San Diego Officer Assaults, Arrests Man Filming His Interaction With Police


Despite Federal court rulings to the contrary, local LEOs (legally entitled to oppress) continue to assault and falsely arrest people who attempt to record their interactions with police.

It happened again Saturday in San Diego after two officers stopped and cited three men for smoking as they walked down the boardwalk. A few minutes after their interaction began and while writing the citation, Officer M. Reinhold tells Adam Pringle to put away his cellphone.

Pringle correctly informs Reinhold that he is within his rights to film, as they are in a public place. The officer disagrees. After a back and forth discussion in which Reinhold claims cellphones can be converted into weapons (and the information can be found online), Reinhold slaps the phone out of Pringle’s hand and throws him to the ground.

During the assault, Pringle received a cut on his chin. He was transported to the hospital for treatment. He then was charged with obstruction of justice and jailed overnight.

In a conversation with Pringle’s friends after the incident, the officer continued to maintain that he was concerned with his safety and that officer safety trumps the 4th Amendment. The good people at found some evidence of how cellphones can be converted into weapons and posted that information here.

I will be purchasing the Blackberry Uzi as soon as I pass my background check.

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  • KG

    The difference between a conservative and a Liberal. A conservative is someone who just got robbed. A Liberal is someone who just got arrested.

    • momo

      [comment has been removed]

    • WTS/JAY

      Yes, and then they reunite after the fact and divide the loot amongst themselves…lol!

  • csaaphill

    Of cource they don’t want to be filmed, that way when they violate your rights there’s no evidence. Film On!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary

    Instant Bully….. Give a coward a government pay check and a gun!

  • Rick Smith

    The police have been out of control for a long time……now with ob*ma as dictator things WILL get a lot worse ! ! !

    • prophet4real

      Please stop giving us educated, Patriotic Americans a bad name! Are you an “infiltrator”?

  • dan

    I’ve got camera that looks like a gun and some exploding tightey-whiteys….
    be safe out there !

  • Steve E

    Now we know why some cops get themselves killed. Their tyranny brings death.

  • Deputy068

    I’m really ticked off at this definition of LEO (legally entitled to oppress). As a former law enforcement officer and as a current uniformed court officer, this is demeaning to a profession that the average citizen looks for in time of personal tragedy or in an emergency. Please – we do the best we can with what we have and if the public insists on seeing us as the enemy or an oppressive force, who will they look to for protection and relief when their time of need arises? As for cell phones as weapons, I have seen the plans and the explanation of the process for making one. My safety is not something I care to risk when doing the duty I’ve swore to perform.

    • Bob Livingston
      • Nadzieja Batki

        I am curious as to why Deputy068 would like to have laws passed to prohibit taking pictures of the interaction between cops and civilians. Unless he is certain that there is no certainty as to who gets a hold of the electronic witness and what will be the interpretation.

        • momo

          Probably because the pictures would be used to prosecute the cops.

      • Barack Embalmer

        I was just reading a story about the cops chasing a suspect through a neiborhood on foot and ended up in someones (completely uninvolved) back yard searching for the suspect. Unfortunately for the residents their pit bull was doing his job as a watchdog barking at the officers who in turn opened up with their service pistols killing the dog!! Now do you think that a fugitive on the run is going to be hiding in someones backyard with a pitbull present? My complaint is that the cops these days can just go right into your yard and shoot and KILL your dog!! It is happening more and more frequently.

    • $20888627

      Then OPEN YR MOUTH and quit sitting on the sidelines!! Do you want pigs to be brutally murdered?? Because that’s what they’re BEGGING for when they continue to OPPRESS, HARRASS and ASSAULT for NOTHING!!! If you TRULY wanted pigs to be safe, you’d tell them to grow up, shut the f@#k up and DO THEIR JOBS!!! Yr way is GUARANTEED to get pigs killed and thats EXACTLY what they deserve. It IS us vs them, just like they made it.

