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S.C. State Senator Refers To Obama, Haley As ‘Ragheads’

June 9, 2010 by  

S.C. State Senator refers to Obama, Haley as 'ragheads'Republican South Carolina State Senator Jake Knotts apologized last week for using a racial slur to disparage both President Obama and Republican State Representative Nikki Haley, who was born in the United States and is of Indian decent.

During an interview on the Internet talk show Pub Politics, Knotts allegedly said, "We’ve already got a raghead in the White House, we don’t need another raghead in the governor’s mansion," according to the show’s co-host Phil Bailey. Due to technical problems, the audio of the conversation was not recorded.

While Knotts admitted that he did use the slur, the state senator said that his comments were intended in jest, and compared the talk show to a radio version of Saturday Night Live.

Haley, who was recently endorsed by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, is one of four Republicans and three Democrats in the running to replace Mark Sanford as the governor of South Carolina.

Meanwhile, Haley, a 38-year-old married mother of two, has been accused twice in the last 10 days of having an extramarital affair. Haley vehemently denied both accusations, casting them aside as examples of unethical politics.

"As Nikki Haley rises in the polls, the good old boys in Columbia see their taxpayer-funded fraternity party coming crumbling down," said campaign spokesman Tim Pearson. "They will say or do anything to hold on to their power."

Haley said earlier in the week that she would resign immediately if any proof of an affair comes to light.

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  • Dale

    Knotts is right and should not apologize for calling the lady a raghead. We need people running this country without ties to some other country like the ones in the middle east. People should be allowed to say what they think without apologizing for what they say.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Who among us does Not have ties to some other country, middle eastern or otherwise? Only the small percentage of Native Americans can say that. We’re all from somewhere else.

      • 45caliber

        So are “Native Americans”. They were just here longer.

        • Doc Sarvis

          Of course, and they were here before there were “countries”.

          • http://naver samurai

            I think that they are talking about immediate ties and not ones 100′s of years in the past. My mother’s afmily came here in 1726 and I know we have no ties to Germany. Get off of the liberal crack, doc.

          • Anthony

            Doc’s right … and you should quit with the labels if you expect to keep credibility.

            The American Indians were here first.
            And the European Colonialism ruined their way of life (on purpose)
            What kind of pollution did we have with only the Indians here?
            Sure, they had tribes warring with each other — it’s human behavior.

            I always say Andrew Jackson is one of my Heroes, when it comes to Presidents. But, the travesties that occurred in the early 1800′s is on his watch as much as it was on his predecessor’s. They cuold have treated them like equals instead shoving tyrrany at them, the good ol’ Central Bank way… ala the tactics of Alexander Hamilton – with lies, backstabbing and sophistry.

            All Politicians who expect to keep their Seats, should take the higher road. There was no call for the slurs… it’s a demonstration of fear,…. and it should be discussed in that light.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            you want to talk of racial slurs? you just said one.Indians when refering to Native Americans is a term started by europeans when they thought they had landed in India instead of the new world!! Actually there is no such thing as an American Indian!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Good one, Joe H.!

          • Bud

            Joe H. I don’t think that was the India that the europeans were looking for. I believe it was the West Indies. Study, Study, Study, then you will sound edumicated.

    • Carl

      Dale, you may know by now that Nikki Haley got 49% of the vote and with just a few thousand more votes would have avoided a run-off in two weeks. Her nearest opponent managed only 21% of the vote and the other two were much less than that. Not bad for a so-called ‘raghead’.

      My wife and I voted for her. For those concerned about her parents being from India I’d like to know what is awful about that. Nikki was born and reared in South Carolina. Sure her parents had influence in her life, but do we not think that as she was attending public schools and being brought up in the American culture that she adopted a lot of ideas and ways of American teenagers and young adults.

      At least we know she was born in the United States and is eligible for even higher office if she wishes to pursue that. I am not afraid that she is going to help destroy our U.S. Constitution as some politicians are intent on doing.

      • TIME

        Very good points. Folks really we need to pull together, an American is an American no matter where they hail from if born here “Legaly” They are a 100% American just like you.

        We need to be able to respect each other.

