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Rush To Judgment

March 14, 2012 by  

Rush To Judgment

Barack Obama must love Rush Limbaugh. The Conservative talk show host that some have called the conscience of the Republican Party went off on a tangent while ignoring Obama’s Machiavellian power grab.

Rather than leading a thoughtful discussion of Obamacare and the true aims of the President to make Big Government even bigger, Limbaugh instead made obscene and bizarre comments about a female college student.

Unless you live in a cave, I am sure you have heard the story: Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University law student, addressed a Democratic panel last month in support of contraception access paid for by the Federal government.

The left argues that poor Fluke was talking only about oral contraceptives for health reasons and not for the government to pick up the tab for her to have worry-free sex. That is a stretch. The number of women who take the pill for any reason other than to not get pregnant is small.

The liberals need to be reminded of what Senator Dale Bumpers argued 13 years ago at President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial: “When someone says it’s not about the sex, it’s about the sex.” That was Bumpers’ variation on a quote attributed to H.L. Mencken: “When someone says it’s not about the money, it’s about the money.”

On this, Rush is right; and I am not giving Fluke a pass on her testimony being about anything other than sex.

But unlike Rush, I am not going to call Fluke a “prostitute” or a “slut.” Most people in her age group are enjoying a healthy sex life, and a great many of them don’t want to get pregnant. (As far as I know the only person that is going to have a problem with me saying this is the pope, and I doubt he is reading.)

I do expect a great many of Personal Liberty Digest™ readers like Limbaugh and listen to his program. So I ask this: Are you really trying to say that Limbaugh has had sex only with his wives within the sanctity of his marriages – all four of them?

I defend Limbaugh’s right to say what he wants. Like him, my career exists because of our 1st Amendment right to free speech.

But I cannot defend this statement from Limbaugh: “If we are going to pay for your contraceptives and thus pay for you to have sex, we want something for it. We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch.”

First, he should speak for himself. I don’t want to watch anybody have sex; I expect neither do most Americans.

Second, why would he say such a thing? It is an outlandish statement.

Finally, is he saying pornography is OK, but birth control is not?

I don’t need a liberal to tell me the “yuck factor” in what Limbaugh said.

I don’t think Limbaugh thinks about much besides getting more listeners and getting paid more money. And Limbaugh either cannot make sound arguments against the left because he is not a deep-enough thinker or he does not mind another term for Obama, so he is distracting the Nation from the real issues.

I think Obama is the engineer controlling a runaway train. Meanwhile, Limbaugh is worried about what a couple of passengers are doing in the sleeper car.

America Needs Right-Minded Thinkers

Just three decades, ago we lived in the gilded age for conservatives and the Republican Party. Ronald Reagan spoke of a shining city on the hill and he had the moral fiber to convince Americans that the Nation could renew itself. While Reagan may have been the heart of the conservative movement, William F. Buckley Jr. was its brains.

I graduated from college in 1980. At age 21, I was a borderline liberal. My parents were libertarians, and they urged me to get an education. They suggested I read Buckley. I found Buckley offered overpowering conservative arguments as to why right-minded people should embrace libertarianism. I came to reject the left whose brain-trust were people like Senator Edward Kennedy and Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill.

This is what The New York Times wrote in its Buckley obituary:

… marshaled polysyllabic exuberance, famously arched eyebrows and a refined, perspicacious mind to elevate conservatism to the center of American political discourse…

Mr. Buckley’s greatest achievement was making conservatism — not just electoral Republicanism but conservatism as a system of ideas — respectable in liberal post-World War II America. He mobilized the young enthusiasts who helped nominate Barry Goldwater in 1964 and saw his dreams fulfilled when Reagan and the Bushes captured the Oval Office. …

To Mr. Buckley’s enormous delight, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., the historian, termed him “the scourge of liberalism.”

Buckley once said: “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

I would argue it is more dangerous that liberals do not want to listen to conservatives than it is for them to hear the wrong message from the right. Discussions by Limbaugh or anyone over issues such as sex and birth control are worse than a waste of time. They obliterate the truth, that people should have the right to pursue happiness and not have that right infringed upon by government.

Americans should be outraged over what Obama is doing: the debt he is racking up, Obamacare, his plans to remake America a Green Nation no matter what the cost. If Buckley were alive today, he would be making those arguments and people would be listening.  So well-grounded would be his convictions that even liberals would pay attention. Instead, we have Rush Limbaugh talking about sex, sluts and pornography.

America can right this listing ship only if conservatives get an intelligent standard bearer to carry forward their message. The garbled, guttered wisdom of the Limbaughs and Glenn Becks of the world do nothing but hurt the cause.

Patrick Henry gave a watershed speech. He said: “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

What does Limbaugh proclaim? “Give me more money. If not, at least give me some OxyContin.”

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • Vicki

    The op writes about Rush

    Finally, is he saying pornography is OK, but birth control is not?

    No. Rush is saying that it is wrong for her to make other people (thru force of government) pay for her birth control. He did then suggest as long as she is forcing us to pay for her sex life that she should give us a show in return.

    Quite logical really. Though I do wish he had kept his audience focused on the problem of government forcing us to pay for her pleasure.

    It would have been nice if he also covered the LFBC Fraud investigation and the Obama / Panetta statements about the usefulness of Congress but he only has a limited amount of time to cover the wealth of problems that Obama’s administration is creating.

    Besides I didn’t listen to everything Rush said that week either so maybe he did cover the above too.

    • The truth

      Vicki, the fact that you believe other people pay for her birth control (because Rush told you so) says it all. Do you think health care plans that cover earth care at your work are more expensive or less expensive?

      • anastasia Beaverhouser

        YES! and if Fluke gets what she wants—I want payback for all the birth control pills I have paid for in the last 30 years!

      • Ron

        Who do you think pays for the “healthcare”?? Someone has to and the FACT is that this woman sat there and said that it should be paid for by someone else, ie healthcare!
        Yes, Rush was over the top, but that’s how he gets his point across. He was saying that because this woman wanted to have all this sex, yet didn’t want the RESPONSIBILITY of paying for it, or making her partner(s) pay for, but instead felt complled to make taxpayers, who ultimatlity pay for this, do so, in a round about way, makes her a prostitute. Again, he was over the top, but that’s what he’s ALWAYS done, like it or not.
        Sure, it’s her right to have sex all she wants, but to think someone else should pay for her excapades, is RIDICULOUS, but then again, that’s what the liberals want people to believe, that you can do whatever you wantand everyone else has to pay for it. Sickening doesn’t even begin to describe what’s happening to this country…

      • UncleJC

        Dear Truth,

        . . . “Vicki, the fact that you believe other people pay for her birth control (because Rush told you so) says it all.”

        Yes, she DOES want taxpayers and EVERYONE who has insurance – except unions who are exempt from Obama’s laws – to pay for her “contraception”, a.k.a. abortion. It’s not “because Rush said so”; it’because THAT IS what those faux-hearings were all about!

        And yes, it IS about ABORTIONS, not about “contraception”. Birth control pills are $14.00 at WalMart. A Georgetown student is hardly “going broke” buying contraception, as she stated during her “testimony”. Every public health department in every county gives free condoms away, as do the pubic elementary, junior high, and high schools. If you don’t like those, you can buy them at WalMart, too, although a bit more expensive than the pill.

        The super-Big Business, Planned Parenthood, runs their abortion mills with a great deal of taxpayer subsidization. And PP’s taxpayer gifts were the reason for the hearings.

        Why should PRIVATE insurance companies be FORCED to pay – thus, every one of their customers pay for it – when “contraception is free or very cheap, depending upon your choices?

        . . . “Do you think health care plans that cover earth care at your work are more expensive or less expensive?”

        DEFINITELY, YES. Health insurance companies doing business in that great liberal Mecca of California are mandated to provide “transgender reassignment” services and coverage. I will NEVER need that surgery or services. Yet when I lived there, I had to have it in my insurance coverage. I was forced to pay for someone else to have it because its cost was in EVERY policy because the government required it.

        I did not want that coverage and won’t ever use it, but my policy HAD to have it, and I had to pay for it. It is government mandate, no option, no choice.

        This is the kind of mandate that that (D) hearing wants to impose on all of us – whether or not we want it, whether or not we can use it.

      • Rob

        You know… you all still don’t get it. As usual, you don’t listen. You’re lemmings. Since health care covers VIAGRA, and since fluke was talking about birth control to control cysts on ovaries and not about becoming pregnant, you’d understand. As for Obama grabbing power, yah think perhaps you need to go back and notice what Cheney did not to mention Bush? And perhaps since you don’t use spell check, you could look up in the dictionary the correct spelling of words and read it again, before you post. Just for the record, not I’m not happy with Obama. The choices on the Republican side, just watch them and you’ll see. I’m an independent. Thank god more of us are becoming so. Maybe if we stopped attacking candidates with negative personal attacks, really qualified people would run? What bothers me most is…. now with PAC’s, you can buy your political position. Watching the downfall of American, the lack of compromise and the all or nothing approach, both sides have taken, is not only sad, but sickening. This is what we want to leave our children?

      • Keith

        Yes, there are healthcare plans that cover the cost of contraceptives. I haven’t gone out and checked lately, but I know that in years past this has been accomplished through the use of “riders” on the policy and not something that is covered in the general policy. This is as it should be. Those who need/want the riders pay a little extra to have that particular coverage. If you do not need that type of coverage, then you don’t need to be paying for it.

        The Obama Regime is trying to force all of us to pay for something all of us don’t need, and many of us oppose for various reasons. These reasons could be, as in the case of the Catholic Church, moral reasons, or it could be something even more simple of not wanting to pay for someone else to get a “freebie.” Either way, We the People should be standing strong against any unnecessary intrusions into our beliefs, our wallets and our liberties.

      • Gerard

        Reply to Anastasia….So you have been having sex for 30 years straight!! OMG!!! That’s as long as Sandra Fluke is old. That makes you a ……. and a ……… I just can’t bring myself to say the words. Rush has more class than I do so I will let him say the S and W words. And I hope you took some videos during those 30 years for Rush to watch.

      • Bob Johnson

        We are already paying for it, there is no such thing as a free lunch. We pay for way too much in this country that is the responsibility of the individual, not the taxpayers. The oldest birth control method is abstinence, which if you are not married, you should be practicing, and if you do not, be prepared for the consequences. Tired of all you people whining and moaning about Rush calling the girl a slut, if the shoe fits, wear it.

      • BigBadJohn

        “You know… you all still don’t get it. As usual, you don’t listen. You’re lemmings. Since health care covers VIAGRA,”

        Rob, you are swallowing the rhetoric, Viagra is only covered on a minority of insurance policies, and the ones that do cover Viagra generally cover contraception also.

        Many Insurers Are Deciding Not to Cover Cost of Viagra
        Published: June 20, 1998

        Some of the nation’s biggest health insurers have decided not to pay for Viagra, the new male impotence drug, under their prescription drug plans. They said that providing the recommended 6 to 12 pills per month would be too expensive, adding hundreds of millions of dollars to annual costs.

        The drug has been promoted as an important enhancement to the quality of life for many older men and their wives, but some health economists have raised questions about the medical necessity of a treatment for impotence and the expense relative to other drugs.

        Kaiser Permanente, the nation’s largest nonprofit health maintenance organization, announced yesterday that Viagra would only be available as an extra benefit at an additional cost to employer groups or to individuals who buy it with their own money at Kaiser pharmacies.

        Kaiser, which has 9.1 million members in 19 states, said the cost of covering Viagra would have exceeded $100 million a year. Many Kaiser members are older men who are believed likely to request the drug.

        Ad against5 McCain.
        The ad implies there is a significant disparity between the number of insurance plans that cover Viagra and those that cover birth control. But that’s not the case. A 2004 report by the nonpartisan Guttmacher Institute found that in 2002, 86 percent of the plans that insurance companies typically wrote for employers covered the full range of approved reversible contraceptive methods (birth control pills, hormone injections, implants, IUDs and diaphragms), and only 2 percent covered no methods at all.

        The worry that Viagra, but not birth control, is being included in health care plans is out-of-date, according to Adam Sonfield, who coauthored the report. He says that when Viagra initially became available and insurers began to cover it, “there was concern that this was the case and that insurance companies really were covering erectile dysfunction drugs but were not covering contraception.” This concern, he says, helped spur efforts to get contraception coverage mandated in 27 states, and contraceptive coverage rates shot up as a result. Sonfield’s study, which asked insurance companies about employer-sponsored plans, found that coverage of contraceptive methods had tripled from 1993 to 2002. Sonfield says that the number of plans covering birth control likely has continued to increase over the last six years, though he stresses that U.S. health care is still short of complete coverage.


      • wandamurlinew

        You can purchase birth control pills at WallMart for $9 a month…Ms. Fluke is not a 23 year old student….she is a 30 year old, liberal progressive women’s activist…as that has come out about her….so she already lied, I’m soooo shocked that a liberal would lie. But the focus is not on whether or not she can buy birthcontrol pills….she wants me to pay for them…and Obama wants the Catholic Church’s schools and hospitals to pay for them also even though it is against their religious beliefs….I think that is consumed in the 1st Amendment and a big reason we left England in the first place to come to America. This whole thing is a distraction by the Demorats because “The One” stepped over the line, so they start the birth control crap….it is about the religious freedoms of this country….the first amendment of the Constitution….that the government cannot make you submit to any particular religion and cannot further that religious cause. This was about the Constitution….not about Contraception…..a total distraction to get you off Obama’s butt.

      • Danette

        What a nation of moral wimps and liberal bootlickers. Liberty does not require me to pay for anyone’s healthcare let alone for their abortions (murders). I won’t do it as a matter of principle. The consequences and the nation be damned.

        • JKinIL


          It’s important to arrive at the beginning of the “movie”. The Catholic Church jumped into this with both feet, saying that individuals who work for affiliated organizations aren’t moral enough to make choices for themselves, so the Church will overrule whatever the woman, her mate, her doctor, her beliefs, and her God (Religion does not equal God) by stepping between her insurance company (which is part of her compensation).

          THEN, Rep Issa called a “hearing” on this, ostensibly to get to the bottom of this incursion into “church rights”. More on this later…. That was the FIRST mistake.

          SECOND mistake: refusing the request to let Fluke testify at his hearing…this would have all been a distant memory by now.

          THIRD mistake: permitting a photo op of five men testifying. While you can control the pictures, you cannot control the captioning. Five men testifying about contraception is the caption that was supplied, so the door was open to Pelosi to hold an alternative hearing, HIGHLIGHTING Fluke.

          THEN, the FOURTH mistake was made–by Rush. Fluke’s testimony would have been a distant memory by now, if Rush hadn’t made it an issue. He supplied the caption for the Fluke picture, instead of letting the issue die. We’ll skip over that for now….FIFTH mistake: waiting til the sponsors started pulling out to apologize.

          THEN, the SIXTH mistake was made–by GOP leadership. They failed to condemn Rush. Why? President Obama will supply that answer during the campaign…they were too afraid of Rush…so, how do you think they will stand up to Iran or North Korea?

          On the “church rights” issue, the First Amendment is about part of the Bill of Rights. The rights are for the INDIVIDUAL. In the same amendment, INDIVIDUALS are given the right to assemble peacefully and to petition their government to address grievances. The government has already exempted churches from the contraception mandate. In fact, the law already exempts churches from a variety of laws, including discrimination in hiring, so Baptist churches can’t be sued for not hiring someone on the basis of their faith. However, in lay roles, such as hospitals, that protection (from discrimination) does not apply. The church as an institution does not supplant the rights of individuals, especially of individuals who do not belong to the specific religion in question. A Jewish or Muslim or Atheist nurse or doctor who works in a Catholic hospital cannot be discriminated against on the basis of religion (except in the case of Chaplain, perhaps…)

          The government’s position is consistent: the rights of the individual trump the rights of religion to dictate policy in matters of health care, morals, etc.

          The Church has failed to make its case to the flock. This is an end around that the GOP tried to drive as a wedge issue but so monstrously botched their response that it blew up in their faces. Now, the GOP is caught on the wrong side of public opinion, and everything they do just keeps the story rolling on and on and on.

          Including this story and the commenting….

          • RichE

            Very nice post.

          • Keith


            You have that wrong about the Catholic Church. They made no claim about the morals of the persons working for affiliated organizations. The point you are missing is that even though insurance may be part of the employees compensation, the Church has to pay for at least part of it. And the Church refuses to pay for something that they oppose upon principal. No where did the Catholic Church say that an employee could not get their own insurance plan instead of the one offered through employment, or in supplement to it, that does include contraceptive coverage.

            Think of it this way. If you are against an item because it violates your core beliefs, will you then just blindly say “OK, I’ll pay someone else who will then pay for this item for you”? Would your conscience be clear doing that? You are still financing the item, even if it is through a third party. If this were drugs or terrorism, you could even be criminally charged for having helped finance it.

      • Wyatt

        Someone is paying the tab on Ms Flukes contrceptives , she seems to think it should be America . And for anyone call her a young lady is a stretch , at 30 years of age she is a grown woman and should be responsible for her own bills . I see her testimony as just another plant by Nancy Pelosi to advance Leftist ambitions to take over our Government and destroy America in the process . Maybe Congress woman would like to pick up the tab for Fluke’s birth control pills ?

        To claim $3000 as her yearly expense is quite stretch of the imagination , or she is supplying all her friends as well . And besides , Ms Fluke is in collage supposedly to get an education , not get laid !

      • Opal the Gem

        Gerard says:
        March 14, 2012 at 8:44 am
        Reply to Anastasia….So you have been having sex for 30 years straight!! OMG!!! That’s as long as Sandra Fluke is old. That makes you a ……. and a ………

        Gerard how do you know she has had many partners over those 30 years? Anastasia quite probably has been married those 30 years and been faithful to her husband. People call Rush a “judgemental ass” but that does not even begain to describe you with your ASSumptions.

      • sb36695

        My insurance doesn’t cover anything reproductive because I don’t need it, and I don’t want to pay for someone else. I am curious as to how many even need birth control with the aging population.

        • JKinIL

          I wish my insurance didn’t cover illness from alcoholism, tobacco use, drug abuse, gun accidents, obesity, and motorcycle accidents–especially when the rider’s not wearing a helmet. Unfortunately, that’s not how insurance works…

      • tony

        I’ll write slow so you all can understand. 16% of all women taking birth control pills do so for health reasons. Ms. Fluke mentioned her friend who got cancer cuz she couldnt afford to buy the pills & her insurance didnt cover it. Now I noticed none of you are complaining about the fact that those same companies do cover Viagra(I suppose cuz you all use it). The insurance is paid for by her employer & usually the employee + a co-pay. No tax money. Catholic universities & hospitals already covered it & have been for years. Not getting pregnant is a health issue. Say, I thought all you so called conservatives were all about staying out of peoples private lives…you are the ones bringing up the sex scandals, not us Liberals.

      • vicki

        JKinIL says:

        I wish my insurance didn’t cover illness from alcoholism, tobacco use, drug abuse, gun accidents, obesity, and motorcycle accidents–especially when the rider’s not wearing a helmet. Unfortunately, that’s not how insurance works…

        If your insurance covers things you don’t want it to then change insurance companies. It’s that easy. Oh what? you are forced to have that insurance plan cause it is the only one your company offers? So who has a gun to your head forcing you to work for that company? Who has a gun to your head forcing you to accept that benefit?

        Your claim to victimhood is exactly what the progressive uses to try and control you. If you are a victim then government has a duty to “protect” you. Thus the more people who can be convinced that they are victims the more they will demand “protection”.

        Now you might try and say that you have tried and all insurance companies cover those things. Well that’s an easy fix too. Start your OWN insurance company. Really experience government intrusion first hand.

      • vicki

        The truth demonstrates their knoledge of the difference between fact and opinion by writing:

        Vicki, the fact that you believe other people pay for her birth control (because Rush told you so) says it all. Do you think health care plans that cover earth care at your work are more expensive or less expensive?

        I believe that she WANTS other people to pay for her birth control cause SHE said so. That was rather the point of the hearing. Note other people is not necessarily taxpayers though they probably are.

      • Alondra

        Rob, you are liberal absurdity and oxymoron, who is trying to convince everyone you are an INDEPENDENT. Good try but UNconvincing. You and Karolyn are liberal hoax on this Web Site . You both are so heartbreakingly pathetic.

      • katrael59ganaiden

        This is in response to wandamurlinew. You’re right about people wanting to distract us from the real issue of the constitutionality of this thing. Our government has no business paying for anybody’s birth control for any reason. The politicians will try to buy Ms. Flukes, and other’s vote by providing her/them with free(???) birth control pills. That’s cheap enough to them.
        The issue is quite simple to understand: no gratuities for anybody.

      • Robert Smith

        John Myers commented: “I don’t want to watch anybody have sex; I expect neither do most Americans.”

        If one includes kids and those absolutely opposed to it I’m optimistic that could be a correct statement. However, if one considers just adults I suspect that it’s actually quite common. One no longer needs to go to a dank theater in a seedy part of town. It can be had right in one’s living room or anyplace a computer can be set up.

        Porn is best pegged at a half a billion dollar a year business. I can’t guess about how that divides up among adult Americans but it’s a big dollar amount. There is pay per view, networks like Playboy and Hustler, rentals, sales… Most hotels have access to porn on their TV systems. Shucks XM even has Playboy and Spice. Playboy has had some excellent interviews. I particularly remember one with Jessy Ventura.

        For more details on just how big (or small) you think the porn industry might be one can go Forbes for an interesting article:


      • Robert Smith

        Alondra begins: “Rob, you are… ”

        Kinda reminds me of samurai calling Bishop Spong a “herritick” and lying and calling folks “moron,” even after it was explained that a “moron” wouldn’t be able to navigate this forum very well.

        Do you always try to define others? Can’t you argue against reality?

        Here you go: I’m a Goldwater Conservative.

        Now, when you call me anything else I’ll point out you are lying.


      • Tom W.

        I’m really not in the mood for this tonight, but Rush is a bloviating idiot! That’s what he gets paid to do!!! He’s been saying the same kinda garbage ever since he’s been on the air! In my opinion him and Oprah are the two polar oppisites of the spectum.

        • jericho777

          Than, that must make you a bloviating listener idiot? I say Idiot respectfully of course, only because you think him such an idiot, and yet you still listen to him, see where I’m going? It really tickles my Southern when I read these sort of post and think, wow, Rush is really good man, he must be some kind of modern day Pide Piper for all you Liberal rats who are suffering themselves to listening to our Conservative Pride & Joy Rush Limbaugh! I mean, and you must understand, how idiotic you must read to all us here, and I assume you must be on some kind disillusioned panties wadding to even hint you listen to him enough to suggest he is bloviating…At any rate, you did give me quite a chuckle, and I have even emailed this to my Southern Fishing and Hunting Buds, and a few Yankee pals too, and as an added treat, I’ve attached the opening theme song/music as a sort of imagined parody. I did warn them however, that playing it to loudly, just might attract nearby Liberals, and cautioned them to use head phones, except of course in those states that allow for shooting bloviating idiot liberal rats :)

      • pweiters9

        3/15/12, Myers is right; BO wants to bankrupt us w/Obamacare & his Green agenda and you worry about this. Rush is good but fading; Bob Grant’s a masterful historian & getting old. My top radio personality is the Savage Nation.

      • Gerard

        To Opal:
        I made no assumptions…I stated exactly what Anastasia said in her comment. It is her that said she has been buying BC for 30 years and agrees with RL’s statement for calling Sandra Fluke names. RL’s statement concludes that anyone using BC so they can have sex is a s….. and a w……. which Anastasia agrees with and then she says she has used BC for 30 years. Just pointing out the hypocrisy. Seems most all conservatives call people names when they can’t figure things out.

      • Tom W.

        Jerico777, may I correct you in your assuption that I’m one of those liberal rats?! I call myself an independent, I lean right on most issues but at the same time see some good points on the left also. I remember when Slick Willie was president and Rush would get the guys that I was working with so lathered up, you couldn’t even talk to ‘em, they were ready to kill something!!! So if you want to call him a pied piper, at least get it straight that it’s redneck a$$holes like yourself that he is leading to the water’s edge!!! I don’t, haven’t, and will not Listen to Rush unless it’s unavoidable because he’s in the news for some reason like trying to pin an illegal prescription drug wrap on his house keeper or something of that sort. One of these days all of you redneck OGs who listen to Rush are going to have a confrontation with all of those pampered post-menapausal bluehairs who watch Oprah, and the fight’s gonna be on! A REAL civil war!!! My money’s on the ladies! Now go out and have a hunting accident or something. JESUS IS COMING! You’d BETTER get ready!!!

      • speedle

        Rob, I think you miss the point. Viagra is sometimes covered and sometimes not on group health plans. In any case that is not relevant. The government is not dictating that Viagra be covered and paid for by someone else. Of course that is not the only injustice in “mandated” benefits on health insurance plans. This has been going on for some time. “Maternity” coverage has been mandated by the feds for decades. Why should young singles on older seniors be paying for people’s maternity care?

        The point of all this is the ability of the fed to “mandate”. IMO, Limbaugh used this as the attention getter to highlight this abuse of personal liberty (benefit mandate) because even the thickest of citizens understand what birth control pills are all about.

    • Gena Claudel

      Why is is ok for insurance to pay for viagra (men to be able to enjoy sex and has nothing to do with any other health issues) but insurance will not pay for oral contraceptives for women even though it is used for more than birth control? Oh by the way insurance will also pay for a vasectomy for men??!!!!! You people are just wrong!!!!! It feels like we are fighting for women’s rights and we are going back in time due to religion. Religious right conservative people are so close minded to science it feel like we are going back to the dark ages……….

      • Searcher4851

        Gena, this is exactly the problem. The whole issue has been sidetracked. The issue under debate was the government forcing the Catholic church to provide coverage which goes against their beliefs. It’s about overreach by the feds, not about birth control or women’s rights. Limbaugh’s rant HELPED take the talking away from the real issue.

      • Ron

        Viagra is for a medical condition. There is no comparison between that and birthcontrol….

      • DonnieB

        A private insurance company can decide what to offer in their policies all by themselves. The Federal government doesn’t have the Constitutional authority to order this (although Obama thinks he is the decider). If the company wants to cover birth control, then good for them but don’t think that it is free. TANSTAFL . One of my favorites. There Ain’t No Such Thing As a Free Lunch. Evidence shows that many Democrats that that there is free stuff; just get taxpayers to write the check.

        It is not Federal government’s business how much money any of its citizens earn ( I do agree the IRS does need to know for tax purposes). Just because you make double my earnings or I make a 1000 times what you do, it is not the Federal governments concern.

      • Nellie

        Gena: What is paid by an insurance policy is dictated by the carrier of the policy. Not all people are priviledged to get free viagra nor vasectomies. Every corporation or personal plan purchased out-lines what you do or do not get. It also depends on if, at present, you are a PPO or HMO. So your statement is much too general. I personally feel Rush’s use of words was obscene and unnecessary to get his point across. But then again I listen to him seldom…along with Glen Beck. BUT I will not deny they, in their own fashion, get their points across. What is being challenged here is seperation of church and state. Read your history and come to understand that Obamacare is stepping into areas where it has no business. This is very delicate….Rush was wrong. But then again so is Bill Maher!!!!!!!!! As for Flukes…I simply refuse to listen to a college student tell the American women what is right or wrong for them. Thank you, Richard, for your statement that we need to think for ourselves.

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “Viagra is for a medical condition.”

        Really? What “medical condition” does Rush have that he was caught with a bunch of it at an airport?

        BTW, the prescription didn’t have his name on it. That’s a violation of his deal on the other drug stuff, but somehow he scated again.

        So, tell us about Rush’s medical issues. You seem so willing to talk about womens’ issues, tell us about Rush.


      • UncleJC

        Dear Gina,
        . . . “Why is is ok for insurance to pay for viagra (men to be able to enjoy sex and has nothing to do with any other health issues) but insurance will not pay for oral contraceptives for women even though it is used for more than birth control?”

        First: Viagra was NOT invented for ED (which IS a medical condition). My DAUGHTER is 31 and has been taking 400 mg of Viagra per day (about 30 times more than any male), among other meds. Without it, she would have died several years ago

        Viagra was invented for a condition known as PPH – Primary Pulmonary Hypertension. In non-medical terms, it mean dangerously high blood pressure in the lungs. She developed this condition when she was 20. The problems with her lungs caused severe damage to her heart. She is now on the waiting list for a heart AND a double-lung transplant.

        PPH is why Viagra was invented. Everything else was an accidental side-effect.

        Brit control pills are between $4.00 and $14.00 at WalMart, depending upon brand and dosage. Your basic deductible is higher than that! That’s why it seems they don’t cover it. If the companies made it more expensive, so that you deductible does not fully cover the price, would you be happy? I doubt that.

        . . .”Oh by the way insurance will also pay for a vasectomy for men??!!!!! ”

        A vasectomy is the surgical and physiological equivalent of a tubal ligation (in non-medical terms: “getting your tubes tied or cut”). And so the answer to your question is YES, Health insurance companies DO COVER BOTH BECAUSE IT IS THE SAME PROCEDURE.

        Are you happy now that you know the truth about that?

        . . . “You people are just wrong!!!!! It feels like we are fighting for women’s rights and we are going back in time due to religion. Religious right conservative people are so close minded to science it feel like we are going back to the dark ages”

        Since you “unreligious (atheistic?) left liberals” are the ones who are ignorant of, or simply choosing to ignore, the economic and medical FACTS, and learning FACTS and consequences is antithetic to your arguments and cause, YOU and your side are “just wrong” (as you said).

        This has nothing to do with “women’s rights”. It is who pays the bill so you and Ms Fluke can have sex. Nobody here is saying you can’t be as promiscuous as your desire. The rest of us are simply saying that “if we ain’t getting the benefit, we ain’t paying the bill”.

      • Gerard

        Replying to Ron….So you say that ED is a medical condition. One thing I do know is that ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer ARE medical conditions that in some cases can be prevented with the use of BC medication. Does Viagra prevent cysts or cancer in men? Please gain some knowledge on the subject before you post a comment. As Rush is also guilty of.

      • DaveH

        Gena says — “Why is is ok for insurance to pay for viagra (men to be able to enjoy sex and has nothing to do with any other health issues) but insurance will not pay for oral contraceptives for women even though it is used for more than birth control? Oh by the way insurance will also pay for a vasectomy for men??!!!!! You people are just wrong!!!!!”
        Are you talking about Mandated Government Health Insurance, Gena, or private Insurance? If you’re talking about the former, the Federal Government has no business at all in providing health insurance for the people. And if they indeed have provisions to pay for vasectomies (I doubt it), that is wrong. But two wrongs don’t make a right no matter how many times you Liberals insist they do.
        But If you’re talking about private voluntary Insurance, Gena, it’s none of your business what they offer their customers. If you don’t like it, don’t buy their Insurance — I don’t.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        The government wants to be the controller and decision maker under the guise of “health care”. Insurance companies are the stepping stones to grab that power and money. If they take down the biggest insurance provider all others will willingly submit.

      • Gary L

        This whole thing isn’t about what insurance companies will cover.
        This is about people wanting the government (tax payers) to pay for contraception.
        I don’t give a damn what kind of contraception it is. I don’t think I should have to foot any part of the bill for anyone other than myself or whomever I volutarily offer my help.
        The line should have been drawn a long time ago concerning what BIG GOVERNMENT could do with the money it forcibly takes from us. You can be damn sure they take a whole lot more than they should for things that do not benefit US at all.

      • Robert, TX

        Every single comment in this line has NOTHING to do with the continual loss of liberty and justice that we have endured over the last 30 years. It would be nice to defeat Obama, but what difference will Romney, Santorum or even the Grinch make? Will these repubs slow the growth of our massive, intrusive, federal govt.? We do not need to slow the growth, we need to cut, slash and burn! We can cost the liberals 100 bad bills at every creek crossing between here and TOTAL VICTORY!!!

      • JeffH

        Sorry if I’ve made multiple duplicate postings. Seems my comments aren’t showing and there is still some technical problems with the website.

      • Michael H.

        See comments from above. Specifically BigBadJohn’s.

      • Ranger


        Good point! Speaking of Buckley, would that more conservatives would read Buckley’s intelligent, educated, and very sophisticated positions on conservative thought, and stop watching an uneducated ignorant buffoon like Rush on Fox “Noise”. I wonder if many realize that he’s a completely uneducated but effective “used car salesman”. After barely graduating from H.S., Rush attended one semester of Community College, and flunked out, . . . . . and that’s IT! The sum total of his educational background and qualifications. As a practicing scientist and H.S. and University Science instructor for 4 decades, I’ve noted that any time Rush delves into any science subject, be it Climate Change, Evolution, etc., it only takes about 10 seconds for a trained scientist to realize that he has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. We definitely need a better spokesperson for the GOP!

      • Vicki

        Gena Claudel says:

        Why is is ok for insurance to pay for viagra (men to be able to enjoy sex and has nothing to do with any other health issues) but insurance will not pay for oral contraceptives for women even though it is used for more than birth control?

        Interesting mis-use of language. The correct way to phrase this issue

        Is it ok to FORCE an insurance company to pay for viagra? Answer NO.

        Is it ok to FORCE an insurance company to pay for Birth Control? Answer NO.

        Is it ok to let the insurance company decide to pay for viagra or birth control or both?. Answer YES.

      • Robert Smith

        From Searcher: “The issue under debate was the government forcing the Catholic church to provide coverage which goes against their beliefs.”

        Or, the catholic church is forcing its beliefs upon those who are not of the flock.

        It all depends on the perspective. One is of the church, the other is America.


      • Opal the Gem

        “Or, the catholic church is forcing its beliefs upon those who are not of the flock.”

        Give it up RS nobody is buying what you are trying to sell. No one forces a person to attend one of their schools. No one forces anyone to work for them. If you don’t like their policy go to a different school or work for a different hospital or teach at a different school.

    • Robert Smith

      Posted: “Rush is saying that it is wrong for her to make other people (thru force of government) pay for her birth control. ”

      And what the rest of us are syaing is that it is WRONG for religion to invade the privacy of a woman and her doctor when prescription drugs are involved.

      Why force your religion upon another and call it “freedom”? It’s no such thing for the person having religion foced upon them simply because they declare they should.


      • DaveH

        Robert says — “Why force your religion upon another and call it “freedom”?”
        As usual, the Liberal Robert gets it backward. Only the Government has assumed the right of Force in this country, Robert. The religious people (me neither) simply don’t want Government to Force them to pay for other peoples’ health care choices.
        To insist that people don’t get a Free Ride on other peoples’ shoulders (Slavery) is not Force. The Forcers are the people like you, Robert, who want to use the Power of Government to Force other people to do things their way.
        I don’t know what you call it, Robert, “freedom” or otherwise, but Liberals are definitely trying to for their Religion of Liberalism on the rest of us. I am Atheist, and I reject the inconsistent Religion of Liberalism.

      • Darlene Austin

        Rob, you would have made a more accurate comment had you been paying attention to details. The church/religion wasn’t demanding everyone come under what they believe, they were stating that it was wrong for them to be forced to pay for something they believe is morally reprehensible to them. Paying attention to details makes one a better informed poster.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Since Leftism/Humanism is a religion, why are you forcing your religion on the rest of us?

      • Bonnie Lesando

        Robert, who’s freedom are you talking about. It is not about women’s rights, it is about women’s responsibility. I am sick of NOW and the liberal women’s rights. Health care should not favor one sex over the other, one religion over the other. It should cover healthcare for everyone, young, middle age, old, white, black, yellow or purple. If this is the case then everyone is covered equally for real health issues. This administration loves to pick it’s favorites when it come to anything they do. Unions are exempt from the healthcare bill and so are many other groups. By the way, the new CBO’s report for the cost is now at $1.76 trillion. Remember it was only going to cost $ 9 billion. The $ amount has almost doubled. Also, it was to cover everyone and now we have been told that 4 million people will not be covered.

      • Robert Smith

        Dave H says: “The religious people (me neither) simply don’t want Government to Force them to pay for other peoples’ health care choices.”

        And I don’t want to be forced to pay for wars in Iraq, Afganastan, Iran…

        I don’t want to pay for Palun’s bridges to nowhere.

        I don’t want to see churches NOT paying property tax. Other businesses are responsible, why aren’t churches?

        BTW, how is it churches are being “forced” to pay for health care? It’s a perk. Health care for a business is voluntary. Where it becomes involuntary is that health care can’t be purchesed for some full time employees and not the rest. IOW, if the priest gets health care, so does the full time janitor and the secretary WHO MAY NOT BE OF THE FLOCK. IOW, they are forcing their religion upon others.


      • Opal the Gem

        ” Paying attention to details makes one a better informed poster.”

        RS doesn’t need details to tell us how we should live our lives for he is a liberal hack who always knows what is best for everyone regardless of their circumstances..

      • DaveH

        It is not the Government’s business, Bonnie, to provide any kind of health care to the citizens, especially since they do it with unwilling donors’ money. The Federal Government has no Power under the Constitution to provide Health Care to the citizens.

      • Robert Smith

        Hey darlene, you post: “they were stating that it was wrong for them to be forced to pay for something they believe is morally reprehensible to them. ”

        I think it’s moreally reprehensible to offer oil subsidies.

        I think war is generally wrong. (self defense is not wrong)

        I think it’s wrong that churches are exempt from property taxes. They are simply real property owned by a group of people with common beliefs. Why does that make them “special?”

        Does that mean that war, subsidies, and special treatment of religious folks will end?

        I mean, why don’t you apply equal standards to your “arguments?”


      • DaveH

        Robert says — “And I don’t want to be forced to pay for wars in Iraq, Afganastan, Iran…”.
        The United States shouldn’t be involved in any of those wars. So you shouldn’t be forced to pay for them.
        Robert says — “And you I don’t want to pay for Palun’s bridges to nowhere”.
        If I had my way only the users of that bridge would pay.
        Robert says — “I don’t want to see churches NOT paying property tax. Other businesses are responsible, why aren’t churches?”.
        I agree, churches should have to pay property taxes which should be only for services provided by Government for that property (or anybody’s property).
        If Government provides health care, the payment of such is hardly voluntary, Robert. Government is Force. And it’s none of your business, Robert, what a private company provides their employees.
        And this statement from you, Robert, is about as fallacious as I’ve seen you make — “if the priest gets health care, so does the full time janitor and the secretary WHO MAY NOT BE OF THE FLOCK. IOW, they are forcing their religion upon others”.
        How you can equate the voluntary compensation choices of a church and their employees with Force is beyond any kind of rational logic, but then that’s what I’ve come to expect from you and your fellow Liberals, Robert.

      • Robert Smith

        Opal posts: “who always knows what is best for everyone regardless of their circumstances..”

        Really… And how does that fit in with the right wing approach that women must do things THEIR way without any choice whatsoever?

        I’m the one who advocates that each woman knows what is best for herself and it is SHE who should make decisions about her own life, be it sex, abortion, prescriptions, or whatever.

        Now, explain to me how MY opinon of what she should do matters.

        They explain why yours should matter.


    • Sol of Texas

      I don’t understand why people get upset when others use language accurately. I don’t know if Ms. Fluke is a prostitute, but if she is spending $1-3K per year on birth control, she is clearly a slut.

      Slut: 1a. “A person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous”

      I’ve got nothing against sluts, I’ve dated a few! :-)

      However, it’s not “just”, for a person to expect others (e.g., tax payers) to provide resources for their choices of risky behavior.

      • DaveH

        Their is no reason to insult people simply because they make life-choices that affect only them and other people who voluntarily engage in those activities.

        • mikesvoice

          Dave H…..the error in your statement: “Their is no reason to insult people simply because they make life-choices that affect only them and other people who voluntarily engage in those activities.” is that Fluke affects others not engaged in those activities with her, by expecting/requiring others to cover the cost of the activity by providing her contraception choice.

      • Michael J.

        Sandra, the lesbian farcical fluke of nature who protests for free stuff to protect herself from things of which she is not in danger of, will soon have the covers pulled back to expose her naked untruths.

      • DaveH

        There is no error in my statement, Mike. The error has been committed by you inserting words in my mouth. I was simply responding to Sol’s use of the word “Slut”. I said nothing about the legitimacy of Fluke expecting others to pay for her birth control.

      • Mike in PA

        I sympathise with all of those who dont want thier taxes taken to provide birth control. I personally didnt want my taxes going to prosecute the war in Iraq or the last 9 years in Afghaniistan. Frankly I would rather pay for sex. Unfortunately we dont get to pick from a menu of where our tax money gets spent.

      • Robert Smith

        Sol claims: ” but if she is spending $1-3K per year on birth control, she is clearly a slut.”

        Not all prescriptions are of the $10 Walmart variety. Some folks decide with their doctor that another formula for a prescription will have a better result without side effects that may come with another prescription. BTW, the need for birth control pills for reasons other than birth control was cited, but seems to be overlooked around here, just as the need for some medical necessary abortions is ignored. Sheesh such narrow vision, but thats a bit of a sidelight.

        The fact is that if a script is $60 each month that’s $720 each year PLUS a couple / few hundred bucks for the pelvic at the doctor’s office so the prescription can be issued.

        So, how do you know what prescriptions are involved? Ohhhhhhhh, I get it, you are following and being a dittohead with Rush. If he wants you to have an opinion he’ll give it to you. How’s that for insight?


      • Libertytrain

        rob she could go to Planned Parenthood

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “rob she could go to Planned Parenthood”

        Really? If the right wing had their way there would be no Planned Parenthood.

        So, explain that one?

        It isn’t about the money, religion, or anything else except CONTROL by the right wing.

        Yet they claim it’s the left that wants control as we talk about freedom and choice.

        What was it in 1984? Newsspeak? Newspeak? It’s been awhile since I read it. But the right is very guilty of claiming one thing but actually working for another. The left doesn’t support the 1%. It’s dittoheads to think those paper looters are entitled because they can.


    • Sama

      The author of this article surely isn’t a Rush listener! He/she has no sense of humor. Rush uses a lot of satire in his shows. The left leaning public has no sense of humor either and attacks any words they can to make their sick points. I listened to that show and I did laugh at the irony of what Ms. Fluke was claiming. sheesh!

      • Robert Smith

        From Sama: “The left leaning public has no sense of humor ”

        There are a few around here who call me “left.” In fact, I’m a Goldwater Conservative, but even he is now called a liberal by some. Oh well. There is humor out there.

        Bill Marher.

        I wonder what the extreme right thought about George Carlen?

        Louis C.K is doing well.

        Oh, and then there is Jon Stewart.

        Lewis Black… I’ve spent several evenings laughting out loud at his comedy.


