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Ryan: Budget For Real Spending Discipline

March 21, 2012 by  

Ryan: Budget For Real Spending Discipline
Representative Paul Ryan unveiled a new House budget proposal on Tuesday.

House Republicans introduced an ambitious, if risky during an election year, budget plan to restructure the way government operates and set the Nation on a course to eliminate its deficits by 2040.

The proposal, authored by Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), would reduce debt by reshaping Medicare and Medicaid while deeply cutting other domestic spending and reshaping the tax code to give Americans lower tax rates.

The plan will be rejected by the Democratic Senate, though The Washington Post  reports that it is likely less intensive than most Tea Party conservatives would consider ideal. Ryan’s plan, which he drafted with Democratic Senator Ron Wyden (Ore.), would turn Medicaid spending into a block grant program and cut food stamps and other social welfare programs. The plan, like past GOP budget proposals, also calls for offering seniors retiring in future years payments with which to buy private health insurance coverage along with a traditional fee-for-service option to alleviate Democratic concerns over the restructuring. Many of the budget plan proposals have proven to be anathema to most Democratic lawmakers in the past.

In a recent opinion piece in The Wall Street JournalRyan defends his proposals, “Our budget’s Medicare reforms make no changes for those in or near retirement. For those who will retire a decade from now, our plan provides guaranteed coverage options financed by a premium-support payment. And this year, our budget adds even more choices for seniors, including a traditional fee-for-service Medicare option.”

The timing of the plan’s release is expected to make Republican willingness to make deep cuts and change the way healthcare funding is handled a key issue for Democrats in 2012.

Ryan also reiterates the GOP’s desire to simplify the tax code with the plan similar to those offered by both GOP Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. It replaces the current six brackets of the tax system with just two tax levels: a 10 percent marginal tax for low-wage earners and 25 percent for those with higher incomes. Corporate taxes would also be slashed from 35 percent to 25 percent, and corporate taxes for overseas profits mostly would be eliminated under the Ryan proposal.

To offset the lower tax rates, which Republicans contend will spur economic growth, the budget proposal allocates $1.028 trillion in Federal spending for fiscal year 2013; the spending allocation will also likely raise a stink among Democrats at $19 billion less than the cap imposed after last summer’s contentious debt ceiling negotiations.

Paul, however, says his plan is the only way to turn around the U.S. economy without making dangerous sacrifices, “Like last year, our budget delivers real spending discipline. It does this not through indiscriminate cuts that endanger our military, but by ending the epidemic of crony politics and government overreach that has weakened confidence in the nation’s institutions and its economy. And it strengthens the safety net by returning power to the states, which are in the best position to tailor assistance to their specific populations.”

Democratic critics say the Ryan plan is a surefire way to make Congressional budget negotiations the same tedious embarrassment that they were last year.

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Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Flashy

    Yeah…what a budget. makes one feel all warm and fuzzy that the Middle Class, the family farm, and those not a Big Corporation or a member of the 1% are not shafted by the GOPs rampant mismanagement of the ’00s.

    It is one where the rich pay less in taxes than the unfairly low rates they pay now, while programs for the Common American- including Medicaid and food stamps – are slashed and thrown to the whims of individual states. Where older Americans no longer have a guarantee that Medicare will pay for their health needs. Where lack of health insurance is rampant, preschool is unaffordable, and environmental and financial regulation are severely weakened.

    Oh, it gets better. It vows to balance tax cuts for corporations and the rich by closing loopholes, but never lists the loopholes. It is, however, quite specific about cutting Medicaid and eliminating plans to provide health insurance for the millions who lack coverage now.

    It cuts from every area which the Middle Class, small business, and the family farm benefit. It transfers more wealth in the continuance of the unparallelled redistribution of wealth began under Reagan from the Middle Class to the upper 1%, it favors Big Corporation in grants and subsidy continuance, slashes research and science, and overall…it demands everyone sacrifice but the wealthy, the Big Corporation, and the military.

    Yeah…. all warm and fuzzy.

    • Robert Smith

      A balanced budget is easy. Even Bill Clinton could do it.

      What’s all the mystery?


      • Flashy

        LOL…well, it seems that people didn’t like those years of peace and prosperity during Clinton..they keep saying they’d collapse if we went back to those tax rates and eliminated the Bush/Cheney redistribution of wealth tax “reform” cuts. So now the far Right is saying we need to gut the programs and departments which aid and assist the Middle Class since they can’t tax the Middle Class any further and they lost all the well paying jobs with their economic mismanagement (and seeing they want to return to the very economic disaster policies of the 00s so any income growth is impossible for the average American)

        That’s the problem. Anti Americanism.