        BarryO on the other hand is someone who will never get any True 100% Red Blooded Americans respect for any reason. He has proved time after time he is a Marxist and thats just not American.

        • http://naver samurai

          He also hasn’t to date proven his American citizenship.

          • Anthony

            His Social Security number is from Conecticutt
            And, his Selective Service enlistment is suspect, as well.

    • Harold Olsen

      She was born in this country. That makes her as American as anyone. All of us have ancestral ties to other countries. Even so called native Americans, who originally migrated here from Asia. So why don’t you and idiots like Knotts keep your bigotry to yourself? You are a prime example of the worst of this country. I’ll bet you have never even served in the military.

    • Richard Pawley

      Nikki was born in South Carolina. She went to elementary school in SC, she went to high school in SC, she graduated from college in SC, she may or may not wear a hat to the Methodist Church in Lexington, SC, which she attends each week, an area I used to know well (my autobiography is “LEAVING SOUTH CAROLINA” which I do every year and sometimes twice. I’ve already been to Pawley’s Island once this year). How many of our founding father’s had parents born in other countries? Quite a few I imagine. My own father retired as Art Supervisor of Charleston County Public Schools but he was born in Germany and came to this country in 1914 at the age of one. He even fought against the Nazi’s in WWII and I certainly have no alliegence to Germany, never visited there and don’t know the language, but I wouldn’t call a person a Nazi because they were German. (Germany was one of the first socialist countries coming out with government health care and something like social security back when South Carolina was still recovering from the carpetbaggers and Gen. Wade Hampton was serving in the United States Senate). Calling a person a “raghead” is meant to be disrespectful. Maybe Knotts was trying to be funny but trying to imply that the parents of a candidate are somehow connected with those who have sworn to destroy our country is not funny and only plays up to the ignorance of those who are uneducated and don’t know that fanatic Muslims hate Sikh’s as much as they do us. (I’m reminded of some in the southwest who actually killed a member of the Sikh faith after 9/11 because they thought that he was somehow connected to Islam). A friend of mine, a Christian from Egypt once visited Charleston years ago but felt that his color was such a detriment to those who were prejudiced back then that he chose to locate his company elsewhere. I have worked with Sikhs and the men wear turbans, much as the old fashioned Orthodox Jews wear black skull caps. They do not wear the clothes of an Arab Muslim. South Carolinian men used to wear another kind of hat until JFK who wore none and not wearing hats became the fashion.
      I must admit I was shocked that South Carolina politics had fallen so low that Mrs. Haley’s enemies would try to start a rumor that she was a loose woman the week before the primary. She herself has said that if it is proven she will resign and I was glad to see that South Carolinians did not fall for it. The Bible says that all that is done is secret will be exposed and yet our government goes on each year classifying as many as 15,000,000 new secrets each year. I know very little about Nikki Haley, but the caliber of those who support her and oppose her is good enough for me. We are in the last days of the United States that we have known and loved and anyone who can help slow down the forces that want to see us bankrupt and in financial chaos need to be supported. South Carolina seems to be in there among those states who have spent more than they should but at least it was not on ridiculous things like in some states. The Federal Government seems to want to eliminate the whole concept of states rights, they pass laws and then don’t enforce them, and when state’s pass laws they need, the Federal Government attempts to stop them. When we have a real problem like the Congress spending all the money they can tax or borrow they prefer to do that,rather than to cut back and pay as you go. (You won’t believe all the new taxes the Democrats are talking about). When there are real problems like the one million DOCUMENTED sex crimes committed by illegal aliens in the last twenty years Congress just looks the other way. We need a thousand Nikki Haley’s and Sarah Palin’s and anyone who will support the Constitution and fight to keep us free, not just from greed and avarice, but from bankruptcy as a nation. South Carolina is practically broke, the nation is practically broke (but they can just print paper money at will, which in all of history has never ended well), and the world is practically broke (I called my latest book “THE LAST DAYS OF THE LATE GREAT UNITED STATES” but the financial crisis that is coming will be world wide. All will be effected). If we can find and elect a thousand Nikki Haleys and Sarah Palins perhaps we can slow this down but we will have to replace the 111th Congress in November. It is NOVEMBER OR NEVER!