    • walker

      to Rob: it’s not compromise we need. we need to elect more conservatives and no liberals and then you would see the nation rebound. a compromise just means all these programs grow at a slower pace. no, we need to eliminate programs that are not working or wasting money. how’s my spelling, Rob?

      • Robert Smith

        GWB grew the budget faster than anyone before.

        And look where that put America.

        Clinton left him with a budget surplus.


      • Nobody’s Fool

        Robert Smith, you would do better to go read from the Communist Manifesto (aka, Obama’s Handbook for America’s Future) than to read conservative blogs. It just gets you all stirred up. First thing you know, we’ll all be asked to pay for your high blood pressure meds.
        Speaking of meds, there are such things as viagra and something similar for women to get them all hot and bothered, and I’m wondering if that is really what this country needs, more over-sexed old men and women?? Good grief!! Could someone just show a little restraint??? John Myers in his article said it’s okay for people like the fluke to have rampant sex (he said lots of people have a “healthy sex life”)…and I am just wondering if it is really healthy for rampant, promiscuous sex to rule the lives of so many people?? As I said before, what’s the matter with responsible, self-disciplined restraint??

    • Johannah

      Georgetown requires all students to be covered by healthcare insurance. The plan they offer costs in the $2,000 range. Other companies charge in the $5,000 range for an individual policy.
      Students are free to buy the Georgetown insurance or from any other company of thier choice.
      As you can see the Georgetown insurance is much cheaper. But if Ms fluke has her way it will become more expensive.
      And if obama gets away with mandating “free” bc pills for all, it is only a matter of time till they mandate other free things. Then the cheap insurance will become a thing of the past.

      • Trixie

        Exactly, Johannah. Young adults could almost always stay on their parents’ plan while being students. Obamacare has forced insurance companies to include young adults to age 26 even if they’re not students. If a college student is covered under daddy’s plan, birth control pills would still cost a copay, amount depending on whether a generic or brand name just like any other drug. Forcing insurance companies to provide bc pills for free is going to raise premiums for everyone, which is just another problem with govt run healthcare. Forcing the Catholic Church to provide any birth control coverage even though it is against their beliefs is a whole separate issue. If you want coverage, don’t go work for a church or go to a catholic college.

      • Opal the Gem

        Also the Georgetown policy does cover the pill when it is prescribed specifically for conditions other than birth control.

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “Then the cheap insurance will become a thing of the past.”

        It ain’t “cheap” when it doesn’t cover legally prescribed treatments.


      • ChristyK

        Insurance only works for unexpected things. If you have insurance for regular use items such as monthly birth control pills, it actually increases the costs for everyone. When people get things for free, they use more of it and don’t consider the costs. People will chose to use a more expensive form of birthcontrol rather than a cheaper form because they aren’t paying. A company that pays for birth control pills, will have overhead for administering the plan in addition to the cost of the birthcontrol pill. Therefore people pay more each month than if individuals just purchased their own birth control each month. Forcing all plans to cover birth control forces those who don’t want to use it and who think it is morally wrong to pay for other’s use. This is morally wrong. The best plan for everyone is to not force anyone to have coverage for birthcontrol. If some people are foolish enough to choose an insurance plan that covers birth control, they are free to do so, but will end up paying more since those that don’t want it, won’t buy this type of plan, and the free supply will cause overspending and extra overhead costs.

    • Dr Snake

      Limbaugh has 15 hours a week to cover anything he wants. He took significant amounts of time for 3 days straight to villify and slander a private citizen exercising the same rights–for free, that Limbaugh does for a check. NOTHING he did was remotely correct.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      It appears that the Leftists/Liberals are the majority of the listeners to Rush. He appears to know when and how to yank their chains and he always gets the expected response.

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “It appears that the Leftists/Liberals are the majority of the listeners to Rush. ”

        And the folks paying for air time figured out that they don’t want an audience that is insulted and ticked off, so they withdrew from Rush’s program.

        That’s good business for them.


    • JOSEPH

      The TRUTH obviously does not listen to RUSH, AND HAS IT ALL WRONG !!!!
      Get your facts right before mouthing off Truthie boy !!1

    • Jacobite

      Don’t know why I try to communicate with Libertarians, but anyhow…. First: hypocrasy is a personal failing, not a sin. A hypocrite upholds morality to others while sinning himself. Guess what? The remedy for this is to stop sinning! Not, as cunning 2-year-old might think, to stop advocating good behavior for others. The Catholic Church has no objections to any treatment for an illness using contrceptives. I believe many insurance policies also cover them when used to treat illness. A person who considers pregnancy an illness better not talk to me about his worship of “Nature”, “Gaia” or whatever pagan god-substitute he has going. A mammal just can’t get any more un-natural than that. What do these freaks think Saint Darwin would say about a species (his own!) refusing to procreate? Doesn’t sound like a very good survival strategy to me, somehow.

      • Robert Smith

        Jacobite posts: “What do these freaks think Saint Darwin would say about a species (his own!) refusing to procreate? ”

        When procreation causes polution, crazyness, and other things counter to the survival to the species then birth control is a good thing. Many animals eat their young, spontaniously abort during hard times, or simply don’t reproduce when things get tough.

        Furhter, in the case of a priest, isn’t it a sin to say, “go forth and multiply” and then proclaim that you won’t? Sheesh, what a horrible example, and they they go after little boys. What an awful management system.


      • Libertytrain

        rob, perhaps a trip to the Vatican City is in order for you so that you can inform them of your perceived problems with the Church and offer to assist them with your management style.

    • bob

      Yes, he might have used different wording & the part about wanting to “see ” her in action was a little to much, but “shock value” is what gets everyone’s attention these days.
      Politicians use it all the time “Old folks have a choice between eating dog food or paying the electric bill”. Gets your attention doesn’t it.
      A friend who attends Georgetown Univ, & lives near the campus e- mailed me that a Target store about 3 miles away has a 30 day supply of birth control pills for $9.00. This is a far cry from the $3000.00 she indicated it was costing her & others.
      Also when her background check was looked into, it was discovered she is a female activist, who has been involved in cause such as this for many years, so I don’t think this is just a random case here. She looked into the Universities policies and targeted them. The President & a Democratic committee got involved because this is a hot button issue, Rush was involved, & the main reason———— to distract the public from the real issues like jobs, the economy, the debt, Iran and all the other issues the President & Congress, can’t, wouldn’t or they just don’t give a crap about in solving. If other talk show personality ( Bill Mahar, Morning Joe or Ed, whoever he is ) had said it, it probably wouldn’t have gotten a mention.
      It’s the old ” slight of hand distraction” the old razzel dazzel keep the attention somewhere else” except where it should be, and as the lea-ricks in the movie Chicago says ” they’ll never get wise”.

    • Todd

      Vicki your an idiot. Do you think everybody’s health care is paid for by the govt? My employer pays $370 and I pay $120 a month, the govt pays ZERO!. They have cut off my inhalers, my Advair and my stomach pills and now people like you want them to just not pay for any dammed thing because their employers feel maybe they are too fat, they smoke, etc. I am 50, weigh 155 pounds and in pretty good shape. But someday I might need insurance to cover something my EMPLOYER (the govt has NOTHING to do with this) doesn’t agree with. What you and the other people who are against the birth control issue say they are apposed of is because of some off the wall reason that the govt is involved. They are but only because my HMO gives the politicians millions of dollars in campaign contributions so they will vote to give them total power over what they can cover and make more record profits leaving me to suffer while they count the money. Be careful what you wish for Vicki, it might just come true.

      • Vicki

        Todd demonstrates excellent liberal debate style by writing:

        Vicki your an idiot.

        I didn’t bother to read the rest cause Todd has already made my case by ad hominem attack.

    • john whittington

      If you want that woman to have safe sex you pay for it. I am like Rush I don’t wish to pay for someone elses safe sex. Wha, that’s no fun!!!

    • APN

      Exactly! The author said: “Rather than leading a thoughtful discussion of Obamacare and the true aims of the President to make Big Government even bigger, Limbaugh instead made obscene and bizarre comments about a female college student.”

      What obscene comments???? He called a spade a spade! WE THE PEOPLE are currently 16 TRILLION in debt and OUR CONGRESS gives an audience to a female college student complaining about the “Cost” of having promiscuous sex. Now that is OBSCENITY! Where does it state in the constitution that I need to pay or I am required to pay for a dope smoking females sex habits???? Show it to me, I would like to see it!

      BEAM ME UP!

    • Ralph Herman

      Birth control pills are a health issue if you and rush weren’t too busy looking for lies to spout off or write about you might learn the truth about something.

    • Mark Rybeck

      Exactly, if I’m paying for “SLUT” Fluke to have sex (my tax $ going for birth control divices) then I should be having some sex with this “SLUT”.

  • Michael J.

    Rush is a blabber mouth who sometimes manages to hit the nail on the head. Uncouth remarks are his trademark. Staunch Republican viewpoints and closet Romney supporter from what I glean from occasionally listening. What usually reminds me to tune into his radio show is when he passes by me in his black sedan with tinted windows through which his large sillohette and stogie protruding from his face are clearly unmistakeable. I personally do not like him but consider his show informational even though it mostly consists of Drudge reviews, Rush doing little research of his own these days out of laziness I suspect. At any rate, he certainly is not the voice of the Republican Party, let alone conservatives as the Obama misfits try to paint him, but instead just another source of beleive-it-or-not information consumed and digested daily in the formation of our own view of the world, nothing more.

    • Barbara Hampton-Barclay

      Rush Limbaugh is a dangerous entertainer with the illusion of being a radio journalist and the mindless people who accord him any kind of analytical intelligence are fooling themselves. He really hurts the conservatives with his idiotic, misogynistic statements. There are many women who take the pill for gynecological purposes. And so what if not. Insurance pays men to buy Viagra for their ED. Are we paying for them to have sex (When god and their bodies have told them to quit). Rush’s tirade also took the question away from religious freedom and made it about women having sex outside of marriage. Men having sex outside of marriage are not called, “whores” or “prostitutes”. The whole argument is specious. The constitution allows government to enforce regulations for the general welfare. Churches do not pay taxes and get many perks for being religions. Once those perks are withdrawn and they do pay taxes, then they can have a say in what the government regulates. In the meanwhile, stay out of my bedroom and my private life.

      • anastasia Beaverhouser

        fluke invited the comments….and i doubt anyone wants in your bedroom…

      • Paul

        Barbara,we called the guys slut puppies and if you think Rush is bad,what’s your take on bill mahar(not capitolized on purpose)?

      • Allison Clark

        Once those perks are withdrawn and they do pay taxes, then they can have a say in what the government regulates. ? Excuse me. Have you read the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Hell No, the federal government does NOT have any right to “regulate” or direct religious organizations to do a Damned thing! Don’t forget, this whole issue was brought about by the Obama mandate for religious organizations to provide birth control, sterilization and the morning after pill, against the tenants of their faith; their religion. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof … .” Apply some critical thought here. If the President gets away with this violation of the Bill of Rights, what other enumerated Rights are you willing to give-up for the sake of ‘free sex?’ What is to stop this President or any other future President to further trample on the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the rights of free people?

      • Karolyn

        Paul – What era and place are you from? “slut puppies?” I never listen to any of the sleazeballs, conservative or liberal, who use their pulpits for their own agrandizment.

      • eddie47d

        I doubt very much if Ms Fluke purposely brought on Rush’s nasty comments. Those words flowed from his mouth with joyful glee and gave his listeners a black eye for covering up for him.

      • Gerard

        Well said Barbara, men who take Viagra covered by insurance so THEY can have sex are somewhat oblivious to fact that women have to carry their child and also take on the chance of having medical issues during this time. It’s like caveman mentality where he drags his woman by the hair to his cave and has his way with her. I am a man and totally respect a woman’s right to if she wants to become a mother or not. Most self-centered men, and it seems including RL, do not take the time or effort to understand the medical needs of women who do have gynecological problems. These do exist. That’s why there are gynecologists, dear men. A good share of women do take BC to prevent pregnancy which is the way better choice than abortion which I do not support. And is much less expensive for the insurance company to provide than medical follow ups for pregnancy. So the argument that it is so expensive for BC is an empty one. Get a grip self-centered men. Women only want equal rights because the Constitution says they can. So follow your Constitution which you so dearly adore and allow women the same rights that it provides for you.

        • Ron

          No one disputes that SOME women may need to take the “pill” for female problems, but it’s pretty obvious that this isn’t the case with Ms. Fluke! She just wants to spread her legs and have the taxpayers pay for it….RIDICULOUS!
          As was stated by a person in the Santorum camp…use an asprin! It’s much more effective and doesn’t cost that much!! Heck, I’ll send her a couple of years supply myself!!!
          The whole point here is that personal responsibility has gone to the wayside and it always seems that those who ARE responsible, have to pick up the tab! I for one, am SICK OF IT!!

      • Maryland Freestater

        Rush is a carpetbagger and an entertainer. I wouldn’t worry about him too much even if he does have a following.

        What I myself DO worry about is this current Administration being hell-bent on tearing this country down or apart. I used to kind-of like Bush Jr. (I am Libertarian but tilt right) until I started reading about what he oversaw during his watch (Patriot Act, et al): Obama seems to be determined to force some kind of socialist agenda down our throats.

        Hell, even Communists realize that socialism doesn’t work!

        M’am, if you want to lie awake in dread and anger at night, research “Agenda 21″. Those who formulated this insidious, Satanic abomination should be executed with EXTREME prejudice – I would PAY to be the executioner for this act!- because of the harm this ‘act’ is causing worldwide and will increasingly cause if we Americans allow this to be pursued any further. It’s also reason enough to kick the UN out of NYC and make the US withdraw from this useless waste of prime real estate.

        I’ve determined that some ‘dark hand’ is causing people in this country to become deranged when it comes to politics and philosophy of not only government but how we all conduct our lives. We’ve been systematically tricked (or conditioned) into a harsh polarization, which plays on the emotions and shorts out reasoning. The sooner people wake up to this, the sooner we retake America and the TRUE American way, a return to Constitutionalism.

        This may cost a LOT of pundits their jobs.

        Finally, I’d like to see what Ms. Flukes’ boyfriend looks like- she herself could use the services of a good Dominican beautician and I WOULD be willing to pay for THAT!

      • Robert Smith

        Paul asks: “what’s your take on bill mahar(not capitolized on purpose)?”

        Bill Mahar is an entertainer who makes people laugh. He points out they hipocracy and lies from the right. Nobody has refuted what he has said, they simply say they don’t like him and what he says.

        BOOKS have been writted about Rush, his lies, etc. Rush has a formal (dittoheads) following who are goose stepping along with him.

        Bill Mahar has a bunch of folks who are thinking and usually agree with him.

        Bill Mahar is HONEST about his pot use. Rush… Well we all know about the Oxy and Viagra.


      • Sama

        Gerard: The ‘church’ does not ban the use of birth control pills for the correction of medical issues. It bans the use for birth control purposes. People know so little of what they rant about.
        1st Amendment!
        Giving churches their first amendment rights is not “denying” birth control for the populace! Another lie the left is loving.

      • Russ Amundsen

        I believe most of the posts here are totally missing the point. BIG GOVERNMENT FORCING THE PUBLIC TO PAY FOR ANYTHING IS WRONG!!! Ms Fluke was criticized for inaccurate costs for contraceptives, when she attends a college among the highest costs in the country to attend. Someone noted she will attain a yearly income above 150K the first year out of college, Again, the government is rewriting the laws and seeking to make Congress irrelevant. Very dangerous is the systematic erosion of the three branches of government.

      • El Rondo

        Dear Barbie,
        You are as ignorant as any liberal I have ever met! Religion has nothing to do with the issues, the arguments or the causes. If it did, your religion would be just as guilty as any other. Democrat liberalism (also knon as “Progressivism”) meets all the legal requqiremtns of a religion and has its own textbooks (Humanist Manifesto, Sol Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”…this is listed by Obama as one of his favorites) and its own sacraments (e.g. abortion, gay marriage). Unfortunately this is a chance for you to crawl out from under your rock and start puking your God-hating at “Christians” And, let’s face it. Most of you bastard sons/daughters of Satan really don’t have any objection to “Religion” as long as it conforms to your common goals of ridding the world of Judeo-Christian values. That’s why Atheists, Progressives, Muslims and Black-Liberation theologists can all get to gether and clap each other on the back. Your stated common goal is to get rid of the inffluence of Godly precepts in the public arena and even private decision making. Most of you pseudo-intellectual braying jackasses pretend that you don’t really care about religions as long as they “stay out of our bedrooms” but you really, really really despise all Christians and Jews. You’re not fooling anyone Barbie-doll. Your ignorance is a glittering collossal jewel.

      • Robert Smith

        From sama: :Giving churches their first amendment rights is not “denying” birth control for the populace! Another lie the left is loving.”

        Not a lie. You don’t remember who the opposition to “Griswold v. Connecticut” decided on Monday, June 7, 1965 . It was and how that established that birth control was OK.

        Like assisted suicide and abortion the church was very active in opposing freedom in America and imposing its beliefs upon those not of their flock.


    • Paul

      If thats the case, why do the Republican leaders, and candidates fear him? And with all the serioius problems facing our Country, why did the neo-cons bring up this issue of contraceptives in the first place?

      • Michael J.

        Tell us which Republican leaders and candidates fear Rush Limbaugh???
        The contraceptive non-issue was conceived (pun intended) in some dark, dank liberal think tank to avert our focus away from the day-to-day freedom stealing tactics of the Obama administration and it’s plethora of commie cohorts. Secondly, to devide christians in an effort to weaken Catholisism. And finally to enlist womans support for Obama’s re-election, an area where polls suggest he is currently weakening.

      • Robert Smith

        Michael asks: “Tell us which Republican leaders and candidates fear Rush Limbaugh???”

        Romney has NOT challenged Rush’s abusive comments. He either agrees or he’s a coward.


      • Michael J.

        Robert Smith says:
        “Romney has NOT challenged Rush’s abusive comments. He either agrees or he’s a coward.”

        OK, Romney has not chimed in, that however does not provide evidence that he either agrees or disagrees, although he may well be a coward.

        On another note, Rush’s comments are no more abusive than Bill Maher’s.

        BTW, none of the four above mentioned individuals should become anyone’s role models.

  • AJ

    Limbaugh is a windbag that is paid by the global elite to distract us and keep us fighting amoungst each other. Also to keep our attention off the real important issues. He’s one of the global elite.

    • Carlucci

      You got it. I never thought I would agree with Al Franken on anything, but he hit the nail on the head when he wrote the book “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot”.

      • anastasia Beaverhouser

        the fact that you agree with Franken on anything tells the story………..brains are not in your corner.

        RUSH… us many facts that will help us…he is a shock talk radio personality to get your brains going….he incites you to think……….

        or do a liberal brain shutdown

      • DonnieB

        Really, Al Franken??? This person is a tool that Dems may have been able to rig the election just to get the 60th vote so they could ram healthcare down our throats. Many of the people who do not like Rush, don’t listen to what he has to say. He is human and can certainly make a mistake. Sometimes even telling the truth gets you into trouble.

        Ms. Fluke is the one who set herself up as public figure and whined that she was going broke paying for her own birth control and wanted the government to pay for it. Now the media is caring the water for the Dems saying Ms Fluke was talking about birth control pills used for other purposes. A gotcha, if I ever saw one. This dog and pony show was setup by Nancy Pelosi & the Dems for this very purpose. Personally I don’t care how much sex the 30 year old college student that is attending a very expensive school has or with whom. But not on my dime.

      • Carlucci

        And your “handle” on this board is anastasia beaverhouser? Wow – that took a lot of brains to come up with … (NOT – !!)

        I stick to my guns. Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot. He is also a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
        A.B., for someone who thinks they are so smart, you have been drinking the Rush kool-aide. Wake up.

        • Allison Clark

          Name calling? That’s smart. Why don’t you wake-up, and read the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof … .”

        • Rob

          Glad to see someone else with intelligence. The man has a GED, which means for those of you who don’t know, is that he never graduated High School.

      • Libertytrain

        Anastasia – you must be very very new here or you would not have written that very ignorant statement about Carlucci.

      • DaveH

        I agree with Libertytrain and Carlucci.
        Anastasia says — “the fact that you agree with Franken on anything tells the story”.
        What kind of logic is that? If Franken said murder was wrong, Anastasia, you would disagree just because Al Franken said it? You sound like a NeoCon Zealot to me.

      • Libertytrain

        Rob – he got his GED – that’s kind of like the equivalent of high school…However, I find it remarkable that he achieved the American Dream…. without a huge education. He is a very intelligent man to have created what he did out of nothing but his own talents. And no, I don’t care for him, don’t listen to him but he accomplished something against the odds.

      • Robert Smith

        Beaverhouses: “gives us many facts that will help us…”

        Really? Tell us some.


      • Robert Smith

        Rob says: “The man has a GED, which means for those of you who don’t know, is that he never graduated High School.”

        There is no evidence he passed the test, so there is no guarentee he has that.


      • Libertytrain

        rob then he is one very successful “drop out” — you can’t be too stupid to accomplish what he has.

      • Gerard

        LibertyTrain says: “rob then he is one very successful “drop out” — you can’t be too stupid to accomplish what he has.”

        I agree that Rush has been successful making money….my hope is that not all Americans think that making money in this manner is respectful and desirable. The percentage of Americans that follow RL is small. Most do not approve of the way he “shocks” anyone. It is not what majority of Americans think is good for our country. Just remember that with freedom of speech also comes responsibility for what you say….Rush has not taken responsibility but has only transferred blame for what he said to others, made a very weak apology only after sponsors and advertisers left him in droves. The “shock” has come back to where it started.

        • Ron

          You libs are so afraid of people like Rush and Beck because they spread the truth about the Democrats and yes, the Republicans.
          Thing is, you are so far off base about Rush losing advertisers. He lost a couple of NATIONAL sponsors, then at least one wanted to return and they were told to pound sand!
          Another point here is that despite what you think, he DID APPOLOGIZE, yet for leftists that isn’t good enough. Where’s your outrage about Maher, Schultz and the rest of those losers on the left, that have said some very vile things about women and even mentally challenged children??? Somehow their “words” are okay with the left, with NO APPOLOGY, yet Rush appologizes for what he said and libs are calling for his head!
          HYPOCRITES…all of you!

          • Deerinwater

            Yea! Right ! Truth!

            We are afraid you might run off half cocked and get yourself hurt before you hurt somebody.

            That’s what we are afraid of. We don’t want anyone hurt as you posture yourself as an adversary with a threatening predisposed disposition.

            Make any sense to you?

            I didn’t think so.

          • Ron

            Hey water…yes I do get it. Too bad ou don’t, then again Libtards never do. Enjoy your life under Comrade Obama and his Goons while you can. The country they’re destroying, belongs to ALL of us, including you!

      • Libertytrain

        gerard – I am not a rush fan, never have been. I don’t care for that kind of style – same reason I wouldn’t watch maher. Many entertainers like rush are tacky. However, to accomplish what he accomplished is pretty amazing for a high school drop out with or without a GED.

      • Gerard

        Reply to Ron: I don’t claim to be a Liberal or a Conservative. I operated a farm for over 20 years and learned many, many ways to be conservative. But I had to quit farming for health reasons and saw the need for protection of a patient in regard to health insurance companies. So you see I am somewhat in the middle for I have been on both sides of the spectrum. I am not a Libtard or a heartless Conservative. I am only in favor of this country to be as good as it can be for all its citizens. That’s a Democracy…all have a fair chance to pursue life, liberty and happiness. The anger you exhibit clouds your ability to understand this basic principle of the Constitution. And by the way here is an article backing my statement of advertisers leaving Rush’s show:

        And I don’t condone any public entertainer or commenter on this blog who uses offensive language against anyone or calls them names that they do not deserve. The subject IS Rush Limbaugh’s comments.

        • Ron

          Gerard, the problem with your opinion, is that the Founders did not set this country up as a democracy!
          As for your other opinion thinking I’m angry, wrong again! I’m very passionate and base my passion on facts!
          Sorry your opinions are so far off…

          • Deerinwater

            “: I don’t claim to be a Liberal or a Conservative. I operated a farm for over 20 years and learned many, many ways to be conservative.”

            Gerald, I don’t think your and my ideas about conservative seem to count. It kind of like “W’s” wars, they wanted to fight them, but they didn’t want to pay for them. That’s conservatism today.

            Like on the farm and rounding up stock, 500 hundred head free grazing in thick brush for 12 months ,today conservative sees the need for 6 cowboys and 4 cow ponies. Leaving you with orders , don’t make me come down there and show you how to do it!


      rush is not all wrong on what he say’s this whole thing is wrong.
      ABORTION HAS BEEN THE bigest toppic of this election along with birth control
      and abortions being paid for by the american people thru.

      • Karolyn

        OMG! Somebody’s over the edge!

      • Peter Calvet

        Bernie, time to take your meds.

      • dakotahgeorthEVaderCheney

        ROFLMBO!!! You are the epitome of how easy it is to distract Conservies/American christian Taliban people. RUSH Limbberger is feeding you pink slime while he feasts on steak and you’re satisfied with that? Limberger is the Republican savior that is leading you people over a cliff, and you’re all singing, “Onward, Christian Soldiers”!!!

        • Allison Clark

          “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof … .” The Bill of Rights and First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

      • DaveH

        And you, Dakota, are the epitome of Liberals who rarely have any facts so instead must personally attack those they disagree with.

      • Robert Smith

        EVERY DAY ”

        ROFL… Nobody is eating any babys.

        However, how does your Jesus taste best? On a cracker with a little salt and blood?

        Remember that LITERAL transsubstanciation and REAL canabalsim.


      • Michael J.

        Robert Smith,
        We haven’t forgotten your Wiccan ways and find your comment a bit ironic.

      • Robert Smith

        Another lie from MIchael.


      • Jay

        And you,dakotahgeorthEVaderCheney , are the epitome of how the Democratic/American degenerate ghouls, unabashedly display their hypocrisy! When will you fools realize that Obama is feeding you his own feces, while he jets around enjoying lavish vacation, spending your money, selling of your country piece-meal, and banging your women, and your little boys?

        Obama’s is the Democratic savior, that is leading you lemmings into the fire, and you’re all singing; Onward, you fools, let us enter before the fires cool”!!! ROFLMAO!!!

  • howard

    rush was right as he is 98.6 percent of the time. fluke is a slut and that is no fluke.

    • Susan

      I’m sick of the right and the left calling Rush a drug addict. At this point in time he is not and hasn’t been for a long time. I’d venture to say that 35% of Americans are. Be it pot or oxy or herion or even alcohol. He did something about his addiction. And Ms. Fluke was exactly what she portrayed herself to be. A radical who is of the entitlement mentality and the argument isn’t about birth control it’s about FORCING CHURCHES to go against church doctrine and imposing government on the church against their beliefs. I don’t care how many boys and girls want to have sex at college or who wants to work at a Christian college I don’t want to pay for their good times. Heck why don’t they ask the church to pay for their drugs and alcohol. This country is ruined and the left has ruined it.

      • Patriot Joe

        Susan, you have shone the light of truth on this whole sorry mess. thank you and God bless you.

      • DaveH

        What poisons anybody puts in their own bodies, voluntarily, is absolutely nobody else’s business.

      • Robert Smith

        Susan, Susan, Susan… (sigh) You post: “At this point in time he is not and hasn’t been for a long time…”

        Really? He is still an abuser of drugs. How do you explain the viagra he was caught with at an airport as he was coming home from a resort known to cater to pedophiles?

        Remember, Rush Limbaugh was caught with viagra. He had been on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

        It’s well known that children are trafficked there.

        By Rush’s own standards of circumstance and inuendo he is guilty as observed.


      • Libertytrain

        rob, I’m not saying your wrong or right about rush….perhaps you have some experience with this situation yourself which may make you knowledgeable about it, however you seem to really pick and choose the gossip you opt to believe or not believe… :)

      • Jay

        Robert: By Rush’s own standards of circumstance and inuendo he is guilty as observed.

        By the standards of logic, and sound argumentation, you Robert, are an idiot!

    • eddie47d

      Rush lied about his addiction as many druggies do but a small time user can spend a lot of time in jail for having a bad habit. Rush was more of a hypocrite and could buy his way out of his problems. This country has also been ruined by the right and their unbridled greed and accepting crony capitalism as the norm.

      • Michael J.

        The R’s and the D’s own equal market share in drug addiction and crony capitalism stock. And leave Norm out of this.

      • JeffH

        It’s easy for eddie to say these thing: ” This country has also been ruined by the right and their unbridled greed and accepting crony capitalism as the norm.”

        Especially because he hasn’t a clue what he’s saying…don’t wait for him to qualify that statement though…it just ain’t in his genes…he hates Rush, then attempts to mimic his style…go figure?

      • eddie47d

        What is there to “qualify” for it is in black and white and it must be true since you danced around the comment. You’re getting really boring Jeff!

      • JeffH

        eddie again reveals to all that he hasn’t a clue. Dancing is your forte eddie, not mine. As to qualifying the portion of your comment that I addressed, you provide nothing more than your opinion, which isn’t fact despite your belief that opinions are facts, and never ever provide anything that will even remotely support your talking pointsother than your uncreditable word . If you could prove otherwise you would but you can’t.

    • John

      howard, Google rush lies and then tell me again about that 98% of truth…..

  • Ace

    This idiot clearly does not know when one is being absurd to illustrate the absurd. What a literalist. How would you like this guy to be your father. Lighten up buddy.

    • Dagney

      Very good. The first cogent posting in the comments section. I assume, however, you are referring to the article writer? Yes, that was Rush’s point….point out how absurd Ms. Fluke’s stance was, how absurd it was for Nancy Pelosi to call her so-called “hearing”. So, to do that he was absurdly suggesting how we could be recompensed for looking the other way while the government eviserated the 1st Amendment of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION and forced churches to provide “health-care” that kills babies and allows immoral women to get “fluked” three times a day. Yes, Rush was being crude, but it was in response to the crudity of Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and that Fluke woman. And, while he did apologize, I was at first horrified that he did. However, his apology was for lowering himself to THEIR level. He’s a master of words and he turned the whole thing on them and they (and obviously some of you) STILL do not even realize it!

      • Patriot Joe

        Very well said, Dagney. You are demonstrating intelligent thought and clear thinking. Rush has stated on many occasions that he uses absurdity to demonstrate the left’s absurdity.
        Watch out Dagney. the left does not tolerate clear thought and logic so you will probably be called some viscious names. Just remember, name calling is all these illiterates have.

  • Doc

    Sounds like this John is just a little bit jealous of Rush same as Michael J here. I think Rush should have stuck to his guns because the simple fact is one that you both seem to forget. The left has been doing this same crap for years and just like the liberal media, you two seem to forget that. AND Rush has fun doing it!

    “For those who have fought for it freedom has a sweet taste the protected will never know”

  • Dee

    I don’t believe in sex before marriage, so I agree with Rush, but not the words he used.
    He could have chosen better words.

    • anastasia Beaverhouser

      his words were strong ……….to show the absurdity of the situation……….otherwise this would be clouded over like all of the other evils the obama administration and the demoncrats are pulling on us…time to wake up and fight back…and NOT be politically correct.

      The demoncrats are not politically correct—-but they only fuss about it when the repubs step outside the line that they have drawn . it is a control issue for them……….

      • Karolyn

        He just uses the words his audience wants to hear – cut and dried. Certain mentalities just love it. I wonder how he talks off te air.

      • DarthEVaderCheney

        BEAVERHOUSER???????? ROFLMBO!!!!

      • Frances Maddox

        i AGREE..RUSH exposed THIS ANOTHER atrocious lie,…Rush brought attention to another underhanded, crooked way of Obama to get women’s vote! AND TO THINK WE ARE PAYING FOR OBAMA’S GETTING VOTES, when this Pres. is out to destroy the very FOUNDATION OF OUR COUNTRY!

      • Jay

        K: He just uses the words his audience wants to hear – cut and dried. Certain mentalities just love it. I wonder how he talks off te air.

        And so does every other media personality. Btw, have you heard the language coming out of the mouth of Maher? But look who i’m asking, one of Bill Maher’s biggest fans! Could you be any more hypocritical, Karolyn?

      • Karolyn

        Jay – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I do not watch Bill Maher and have no desire to. Most of that type of rhetoric I do not like and would not waste my time on.

  • Mark

    Rush explained this over and over to those who bother to listen. It’s called: “Illustrating absurdity by being absurd.” It is just as absurd for Fluke to expect us to pay for her “sex-without-consequences lifestyle” as it is to expect an online show in return for our money. If your going to criticize Rush, at least know where he’s coming from before you just pile on like a liberal.

    • Lee Anne

      Hi Mark,
      I agree with what you said. That Rush as has explained it over and over again. So, every one that does not like what he said JUST GET OVER IT!!!! I agree with what he said .
      If .you want to mess around you pay for it.

  • Roger Hedges

    A shame that Bill Bennett’s voice of “intellect, candor and good will”, that carries the conservative message in our time is not heard by more. William Buckley he is not, but Rush Limbaugh he is also NOT (thank goodness).

    • Aland

      Rush has always honored thinkers like Buckley but his own style has always been “Illustrating absurdity by being absurd.” It works.

      I do the same thing by talking with conservatives leaning libertarian about how abortion should be legal through the age of 16. You should be free to kill your own offspring as long as you don’t require me to kill my progeny. Once I get them to the point of saying “you don’t really believe that do you?” I can have a reasonable discussion about how all laws regulate some kind of morality and we can start talking about what life is worth protecting.

      Your own reaction to Rush wanting to see the video tape should have been the same “you don’t really believe that do you?” Of course, he said what he wants — he don’t want to pay for someone else’s medical care, birth control included. You don’t either do you?

  • Jim

    I’d like to be paid to an idiot

    • anastasia Beaverhouser

      my guess is that you are a paid idiot–no matter where you work

      • Susan

        God you’re good! Awesome.

      • Michael J.

        I beleive you misunderstood Jim’s comment, it sounds as if he would like an idiot to receive him as payment for something or other.

    • Laurence Tribe

      And here you are doing it for nothing.

  • don

    i don’t listen to the big mouth. glenn beck is a bit more open minded.

  • bill mcdowell

    Rush was depicting the absurdity of her argument by being absurd in his slut/prostitute/film comments. Those who know him, from decades of his use of this tactic, appreciate that Rush saw the absurdity in Fluke’s distressful situation (30 year old law student at Georgetown) being used as a pawn by Pelosi.

    • eddie47d

      Rush has always attempted to be the captain of the Conservative ship and he just hit another iceberg. That puts some of you in a moral dilemma and you can sink with Rush or change course.

    • Michael J.

      Bill Mcdowell.
      Yes, but this comment by Rush is beyond the swath of his usual absurdity, just a fluke I suspect.

  • http://none Owen

    Stick to your oil and mining and what you know best. This is the same advice I gave to that fat slob movie critic in the Chicago suntimes when he tried to undermine Bush before his last election.

  • Peter Calvet

    Rush is a pig and a distraction. The sooner he goes the better it will be for all Americans, and we can get back to debating real issues and real problems. For a different take on the issues:

    • anastasia Beaverhouser

      Peter, if there were no Rush’s in tis world…we would cave to the libs……….we need the absurdity to open our eyes…………you don’t realize what is brought to your attention because of him!

      • Peter Calvet

        Yeah I do. The Left has made a cottage industry of raising money off Rush’s “absurdity”. On the other side absurdists (real comedians) like Stewart and Colbert do not do the same for the Right.

    • Allison Clark

      Violating the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is a “big issue,” apparently bigger than you understand or appreciate.

  • Richard

    What is missing in the MSM, of which Fox and Rush are part and parcel, is, as Buckley referred to, “other” points of view, as in, more than two. The ruling elite (the Power Elite, as in C. Wright Mills book of the same name, 1960′s) virtually contol all MSM, in fact own them. Here, on the internet, one can select many. One can, if one chooses, when reading (or hearing) any viewpoint, be selcetive…and, here is a thought: actually think for oneself, and formulate one’s own opinion.

  • Lester Peoples

    If ‘Sandra Flukes’ are what we are expected to see graduating in the future [as attorneys] then contraceptives are certainly a Must’. Reproduction should be halted in any means to believe a 23 yr. old at a high priced college can travel around giving sympathy speeches and still pass her tests in class–having sexual relations the rest of her time needing $3,000 dollars for sex aids is a wonderment– as most students will admit!
    Obamas take from rich and give to the poor– like his “auntie” are being followed upon here! I can see Rush Limbaugh’s frustration in full throttle! If he were a democrat it would have passed over everyones head tho’

    • Susan

      She’s 30 something and do you honestly believe she could pass the bar exam.

    • eddie47d


  • Mark B. Ward

    You have to be a complete idiot to think Rush was for pornography in this example. He was doing what he always has to do to get through to thick headed mind numb idiots who believe everything the main stream media says… by using absurdity to explain the absurd. It’s not that hard to figure out but I guess the average left head can’t figure the absurd out anymore since they have fried their brains from being depraved.
    As for Buckley being the brains of conservatism… that’s crazy. Buckley may respresent to some the brains of conservatism but it was a Godless Conservatism. The man did not believe one word of God. True conservatism is rooted in the teachings of the bible from Proverbs to the serman on the mount. It’s a shame that people try to pass themselves off as conservative talk show hosts like John Myers when their very foundation was built and tanted from a liberalism upbringing.

    • Peter Calvet

      True conservatism starts with Ayn Rand who was an atheist and who understood that Christianity has more in common with Communism than Capitalism. Sorry for pointing out facts.

      • Robert Smith

        And don’t forget Goldwater who had no problem with abortion or gays in the military.

        A true conservative and libritarian.

        BTW, Atlas Shrugged part 1 is available for instant internet play at Netflix. Watched it again last Sunday.

        Part 2 is going into production.


      • Mark B. Ward

        if those are facts then it just goes to show you how much things change. Saying that Christianity is closer to communism could only be viewed that way from an atiest. Only a true Christian would understand how funny your comment was. thanks for the laugh there Pete. I think it’s very interesting out of all my comments you choose to make fun of that point. I only gave credit to the fact that Myers considered Buckley a conservative. All the conservatives I know think different than Buckley and they are ALL Christians. But I guess the point of my statement doesn’t matter to the Atheists because they hate anyone mentioning anything about a God. Get over it. You can choose to be an atheist and it’s your right to believe what you believe. Just Remember in the end when we all find out how stupid the Christian were you will remember us for trying to help save you when you could care less. So next time you compare a Christian to a communist you will see how far off you really are. Good luck in eternity there Pete.

  • Dorothy

    I’m in my late 60′s,when I was in my early 30′s, had to go on the pill for health reasons other than birth control, I was single anf not sexuality actice, but without usinging the pill to dhelp my body do what it should do, you are more at risk for uterine cancer, which is npretty much a death sentence, why don’t all you men out there look up tthe medical uses of contraception, besides just blanketing it for one use only, you are killing women, and their potential children, with this ignorant viewpoint,

    • Allison Clark

      Walmart $9 dollars per month, but don’t try to make me pay for it with my tax dollars.

    • giantsfan748

      Dorothy, that would be a medicinal use of hormone replacement, meaning medically necessary, in which cse insurance will cover it.

  • Seabreeze

    Fluke is a Flake!

    Where did the Libs dredge her up from. She damn well knew what she was doing when she enrolled and what makes her an expert at anything other than being a stoog for the Dems?

    • eddie47d

      James O’Keefe was a set up and a stooge for the Right so is that “flake” in your picture book and a household name?

    • DaveR

      It’s very simple. Obama likes her and her testimony.

  • djkatiegreen

    Rush apologized, unlike many of the libs that havent to so many other women where they used the “c” word & other much worse comparisons than what Rush did. Let’s move on & focas on the issues at hand, people. It’s so obvious that the double standard exists more than ever now..

  • http://personalliberty Jeff Mikos

    Rush is an entertainer, and if you ever listened for an extended period of time you would understand he uses absurdity to demonstrate absurdity, but always to make a valid point against the big government left. They are trying to control everything we do by taking small pieces of our liberty away. Making us, the taxpayers, pay for fluke’s contraception is just one of many infringements the left is bringing on the American working class. The big issues are always in front of us and every additional piece of information we can get into the public eye the clearer it becomes what obama is trying to do to us. Communism/Socialism will ultimately destroy America and I know Rush and I for sure will do everything in our power to keep that from happening. Don’t judge Rush, open your eyes!

  • Karolyn

    Thank you John. Absolutely, for Rush, it’s all about the numbers. The more outrageous he is, the better.

    • Libertytrain

      yep, just an entertainer – and has said same about himself, that figured shock and awe would make him rich and it did, just like the very sleazy, foul-mouthed bill maher pandering his shock and awe to the left.

  • doctordoctor

    Gutless bullsh–. Fluke is undoubtedly a slut, a mattressback! No normal female has to indulge in multiple one night stands. She is almost certainly an s-l-u-t and don’t deserve no r-e-s-p-e-c-t. Who told her she deserves free condoms?

  • DocVenture

    You know, this is just sad. Limbaugh went off on a tangent, and now the liberal’s are in glee. Talk about giving ammunition to your opponent! Here’s the deal, folks. Make liberal’s accountable for the mess in government, the out of control spending, the economy, issues that matter. Instead no, what do conservatives stoop to? Having to defend having morals and sexual values, etc. This is a liberal’s dream, this election! Divert the discussion to anything to make conservatives look like idiots, which effectively takes the eyes off the ball on how shabby this administration has done, on practically everything it has done! I have to hand it to the democrats, they have really made the GOP look like idiots. And the sad thing is, the GOP handed them the material to do so.

    Rush has never been a favorite of mine…I figured out a long time ago, he’s inflammatory for a reason, and back in his “pre-oxycontin” days, he could manage to pull his fat out of the fire when he’d say such incendiary things. Now, he needs a flame proof body suit when he says such stupid things, which are very obviously for the ratings. If he is supposed to be a conservative spokesperson, we should demand a new spokesperson! Forward the discussion, Rush, don’t be a detriment to it!

  • Carl Babcock

    Limbaugh is 100% correct….he just used a poor metaphor to make his point and the Obummer loving media has been all over it.
    The same media ignored Bill Maher use of the c-word while discussing Sarah Palin.
    The left-wing biased media is the GREATEST threat to America.

    • Ron

      EXACTLY Paul! The hypocracy in this whole non story, is beyond ridiculous! Somehow, the Liberals are allowed to say whatever they want with no consequences, yet if someone on the right says the same thing, there’s a firestorm.
      Stand up for what’s right…I know I will continue to do so!