      • Ted Crawford

        Unfamiliar with the Constution , like Obama, Robert? Artical 1, Section 7, Clause 1 ” All bills for raising Revenue SHALL originate in the house of Repersentatives”! Clinton simply had the good sense, unlike Harry Reid or Obama, to sign it!

      • DavidL

        Clinton, and Reagan, raised taxes on the wealthy.

      • Ted Crawford

        ” Clinton and Reagan raised taxes on the wealthy”. True David, until, in Clintons case we changed the make-up of Congress, and in Reagans case untill he realized the mistake. Reagan cut the top tax rate from 70% to 28% and ushered in the longest, peacetime, period of economic growth in American history!

      • Wyatt

        Peace Flashy ? You are truly Delusional . I and my fellows got lit up real good in Somolia and the mighty Clinton pulled us out with the job half finished . When the Embassy was bombed in Kenya and when the USS Cole was attacked , and he knew without a doubt who was behind it and did nothing he set up the attacks of 9/11 just as surely as if he had planned them . Yes he may have balanced the budget and , got a blowjob in the Oval office . But he helped create the situation tnat exists now . And people like you only make it worse when you elect another idiot to be president , and one who can’t or won’t prove his eligibility to hold the office and who spends money on what ever he wants and bullies us for more .

        You have your head shoved up a body cavity that can’t be mentioned here I suggest you just keep quiet and smell what you shovel .

      • http://crybabies agaist evil doers

        You must be a 1% receiving welfare, liven off the 99%? Not all 99% are what you think. very many of them are white americans.

    • Sandra

      You sir are an idiot! I am sure you are in favor of the newest Obama green energy/fuel plan…Oh…lets make fuel from algae sludge!!So the Solar Cell Energy Companies got millions…oh wait, billions of tax payer money via Obama Stimulus…B.S….they got rich and he got Political Backing
      …It seems all thes “Greenies” are connected by the proverbial DOT to Obama and his Selected Elites…WAKE UP YOU IDIOT!! Do some damn research..and YOUR wonderful president tripled the national deficit in less than two years, increased the price of oil on purpose by refusing to let AMERICA drill her own oil. And don’t give me the b.s. about oil production being up…maybe…BUT it is not being sold or delivered in any way to AMERICAN consumers…No Buddy Boy,. it is going to China and other foreign markets.

    • Warrior

      Unbelievable! Why in the world is congress wasting time on budgets? They should be investigating the New Orleans Saints scandal. The bean counter in chief already submitted his budget to dingy harry and it was deemed accepted.

    • amwa

      Flashy, you are the only one who makes any sense on this rag. Keep it up.

      • Libertytrain

        Yet you are here reading this “rag.” – figures.

    • Ellen

      Flashman, Since when are Medicaid and food stamps for the Common American? These are programs set up to help the poor. Unfortunately, our anti-poverty programs (Medicaid, food stamps, section 8 ousing, etc) cost over $1.3 trillion annually. Medicaid costs more than Medicare now. We’ve created a society of people who choose welfare. When it was a small percentage of us, it wasn’t a problem. Now, 40% of all babies born in the US each year are born into welfare. This has been going on for over a decade now. We’ve created a future of poverty and uneducated people. We need to end welfare as it is. It needs to be a loan with a 10 year limit. After 10 years, you start paying it back. You can be guaranteed our illegitimacy and welfare rates will plummet. Poverty is the largest predictor of success in school. Is it any wonder our schools are failing? 75% of our kids can’t qualify for our military because they are too dumb to pass the entrance exam/have dropped out of school/have been arrested. There’s our future – thanks to welfare.

  • http://Personalliberty Karol

    Tell me something “all warm and cozy”, how many poor people hire employees for jobs? If we are ALL poor like this regime wants to be, then there is no growth. People are relying on the government to help them. This plan promotes growth and stability, something this country doesn’t have since Obama has been in office.

    • Flashy

      Karol…if there were people able to buy the goods, there would be a need to increase production and thus, increase jobs.

      The REAL job creators are the consumers buying the goods and products. The Ryan Budget is guaranteed to keep ‘em poor. So where will the consumers come from?