    • Earl

      I am NO Obama supporter. And I’m not a “Birther”.I am not a resident of S.Carolina, though my father’s family’s roots are there. I am a Black Conservative advocating the return to the Constitution as our foundation.

      That said, Jake Knotts is the prime example of why the Republican Party gets the “rap” that it gets. Ironically, so does Lindsey Graham,but I digress. It is this kind of “thinking” (if you want to call it that and also call it “representation”) that no only has no place in these United States of America, but calls for speedy consequences from the hands of the people he “represents”. Those who agree need theropy and a review of the history of The United States and its Constitution.

      Apologies are not acceptable “because” he “thinks” this way. It is to all a good fortune that he was foolish enough to let us know who he really is so as to see to it he doesn’t get re-elected to represent any parts of S. Carolina.

      • Anthony

        Totally agree, here. I would take it one step further..

        We, as Voters, do have the right to demand our Sovereign State Legislatures implement RECALL of any Representative who comes from our District. If the local Town Board(s) don’t want to do as they are told by the citizens, then they can be voted out, as well.

        The Man’s right … DO YOU KNOW your Constitution?

    • Blyker

      He shouldn’t appologize for making a racial slur? How much we expect from our politicians nowadays… And by the way, India is not in the Middle East, nor is it a muslim country. Check your facts.

    • Kevin


  • Shelli

    There is no place in modern politics for uneducated, backwoods, bigoted rednecks like Jake Knotts. He is just another embarrassement to SC. No wonder the rest of the country sees us all in that light.

    • sylvia

      Shelli, excuse me, but I am from the BACK WOODS & i am NOT a BIGGOT NOR A REDNECK, do you even know where the “redneck” word came from??? I do, they were fighting the UNIONS for their lives back litterally, They walked 40 miles throught the MOUBNTAINS to get to COURT to fight back but the UNIONS wanted them DEAD. They tied a RED BANDANA around their necks to let everyone know they were FOR THE PEOPLE & BY THE PEOPLE of the mountains & that were literally slaves of the UNIONS. By the way THEY WON THE COURT BATTLE. But not until they had to fight for their lives in these MOUNTAINS WHERE I LIVE.

      • libertytrain

        Sylvia, I always get a kick out of usually the left referring to backwoods folk and rednecks. Their racism is so evident and their total lack of intelligence is displayed for all to see.

      • Rustytruck

        Thanks Sylvia,
        Stand up and be proud of our backwoods upbringing, so much more honest than what’s going on in DC. I also have to say, anybody that thinks just because we’re from the backwoods it makes us ignorant, don’t really know us at all. I sport an IQ of 139-145 and can out work anybody spouting their crap. First off, we are all Americans, we are supposed to be on the same team here. If they want to pick sides, they should stop and look at who they are aligning against. Rednecks and backwoods folks can hunt and shoot better than the rest of the world. I choose us Sylvia, you got a lot of Vets on your side in this argument.

  • Jim H.

    I would think that people who are in the spot light would have the good sense to be more careful of what the say in public. It happens often and doesn’t turn out good. Learn from others mistakes.

  • Bob

    While I agree that we all have ties to other nations in a way..we have fought for freedom to be a nation of mix , but independent of others, and the term rag-head is some what wrong it is still a nation of free speech—-”or is it”—–we need to say what we feel and get rid of those who would change our way of freedom and God given rights, in religious belief and free speech.we have (had) a constitution that if read, guarantees that .

  • J.M.R.

    i guess someone forgot the dick-tater has other ties

  • Annette Reed

    While I agree that legal (underlined) immigration is a good thing for this nation, it worries me to see immigrants who get off the boat and beeline directly for the voting booth. Both Ms.Haley’s parents were born and raised in India, and that means that with that couple’s foreign ideas is how they raised HER. Ms.Haley is a little new to America, and shouldn’t be at the head of the line, ready to run the state in a big power position. Why is this Indian so ambitious and what are her goals? Sorry, I’d vote for the other candidate because I saw what happened in Fiji. Indians came in, and in a few years took over the entire government.

