosophically solid candidate because that good candidate “doesn’t have any chance of winning”. (Do names like McCain and Nixon come to mind?)

    • Dagney

      You are quite right. But, it’s fun to speculate on a Palin win over Obama. :-)

    • Earl, QUEENS

      I hear you, newplato, and I understand your frustration (“Don’t voter for the lesser of two evils”). Of course I’d rather see Sarah Palin as POTUS than many other republicans. But the time to defeat RINOs and GOP wimps who too often cower to liberals/democraps is in the primaries, NOT in the November election. We reluctantly voted for McCain as a vote against the Obama-nation, which has proven to be a disaster. A McCain presidency would’ve been far less damaging. The 11/4/2008 election surely has had bad consequences.

      • Jeep

        Earl, to tag on your point so it is not missed, it is in the primaries that are occuring across our nation that the tone for the nation is set. In most cases it looks as though the “establishment” GOP candidate is not the voters choice. But, there are vestiges of the “old guard” that need to be swept clean. A clear message needs to be sent to both parties that “business as usual” is not going to be tolerated, now and forever more.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          the problem with the primaries is in a lot of states the primary is already determined before they vote on it!!

          • Jeep

            I guess we shoud just quit then?

      • Marilyn

        Bad??!! They’re DISASTROUS!! Obama is taking us right into oblivion!! I think that’s what he intends to do.

    • 45caliber


      If they are for less taxes, less government, and more freedom then they ARE the lesser of two evils automatically. The trouble is that few professional politicians are.

      Our Founding Fathers never actually intended for us to have professional politicians. They expected to have various individuals who had other concerns go to Washington for a couple of months every couple of years to take care of any major problems that may have come up in the meantime. There was never any intention of having a permanent Congress – and I can’t see any real need for one now.

      • lee


        • CJM

          Because they are elitists who do not want people like Al Greene (who spent less than $10,000 in campaign funds–all out of pocket) and Christine O’Donnell (who campaigned on a shoe string)in office. When the Charlie Rangels, Castles, and Roves discover how little is spent, they demand an immediate investigation of that candidate and then go out to dig up as much dirt as possible to smear the frugal person. What’s wrong with you, man–the elitists don’t believe poor people have the education or the brains to become a member of congress and is a major reason they refuse to put a cap on campaign expenditures. Personally, I think no one should be permitted to spend more than $200,000 per campaign; it is absolutely obscene to see these people spending millions to out-do one another when there is so much more needed to help others (and I am not talking about helping the deadbeats).

  • Bill Stanley

    Huckabee is as boring a campaigner as Bush and Gore were.

    • Norm

      Huckabee is a radical preacher. He needs to stick to the pulpit.

      • Bud in San Antone

        Norm, I give up, you win. I finally agree with you Huckabee is a radical. Being a good human being is pretty radical nowadays.

        • Norm

          Bud in San Antone
          Good like beuty is in the eyes of the beholder.

          • CJM

            Norm: It is true that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but being a jerk begins within.

      • http://naver Samurai

        He’s a good man, Norm. You need to stick to your mom’s basement and stay there.

      • viktor leben


        Scared of a radical theocracy ? HA HA HA !

      • clh

        I watch his show all the time and I don’t see him preaching. Where does your info come from? Do you ever watch it to learn anything. Oh forgot you are liberal, you can’t learn.

    • Bud in San Antone

      Bill, who cares about boring, Huckabee has a rare trait, morale character. Look really close and see if you can find the smallest thread of it in Washington. Let’s not make fun of people that just may be able to make a difference it the capitol and the nation. Please, my friend.

      • Bob

        Nobody knows Huckabee’s record. Why don’t you investigate it and then come back and talk.

  • mel

    personnally I think it’s time a woman took office. for one thing she can’t do as bad as the now pied piper we have. she is for this country , obuma isn’t and never will be , until we are a taken over country by his type . and yes we do need to clean out all of congress and the senate/house of all those “old” lifers. get some new blood in there that remember what this country is about. IT’S TIME THE PIED PIPER GETS THROWN OUT.

    • Dagney

      I never understood how people in the media could say with a straight face that Sarah had “no experience” and turn around and tout the current Marxist disaster we have in office. What experience did he have? Oh, that’s right, you don’t need experience if you muddled your way through Harvard and spout the un-American liberal mindset. That’s all any leader for America needs, right? What horsesh*t.

      • newplato

        Whenever people belittle a good candidate because he or she “doesn’t have any experience,” be ready to provide them with a list of political leaders who were put in place largely because they “had experience”: Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt, Mao Mussolini, Wilson, Nixon, etc. ad nuseum.

        • viktor leben


          Who do you want to be our new “philosopher king” (or Queen if you are talking about Palin) ?

          What would Socrates do ? Do you have any advice from Plato’s Republic ?

          • coal miner


            Plato didn’t believe in democracy.He believe that a state should be run by blue bloods,that is aristocracy,not democracy..

      • Marilyn

        OH, RIGHT ON!!!!!

    • 45caliber

      I’m not sure ANYONE could do as badly as the one we now have in office!

  • Dagney

    This is a perfect example of how the media selected John McCain as the so-called “Republican” candidate in 2008. They hyped poll after poll that supposedly showed John McCain in the lead. They kept pounding this fake impression until the American public were convinced that WE chose John McCain. Didn’t happen. The lame-stream media chose him because they saw him as the easiest one to beat. DO NOT let the government-controlled media do this again. Gingrich and Huckabee are the least conservative and least liked Republicans being touted as potential candidates. Sarah Palin is at the top somewhere, but anything can happen in the next two years. Don’t believe ANYTHING the lame-stream (and governement controlled media touts! If they say Sarah is sinking, she probably is actually rising.

    • Norm


      If it wasn’t for Palin, McCain might have won. She changed my vote, and undoubtedly hurt John much more than she did to help.
      Many people were disappointed that he chose an extremist idiot like her, particularly when he WAS a moderate.

      • Dagney

        Palin gave McCain a CHANCE to win. You were one of the few liberal kool-aide drinkers who SAY that she changed your vote. Not the same thing. I’m sure you were Hillary or Obama all the way.

      • Gregg Pellegrino

        So Norm… you are admitting to have voted for the “Anointed One”! Shame on you, and any other so called “Americans” who were duped!!!

        • Norm

          Gregg Pellegrino
          The “other so called Americans” were the majority. What does that make you – I think the word is minority. Hard to swallow for a neocom.

          • viktor leben

            I voted for the RADICAL Reverend CHuck Baldwin ….

            I’m not afraid of a radical Christian Theocracy like Norm is …Ha HA HA ! What’s the worse that can happen, a prayer meeting in the Oval Office ? That would violate the seperation of “church and state” !! How radical !!! Not normal, right Norm ?…

            So Norm, because we are the MORAL MINORITY that means we are entitled to some government dole ?

          • clh

            Just shows there are a lot of idiots out there. The Liberal Media elected OSAMA not the people. The dead in the graveyards, Acorn multivotes and all the illegal money he received from foreign governments gave him the warchest he needed.

      • alpha-lemming

        Inadvertant truths. There is/was no REAL difference between McSame and ObaMao…. only in degree. McSame would’ve taken us to h*ll on a freight train…. ObaMao doing it on an SST.

        When the only choices are between a sorta-Communist and a devoted Communist…. the real deal will win every time.

        • lee


      • Jeep

        I’m not buying that one Norm. You have supported all the annointed one’s policies lock, stock and barrel. You are a progressive sychophant through and through. Why would you even make such a statement such as “she changed my vote” is beyond me.

        • Norm

          McCain, like me, is a moderate. I never bought his ultra war stance but basically I could support him; Palin – No way!

          • 45caliber

            You’re a moderate? Man, you could have fooled me! I’ve always thought of you as ultra-liberal in your comments. But maybe that is the present Democrat moderate at that. It certainly isn’t anywhere between Democrat liberals and conservatives (not GOP).

          • Jeep

            Norm, though I personally like Palin, I do not think she could ever get a fair shake from the media and by extension the vast majority of American’s who take their opinions from what the boob tube tells them (either left or right). But, come on my friend, McCain only recenters himself at election time! Yeah, I voted for him last time, but it was with frog in my throat.

          • http://naver Samurai

            Norm, if you are a moderate, then I’m the Pope. I like Sarah also and think that she would do a lot better job than the fool we have now. Also, don’t forget that she has a lot more experience than Osama and she is also an American citizen. Born and raised here, not maybe born here and raised in other countries like Obama bin Laden. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • 45caliber

        McCain is so “moderate” that he’s about half way between moderate and liberal extremist.

        • JeffH

          45caliber, a liberal who calls himself a moderate is the same as a liberal that claims to be an independen thinker. It just ain’t so!

        • Norm

          I repeat: I’ve been a registered Republican since the 60′s. You AINT no republican. You are a right wing extremist. Get it sraight. you are not a Republican.

          • http://naver samurai

            If you have been a GOP for that long, why did you show cowardess and treason by voting for Obama bin Laden?

          • 45caliber

            I’ve been a registered DEMOCRAT since 1965. But I tend to vote Republican since they are more conservative than Dems are NOW. Dems used to be the conservatives here the in South – but no longer.

          • clh

            Another RINO

      • coal miner


        Even the right wing Buckleys were against Palin.You are right.She is a nut

      • darylj46

        Norm, I now know that you hate woman.

      • Bob

        If McCain was in office we’d already be in WW3.

  • Paul

    I’m a lifelong Republican voter, but the Bush bailouts taught me to never again settle for the lesser of two evils. If Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich, and Palin are the best we’ve got then I’m voting Libertarian. All four of believe in big government, big debt, wealth redistribution through the tax code, etc. Romney actually was a pioneer in this stinking healthcare debacle! To keep my vote, Republicans need to nominate Ron Paul or somebody who shares his beliefs. No more Federal Reserve or fiat currency!

    • Dagney

      What evidence do you have that Palin is for “big government”? All the reading I have done on her says she fought corruption in Alaska on both sides of the aisle and won, for the most part. Everything she says is pro-small government, for the people, by the people. I don’t see much of anything that says she’s just another crony-capitalist.

    • Bud in San Antone

      Paul, it has never made any sense to me why people throw a vote away on a candidate that can’t possibly win let alone a party that is not viable nationally. I don’t like the present two party system either however, the Libretarians thus far have only viable in local and state elections.

    • Jeep

      Paul, such statements are very divisive…almost Alinski-ish. Are you trying to disuade conservative voters by pretending to be one “who has seen the error of his ways”? true conservatives have always voted their conscience first, and to prevent catastrophie second.

  • http://n/a CECIL DEBOARD





  • M.L.

    MY problem lies with the illegal aliens. I would like to have a President that has the “balls” as all of you say to say they will deport,starting with cutting- off all freebies, and keep all jobs for Americans.That most definitely will make many of them exit on their own.Instead of being afraid of losing the Hispanic vote lets make them afraid of losing the American vote by letting them know if their adds for votes are in spanish, we will not vote for them. He or she must put english on the books immediately and reconize the vast Americans across the country that have murdered and raped by these people using the savings from the freebies including the ten million Nancy Polosi gave them for lawyers to compensate the victims families. (not just the rancher that was killed at the border).

    • 45caliber

      There are TWO Hispanic vote sections in the US. One is the legal Hispanics and the other is the illegal group.

      The Democrats continually confuse them and think they are all the same group. WRONG! Most legal Hispanics are no more interested in allowing the illegals here than any other American. The Dems want the illegal vote – the GOP should be going after the legal ones.

  • Si Bon

    If you want to take the risk of losing your right to sound off about things that are high on your agenda then keep on going down this road wishing that Sarah Palin (one who is struggling for your right to speak up)would go away. What is the matter with you? Think! Study it just a bit. You will possibly see the light if you ask “Him, Our Lord” to enlighten you. If you are one of the infedels according to the Koran then you wouldn’t give her the “time” anyway. By the way do I trust what is described in the other comments above about Sarah Palin, no. Any one of the projected candidates for Pres. would jump at the chance at being her running mate or she being their running mate.

  • J.M.R.

    NORM YOU NEED TO COME OUT FROM UNDER YOUR ROCK MORE OFTEN MCcain lost the race because of being in bed with TK AND A CORRUPT ELECTION. sarah was the best person to help him. but when your a middle of the fence clown that leined left more than right you lose

  • Tea Party Tim

    I’ll present this just honestly as anything else that I have the opportunity to and my friends say that most of the time I am brutally honest.
    Now please understand that I think the world of her and appreciate her strong stance on some issues, however Sarah Palin is simply not qualified to be the President of the United States. Now, I would have to grant you that she is more qualified than Barak Obama, but quite frankly that has not worked out so well for the country. Her choices of canidates to support in elections across the nation is questionable at best. It seems that there are some extreme political motivations in place here.

    Aside from the qualification issue, is the back lash voters. The voter outturn among progressives would be astounding to insure her defeat and would ultimately result in a second term for Obama.

    • wally

      no you seen to much liberal news cast in which they hate her and are afraid of her so there fore they will smear her. that why she may not be electable, she is qualified in todays standards in which we need a more common sense approach

  • hundabuxt

    I live in Alaska and have for 27 years. I’ve met and talked to Sarah a couple times when she was governor. She’s a genuine American, meaning she has conservative leanings and the best interests of America at heart. She can and has gut a Moose, pulled hundreds of fish from nets, shoots (SHOCKING!!) GUNS, and she’s athletic not to mention hot looking. Probably why so many fat ugly women resent her. She’s come to serve as a catalyst for the Tea Party movement, which shares most if not all of her views. I liked her as our governor but the liberal extremists went after her with a vengeance constantly suing her for mostly frivolous reasons, which affected her ability to govern. They attacked her family and she’s a strong Christian like wife and mother who does not suffer such thing’s well. She resigned.
    When McCaine selected her for VP the move electrified what up until that time was a lackluster campaign and in equity the decision was probably one born of desperation. She energized the conservative element in America and it scared the hell out of the liberals who were confident they had it in the bag. The media decended on Alaska like Locusts looking for dirt in every corner of the State. It was sickening how bias the news media is.
    As we all saw during the campaign for president, Sarah was not ready for prime time. She wasn’t prepared or polished and Katy Curic ripped her apart. Still, many voters could see she was a regular person not a skilled BS filled professional politician, able to deflect and even not answer the questions while sounding like they had.
    In my view Sarah is still not ready for the top job in the world. The responsiblilities of that job is not for rookies as we well know with O’blather demonstrates. I like Ron Paul but he would not carry enough strength to make the cut. Many of you will dispute this but I like Gingrich. He’s not squeeky clean to be sure, but in equity who is clean having swam in that cess pool we call Washington D.C.? Gingrich is savvy, intellegent, articulate, a fighter and he largely shares the same values of we conservatives. Couple him with Sarah for VP and you have our best shot for taking back this country I love. After Sarah is exposed to the workings of Washington as an understudy, then consider her for the #1 spot. But not now because we’ll lose. This coming November and the 2012 election will be pivotal. We need to copy and magnify the efforts put forth by the liberal elements in this country, both clean and dirty, which precipitated the election of what history may consider the most dangerous president this country has ever had. If we lose in November and 2012 you best prepare. The fox is in the chicken coop.

    • Tea Party Tim

      We are in agreement on most things except for the ability of Ron Paul to motivate voters to turnout at the polls. It is my belief that the American people are desperate for a canidate that will restore integrity to the Federal government and that the vast majority of America would see Paul as a real choice on the road to that restoration.

      • Gregg Pellegrino

        Yes Tim, quite true! I think back to when Jimmy Carter was made President after the fiasco that Dick Nixon had… the American public just wanted someone who was squeaky clean as opposed the the crook!

        • Jeep

          Agreeed Gregg, and look what that got us! LOL

      • 45caliber

        Check my comments on Ron Paul below.

    • newplato

      Gingrich is a Trojan Horse. CFR stands for “Come Fool Republicans”.

    • Barbara

      Sarah was attacked viciously because they were (and still are) afraid of her. She pulled a lot of votes from the dems. Including mine. Especially after Hillary sold out. The attacks were mainly based on what that silly SNL character said. Surprise, she wasn’t Sarah. But Sarah was accused of saying what she said.

      I made it a point to attend a rally and hear what she actually said. Brilliant. The opposition was waiting for the attendees afterwards. Confronted and questioned us. Wanted to know why we thought Sarah was so great. Typically, they had no answer when I said she was real, not just a politician. Just kept asking the same dumb question.

      I recognized what Obama was in the primaries. But, of course, no one wanted to hear it. The DNC had already decided he was the one and made sure the voters had nothing to say about it. They were so arrogant they didn’t even try to hide it.