      • Brad

        I know let’s just everybody get some more of dat Obama money and we will all be fine. I sure know I needs me some mo’ of dat Obama Moneies. Anybody got some extra I done spent all mine on cigarettes and Colt 45.

      • Flashy

        Brad..good for you that you realized your life’s dream. It’s no wonder you take a cotton to the TP lifestyle …

      • Flashy

        BTW brad…if the Colt .45 gets too expensive, or you have to entertain guests and wish to show your social grace and standing, may I suggest a ThunderDog cocktail? Half MD 20/20 and half Thunderbird fortified wine. Your guests will talk about you for days afterwards ….

      • GRusling

        Sorry Flashy… We’re sick-to-death of the “gubment” deciding how we can spend our money, who should profit and who should fail. You promote “more of the same” when you propose higher taxes on the “PRODUCTIVE” class and no tax at all on the non-producers.

        I wish EVERYONE could get rich, but that would require everyone to work “hard and smart” and that’s never going to happen. Those who take excess money and save it/invest it will make money. Those who simply “SPEND IT ALL” will wind up broke again, like they were before the “Gubment” gave it to them in the first place.

        We need Washington to get the HELL out of the way, stop taxing wealth creators to death and making MORE regulations for all of us. Until that happens, America will never recover or become prosperous again…

    • castaway

      Yes, because in a communist regime, the state owns everything.

    • securityman

      The “regime” doesn’t want to be poor. It wants us to be poor! Why don’t they try cutting the perks and extreme high wages of those that are making these laws. They get free everything, even after they get out of the business.Let them cut their wagesand stuff, put them on a set income like a lot of us out here onssand disabilty. See what happens to teir lawmaking then.

  • Brad

    Yep and I cannot sleep until I know by all means I have put in an honest hard days work. F the free loaders and the blood suckers like you Flashy.

    • Flashy

      LOl…Brad, I have to write a check to the IRS this year, shower in the morning before heading for work, and look damn good in a suit. As well, if you worked at the company I work at, I’d say odds are you’d be below me in the food chain and following policy I either wrote or impacted. LOL

      Resentful because you can’t get ahead and make it these days? One has to wonder why you desire to return to the disastrous economic policies of the Right…

      • Brad

        Take away the job and the suit goes to the second hand swap shop. It could happen tomorrow. I dont have that issue Flashy because i dont have to have that job (as you claim I do) at where you work. I have enough self esteem to make it own my own.I am a survivor not a brown noser.
        Good Luck with that,you’ll need it if the POS in the WH gets re-elected. He has lots of gubmnt jobs for brown nosers just as you are.

  • Sirian

    Go pull up this book and read it. It will give you a much clearer understanding, with a historical perspective to grasp hold of, that is so much more applicable to todays problems, budget – taxes – etc. than you usually realize.

    • Flashy

      Sirian….i’ve stated my opinion of the “Austrian Economics” school of thought. There’s a reason it’s never been put into practice … Think about that.

      • Frank J.

        Flashy after the Nov. cleaning of the house you will be but a laughable bad memory

      • Sirian

        “Austrian Economics school of thought. There’s a reason it’s never been put into practice…” That’s why you need to read this book. Simple as that. Hold on to your opinion but if you read this it may, rather doubtful, but it still may at least tweak your opinion a bit.

      • Flashy

        Sirian…I read up on this area, and found some serious … areas which I believe defy reality. Easiest way to explain my view is it’s like Communism. In theory, it works. In reality, it fails miserably.

        Again…I would think it would be put into practice somewhere if it had legs.

      • Ted Crawford

        As Flashy points out, the Austrian theory has never been put into pratice, therefore we don’t know how well it might work. However something that we do know is that Obamas theory has and is being tried, throughout Central Europe, and it has not only failed to be sustainable, but its tenents don’t allow for any substantive recovery!
        Any attempts to modify it to deal with the crisis,are met with extreme and often violent resistance. Those enriched by the entitlements refuse to accept the reality of the failed system!
        Given this, an economic policy based, in no small part at least, on Austrian theory seems at least worth consideration here!
        In an interesting aside here. Even John Maynard Keynes, the idealist on whos theory Europe and Obama base thier economic policies, does not endorse the raising of taxes in this type of economic environment!

      • Flashy

        Ummm Ted…you should get your facts correct. Europe went and swallowed the poison pill of austerity budgeting and went straight into what japan went through in the 90′s and still suffers from today. Economic malaise and non-growth which hit the populace with a severity that shook the foundations of the social contract. The only ones who are making out in that economic policy are the wealthy and the entrenched corporate interests.

