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Salon: Ron Paul Would Make The Reagan Revolution Look Like The New Deal

November 30, 2011 by  

Salon: Ron Paul Would Make The Reagan Revolution Look Like The New Deal

An opinion piece published by Salon accuses GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul as being a “phony populist” and a true friend of the wealthiest Americans.

Author Gary Weiss, investigative journalist and outspoken Wall Street critic, begins his article by citing remarks Paul made to Occupy protesters who interrupted a speech in Keene, N.H., last week.

Weiss describes the incident as “…the epiphany of the most dreadful presidential campaign in history…” before implicating Paul for being on the radical right, behind the times on foreign policy and a danger to middle-class and poor Americans.

Paul told the Keene hecklers that he was very much on the side of the 99 percent, but that government in the United States was more responsible for the economic disparity than those who work on Wall Street. The candidate continually reiterates his belief that it is the government who controls the money supply and provides massive bailouts to manipulate free markets. Weiss, however, contends in his article that Paul’s message is little more than impressive showmanship at best and, at worst, total fraud.

Of the candidate’s “Plan To Restore America,” which calls for massive reduction in government spending by trimming bloated bureaucracies, Weiss writes:

“This is not a plan for the 99 percent. It is about as much of a 1 percent-oriented ideological meat cleaver as you can find anywhere in the annals of politics.”

Weiss’s article comes just two days after Bloomberg published a long-anticipated report detailing how the Federal Reserve — Paul’s sworn enemy — secretly provided an estimated $13 billion of income to big banks by allowing them to take advantage of below-market rates during the 2007-2008 financial crises.

A statement on Paul’s website says of the findings: “While Fed officials say that almost all of the loans were repaid and there have been no losses, details suggest taxpayers paid a price beyond dollars as the secret funding helped preserve a broken status quo and enabled the biggest banks to grow even bigger.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Sid Milburn

    This is to be expected. Hatchet jobs/prevarication, obfuscation and/or a complete blackout from the press. Ron Paul is the only honorable man running. His record speaks for itself. Heaven help us if Obama gets a second term or one of the flip flopping unscrupulous opportunists who pretend to be conservative get the G.O.P. nomination. If we get McCained again, I will lose my faith in the the Republican party. The lines are being blurred. There are too many RINOs in office that are controlled by an oligarchy that is yet to be revealed. An audit of the FED will reveal some (if not all) of those who now capitalize off of Socialism. The theft and corruption is beyond my imagination. It is time for “we the people” to elect and stand by a man who will bring them to justice….gotta get the stinkers off of the bench who legislate from the bench though. I advocate the removal of the entire 9th circuit court and half of the supreme court. Those who advocate any of the “isms” (collective ism, socialism, marxism, communism, progressive ism, etc. etc.) have got to go and “OZ” behind the curtain needs to be given a blindfold and a cigarette as they are tied to a pole.

    • Marilyn

      I see…another attack on Ron Paul. Hey Sid, you have any children or grandchildren? Because a vote for anyone other than Ron Paul is a vote for socialism. It’s also a vote to kill millions of Americans as the globalist agenda marches on. Think you will be one of those saved from the coming holocaust? I really rather doubt it. You know what Sid? I will die before I become a member of the NWO. I’ll be praying for you.

      • Alex Frazier

        Sid was defending Ron Paul, not attacking him.

        • RonPaul4President!!!

          Exactly ! Sid is for Dr. Ron Paul and so are all other Americans (even people all around the world)! Ron Paul is the ONLY honest man standing who is for Liberty, Justice, Freedom & our Constitution. When you read comments here that attack others and Ron Paul they are paid to be o sites like this one – they’re called government trolls or shills and they are the true traitors. Like Joan says: “Of course they’re going to start attacking Ron Paul more because they’re afraid of everyone finding out the truth! RON PAUL 2012″ For all you sick, demented New World Order trolls … FAILED once again! You call can go back to the enemy camp & crawl under that NWO-fascist-bridge you live under! (like pathetic & psychotic: CP, s c, GDC, etc). FAIL!

          • DC/Tex

            Dr. Ron Paul in 2012! It has been a very long time since we have been able to vote for a real leader and not the lesser of two evils. We must pump out the septic tank we know as the Whitehouse/Whorehouse and have a clean start.

          • Joe H

            That Ron Paul is an honorable man who considers the wishes of the people is the very reason he is blacked out, left out of the debates, and practically ignored by the news. the political crowd are terrified of an honorable man getting in office, especially one that has stated he will cut his pay by thirty thousand dollars and he wants to not only edit the fed but END it!!!

    • jimmy the greek

      zionist are the ones behind the curtain and they are the new world order .

      • Dave B.

        THE ZIONISTS CAUSED THE TSUNAMI! I know this must be true because David Duke told me so.

        • Jon

          It must be so. Just the other day, Elvis told me he was going to write a song about it.

        • JC

          Zionism i to me quite seperatre from everyday jewish people.
          And if either of you idiots did any research or homework on the subject you might understand the concept. But then again I digress…because you would need to be capable of critical thinking…so why bother?

          • JC

            Zionism i to me quite seperatre – should read: Zionism is to me quite seperate…

          • dufas magnet

            Oh, we understood what you said JC, we just weren’t listening.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Can you prove that with factual details? I have read many of the so called stories on this subject, which like the conspiracy theories regarding the attacks on September 11, 2001, are nothing but sheer speculation. If you can provide me with facts of the great Zionist conspiracy, I will indeed listen.

        • JC

          You’re obviously a closet Liberal, which is to say too lazy to do your own homework.

        • eddie47d

          It is irritating when someone else wants you to do their homework for them. Anyway Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman would be the only two Republicans I would vote for. The rest are political carpetbaggers.

    • DEW

      I would like to alert you to a pro Ron Paul strategy that has permeated the conservative internet. I honestly do not know if this comes directly from Ron Paul’s campaign or from a group of zealots. In internet replies to a specific topic they will ignore the specific topic completely and flood the site with pro Ron Paul propaganda or attack other conservative candidates (not Obama). They post a dozen or more links against other conservatives. Understand any one of us could post a hundred or more anti – anybody links or pro anybody links. But I assume that our common cause is to defeat Obama and his liberal/socialists agenda and allies. With these Ron Paul zealots that is not the case they will undermine our common cause for the sake of Ron Paul. I truly would like to know if this is Ron Paul’s personnel strategy. I believe that Ron Paul is a Libertarian despite his republican pose. But I have many Libertarian friends that would not stoop to this. I hope Ron Paul is among them. This practice is against our common cause. The last thing we should want is for conservatives to chew each other up to Obama’s benefit.

      • Carl Hull

        I believe it is on their own initive as I have been a ‘quiet’ Ron Paul supporter for years and nothing has come across asking for people to do this. Ron Paul gets shafted by the media and IS attacked by the other candidates, I have been at campaign speeches lately when they did it, I think he actually has practiced restraint in NOT responding to most of the Republican attacks on him…… and I guentee there have been numerous ones because the Old Guard republicans are afraid he will come in and clean house. And I have heard THAT fear discussed at a local and state level also…the best chance for HONEST government right now is Ron Paul, that why both sides want to shove him into the closet and lock him away.

      • Brian

        What you fail to realize is that all the other GOP candidates are just like Obama. They all want more government in your day to day life. Pretending that electing a Republican for no other reason than he isn’t Obama is shortsided and will change nothing. If Ron Paul isn’t the candidate there is no point in voting because all you will be deciding is which globalist statist tyrant you want to rule over your life.

        • JC

          Exactly right. They fear the Constitution because it would expose and remove them and their ponzi schemes. RP advocates the Constitution…ergo: RP gets attacked by everyone with their head in the gravy trough.

      • http://REPLY DICK


        • JC

          What exactly are you talking about? Do you even know?

          • Whodere

            His name say’s it all.. And ANOTHER thing.. Doesn’t everyone have a ‘Spell” checker or am I wrong in assuming?

      • John in CA

        Dew, has it occurred to you that this “pro Ron Paul strategy” is probably coming from one of the opposition camps? Probably the Obama campaign, but it could be one of the Republican ‘establishment’ candidates.

    • DEW

      I am really disturbed by a Ron Paul stategy to totally disrupt rational dialogue and discourse on the internet. They totally destroy the reply thread with Ron Paul ranting. Is this condoned by Ron Paul or just the sorry act of some nonr respectful supporters?

      • Joe H

        Nice try dewd!!! you, like the MSM and even Fox, try to remove all mention of R. Paul. WON’T HAPPEN HERE DEWD!!!