      Just another indicator, Bill C. said the dems should not underestimate Sarah. She is being attacked now because the dems KNOW she will take them down.

      I say God Bless Sarah, and if it is God’s will, she will be president.

      • wally

        you hit the nail on the head on that AMEN

  • AllAcrossAmerica

    Much like no one heard of the messiah in 07 – we conservatives don’t know who will be the GOP’s person. PLEASE not Romney, Huckabee is likable but no thanks – A person like Christie that shakes up things – a person with the fire to face the crap (and believe me it’s coming)that we will face because of way too much progressive bills & laws passed by both parties is what we need. The public unions MUST BE BROKEN or at least turned back. owe-bamacare must be repealed – this FinReg bill is right out of the communist manifesto. It will dictate the financing of your kids braces on their teeth for Christ Sake.

    We need a Pence, McDonald, Bachmann, Christie, Ryan some one the GOP has not even considered. BTW Norm why don’t you go back to and play with the “useful idiots” where you belong

    • Tea Party Tim

      Excellent post and I couldn’t agree more.

      The American people are looking for someone with the backbone to confront the government and the press, not someone that will betray the people. Christie is a great example of a politician, that to this point, has done exactly what he was elected to do.

    • JeffH

      AllAcrossAmerica, I agree 100%. I like Paul Ryan myself and could only wish that Christie would consider a run for the Oval Office.
      I don’t think Christie is interested in much beyond his governorship in NJ, but I would like to be surprised. I do like Palin a lot but the MSM liars have got the ear of too many to make her a viable candidate. Stranger things have happened, afterall O’man was elected on empty promises and Hope & Change.

  • Tea Party Tim

    Unfortunatly, among what is being shown as front runners it seems that there are very few real choices.

    Romney is as progressive as Obama and refuses to admit the failure of Romneycare or the ultimate failure of Obamacare. We do not need to replace the current leadership with more of the same.

    Those that see Huckabee as a radical preacher have obviously not paid attention to him along the way. He has allowed the religion of politics to become his religion of choice and seemingly abandoned some core principles.

    Newt Gingrich has had more personal problems than Tiger Woods and it would be foolish for the American people to place someone with the lack of self-control into the highest position in the nation. Character does count and integrity is not a virtue that can absent personally, but touted politically.

    We need to return to a strict Constitutional view of government and the only public figure at this time with a record that proves himself is Ron Paul.

  • Byron

    Paul, you mean you would vote for someone who thinks that gays, abortionist and the like are fine as long as it hurts you not? All I have to people like you, I pray the next time you need blood that it’s not infected with hiv and your Dr. does not believe in the idea on how much you are worth when (if) you get sick and facing treatment (medical) that “they” might think that your not worth it! I’m talking about the GB (fox) mentality. As far as Palin, well she has more experience than the one that now occupying, I’d rather that someone like her have on the job training (of tax payers $$) than the current. Change means destroying everything that what made America and if you see this as something bad, I’m sorry to say but people like you have been deceived and will have to sleep in the bed that’s being made. Those that believe that there are no absolutes should stick a loaded 44 mag barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger, problem with this? no second chance – then, the judgment – forgive me, that came from the Book of fables – you know, the one that’s 100% right in prophecy. Dare to read it!

    • Tea Party Tim

      You fail to recognize the fact that Ron Paul would allow the States to regulate these issues as is provided for in the Constitution.

      Quite honestly, we do not have the luxury to allow anyone to have on the job training for the highest position in the country. There is not a profitable, competitive business in the world that would even dare to consider such an outrageous move and yet that is exactly what we have with this current administration and many purpose to have with Sarah Palin. I hate to be the one to let the cat out of the bag, but that plan is failing and it is time to change course.

      To suggest that this means that there are no absolutes is absurd. I most definitely believe in absolutes and further believe that we suffer consequences as a result of absolute values and those consquences are exactly what we are suffering through at this time. Deception is a tricky little demon, especially when you put your hope in people instead of principles.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I know a young man that was in a 7/11 one day to get a pack of cigarettes and a guy told him to move his car so he could get out. the young man replied that he would just as soon as he paid for his cigs. The guy told him NOW. Well the young man got flippy with him then and told him to kiss off. He paid for his cigs and went to his car, got in and started it. his window was down and the guy in the store came up, put a 44 against his teeth and pulled the trigger. the young man is living in Toledo as we converse and walks, talks, and leads a very normal life. Because the gun was against his teeth, it didn’t reach full muzzle velocity, all but severed his tongue, and lodged in the back of his neck. Call toledo police or Email them and you probably can confirm what I say. It’s very true!!! He married my niece!!

    • Bob

      Byron another blood thirsty conservative.

  • http://none sean moor

    women dont have balls.anyone is a bad ass as long as they have a standing army backing them up.that INCLUDES women.

    • 45caliber

      You don’t know much about women in Texas and probably not in your area very well either. The women here can shoot as well as any man and are just as likely to do just that.

    • http://naver Samurai

      Then you must be talking about Obama bin Laden and his army of sheeple? Baaaaa! Baaaaa!

  • Chris

    Ron Paul president, Chuck Baldwin Vice President, They would “Honor” The Constitution, that most every one of the current clowns put there hand on when they swear in to office, relugate it to toilet paper

    • 45caliber

      I live in Ron Paul’s district. He is a great Congressman – but I don’t think he’d make a good President. He has too many issues that I don’t like such as legalize all drugs, etc., ignore the rest of the world to our peril, things like that.

      • newplato

        Probably because he supports the Constitution. If politicians don’t like some provisions of the Constitution, they chould change it through proper channels, not by ignoring it, subverting it, or having corrupt communist judges make ridiculous rulings.

  • Billy Cooper


    • Tea Party Tim

      If she had free reign, the whole truth might have come out about John McCain as well. Curiously enough, this someone that she still supports, despite the more than apprant contradictions in principles.

    • 45caliber


      I don’t know where you are from but it obviously isn’t Texas! Who wants a wall-flower for a wife? Muslims, I know. In Texas we expect our women to stand on their own feet and beside us, not following us meekly. We want partners in life, not some woman we can push around. Of course, we generally don’t get into beating them either. They can shoot back – many times better than you can.

    • Angel

      I thought Sarah did all this: attack Obama’s poltics, his cronies, his religion. She didn’t have the guts to question his nationality – and still doesn’t.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Billy Cooper,
      do you call Ms Clintoon “soft” and “quiet” and “mild mannered”????? If so you must be Blind, deaf and Dumb!!!

  • chuck b

    it wouldn’t surprise me that the republican party itself is behind a lot of this negative talk about palin. they want their good ole boys back in charge, political hacks, huckabee and romney. i like gingrich but he has to many negatives lurking in the shadows. we have had enough pf these kind of politicians, palin scare’s the democrats that’s why all the hate from them towards her. she’s the only one that can beat the muslim or hillary.

    • newplato

      Gingrich is a Trojan Horse. CFR stands for “Come Fool Republicans.”

  • http://google mike b.

    Thats funny how me and nobody ive talked to or ran into even got polled. Well poll this; PALIN 2012!!!!!! Stick that in your liberal-scewed poll and smoke it!!! Hussein Obama is still a THUG!!!!!

    • 45caliber

      I’ve always been told that they generally poll retirement homes, preferably in Florida and California since they are more likely to find people at home. True or not, I don’t know. But I’ve never been polled and I’ve never met anyone who has been.

    • Palin12

      I actually got a call from Obama campaign staff during the 2008 elections. I asked the guy if he was calling about buying one of the puppies I had for sale. He said no, he was calling to see if he could count on my vote for Obama. I said “are you sure you dont want one of my puppies, they are very cute?” He started sighing and getting all exasperated, and said “Sir, I’m not here to talk about dogs. We have a very important election coming up and we need your support.” I told him “I’ll make you a special deal today, only $200 for each pup”. Again he made funny noises over the phone, and said “Sir, can we focus on the election for just a minute?” I said “OK, I’m voting for Palin” and hungup.

  • 45caliber

    I don’t like Romney at all (another Kerry, as far as I’m concerned). I don’t know that much about Huckabee but I’m not thrilled about him. And I don’t care much about Gingrich since that just seems more and the same Washington politics.

    I don’t know if I’d vote for Palin or not – but come on, GOP! Get some good people in the next race! Not the same old people and faces!

    • lee


      • http://LEE wally


  • Angel

    It seems that Sarah is 0-for-5 in August endorsements. Looks like her star is fading.

    Also can’t understand why she endorsed McCain. Lord knows they are far, far apart on the issues.

    • Bob

      Bobby L They nwere both picked to run by the elitists running this country. So were Obama and Biden.

  • Obama is my Hero

    The absolute Best thing would be for Palin to run in 2012. We need a “spoiler” in the GOP to assure Obama’s re election. I will be the first to put Palin 2012 bumper stickers on my cars and a sign on my lawn. I would actually be willing to go to my local Grocery store and put Palin stickers on every car I could get away with. I think I’ll make that my personal contribution to Obama’s re election campaign. Anyone know where I can find “Palin 2012″ bumper stickers? For my republican friends I’ll go with the (Palin, put another “Bush” in the White House).

    • http://naver Samurai

      Once we had Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, and Johnny Cash. Now, we have Obama bin Laden, no hope, and no cash! With how many jobs we’ve lost, record debt, alienation of our allies, forced healthcare on a people who didn’t want it, yea it really sounds like he’s better than Bush. NOT! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Obama is my Hero

    Type in (Palin 2012) on Google and click the first link. They have EVERYTHING you would possibly want for her 2012 campaign. I’m ordering TODAY. Ya-hoo

  • Ultra Left

    It’s the second link, 100 bumper stickers for $150. I don’t really want to waste my money, but will if she makes the primary’s. I’m even willing to drive over to McCain’s home and sneak some on his SUV’s.

    • Obama is my Hero

      Great link, Ordered a couple stickers and a Yard sign. I’m going to put the stickers on my neighbors flatbed truck (he loves her “rack”).

  • jopa

    45 caliber;In your post you claim that you do’nt generally beat your wife.If you beat her even once in your lifetime your nothing but scum.Do I hear your from Texas and you do’nt have any horns but your wife has balls? I have to think about that one for awhile.

    • JeffH

      jopa, it’s very obvious you carry yours like a chipmunk carries nuts.
      Isn’t it break time yet?

      • Ultra Left

        JeffH, List your address, I’ll send you a bumper sticker. Let me know if you need instructions.

        • JeffH

          1600 Pennsylvania Ave
          Washington, DC

          • JeffH

            address it to:

            President Joker in Chief
            c/o The White House
            1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
            Washington, DC (USA)

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I would have sworn that it would have been addressed to
            Head Muslim in Charge
            1600 Pennsylvania BLVD.
            Washington DC, USA

          • Palin12

            Good ones, guys! You made my day :-)

          • http://naver Samurai

            Maybe one of the could take to their “messiah” in hades? That would be an eye opening experience for them.

  • chuck b

    jeff, watch out for people who are after your adddress, the next thing you know they will propose. they are anticipating the ban on same sex marriage will be lifted. so don’t fall for their tricks.

  • Belgique

    I travel to America often from my country (Belgium) for reasons of business and would be thought to have non-partisan political opinions.

    It is easily seen that since the tragedy at the World Trade Center those favoring left have become extremely hate filled and paralyzed by fear and irrationality. This is seen clearly by the fact that it is from the left that all suspicions of conspiracy come. The left has advanced theories that it was America that destroyed the trade buildings; it is America that is responsible for the crimes of Islamic fiends, America that has cures for diseases but which will not place these cures in the hands of the sick.

    I do not understand why left thinking is so disordered but it again is clear by such unfounded speculation.

    In Europe there are many who do not think the Palin person should be America’s president but none of
    importance or intelligence who believe she did not give birth to her youngest child.

    It is such ideas taken as true by the left which have given many in other countries the belief that the left is the party of anger and unreason, not to be trusted until it returns to reason and moderation.

  • chuck b


    it’s good to hear that europe fears palin too!! the left fears what is right. sarah stands as a fresh clean look for america, she is intelligent, she speaks with straight thought and has high moral values. she is also a very patriotic american. the left does not comprehend anyone of that caliber.

    • http://google Bob


  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Paul W. Brock

    Who controls congress is the key no matter who is president. The Republicans will never have enough seats to change things unless there is an unprecedented landslide. States like California, Illionois, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connectictut, will always be democrat and always the worst kind, (Scott Brown is a Republican but has slid back to the left to reflect the citizens of Mass.)The liberal judiciary is still in power and a menace to changes. Nothing but a major change in the Constitution can change things, and that will be hard. Repeal the 16th and 17th amendment and the passing of a flat tax would restore this country back to the limited government vision of the founders.

  • mel

    i feel that we need some estrogen in the white house, all this testorone hasn’t gotten us anywhere, i also feel that Palin would actually be respected more by our military than the current clown has by the military. More of the “good ole boys” clubs, how much more can America take? If Palin can make one state “straighten up and fly right” I don’t think she’d take the crap out of these third world countries either. just my 2 cents. Think she would be a good Commander in Chief. Obuma is out to destroy what there is left of the USA. Also don’t think Palin would ever bow down to some raghead. or any other country.

  • bill in mn

    By R. A. Mansour

    Last month, I read Lorenzo Benet’s unauthorized biography of Sarah Palin, “Trailblazer,” and this week I watched John Ziegler’s complete interview with Sarah Palin.

    The question I asked myself after finishing both is the same question I’ve been asking myself since August 29, 2008: Who is Sarah Palin?

    Many who know her say that she is exactly the person that she appears to be. And, yet, no one is ever quite as they appear because they appear to be many things to many people. A person as complex and intriguing as Sarah Palin is certainly not that simple. However, complexity does not imply cunning or deceptive manipulation. A person can be honest, straightforward, and completely without guile and yet still be complex.

    I’ve been fascinated by biographies and biography writing my entire life. One of my favorite books on the topic is Janet Malcolm’s “The Silent Woman.” Malcolm tries to get to the truth about the poet Sylvia Plath, and in my opinion comes closer than anyone else, by revealing the agendas of the biographers writing about Plath. Every biographer molds the biographical subject to fit a vision or agenda. Recognizing that is key to reading a biography objectively. We sign on to the biographer’s vision, and we allow ourselves to either agree or disagree with that vision.

    Lorenzo Benet’s “Trailblazer” was compelling, but no thanks to any talent on his part. It was compelling because Palin is compelling. Benet is not a particularly gifted or imaginative writer. The book is little more than a compilation of various news stories supplemented by interviews. That’s certainly not a bad thing. Most modern mass market biographies are little more than LexisNexis compilations.

    Benet is at his best writing about Palin’s years as a mayor because he can understand “mayor stuff.” He clearly doesn’t understand Palin’s work at the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC) or the issues that propelled her gubernatorial bid and her work as governor. He is a People Magazine writer after all. I find this weakness amusing because the very people who criticize Palin for being an intellectual light-weight would probably have a hard time navigating the complexities of her job as the governor of our largest energy producing state.

    It’s clear that “Trailblazer” was not written by an Alaskan, just as it’s clear that Kaylene Johnson’s Palin biography was. Johnson is at her finest in the chapters beginning with Palin’s chairmanship at the AOGCC and ending with her gubernatorial victory because those chapters describe the events that defined Palin as Alaska’s Joan of Arc. Johnson’s biography, like all biographies, constructs a vision of the biographical subject; and Johnson’s vision effectively evokes the sense of excitement and optimism that Palin inspired in ordinary Alaskans.

    Benet doesn’t really get that far, but “Trailblazer” isn’t a complete waste. The supplemental interviews he conducted with key figures in Palin’s life are worth the cover price. His best interviewee, in my opinion, is Judy Patrick. She provides crucial insight into Palin’s years as a mayor. Many stories and rumors which were only partially understood are given clear context.

    All of this is well and good. We could learn all of it from the articles currently in print. But who is Sarah Palin? Neither Johnson nor Benet’s biographies satisfied me, and Ziegler’s extensive interview only intrigued me more.

    If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to take my stab at a biographical sketch of the good Guv. It won’t be exhaustive. I will no doubt return to various themes over time. But here’s a first draft. And it is really only a draft. I haven’t resolved the mystery of her entirely — no one can or perhaps should — but here’s what I think.

    Let’s start with her childhood, which is the most crucial section of any biography, and with Sarah Louise Heath Palin we see a childhood that would be quite foreign to most of us. I must commend Benet on his chapter dealing with her early years in Skagway and Wasilla. He really does paint a portrait of Little House on the Tundra.

