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Sacred Cow Defense Will Kill America

October 24, 2012 by  

Sacred Cow Defense Will Kill America

President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney both agree that the United States is in the midst of a historically unsustainable debt spiral; they also both agree that military spending is a sacred cow that can be cut under no circumstance.

Obama has used drones in an unprecedented way that has resulted in the loss of life of not only enemy combatants in war zones, but also civilian casualties in countries like Pakistan where the United States is not at war. And Romney — who, if elected, will take control of the same remote-operated fleet of death machines — applauds the current President’s drone strategy, which has come under fire from many within the human rights community and drawn protest from the citizens and leadership of countries abroad.

“I support that entirely and feel the president was right to up the usage of that technology and believe that we should continue to use it to continue to go after the people who represent a threat to this nation and to our friends,” Romney said when asked about drone policy at the Presidential debate Monday.

Romney also proffered the same 2014 Afghanistan troop withdrawal date that Obama has been touting, despite having criticizing the President in the past for “offering the enemy a timeline.”

The two candidates spent a long time during the debate Monday driving home one point: America is in dire financial trouble, but cannot make defense spending cuts.

Unmentioned, however, was the fact that the budget cuts that the two candidates are so worried about do not actually cut defense spending at all. The focus of the contention is on “sequestration” cuts — automatic spending cuts put into place last year when government again raised the debt ceiling.

The first round of “cuts” has already taken place under sequestration, shaving $487 billion from Pentagon spending over the next decade as defense spending continues to grow at the rate of inflation.

Romney wants to reinstate that money. And Obama said Monday that he, too, would reverse sequestration cuts.

If government doesn’t act by January, an additional $600 billion in defense spending will go into action. But even under complete sequestration, defense spending will continue to rise by about 16 percent.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • GALT

    But Sam, rumor has it we are a “christian nation”………I didn’t know the hindu’s were a

    “The first round of “cuts” has already taken place under sequestration, shaving $487 billion from Pentagon spending over the next decade as defense spending continues to grow at the rate of inflation.”.

    hhhhhmmmmmm, sequestration = an automatic trigger which will occur, IF something isn’t done by………?

    ” Whatever you do son, don’t sell that cow!” Buck Barrow as played by Gene Hackman

    “String a bunch of words together, that have never been strung together before in quite that way, and some schmuck will buy it from you.” George Carlin, slightly altered…..

    ” Holy cow, Batman.” Robin, as his TV self. ( 60′s )

    • eddie47d

      Obama wants sensible defense spending and that is why the cuts are on the table. They probably won’t happen yet everything must be on the table to reconfigure our debt crises.Congress has used that over bloated defense budget as an excuse for more wars and foreign adventures. We help create crises around the world by parking our military everywhere we can find a place. (747 bases in other countries). That is extremely expensive,difficult to maintain and builds resentment with foreign nationals. That is a recipe for further conflicts in some regions. Romney wanted war with Iran 2 weeks ago and now he wants diplomacy(continued blockade). He also want a $2.1 trillion dollar defense budget increase. That math doesn’t add up in helping our economic problems.

      • Nan

        Perhaps, Eddie, but when Europe and the rest of the World cry “Help Us” they’ll expect the good old United States to step in and save them from whatever. That’s what we’ve always done. Remember the Holocaust?

      • TML

        “…but when Europe and the rest of the World cry “Help Us” they’ll expect the good old United States to step in and save them from whatever. That’s what we’ve always done. Remember the Holocaust?”

        Argumentum ad antiquitatem
        It wasn’t always so, and perhaps we shouldn’t do that anymore. It’s better to understand what happens, through historic evidence, when America acts as the Keeper of Nations.

        “She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standard of freedom. The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force…. She might become the dictatress of the world. She would be no longer the ruler of her own spirit….” – John Quincy Adams.