    • Carl

      My wife and I voted for Nikki Haley yesterday and helped her to 49% of the vote with the other 51% split among the other three candidates.

      She is known to have been born in the United States and likely educated (miseducated?) in public schools unless her parents were fortunate enough to afford private school where she could get a truly superior education. Nikki will get our votes again June 22 in the run-off election. If we had people willing to elect a man to the presidency whose father was from another nation and that they knew little about except he promised “CHANGE” then why not a governor whose parents came over from India. Look at Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana who is of Indian heritage. He is doing a great job as governor. I have much more confidence in Nikki and Bobby than I do in Obama.

      • Debo

        How can anyone be as ignorant as you? Damn.

        • http://naver samurai

          How about you and your ignorant swearing and ranting? Must by a plant by ACORN.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Didn’t you hear? ACORN is dead. Yeah wright!!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Funny Joe H.! We both know that it just goes under the guise of many other names. I should have learned which one she works for.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            In case you didn’t notice, I purposely mispell right when it is in reference to something that is totally un believeable like Odummer is a good pres. Yeah Wright, as in another liar and unbelievable fool, Rev(?) Wright!!

          • http://naver samurai

            I understand what you’re saying Joe H. I know they don’t use the name ACORN anymore, but now they have divided up into so many different entities. The names are different, but the message is still the same. I agree with you that Rev. Wright is a liar also. I just thought what you said was funny. I’ll do better next time.

  • 45caliber

    Come on, I’d MUCH rather see a picture of Haley that Oblama. I’ve seen too much of him already.

  • DaveH

    Big Government at work in Australia:

    Isn’t it wonderful?

    • Carl

      DaveH, what is your point in posting that video? I watched it and agree that the system that kept paying welfare to that radical Muslim for 19 years was wrong. He should have been deported years earlier and not allowed back.
      Our current presidential administration and congress seem intent on allowing such people as that a home in the United States. We know not how many are already here.
      That does not have anything to do with Nikki Haley, a conservative and South Carolina born American, running for political office. She has already served in the state legislature and is only going for the governorship. One Muslim-raised fellow I’ve heard of served a short time in the Illinois legislature and was catapulted into the presidency. Not with my vote, of course.
      My wife and I plan to vote for Nikki Haley again on June 22 and expect she’ll be a good governor if she wins in November.

      • Anthony

        It’s all part of the larger agenda coming from the CFR and Bilderberg.

        • Carrie

          I’ve been searching for CFR alliances that she may have. If you have any proofs on that, I’d like to know about it.

  • s c

    Knotts has forgotten that SOME people LIVE to point fingers and make childish, pc-driven accusations. SOME people claim to be better than the rest of us and show their ‘superiority’ via programmed, false comparisons.
    SOME people claim all of us MUST come from the same cookie cutter. SOME claim that they’ve been ‘picked on’ longer than any other group so get bragging rights and should be ‘first’ in line at the hog trough. Those SAME, ‘SOME people’ think a big tent approach is a world-class merit badge, when it’s proof that they have no purpose for living, other than controlling the world on THEIR terms. SOME people can SHOVE it.

  • Tea Party Tim

    Quite frankly, I am sick of the rhetoric from canidates. It is high time that men and women speak their mind freely and openly. I personally disagree with this type of slur, because I believe that it is a clear indication of prejudice.

    However, this is exactly the reason that our politics do not need to disolve to pure rhetoric. If this is what he said and he meant it then he should be prepared to support it not apolgize for it. If it is not then it would indicate that he is unqualified for office.

    If someone is unable to control their tongue, how can they be entrusted to control anything more.

  • gary

    Be very careful of being tolerant. After all, that is what got us in this mess with a black president that is worthless.

