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Russian Media: Fox Attempts To Mislead Viewers

December 9, 2011 by  

Russian Media: Fox Attempts To Mislead Viewers

A recent report by Russia Today details attempts by Fox News to mislead viewers as they report on recent protests in Russia while rolling footage of civil unrest in Greece.

As Fox anchors discussed the violence that is beginning to take hold in Russia, footage rolled of protesters hurling objects and clashing with police in front of a building; the only problem was that on the building was Greek lettering that said Greek National Bank.

The state-run Russian media outlet concluded that use of the violent Greek footage was an attempt by American media, working in lock-step with the Federal government, to mislead U.S. citizens into believing there may be a need to intervene in Russian domestic affairs.

Eva Golinger, a journalist and author interviewed by Russia Today said: “It’s not surprising whatsoever that at the moment that there would be any kind of protest, no matter how small it be, in Russia against the Russian government that it would be greatly exaggerated in media, and used by the U.S. government as well, as a way to try to somehow push for change in Russia that would be more favorable to U.S. interest.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Karolyn

    Haven’t they done this before? So much for the champion conservative news network. They have to use tricks. I believe this is the only network I have heard that uses this tactic.

    • Chuck

      “Champion conservative news network”??? Not quite! They are middle of the road. They express some of the true conservative viewpoint, and some of the current liberal viewpoint, and lean a little bit more conservative than liberal, but they are by no means a “champion conservative news network”. You have to go on-line to get true conservative viewpoints, and you have to go to a LOT of web sites, because some are more libertarian, some are more reactionary, etc. etc. You have to read many, looking for the core truth, while also filtering out the wrong-headed results.

      • Dave

        Middle of the Road FOX is not. Far from it and in most peoples opinion they are pushing their agenda with too much fabricated reports. Murdoch tactics are similar to what they did with their tabloid in UK.
        Journalism be damned.

        • Laura

          That is total BS and you know it. It is just another attempt to try and tare down fox news and silence the other voice. So stop trying to throw your BS around.

      • bob wire

        That might be “your” opinion Chuck, and you might be right.

        But it’s clear at this point that the “general consensus” of American right wingers today is that “all News accept Fox” in lame street news media and most watch Fox exclusively, refusing to watch OR accept any other view point.

        Did this Russian new clip have “Palm Trees” in the background?

        Fox News has long history of taking “Liberties with the Facts” if it can be twisted to inflame or server some debasing or demonizing purpose.

        Fox Views, can’t seem to get enough of it! They love to HATE! They feed on it.

        And so too, does more of the self proclaimed “Conservatives” here of Bob Livingston’s forums. Fox is the Media outlet of choice.

        Myself, many of all of them make me gag, O’Donnell, Hannty, Sharpston, O’Really and the Blond chick on Fox, she such a dirt bag. She’s such a nonperson I can’t remember her name. Thank God above, Glenn Beck is gone!

        It would be a good thing if everyone limited their exposure to “all” of it. It is corrupted!

        The American people need to wake up and understand what TV News media is all about and reassess it’s true value and worth to them.

        It’s is commercialized, THE CONTENT HAS BE ALTERED FOR COMMERCIAL VALUE” as it PANDERS TO PERSONAL “appeal” to get you sit there and watch it and all the commercials.

        It turns people into addicts with an addiction while they offer a temporary, FIx or cure for.

        • Buster the Anatolian

          Does Fox have a concervative bias? Sure. Just like the other three networks have a liberal bias. All three of the other networks have been caught faking video at one time or another. As far as the video in question is concerned there are two entirely reasonable explanations. One, someone saw the lettering and thought it was Russian then used it without checking. Two, Fox did what all of the news networks do they used file footage but failed to mark it as file footage.

        • alex

          i’m sure you are glad glenn is gone from tv he hit to close to home for you commie liberals everything he predicts comes true because he uses only the words of people like you to shove right back in your face

          • Dave

            Glenn Beck used to be a dj and started the talk thing in Tampa to little success. He hacked away and then moved. All he wanted to do was to get a big audience and discovered that if he inflamed and outraged the audience they would come back for more.
            He is uneducated, got through one quarter of college and dropped out, and has no express goals except to be a big guy in some peoples eyes. Some think he is actually smart, yeah, like a fox. PUN INTENDED.
            He has fabricated more than anyone I have ever worked with and because I know his intentions, like I just said, I worked with him before his fame and fortune blew his ego up even more than it was.
            I have absolutely no regard for his wicked intentions. He is not a good guy by any means.