    When Michelle Obama spoke of her childhood in her DNC convention speech, she recalled watching “The Brady Bunch.” Sarah Palin isn’t big on watching television because she never was. Her parents didn’t encourage it. She grew up as an outdoorsy girl in a world where the outdoors was vast and wild. It’s difficult for those of us in the Lower 48 to imagine the vastness of Alaska. The Mat-Su Valley, where Palin spent most of her childhood, is the size of West Virginia. And there were only 400 people living in Wasilla when her family moved there in 1969. Subsistence really was a part of their lifestyle then. That’s how they ate. They had a garden for vegetables, and they hunted and fished.

    If there is one figure in Sarah Palin’s life who I think had the most formative influence on her, it’s her father, though he balks at any suggestion that he still has influence on her today. Johnson noted:

    When his daughter became governor, Chuck [Heath] found it immensely amusing that acquaintances asked him to sway Sarah on particular issues.

    He says he lost that leverage before she was two.

    Chuck Heath is everyone’s favorite middle school science teacher. His home is an amateur natural history museum filled with fossils and skulls and antlers. Far from being “anti-intellectual,” Sarah Palin was raised in a home where science was valued and children were expected to bring home good grades and go to college after high school.

    Chuck taught his daughter discipline and fortitude, as well as a love of the outdoors. He treated his son and his daughters the same, and taught them all to be self-reliant — in hunting, fishing, and sports.

    He was her high school track coach, and he pushed her harder than the other kids because he didn’t want to be perceived as showing favoritism. He was so hard on her that another kid once said, “I’m glad I’m not your daughter.”

    The only journalist who seemed to “get” Palin was the Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins, perhaps because Jenkins’ background was in sports writing, and she was able to understand the quiet strength, stoic determination, and “non-intellectual” intelligence that defines Sarah Palin’s world. She wrote:

    Chuck Sr. drove Palin hard, both as a father and a coach. “She gets her steel, her competitiveness, from him,” says Marie Carter Smith, who was the school statistician. Chuck ran alongside on training runs for miles, barking maxims he picked up in his own career as a high school football player in Idaho, under a farm legend named Cotton Barlow. “Lead by example, not with your mouth,” he said. Or: “Run through it! The more pain you’re feeling, the more it will show in the performance.”

    When Chuck chewed her out like a football player, she stared back at him and nodded. “She just looked me straight in the eye, didn’t talk back or anything,” he says. “It’s a wonder she didn’t whack me.”

    By all accounts, Palin didn’t need an external motivator. She understood she wasn’t a gifted athlete, so she decided to be a tireless worker. “She ran her guts out,” Smith says. And she did it with an obvious edge. “She was small and thin and active,” Heather remembers. “There was no slacking when that girl was practicing or competing.”

    Her sister Heather noted that Sarah was “the strong, quiet one,” in the family.

    And here we have the first incongruity in the popular perception of Palin.

    It seems astonishing, but it is a fact that everyone who knew Sarah Palin growing up described her as shy and reserved. They also said that she was disciplined, determined, goal oriented, unflinchingly upbeat, and even a natural leader at times, but all agreed that she was quiet and unassuming. The Sarah Palin who burst confidently onto the national stage like a heroine of old was not the quiet girl who grew up in a small town tucked between two mountain ranges in a distant valley far removed from the avenues of power.

    It turns out that the woman who has been mocked for supposedly not reading any newspapers was actually a bookworm. Johnson noted:

    From the time she was in elementary school, [Palin] consumed newspapers with a passion. “She read the paper from the very top left hand corner to the bottom right corner to the very last page,” said [her sister] Molly. “She didn’t want to miss a word. She didn’t just read it — she knew every word she had read and analyzed it.”

    Still, no one ever thought that politics was in her future. Her future husband said she was shy in high school and not someone he would have pictured having a political career. Her mother said the same:

    “She didn’t talk about politics or getting into politics,” said her mother, Sally Heath, adding that her daughter back then was “never one to be in the limelight.”

    She was a good student in college, but did not stand out. “She was quiet, she took notes, didn’t speak unless she was called on,” according to one classmate. She was even described as “almost a wallflower type.” But her reserve wasn’t indicative of weakness or even timidity. Her friends recognized an inner strength:

    Palin was a calming presence who offered to pray for her when [college classmate Stacia Crocker] Hagerty had boyfriend troubles. “She was so ‘steady Eddie,’ so rock solid,” Hagerty said. “She didn’t make a big deal out of things like other people did. She talked about politics and history and what was going on in the world. I was like, whatever, I don’t care about that stuff.”

    It would appear that she was always “intellectually curious.”

    According to one leftist narrative, Palin has an “Evita” complex and was always plotting to get away from her hick town to do bigger and better things. I found no proof of that. In fact, the evidence points to the opposite. She loves Alaska, and when she went away she was homesick. One college friend noted that she would “gaze out their window missing Alaska’s sunsets.”

    She didn’t set out to conquer the world. But she did have a competitive streak, despite her shyness:

    Her old basketball coach had this to say about her:

    “We called her Little Sarah. She was sort of a quiet type person, but she was really a competitor and wanted to do her best in anything she went to do,” said Jerry [Russell, her basketball coach].

    Jerry says Sarah Heath was usually timid, but he remembers a time when he put Sarah on the bench for not doing as she was told.

    “And she turned around and looked at me, and said, ‘You’re always telling us that if we see the opportunity to score, to take it, and that’s what I did, so put me back in.’ It was so out of character for her, I had to turn my head because I just couldn’t keep from laughing,” Jerry said.


    But he says Sarah became more outgoing in high school, even becoming known at “Sarah Baracuda” on the basketball team, and her team went on to win the state championship.

    “She played that game on a fractured ankle,” said Jerry.

    She was short and scrappy and not a natural athlete. She had to work hard to achieve. She didn’t have an overarching ambition in life. Instead she pursued modest goals, one after the other, and built up her confidence. The first goal was winning the state championship, and she succeeded against all expectations. She would later say, “I know it’s hokey, but basketball was a life-changing experience for me. It’s all about setting a goal, about discipline, teamwork and then success.”

    Winning that championship was indeed a defining moment for her. The Wasilla Warriors were the scrappy underdogs. They were mocked by the big city team. They were underestimated. And yet they won. This theme would be replayed over and over in her life.

    Her next goal was to pay for college, and in order to do that she needed scholarship money. And here we come to an episode in Palin’s biography which she would no doubt wish to forget, but which her critics use as an endless source of mockery: the beauty pageants.

    Sally Jenkins’ noted:

    In between semesters [Palin] did her famous stint as a beauty queen, which she mainly did for the money. The interesting thing about that is, at roughly the same time, she worked in a fish cannery to make extra money. Glamor and fish slime. Quite a contrast. And somehow very her.

    It was never really her thing.

    It was the prospect of tuition money, friends said, that led her to compete as Miss Wasilla in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant — a little surprising, perhaps, since she “wasn’t a high-heels kind of girl,” as one competitor put it, and found the swimsuit competition “painful,” according to her mother.

    Yes, I can see that it was painful. In the photo of her swimsuit competition, her shoulders have that slight hunch of a modest girl who feels exposed. And here we have another striking incongruity about Sarah Palin. Lorenzo Benet revealed that she was never the prettiest girl in class. Her future husband thought she was, but he appears to have been struck by love at first sight. As an adolescent she was regarded as rather “dumpy” with her thick black glasses. Sarah Palin was the geeky/jock girl, not the beauty queen type.

    I think the reason why she is not vain about her looks is because she doesn’t see herself as beautiful. She sees herself as a jock. Her classmates say that she was never the “coquette” — she was the tomboyish girl who could talk to the boys about sports and fit in just fine with them.

    She’s one of those extraordinary people who grow more attractive with age, but that doesn’t seem to have changed her perception of herself. She doesn’t behave like a beauty queen or a “diva”. This is why I don’t understand women who find her looks “threatening.” The truest sign of vanity is someone who is demeaning to those who are less attractive. Sarah Palin is not that person. Not by a long shot. She was not the “mean girl” in high school. She might have many shortcomings but vanity is not one of them.

    No woman who is vain about her looks would dress as…well…oddly…as Sarah Palin occasionally does. (Her “square-ness” endears her to me even more.)

    It’s true, folks. She hates shopping. She said so in no uncertain terms in a Q&A with the ADN during her gubernatorial race:

    ADN: Tell us one thing even your closest friends don’t know about you.

    PALIN: My disdain for shopping is pretty extraordinary.

    Diane Osborne, one of the sponsors of the Miss Alaska pageant, didn’t think the soft-spoken, unobtrusive, agreeable young Sarah Heath had a prayer of winning the pageant:

    “I kind of worried about how she would do up there on stage,” Ms. Osborne said. “You have to have a certain go-get-’em to get up there and stand up for yourself, and she came across as such a shy, sweet girl.”

    Never underestimate her determination. The quiet girl pulled it together. She was the second runner up. She got some scholarship money and moved on to the next thing.

    Around that time, her college friends discovered that she had a hidden talent:

    [Kim] Ketchum discovered…that Palin was a natural in front of a camera, a quality that helped her land her first post-college job as a weekend sports reporter at an Anchorage television station. For a journalism class, they videotaped themselves giving a 30-minute speech for classmates to critique.

    “She didn’t have the kind of fear most kids would have had,” Ketchum said. “I could barely handle it.”

    She didn’t stand out in the minds of her college professors, but she managed to snag two good internships with local television stations by sheer determination. She was “a go-getter,” according to her academic advisor at the University of Idaho, Roy Atwood:

    “She may not have stood out as a brilliant student that people remember well in class, but her record suggests she was a student who went way above and beyond and maintained a sense of drive and initiative that was rare,” Atwood said.

    She eventually landed a great job at the Anchorage station KTUU as a sports broadcaster. She got good at it. She probably could have gone all the way with it if she wanted to. But she didn’t. She decided it wasn’t for her. She left to raise her kids.

    You’ll notice that her family members say that they didn’t know that she was interested in politics. That’s not surprising really. They also say that she was quiet as a child and that she has always been a very private person. Palin and her husband, Todd, are both quiet and private people. She once said of her husband: “There’s that saying, ‘Still waters run deep.’ That’s Todd.” That’s her too.

    It’s quite likely that she never mentioned her interest in politics to anyone. Perhaps she never fully articulated it to herself. But she must have thought about it.

    The question remains, Why politics? This is where we unlock another key to Sarah Palin’s personality. It’s an aspect of her life which is both deeply personal to her, and yet something which she’s perfectly comfortable speaking about. I’m referring to her simple spiritual faith as (to use her own words) “a bible-believing Christian.”

    I find a great many similarities between Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan. There are the obvious ones: Like Reagan before her, Palin is a gifted public speaker and a former small market sports broadcaster. But there is another less obvious, but integral, similarity: Both Palin and Reagan inherited their simple and solid faith from their mothers.

    When Reagan was a boy, his mother gave him a work of religious fiction — a Christian novel used for evangelization. Reagan biographer Edmund Morris described it:

    [Reagan] happened to read a novel which his mother had picked up somewhere called “That Printer of Udell’s.” It’s the story of a young man born in a rather ugly industrial midwestern town, who discovers through a series of bitter experiences with an alcoholic father… that he has got the gift of oratory. And through his good looks and his voice and his convictions he manages to create a whole social movement in this town. The young man, Dick Falkner, goes off to Washington to take his message to the world. [Reagan] went to his mother when he finished that book, and he said, “I want to be like that man, and I want to be baptized.”

    Young Reagan, whose own father was an alcoholic, obviously identified with the main character. Like Palin, his career path had twists and turns — through sports broadcasting and acting — before he eventually made his way into politics. I doubt if anyone suspected he would be president someday, but the inclination and the calling was always there. His boyhood writing reveals his fascination with politics and even a tell-tale desire to be president one day. His mother’s faith instilled in him a sense of destiny about his place in the vast cosmic scheme of things. There was no hubris in this; it was a matter of one’s calling, and, as Sarah Palin would later say, you pursue your calling with a “servant’s heart.”

    At a young age, Sarah Palin first contemplated her calling. Benet noted:

    Pastor Riley [of Palin's childhood church] and his wife like to tell the story of how the church’s former youth pastor, Theren Horn, would remind his adolescent charges that God has a specific calling for them — teaching, parenting, medicine, or politics. Sarah heard the same command, and Horn’s mention of politics stuck in her head. Years later, after Horn had moved to Minnesota and was back in Wasilla for a visit, Sarah, then the city’s mayor, reminded him of the lesson and said, “I was called to politics, and that was the direction I took.”

    When she was recruited to run for city council, she took up the charge with all the conviction of her calling. Her sister Heather recalled, “I remember asking her why she was doing this, and Sarah said, ‘I have something to offer, and I want to help. I have some great ideas and a lot of community support.’”

    The good old boys who recruited her for city council expected her to sit back and follow their lead. The situation reminds me of the film “Protocol.” They expected her to be the Goldie Hawn character, but just like Hawn’s character in the film, Palin proved that she wasn’t an airhead. Beneath the cheery exterior was a smart and principled politician.

    She got into a fight with fellow council member Nick Carney because he wanted to pass a city ordinance mandating garbage pick-up, and his company was the only garbage removal outfit in town. It was an obvious conflict of interest. He recused himself from the vote, but he allowed himself to be called as an “expert witness” to testify on the merits of adopting the ordinance. He was testifying on behalf of his own company for his own financial gain before his colleagues on the council. But he saw no conflict of interest. Palin did. She said that citizens should be allowed to decide whether they want to haul their own garbage to the dump or be forced to pay for the service. Her stubborn insistence on little issues like this didn’t go over well with the good old boys.

    There was also the little matter of Mayor Stein’s sense of entitlement. The citizens had voted for term limits, but Stein didn’t feel that they applied to him because the law was passed after he was elected. That might have been legally true, but he was disregarding the spirit of the law. Palin challenged him at a time when Republicans nationwide were taking back government. This was the era of the “Contract With America,” and Sarah Palin was riding that wave with a message of fiscal responsibility. But the real secret to her success was that she went, literally, door to door campaigning. There’s a reason why vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was a natural at the rope-lines — mayor candidate Sarah Palin had a lot of practice at retail politics.

    Her critics now make the absurd claim that she started some kind of right-wing “whisper campaign” during her first mayoral race. This is utter nonsense. The only thing being “whispered” was the fact that this smug Cosmo Spacely look-a-like had a sense of entitlement and was planning on building a Taj Mahal city hall for himself and a history museum worthy of a city ten times the size of Wasilla.

    The Benet book is especially helpful when it comes to separating fact from fiction in this period of her life. Our leftwing media somehow dug up every Palin critic out there and gave them a microphone. Most of them were from her years as mayor. The media provided no context to their accusations. They just presented them as fact, and when challenged they would claim that the local newspaper backed them up. Well, the local newspaper hated Palin when she first became mayor because the editors were friends with the former administration. The paper delighted in attacking Palin on any pretense until it became clear that such a strategy was not good for business.

    Everything Palin critics fired at her ended up backfiring on them. Like all smug bullies, they retreated when the person they were attacking fought back. Bullies are always rendered impotent when their erstwhile victims are no longer afraid. Palin fought back, and they soon retreated.

    She had many pitched-battles, and if anyone questions her conservative principles, I recommend that they read the chapters in Benet’s book covering her years as mayor. She had to make tough decisions in order to keep her promise of “more efficient government.” You can’t enact real reform without upturning some apple carts. Entrenched interests and bureaucratic entitlements are hallmarks of every city hall.

    Take for example Palin’s battle over Wasilla’s historical museum. It was run by a curator and three old ladies, much beloved by the community, but they ran it very inefficiently. Palin asked them to cut $32,000 from their $200,000 budget, and she left it up to the old ladies to decide how to do it:

    “Sarah liked them, we all did, and we didn’t want to get rid of them,” said [Judy] Patrick. “We asked them to decide how to [make the cuts]. We didn’t care how they did it — one could leave, or they could work part-time. But we were portrayed as being mean, and once again it became a personal attack.”

    Palin made a reasonable request — the sort of tough request a reformer has to make. But instead of cutting back their hours or working with her to find efficiencies, the three old gals decided to all quit in order to make “a political statement.” They broke out their violins and gave their sob stories to the press, and Palin looked like a heartless meanie. But she didn’t back down:

    “I think everyone was in agreement that there were ways to make the museum more efficient, to spend taxpayers’ dollars wiser over there,” Sarah said to the Anchorage Daily News, noting the cost of the museum based on foot traffic was around $25 per visitor. “If you talk to someone in Wasilla about where they want their tax dollars to go, nine out of ten say, ‘Fix my road. I still don’t have water in my area. And protect our lakes with a sewer system.’”

