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Ryan’s 2012 Budget Proposal Calls For $179 Billion In Cuts

April 6, 2011 by  

Ryan's 2012 budget proposal calls for $179 billion in cutsIf Democrats and Republicans meet in the middle this week and approve a measure to fund the Federal government, Tea Party supporters are likely to condemn any compromise.

Members of the grassroots movement have already slammed top GOP officials, accusing them of breaking their campaign promises to significantly reduce government spending. In response, Republicans have called on fiscally conservative Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to draft a budget proposal for fiscal year 2012.

On April 5, Ryan introduced The Path to Prosperity calling for $3.53 trillion in Federal spending in fiscal year (FY) 2012, $179 billion less than President Barack Obama's plan. Ryan's proposal, which is backed by other House Republicans, pledges to balance the budget by 2015 and cut $5.8 trillion in spending over the next decade, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Path to Prosperity stands little chance of passing a Democrat-led Senate and being signed by the President. The proposal, if approved, would repeal Obama's healthcare law, reduce spending on government health-insurance programs and make fundamental changes to Medicare and Medicaid.

Although some liberals may claim that Ryan's proposal would devastate the economy, Tea Party politicians have said that the GOP's cuts are inadequate. Senator Rand Paul's (R-Ky.) budget for FY 2012 calls for a restructuring of the Department of Defense, the repeal of Obamacare and major changes to block granting programs such as Medicaid, State's Child Health Insurance Program and food stamps.

Paul claims that his plan would cut nearly $4 trillion in spending over the next five years. 

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  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    How can any reasonable person compromise on just a 3.7% spending cut in the deficit and a less than 1.5% spending cut in the total budget, which is what the Republican spending cuts of 61 billion dollars represents. Calling these miniscule percentages of spending cuts draconian and mean spirited is insane and dishonest, and proves there is another agenda here, other than trying to reduce spending to lower the deficit by a reasonable amount. Obama’s and the Democrats’ lies have to stop and so does their out-of-control spending that is ruining the nation.

    • Mick

      Randy ,,I hear that…….

      I am for the following and if by any chance we get a surplus let’s apply it to the national debt………….

      Senator Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) budget for FY 2012 calls for a restructuring of the Department of Defense, the repeal of Obamacare and major changes to block granting programs such as Medicaid, State’s Child Health Insurance Program and food stamps.

    • Mike in MI

      Hells Bells Everybody -
      We should all be screaming bloody murder that government is appropriating our money without the necessary authority to appropriate and spend given them by a (Constitutionally mandated) budget!

  • Howard Roark

    Obama (the undocumented worker) rejected the recommendations of his own debt reduction one can count on him or the Dems to want to cut spending, (necessary to fund their vote buying schemes.) when you rob from Peter to pay Paul you can count on Paul to vote for you. Ryans plan will be painful but the longer they wait the more painful the medicine will be.

    • Mick

      Obama (the undocumented worker) rejected the recommendations of his own debt reduction one can count on him or the Dems to want to cut spending, (necessary to fund their vote buying schemes.) when you rob from Peter to pay Paul you can count on Paul to vote for you. Ryans plan will be painful but the longer they wait the more painful the medicine will be.

      Howard …………….

      You’re absolutely right !
      Ryan has the right idea ! ,

      The waste perpetrated on all the government programs are unconscionable we need to elect people ready to apply some tough measures and discipline and stick to it….

      So what if many( Not all ) welfare recipients don’t have a flat screen TV or cell phone or they’re not able to pay to support their drug habits, they just will have to bite the bullet and clean toilets if necessary……..

      • DGKNJ


      • 45caliber

        Good by me!

    • Lastmanstanding

      HR and everyone. “Ryan plan will be painful.” Are you FKNKiddinMe! What is coming could/will be crushing to most. The forces at play are far more damaging than what these f#$@%ers are doing/not doing and TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! It is a diversion. The Pauls are on the right track. Progressives both left and right have been bought and paid for. The info is all over the place. In fact, alot of you post it here…Every damn day.