      • Trav

        Exactly! This is what they wanted…this is what they got…they better get used to being attacked by innocent people. They uphold laws that protect the criminals and uphold laws that say the innocent are guilty (like arresting victims for using deadly force to protect their lives). Only an evil sick minded person would enforce laws like those, so to be honest, I dont see how there could be ANY good cops. I know of a fellow that had to use deadly force to fend off an attacker. He was a marine and now an armed security officer. Even the LEO’s said he was in the right…..but they still dragged him to court and will physically take him to jail if the man tells them to. Why? This attacker has had his house raided many times for drugs…had a criminal list a mile long but our great justice system is still going to try to hang the hero that eliminated this criminal as a threat to society?? Sounds like we have criminals running the justice system to me..

    • Nadzieja Batki

      First of all, you are not the Messiah and Savior of anybody even if you demand to have the job. Second, why do you want that job of Messiah and Savior so bad?

      Why are you so afraid of having a witness,even if it is electronic,to the interaction between a cop and a civilian with questionable activity? Police cars have the dash cams for two way protection of the police as well as the civilian who is stopped. For an issue to be established two witnesses are needed otherwise we have a case of he said I said.

    • WTS/JAY

      Deputy068…we do the best we can with what we have and if the public insists on seeing us as the enemy or an oppressive force, who will they look to for protection and relief when their time of need arises?

      …protection and relief when their time of need arises? You’re kidding, right?

      If that is so, why do you always show up after, the “fact”??? Where was the protection in the most recent massacres? All of them, gun-free-zones, btw.

      You can express the sentiment “protection and relief” all you wish, and i’m sure that for the most part its genuine, but spare us the notion that you can actually deliver. At best, the Police-force provides a small measure of deterrence, and that is all! And you damn-well know that you cannot be everywhere at once, nor are you omniscient. No, at best, the service you provide is that of cleaning up the mess, after the fact. You do not posses the ability to protect…Because, as you and we, damn well know; “When seconds counts, the police are just minutes away”!

      • Steven6032

        WTS/JAY, you make some good points. Just like any profession, there are some good, honest, hard working, caring cops, but even then the best most can do is show up after the fact. I would like to add that I have witnessed many lazy, incompetent, and uncaring cops. Mostly they just want to do as little work as possible like most bureaucrats. The videos you see on “Cops” and “Police Chases” represent only the best moments for the police. I have a young man, who I mentored from the inner city when he was young, tell me that he got away from the police perhaps as many as 50 time in stolen cars before they finally got him. He said he stole over 100 cars and sold about half to chop shops. Rarely would they even get out of their cars in an effort to chase him after he ditched and ran. He said the chop shops are still in operation.

        I have not meet the kind of cops you guys are talking about, what you call the “LEOs”. My humble opinion is that this sort of thing is a problem, but not that big of a problem. You can always make a big deal about it when it happenes. And I might add that if I had been a cop that night they were chasing Rodney Kind, I most likely would have hit him too, or at least wished I could–just for once– beet the S— out of him. So on the flip side there are also a lot of cases where cops show a lot of self control.

      • Chief Boring

        SCOTUS has declared that the police have no duty to protect individuals; only society as a whole. Keep taping. This cell phone as weapon is a copout. (Oops, no pun intended.) You’ve “seen the plans”. Have you ever actually seen such a device? This cop was making excuses for his power trip. If you defend such cretins it makes us think you are part of the problem. I have worked with many good cops. One was my Best Man. But they are not all angels. Live and let live; we’ll all be better off. If you are being taped, smile and wave. And be careful out there.

        • WTS/JAY

          The country of Mexico has been a de facto narco-state for years, as competing drug cartels bought off the police, judges, local officials and journalists they could, killed those they could not, and battled each other for turf.

          Throughout it all, the collateral damage has been heavy; in the past decade alone, tens of thousands have died, including scores of civilians, though the exact number is unknown because authorities say they are sure all of the victims have yet to be discovered.

          Such carnage has frozen many Mexican towns in fear, but some – finally – are beginning to fight back. One of them, Tierra Colorado – a city of about 20,000 located in the state of Guerrero, in southwester Mexico – has formed its own “vigilante” group, to battle the cartels as well as the police they have corrupted.

          The self-described “community police” force of about 1,500 took over recently and arrested police officers there after their “commander” was killed and his body dumped in the street, various reports said.

          The vigilantes arrested 12 officers and the town’s one-time director of public security, each of whom they accused of having a role in the killing of Guadalupe Quinones Carbajal, 28, at the behest of a local drug cartel.