    • Bigfoothowl

      I agree. In this corrupt society a man speaking the truth is shunned, conspired against, and blacked out by the media as much as they can. If he does not get the nomination I will write him in or vote for him if he runs third party. All of the other “front runners” are not getting my vote as a lesser of the two evils situation. We can fight this suppression of the truth by word of mouth, facebook, and anyway else we can (I have been getting signs from his headquarters and giving them to people to put in their yards). I do not work for any political organization. I just feel the most inspired by this candidate than any ever. Spread the word! Ron Paul 2012!

    • Gary Clark

      Gary Weiss, the article’s author, is a New York Jew and (based on his writings) an outspoken liberal and opponent of libertarian thought. I determined this by doing a Google search on him and drilling down to his writings. He is both ardently pro-Israel and anti-libertarian. That said, it is little wonder he wrote an article critical of Ron Paul, who is very libertarian and seeks to eliminate US military support for Israel.

    • rob

      Dead on the money! Robin.

    • M,V, HENNING

      Hello Sid…..I share Ron Paul’s adversion to the Federal Reserve system. Forget about an audit, they probably cook the books anyway. How about a bumper sticker along these lines: “Follow The Money! Ban the Fed Banksters”? Let the world know your sentiments, it might catch on……signed: “The Watchful Eye”.

  • s c

    Sid, am I to understand that only NOW are you close to being disillusioned with the ‘Republican’ party?
    What is it that has kept that herd of retards in your high esteem for so long?
    As for Ron Paul, his basic approach to politics is common sense, which makes him an automatic target of those who hate common sense and view freedom-lovers as paranoid. A pox on anyone who dares to see freedom as a barrier to Big Brother kontrolling the planet.
    Sid, when it became obvious that McHorse’s Ass was nothing but a shill who had no plans for trying to beat Obs, maybe you should have smelled the coffee that was morphing into an overly reeked-out eau de pig sty.
    Sid, you’re probably a nice guy and dedicated family man, but I find it more than difficult to see how anyone can still hold the ‘Republican’ party in any esteem. Do you not yet see the many differences between RINOs and real conservatives?
    Shortly, most people will understand that the ‘R’ they see on a ballot refers to a certified retard.

    • Brian

      Your last sentence said it all…

  • GDC

    Ron Paul IS psychotic!

    • LTCB

      I assume your “psycho” is already in office you Demoncratic troll. You’re like the ogres that live under bridges.

    • s c

      g, you can’t send in a four word response and expect to get your fair share of respect here. I suppose you support Bloomberg or Huckabee. So explain yourself, or expect to be viewed as just another keyboard amateur who never learned the difference between east and west (or up and down or intelligent or a utopian).

    • Alex Frazier

      Could you please elaborate on that? With facts?

    • Mushin

      It’s truly LAUGHABLE how some intellectual retard like you can make such a statement regarding Dr. Paul GDC – especially when Ron Paul is the ONLY MAN running with a SOLID PLAN built on COMMON SENSE to return AMERICA back to the AMERICANS, to return our country BACK TO FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY and RETURN US TO OUR GOD-GIVEN CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOMS….and that’s “PSYCHOTIC?!” HA,HA,HA! Looks like you have some serious issues kid, either with your I.Q. or your common sense – but no matter how you slice it, looks like your the one with mental issues!

    • Lost in Paradise

      Hey GDC Did you see that psycho in the mirror this morning?

    • JC

      GDC says:

      November 30, 2011 at 7:25 am

      Ron Paul IS psychotic!

      Obama is the Anti Christ.
      Brad Pitt is a lizard people!
      Aliens have landed in Hackensack!

      You started it! ;)

      • Joe H

        Don’t get me started on aliens & karolyn!!! Do you think GDC stands for Gone Deaf N Crazy????

        • JC

          That’s pretty funny Joe.

  • Thomas

    Check out the comments on the Salon article. Priceless, and all in support of Paul.

  • LTCB

    SC, you don’t get it. There’s never going to be a successful “3d party” in this country. As we conservatives cannot (and really don’t want to) take over the Demoncratic party, that leaves us only the Republican party. There we at least have a head start on the process. Millions of voters care little who’s name is on the ballot or what they really believe in. They vote according to whether there’s an “R” or a “D” by the name. That’s why you can’t make a successful 3d party. If it was based on intelligent consideration of all the positions and facts concerning the candidates, people like O would have never been elected.

    • s c

      l, you don’t ‘get it.’ Thinking in terms of a political party is akin to needing a brand name to sell body condoms (or whatever you’re peddling). If you’re trying to be cute, forget it. I haven’t had enough coffee to stomach a wannabe schmoozer.

    • John in CA

      The Republican party WAS a third party when Abraham Lincoln was elected, and Jefferson himself warned us about the dangers of becoming a ‘two party’ system. Read some U.S. history.

  • CP

    No comments on all the backbiting in here, just the flat statement that, by Ron Paul’s own words, if he wins, there will be only two classes in this country, and he will be head of the upper. For all his ballyhoo about what he wants us to think, his record does speak for itself, and a poor man would be a fool to vote for him, as would anyone depending on social security or any federally supported welfare program. His idea of a minimal government is the same as so many conservatives, out of business and in the bedroom and living room.

    • Alex Frazier

      I don’t recall him saying that. And if he cared what we thought, he’d be like the other candidates and say whatever it takes to be popular and get the vote. Instead, he says stuff from his convictions, even when he gets booed for it. He has no intention of doing anything to Social Security for those currently on it. Welfare is a crutch that causes unemployment. And his idea of minimal government, as it has been said from his own mouth for thirty years, is the Constitution.

      CP, you should take some time to consider what it is you want in a government. Ron Paul stands for the Constitution, and a Constitutionally limited government. More than that leads to tyranny.

      • Lost in Paradise

        Alex I do not think many people really care about our constitution, or bill of rights unless they can use them to their advantage. Our documents are nothing more than “Doormatts for Dirty Liberal Feet”. If the majority really believed in these two documents, we would not be in the situation we are now in.

        • Brian

          THAT is very asture Lost…

          • Brian


    • LarryH

      That’s probably true. Social Engineers have worked hard for nearly a century to addict the People to government handouts. A LOT of people are now addicted and will vote in their own ‘self interest’ regardless of the consequences to the Republic. I fear the American Experiment is indeed over, and we are about to return to European style government. And as that form of government has nearly run its course, that means we are surprisingly close to a new Dark Ages with NO real government at all. At which point, the big-government addicts will simply starve to death.

      • tiredofbums

        To the person who wrote this article, You’re way too late to start attacking Ron Paul. You need to prove everything you say. Just writing an article about what you THINK is true is not enough. We are tired of lying bums like you. We, who back Ron Paul, have studied every thing the man has done for years. You can’t find anything on him, so your attack is meaningless to us. Go crawl back under your rock, now. We’ve got work to do to get our man in the White house. Donate to & Vote Ron Paul 2012

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear tiredofbums,

          You need to learn how to read for comprehension.

          Best wishes,

    • JC

      CP says:

      November 30, 2011 at 7:50 am

      No comments on all the backbiting in here, just the flat statement that, by Ron Paul’s own words, if he wins

      By his own words where and when?
      You’re making this crap up as you go.

  • Joan

    Ofcourse they’re going to start attacking Ron Paul more because they’re afraid of everyone finding out the truth! RON PAUL 2012

    • JC

      Amen to the truth!

    • Joe H

      Especially after R. Paul was in third place on two polls today and Cain said since all the ballyhoo about him lately he has to consider his family and research his options. Usually if a pol says this it means he is considering getting out. R. Paul could profit from Cains supporters if this were to happen. Hope springs eternal!!

  • Don

    I’ve struggled with who I’d choose among the candidates. But, really it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m voting against Obama. Among the candidates – none have the capacity to personally influence true change if any remnant of the Washington machine remains.

    I think America is screwed up, and needs a providential spanking, which I truly believe is coming economically, but America is not doomed. I did a mathematical (not emotional, or spiritual) correlation between our nation’s acts (usually presidential from both parties) against Israel and what calamity followed shortly thereafter (natural or otherwise) using various timeframes but consistently for each analysis. I was shocked how closely the correlation followed each time we “dis’d” Israel in some way and well beyond statistical “chance”. So, having seen that, and knowing my own bias was as much as removed as I’m capable of doing, I’m now leaning towards being convinced that if we elect a friend to Israel, divine intervention will once again come back into America and help us solve the bigger problems we clearly cannot handle on our own.

    Now, for all the atheists and non-believers out there who just labeled me negatively, I won’t value your objections as the math on that is even more convincing. But, if you do resolutely go to your grave with those convictions, my heart still goes out to you when you come face to face with a something you don’t think exists. (This wasn’t intended to be a religious comment, just a comment that I have come to the recent conclusion that all the war, economy, rights, and other politically hot issues are really subordinate to the Israel relationship.) Therefore, among the candidates, the one that seems like the best friend to Israel will get my vote regardless of other statements that will change anyway once they “become” president and get “the rest of the story” never available to the candidate/public. Now, determining which candidate that is for this election, is highly problematic, but I’m paying attention to that issue now as the highest priority.