    • Blyker

      as opposed to a white president that was just as if not more worthless and we elected him twice? they’re all worthless. the problem is, when we’re dealt 2 pieces of crap, we have to chose one that smells less.. who knows if mccain would have been any better. our economy could be even worse with all the corporate tax cuts he wanted to make. we could have had even crappier health insurance with more denying of services. we could possibly be fighting in iran and pakistan in addition to iraq and afghanistan with trigger happy ideas. we could possibly be dealing with more oil spills as drill-happy as he is. he’d probably get us into deeper mess than bush did and croak before he took any steps to get us out of it. we need a president that is not affiliated with a party but one that actually gives a damn about what people want. Someone that has a half a brain, listens to both the left and the right and makes an educated decision that can satisfy both sides. And we, in turn, need to stop being so extreme in our beliefs and respect those of others and be willing to make a compromise.

      • Dave

        Corporations don’t pay taxes. They simply collect taxes that “We The People” pay and then turn them over to the government. If corporations are taxed more, it simply means that the American people pay more in taxes. Cutting taxes means cutting government. I don’t see a problem here.

      • http://naver samurai

        If you had half a brain, you would know that Bush is by far the better of the 2 presidents. First, we’re no in Iran. Second, Obama bin Laden has aquired a much larger debt than Bush. Third, Obama bin Laden also has done so much more harm to our constitution and this country than any other president in history. Fourth, refuses to prove to us that he is a legitimate ccitizen of the U.S.A., tec., etc., how can you even try to take time to compare the two?

        • Blyker

          I’m disappointed in Obama as much as many who voted or didn’t vote for him. He’s alot of talk, little action. However, calling him Obama bin Laden is tasteless and immature, and further shows us as ignorant bigotted a-holes. As far as Bush goes… how many constitutional laws did his administration violate with the “patriot” act? How many lies did he tell us to get us to support the war in Iraq, and how badly did he screw that up? How about revealing a CIA operative’s identity, just because he didn’t agree with what her husband had to say – I believe that’s treason in the U.S. As for debt, look up how much this unnecessary war accumulated and don’t forget that the bailout was already in the works during Bush’s time. Obama came to office to clean up Bush’s mess… too bad he’s too incompetent to do it. As for his place of birth, you birthers would still cry conspiracy if he presented a video of his birth with the address of the hospital and the doctor’s american license in the shot.

    • jomama

      I agree with Gary on this!!! I get called names all the time. You don’t hear me running to Congress crying “Boo hoo!! He called me names I don’t like!!”. See – I can take it.
      AND furthermore – when someone called me a Mic (because I am Irish) I was SOOOOO NOT offended. It’s what I am.
      If it walks like a duck & talks like a duck – it’s a duck!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        no, I thought you were an AMERICAN!?!?!?

    • http://naver samurai

      Remember what Aristotle said: “Tolerance is the final virtue of a dying society.”

  • Harold Olsen

    Your reasons for Haley not being elected governor is nothing but ignorant CRAP. So what if she is only first generation American born. That does not mean that she is not a patriotic, true blue American.

    Both of my sets of grandparents were born in Europe. My father’s parents came from Norway and my mother’s from Italy. My mother raised and taught us that we were Americans and not Norwegian-American or Italian-Americans or Norwegian-Italian-Americans. We were Americans of Norwegian and Italian descent. That was how she though of herself–an American of Italian descent. Because they were born in Italy, she thought of her parents as Italian–to be exact, Italian born Americans.

    You don’t have to be in this country for generations to be a true blue American.

    Obama is NOT a true-blue American. I don’t believe he is an American at all. Everything he says and does convinces me that he hates America and Americans.

    • Debo

      Harold Olsen.
      At start of your post you were making sense, but by the end you just contradicted yourself. Obama’s father was foreign as yours was, but his mothers’parents were at least 2nd generation Americans,so how is it you are American and he is not. Saying bad things about the country doesn’t revoke ones’ citizenship. By the way what is it that Obama is doing and saying that makes him so un-American? Seems that I haven’t been listening. I have had nice experiences with Europian Italians and Norwegians and your attitude isn’t what you were taught. If you doesn’t like Obama or you disagree with him say so, and stop being such a damn fool.

      • http://naver samurai

        Can we post something here without using vile language? Get back to the hood and get off the koolaid. You sound like a plant to me.

      • Dave

        You need a birth certificate to be an American that holds office. Also, if you are a real American, you will have a real social secutity #. Haley has both…does your preseident?