          Learn more:

    • Robert

      Give us a break. The only people you protect and serve are the Statists, you oppress the rest of us and put yourself ABOVE the law.

    • Andrew Vacante

      HAHAHAHA! Depend on the police for my protection, what a joke. I would no more depend on the police to protect me and my family than i would expect a politician to tell the truth!!! I’ll protect me and mine. All the cops are good for is harrassing tax paying citizens with their bullying tactics! I have had encounters with decent cops and other law enforcement officers but the majority of the police officers attitude is directly related to their superior’s policy on how to treat the public. I once had agreat deal of respect for police officers as i have several in my family, but lately i have been seeing a very disturbing trend in law enforcement in that they feel they are above every body else because they have a bage and gun. This i feel is one of the reasons that a lot of police are against private citizens carrying guns, they feel that this diminishes their power! I am sorry if you do not agree with this assesment but it is the truth!

      • Chief Boring

        Most street cops are in favor of law abiding citizens legally carrying firearms. It’s the politically correct senior officers who follow the company line of more gun control. Note all the Sherrifs telling Obama they won’t enforce unconstitutional gun laws. They work for those who elected them.

        • NC

          Chief, Note all the Police Chiefs and Sheriffs who have expressed concern for the fact that the rapid fire weapons have in too many instances given the perps more fire power than the police attempting to restore peace! Do you think that is a problem that should be addressed???Please remember that a gun law is not “unconstitutional” on the say so of Chief Boring or any other private citizen or law enforcement officer. Our wonderful Constitution sets out the process for that decision. You do like our Constitution don’t you?? You do understand that your private opinion is not a controlling factor in the process and that is how the drafters(founding fathers) wanted it?? BITICHING IS ALLOWED! MAKING YOU OWN LAWS IS NOT.

    • Smoovious

      > My safety is not something I care to risk when
      > doing the duty I’ve swore to perform.

      Then you’re in the wrong career…

      Maybe a nice safe desk job would be more your speed?

      — Smoov

    • Trav

      Who are we going to call when we need a cop? Some of us have nobody to call. Why you ask? Because in Pulaski Twp. Pa. the police are corrupt. That is a fact. A retard could see that. Anyways, I threatened to sue a friend of a LEO.,,,a BEST friend of a LEO. Next thing I know I have citations coming in the mail citing me for things I havent done and things that werent against the law. I was basically being threatened by this LEO with the help of other CO-LEOS to back off the lawsuit. I ran out of money since I was defending myself every 2 months ON THE NOSE and was unable to bring a case against my neighbor any more. My neighbor would call the LEO;s and tell them I committed a crime…I was sent a citation without knowing about it. I would call the LEO’s and accuse my neighbor of the same thing…the LEO’s would tell me there is nothing they could do about it….it wasnt against the law …(when it happened to me). Then refused to watch video evidence of their buddies breaking the law. And I will stop here because my complaint (that the POLICE COMM. and the D.A. REFUSED to read) was 20 pages long with much more to it that what is here would be too long to put here.

      Bottom line. How can anybody blame me for smiling when I see Law enforcement killed? You people brought this on yourselves, live with it. Its only going to get worse. Her’s an idea. Instead of all of the “good cops” being run out of law enforcement by the bad, why dont the good cops run the bad out by physically beating them and terrorizing them like the bad cops do to the good cops?

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    I suspect cops like this are going to cause a lot of good cops to get killed. If these cops continue with these types of attacks upon the public. They are going to become public enemy #1 and will be targeted.

    For a cop to say he was concerned for his safety and scared of a 6ounce piece of plastic with no sharp edges, sounds like this wimp needs to stay in his momma’s basement if hes scared of everything. What he really feared was not his life but his livelihood by being filmed and his purported professional performance document.

    Cops claim they have a right to defend them self if they filled threatened by cellphones, Cops can destroy peoples property and abuse the civilians and beat them to a pulp with no ability for the civilian to defend them self. Only the cop has the right to defend their self.

    These cops are cuffing people or have them on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs beating, kicking and tazering people that in no way can harm the cops life. I am reading and seeing videos constantly of cops shooting innocent people that happen to be driving a car or truck that matches a description of what they are looking for. they are constantly busting into the wrong residences and terrorizing innocent people, damaging property and causing bodily harm to innocent people to later find that they got the wrong address or the wrong people.