        Had we gone that way as the wacked Right has screamed about…we need only to look at Europe to see where we would have gone and found ourselves today. (of course, the Right doesn’t want to bring that fact comparison to light)

        Instead, President Obama implemented the policy to attack the recession instead. Bush/Cheney left the cupboard darn near empty and as such, we have fought this with minimal resources available. Even then, you only have to remember..GM up, bin Laden down. We are coming out of this Recession of Recessions now. The GOP plan is draconian and promises to end this recovery and send us right back down the tubes.

    • s c

      Sirian, I understand that you want to help, but you must remember that a utopian will listen to another utopian (especially if the other utopian is taking prozac), but a non-utopian is viewed with complete suspicion.
      It’s something like Hitler and Stalin just after Germany invaded Russia. Utopians are ‘on a different wavelength,’ and only psychotropics and a baseball bat can ‘get through’ to them. They live in another universe.
      Flushy, in particular, loves his moonbat cave.
      maybe he deserves it, Sorian.

      • Sirian

        s c,
        I understand the utopians fanciful mindsets but still, I merely thought that there may, by some wild chance of “perhaps” or “just maybe”, yes, I know – really stretching it – of him taking a look at it from a difficult yet different mental position. Obviously, his own words make it quite clear as to where his mind will allow him to go. What’s rather funny about it though is that the book that I recommended and provided a link to for him has absolutely nothing to do with Austrian Economics specifically. Oh well, you’re right, he does seem to love his moonbat cave. . . :)

    • castaway

      Do you need to read a book to come up with answers? A book is simply another person’s opinion, and that is all it is. If you have a brain, you can come up with your own answers.

      • Deerinwater

        A book is just another persons opinion? ~

        Well? yea, I suppose so. But it does not have to be “opinion”, it could be hard data that supports the theses, years of study.

        I take it , that you have never enjoyed the company of highly educated people? I understand, I was 26 years of age before I was exposed and associated on a personal level with well educated people myself. As a share croppers grandson, my exposure to education was small.

        It’s true! Sara Palin can get a book published, so can Ron Paul, but let us not judge “all books” by those two.

        It’s much easier to publish a book today then anytime in the history of the world.

  • LAB

    We need a CLEAN SWEEP out of Washington this coming election….ALL the idiots’ men and women!

  • Doc Sarvis
    • Flashy

      Doc…the good side is that this so-called budget put out by the House/Ryan is dead on arrival. In essence, they have forced whomever receives the nomination to either go against the party or accept this draconian mess which proposes nothing but the gutting of America and send us straight into and economic malaise which will make this last one look like kindergarten.

      Every time a TP House member speaks, they give President Obama another bloc of votes. Unless President Obama has a major melt down, highly unlikely, he’s re-elected. My guess is carrying all the states but the Deep South and the Central Plains. i.e. states with a high percentage of low educated and American Taliban adherents.

      Where the GOP could have played it relatively safe and kept the House and have a shot at the Senate, it now is looking like the Dems will keep the Senate, and have a good shot at the House. If that happens, hopefully the Congressional Dems will realize they’ve been given a mandate…and we can reverse this wealth redistribution and work to move this nation to a point where it can dominate the 21st Century as it did the 20th.

      • Ted Crawford

        ” This so called budget put out by the House/Ryan is dead on arrival”, along with at least four others, one of which is Obamas own, and accompanied by over 400 other bills that lie, untouched on Harry Reids desk, some for over three years! I wonder why this Congress is considered to be a do nothing Congress! More accuratly described as a do nothing Senate!

      • Paul

        Don’t know where you come from, it appears out of the wrong ho_e, just from reading what you write. Do all NORTHERN people think so lowly of southerners or is it just you.

      • Flashy

        i don’t think “lowly” about Southerners. Heck, someone has to man the drive thru windows.

        I just stated the facts. The Deep South and the Central Plain states will likely listen to their Masters and vote GOP. Those are also the states with the lowest incomes, lowest levels of education, and highest number of plain ignorant people. Easy to connect the dots don’t you think?

      • Libertytrain

        flashy’s bigotry is on display once again.