      • s c

        Comrade ‘e,’ you almost sound rational once in a while. However, since you specifically brought up the idea that we’re ‘all over the globe,’ you might find the stones to tell your White House Messiah to get us O U T of the 120 countries that we’re in NOW – including Afghanistan.
        Somehow, I don’t think you pack the gear. Utopians tend to be thin-skinned, empty suit delusionals. Show some guts. If you’re serious about cutting back on costs and not being where we don’t need to be, start whizzing and moaning to your political icons. Don’t be surprised if they tell you to shut up, GO AWAY and be a good little robot. Remember, utopians also suffer from generational pc. Independent thinking among utopian twits is NEVER encouraged or tolerated. Where have you been, comrade?

      • deerinwater

        I fail to understand your term “utopians ” , who are you addressing? It would help if you were clearer about whom you are attempting to address “SC”.

      • Joe H

        yeah, eddie, he wants sensible spending! Yeah thats why he’s spent more than all the presidendt before him combined!! He doesn’t know the meaning of sensible spending!!! Half a trillion dollars to a solar company that went bankrupt shortly after recieving the funds?? $250million to a battery company that did the same thing?? YUP! REAL SENSIBLE SPENDING!!!

  • Warrior

    I wonder, if Chris Steven’s role in Libya was brokering “arms deals”, are those arms sold at a profit and if so, who keeps it? You see, just as “some” consider “green technology” an investment by your gubmint, some consider “arms sales” an important “investment” as well. Maybe we could just increase our “margins” on those sales and this “sequestration” business would be just a mute point. Well, maybe we better check and see what our competitor is selling AK’s for before we go “FORWARD”.

    • eddie47d

      Not sure if there is any truth to what you said Warrior but we have been the number one arms dealer for decades. When Ronald Reagan sold military hardware to Saddam he apparently didn’t realize all the blow back that would follow. Maybe it is time to get out of that business instead of giving other countries the means for war.

      • Patriot

        It was Iran/Contra not Iraq, does not matter look into the facts through Mena, AK and whom benefited from that and you will seek your answers!

      • TML

        “It was Iran/Contra not Iraq”

        It was both. We were openly supplying Iraq with the means for chemical warfare in the Iraq/Iran war. The Iran/Contra was hidden to also supply Iran in order to maintain hegemony, and ultimately the U.S. was convicted in the World Court for state sponsored international terrorism. That’s why Iran/Contra was such a scandal, and the events of Mena are no different. While no one would agree to such scandalous arms deals, I’m in agreement with eddie that we should not be providing weapons to countries or people which are potentially not our friends – such as arming rebels in Libya or Syria – even if it’s on the ‘up-and-up’.

      • eddie47d

        Thanks TML I was out for awhile and Reagan had plenty to do with arming Iraq.

  • Dave

    Military spending isn’t the “Sacred Cow” that’s going to cause the collapse of the dollar it’s all of the Dom4estic Spending programs, particularly the “Entitlements”, which make up the majority of the federal budget and has been expanded to levels never seen in U.S. history under this administration.

    • JimboJ

      What do you label as “entitlements?”

      • ChuckS

        Interesting question. Regardless of what Dave meant, I’d be interested in a breakdown of entitlements. I can think of social security, medicare medicaid, welfare, and unemployment. Are there others? How much do each get and what is the situation of people getting them? How much incentive or disincentive do they have?

      • Dano

        Cut some entitlements, and don,t let them grow. Cut all foreign aid, close Energy dept, education dept. EPA ATF, BATFE, Cut State Dept to maybe 70%. UN, NSA by 60%, Commerce dept in half, Return National Parks to States. Stop matching funds to trust and non profits. Cut Funds to red cross, Charities, Cut NASA, OSA, this is only half of it. If NOT, We can DEFAULT on our debt, which we happen anyways.

      • JimboJ


        An entitlement is a right granted by law or contract, especially a right to benefits. A partial list of entitlements that you omitted includes home mortgage interest deduction, Hope and Lifetime Learning tax credits, child and dependent care tax credits, earned income tax credits, Pell Grants, student loans, veteran benefits, GI Bill, Head Start program, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), government subsidized housing, food stamps, and industry specific subsidies like farm subsidies, oil subsidies and alternative energy subsidies.