    • eddie47d

      You have your dearly departed Breitbart who threw several firebombs also. Too many Conservatives act very innocent and pretend they don’t have their big guns flopping their jaws of absurdity. Couldn’t get him to apologize for his unkind remarks so maybe you ought to look within yourselves for the incivility being spread.

    • John

      Last I know Bill Maher does not use public Airwaves to make his point day in and day out, nor does he gets paid by special interest to do so.

  • andrew1554

    you say ” Most people in her age group are enjoying a healthy sex life” I say STD infected slut.

    • Karolyn

      “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

      • Jay

        So then why, are all the liberal progs judging Rush?

    • Maryland Freestater

      andrew1554 said: “you say ” Most people in her age group are enjoying a healthy sex life” I say STD infected slut.”

      Gonna take you to take on a couple points here – if she was a slut then what about the guys who did the hobbity-hobbity with her? Please do NOT call her a slut w/o equivalency for her partners.

      The only evidence of STD infection here seems to be she’s infected with the liberal / psychic version of a STD, namely entitlementalism.

      When I was a young man I discovered the joys of legal prostitution in Latin America – I was single, very lonely, and while it may not seem very savory to discuss it helped me through a rough stretch in my life. Was I a SLUT (male version) Hell NO – just a very lonely and sad young sailor.

      It was also a much more honorable thing I did than lie to some young ‘senorita’ about coming back to marry her just to get into her ‘ropas intimatas’, as i saw several in my company do.

      Andy, don’t be so quick to judge for the wrong reasons. Hate the acts, not the actresss.

  • John

    Rush is to conservatism that Milton Berle was to comedy . . .he exaggerates for affect

  • 83ragtop50

    No t sure what Mr. Myers means by saying “Most people in her age group are enjoying a healthy sex life”, but for me that means unmarried women and men are abstaining. The free sex attend that his comment suggests is a symptom of what is wrong with America today.

    • Karolyn

      It is what it is. Sex isn’t just for procreation.

      • Thor

        But, Ms.K, if you’d care to examine the tools more closely, you’d have to conclude (scientifically speaking) that procreation is precisely what they were designed for–that viviparous reproduction is the primary purpose. With all the other ways humans can show affection, love and share intimacy–these are truly secondary benefits nature imbued the process with to insure a healthy population. A population of 7 billion, despite the fact that humans defy epigammic differentiation, have chosen the most cumbersome sexual strategy of some 17 possibilities nature has to offer and have to give their young exceptional care for two decades to produce a mature speciman–seems the strategy has worked. But…just because a tool can be used for another purpose does not mean it should be.

      • Michael J.

        Sweet Karolyn says:
        “It is what it is. Sex isn’t just for procreation.”

        As usual, your perception is back assward. Your comment seems to imply that sex is for fun and sometimes procreation, when in fact we are disigned to enjoy sex so that we will procreate!!!

        In other words… If it didn’t feel good, we wouldn’t do it!!!

      • Karolyn

        Michael – You said it – “If it didn’t feel good, we wouldn’t do it.” How true! Sex is not against the law and can be enjoyed by whoever wishes to do so as long as both participants consent. “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

      • eddie47d

        That is why it is so easy to judge people around here Karolyn because they judge others on a daily basis. When the Conservatives sink low then it becomes open season on that comment. They can accuse us all they want but they can’t be all knowing and self righteous about it either because that shoe fits everyone’s feet.

      • Jay

        That is why it is so easy to be holier-then-thou around here Karolyn, because we can invert, and distort reality on a daily basis. When the Conservatives sink so low as to up-hold the banner of descent, moral standards, then it becomes open season on such. They can rightly accuse us all they want of being hypocrites, but they can’t be all knowing, and can’t possibly fathom how despicably low we can go. And this, i tell you, is our ace in the hole!

  • John

    Just FYI Willian F Buckley wasn’t even remotely a libertarian. Go to and search for articles on Buckley if you need clarification. Who cares what Rush Limbaugh says. He is an Idiot. I didn’t think anyone even listened to him anymore.

    • DaveH

      Thank you, John, for pointing that out.
      It’s particularly irritating to me when people like John Myers spread misinformation about Libertarians. If somebody doesn’t like us for what we believe, fine. But to dislike us for things we don’t really believe is NOT fine.
      And it’s telling that John and I are the only commenters so far who have caught that misinformation. Progressives (that includes Republicans as well as Democrats) fear and loathe Libertarians because our message, if understood and adopted by the majority of people, would upset their Gravy Train Apple Cart driven at the expense of the rest of us.
      They have obviously done their Propaganda job well for somebody like John Myers to have mistaken William F. Buckley Jr., for a Libertarian.
      For those of you who want to understand what Libertarianism really is, please read this book by Murray Rothbard, the founder of modern Libertarianism:

  • Wayne C.

    I been a Rush fan for over 20 yrs and he must have it right because he has more readers and listeners than Liberty Report ,MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC combine.
    Also Gloria Allred can file all legal briefs she wants and ask for lawsuits. Lastly in big picture Rush is not worried about losing advertisers he more than likely turns down more offers than he takes on. I say you GO Rush

    • Jeanie C.

      I agree with Wayne C.! Rush has it right every time!! So he sunk into the LIBERAL GUTTER THE LIBERALS LIVE IN ALL THE TIME one time!!!! He even admitted he sunk into the LIBERAL GUTTER!! A few years ago the PEW INSTITUTE made a study & found the people who listen to Rush are more knowledgeable than other people!! Unlike the LIBERAL IDIOTS who say Rush brain washes people, most people listen to him because they agree with him. The first time I heard him I had never heard of him or heard his name, but I thought “Man, if I had a platform that is exactly what I would say”!!! By the way the big plan of OPUKO to get more female votes with this stupid false “war on women” FAILED BIG TIME!! How does 41% approval from the New York Post sound!!

      • John

        Sad to see how much wool Rush has pulled over your eyes.

    • Gail

      I agree with YOU, Wayne. If anyone had really listened to the whole thing (like my husband and I do everyday on the way home from our $9 an hour jobs), they would have heard him saying Fluke was engaging in “slutty behaviour” … he never called her a slut. He also said (after he said he wanted something for the money) that “OF COURSE I DON’T MEAN IT; WHY WOULD I WANT TO SEE IT??” I mentioned my $9 an hour job because when this left wing radical (who is not a budding young girl….she’s 30 and her parents should be PROUD of her???? Why not be proud when she finally gets out of “school”?) demands that we pay for her birth control WE CAN’T AFFORD ANYMORE! especially when she’s going to a $50,000 a year college and she’s got the potential to make $150,000 a year! I am sick and tired of this extortion this regime is pulling on us. Talk radio and Fox News are practically the only places you can get the truth. That’s why the left wants to shut them down. I’ve asked every liberal I know what “Fast and Furious” is and I am not lying: NONE of them ever heard of it. If they were all lying: don’t they (the left) know that all of them would have been shut down??? I think the bigger picture is not Rush but Mahr. Get off Rush’s back….we ALL love him.

  • Tea’d Off

    You know, I heard Rush that day on the radio and I was so glad someone said those things for me! A woman who needs 3 condoms a day is a slut – pure and simple. And yes, I am a woman and I can say that. Whether she was getting paid for the sex or not or receiving something in return – like the thanks of her progressive comrades – makes her a whore. Why is this so difficult to understand people! What’s the MATTER with you?!!! The truth is still the truth. Get out from under a rock!

    • Karolyn

      OMG! Who said she used 3 condom a day? Just ridiculous conjecture.

    • Gerard

      I hate to be the one to inform you but men use condoms, not women. Condoms just don’t fit a woman’s anatomy. Either you didn’t get to go to sex education classes or you failed the class miserably.

      • mikesvoice

        Gerard, which rock have you been living under for the last 20+ years….women carry condoms, if they so choose, to make certain their sex partner has the availability of one in the event he is not packing…..indeed you have been sheltered!!!

  • Walter Connolly

    Rusch is the best,he says what others are afraid to. Don’t send me anymore e- mails.

    • Karolyn

      Afraid to hear other viewpoints? That is why there is so much dissension in this country. “I don’t like you anymore because you don’t agree with me. So there!”

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    UNLESS you HAVE BEEN LIVING IN A CAVE; the carefully orchestrated debacle originally created by George Staphalacoccus on Jan.07, 2012, to divert the public’s attention away from Obam the Imam’s failed economy, etc and then furthered by ANITA [ i love Mao Tse Tung] DUNN has actually exploded in the liberals’ faces. Oabam the Imam has dropped to an all time low approval rating of 41% ; down [7] points from the time they started the assault on WOMEN and religious freedom. The plot FAILED; Rush is stronger than ever 55,000 new daily listeners, more new sponsors and libs are scratching their asses trying to figure it out; here it is; you [20%] Marxists and pop culture freaks are a small minority of the total American culture;; YOU LOSE IN 2012.

    • Patriot Joe

      Good job, Robert E. Lee. You have pointed out the facts and just the facts. We all know libs can’t stand truth because it’s such a great disinfectant.

  • Olin Ross

    This guy is a lame brain piece of dung…….Dung belong in a cesspool….

    • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

      which guy;; you mean Obam the Imam?????

  • Jimm

    Geeez…what a Fn maroon!!

  • Jack V

    (OFFENSIVE attack removed). Fluke was a dupe plain and simple. Why can’t she buy her own damn birth control? As for viagra, I think guys should buy their own as well. Rush’s point was right his choice of words not so good, I think Rush’s point was ehy do the insurance companies need to purchase BC. This whole BC issue is a red herring brought up by liberal democrats & progressives because Obama’s record is so abysmal they have nothing else. I can’t believe any one on the conservative side even talks about BC.

  • mikesvoice

    The difference between Fluke having sex and wanting someone else to pay for the contraceptive means v/s Rush having sex is that IF Rush used any type of contraceptive, he paid for his own….he WAS NOT asking anyone else to have funds forcefully removed from their pay to cover his needs….Fluke is!!!

    • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

      Fluke or Fluck is sooo ugly she has to PAY FOR SEX; that is why she says it costs $3,000.00 dollars a year.; contraception is available for $5.00 a month.

      • mikesvoice

        Mighty right there with your comment….I’m 64 now & I’ve been through many in my younger life….not one was as poor looking as Fluke!!!! No bragging, just stating that some of us do have a standard which Fluke apparently does not!!!

      • John

        People who don’t have anything to say or contribute to a discussion typically attack the other persons looks, spelling, grammar but never the issue itself.

      • Michael J.

        Robert E. Lee,
        Fluke is a professional far-left lesbian activist which partially explains the ugly thing. She and the truth will both come out of the closet soon and will be ignored by the media because the CFR protects it’s useful idiots as long as they are still useful. But the truth is there if you merely search for it.

  • JimJ Det

    Bob, great article. I would like to say to the all knowing Rushdie “BRIGHTEN UP”. In the Reagan era not only did we have Buckley…there was another fellow (I believe his name was Warren-passed away now) that did straight forward number crunching to make the conservative point. In those days I had young employees that listened to Rush in our shop. They have stopped listening to Rush. I like Rush a LOT, but he has turned into a windbag with less substance. I’m now 56, have had the privilege of leading a company that had Jack Kemp on my Board of Directors in the 1990s along with a person that reported to Steve Jobs at Apple. But, “the mouthpiece of the conservative movement” has FAILED US. The nation currently has a man that has the most conservative RECORD of voting history, running as a Republican conservative candidate…..based upon our nation’s principals and the Establishment (which Rush is clearly one of) disregard and discredit him.

    This nation needs Ron Paul and his Plan to Restore America NOW…..for the sake of our nation, ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. Rush is a dismal failure with many who grew up on his messages. MY PARTY is missing the opportunity to have a HUGE youth movement become Republicans for life. Shame on the establishment elites for their lack of foresight and for their self serving/protection posture (all which is for nought with the fake and hypocritical, flip flopping Romney, Santorum and Gingrich).

    • DaveH

      The Republican Establishment is merely trying to protect their Leadership positions and their Crony Capitalists. This should come as no surprise to anybody who has read any of Thomas DiLorenzo’s books, since the Republican Party was established with the primary design of aiding their favorite Capitalists (Mercantilism). In the later 19th century the Democrats got on board with Mercantilism, but they usually had a different group of Crony Capitalists under their wing.
      Real Capitalists prosper by pleasing their consumers better than their competitors. Crony Capitalists prosper by securing protection from competition from their Crony Politicians.

  • Bill

    I know you will find this completely amazing I believe recreational sex is wrong. I have been married for 48 years to the same woman. I have not had a sexual encounter with anyone but my wife before marriage nor after.

    Most people, when they find this out, look at me like I have two heads. It is unbelievable to them that such a thing as the sanctity of marriage is something to treasure. Marriage is only one of the institutions being assaulted continuously. Is it any wonder our society is having the problems we face today?

    • Patriot Joe

      You are a good, decent and moral man. There was a time in this country when someone who revered their creator, respected women and just did the right thing, was nothing special. It was the right thing and it was just expected and taken for granted.
      Today, the Godless secularists think you are old fashioned and out of step with the times. Thank God, many of us still remember what goodness and morality really is and we say, “three cheers to you and your good wife.”
      If the majority of people just lived decent and moral lives, our world would be nearly problem free. I say nearly, because we are still cursed by the influence of that old serpent, Satan, the devil.
      I am comforted by the strong possibility that Jesus will soon return and toss Satan into the bottomless pit and sweep out the Godless secularists thereby ridding the world of the stench of evil.
      This will no doubt be ridiculed by these same secularists who believe in nothing and fall for anything, but one day they will no longer be able to deny the truth and they will shed bitter tears because of their unrepented past behavior.
      They should know, however, that this same God they don’t believe in, is willing to forgive them and save them from an eternity without God.
      They will slander me and belittle me, but I can picture the day when they will wear looks of total shock and horror when they realize that I spoke nothing but truth. To them, truth is hell.

    • John

      So, do you and your wife have always sex to have children or do you have sex because you enjoy it… you do realize that every time you have sex without the explicit intent to have children is recreational sex… even if it is with a partner of how many ever years.

      • John

        Moreover, are you trying to tell me that I can’t have sex with my wife who is barren because of an early cancer because it is recreational sex? Sex we enjoy for the reason of sex? Religious extremism and nonsense if what is destroying this country.

    • DaveH

      I applaud you for your choice, but to say that other choices are “wrong” is, well, just Wrong. There are good arguments for abstinence as well as for non-abstinence, but each individual must choose their own life-style as long as that doesn’t mean trespassing on the choices of others.

      • Karolyn

        Amen, Dave!

      • Michael J.

        Amen Dave, and Rosanne Barr is another good reason for abstinence!!!

  • Jim San Filippo

    The hysterical left overreacts to everything . Rush made a significant error in his Choice of Words} He apoloigizes several times in his next show … but Not good enough !t .
    Those who critize Limbaugh don’t listen to him …, , so they don’t understand his modus operandi .. It’s above them
    The GREATEST limbaugh quote .”. LIBERALISM requires no thought ” is so right on !Think about their stance on so many issues ,and you’ll see how often this is true !

  • sumo

    You are the DUNG ! Rush is a very smart man & knows an Obummer plant when he smells one. This kenyan has a primary mission along with soros to destroy this once great Country Now you know the real story . olin ross…….

  • garm

    Rush is an entertainer with a message. He’s been hammering that message for years. Give him a break, he’s not perfect :-)

    • eddie47d

      Jim San and Eric(below): You really don’t think that Rush’s comments were staged for effect? People say alot of things to make themselves more popular and you bought into it. A little apology could also be a set up to keep his listeners coming back for more. All the talking heads know how to play the game and to enthrall their listeners. Receiving $400 million a year to occasionally shock a few folks isn’t a bad gig!

  • Eric

    I love Rush Limbaugh and when I want the news and the truth I listen to him, and that is often. The whole Fluke debacle was staged. There was a congressional hearing on whether Obama is usurping his constitutional authority held by Congressman Issa. The Dems wanted to put Fluke on the stand which Issa objected to because she has no expertise in the subject. Instead the Dems staged a phony hearing made to look like a real congressional hearing with this brainless zombie. The readers and John all seem Jealous of Rush. He has great power because he tells the truth. Fluke is the worst type of human. Do you really think her agenda is free birth control or could it be that she is just another in a long list of zombies the Dems are pimping out to push this useless utopian bull agenda. Get used to it people. The only one who cares about you is you. Wake up and be thankful that you are alive and go and make something of yourselves like Rush has. Long Live Rush, and by the way I am unsubscribing to this website after this jealous rant by the writer. Long Live Rush!!!!

  • Dean Morgan

    Ok, Big Bob, Billy Bob , Joe Bob. The whole Fluke fiasco – including Rushe’s comments was made for the Theater of the Absurd. It seems to me you missed the point of his comments which are well defined in other responses to this column. The comment’s Rush made regarding Ms. Fluke were not tangential at all. He made some strong unadvised statements which, in my opinion demonstrated his point well. To his enemies and many who suffer from professional jealousy – nothing he can say will in the way of an apology matter.

    What I want to see you folks talk about is the “New” Patriot Act. which gives this president tremendous power to control Criticism by assigning Secret Service agents where he wants criticism and demonstrations controlled. Again in my opinion Republicans who voted for this thing have shot themselves in the foot.

  • Mike Austin

    Rush may be a pompous ass but he is very accurate in his rantings. I was listening to his show and although he did call her those names, equating to any other situation in such a broad stroke is as Mr. Meyer’s is implying,is ignorant and missing the point. He was using satire to show how ridiculous the whole issue is no matter how much the liberals want to blow it up and us it as cover.
    She was not testifying in front of Congress. She was a paid shill. So, in effect a lying prostitute. Just not for sex.

  • Sirian

    Mr. Meyers,
    Do you honestly realize what your article has accomplished? You, sir, have added to the political distraction ploy that Obama, Pelosi and who knows who else have played on all of us – you included. As long as this line of discussion is continued, who prospers? By carrying this forward more with such a zeal in condemning Limbaugh, Beck and just about any other talk radio host, it only emboldens their move to keep everyone’s attention focused on this one woman instead of the moves to cleverly empower more governmental control not only upon the Catholic church but every other religion and even more so, insurance companies. In a nutshell, no longer allowing religious freedom. Please attach a bit more thought to your present stance on this subject and see what exactly you have been duped into thinking. This entire subject should’ve been dropped by everyone two weeks ago.

  • John

    Sandra Fluke was planted by liberals like Pelosi. The left is nothing but lies and false charades and we all better wake up.

  • dave CS

    May have been a member since 09 but no more. Thank you John Meyers

    • Karolyn

      Another one afraid of hearing something they don’t agree with.

  • rendarsmith

    I said this once I’ll say it again. WHY DOES THIS GET SO MUCH COVERAGE WHEN 5 FEMALE TALK SHOW HOSTS LAUGHING AT A MAN WHO WAS MUTILATED GETS NO COVERAGE AT ALL??? Is ridicule against men just considered morally acceptable?

    • Rob

      You’re right. And, being honest, I’m one of those people who doesn’t know what you’re referring to? I find it hard to believe that’s true, and I’ll check it out before I comment on it, however, you should post the; who, what, when and where? Taking you at your word, yes, it horrible. I can’t believe anyone doing that on TV. I can sad to say believe it on a post. People are cruel. However, again, you are 100% right.

      • Libertytrain

        It happened and happens far too often – I won’t watch those shows at all…i.e. the view, bill maher, etc.

  • elijah17

    The only thing that doesn’t make Fluke a WHORE, is to the best of our knowledge, she isn’t charging for access to her privates. So in Truth, she is a Slut. Her parents must be very proud. Her quote, “I’m having so much sex, after paying for my birth control, I can’t afford my college tuition.” Try Abstinence. It’s FREE! And to those on the “right”, Rush included, Stop Apologizing for The Truth, it doesn’t need any Help.

    • Rob

      Again, kind sir. Check your facts.

  • FreedomFighter

    POLL: 88% of Americans Vote YES to an Obama Impeachment

    In response to a poll conducted by World Net Daily, an overwhelming 88% of Americans polled would like to see an Obama Impeachment

    Here Rush some ammo for your show…

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Peter Calvet

      That article uses as its main source the Russian newspaper Pravda. Kind of says it all. Now we’re getting out “news” from the KGB?

      • FreedomFighter

        Not like our news services are reporting it — media suppression here in the US.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • DaveH

        I wouldn’t expect anything more thoughtful to be coming from Peter.
        Intelligent people read from various sources and use reason to decide which makes sense and which doesn’t.
        What doesn’t make sense is to expect the truth from Government, when they have been lying to us for well over 150 years.
        There are many books out there that try our Propagandized sensibilities, but here is just one that everybody should read to realize just how severely propagandized we all have been:

    • John

      WND is not for nothing called the National Inquirer of the right. They keep the birther nonsense alife soley for profit and farah laughs all the way to his offshore accounts.They publish their biased surveys and proclaim them to be accurate reflections of the people in the US. Of course you get 98% of people calling for his impeachment …when the survey is conducted on in far right extremist rag such as WND and then published by others with an agenda. I have long let that rag go, the lies promoted and “published” there are so shallow that one wonders how any intelligent being can believe them.

      • DaveH

        Can you back up any of your Slander with actual facts?

      • DaveH

        Here is WND’s poll for anybody who would like to judge for themselves whether it is biased or not:

        There is the fact, though, that WND readers probably do not represent the mainstream propagandized Americans.

      • John

        Dave, think…
        If you have a survey at a place that is frequented by members on the right only, and you ask about an issue the out come is not what the citizens of this country want but what their readers want. So it is a flawed and slanted survey. So it should be whatever percentage of the people on the right wants Obama to be impeached or it should state the percentage of its readers that want him impeached and should not say a percentage of all people. This is typical WND they do it all the time, they change directions and stories from month to month. Take of your blinders and read their articles, there are NEVER credible sources, its all hearsay, there are never any real experts, there is never anything that is traceable to anyone… but WND proclaims it to be truth..

      • DaveH

        John says “Dave, think…”.
        Don’t project your lack of cognitive abilities on me, John.
        First of all, you don’t know, John, who frequents the WND site. To say that only members of the right wing frequent the site is fallacious to say the least.
        And when you say, John — “If you have a survey at a place that is frequented by members on the right only, and you ask about an issue the out come is not what the citizens of this country want but what their readers want.”, I say apparently you can’t read because I did say this — “There is the fact, though, that WND readers probably do not represent the mainstream propagandized Americans”.
        But the fact that the readers don’t necessarily represent mainstream America has nothing to do with whether or not the survey is “flawed and slanted”. That’s why I submitted the link so anybody could judge for themselves if the survey questions were faulty or not.

        You accuse me of wearing blinders, John, but you apparently have very little grasp of the English language and/or logic.

      • John

        Dave, Dave same ole, same ole, You never address the real issue, dance around what you want to dance around, nitpick and and then resort to attacking peoples spelling or grammar.. why? Is it because you realize you are wrong but can’t admit it? WND by their own admission has 98+- percent of conservative / republican readers.. they are “proud” of it and harp on that several times a year. It does NOT mater how fair or not fair or how those questions are worded, they are presented to a biased, semi captive audience, and thus the outcome is suspicious. And then they word it in an article so as if the pol would speak for every political faction in this country. Something that it obviously does not.

      • DaveH

        Apparently the real issue, John, is that you have a problem with the English language.
        Do you know the difference between a poll, and poll results? I could see no evidence that the poll was biased. The poll respondents were certainly biased — we all are — certainly you are, John. As to what percentage of visitors to the WND website are conservative or right wing or whatever, I sure wouldn’t take YOUR word for it. So how about a valid reference to back up your claim?

  • Ed

    Rush was calling a spade a spade. She sat there and claimed “exhaustive” amounts of sex was taking place in unbelievable amounts… look up the definition of “slut” in the dictionary… sorry to say, but he used the correct word to identify the character and activities she stated that she was taking part in. Sandra Fluke was no fluke. She was a left wing radical liberal planted into a body seeking what she knew they would not provide.
    I don’t see anyone getting upset about Bill Mayer calling Palin a C**T. You may as well join a Mosque and sue them for not teaching Christianity…. Can we get back to our country and stop bickering with liberals?

  • nanette

    LOL! The real issue was forcing any church to compromise their conscience. The real truth is that the liberal left are the ones that brought into play contraceptives. Fact, it is not even about contraceptives but about abortion, that is the real end target and agenda of the liberal left Democrat Party. Abortion is a real big money maker people, and if that is not enough they are going to be targeting pre-teen children to have sex and give them contraceptives that are not functioning! No, I am not crazy, it has already been proven that Planned Parenthood gives out low dose birth control and dysfunctional condoms! Why? I also think each congress person should see movies on abortions, so they can stop calling babies as fetus, so they can not dehumanize our unborn children! I also think, each person who wants an abortion should also see a movie on this as well!!! It makes me sick that people STILL believe abortions should be considered for incest, rape and mother’s health, that was the lie which was used to push abortion. The percentage of woman that get abortions for these three reasons are very low!
    It did not take a brain surgeon to figure out what Rush was talking about, he did not have to go that far, he could have used other language, especially knowing the left as he does!
    Considering health issues, for which the left are using for there “paid for contraception” idea is hog wash! Talking about health, I would like my, fish oil, glucosamine, vitamin C, vitamin D and ect. paid for!

    • JKinIL


      You have a conscience.

      Your mate (if you happen to have one) has a conscience.

      Your minister/priest/rabbi can have a conscience.

      Your church may have canons, or tenets, or beliefs, but it doesn’t have a “conscience.”

      Your insurance company DEFINITELY doesn’t have a conscience! So when your church tells its insurance company what to do, it has everything to do with interfering with individuals and THEIR consciences, NOT the church’s conscience.

      The church is an employer, in this case…You may see the church as an extension of God’s will, but the church must (a) not exhibit employment discrimination in its affiliated organizations and (b) recognize that insurance is part of compensation, and that interfering with that is not within the church’s scope, no matter what percentage of the membership supports it.

  • http://MSNHOTMAIL John Webb

    People need to get off their high horses about sex and what is right or wrong. The longest profession (repeat,longest) is prostitution. Focus is important but we as a world never get to that and it is simple and basic: Middle class needs to survive because like an ATOM, the center or middle is the heart of everything that functions or is a,whole. Middle class in America is losing focus because of all these deflections of what is important, come on, a woman has a right to have sex or not with our without a pill. We pay relief aid/funds etc call it welfare or whatever people take the money and oh my!get drunk, how does that happen? I think even the politicians looking at their own taxes, who gives a sh_t? When your making that much money, pay like the rest of us, who cares, just pay. That’s what government was worried about, defaults on taxes country wide, not sex. Deflect what is important, running the country with taxpayers money, right! I can only say, God Bless us all.

  • Eric

    One more comment before I leave because I read it above. Any idiot who thinks Barrack Hussein Obama is a christian needs to have his or her head examined. We have been duped. The name itsef is a muslum name. The only religion he follows is Narcissism. As far as Green Energy what a hoax. Oil = Freedom. As Rush said yesterday, when a 747 takes to the air on solar panels or wind, you might have something, until then oil is here to stay. This is just another liberal agenda by the muslum himself. Drilling is up because B-Ho can not do anything about drilling on private land. Drilling on Government land is down 40%. Not one permit has been issued for drilling on public land, and only one permit has been issued for coastal waters since Obama took office. B-HO is the ultimate politician. How do you tell when a politician is lying? His lips are moving. What ever B-HO says is just the opposite.

    • John

      The name politician is synonymous for liar, they all do, so whats your point?

      Oh that he is a Muslim?

      Well, show me where it says in the constitution of this country that a Muslim can not be the president or that he even has to tell you what religion he a member of.

      • John

        Moreover, you need to research your statements about trilling on government land or of shore.. you will be surprised by what you find, and you may even find out how far off you are with your made up numbers.

    • JKinIL

      So, Eric…let’s follow your logic to its obvious conclusion….

      Our President CLAIMS to be a Christian, but you know for certain he is a MUSLIM.

      He CLAIMS to be for green energy, but everything he says is a lie, so he’s REALLY in favor of drilling for oil in the US….

      BUT, he’s a MUSLIM, and so are all the Arabs in the Middle East, so he’s REALLY, REALLY not in favor of drilling for oil here, but wants his Muslim brothers in Saudi Arabia and the Oil States to get really rich….

      So he’s DRIVING UP THE COST OF GASOLINE in an election year because we EXPECT a liar like him to drive DOWN the cost of Gas in an election year because he’s a liar and a politician, and he doesn’t want us to see how much smarter we are than he is, so we think he’s stupid.

      But it’s so simple. All I have to do is divine from what I know of you: are you the sort of man who would put the poison into his own goblet or his enemy’s? Now, a clever man would put the poison into his own goblet, because he would know that only a great fool would reach for what he was given. I am not a great fool, so I can clearly not choose the
      wine in front of you. But you must have known I was not a great fool, you would have counted on it, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.

  • glenny

    I never thought for second that Rush was serious about watching Fluke’s sexual activities on video. I thought he was trying to be humorous, but it wasn’t funny. John Myers talks like Rush started this argument. It was Fluke who went to Congress to ask for us to pay for her activities. I don’t want to pay for her activities.

  • Dens

    John Meyers, “once a borderline liberal” ? Johnny, you have crossed that border. A better hit piece on Rush Limbaugh could not have been written by your hero Obama himself.

    You , like all your liberal friends, are trying so hard to make a hero out of a 30 year old woman who doesn’t want to pay for her own fun and a bad guy out of Rush Limbaugh. Get off it!

    Stick with your investment stuff. If I want to get opinions like you have written here, I can grab a barf bag and turn on Chris Matthews.

  • Flo

    Ms Fluke is a democrat operative that has previously lobbied for insurance to pay for gender reassignment surgery. She is 30 years old, not your typical coed and on full scholarship to a Catholic school that she chose in order to make a stink. That was not a congressional hearing and was staged to look like one. She was not listed and vetted as a witness and they tried to insert her without vetting and Issa would not allow it, so they went down the hall and “staged” their own hearing where Ms. Fluke could talk about her imaginary friends and their ordeals. Maybe muslim owned businesses should be required to buy their employees a pork roast every month as well. Oh no, we couldn’t do that. That is against their religion!

    • marcjeric32

      It is necessary to know that the whole episode is being orchestrated by Anita Dunn; you remember that Chairman Mao admirer and Mullah Obama’s operative?

      • Rob

        It was as staged as the ALL MALE panel that was in from the the Republican committee.
        Even the republican female representative ask just as the hearing was starting, “where is a women and why are there just ALL MEN”. To have the Republicans refuse to let a women testify on a women’s health issues, is just plain laughable..

    • Sonnyvg

      You are exactly right. So well stated that I cannot add anything better to it.
      Sonny Van Gelder
      Auburn WA

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    • Nadzieja Batki

      No. It won’t go away.

  • diamond1957

    first off I never heard Rush call her anything, it was more if the shoe fits type deal, but as usual the “media left” quickly filled in the narration. He did go too far though, in trying to elaborate on his comment. To me people should be wondering why the left has to create these situations in the first place, I mean to go as far as finding somebody to be their “poster girl” usually it was Obama starting off with a letter he received, as though he actually reads all his mail, if it was actually written then it was cherry picked by his staff, for a particular reason to set up a premise for his speech. I guess it worked once so they keep doing it, and then comes “Ole Rushbo” to give this set up credence by responding to it, and in the worst way I might add, then the President sticks his foot in it, and now its a comedy right out of vaudeville. Sounds to me their connection to hollywood is starting to show, first things were scripted now their actual performances, with Obama singing the soundtract.

  • Hank

    I was with you on this until you took the OxyContin jab at the end. Is that any better than Rush’s comment that offended you?

    Yeah, Rush gave the left some ammo but it didn’t go very far. Matter of fact, it backfired on them.

    Rush can say what he wants. So can you and I. For now.

  • Rooster

    Old news. This has been thoroughly hashed out. We know Fluke is a fluke and a shill for Obamacare. Move on to something interesting.

  • Vicki Bendau

    Fluke not a slut? What else do you call a female who seeks to screw taxpayers in order to screw any man she wishes?

  • C I C O

    I will just say, when I look at Fluke or think about her I do picture a drooling nympho like my sister in law is, but she has not thought about getting on tv. In any case it is not our government’s place to get involved with people’s sex levels.

    • JThaddeustoad

      Right you are ….. Rush can’t help himself …. he obviously has addiction to it along with a colousal ego ….. was it 6 or 7 marriages Iam not sure …. He is a glaring example of chauvanism….

  • JThaddeustoad

    Rush should shut his fat mouth …… I agree with alot of what he spews,however,it falls into the category of entertainment ….. Take a good look at mess of life this man presides over….. drug addiction,fer landering and multiple marriages …… I know there are those out there that excuse this kind of behavior because HE HAS MONEY …. NOT ME …He is a pitifull example of what a true conservative should be and he certainly is no paragon of virtue ….

  • Raleigh Harke

    The worst thing is that this story is still being kicked around. Rush regrets saying what he said. I am sorry he said what he said. I don’t want to hear any more about it.

    Let us just move on. We should be talking about the REAL problems this country has and how to fix them.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why did you read the article and respond?

  • Hap Harris

    The fact we are even discussing this… makes me want to gag & vomit.
    What ever happened to chastity, purity, virginity until marriage-?
    God help us-!!!

  • HS

    With Fluke’s protestations and her demonstrated priapic behavor, one wonders whether she pays the slightest attention to her course work, moot court and the rest. She musn’t sleep, just ‘express’ herself 24/7.

    • JThaddeustoad

      Wait let me pull out my ROGETs’ thesauresis so I may get grasp on what you are trying to say ….. The common language would be sufficiant ….. No Need to try and impress with a vocabulary that is obviously not applicable DUH !

      • HS

        My wont is to make folks like you run to a dictionary.

        Run, you did. (For the record, as we know, priapic
        applies directly to men. In Fluke’s case, without
        it she’d likely find other ways to skip her studies.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Kids of a certain age when they learn something new run to their mommies and brag about what they just learned .HS wants us to know what a bright boy he is.

  • dagodave

    I pretty much like what Rush says -except when he repeats him self over and over on the same thing! He eventually will make a bad statement as he did because he gets cought up in his own conversation! I say say what you have to say and then SHUT UP!hHe continues on and on and on ,as if He is trying to convince His listeners that what he is saying is true! That is the down side of Him and many other broadcasters,say what you have to say and SHUTB UP! Report the news ,don’t make the news!

  • John

    Dear Mr. Meyers: I thought this was from Mr. Livingston and was about to delete my subscription. Unless this is on here to give an appearance of a “balanced” coverage of events, I still might. What your rant and others attacking Limbaugh seem to miss, or intentionally ignore, is that the emphasis was on her claiming to spend $1000 a year for her birth control! Also, how she wouldn’t have been able to afford it if she had to pay for it herself. The idea that it cost would that much suggested she might be more than just “really friendly”, maybe it was more of a commercial enterprise. He wasn’t even condemning that but rather her appearance at the “dog and pony show” to whine about it just wasn’t fair that she should have to be personally responsible for the cost of doing business. Your selective outrage is such a bore.

  • TerryG

    This article is the EXACT reason that I have unsubscribed to your LIBERAL writings… YOU are the one on a RANT. Why SHOULD we pay for someone elses personal choice to have sex or not to have it? They can pay for their own contraceptives – and their own beer and their own ‘everything else’ for their own entertainment, If it walks like a duck etc… we can CALL IT A DUCK ! So tired of political correctness – which is just a way to silence people who don’t agree – and to make them afraid to call something by it’s rightful name!

  • brkshoe

    I suppose sex makes for an interesting discussion for some people but in my opinion the topic should be the unconstitutionality of the government getting involved in citizens personal lives

    • Rob

      unconstitutionality of the government?! WHAT? You have to be a conservative. Learn to write english. Are you saying that our government should change the constitution so that it states that the government can’t get involved with health care? Are you saying that there should be an amendment to the constitution? I’d gather you’re a conservative. You’re meeting the requirements. Boy, is this sad..

  • W

    Dear John,
    Appealing to a diverse audience forces a public figure like Rush to use a mix of topics and formats. Occasionally even resorting to sexy conversation and making outrageous comments, such as, show us your sex video, which we all know he really doesn’t want to see,
    is required by the marketing and sales department,
    it always gets your ratings up for lack of a better term.
    I usually hear Rush several times a week and he continually pounds away at Obama and his administration.
    Rush is the next best in line to Reagan and Buckley!

    • Jim C.

      I’m guessing that Mr. Myers would reject Reagan, Buckley, etc., as being “neocons”.

  • Jay

    John, you say: Rather than leading a thoughtful discussion of Obamacare and the true aims of the President to make Big Government even bigger, Limbaugh instead made obscene and bizarre comments about a female college student.

    Yet, your article has provoked anything but, a thoughtful discussion of Obamacare, or the true aims of the President, rather; a feeding frenzy! Personally, i think Rush did both, covered Obamacare, and brought to light Fluke’s underhanded method of promoting it, while at the same time exposing her loose-lifestyle; and yes, Rush was married 4 times, but the operative words here; are ‘married & wives’. Regardless, It should matter very little that he used absurdity, and a few incendiary words to expose Fluke, and her agenda. Personally, i think your article was nothing more then a “bone” tossed to the imbecilic progs to chew on; and chew on it they did! If that was your intent, then you are nothing short of Genius!

  • Jimof CT

    However unkind and unhappy you want to be because Rush used an impolite description of the activity that this propagandist put forward in a presentation scheduled by Ms.Pilosi to advance the radical idea that promiscuity warrants free contraceptives and abortion indusing medication paid for by coverage mandated by government and imposed upon religious organizations who consider it sinful.
    Hence, unlike when Liberal spokespersons who use foul and derogatory language TO DEMEEN PEOPLE OF VIEWS that are contrary to those “progressive” ideas they advocate such as the many now being identified and broadcast by Hannity which media ignores, media screem their attacks at Rush.
    GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY USED TO MANDATE PURCHASES OF contraceptive and abortion services TO BE PAID FOR TAXPAYERS is bad enough but to go further and attempt to mandate THAT RELIGIOUS SPONSORED ORGANIZATIONS must disregard their religion and PAY FOR PROMISCUITY PROTECTION AND CONSEQENCES AVOIDENCE and call it a womens health is abberant thinking.
    Religious belief regarding Morality and sinful activity to prevent responsibilty for the consequences of individuals activity they consider sinful is a total disgrace and clearly violates individual and religious freedoms guaranteed by our constitution in an unwarranted expansion of government into personal and religious liberty.
    While I agree the attention should remain focused on this anti American radical policy of the Obama administration and its “Progressive” advocates it is clear that Rush merely connects the dots when he links these claims re: $3,000 spent during school years and “slutty activity” and the additional factor of liberal protection for “pornagraphic presentations” of sinful acts rejected by religious organizations.
    One should not ignore the relationship of “Progressive” efforts to eliminate religious freedoms that this “slippery slope” is seeking to advance.
    To say the absence of insurance coverage by religious organizations is “RESTRICTING A WOMENS ACCESS TO CONTRACEPTIVES AND OR ABORTION ” is a propaganda lie.
    Clearly, no one is forced to attend Georgetown Law School or accept any position employment or otherwise at any religious sponsored organization. Subsequently,no one atternding or employed at such an organization is prevented from accepting free contraceptives or abortion services offered by non religious organizations or from obtaining their own insurance which covers their desired services or products or simply pay for what they want as they need it.
    Media should be pointing out that Ms. Pilosi and her witness should be ashamed of themselves for their public display of their demand to have “promiscuity ” subsidized by Government mandates imposed on religious organizations rather than attacking Rush Limbaugh for impolite discussion of their objective.

  • dave

    Apparently Mr. Myer is a completly uninformed and, like the Imam Obumma, makes judgements on issues without knowing the facts (remeber right after stating that he did not know the facts he said the police acted “stupidly”). If this moron had ever listened to Rush he would know that Rush pounds home the fact that this whole contraceptive BS is a scheme to divert attention from the real issues. Please become informed before sounding like your idiot of a prez. You sound like a fool. By the way, she is the one proclaimed to the whole world that she was having so much sex she couldn’t afford the birth control. By most people’s definition she is slut and, wants us (or someone else) to pay for her to be able to have inconsiquitual, safe, no strings attached sex, thus elevating her to prostitute status. You Mr. Myers are an ignorant idiot. Listen to Rush’s show before trying to comment on something you have no knowledge of. It makes you look (sound) stupid otherwise. By the way “border line Liberal” is a title you might want to stick with, it seems to fit your line of thought.

    • JThaddeustoad

      No kidding ….. The whole issue is stupid and will surely bit all who persue it in the ass… The media is staring to move away from it because they sense the negative effect is developing legs…. It is the conservative side that is giving this nothing story life…. Why don’t we focus on the impeachment bill in the house and the impending supreme court hearing on OBama care …

    • Rob

      Be careful of who you are calling a fool. I can’t believe that not on conservative has actually listened to Fluke. You get viagra covered in your insurance, but where birth control pills have medication in it to help prevent ovarian cysts, you think it shouldn’t be covered. You call or agree that she is a slut, when in fact, she testified for a friend. If you’re of the age or have ED, then don’t get you’re insurance covered meds. I’m sure it will make your wife happy.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Why didn’t Ms Fluke’s friend do her own talking?

      • mn1013

        Rob, I have heard that Georgetown will supply birth control medications needed for medical reasons, but they refuse to supply them for free sex. That idea makes sense to me. But do we really want the government forcing us to do things which are against our religious beliefs?

  • Harry

    I think the article makes some good points about conservative voices and how the Rush Limbaughs and Glenn Becks of today fall short. When I read the comments posted on this site I see people who don’t seem to want to have a logical discussion about conservative values and issues, but people who want to defend an entertainer. I see someone who calls contraception “abortion”. I wonder how we don’t want to pay for contraception, but we will pay for children brought into the world who require government support to survive. I read people who are taking a hard line position on a “symptom” but they seem to ignore the larger issue.

    The writer invokes Reagan as a conservative hero. However most who support him fail to realize he invoke some of the most “liberal” or what some would call “socialist” policies in effect today (like the Earned Income Tax Credit). What he realized was that government cannot not be monolithic in action or ideas. We need to listen to all points of view to form our solutions to the issues that face us today. We need to understand the consequences of our actions. We also need to stop the name calling and we need to realize that our personal freedom comes with a responsibility towards one another.

    • JThaddeustoad

      AMEN ! to that Harry ….. Personal responsibility some thing we have gotten away from …. Abortion ? This is an individuals own personal sin and the government has no business promoting it or underwriting it and it is not for us to judge….