        • http://naver samurai

          Let’s not forget his college transcripts that just fell off of the radar screen.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I still want to see what those hackers saw when they hacked into Odummers college transcripts!!! Bet it would be a page turner!!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Joe H., now you know there’s a good chance they either found nothing or they were someone elses records. Obama bin Laden doesn’t seem smart enough to graduate high school, let alone college.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            they probably found nothing as in whats in his head!!! Course I would like to find out they discovered that he applied for a foreign student federal grant!!!! I’d party for a week!!!

  • gary

    Was it people of color that got us this far and created this great country? How about the original pilgrims or the founding fathers. I wonder if the Spanish or Africans could have accomplished this. Seems like an interesting question to me.What about the Mexicans or the American indians. I wonder if they could have written the constitution. They act like they did write it. Hmmm India well I wonder what their idiology is. You might get what you wish for.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Why does everything have to center around race to you???

    • http://naver samurai

      Haven’t we taken our medicine today?

  • http://gmail i41

    Well we know the Indians lived under a quazi socialist society, and always were moving because of deoleating areas of game and sanation. The only tribe that had some type of writen speach was the Cherokee. The rest used pictographs style to record info. All needed a leader and some high ranking sub chiefs for advice, mexicans ancestory was pretty blood thirsty and were more complex than indians, blacks were pretty much like the indians but none ever developed wheels or had much advancement. Since the indians have the offical apology from the government, now they ought to get off the victomology attitude and start to be productive citizens. So if they don’t utilize their rez, sell it off to somebody that will use it and taxpayers don’t have to keep investing in the rezes with negiative returns. USA does not need welfare leeches and a bunch of fat toads, same goes for blacks and mexicans. All were subdued, because of advancement of tecknology. Vikings, Euorpeans,and Aisans all developed much more their learnng and skills. I don’t have any problems calling groups that were diapers on the heads a rag head. Because I worked in the sun and out doors I have a red neck literally, it sure didn’t bother me or fellow workers, we were rednecks, and proud of it. We paid the freight on the welfare rats!

  • andrew

    cant we all just drop the namecalling? The shock politics that the liberals seem to be masters of is just bringing down the real issues down,and should have no place in american political circles ,besides the issues can stand on their own merrits and we conservatives dont need to justify the liberal left derogatory remarks with an answer that puts us down to their please dont even reply to their childish comments.


    Barry aka B.S. deserves these intitals because he is full of it. If he is so haughty and aloof that he feels he can diregard the law and avoid providing his credentials by leagal restraint then it’s only fair that we as Americans can refer to him in any way we want. This does not mean we disparage the oval office in any way the Deemers have avoided vetting their candidate while insisting that the opposition prove their validity with a birth certificate according to law but as for their candidate it wasn’t necessary, in fact we know little to nothing about him record wise but his performance as the marketed POTUS has informed all that he is not the man for this office legally or ability wise and needs to resign.

  • Southernrage

    Personally, doing business in SC is the worst thing in the world. They always fight against outsiders, they refuse to cooperate and they are attempting to close themselves off from the outside world. I think they should be allowed to secede from the Union. That would be the perfect place to ensure that we know where all of the crazies are located. It would be like our little prison state. No outsiders allowed in without being racist, crazy or fundamentalist (like most residents) and no one is allowed out, once they are locked in. No one likes SC anymore and this governor’s race is exemplary as to why. It just exposes to the rest of the country what those of us who live in neighboring states already know: “South Carolina doesn’t like you, your business, or your different religion, so get out after you leave your vacation money at the beach, of course.”

    • libertytrain

      Have you done business in SC? I find your comment contrary to what I know about SC.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I have been to S.C. at least a dozen times and have found them to be very hospitable and friendly! That is even though I am a “yankee” from Michigan/Ohio. Maybe the treatment you recieved was due to the way you treated THEM!!