        Although Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment are entitlements by definition, they can’t be put in the same class as the above mentioned entitlements because they are separate funds whose income is from mandatory contributions from workers and employers and the interest earned on those contributions. They are not funded by any other source, and for that reason, they should not even be included in the general budget. I’ll address the two biggest entitlements, Social Security and Medicare, and make clear why they shouldn’t be considered the same as programs funded by tax dollars from the general fund like welfare, food stamps and Medicaid are.

        It explains at that Social Security and Medicare consist of four separate trust funds. For Social Security, the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund pays retirement and survivors benefits and the Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Fund pays disability benefits. For Medicare, the Hospital Insurance (HI) Trust Fund pays for inpatient hospital and related care. The Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) Trust Fund comprises two separate accounts: Part B, which pays for physician and outpatient services, and Part D, which covers the prescription drug benefit.

        At the end of 2010, the two Social Security funds had combined assets of $2,608.9 billion. Their income for 2011 was $805.1 billion, and the outgo was $736.1 billion. That left a surplus of over $69 billion in the account. That occurred in a year when employee contributions were reduced from 6.2% to 4.2% and the unemployment rate was over 8%.

        Medicare had assets totaling $344 billion at the end of 2010. In 2011, the income was $529.9 billion and the benefits paid were $549.2 billion, leaving a $19.3 billion deficit. That deficit came out of the Medicare fund and left $325 billion in assets remaining in 2011. Remember, that occurred in a year when the unemployment rate was over 8%.

        Guess what happens to the surpluses in the funds. Federal law requires that all excess funds be invested in interest bearing securities backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. That means that our government has to borrow less from China, Japan and other nations to meet its other obligations, but in no way does paying Social Security and Medicare benefits add to our country’s debt.

        It’s time for the BSing politicians and wingnut talking heads and poison pens come clean about what the really causes our deficits are and quit blaming Social Security and Medicare. While some entitlement programs create a drain, all of them combined don’t come close to the waste in the defense budget. That is the major cause. The budget is so ridiculously bloated and the funds are so unbelievably wasted that the share of taxpayer dollars going for defense spending should be cut by tens of billions immediately.

      • GaleR

        My you are a master of the big lie!

        Your double-talk and BS propaganda of the State would make Gobels blush!

        Socialit Security is worse then a PONZI Scheme – at least in a Ponzi scheme you have a CHOICE to participate in it. The only truth in your whole load of crap you dump is that it is “mandatory” to participate. That is to say, if you work the Government will take 12% of your income off the top or you will go to jail (being hauled off at gunpoint by IRS agents).

        Second, the “funds” you spount numbers for are simply accounting fictions!

        There is NO FUND for ANY part of Socialist Security. The “trust funds” can only invest or save in ONE THING – Federal Government bonds!

        Its one part of the government paying IOUs to another part of the government!

        Guess what those bonds are paid off with? Yep, general tax receipts and borrowing (witness the 16 trillion dollar national debt)….

        All parts of Socialist Security are simply pay-as-you-go Welfare programs. The lies of “savings accounts” and “trust funds” are simply convient fictions so that Politicans can lie with impunity to you and folks on this welfare plan can feel better about extorting curent productive taxpayers out of money they have legally earned.

        While I do have great sympathy for old-people who have been looted and robbed at gun point by the Government and Politicans thinking that there was a real “account” or “trust fund” it is willfully immoral to continue to live a lie or a fiction.

        Memo to old folks: You were robbed and lied to by politicans (surprise!) who have already spent – the only thing you “saved” and “earned” with all those payroll taxes you paid was a promise from a politican to get your welfare check when you get old enough. Emphasis: a fully revokable promise (see applicable SS case law on this).

        With reference to Medicare: ditto. You were lied to by politicans. This is nothing more then old age MEDICAL welfare! There is no “trust fund” and nothing exists more then another worthless promise from politicans who have collected their booty and are LONG GONE from DC!