  • suw3

    One cannot “forget” Rushes’ over-the-top rants, as he always tries to outdo himself. I haven’t forgotten him accusing actor Michael J Fox of “faking” Parkinsons Disease, either. Things like that sort of stay with you.

  • Eugene Hallenbeck

    You don’t listen to Rush either as the left wing media doesen’t and Fluke was not testifying it was a news conference by the Dems.

  • John

    Rush only cares about Rush, nobody else. He gets paid to say what he says by special interest groups. the choice of words are his, the theme is something people who want to stir the population into a certain direction pay for. It is a well known concept and used by all sites. If promoting a liberal standpoint would result in overall better ratings and better paid assignments Rush would do just that. its a job for him, nothing else. Just as paid lobbyists buy our politicians for special interest in this country, people like Rush and others are paid by the same people. Its a political game that is worth millions upon millions.

    • Hasta

      Jealousy speaking

      • John

        Jealousy of what?

    • Bonnie Lesando

      What about Obama being paid for by George Soros, Bill Mahr, the unions, etc. He is being bought and sold every day.

      John….Why don’t you go to a site and join the other ideologs. I am tired of trying to educate you. The ideology of the left can not be changed even with the evidence contradicting their beliefs has been proven to be true. Talk about drinking cool-aid.

      • John

        Well, did I asked you to “educate” me or did anyone else ask to be “educated” by you?
        Ask yourself what do you expect from a forum like this? All like minded people playing victims and whining about the same issue in unison? If that is what you want, then I believe you are at the wrong forum. If that is what you want you need to join one of the moderated political forums where everyone who disagrees with the moderator will be banned and the rest just rehashes the same ole issues ad nausea without the hope of ever changing anything. This forum has always been a forum where ideas have been examined and discussed and that means that people with a lot of different viewpoints will present their ideas. You better get used to it.

  • DaveH

    John is at it again.
    John (the author) says — ” My parents were libertarians, and they urged me to get an education. They suggested I read Buckley. I found Buckley offered overpowering conservative arguments as to why right-minded people should embrace libertarianism”.

    Holy crap! William F. Buckley Jr., a Libertarian? Are you kidding us, John?
    That pompous elitist is far away from being a Libertarian.
    Read this, Folks, from a Real Libertarian:

  • Cadence

    John Myers. Hope I can remember that name so I can discard anything from that source in future. This column is vile. The picture selected tells all you all you need to know about where Myers is coming from. All “we” conservative patriots are in the same boat, and nobody is doing more to row it in the right direction than Rush. On one recent stroke he splashed a little water on someone and the liberal media attacked. Viciously and quite hypocritically, given their standard treatment of conservative women. Seeing this massive attack, Inevitably some among “us” will be unable to resist what appears to be an opportunity to step on Rush in order to elevate themselves. Myers puts himself above the cause here. It’s not a pretty picture.

    • Rob

      So I guess in your mind Candence, conservative women, should be home, barefoot and pregnant? Rush telling the truth? All the bashing he did about “druggies” and all the time was sending his maid out to by pain killers for himself. Hmmmm. Truth? Steering the boat in the right direction? What direction is that? Back to the dark ages, where women can’t vote? Where women can be beaten and raped by their husband? That’s the direction you think the boat should be headed? I remember when being conservative, meant that you wanted smaller government, you wanted government to be fiscally responsible, and everyone would mind their own business and live and let live. That’s what it “used” to be. Now, it’s the extreem religious right, thinking they are the only religion and they the rest of us should be forced to follow their views. I thought we started this country on the foundation of “FREEDOM OF RELIGION”. Not your religion, not mine. Everyone’s. Fiscal restraint went out with Bush W. This country is teetering on colaspe and no one sees it. Maybe planet of the apes is more of a reality than fiction?

      • Jay

        Congratulations Rob, a well written article. It contains all the nonsensical, pius rhetoric that we’ve come to expect from the left. Another words, it is a a well written, piece of crap!

  • Fred Campbell

    I was with Mr. Myers until he included Glen Beck in his broadside.

  • Hasta

    No, John Myers, I don’t live in a cave. And you, John Myers, need to get over your outrage and move on to something newsworthy.

  • jopa

    I would be willing to bet the insurance companies paid a lot of money for Rush Ls drugs like Oxycontin and maybe even Viagra as gross as this may sound.I knew another guy that was hooked on oxycotton and he was always jumping up and down and waving his arms.I wonder what that’s all about.

    • Hasta

      Ever notice that when libs have nothing relevant to say, they always mount a personal attack?

      • Jay

        The Rush Limbaugh Show is the most listened to radio talk show in America, broadcast on over 600 radio stations nationwide. It is hosted by America’s Anchorman, Rush Limbaugh, also known as: America’s Truth Detector; the Doctor of Democracy; the Most Dangerous Man in America; the All-Knowing, All-Sensing, All-Everything Maha Rushie; defender of motherhood, protector of fatherhood and an all-around good guy.

        There is a “consensus” among the American people, who have made this the most listened to program, that it is also the most accurate, most right, and most correct.
        People who disagree with this are “Rush Deniers”.

      • Deerinwater

        Well, that’s about to change

      • David A Deal

        Actually this is for Jay. All the titles you list for Limbaugh were bestowed upon himself by himself. I have paid heed to him since his tv show because I found him a buffoon but realized other buffoons listened to him and actually took him seriously. I listen to him every Wednesday while on a deliver route and sometimes on other occassions. I feel one needs o know thy enemy. I’ve found about 2% of the time he is fair and the rest he is slanted, distorting, lying, and terribly misguided. The mainstream media delivers NEWS and lets the listener decide what to think of it. People like Limbaugh tell you what to think and report distorted dribble that is not fit for the news.

        • Ron

          You just proved hasta’s point! Boom….winning!

  • Elizabeth Darling (@ElisabethDarlin)

    There are many women, including myself, who are supporting Rush through this storm-in-the-haters-of-the-tea-party movement. We will deliberately support those advertisers who stick with Mr. Limbaugh and boycott those who terminate their association with him. Whatever happened to the great left-wing liberal espousal of free speech “advocates” such as Larry Flynt who wore the Flag as a diaper in a court of law? It is so clear to anyone not ignoring the facts that many only hold to free speech when it comes out of the mouths of those with whom they agree.
    Another point: If this were any entertainer (and yes, Rush calls himself precisely that) who was supporting the left wing point of view, their struggle with addiction would be preceded with words such as “brave”, “hard fought”, and other adjectives usually applied to Medal of Honor winners. Since Rush presents a conservative position – it is open-season to gratuitously make fun of his previous addiction to pain-killers. It doesn’t offend me, I DO have a sense of humor, but the difference in standards never ceases to amaze me. Yet these people will continue to insist they are “unbiased”, which is a joke in even worse taste than Rush’s “slut” comment, not to mention the constant presentation of subjects from a left of center position, while maintaining the lie of neutrality, is certainly harmful to our country’s health and decision-making abilities which is far more serious than a joke made in poor taste which offended some people. Free speech always offends someone; get over it.

  • eric

    Rush is stating the general republican oposition in paying for it . The selfish republicans are concerned with the money it may cost income tax payers always . This obvious selfishness reaks from almost evrey word that comes out of their mouth . I hate the obvious moral decay proposed and forced on the nation by the democratic establishment . Yet Rushs response and main oposition coming from the republican party is just more of the same obvious immoral decay in the form of iresponsible selfishness in the form of NO to health care for the poor , No to possible income tax increases , No to evreything that might cost them money accept maybe war . War is about the onlything both partties gladly spend as much as they can .

  • Tom Dundee

    Abortion is the method contraception for a small number of people.

    The author, in his rush to condemn Rush, exceeds Rush’s behavior by a wide margin.
    Instead of condemning Rush for his comments and the comments that he did not utter, the author should have devoted his time to telling us, the readers, what he believes Rush should have told us.

    When a Democrat party hack testifies before Congress and gives interviews to the mainstram media; she is a lot more than just a college student. She is a 30 year old law student. She has been an adult for 12 years.

  • http://13971397 winstond

    You have a good point, but you took the wrong way to get there and your oxy-contin remark wasn’t needed.Buckley would never have said that.

    • Ted Crawford

      You bring up a very valid point Winstond. Mr. Meyers and indeed most people would be shocked if they knew just how many Recovering Addicts and Alcoholics they deal with on a regular basis! Many prominent community and business leaders, heads of organizations and institutions, doctors, lawyers, teachers,ETC.
      The cause of rehabilitation would be well served if these people were free to reveal this. That’s just not going to happen as long as this attitude of discrimination and intolerance exists! One hopes this negative attitude springs from simple ignorance rather that mean spiritedness!

      • John

        Rush is a recovering addict until he they find illigal drugs on him again… it will happen. listening to him and his Oxy sniff during the day makes one wonder why they don’t wait in front of the building for him and why his employers don’t do real random drug testing even on people who are syndicated with them.

      • Ted Crawford

        And John puts the exclamation point on my post!!! WOW!!!

      • John

        Ted, reality is a bitch isn’t it?

  • RichE

    John Myers, {snip} “… so he is distracting the Nation from the real issues.” Maybe that’s Rush’s plan. More controversy bigger following.

    Does anyone have a transcription of Sandra Fluke’s testimony? I’d like to read it. I find it hard to believe someone would testify before congress and say they want their health insurance to pay for them having sex, but then again Viagra is covered. So why is it ok for insurance to pay for men to have sex and not women?

  • June Estep

    The absurdity of Fluke in front of the Pelosi get up congressional hearing is enough to send anyone on a binger. A graduate law student? come on….. the Progressive left will march anyone out in front of a camera only hoping someone will bite on the hook and they can change the subject. In this instance they had a very willing subject, because their object lesson person often is tossed out with scarce concern for them- but rather their cause. Once a person serves that cause, they cease to matter. She looked good on camera so they paraded her around.
    The left sure doesnt want to discuss whether the rest of us wish to pay for others to have sex. Nor do they want to discuss my rights to live free from government intrussion into my faith based ideas. Of course I can be a hypocrite, that was the point of Christ having to pay for my sins. I am a sinner.
    It was about the right of the individual or the organization to be able to serve their concious while giving others the right to serve theirs. It is not enough to be free to practice you own ethics… can only be done if someone else pays for it? and, if you oppose it for concious sake, any old reason will do so long as it is not about Christianity? Didnt I read that Muslims were exempted up front? And, really, I
    kept hearing about the right of the organization, I think I was the one screaming the right of individuals into my tv screen.
    If a show host gets it wrong and later makes an apology, that is far superior to another show host who doesnt. Oh, I guess you have to say you are a comedian. Well, that explains everything.
    Rush, keep up the great work and dont get derailed by the vicious vampires who smelled your blood and went bezerk. Fluke is recovering nicely with all her new found fame. Might even give her……dare I say…… a leg up in her career.
    Government, get out of all our vaginas !!!!!!!
    The thing about freedom, sometimes it is messy. I will take freedom.

  • Jackie

    A prostitute is considered someone who charges for sex, Fluke wants us to pay for her sex.
    When I grew up, any girl who was having casual sex with any of the guys was considered a slut.
    When did it become right to promote girls and boys having casual sex and think of them as doing the right thing because they are using birth control? I guess we need to erase these words from the dictionary since no one should be called a prostitute or a slut since sex is now a social activity for our children and all unmarried adults.

  • Harry

    And it goes on. The name calling, the vilifying or support Rush Limbaugh, the the ignoring of the point of the article or the actual issues. When will we ever sit down and calculate the real costs of our policies and figure out the best ways to solve them? When will we ever realize that the first amendment should tell us that all of us, regardless of our political views, are patriotic Americans? When will we realize that all of us have ideas that should be listened to, considered and debated, because all Americans should be valued, whether they are conservative, liberal, or somewhere in between? When will we realize that no one’s views can be placed in a label? It amazes me that we want to go back in time to a different era, but we refuse to embrace the principles that allowed us to have that era. What bothers me about entertainers like Rush Limbaugh is not so much what he says, but his projection that no one has the truth but him, and no one else’s thought have any value.

    • Ted Crawford

      Well said Harry

  • http://PLD Kevin

    This hole thing should have been dropped a long time ago for obvious reasons, and I know that John Myers is fully aware of why it should have been.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Let the Leftists post just don’t reply to them. They don’t know the difference between right and wrong. They definitely don’t have wisdom.They cannot be reasoned with because of their immaturity.

      • Karolyn

        Please, Nadzieja, don’t make me laught so hard! If all of your posts are indicative of maturity, one would be glad not to have it .

  • http://none Harold

    I agree with Rush. but I she has no right to enjoy a healthy sex right.outside of marriage. Sex is reserved for marriage only! Anyone that indulges in sex otherwise, like this so called student, is either a slut or a prostitute. I reference God’s word. THE HOLY BIBLE. LOOK IT UP! Thank You

    • Karolyn

      Well, guess what? Surprise, surprise! Not everybody has the same beliefs as you! You are a prime example of religion forcing its principles on people who do not adhere to them. This is still a free country. I’m sure you would just love it if we all thought as you do, but thank God we don’t. What a boring world it would be!

      • Jay

        Well, guess what? Surprise, surprise! Not everybody has the same moral standards as you! You are a prime example of religion offering Godly principles to people who are too far-gone, degenerate.This is still a free country. I’m sure you would just love it if we all tried to aspire to higher moral standards, as you do. But thank God we don’t. Thank God we’re free to wallow in the mud like pigs. What a boring world it would be if we didn’t have that freedom!

      • JeffH

        Jay, :) yer killin me! :)

      • Karolyn

        So, Jay, you really believe that people who don’t ascribe to your religious beliefs are all degenerates and have no morals?

      • Jay

        Karolyn asks: So, Jay, you really believe that people who don’t ascribe to your religious beliefs are all degenerates and have no morals?

        Is that a trick question, Karolyn? The answer is, no! There are plenty of atheists, and people from different walks of life, and religions, who exhibit exemplary morals. Conversely, there are many of same said convictions, who do not.

        Exactly what is it that you are rooting around for, Karolyn?

    • John

      You need to get a grasp on the fact that more then 2/3rds of all of the people on this planet believe your bible is hogwash and nothing but fiction. Not everyone believes what you do and it is people like you that are trying to force your believes and moral system on the rest of the people who are the reason for division and violence.
      Confucius has shown that morals can exist without religion, but religion can not exist without an underlying moral concept.

      • Honestly

        John says “You need to get a grasp on the fact that more then 2/3rds of all of the people on this planet believe your bible is hogwash and nothing but fiction.” You are absolutely INCORRECT, but you are also allowed to have your opinion just as Harold is.

        Harold…You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT and allowed your opinion.

        A person must experience the eternal life giving experience to know it and John I am sorry you have never had that experience. Maybe someday you will then you will understand.

      • John

        Honestly, show me where I am incorrect? More then 2/3rds of the people on this planet do NOT believe in the christian god or in the text of the bible. There are hundreds of known “gods’ or deities in this world. What makes you believe yours is the only rightful one? Do you realize that the followers of the other gods believe they are following the only rightful god and yours is a false god? That they believe that the bible is nothing but hogwash or satanic and fiction just as you believe their holy books are fiction, satanic or figment of a delirious mind? What makes you more correct then them?

        • Honestly

          It is not necessary for me to argue my belief, nor do I intend to do so. That would be casting my pearls before swine (not intended to mean you directly). I stated my belief and that is all there is to it. Nothing personal about this.

      • John

        You said: John says “You need to get a grasp on the fact that more then 2/3rds of all of the people on this planet believe your bible is hogwash and nothing but fiction.”
        You are absolutely INCORRECT, but you are also allowed to have your opinion just as Harold is.

        I repeat, show me where I am incorrect? Fact is (and you can Google it on the net) that 2/3rds of humanity does Not believe in your god and believes that followers of your god are wrong, satanic or delusional and only they them self are right in the believe of their god. That is a fact, it has nothing to do with what I believe or not believe. So, I say again, show me where i am incorrect…

        • Honestly

          John….It is obvious to me that you do not know my God or you would not be making the comments you are making. If it makes you feel better, then believe as you wish to believe, I however believe that more than 2/3 of this planet do believe in my God and have felt Him at least once in their lives. Maybe you have too in the past, but have chosen not to follow Him. He is everywhere you look and in everything you see. The choice not to follow Him is a choice of the free will He gave us when He created us. I, internet or not, do believe more than 2/3 of the planet do believe in Him. Either way this back and forth is over as I will not reply to you again, because you seem to have already made up your mind. However, I will pray for you to have a revelation in your life of His goodness. May God bless you.

  • Thor

    The solution to unwanted pregnancy has always been around, it’s free and one does not have to go to college or get a degree in rocket science to know about it. We are all born with that knowledge. For every natural dilemma nature provides a solution. Everyone in this pointless discussion has this inherent knowledge. The forces of societal disquiet have us all standing around the water cooler discussing things we already know—a discussion that has been insidious and continual for these six thousand-plus years!

    Meanwhile…back at the old White House, the smiling minions of socialism are plotting new ways to deprive us of freedom and make us dependant on government; the only party that is supposed to be offering an alternative solution can’t pick a front-runner and continues to ignore the one candidate who can actually offer an alternative to the status quo; the US dollar isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on—what’s not to like if you are a megalomaniacal communistic globalist elitist?

    Did anyone really care precisely what colorful euphemism the righteous would have used to describe Delilah while she was cutting Samson’s hair?

    Geeze….will we ever learn the principle of diversion?

  • Ted Crawford

    What we have here, in my opinion, is a “Tempest in a Teacup” that’s been blowen out of proportion by the mainstream media and, appearently even some on the right. From my perspective, Rush is nothing more than the right anchor to a political spectrum whos’ left is held down firmly by Mahar! I believe that the term ” Shock Jock ” best describes them both.
    That being said both have, on rare occasions, brought up valid points, before mauling them into irrelevance with their rhetoric. They have both allowed me many usefull hours of research. All that not withstanding their main appeal is still only to the fringes!

  • Ben

    Another writer who does not understand what using absurdity to illustrate absurdity is about. Clueless.

  • Terri

    I rarely listen to Rush. I enjoy civil debates where both sides listen to and respect the other. In my honest opinion Rush is the conservative Bill Maher. (Sorry I had to say that) Rush is far to bombastic for my taste and rarely cites his sources making checking the veracity of his words hard to verify.

    It should be up to the employer and the insurance company what is covered in their basic policy. Additional waivers can be purchased, as has been mentioned here already.

    As for Viagra, originally it was (and still is) prescribed for circulation problems in the legs. The enabling of an erection was noted as a side effect.which led to it being prescribed for erectile problems.

    The problem here is two fold. First Rush (though within his first amendment rights) was our of line to vilify the woman in question. And secondly, this IS only about the overreach of the government into YOUR health issues. If the government can mandate what is in your policy they can also mandate what is NOT in your coverage.

  • KCB

    You obviously haven’t listened to much of Rush Limbaugh. He is full of substance and entertaining at the same time. Hence, he has the huge audience that you don’t have (more to inform). Rush is open about mocking the absurd by being absurd. Some people don’t get this. He educates people in a style that you don’t use. So, why do some conservatives insist on eating their own? That, Mr. Myers, is a question you are qualified to address.

    • Harry

      Interesting take on Rush KCB, but he is more than that. Doesn’t he tell his audience “if you don’t know what to think on a topic, don’t worry. I’ll tell you”? Thoughtful, intelligent people can listen to Rush and separate the facts from the opinions from the absurd. But many fall into the trap of simply accepting everything he says as gospel and form their opinions based on nothing more than “Rush said it”. This is not exclusive to Rush – all sides of the argument have people like that. When will we realize that our lives are too important without us thinking for ourselves?

  • Mary

    The issue is the attack of freedom of religion….period! The mandate goes beyond free birth control pills and also covers free abortions, including infanticide, and abortifacients. Have you ever seen infanticide performed?
    I heard Rush the day he called her a slut and even agreed with him. Now that ALL the facts are coming out about this woman I’ll call her a progressive reproduction activists, that wants the government to controll every aspect of our lives. Sorry but I love my freedoms. This country is becoming a very ugly place to live unless we vote Obama OUT of office.

    • DarthEVaderCheney

      I have very bad news for you, Mary! This country will continue to get even more, ugly, no matter WHO is in office! Look at the Republican Presidential Candidate debacle and then compare these jokers to President Obama… it will be ten times worse without Obama… you can take THAT to the bank!

    • Ted Crawford

      You said it all with your last sentence Mary!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The attack on religious freedom is only one symptom of the real problem which is tyranny. Here’s a simple explanation.

      1) if an individual or an employer wishes to purchase an insurance policy with coverage for birth control and does so; that is freedom!
      2) if the government requires an individual or an employer to purchase an insurance policy with coverage for birth control, which they do not want to provide (for whatever reason); that is tyranny!

      The whole thing with Rush is a distraction. Rush is Rush. He is outrageous! It’s what he does. He starts with a seed of truth then expands it to the absurd. If you don’t want to listen to the absurd, don’t listen to Rush. But don’t lose sight of the seed that began the controversy, that is where the truth lies. Don’t let the liberals turn this issue into an issue of Rush. Make them return to the real issue of their taking away our rights and turning this country into a dictatorship! Our government should not be forcing us to purchase anything that goes against our beliefs. And remember, the Muslims do not believe in purchasing insurance at all, so they were given an exemption. They do not have to purchase ANY insurance but will receive free health care anyway. There is definitely an anti Christian slant to all of this. We want our rights and liberties back! We want government OUT of our personal business. Stop the dictatorship!

  • John

    We should probably help pay so she can play it would mean 1 less liberal down the road to deal with if she got pregant by her lazy liberal no work boy friend.

    • Deerinwater

      Seems, John has protracted all the way down to her boyfriend now with fitting scorn.

      • John

        To many Johns in the house.

  • JKinIL


    It’s important to arrive at the beginning of the “movie”. The Catholic Church jumped into this with both feet, saying that individuals who work for affiliated organizations aren’t moral enough to make choices for themselves, so the Church will overrule whatever the woman, her mate, her doctor, her beliefs, and her God (Religion does not equal God) by stepping between her insurance company (which is part of her compensation).

    THEN, Rep Issa called a “hearing” on this, ostensibly to get to the bottom of this incursion into “church rights”. More on this later…. That was the FIRST mistake.

    SECOND mistake: refusing the request to let Fluke testify at his hearing…this would have all been a distant memory by now.

    THIRD mistake: permitting a photo op of five men testifying. While you can control the pictures, you cannot control the captioning. Five men testifying about contraception is the caption that was supplied, so the door was open to Pelosi to hold an alternative hearing, HIGHLIGHTING Fluke.

    THEN, the FOURTH mistake was made–by Rush. Fluke’s testimony would have been a distant memory by now, if Rush hadn’t made it an issue. He supplied the caption for the Fluke picture, instead of letting the issue die. We’ll skip over that for now….FIFTH mistake: waiting til the sponsors started pulling out to apologize.

    THEN, the SIXTH mistake was made–by GOP leadership. They failed to condemn Rush. Why? President Obama will supply that answer during the campaign…they were too afraid of Rush…so, how do you think they will stand up to Iran or North Korea?

    On the “church rights” issue, the First Amendment is about part of the Bill of Rights. The rights are for the INDIVIDUAL. In the same amendment, INDIVIDUALS are given the right to assemble peacefully and to petition their government to address grievances. The government has already exempted churches from the contraception mandate. In fact, the law already exempts churches from a variety of laws, including discrimination in hiring, so Baptist churches can’t be sued for not hiring someone on the basis of their faith. However, in lay roles, such as hospitals, that protection (from discrimination) does not apply. The church as an institution does not supplant the rights of individuals, especially of individuals who do not belong to the specific religion in question. A Jewish or Muslim or Atheist nurse or doctor who works in a Catholic hospital cannot be discriminated against on the basis of religion (except in the case of Chaplain, perhaps…)

    The government’s position is consistent: the rights of the individual trump the rights of religion to dictate policy in matters of health care, morals, etc.

    The Church has failed to make its case to the flock. This is an end around that the GOP tried to drive as a wedge issue but so monstrously botched their response that it blew up in their faces. Now, the GOP is caught on the wrong side of public opinion, and everything they do just keeps the story rolling on and on and on.

    • DarthEVaderCheney

      Wow!!! Probably the best response/comment I’ve read in weeks! Kudos and thank you!

      • http://Google GIVEMEFREEDOM

        It ISN”T the best response but it is the windiest.

      • JKinIL

        Thanks, Darth.

        For GIVEMEFREEDOM, I apologize. Sometimes it takes me more than a few words to build a case. As we are both just regular Americans, I’ll summarize as best I can for you.

        FIRST DOWN: Issa calls a political play, then fumbles twice. Pelosi blitzes with Fluke. Loss of 20.

        GOP is now SECOND and 30. Rush comes in, yells his opinion, and is sacked again…loss of 15.

        Now it’s THIRD and 45. The GOP leadership calls the next play, and loses another 10 yards.

        The GOP is now FOURTH and 55, politically and legally. But instead of punting, they just want to keep this series alive, so they run the clock to a delay of game…FOURTH and 60.

        The LEFT side of the crowd just LOVES it.

  • Hey You

    We need to remember that Limbaugh is an entertainer whose routine includes outrageous comments now and then. That said, his comments regarding a woman who who does not understand that sex is for procreation, not entertainment, and it is her right to be entertained at taxpayer expense, should be noted in the context of the current breakdown of society.

    • Karolyn

      “sex is for procreation, not entertainment”

      In YOUR opinion!

      • Jay

        It is for both; pro-creation and enjoyment. However, it is to be strictly exercised within the confines of marriage! As we all, should know by now, that with pro-creation, comes “responsibility”; a word most odious, and hated, by the irresponsible!

      • Karolyn

        Jay – “However, it is to be strictly exercised within the confines of marriage!’
        Once again, that is YOUR belief, a belief not held by many.

      • Bill Maher

        Hi, i’m Bill Maher. I just wanted to share the fact that, I hate Sarah, “the C—t”, Palin so much, i went out and bought a bitch/dog, and named her Sarah!

        • http://Google GIVEMEFREEDOM

          Why a dog and not a lamb? Less noise.

    • Michael

      People keep calling Limbaugh an entertainer. Persons who suffer from self-loathing, like Rush, never feel their Self to be entertaining. They are in a constant state of, what I would call, rant/projection mode. In Rush’s case, he uses our strong and consistent tenets and beliefs to color his projections of self-loathing upon others. And, those who would agree with his rants should take a careful look at their own perceptions of Self. Rush is a sick man….Not necessarily a wolf in sheeps clothing….BUT, certainly one dressed to entertained…..THAT is sad!

      • Deerinwater

        Rush has been allowed sanctuary under the guise of “entertainment”. All hate radio does.

        “entertainment” is to the beholder and most difficult to nail down. Like nailing jello to a tree, it’s hard to do and then main reason RUSH has been allowed to stay in business.

        It would “entertaining” for me to witness his final demise but would anyone deny me that right?

      • Jay

        Deer says: It would be “entertaining” for me to witness his final demise but would anyone deny me that right?

        Yes deerinwater, the first amendment would deny you that right! Sorry…and boo hoo!

      • Laurence Tribe

        Those who spent their time in a college psych class should have their heads examined.

      • Deerinwater

        “Those who spent their time in a college psych class should have their heads examined.”

        no doubt , it was wasted on you.

        It must not be much fun, to know that some people know you better then you know yourself.

  • DanN

    If I publicly called someone the names that Limbaugh callled fluke, I would get sued for slander. What makes him so untouchable? JMHO

    • Ted Crawford

      ” What makes him so untouchable” The same thing that makes Bill Mahar, Ed Schultz, Rev. Wright, David Letterman, ETC. untouchable, the very amendment that this administration is attempting to nullify, The First Amendment!

      • Michael

        I would heartedly disagree. Limbaugh and Letterman are hardly on the same page. And, anyone who would suggest such should reconsider their assertion. Limbaugh has three hours of one five minute self-loathing projections repeated numerous times over the course of that time period. Dave simply chooses to open with a few sad poorly written aimless jokes….Letterman, at this point, is riding out the wave of his earlier successes. Limbaugh, on the other hand, is progessively getting worse at using our strong and stridently true conservative values to paint his projections of self-loathing upon others. Limbaugh is a sick man…..and he needs serious help….before he ends it all in his bedroom.

      • mikesvoice

        Ted Crawford & DanN: The other fact other that “Free Speech” is that Rush called Fluke a “slut & prostitute” because of what Fluke was requesting (others to pay for her contraception) as well as Fluke describing her active sex life (“slut like activity due to the sheer amount portrayed”)……

      • Ted Crawford

        Your evaluation Michael, nor mine nor anyone elses removes the First Amendment rights of any other individule! That is my point, I made no mention to the value, or lack of value of any of these people nor of their statements nor their mental health, although more than just Rush’s is clearly in question with this group!

  • Jerry Mabry

    Specifically in reply to Bob, and to all who are rightfully disturbed about the disparate impact of wealthy Pac contributors negatively influencing elections with their huge contributions, why is it that their concern never extends to the even greater abomination, the distortion of the will of the people through the megabuck driven influence of labor unions? At least a Pac contributor contributes freely and is not compelled against his will to have his dues support a candidate, a party or a cause he does not agree with. I read somewhere, where labor unions had contributed 100 million dollars to some Democratic candidates. I cannot recall the specifics or which election it was, but a 100 million dollars in support of one candidate, or in one state, or even in a national election is not insignificant and certainly not automatically conducive to healthy corporate competition in an international market. ($86.00 per hour of wages and benefits on General Motors prior to the great recession.) Where is the outrage about Union influence driving our elections and distorting the will of the people and handicapping industry Right or wrong, at least the Supreme Court recognized that corporations should have “free speech” to put forth their interests in opposition to the megabuck driven agenda of the unions and monies spent to buy union approved candidates. For all the good that the unions may have historically stood up for, they have in may ways exercised their power to the disadvantage of the common good. through their power to influence elections. someone, some corporation, some group should be allowed to express the position of the corporation. This kind of unchecked, unchallenged dominance of elections by the unions should be scrutinized and subjected to the same limitations and the same standards of fairness as those who are crying for Pacs to be controlled or eliminated. So, a wealthy contributor donates 5 million in support of a candidate, bringing on harsh and strident cries of fowl play, while the unions funnel their tens or hundreds of millions to their candidate. The next time all of you conservatives and liberals alike start automatically howling about the unfairness of it all…don’t forget to ask yourselves, just how far would your candidate would get if they were deprived of any campaign donations by corporations or so called Super Pacs, while at the same time, the greatest offender and challenger to unbiased and undisturbed elections is somehow protected hiding under the mantra of “the union.” Remember, conservatives, you ain’t seen nothin yet. Wait until, under a 2nd Obama term, general amnesty is declared, with all of its intent and manifestations—swelling the ranks of the unions with 20 million or so new citizens and the consequent infusion of another 50 million extended family applying for citizenship over the next 10 years…in need of services and a liberal portion of government assistance…Do you think they might be persuaded to “pull that lever” for the “right candidate” to make sure that the mean old Republicans don’t take away their benefits? So, before you reflexively take up the cry of “NO ELECTION DONATIONS FROM “BIG OIL” (who pay $86 million per day in taxes and should have a voice) –don’t lament the fact that your candidate was at a disadvantage against all those Labor Union donations. You called for it…in the name of fairness. (Let’s see, according to the latest government statistics, it is now up to 51% and climbing…the percentage of U.S. citizens paying no federal income taxes. What’s to keep it from going up to 60% or 75%, with the tax burden laid exclusively on the top 25% or 10%. Who’s going to stop it?….the unions? A packed Supreme Court, with 2 or 3 more justices appointed by President Obama in a 2nd term? Time to rethink all those big bad Super Pac contributions that counter and equalize the Unions unrestricted influence.

    • Thinking About

      It apparent you do not or have never had the opportunity to belong to or know how unions works except to what you hear from other uninformed speakers. Until you know first hand you should ask a union member who knows to educate yourself. The power politically comes from union members voting power.

  • Joan

    “Most people in her age group are enjoying a healthy sex life, and a great many of them don’t want to get pregnant. (As far as I know the only person that is going to have a problem with me saying this is the pope, and I doubt he is reading.)” I’m not the pope; I am a woman, and I object to the above statement. What is healthy about casual sex, outside of marriage? What you do think causes venereal diseases, of which we have a multitude? How much emotional stress, especially for women, is caused by casual sex? What about birth control failures that lead to more stress and often abortion? What about the side effects of the pill itself–blood clots being a major one? Why give such strong hormones to a young woman? Those wanting sex without consequences might be shocked to the realization that the consequences are often devastating.

  • Michael

    I think its really amazing how long Mr Limbaugh’s coattails have become. Your willingness to stretch reasoning out from his rant so as to garner attention for your own site is proof. I have always said, Mr Limbaugh is not conservative. Ronald Reagan was conservative. If you listen closely to his behavior and language, Limbaugh is a person who suffers from self-loathing. He uses conservative tenets and beliefs to paint his projections of self-disgust upon others. His latest rant was no “fluke.” One would have to wonder if the man is visiting a woman on the side for cash. If so, I defend his right to be so delusional….Ah…America…ya gotta love it!

  • Nona

    I don’t agree with any remark that puts down anyone,but I will say one thing,if someone wants to flaunt their loose lifestyle then you better be ready for a comment.Not everyone agrees with the one night stands that’s being accepted as the norm in this day and age.Modesty and morality have gone out the window with the anything goes lifestyle.You want to live this way,it’s your funeral,but don’t expect other people that believe this is wrong to pay for your pleasures.The government is first of all pushing abortion and is determined to have everyone,including Religious organizations ignore their beliefs and their conscience to bring about their agenda.It’s not about contraception at all,they have bigger plans for the population of this country.Rush shouldn’t have said what he did,but he apologized for it.Drop it now and get educated on the issues and possible destruction of America.There are bigger fish to fry.Obama’s agenda is to distract from what’s really important,so we all better wake,life is not a bowl of cherries,that we should all live in LaLa Land “OBAMALAND” and have fun,fun,fun.It’s not all about me,me,me.

  • DS

    You claim Fluke and those her age are “enjoying a healthy sex life.” But that’s not possible outside of marriage. True conservatives promote sex within the bounds of marriage, not sex outside of it. I question your conservatism, sir. Besides, Fluke is nothing more than a Democrat tool who Obama wanted to use to cause a distraction from the real issue: the morality of forcing God-fearing Americans to subsidize someone else’s promiscuity. That’s what Rush was saying. Get your facts right.

  • Dan Fox

    Since you admire Ronald Reagan so much I suggest you remember his “11th commandment”: “Thou shalt not speak badly of a fellow conservative” (or words to that effect).

  • Nona

    I don’t agree with any remark that puts down anyone,but I will say one thing,if someone wants to flaunt their loose lifestyle then you better be ready for a comment.Not everyone agrees with the one night stands that’s being accepted as the norm in this day and age.Modesty and morality have gone out the window with the anything goes lifestyle.You want to live this way,it’s your funeral,but don’t expect other people that believe this is wrong to pay for your pleasures.The government is first of all pushing abortion and is determined to have everyone,including Religious organizations ignore their beliefs and their conscience to bring about their agenda.It’s not about contraception at all,they have bigger plans for the population of this country.Rush shouldn’t have said what he did,but he apologized for it.Drop it now and get educated on the issues and possible destruction of America,there are bigger fish to fry.Obama’s agenda is to distract from what’s really important,so we all better wake,life is not a bowl of cherries,that we should all live in LaLa Land “OBAMALAND” and have fun,fun,fun.It’s not all about me,me,me.



  • SamSausage

    I disagree, I am supporting Rush. While I probably wouldn’t have said it, I suspect Rush was only vocalizing, about Sandra Fluke, what most of us was really thinking. Rush is highly effective, because he doesn’t allow political correctness to rule his rhetoric.

    I do think that the real issue is freedom of religion. Apparently Sandra Fluke is being used by the liberals to make this a women’s health issue. Note that this has also been explained at length by Rush Limbaugh.

  • Karl Gregoire

    How abou actually listening to Rush instead of reading a quote or a transcript of his show so you can get the context, and therefore the import, of what he is saying? It would negate your need to write this article. You could save yourself time and mental energy by just actually listening to his show.

  • uvuvuv

    there was a time when a student like this fluke would be dismissed from school with her name X’d out in red ink by the registrar shaking with contempt. then in my day the girls had to be back in the dorm by 11 and they had to sign in. then when i left the school they were going to convert melcher hall to a co-ed dorm. i don’t know if that meant all girls or girls and guys mixed. this was 1970. when they first opened the mixed dorms it was alternating floors, then alternating wings, then alternating rooms, then beds. this fluke is young enough (?) where this would have been her situation. of course she would have a sense of entitlement, she probably had BC pills given to her free starting in 7th grade and so now that she has to pay for them herself, whoa! i think if she wants her pleasure subsidized then the OCCASIONAL student who likes academics (for example astronomy) should have his telescope and azimuth charts paid for also. in fact i like tropical beaches and would like to live on one. i await my subsidy, because this will be a personal preventative for clinical depression. can i testify before congress also?

  • John Lahart

    Rush Limbaugh apologized, noting, he had sunk to the level of Democrats and Liberals in using a slur. Well John Myers sinks to that very same level with the gratuitous and slanderous comment about “oxycontin.”

    Limbaugh remains one of the most astute observers of the political scene who has done more to advance conservatism than even the esteemed Mr Buckley–Buckley is a giant who established a conservative base while Rush expanded that base a thousand fold.

    I also suggest you stop spreading silly Liberal conventional wisdom–Clinton was impeached because he lied to a federal agent (I suggest you read about one Scooter Libby who got jail time for the same offense). The Clinton reference actually contradicts the thesis being put forth here.

    Finally, the same folks who told us that “sex” is none of the government’s business (see Lawrence vs Texas) are now asserting it most certainly IS. It all depends upon what the word “sex” means. So “women’s health issue” used to cover infanticide now covers sex as well.

    • Deerinwater

      His apology was not accepted by the way it was delivered.

      She’d didn’t accept it, I didn’t accept it.

      Might he make another stab at it?

      That’s for him to do, if it’s not too late.

      Like more here, finding this desire so strong as to attack the messenger and the message.

      If I understand it correctly, the insurance provided to Federal employee use to include Viagra,

      Different subject perhaps but not completely out of context in framing this debate.

  • Geoff

    In my humble opinion, the lack of accountability has reared it’s ugly head in this country for far too long! So many want to just play the victim and let the government take care of them. Lack of accountability to the highest authority leads to immorality and the promiscuity that is at issue here, which leads to the biggest victimization of all time – abortion!

    I challenge anyone to watch this movie at and not be changed by it. You have to watch it all the way through, 33 minutes, but it WILL change your viewpoint, maybe even your life. Prove me wrong….

  • Herbert Kempster

    Rush called Ms. Fluke a slut and a prostitute, which were mistakes,and he apologized. Wanting to look at a video of her having sex was an obvious joke…..

  • Buck

    Demonrats will make a big issue out of ANYTHING a conservative says whether or not there is anything relevant involved or not , just to put up a smokescreen for Obamass or their own progressive incompetence . Anyone that listens to their mouthings is himself a moron .

    • Deerinwater

      And Ratublicians don’t , ~ is that what you are saying?

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    I know at least two people that would not for any reason listen to Rush Limbaugh that now are fans of his. One came in to my place while rush was on the radio . She was there a while then went over, turned it up abit and asked who that was. She commented on how well informed that man was, and hoped all America would listen to him. . She listened to the whole show and couldnt believe that was Rush( get this) from all she had heard about him. She hadn’t heard him ,Just about him. There are loads of folks with the same problem Rush tells a spade what a spade is and you never saw a libtard that even cared about truth.

  • victor kirsch

    Everyone is coming down on Rush and I agree that his comments were out of line UP UNTIL NOW AND WE FIND OUT THAT Fluke IS A FLUKE, a fraud a Low Life, a fake, a dishonnest little tramp. She is not a Law Studnet
    She is worse than a Whore or a Prostatute. I really don’t know how much they are paying her but she is nothing but a Lier. She is not 23 she is 30 and she graduated from Cornell in 2003 and has been working for the Sanctuary for Families. She is a PIG for liying to the public like she has and all for POLITICAL Profit to make OBASTARD look good. I really wonder what the phone call from OBASTARD was about.

  • Honestly

    I believe in abstinence for those that are not married, but there are medical reasons for a birth control drug. I do not know if that is the situation with Ms Fluke, but if it isn’t we are not meant to judge her and demean her in the public. Rush was “Over the top”. He judged, plain and simple. What insurance covers is our business if we are expected to pay. That includes birth control, Viagra, sex-change and any of those things that are elective. When it is not related to “heath care” then it is elective. Of course, then you have to remember the people that will use deception as a way to get even the elective paid for. Our morals must pure. We are not entitled, even though a lot of people think they are.

  • Kadee

    I agree with every thing that was written. Our Country needs to put greed to the side and help one another get this ship turned around. The Elite talk shows and media are all part of this GREED!!! More money! The shock value works not truth. We need to come together, that is THE PEOPLE for a greater cause. Our FREEDOMS!!! We are the greatest Country in the world, for a reason. We need to remember WHO we are!!!!! We can do this. Not by hearing all the babble. Market is up,is down,middle east at war with everybody, their own
    people and everyone around them. And we have an enemy in the White House,will actually our government is occuptied by a Illegal Muslim. We just keep waiting for this Congress to do it’s job and investgate what is going on! This would require them to service The People and our Constitution. This should be our focus,not who is having sex . I know one thing .I sure do not want to pay for it. . Your choice,you pay!!!!!!

  • Larry

    I can’t believe what I just read. You totally missed it and clearly you don’t listen to Rush like all the others that attack him. I’m not even going to correct you misinformation because you have your own agenda and my words wouldn’t change that. I am going to unsubscribe to this newletter.

    • Karolyn

      So there! (stomping feet)

  • Deerinwater

    Thank You John Myers, I was wondering if the courage was there to address this topic.

    Surprisingly , I find you and I in final agreement. I wish that I had the time and privilege to read all of the following posting before I post but sadly i don’t at the moment and will need to return later.

    Rush’s crass talk and lacking in civil charm and respect for opposition has great appeal to like minds. To them, he is “telling it like it is” as he “frames” issues in such a way that any conclusion is obvious! There are winners and victims and he plays the role of victim.

    This ability to reach out and capture the attention of other like minded people who entertain these same “victim” tendencies is very powerful. As simply as it might be, it gives understanding reasons as to why they feel as they do. Someone has made them “UNHAPPY”! It’s not anything that they have done. They are free of guilt! Someone caused all this grief, spent all this money, planing to spend more, created this sad state of affairs and it wasn’t them! IT was LIBERALS!