    • Mushin

      Don, the only one that makes sense is Ron Paul.

    • john

      The Christian book does say something about the friends of Israel will be blessed. It also says Israel’s most powerful friend will be wiped out in one day giving way to Armegeddon.

      • Alex Frazier

        That’s not what it says at all.

      • ohoh

        Your comment also assumes that the political state of Israel and its current occupiers are the Biblical nation of Israel. So before you get all gooey about who we should support in our national best interest, you probably should check it out.

    • Gman

      Don: I would like to thank you for your interesting take on the problems besetting our country. But alas, you are just one more person who does not know the real truth about the “Israel” connection to our country. If you studied the Bible, you would know that the nation of Israel was divided between Judah (the Jewish portion) and Israel. The ten tribes of Israel were scattered throughout the world and ended up in in the U.S., the British Isles, and Northwestern Europe. The reason for the “Falling Away” of our national good fortune is the about face that we as a nation have made from our benefactor GOD. Read your Bible. GOD warned us that if we turned our faces from HIM HE would punish us so that we would know that HE is indeed our GOD. And look at what is happening. Don’t trust me on this matter; read it for yourself. GOD gave HIS warnings to ancient Israel in the Old Testament to foreshadow things that would take place in OUR time. And everything that HE said would happen is happening right now. Again, don’t take anyone’s word on this matter. Study your Bible and find the truth for yourself.

      • ohoh

        Actually, great portions of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi living in the cities of the southern Kingdom of Israel surrounding Jerusalem were taken captive by the Assyrians and scattered along with the Ten Tribes from the Northern Kingdom. The remnants of Judah, Benjamin and Levi in Jerusalem were later taken captive by Babylon. Of the Israelites who returned to Judea from Babylon, some settled in the south with a new religion based on the Babylonian Talmud and, mingling with the non-Israelite population in the area, became known as “Jews.” Others Israelites settled in the north (Galilee), the home of Jesus, an Israelite from the tribe of Judah, and all of His disciples, except Judas, who was a Jew from the south. These Israelites in the north took a different course, which ultimately led to Christ’s ministry and His condemnation of the Jewish establishment in the south, including the Traditions of the Elders (the Talmudic detour from the true teachings of the Hebrew prophets). The modern political state of Israel is generally, mistakenly portrayed as the Biblical Nation of Israel. As Americans, we have paid dearly for this errant belief.

    • Whodere

      Goodness Donno.. Have we got delusions of self-importance or what? You think chumming up with Israel will get you enough brownie points to pass through heaven’s gate, think again.

  • Michael Seamon

    People are always complaining about the septic tank in D.C.. They say that politicians are corrupt liars who place themselves above the rest of us (see insider trading scandal or legal graft as it’s been called). They say they would jump at a chance to vote for a politician who is consistent in his beliefs, voted correctly on the issues, doesn’t blindly follow his parties line. A man with incredible integrity who unlike 99.9%,of his peers, ran for office to serve the public, not to enrich himself at our expense. The mass media ignores him or distorts his distinguished record. The establishment is terrified that he might win and end the party they’ve been having at our expense. He would end the crooked Federal Reserve system that steals your saving by stealth taxes known as inflation. OMG, what a dream it would be to see this incredible man become president and show Americans what this country can be when the lights are turned on. I guarantee, you will see a whole new world. Of course, the guy I speak of is Dr. Ron Paul. I am 54 and so cynical it scares me somtime. Regardless, I still believe in this man and in spite of the odds I will vote for him and no one else. This time I will not allow myself to be part of the problem. This time I am voting for the solution. Please vote with me.
    Ron Paul!

    • Lost in Paradise

      Right on Michael. I am with you on this one. Vote Ron Paul.

      • Rcaston

        I concur but should Ron Paul not become the Republican nominee I will vote for the person who is. Obama and his government must be taken down THIS election. Failure to do so will destroy what is left of America. If Obama wins then Jefferson’s advice needs to be followed.

        • TrvlSEA

          None of the other Republican candidates would be any different than Obama. Don’t throw away your vote. Ron Paul, even if we have to write him in. None of them, except Dr. Paul care about our personal liberties even though they will lie when they are taking that oath. It’s means nothing to them.

          • Mike

            The problem with that is, if Paul does not get the republican nomination, and people write him in, it virtually guarantees an Obama win. Writing Paul in would split the republican vote badly enough to put Obama back in office again. I strongly support Ron Paul,even though I am poor. He is what our country needs right now. I am not so selfish to simply think of my own needs before my chilren’s. As much as I like Paul, I will vote for the republican candidate, as badly as that would hurt. America can not take 4 more years of Obama.

        • dan

          “I concur but should Ron Paul not become the Republican nominee I will vote for the person who is”.
          See. thats the problem… it’s not the individual polititians… it the party’s (both R & D)that have taken us to where we are now. Wake up and vote for the best candidate for America…Party affiliation is just a guise for the liars and thieves.

        • Alex Frazier

          Perry’s made a few flubs, but some of his platforms are at least on the same page. I could stomach voting for him if he ended up as the candidate. Gingrich, Romney and Cain … I would rather serve them up a steaming pile of poopy.

          • ChristyK

            Perry doesn’t believe or understand the conservative words coming out of his mouth. He is unable to explain it or remember it. He probably got the ideas from polls. You don’t want him anywhere near the presidency. Gingrich is a world government guy who cares for nobody but himself. Cain is a Fed stooge. He has told several outright lies regarding the Fed. When the truth slips out, it is scary. Romney stands for nothing, but will follow where the wind blows. If he had a very constitutionally conservative Congress (unlikely), he would probably go along, but he definitely won’t lead in the right direction. The only candidate who might be able to save our country is Ron Paul. It’s possible, it’s too late.

          • Alex Frazier

            Don’t misunderstand me Christy. I’m voting for Ron Paul. BUT, of all the candidates running, I can stomach Perry the most. Cain is a Fed stooge, Romney is a liar, Gingrich and Bachman both voted for the Patriot Act (and are thus traitors to the American people), Santorum is for continued war that we can’t afford, and Huntsman … I don’t have much to say about him.

            But my theory is that anyone is better than Obama, even if they wanted everything he wanted themselves. Because Obama, if elected, would be on his second term. There are no reprisals to fear. He can’t get reelected anyway. But a new president, having made promises and wanting to get reelected for a second term, would make SOME effort, however weak, to live up to his promises, at least during the first term.

            So even a bad president who isn’t Obama is a step in a better direction, if not necessarily the RIGHT direction.

            But I prefer Paul. I will be voting for him in the primary. If he doesn’t get the nomination, I will not waste the vote writing him in and taking a vote away from someone who stands a chance of getting Obama out of office. Nevertheless, I don’t consider Paul “unelectable” until he doesn’t win the nomination. People who choose to write him in, however loyal and principled it may be, are truly wasting their vote at that point. It’s better spent on a bad candidate who’s better than the worse one we currently have.

          • Alex Frazier

            Sorry, when I said, “of all the candidates running, I can stomach Perry the most,” I meant that in the context of candidates that are not Ron Paul. As a SECOND CHOICE, I can stomach Perry the most. Paul is my first choice.

          • Joe H

            Alex F,
            I used to be in the same rut as you! I talked of “wasting” my vote. Ask libertytrain and DaveH. NO MORE!! A vote is NOT wasted if it is a vote of consience!!! I will not sell out to “evil” again!!! A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil!!! I will Write in Ron Paul if nessesary!!!! RON PAUL IN 2012 OR BUST!!!!

          • Whodere

            YEAH! Let’s ALL vote in the Bush lackey (perry).. After all, six of one, half a dozen of the other.

    • Darlene

      I am 65 and I totally agree with you. He is our only hope to get our country back. These are very scary times, we need Ron Paul. I am voting for him and not anyone else period.

  • yuhate

    I read this blog and it amazes me that although none of you have ever met it appears that you hate each other. Why not try talking without the name calling! You might even find that you think more clearly when you put hate out of your lives.

    • Mushin

      I concur my friend…thanks for the comment.

    • JC

      I think you will find that the conflict here is between Americans and communists. No amount of dialogue is going to reconcile these obvious polar opposites. Ever!

      • ChristyK

        But it would help to use facts and logic instead of hateful, name-calling.

        • JC

          I can’t help it if they get offended when I call them what they are….which is “Communists”. If that bothers them they can move to North Korea. ;)

          • Elizabeth Sloot

            AMEN!! to that, call them what they are.

    • rob

      communists are hate. all they have ever prduced is tyrany,poverty and,bloodbath. call them all they are!