        Guess what is next for you too thanks to ObamaCare – yep, the DEATH PANEL!

        The “Medicare Standards” aka rationing board will cut payments to your lifesaving treatments because you are “taxeaters” and not “taxpayers” so you are no longer “cost feasible” to heal or treat!

        Yes these programs are full-flegded government welfare entitlement programs.

        When will we wise up to the scam of government and get the armed group of mafia dons (politicans) and their paid agents of violence (IRS, FBI, BATF, etc) out of our lives for good?

      • Joe H

        In 1990 social security had over 130 billion in surplus funds. The problem is, the government always raids ANY surplus funds for the preceding twenty years before that they were having surpluses only slightly less that 1990. now at those rates, if the government had kept their greasy little paws off the fund there would be no danger of ot going bankrupt for at least a few decades! now I put into that fund for twenty seven years and now that I’m 61 they want to talk about ending it? Fine just give me back what I invested with interest at the rate it was EACH year. I’ll take care of the rest.

    • SJJolly

      “Entitlements” meaning Social Security and Medicare? Do you think Congress should say to retiring Baby Boomers, “Sorry folks, but we decided to shut down the programs you paid into for 40 years, and are relying on. No refunds.” Do you suppose a single Senator or Congressperson that voted for such would get re-elected, ever?

      • Gale R.

        Joe H -

        Sorry to burst your bubble (again) my friend but THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SOCIAL SECURITY TRUST FUND!

        The so-called “trust fund” was just an account fiction (ie lie) that enabled politicans to lie to you!

        The government “trust fund” can only invest in one thing: the government!

        Think of it this way: If I got my weekly pay for $100 cash money from my work and then went home and got a card board box and wrote on it “trust fund” and put the cash in there but immediately picked it up again the second it hit the bottom of the box, put it back in my pocket to spend at the bar on booze that night, but left a writen note in the box that said “IOU to myself for $100″ then asked how much money I have in my “trust fund” you would say what?



        Because I took the money and spent it; simply promising to put it back from future pay from my regular job does not make it a “trust fund” or an “investment”.

        Just substitute the word “tax” for “pay” and you have our governments idea of a “trust fund”

        SS and Medicae are welfare for the elderly paid for by general tax reciepts plain and simple.

        Word up friend: you have been stolen from, the people who robbed you your whole life are long gone and cant be held accountable

        So, the question is this: do you find it to be moral to continue this Ponzi-scheme at gunpoint on the young just so you can try to make up your losses from the robbery?

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    Are any of you aware that the “Welfare” Cost for the year 2011 was;: $1 TRILLION Dollars.

    That number is expected to grow in 2012 to well over $1.395 Trillion Dollars, and even higher in 2013 as in by well over $300 BILLION more.

    Can anyone here understand what this really means in the way of job growth?
    How about Debt levels?
    How about Tax’s?
    How about that Criminal unit you all call the US ~ Government, you know the one thats really a Corporation known as the “United States.”

    Its ~ Not America as we in America are nothing more ~ nor less than a “People Farm” who work your ass off for your whole life to allow these ~ RULERS who are all nothing more nor less than ~ CRIMINALS to make Laws to enslave your body and mind, as well to crush your very soul.

    When is it that you will all wake up and stop eating the watse material these Criminal Vampires feed you?

    Turn off your TV and start using this plastic box to your advantage and DIG and DIG more for TRUTH. Its all out there, just L@@K.

    Peace and Love be with you.

  • Evan

    When Rome became an empire it sealed their fate. The US is not far behind. Empires go bankrupt.

    • Louis Lemieux

      The Eastern Roman Empire was still alive when Christopher Columbus was born.

      • TML

        “The Eastern Roman Empire was still alive when Christopher Columbus was born.”