      • TIME


        Man you hit that one on the head!!!!!!!!!!! What a Wacked out Twinkee that F is.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Flashy,

        You write: “My guess is carrying all the states but the Deep South and the Central Plains. i.e. states with a high percentage of low educated and American Taliban adherents.” I love that you use an incomplete sentence to put down all the residents of red states with a sweeping unsubstantiated stereotypical ad hominem. As a Christian man, born and raised in Alabama, I should be offended by your statement. However, once I consider the source, I remember that you are just a parrot. You have no thoughts of your own and are only capable of regurgitating the Democrat talking points you receive in your email inbox on a daily basis. You claimed in an earlier post that your showered and put on a suit to go to work. That’s fascinating. I didn’t realize the Democrat party required its workers, whose job it is to troll the Internet and disrupt conservative blogs, to dress well. It’s obvious that that is your job, as no successful company would keep you on the payroll with as much time as you spend here peddling your nonsense and revealing your ignorance. There is no way you can give a real employer a full days work with as much time as you waste here trying to impress people with your “genius.” I should have blacklisted you long ago. I let you continue to post for the comedic value you bring, and because every so often we get gems like these, where you reveal the mindset of the progressive elite and their revulsion of middle America. You are an irritant, much like the gnat that continues to buzz the ears. Your comments are mostly pabulum and tiresomely repetitive. You are recognized here for what you are: a mindless Obama sycophant and Democrat troll.

        Best wishes,

      • Libertytrain

        TIME, yes, that he certainly is. I believe Mr. Livingston’s comment says it all in the proverbial “nutshell.”

      • Flashy

        Mr. Livingston…so nice of you to display your social graces and class. As usual, you have everything in error. Laughably so.

        Should you feel it necessary to talk freedom of speech on one hand, and blacklist to deny it on the other, such would be your choice and showing of your standards. I do not believe I have ever insulted you, denigrated you, nor have i cast into doubt your integrity…though you have on several occasions believed you may take such liberties in attempts of stifling the truth to your readers.

        If such is the path you choose to take, I’m sure your readers will note with interest the extent which you walk the talk.

        Have a great day.

      • Flashy

        One last comment Mr. Livingston…if you note, I don’t post after 1:00 p.m. Pacific time. Perhaps you should be aware of the time zones that exist in the modern world.

      • independent thinker

        Well said Mr Livingston very well said.

      • Guest

        Flashy, you are one of the most (personal attack deleted) I have ever observed in these blogs. You sir, by voting for the current occupier of the White House, are part of the problem, not part of the answer to our economic problems. You are nothing more than an Obot who loves to read every word you write. Take your suit and high paying job (probably government one) and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • jerry1944

    If romney get the gop we lose and the senate and congress will be our only hope for budget reform. I havent had a job with many poor ppl and when i do its just for a 6 pack Why pentalize the rich that hire us. The reason they are rich is they gamble to start a busness and it paid off lot have and it didnt. But most gambles want a return on there out put Wouldnt you

    • castaway

      Naw, it all belongs to the employees, and the unions. Remember the factory is there so you will have a job! Of course you know I’m joking, but that is the way most of the lower people think. The liberal left continues to blow sunshine up their butts and make them believe it even more. A damn 4 year old should be able to figure out that is not how it is.

      Why do you think two kids open a Kool-Aid stand??? TO make money dumbasses. God help us, as I think obama will get another chance. Look around you and see how well socialism is and has been working. It don’t take more than a 6th grader to know that it is not working, nor will it ever.

      Vote Ron Paul, and help to save our republic, constitution, and bill of rights. It will also start us on the path to greater things like we are capable of, or at least we were.

      It would be interesting to see if we could win WWII today! I don’t see how,as we are a country of non-patriot whimps.

  • Livefree1200cc

    Ryan’s plan sucks – all it is is a reduction in borrowing – the deficit is still going to rise with this plan. Ron Paul has a better plan – Cut $1Trillion the first year. Even that isn’t enough but its the best plan yet. Our government is borrowing $1.6 Trillion a year so we can build roads and bridges in Afghanistan and Iraq while the infrastructure in the US crumbles…

    • TIME

      Live Free,

      Great post and stright to the point, that is rather than being an inpish sheep like one of the people who post the most mindless dribble – the { f } person.

      Peace and Love

    • GraemeB

      Why not cut the tax break for the top 5%. That would be a good start as quite obviously the “benefits” that they have enjoyed at the expense of the general taxpayer, has not trickled down with new jobs and new investment. To compound the problem further by giving a further tax break to these people, is, to say the least, the most stupid thing I have heard in a long time. And Mr Ryan says he will have a balanced budget by 2040. Like that’s 28 years away. Give me a break. Is this man serious?