  • Barry

    Lest we forget , while all are nit-picking about whose right for the Republican nominee , Obama sits poised ready to enjoy a 2nd term . An Obama 2nd term will finish the USA in full ! What will everyone be complaining about when under Obama , The Constitution becomes invalid ? There is one goal and one goal only and that is to defeat Obama !! OMG (O)bama (M)ust (G)o . We either stand together and defeat Obama , or we can all lay down under Obama`s socialism !!!! Think ; what`s in store for us if Obama is reelected ??

    • Lastmanstanding

      you seem convinced that Romney or gingrich or whomever will be better…take a look at history. the same patterns over and over…Why? because there is NO CHANGE, NO DIFFERENT PATH.

      The founders took the different path and for a while it was good and productive…only those that want complete control are the problem…they just happen to need the weakest people on the earth (that nature would cull out) to keep them in power. Taking our productivity, demonizing our success and “redistributing” it is ther only play…it is that simple…It must be stopped at all cost.

      • Mushin

        Famous Thomas Jefferson Quote

        “God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.
        The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is
        wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts
        they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions,
        it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. …
        And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not
        warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of
        resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as
        to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost
        in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
        time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
        It is its natural manure.”

        • rob

          Tom would today be killed by hooded thugs of the government class in the middle of the night.This would then be justified by accusing Tom of mental disorders and, a dangerous threat for saying that today! The republic is lost. Or we could ellect RON PAUL!

    • Lost in Paradise

      Would it be better to vote for a Republican Obama? a Schiester is what it is no matter what brand. Neither Romney,nor Perry will be any improvement over Obama, and may be even worse.

      Personally I prefer civil war or a revolution, to voting. The winner takes all. Not enough true, and courageous patriots to get er done.

      • mark

        Join one of those militia units or better yet, the Klan. You’ll feel right at home. They both have a program that explains everything. And they both have the same violent solutions. Also like you, both of these groups and several others like them, all hate democracy. So you’d be right at home with them. Go for it, buddy. You can do it.

        • JC

          Militia’s in case you haven’t noticed are a proud part of American history. But then you’re one of those Latte Licking Liberals who actually be;lieve we’re going to be ok once we make everything all nice and fair aren’t you? A pseudo intellectual perhaps?

          Marxy…just be sure to be waving your little Hopey Changey button when it all goes down.

        • eddie47d

          There is more than one militia group in Montana that favors the Nazi Party and the Christian Identity Movement. Not exactly good neighbors.

          • JC

            Agreed eddie, I don’t endorse anything based in racism.
            I do however endorse the preservation of our rights and liberty’s…for all Americans.

          • Joe H

            While I agree partly with what you say, I would bet good money that the militias that fought during the revolution had the same thing said about them. Especially when they only had a percentage of the populace supporting them!!! they succeded in helping to create the greatest nation the world had ever seen!

  • glad

    It really does not matter wheather Dr. Paul has 10 or 20 or 30% of the vote or is winning as I hope. With out our support the rep. can,t win dogcatcher. They know it and we know it. Its really kind of funny!

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Ron Paul is the only politician who dares bluntly tell us the whole truth of matter. He’s 100% open in his views, unlike the rest of the liar…ahhhh…lawyer politicians. Everything Paul says makes logical sense. What does he get for his honesty?…he gets vilified by the “News” Media. The “News” Media manipulates the public thought process via what amounts to propaganda. We cannot trust the “News” Media to give us honest reporting any more than we can trust politicians to give us the plain truth about anything! The “News” Media are part of the problem because of political bias! The politicians, mostly lawyer politicians, ARE the problem. Another major element in the ruination of our country are the idiot voters who don’t have the brains to realize that the system isn’t representative as the Constitution requires. Basically, the average voter has been dupped into believing that the people they vote for are actually looking out for their interests.

    The RNC fails to function in our benefit. The RNC, and probably the big money interests, would have us focus on Romney the RINO, Perry the Bilderberger member, or Gingrich two-face politician who always his a wet finger held up into the wind. The true representatives such as Cain, Paul, and Bachmann are vilified. I truly believe that the only way for this country to get back to Constitutional principles will require an armed revolution. How else can we get rid of the political bureaucrats who propagate this treason?

    • Lost in Paradise

      You are very correct, and I am so angry it scares me, and have been for several years. When can we start an armed revolution? I would like to cause some blood to run in the streets.

      • Shivertothink

        “I would like to cause some blood to run in the streets” L in P.

        Damn guy, don’t you realize that it’s the big g’ment that owns ALL the weapons? Try destroying them with your pop guns and watch the BIG guns come back in answer followed by an authentic martial law.. OMG!! Nazi Germany will have NOTHING on us..

  • Lee

    He has never voted to raise taxes.

    He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.

    He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.

    He has never voted to raise congressional pay.

    He has never voted to increase the power of the execuctive branch.

    He voted against the Patriot Act.

    He voted against the Iraq War.If not Ron Paul there is not any other Person that is worthy enough.Washington needs a Doctor Ron Paul is the cure.The Establishment is worrying “NOW”

  • MB

    There was NOTHING in this article that was helpful to ANYONE wanting to know what Ron Paul stands for…

    No substance at all to the article… I kept looking for ANYTHING that supported the title…

    And the comments don’t even relate to the actual article. Simply support for Ron Paul or others trying to slam him…

    The facts are that as much as I believe Ron Paul is the best candidate available, he still falls short of what I am looking for in the way of re-establishing what the founders intended. He has strayed far from his former positions of true Constitutional liberty. The founders simply wanted us to all be left alone as long as we did not hurt someone else or damage someone else’s property. They wanted no part of the impirialistic mentality the US has exhibited the past 100 years. Nor did they want a bloated welfare state.

    The fact that Ron Paul want to eliminate the “FED” and the “IRS” however is reason enough to vote him in. The two entities mentioned have been responsible for the theft of untold TRILLIONS from the American People and we need someone in the White House who will tell the both they are DONE stealing from the People!

  • glad

    ya got that right!

  • Harry S.

    Ron Paul is right on some issues, but his views are too sxtreme. On foreign policy, he’s way off base. The U.S. cannot just ignore the rest of the world – this is foolish and dangerous thinking.

    Paul would turn the other cheek about 9/11 abd it will all go away? I don’t think so.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Paul is very very correct on foreign policy. We are certainly not making friends around the world the way we are going. We cannot stop the advance of nuclear weapons no matter what we do, and we cannot stop the advance of Islam either. Maybe in this country, and get our sh– together, and realize it is a cult, and not a religion. Then and only then can we make progress in regards to Islam. OH! they are not all bad!! BULL!

      If this country was attact as in 9/11, Paul would go directly to congress for his direction. He would allow the constitution to work.

      Do you get it yet??

      • Darlene

        Exactly right. Do you get it yet??????? For heavens sake do research find out what Ron Paul really stands for. Don’t listen to the msm or anyone else find out for yourself. Do you have a brain in your head. Don’t be lead by the nose.Research,research,research. For heavens sake wake up. Use the brain our Lord gave you.

    • Rcaston

      Harry I don’t think you truly understand the Founders foreign policy and therefore do not understand Paul’s. Remember, our Founders were non-interventionist, not isolationist as the uninformed will say. Their philosophy was to build the strongest DEFENSE force the world had ever known. Then mind our own business and stay out of “entangling alliances”. However, they wanted free and open trade with everyone. Their belief that we would change other countries by our example. Simply put, you need not worry about us bothering you. But, it was also clear, that should any country be foolish enough to attack us we would absolutely destroy you. That is a sound philosophy and could actually work today. We should protect what belongs to us and no more. And if someone tries to attack us, we destroy them by any means necessary without regard to their life, liberty, or property. Complete and total destruction. No rules of engagement, just total annihilation. Do that once and we need not worry about ever having to do it again. The way we fight today invites aggression towards us and it is why we are in a perpetual state of undeclared war. I do believe in Paul’s “blowback” theory.

    • JC

      Harry S. says:
      November 30, 2011 at 8:43 am
      Ron Paul is right on some issues, but his views are too sxtreme. On foreign policy, he’s way off base. The U.S. cannot just ignore the rest of the world – this is foolish and dangerous thinking.

      Where do you get this crap? (CNN?) Ron Paul has never said anything like that. Do some damned research and quit functioning on propoganda.

  • http://none BAP362

    Yes I too believe Paul is the only correct choice in the next presidential election. However if we are going to make it happen I would like to say once again. Please Donate, Donate, and Donate again to his campaign. Modern elections are bought and paid for. I think it’s time We The People buy ourselves a good one this time around. It’s Paul Or Nothing At All.

    • DEW

      Sorry that you felt obliged to destroy this discussion thread with your ranting. Maybe the rest of us conservatives can find a site that you are not out to disrupt

      • Joe H

        If you are posting to bap362, you are out of order! Ron Paul is being ignored by the media almost 100%. this is un constitutional but till the leaders speak up, it will continue. The only way Dr. Paul can get his message out is US or by purchasing space in the medias. to do this he needs money and I have already donated to him and he is the only pol I have contributed to since Reagan!! I pray that ALL of his money bombs are chock full!!!