        And it eventually fell for the same reason. It went bankrupt (in more ways than one – I’m sure the Crusades didn’t help, nor Justinian’s attempt to re-conquer the Western Empire) and thus was incapable of fighting off the Ottomans.

      • Deerinwater

        The Roman Empire was a mixed bag of misery where as the few lived off the labor of the many. Long living is over rated. That things exist does not in itself validate that they should have or that they served well.

  • Ted Crawford

    Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution of The United States of America is comprised of 17 clauses, 8 of which relate to our National Defense, one Clause 11, even, given the nature of conflict and world conditions of that time, proposes a very pro-active defense method! The quickest, surest way to become Vichy America is to collapse into an Isolationist, I know “noninterventionalist”, people!
    Once one has assumed a leadership position they are never be allowed to simply fade into the background. They are always destroyed, for fear they might rise up again ! The World Powers will never just allow us to assume a Switzerland style of existance! If we allow ourselves to become a self agrandizing, self absorbed, lazy or frightened people, we will become a conquered nation!

    • Vicki

      Ted Crawford writes:
      “World Powers will never just allow us to assume a Switzerland style of existance! If we allow ourselves to become a self agrandizing, self absorbed, lazy or frightened people, we will become a conquered nation!”

      So tell us. Why do these mysterious “world powers” allow Switzerland to exist? Better yet lets try it. Re-arm and train everyone and see who in the world is really interested in invading the US. Just think what they would find. A rifle behind every blade of grass. As was intended by the founding fathers and enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

      • Joe H

        The only problem with that is we have too many bleeding hearts out there that think the citizen shouldn’t be armed. some of them in power! Take my word for it, one of the biggest fights coming in the future is when they try to disarm the citizen! Gonna be a real donnybrook!

      • Vicki

        Like in New Orleans during/after Katrina? Was quite a bloodbath when the military came and took the guns.

        Oh Wait…… Nary a whimper.

      • Ted Crawford

        This is a sad day for me, I finally now must agree with my friends overseas! For years now, since the early ’70′s they have been trying to tell me that America is slipping into a Nation of people marked by their decadent ignorance of the conditions and players in the World Community.
        These past four years and particularly this current election cycle, now forces me to finally admit that I’ve been blind! I’ve vastly overestimated the quality of our Citizens ! I always believed that our unlimited freedom of access to information would prevent this degeneration!
        It seems that I’ve failed to realize that so many would simply and clearly decadently, not avail themselves of that information source or would do so only in a partisan manner! How very sad!
        I’m reminded of what Bill Masters had to say on this; “Liberty is a harsh mistress. You cannot choose what you like and dislike about her. Liberty will not change her principles for you, no matter how much you claim to love her, She will stand fast in her demands for total acceptance. If you cannot recieve her, she will recognize you for a false lover and leave you. And when you hear that door slam, it will take every tear in your eye, every ounce of blood in your veins, and all the nerve in your heart to win her back “

  • Conner Images

    Hey Teddy Crawford, have you ever been in the military? The fraud, waste, and abuse is unreal! You could cut 90% of the “military spending” and never touch the defense part of the budget. Its moronic alarmists like you that the term “sheeple” was coined for. Hell, I’ve been out of the Navy for twenty years and even then we could watch people in St, Petersburg Square while flying in a P-3 over Hawaii. Even read license plate #s on cars as they drove around. We don’t need to be in their door way to keep an eye on anybody. Shucks, even right now with the satellites we have they can watch a hunter as he is pissing in a forest somewhere in Russia and him standing there thinking he is alone. HA! Its you and people of your ilk that have helped to create the mess we are in because you blindly vote on fear and emotion instead of tallying everything up and using the common sense the good Lord gave ya. I saw a bumper sticker on a car that sums it up nicely,” I’m not saying lets kill all the stupid people, I’m saying just remove all the warning labels on things and let nature take its course.”.