    This sick thinking broadcast from such a large platform at such great volume has done serious damage and great harm to all Americans and not just the GOP. Our issues are more complex, we see winners hiding in this crowds losers.

    The freedom to speak is free but the message come with a user fee. I would never purposefully deny someone the right to speak but if the message strains my personal senses and I see harm in the message, denying this speaker the platform is a standard response. This is the way we’ve curtailed these controversial issues like gay marriage in the past.

    Unknowingly, Rush has doubled down in to “court of public opinion” , allowing that alligator mouth to over load that hummingbird a$$. How it will end , I do not know.

    But the “user fee” will prove to be quite high. If you are a RUSH fan and you think he serves your best interest, send him some money! As much as you can, all of it!

    To keep it short.

    Flush Rush.

    • Jay

      Deerinwater, i have some rather bad news for you. Now brace yourself; Rush is STILL on the air! Now now, its ok, go ahead and cry, let it all out, you’ll feel better afterwards. LOL!!!!

      But hey, look at the bright side. You still have Bill Maher. And, should your pain over the fact that Rush is still on the air, not subside, you can always go and numb your sorrows by slurping on the slop that pig-farmer Maher has to offer. Oink oink, slurp slurp!

      • Karolyn

        Jay – Why on earth do people like you think that people who don’t like Limbaugh do like Maher? More sweeping generalizations from the right.

      • John

        Karolyn, Jay has fallen for the left / right division and broad generalization that is so prevalent in this country… just because someone thinks that Rush is a pompous windbag in their eyes means automatically they like Obama, or Bill Maher and they are liberals, Marxist, communist, and whatever else they can dream up…. they could not be farther from the truth.

      • Jay

        Karolyn, Jay has fallen for the left/right division and broad generalization that is so prevalent in this country… just because someone thinks that Rush is a pompous windbag in their eyes means automatically they like Obama, or Bill Maher and they are liberals, Marxist, communist, and whatever else they can dream up…. they could not be farther from the truth. But the truth of the matter is, he’s right! Everyone one who doesn’t like Rush, does; love Obama and Bill Maher, is, a Liberal, is, a Marxist, is, a communist. But just between you, me, and the fence-post; he’s right, damn him!

        P.S. But i’ll be damned if i’ll ever admit that!

        Your staunch liberal, brother;


      • Deerinwater

        You don’t have to “admit”anything Jay.

        Your selection of words is very clear.

  • Denno68

    Yawn. This dog article could’ve been written by Biden or Emmanuel.
    It’s what they call “stale” in the news business. Try getting the whole picture instead of sending in cheap shots. Over a week has gone by and the nit-pickers are still plying their B.S.

    • Deerinwater

      Typical conservative short sided view point, this is just the first wave.

      This morning, it’s my hope that Rush feels the same as you and not yet circled his wagons.

      The Indians are coming.

      What;s a few lost french fries? Right?

      To a conservative democrat like myself, we don’t enjoy seeing what we bought wasted, one french fry is as important as another. Avoidable Waste is not acceptable. It a show of disrespect that transcends into other areas of life.

      • Jay

        Oh my goodness grascious, deerinwater; could you be anymore of a Fluke; err, i mean a Flake?

      • Deerinwater

        To even suggest that makes you the FOOL here Jay.

        That you offer such foolishness so openly is “telling”.

  • Michael Hallczuk

    Rush is a stupid. Leave Medical care out of this. If he would have thought before he open his mouth he would have not got in trouble with woman and what they care about.

  • Honestly

    Rob said “The man has a GED, which means for those of you who don’t know, is that he never graduated High School”.

    BE NICE……..Lots of people have GED’s and are quite intelligent. There are many reasons for not completing high school. I am seeing all through these remarks judging and blanket statement. We should not be judgmental and make blanket statements. We do not have to get personal either.

  • Bruce

    Unfortunately, many conservatives, especially “born again” Christians, appear to have “tunnel vision” when looking at issues.

    Would you rather pay $14 per month or $1,000 per month to solve an issue? (No, you can’t pick “neither”). How many women in the USA use some form of birth control? The answer is almost all of them.

    As UncleJC pointed out in an earlier post, birth control pills cost $14 at Walmart (I assume that is for a month’s supply). How much would it cost for abortions; medical care including pre-delivery, delivery, and post-delivery services for all the women having children they did not want; and other medical services if birth control was not available? And, yes, you would pay these costs through higher medical insurance rates, higher taxes, or both. Remember, also, that the person with the unwanted pregnancy could be your daughter, your niece, or your granddaughter. (Think it couldn’t happen in your family? Don’t be so sure. That’s what I used to think.)

    As to paying for medical insurance that covers only the areas you select, this might be possible but the cost would probably be a lot higher that what you are paying now, as “one size fits all” is much less costly to administer than a “cafeteria” style program where everyone has unlimited choices. Also, you probably would not be wise enough to select which programs to cover. For the last year I have had a medical condition I never anticipated I would have. I did not develop it because of anything I did or did not do. No one in my family has ever had anything similar. For these reasons I probably would not have chosen coverage for this condition if I had an option. But I am happy that I have medical insurance which covers most of the cost of my monthly treatments, which run more than $1,000 each.

    Many conservatives look for a “pure” answer to solve a problem, but America is built on compromises which will serve the greatest number and treat all groups (black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Christian, Hebrew, other religions, gay, straight, tall, short, etc.) as equally as possible. Lately it appears that more and more people are less willing to make these compromises. Perhaps they would prefer to live in a country like China where the rulers (which you don’t get to chose) make all the major decisions for you.

    • Keith

      I have a better idea. What about being responsible for your own actions? If a woman doesn’t want to get pregnant, then there are two choices: use birth control or don’t have sex. If she does have sex and doesn’t use birth control, then there are options with the pregnancy other than abortion. She can A) offer the child for adoption, in which case many prospective adoptive parents would be willing to pick up the tab for the medical bills, or B) keep the child and be a parent. If she elects to keep the child, then she also needs to be prepared to take care of the child. If she can’t take care of the child, then she can still put the child up for adoption.

      I don’t know about the rest of you, but personally I am sick and tired of hearing how I have to have more and more money taken out of my paycheck to pay for someone else’s mistakes! Be responsible for yourself and for those who don’t want to be, make them be responsible by no longer subsidizing their behaviors! If a child misbehaves, we don’t reward them, so why are we doing it for so-called adults?

  • http://explorer5 chilichild jane

    Sandra , by her own words , is a menace to public health and safety . Where was the outcry when David Letterman used the same language to attack Sarah Palin and especially her pregnant daughter ? As Rush puts it : there is a double standard and always will be .

    • Karolyn

      I seem to recall there being a huge outcry over what Letterman said.

    • Ted Crawford

      I believe that the daughter that Letterman attacked was Mrs. Palins underage daughter and not her pregnant one. Mr. Lettermans comment was that this child would be impregnated during the 7th. inning stretch at a baseball game! This young girl had never even attempted to put herself into the public forum, yet Letterman considered her fair game.
      Sandra Fluke, at 30 years of age, demanding to be heard, lept into the public forum, yet the Progressives here would put these incidents on an equal footing! But then hypocrisy is one of the primary benchmarks of Progressive ideaology!

  • Jay


    The Petition:

    Regarding the remarks made by Rush Limbaugh on his radio program yesterday, we would like to say that as American women, what really offends us is the transparent attempt by Democrats to make this a women’s health issue, when in reality it is about the First Amendment and religious freedom. Also, as taxpayers, we are especially offended that any taxpayer money would be used for another person’s contraceptive needs.

    The last we checked the First Amendment also applies to Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh is a provocateur and an entertainer who seeks to provoke reaction and discussion, and in this he obviously succeeded. We support and applaud Rush for keeping this important issue in the headlines as we get closer in time to the Supreme Court hearings on Obamacare and the Presidential election.

    Those who wish to silence Rush forget that they did not speak out when Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a C*** and a late-night talk show host had his band play a disparaging song when Michelle Bachmann walked on his stage? If women, and men, want to speak about “civil discourse” and “respect for women” they’d have a lot more credibility if they applied their “standards” to all women.

    Please sign the petition @:

  • Paul

    Let it be clearly understood that there are many Christians and Christian churches that do not agree with the Roman Catholic stance on birth control and believe that planned parenthood is important, especially in a world where over-population is clearly a problem. It is also important to point out that many of the same people who are not in favor of birth control also deny such things as global warming, do not believe in the importance of conserving our natural resources, want us to drill here and drill now (without emphasizing the development of renewable energy sources), are opposed to the U.S.’s involvement in international diplomacy (favoring going to war, instead), do not believe in funding education and scientific research, believe in scientific creationism, etc. etc. Unfortunately, and recent national polls are saying this, Christians with this denial mindset make it very difficult for non-Christians to take Christianity very seriously.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I don’t care whether non Christians take Christians seriously or not! This is The United States of America! I do not agree with the Catholics very often BUT they have the right to believe what they want! Their beliefs are important because we have religious freedom in this country! Neither the Catholics nor any other Christian religion is saying that YOU can’t have birth control. They are saying that they believe it is wrong, sinful and they do not want to be complicit in that sin! They have that right! You can sin all you want but don’t try to force others to support you in that sin!
      I personally have nothing against birth control but I support the rights of others to believe what they will. We do not have the right to FORCE our beliefs on them just as they do not have the right to force their beliefs on us!

      • blimpwood

        Bravo, Nancy! You have said it all. We, christians, shouldn’t care what people think of us. The effort depleted on worrying about what others think of us is taking away from our true focus should be and that is on Christ. One of the first things I learned in AA was just that-what you think of me is none of my business. Keep it up. I needed a correction to keep on the correct bearing in my life.

      • Ted Crawford

        Well said Nancy! As a Diest I have no religious axe to grind here and I have nothing against conterception, in an attempt at full disclosure, I am against Abortion as a form of birth control, strictly on a moral ground.
        As an American, I do however have a Constitutional axe to grind! This isn’t about economics! It’s not even about conterception or womans health, all these things can be axcessed, FREE OF CHARGE at various neighborhood health clinics and of course through Americas primary Abortion Clinic, Planned Parenthood!
        This is simply an “In Your Face” attack on the First Amendment! Nothing more and nothing less!

      • Robert Smith

        From Nancy: “They have that right! You can sin all you want but don’t try to force others to support you in that sin!

        Does that mean I don’t have to pay taxes for oil subsidies or war?


  • Robert, TX

    I starting listening to Rush in 1991 and I loved his show. He used to BASH Clinton on a daily basis for every single thing Clinton did – while trumpeting the repubs so-called goal of “making government smaller.” Then, along comes King George II and Rush is not only silent for 8 years (while W does the same things, or worse, than Clinton and the size of our government INCREASES by 33%!) – but he becomes the chief apologist for W. Rush claims to represent excellence, but he is blind to the multitude of failures by the repubs to “make government smaller.” We have to BURY the repub party once and for all before we can unite patriots under any new banner.

    • Bonnie Lesando

      Robert…Patriots, I think you mean Socialist….

      • Robert, TX

        No, actually we are the people that want to really make government smaller and get back to our U.S. Constitution at the same time. Back to where the fed is only chewing up 24% of our GDP – instead of the current 41% (or the high of 43% in 2008).

  • blimpwood

    I beg to differ that was not just a college student! You fell for the liberal ploy: some cute, demure, “pitiful” thing. This WOMAN, has participated in different femenazi causes all over the country and, to my understanding, has received remuneration for such. SHE WAS A NANCY PELOSI RINGER AND YOU, SIR, FELL FOR IT HOOK LINE AND SINKER. I happened to be in my car the full three hours of Limbaugh the day this went down. He said less than I would have in regards to petty people like Miss Fluke. A comment such as yours in regards to Limbaugh’s previous drug use is indicative of their own unaddressed struggles with the same.

  • Chuck Holmes

    Her face sufficed as enough birth control for me!!!!!!!!

  • Jan (@blsdjan)

    Rush is TOXIC to conservative movement just like Bill Maher is toxic to the liberal movement. They both have made millions by bullying and mocking others.

  • ron schmidt

    If you ever listen to Rush, you would realize that he demonstrates absurdity by being absurd. Try the source, instead of some liberal’s pretended reaction to comments he likely intentionally used to distort the true intent.

  • Richard R. Tryon

    It is time for all true conservatives to note that while Rush Limbaugh is a champion of free enterprise and conservative thinking, he is not a deliberative and careful speaker but primarily an egotistical entertainer not afraid to make a fool of himself. So, in dashing off responses to current events he is like all of us, able to make mistakes!

    We, therefore, need to not fear admonishing Rush when he has to apologize or when he fails to do so. But, let us not put him on a pedestal as the intellectual leader of anything.

  • MOS was 71331

    “Free” contraceptives are NOT the only thing Sandra Fluke wants. A few months ago she wrote a law review article arguing for “free” sex change operations for people who believe they are males or females in female or male bodies.

    I see no justification for taxpayers footing the bill for medical procedures which provide no benefit for anyone’s physical health. If some health insurance company wants to offer a policy providing such operations and an individual wants to purchase such a policy with his or her own money, that would be fine. Just don’t require me to pay for any portion of the deal.

  • Grover Pillsbury

    John Myers is keeping Rush’s momentary lapse (which he apologized for – profusely) in judgment at the forefront. John, are you truly a conservative, or simply a Democrat shill? For the sake of the conservative movement, please stop; it only helps the enemies of our country destroy us. It calls into question your veracity, and shows your anti-Rush bias.

    • MOS was 71331

      Amen, Grover.

  • Greg

    The left has been so far, successful in deflecting the campaign away from Obama’s failed policies and terrible leadership. That is their strategy and it must be stopped.

  • r.p.

    Well written Mr. Myers: It looks like you ruffled a few neocon and liberal feathers today. I agree with what you say. From the postings I have read, your right again. People can’t get away from the bashing and dwelling on a moot point, and take a look at the real problems, and Rush could have spent more time talking about the crux of the problem and less about Ms. Flukes testimony. What congress and the president did last two weeks should have been the top topic. Keep up the good work.

  • Chris

    Meyers missed the whole point, he must really hate The Great 8.

  • MOS was 71331

    “The Conservative talk show host that some have called the conscience of the Republican Party.” Until I read this article, I had NEVER heard Rush called the COTRP. I think the author could only have heard Rush called that if he (the author) read the sentence aloud.

    I enjoy listening to Rush when I’m in a car, but I have other things to do when I’m at home. I believe he was angered by Fluke’s “testimony” at Pelosi’s staged hearing, and jumped in with his comments. He regained control pretty quickly and apologized to Miss Fluke.

    His comments just confirm that he’s human and can make mistakes. As can we all.

  • Bonnie Lesando

    What everyone fails to realize, unless you listen to Rush, is a lot of what he says has a double entendre. For those in Riolinda, a term Rush uses meaning you haven’t got a clue, after which he explains what he meant.

  • Power To The People

    This blog captures just what the left wishes for….a distraction away from the real problems facing our society in an election year.

    The issue is not contraception….as it has been available for many years via most health plans, the issue is about a concocted “attack on women”. Listen to the left and they make it sound like the US is the new home of the Taliban!

    Geez, give me a break. The mistake Rush made was to step into the pit instead of ignoring it and letting it die on its own.

    We face a potential bankruptcy of our entire federal government that when it happens will bring us all to our knees. Hope that free contraception can pay for your and my food and other needs.

    Leave it to the lefty media and the progressive nerds to find side bar BS to distract and lead people to not see the forest for the trees.

    Wake up people!

    • paradigmshift

      I concur! The point is… that we have seen some of the most draconian legislation passed into law and nobody is addressing it, not even Rush! This contraception issue is a smoke screen, just like Anna Nicole Smith was a smoke screen. When you’re listening to this on the MSM, you have to start digging to see what they are trying to avoid talking about. For instance, what happened on the day before 9/11/01? That was the day that Donald Rumsfeld announced that the DOD was missing 3.5 billion dollars, and they didn’t know where it went!

  • Bonnie Lesando

    Also, Rush uses the double entendre frequently and the left takes it and uses what ever meaning they want to apply.
    double entendre:
    lit. from the French meaning ‘double meaning.’ a phrase or saying that has another connotation apart from the literal.

  • Jimbo

    We can only think it laughable that a seemingly intelligent and attractive young lady in the prestigious Georgetown law school (tuition, room, and board @ $65,000.00 – $100,000.00 annually) has allowed herself to be interjected into a socialized medical controversy by suggesting that they are entitled to FREE contraceptive drugs ($3,000.00) so that between their studies they can have irresponsible SEX without any concern. The whole idea raises the following questions.
    • What kind of professors do they have and what are they teaching at Georgetown?
    • How did she manage to get accepted?
    • Why not abstinence, it’s free, are there not less expensive methods such as condoms, rhythm, etc.?
    • With the average annual salary for the majority of the country of $46,000-$50,000 why not free compensation for everyone’s contraceptive drugs?
    • What about other medications such as aspirin, Advil, Aleve, Antihistamines, etc?
    • What about free vitamin supplements and diet pills?
    • Since having sex for relaxation or fun is considered recreational then aren’t contraceptive drugs really just recreational drugs, then how about free Cigarettes, Marijuana, or Booze?
    • For that matter what about just free food and clothing for all law students? That is a bigger budget item in school.
    • Where will all this entitlement end and who is going to foot the bill?
    • Should it be the person on welfare or should it be their parents or scholarship providers?
    • Who is going to benefit the most from all this free everything?

    Ultimately it is the $200.00 -$500.00 an hour lawyer who graduates. Yes it may have been inappropriate for her to be labeled derogatorily. Perhaps she should have been labeled naive or arrogant and greedy. Apparently she also is in need or remedial math and logic skills, which raises the questions of, who is her sponsor. What was her (or their) true motivation, and how did she qualify for Georgetown Law in the first place?

    The RUSH to judgement on the part of Rush’s sponsors and the withdrawal of their sponsorship is as equally deplorable as his comments and opinions — he simply labeled it as he saw it. I frankly don’t think he is that far off base. What would anyone who expects to be able to have sex, without that act being susidized by financial reward? What other businesses do that? I would like the names of the sponsors who dropped him, so that i may be able to avoid doing business with them in the future and would invite others to join in that effort as they are in effect saying freedom of expression is unconstitutional.

  • Jay

    There is an amazing double standard going on in the media right now. While commentators like Rush Limbaugh have been attacked for using a derogatory term to attack a female progressive activist, the left routinely ignores and excuses those on the left for doing the exact same thing – and often it’s far worse. Bill Maher, for example, routinely calls female conservatives some of the worst names imaginable and the so-called loving left rarely says a thing!

    One conservative group, ShePAC, has decided not to let this hypocrisy go unnoticed. They have produced a new ad which shows many of those liberals condemning Limbaugh, such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz, have shown no problem going on “Real Time with Bill Maher”. On HBO, Maher has made a career out of misogynistic attacks – and yet rarely has there been a similar outrage as what is currently being directed at Limbaugh. We wonder why….

    On a completely unrelated note, Maher also made a million dollar contribution to Obama’s SuperPAC. It’ll be interesting if the furor over Limbaugh will force him to return Maher’s money to him.

    WATCH ShePAC’s video below (WARNING: Offensive language)

  • FreedomFighter

    The commies want to shut Rush up, in fact they want to shut us all up, then kill us.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • John Lahart

    Fluke is part of a ploy by the Dems and the Obama administration to move the issue from freedom of speech and freedom of religion to one of women’s health.
    The ultimate goal of Obamacare–the end game–is government run and delivered healthcare similar to what Europe has.

    Obama would really like the church (any church) to go away. The government would run healthcare and decide what services we will be afforded.

    Even after this Alinskylike tactic using Fluke polls indicate Obama is less popular with women. IT ISN’T WORKING!

  • Paul GC

    It’s sad that I guess I have to explain the obvious even to a (supposedly) intelligent individual, but when Rush said, “If we are going to pay for your contraceptives and thus pay for you to have sex, we want something for it. We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch,” he was obviously (at least, obvious to those who’ve been listening to him long enough to tell the difference & not take things out of context) that HE WAS SPEAKING TONGUE IN CHEEK! He was obviously making a joke on the whole idiotic subject, the point of which was (again, it would be obvious to those who listen for a while) that this individual who–whether you want to say she ‘enjoys a healthy sex life’ or not–evidently wants to have sex & not pay for the consequences. Moreover, she doesn’t even want to pay for the contraceptives & expects someone else to foot the bill for it. Well, what else do you call a woman who wants to ‘enjoy’ sex & have someone else pay for it? Huh?

    And, if it comes to that, how ‘healthy’ a sex-life can this woman have anyway? Ever heard of STDs? She keeps sleeping around, she’s not going to be health for long, I can tell you that! (And if she comes down with an STD, she’ll probably expect other people to pay for that, too!)

    Shame on you, John Myers, for (a) missing the point and (b) joining in with all the Liberals in piling on to Rush. In so doing, you help perpetuate that which you condemn: distracting everyone’s attention to the larger issue involved.

  • Brandon Humphrey

    Mr. Myers,
    I think your just giving the Communist left support, when they are so hypocritical regarding these attacks/counter – attacks. They don’t deserve any benefit of any benefit of any doubt. Please kindly stick to energy and

  • steven carter

    Rush was right and he should not have retreated. There is no other word for a 30 year old unmarried woman who spends a thousand dollars a year on contraceptives. If you think “healthy” sex lives can be enjoyed outside of marriage you need to look around at the disease ridden culture that such a philosophy has produced – it compares easily with the degradation of ancient Pompey. I hope your statement was just a fluke. steve

  • Charlie

    Personally do not want to pay for a woman or a man to have sex. Don’t want to pay for condoms,the pill ,viagra, sex toys ,children or any other part of someone, besides myself, having sex. To make a national issue of who is or is not getting what ever they lack in a sexual relationship and what some other person’s responce to the first person is a total waste of our time. All of this really is unhealthy for our country. GROW UP NAME CALLING WRONG YES, BUT EXPECTING YOUR FELLOW AMERICAN’S TO PAY FOR YOUR LIFE IS ALSO WRONG.

    • Chisna

      Charlie, if you read the transcript of what she said. All she is asking for is that the health plan that SHE pays for cover womens contracpetion. What’s the point in paying for a healthcare plan if it doesn’t cover things associated with your health ?

      She was not asking that you, or I, or anyone else pay for it. And anyone that has told you that is the case is either uninformed. Or is flat out lying to you…..

      • Libertytrain

        Perhaps SHE should have done her RESEARCH about what school to attend that provides the things SHE wants. A nice State University might have covered her bc needs. She apparently knew going in that the Catholic University she chose didn’t.

      • JeffH

        Libertytrain, for some that’s just to difficult to understand. Duh! Shouldn’t one read the “fine print” before they sign on the dotted line?

  • Chisna

    ?Unless you live in a cave, I am sure you have heard the story: Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University law student, addressed a Democratic panel last month in support of contraception access paid for by the Federal government”.


    And unless you have your head up your ( you know what ) you would know that Sandra Fluke didn’t ask that the federal government pay for contraception. But rather asked that that it be covered by her health plan.Much like Viagra and other drugs are covered by health insurance plans. It’s obvious that the author of this article didn’t read or listen to what Sandra Flukes said either.

    What she actually said –

    Also the number of women who might take contraception for health reasons might be lower than the number who use it to prevent pregnancy. But the NUMEROUS health benefits the pill provides helps women REGARDLESS of why they are taking the pill.

    Seeing as the author obviously didn’t bother to read what Sandra Fluke actually said. Or can’t be honest about what she said. I don’t see why I should waste any more time reading his uninformed opinions regarding this or any other matter associated with this. .

  • Jay

    The liberals are out to ruin Rush Limbaugh. They made him issue an apology that wasn’t very sincere, they guilted advertisers into bailing on his show all because he played right into the hands of their manufactured liberal plan. They bombarded the media with story after story about him being an anti-woman, racist devil. Did they sit back and relish in their victory? Of course not; and because of their blood lust, the entire thing may just blow up in their faces.

    Along come Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem telling the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to get Limbaugh off the air! According to these women, Limbaugh’s ‘dehumanizing’ show doesn’t ‘serve the public interest’. Attorney Marc J. Randazza says, “It is a terrifying prospect that the government might review the political and social positions of a broadcaster when deciding who gets access to the airwaves. Should the government censor books that it finds to be unpopular or offensive?”

    The people who want the government to dictate who is on the airwaves are the same people who want an equal number of liberal radio talk shows to counter the overwhelming amount of conservative shows, ratings be damned. Randazza adds, “There is no clearer ‘public interest’ than the dissemination of political speech. Limbaugh brings together millions of listeners who share his views.” The Left has no right to take away a source of information from the Right just because they don’t like the speech. The First Amendment doesn’t allow for the silencing of Rush Limbaugh.

    Bill Maher and other hardcore liberals are coming out in defense of Limbaugh’s right to speak.

    By asking for FCC intervention, Fonda, Morgan and Steinem look weak. When they try to fight for their side by shutting the opposing side down, it’s just hypocritical. It’s almost laughable that the women claim “This isn’t political,” and go on to say “While we disagree with Limbaugh’s politics, what’s at stake is the fallout of a society tolerating toxic, hate-inciting speech….or else claimed he’s really “doing humor” or “entertainment.” Really, where were they when Janeane Garofalo busted out the hate on Air America? Hypocrites. –Written by Margie Wilson

  • Rick N.

    I get sick of moralizers complaining about what they have to pay for with their health insurance premiums. You know what? I don’t smoke, I rarely drink, I eat healthy, and I exercise. Tell me why my insurance premiums should have to pay for fat, lazy, gluttons to live the crummy lifestyle they choose. The complications from smoking and obesity (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer) cost the health insurance industry hundreds of billions of dollars a year. The cost of contraception isn’t even a drop in the bucket! Who cares?! If you want to pry so far into people’s lives that you’re questioning their sexual habits, then let’s start looking at the real money wasters. Let’s start denying people coverage for eating too much salt or saturated fat, or EVER eating at McDonald’s. Let’s deny coverage to anyone who doesn’t exercise at least 5 times a week. Let’s deny coverage to anyone who uses ANY tobacco product whatsoever. I mean, come on — THEIR bad habits are costing me a shipload of money. Why should I have to pay for it?! This is criminally unfair, yet the conversation is stuck on sex (I guess simple minds are easily distracted). Let’s get real, people! Forget about your pet moral issues, and start looking at all the bad lifestyle choices that are REALLY chewing up our health insurance premiums.

    • Karolyn

      Excellent points, Mark. I wonder how many people howling about this are overweight, don’t take care of their bodies and/or are on Big Pharma’s chemicals.

    • Ted Crawford

      How very Alinsky of you Rick N.! The issue here is conterception, not who can or who should be allowed to use it, but rather who should be required to provide it. You turn it into obeseity, alcohol USE, tobacco USE, bla bla bla!
      Not one person at any of these institutions has made any attempts or even statements about anyones USE of conterception. They simply state the fact that it’s against their religious beliefs to PROVIDE it!

    • Jay

      Thanks for the good belly-laugh, Rick! Btw, i couldn’t help but notice how careful you were, not to include the considerable cost of treating a homosexual suffering from aids, a condition, btw, directly linked to a risky, lifestyle-choice. Hmm, was that an oversight on your part, or a deliberate omission? You self-righteous, intellectually, defective progs, make it toooooo easy! LOL!!!!

  • Mark in LA

    It is stupid when a ridiculous over-the-top comment made by an entertainer to get laughs get analized and parsed to death to pretend it means anything. The real embarassment is Rusn when he aploogized to try to save some money.

  • Robert Cummings


    I don’t think you give Rush or his listener’s enough credit. Neither Rush or his listeners missed anything in this sordid “show.” A well-to-do Georgetown activist law student is used by the Democratic party to sell a lie to the public about her tough financial situation in affording to go to one of the most expensive law schools in the country and pay for birth control (at $3000+), all at the same time. The fact of the matter is that she is “dating” a very well to Democratic financial supporter (from California I believe), can get birth control at Walmart for $10-15 a month, is having someone else pay for her college expenses (via some form of public scholarship), and is looking to make an activist name for herself through this ridiculous political scharade. The fact is that she is going to make $160K plus when she leaves Georgetown as a starting attorney (that’s the average for graduates of that law school). She epitomizes the “entitlement” mentality of the Obama administration that wants the government to supply everything to everyone, but wants 50% of the population to pay for it all.

    Neither Rush nor his audience lost the power grab, the overstepping of the first amendment, etc. in this whole ridiculous “event.” While Rush’s choice of words was poor (even in his attempt at humor and exaggeration), the fact is that Rush was right about this woman who was willing to “prostitute” herself for the Democratic party (and her career), and was willing to show her poor personal values in her sex life (sex outside of marriage is still considered to be a sin and something not to be proud of by many, many Americans) and sense of entitlement that the rest of society should pay for all elements of her health care (including birth control, which is not an illness that the rest of us need to help pay for). As a father of six (including 4 daughters), I can assure you that I would not have been “proud” of a daughter of mine that went on national tv (in a mock Congressional hearing set up by Nancy Pelosi), and told the world that at the age of 30 she was having someone else pay her way through law school, that she needed $3000 to pay for her birth control (when she’s not even married), and that she expects the rest of the control to pay for something that frankly is an “entertainment choice” not an illness that needs to be treated and paid for by the rest of society. President Obama’s idea of what a parent should be proud of and what many of the rest of the country believes are miles apart. Then again, the president is a man who doesn’t want his daughters punished with a child that they do not want. That tells you everything you need to know about this man’s values and where he’d like to take this country.

    While unfortunate, Rush’s discussion of the matter has resulted in a significant backlash from the right and his supporters who see this whole affair for what it is, another example of the disrespect that the Obama administration has for the Constitution, the rule of law, personal responsibility, and basic common decency. The state has no right to force any religious organization to do anything against its conscience and teachings. The first amendment wasn’t just about free speech, it was about protecting the church/religion from the state (not the other way around). I suggest that your readers take the Hillsdale Constituion courses so that they better understand the wisdom upon which our government was founded (6000 years of “government history” lessons that ended up in our Declaration of Independent and Constitution). That old outdated 200 year old Constitution, is in fact based upon 6000 years of man’s lessons in government. It is neither outdated, nor highly needful of changes, despite what several of our more pitiful Supreme Court justices might think. The founders would roll over in their graves if they heard some of their recent pronouncements (i.e. Ginzburg). A sorry day for our country when we have Supreme Court justices say that the Constitution is dated document and that there are better ones out there that other countries should emulate rather than our own.

    I won’t bother addressing in detail, Panetta’s dangerous comments to Session’s. Once again, it is clear that Obama has a goal to fundamentally chance the very foundation of this great nation. This is something that we cannot, and will not allow. As a former USAF officer and son of a retired 3-war veteran, I can assure you that there are many highly partriotic Americans who will rise up in November and do everything they can to remove this dangerous adminstration from office. Upon that particular issue, Rush and his supporters are deeply committed.

    In closing, while I don’t think Rush does everything perfect, I do think it was important to clearly mention that the character of Ms. Fluck was also important to take into account when evaluating her assertion that she couldn’t afford birth control pills and go to Georgetown law school at the same time. The fact that she wanted us to pay for her “entertainment” was ridiculous. While I agree with you that these issues were not more important than the government’s power grab (which none of us missed), the situation in which the whole topic was being discussed was also worthy of some discussion. Rush never missed the more important issue at any time, and continues to do so weeks after. In the meantime, we have been able to see which of his advertisers are real supporters of Rush, and which onces are solely concerned with their “bottom-lines.” Those who ran from Rush and the controversy (which was ridiculous given the fact that the left says far worse things and the same advertisers typically don’t even blink an eye) will not get any of my business (and I’ve called most of them to tell them exactly that). It is interesting to see that many of the advertisers are owned by liberals, which may explain why they retain their advertising with foul-mouthed news and talk-show hosts, but pull their advertising with Rush for far less (though inappropriate) bad language. Their hypocrisy is very clear to even the most casual observer.

    Dr. Robert L. Cummings

  • jaysins

    Simple brith control that is fail proof IF YOU DONT WANT SOME RUG RATS DONT HAVE SEX. its that easy. enough said

  • Dan

    John it sounds like you are trying to pick a fight with Rush to gain a little fame yourself. I don’t think you even listen to Rush nor do you understand what he said when he said it. Your comments are a week late and a dollar short.

    • blimpwood

      Bravo Dan. As I see more comments, I tend to agree with you. I don’t think he listens to brother Rush, he doesn’t know what AM radio is, and probably walks around listening to his IPod or what ever is the “vogue” of the minute.

    • Jay

      Dan, i think that that is what this is all about; “Jealousy”, and the fact that Rush is a Conservative, rich, intelligent, and successful. All the things the progs hate the most about Conservatives. Even before Rush said what he said, they hated him, simply because he had the audacity to work hard, and become successful. This, of course, is considered be anathema to the; fat, lazy, brainless, and irresponsible progs!

  • Brandon Humphrey

    Mr. Myers,
    All you are doing is lending some sort of credibility or benefit of the doubt to the hypicritical communist left. They have many times over, proved this point. (ie: apologizing, calls from the prez, and so on.) Please stick to energy and gold reports.
    Thank you.

  • Wiom Vonk

    Many times I do not agree with John Myers, but this was a well written article. O how i yearn for the age of Reagen and Buckley to come back. Obama will no doubt get in again because of the ineptitude of the republicans at present. Too bad we can’t shut fools like Limbaugh out.

  • http://Google GIVEMEFREEDOM

    Nope John, you’re wrong.
    Fluke IS a slut AND a prostitute plus she prostrates herself at the same democrat altar you’re still worshiping . . . . even as a (as you described yourself) borderline liberal.
    Rush WAS wrong though . . . . he shouldn’t have apologized. THAT was a move to save money.

    • Dr Snake

      Wow! You’re a class act all the way down the line, aren’t you? As viscous windbags, you and Rush deserve each other.

    • blimpwood

      Bravo, bravo, bravo! Spot on.

    • Jay

      Harsh words, unfortunately, they’re true!

  • Chisna

    You people can write. But can you read ?
    If you can’t, this link also provides a video clip of what Sandra Fluke ACTUALLY said.

  • Dr Snake

    “I would argue it is more dangerous that liberals do not want to listen to conservatives than it is for them to hear the wrong message from the right.”
    The problem with the above statement is that much of the conversation from the Right we liberals hear is based on the gibberings and jabberings of Rush and Glenn Beck and Hannity and Savage and on and on. Slurs and outrageous lies about liberals and Obama are heard and repeated verbatim. (Just look at many of the comments you’ll get on your own column.) I can’t hear your argument when I’m ducking the fists flying in my face and the raging spittle blinding me.

  • Supa Nigga

    I have not engaged in sex for over thirty-three years. It is way overated in my opinion. I got to the point where did not miss it a bit. My last girlfriend seemed to think that I was the luckiest type of guy in the world because I engaged in doing as she wished me to do in order for me to appease her. Feeling that I have on this subjuct is one. You should not be running arround having sex freely or frequently if you are not willing to suffer whatever the consequences may be for doing so. That is an indication that people are way off tract these days. Now as to how many of yours thoughts about me, let me answer that I can have sex if I want to as far as I know. I would feel quite sill if I did do so most probably. I turn down and or ignore indications from women that they me to go along with their program an awful lot. I feel safe in venturing to say that I have turned down more offers than most men even got to actually do this stuff over the years (even when I was actually doing these things in my twenties and thirties). If you should choose to sling that stuff of yours whenever you want to do so, pay for it yourself or suffer the consequence. Do not look for and expect others to pay for your permisquity. Back when I was a kid all of this stuff did not go on. There was not any birth control available for most people. Therefore, it was a better world as far as I can see. Go back to rampant masterbation and cease and desist from the mindless fornication that is going on these days. Birth control pills becoming readily available is a major problem for the most part. I had one woman ask me to give her a baby back in the seventies and I din my best to do so over the course of four days. The only reason that I decided to do so was the prospect of bringing another life into this world so that my death would not be the end of me. She spent an hour standing on her head after each skeet that she got out of me and, believe me, there were many. I hope that she got that baby. She did not want any further contact so I have no way of knowing for sure as to the outcome of that encounter. This is pretty much the only time that I can recall that I derived anything that I value out of partaking in sexual activity. I do not actually care for this individuals ideology for the most part, but he has something here on this.

  • Bob

    Yeah, Obama wants to make America green (??), if you consider Nuclear Energy Green.. The rest is all talk.. Green Energy stocks have tanked under President Obama, and did much better under President OPEC. So quit picking on green energy, unless you want to continue grey, and under chains of OPEC.. Green Energy will have it’s day in the SUN, not by government mandates, but by allowing American ingenuity and technology to produce clean, cheap, domestic energy that consumers want and can afford.. Green energy is part of a comprehensive energy plan to reduce our reliance on dirty foreign oil. Government should stay out the business of subsidizing energy…. This includes oil, gas and coal.. Let the market be free of all government and corporate manipulations of energy.. In time, Solar, Wind, Tidal will become big players.. The government in most ways messes things up.. Lets let Capitalism work…

  • Rainey

    I will have to unsubscribe from your digest at this point. Every one knows that Rush uses absurdity to discuss the absurd. Whatever he has done in his personal life, I don’t remember that he asked the government to pay for his birth control. Just because young people have healthy sex lives does not make it right. Fluke is, in fact, a slut. She is having so much sex, she can’t afford birth control??? Gee, did it ever occur to her not to have sex? There are so many important and scary things going on in this country and all the dems can talk about is conraception. Always their game. Concentrate on something that doesn’t matter so we will not think about the mess Obama has made of our country.

  • Downs1

    Sounds like John doesn’t think much of Rush. Admittedly, Rush can be bombastic at times, but at least he isn’t mealy-mouthed and afraid to speak out. He is right a majority of times concerning the left and their tactics. His comments reference Ms. Fluke were not wise, but unlike Bill Maher. Rush apologized to Ms. Fluke. Her unwillingness to accept the apology is her choice. I’m not sure Rush apologized only to save money in a law suit, or to lose his position as a broadcaster. Now others are coming down on Rush because of his comment. So, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone!” The left media constantly berates conservative women, notably Sarah Palin, and few people say anything. That kind of double standard shows where this nation really is. Even so-called conservatives are either too frightened to call the media on this, or are not as conservative as they would have others think. Either way, America is finished. We are under judgment for turning away from God, and human government is not going to save this country, regardless of its color!

  • John Lahart

    This has nothing to do with sex or women’s health or reproductive rights. Or even anything Rush Limbaugh has said.
    The issue is whether we want the federal government to determine what healthcare services we get or do not get.
    Right now, there are plenty of entities from insurance policies to charities who will get Ms Fluke her birth control. (for “free”). If she must get it from her university she can go to a non Catholic school.
    The issue is whether the government can tell a private citizen and/or institution what to do even if that action contradicts one’s religion.
    The irony and hypocrisy is that the same progressives demanding a Church kow tow to their (the government’s) desires are the first to run crying about “separation of church and state.”

    • JKinIL

      John, I see it differently. I see the Church failing in their mission by failing to have the flock follow. They then abuse the power of employment by overruling the relationships between a woman, her mate, her doctor, her beliefs, and her God (God does not equal religion) by bullying insurance companies to enforce what the Church’s words cannot. If there’s interfering going on, it’s between the woman and her insurance company, and the interference is the Church. As far as separation of church and state, no one is forcing anyone to take or to not take birth control (except the Church). A very important distinction: the First Amendment grants rights to INDIVIDUALS. While it is true that it also grants rights for individuals to assemble, to form groups, and to petition the government for redress to grievances, it does not give churches special status in these discussions AS AN EMPLOYER. You are welcome to argue whether the Feds are in a position to regulate this (interstate commerce and equal protection under the law clauses), but the fact is that Churches are already exempt from this and other laws, including anti-discrimination laws. So you can’t sue a Baptist church for not hiring a Catholic priest, for instance. On the other hand, the law is also clear on church affiliated enterprises: a Catholic hospital cannot discriminate in hiring, firing, or promoting employees (except perhaps the Chaplain position) — including nurses or doctors who happen to be Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or Atheist — without incurring liability for violating the Civil Rights Act.

      • John Lahart

        Nice contortions.
        You are a bit behind the times here. See Hosanna-Tabor vs EEOC wherein the court ruled unanimously (that’s 9-0) regarding the Church’s rights vs those of the state. perhaps you can argue this with Ginsburg or Sotomayor.

        Fluke has no case here. She can get free birth control from any number of places. She is really attempting to force an entity that does not believe in it to adhere to her rules not theirs.

      • JKinIL

        Actually a reply to John Lahart says:
        March 14, 2012 at 1:02 pm

        Nice contortions….

        Just looked up that suit. It confirms, and doesn’t dispute, what I said. The complainant lost her right to sue a minister when she accepted the “call” and became a “called” religious employee. The courts relied on “the ministerial exemption” because the complainant was “called”, and the court refused to intervene because it was more than an employee-employer relationship–it crossed into faith based.

        Had she remained a lay teacher, it would have gone 9-0 the other way. VERY clear case. See page 4 first paragraph.

        Nice contortions, yourself!

      • Libertytrain

        And those people seem to realize they have decided to work for a Catholic organization. And ms. fluke knew going in as well what the “rules” were of the Catholic Church. And you keep forgetting the Catholic Church isn’t an organization based in the US. They could close all those hospitals of course, and shut down their universities or we could respect the beliefs of a religion and choose to use their facilities or not, work for them or not. Not up to Obamacare to require religious beliefs to be changed to suit its “doctrine.”

      • JKinIL

        Where the mothership of any church is is not relevant. This isn’t an issue if (a) every employee of the church practices what the priests say she should (that is, sex only for procreation when married) and (b) the hospitals et al only hire people of the church. This isn’t the case…or you’d have a whole bunch of White American Male Churches running a bunch of organizations with little tie to religion. Churches are recognized as an assembly with rights within its mission. Churches per se are exempt. The non-religious aspects of religious organizations are not exempted from the law in discrimination or in benefits…. and it’s intrusion into individual rights when the church trespasses between an employee and her insurance company. When it comes to whether religion or government should make the laws and rules, those who left Europe came here and came down on the side of elected government.

  • Joe smith

    Since when is sex outside marriage healthy, or moral? It is a shame that some people get more worked up that Rush called someone a name rather than the fact this person actually resembles Rush’s remarks. But, promiscuous would have been a better characterization.

    And, I am sick of people jumping on fellow conservatives every time someone doesn’t follow some rules someone else has. The lefties don’t eat their own but circle the wagons and fight us while we fight each other.

    • Sarah

      So true! And when we do those sorts of things, how exactly DOES that make us different from the left?