  • Floyd

    I do believe Ron Paul will get the most votes in this election. The big question is will they all be counted. He is the last candidate the government would want to win. If he looks like he has a chance I have some advice for him. Watch your back and don’t ride in any open motorcades.

    • mark

      Right, the polls are all rigged too. Everything’s rigged. The vast majority of people want Paul but all the voting is fixed. So when he loses which he certainly will, just pretend that he is the president. That ought to work fine for most of the people on this site. Just pretend Paul’s our president for the next four and then everything will be fine again like back in the good ol’ days when white people ran America, women knew their place, and we didn’t have all these Muslims and rights for minorities – and TAXES.

      • TrvlSEA

        You mean the good ol’days when we had sound money, one person could support their family so that the kids weren’t shipped off to daycare and 1/3 of the kids weren’t morbidly obese? Yep… Let’s go!

        • Sol of Texas

          Sol of Texas says:

          TrvlSEA … yup. I’ll be on that train, too. Funny how my grandfather wasn’t considered a white man, yet our family made progress before the days of the “New Deal” and the “Great society”.

          I am convinced my country (if not the whole world) has gone mad.

          • Gman

            Hey Sol: Are you a “white” man? Or are you a minority? Have you ever been called the “N” word? You say: our family made progress before the days of the “New Deal” and the “Great society”. Did your family come over on a ship with a one way ticket that was “purchased” for them without their agreement ? Or did you guys sneak across the border or something ? It’s always easy to talk smack when you haven’t worn the other person’s shoes. That’s all I have to say, or the only question that I have to ask. Could you elaborate for me ?

        • Joe H

          you mean when we didn’t bother to lock the doors on our houses OR cars? When the cops were respected? college was a place of higher learning, not a place to learn th be a militant or worse a communist??
          When a dollar was worth a dollar and backed up by silver and gold?? YUP! I agree, we need a little more of THAT back!!!

  • bob wire

    With the “Horn Dog” out of the picture, you can expect more attacks on all fronts.

    Ron Paul will not be immune. His platform is more inflammatory then any other GOP candidate.

    I miss Herman “The Muffin Master” already!

    What I fear with Ron Paul, is what “not being spoken” about.

  • Elizabeth Bordelon

    I am happy to see so many RP supporters. Understand that they will be a war against RP – why, because they are scared of him and the truth. He is gaining too much popularity as we move closer – make sense to you. Just like they did to Herman Cain. Make no mistake that some of the warriors of truth, put the lives at stake to tell the truth. I understand the foreign policy issue you might think – this man is no fool and understands what must me done. Here is one video (there are a series there you can watch) that reminds me why we must stop fighting these wars. The devils are profitting heavily and all in the name of terrorism – all by you are being terorized by the ones who are supposed to be looking out for us here in the USA.
    Here is a link to one of many very good video in this series. The Arrivals and the many parts is what you can search if you like. I must say that I got so interested in them that I am attempting to watch them all.

  • DavidL

    The only candidate with character in this circus of a republican presidential race is Ron Paul. His views are extreme and certainly reactionary but, unlike almost all of the candidates and most of the republicans in Congress, RON PAUL IS NO HYPOCRITE.

    Once again the conservative/republicans on this site will soon learn that it is easy to criticize from the cheap seats with no responsibility to govern or to solve actual real world problems. We all have the luxury of not knowing what the President knows.

    If you are rich, vote republican. If you are not rich, and not an idiot, vote democratic. These are our choices right now.

    • Sol of Texas

      Sol of Texas says:

      DavidL … you got part of it right anyway. Paul is no hypocrite.

      As for the buy-in to the “class warfare” stuff (rich -> republican; poor -> democrat) and “all Republicans in Congress are hypocrites” seems bit of a reach. Are you suggesting the “race and social class dividing” democrats are not hypocrites too?

      I am puzzled.

      • bob wire

        Well, he says that only because the GOP fearsomely defends a minority, the 1%. The 300,000 Americans that earn in excess one one million dollars annually.

        So logic dictates the GOP is the party of the wealthy. Right?

        • Joe H

          Yet 7 out of ten of the richest people in the US are progs!!!

  • Don

    I strongly agree that Ron Paul is the best candidate. Could it be too much to ask that he actually win the nomination? My still cynical side believes it’s too good to be true that he’d actually win – and survive once he won. He’d be feared and hated by the most powerful of factions. I know whoever the media hates is the best candidate. And, they clearly don’t like Ron – because I think they actually do believe he’s a contender. It’s horrifying to me to see the Herman Cain smear – I don’t believe a word of it – but news can makes us believe that those issues are true and even if not, they’re enough of a distraction to decrease his (apparent) effectiveness as a president. I can easily believe all his accusers are paid actors. So, let’s say Ron Paul somehow squeezes Newt out of the top running, I can only imagine the lies they’d throw at him. It scares me that the media is pseudo-liking Newt right now, but that feels like they want him as a candidate because they think Obama could beat him. What a treacherous process! Anyone who aspires to be President better make that decision pre-puberty and be really really well-trained and careful… and even that doesn’t guarantee paid actors won’t still destroy public’s perception of you at the critical time.

    And to the poster who commented about the hateful language in these posts – Thank you. I wish we could resuscitate the dying art of civil disagreement and discussion. I teach teenage youth in two settings – this is something I prioritize when I’m with them. And, they get it. Take care.

    • Sol of Texas

      Sol of Texas says:

      Don, I think your post is right on.

      No one can take away my hope that we will come to our senses.

      • bob wire

        Nor came we take away your disappointment.

        Good News!

        Disappointment is not deadly.

        • Joe H

          That will be good news for you, as well when your Abummer LOOSES!!!!

  • http://none BAP362

    Anyone who thinks that Pual is going to ignore the rest of the world on foreign policy just doesn’t understand the issue. We can’t keep poring money down this war machine Rat Hole with insesant Trillion dollar plus wars, and we are making enenmies for ourselves to boot. We are not more secure now. We leave our southwest border open to anyone who wants to come across. We are also fighting the war on Terror all the wrong way. The guys who took down the buildings in New York didn’t come over with a a 150,000 troop army and do the job. They did it with probably less than 40 guys. They planned it then surprised the hell out of us. When we got Bin Laden we didn’t get him with 150,000 troops It took about 40 troops. You develop the best intellingence organization in the world then take out your targets with surgical special ops. We are broke and soon won’t even be able to project any army anywhere in the world cause we don’t have the money. We are soon to become militarily imputent because we didn’t learn to use our power sparingly, carefully and only when it was absolutely necessary. All this does not mean that we won’t be engaged with the rest of the world. We are not going to become isolationists, and Paul is not an isolationist. He just wants this country to have a proper sized defense, and quite spending ourselves to death on international offense. Especially when it’s not necessary.

  • steve in AZ

    “Any publicity is good publicity.”

    As true RP supporters we should welcome ANY attacks against him, as it appears that the resulting clamor of the media pawns as they circle around him like the pack of coyotes they are, is our best chance of braking trough the media bias against him.

    Anyone who still believes blindly whatever tripe the main stream media is dishing out is probably beyond reach. One of our most powerful tools is getting the word out about Dr. Paul. Many have yet to understand the difference between him and the empty suits in the republican race. The more and greater the attacks, the more and greater are the chances the remaining undecided votes will, upon investigation, switch away from King Obama and the flavor of the day repub hopefuls who are his spiritual and intellectual clones draped in sheep’s clothing.

    Instead of wasting our time attacking each other in this venerable forum, we should each do ONE positive thing each day for THE PAUL. What can we do?

    Make one person each day aware of the only statesman running.
    Remind others that in “closed” primary states, they will be UNABLE to elect THE PAUL if they are registered as independents or democrats, because without their support in winning the primaries, he cannot be elected. (Many say they will write him in, but how many actually would?)
    Go to The Daily Paul and and join those forums and volunteer. Buy and wear RP T-shirts, caps, bumper stickers,etc. Bring just a small portion of the energy and creativity you are wasting in your attacks against each other to a positive approach in helping THE PAUL save our country.

    Try to remember we are all just humans, and attacking someone who is ignorant of history,Constitutional principles and the current sad state of affairs is less likely to result in a Ron Paul convert than a welcoming attitude and praise of the few concepts the NON-Paulian might get right. “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” The objective is not to convince others of your superior intelligence/wisdom, but to open some eyes and awaken the sleeping giant.

    Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. God bless you all, yes, even the unenlightened.

    DONATE NOW so you can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!!