    The numbers of innocent people harmed, terrorized and even killed by these thugs with badges far out number the few at Sandy hook, Aurora, Co and the rest of them combined.

    These bad cops are putting good cops in danger because there will come a time when the civilians rise up against cops and target them to be shot on sight. Parts of cities are already experiencing this type of behavior. Those that target and abuse their power, will become targets them self.

    It used to be when you see a cop in a store, or restaurant or walking somewhere, you stop and have a friendly conversation and thank the Cops for their service and tell them to have a nice day. Now a days, people avoid cops because if you approach or walk in the proximity of a cop he may claim you reached for a “big gulp” soda and he felt threatened and slams you to the ground, hand cuff you and while laying on the floor will likely tazer you, and while your body is uncontrollably convulsing may end up shooting you claiming you wasn’t following order to remain still.

  • boyscout

    Sure, no sharp edges (visible) and apparently just a simple communication devise, but, press the correct combination of keys and (viola) out pops the laser sword. Police should be especially aware of the youth (those 16 and under) as they are the most dangerously educated in these devices. A good beating and night in jail may not deter their future misanthropy, but at least it makes one feel much better.

  • Peter Barney

    Yeah instant Bully!

  • Nadzieja Batki

    The cop is bringing trouble on himself because he would not control his response to Pringle’s action. Pringle behaved like a jackass to begin with but then the cop made a bigger jackass of himself.

  • 010sonny

    Memories of the Rockwall police has faded and has been replaced with the arrant bully hiding behind their blue skirts. Perhaps its that 10% that can never get it right that tarnishes the majority of the force and yet their majority, fail to reign this minority making them accessories to the predatory police.

  • boyscout

    To be perfectly fair, there actually is weapons capability with cell phone look a like devices: ( but none as yet discovered on US soil. However, I am certain that any criminal violent enough to smoke cigarettes on a public boardwalk would be capable of wielding one of these lethal (22 cal.) James Bond Like devices. Police should also be on the lookout for tricked out Aston Martins and umbrella disguised air rifles loaded with virus laden mini mini projectiles.

  • Stephan

    We had a name for them back in the 60’s, and it still applies.

  • Deerinwater

    Sounds like some “Taunting” was taking place here. ~Let me read it again ~~ yea, It was “Taunting” ~ a Peace Officer can demand 100% your attention without offering you a reason why. In this case, the Officer was competing with a Cell Phone for attention while detaining a subject of interest. The subject was taunting and in general showing disrespect to the Officer.

    You and I are not required to like it. ~ That is the way it’s always been and always will be. This is nothing new or news worthy. If you have never been exposed to it ~ it’s time that you had and conduct yourself accordingly.

    Some true life experiences of my own. ~ Coming into the US from the Mexico side there are two check points on opposition side of the Rio Grande. On my way to work in the shipyard every morning, it becomes routine and can take as little as 12 minutes or an hour and 12 minutes to cross. It depends on volume of traffic and what is occurring, where it criminal or administration or civil. ( it could be just Mother’s Day, ~ Latin’s make a huge deal out of Mother’s Day) This hold up in traffic is a great time to make phone calls from cell phones. ~ US Border Patrol don’t like these phone calls on the bridge. ~~ and it’s posted. ~ You want a little drama in your life? Whip out your phone and reach out and touch somebody.

    Another example and more to the point; ~ I was setting in a crowded court room, waiting my turn for Justice to be dispensed my way. All cell phones demanded to be cut off and no talking ~as the court room when through the process of administering justice by the case. After 45 minutes this young mother had an infant that stated to cry and fret some.

    The judge say to the bailiff, ” I can’t compete with that child, get them out of here.”

    Now you can make out of that what you wish I suppose,~ but I will tell you the way I see it.

    Officers of the courts seem to adapt the posture that they are administering to the peoples business of preserving and protecting the peace by applying law and order. What time they are required to spend with you takes away the time they could be addressing more important and meaningful business. They are not pretending or playing like they are Officers of the Law and if you act as if you question this authority , they will dispatch you rather quickly and allow you to figure this out on your own time while cool your Jets in the Cooler and some hours later make a few expensive and somewhat embarrassing phone calls from being subjected to your Constitutional Right.

