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Sacramento Sheriff Changes Handgun Permit Policy, Authorizing Self-Defense As A Valid Reason For Issuance

November 3, 2010 by  

Sacramento sheriff changes handgun permit policy, authorizing self-defense as a valid reason for issuanceSacramento County Sheriff John McGinness has modified his handgun carry permitting policy, prompting two Second Amendment advocacy groups to drop their lawsuit against the county and its top law enforcement official.

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and the Calguns Foundation dismissed their case after McGinness changed the law to state that self-defense is a valid reason to issue a gun carry permit. The organizations will, however, continue their legal battle against Yolo County and its sheriff in an attempt to change their policy.

"The Second Amendment Foundation will continue working with the Calguns Foundation and keep funding attorney Alan Gura's lawsuits in California until everyone's firearms civil rights are fully protected," added SAF founder Alan Gottlieb.

McGinness is retiring at the end of the year, but both candidates vying for his position have publicly stated that self-defense is a compelling reason for issuing permits.

According to The Carmi Times, a big crowd gathered at an Illinois VFW hall recently to discuss their rights to carry a concealed firearm. Illinois is the only state in the Union that denies its citizens the right to carry a gun.

The news provider reports that only sworn law enforcement, certain security and detective personnel, as well as certain citizens making large bank deposits, are legally allowed to carry a firearm in Illinois.

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  • IAmASensFan

    McGuinness didn’t change the law, only his issuance policy. Illinois also restricts concealed carry for it’s citizens.

    A map

  • s c

    If both of the candidates who want McGinness’ job think self-defense justifies carrying a weapon, then there is NO valid reason for this circus atmosphere to exist. Only through the half-arsed agendas of groups like the ACLU could any empty arguments persist.
    As long as people are fit to carry a weapon (spare us the empty arguments and definitions, progressives), let people carry weapons. If you insist on being unarmed wimps, move to a more enlightened, utopian country, airheads.

    • Robert S

      There are 200 countries in the world where people can’t have guns. Those who are against guns are free to move to anyone of them. Someday they will realize why Americans won’t give theirs up.

      • 45caliber

        I thought there were only about 185 countries total in the world. Interesting.

    • independant thinker

      Let em continue to live here just make em wear a button stating they do not believe in the right to protect themselves and so do not carry a firearm. Also make them post it at their home and on their transportation.

      • s c

        Exactly, independent. Anyone who’s proud to have no use for weapons should have enough integrity and character to prove to everyone else that they don’t like weapons and that they would NEVER have one. It will make life so much easier for everyone else.
        I am so SURE that those who call themselves socialists, communists, fascists, progressives and all types of enlightened, illuminated utopians will do the right thing and go out of their way to let America see who they really are. They are, after all, so very FULL of integrity and character, aren’t they?
        Everyone grab your camera(s), and start documenting faces and names. It pays to know who your friends are. Say CHEESE.

        • Robert S

          Alot of these anti-gunners are really afraid of the Federal Gov’t. It won’t be hard to get them in the FEMA camps.

    • 45caliber

      I’ve always said that if you REALLY want to end violent crime, require every adult to carry. No one in his right mind (or even wrong mind) would pull a gun on people knowing that every one of them carried a gun too.

      • Robert Smith

        Done that, been there 45.

        Kennesaw, Georgiaand their manditory gun law speaks for itself.

        Crime is way down there.

        BTW, it’s easy to figure out why states with lax gun laws have guns that wind up in N.Y. Because of the Sullivan law nobody in N.Y. is supposed to carry a gun. The crooks know that.

        Let’s see how that works…

        Have everyone (law abiding, of age, and not crazy) carry a gun = less crime.


        Nobody has a gun = LOTS of CRIME.


  • David in Ma.

    FIRST of all, why is there a need to issue requirement?

    SECONDLY, if there is a need for a reason to issue, what’s wrong with: “ANY LAWFUL PURPOSE”?

    • Robert Smith

      From David in Ma: “FIRST of all, why is there a need to issue requirement?”

      Criminals should NOT be allowed to own or have guns.

      Crazy people shoould NOT be allowed to own or have guns.

      Children below a decided age should not own or have guns to carry concieled. It’s OK for target and other sports with adult supervision.

      Do you have any arguments against these?


  • JC

    From a site I frequent:

    No truly free man will ever be debarred the right to bear arms. The right to bear arms is not just the right to own and carry an object, its the right to defend one’s own life, liberty, and property from any force that wishes to remove them. That includes foreign enemies, unlawful citizens, and even one’s own government. The founders passed the second amendment so that the government has to respect all the others. If the government becomes destructive of our rights we must alter or abolish it and establish new guards for our future security. That means that the last ultimate check We the People have on our government is the ability to destroy it. When the government no longer respects the rights guaranteed to us by God, the only thing you have left to defend your life and your liberty, is your own two hands. And I don’t know about you, but when that day comes, I prefer mine to be filled with a gun.

    I thought it was rather concise.

    • 45caliber

      Quite good.

    • Robert Smith

      From vicki: “When the government no longer respects the rights guaranteed to us by God”

      Our second ammendment was written in a document that begins, “We the PEOPLE.”