      Everyone here was given a brain and a chance to have a life like no other… please open that brain and begin to think outside the box!

      I have listened to everyone for months and months on this site. The people on this site are all over the place religiously, politically, racially, etc. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN AND HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR A 100 YEARS OR MORE! Your freedom and liberty is nearly gone.

      Please hear me out. I have always been a republican. I voted for Bush. Do some reasearch on the Bushes. If you are a repub. you probably won’t like what you find. Anyone who could vote for the Clinton’s is no better. I don’t even want to waste time on obama and his band of SCUM.

      Do most of you no anything about the fed??? These bastards should all be put on a rock pile with sledge hammmers and worked for the rest of their miserable f#$%ing lives. That is there goal for all of us. I’ll leave it at that.

      Let me save you all some time.
      Chris Duane, blog


      If you spend time here, I’m sure Bob Livingston won’t mind you spending time there. IF YOU ARE OPEN-MINDED, you will not be disappointed.

    • 45caliber

      Correct. But Peter won’t. What we need to do is see that Peter is the one who elects the right people.

      Actually, I believe that the original idea of voting was good. If you owned property, you voted. If you didn’t own anything, you didn’t vote.

      The reason was that the non-property owners would be encouraged to take advantage of the property owners who were paying the taxes.

      Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

      • Mike in MI

        45caliber -
        About that business of “owning property”.
        Um, we are 14.5 TRILLION in debt. We’ve been told endlessly, “We owe it to ourselves.” Well, if that is true, who holds the note for all that borrowing? Our Government?
        Last time I checked they represent us in this system and act on our behalf – right? So, who are they borrowing from …for us? Doesn’t that party, whoever they are, hold the note? Our “representatives” must negotiate with them for something as far as collateral? What businessman would ever loan money without some form of “security”?
        In other words, if whoever is loaning us the money decied to call in his note…what would he be able to take control of?

    • JeffH

      Howard Roark, I’m all for a long term budget reduction to rein in the deficit and Ryan seems to be one of the few, along with the Pauls, in DC to understand that. The Dems have done nothing and aren’t interested in the preservation of America and they will obstruct at every opportunity using the media and their own efforts to demonize a fiscally responsible budget plan that isn’t their own. The medias goal is to parrot and discredit the opposition while dutifully and passionately reciting Obama’s liberal mantra as if it were news — propagandizing in an attempt to reshape the political opinions of unwary Americans.

  • Bob

    The federal budget in 2002 was $1.96 trillion. In 2011 it is 3.53 trillion. Cutting only $179 billion is very little. A budget of $2 trillion is what we need. We can’t afford this unbelievably bloated federal government.

    • 45caliber

      Actually, the big part of why we need the big numbers now is that approximately 40% of the existing budget is just to pay the interest on our debt. In other words, the interest alone is over a trillion dollars a year …

      So if we went back to the 2002 budget, we’d have half as much to run things.

      Now, personally, I think that would be a good idea. In fact, I’d prefer to see our budget balanced and then see our debts paid off. But to do it, we’d have to cut our federal budget BIG TIME.

      Still, it sounds good to me.


    If your average American family had to cut their budget the way the democrats are proposing, all it would take is eating one less ice cream cone a week to match the stupidity they are proposing. Lets get real here and not waste time on pennies

    • Mick

      Good one DANNY
      , That’s about what it boils down to !!!
      What a bunch of idiots and that goes for anybody voting for the Democrats…

  • Bitter Libertarian

    A HUGE factor that is not discussed is the Interest % that will result if the FED tries to control inflation. A .5% increase in the interest rate will force an increase which eats into any cuts made.

    I havent had the time to look at numbers because those numbers are manipulateable….what we need to see are Goverment agencies shut down for good.