          • Laura

            This is for dave,
            Poor little davey who is clearly mean spirited for the simple reason Mr. Beck’s American dream is coming true and your stuck with commenting on post. It seems to me Mr. Beck is doing something right and clearly you are not.

          • bob wire

            What ever Alex, if you think Glenn Beck has some kind of a Crystal Ball fine! I’d think that it might better use of it and serve himself better.

            I doubt if you have ever researched the man’s history. It read like a Jerry Springer contestant bio. Mean old daddy, two mother’s both committed suicide or died under “questionable circumstances” (leaving little Glenny alone) ~ Never completed his graduating in theology ( he’s just too smart) even though Senator Joseph Lieberman pulled strings to get him enrolled. Later ,some drug use and a overdose dead girl friend later, ~ college radio, an adjutant to everyone around him. Fired from several radio station, couldn’t get along with people or supervisors. He made fun of another radio stations host pageant wife over the radio in a rival match.

            The Son of B1tch will say anything ~ a charlatan, carnival barker who Rupert Murdock thought he might have some use for and gave him a platform to speak from ~ and he blew that too!

            And screw you alex, I’m not a Liberal ~ but if I was, it’s make no difference. Glen wipes his backside with people like you, he knows you are a fool and what you like to eat! Did you buy some of his gold?

          • coal miner

            Anti-Defamation League Accuses Beck of Anti-Semitism for Attacks on Soros The Fox ….. Thanks for showing us that he is threat, and that we may need to start listening and supporting Glen Beck more. ….. Ralph you hypocritical joke of a man! …

        • eddie47d

          Just a year ago you all shouted the FOX was the ONLY news station out there and NO ONE else could be trusted. Every other outlet was all lies and that FOX was fair and balanced. I knew that wasn’t true but we were told to pull our heads out if we didn’t pay allegiance to FOX. So much for thinking for yourselves.Read many sources and watch different sources.

          • libertytrain

            no Eddie – you keep shouting that ALL OF US feel that way. Most of us use multiple news sources, probably just like you may use multiple news souces…although I will admit I choose not to watch MSNBC anymore -

    • wbliss

      The statement that Fox is the only News station that uses this tactic is total BS. The fact is nobody cares if the other liberal networks do it because it is so common place. They have been doing it for years. It is so pervasive that nobody cares anymore. The fact is Fox and other conservative news media are held to a higher standard. We expect integrity from them. I expect a higher standard of integrity from them. The other networks could care less about integrity and so we don’t expect it from them. But yes Fox should be crucified for pulling stunts like this.

      • Laura

        If it is even true that it happened.

    • Laura

      Yea and ask yourself why is that ? Why is it just fox news that is the bad guy. Hum, the answer is pretty clear to me. Oh and fyi most of the world is on fox news side.

    • coal miner

      Nov 22, 2011 … PopWatch Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch Blog … It’s not every poll that Fox News viewers score the lowest on. But there is a recent one by …

  • fiscalsoundbiteme

    TRUST NO “news” agency they are all out for CONTROL of the populace!!!

  • Bob in Boston

    Fox has done this a bunch of times. Just this year at the beginning of the GOP primary campaign at the CPAC straw poll, Fox showed the announcer at CPAC announcing that Ron Paul had won, and they played background sounds of people booing. Fortunately a bunch of other people there were taping too, and it was clearly shown that the crowd went nuts *cheering* when it was announced that Ron Paul won the straw poll.
    Fox has also doctored their own online polls, and stacked post-debate analysis by using hand-picked participants in their “focus groups”, in an attempt to make it look like Ron Paul didn’t win the debate.
    This is nothing new for Fox, although at least with respect to Dr. Paul they have started getting better lately.

    • Monte

      I umderstand Fox is controlled by the Neocons. They have their own evil agenda, fair reporting not being one of them.