    • castaway

      Unfortunatly Livefree, we will have a tough time getting Paul elected, as the media is purposly ignoring him, and in their last poll said ROmney won, when it was actually Paul. THis has been ongoing since the campaigning started. If Ron Paul got the media coverage like the other creeps, he would be so far ahead of everyone, it would be a landslide victory.

      Romney, Newt, and no go nads are all a bunch of losers. More of the same garbage. I wonder what in the hell is the matter with people in this country.

  • http://Yahoo Marvin Gordon

    Those that say that the Ryan plan is bad for “common” Americans are those that are mired in the welfare mentality. Starting from the late fifties our government has given in to those who just want to live off of others thanks to Linden Johnson’s great society vision. The democrat party has most of the time headed up our government since the fifties and for the most part caused the decadence we are in now. What we must now rally around is the words of President Kennedy, “Ask not what you can do for yourself but ask what you can do for your country”. We must send Obama and his radical left wing liberal progressives packing in November if we are to remain a country of common sense.

    • castaway

      How can we remain, what we are not???

    • Flashy

      Ummmm…JFK and LBJ helped get the starving and abject poverty of rural America as a historical thing of the past. Carter had a budget deficit of $63 Billion his last year. Reagan ran that into the moon. Clinton had us either a balanced budget and the deficit wiped in less than 5 years…or, well on the way to a balanced budget and deficits paid off in 10 years. Either scenario. Bush/Cheney ran that into the HUGE deficits we have today and created this economic mess we have to now fix.

      JFK.LBJ gave us a strong, viable, growing middle Class. Reagan began the most massive wealth redistribution in the history of civilization.

      Fact is fact, despite how you may want to spin it otherwise.

      • Ted Crawford

        I don’t know what you do at this company you work for. You state you are in some position to dictate policy, I hope, for the sake of that company, that it has little or nothing to do with its Financial Department!

      • Paul

        Not today, they were out of control in 2006, unless you so quickly forgot. How great it is to spew lies, lies, and more lies.

      • Flashy

        Ted…as a matter of fact, my Department advises the Finance folks as far as expected expenditures and revenues etc, and where we’re taking the company next. We’re not doing too bad…not surprising as we bet on America. Need a job?

      • Ted Crawford

        If your last post is acurate that leaves one answer. Your company either relays heavily on Government contracts or subsidies, or, most likely both!

      • Flashy


      • GiveMeLiberty

        Hey Flashy…although I enjoy the back and forth commentary (elitists get so offended, so quickly) your simply incorrect on almost all accounts.

        I am curious however…I thought you indicated, like 40 posts ago, you had a job! Really? Where do I apply and seriously, your boss must be a communist….because non-communists (like we used to be) actually expect their employees to PRODUCE!

  • castaway

    Well, I,m not dumb enough to be a liberal, but will somewhat agree on Ryans plan as totally against the U.S. citizen. As usual with this republican/ democratic government, not much is done in favor of the U.S. citizen. WE are like cattle in a feed lot, to make them money.

    The feds would not need a large amount of money if it were not for all the over seas spending, and their usual pet projects that do nothing.It is all about them(the government).

    We really really need to get Ron Paul elected. Tell everyone you know about how good he is and that he will help restore our republic. If you care about the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, make sure you vote for Paul. The others, are slowly destroying these documents and anything they mean, is interpreteted to mean something else.

    It is always the same, when they need to balance the budget who suffers? You and I. They always go after SS, and forget who took most of the money. Paul has the correct ideas, and although it may be painful at first, we will in the end have a thriving economy like before.

    The reality is, I think it will take a war to get them all out of office, and get things back on track with the constitution, as they will not give up all the money and and gifts easily.

    • DocVenture

      I guess I’m not understanding what you could possibly mean about the Ryan budget “being totally against the U.S. citizen”. How is lowering the tax rate that all American’s pay against the U.S. citizen? I have to tell you, this budget and plan is better than no plan at all, which is exactly what the democrats have given us the last two years. Remember, they didn’t even try to come up with a budget, even though it is in their job description in the House of Rep.! Talk about being totally against the U.S. citizen.

      That said, you make some excellent points about trying to buy our friends overseas. I’ve never thought that was good policy, even when we could afford it. When you bribe people to “be nice” to you, and the money runs out, you find out fast that they were never friends of yours anyway. Ron Paul does offer the true constitutional government that we should follow, but I view the polls as everyone else does, and it doesn’t look good for Dr. Paul. We can only hope that his engagement in this campaign can change the conversation somewhat in Washington.