    For instance…this list of Agencies needs to be chopped:

    United States Intelligence Community
    Director of National Intelligence
    National Intelligence Council [NIC]
    National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC)
    National Counterintelligence Executive [NCIX]
    Central Intelligence Agency
    National Security Agency
    National Reconnaissance Office
    National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
    Defense Intelligence Agency
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis
    Assistant to the Secretary for Intelligence Oversight
    Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence
    Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
    Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration
    Defense Information Systems Agency
    Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
    Defense Protective Service
    Defense Security Service
    US Special Operations Command
    Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
    Intelligence and Security Command
    National Security Council
    President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
    Office of National Drug Control Policy
    Energy Department
    Office of Intelligence
    Justice Department
    Justice Intelligence Coordinating Council
    OIG – Office of the Inspector General
    DEA – Drug Enforcement Administration
    NDIC – National Drug Intelligence Center
    USNCB – U.S. National Central Bureau
    State Department:
    INR – Bureau of Intelligence & Research
    INL – Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
    CT – Counterterrorism Office
    DS – Bureau of Diplomatic Security
    Treasury Department
    Office of Intelligence Support
    Office of the Under Secretary (Enforcement)
    FINCEN – Financial Crimes Enforcement
    FLETC – Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

    National Archives and Records Administration
    Information Security Oversight Office

    Think theres a bit of redundency? Sure some are needed, but just how many security & intelligence (oxymoron) agencies are needed!

    • 45caliber

      Each group NEEDS their intelligence group because they can’t trust any one else’s figures. I’m not sure why, though …

      • spitfire

        Thats gangsters for ya!

      • Bitter Libertarian

        Thats weird enough, but how about within ones own department! I call that a TAX SWINDLE & BOONDOGGLE!

    • Don in Ohio

      Your list is a little heavy on Security!
      How about some balance…
      EPA – Kills business with doing any good.
      OSHA – Kills business with doing any good.
      EEOC – Kills business with doing any good.
      Labor dept – Kills business with doing any good.
      IRS – Steals from all of us.
      SEC – Protects the quilty.
      FED Reserve – Unelected “private” thugs manipulating and destroying the economy.
      ATF – What good do they do?
      ICE – What good do they do?
      DEA – Wow – the war on drugs is really working, right?
      FCC – Should keep their hands off the Internet!
      Support the FAIRTAX at fairtax . org, this is a tax on spending, not income, far simplier, 45 states already have a sales tax. It should replace the Income Tax and the IRS, gasoline tax, cigarette tax and hundreds of other fees and taxes I can’t remember.

      • Don in Ohio

        OOPS, that should be “Killing business with OUT doing any good!”

  • 2WarAbnVet

    The Congress is quibbling over current cuts of sixty-one billion dollars, and proposing future cuts of 179 billion dollars. In the single short month of February we posted the largest monthly deficit in history at 223 billion dollars. Either present proposal is a pittance compared to the debt that is being run up. We are on the brink of economic disaster while our elected officials are completely deaf to the desperate plight of the American economy.

    • Jeep

      The current fight:
      A. could have been “avoided” had the Dems passed a budget last year
      B. is currently focused on two issues, Planned Parenthood and ObamaCare
      C. is only a pre-curser to the upcoming budget battle

      I think we need to focus on what cuts need to be made, not just numbers. NEA, IRS, EPA, and any number of other unConstitutional govt agencies that do…ummm…do something need to chopped without remorse. THEN, we can look at the numbers to see who gets what.

  • 45caliber

    Only $179 billion?

    Pitiful …

    Let’s balance the budget instead.

  • Patriot

    I agree with Rand Paul. The defense budget is massive and needs to be cut.

    • spitfire

      Its not the problem, and it is the one thing we really do need. We were thinking the same after WWI, and we got caught with nothing to fight with when the second world war broke out. We need to have the best, well armed military in the world with the most advanced weapons available to man. We then need to stay out of everyone’s business, and let them fight and kill each other, not us.

      • Jeep

        Exactly, “Walk softly, and carry a big stick…”

      • Bitter Libertarian

        I concur! High tech, very powerful..lets keep the “gun” in the holster and only use it Constitutionally.

      • barbm

        when it comes right down to it, that’s the only constitutional job of the federal govt. they’re supposed to levy enough taxes to raise an srmy to keep our country safe. everything else should go to the states.