    With the old gals gone, Palin hired a new curator and a part-time employee, cut back the museum’s hours, created an annual community holiday celebration sponsored by the museum (to generate revenue and interest), opened new exhibits, and brought it all under budget. The new curator wrote, “[Palin] wanted the history of Wasilla preserved, but with fiscal responsibility.”

    Of course, the old curator, John Cooper, couldn’t get to a microphone fast enough to holler about Sarah Palin the minute she sky-rocketed to national fame:

    Cooper weighed in from Hawaii, saying he felt his support of [former mayor] Stein and his proposed expansion of the museum led to his dismissal. He packed up his family and moved out of state. “Our lives were really coming together in Wasilla, and Sarah Palin tore it apart,” Cooper said recently from his home in Hilo, Hawaii. He told a reporter in September 2008, that he was a “casualty of Sarah Palin’s rise to political prominence.”

    Friends, Cooper deserved to be a political casualty. I want Sarah Palin to be president because I want the Coopers in Washington, D.C. to be slain. I want their political heads stuck on pikes and paraded down Pennsylvania Avenue to the howls of a braying peasant mob. Why do I feel such contempt for this sniveling sanctimonious taxpayer-leech? Judy Patrick explained:

    Patrick said John Cooper was a good example of Sarah’s attempt to keep costs under control. “He was making $70,000 a year, and they would get something like one or two visitors a month in the winter. He wanted [to build] a big fancy museum, but we’re talking about Wasilla, Alaska, here. We wanted to turn it into a seasonal museum. She wanted to streamline government and consolidate departments. We were looking for ways to be more efficient.”

    And without that intractable leech, she did make it more efficient. Palin learned quickly that you can’t waste your time trying to win over obstructionists. You cut them off. You want to know why Alaska is littered with the bodies of her political opponents? Because she cut them off in order to get the job done.

    Palin is a woman of action. She doesn’t suffer fools. There was an anecdote in Sally Jenkin’s profile of Palin that seemed to capture this aspect of her personality perfectly:

    A few years ago, [Chuck Heath] watched [Sarah Palin] pilot her husband Todd Palin’s commercial fishing boat in a storm. Todd was working at his oil-field job on the North Slope, and Palin and her father had been fishing on Bristol Bay. “It was the toughest work I’ve ever done, and it wasn’t only hard, it was dangerous,” Chuck says. At the end of the run, they had to get the boat on a trailer amid crashing surf. As cold, metallic-sheened waves tossed the trawler around, Chuck quailed.

    “I’m not doing that,” he said.

    “Get out of the way,” Palin said. “I’ll do it.”

    She did.

    “Get out of the way, I’ll do it.” That could be the motto of Palin’s political career.

    The City of Wasilla had been talking about building an indoor sports complex for years. In a state that loves sports, the winter months are limiting. But what private enterprise would invest money in something like that for such a remote city? None. They had waited over a decade for that. It wasn’t going to happen unless the community built it themselves. Palin got it on the ballot and convinced voters to temporarily increase their sales tax to pay for it. There were twists and turns to the sports complex saga, but it did get built. And the community loves it. And every year it gets closer to paying for itself.

    Everything in her life is based on incremental steps. She was term-limited out of her job as mayor, and she decided to run for lieutenant governor. She lost, but came in a close second despite being outspent four to one and running against well-known state officials.

    This is where her biography approaches what I consider the first of the two great tests of her character.

    She caught the eye of the new governor, Frank Murkowski, and he appointed her to a plum position as the ethics chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC). It was her first big six-figure job. Once again, the good old boys expected her to be the Goldie Hawn character in “Protocol,” and once again, they were gravely mistaken. We all know the story of how she blew the whistle on Randy Ruedrich, the chair of the Alaska GOP and a fellow member of the AOGCC. Part of her job as the ethics chair was to verify that no wrongdoing was taking place. As one friend, David Murrow, explained:

    Once a year all political appointees in Alaska are required to sign a conflict of interest statement. Part of the statement requires commissioners to report any violation by their colleagues. Sarah felt she had no choice but to tell the truth about Reudrich’s abuses, even though she would be turning in a fellow Republican. In the days following her allegations many who follow Alaska politics (myself included) thought Sarah had committed political suicide. But her courageous stand against corruption endeared her to the citizens of Alaska.

    Those are the facts. She gave up the job and turned in the leader of her own party, who would later pay the largest ethics fine in the state’s history. She had seemingly committed “political suicide.” It’s dangerous to double-cross the crooks in a crooked state. Palin’s critics now laughably suggest that she quit in order to make herself look good. That’s like saying that a firefighter ran into a burning building to rescue an infant because he knew he would get a medal! The firefighter had no idea whether or not he would survive the fire, and Sarah Palin had no idea whether or not she would survive her whistle-blowing.

    Let’s look at what her actions must have cost her at the time to consider what it took to quit. She and her husband had recently built a new house. She brought home the larger salary. They were no doubt counting on that money. If she quit, there was no guarantee that she would ever work in the public sector again. In fact, it was almost certain that she wouldn’t, and she might even be black-balled in the private sector as well because Alaska is a small state, and everyone knows everyone. You cross swords with a powerful man, and you make a lot of enemies.

    But she did the right thing. She passed the test.

    Her gubernatorial race has been written about elsewhere, so I won’t recount it, suffice to say that she was underestimated yet again and she proved her critics wrong.

    Now let’s examine the next great test of her life. It was a phone call she received from her doctor in the fall of 2007, telling her that her unborn child had Down Syndrome. She was a busy woman, the governor of her state, the mother of four. How in the world would she have time to raise a baby with Down Syndrome? No one other than herself and her doctor knew about the pregnancy. She could have quietly had an abortion, and no one would have been the wiser, and there are many people who wouldn’t think badly of her for doing so.

    But Palin seems to see every human existence as part of the cosmic plan, and she couldn’t end an existence, even though she was terrified of the challenge. Her husband told her, “We shouldn’t be asking, ‘Why us?’ We should be saying, ‘Well, why not us?’”

    Indeed, Palin is uniquely suited to raise a child with special needs because she has a special appreciation for the sentiment behind the words, “Blessed are the meek.”

    Palin’s sympathies always run with the underdog, the ordinary man, the meek who are supposed to inherit the earth.

    As governor, she told the graduating class of her high school alma mater:

    “For those of you feeling like you’re middle of the road, lost in the crowd — that’s most of us.” Every graduate “has a specific destiny,” even the most “undistinguished student has an important role in the final cosmic calculus. Seek what it is you are created to do,” she said. “Nothing is an accident.”

    A woman who believes such things was meant to raise a child like her little Trig. A crusty cynic like me was moved to tears at seeing a brief video clip from her interview with Matt Lauer. It showed Palin, obviously just home from work, holding her baby with her husband standing next to her, and both of them were beaming at that little boy as if he was the best thing in the world. The love there was so obvious it took my breathe away. Ninety percent of Down Syndrome babies are abort. Ninety percent. I imagine that the parents of those lost children can’t bear to look at the Palins. Sarah Palin re-ignited the culture wars just by showing up.

    And show up she did. We learned during the campaign that one of her favorite movies is “Rudy,” and when asked her favorite part of the film, she said the very end “where he gets to run out on the field and he gets to participate and make a difference.”

    That day in Dayton, they played the theme music from “Rudy,” and Sarah Palin “ran out on the field” at the end of a tangled two year campaign and got to participate and make a difference.

    We should always ponder what it is that motivates our leaders to lead. What drives them? It’s a serious question that should be asked of every leader or potential leader because a leader driven by base motives is a dangerous one.

    What motivates Sarah Palin? I think she revealed it in that answer about her favorite film: “to participate and make a difference” — to fulfill her part in the “final cosmic calculus.” She was called to politics, and that’s where she toils with a “servant’s heart.” A large digital sign hangs on the wall of her Anchorage office with a stopwatch and the words “Time Left to Make a Difference.” It tracks how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds are left in her term. “To Make a Difference” — that’s what motivates her.

    We should not be deceived by the apparent ease with which she gave her RNC speech. We all marveled at it and thought she was some kind of moose hunting wonder woman.

    She’s not a super heroine. She’s disciplined. I see the old clips of her early years as a weekend sports anchor, and then I see her now, and I realize that she has worked to be as good as she is. I see her working a room and a rope line like a pro, and I think of her childhood reserve and wonder how she overcame it.

    She wasn’t afraid to give that speech at the RNC. Her confidence is astonishing, and I think it’s something she fought hard to achieve.

    She seems to posses the double-edged asset and weakness of every driven person. She has extraordinary reserves of energy, but when they’re unfocused she can seem almost hyperkinetic. She wastes no time. She works late and rises early. “Todd jokes I can sleep when I die,” she says.

    Her husband understands her better than anyone and is naturally very protective of her. He knows how gifted she is, and yet he must also understand her weaknesses. Her friend and aide Kris Perry also understands this. During the campaign, Newsweek noted:

    Next to Todd, says one former aide who did not want to be named discussing sensitive personnel matters, Perry was the person most responsible for “creating a sense of peace around Sarah.” Despite recent media reports of a wild temper, those who know Palin say she is more prone to anxiety and frantic overdrive than tantrums. “She’s the world’s worst multitasker,” says the aide. “She’ll have a cell phone in one hand, the BlackBerry in the other while she is reading two position papers. You have to tell her prior to the debate, ‘Put that down, breathe deep.’ They [the McCain staff] are not going to know that.”

    Right before the vice presidential debate, the LA Times ran a story on Palin that relied heavily on two anonymous campaigns aides from her gubernatorial race. Their comments were unwittingly amusing to me because they were familiar. They could easily have been written by anonymous Reagan aides in the 1980s.

    Palin, the former aides said, had a sharply limited attention span for absorbing the facts and policy angles required for all-topics debate preparation. Staffers were rarely able to get her to sit for more than half an hour of background work at a time before her concentration waned, hindered by cellphone calls and family affairs. “We were always fighting for her attention,” said one of the aides.


    “If you can sit her down, she has a talent for listening to a policy presentation that is so boring it would bring tears to your eyes,” the aide said. “Then — boom — she will nail it down to its essence.”

    In her memoir of her days in the Reagan administration, “What I Saw at the Revolution,” Peggy Noonan wrote:

    Those who grew impatient with [Reagan] or frustrated or resentful tried to cover it up. But sooner or later – and you really saw this in the Reagan years – what they were thinking could be seen in a sentence shot out, in a look or a shake of the head. They were thinking something like what Sergeant Warden said of the captain in From Here to Eternity: “He’d choke on his own spit if I weren’t here to clear his throat for him.” They’d say, with a certain edge, “The president isn’t a detail man” (the fool doesn’t know Antarctica’s the one on the bottom!); they’d say, “The president is a big picture man” (He wouldn’t know a fact if it ran up his nose!). You could see it in Deaver’s book, all the unexpressed hostility seeping out in those ‘The president of course has an amiable temperament, but he’s usually content to allow someone else to make the decisions’ sentences.

    Even Palin’s enemies admit that she’s positively “Reaganesque” in her ability to win over voters.

    And like Reagan after his primary defeat in 1976, Palin lost a race and was sent home to heal.

    We shouldn’t overlook how hard her defeat must have been for her. Her critics see her as some sort of Nixonian character filled with class resentment. But that’s not true. I don’t think that’s who she is.

    That sad night of November 4, 2008, I watched her closely. The look on her face was familiar, but it was weeks before I made the connection.

    What did I see?

    A quiet girl of humble origin from the back of beyond with no obvious distinction other than courage, determination, and faith.

    Am I describing Sarah Palin? No, actually, I’m describing Joan of Arc. But the description also fits the woman the ADN once called Alaska’s Joan of Arc.

    The look on her face that night reminded me of a scene in Jacques Rivette’s film “Joan the Maid.” On the final day of the Battle of Orleans, Joan, portrayed by Sandrine Bonnaire, removed herself to the quiet shade of a tree and poured out her pain and frustration to God. She was recovering from an arrow wound that had nearly killed her earlier that day. Her face was pale, her expression weary and stoic, as she said, “I have no strength. I ache. I feel sick. I don’t know what to do. Tell me what to do.”

    She rested awhile, and then she got her answer. Before evening fell, she rode back to the battlements, lifted her banner high, rallied her weary soldiers and told them, “When my banner touches the walls, victory shall be ours.” And before the sun set, the Maid of Orleans was victorious.

    Sarah Palin prays before her battles too:

    I know He hears me when I just call out to Him, which I do a lot. Oh, yes, I pray. I talk to God every day. I’ve put my life, so I put my day, into God’s hands, and I just ask for guidance and wisdom and grace to get through one situation after another.

    She fought valiantly and was wounded. She told Ziegler:

    Throughout the entire campaign we were quite insulated and isolated from what was going on in the world of the media. We would catch snippets here and there either on the campaign bus or looking at a headline in a newspaper as we walked by and we would see some coverage that way, but we were quite isolated really from what was being said about our candidacy in the media… Once I returned from the campaign, got back home, and then realized what had been said throughout, it was very overwhelming and very disappointing.

    But she is not whining about it — that would be a capital offense in her mind:

    [I] try not to personalize it, or sound whiny about it or sound like I am a victim, I don’t want to participate in that.

    She admits that she was naïve in thinking that her opponents would play by the Marquis of Queensbury Rules. In an interview with LaDonna Hale Curzon, Ziegler said:

    The only thing I would say about [Sarah Palin] — and she acknowledges this twice in my interview — is that she’s a little bit on the naïve side… probably not so much anymore, but… I think that people are naïve either because they’re stupid, which clearly she’s not, or because they are a good person and they just can’t understand how much evil is potentially possible in others.

    In this weakness she is also like Reagan, whose son described him as a guy “who always thinks the best of people”:

    [He] can’t believe that anybody who’s… ever met him would ever want to do anything bad to him, would ever want to go behind his back, would ever want to stab him in the back… that’s just not within his realm of thinking. He just can’t conceive of it.

    Reagan had his Nancy to watch his back. I think Palin has her Todd for that.

    And now she begins the slow process of healing and regrouping. Make no mistake, the beating she took during the campaign was wounding. She’s not as confident as she once was. You can see it in the difference between her pre-campaign interviews and her post-campaign interviews. There’s a stuttering nervousness about her now. She’s trying to get back on her game. We built her up to be wonder woman, but she’s really something much more admirable and courageous — she’s the quiet girl who used discipline and determination to conquer her reticence, who set incremental goals for herself and distinguished herself in the service of her community despite being dismissed by people who thought they were her betters.

    She’s lost some of her self-assurance. She’s even cautious with the ankle-biting back benchers in Juneau. But in time, she’ll heal — though I’m sure she was harder on herself than any of her critics were. How do I know this? Call it a hunch. She used to stand silent and unflinching as her father chewed her out over a poor performance on the track field. Imagine how she must have chewed herself out over her performance in that interview with you know who.

    She told Charlie Gibson last September that she felt a huge responsibility not to “let women down” during the election. I think perhaps that in part accounted for some of the tears on election night — the fear that she had let women down. I don’t think she let anyone down. I think we let her down. Our “Mrs. Smith” was ready to go to Washington, but instead of rallying behind her, many of us watched silently as she fainted on the Senate floor, and worse yet — some of us joined the crooks and the cynics who laughed at her fallen form.

    The most interesting and revelatory part of the Ziegler interview, to me, was when she said:

    I’ve questioned — when I’ve taken the time to even question, because I’m busy as a governor and busy as a mom, and I don’t want to have to spend too much time trying to figure out “what the heck just happened” via the media in these last few months — but when I do take the time, I have not concluded yet in my own mind what has taken place. Has this been an exercise — again being under such a microscope and so scrutinized — was that sexism? Was that political? Was this an issue of class differences? What has it been? Obviously something big took place in the media and in many in mainstream media deciding that we’re going to seek and we’re going to destroy this candidacy of Sarah Palin because of what it is that she represents — not me personally, not the mom from Wasilla, Alaska — but what it is that she represents in a conservative movement.

    You represent us, Sarah. That’s what you represent in a conservative movement. When they attacked you, it felt like they were attacking us because you’re one of us. That’s why so many of us believed in you almost instinctively.

    Ziegler asked her if she would do it again? Oh, yes, it’s her calling:

    There is great need for reform… and if there is an opportunity that I could seize to help, I would do it again — just, you know, [I've] got to keep growing that thick skin and try not to personalize the attacks too greatly — very tough to do when the attacks come on my family though. That’s just inherent, I think, in any mom, but I’d do it again if there was opportunity to help.

    And what about us, her loyal foot soldiers? What can we do in the meantime to help?