      It wasn’t written by your god. MOF, can you quote anything in our Constitution that’s in you bible? I don’t see carrying guns in the ten commandments? Your god expects folks to bow before him, and to not take his name… Nowhere does it discuss guns. MOF, guns weren’t even invented when your bible was written.


      • James

        Robert, all true but Peter did lop off an ear of the high priest’s servant, who came to arrest Jesus (Mt. 26:51). (Had the disciples fought then, they would have all been killed.) Jesus later said “he that hath a purse, let him take it…and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one” (Lk. 22:36).

  • Sam

    Well, what do you know, cowtown Sacramento has decided to join the rest of the nation in issuing CCW’s! Someday, “talkies” will be in Sacramento theaters!

    • Hannibal Smith

      Not so fast skeezix.. That is, aside from n.y. state & Massachusetts.. You aren’t carrying nothin’ here before at least a 6 month scrutinization of everything.. Word has it that there’s even thought police here in n.y.s.

  • alpha-lemming

    Returning to Constitutional priciples slowly but steadily. Isn’t this (self defense) essentially what got the DC gun-ban declared un-Constitutional?

  • http://none sean moor

    carry a gun is the way to go.some border jumping skumbag or some evil turd with a bage,tries to attack you.then…BLAM!!!! that will end the attack.end of story.



  • Jeff

    So make it illegal to carry a gun. I’ll just break the law then. I will buy an unregistered gun and will conceal it on my person just like the common criminal you wish to defend. Then and only when my life or my family is faced with a life threating situation I will be forced to use it and let the criminal lawyers defend me as a criminal. This country is still sick even after the election. We still ain’t had enough yet and America is at the verge of catastrophe.

    • Robert Smith


      The only gun issue to come up thus far has been the one for carrying in National parks. Obama continued the Bush policy on that one.

      I’m not so fearful that our guns will be taken away, particularly with a Republican Congress.

      That’s the REALITY of where things are at this moment.


  • http://none Mike

    Jeff, I have to agree with you somewhat but I think this election might have been a first step twords a return to sanity. We have had our 12 year period of exploration of socialisim and people are starting to wake up and watch now. The fight isnt overe though or do I think it will be over anytime soon. We must continue to watch and read what these new people do once in office. This way we can continue to vote people in who have our best intrest at heat. We are awake now and cannot go back to sleep at the booth.I think if anything the concessions these folks won in California(need I say more) should encourage us all. That one of the most liberal states in the union can be forced to look at the second amendment rights. And recognise the people have a right to bear arms is really encourageing to me. Now we must look to illinoise and take a fight too them there as well Mike L.

    • Hannibal Smith

      Not so fast skeezix.. You forgot the most liberal & most taxed state in the union ; n.y.s. here.. Crime rules here in the cities.. The fees & taxes required to request an application for, apply & then maybe even hold a permit to carry a handgun are so prohibitive that no one bothers anymore.. They’d rather move to another state where at least the weather is better..

  • Dean

    The police deny the peoples claim that they are required to provide them protection, and the courts have upheld this. The police don’t want the people to be able to protect themselves either. To hell with them! Maybe, we need to disarm the police.

  • everett

    i still got some Y2K canned salmon

    is it safe to eat even though about 8 years after its expiration dating?

    i stored it in the basement, cooler there.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Let me know how you come out on that thingy!!! Almost like that progressive hopey, changy thingy!!! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!!

    • James

      Everet, I wouldn’t trust that old salmon. It would have been better to buy an old chest type freezer and store such things in it.

  • Independent

    Imoved out of California in 1977. Up until then, you could carry a gun on your hip or in your car without a permit of any kind as long as it was not concealed. That was State Law. Back in the 1950′s and early 1960′s California was the greatest place in the world. I have taken leave from the east coast and paid my way to California just to be there for a week or two. I haven’t been back since 1977.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      hope you aren’t in P-lousy’s area!!! Good luck out there, dude, I have a feeling you are gonna need all you can get!!!!

  • JeffH

    It’s nice to see Sacramento, which has become a liberal cesspool, have their sheriff reverse the policy on CCW permits. ‘Bout time.
    Thank you to Sheriff Mims in Fresno County for having the cahones to continue issuing CCW’s to law abiding citizens in her county.

  • wandering minstrel

    Don’t wait for the government(any level)to allow you to be able to defend yourself. The anti gun nuts are too stupid to understand why the second amendment was put in place,and anyone in government that doesn’t want you to have a gun just wants to make sure you’ll be easier to control and put into a FEMA camp. Have you ever noticed that the anti gun nuts don’t talk about the times(numerous)where a law abiding citizen has stopped a crime by being armed? Our founding fathers were far smarter than anyone currently alive and they wanted us to be armed for a variety of reasons.Be good Americans and heed all of those reasons and always own as many guns as you can afford. Carry at least one with you at all times.And for Gods sake DON’T register a single one of them!

  • vicki

    For all those who don’t want guns around I have a cute video for you to watch.

    Manup and get your signs.

  • Steve

    When are they coming to Orange County to kick our Sheriff’s butt


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