    • independant thinker

      Before we make any large cuts in the military I would propose we do the following.

      1. Eliminate the Department of energy it has been a total failure in
      original goal of making us energy independant.

      2. Eliminate the Department of Education I am not aware of a single
      original thought from that has improved education.

      3. Civilian hiring freeze at all levels and all areas of federal
      government. Absolutely no new hires and no increase in size of
      departments and agencies. If an opening comes up that absolutely
      has to be filled there will be plenty of available personel
      available from the eliminated depts.
      4. Start the military cuts by eliminating our forces in Europe
      except for possible a couple of hundred.

      This is where I would start then I would move on to other areas as follows.

      1. True welfare reform.

      2. Eliminate ALL subsidies both direct and indirect to truck lines
      and airlines. This means they have to pay the true full costs of
      their use of the highways and airports.

      3. Reduce foreign aid to 75% of its current level immediately then
      study the remaining and cut it as necessary.

      • barbm

        you forgot subsidies to farmers and oil companies. paying farmers to let their fields lie fallow is outrageous as wheat, corn, and everything else goes up. and why do oil companies need help from the feds?

        • independant thinker

          Wouldn’t say I forgot them I just do not rank them as being as important as the items I listed esp. farmers subsidies.

          • barbm

            you do realize it’s only the huge farms & wealthy farmers who are elligible for this program, right? monsanto et al.

        • Karolyn

          And what about the Republican congresspeople who get farm subsidies? I saw an interview with four of them and only one said he wouldn’t mind his subsidies being cut. The others just hedged.

    • http://deleted Claire

      I do not agree. My thoughts are NEVER to cut back on military might, weaponry. What the hell would we have to fight with if America was attacked? It could happen, especially with all the nutjobs and terrorists that are allowed in the U.S.

      • http://deleted Claire

        An addendum–bring our troops home, Yes!!

  • Bitter Libertarian

    Right now we pay around 200 BILLION in Interest (1.5%) Thats 15% of Federal tax receipts. If they were to jack that rate up to stem inflation, that would put the interest up around 700Billion or nearly 70% of tax receipts!! And thats only on the money owed right now & TODAY! never mind any funding or liabilities in the next few years!

    Even if they took every dollar everyone made for one year it wouild not cover the deficit and NOT balance the budget. Those saying thats ok, divide it over 3 or 5 years, we’ll be ok….they are Delusional because the future obligations are even higher, with more interest, and LESS REVENUE!

  • barbm

    i’d like to know exactly what changes he’s planning to make with medicare.

    • Maximus

      i’d like to know exactly what changes he’s planning to make with medicare: ELIMINATE IT along with Social Security and any other program that the top wage earners do not want us to have. When did these programs become entitlements? Haven’t we, the American citizens, paid into SS our entire working lives? YES

      Entitlements to me are: Congress getting Gov’t run health care paid for by the people, giving themselves COLA raises- without public opinion, benefits paid for by the people.

      • http://deleted Claire

        Yes, we have paid into it our entire lives, and the government stole from it. How is the hell is it an entitlement when we paid into it ourselves? It is what they call a “socialist” program, but it was a good program. Another issue the government stole from and ruined.

    • http://deleted Claire

      barbm–From what I hear, they want to cut it back, a possible voucher system. I am hearing all kinds of things, I don’t know what is exactly true. Plus they want to do away with Social Security, now that the administrations cannot steal from it anymore. My husband is trying to get all of the information he can, and so far he said it is not good.