    • Laura

      You are full of sh……… There is no proof of any of that. But typical coming from a lefty.

  • Monte

    Russia refuses to march lock-step with the leftist agenda toward the NWO. The EU and Washington are determined to impose a godless, queer, radical worldview upon every nation on earth. God help those, like Russia, that resist. Human life means nothing to these vile, evil villains.

    • Dave

      Monte, that is just so much propaganda BS.

      • Monte
        • Dave

          Ooh, yeah, Chronicles isn’t partisan Biased reporting at all. Come on.

          • Monte

            Then believe nothing if you like. I have never once found them wrong.

      • CoCowboy

        I don’t need a magazine to tell me that Europe and The United states are hell bent on a Queer Agenda… If you cannot see that Dave, you’ve been blind for 25 years. Crap, it’s been on your TV screen forever. Even the Golden Girls and Seinfeld from the 80′s and early 90′s had it on… and how about Clinton? He signed DADT… That basically condoned it… Are you blind??? I recon so…

        • CoCowboy

          Oh – I did forget to mention that that dumb b|tch Clinton is spending MILLIONS of our money RIGHT now (announced this week) to spread the homo message around the world and that our foreign aid and military assistance would be contingent upon a nation’s acceptance of them (the fa6s)… don’t be deaf, dumb and blind… WAKE UP

  • Tinman

    DO any of you REALLY believe ANY news outlet reports news?, Isen’t ALL media FOR their respective Govt. and powers to be….Come-on wake up…None can be believed…Why no comments about ABC,NBC, CBS, etc.
    Don’t buy,subscribe, link to, link on, etc, any media. Do your own research.

    • Monte

      Tinman, I’ve noticed that all news medias, whether TV, radio, or internet, are all the same names (FOX, CBS, NBC, etc.). They have almost a complete monopoly on what we believe is news information. Who, exactly, is the money behind them is the real question, since it is often anything but real information and they all report the same propaganda.

    • alex

      the fox station that i watch only has one newa program that comes on twice a day for an hour and sheppard smith is a liberal and you can hear it in his broadcast the rest of the programs are documentaries

      • Dave

        That is your local Fox affiliate. Not FOX news or Fox Business, etc. They run local news and regular programming. It’s where the big money is made for the rest of the FOX empire.
        Rupert Murdoch and friends.

  • Dens

    Fox has gone leftist as are all the others. All their so-called panels are stacked with leftists. All their news anchors are left leaning. People like Bill O. ride the fence real hard but tend to fall off on the left side on any issue of substance. I quit watching them and all other TV “news” and get my news from around the world via the Internet. If I want to know what is going on in Russia, I read RT, the Moscow Times, Tass and Pravda. All have english versions and Within those four, you can get fairly close to the facts on a given issue concerning Russia.

    • alex

      especially bill since glenn left fox

    • duaner

      I would not put to much credence in those news agencies that you mentioned. As far as I know from the past and the present they are all government controlled. They only print or broadcast what the government wants the people to know.

  • FactNotRhetoric

    If Occupy Wall Street in America was funded by old George Soros because he is massively short American and European stocks and bonds, then this is simply another old George financed attack on one of the banks that holds his shorts. It really doesn’t matter what country it is in. Greece, Russia or a Greek Bank in Russia. It’s all the same to old George. I think he’s getting a little senile at the moment to keep it up, over, and over, and over, and over, ad nauseum to Banks Worldwide.

  • DavidL

    I am surprised with the fact that many writers on this blog today have accurately described Fox. Fox is anything but fair and balanced. Fox is a right wing conservative extension of the Republican party. They are a corrupt, manipulative, and dishonest propaganda organization. Does anyone really believe that they only wiretapped in the UK?

    The responsible and informed citizen needs to consult a variety of news sources and not just restrict themselves to one. I would start with reputable newspapers who have a proven record of high journalistic standards.Setting aside the ignorant bashing from Fox, these are among the best newspapers today. The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington post, The Chicago Sun Times, The LA Times, and the Dallas Morning News.I am sure there are others. Just recognize that anything from Murdock is an extension of Fox.Read them of course, but recognize their bias.