    She sent out a call to arms:

    I wish that there was opportunity for people — especially in the Lower 48 — to look at my record and my administration’s record — what we were able to accomplish here…those things that I have done in my administration… I wish people in the Lower 48 who perhaps would be tempted to be influenced by this media saying that we’re just incompetent or ill-intended up here — I wish that they could just see our record, let it speak for itself, and perhaps believe the facts there versus being sucked into believing what it is that too many in the mainstream media would want them to believe.

    • Palin12

      nice article,bill!

    • Ben Dunnigin

      Dude, you need to join a bookclub or something so you can discuss what you read with other people.

    • chuck b

      bill in mn

      your article is probably a little to deep for the commie liberals who post here, they can’t concentrate long enough to read it. great article.

    • Claire

      I will not badmouth Sarah Palin. I can’t. My daughter looks so much like her, her bubbly personality and some of her mannerisms. They are able to speak to anyone, they have what I call a very congenial personality. Sarah is not stupid, a bit naive maybe, but not stupid by any means. She has seized her “moment” and is making the best of it. She is raking in the dough. I don’t blame her, I would too. As far as being the president, I don’t think she is quite ready. Maybe in a few years. I would dearly love to see a woman as president.
      I could not understand why she endorsed McCain but I guess she felt she owed him. She should be done with him and distance herself from him. And distance herself from the RINOs.

      • R.Burdick

        How in the world can i get that message out to other people from my E-mail As i would like to have them know what kind of determination that Sarah Palin Has ,It is Terrific ,She is A born Leader An if you do not believe it your head is stuck in the sand.

    • Shasta

      I love this<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>

      thank you Bill!

      • Shasta

        why didnt the best part copy?

        Get out of the way, I’ll do it.” That could be the motto of Palin’s political career.

        GET OUT OF THE WAY. I’LL DO IT!!! Palins career motto! ♥ it!

      • R.Burdick

        To Bill.Is there any way your message about Sarah Palin Can be copied to My E-mail???

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      I wish I could figure out how to fwd to my e-mail buddies your great post about Mz Palin—ccn you help me?

  • truthfulster

    Vote Mitt Romney. how more American can you get, the Mormon religion was started in America by John Smith who stated he saw and talked to Jesus in New York. Plus Mitt Romney is the only director of the Olympics in the last um-teen years to make a profit at the end. With the state of the economy as is we need someone like Mitt Romney, he will not stab us in the back.

  • doctord

    Romney for President.
    Rand Paul for VP.

  • Ben Dunnigin

    All this talk about balls and brains puzzles me. What interests me in a female candidate is big tits and whether or not she’ll come over to the estate do my wife and me. W. Clinton

    • Palin12


  • Richard

    Again we are being STUPID we let OBAMA become President because he spoke what America wanted to hear “TIME FOR A CHANGE” Yes it was two terms of Bush yes it was but you see WE let this LIER get into office Sarah Palin has proven it. She took on OIL Companies. Sarah Palin and another Honest Person is what this Country needs. Bush keeps saying”DO YOU Miss ME YET?” Hell NO! he started this down fall to OUR once FEARED GREAT COUNTRY! His Brother Jeb Bush helped put Florida in the same mess. YES (WE) need a Change but before you vote do a back ground Check they do it to you when applying for a job and OUR whole Government is just a job it is hard to FIRE them (BUT) YOU can IMPEACH them. People Color is not the answer to OUR problems. It is what (he or she) is doing to destroy this COUNTRY! Sarah I hope you WIN

    • wally

      if you study history you will find bill clinton started this down fall bush warned congress this was coming if they didnt act. well they didnt an now you got change. look for home mortgage loans, for starters then look at corporate taxes you will then understand why companys went over seas, fact is theres no jobs to be had in america

  • Richard

    People Look at what Sarah did for the Great State of Alaska then also the Acting Governor of Arizona is doing and then the Sheriff of Arizona is doing People these people are doing something NOW What did Bush’s do either president and now Obama they all had one thing in common help destroy AMERICA Georges second term was a lie by the people here in Florida that made false counts at Election times. People CHECK before you VOTE. Here in Florida the two running for Governor are both either a Liar or is being brought up on FRAUD of Medicare. This is what wants to get into office Even our new Supreme Judge she to is a FRAUD and is under Investigation Then the best is OBAMA WAKE UP AMERICA or WE (WILL BE CONQURED!)

  • Logan

    Mike Huckabee? Oh no! Not until I observe the resurrection of the dog
    that his son hanged a few years ago! Why do I hate Huckabee for the
    reprehensible and barbaric act of his son? Well Mr H. fired one his
    employees for doing little to exonerate his son.The savage commits a
    barabaric act and deserved the punishment meted out by law ( I doubt
    he received his due reward as the USA seems relatively callous to
    cruelty to non-human animals! If I were the prosecutor I would have given this moronic-idiotic Hitler-like sadist at least 50 years!(for
    more details read this disgraceful event on the internet)

    As for Gingrich as a candidate, I would say that he is a “lost cause”
    that should stay out of politics.He occasionally makes some intelligent statements but at other times his assertions are unadulterated rubbish! I suggest that he continues writing books and
    newsletters and peddle them on HUMANEVENTS like many of the Conservatives and Republicans. I would be surprised if fans of conservatives and Republicans have a few pennies left after spending
    their money on books,newsletters,donations etc.that conservative
    writers and others who have jumped on the conservative wagon peddle.
    Talk of the new healthcare throwing Americans in homeless shelters! I
    think those among the Tea Party Movement and other conservatives
    would do that long before Obamacare!

    As for Sarah Palin being the Republican candidate………
    yes,yes she is a good candidate.She is very well versed in foreign in policy as she” could see Russia from Hawaii on a clear day.” She would be very dedicated to the country and would not quit her position as President before serving two years. She would be an
    excellent role model for students when it comes to reading as she has
    read so many books that she cannot remember a single title.Rest assured Americans that she has an excellent record of human relations.She had fired a few dozen employees as governor and mayor.
    As far as fiscal responsibility goes, she should be awarded the Nobel
    Prize. In order to save public money during the 2008 elections,she spent a mere $150,000 on clothing. How remarkable!

    Let us speculate to our heart’s content on the candidates for the
    presidency while the liberals and moderates remain silent.To them,it seems that the “writing is on the wall.” Do not be surprised when
    your daily newspaper’s headline reads, ” Obama wins second term
    in a landslide victory.”

    Isn’t that enough for you to hit the ceiling in ecstacy!

    • Palin12

      Wrong dude. Obummer’s approval rating is at an alltime low, thanks to his evil stance on the mosque in NYC. After November, he won’t have his way with congress anymore. His last two years will be frought with one dissapointment after the other. Finally, Obummer will join the long list of one-term democratic presidents. Sarah will make a much more competant President than Odumbo, who had no executive experience whatsoever. Hey, and enough of the Tina Fey jokes, ok? You want to bring up the issue of the fired trooper again. I’ll remind you, that Alaska state trooper was using his taser while off-duty to discipline his nephew. He needed to go!

      • Palin12

        PS the so-called “Troopergate” lawsuit was dismissed in court.

    • Claire

      Logan—Huckabee’s son hung a dog?? What for?? I did not know this. Did this really happen? Tell me, I WANT to know.

      • Claire

        Logan–I pulled this up on the internet. You were correct. Yes, Huckabees’ son captured a stray dog, slit its throat and hung it from a tree!! What a horrible act of cruelty!! I am glad to posted this information. I did not know this, and I am certainly glad that I know it now. Good grief, Huckabee is a preacher–and he raised a monster of a son. If my son did anything like that, he would be the sorriest person alive. I did not raise my kids like that. I taught them to have respect for the human race AND animals, all living beings. I am appalled. I am shocked. I am disgusted beyond belief.

    • wally

      do you know where russia an alaska are. im here to tell you on a clear day one can see russia from alaska soil. now go back to S.N.L. LOL

  • Camille

    I believe Huckabee is for parole of non-violent offenders with draconian sentences, not rapist/murderers. He made a mistake awhile back about one guy & it should not be confused with his views today. Sarah Palin is dangerous for this country although she relates to the ordinary person, she also riles people into violent behavior with no real guidance as to where she’s going with it. Ron Paul speaks the truth, is smart and knows what is going on and is not afraid to say it. Mitt Romney is too slick, too perfect, not real. thanks

  • http://yahoo Leroy says:

    As a Viet Nam Vet, it sadden me that I was willing to give my life for a nation that has forgotten the many men and women who gave their lives for what they believed in. When the government asked them to step up to the plate for their country, they did not hesitate as well as all the veterans before us. We believed that this nation was the only answer to this world. That we would stop suffering, hunger and the mistreatment of humanity. Norm said…Brains is better than balls. Was it brains that turned a nation against the man & women who fought for their freedom? Who gave their lives so that they could be secure and not have to face everyday wondering if this will be their last day. Maybe, just maybe there’s room for balls and common sense. When our leaders can’t see a nation going down, because their too busy name calling, pointing fingers and telling on each others dirty laundry for the sake of greed & power, then we have just lowered ourselves to the same level as those nation that wants to destroy this world. As a veteran I still believe in this nation. Our government needs to know when to use brains & when to use balls. God help us!!!!!!

    • Claire

      Leroy— I sincerely appreciate your words of wisdom. Thank you and know that I agree with you 100%.

    • hundabuxt

      The way the Viet Nam vets were treated in the 60′s and 70′s is a dark chapter in our history. Tragic. I wore the uniform of a Marine starting in 66′. So brother, I thank you for serving an insensitive, ignorant, blind people doing what the government compelled you to do if you were drafted and what you elected to do in the service of your country if enlisted or commissioned. I salute you.

  • Harold

    I love Sarah Palin and her honesty. It is because of her honesty that she will probably never get a nomination or a place in the WH. Both Parties are afraid of her because of her honesty. They are afraid if she gets elected, they won’t be able to do their backroom deals, for which Obozo and his lying, thieving THUGS are so famous. And I am sure that the Republicans feel the same way. The Good Ol’ Boys’ mentality has no room for an honest PERSON, like Sarah, keeping them in line. She is what our nation needs…..honesty, integrity, character, etc., but let’s face it, our political situation is not set up for honesty, etc. It is sad to say, but it is true. If Sarah would ever get in, I would love to see a sweeping of the kitchen, to get rid of all of the “dead wood” that has been hanging around for far too long. If Sarah would be fortunate enough to win a Presidential election, that would be a great day for America, because we could get back to being a great nation once again.

  • bmuridaho

    Your muslim president will have his conspiring terrorist attack on this country far before 2012 but not before he and his lazy family use our tax dollars to vacation at the highest dollar areas along with the elites who tolerate him but find him deplorable except his like cohorts. little does he know what they really are thinking about him and his big assed wife preaching nutrition as her muslim husband smokes, drinks beer and bows down with the other muslims and tries to convince us, who hethinks are so stupid that he’s a Christian. This person who know one knows who he really is is going to take us down if we don’t engage!

  • hundabuxt

    I’m absolutely no fan of Obummer but consider that the Koran absolutely forbids alcohol. Either his public imbibing is a clever deception in the interest of forwarding his agenda or he’s not a muslum. It is a fact that Arabs visiting places like Vegas engage in all sorts of behavior forbidden in the Middle East, so deception is plausable.

  • http://personallibertydigest Clarence Crosby ,Hubert ,NC

    I am a little upset with Mrs. Palin because of her continued support of Senator McCain , (yes , I am A Viet-Nam Veteran and appreciate his trials, but that doesn’t make him omnipotent , ) but I do appreciate her sense of loyalty . I am in no way disallusioned with her. I am voting for her , if she is not on my ballot I will write her in. Even if she loses the nomination I am voting for her . I will consider Mr. Huckabee but only if she is on the ticket with him as Vice-President , though I would still prefer her as the head of the ticket .The reason ? her family values and her honesty .

  • Jo

    I have never laughed so hard in a long time reading everyones comments. And Norm…can’t you guys see he was putting you on the whole time? At least he got all of you fired up. All of you are right, we need people in the white house that are rational, have wisdom and care about, we the people. And yes, we do need God in there. Keep that fire going people, right up to November!

  • Robin Sage

    I would still love to see her in a “string bikini”. Seriously, though, this is not the time in our history to even consider placing a woman, any woman, in the White House. That would weaken the U.S. irreperably in the eye of our enemy. Not only that, but I read somewhere that if you can’t keep your own house clean, you shouldn’t tell someone else how to keep theirs clean! The Clinton era was enough of a joke, we don’t need any more of that. If she had been paying more attention to her husband and children, perhaps she wouldn’t have so many “in house” short-commings.

  • Ross Bunch

    and the lovely NANCY PELOSI, so I would have to ask: “HA! THAT LITTLE SHEPHERD KID WITH THE SLINGSHOT AGAINST THAT “BIG” DUDE?” God help him.

  • http://personallibertydigest Clarence Crosby ,Hubert ,NC

    I am voting for Sarah Palin , if she is not on my ballot I am writing her in . She could be second on the ticket if Huckabee is first , but my best hope would still have her as president and Huckabee is vice president . If Huckabee is not on the ticket But Palin is first she will get my vote , I could take someone else in the vice president slot.

  • Paul Z.

    I believe Mitt Romney as President and Mike Huchabee as VP would be a fantastic pair, lots of knowledge and common sense, and Romney has a thorough understanding og the economy. These men have tons of integrity.

  • Jackson

    Unfortunately, Romney is all about Nationalized Healthcare. We’re currently seeing it fail in his home state. I like Palin and feel she can do much good but I don’t think she would make a good President (albeit she would be much better than OTrauma). I’m hoping that a real statesman and leader will emerge from the woodwork prior to 2012. I really like Ron Paul but he’s not electable in my opinion. I’m going to vote for Tom Tancredo for Colorado Governor. He’s gone from being a Republican to an Independent.

    • CJM

      Anyone who promotes “nationalized health care” should NOT run for President–that’s what Obama the imposter shoved down our throats. It is also a major reason why I would NOT vote for Romney even as a dog catcher.

  • http://googlemail Gary

    She has my vote.

  • Sylvia

    I’m not so sure that Sarah Palin wants to run for President… She is a lot smarter than some people think. Being president isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. A president is constantly under the microscope and no matter what he/she does someone is not going to like it. Woman are usually more pragmatic and use common sense approaches more than men do. (Please note – I have nothing against men!!!) Women just deal with the world differently than men, because God made us that way..

    I personally cannot stand Obama and think he should be impeached for all of the horrible legislation that he has put upon the American people, but let’s give the devil his due, he got it done right under our noses.. And we have no one to blame but oursevles, as we allowed this to happen, because good Christian Conservative people did not stand up, speak out and vote; plus the mainstream Republicans did not get out and support their ticket or vote for it… I hope everyone has learned their lesson and in 2012 it will be a different story.
    I like Romney and Huckabee too, but they do not have the expertise that Gingrich has, however, I do not think that he connects with the wide spectrum of voters. He is no doubt the most intelligent and capable of the prospects when it comes to the working of the congress and senate. No matter what comes in 2012, I think God is allowing us to go through all of these tough times, just to show us all what a bad mistake we made in 2008…..











  • karen

    well if she runs with Mitt R or McCain again I will not vote for her. but if the choice is another inexperienced Pres and her. I would vote for her. She has taken a lot of crap so she can take the pressure. I just wish she would get away from McCain.

  • http://personalliberty blake

    maybe IF she’d succeded in getting alaska out of the control of the government AND she didn’t align herself with McCain,she would be higher.also i agree that ron paul will benefit with her.

  • Antoinette L. Knowles

    Personal opinion:

    I believe that Sara Palin speaks the thoughts of many and that is good. However, I do not think of her as presidential material. I think if she had been VP, she would have gain the needed knowledge for that position and then president. The present administration proves that without the needed experience, they have failed. yes, Governor helps but unfortunatelt Mrs. Palin resigned because, if I remember correctly, there were too many outside effects to distract her from doing her job. Maybe so but the office of predient is not without these same types of problems. Mrs. Palin speaks well and certainly has a good hand on the problems but… Sorry.


    Interesting post by those referring to Obama bin Laden, it was George W and George H W bin Laden. These two families are very close, close enough to share time on their ranch in Texas and share money between them. Also close enough that after 9/11 the bin Laden family was one of the few flying anywhere to get them out of the country. By the way, as in Osama bin Laden brothers. One thing Palin will provide is a good cushion so W will up himself in the line up of good presidents, he will be able to maintain above Palin. Mention Marxism, then probably Palin’s foreign experience being so close to Russia and then closer to Marxism.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Don’t blame me; I voted for Sarah.