      • barbm

        i’ve read some stuff too, but i’m not sure it’s written in english. either that or i’m stoopid. doesn’t make sense. guess they need to dummy it down a bit. :)

  • chuckb

    the first dept to be eliminated is the epa, this is the most dangerous agency in the world. nixon can be thanked for this one. i always thought nixon was one of our better presidents, (his big mistake was pulling a clinton, the little lie about watergate and he wasn’t even under oath unlike clinton.)
    it looks like we are too late in trying to balance the budget, too many recipients at the trough of our welfare, they have the power of the vote now and will vote out anyone who cuts off their free goodies. too many state, federal and public workers, too much union power and a marxist type media.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    While I understand the need for major cuts perhaps me and the Tea Party disagree on how much. That aside I think comprimise is a better option as opposed to a government shutdown. Some is better than none. I disagree on cutting as much as the Tea Party or Republican Party might propose but I would be willing to meet half way. I recently heard figures of Demcrats supporting 30 billion in cuts and Republicans pushing for 60 billion in cuts. Perhaps both parties could meet in the middle with 45 billion in cuts instead of swearing no comprimise and instead of allowing for a shutdown that I feel is counter productive and unnecessary.

  • TIME

    CUT ~ CUT ~ CUT ~ and then CUT even MORE, don’t stop CUTTING until they hit $14.989 TRILLION. That seems about right.

  • jopa

    Instead of Medicare Ryan’s plan would give retirees vouchers to go out and see if they can find someone to insure an elderly American.Basically if you become sick it will be up to the individual to convince the insurance company to be nice and lend a hand.Another real sad part of his plan is kicking children with disabilities off of Medicaid and and giving another 1.3 trillion dollar bonus to the boys on Wall Street.

  • jopa

    chuckb Yah I remember some time ago that nasty EPA came along and made big oil try and clean up the oil spill in the gulf and in Alaska.Then there was New York city not too many years ago just breathing the air was equivalent to smoking five packs of cigarettes a day.We should always look at the bright side like when you fry fish from the gulf they are already pre-oiled saving you money and if we still had that air to breathe in New York people there wouldn’t have to spend $13.45 on a pack.

  • chuckb

    jopa, yeah! i remember watching the epa in action when they forced unleaded gas on us and gave the oil industry a free hand at gouging us at the pump, i also remember the epa driving business out of the country with their ridiculous regulations. you will never convince me they had any thing to do with forcing anyone to clean up a oil spill, furthermore oil dissipates in salt water and doesn’t contaminate fish. oil leaks all along the pacific coast from the sea bottom a natural thing. so eat your heart away the oil won’t bother you. and if people pay that much for a pack of cigarettes in new york, it explains why they are so heavily democratic and vote that way. “tax”

  • http://None John

    Let me see if I got this right. Budget for 2012 is listed at 3.73 Trillion dollars. Now Rep. Ryan is going to put in a bill that appears to achieve 5.8 Trillion Dollars in cuts over 10 years, yet only cuts 179 Billion dollars from the 3.73 trillion dollar budget, which is about 3.551 trillion dollars. Here is where I have a problem, we see 3.73 x 10 years = 37.3 Trillion dollars over 10 years and they only manage to cut it 5.8 Trillion dollars. So that means instead of spending 37.3 Trillion we spend 31.5 Trillion dollars. That means on average the budget went from 3.73 trillion dollars to 3.15 trillion dollars, yet the Ryan budget is still at 3.551 Trillion spending level. Now I assume those numbers work out to the 31.5 Trillion number because he is reducing federal employees from the government (which is a good thing). This is a reduction in the budget of about 15.5%, but it does not even meet what the republicans said they would do. First they said they would move the budget back to 2008 levels. That would be a budget of about 2.5 Trillion dollars. Now if you use 2.5 Trillion over 10 years you get a total spending of 25 Trillion dollars. Thats at least 6.5 Trillion less than Rep. Ryans current proposal. Don’t get me wrong, Ryans proposal is fairly amazing but its no where near enough to even give this economy a chance to survive the rest of this year alone.

    Now as good as Rep. Ryans budget bill is, it has no hope of creating the jobs they say it will create. There are fundamental flaws going on here. First the rate of debt gain is what must be reigned in. So far there is nothing in this budget that actually does that despite all the cuts. From CBO’s own numbers right now we are borrowing 40 cents on every dollar we spend. That means in order to cut the debt growth you must cut 40% of the budget at a minimum. That would be a cut on the 3.73 Trillion dollar budget of 1.492 Trillion dollars to have a budget of 2.238 Trillion dollars. Therefore over 10 years that would mean we spend 22.38 Trillion dollars. This means from 37.3 trillion we cut to 22.38 trillion which would save 15.08 Trillion dollars. Anyone see a big difference here? The budget Rep Ryan has proposed will never reduce the debt. It simply does not cut enough from the budget. But its worse than that folks.

