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Russia Asks U.S. To Remove Cuba Sanctions Via U.N.

November 15, 2012 by  

Russia Asks U.S. To Remove Cuba Sanctions Via U.N.

U.N. officials urged the United States to end certain aspects of the 52-year-old embargo against Cuba, throwing support behind a resolution that asks Washington to lessen trade restrictions.

The embargo, which has had little effect in ending Cuban communism, was enacted under President John F. Kennedy after Cuban dictator Fidel Castro made the decision to align his country with the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War.

“We hope that after the US government eases its embargo in certain areas – in particular, on US citizens’ visiting relatives in Cuba, as well as on making money transfers and postal orders. Other steps for the final lifting of the embargo will follow,” said Vitaly Churkin, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations, when addressing the U.N. General Assembly Tuesday.

On Tuesday, 188 U.N. member nations voted in favor of the resolution calling for the embargo to be lifted as soon as possible; the United States, Israel and Palau voted against the document.

Washington has taken steps in recent years to make limited travel and money transfer to Cuba easier, but many parts of the original American embargo remain in effect. U.N. member nations say that influencing the Cuban people’s choice of whether to strive for a new model of governance could be more easily accomplished by taking some economic pressure off of the nation.

American sanctions “have shown that it is impossible to influence the Cuban people’s sovereign choice of their [preference] for a development model,” Churkin noted, which only serves to “deteriorate the living conditions of the island’s population.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Harold Olsen

    Keep the sanctions!

    • RivahMitch

      Agree. There is absolutely no advantage to the U.S. from lifting them.

      • Robert Smith

        Actually there are.

        We can sell a bunch of cars there.

        We can sell food.

        We can buy sugar cheaper.

        Tourism goes both ways.



      • Nadzieja Batki

        Robert Smith, why should we be supporting Cuba? It is a failure as a nation and as it always follows Cuba would get more from us than we would get from them.

  • KG

    What a Historical moment this could be. What if someone proposed the same thing for Afghanistan in 1989? How different history might have been. Not only could we improve relations with Russia, but improve Americas standing in the world. Anyone born after 1967 should realize the stupidity of having sanctions against Cuba.

    • johnC

      I take it you were born after 1967 so you did not live with the real threat of nuclear tipped missles 90 miles off the coast of the US those missles could have reached all parts of our country Nuclear war was narrowly avoided and the Military was getting ready for a full invasion of cuba. You want to be friends with Russia under Putin he was former KGB during the cold war he wants nothing more than to see the destruction of the US it opens the way for more Russian dominance

      • KG

        Uh.. I lived in the 80′s which were about as caustic a time between the US and the USSR as was the Cuban missile crisis was. The only difference was we had a president who would have pressed the button if he thought it would get Republicans elected. Look up Able Archer 83. That was about as bad as the Cuban missile crisis, it just wasn’t advertised as much. It wasn’t until 1990 that Russia stopped aiming their missiles at us. The cold war was very real in my day. What was it that Mr. Regan said? “…My fellow Americans. I have just signed legislation that outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes.”

    • eddie47d

      John must be enjoying these new American wars and conflicts courtesy of the NWO. Russia should be a cautious but mutual trading partner or did you enjoy those old conflicts too?

  • eddie47d

    Cuba was embargoed because of the cold war tensions with nuclear weapons. That threat has been over for more than 30 years. Time to put our big boy pants on and wake up to the reality that Cuba does not have those capabilities any longer. All this continual embargo has done is push them further into the hands of Hugo Chavez. Ending the embargo could give American companies access to their oilfields instead of other outside countries. Keeping your kid locked up in the basement doesn’t improve their mental health or their ability to be well adjusted. Time to end this stale archaic blockade.

    • Drifterdan

      You are right. We have more to gain by lifting the embargo. The embargo is another old useless regulation that has outlived it’s usefulness.

      I remember the hide under the desk drills and a closet full of supplies for the attack from the commies. Cuba was only a small part of it.

      Besides in the last 45 years technology has changed so if another country wanted to destroy us they don’t need to use Cuba as a base.

      All they need is to wait a little as we are destroying our self from within now.

    • Bill

      I agree with you, Eddie
      The quickest way to convert Cuba to capitalism is to give them a dose of it. Look what happened to China. There are certain things we waste time on, and an embargo against Cuba is one of them

  • T. Jefferson

    Cuban hookers are hot, the secret service will be right at home. Obama can import a fresh cabana boy

  • Guest

    Go ahead and lift all embargos with Cuba and allow Russia to come back in (if they ever left). That way, should a military crisis arise and missles are fired, the first place hit will be Miami-Dade County and nothing will have been lost if that area is removed from the map!