    The following is a sample of scholarly journals and magazines that are also worthwhile. just make sure the articles are source cited (footnotes) or they are just essays. Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, The Economist, Newsweek (right leaning), Time (left leaning).

    Before he died, Steve Jobs had lunch with Murdock. Jobs took the opportunity to yell a Murdock for his news politics. Jobs told him that the liberal/conservative axis used by Fox was wrong, and that the correct axis should be constructive/destructive. Fox news, and all its “commentators”, is contributing a divisive and destructive element to our civic discussion.

  • DLee

    Gee, Fox lies. Is that a shock to Russians who lived with the communist government pumping out propoganda for years? Fox at least has real media sources to contridict their lies. Only really ignorant people listen to just one network. Fox is losing more and more influence, and their response has been to become more and more desperate, which makes them lie even more. They are dying, along with the rest of Murdock’s international propoganda machine which is deigned to benefit the international plutocracy that is doing its best to own the world.

  • Douglas

    If there is one thing that I have learned over the years, it is to never let other people think for you! Fox news brings us the extremes..Huffington, Oreilly, Napolitano, Stossell, etc. Now, I don’t like Huffington or Oreilly at all, but FOX does offer Freedom Watch with A. Napolitano and John Stossel’s show…both of which I think are very good journalism. In my opinion, if you want to talk about Bad or Evil news agencies, then CNBC and CNN are at the top. They are both one sided, Fascist oriented organizations. The point is…No matter what it is you watch, be critical of it, scrutinize it, examine it.! Think for Yourself.

    • Dave

      Again, be leery of where words are coming from. There are doctored newsclips all the time being used and if you can take the time can get to the “undoctored” items. Don’t vote till you have reached your own conclusions as opposed to listening to any whack pieces done on candidates. Politics is usually the only thing people are trying to twist the truth out of.

    • duaner

      You left out msnbc which has the losers Ed and madcow. Two of the biggest left wing liars out there. All they do is attack people using blatant lies and made up facts. Talk about evil twins.

      • eddie47d

        Ed and Rachel are not reporters any more than Glenn Beck. They comment on whatever the news of the day is. More in tune with the bloggers on this site do.Everyone here has a variety of opinions and so do they. Even Rush Limbaugh lies or hypes up an issue once in awhile. Author B.C. (here) is one of the biggest blowhards without many facts but he gets paid to be a clown.

        • http://deleted Claire

          Speaking of Rush Limbaugh–he sounds almost frenzied anymore. Stuttering, groaning, etc. Wonder which Republican he will endorse? So far he has not committed. Wonder why.

  • John Burleson

    Yep, Fox News screwed up and not for the first time, either. But like most of you have commented, they’re not the only ones. News is, alack and alass, controlled. Just like in all the other communist countries. The controllers are just more blatant now. The real story of any issue starts to emerge only after consuming several reports on situation. All news goes through a GateKeeper before it hits your screen and if the story doesn’t meet with the GateKeeper’s philosophy, it doesn’t broadcast. I’m not lookiing for a pat on my pointy little head, or anything, but if the story is so compelling as to draw my interest, I go to several international news sites and consolidate all their versions. I keep reminding myself that I’m being manipulated by all of them, so now the real challenge of “journalism” is to try and figure out why.

    Truth is what you think the facts are, and everybody thinks different.

    John Burleson, who fears no scum.

  • JimH

    What we need to remember is cable news stations, newspapers, talk radio and network news stations are all businesses. They are there to make money by selling advertising.
    They are not there to provide a public service. (informing the people)
    They present their programs, editorials or commontaries to atract a certain audience or readership to sell advertising.
    I have seen where they will run stock footage while reporting a story, if they didn’t have cameramen there. They will report a flight of F-18′s attacked a terrorist position and show a flight 0f F-16′s.
    They were reporting unrest in Russia and found some stock footage of civil unrest. We just weren’t supposed to notice it was Greeks rioting.
    It isn’t a lie that there is unrest in Russia, just bad editing.

  • Fubert Bar

    Regardless of this faux pas, I trust Fox news more than any of the obama psychophant network news channels.


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