    • DEW

      Sorry that you felt obliged to destroy this discussion thread with your ranting. Maybe the rest of us conservatives can find a site that you are not out to disrupt.

      • steve in AZ

        You are forgiven. I hope there is something there to “conserve” when you find that new site. :)

        Bon Voyage!! And don’t forget,DEW…

        DONATE NOW so you can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

      • Joe H

        I already told you dewbie that crap isn’t gonna work here!! the majority of people here supprt Ron Paul. If that bothers you, find a nice comfortable PROG site like dailykos Or HUFFPO!!!

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Of course the Ron Paul loons are out in full force here today. Although I agree with Dr. Paul on many things, he ran on the Libertarian Party ticket in 1988, at which time they advocated open borders. That is why I do not trust a pure libertarian to insure our safety and economic viability in a very complicated world. Ron Paul will not get the Republican nomination. What will you do then? Throw your vote away and insure the re-election of a Fascist? Yes, there are many liberals pretending to be conservatives (Snow, Collins, Lugar, McCain, and many more. They can conform or leave the party, as I wish they would. Those currently disparaging Gingrich, Bachmann, and Santorum, do so at their own peril. Romney, Perry, Huntsman are the only true Republican Establishment candidates in the race. I hope you will think about this long and hard before November 2012.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Capitalist at Birth,

      Ron Paul’s stance on the borders is his own, not the Libertarian Party’s. That’s what you should consider. A vote for Obama is a vote for a fascist. A vote for Romney, Newt, Cain, Santorum, Backmann, Perry et al is also a vote for a fascist: more wars, less freedom, Patriot Act extensions, continued TSA abuses, etc.

      Best wishes,

      • http://none RPaul or same ol’

        Dear Bob, well said sir, I could go on but that’s about it in a nutshell. Vote opponents out, like minded ones in, he’ll need a lot of help. When people begin to see the change I’m sure the light bulbs will begin lighting like flashbubs at a big sporting event. Support Ron Paul for real hope, change, and Liberty. Status quo must go!

      • Joe H

        Bob Livingston,
        Capitalist at Birth seems to forget that romney has flip flopped so many times he doesn’t know which end is up!! The others have changed each and every time R. Paul has risen in the polls to sound like him!!! gingrich? Morally Bankrupt!!! Any other than R. Paul is the continuation of Abummer!!!

    • steve in AZ

      What IS a Republican? One who falls in line when commanded in order to forward the undefined agenda of an outdated,entrenched, and brain-dead few who are in practice (if not promise) indistinguishable from their opposition? Being one who believes in the exact usage of words as a means of meaningful communication, I view it generically as “one who supports a Republic”. That should be ALL Americans. OUR Republic.

      None of those “true republicans” mentioned above is capable of catching THE PAUL’S smoke. Nobody has fought the good fight longer or more unwaveringly than Dr. Paul. Notice how all those mentioned as “true republicans” have swung toward Dr. Paul’s philosophy more and more as the debates have gone on. My – it’s almost as if ” I agree with Dr. Paul” and “Ron Paul is right” are some of the most often repeated phrases of the debates now.

      In addition to having lived his personal life in a manner consistent with his values,voting consistently FOR DECADES to free the people from the yoke of increasingly intrusive intervention by the repub/demo matrix, his principles are defined and his actions after taking office are therefor predictable. He’s not running for POTUS on the bromides of “hope and change”.

      Many of us are sick of seeing our country, rights, and liberties diminished unabatedly.Of those, I happen to be one who would just as soon see Obama re-elected to hasten the final destruction of this once great nation so that those of us who remain (yes – those with the sense to arm and prepare for what may come)CAN GET ON WITH THE JOB OF RE-BUILDING.

      I am a capitalist. Not at birth, but by rational and informed choice. Instead of continuing to live in denial through your ubiquitous attacks on Dr. Paul in this venue, please explain your handle, “Capitalist at Birth”. Any TRUE CAPITALIST would clearly see that only one candidate espouses the causes of capitalism and individual liberty. It’s all a lie? By his life’s work, Dr.Paul has earned the honor of proving you right or wrong on that score.

      To my FELLOW PATRIOTS, and the unenlightened –

      DONATE NOW so you can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!! :)

    • JC

      Capitalist is no capitalist, he’s a closet Democrat.
      And a very well trained one at that…

      • bob wire

        I’m a venture capitalist and a democrat. I’m still working off of my original seed money of $500 since 1978. So whats the problem?

        Of the whole GOP line up ~ Ron Paul would be my first pick.

        I don’t think that you have a strong grasp of the DNC. It’s understandable for all the crap and trash is throw so loosely about.

        We have sorry, “no goods” in our party much like the GOP but this stereotyping make you come across as less then bright.

        What about this “Justice Party” founded by Rocky Anderson? ~ I like their “package” but I can’t bring myself to be a Republican, not today.

        But I think that you need to understand and accept that simply installing a new president, ~ any new president will not change the way Capital Hill does business and that is what must change, as some point.

        • mickey

          I think if you look back a way, the socialists decided to infiltrate the dem party. That part and the socialization of millions living under the “socialist” welfare programs are the parts repubs don’t like.

          I do agree, since I’ve voted both sides, repubs are not much different when it comes to padding their own pockets.

          With all the hype of obama in 2007, I missed Ron Paul. I won’t do the same this time around. Maybe one would call me a blue/republican, or not, but I will vote for the statesman.

        • JC

          Actually bob, I don’t endorse any party as long as they are bought and paid for by the Banking Cartels and Federal Reserve…
          As for your less that bright comment, bight me.
          Black people have been voting Democrat for 50 years and they’re still poor…Democratic Party are lazy socialists that want to live off everyione else’s backs. The Republican Party are crony capitalists…both disgust me.

  • Sol of Texas

    Sol of Texas says:

    I like Ron Paul very much. He has been consistent over the decades. He is not a populist. The totalitarians (progressives, socialists, communists) attempt to be populists … they love the rule of the mob.

    Paul’s economic beliefs are very sound. With regard to foreign policy, I do have a concern. As a physician, Paul is bound ethically by the hippocratic oath (see: Some interpret the oath to imply that a doctor shall “first do no harm”.

    With regard to foreign policy, I only wish some “media wonk” would put the simple question to him, “Under what conditions would you, as commander in chief, seek from congress a declaration of war?”

    Anyone know Paul’s stance in regard to the matter other than it should not be an aggressive war (rther a defensive war) and that it must be declared by congress? Can you direct us to a reference?

    • steve in AZ

      There’s little mystery about it , Sol, assuming you can believe what Dr. Paul has said repeatedly ( and I personally believe his integrity is “sans peur et sans reproche”) – IF attacked, he would ask Congress for a declaration of war, and, (assuming he got it) “Get in, Win it, and Get OUT.”

      I was taught as a youngster that our country had never gone to war without having first been attacked. As I aged, I became more and more proud of that fact. I guess it’s still true, because of all the military actions the US is currently engaged in, not one began with a declaration of war! (Therefore, logically, we are not at war anywhere,right?)

      Search youtube for Ron Paul.In addition,the site explains his stance on all the major issues.

  • Margo

    From what I have studied about Ron Paul, he does appear to have the best agenda yet of any of the proposed candidates, and I personally would love to see him have a chance to win not only the nomination but the election as well. Unfortunately I don’t believe it will happen since I don’t believe in the “system” any more. I teach civics at the college level and I would remind any of you who may have forgotten the fact it is NOT the people who elect the president but the ELECTORIAL COLLEGE who is made up of the infamous “l%” since our forefathers decided several hundred years ago that the common man was not capable of making the wisest decisions (mostly due to no or little information). Don’t believe me? Check out all the elections where the popular vote was for another, more popular candidate and yet the “chosen one” was manipulated into the winner’s circle. It’s not right but that’s the way of the world in the good old USA today. Unless we can change that the SOS will continue until our eventual downfall. What a sad truth!

    • Sol of Texas

      Sol of Texas says:

      Margo … as an instructor of civics, surely you have studied the circumstances around which the founders created the constitution and the model they looked to for guidance?

      They looked to antiquity and adopted the model of the Roman Republic (not the Empire) because they learned from the Greeks what pure democracy (e.g., Athenian Democracy) can do to a nation.

      When the traditions and laws of the Republic were ignored, they were soon after discarded entirely by Sulla, and then the First Triumvirate. This led to the establishment of the “Dictator perpetuo” (Gaius Julias Caesar) and the 200 year rise of the empire … which was ultimately extinguished.

      I recommend people get acquainted with history. Sure we have some nifty electronics, but the nature of man has changed very little over five thousand years. May I suggest two books to any who wish to be enlightened:

      Plutarch’s “Fall of the Roman Republic” see:


      Machiavelli’s “Discourses on Livy” see:

      Good luck to us all. Maybe it is not too late to learn from the mistakes of others (for the fool only learns from his own mistakes).