    • Ted Crawford

      Some have acceptable standards of behavior we require. Others clearly don’t.

  • Thinking About

    This post is properly titled Rush to Judgement and indeed this is what Rush does on many occasions. This is not the first time he has made statements which is out of line but this does not mean he should continue to make these statements without repercussions. To also add calls for porno on top of name calling needs to stop. Perhaps Rush was trying to devert the subject matter from something he did not think was to his liking and now It he is faced with losing sponsors as a result. The war on women has gone overboard and with bills introduced in different states is an apparent attempt to control women in what they should or should not do. This runs hand in hand with sharia law. Better start adding up the female population compared to male population and try to figure this will not continue. It is about liberty, females choices should not be mandated by all male committee. This will not end with telling females what they have to do.

  • chuckb

    rush was wrong in his apology. he should have held his ground. that’s the difference why republicans fail in their response to matters such as this.
    he should have taken the liberal response and replied , so what, lets move on.
    barry was wrong in his mandate, he has no right to interfere in this matter, this was a planned political move and the republican wimps fell for it.

    the word fits this woman or he she,

    • Deerinwater

      tell us how you know such things because I don’t believe that you do.

  • Chisna

    What about Rush’s rush to judgement ? He accused Sandra Fluke of wanting tax payers to pay for her contraception. Yet we know that what she actually was asking for was that the health plan she pays for cover a womans contraception. Not the taxpayer. And what about Rush’s other rush to judgement not so long ago ? .

    Remember back in October 14, 2011 when Limbaugh spent some time talking about the fact that President Obama had sent 100 troops to Uganda to help fight the Lord’s Resistance Army and to try to bring to justice Joseph Kony. Who Limbaugh defended, and then he tried using the opportunity to paint President Obama as siding with Muslims against Christians. His argument was that the group was called the “Lord’s” Resistance Army, thus obviously making it “Christian”. Therefore, Obama was fighting against Christians.

    The ignorant blowhards broadcast created such a uproar among those who knew of the LRA’s actions. The next day conservative Sen. James Inhofe (R) of Oklahoma went on the Senate floor to set the record straight, noting that Joseph Kony was in no way a Christian, and that he had been disavowed by the Ugandan Catholic Church.

    “I stand behind the president in his decision … Josephy Kony and the LRA are responsible for one of the longest, most violent, and costly conflicts ever on the continent of Africa,” Senator Inhofe said.

    Now, a few months later, the Kony 2012 movement is in full swing and people all over the world are becoming aware of what a madman Joseph Kony is, what kinds of abuses are carried out by his men, and the extent of the evil he perpetrates under the banner of the “Lord’s” Resistance Army.

    So where are the Personal Liberty Alert articles pointing out Rush’s rush’s to judgement ?

    • Deerinwater

      Good posting Chisna! keep it coming.

      • Ron

        Deerinwater says:
        March 15, 2012 at 12:24 am
        No, you are wrong Sir. Rush made it about women when referred to the opposing voice as a Slut and a prostitute. It was about the issues until he took such flaming liberties and started throwing labels about like perhaps opposition might withdraw in total fear.

        Evidently you and Rush must share the same illness. I would not expect you to agree with me. Rush’s apology for what it was, was an admission to his failings but unacceptable as it was full of contempt and insincere.

        Rush could have ended it, but he choose to be defiant and contemptible while claiming he had an excuse, he had been overwhelmed by forces not his own.

        He claims that he was possessed! This is not news to most of us, we knew this already but this possession is not an acceptable for this current behavior that he refers to as “entertainment” as we gravel with the issues of the day. It’s distracting from the issues, it’s nasty street talk, it’s demeaning, it’s a direct attack on all women and will not be tolerated from anyone.

        How convient there Mr. Water! You obviously have no clue as to how Rush uses the absurd to point out the absurd!!
        No one has to stick up for Rush, as he’s a big boy and can take very good care of himself, but people such as yourself, who try and spin things (then again, that’s what you liberals always do) really need to wake up!
        This whole thing IS ABOUT THE ISSUES and I guess I’ll have to spell it out for you and then maybe you’ll understand. First off, this person was saying that having sex was costing her $3000 and she couldn’t afford it and she believed that taxpayers should foot the bill in higher health care costs. Now, lets’ see how it makes our healthcare costs higher.
        With this new piece of crap healthcare mandate that Comrade Obama has FORCED down our throates, all of us that have a policy now, have had rate increases ever since this piece of junk went into effect (mine has gone up over $200 a month since Jan. of 2011!!!), when in reality, we were told that they would “go down” by your leader, but I digress.
        The reason they are going up, is because of all the regulations that have been slapped on the insurance compaines and Doctors, so in order for them to stay in business, they have pass the cost on to the consumer. Barry knows this, because his goal is to drive the insurance companies out of business, thus forcing us ALL onto the gov’t program that, and let me make this clear, he FORCED on us (the majority of polls showed over 65% of the people where against this)!
        Now we get to the taxpayer having to pay for this crap…who do you think is going to have to pay for all this “free” healthcare? It sure won’t be Ms. Fluke now, will it! So you see, it IS about the issues!
        Now, I noticed Sir that you STILL haven’t responded about that pathetic scumbag Maher, along with the rest of your leftist friends, that have called Sarah Palin MUCH, MUCH WORSE names. How is it that they get a pass from the likes of you, especially given the FACT that they never appologized and in fact have doubled down, yet Rush HAS appologized, but in written word and on the radio?
        Those of us on the right are fed up with the double standard that you Democrats love to shove in our face! We’re tired of what this administration has done in just three long years! We’re tired of this knucklehead who’s ruining our country, refusing to except blame for HIS mistakes (yes, Bush was a big time spender, but this guy has sent us into hyperspeed)! We’re tired of a, so called, Media, that continues to cover for this man and we’re tired of his bullying tactics, such as using the IRS to go after Tea Party affiliates and I for one, am going to stand up to any and all of you who try and use liberal tactics to sway us away from the truth!
        Yes, I’m very angry, because I see this great nation, heading into a place that will not be good for anyone productive, including Democrats and I will do whatever I can to stop this!

        • Deerinwater

          The issue; “The quest for fairness” is not a new issue but goes back 7 years. Why should men be afforded these privileged? Why should I give a damn if another man’s got lead in his pencil? You explain that to me!

          “To be sure, McCain can thank his own campaign for inspiring the ill-informed question that left him so exposed. On July 7, McCain campaign surrogate Carly Fiorina said at a press event: “There are many health insurance plans that will cover Viagra but won’t cover birth-control medication. Those women would like a choice.”

          ” in 2005 Union Pacific Railroad, a self-insuring company, was sued because it covered erectile dysfunction drugs but not contraceptives. A 2007 appellate court decision ruled that the company did not have to provide birth control coverage, but by that time it had begun to offer coverage under the terms of an earlier court decision. Other companies may still cover Viagra but not birth control, although in 2000 the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that plans of this sort violate the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, an amendment to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title VII
          applies to employers with 15 or more employees, employment agencies, labor organizations, and state and local governments.”

          “Some women are blasting insurance companies for covering the cost of Viagra but not birth control. They find this unfair, especially since the men taking Viagra are creating a greater need for birth control. The site explains that paying for Viagra and not birth control seems to be telling men to have lots of sex and women to have lots of children. Though birth control does not literally make sexual intercourse possible, the way Viagra does, it is similar in that it gives women access to this activity even when they wish to avoid pregnancy.

          The willingness to provide coverage for Viagra but not birth control touched a nerve precisely because it seemed to capture the double standard in our society, said Sherry F. Colb, a professor at Rutgers Law School, according to That is, it captured society’s failure to view women’s sexuality as a normal part of their lives that ought to be supported, accommodated and even celebrated, to the same extent that men’s sexuality is, Colb said.”

  • Jim Hallett

    As with so many discussions, it boils down to liberty vs. force. No one owns another or has the right to tell them how to conduct their lives, so long as their behavior does not interfere with another’s freedom. Most people who are followers of politics support aggression and force, as long as it is THEIR VALUES and THEIR IDEAS that are being forced on another. Government has a monopoly of force, and is the most immoral, incompetent and inefficient institution we have, so any policy that comes from govt. will be both flawed and immoral! I am happy to see the nation-state model failing miserably all over the world, and finally, some people are waking up to the fact that no State (govt.) can ever provide freedom for its citizens. At best, it can keep the destroyers of freedom at bay, and for this, it has done a terrible job ever since the “Progressive” pukes took control at the beginning of the 20th Century. Rush Limbaugh is just another entertainer, and he fills a vacuum from the liberal crap that is spewed by most of the presstitutes of the lamestream media (NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and the sock puppets at MSNBC), but he is hardly a deep thinker, and often says things “over the top” to sate his own ego and draw an audience. When viewed in this light, he is fine, since one can turn the dial if they don’t like it. However, with Obama, Pelosi, and all the rest of the pond scum in the Sewer (aka Congress), we do not have such a privilege. We have our money and our property confiscated to support THEIR agenda, and we get the lousy public miseducation system to drum it into the serfs, so myths get perpetuated. Ron Paul is the only moral candidate running, since he is not about imposing any agenda on anyone, and is in favor of getting rid of wars, the evil Federal Reserve, the immoral tax system, and all sorts of other federal policy that attempt to dictate to others what is right or permitted. HOGWASH!!!!! I am a happy anarcho-libertarian, and find it laughable how many still think Amerika (misspelled on purpose!) is a free country. Not only that, but in NC, Ron Paul was booed for suggesting the U.S. conduct its foreign policy based on the Golden Rule. It is pure hypocrisy (esp. since NC is in the heart of the “supposed Bible belt”). Many like the U.S. to be the world’s bully, and of course Rothschild & Co. profit handsomely, so wars are never in short supply. In truth, the U.S. is just another immoral govt. (like so much of the rest of the world, with some happy exceptions), and most citizens aren’t even aware of their slavery . . . though more are waking up to it everyday. Name-calling accomplishes nothing, but one must take responsibility for whatever ramifications result from policies they endorse (like wars, theft in the form of taxes, imposing social values on others, etc.). The neocons (most Republicans) come from the same cloth as their “progressive” brethren, so both are just more collective rubbish and more force. Liberty is the goal, and neither party has an inkling of how to achieve it – dismantle the State!!!!!

  • RichardS

    I wish Rush would have kept his mouth shut this time, but as usual, Rush was right. If you were a long time listener to the Rush Limbaugh program, you’d realize that he almost always uses extremes to illustrate the absurd. I’d argue that he’s probably one of the deepest thinkers in talk radio, having blazed a trail all of the modern media conservatives. The comment on his accidental drug drug dependency was mean spirited especially in light of your legalize drugs Libertarian leanings. Yes, his language was coarser than usual and this particular analogy more provocative than others. Was he wrong? Yes, did he apologize? , again yes. That makes him a bigger man than most. (now resist the urge to inject another overplayed fat joke) Lastly, is this polarizing to the perception of all conservative voters? Only time will tell.

    • Deerinwater

      Rush apologized claiming that he was possessed by something alien to him.

      That was a lie ~ the apologize rejected. No place for over the top statements while attempting to apologize.

      Flush Rush

  • nick beck

    JOHN MEYERS stick with gold and please stop trying to read into RUSH —if the (edit) manage to get rid of rush , will that make you happy-i hope not.

  • Don

    “But unlike Rush, I am not going to call Fluke a “prostitute” or a “slut.” Most people in her age group are enjoying a healthy sex life, and a great many of them don’t want to get pregnant. (As far as I know the only person that is going to have a problem with me saying this is the pope, and I doubt he is reading.)”

    I am not the pope and I have a VERY BIG PROBLEM with this quote in the story. It is NOT a “healthy sex life” to be having free sex outside of a monogamous marriage. There are many well-documented health risks associated with such behavior. The biggest risk, however, is not natural consequences like STDs or HIV-AIDS, but incurring the discipline of God.

    • Karolyn

      One more time – Not everyone shares your belief system!

      • Ron


        I didn’t reading anything about peole wanting you, or for that matter, anyone else to have the same “belief system”. She can have the romps in bed she wants…all we’re asking for is to stay the hell out of our pockets to pay for it, period!
        We’ve grown VERY tired of having the governent shove their greedy little hands into our hard earned money every pay period, in order to pay for things that are not a sustance of life and last time I checked, sex wasn’t!
        The taxpayers in this country have had it and are finally waking up! I’m hopeful that come this November, the Head Thug in the Red House on the Potomac, along with his Goons, are going to be packing up their junk and looking for a new job! If not, this country as we know it, will be gone….

  • Neil Sunkel

    You really have to be dumb as a rock (or have a vested interest) not to understand what Rush was saying. Did he say it well? No. Uncharacteristically, he lowered himself to very unfortunate language – which DID change the conversation – and by doing that, he did Obama a big favor.
    I have been listening to Rush since 1988. He has said a few unfortunate things over the years…. but I would put his record up against ANYBODY, ANYTIME. All of this hysteria is laughable. They left knows how effective Limbaugh is – and THAT’S why they hate him – and are pretending to be outraged. Truth is – they could care less about propriety – ever hear the vicious, hateful things said about Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman or Condoleeza Rice? None of which has ever been apologized for.

    • Sarah

      You hit this nail on the head!

  • Seadawg

    You choose, would you rather pay for birth control or pay to support a bunch of poor children when folks who can’t afford birth control get pregnant????
    I think giving them free birth control would cost less.
    As far as whether people should have sex outside of marriage that is a personal moral issue and not something our government will or should legislate.

  • HKaufman

    Here is an idea, an oldie but a goodie,, Try no sex, who said , Ok mr sex drive go after sister Orgasm and play in the Superbowl of breeding?? Bud Bundy had the right concept, get a plastic lady of the day, and nite, dont have to feed,put clothes on them, dont have to worry about girl problems, no hearing Honey i have a headache, no back talk, dont have to worry about Rape,seperation,divorce, Money,Peace of Mind. The only problem would be a slow leak in the air valve, easy fix, patch it, most will cost $5.00. Population control without the need of Pills, or the alternative, for men Vasectomy, not as cheap as the plastic doll ,but effective for population control. Since news of absurd seems to run rampant LATELY, Here is one even more absurd, but with a touch of some REALITY in population control,not to leave out the cost of MEDICAL INSANITY competition with GAS/Oil gastrointestinal increase in the human body… IN one else see a need for THOSE and no names although we ALL know who,, need to remove their Occipital protuberances, from their over sized bigger then a bread box Gluteus maximus muscle…

  • Warren A. Jacobs

    I’d rather pay for Sandra’s pills than her babies. Seems more cost effective to meBut keep talking, Rush. If the republicans run anybody besides Paul this fall, I’ll be voting for Obama. And you’ll be helping me elect a winner!

  • jericho777

    This article is beating a dead horse and wrongly. Yes, Rush should never have used those words towards this woman, and period. But he has come out the following day as some of us do, and whole heartedly said he was sorry, not once, but on several occasions. If you listen to Rush faithfully as you say, you would have immediately noticed he regretted saying those things immediately, as was his pause. And had you been listening that same day, Rush did talk about all the things that should concern us. Your looking for a flogging tree and Rush isn’t the one you need to be flogging, and shouldn’y you be reporting about Obama’s birth certificate, or, OBAMA?

    • Seadawg

      Obama’s birth certificate?!?! Really????? And you talk about beating a dead horse?
      As far as Glen Beck, he and Rush are very similar. Conservative extremists with a tendency to develop foot-in-mouth disease…

  • Ralph

    Good article. Little one sided, little taken out of context and I just cant understand what Glenn Beck has to do with Rush’s commentary

    • Karolyn

      They’re both talking heads that have big followings and give their audiences exactly what is expected of them.

      • Ron

        Yes they do Karolyn…they give us the TRUTH, unlike the media and the “talking heads” on the left, which is why they are despised by those on the left.

  • DJ Dave

    I’m not really worried about what Rush said or what your opinion is on this subject matter. What I am worried the most is the fact that there is a double standard out there that protects the left to say whatever they want to about conservatives or our ideology and say it in ways to offend by name calling and or using class warfare.
    Media Matters will go after Rush, Hannity, Levin, even Michael Savage. But where are they when people like Bill Maher , Conan, Letterman, or sometimes Jay Leno use name calling and the same class warfare on us and they get ignored?
    In my opinion, I think that Bill Maher is a complete idiot. I am entitled to say it be it an educated opinion or not. Why? Because I am protected by the First Amendment.
    Maher is entitled to his opinions as well. He too is protected by the First Amendment to speak freely given what he is saying is an educated opinion or not. I even disagree to some things that the conservative pundits say and have my special terms of endearment towards them as well.
    What I see, and hear from the Liberal Media Machine is very alarming to the sanctity of the first amendment to our Constitution. The liberal opinion is acceptable but the conservative opinion is not acceptable to the point where it is outwardly condemned and targeted as hateful by the government media machine. There is no room for debate unless you put up your own opinion saying that you totally agree to what they are saying on the Left. They want to shut down Conservative thought on the air and maybe soon at our own homes.
    The hypocrisy is getting way out of hand. For example I’ve heard Sarah Palin being called a C%*t by Bill Maher one time on his show. I don’t know about you, but the use of the “C” word is a helluva lot more serious than the term “prostitute” that was used by Limbaugh.
    As far as I know, and I may be wrong here, Limbaugh was stating a case on the air on his radio show in which Ms. Fluke may have been paid to make her testimony. She may actually not be so innocent as the media makes her out to be. Having said just that, I hear and understand that point of view… I may agree or disagree on it. That is my right. Hearing him use prostitute to describe Ms. Fluke in that way may seem entertaining to some and needless to say offended others. However, He DOES have the right to say it! But he’s getting scrutinized for it
    Getting back to Maher’s statement. What I actually saw and heard from him was just being hateful to Palin. No substance or reason except to play up the common comedic angle based upon Palin’s lifestyle.
    Whatever. Yes I am offended by the content and the use of that word as I am sure many countless others are as well. But the man DOES have the right to say it! Unlike Rush, Maher does not even get any mention at all. Nobody steps out to oppose what he said or the way he said it. Life is all good on the leftist front.
    This goes to the point that we as a free society are slowly losing our right to free speech and having the right to express our own ideals.
    Seems like we are more worried about what “he said, she said” than how we should be helping the tornado victims.
    Makes me sad.
    And then I read about this….Talk about Hypocrisy! I read that Gloria Allred is going after Rush Limbaugh legally on Ms. Fluke’s behalf.
    REALLY Gloria?! Would you take on Bill Maher if Governor Palin or Michelle Bachman or any other woman who happens to be a Republican or a Conservative asks for your help in matters like this?? Whatya say Gloria? Of course you wouldn’t! No $$$ in that. Just get more fame, and follow your belief, LIB LAWYER!
    That is MY opinion, educated or not….and I’m entitled to it. Long Live Our Constitution! God Bless America.

    • Seadawg

      “people like Bill Maher , Conan, Letterman, or sometimes Jay Leno use name calling and the same class warfare on us and they get ignored?”

      How is this class warfare when they are all rich??? True, athletes and entertainers are not accepted in the “elite” group of rich folk that run the Corporate States of America but they would be considered in the same “class” economically speaking…

  • RLV

    Rush is 100% correct!!!!! And as an aside, and response to his name being brought into the conversation, so is Glen Beck!!!!!!!

  • Ronert simone

    Can’t Agree with you on your conclusions about Rush an Beck. However, As for Rush and his take on Fluke, he was right on the money. Why should I have to pay for someone’s immoral behavior? However, I do agree that he should have used less offensive speech to get his point across. And yes, there are other political matters that require urgent attention, but we as a people suffer today from lack of character and immoral values. If our government were stacked with virtuous people our country might not have the serious problems we face today.

    • Seadawg

      And there is little or no virtue in all politicians regardless of party affiliation!

  • Donald York

    Here’s my take on Sandra Fluke. She must be in big demand on her ivy league campus. If Mummy and dada can afford to send their little darling to a high dollar, liberal institution like that, they can pay for her escapades. Don’t try to demand that i pay for her adventurism.
    It’s time we hold these fanatical politicians feet to the fire and demand that they abide by the laws that they swore to uphold, and the only law of our land is what is set forth in the Constitution and bill of rights. Remember November.

    • JKinIL

      GW is not Ivy League. And if you’ve ever had sex without the objective of fertilization, you should be interested in contraceptive rights, too.

      • Donald York

        Rush is right on point, but, he should have left the “slut” word out, though it does apply. Liberals wont let this die though, even though the left media lizzards like Matthews, Shultz can say just as bad comments about Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Laura Ingrahams, Michelle Malkin and other conservative women, that don’tmatter to them. These feminists movements like NOW wont open their mouths to defend them though. Bill Maher, a purported commedian rears his ugly head, and its okay with the left, especially women of the left. What gives with that? I think i know the answer to my own question. NO FREE CONTRACEPTIVES OR ABORTIFICANTS!!!!!

  • chuckb

    all this comment is ridiculous. the matter here is our so called president has no right mandating a private company to offer contraceptives to anyone. he is meddling with the constitution. the bolsheviks want to change the subject ,because they are the ones who are backing a losing argument. the wimpy republicans help them out by doing their usual, apologizing.
    rush limbaugh has made few mistakes over the years and i don’t think the comment he made is a mistake. i believe what he said is right, that’s exactly what she portrays herself as. in the bolshevik book of life, apologizing is a sign of weakness.
    the usual run of bolshevik hates limbaugh for one reason, he exposes them for what they are and the truth is hard to swallow, most of them have sore throats.

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    My only response to this idiocy is make it a responsibility factor. If the fluks and that type want freedom to do as they please get after it. Just leave my wallet out of your stupidity. Now is that being offencive to women? If they dont want to go thru life raising a bunch of bastard kids for the rest of us to pay for, buy thier own contrceptives. Then make it mandatory they take care of thier own, Pay thier own way, What became of being responsible for your own actions. Now again is that being so bad toward Women? Rush called it correctly so quit crying.

  • tinkerthinker

    Dumbest op ed I’ve seen…boy you have it bad.

    To believe that one’s ‘right’ to happiness is more important than the first amendment right to religious freedom.

    You sir, are the essence of stupidity.

    • Karolyn

      What? Where did that come from? Religion is a manmadeconcept; happiness is not – no comparison.

      • Jay

        What? Where did that come from? Religion/Law/Faith is a gift from God, as well as happiness, when the gifts are properly handled!

  • http://Yahoo Maynard

    I find it incredible but great to read words such as Harry’s – someone who actually believes in a rational, moderated conversation where each point of view is respected even if it is not agreed to, where we are all considered Patriotic Americans.
    Our country is in store for a horrific future if we cannot begin to work together on things we all agree upon. I doubt if many reading the comments here at this blog site which extolls the cause of personal liberty would like to see our Constitutional rights disappear. Yet, this is what is happening, not because of the actions of one party or the other party, but because of both parties.
    Obama signed NDAA 2012 in which the Congress overwhelmingly agreed to give him the power to have the military arrest, and incarcerate US citizens indefinitely, without a trial. If that does not raise the spectre of Nazi Storm Troopers banging on doors in the middle of the night and taking people away, perhaps to their deaths, nothing will.
    Yet, here we are fretting about whether it’s fair to pay for Viagra and not birth control materials.(Of course, it isn’t fair.)Remember how Nero fiddled while Rome burned. This election is our only chance to head off a police state. Am I exaggerating? No. I may be wrong and I hope I am, but many indicators seem to be pointing in that direction. Obama asserts the right to assassinate without due process, Drones are being used in Pakistan to kill and when innocent civilians die it is being shrugged off as necessary collateral damage. Now, Congress has appropriated BILLIONS for drones to be used here at home. They can spy and kill at will. Obama recently said he would send drones for boys that snooped around his daughters. When the audience laughed, he said “You think I’m joking.”
    Look for FEMA camps on YouTube. Do they look like a joke to you?
    I am a liberal but I hope we can elect a new president who will take seriously the Oath of Office to support the Constitution. The only candidate out there who does that is Ron Paul. He believes war should be declared by Congress and not by executive order, who wants money to go for defense not to police the world, who wants to get rid of the private Federal Reserve that charges us for our own money, he wants to eliminate the income tax and phase out Social Security. Even though I don’t believe in everything he stands for, I think the most important one right now is to get off the slippery slope to dictatorship.
    It did not look like the colonists could win, but many wealthy men could have stayed in their comfortable mansions instead of fighting and often dying for freedom. What will we do?
    Of course, we need to do it in a peaceful way as the power structure would love nothing better than have an excuse to wipe out opposition by force. (They may even stage some incidents to get the average citizen to back them). That’s why civil disobedience is crucial. We also need to make sure our votes are not stolen by voting machines that have no paper trail.

  • flamingo

    Hey, this is old news. My philosophy is if you like Rush, listen to him. If you don’t change the dial on your radio. It is typical for Liberals to want to remove someone or make a law outlawing something to make everyone comply with their view. They claim to be open to others but really want everyone to comply with them. You can make a difference by not supporting or supporting his advertisers.

  • LaDonna Bala

    Rush should be taken off radio permanently. He espouses nothing but hatred and divides this country by his arrogance and prejudice. I don’t care how much money he is paid or how much money the radio stations make off this disgusting shows, this guy has got to be stopped. How dare he “speak for others”! I hope Fluke sues him. Now, this idiot is saying that the Fluke episode was a White House “conspiracy”! Does this idiot take us all as being uneducated, stupid and gullible? Does he think the majority of Americans are filled with hate? I hope all his sponsors tell him “good-by” and above all else, I hope talk radio shuts him down.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear LaDonna Bala,

      So the 2nd Amendment means nothing to you? What about the rest of the Constitution? Do you get to pick and choose which parts of that are relevant as well?

      Best wishes,

    • Jim Hallett

      Typical liberal response: BAN ALL DISSENT. This is what totalitarians have done forever (also what “progressive” presidents Wilson and FDR did to their opposition. If you don’t like Rush, don’t listen to him. Just tune into the sock puppets on MaoSpeakNBC (MSNBC) or listen to outrageous idiots like Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, and others who play a different tune . . .er, actually, it is the same tune of hate and disrespect – it is just their hate aligns with yours, so it is obviously OK!!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Typical intolerance of the “Tolerant Leftists”.

    • Marlene

      How dare he “speak for others”!

      Isn’t that exactly what you’re doing? If so, you are a typical Liberal hypocrite.

      • Ron

        LaDonna…how funny that you should want to deprive Rush of his 1st amendment rights, but yet you seem to give all the Libterds a pass! Guess you forgot Bill Maher, Mike Malloy, Chris Mathews and the rest of those leftist talk show hosts that have said things MUCH MORE VILE than Rush ever has!
        Oh wait…I forgot. You’re a hypocrite, just like the rest of the Democrap Party! You people truly make me sick!

      • Deerinwater

        You are a “sick” person, so it stands to reason you would be sick.

  • Chad Woodburn

    “I am not going to call Fluke a “prostitute” or a “slut.” Most people in her age group are enjoying a healthy sex life, and a great many of them don’t want to get pregnant. (As far as I know the only person that is going to have a problem with me saying this is the pope, and I doubt he is reading.)”

    Yes, Bob, most people in her group are doing that. And that is why they can rightly be called sluts and prostitutes. This is not a value judgment as much as it is just applying dictionary definitions to the self-descriptions such people give to themselves.

    Bob, don’t you have the slightest fear of standing before God and having Him condemn you for such perversion? Or are you just shameless?

    • Deerinwater

      “Bob, don’t you have the slightest fear of standing before God and having Him condemn you for such perversion? Or are you just shameless?”

      You are a little off course buddy. The only perversion here seems to be you and quit trying to defend yourself with your understanding of the Divine. Just because you have elected to live in fear doesn’t not mean other’s must share your “fears” . They are “yours” keep them to yourself.

      • Chad Woodburn

        In just a short amount of time you can tell that to God Himself. And then you can spend eternity thinking about His answer. However, I myself do not live in fear of anything at all. I’m the most fearless person I know.

        • Deerinwater

          Well Sir, why do you attempt to threaten with some fear that you perceive, you don’t sound very fearless. Do you mind that everyone should enjoy their just reward? You seem to believe that you possess powers not available to others. How did you acquire this grandiose insight?

  • Janice Golly

    I agree with Rush Limbaugh 100% (except for watching the pornography). Rush uses absurdity to get his point across – and, obviously, it worked. His listening audience is up right now, and Obama has hurt himself with women voters. This is about (1) religious liberty and (2) not forcing religious institutions to pay for abortions and morning-after pills (abortion of the newest lives)as well as birth control that their church doctrines are against. Conservatives don’t care what people do in their private lives or bedrooms; people are free to take birth control and have sex as much as they want. Just don’t ask us to pay for their recreation or immorality or, in the case of abortion, murder. Don’t ask the church or religious institutions to do so either! Most insurance companies pay for birth control when it is used for health conditions; otherwise, it can be obtained free from Planned Parenthood or inexpensively purchased at the drugstore. The Constitution doesn’t say that every medication we ever want to take will be paid for by the government or insurance companies or someone other than ourselves.

    • Deerinwater

      ” Rush uses absurdity to get his point across – and, obviously, it worked.”

      hmm? absurdity hmm? is that’s what you call it? What if I called you these names and it was heard all over the world for suggesting such a thing? Would it still be just “absurdity” ?

      Rush may receive more attention then he bargained for.

  • Commissioner

    While Rush’s commentary in this instance was definitely over the top, he was merely being sarcastic. And while there’s clearly much worse coming from others, particularly liberals, it really didn’t move the ball forward for conservatism. On that point I would agree with the guy who wrote this article. On the other hand, to say that Limbaugh is only interested in money is disingenuous to the extreme. And so, for the very same reason the writer questions Rush as a spokesman for conservatism, I would question the credibility of Mr. Myers.

    • Deerinwater

      How do you know what floats Rush’s boat? how do you know that it’s not about money?

      I think that you are being foolish to think you know Rush. I think you were insane to ever support “W” twice! I’ll give you the 2000 vote.

      Am I to farther assume your are a big BECK fan as well?

      Rush does what he does because it works for “him” and he knows little else. The same reasons that I do what I do.

      Why does Vanna White do what she does? Give us a “D”! oops! no “D’s” Do you really think she likes doing that?

  • Chas

    The sheer volume of comments in this and other threads on this website, and the familiarity of many of the names leads me to believe you all must be independently wealthy. How else would you be able to carve out such significant portions of your life to be dedicated to one circular argument after another, never convincing the other side of anything other than the fact that “you ________ (insert Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, Left, Right, et al) don’t get it.” I’ve now officially tarried too long here myself. What an appalling waste of time.

    • Marlene

      At age 75+ and having quit work just 4 years ago, I am on the computer a lot to stay abreast of current events. It aleviates the fact that I miss working because I worked up to 3 jobs a day and am very work oriented. To suddenly not have a place I’m obligated to go to daily is a rather hard adjustment to make, so, here I am and I’m on other comment boards also. I don’t feel I’m wasting my time, I’m merely staying out of my neighbors’ business and being my normal ‘loner’ self. Of course, when I’m not on the computer, I’m either reading or baking so I enjoy a variety of activities. Sorry to make you think that everyone is wasting your precious time, Chas.

  • Jim C.

    It’s obvious that Mr. Myers has little knowledge of Rush’s style of commentary. If Mr. Myers had been listening to Rush’s shows for any significant amount of time, he would know that Rush’s discussion of Ms. Fluke’s testimony was clearly untypical of his usual tone and style. As a long time Rush listener, I happened to hear the original broadcast that included the controversial comments. I was immediately struck by how out of character they were. Rush apologized profusely (and I think sincerely). Typically, Rush’s satire and criticism, though strong, is good-natured and witty, and based on clear, serious ideas. It’s also important to understand that Ms. Fluke is no shrinking violet, but a 30-year-old paid political activist, and that her testimony was not part of an official Congressional hearing, but rather was staged by Congressional Democrats solely for propaganda purposes.

  • Sonnyvg

    March 14, 2012 by John Myers

    I was going to give Myers five stars until this cheap shot, but now he deserves only one.
    I was in agreement with Mr. Myers until he concluded with this:

    What does Limbaugh proclaim? “Give me more money. If not, at least give me some OxyContin.”

    Sonny Van Gelder
    Auburn WA

  • james

    wow and you call yourself a conservative? nice disguise…you are nothing but a closet liberal sowing distraction and confusion into the mix good job in TRYING to come off conservative….you sir are a liar and a fraud.


    This is not to condone Mr. Limbaughs commentary, but sanctimonious liberals like Mr. Myer, whine and complain, but seem oblivious to the outrageous and inflammatory rhetoric from those on the left, which far exceeds that from the right.

  • John Lilleburn’s ghost

    Lets get a grip here. Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer genus: clown. He has a group of people the whinging white right wing losers who he appeals to, he has made a lot of money out of them and good luck to him. It is a sad reflection that the American right (the rest of the world far right ) have to worry about his words.

    A man married four times and no Kids obviously has major sexual issues, Obviously, he likes sex hence his well publicised Viagra use. Given he was caught in the Dominican Republic with the Viagra but not the wife we can assume that he doesnt like sex with the wife. Given the fact that the DR is a haven for people who like under-age sex with girls and boys we can make an educated guess as to his sexual preferences.

    He has to take Viagra based on his life choices. He was many years a very fat junkie. We all pay for very fat junkies either in our insurance or our taxes. In Rush’s case we all pay for his self induced impotence and the treatment needed to allow him to successfully be a sexual tourist in the DR.

    Personally if I were him I would not talk about other peoples sex choices and request to see other peoples sex acts but as previously stated the man is a professional clown and making a fool of himself is all part of the show.

    As for paying for stuff you dont like well thats a democracy we all pay for stuff we dont like. I would write a list of all the stuff I hate paying for but life is really too short.and the list is too long.

    • jericho777

      Do us a favor, Ghost away! Another whining bottle fed Liberal…Tell ya what good buddy, go harp on your buddy Bill Maher and the rest of the turd nipples on the left about their treatment of woman, and especially the death of Breitbart and his family, disgusting bunch you liberals are and that’s something meaningful in it’s being the truth!

  • Commonsense

    Myers, are you really so dumb you can’t understand a little attempt at stire? So he made a few comments that you didn’t like – so what? Who the hell are you, trying to lecture us???Apparently you don’t listen to Limbaugh’s remarks much, if at all. He constantly educates the public on Zerobama’s power grabs, lies, unethicality, and hypocrisy. You are just like the Liberals – take a few words or sentences out of a speech and try to twist them to suit your purpose. DID your article make you another dime? Why don’t you join Maher? You two would make a good pair.
    The next time you listen to Limbaugh, if you ever do, listen to the whole
    show – and TRY to understand. I imagine that’s difficult because you seem to be one of the jerks who thinks he is more intelligen than the rest of us. – WRONG!!!!
    As far as the girl is concerned – and all the females who think the rest of us should pay for their sexual screwups, NONE of you should ever get any payment to help for your screwing arounds nor pregnancy. You don’t have to have sex – if you want to do it – pay for it yourself, both contraceptives and medical procedures – whatever they are. We have nothing to do with your personal sexual endeavours, – we don’t owe you a dime.Also , the girl exhibits one of the boggest things that is wrong with this country. She is going to school to become one of the lowesr rated type of people in this country – The damn money- grabbing holier-than-thou Lawyers. Most of them think they can get away with anything because they go to school to learn how to skirt the law and screw over people.

  • Vaughn


  • Marlene

    I’d like to know why in hell I, as a taxpayer and as an individual who pays for my own insurance, have to pay higher premiums so my insurance company or the government can pay for Ms. Fluke’s form of contraception, be it pills or rubbers. I’ve needed neither for 49 years due to the fact that my tubes ruptured when I was twenty-six and by the time the doctor got around to the surgery to learn why my pain was so great and why I was so sick, all of my female organs had to be removed. The alternative was death. Needless to say, I have absolutely no need of any form of contraceptive and don’t want to pay for others use of it. In fact, I flat out refuse to pay so someone can have sex, protected or not. My insurance at that time only paid for a portion of the hysterectomy so my husband and I paid our share and did without any more children than the three we had, which may have been an economic blessing. I resent my insurance covering Viagara, too, because too many men use it as a tool for an active sex-life and nothing more. I still say, I’m with Rush on this issue and the Liberals can go suck, along with their bought and paid for floozie, ‘Ms.’ Fluke (sarcasm intended.)

  • http://Yahoo Maynard

    Let’s reexamine the terms liberal and conservative and stop letting them prejucide logical thinking. It is not liberal to support Obama when he wants to take away freedoms. It is not conservative when we subsidize filthy fossil fuels. We need our Constitutional freedoms and we need to conserve clean air, land and water.
    The NDAA 2012 approved by both parties gives the President the power to sic the military on anyone he wishes because they can be incarcerated permanently without trial. Filthy fossil fuels do not deserve our tax support any more than people using Viagra or contraceptives. Even less so because we have to pay for the consequences of unwanted children being brought into this world in so many ways while filthy fossil fuels detract from our health, the beauty of our environment and cause conflict over limited sources. Oil shale and natural gas fracking destroy one of our most precious and essential commodites, clean fresh water. Nuclear wastes lay waste and will never go away for thousands of years.
    We should stand for our Constitutional freedoms and clean renewable sources of energy regardless of what labels people put on them. Stop being like sheep and approving the “name brand” you’re used to without thinking about the long term consequences.

  • http://NA Jeff

    Does’t meyers have anything or anyone else to negate than a conservative? Rush is an entertainer and tells it like it is. We don’t need to hear another harangue of Rush. How about something worthwhile. This is Rino conspired carp of the worst order. I had hoped meyers had some scruples but is just like the sad state of the rest of the media. Journalists has dropped to the bottom of respect in America because of this kind of criticism of a man who has the right to speak. I know you do also but you are losing at least this one reader. Not interested in your crap journalism (sic).

    • Curry

      Jeff, agreed…I think Mr. Meyers has gone a bit daffy and is off a bit on his own tangent – what he suggests is that Rush does not possess the intelligence to know what is really going on – this whole nonsense about government paid BC is exactly the issue – bigger government run by the Democrats, their power cemented in place by a majority of voters who live with an entitlement mentality so arrogant and so far off the path of reality that they don’t give a second thought to appearing before and/or supporting a three-ring national political circus and telling the world that because their private life resembles a porn flick, they should be paid to not be inconvenienced by such horrid trifles as pregnancy, heaven forbid that she in any way is responsible for what happens when she of her own free will chooses to drop her drawers (again)(again)(again).
      It comes down to an old form of logic that can only be refuted when God is introduced into the argument which is, what is the source of our laws, do we have a duty to obey the law, and to whom should we hold ourselves accountable, if not first ourselves, when we break the law? The argument put up by the Democrats is this: “If you are wrong, then I am not wrong regardless of what I do, especially if I can make people believe that the one who claims to be the more righteous is really the one who is more evil than me…if I can make you spend your time defending yourself, especially if you haven’t done anything wrong, then no one is looking at me.” Behind this old lie is fear: what if the righteous aren’t really so righteous? (What if America is not what I was told it was?) Who do I look to for sound moral leadership? What if those who claim to base their public character on Divine laws are wrong? The Devil uses this because he asserts that “God is responsible for the results of the freewill actions of his creatures. God made them and then gave them freewill, therefore, if his creatures are found to have done wrong it is God’s fault. Therefore, I am not responsible for what I do, ergo, I can do what I want and no one, even God, can hold me accountable.” This is where the Democrats are going, and it requires the tyranny of atheism and the threat of political slavery to their sick dogma to make it work.
      Rush was inadvertantly, but absolutely, spot on – this is spiritual warfare brought down to earth as a battle to keep what is right according to the laws of the land out of respect for the author of those laws, versus people who are in our face telling us that they are going to do whatever they want and they are daring us to try to stop them…this is because they refuse to acknowledge that a life lived in peace and prosperity first requires a personal decision to willingly obey the just laws of the land regardless of one’s opinion of those laws and even and especially if they do not have a personal relationship with God…this is the way our Constitution was written: based upon Divine laws but with a stern caveat to the government that they could neither compel nor deny any person access to any particular spiritual belief system…but for the Democrats to succeed, one must first buy into their anarchistic atheism, which they are making the law of the land. For the American experiment in personal liberty and self-governance to succeed, the individual citizen must demonstrate self control, and this is utter anathema to the Democrats. “Government, governmant, and more government” is their mantra…Government is their god and they are working hard to make it our god for the sake of their political power regardless of our right to choose the God we desire to serve without government interference…
      Btw, the Bible describes Ms. Fluke as a “whore”…

      • jericho777

        Yours was a really wonderful read and so well said. Thank You for taking the time to write it, as I hope others take the time to read it. I use such post in/on other sites, and of course, to yours and theirs credit, and hope I have your permission to post it in my Prayer book on Face Book “Jeffrey Hardin”. We forget far to often that as YHWHs creations, and after each completion of them, he was pleased, and he said it was good, not great, not fantastic nor wonderful, he simply said it was good in his eyes, what more should we need of, to prove that he loves us so dearly, and to add to his unconditional love, he sacrificed his son so that he could rekindle the relationship we once had with him, being Adam & Eve. I look at my beautiful golden Lab Jericho, and I know without fault, he’ll be with me in heaven, as will my other pets, whether waiting for me, or I him, he’ll be with me. He is after all, good in the eyes of my mighty creator…It is a shame we would want anything other than YHWHs promise to us, it’s not his corruption that suffers us, or even Christianity, it is something we, man kind has poisoned with our rationalization to fit it, where it will not…Just as Satan had done, we conformed to sin, and not our Fathers most holy and living words, and one day, we will understand the beauty of that, and of how wonderfully much he loves us…
        Thank You Curry, your post was a treat, and a “good” reminder that YHWHs plan is not complicated at all, but really quite simple. But, like most things we do as man, we complicated them with our rationalizing, and we try to force them fit in our lives where they will not, and not what YHWH has tailored fitted us with already, and that’s truly sad to me :)
        YHWH’s Speed Curry,..