    One more time for those who approve of this budget. IT WON’T WORK!!! I like ryans budget, its something that should have been tried 3-4+ years ago, but doing it for 2012 is worthless. We have maybe six months before inflation hits full force, no recovery in housing or unemployment is happening. Since we borrow 40 cents on every dollar we spend right now. We have to cut this years (2011) budget by at least 40% to have any chance of making it to next years budget. And here we have squabbling over a mere 61 Billion dollar cut when we need a 1.5 trillion dollar cut. Dont you folks realize the dollar will be dead as a door nail before the end of this year if we dont cut massively now? Rep. Ryans budget will not be worth the paper its printed on by the time the new budget even comes up. It appears to me that folks have no clue the economy or the dollar will be dead by the end of this year. The government has lied repeatedly about the Unemployment rate (which is really at 23% and growing), the inflation rate (which is currently running at 8%), the housing market (which is still headed downward at a frightening pace), and the debt rate (for example for March (single month) the debt increased by 223 Billion dollars and ryans budget for next year (full year!) only cuts 179 Billion for the whole year). I have gone over the numbers folks and if we dont cut the 2011 budget, there will be no 2012 budget to worry about. It will have been made null and void by the collapse of the dollar before the end of the year.

    So all of you ask yourself right now, if the dollar is worth nothing, what will I do? Thats where we will be in 6 months time or less than that if there is another japan type calamity in another industrialized economy before then. Wake up folks! We have to force these spineless republicans to cut this year or we wont make it to 2012 with Ryans budget! The clock is ticking folks, time is running out and its not on our side.

  • jopa

    chuckb:If you really want some lead in your bloodstream just go to the sports store and buy some lead sinkers to suck on.Then you go on to say that oil doesn’t harm fish, well in the gulf a school of dolphin were found to have been killed by the oil disaster just this week.What about those little fish, do you think they have a chance when that stuff will even kill a whale.If it weren’t for the EPA you would be totally brain dead today.

    • patty

      Jopa-Here is your great EPA protecting you.
      While the President and Lisa Jackson, his appointment to be the head of the EPA, prepared for the 2009 UN Copenhagen Climate Summit and the implementation of Cap and Trade, BP was receiving rubber stamps from the Obama administration on all their submissions for off shore drilling procedures. The agency that is responsible for protecting us from environmental calamity had lost sight of its most pressing duty. The very purpose of the EPA was sacrificed for political goals and agendas.
      Here is the rest of it:
      PS:Do you know the difference between a dolphin and a whale?

  • jopa

    Patty: Do I know the differance between a dolphin and a whale?Sure do.I have been on whale watching tours and while on cruise ships on several occasions we have had dolphins swimming alongside.If you need descriptions or want pictures to find out the difference’s just google whale or dolphin.Just remember the whales are the bigger guys.I hope this will help you out in this matter and if you need further assistance just let me know.It would be a good idea for you to start watching Animal Planet.Truly fascinating!!

    • Patty

      Jopa-Nimrod-I do not need an education in aquatics. You are the one that talked about dolphins and then …enough to kill a whale. I thought you were the confused one. Well, you are but I guess that is beside the point. The better question is, did you check the site I posted? Obviously not, or yes because you refuse to comment on a fact that disagrees with you or proves your sorry A$$ wrong. I will chase you and haunt you until you either go away or at the least learn something factual.

  • Charles

    You now have Patty pissed at you. You know Patty is right, you never
    get your facts right. You either can`t read with meaning or your
    just plain stupid. I`ve told you over and over get your facts right.
    I like you jopa,but you have to start taking time to get your facts right and quit shooting from the hip. Find out the truth about Obama
    and friends.Find out what is a lie and the truth. The truth will set you free.


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