      • castaway

        Doc we want a really good plan like Ron Pauls, not some plan that will take another 20 years plus to see change. It will take a serious no holds barred cuts to the foreign budget, and all the money we give to our enemies, and the ones we continue to make, because we try to force our idiology on them.

        Ryan’s plan seems to be like many before him, and that is not the kind of help we really need. The US government simply has too large a budget, and spends money like there is no tomorrow. They are like a half starved bear when it comes to money. This is not what the constitution is about,and I would like to spend the rest of my life in a constitutional country. Not this bull—-.

      • Ted Crawford

        OH NO Doc., this requires the 50% that pay no taxes to become contributers! Forcing them to become part of the solution rather than part of the problem! That is in diametric opposition to the Progressive intentions! Their goal is to increase that percentage not decrease it!

    • Brad

      castaway – unfortunatley that war will be within the borders of the USA

      • castaway

        My point exactly. Sorry I was not clear on that.

  • Gary

    The things wrong with Ryans budget – Needs too eliminate/de-fund
    1- Educational Dept, TSA, Obamacare, EPA, IRS in present form, Czars, lobbyist
    2- Remove the US form the United Nations and sell the building
    3 – Cut ALL foreign Aid by 75% and END Aid to China, Russia, N Korea, and ALL Muslim Countries.
    4- I am sure I have left out a few more………….

    • castaway

      Damn straight Gary. It would at least be a good start.

    • Paul

      A good first start would be to reduce spending to half a trillion and then require all agencies to restart. Then eliminate Dept of Education, Energy, IRS completely (use a flat tax of 5% for everyone), Dept of Economic Security. Close all government offices that do nothing (most). Fire all Senator and start over and only allow 2 terms max.

    • GiveMeLiberty

      Oh, oh I have one….I suggest we limit the annual funding of Presidental VACATIONS. No money means no jet fuel, no food, no lavish hotels, etc! Eventually, they’d get the point.

  • ranger hall

    AND we pay these People to come up with these plans, Bal by 2040, Nothing but garbage. DOES not talk about HOW much is going to be Spent in the next 28 years, BUT they always can blame it on something and WE will except, As always.
    Lets start cutting at the top, Then, time we get to the Little People WE will not need to cut so Much.
    KICK them out Get some good Honest Americans into Office, Gee i forgot WE dont have anything to say about WHO runs for office.
    Hey we could write in Sheriff Joe in AZ.

  • ranger hall

    History has shown us that whoever Controls the Money,The Land, The food, The Water. controls the People.And we are letting this Happen, Because the Powers to Be right now almost have completed this Control.
    The only thing the Powers to be Fear is the People united for the common cause, But as you can see we the People Have NO COMMON CAUSE.

    • castaway

      That is the problem a people not united. and very fragmented.

  • Jon

    Any housewife (or husband) who manages a house budget will tell you the only way to get out of credit trouble is to cut spending and increase income. The same is true for a country. And in America’s situation, the solution should be shared by all– we all helped cause the problem. It will never do to cut THEIR benefits or programs and to increase THEIR taxes. That is the crux of our government’s problem. All the leaders and those who elect them blame other people for the bad stuff yet want to protect their personal interests at the expense of others’. But there are not enough “others” to go around. Sadly, many of the other letters in this forum follow the same path.


    Real change would be for ths nation to realize the progressive tax system we now use has failed us miserably, it is totalitarian, oppressive, discriminatory and uses social warfare to pit America’s people against each other with class warfare.

    Getting rid of this tax system would be a blessing, by removing the IRS and using a national fair tax put on the national ballot every ten years we could have a real budget, less anxiety and no discrimination, it would eliminate the left’s best weapon, class warfare.
    Couple this with term limits salary only for all elected and appointed officials and you have accountability, people who are again public servants, not elites who think they are entitled.

    You would be able to put the civil back into public service and have those who would hold this country’s interest in their best interest and not just their own self interest of gain by a political career. By using a public audit for every year a elected official holds office, this accountability would be always in force and holding office or being appointed would be a real responsibility directly related to you, the very people they represent.