      • David A Deal

        Try researching the writing of the Constitution and you’ll find the most pious involved were pushed to the back and more logical minds prevailed. They sprinkled in a couple references to god to placate the extremists but did their best to be sure to keep the church from ever having any influence or power in government. The founders had seen the abuses of the Catholic church in controlling every individual’s action and thought through intimidation and threat of death in Europe for centuries. This was the only reason the church flourished was because of their ties with the kings and Queens in a conspiracy to control the masses and them wealth. For example the knights in the crusades were paid 1/3 of all they could steal from the Islamic world as they slaughtered who would not bend to the will of the Catholic church. Then there was the Inquisition. Even in the colonial America different protestantg groups controlled certain areas and committed their own atrocities upon those who beleived differently. It is a sad history that few know of. But the founders knew and they strove to protect individual rights and freedoms from the church to a great degree. The first six presidents were listed as deists which simply meant they claimed a belief in god but no church affiliation. An honest search of these men will result in finding many quotes and writings where they showed many doubts about religion and god. George Washington had a falling out with his preacher in pre-revolutionary times and went to only the required minimum church functions necessary for him to hold a public office he had. Yes in times before the Constitution colonies controlled by a particular sect required church attendance to hold any office. Well on his death bed Washington refused to allow any clergyman near him as he spoke softly with his wife before his death. This is a prime example of why the founders put the clause in that states, “There shall be NO religious test required to hold public office” ! Indeed the founders were influenced by religion in forming the Constitiion and much of it was to protect us FROM the influence and intimidation of the church. Things become much clearer if you actually take the time to research history instead of swallowing sound bites from those with an agenda or sadly in many cases willfull ignorance because they WANT to believe a certain VERSION of what they believe history says. Ask any 20 year old a set of history questions and you will find the KNOW next to nothing and that is sad.

  • steve

    one of these days all of you will realize that satan is in control of your world and maybe then you will understand why all these problems exist. 1john 5;19

    • Deerinwater

      Maybe your world, but not mine.

  • Terry Wilson

    To the author: Casual sex is a “healthy sex life?” Ever hear of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s)?

    • Deerinwater

      Have you ever heard of anal retention?

      • Libertytrain

        deer – I’ve yet to meet or read one person that doesn’t suffer from that periodically – myself included.

  • http://NA Kris Lounsbury

    Rush admitted and I concur that his statements were over the top and he apologized. End of story in my book. But questioning Rush’s logic is like questioning Aristotle’s logic. Rush has the ability to inform AND entertain. Does he sometimes get more personal than I’m comfortable with? Yes, but that’s the entertainment side. I have found in the years that I’ve listened to Rush that he is unassailable in his logic and a warrior for the conservative cause. Buckley is like the officers of the Parliament addressing the King. Rush is like Shakespeare–He throws in just enough naughtiness to keep even the ‘duller’ elements of our culture entertained.

    • David A Deal

      Had to pick one to respond to and you got lucky. I am a liberal, meaning I am concerned about the environment, women and minority issues and general equality and I don’t want any religious group dictating my life choices or those of my mate, my daughters, my friends and my fellow Americans. The groups that are religious based business owners such as a hospital (that employs people of many faiths or none at all) is first a business. If there is a universal health care law or any other work place related law it NEEDS to apply equally to all employers and for all employees without discrimination or exception lest the INDIVIDUAL be in some way taken advantage of or deprived of something that is expected universally. A faith based business cannot hire based on faith lest it be discriminating thus it should not be able to dictate that individulas life choices. Thus this type of business should NOT be allowed to arbitrarilly deny benefits because of their beliefs. There are faiths that do not believe in modern medicine at all. Should they be allowed, if they operate a business to be excluded from offering their employees a government implimented health plan. This is a religious grpoup attempting to force tgheir beliefs upon the individual. As a liberal and a believer in the Constitution I know that the Constitiution was meant first and foremost to protect the individual’s rights and freedoms. Government is the tool that voters, citizens, individuals rely on to protect them from abuses by both the government and business and each other. Now on to the Viagra arguement one guy used that it is for a medical condition. Often, usually that condition is called “getting old). I am 55 and I don’t function as well sexually as I did 20 years ago. That’s normal and I’m healthy than a majority of men my age. I haven’t gone the viagra route yet to make the experience more fulfilling for both my partner and myself but I’m considering it. Men lose half their normal testesterone levels by age 50 and smoking, obesity and other things contribute to their sexual decline. BUT to justify paying for viagra and not the pill is a losing, mysogynistic arguement at best. And now to the money arguement. ANY bean counter will tell you that like preventive care tests paying for contraception is a money savings. The costs of paying for the initial delivery alone can equal the cost of a lifetime of contraception and we haven’t even touched on 18-25 years of a child being covered on a health paln and all the related costs. Then their are the babies born to women who can’t afford them and we all pay for them through welfare, etc. So anyone’s WE DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR IT arguement is inane at best. Now on to Limbaugh. I watched his tv show at 10 pm years ago. I found him an extremist baffon. But I felt it enlightening to know in depth how a small percentage of extremists felt. It is good to know your enemy which is why I’ve listened to Rush a couple hours every week for years. I get upset at his lies, exaggerations and half truths. I find him offensive and just plain sad when he thinks he’s being funny (a clown he is, a commedian he is not). And his mocking voices and mispronouncing o people’s names for a sick disrespect of those he doesn’t like is childish at best. Even as the opening statement to this said, young people have normal healthy sex lives and I believe it is in everyone’s interest that contraception be covered in all forms for the benefit it has to all of society and women’s health whether it be to RESPONSIBLY avoid and unwanted, untimely pregnancy or to regulate a woman’s period or as a treatment for prevention of cysts. And it is NO ONE’s business but the patient why she uses contraception!!! If Rick Santorum an Amish family or a backwoods couple wants to have a huge family that is their business until I have to pay for the IRRESPONSIBLE choices. But I will gladly support a woman and the MAN involved to have a healthy responsible sex life and to use contraception in whatever form those INDIVIDUALS choose. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS as anyone paying attention is the theme of this so keep the church from dictating my choices and business from arbitrarilly making my choices for me.

      • Gerard

        Good post David…plenty of good logic and use of the Constitutional rights of all including women. Some men and some women seem to think the Bill of Rights is only for them…glad you pointed out that it is for all Americans. It has always been said that logic and common sense always win out in the end along with the rights of the individual. There are of course some who would want to limit those rights to themselves. It also seems that those with little financial resources also have less human rights in a conservative world. Technology and advancements in medicine offer many improvements in human survival….other countries have recognized the right of all humans to have access to these improvements. We here in the US have not done so…..but the new HealthCare Bill is the first step in the direction of achieving the rights of all to have access. And remember the access is a shared expense with all just as insurance is a shared expense. Some get more benefits than others but that is how insurance works. It is a SHARED expense and risk.

        • mikesvoice

          Gerard, what you do not seem to grasp is that this Country has tried to “help the poor” for decades and they are no better off today that years ago….a DemocRAT plan to “raise their standard of living”…..trillion$ of dollar$ spent to obtain the “Black” vote….as to health care insurance under the Obama Care plan…yes, shared costs…but costs that are designed to skyrocket and FORCED contributions whether you want insurance or not…and now forced contributions for abortions after Barry swore no federal tax dollars would be spent on abortions…just another lie from the Impostor in Chief and this Regime!!

  • Tierra-Naomi Teneil

    Setting the contraceptive issue aside, I really don’t see much of a difference betwwen you and Rush, except for the money.

    • Martin

      Sorry, no time to read all posts, but, shouldn’t health insurance simply be limited to
      coverage for terrible incidents (catastrophic illness or getting hit by a bus). If you have
      a sinus infection or some such ailment, why not pay cash? After all, insurance is meant
      to be a way of betting against yourself, right?

      • http://Google GIVEMEFREEDOM

        Martin! Whaddya trynna do here??? We were having a completely disgustingly stupid and dumb discussion about liberal progressive democrats trying to outsmart God’s plan for the birth right of women.
        Your intelligent comment stands out like a sore thumb.

  • http://aol Gail Edwards

    how odd this is… it seems really strange to me but, for some reason I thought that when we paid for an education, we were there to learn something, not to go out and screw our brains out to the tune of $ 3000 in one years time at school , wow that is a lot of screwing and not much educating

  • Palin16

    This just in!
    Disgraced ex-Gov Blagojevich begins his 10-14 year prison sentence tomorrow. He’ll be reportedly paid 25 cents an hour to scrub toilets. I wonder how much Obummer knew about this stuff, after all it was his senate seat in question. I think this calls for a champagne celebration! This is effin golden!

    • Palin16

      PS I just heard Blago’s going to get quite a severe haircut!

  • Georgw

    I’ve spent a lot of years is many countries. The guys, the “slut hounds”, paid and the “sluts” get to pay for their own living expenses, tuition, medical needs from their income. That sounds like an honorable setup to me.
    Where did the idea come from that the “slut” gets her “jollies” off for free, and then charge the general civilian population in the nation for incidental expenses??
    Sounds like her chosen University needs one more “orientation” session. Something along the idea that EXPECTS STUDENTS WILL BE EXPECTED to maintain ethical and moral behavior while registered as a student in their University.
    She, in my opinion, her conduct is a disgrace to the standards maintained in the University.
    (Or, do they care?)

    • Tamra A

      I’m sorry, I didn’t see anywhere in her testimony where she referred to her own sexual activities. Please let me know where and what she said. The closest I could come to that was when she said that contraception “can” cost more than $3,000 for a law student in school. As far as I know, she did not specifically refer to herself, and did specifically mention that she was there to speak on behalf of others, not herself. So, since she didn’t say ANYTHING about her own sex life, just what behaviors of hers do you find so objectionable? And, her school, including faculty, are supporting her 100%. Maybe YOU shouldn’t be such a dirty minded person to read things into what she said, that she never said or implied.

  • Tamra Ambos

    Question: Do you mind health insurance paying for pre-natal care? What about the costs associated with childbirth? Once these children are born health insurance will pay for whenever they get sick, right? Even if they are born with a horrible deformity? What a terrible thing!!! Do you mind when health insurance pays since pregnant people have made a personal decision to have unprotected sex and now they want health insurance to pay thousands and thousands of dollars so they can have a healthy baby. Why does that not bother you??? Birth control= much cheaper. Quit whining. Jesus. Oh, yeah, JESUS, hmmm, wonder if HE would think we should take care of each other???

    • Gerard

      This is exactly the point I try to get across to self-centered men….some insurance policies cover Viagra which is not an essential treatment and if men don’t take it they just can’t have sex. But that was not the issue for Ms. Fluke in the first place. As you stated the argument for BC was for prevention of certain medical conditions. Most all the comments keep sidetracking to recreational sex of college students….way off the initial subject.

    • Libertytrain

      Tamra says: “Birth control= much cheaper. Quit whining. Jesus. Oh, yeah, JESUS, hmmm, wonder if HE would think we should take care of each other???”

      First self control is cheaper still. And I expect Jesus would be stunned as to why people have become so slovenly – so needy of selfish pleasures and demanding society to then take of their further needs. I think He would be saddened by the backward way man has turned – And I really wonder what He would make of this abortion problem. Not the poor girls raped by some ignorant selfish fool of a man… but those that had every ability to take care of themselves, man or woman, but has no strength of character to control themselves. Men are equally if not more guilty then women. There’s not one reason they can’t use condoms other than the few idiots that say it’s not comfortable or natural – what fools.

  • Dennis Speer

    In 1978 I videotaped a panel discussion by local high school students discussing the issues they were facing. The eight students, two from each class, talked about having to decide if they were going to have sex, if they were going to do drugs, if they were going to be drinking.
    We edited this discussion into a piece to be used to open discussions between students and parents and teachers and school counselors.

    When we presented it to the parent teacher association at the school it was decided that it would not be shown and not be used. The reason the parents did not want it shown to the students was because they said their students were not ready to have to decide about sex, drugs and alcohol. This is what they said after watching their kids talk about having sex, drinking and being offered drugs on campus.

    Fantasizing that todays world is the same as the one of the 1950′s is not serving us well. The “nuclear family” with mom, dad, sissy and buddy is now less than 7% of the population. Trying to operate with policies for that lilfestyle will not serve our current culture.

    I am still tyring to understand why everyone thinks Fluke is spending all her time flat on her back with her legs in the air. Taking birth contorl pills daily is required to have them effective even if you only have sex once a year. As for taxpayers paying for her to have sex…..would you rather have her become a stay-at-home single mom and have to either pay to help supoort her and her child, or worse, let her and the kid live in abject poverty and the kid become a criminal that costs $40,000 per year to keep in prison…. BTW- if he is a Catholic kid that gets sexually abused by a priest that is not paying for birth control because THAT is more immoral than raping the kid we can be assured he will end up in prison with us footing the bill. Check it out and you will find that we are paying for the victims of catholic priests to be housed and fed for decades….About 80% of convicts were abused… least half of them were abused by an abuser either created by catholic priest abuse, or is “second generation” abuser descended from a priest abuse.

  • TheOtherWhiteMeat

    My God, everybody- WHAT IS IT ABOUT SATIRE/FACETIOUSNESS THAT IS SO EFFEN DIFFICULT !?!?!? Stop taking things Rush says at face value !

  • poguemahoney

    I think this is excellently stated. There are very good arguments about any govt health mandate (or any govt mandate) but now those arguments are lost in this drivel…

  • f

    You could look at it like this:

    You can pay for contraceptives now or not pay for it and pay for the neo-natal care, pre-school, K-12 schooling, free college, healthcare and free meal programs all along the way until the child (or children) is (are) 26 and off the dole and then they may qualify for welfare. So, which is cheaper? Just give them the contraceptives and quit squawking. It’s not like you’d complain when this kids get sent to a senseless war because that’s all the schools have prepared them for anyway. Besides it’s her body not yours.

    • Ron

      Personally, I’m tired of “giving” people things, or maybe I should rephase that….being FORCED TO GIVE THINGS TO OTHERS!!
      You want contraceptives?? BUY THEM YOUR OWN DAMNED SELF! This is how it all starts…it’s only a rubber or a pill…what’s your problem?
      Where’s my country???????

      • Deerinwater

        This not about the issues, ~ This is about Rush and Rush’s behavior.

        He is the one that elected to attack the messenger.

        So the “messenger” is now under attack. .

        I will not tolerate the disrespect of women and allow it to go unanswered.

        Every society in the world today is a reflection of how their women are treated.

        i wouldn’t stomp Rush out if his a$$ was on fire. After 4 marriages, he’s clearly does not reflect the virtues of a fatherly man or patriarch but a hungry hound that thinks of himself as an alpha dawg in a room full of pups.

      • Ron

        This has everything to do with e issues deerinwater, but I think you already knew that.

        As for “diszrespexting” woman….maybe you should start with Maher and the rest of those Liberal HYPOCRITES!!

        • Deerinwater

          No, you are wrong Sir. Rush made it about women when referred to the opposing voice as a Slut and a prostitute. It was about the issues until he took such flaming liberties and started throwing labels about like perhaps opposition might withdraw in total fear.

          Evidently you and Rush must share the same illness. I would not expect you to agree with me. Rush’s apology for what it was, was an admission to his failings but unacceptable as it was full of contempt and insincere.

          Rush could have ended it, but he choose to be defiant and contemptible while claiming he had an excuse, he had been overwhelmed by forces not his own.

          He claims that he was possessed! This is not news to most of us, we knew this already but this possession is not an acceptable for this current behavior that he refers to as “entertainment” as we gravel with the issues of the day. It’s distracting from the issues, it’s nasty street talk, it’s demeaning, it’s a direct attack on all women and will not be tolerated from anyone.

  • Michael Rooney

    Being Republican…. means screw everyone …because I have my own money to do whatever I want with…..And if you don’t have any money you must be just lazy…….so to bad for you…Not the Lincoln type Republican or Eisenhower brand..just selfishness…
    ness…) ;

    • Deerinwater

      over simplified perhaps ~ but on point no less!

      I got mine, screw you!

  • Andrew Breitbart

    Rush has to operate in the hyperstate in order to get your attention – which often makes him hard to take. But you have to listen to what is spoken to learn what is being said. Fluke was a put up; to distract from the Obamanation that is the economy and it was genious that they twist religious inflammatory rhetoric with a purely social need (prophylactics) and sell it as Health Care and the mainstream media machine also goes hyper and the unwashed are enthralled. The Austrian corporal would be proud of Obama and Maher. PROPAGANDA!

  • chuckb

    one thing i have wondered about fluke, can lesbians get pregnant? what is she worrying about.
    rush is right as always, except for the apology.
    bolsheviks are freeloaders, all this controversy is nothing but a diversion to get peoples mind off the price of gas and other devious things this administration is up too.
    back to kenya with moochella and barry. and their dog.

  • dano

    Oh Boy… Sad to see my kids country stink and sink more everyday and people still talk about a difference of rino,s or democrats. Both parties and ALL their major communist media [rush also] are your enemy and want to destroy you and your family. First, they must divide us into groups so we hate each other, and then we can,t see the forest because of the trees. How bout NDAA, your house this week? How Bout this weeks Obama Impeachment resolution fromn NC Jones HR 107. How bout no need to have Congressional approval for war, only un. Our country is highjacked and we talk about rush boy, no less listen to him? Why??

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    I have had a couple atorneys that I suspect went to fluks classes. If Rush isn’t so much further up on (smarts) than most of these trying to put him down, I would like to see any one of them get into a head to head debate with him . I havnt seen anyone writing here that could hold a light for him.

    • Deerinwater

      You can’t win an argument with anyone that panders to insanity. Someone would have to be as equally insane as Rush to think he’s worthy debating. Debating Rush would be much like placing both of you feet over your head and attempting to jump.

      What would ever make you think it’s possible?

  • Hank, MO

    Spoken like a true liberal, Mr. Myers.

  • john

    Why do any of you bother with Rob? He shows his intelligence by the gibberish he writes. Clearly there is no sense trying to change his mind because there isn’t any gray matter there.

  • Deerinwater

    Well Mr. Myers, ~ at least now you know what you have been feeding all this time.

    There is enough rejects and social misfits in this bunch that they will never obtain to the ideas and goals offered to us in the Constitution by the founding fathers of our great nation.

    They are jaded “victims” that live and breath on a diet of hate and scorn for anything unlike themselves, fellow victims.

    If you can’t wine and cry, throw a sissy fit and dance up a dust cloud you are not one of them.

    They are children, that’s never been able to grow up and take responsibility for their life without blaming someone else for it. They have a problem with authority, a problem with women, a problem with dominion, a problem with society, and problem with serving others, a problem with coping with normal daily life.

    To get alone with them, you must pander to their childish “poor me” , “I’m been put upon” attitude like Rush does.

  • Edrod

    Rush only did what Liberals do every day. They say some of the foulest things about Conservative women and the media stays quite. I would agree with Rush and ad a few other names such as free piece, whore, dirty leg, begging slut, abomination to women and most of all a Clintonite.

  • Gary Davey

    Rush might have used some inappropriate language in attempting to make his point. He was attempting to shed light on the Bamster once again trampling the first amendment rights of religious based entities.

    Since evidently Mr. Myers you did not hear his comments you like your semi conservative friends are Monday morning quarterbacking. Also you reference to Mr. Buckley really offends me. In my opinion Mr. Buckley would be embarrassed by you Mr. Myers. Therefore just let me say that you, Lowery, and Kristol suffer from extreme ANAL CRANIAL SUBMERSION.

  • Karolyn

    It seems to me people are going quite mad. After seeing so much smut thrown around here about a woman who never even mentioned her own sex life, I have come to the conclusion that conservatives just love to degrade other people and want to impose their morality on everyone. They also live so far in the past that that’s where they will die. The whole mess reads like a bunch of dirty old men sitting around the potbelly stove at the general store talking about Sally, the town whore. Don’t people love to take apart others? That’s because it makes them feel superior.

    • Ron

      LOL! Get a clue Karolyn! None of us give a rats behind about Flukes sex life, we just don’t want to have to pay for hers, yours or anyone else to screw around!
      Stop trying to spin this into something it’s not. See it for what it truly is, if that’s actually possible…

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Karolyn,

      Don’t just lump this on conservatives. You know we don’t play the false left/right game here. There are people from all over the spectrum who want to flaunt their supposed superior intellect or superior morals or whatever and impose their beliefs on others. It’s an old game made even easier due to the anonymity afforded by the Internet.

      Best wishes,

  • TIME

    Look this guy is no better nor worse than any other person involved in “Political Thearter.”
    He is no differant than anyone else who is on any form of totaly controlled Mass Media, he has been “bought and paid” for by the same people who run the whole show.
    As in he will say and do what he is told to do when he is told to do it to distract you.

    If not, he would not be in the mass media at all. When will you all wake up to that, He just as anyone whom you think is on your side is not on any side other than the one that pays him the most. Due to that fact alone there is only one side.
    Anyone can figure out who that is, if you would all just please stop and listen, hate is hate no matter who’s selling it, and just who sells hate for profit?

    Will you all please wake up, your all being USED, your all being PLAYED, like a well waxed bow. Is that really what you want?

    Learn who you can trust and what the truth is, only then can you start to fix the flat tire that this nation has, when you fix that flat tire then in turn the whole world will benifit. We will have Peace and Love on a global scale where we will all benifit not just the few.

    Look, I know Change is never easy as well to understand and to allow the feelings and knoledge of the guilt of being played is not easy for anyone.
    But if you will allow yourself to get over it, then all the lights will come on you will no longer be fooled. Follow no IDOLS, there can be only ONE whom you will follow?
    You need not go to a church, you can speak with him on his direct line, 1-800- Hello Christ. Please wake up to the “Positive Energy LOVE Energy.”
    If we as a nation can generate enough GOOD by way of POSITIVE ENERGY, we can win. But if you so wish to follow human idols we can never win. Stop following Human IDOLS.

    Keep in mind again there are no; D v R as they are simple just one unit with the same goal.
    Just as there is no C v L. nor is there any such game on any level – you only think there is due to mass media’s COVERT efforts.

    DIVIDE and CONQUER, if you think your better or differant or on the winning team its easy to fall for this covert rhetoric, and saddly thats all it is. A means to an end, and that end is keeping you under controll. I beg you all to wake up to the LIGHT. Just take a moment to review how many groups are now granted special treatment by the Political Thearter
    squad. So with that massive riff, how can we heal as a nation when we are so divided?
    How can we fix the all the ills if we keep feeding the same MONSTER. It only gets stronger as we become weeker. Please – Wake Up.

    Has Rush ever told you that the Chinese find the PA, as well the NDAA to be such good
    control methods that they have just folded them into thier own LAWS! You know he hasn’t
    so will you please see him for what he is.
    Wake Up people.

    Peace and Love.

    • Seadawg

      Absolutely right. The whole dem v repub is ALL for OUR benefit. Do you really think when these politicians get behind closed doors they fight like they do in public? If so you are a fool and they are getting just exactly what they want. The real business of the Govt more and more is conducted in private where both parties laugh at the utter stupidity of the masses. As long as they keep us fighting one another they don’t have to worry about us uniting against their ever increasing control over every aspect of our lives and the slow dismantling of our rights as outlined in the Constitution.
      Wake up people before the last of our freedoms have disappeared.

      • hopeful

        I have heard someone else basically say the same thing about the two party and joke, and I believe the both of you are correct. My personal thought is, that it takes money to run for a position in government and to the person you owe, you are a debtor! Very few people give without the expectation of return. To me personally, I think it would be an honor to serve my country, but it seems that more often than not it is about power and control.

        • Deerinwater

          “Absolutely right. The whole dem v repub is ALL for OUR benefit. Do you really think when these politicians get behind closed doors they fight like they do in public?”

          Correct! it is for your and my entertainment and amusement and just how sucked into these dirty sock fight you are willing to take it.

          It appears that Rush became obsesses and so much as admitted that he was possessed by forces outside his own and the reason he called a women that he knew little about a “SLUT and a “PROSTITUTE” as she exercised her rights to speak publicly on an issue that’s been 7 years in the making.

          For a person that is suppose to be a professional public voice, this behavior becomes an “issue” unto it self and distracting for the real issues at hand.

          This behavior left un-addressed will only lead to no good. It will stop and it will stop now. I don’t care from which corner of the universe it comes from.

          We will stop ~ back up and address this to prevent future incidents or expect only more.

  • Glenn

    I’m not defending Rush but he was JUST making absurd comments about an absurd subject. He also admitted, on a later date that he had allowed himself to stoop to the level of the of the left on this and had lost focus of the real Issue

    • Gerard

      Glenn I agree with you that RL was absurd but morbidly absurd at the least. His apology was not a straightforward apology. He blamed others for his tirade because he said he was pulled into it by the left. He did not take responsibility for his actions but tried to transfer it to others. That’s not an apology…it was a weak attempt to stem the tide of sponsors and advertisers leaving his show in droves. I think we are on the same page.

  • Katrael

    Rush could care less about the woman he bashed he’s angry about other people having to pay for her habits or problems through our tax dollars.

  • Keith Odle

    John Myers evidently does not listen to Rush. He identifies with the elitest Buckly who
    did not reach 1/ 100,000 of the people who Rush inspires. Is John a wolf in sheep’s
    clothing? Without Buckly the ‘National Reveiw’ has gone to the left. A case can be made that all elites lean to the left but preach to the right. Witness the Rinos in congress.
    If the republican establishment had not backed Harry Reid we would have Senator Angle in his place. Is this website/blog a bit like Snopes?? John Myers gets it so wrong…..does he come to bury Caesar (bama) or to praise him?

    • Deerinwater

      Well, It’s hard to listen to someone that attempts to addresses complex issues on an 8 grade level while pulling a sissy fit and thrashing about like mortally wounded wilder beast gasping it’s last breath.

      Rush is a “VICTIMS ADVOCATE” and appeals to anyone drowning in self pity, only capable of seeing the world about them in the first person singular. Rush offers them “validation” for their “feeling” and justifies their point of view, much like poor little Glenn Beck.

      Glen and Rush appeal pandered to stunted emotional conditions, people that has not yet fully matured and most likely never will.

      This ability to assimilate and control your emotions is a developed skill that comes with effort, determination , desire, the aging process. It helps if you had a strong mentor in your life. I didn’t but only in one man, a grandfather, but he was taken from me too early to complete me and counter the bad my father offered.

      There was once a time, my biggest single problem was “I didn’t think that I had one”. Problems belonged to everyone else. Once you find the courage to realize that you are wrong and face your “victim mentality” only then will any “healing” ever start.

      Until then, Rush is there to offer you self validation.

  • http://PersonalLibertyAlert Minuteman44mag

    Rush said what everybody else was just thinking. He’s got the bully pulpit, so he got the first shot at it. Fluke is exactly what Rush said she is! She is now suffering for her stupidity of going along with the Social Agenda being shoved where the sun don’t shine. In this case, there needn’t be any diversion, since Obama is in full scale “executive” mode. Pelosi used her like a black step- child, and we all know, Ms. Plastic gets what she wants! Depending on the election results, look for Ms. Fluke to come up from under some desk in D.C.

    • Deerinwater

      No, not everybody, just people like yourself.

      I’m not like you and you are not everybody.

  • Sue

    I am deeply offended by the implication that only the Pope if a faithful Catholic. There are many, many of us. I am a very assertive, strong willed WOMAN, yet I know truth when I find it. The Church and any organization has the right to protest against being forced to pay for or cooperate in sin, against being forced to pay for or cooperate in providing for abortion (the pill is abortive), against paying for or cooperate in distributing a drug that is a known carcinogen (the pill has been shown to increase the risk of cancer), against paying for a chemical that is not healthy or caring. Contraception is not health care!

    What is this country coming to when we must conceal truth for the sake of feelings (what do you call a person who testifies publicly about their sexual conquests). What will become of this country when we must suppress basic American rights (the division of church and state, the freedom of religion) in order to do what ever feels good. The greatest country the world has ever known is suffering from starvation and will soon perish. Her eminent death is a reason to mourn. The only consolation is that the Church was here when the USA was founded and she will be here long after the USA has been reduced to history books. Even now I still have hope. God bless the USA. God save us from her enemies.

    • Deerinwater

      Whatever you say SUE!

      There was some truth in there somewhere, but I had a hard time running it down and getting my hands on it.

      The church is a construct of man, not of GOD.

      The Church was not here first. ( here being the USA ) it was imported mostly from Europe. Prior to that, the indigenous peoples of North America worshiped a Deity or the Divine as well, there was many, with many servants of the Divine, not completely unlike the Christian faith that speaks of the Trinity, the Father, Son & Holy ghost with a heavenly host of Angles.

      There was the Word and the Word was God, From the Divine all things came, The “church” was crafted by man for the purpose of to connect and celebrating GOD. (or the Divine)

      The Pope, is just a man, but a very special one that represents a Church. But he puts his britches on one leg at a time just like any other man,while he is appointed by his piers and found worthy both title and position.

      There are many “churches” and if permitted into the political arena “directly” they would destroy this nation of many churches just as sure as the rains in Spain stay mostly in the plains.

      Is it not enough ~ that you are free to worship as you wish without passing judgement and assigning sin to others?

      I suppose not. I ask you this day, what more control do you wish to expose on your fellow citizens , to satisfy your control for dominion?

      And even more some, ~ what gives you this right and power?

  • Cliff

    If you don’t believe that Satan’s not using Immoral sex to bring the delusion of goodness
    then Bob I feel sorry for you. I don’t know who your God (god) is but Jesus is the Son
    Of The Creator, and in Eph. 5:11 “Have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness, but
    rather EXPOSE THEM.” There are a few really good points made above, but most are
    a very liberal bias supporting the delusion of Satan. If you liberals will go to Websters,
    then Rush is RIGHT. I would dare say that everyone of you running down Rush has
    never spent 3 hours to listen to his show, much less a whole week.
    Also, Rush has never said he is the speaker for the Republican party–other than mocking what the Democrats have said the over and over.

    • Seadawg

      “I don’t know who your God (god) is but Jesus is the Son
      Of The Creator”

      There is only one God. Multiple religions serve much the same purpose as multiple political parties – divide the people so we cannot ever present a united front against the tyranny of the few in power.
      Jesus did NOT endorse religion; the scribes, pharisees and eventually even the Roman Emperor DID just like our govt of today does and for the same purpose. Religion allows people to accept the unacceptable and tolerate the intolerable which govts LOVE. They also teach (preach) obedience without question which govts also LOVE. What can be better for a tyrannical govt than a populace full of sheep willingly following wherever they may be led….

      • Deerinwater

        “. Religion allows people to accept the unacceptable and tolerate the intolerable which govts LOVE. They also teach (preach) obedience without question which govts also LOVE.”

        The chief and the witch doctor, both demanding dominion and compliance. Or Lucy’s got some “splaining” to do.

        • Ron

          Deer…you see this is the problem with a lot of leftists. You think that religion equates to gov’t, which is WAY off base! People who believe in God and Jesus, do so in faith. Religion does not mandate that you do what they say and if you don’t, they can send you to jail or even prison…religion does no such thing!
          Fact is that the current regime fears religion and those that believe in it, period! Just look how they’ve demonized it, most recently the Catholic Church.
          For you to say what you did, is proof that you know not of which you speak!
          Get a clue next time, before making such a FOOLISH statement!!

          • Deerinwater

            Ron , you are permitted your thoughts , you are permitted to share them and speak of them openly. But this liberty to do so , does not validate them. The voices of words alone does not make them righteous or correct.

            You are coming across as being just one more sick puppy with a head full of ideas you want to inflict on other people and will do so as long as they will allow it.

            Live in your world, enjoy what it has to offer you. But don’t be pushing matter of the Divine off as the may be words spoken from the burning bush or like Moses coming down the mountain with a table of stone written by the hand of God. Your concepts need serious work.

            Your ideas are so off the mark, attempting to discuss Theology with you would take more time then I got budgeted. Arguing with a fool is not included in my afternoon.

            Forgive my bluntness, I do attempt to be kind but direct.

            Have a great day.

          • Ron

            In the words of Judge Judy, “you’re an idiot!”….

          • Deerinwater

            The best thing I can offer you Ron, is find your own thoughts and quit borrowing other peoples.

          • Ron

            LOL water! Trust me I have many thoughts, especially when it comes to you…I was being nice…

          • http://NA Kris Lounsbury

            I didn’t read the post that you responded to but I was struck by your use of the word, ‘fool’ to describe someone who believes in the Bible and in the Biblical God. The Bible uses that very word to describe the man who refuses to believe in God–”The fool has said, ‘There is no God’”. The Bible doesn’t equate a fool with just a dull person. The Biblical ‘fool’ is someone like Carl Sagan who proudly boasted, “The Cosmos is all there is, all there ever was, and all there will ever be.” Only a fool and someone who was trying to WOW the audience would make such a bare assertion. Sagan would have to have comprehensive knowledge to try to back up that statement and that would be a stretch even for such a pompous fool as himself. At least Dawkins is honest enough (begrudgingly) to admit that he has no idea HOW the Cosmos began or how inorganic compounds suddenly came alive. Sorry about the tangent. Rush’s mistake was trying to make a laughable scenario even more humorous. Even I cringed when he used the words he did. BUT…………The logic that he was using was inescapable. He fell prey to a surface ad hominem argument to try to make his example funnier but his overall argument and logic was unassailable.

      • Deerinwater

        Not very many people that like to think of themselves Christians or just good American citizen think calling people nasty inflammatory names as being “funny”. That such words were not solicited while carrying sexual implications toward one women, even less funny.

        That Rush might think he can say such things and not pay a price, only illustrates his profound arrogance and callous disregard for women and the spoken word.

        ” John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God …

        This disrespect for words makes communicate impossible. While we all at one time or another might take “liberties” with words, there is a line that you can cross.

        Some people have to be shown where that line is.

        • http://NA Kris Lounsbury

          Hey, brother (sister), Rush asked for forgiveness and admitted making a error in judgment on his use of words. Don’t give me the all too frequent response–”I’ll forgive him but I won’t forget it; and he needs to be punished!”. God does not ASK us to forgive those who sin against us; He COMMANDS us to forgive as we have been forgiven. If we don’t forgive others He says He WILL NOT FORGIVE US. He says, I will caste your sins into the sea of forgetfulness–Your sins and iniquities I will remember no more–I will caste your sins as far as the east is from the west.” If you, in your self-righteousness, were able to confront God with his heart towards Rush’s sin, this is what God would say–”What sin? He asked for forgiveness and his sin was caste into the sea of forgetfulness. WHO ARE YOU to judge another man’s servant?”. I have been a born again Christian for almost 40 years–I’ve read through the Bible at least 25 times and the NT about 50 times–I’ve pastored for over 12 years, done jail ministry for over 20 years. Those who are Christians and posting non-forgiving and vengeful posts about Rush need to repent and ask God to forgive your Pharisaical attitude of self-righteousness.

          • jericho777

            Matthew 6:14 (King James Version)
            14} For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:

            And I’ll forget!

          • http://NA Kris Lounsbury

            The whole section of scripture says, “Matt. 6:14 For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.” That is probably one of the most fearful verses in the Bible for someone who will not forgive someone who has sinned against him. Let it go!! If you have an agenda to somehow ‘get’ Rush, then shame on you for trying to justify your actions in the name of ‘ethical correction’. If you question Rush’s sincerity, then leave it with God. Ultimately God and God alone knows Rush’s heart.

          • jericho777

            You have misread me. I’ve been a listener of Rush Limbaugh since 1987, 25 years now. From day one I might add, caught his show right after the late great Paul Harvey signed off.. I believe it’s a terrible witch hunt against Rush…I met Rush here in Charleston SC while promoting the Saturn dealership, and received a Desert Storm coffee mug from his then nicotine stained hands, which I have to this day… <3 Feel secure in knowing I am on your side with this issue, and believe it was either another post you read, or perhaps just misread mine…And your absolutely right about forgiveness Kris…

            Matthew 6:14
            For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:

      • Seadawg

        In spite of what many of you would like to believe, the Constantinian Church is NOT THE VOICE OF GOD!
        Jesus said you can tell a tree by the fruit it bears. If I had a tree in my backyard with all those homosexual child molesters hanging from it I would be cutting that tree down!
        Look at all the Priests, ministers and preachers that have been in the news for everything from child molestation, to drug use, to using the services of gay prostitutes, adultery, embezzlement, etc. etc.
        The “tree” of the western church has been rotting from the inside out for centuries and yet you still follow and defend it.
        I have absolutely NO DOUBT Jesus would not defend the church as it exists today. He would see it just as He did the religion(s) of His day; as a corrupt institution more concerned with power, control and wealth than the good of the people.

      • Seadawg

        Asking forgiveness is NOT the same as being repentant. In order to say Rush is forgiven you first have to believe he was sincere in his apology. Rush never apologized for his unprovoked, vile attack on this individual, he simply apologized for using “inappropriate” language. Seems like Rush thinks he was correct in his judgement of Fluke’s character and is completely unapologetic for the attack on her.

        “Those who are Christians and posting non-forgiving and vengeful posts about Rush need to repent and ask God to forgive your Pharisaical attitude of self-righteousness.”

        You cannot tell someone they need to repent without first passing judgement on them. Seems we all can be judgmental at times, even a 12+ year pastor…

        • Ron

          Dawg, had you actually listened to Rush on the Monday after this curfluffel, you would have heard a very sincere apology, although I doubt anything short of Rush’s head, will not suffice for you lefties and your ridiculous comments prove that.
          Again I ask, where’s yours and other libs outrage against Maher, Mathews and the rest of those leftists, with their VILE comments they make, continuously, against women on the right?
          Democrats are so hypocritical!!

          • http://NA Kris Lounsbury

            Amen!!!!!!!!!! Good post, Ron.

          • Ron

            Thanks Kris! I am just so sick of these Libtards and the HYPOCRACY! They are either too ignorant to see it, or it just fits their agenda. Actually, it’s probably both!

        • http://NA Kris Lounsbury

          The admonition against judging others is a critical, self-serving judgment. The church and we, as individuals, judge actions as right or wrong every day. If we use scriptures as our guide we can safely say that an action is right or wrong because it violates or affirms one of God’s proscriptions. I don’t know why you would say that Rush didn’t apologize. I heard him apologize in the most detailed language possible. Relating to the logic of his overall stand on this woman’s actions, using vulgar names does not nullify the correctness of his logic. This lady wanted to have sex with whomever she pleased. That’s between her and God. However, when she wants the taxpayers to pay for her birth control so she can do that which is morally repulsive to me, then she’s crossed the line into whoredom (or prostitution) and asked for me to pay for it. This was an obvious ‘set-up’ on this lady’s part to try to take away the choice of the university NOT to pay for her birth control through the school’s insurance. This is another liberal ploy to try to weaken a religious institution and to impose a sick and ungodly standard and take away the choice of this university.

      • Seadawg

        LOL @ a “very sincere apology”. Stop it Ron. I know you have more sense than that. Rush is only sorry b/c of the consequences NOT b/c he feels that he actually said or did anything wrong.
        Just so you know I am NOT a democrat nor a Republican. I am not a conservative or a liberal. In all things I believe moderation serves man best. I take issue with ALL extremism whether to the left or the right, whether secular or religious, whether physical or emotional. Unfortunately it is the extremists that have the radio shows, cable shows and receive all the media attention. This is purposefully done as another form of distraction to prevent us from uniting against the REAL enemies of America, most of whom are sitting in Washington DC this very moment allowing our future to be flushed down the toilet while they sit idly by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
        I do not blame either party, I blame them both because behind closed doors the one thing ALL the politicians can agree on is policies that increases their own power and wealth while leaving us to languish as we lose our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and slowly drop into abject poverty.
        It should not be me vs you, it should be us vs them!

        • Ron

          I get the fact that you don’t like Rush and I’m sorry that you are so far gone that you don’t know when someone is sincere in their apology (I hope you’re not in any kind of relationship!), but he did do all he could, but again, that isn’t enough for “some” people.
          I do agree that it’s both parties that have gotten us into this mess, but the current regeim has sent this into hyperspeed!
          Now, as for the Libtards, such as Maher and Mathews…they can say WHATEVER they want and somehow get a pass. Why is that (I know, it is a rehtorical question)??
          Again, Rush uses absurdity to show the adsurdity of the problem! I didn’t agree with how he said what he did, but his point got across and fact is, this woman is a liberal hack, out promoting the fact that she wants someone else to pay for her having sex and I am sick of this give me mentality! You want, GET IT YOURSELF!!!

    • Seadawg

      Did Rush apologize before or AFTER the proverbial sh*t hit the fan???
      Don’t be naive Ron, rush’s apology had nothing to do with any kind of heartfelt emotion; it was all about the advertisers suspending or flat out pulling their ads from his show. Once he saw the direction this mess was headed he all of a sudden got a conscience and was “sorry” for what he did. Yeah right.
      I don’t like Maher any more than I like Rush; they are two sides of the EXACT SAME COIN. I listen to/watch all these fools on occasion but only for the entertainment value. It scares the bejesus outta me that some people take their rantings seriously…
      You say “you want, get it yourself” which would have been excellent advice 30 yrs ago but today for the first time since the great depression the current generation is WORSE OFF than their parents and this is the trend that is expected to continue well into the future if nothing significantly changes. It has become increasingly difficult for anyone outside the top 1% to “get” because they already have it all and very few are ready to share even the least little bit. Matter of fact they want their taxes cut so they can have more…

      • Ron

        First off, when does 99.9% of people apologize???? My gosh, you are asking for something from Rush that the vast majority of the people don’t do and the WHOLE point her is that he DID apologize, despite what you may think!
        As for his advertisers, he only lost, I believe, 3 NATIONAL advertisers and one wanted to come back and Rush told them to pound sand!
        You really need to get your facts straight, before making such outlandish statements.
        Oh, by the way, there has only been ONE PERSON who ever walked this earth that was perfect and last time I checked he didn’t do a talk show, although we now have a “president” who thinks he’s the reincarnation of Him!
        As for things being worse now than 30 years ago, you may be right, but let me ask you a question…I want a new car and can’t afford it, WILL YOU PAY FOR IT??? Somehow I don’t think you’d be willing to, just as I’m not willing to pay for rubbers, sponges or whatever this woman uses to romp around in bed!
        Also, it’s nice to see how people, such as yourself, love to demoize the “1%” for their sucess. Since when has achiving become a bad thing…oh wait, I can answer that! Since this pathetic excuse for a “president” came into office and before you make a fool of yourself, I’m not rich, not even close, but I do appricate the value of hard work and persistance, which is what most of the “rich” used to get what they have today! Do you even know that the top 10% of wage earners already pay 70% of ALL THE TAXES??? How much more do you want them to pay!
        My suggestion to you is read Atlas Shrugged and see what can and will happen when the “rich” get fed up with paying so much in taxes!
        Get real!

      • jericho777

        I have been listening to Rush for 25 years, before him, Paul Harvey since the latter 60s, and his apology was heart felt. And who are you to judge what is within his heart, or had you listened to and watched him enough to discern that…I’m a grown man who doesn’t idolize anything or one, and aren’t swayed by such things, and nor do I make excuses for anything or one. With that said, I also have a keen intuition to judge if a person is sincere, especially my dear friend, being that I have been following him for 25 years…Be respectful, perhaps we know him better to make such judgements on his character, perfect no, and don’t judge him either because of his failed marriages, that does not necessarily reflect on him, but instead, his bad choice in woman?