    • dan

      why do we still have the EC? Talk about antiquated. With the internet and cell phones, texting, etc., isn’t it about time the PEOPLE start electing their leaders?

      • ChristyK

        The electoral college protects those who live in more rural states from those who live in the major metropolitan areas. Each state gets a vote for its representatives (which represent the people) and its senators (which represent the state). If we went to a popular vote, the 10 largest cities(who have giant populations) would be the only citizens whose vote counted. Candidates would only campaign to represent their desires and everyone else would be ignored. As it is, a state like Wyoming, that has only 3 electoral votes is totally ignored by the candidates. If it was purely a popular vote, they would have no voice at all.

        • mickey

          Yes, and states like CA, IL, and NY are willing to expound those numbers with illegals. Same as stuffing the ballot box only it stuffs the EC instead.

          obama didn’t win my state, ACORN stuffed the ballot box the EC followed.

  • Dagny

    Weiss is just another useful idiot. He obviously is fearful of anyone with the kind of integrity and honesty that Ron Paul embodies. Weiss joins all of the other neocons in Washington, and let us not forget the foxes at FOX in spreading their rhetorical BS. He would much rather see another socialist like Newt or Romney, or Huntsman or Perry win. The thing to do is not to pay any attention to these idiots. Once they realize that no one takes what they say seriously because they have no credibility, they’ll change their tune. Ron Paul 2012!!

  • Kerry Good

    Why hasn’t the media exposed Obama’s crack smoking butt buddies Donald Young and Larry Sinclair from Chicago in 1999? They were murdered to cover up for him is why!

    • bob wire

      Probably because they find the testimony not creditably with flies buzzing around it like fresh cow pie in July and prefer to considered themselves as professional news reporters.

    • mickey

      Larry Sinclair is alive and well and is on Ytube to tell his story. Unless the government has ordered it taken down.

  • DEW

    Well it appears that the Ron Paul inconsiderate fanatics have destroyed this thread. It has got to the point that it hard to find the origional subject. Oh well I give up. I will try to find a site that the have not destroyed. The sad thing is they believe they win with this tactic.

    • steve in AZ

      You go,BOY!!! And don’t come back… lol

      DONATE NOW so you can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

    • JC

      The subject is always “Save America”.
      That’s going to take something new…
      and you’re probably not ready for that.

      • bob wire

        Save America from what? and it that all of America or just some?

        I need found much appreciation in someone trying to “save” me without being solicited.

        We were fretting about the US dollar and if it would survive just months ago. The Sky was falling! Well that didn’t happen. The Euro seems to be in trouble now.

        The world needs to be saved from hordes and people that don’t work for a living.

        • mickey

          There’s a book out called “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”. I listened to his interview on local radio. He talks about how the US killed economies in other nations. When that didn’t work, we went to assassinations. Sound familiar?

          And it isn’t only you we need to save, it is our nation.

          There’s a movie called the Queen and I on Netflix that was good. It is about the Shah’s wife and a communist film maker that protested duing the Shah’s reign. Towards the end of the movie, it gets down to how the Queen saw it. As for the communists protesting at that time, they all went to democratic countries.

          There is also a movie on Queen Noor (Jordan) I found interesting. We hear all about the ME but fail to see what our policies effected in the outcome.

          Now we have bombed every country surrounding Iran. It isn’t communism to be feared any more, it is the bombing of democracy we need to heed.

        • JC

          Save America from what? And you call me less than bright?
          How about from Globalists bob? Do you have any idea what that is?

  • John

    The diaolog written in this article has successfully accomplished the mission it set out to accomplish,Republican against republican/Independent candidate! Please someone explain to me how Ron Paul hurts anyone telling the truth but still is not regonized for his efforts or his past loyality to the party that does not want him but declares their alligance too no one or their own candidates either that no one on this comment page has interest in which means we as a bunch declare Obama the winner for sure! If we as citizens with different opinions cannot stop this bickering and disparaging other republican candidates we will never defeat the establishment running our lives and caring nothing for the citizens of this country! Regardless of the candidate is there has to be at minimum the love of country, constitution, and the will to defend every citizens right to freedom above all things!

  • uncle jimmy

    You fraud , ron paul is the only person without skeletons , without deceit , your assertions are laughable and informed by new clips not economics or history . Read a book you dunce . I may cancel my subscription to this letter . While I believe in free speech , I don’t believe trying to dismantle a candidate with out of context non sequiturs and calling it journalistic integrity . Go crawl into solitary confinement with a reading list of ron paul’s recommendation and maybe you will learn instead of listen to the newspapers misninformation . Go vote for obama or newt you fool . You ron paul deniers are not onluy dishonest to the publc but dishonest to yourself , and there lies the problem , many people cannot even be honest with themselves , how can you expect them to be honest to you ? So put on your pom poms amd keep cheering for typical republicans , be true to your school but not to yourself . Fraudulent individuality leads to fraud in all of your socialization . So keep lying . You who are scared of ron paul won’t even face your own shadow.

  • KDchex

    **FYI** There’s another liberty-limiting bill in the works right now…H.R.3261 (SOPA). It could put an end to websites where people try to engage in honest discourse (such as this one) and maybe even presidential candidates’ websites. I can see this being used as a weapon.

    Here is some info: “Under the proposal any website, including search engines like Google, could be forced to delist whole domains on the basis of a copyright claim by a content provider. Internet Providers would be forced into monitoring websites that contain user-generated content because embedding and posting and sharing videos, etc., could be a violation of SOPA. This would be a severe limiting of the currently used and understood Fair Use doctrine. Unauthorized streaming would become a felony. And SOPA could eliminate the alternative media so prevalent on the Internet for simply unknowingly embedding unauthorized videos or links; perhaps even quoting from copyrighted material would be enough to “delist” the domain name of the website.

    David Ulevich, an expert in Internet security calls the legislation “dangerous” for three reasons: 1) “there is no way to censor only illegal content without harming legitimate uses on sites as well,” 2) it will create a firewall to “censor websites similar to those countries we criticize for the same behavior,” and 3) it will “burden companies with an onerous level of liability for all user-generated content.”

    The best thing is to research and read the bill youself, and then I would urge you all to contact your representatives right away, and demand they vote against this bill.

  • John

    Tell me that any candidate regardless of party affiliation is not better than Obama the fraud impostor, the liar, the manipulator, the enemy of this republic, the enemy of the citizens of america, the protector of the invaders of our lands, the defender of the islamic muslim world, the denier of truth, the desolator, but above all the BEAST who will the last usurper to the presidency of the united states based on the comments of this panel and their total disregard of those trying to defeat this monster!

  • Thomas Avery Blair

    Be very careful when you mention “us” because no one speaks for me or the millions of others supporting Dr. Ron Paul and are involved or agree with the growing platform of the Tea Party.

    I don’t personally agree with everything Dr. Paul says, but the truth is unless Dr. Paul is our next President we will not see any real return to common sense and an ever-shrinking federal government, eliminated extra-Constitutional federal programs and reigning in and eventual destruction of the central bank (a/k/a The Federal Reserve…actually the third attempt of a U S central bank controlling commerce and currency (and yes, the first two failed due to corruption according to accurate American history)).

    A vote for anyone except Dr. Ron Paul for President will result in a continuation of the “status-quo” by the Republicans or the re-election of Obama; either will continue to remain “tax and spend until the end…of America.” Instead of voting for “the lesser of evils” why not vote for a true statesman who means what he says and says what he means 100% of the time? America as we once knew it can’t be resurrected without Dr. Ron Paul…with the U.S. Constitution being the rule of law and not a footnote of American history.

    I will not vote for Obama or a Rhino-Republican, and I have learned that I am not the only American taxpayer saying that today.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Thomas Avery Blair, EA

    • uncle jimmy

      Well said , I don’t understand these folks who say , I would vote for ron paul but on this one or two issues , I cannot agree with him , so I’m voting for so and so . He’s the only one who tells the whole truth, agree or disagree, and I would in the past have begged for a candidate to whom I had only a couple of disagreement s. How many things do these people disagree with obama or the other republicans with . Only disagreeing on a couple issue is almost a dream come true in politics . And on top of that you know he will do what he says , no flip flopping with this guy . I mean the guy wants to get rid of the income taxe . Do you know what libertarian is ? Its what many strict constitutional republicans used to be years and years ago .
      Pardon typos ….trying to hurry

      • marty

        I think people are hysterical. It can’t be explained by any other word but “ignorance” They find something that they don’t like about you because they disagree with you on a certain issue. The other candidates however, have nothing realistically going for them. The media is trying to make people think that he can’t be elected. Even he has started to add the statement “Ron Paul can’t win” into his own campaign stuff, which I saw today on Huffington Post. They gave Ron Paul a page to promote his new family cookbook and his own campaign is pushing the “Ron Paul can’t win” angle and now everyone wants to vote for him. Read the readers comments on Ron Paul all over the internet and you will see that the frustration you are going through will pay off. “The Ron Paul Can’t Win” ticket is the only way he can win. I think he should make one of his campaign slogans.