  • http://yahoo Irene Grooms

    Right now we need to put our minds on this Election and then who we can put to win in 2012. GOD BLESS US FOR WE SO NEED YOUR BLESSING NOW AND FOREVER.

  • Cherri Roper

    Nominate Newt & Sarah for the 2012 Whitehouse!

    Wouldn’t you know that mainstream newsmedia would not do much reporting on Kagan’s swearing in after all the resistance to this criminal? It was plain that the majority of the American people dispise this witch!! Yet this rebellious Demoncrat bunch approved her anyway!! Did you know that this appointment is a payback to Kagan for her work she has done for Obama. Kagan is Obama’s personal lawyer and she is the one who has enabled him to skip proving that he is a natural born citizen and has kept anyone from viewing his records that would prove his eligiblity!! She is partners in crime with Obama and Pelosi!!!

    • http://CHEERIE wally


  • libra


  • June

    Sadly Sarah has been taken over by her love for the media, the camera no matter what the reason is. I think many of us are as tired of looking at her as we are obama. Where is the sincere, decent Sarah who we thought loved her family and cherished be with them. Now we still see some of them – how about of Secrets life of a Teen – do you think there is sex and violence and drugs in that show and now of course the new photos in her new DWTS gig. What next, pole dancing with Miley Cyrus. Sarah has lost her way and is more concerned about a “Hollywood type” agenda. First I get an email asking for funds for her legal fees and now I get a packet for money from her “Sarah Pac” – I don’t think so. With as much as I detest obama – I would vote for him over her. She needs to come back to reality – pop that ego!!!

    • CJM

      “Where is the sincere, decent Sarah who we thought loved her family and cherished be with them?” She’s been there in front of you all along, June; you have simply fallen in love with the Obama rhetoric, which is nothing more than a ballon of hot gasses! You seem to even fault her for wearing a bathing suit; what would you expect her to wear when swimming–her altogether? Palin doesn’t invite the media to follow her, they do this on their own, just as they do with the Obama tribe. The difference is in the reporting: with Palin, the reporters are a vicious, marauding pack of vindictive, jealous gutless wonders; with the Obamas, they become a pack of pandering, panting sniffers eagerly awaiting a pat on the head much as one would give to the family pet. Hopefully you won’t need to vote for Obama; the impeachment session should soon be meeting.

  • Meager Loss

    Time for her Hustler spread to get her popularity back up. Do not worry about 2012 election. We will all be fried bacon by then after we pass thru the x-ray and gamma ray rich galactic plane in early 2012. There will be solar flares you can light your smokes with at the North Pole. At least the chips we all have in us will not work.

  • Rush Housel

    Sarah Palin would be a diamond in the rough compared to the idiot that’s in the White House. Sarah Palin would bring honesty, trust, courage, integrety, a commitment to American principals, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Taxpayers, Common Sense, Her ability to solve govenmental issues, and the class and charisma we have lost in Washington D.C.

    • John Balaun

      Rush’s only error is in stating Sarah is a diamond in the rough. She has proven herself, including her integrity, judgement and common sense and strength while Governor of Alaska as well as in the way she has lived.

  • jimmy joe

    hey everybody don’t be to hard on norm,as the only place he has ever learned any thing before now is; at the end of a bar,pmsnbc,cnn”the communist news network”abc”alqueda broadcasting company”cbs”che’rivera broadcasting company”only the socialist/marxist”media matters”,and” move on”,,and destroy we’re going to huff,and puff,and blow,america’s house down”huffington post;just maybe for the first time in his life he will hear some truth,and might grow a pair of his own, that wasn’t manufactured by government,and paid for by the taxpayer,through involuntary servitude(slavery),and revisionist history;those who hate sarah palin,or wouldn’t vote for her;. has nothing to do with her experience.its because she speaks the truth;we all agree on one thing;that is government is selfserving,and corrupt;the truth is government is just a mirror image of who we’ve become as a people;if you don’t like what you see.its just us being forced to look at ourselves.too many people are selective constitutionalist their cause,or rights supercedes the cause,and rights of others;each according to their own merits,and abilities.”good”.not each according to their wants,and needs;”baad”; according to natures law,and natures god,and we the people;not government and special interest;that promote,and demand,”lucifer’s law”to exalt their will,above god,above humanity,above free will,above liberty,and above law;in order to preserve,power for themselves;true leaders have these rare quality’s; speak truth,not talking points,and political spin.2.never comprimise your principals,even if you stand alone;3.true leadership is those who can convince the opposition its in their best interest to come around to your way of thinking;4.think like a coach,or a ceo,that wins for the team he represents,”team america”not crossover benedict arnolds types,like lawyers,and unions who only represent the highest bidder,and themselves;sarah palin probably will not be electable as president.mostly because most americans are still not ready to look at the truth in the mirror, which would reveal their own flaws,and win for “team america” and not just ourselves.newt gingrinch,mike huckabee,,mitt romney,mitch daniels,and the governor of mississippi,hayley barbour,have all made it clear they are quick fix for popularity,cross the aisle,politicians,and selective constitutionalist;willing to give our opposition a mile in exchange for an inch for america,for a pat on the back, i did it for the kids, selfserving, i saved the day, and got a weak bill passed. rather than an effective long term solution based on the truth;here is how to spot bought,and paid for,and quick fix seeking politicians;1.we need a bigger party not a purer party;thats political speak code,talking points for character,and truth doesn’t matter;and thats how they will treat the constitution,and the bill of rights; for me ,and i’ll end the gridlock,and bi-partisanship in washington;thats political speak,and code word,for screw team america when i get power i’m going to keep it by selling team america down the drain;3.when running for election they demand to only discuss the issues,and not get into digging up bones;that’s trying to hide,the truth about their character,their past,and their affilliations, by intimidating the oppisition,which is what all bullies do;but in politics you are stupid,and predjudice,if you don’t let me murder ,rape,and pillage,your american village,and redistribute what belongs to you,to the deadbeats,and predators,in america,and around the world who have souled their souls to me;again under “lucifer’s law”to exalt their will above god,humanity,freewill,liberty,and law;jimmy joe;”the liarfryer”

  • GreatScott

    Ron Paul has consistently been ahead or near the top in almost every poll. He won both the GOP conventions and his name is not even mentioned. The web site is even dirty. Screw the Establishmment, Ron Paul in 2012.

  • Cathy

    The Tea Party doesn’t need a presence in the Republican Party; it needs to take over the party. While the Democratic party has been taken over by the Socialist/Communist sympathizers, one must realize that the Republican party was completely controlled by the immoral Elites who have manipulated government policy to enrich themselves. Both parties have pushed us towards dependency on the Federal government to support their global government agenda. The Elites are behind both parties and have been for decades.

    Our only hope is to first and foremost turn back to God in prayer, confessing our sins and the sins of our nation, and asking for forgiveness and his blessing as we endeavor to turn things back to our Divinely inspired Constitution. We need to oust the incumbents that have voted to undermine our sovereignty, which is most of them. And we need term limits.

    Realize that the enemy has already infiltrated the Tea Party and will use plants to discredit those ‘salt of the earth’ individuals that are the Tea Party. The Tea Party needs better organization. There should never be 2 conservatives running against each other in a primary. For the sake of the country, one should drop out. It will only divide the vote and give the establishment candidate the victory. Check out for Joseph Farah’s book ‘The Tea Party Manifesto’ and let’s all get on the same page and move forward.

    As for 2012, I can’t back Palin because I don’t think she’s qualified for the highest office in the country, although she will definitely play a major role in the new Republican Party. I’m very disappointed that she campaigned for McCain’s Senate race. She has a strong following and her endorsement was a key factor in his primary victory. On the other hand, I am very impresssed with Michele Bachmann from Minnesota. To me, she is the real deal.

    • Elpobona

      EXCELLENT post start to finish. I love Michele Bachmann! She is the real deal.

  • http://personallibertydigest Clarence Crosby ,Hubert ,NC

    Sarah Palin will be in the presidential slot on my ballot even if I have to write her in . I do not care if she doesn’t even run or runs and doesn’t get the nomination , I and a half dozen friends have made our decision . If the votes are wasted then so be it . She has the two qualities we want , honesty and love of country ,many say it but if you have to say you don’t have it.

  • Elpobona

    Clarence, I suggest you take a look at Michele Bachmann. Before she ran for office, she began fighting for the Constitution in the 90′s during her leadership of the grass roots movement against outcomes based education rightly demonstrating how that failed initiative was coming down from the U.N. She won her first race on this issue alone. Michele has the two qualities you want, too, and she is extremely intelligent.

  • http://yahoo PCherokee

    We like Sarah Palin. We like what she is doing now. We are very greatful to her However we feel it would be a mistake for her jump into the Presidential race now. Big mistake. We hope she goes on doing what she is doing now. It’s better than being President anyway
    you look at it. I will be voting for Mitt Romney again if he runs. He was the only one to make a stand against illegal immigration.
    A voter hoping Mitt Romney runs again. We are ready this time Mr. Romney.

  • CJM

    I wouldn’t give Mitt Romney the time of day; of all the potential candidates, he is the worst ever. As for Sarah Palin, sorry guys, but she isn’t going to go away just because some folks wish this would happen. Nor is her popularity on the wane as the Clarus Research Group would like one to believe; take a look at the other polls and you find Clarus is the only one that is different. A Palin/Huckabee ticket would be great. As for experience, Palin has that as well as the brains to run a government. I think men are afraid to have a woman as a President and that’s the reason behind a lot of the negativity. Just take a gander at what Rove is saying about O’Donnell because his “beloved” Castles lost the primary!!! Go Ladies, give the men double heck!

  • Steve Dolyniuk

    I would certainly go for a Gingrich/Palin ticket, Or a Huckabee/Palin ticket. If anyone ever watches any of the Guest shows, Gingrich is smarter then any of the rest. Huckabee & palin are a toss up, though I think Palin has more guts. Some people say they don’t think she has enough experience. I disagree. She has more then many others & sure as hell more then OBAMA, who in my opinion is dumber then a box of rocks. He is however a darn good Con man & liar.


    Bet George bin Laden would love to have Palin as president, it will give another worst than he as president. Anyone who would think even for a second they are foreign affairs expert because one could see Russia from their states coast line just don’t understand the simpliest of reasoning. You know, bet Obama would like to run against her, good reason for him to be reelected.

    • Barbara

      Sorry. You are the one who doesn’t understand. The Soviet Union being visible from the coast demonstrates that the Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska National Guard HAS to be expert in foreign affairs. You are just swallowing the SNL attitude and twisting things to smear Sarah. I’m sure the Dems will be grateful for your treason.

  • Marilyn

    Recalling Harry S. Truman and the negative remarks about him, he was not tuned into Washington Crap but had a darn good common sense head on his shoulders. He used words like cow sh– and his wife, Bess, had to force him to use the word, “manure.” It’s my belief that Sarah Palin has the spark that is needed and she is far from ignorant about American laws and International laws – foreign policy – Constitution… Any gal who can run the State of Alaska has a lot going for her. She’s not just a thinker, she’s a doer! And, she thinks on her feet and meets the challanges head on. Ms. Palin actually has a love for her country and United States Citizens! That’s more than we can say about some of the hopefuls. Listen to candidates talk. MY My My Me Me Me I I I. That scares “me.”

  • Glen B

    Sarah Palin has my vote for anything she wants to run for.

  • Tom P.

    Glenn B. are you Glenn Beck, the one and only? I too like Sarah Palin as a person but don’t know yet whethr she is presidential material. She is, however better than Romney and Gingrich who is CFR part of the NWO club. I see a lot of confusion cropping up prior to these elections coming up. Sometimes, the oposition is behind this through subverssion and agent provocatures to get their opponent fighting with each other. From what I can tell, Huckabee is authentic and possibly a viable candidate. Beware of that GOP establishment group. They are only looking out for their best interest. Conservative all the way not the two headed beast of the GOP/DEM parties.

  • Don

    WE need a president that will,,, close our borders and deport all illegals,,, resign from the UN,,,build up our military,,, and address our muslim problem in this country, sorry people, you need to go back where you came from,,, get manufacturing back in this county, and produce our own oil ,,, and stop a lot of this foreign aid, and most of all put bho and his ilks in prison !!!

  • R.Burdick

    I To would vote for SArah Palin as she is a leader a Accomplishes any thing she starts. bless her.


    Sarah Palin is one of those rare regular people who cares about America and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is….She is educated, smart, had members of her own party arrested and jailed, stood up to the gial oil cartels and made them pay every citizen of Alaska for the right to drill in Alaska.
    She is politically astute and has run a town and state…..All that anti-colonial marxist in the White House has ever run is a neighborhood sponsered by ACORN…

    And, if it weren’t for the morons in the MaCain team, she would have kicked ass in all her interviews….Look what she did to Biden in their debate…She left him tounge-tied.

    There’s nothing phony aout Sarah Palin and I believe she’s a breath of fresh air to the Republican Party and America…
    I would vote for her in a heart beat….Actually, I wish she and Newt would run…

    • Greyhawk

      I agree completely. The reason that Palin’s numbers are falling is the 24-7 Media Blitz by the MSM and some of the commentaries at Fox News by some of their RINO Experts such as Karl Rove, who is a DC Insider, and wants to promote one of their own. As for Huckabee, he now has a full time gig on FOX and he is as Mealy Mouthed as was John McCain in the 2008 election.

      In the 2008 election, we, the people, like sheep, allowed the Main Stream Media to Guide Us To Select The Mealy Mouthed McCain to be our pick to run for president. Are we going to allow the MSM to pick our candidate again???

      If you all and the rest of the nation continue to listen to the MSM pundits, and the RINO professional Commentators such as Karl Rove to pick our candidate in 2012, we will wind up with 4 more years of Obama or someother Marxist Democrats such as Hillary Clinton.

      Better wake up Americans and ignore Poplularity Polls being Put Out By the MSM and by the RINO’s who want to Play Ball As Usual With the Nation’s Enemies who are the Socialist-Marxist-Communist-Anti-Capitalist Fascist Democrats.

  • Andy From Arizona

    Is Ron Paul electable; the only reason Republicans are a afraid of him is because when he was asked how soon would he close the IRS when he got
    in he said immediately and most of them are living off of the peoples tax money. RON PAUL, I know a lot of people gonna start digging for crap but the only bad stuff they’ll find is good for the people and that is he loves this country, the people, and the CONSTITUTION, and lady’s and gentlemen THAT’S AN AMERICAN well, he was a doctor you can not be that when you don’t like people. Every one has to learn about him, he is the only one who would not be worrying about lining his pockets. Gingrich,
    Romney MR. Huck they would all be the same for the money. It’s sad that the American
    people has been jacked around by politicians ever since Sr. Bush, now an honest guy comes along and nobody trust him. One thing for sure, whoever gets in, must understand that the present and the past administration must be punished, prosecuted so that this does not ever happen in America again. Yeah, Ron Paul, he is the one who says why are we in 135 countries in the world, imagine the cost! There is your tax money! He is the guy who looked Ben Bernake in the face and said tell me Ben, when are you going to stop robbing the American people of their monies? Now Sarah Palin, just remember she is a Jew and that is all I am going to say about that! Remember also that Ron Paul has never voted to increase taxes or any of this crap happening today. I know another thing, we can’t afford anymore of this guy.


    The HUMOR in all this POLITICAL CRAP, is the fact you AMERICAN IDIOTS do not realize you are being DUPED by these HALF-BAKED POWER HUNGRY JUNKIES at your EXPENSE!
    However;if it were any other way the POLITICAL HACKS would no longer have any reason to exist!
    What no politician is willing to pass into law is 1.) TERM LIMITS FOR ALL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. 2.)REPEAL of the 16th Ammendment.3.) Getting rid of all WELFARE,ENTITLEMENTS,EDUCATION,MEDICAL,FOODSTAMPS, and any other FREEBIES for ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. 4.) DEPORTATION of ALL ILLEGALS immediately.
    The complete shutting down of the “Federal Reserve System”, which is neither Federal nor Reserve, but a conglomeration of private Banks, who along with the “criminal” politicians have been “screwing the AMERICAN people for nearly 100 years, and it looks as though there is no end in sight.