    Over reacting? ~ Sure ~ but that’s the way it done. ~ don’t ever confuse an officer of the law with a guard dog with no teeth and you’ll be better for it.

    Now if there was a third person filming from a distance that it could not be construed as interference or a threat to the Officer ~ we might have a case here.

  • Timothy Adams

    There is no such thing as a good cop. This criminal won’t be prosecuted, so it’s time to hunt them down again, since they didn’t learn the last time.

    • Trav

      I agree, but watch what U say or they will be coming to “re-educate” you…

  • Enoc Martinez

    Guess I gotta take my shoes off next time a cop stops me cuz they can be used as a weapon too

    • Trav

      The minute you went for your shoes he would go for his gun..

  • Brad Stockinger

    Very hypocritical of our government. It’s ok the have surveillance inplace on the public but when the tables are turned they are outraged????

  • spamster

    Unfortunately a couple of Texas prosecutors found out what happens when law enforcement becomes tyrannical. The police would do well to befriend law-abiding citizens rather to to alienate them.

    • Trav

      Maybe if this became a bit more common law enforcement along with corrupt D.A’s might actually start becoming honest people and actually do what they are supposed to do….protect the people and not criminals..

  • Dan Downard

    If an officer assaults you…kick his ass…seriously kick his ass like the POS he is.


    Gestapo 2013? Colorado State Police and Homeland Security Target Christians

    I recently received a letter from one of law enforcement’s finest. He had attended a seminar in which he was told to be on the lookout for Christians.

    The letter was written by an attendee, Ron Trowbridge, Undersheriff in Prowers County, Colorado. I would like to thank Sheriff Trowbridge for the letter and the 25 years he has spent protecting the public in his county. Fear of reprisals from either the Colorado State Police and Homeland Security, fail to stop this patriot from exposing what our law officers are being subjected to.

    Because of his bravery, we are able to get an inside look on how nefarious forces within our government are attempting to indoctrinate our law officers. As this letter proves, our officers cannot be intimidated. Nor can they be turned on the people they serve. The people of Prowers County are very lucky to have him.

    Here is the letter unedited and complete in it’s original form:

  • Art Buller

    All you people are making a judgement on a small bit of information from a person who obviusly believes the laws were not made for him. I’m not saying what the Officer did was right or wrong. I wasn’t there, and neither were any of you. I have seen too many lies by people like this to believe one side of a story.

    • Trav

      Yes, but considering their track record, it would be naive to believe the LEO.


    Great post. I couldn’t agree more. And I might add that it seems just as common that they beat someone as they do ignore the unlawful behavior of their colleagues.


    I think it’s time for a little creative editing. The cell phone should have a light saber spring from the end just before the cop smacks it away. That way he won’t look like such a butthole. :)

  • Trav

    That last part about checking your plates even if you havent done anything wrong really caught my attention. My son and I were at the park one time when he was about 5. We were leaving the tennis court and heading back to the car when we saw a policeman locking up the restrooms. My son was very interested in his car and against my wishes to speak to those kind of people, made a B line to the cop and started asking him all about his car. The officer was showing him the inside of the car when I noticed my name and every bit of info. about me on his computer. I asked him why my name is on his computer…basically , what the hell??? He said that it isnt often he sees a 1987 Fiero ( I have 2 classics I drive sometimes) And was just curious who I was..I dont know about anybody else, but this bothers the hell out of me. I like what little privacy we have left and do not like the idea of a cop looking at all my personal info just for the hell of it. And as corrupt as cops are now days, they could do a lot of damage to a person if they just feel like having a bit of fun or say destroy a persons life if they chose to do so.I have personally had run ins with corrupt police officers in Pulaski Twp/ in Pa. that HAVE cited me time and again with made up charges on behalf of criminal friends of theirs in order to force me to submit over certain things…so I do constantly worry about the use of my personal info. by the police but I worry even more about them GIVING my soc. sec. # and other things to their criminal friends. Anyways, Unless there is a crime in progress, I dont think they should have the power to see a persons private info. like this simply because law enforcement cannot be trusted any more…

  • Vash the Stamped

    I guess that the cop also has ANATIDAEPHOBIA !! The fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you.

  • empty pockets

    POW!!! Holy Police State, Batman!