      • libertytrain

        Joe H – I thought the comment was weird. BMW has a wonderful manufacturing plant in the Spartanburg, SC area as one example – and because of that plant many other companies (from Germany) opened as well in that area – that’s just one example – and Boeing is or has built a plant around Charleston that caused a lot of flack – not with the South Carolina folk but rather the Seattle people who went so far as to say the people of South Carolina were too “stupid and redneck” to do those “highly intelligent” jobs. I heard that particular interview – and was shocked by the Seattle-based racism – as we all were in these parts – I live on the border of NC and SC so our news is shared with both regions.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Maybe that’s where southernrage is from, Seattle!!! Southern Seattle!!!

    • Carl

      I think the name this person used in posting (SouthernRage) indicates something about attitude. I lived in Florida and Georgia before moving to Greenville,SC in 1973 and have found no anger, hostility, mean-spirited attitudes toward “outsiders”. To the contrary, people of the area are welcoming and friendly. Many people from other parts of the country have moved here for jobs and stayed and others have come here to retire. You can be assured that Michelin, Caterpillar,GE and so many other top-notch companies would lcoate here if we were so backward, racist and hateful. There are very few people here like that and probably fewer than in many other states. You can find rude, racist and mean people anywhere. Have you been to metro Atlanta, Miami, NYC? But there’s also good people there also. Look for the best in people and expect the best. Thanks

  • chuck b

    this country was founded by christians and the governmment set up with the intentions of it staying christian.
    we are being led down the path of destruction by allowing people of islamic faith and other un-orthodox religions to gain power in our government. immigrants coming to this country for freedom and choice should accept our culture or stay out of the government. there is no other country like ours and if we keep continuing down this multi-culture road, we will end up just like the countries these people immigrated from. if this sounds racists, so be it.

  • http://none Anthony

    Well, ok it’s not nice. What would be wrong with allowing the voters to decide his fate period, isn’t it long time we get over this racist issue. Do you know there are supposed “adult people” out there who think racist comments, I mean laughing at a stupid joke, is akin to lying, cheating, stealing, MURDER!!!??? WE have NO constitutional right NOT to get your Wittle (not a typo) feelings hurt, if so my lady-friend should be on death row. I am of FULLBLOODED Mexican desent, second generation U.S. born, I am very fair-skined and tall; I’ve had ONE incident where a “white person” refered to me as a “spic”, :( I was boinking the girl he had the hots for while we were both stationed in S.Dakota, she’s “white”, (and we are still friendly over E-mail)I wasn’t too hurt, oh okay, if his WIFE back home had been around, to get even I might of boinked her too, except she was fat and ugly. (sorry) I am about being an American take this race card and play it where it will do some real good, in the bathroom.

  • Anthony

    Tea Party Tim said:
    However, this is exactly the reason that our politics do not need to disolve to pure rhetoric. If this is what he said and he meant it then he should be prepared to support it not apolgize for it. If it is not then it would indicate that he is unqualified for office.

    And, to be direct – this Country was founded by People who had had enough of Mercantil-ism and tyranny from the Monarchy, and the Central Bankers who controlled their Riches. It was secondary that religion was an issue. Just ask Benjamin Franklin.

    Today’s name for Mercantil-ism(?) CORPORATE WELFARE
    Yes, it did exist all the way back in those days… fostered by what we know today as unwarranted and “illegal” (?) banking activities from the Rothschild Clan, who later took complete control of the Bank of England after Waterloo [ True Story ]

    That’s the truth of it – all you have to do is read HAMILTON’S CURSE, THE NAKED CAPITALIST, and/or TRAGEDY and HOPE.

    The damning issue with thes Politician is he probably hasn’t read any of the books below… or worse yet, has sold his soul to the Money’d Elite-ist who have taken over this Country ala Alexander Hamilton …. when the Country became GREAT on the teachings and beliefs of Thomas Jefferson.

    Tea Party Tim is spot-on with his comment and it says it all.
    The trick would be to get the Voters in his District to see, hear or read Tim’s comment and learn to believe it

    People keep slippin back into the slurs and the name calling like it’s some kind of badge (of honor?… gimme a break) — when all it really is, …is that it’s a sign of character weakness and outright fear…. Fear of those that are different.

    MTV, back in the Eighties and early Nineties had a commercial they would play all the time —

    Prejudice and Discrimination are based on Fear and Ignorance
    [And...] Ignorant People should never be allowed to breed.