  • uncle jimmy

    Dew when are you going to realize that on the one issue they know a littel something about , the economy , the don’t even deliver . They never cut or balance the budget . They fight for fake cuts , which are really increases in the overall budget , but a cut in what they spend . When will you realize ron paul and libertarians like him are the only one who believe what they say , and act on their ewconomic views of low taxation , balanced budgets , a strong dollar , real trade . If you don’t want to vote for paul you might as well vote for obama . They only amount a few billion dollars differenc in the budget . If you want to vote for these other republicans , you might as well vote democrat, because that what republicans are when they act , democrats . They increase the budget , the freeloader state , take awau your freedoms and pander to the envormentalists or any other regualtory agency . You might as well leave the party like jumpoing jim jeffords .

  • John


    • JC

      First choice? Ron Paul
      There is no second choice that isn’t some bought and paid for Globalist.
      So if I have to make a second choice…Remington.
      I will defend myself from Globalists and other foreign invaders.

    • JC

      PS…but only as a matter of defense of self, family or property.

    • mickey

      lol Once in a lifetime, well maybe twice (Eisenhower, Kennedy to a point) we have a chance to look at a real statesman, not just a politician, but a statesman.

      I think the criticism of other repub candidates comes from our realization that dem/repub have grown fat and sassy over the years.

      I forget which site I was on but I was soooo amazed at foreign nationals wanting the US to elect Ron Paul.

      The world isn’t against us, they still look to us to be a leader; lol, no matter how messed up we’ve become. Many truly do not like this obamamination and wish us the best of luck.

      I still have hope though, I think Soros is sick of obama and is ready to dump him. There are comments here and there out of “entertainment news” that criticize obama now.

  • Thomas Avery Blair

    Want to produce jobs in construction trades in America? Privatize the penal functions and then promote, even subsidize(?) the immediate construction of a few dozen new federal prisons and fill them with each and every living politico in Washington and elsewhere, every blood-sucking “bankster” and Wall Street cheat who have violated the laws and/or their oaths of office over the past 40 years or so…and confiscate their ill-gotten wealth in the process to further fund such “new construction jobs” building federal prisons.

    I wonder, when our currency collapses under the weight of our $15 trillion national debt and the $100 trillion in long-term-and-unfunded liabilities we have no hope of ever paying, where will the most evil of the U.S. Congressmen and U.S. Senators go to hide from the rest of us?

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to actually know for a certainty what our most evil Congressmen and Senators plan to do when this mess collapses and they find an immediate need to hide themselves from the revenge of the American taxpayers?

    At least food for thought, is it not?

    Respectfully submitted,

    Thomas Avery Blair, EA

    • mickey

      AZ comes to mind. Don’t forget the pink shorts and I think it is only fitting they stay in the FEMA camps with GMO food served daily. A few vaccines, for their protection, too.

  • John



  • http://REPLY DICK



    • mickey

      And just what part of “Congressional” approval (not preemptive) do you not understand? It isn’t that RP is against any military action but he would want to know why we need to go to war before commiting troops. Troops are to be deployed to protect the US, not our corps overseas.

      As far as nukes in Iran, do you really think Russia would not nuke Iran? Did the fallout from Japan reach here? If Israel and Europe aren’t concerned, why are we? Pakistan would take out Iran if the threat were actual.

      • Joe H

        Actually, yes, they detected very low levels of radiation from Japan on the coast of California!!

  • Buck

    If ” Salon ” is trashing him you can be sure of one thing , RON PAUL WILL MAKE A GREAT AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONALly CONSERVATIVE PRESIDENT !

  • Phil D

    “This is not a plan for the 99 percent. It is about as much of a 1 percent-oriented ideological meat cleaver as you can find anywhere in the annals of politics.”

    I am not impressed by the 99 percent. They are supported by Soros money ($3.6 Million) as evidenced here:,_obama,_occupiers_and_the_msm_part_3

    And here:

    Articles like this one (above), and the occupy wall street crowd are meant as a distraction from, among other things, Ron Paul capturing the vote and your eye.

    Phil D

  • William L Collins

    i’m a regestered demacrate but i’m going to for RON PAUL no matter what any one says he is the only true one to vote for the reast are not whorth voteing fore that inclouds Obama and his addminastration and the head of home land surcuriety all he is doing is passing laws to take our freedoms and rights away and passing laws where he can monter all privet internet and now Leaberman wants to be able to hold ever U.S. citzen just on say so as a terrist for indeffit now if you don’t call that a miltary ploice control or government control I belive in home land sucurety bot I do not belive in a ploice country if I did I would not be in the U.S.A. been in them countrys while in service Leaberman,T.S.A.,and the home land sucurety are trying to turn this country in to a ploice control country EVERBODY NEEDS TO VOTE RON PAUL in order to start getting our freedoms back

    • mickey

      don’t forget you have to be registered as a repub.

      • libertytrain

        Mickey there are many many States that do not have the requirement that you have to vote the party you are registered in for Primary Election. So If I’m a Demo in Wisconsin, I can vote Paul. If I’m a Demo in NC I cannot vote for Paul in the Primaries.

  • steve in AZ

    Welcome to the brotherhood of patriots, Mr. Collins.

    DONATE NOW so you can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • spark300c

    ron paul is very much on 99 percent how ever he does not believe in hand outs. He reminds me very much of Theodore Roosevelt. If elected he get raid of corruption and laws that keep the rich rich. Ron Paul is very much for the free market and very like I could call his polices the fair deal.

  • marty

    There will always be detractors. It sounds like Mr. Weiss has an ax to grind. I don’t know him personally, but from the way these comments are coming in, it doesn’t look like too many people agree with him. Ron Paul will not provide miracles, and I’m sure there will be pain making the kind of transition he espouses. In my humble opinion however, it’s our only choice. Today we saw the stock market jump like crazy because The Fed, in collusion with other world central banks, thew some of their freshly minted trillions of dollars that have just come off the press. There printing the stuff like stamps. Even worst, because stamps aren’t printed into debt, but come directly from the US postal service. This “kick the can” down the road strategy is the same as throwing your dirty laundry under the bed. You won’t see it, but they don’t get cleaned, you can’t wear them and they continue to accumulate. Unfortunately we’re talking about a lot of dirty laundry. I have a good feeling about Dr. Paul’s chances of winning.

  • Clarence

    It is always interesting who turns out to be an Agent provocateur!!!

  • peter

    We still do not get it! All politicians are the same, they all dance to the same tune, they are all bought, all puppets of the grand master and there is nothing we can do to stop the mayhem that awaits us in 2012. If we are looking for a saviour, we are looking in the completely wrong direction. There are no saviours on this planet, only sly and devious opportunists, so catch a wake up and place your faith in yourself before you place it in any of these leaders. They are all tarred with the same brush and if you think for one moment that you, your family or your life matters at all to them, you are sadly mistaken. Prepare yourself for the imminent and total chaos that is fast approaching and good luck. Obama’s only choice now is another war anyway. Maybe he will get another peace prize?

    • Joe H

      Abummers first prise was decided seven days after he took office. to me, that means they gave it to him for the time he WASN’T in office. So will he get another? YUP it will be decided about seven months after he gets out of office for all the trouble he DIDN’T cause in those seven months!!!

  • Kevin Beck

    So, the flunkies over at Salon decided that they should have some input in the Republican president sweepstakes. I don’t know why, since those losers are as anti-Republican Party as Barack Obama or Chucky Schumer.

    Does the author of that hit piece really think the way to help the so- called 99% is by theft from the 1%? Does that imbecile think that income is a pie that cannot be expanded?

    The only time in my life I was an employee, I worked for a gentleman that owned a $15 million (sales) business. When he hired me, it was with the assumption that I would generate more income for him than the amount he was paying me; otherwise, his hiring of me was a losing proposition. Since I didn’t have the capital to create a business of my own, I considered it a fair deal; the excess of income over the cost of my employment I considered a reasonable profit for him. But this is something the statists cannot understand. If the owner felt I wasn’t keeping up to his standards, he would either hire someone else, or do the work himself. This is what results in employment for non-enterprise owners. If every business owner felt they could do a better job than their employees, then there wouldn’t be any jobs available. It is business expansion that creates employment, not decisions by outsiders.

  • John Gould

    Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate worth voting for. His brand of leadership is exactly what this country needs.

  • Glen Xx

    On day one, if Ron Paul goes to fort Knox, we will find out if the

    Country has been ripped off of its GOLD. That alone is a great reason

    to vote for Ron Paul.


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