    • Greyhawk

      Alfred E. Neuman—You hit the nail of truth squarely on the head. The DC insiders and the Career Politicians who Fill Our Congress have the Federal Bureaucracy of Worthless Agencies, Bureaus, Commissions, and Departments at their disposal, and if the bums in congress cannot pass legislation, the way it is set up now, these worthless bureaucratic agencies, departments, do what the congress cannot do. These Agencies Have Complete Fascist Control and Powers to Regulate, Collect Fees, Make Mandates on Individuals and Businesses, etc. For example, this congress cannot pass Cap and Trade to run their Carbon Commodities Market which is being encouraged by the UNITED NATIONS, so the Fed is going to Back Door Cap And Trade by allowing EPA to do their Dirty Deeds. And EPA has complete Fascistic Power to Force on The American People any Rule, Regulation and Fees with absolutely No Votes and Without Any Input form the Public. These Federal Agencies do the Bidding of Congress and President’s and they do it all with No Due Process for We, The People which is supposedly guaranteed in the U.S. constitution.

      The same goes for the Federal Reserve, which is a conglomeration of International Banks who have No Interest in anything Except Profits for it’s Owners of these Private Banks who have been Running Our Economic System for dedades. The Federal Reserve Manipulates Money Supply, Interests, etc. and they Encourage Deficit Spending with Money they Supply and With Money We Buy From Our Economic and Political Enemies because they Own The USA VIA Debt Instruments and at the same time, we Have to Keep Paying The Feds and Our Lenders Interest on the Massive Debts that keep accumulating.

      The Federal Reserve and Our Foreign Lenders are running the Same Scams as was being Run in the Housing Market, except on a much grander and larger scale. The next Bubble to Burst is going to be the Federal Debt, and when this Bubble Bursts, and it will if we continue down this Deadly Path of Endless National Debt Building, there is not Going To Be Any Recovery or Bailouts To Save The USA. IN fact, when this National Debt Bubble Bursts, Our Enemies who are Funding Our Debts will be the ones who come in and Take Control of The Entire Country. We are allowing Our Government To Turn Us Into a Consumer-Debtor Nation and We, the People, are Now Debt Slaves To The United States Government, and our current Government is in Bed With Our Enemies.

      If you could follow the money and see who Funded Barack Obama’s 2008 election, you that Money Trail would lead to George Soros, The Middle East Kings and Emirs, and to other Enemies of We, the People of the United States of America.

      Wake Up America. There are a few guys out there who know what is going on. Ron Paul, for example, is one of those men who know what is going on and that is why the MSM and the Career Politicians in DC hate his guts, and the same goes for Rand Paul, for Sarah Palin and other Great Americans who are trying to Stop the Federal Debt Bubble From Bursting, by slowly letting the air out by Abolishing Agencies, Bureaus, Commissions and Departments that are Fueling The Helium in the Debt Bubble and if we continue to allow this Federal Debt To Be Raised Over and Over, we will reach the point of No Return, and this National Debt Bubble is going to Burst and it is going to make a Sound of Sucking that is Heard Around The World and our Country and all Our Asset Is Going To Be Sucked Into Oblivion and Chaos, and our enemies in the guise of the United Nations Forces will come in and Declare Martial Law to end the Chaos which will ensue as our Nation Collapses.

      What I have just described folks is the truth of what is going on and what is going to happen if we do no Get The National Debt and the National Government Under Control, and to do this, we have to Radically Change the Makeup of the Federal Government and Begin Dismantling the Federal Bureaucracy one Agency, One Depatment, One Commission, and one Bureau at a time. We cannot afford to continue to fund these Worthless Agencies that are being Used by our Politicians To Regulate, Control, Tax and Destroy Us.

  • stevor

    Good. I voted for her and McCain, but with Barry on the opposite ticket, it was (again) voting against somebody.

    I just saw she’s heading to California with Cheney and Rove. That pretty shows who she is tied to. Is it the TEA Party? No, not on your life. She’s joined the Power Elite (PE).

  • Margie

    That’s the best news I’ve heard yet. Maybe people are waking up to what this lady is. If Palin runs, Obama will win. Perhaps that’s why he’s been so confident of winning. We need a man who will stand up for the constitution and who loves America.

  • guyb

    Why don’t we call a full session of the entire white house and then fumigate…Isn’t that how you get rid of vermin???? Look,America needs leaders who love our nation above all other nations and will do the best job possible for America and the American people. We can put together jobs and bring our great country out of this woeful problem if our elected officals would do the job we elected them to do in the first place. How about we audit the spent stimulus money and if they can not account for billions of it,we put them in jail for embezzlement. If they can put people in jail who embezzle from companies,then why can’t we put our elected officals in jail for doing the same thing with our tax dollars? If its a felony to lie to congress then it should be a felony for congress to lie to the American people. Its just time to take our great country called America and bring back the American dream for all America!!!!!! United we stand!!!!!!

  • http://outlookexpress william chappell

    I’d vote for Sarah Polin for king.

  • sannie

    I will like to see not just the birth certificate of obama but I would like to see if he is a member of a secrete societies , and also of any one running for president , so that we the people can make up our own minds

  • ’53 Korean Vet

    It’s a strange thing that Sarah Palin never had the endorsement of the American Communist Party–but Obama did-! Wow-! The Communist Party is usually very particular on whom they endorsed-! Wonder why-?

  • paul,the villages fl.

    If you people would concentrate on the issues instead of insulting each other,you might accomplish somthing.Whoever runs, to get my vote,this must be their platform. 1. Stop the stupid spending 2.continue the Bush tax cuts for everyone.To let them expire means an increase. 4. Let our troops do their job and not put rstrains on them or bring them home. We have let this become another Vetnam and has made us the laughing stock of the world. 5.Secure our borders and deport those ILLEGALS that are already here.Don’t say that we can’t afford it, because supporting them is costingus more than deportation will. Don’t tall me that Americans won’t do the jobs,that is a lot of crap

    Stop listaning to people like Gringhrich and rove because that kind of thinking is what gave Obama and his thugs their chance.

  • Jesse Noone

    I have a bad feeling that we are missing the next attact that will be far worse than 9/11. I have read that Muslims have en mass got permits to drive school buses. (this is true). What if this is a plan to kill our kids in every town or city in U.S.? No one would ever believe something like this, you think? Well with Obuma in office the SS would be looking somewhere else. Horrible thought eh?
    I am glad I have no kids for the radicals, (crazies) to kill. Thank God the /Father of Jesus Christ. There is only one God and many fake gods that like for their people to kill everyone that does not believe with them in their ways. I am sure this will not make it to print on site but at least I tried.

  • Karen W

    As for presidential placement, as long as she is placed as a running mate with MITT ROMNEY I will NEVER VOTE for HER! Does ANYONE SEE in this nation HE brought the ^%$%^&&ing Universal HEALTHCARE to Massittusets????!!! Does ANYONE think for a moment he will do ANYTHING to get rid of OBAMACARE????!! Palin needs to run FOR President or WITH a reputable candidate and lets NOT have the same ^&&**ing candidates we had in 2008 for 2012 PLEEEEEASE!!!! I mean…#%#%%!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AutumnGal

    As for Sarah Palin, this entire country has been manipulated with lies from both parties for sooo long it’s almost impossible to recognize the truth. No one would believe her when she said why she resigned as mayor and yet she has being doing exactly what she said she was going TO do…. At the same time, obama was dishing up his malarky BY the shovels full and enough people “bought it” for him to be elected as president???
    As my name says I am a woman and I’ve lived long enough now to see what is happening to the people yet way to many are continuing in the ditch of the manipulative lies from both parties.
    I personally hold a very deep respect for Sarah Palin and how she has stood her ground under extreme and vicious attacks from the so called progressives AKA socialists because of what she believes. They know she poses a tremendous threat to “their agenda” because there are a whole lot of We The People who agree with Sarah.
    ALL the news medias assumed Sarah’s intent was to “run for president” from the time McCain asked her to become his running mate and refused to believe anyone would DO what she did without having an ulterior motive and continue to push their believe about her! In my opinion they are all judging Sarah based on who they see in the mirror. I have no idea IF that is in her plans or not and neither do they but I’ll “betcha” IF she does she will make an announcement at the time of her choosing. I do not know anyone who could have put up with what that woman has, without cracking under the pressure. I know I couldn’t and I doubt anyone reading this could either.
    There are lot of people (like me) who hold conservitive view points yet have never “attended” a Tea Party yet appreciate the fact there IS a “Tea Party” and people like Sarah Palin who has the courage of their cnovictions and taken a stand against those who’s sole intent is to destroy this country to expidite a scialist style government.

    However, Sarah would be even better as a supporter to a strong leader; thus an excellant vice presidental choice for Senator Steve King, from Iowa. I’f you’re not familiar with him, check out his very early on solution to the “immigration problem”. (No, I’m not from Iowa :-)

    • Delores

      I’m from Iowa. Steve King is the biggest blowhard in the country. His favorite hero is Joe MacCarthy. Iowa is leading the way to perdition.

  • AutumnGal

    addendum to previous post; I do know Sarah was Governer of Alaska when she was tapped to be McCain’s running mate…. and since Spell Check my spelling has declined…. I hope you will over look those mistakes and hear my heart…. Where IS that red faced smiley critter when I need it?? Lol

  • Anti Government

    Wow, a lot of discussion over a woman that may be very nice but she does not come off as very intelligent. This discussion is a waste of time because she has no chance on any ticket. We need to find some one who does. Of the list of people mentioned I would only be able to vote for Ron Paul. Remember, Bush had balls and no brains and look what that has done for our country.

  • bob jones

    Dream on oh ye wishful progressives we have intellincexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     



    • David

      See my post just after yours. I agree.

  • David

    I like Sarah Palin a lot, but I do not think she is ready for prime time and being president. I think if she were running, she would almost guarantee that Obama would get re-elected. She is better doing what she does best and that is rallying people to get out and vote and pushing conservative causes.

  • Fed up Texan

    Aslong as the puke sack child is in the white house, (no caps by plan. not as long is puke sack lives there) I would vote for anyone in the repoublian party, or libertarian party, or bull moose party, anyone but the big-eared puke sack

  • john

    The problem with Palin is she is now overexposed..she needs to cut back a little.Another problem is her “aw shucks” image..sometimes when she speaks she looks like she’s still amazed at the popularity she’s attained and the media attention.However..if the media hates her,then you have to love her..she’s doing something right.She is what a real feminist American woman should be…smart,savy,politically keen,strong willed and minded and a family centered God fearing person.The militant lesbians that hijacked the feminist movement and turned it into the she-man man haters club are extremely afraid of Palin because she flies in the face against their whole agenda.The abortionist who contribute to the death population growth of our nation as well as Europe which helps the Muslims grow more steadily are also afraid of her.She can be a very powerful tool against the enemies of our country..I’m talking about the leftist liberals who infect our children and all parts of our govt. and media aas well as entertainment industry..none of them like her..don’t let the press sway you away from her now throught heir subtle attacks..thats how they win..she should run as someones VP..and then (with experiance)run later down the road for the Presidency.

  • Sandra

    I realize Chris Christie says he won’t run, but it’s a must for him….he must be recruited so he and Sara, as his VP can halp us all.
    I pray it happens…..the brains and ideals of those two…. are awesome !!!!!They absolutely get my vote along with all of my family.

  • Janice Fortin

    Let us focus on what is near at hand: the November 2 Election. Work and pray hard for this election. There is absolutely no indication that either of the obama’s are now, or ever have been, proud of America. In fact, his very election seems almost a planned plot for destruction of everything for which America stands, and for which so many have willingly died. We Americans can consider this a severe trial, from which we also can emerge victorious….UNITED WE STAND….returning America to its rightful place is not going to start at the top, but in families, local government and in our smallest organizations and in our churches. LOYALTY is one of the qualities most prominently missing in most of them. Brainwashing sounds so passe, doesn’t it? Oh really? Check out some of the “psychology” if that isn’t but a learned method of the manipulation….not always for the good. Each one of us is endowed with an individual conscience and it will guide you well if you don’t pollute it. God has ordained America to be LEADER, and without its leadership much of the entire world is doomed. The goodness and loyalty of American Citizens will be LOUD AND CLEAR IN THIS ELECTION.
    First, we take out the trash. Then we follow resolutely to do damage control. America, the Beautiful, will be home again.

  • http://n/a Robo

    Really, and sadly, Ms. Palin was never going to be a completely valid choice for POTUS as she is just the center of too much liberal media hate mongering and has just not convinced enough of the people she was ever a clear choice. However, this is all a matter of design to make the more “tried and true” options of Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich the manipulated choices. As I have repeatedly stated before, Gingrich and Romney are both long standing members of the Council On Foreign Relations, the U.S. arm of the Bilderberg/New-World-Order/One-World-Government/Socialist-Communist/Nazis. Do the research and get the true story on the CFR. All your candidates since JFK have all been CFR. Do a Wiki search on Council on Foreign Relations and see the membership list and it will become apparent what’s happening and who’s doing it. This whole scenario is about to repeat and Republicans look to be set up to run a Newt Gingrich – Mitt Romney ticket. Both CFR! The liberal and Bilderberg/CFR owned and operated media will attack Huckabee to get their CFR ticket. Stand by and watch it unfold.
    The only REAL hope for America? A ticket of Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee running as Libertarians or Independents, thereby establishing a third political party that is NOT owned and operated by the CFR.

  • Carol H

    Let’s not waste each other’s time – let’s start sorting out from the pack of contenders those who are really ready to roll up their sleeve and clean house. Then let’s work to get them in line for 2012. Let’s be ready for the fight and not go with someone who is just politically correct. I really like Sarah, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann and Gov Christy. I believe Mike Huckabee is using his TV show to try to win over enough support for a run for Pres.,We need to be ready to start on Nov 3rd, and if the other side could give us the “manchurian Candidate” we should learn that it is having a game plan and then working it together that will get the job done – example: Where was Obama the major election before he was elected? out there being a community organizer. I believe the plan for that election was a done deal and those in power were just waiting for what they considered the right candidate. Aren’t the rest of us smart enough to duplicate their efforts and get our agenda elected?

  • Martha

    Women seem to dislike Sarah Palin because she can get it said in plain language (and that doesn’t make her dumb, it’s smart) and she has the common sense that the elitists in Washington have none of. Men seem to think looks equate to stupid; how wrong they are in this case.

    So yes, Sarah Palin should be part of the ticket in 2011 with any one of many different good men.

    • libertytrain

      I like plain speaking folks – Churchill was known to be one as well.


    To quote Pres.F.D.R. “My fellow Americans” we are in deep trouble,and sinking fast. If “WE THE PEOPLE” don’t wake up we’re done for. What we need is leadership that will turn this country around for the good of it’s people, not the good of a moslem state. WE have only one choice and we’ed better make it right now. If we don’t stop Obama with his kind dead in their tracts NOW!! then we may as well put our heads between our legs and kiss our south ends good-by. Alot of people don’t want to hear that country was founded upon God, The Lord Jesus Christ. But if those of you who are reading this please just stop for a minute and think, (for yourselves), and answer this to yourselves, What was our country like before all this garbage came about? Yes we had our problems but as for the average Joe’s life was hard but it was good. Family was strong, people cared for others, you could leave your doors open at night, neighbor looked out for neighbor. Now today you cann’t even trust yourself. Conservative use to be a good word, and a good way to be. Some how we’ve lost sight of this, and that is a shame. Younger Americans have been duked into believing that this isn’t a good thing, that liberalism is the way to be. They have been brought up with the give me give attiude. I believe that Mike Huckabee with Sarah Palin were given half a chance, that they could make a big difference for the good of out nation and for the good of it’s people. We need people in office that will back them. This all can start in a few days. If for no other reason, just to find out, wouldn’t it be worth it. THE FREEDOM OF AMERICA, WE THE PEOPLE are in deep trouble. Please America take time to think. Thank You!

  • http://personallibertydigest Buck crosby

    Sarah Palin has not slipped one iota in my home or cicle of friends ,Communist progressives just keep putting that out there as propaganda and for their own wishfull thinking . Sarah Palin has the most important prerequisite of all to be our president , she loves and believes in America and Americans , her values are our values , her courage is unquestionable and most important of all , the progressives are scared to death of her . GOD bless Sarah Palin and God bless the U.S. by making her our President Palin .

  • ellen rideout

    Newt Gringrich and John Bolton both very honest and experienced and mak tough and loves this country. do not forget to vote nov 2

  • Frank

    Who is Obuma? Barry Soetoro.
    He is a criminal and a fraud. The whole issue with his refusal to reveal his Kenya Birth Certificate can be resolved if Congress has any intestial fortitude. They can and MUST SUBPOENA him and demand ALL of his RECORDS.


    As for the usual wanna bees (except for a few Constitutional Conservatives) TAKE A HIKE

  • jack


  • honesthank

    The National Rep. Party started all this crap and if they don’t stop they will find a lot of us leaving the Party. If the Rep. Party don’t think the Tea Party has enough members in the USA to start our on party in 2012 let them keep on screwing with Sarah.