    There was a lot of truth to that commercial
    And, the cure to it all was for us to get ourselves educated
    Sooner than later, even if it meant on our own using the Internet…
    (It’s what I do… and I am better-versed in Constitutional Theory nowadays more than ever…. You all should try it.

    Read those books… and you will see!

  • http://none Anthony

    Add:Don’t you think that !@#*+ Rep. is just a hottie!!! Who cares what some jerk says after pouring some liquid post-grad studies in his big mouth?!?!? Oh, Indian women don’t wear their “rag” on their head, dummy. Don’t ask.

  • chuck b


    what in the world are you talking about?? it seems to be a one sided conversation and by the way i don’t discriminate, i’ve had my share of latin beauties. in fact one their husbands is still looking for me, she still calls me after all those years.

    • Tea Party Tim

      Chuck, I believe that Anthony is responding to an earlier post of mine and relating to the views of the founders. The point of my post was that discussions should remain civil and respectful. However, if a debate reached a point that it could no longer be conducted as gentlemen, then one should be prepared to back up their arguments.

      Some years ago I learned a very important lesson, “Words mean things”. Yes, it is simplistic and I make no claim to intellectual prowess, but this simple three word statment conveys much. Our words originate in our hearts and thoughts. The originations of our hearts and thoughts once spoken will ultimately be reflected in our actions.

      • chuck b

        tea party tim

        i was just pulling his chain. he was so intent on telling everyone he is mexican and he slept with a white gal, big deal.


        if i remember my history correctly, christopher columbus, french,portugese and nordic are considered white. the english,german and french made up the founding fathers of what we consider the original colonies. our culture originated there. i don’t critize other races, i do critize them when they immigrate to the u.s. and want to live their culture here instead of adapting, otherwise they should stay in their own country. when i say culture, i believe its roots are from christianity (protestant), that doesn’t mean catholics are not a part of this country, but, the original fathers did not want a church running the government such as the church of england or rome.

  • Rustytruck

    I have just one more thing to say here. It seems like everyone is preoccupied with who was here first and what race or color they were, etc. etc. The truth of it all is a lot of other countries had people here long before whites, remember Christopher Columbus, French, Spanish, Portugese, Nordic. It was only the structuring of a free Govt. that was written by European white man. The country was already here with many different races in place. I mean really, who cares who was here first, they devised a plan to become free and made it available to all men so that point is moot anymore. Let’s just fix the crap in DC and get on with it.
    The native born was to protect us from infiltrators out to destroy our lives and it was a good provision to make. Support our constitution as is and we all already know what has to be done. Obama does not qualify for the job so he has to go, Period, end of story.

  • What?

    Hmmm? Marines are called “jarheads” and accept the moniker proudly. Wear a “cowboy hat”, and you’re called a cowboy. Wear a beret` and you’re automatically “frenchy” or a “frog” of “froggy” Bald men are called “chrome dome” or “baldie” Wear a toupee and you’re called a rughead or carpet head. Wear a little pointy hat and you’re obviously KKK.
    What do people who wear rags, towels, or tablecloths wrapped around their heads want to be called? A towel wearing man of arab descent? A turban wearing man of Indian descent? A towel wearing man of middle eastern descent? A towel wearing man of Palistinian descent? A towel wearing terrorist with ties to Hamas, or Bin Ladin? A towel wearing man with terrorists ties to Somalia? All this political correctness is out of control and just too confusing.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I don’t condone using a term like ‘raghead’ publicly. There are many people with Indian national origin here in Queens. Many do not wear turbans. The turban indicates their religion (the Sikh faith), not their nationality. There are even some Indians in our Christian church…..On the other hand, what I find more outrageous is Christian/Jew-bashing by leftists and democraps. These miscreants criticize many of us who read the Bible, support gun rights, the Constitution, participate in tea parties, etc. They liken us to potential terrorists!! BS!! IMO the 2010 and 2012 elections can’t come soon enough!! We need to defeat as many democraps/leftists as possible!!

  • ABinGA

    Joe H — I caught the Wright


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