    • eddie47d

      Who says missles would be allowed back in? You are spreading unnecessary fears you dolt!

  • Bernard Forand

    Fastest and the least violent way to expose the flaws of communism is to expose it to the Liberal International Free Trade Markets. This was instrumental in the fall of orthodox communism in Russia and China. Berlin Wall came tumbling down without a shot being fired! Presently Russia and China are in a balancing act with democratic principles that a Liberal International Free Markets promotes through competition.
    Globalization of this Free Trade Market is being adopted by a multitude of sovereignties. Observe Vietnam…… Thailand…Singapore…and so on.. War increasingly becomes less affordable for the survival of any nation.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You are rather naive about how humans deal with each other in the marketplace of ideas or economies.

      • Bernard Forand

        Nadzieja Batki;.. Bernie replies;.. Suggest some sources for you to explore. One is Michael Mandelbaum. Economic advisors to various presidents here in the USA and a few other outlying sovereignties. Has several books on the subject of Liberal International Free Trade Markets. One to get you started “IF” you are capable, “The Ideas That Conquered The World”. Another one, on more specifics of internal inequality of economics and their results would be; Joseph E. Stiglitz One of his books just released “ The Price Of Inequality”. He is also has a history an economic advisor on the presidents councils. Oh did I mention Nobel Prize in Economics.
        Now after you have read a few of their books get back to me. Then we can discuss this issue of naïve, perhaps with a little bit more intelligence.

  • Chuck

    As silly as this may sound with some of the ‘mad men’ out there running countries now including this one, things are different than in 60′s and transportation of goods 90 miles versus 1,000s of miles…… Some allies and customers in this hemisphere?? It will not be easy but most journeys are not but could be explored.

  • jopa

    The US would have more to gain than lose if the embargo was lifted and to make the people of Cuba suffer because of an outdated dictator does not seem like the American way, as for compassion towards another human.It wouldn’t be a big boost to our economy but every little bit helps and the rest of the world would look at us with a lot more respect.I myself would like to go their on vacation for a week and see the land that almost made Manhattan Island the new Bikini Atoll according to Nikita’s biography.It would be much easier for surveilance if need be if we had some sort of mutual relationship and open markets.They would sat adios to Russia in a heartbeat now that Russia does not have the money to hold Cuba up anymore and an improved economy would be their savior.

  • ranger09

    Cuba went Russian because WE forced them to, They needed help, Our govt was to assist in the revolt with Castro, But we let them down because our govt believed they would Lose. Well big surprise They won, Then we wanted to come in and run the country, Well castro said NO to us, In our anger we put sanctions, some of the worst, we even got the most of our friend Countrys to do the same, Well when you have no help who can you go to. NK offered his help and it was accepted Only USA Politicians And High Military believed there was Nukes in Cuba, Does this bring something to mind in your Brain ???. Our Politicians and Brass And Big Bus. wanted Cuba, Even if it means War. Our Politicians and Big Brass wanted to attack Cuba, and they used the nuke scare into the People. JFK did not believe that Russia or Cuba would woulk use Nukes, He contacted NK and they talked, Out of this NK said YOU People will start a nuke war not me, You People are the only ones that have ever used Nukes, And you are crazy and will do it again, And if you did then we would also have to Send nukes.So to save the world from this I will remove anything that makes you unhappy. JFK and NK saved us from a nuke war. BUT our Govt still wanted Castro removed, WE tried everything from Sanctions to attempts to murder him Nothing Worked, He out smarted the Biggist and most Powerful Country in the World. And is the Longest ruler in History, The only leader that could walk amoung the People and not be killed.

  • 7Citizen7

    I dare say that not one of you commenting on this article was alive at the end of WWII. I was. I have watched communism slowly creep into our society to the point that we now even have a communist party that people can vote for. With that being said, why in God’s great name would we want to spread communism any faster by opening up to Cuba? Personally, I wish JFK would have given Castro 5 minutes to put up or shut up and then destroyed all the political & military installations in Cuba. Cuba could have been another state for the US but now it is as much Russian as Russia is. Castro does not make a move without the communists in Russia telling him when he can breathe!!! Sorry people, you just have not lived through what I have and you do not understand all that you think you do.

    • pissed off and liberal

      Sir ther is no easy way to say what i am about to say so i am just going to get it over with. The sooner the last of you ” cold warriors ” die out the better. The block ade has acomplished NOTHING exept draw international damnnation on us and slow cubas growth as a soveriegn nation.

    • KG

      yea – you hate that “socialism” you were trying to end – But don’t touch your Medicare or Social Security check. A true American!




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