  • pete0097

    They could cut 10% out of the military budget without dropping one fighting program or troop. If they simply cut out the frills and waste. I was at a military “surplus” auction. There was a pallet of tools including multiple sets of sockets from 1/4″ to 3″, wrenches, air tools, grinders, drills all worth thousands of dollars. They went for $50. That is a waste. The tools appeared to never have been used. They paid $2000 to abate the asbestos from a camper trailer (small 2 person one that was rented to troops) and then sold it for $50. They have a requirement that all departments spend all of their budgets, even if they don’t need it. If it is unused at the end of the fiscal year, they buy office supplies with the excess. That is a waste. They need to change their budgetary procedures to be more in line with the real world.

    • Don

      You are absolutely correct Pete0097, i was in the military from 1953 to 57 and the same policy was in effect, but then our schools operate the same way, it’s the liberal way, no wonder our country is going broke, but then obamdumbo has another agenda on top of that, vote as your life depends on it,, because it does !!!

  • Liberterian

    We need to trim the fat off of the Defense budget and close some of the many unnecessary bases around the world. Let’s allow some of the countries to pay for their own defense. There are bases in countries that do not have any strategic value. This is the best way to strenghten our economy and cut some of the waste in or budget. We can not be the policeman of the world, we need to maintain the highest technology and defense to destroy any enemy that dare come to us, and fight the wars that are unavoidable not the politically created ones or the ones for the the military industrial complexes richness.

    • Joe H

      Simply tell the host country that if we are going to be there to protect them, they can pay the costs of the upkeep of the post. Food included!

  • Tony Ruiz

    The difference is that obama is intentionally bankrupting the country, dummies!

    • http://google joseph yechout

      Obummer is indeed bankrupting this country as it is in the ” saul alinsky” book,
      ” rules for radicals”. A roadmap to collapse the system and take over the gov.
      As the ” fabyan socialist byword says, ” to reform the government into one more to the
      desires of our hearts.” He hates the military, as do all lefties. When he was scheduled
      to go visit Westpoint as do all newly elected presidents, he told his confidants,
      ” We are going to enemy country.” Well, I think we know who the enemy is.

    • Robin

      Exactly, Tony!

  • http://n/a Ex-Lieutenant

    The time for further exotic weaponry design & production may or might need a pause,
    Perhaps intense criticism of military cuts could be contained by giving serving personnel a decent livable wage.compatible with comparable civilian standards of performance wherever possible. Retention of really good personnel should make retraining cheaper.

    After graduating from the R.M.A.Sandhurst in 1951 and serving in the Korean War, I left after the minimal active service requirement of 3 years. With somewhat sardonic amusement in Korea I discovered that my pay as a Lieutenant in the British Army was the same as a Pfc in the U.S.Army – the reward for much vaster responsibilities was minimal – but in those days, and probably still is today – to be an Officer required one to have “private means”. I left to work in the City of London. But I must admit that the sense of responsibility and achievement, joined with ‘adventure’ was not to be missed. The reliability of persons who had served in any military force exceeded any mere civilian experienced employees. Here in the U.S.A. I always found ex-military employees to be far more reliable than those who had never served – who’s mantra of excuses always included, – “It’s not my job !”

    • Dano

      Constitution is US says we will not have a standing arm at all, or very small except in time that Congress declares war. We have to lay-off entire force, except a few to keep in our forts at home. Plus we only need a dozen American bases, State Guards can man most of them. Pentagon employees can be cut by 75%.

      • Joe H

        Dano, the best cuts to make are to the GOVERNMENT! cut out all those repetitive offices there are, cut the staff to needed levels. When they were talking about shutting down the government because of no budget, they instructed all the non-essential personel to not come in. NON-ESSENTIAL??? if their non essential get rid of them!! There’s thousands of government cuts that could be made before even touching the military! Let the congressmen and reps get the same healthcare a any run of the mill citizen. let them retire on social security and a retirement THEY paid into like a lot of executives do! those right there would save billions!

      • SJJolly

        Dano: Read up on the War of 1812, where your suggestions were in practice.