  • carrobin

    As a senior who is working freelance because social security covers only about half of my living expenses, I’ve been proofreading articles for financial publications this week that have all kinds of great advice for those who are referred to as “high income” (i.e., the 1%). They’re worried about their taxes going higher, but they have innumerable ways to trim their “income” so that they end up paying less than 20% (and as most people who read the papers know, Romney paid 17% in 2010). They have “wealth advisors,” accountants, trusts, and all manner of other ways to avoid paying–perfectly legal, of course. These folks don’t care if your grandmother dies of starvation when they cut social security, or if your kid dies because you can’t afford the surgery he needs. They have plenty of money, and they want to keep it. And they love Ryan’s plan. (Hey, remember how well the economy did when Dubya cut taxes on the rich? Oh, wait…)

  • chuckb

    the main budget we need is to remove the bolsheviks from power and rid the congressional repubs of the rino’s. paul ryan is nothing more than a rino, you will note his budgets are spread over many years, they are written for the wealthy. we need austerity now, we need to stop the flow of immigrants and remove those that are here illegally. we need voter id, we need to cut the federal work force and the states need to cut their lucrative welfare jobs. we need the private industry to be able to operate without the stringent restrictions of the epa. we need to tell big oil and goldman sachs to go to hell and let private comapanies recover our own oil., if business fails, then it fails on it’s own, not enforced by government bailouit. we need the education system cleansed from top to bottom, removing the unions power over the teachers and schools. open up our space exploration again, this will be absolutely necessary, barry has jepardized the security of our country by closing down our space technology.. presently we need to remove our troops from afghanistan, mainly remove the muslim from the white house, you woinder why all these muslim countries are so poor, take a look at the white house and it’s dealings.

  • ranger hall

    Most Americans spend their time trying to make a living for their Familys, Housing,Food,Education, Etc, Most of us never thought about being Rich.
    And in this Process we lost control of our Country, And the People that ONLY think about how to become more and more RICHER.
    You know most all the Politicians in Office have never done a days work, Have never Produced anything, Never worked up a sweat except at the gym.
    I guess my Parents taught me the wrong Values.
    I remember once we had duffel bags with about 50 million dollars in them, they were going to be handed over to some group leaders maybe about 8-10 so they could become our Friends and fight for their Freedom, Well that day i learned what it ment to fight for Freedom and who your friends are.
    Hell if i had not been taught to only take what you earn I could have been Rich, Money always seem to get lost in war time. just look at how much has been lost in Afganistan and Iraq.

  • TessCommetns

    Ryan’s Budget is a GREAT start.
    I believe we have been without a National budget for over 1,000 days. How long has Obama been in Office?
    ABO – Vote 2012

  • Deerinwater

    The Ryan Plan is opening plan in a shell game design to serve GOP long term ambitions. To removed a government program designed to serve as a safety net to society by shifting it to the private sector.

    This would be okay I suppose “if” ALL the private sector had working knowledge of money market, made enough to participate and the “private sector” was held accountable for it “promises” regardless.

    However, this has not be the case as we see today, companies like American Airlines attempting to skirt their responsibilities to retired workers that have invested their money and a life time of service in these companies.

    When a person is require to hire a attorney and sue to protect their rights and investments, it makes for a bad situation, while all the time , knowing full well you are out gunned and under financed for such a fight.

    The Ryan Plan panders to Cooperate greed, the private sector wants that money! Moneyed people see this as a good thing. This money is wasted in the hands of government as they see it.

    So we are left in a quandary, trust government or trust the private sector with our life saving.

    I trust neither completely, while I look for some assurances and a track record that severs most Americans best interest.

    The SS system addresses many needs, like children survivors, widows assistance to name just a few. How is the private sector to address such matters?

  • Georgia Rich

    What happens when all incentive to work and produce is gone. The reason we work is for money. What happens when there are no taxpayers. The government has nothing to give without first taking it from someone else. When the government takes to much it kills the incentive to produce. No welfare,no unenployment benefits, no social security, no medicare, no medicade, or any other government program.

  • libertarian

    If Ryan wants real spending discipline, the Washington politicians of both parties need to cease trying to police the world, nation build and fight unnecessary wars. The greatest part of our economic resources are committed to needless wars and building infrastructure for foriegn countries. Our politicians and corporations grow fatter by the day and the year as we the sheep allow them to. The fat drips off of them as the average citizen cringes in await of the new tax bill. Let them eat, drink and be merry from the pot of stew while we await in anticipation the scraps to fall from their plate. All these merry escapades are paid for with debt to China and other nations.

  • James

    Gee whiz, only 28 more years of deficit spending. That’ll only raise the national debt to about $35 trillion.

  • Robert C Peters

    government – get out of my life….


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