  • Geoff Pace

    Brains, balls,pretty teeth, big bust, etc. in adfinitum ad nauseum….Who in the HELL CARES?!

    It’s the knowledge and wise use of the US Constitution that should be the prime consideration for a presidential candidate. It’s not the issues so much as the principles which have to be adhered to.

    Once the principles are locked in and rock solid with whichever candidate, the issues will fall into their proper place and perspective. Is there any one around here like that except for Ron Paul and maybe Tom Tancredo?

  • richard

    One World Govm with USA at its head. Nuke North Korea, Iran and China. Oh yes, and the Ex Soviet Union, maybe Hugo Chavez and Venezuela too. Who else………????? Any more dissenter countries or potential Rivals…….Nuke them before they Act against US.

    Sarah Pailin for Pres…Glen Beck for VP

  • william perreault

    I would vote for Sarah Palin in a heartbeat. I was at a rally in Minnesota last spring for Michele Bachmann and Sarah was the head line speaker and she just moved the crowd. She is as real as it gets and people are looking for that, maybe not the elites in the republican party and their wives but us “Country Class” real people would love to see the great pretender in the white house beaten by someone with integrity, honesty and a whole host of other talents use for the good of society. She sure as hell would not be spending 100s of millions dollars a day in India.

  • Delores

    Since she had to go to five different colleges to even get a bachelor’s degree, You can’t say Sarah is smart. Tricky, maybe, smart NO. and the people of the South are smarter than the average bear. I think not. Too many women think she should be in the White House because she thinks just like they do. Gad! who’d want them in charge of anything. She’s pretty, I grant you, but pretty doesn’t hold a candle to intelligence. For once, go with someone that should be in charge – like Ron Paul. Not the boy though. Let’s not go back to the fifteenth century. My mother wouldn’t let a cat in the house because it was evil and satanic. She had many other 15th Century ideas also. Thank goodness I listened to my father. One of the greatest men I;ve ever known. He would think most of you without any common sense at all. Unless what you have is so common it’s wrong.

  • Peter Gutierrez

    Regarding Palin as president,

    I have great respect for what Palin has accomplished in mobilizing Americans against Obama & his Socialist agenda. As a populist leader she excels. But her fitness for President raises doubts. I am troubled that she resigned from office. More than that … her failure to VET O’Donnell was revealing. Forget about personal baggage and Satanistic H.S. dates …. this woman never held a job and had zero track record upon which to assess her competence for high office. Essentially unemployed, unemployable and unelectable…. casts serious doubt over Palin’s ability to “vet” and assemble a competent team if elected as president. Also, has Palin shown the depth ( as a thinker ) required in the oval office? Understands the complexities of foreign policy? She has yet to demonstrate that. If she is serious and wants to be President she must shift from populist inspirational talking points and demonstrate she has a command of complex issues. Last, she may not be electable in a General election …and Republicans should have learned by now that fidelity to the conservative agenda is useless unless you are electable … applies to Newt who has one of the best minds on the planet and he is a true patriot but not “telegenic” …sad fact of life that looks, charisma , personal magnetism are critical in winning elections. I am willing to keep an open mind about Palin but she has yet to demonstrate she is ready ….

    Peter Gutierrez

  • Ron Hert

    Lets see now for all of the uncontroled internet polls-Sarah palin goes off the top of the scale evry time-therefore, where ever this poll was taken-it was schewed. This opinion and what seems to be the feeling of this web-site is against Sarah, sorry guys and gals-you are all behind the eight ball and can’t see the trees of the forest.
    By the way, people don’t forget as easily as this site does-picking 8 out ten winners is near perfect and these candidates and their supporters won’t forget who it was that referred them to the AMERICA voters-Sarah Palin!

  • Ron Hert

    The problem with all of the candidates listed by the many comments tend to miss the mark-clout, knowledge, and team work are Sarah’s best qualities for politics. She was strapped with a Rino that couldn’t win ever, but she managed to do her part as a team player-even though McCain’s staff trashed her. Her clout/popularity is obvious, but her down-to earth with all of this is still there and her business sense has improved with her speaking business. Her movement among politicians has gotten better-knowledge of the mechanisms of National politics. She states the issues in clear terms and is CONSERVATIVELY Consistent, and that’s why America loves her.

  • Ted

    After the 2007-8 campaign, I felt that Palin would have the next four years to “bone up” on the issues so that she could successfully run for office in 2012. It’s been two years now and she hasn’t worked on any self-improvement regarding Presidential nor governmental issues at all. Worse, she quit her public office, endorsed and supported several “Mama Grizzly” candidates who lost big-time earlier this month, and seems more interested in making the big bucks with her ghost writer and her dancing daughter rather than preparing for a major run at the Presidency. Whatta disappointment!

  • DaveP

    When you get right down to it, Palin -although popular- is not ready for prime time. Basically, she does not have the political know-how to be president. Her knowledge of international affairs is almost non-existant. I would venture a guess that after a term or two in the senate, she would have a better handle on the job. She needs more polish- and voice modulation lessons. You don’t have to look farther than Obama to know this is true. What was his experience? A street organizer in Chicago and two years as a senator from Illinois? His lack of experience is glaring in almost everything he does. As for Bristol and DWTS, it takes alot of guts for a 17 yr. old to go on nationwide TV and try to compete in a dance contest Nobody wants to look like a fool. Don’t badmouth her because she is surviving by the phone calls. That’s how the scoring system was set up. Some who should have won, but didn’t get the calls, lost. IF she wins, she, and everyone else will know if it was truly deserved.

  • http://yahoo abby

    Whether Ms. Palin is Presidential material remains to be seem. However, the media and some members of the Republican party (plus the Democrats) must be afraid of her potential since they keep bad mouthing the lady. They find fault in everything she does or says. No she is not the smooth politician that we are used to. But she does have the nerve to stand up and speak out for what is right. Something we haven’t had for quite some time.
    Politics is a dirty rotten business. and the Media thrives on destroying people who don’t go along with the current philosophy. We need change, real change — not the socialist mentality that is being forced on us over the years and more so since OB has been elected. To me he is a bully, using Mafia tactics to get his way. Yes, I believe Soros is behind a lot of our problems. How do we resolve these problems.
    We start acting like human beings and respect one another. We stop looking for handouts. We revert back to the earlier times when people cared for one another on their own, not by being forced to redistribute our wealth. We should want to help others. We should stop providing all the freebies for the people who don’t want to work; who don’t want to help themselves. Let’s get those on welfare and unemployment doing community services for their benefits.
    When people start respecting themselves and others stop being greedy and looking for power, we may survive. Otherwise there will a collapse of our great Nation.
    Again, media is a part of the problem, not the solution. Let’s look at what is right. You know the saying: the glass is either half empty or half full. Take your pick.

  • Brant

    Ms. Palin could have a very important role in the positive outcome of defeating Obama in 2012. I dont’t think that role would be to run as a candidate for POTUS. Veep maybe, but as a leader of “common sense” politics in America, for sure. 2012 isn’t her time, however; as a partner with a grass-roots candidate, stumping the way she does with the no-nonsense mom-of-America persona might just be what we need…time MAY tell.

  • cella

    I am going to vote Republican because i work for a great company and have great insurance. They are going to put a stop to that socialist Medicare and force seniors out to the open market to by their own insurance across state lines. It will cost more than 150 bucks a month, but just the satisfaction that seniors are not sucking they young people dry.

    • barbm

      wow, what a witch you are. if you took all the money i’ve paid into the system since i was 16 and paid all the interest on it (remember those years when interest rates were nearly 20%) that would’ve compounded all those years, i’d have plenty to live on and pay for insurance. it’s not our fault that our crooked govt spent the money we had in ss on other things. and we were FORCED to pay in. our money helped our parents, too, but you don’t hear us being selfish little piss ants like you.

  • http://none wul

    Anybody who diminishes Palin does not know what he/she is talking about.
    Just listen to the liberal, left media pundits and believe the opposite of what you hear!
    The media and other liberals are smart, because they see in Palin somebody who can and will win!
    That’s why they keep cutting her down, and if they do that long enough, some of the more naive people among us will believe them.
    Wake up, and listen to what Palin says, and think for yourself and make up your mind about her.
    Thanks to her the landslide on November 2 was in large part do to her efforts, even though she missed only 2 or 3.
    We control the House, and in essence also the Senate. Face it!
    How would the results have been without her input?

    Stop kidding yourself!!!


  • barbm

    palin is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. she backed rick perry for governor even though the tea party had its candidate in debra medina. ron paul or lou dobbs would get my vote.

  • msl

    The perfectjob for Sara Palin: Chairman of the Rpublican National Committe. The only objection would be from mainstream Republicans, but even they should realize that this would remove her from a possible presidential run. And she would be great as RNC chairman

  • Rhea

    This web blog has TOO MUCH fowl language for me … I am LEAVING IT. I encourage the web master to be more selective in posting.

  • Nikita63

    If you are looking at intelligence levels there is nothing wrong in any case with Palin who, despite all manner of vilification by liberal losers scares them to death. Mitt Romney is a former Governor of Massachusetts and we are having all manner of problems with decreasing quality of care and rising costs involved with HIS healthcare plan which was the Model for Obamacare.How bright is MITT to spend 40 million bucks in a PRIMARY and lose because he is looked upon as a snake oil salesman? Economically, he has the best qualifications but it appears most Americans don’t trust him. Since
    resigning as Governor of Alaska as a supposed quitter and has been, Palin has become kingmaker with the Tea Party and is keeping herslf in the public eye while making herself 12 million in income or, about twice what Obama made and, she is not pushing a blanket Amnesty for illegals and cartel members or allowing a criminalien family member to live at taxpayer expense as is the Cretin-in-Chief, with his troll like Auntie Zeituni whose subsidized existence for admittedly criminal violation of a 6 year deportation order and a $700/month disability I find disgusting. Better Sarah than Barack, or any slithering reptile democrat. At least she walks upright.

  • Chris

    I love reading this newsletter and especially the comments of the readers. It shows me how many bigoted, right-wing lunatics there are running around this country. It also proves that America is falling way behind in educating its people. Perhaps we should start a “no adult left behind” program

  • George

    How many remember Tricky Dickie , while he was in he stopped inflation , and nobody liked it but thing did not get out of control. PRICES stayed down, and we lived He and Palin would have made a good match. But they railroaded him out. the fat cats need to be stopped we can not get the truth out of Washington Let the tea party roll on maybe America will wake up.

  • Del Kern

    Without Palin we get four more —- you can count on it !!!!!

  • http://google Bob


  • Hal

    Bob Livingston,you are getting a lot of mileage out one survey on 19 Aug 2010, that God only knows how it’s questions are slanted.Then rerunning it for 4 or 5 times.It makes people feel like Sarah Palin is constantly sliding in the poles, which I don’t believe is a truth. I will say Sarah did more to turn Alaska around than anyone else. She pressed on for the good of the Alaskan people than anyone else. And by her past performance she indicates that she would also be that way as President.I for one would be willing to vote for her. She’s got the guts and fortitude to keep this nation free. I’m 80 years old so you see I’m not thinking of myself,but all those children and grand children that will NOT be able to pay for what is happening now. We can’t afford Socialism or Communism but Must have Liberty and Freedom

  • http://msn Doc

    Anyone who thinks Palin is smart is a Moron. Obama has forgotten more than she’ll ever know. Republican’s answer to the problems confronting this country is to say no to everything and “Let’s make sure he doesn’t get re-elected”. Corporations, especially oil companies, jerks republican’s and blue dog democrat strings. If your rich, by all means support these people. If your lower or middle class and you support them, your an idiot.

  • Brandy Baron

    Sarah Palin is a wonderful cheerleader for the team… but she hasn’t got what it takes to be a ‘player’. I’m rooting for Huckabee!

  • JIM in TX

    It’s good that Mrs. Palin is making the rounds and letting more people “get a feel” for her. She is very bright and I like her conservative viewpoints, but I don’t think she is the BEST presidential material available. I also think she would be weak competition against the the 0. I’m sure she has does a bright future someplace in politics though.

    If you want somebody young, energetic, and not afraid to stand up for what’s right, take a close look at Bobby Jindel – Gov. of LA and his actions during the “BP Crises”.

    If you want a bit more age, maturity, lots of experinece and one smart person, look no further that Newt Gingrich.

    Pehaps Gingrich for Pres, and Jindel for V.P. could be a winning ticket.


    Sarah Pelin is not fit to take any position in Unites States Government. She does not have any knowledge nor any brain nor self respect. Even his own Republican party are fed up of her. I thing it’s better for her to stay in Alaska.


  • um ya

    Ok so did you all have a crazy moment where you forgot that BUSH was in office for 8years WAY TO LONG its crazy to read that people really think and believe that President Obama is the reason for the economic disaster that we as a nation are facing and then to add to thinking that this crazy B!@#$ would be a real answer no way in hell. This would be such a mistake thank goodness the American public is smarter then that ……… I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW ANY ONE COULD HAVE SUCH HATE AND DISREGARD FOR ANY RELIGION OUR GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDPARENTS CAME TO THE USA TO GET AWAY FROM THE RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION NOW WE ARE THE ONES PERSECUTING ANY ONE THAT DONE NOT HAVE A SIMILAR VIEW I JUST DON’T GET THIS VIEW OF SUPERIORITY COMPLEXION THAT SOME OF THE OTHER HUMANS IN OUR COUNTRY HAVE I BELIEVE IN A HIGHER POWER BUT NO NOT BELIEVE THAT HE WOULD WANT US TO TREAT ANOTHER HUMAN THE WAY WE DO JUST DONT GET IT CANT WE ALL START STANDING FOR WHATS RIGHT NOT FOR WHAT THE POLLS OR THE NEWS TELLS US TO NO ITS NOT S

  • Samkd

    I love to read some of these really “stupid” comments. First of all who sez she is running for President???? Secondly, on the comment from “um ya”, what does you religion and/or religious persection have to do with the debate about Sarah Palin and whether she runs or not for President. And for those other comments that berate her and especially AKBER KASSAM, you only show your ignorance by such stupid comments. You do not know anything about her personally, obviously you are only looking at the liberal media’s comments and we certainly know that they are fearfull of her power in politics, as has been displaced in the November election… Get a life!!!

  • Robert Ryan

    I really don’t care if the next candidate has testicles or a vagina. As long it is someone with the potential to remove the communist who is presently in the oval office. I don’t care about his race, or his religion, it is his politics I don’t like. He can take his socialism and put it where the sun don’t shine. I want my freedom back and if the next Republican candidate can oust him, they will get my vote.

  • Wendy Price

    this story may very well be about Sarah Palin. However, she may have sent the wrong message by stepping down as govenor.
    The next candidate needs to have the stomach to do the following:

    1. Start work on the budget by cutting any program that is not specific to the elerly or other disabled populations. Stop with all the handouts. You will find that more people than you realize will be willing to work in the local grocery store in this situation. And as long as we are talking money, think of how much money is wasted each year on agencies like the EPA, unless we actually need CAP & TAX.

    2. Completely lock down the borders. Shut them down, police them up. By any means necessary. You want to live here, get papers and get a job. Nothing is free, not even for the child you come here to birth.

    3. Do not negotiate with terrorists, even with they are calling themselves progressives or whatever they may be called today:

    A. Taxes:The wealthy have as much right to keep the money they earn as anyone else does, and no, I am not wealthy. I am poor, a biracial person like the president. The difference between us is that I don’t blame every white person on the planet for anything that may or may not have happened to me along the way. The entire tax cut issue is a terroristic behavior strategy.

    B. Stand up to the media. Don’t just sit around talking about the possible take over by the FCC. Walk in and shut it down, just like the borders. Remember. Do not negotiate with terrorists. Send Soros back to where ever it is he comes from.

    The next president is going to need to know a lot about business models and even more about terroristic warfare. Unfortunately it has come to that.

  • JamesinUSA

    Palin like Huckabee are Christian Zionist who worship the very ones who are attempting to destroy America as being a predominately Christian nation. If neither one of them hasn’t enough sense to realize this than their not too bright.

    Vote for whoever you want but join the American Third Position if you really wish to change the status quo in the long run.

  • Jim Weldon

    Here we go again. Another Rock Star for the teeny boppers to back. I spent several years overseas with the state department. You had better believe that some one like Palin cannot stand up to people like Putin. Obama is no exception. Putin and leaders of other countries like Iran and China look at Obama as a clown. They’ll look at Palin the same way. The first job of a president is the protection of the people of the United States. So far, Bush and Obama have done a piss poor job. Palin has no experience and we will continue in harms way if we don’t elect someone with presidential qualities.


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