  • loboviejo

    The first cut in defense spending needs to be the DOD. What the DOD was intended by Marshall to do was to eliminate the need for the President to intervene between two theatre commanders because the joint chiefs reported to two separate departments. We did not eliminate the Department of War (opting instead to split it into two chains of command) or the Department of the Navy. We created anywhere from three to 19 additional layers of bureaucracy which delay and raise the cost of procurement–more palms to grease?–and do not increase efficiency. Once that is done by repeal of the 1947 acts we can then start looking at specific cuts. Likewise, do we need a directorate of national intelligence when it is clear that the DCI has a higher profile and better access anyway.

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    How about…we stop allowing ANY funds from being used for OFFENSE and only allow spending for DEFENSE!!!

    • SJJolly

      “Defense” is a flexable term. Didn’t US and allied forces “defense” themselves against Saddam Hussain’s weapons of mass destruction, by invading, conquering and occupying Iraq? How would “offense” have been different?

  • Rob

    We already have the most technologically advanced military in the world. We spend so much on drones, the land-warrior, vehicles like the Stryker, and the F-35, etc. to become more and more advanced that of course, the budget goes out of control. All we need to do is make improvements on already tried and true technology, such as the F-15, the M-1, and the UH-1 (the USMC went the right way on that one), that we will still have the most technologically advanced military in the world at a fraction of the cost.

  • Dano

    Nancy, you hit the nail on the head, Cut Offense spending. Lets also cut Nation destroying and then rebuilding nations after we kill millions of civilians. Lets also recover Pentagons unaccounted 2.3 TRILLION$ that can,t be accounted for announced by Donald Rumsfeld 9/10/01 a day before 9/11????????/

  • deerinwater

    If I invest in something ~ and don’t use it ~ what have I done?

  • Dennis

    Actually i am in agreement on this.To an extent.We have become weak in the eyes of the world.We are no longer respected or even feared for that matter.At no other time in our history have we been so vulnerable.There are many countries who are in even keel with us maybe if more so in military power and technology.Our military has become the laughing stock with all the pro gay and stupidity being allowed now in the ranks.The last thing,in my opinion,we need to do is cut the miliatry.Its bad enough now.If we did this(make drastic cuts) it would be the doom of this country

    • SJJolly

      Dennis: “There are many countries who are in even keel with us maybe if more so in military power and technology.” Do the CIA and the Pentagon know of those many countries?

  • AWKingsley

    Policing the world does not equate to defending America. If the countries we protect want our continued protection, then they will need to pay for it. We need to protect out own country from scud missiles and mortars with an Iron Dome like Israel has. In case everyone hasn’t noticed, we are fighting land wars – land invasions, not nuclear wars. While we need nuclear deterrents, everyone is afraid to fight with nukes for fear of being wiped off the planet themselves. The U.S. needs many of our global bases brought back home, and we need our country protected against land invasions, not just nuclear attacks. Our deal was to protect other countries because we benefited financially from the the U.S. dollar being the World’s Reserve Currency. We exchanged protection for that privilege; however, we are being displaced as the World’s Reserve Currency, so we have to cut a different deal with the countries we are defending. The other thing all of this protection did was to bias all of the spending for the military-industrial complex, the wrong place to spend the additional dollars derived from being the World’s Reserve Currency. We cannot retain the privilege of the U.S. dollar being the World’s Reserve Currency because we went off the gold standard in favor of worthless fiat money, and we have not maintained a stable currency value to the detriment of the rest of the world. We cannot afford to provide protection to other countries without huge compensation. And, because Russia and China are furious with us, both our debtor nations, we cannot afford to continue allowing our homeland to be unprotected from land invasion. Gerald Celente has already predicted war with China, and Russia is China’s ally. We are in lots of trouble! Our military budget needs to be completely revamped to protect America. America as as the most well-defended country in the world is a myth when it comes to a land invasion through Canada and Mexico, but especially Mexico. Right now the Chinese are virtually colonizing Mexico, and this is an ominous sign that forebodes a lot of danger for our country.


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