        • Deerinwater

          “I have been listening to Rush for 25 years, before him, Paul Harvey since the latter 60s, and his apology was heart felt. And who are you to judge what is within his heart, or had you listened to and watched him enough to discern that…I’m a grown man who doesn’t idolize anything or one, and aren’t swayed by such things”

          That much like saying, “I’ve been smoking grass for 25 years , before that, I watch my parents smoke weed so I know what I’m talking about when i tell you that “It is not addictive in any way, form or fashion. I’m a grown man that has allowed these things to enter my life but I’m totally unaffected by them.

          That my girlfriend has more tattoos then teeth is pure coincidence.

          • Ron

            HaHa…Well put Jericho, but this is what you can expect from all liberals. They love to spin things and when caught, they then result to the personal attacks. I’ve had enough of him and deerdrowninginwater.
            Facts are meaningless to those people!

          • jericho777

            I’ve watched this ballooning idiot put everyone down who tried to remain courteous to his weasel ass, only to suffer his stupidity. I was on Soda Head with 8 Liberals about Rush calling Fluke a slut, and beyond nothing more than their fantasy world, made claims Rush was finished? Now I posted 10 cycles of news reports showing Rush with the highest viewership of any other Broadcast show, and of his turning down the very Advertisers who pulled their ads out of sheer stupidity and even gained just as many larger firms to replace the smaller ones who pulled out. They still insisted he was finished. So I did one better, like the Donkey raping Muslims, they hate our using their Qur’an, with the Liberals, their Liberal news outlets. I pulled a story about Bill Maher’s job being in jeopardy “A Ricochet Kill” collateral dumbage, they had a baby Satan man, after an hour, I told them I got it from CNN, which I did, and Man did they start cussing me with the filthiest of evil…Your on to something Ron, I believe they are beyond reproach? Dimwits me Pappy would call them, a great insult in his day LMBO Good Luck with em, and be careful, they have to be contagious Ron :)

          • Ron

            Thanks Jericho! I usually hit them with facts at first, to see if they’re at least respectful in their response and if si, I know we can at least agree to disagree, but most odbf the time allntheybdo is spew the venom.
            Like I told one of them on here, most seem to have a disease i like to call CRI..Cranial Rectum Inversion! Lol

          • Deerinwater

            Ron, you and your “facts” !

            You are just too funny! Why don’t you post a few sometimes and quite slinging mature?

            I think you are more “Rancher” then “fact” provider.

            I’ll give you a fact, ~ women are still paid less and appreciated less while doing most of the everyday work men seem to think they are too good to do. If it wasn’t for some woman that put up with you 24/7 for three years of her life, you wouldn’t even be here.

          • dakotahgeo

            Again, a most succinct reply to another ungrateful male… and I use that term loosely. These males don’t deserve the good graces of women in any way, shape, or form!

          • Jeffrey Ray Hardin

            This is after all a boys club, and you wouldn’t know what to do with a man, even if you were given instructions. OH, sorry, you did have instructions, OOPS! Such is the problem with Liberal woman, they are just to liberal with their selves :)

          • Deerinwater

            Jeffrey, your illness is showing through your posting. It’s something that can be overcame, but you must understand the need for it. I suspect that you don’t and until you do, you are to be pitied.

            Woman is Gods gift to man and shines above all others. Her and her sister are deserving of the finest you can offer. Young, old, fat or thin, black, brown, green or white. republican, democrat, it does not matter.

            This attitude you are displaying will only get you hurt where I come from. A man that will treat women mean will treat anything mean and no man at all.

          • dakotahgeo

            Deer, you are to be commended. I don’t think Jay is caable of comprehending/understanding that fact in life. He is to be pitied
            and prayed for. Dak!

          • Deerinwater

            Well, I don’t know if there is two Jay’s here or not. But there use to be a more level head reasonable one, one that I was most willing to hear his argument as he presented it well.

            I wonder what happen to “that” Jay?

          • dakotahgeo

            The level-headed Jay probably left in disgust like the other good people when the discussions were ruined by the Limbaugh wannabes. Pretty sad. Keep posting, Deer.. you make a lot of intelligent sense! One of the few here!

          • Libertytrain

            If she’s a gift why doesn’t obama act like it for all women – just curious if you know?

          • Deerinwater

            Not sure I understand your question or what Obama has to do with it. Most men do not require correction when it come to the treatment of women. However, some do.

            I don’t remember Obama calling any women name or offering mistreatment.

            I believe this thread is about just one man and his behavior and how Rush’s behavior is being responded to.

            I fail to understand how Obama is germane to the thread. Perhaps you might better develop your question.

          • dakotahgeo

            Thank you, Deer. The problem is, she can’t! No connect between the two ideas!

          • Deerinwater

            Ahh! ☺ I viewed your link.

            A right wing rant! employing “guilt by association” to paint Obama.

            Well there is something to be said for “guilt by association” for sure. It does lend credence and worthy consideration and exactly why Rush is loosing some sponsorship today.

            Feel free to employ this Rev Wright approach to your attack if you wish. If you think that old horse will pull your wagon, hitch him up.

            I call it a “rant”, shadow boxing with yourself.

          • Libertytrain

            Deer – I didn’t view as a right-wing rant. It was a young gal asking obama why she was disregarded – I’m not a Palin fan – I do wonder why he never called her young daughter, if he saw fit to call fluke. Sorry. Wrong about me – I’m a woman with questions as to why men get away with the name calling and others are called out. That which is right – left or the other is irrelevant – Its just me…asking why.

          • Ron

            Drowningdeer…I know you have a problem with people who are actually ”mature”! LOL Libs have a real problem dealing with someone who is far and above their own intellect, so I have to stoop to your levels, in order for you to understand. Sorry you couldn’t see that FACT!
            As for your quote about women, not sure where that’s coming from, but then again, this is typical liberal double speak, when not knowing what else to say.
            Facts have been provided for you and your butt bro on many occassions on this form, yet when they are, you and your “friend” have done nothing but come back with personal attacks, providing nothing but your spin on things. Then when someone comes back at you, you cry fowl. Gee, where have we heard this one before??
            Here you have a woman who is attending one of the top law schools in the country and for some strange reason, she’s all worried about how she’s gonna afford her next sexual encounter, when in fact, there are already programs in place at that university, to provide her rubbers and whatever other “things” she might need. So one has to wonder why this was such a big deal to this person.
            No one has EVER said they want to deny ANYONE the right to use whatever they wanted to use for their desires, although to hear the Liberal media, which is about 95% of the crap we get, the Republicans want to take that right away!
            Now you take into account the FACT that we now have MORE PEOPLE recieving some form of public assistance, than in anytime in history, which nobody on the right has a problem with helping people, but the country is broke, due to Dear Leader and his out of control spending habits, yet we have this woman wanting taxpayers to pick up the slack on her condom supply!
            Then you have you and your “buds” on here, claiming that Rush is in all this trouble with advertisers, which has been shown to be nothing more than another LIE, spun by the left stream media and you guys, especially given the fact that Rush is turning away potential suitors for his show, but I digress.
            Bottom line here is that the COUNTRY IS BROKE, period! We can’t pay our bills, yet we have this GIVE ME mentality from the lefties, thinking that everyone else is suppose to work their butts off, only to give more to the federal levaithon, so they can buy votes with people like Sandra Fluke!
            Our country is headed on a quick path to Marxism and the Head Thug and this Goons are right in the middle of it! EVERY time this idiot speaks, HE LIES and his sheeple believe him, without really checking any of the facts. He does nothing but blame everyone else for HIS crap! He and his minions know that they can not run on his record, due to the fact that is it beyond that of Jimmy Carter, which, up till this point, was the WORST PRESIDENT EVER, but Barry has far surpassed him on that, to which I’m sure Jimma is happy about and thanks God daily for bringing this jerk into this position.
            The nation is completely spinning out of control, yet the Libs and the media (one in the same) want people to talk about Rush Limbaugh. How interesting is that! WAKE UP!!

          • Deerinwater

            25 lines at 20 words per line and not a “fact” in sight!

            Yepper! You are a “Rancher” alright!

            Rancher Ron! You are just too comical to ignore!

          • Ron

            Thanks Drownedeer for proving my whole point of this exercise. You and your ilk have no interest in discussing FACTS or debating. Your only interest is in slinging your diarrhea against the wall, hoping some of your crap will stick.
            Facts are meaningless to you people, unless they are changed to make you look right. Unfortunately for you, there are way too many of us out here, who get who and what you are!
            Nice trying though…

          • dakotahgeo

            Ron, You and YOUR ilkwill never realize how miserably you have failed. You and your little band of misfits have handed Obama and the Democrat masses an astonishing victory this coming November, and you really didn’t even have to work at it. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

          • Ron

            And chickens have lips! LOL You guys are nothing more than pompous asses, filled with nothing but crap. Thanks for the entertainment!

          • dakotahgeo

            We’ll see how ëntertained
            DarthEVaderCheney” you are in November! At least the Democrats/Progressives can hold their heads up with pride that they haven’t sunk as low as the TPod/Repugs to try and win an election. You blokes are still trying to find a Presidential nominee… that’s an outlandish non-accomplishment!

          • Ron

            IF you can remember back in 08, Hitlery and Comrade Obama were STILL battling it out at this time of the nomination process. Remember that? Remember when gas was $1.70 a gallon and the PATHETIC Libtards were complaining? And what are they now?? How about the debt?? Remember when we use to have a BUDGET?? When was that? Oh yea, before your commie buddies took over…remember that?
            Remember when our economy was flowing along? When was that?? Oh yea…again before you commies took over!
            Remember when heath care insurance didn’t cost out the butthole?? Again, when was that?? Oh yea…before your commie buddies took over!
            Yes, this country is so much better shape now! Get a clue…

          • dakotahgeo

            Bwahahahahaha… you think it’s bad now?? President Obama just signed an Executive Order last Friday that puts HIM in charge of all natural resources in case of war OR civil unrest. Youse guyz will beg for gas to drop to $10/gallon before this is over. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!! LOLOL!!! And I’m sitting here in lil’ ol’ Paraguay and Brazil watching the circus!!! Clowns! Ohhhhh… four more years!!! You ain’t seen nothin’yet!
            DarthEVaderCheney y GWBunnypants!

          • Ron

            I knew you were a COMMIE, but didn’t realize you were that far gone! You’re exactly right about the cost of fuel and it’s all thanks to this commie regeim and the enviornazi’s! We are going to fight to stop this take over of OUR great country, by the scumbags on the left and your response is proof positive that Obama IS the problem!
            Thanks for once again making my point! Chow!!

          • dakotahgeo

            Chow???? ROFLMBO!!!! It’s Tschau in Portugues; Chao in Spanish; and Ciao in Italian, lolol. You’d be well advised to just stick with your fractured English! LOLOL… what a trip you are, a real work of art!

          • Ron

            I don’t care what planet your from..just know it’s not one where the inhabitants have NO brains.

          • dakotahgeo

            Ron!!! Wake up! Read your statement… you’re contradicting yourself! Think before you comment. Unnnnnnngh!!! What a loser you are!

          • David A Deal

            Yes I remember! It was the Clinton presidency. Then Bush got in and screwed things up So bad that it didn’t matter who stepped into the quagmire. Now if the Repulicans wouldn’t have cockblocked Obama on tax adjustments back to Clinton era rates on wealthy then there would be a point to setting a budget though with 2 Bush wars still going we still would be in the red. It will be years before we can recover financially from them IF we can stay home and let the rest of the world deal with it’s own problems for a decade or more there may be hope but only if we restore rational revenue levels instead of the present let the gap between the rich and poor expotentially expand mode we reverted to under Bush after seeing the failure of Reagan Trickle down philosophy which again only enhanced the pockets of the wealthy.As far as this executive order which is simply an updated wording to and existing document you paranoid right wingers kill me with your conspiracy theories. I remember when Clinton was in office I printed a newspaper flyer for a paranoid right wing preacher that claimed Clinton would declare himself KING and rule the USA forever as the anti-christ. As an Atheist who embraces common sense and science I find it all the more laughable. Reagan was the problem TRIPLING the debt over 12 years with his policies by the time Bush Sr exited, GW was the problem when he embraced the same irresponsible tax slashing for the wealthy and warmongering party at the behest of the true anti-christ Cheney (enriching his Haliburton cronies) nearly doubling the debt before he was done but his legacy remains an anchor as it will have TRIPLED under his policies soon because Obama despite doing his best can only free us from the debts of war so quick and again saddled with Bush tax cuts he cannot attack the debt while Rethuglicans act foolish in an effort to make Obama look like a failure *but WE know it was their ASS-backwards obstrutionism that has steered us down the wrong path as they pander to Limbaugh like puppets while he pulls their strings.

          • Ron

            Oh my gosh…you Libtards are clueless! I agree that Bush was a spend thrift, but this MARXIST/COMMIE we have now, has taken us into hyperspeed and you’re gonna blame Reagan?? LOL
            The National Debt TODAY, as compared to to the same day in 2008 is as follows:
            2008= $9.5 TRILLION
            2012= $15.5 TRILLION
            Please explain how Comrade Obama is not at fault for this?? We now SPEND more than we actually take in!! Every month this country spends half again as much as we take in (I’ll make it easy for YOU and others like YOU to understand…that’s like us bringing home $500 a week and spending $750).
            You Libs love to squak about raising taxes on the so called “rich” to pay for your CRAP, but when you take in less than what you spend, you’re ALWAYS going to have a deficite, period. Bottom line, we have a SPENDING PROBLEM…not a revenue one!!
            Fact of the matter is, no matter who is in charge, SPENDING has to be cut, plain and simple! Sure, it’s gonna hurt some of the dregs of society and by dregs, I’m talking about those who suck off the tax payers teet and have for virtually all their lives. We have millions of people who TRULY need help and that’s what the “system” is set up for, yet we now have a THUG throwing OUR money down the drain, with such ascine projects as Solyndra (remember them…we lost $5.5 BILLION) and now we hear of many of his other projects that have gone belly up and you have liberals walking around on the streets of our citites, literally waiting for “Obama cash”, as Nazi Pelosi’s daughter proved with her “documentary” that was shown on Mahar’s show!
            We can all agree that we need to find alternative energy and probably should have started before now, but the FACT is, we didn’t and we are not ready for all this electric car garbage, solar energy and wind power, as we do not have the technology for it, yet we have a THUG administration, shoving it down our throats, just as they did Obamacare.
            Right now we get LESS THAN 2% of our energy from all the above, COMBINED! We need oil and we need to get in from where we know it will not be interupted by people who hate us..HERE! We have, by all estimates, 200+ years of oil beneath our country, yet we’re not being allowed to get it, but when Bush left office in Jan. of 09, gas was at approximately $1.70 a gallon. I paid $3.68 a gallon yesterday, yet we hear nothing from you, or any of the other libs on here or in the press, about the cost of fuel, which, by the way, sends EVERYTHING through the roof, as viturally everything we have, has some type of oil derivative in it.
            We have politicians on both sides that are good people, but we have some completely corrupt ones running our government now, from both sides. We are in a deep decline and it needs to stop or our country will never be able to recover! We have to start and start now, fixing things, but we continue on like there’s nothing wrong…do YOU not see this???

          • http://NA Kris Lounsbury

            I’m normally a very optimistic person but after reading this post and others like it and hearing the insanity that is believed by the left, I’m to the point of believing that there may not be any way out of this head-bumping except through a divorce. It’s sad to me that these people who believe in socialism and redistribution could almost throw a dart at a country that now enjoys these ‘great programs’ they’re trying to promote here. For the life of me I can’t understand why they don’t move to Europe, Cuba, Canada or (throw a dart) instead of trying to draw our country down into the sewer of socialism. So, you’re an atheist and a scientist? You’ve just stated two things that are impossible to put together in any rational way. Of course, this has never stopped the atheist, socialist, collectivist before. So you’re an Atheist? How can you logically even make that kind of a statement. An atheist (by definition!!!) says, “There is no God”. A universal negative is IMPOSSIBLE to prove so you’re defining your life on a bare assumption that has NO POSSIBLE MEANS of being a valid statement. Then you say you believe in Science. Really??? Science is based on logic, predictability, and basic reliability of sense perception. This are assumptions and mental constructs that can NEVER make ‘sense’ outside of the Biblical world-view. In a materialistic universe you CAN NOT have logic, reason and rationality unless you assume the Christian world-view, which would refute your bare assertion of atheism. You don’t make any more sense as a philosopher than you do as a ethicist. I can just imagine the name-calling (ad hominem attacks) that will follow this post.

          • dakotahgeo

            Sorry, Chicky… you’re not worth any comments, good or bad! Just another right wing complainer!

      • Deerinwater

        Ron , you wouldn’t recognize a “fact’ if it came up and bit you in the ass.

        And jericho777 , that was really GOOD! Exactly the volume of filth I’d expect from someone that has watched Rush for 25 years. You have made my day. Maybe I submit you name and colorful posting as Rush Viewer poster child of the year?

        • Ron

          CRI drowningdeer, CRI. Have you proctologist check it out for ya…

          • Jeffrey Ray Hardin

            I have not written you…I’ve only posted to Deerwater and his insanity…LOL I have had nothing but accolades for your postings on this thread. I’m sorry for any misunderstanding and there is something wrong here. I cannot find any post that fits your complaint?

          • Ron

            Jeffery…my response, that I believe your responding to, was for some jerk named dakotahgeo. Sorry that it was posted to you…my apologies!

          • Jeffrey Ray Hardin

            Figured as much and no need to apologize, all is well and unlike these Liberals here, I figured as much…Damn Liberals, hahahahaha, hey, you have a great weekend boss and you did a great job here, I’m moving on, these foolish Liberals are not worth a minute more of my time…You enjoy your family and bury these idiots and have a great weekend…I’ll see ya around, have before, your leaving bodies strewn behind you, hahahahaha Later Brother!

          • Ron

            I hear ya brother! I just present them with facts and when they know they can’t respond to them with facts of their own, they attack. I’m use to it and love to toy with them, but there comes a time when you have to cut them lose, as they tend to drag you down with them, into their land of scumbags and I don’t like having the influence in my life. We get enought of that with the THUG and his GOONS we have running this country!
            Take care and have a good one!

      • Seadawg

        “Do you even know that the top 10% of wage earners already pay 70% of ALL THE TAXES??? How much more do you want them to pay!”

        Considering they posses more than 99% of America’s wealth, let them pay 99% of the govt revenue.
        Obviously Ron is a young pup and does not know our economic history. Reaganomics screwed the middle class. Do your research. Independent economists determined that slashing the rich’s taxes in half resulted in the rich increasing their wealth at a much greater rate while doing NOTHING for the bottom 99%. They determined that more than 99% of the “extra” wealth created by Reaganomics stayed in the top 1% and now the GOP wants to cut their taxes even more??? It didn’t work before and won’t work now.

        I am done with this conversation as you obviously are more interested in fighting than having any kind of meaningful discussion. When the entire system collapses (which has occurred EVERY TIME historically when the middle class is squeezed out) I sure hope your rich buddies are there for you! NOT!!! You will be starving in a freaking FEMA camp right beside all the libs you love to bash. HA HA HA!

        • Ron

          First of all, I get it…you don’t like people who actually achive something in life. No surprise there, as most Liberals don’t, because their therory is that they should get their “stuff” from those who have it and screw the means by which they do it! That’s you!!
          Secondly, has a “poor person” ever hired you to work for them?? Most of the “rich” have gotten to where they are, by HARD WORK, probably went broke a few times, trying to achive, and took chances, none of which I doubt you’ve ever done, nor ever will, because YOU think someone else should work and give you what they have!
          You sir and others like you, are PATHETIC, period! This country became great by people accepting PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for their actions, taking care of their families and yes, others! I’m an NOT rich, by any means, yet I still give 10% to my church to help others and guess what, we have a lot of “rich” people in our church that give that and more, just as many “rich” people do, unless they’re DEMOCRATS!
          The “leach mentality” that you seem to love, is what is causing the downfall of this country! Are they’re “rich” people who are greedy? You bet there are, just as there are middle class and even poor that are.
          You’re right…the system is going to collapse, but not because of the “rich”…it will be because of the Libtards and thinking, such as yours, because eventually the “rich” will say, SCREW YOU…we’ve got enough to live on, shut down their businesses (much like all these ridiculous regluations are doing now) and then you tell me where you’re going to get a job!
          The concept of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY in this country, is dissappearing and dependancy on other people is on the rise and you my friend, are part of the latter, who think that because someone else has more, they should give it to others. Well, if you truly did your homework, you’d find that the “rich” are far more giving that you think, but somehow I feel as though you don’t care how much they give, for it will never be enough. Pretty sick thinking in my book and I would dare say many others in this once great land of ours…

          • dakotahgeo

            And YOU are a holier-than-thou demented moro…errr, I mean, Mormon conservie!!! The top 1 %, of course!

          • Ron

            Thanks for your opinion dorkotahgeo. Fortunately, I don’t value bigots opinions. Nice try though..

          • dakotahgeo

            That’s easy to explain… you have no values. Not hard to understand at all, lolol.

  • Hector

    It is truly amazing that some of you still don’t get it. Rush made a purposefully absurd statement about videoing the aptly named Fluke in order to reveal the absolute absurdity of this entire, laughable episode. By the way, when Rush used the supposedly offensive terms, he was asking a rhetorical question: “Does public funding (i.e., “free” birth control) of a university student’s sex life make her a slut or a prostitute?”

    • Deerinwater

      ” when Rush used the supposedly offensive terms, he was asking a rhetorical question: “Does public funding (i.e., “free” birth control) of a university student’s sex life make her a slut or a prostitute?””

      sup·posed   [suh-pohzd, -poh-zid] Show IPA
      assumed as true, regardless of fact; hypothetical: a supposed case.
      accepted or believed as true, without positive knowledge: the supposed site of an ancient temple.
      merely thought to be such; imagined: supposed gains.

      Are you suggesting there was no intent to offend Hector?

      I was born in the early morning Hector, but it was not this morning.

  • http://Yahoo Maynard

    Mr.Myers, I am sorry you deviated from your liberal leaning past. Maybe, however it is not too late to disillusion you from some of your misconceptions about “liberals’.
    Wm. F. Buckley was out-debated by many liberals proving false your claim that liberals are unaware of other points of view.
    Second, the time of Ronald Reagan you so fondly recall was an illusion. After the assassination attempt that came very close to succeeding by Bush The First’s oil magnate colleague’s son, do you honestly think Reagan was too stupid to realize who was literally “calling the shots?” He knew from that point on he was a spokesperson who would deliver his lines and stay out of unscripted politics. Bush the First (the Elder, if you prefer, although that might be confused with Prescott his father, the banker for the Nazi’s), helped develop the tactics that brought Reagan to the titular throne, which were to create a false oil shortage wreaking inflationary havoc on Carter’s economic policies which featured a vast expansion of reliance on clean, renewable energy.This was a threat to the exhorbitant profits the Oil Lobby enjoyed. This was especially threatening because it could have weaned us off of filthy fossil fuels. Next there was manipulation behind the scenes to get American hostages taken in Iran to be a smear on Carter’s foreign policy efforts which featured human rights everywhere. This is evidenty because if there had been no Machiavellian machinations, the hostages could not have been released so quickly when Carter was no longer in power. Of course, we know Bush was behind the Iran-Contra scheme to defy Congress by trading with the state of Iran (military weapons for money) which could then be funneled to the Contras fighting the democratically elected government in Nicaragua. Reagan was out of the loop on that one too, and could only say “I don’t remember,” when asked.
    I believe this is enough history for conservatives to think about for now.

    • Ron

      History according to a Lib! Gotta love it, but I will give you this, libs are sure good at changing it and we need look no farther than the head THUG and his minions…lol

      • Deerinwater

        Ron, you are ridiculousness with you notions of where you are in the food chain.

        Swiming the bottom , eating other people crap and thinking it’s delicious.

        • Ron

          Once again water, you have not a clue as to what you’re talking about. I would NEVER hang out with the likes of you.
          I will no longer waste my time on idiots, such as yourself. You have no rhyme or reason to your nonsense and certainly have little if any common sense. In otherwords, you are struck the a disease called CRI, which strikes all Libtards. The medical name is Cranial Rectum Inversion.
          Have fun in your little world!

      • dakotahgeo

        Ronny, Baby… put a cork in it… you are waaay out of your league in this blog!!!

        • Ron

          Given your ignorant, biggoted, moranic comments, I think you need to look in the mirror. Have a nice day…

          • dakotahgeo

            Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyy… how cheeky!!! I am sooo offended… NOT!!! Typical rich boy comment! My statement stands… you don’t count… just keep counting your 10% to your church! Next?

          • Ron

            I love how you idiots keep digging your hole deeper. I see that you too have been hit with CRI, like all Libtards…that’s Crainal Rectum Inversion, or I’ll say it so YOU and your ilk can understand…your head is stuck your backside. Get one of your butt buddies to help you with that.

          • dakotahgeo

            ROFLMBO!!! moranic??? Nice!!! LOLOLOL! Thanks for the entertainment! Darth!

    • David A Deal

      Sweet retort dude. Reagan’s supposed success as a President was the true illusion. His misguided delusions of trickle down economics by greatly reducing taxes on the wealthy, coupled with his effort to spend the Russians into submission miltarilly lead to our debt TRIPLING over 12 years. Clinton then reduced military spending and raised taxes on the wealthy a few points and held our debt flat over 8 years which meant that revenues exceeded spending just to pay the interest on the debt as well as begin to create a surplus. ENTER GW who mimics Bush policies with huge military spending and record LOW taxation on the wealthy and the surplus disappears overnight. Lesson 1 never elect an oilman cause war and unrest especially in middle east keeps oil prices up and enriches OILMEN. Lesson 2 never put a guy like Cheney into office (an angry war monger with ties to companies that make money off of war. RESULT= debt rises from 6 to $10.5 Trillion and soaring because we are still living under 2 Bush wars Obama is trying to wind down thankfully (while Republicans beat the drums of war with Iran- so who really wants to keep gas prices high?) as well as living with record low taxation on the wealthy. Now to backtrack Carter was also responsible for the Louisiana Strategic Salt Dome Reserves and the finishing of the Alaskan Pipleline, both very sound energy policy things that led to long term stability in that area and had we stayed on his course (one that Obama is trying to reignite) as far as alternative energy we’d be better off now but as I’ve heard the first Bush President, who was CIA head I believe had close ties with the Saudis. Republicans in the end are such hapless dupes not to be able to connect the dots.

      • Ron

        OMGosh! You actually going to bring up Jimma Carter??? This guy was the WORST President EVER, well, that is until now! Can you say gas shortage and 21% home loan rates?? LOL
        As to you comment about the “Bush wars”…how about the ones good ole Barry has gotten us into??? Guess those kinda slipped your mind now, didn’t they.
        You see, Bush was a good man, but a big time spender. Barry is NOT a good man and a HUGE SPENDER, but wants to blame someone else for HIS ridiculous policies! If we get 4 more years of this dolt, we’re done, period!
        As for alternative energy….the problem those of us have on the right, is that we realize we don’t have the ability to use this stuff yet. We’re not against it, as long as it’s viable. Did you know that if you combine all the wind energy and solar power in this country right now, it comes to less the 2%??? Yea, that’s really worth sending us back to the 19th century over, isn’t it, because that’s where the head THUG and his GOONS want to take us!

      • David A Deal

        So many people think things happen overnight. Most of the time especially in their first terms presidents are dealing with previous administrations actions. Carter was dealing with a Nixon era hangover and inflation was the result of those policies. Carter was also a victim of OPEC but wasn’t given credit for the counter measures he took. Carter was key in peace talks in Middle east which is a HUGE thing. Alternative energy companiesboth succeeded and faiked last year as the compete for the market and the amount of alternative energy created increased again last year. And what war did Obama start???

  • David A Deal

    Rush was neither sincere or even apologetic. I heard his initial tirade live about Fluke and was disgusted for the umpteenth time. This was not an anomaly but the normal disgusting windbag I’ve kept track of since I used to watch his show on tv at 10 pm and shake my head. Most reasonable people would not follow someone like him but I am wise enough to know it is important to know your enemy, I saw the tirade on video later and was more disgusted by his mannerisms, etc. He is a vile angry man with many issues and insecurities he is trying to masquerade. It is his ilk that has widened the gap between people of different beliefs as he draws lines in the sand and refuse to acknowledge compromise as a GOOD thing. I was pleased when I saw the first discussion post of this subject and read one after another post decrying Limbaugh’s all too typical behavior with nary a soul defending him but then slowly the maggots came crawling out after they thought ahwile on HOW they could possibly defend him. And sadly it was with like minded attacks on Sandra Fluke for merely wanting reasonable (cost saving by far in the big picture) coverage that is offered in the Affordable Health Care Law). And think about it this way too you are attacking a young woman who is likely very similar to your own daughters. You should be ashamed and embarrassed for yourselves. She is a normal young woman who may or may not be having a healthy sex life but at least is responsible enough to take mature precautions and courageous enough to be the voice of MILLIONS of women. You think it’s OK that you policy covers your withering Penis with Viagra suppliments in your misguided misogyny but damned be the victim of your lust for wanting equal protection and coverage.You make me sick!

    • Deerinwater

      You are exactly correct ,you describes Rush perfectly.

      That some people “LOVE HIM” kind of makes your skin crawl and you left wondering if personal freedom can permit such a person to thrive and exist ANYTHING is possible in this crazy world.

      I’ve learn to consider Rush as a Victim’s Advocate, as he seem to speak for the “offended” ones.

      The problem is, they are a victim of life like all the rest of us, while they see themselves in a “special club” and being unjustly treated as they are told they are not the center of the universe but spoiled children wanting their way, willing to throw a temper tantrum in the check out line to get it.

      Most people grow out of this behavior, but some never do. They are always and forever the “Victim” .

      As we can see by Rush’s popularity, it’s not uncommon anymore then being born with a twisted sexual orientation, which some claim to be in the neighborhood of 2 % of the population while an accurate count is impossible, it could be more.

      summary; Rush appeals to people like himself and they were born that way, and there is nothing that can be done about it. They can’t be convinced, they can’t be swayed and they will never change.

      Much like the fairy’s that walk among us and little can be done about it other then restrict the platform they speak from. Cut Rush down to 100 watts, find him guilt of something that compromises his status.

      • http://NA Kris Lounsbury

        “left wondering if personal freedom can permit such a person to thrive and exist”
        “restrict the platform they speak from. Cut Rush down to 100 watts, find him guilt of something that compromises his status.”

        Have you ever noticed that the ‘liberal mind’ (this IS a mental disorder that can only be cured by repeated exposure to the truth–Try listening to Rush every day for 30 days, and …this may hurt…THINK about what he’s saying–Is it logical? Is it true?)–Anyway, ever notice that the liberal mind always goes to gov force to restrict or ‘re-educate’ or imprison or even to kill off the opposition? The liberal is a coward and thief (and a cowardly accomplice to murder. They don’t have the brass to try to take money from those ‘financially better off’ so they elect political prostitutes who will serve them ‘for a fee’. “You vote for me and I’ll steal for you.” Oh, they don’t call it ‘stealing’. They call it ‘paying your fair share’. My question is, ‘Paying your fair share of what?’ 50% pay nothing. In fact, most of this 50% get money back from the gov that they never paid in. What the heck is fair about that? Obama and his ilk are elected because they promise to pillage the ‘rich’ and to give some of it back to the ‘poor’. Conservatives are called ‘heartless, cold, uncaring’ & worse because they say it is NOT the proper function of gov to ‘equalize’ wealth by stealing it (in unfair taxes) from those who have more wealth to give to those who have ‘less’ wealth.

        One sick example. I know a young couple who have hardly worked a lick in their lives. She got pregnant, they got married and they found some low-paying jobs that at least helped them to get by (with their food stamps, rent subsidies, child care, etc). So, what were they encouraged to do? They were both encouraged to go back to school at the expense of the state who not only paid for their school tuition but also books, rent, food stamps, childcare and about $6-700.00 directly from the State (of Oregon). This is absolute insanity! It’s both economic and ethical insanity. Add to this the anticipated cost of Obamacare and Bush’s prescription drug fiasco and we are heading for total and complete financial collapse.

        Michael Savage is right. Liberalism is a mental illness.

        • Deerinwater

          Read carefully and hear the “victim” coming out in this posters words.

          “THINK about what he’s saying–Is it logical? Is it true?)–Anyway, ever notice that the liberal mind always goes to gov force to restrict or ‘re-educate’ or imprison or even to kill off the opposition? The liberal is a coward and thief (and a cowardly accomplice to murder. They don’t have the brass to try to take money from those ‘financially better off’ so they elect political prostitutes who will serve them ‘for a fee’. “You vote for me and I’ll steal for you.” Oh, they don’t call it ‘stealing’. They call it ‘paying your fair share’. My question is, ‘Paying your fair share of what?’ 50% pay nothing. In fact, most of this 50% get money back from the gov that they never paid in. What the heck is fair about that?

          Did you hear the “victims” position?

          The poster is attempting to suggest many things with this posting,

          1. that he is a victim
          2. that liberals are not
          3. that the government is comprised of all liberals
          4. that liberals are the benefactor of all his misery.
          5. that everyone that does not agree with and support his ideas is a liberal.

          This is Rush Programming 101 at it finest!

          It’s simple, It’s easy to understand, It’s suggested response is to get mad, cry and whine a lot until you get the attention that you deserve! Something that even a moron can be effective at, no special skills or great study required. Employing skills you learned as a child as you sat in warm goo until it turned cold and uncomfortable.

          I’m truly sorry that the world is so complicated or that you might have to share it with others but that’s the way it is, ~ grow up, put on you big boy britches and be a part of the solution.

          It was never promised you that Life would be Fair, Try as we may. You don’t have to like it, I never have found it easy to swallow a bitter pill, but I do so daily.

          • http://NA Kris Lounsbury

            “grow up, put on you big boy britches and be a part of the solution” FYI, I’ve been doing ‘my part’ almost all of my 64 years including 3 years in the Marines, 13 months as a combat machine gunner, over 20 plus years in volunteer jail ministry, over 12 years in unpaid pastoral ministry, raising 4 boys and now enjoying 21 grandchildren. I worked all my years in construction although my BS was in Social Work, Psychology. And I’m still working and not asking the gov for anything other than to protect me from foreign enemies and domestic enemies (spelled, SOCIALISTS). My main request to the gov is to LEAVE ME (and my money) ALONE except to protect me from foreign and domestic enemies.

            Your answers were like the typical liberal. You didn’t answer the hard questions. What is a person’s fair share and how is that fair share determined? Why should 50% of the population pay NO taxes and 50 % Pay ALL the taxes? What’s fair about that? Why should I be compelled to pay for health care or someone else’s health care? Instead of name calling ANSWER THE QUESTIONS!!!! Then I have some more!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Deerinwater

            Our history is much the same,64 this month, 25th infantry “recover, reclaim or retrograde” 68-69, send in to recover men and material or lay waste. Peace officer for 2 years, Contracted some recovery in International waters off & on for “private interest” . I think the proper word is Pirate when you go in civilian.

            Tradesman 40 years, owner/operator, no retirement in the plans. I raise all my babies with private sector money, bought all the stamps,paid all the fees, paid all the fines and penalties, acquired all the licenses , bonding and insurance to 5 mil. to this day.

            The last government money I got my hands on was E5 pay, not counting deputy pay.

            So like I say Kris, Cowboy up, this ain’t no rose garden just because we’ve gotten older. It’s as hard now as it ever was and it doesn’t look as if it’s going to be getting any easier. I am under siege by government and the powers that be,EVERY DAY and I mean that. Unlike Rush, I’ve learned to keep my head down and don’t give anyone a reason to think about anything.

            Glad you made it home, with all your issued parts I hope.

          • http://NA Kris Lounsbury

            Wow! Great resume. I spent most of 68 in Nam. Jan 21st 1968 I was at Khe Sahn during the TET offensive. It was like the fourth of July. I don’t want to repeat those days but I wouldn’t trade the experience. It grew me up fast. I keep teasing the Marine Recruiters at the gym that if they don’t sign me up I’m going to have to go to the Army Recruiter. Blessings. I almost never have those wartime nightmares anymore but it saddens me to hear people speak so lightly about charging into countries because we have some kind of petty disagreement. When anyone’s seen the true face of war he will NEVER be anxious to send his sons or anyone else’s sons or daughters into that hell.

          • Deerinwater

            See, we do have something in common. I don’t have two heads.

            I missed the Tet offensive by a several weeks , they were still talking about it when I flew in country. Our landed was delay at Bien Hoa the night I flew in, the airport was under rocket attack, we were instructed to unass the aircraft and double time to safety before we disembarking. It was a landing to remember, I didn’t know those huge planes could do that!

            When the door opened on that DC8, the smell of munitions hung strong in the air and 350 GI’s didn’t need to be told twice what to do. This is it! we are here!

            I guess you took some fight out of them, they didn’t try that again.

            Anyway,~ we’ve got must more that unites us then what divides us my brother.

            And for the record, I’m not a liberal, and want what you want, a better place for our children to have children and grow strong and proud of themselves and their country. It seems that’s a tall order, but difficulty has never stopped us before and it won’t stop us now, not matter how dark and gloomy things appear at times.

      • Deerinwater

        “Why should 50% of the population pay NO taxes and 50 % Pay ALL the taxes? What’s fair about that?”

        Well Sir, Mr. Jarhead

        For one thing , it’s called a Federal “Income Tax” , it’s a tax on “Income gains” , okay? are you with me so far?

        There are roughly 324 million Americans today. Not all of these Americans are gainfully employed. Are you still with me?

        Many are not old enough to enter the job market, many are retired from of the job market.

        Many are students, Many are ill and laid up, Many are mentally incapable of working, they are a hazard to themselves and to the people that’s around them, many are in prison.

        AND some are simple unemployable! You’ve met them!

        AND some are just having a grand old time on our money!

        That leaves 162 million of us to tote the freight and pay the bills.

        The first 12 thousand dollars of income in a single year is tax free as I understand it. That’s considered zero “gained earning”. Should I try to explain why? I’m not suggesting that it’s fair, but only that’s the way it works. I personally believe everyone should be allow to pay something no matter how small.

        That’s my explanation for only half of Americans paying Federal Income taxes.

        Would you like to debate this?

        • http://NA Kris Lounsbury

          Let me paint some broad strokes. The U.S. Constitution is a contract between the States and the Fed. gov. which specifically enumerated the powers that the several states (as sovereign entities) granted the newly formed Federal Gov. Article 10 of the Bill of Rights says, (paraphrased) “if we, the states, haven’t given you a specific power, you don’t have that power.” No where in the constitution is the Fed. Gov given the power to tax one group and give the money to another group. This is obviously only a small part of our gov impositions of non-constitutional powers on the individuals living in the individual states. God grants the civil gov certain powers in Romans 13. These powers are protective powers that relate to police powers that protect the righteous from the evil doers. It’s called the power of the sword. In this scenario, the church, the family and other volunteer groups are responsible for the welfare of those less fortunate and in need.

      • Deerinwater

        I forgot, the people that are simply looking for employment.

        And, It’s not Fair! It never been fair and it’s never going to be “fair”

        At 64 years of age, still alive and breathing while leaving some of our buddies behind, never to be seen again, you should know about “fairness”, It’s not fair that you and I are even here today.

        Or are you telling me Marine, survivors remorse has never knocked on your door late at night?

      • Deerinwater

        Well Kris, I like the sound of it but that not the way it went down. Much like the Church, government grows and adapts to the ever changing needs placed upon it.

        I understand this desire to return to our core beliefs. But all you are doing is trading one tax master for another by end game.

        This not going to happen, not the way you envision it anyway. Taking power away from the powerful is a daunting task for one thing. Lincoln has shown us what lengths the Fed is willing to go to offer dominion. That war has been fought and the Stars & Bars is a defeated banner, it has been decided.

        I’d rather battle the Fed then the Church, the church is less tolerant and will kill you much quicker. That too, is a battle that has already been fought and decided.

        How about just a little pruning to both church and state, keeping then separated while keeping the union united as a single nation, undivided with liberty and justice for all?

        • jericho777

          This is over 2.02 hours long. It has checked out and the president did sign off on it Friday, and now has by executive order, authority over all our natural resources through the Home Land security act…He also has authority to order our military to enforce the control of general distribution of all natural resources, regardless what they may be, including man made resources. Again this has been authenticated. I have been posting bits and pieces of this since Saturday morning but it has become mainstream now…

  • Gerard

    What surprises me in many of these comments is that there are a good number of commenters who support policies that allow the transfer of wealth to the top and for the wealth to not only stay there but increase exponentially while it is shrinking in the middle and lower classes. Just one example of this is some folks are against the Health Care Bill which provides protection for Americans with pre-existing conditions to be able to BUY health insurance. It wouldn’t be free like some claim. This protection is included in the Health Care Bill. I see this as a good thing for the middle class. Without health insurance these folks’ savings and income would go totally to the healthcare industry with virtually no hope for any secure financial future. Why would anyone be against something that may and probably will someday benefit them? Someday you, me, your children perhaps or a relation or someone you know will have this problem. And this is just one example. I know this is a little off the subject but I have read at least one comment where the Health Care Bill was referred to as a bad thing. My point is think about how capitalism works and how it would leave you without hope of a future if you would acquire a pre-existing condition. You would be told you will have to die rather than receive treatment because your insurance does not cover it. Now who do you think has the greatest potential of becoming the group of CEO’s who would decide this for you?

    • Deerinwater

      Gerard, these are the bazaar people. They think this way, winning is losing!

      Up is Down and down is up.

      They are the ones that kept the wing under “W’s” wings so long as the world went to hell in a hand basket.

      It’s taken 4 years for them to quit openly defending him. Now they just don’t talk about it much.

      • jericho777

        Let me tell you something water on the brain. You keep as does your Liberal brethren here that this was all Bush’s war. Your Liberals all but three signed off on it, the Brits, Germans, Poles, French, and Canadian all signed off on it, all but a few Republicans signed off on it, and everyone of there spy agencies said Saddam had WMDs and guess what pud locker, so did Saddam. For 12 years he made it look as if he himself had those weapons and he himself said he was developing chemical weapons that could reach Israel if we attacked. So stand corrected, it was a joint war PAL! To make matters worse, he fired upon our Fly boys, not once, not twice, but three times…Also, we know as a fact that many truck loads of weapons went into Syria, now, I’m sure they were dirty bombs and and we would have seen them by now, and the fact we haven’t means they don’t have them…Now lets get to your Liberals Constitutional deconstructionist! We need to pass the health care bill to see what in it, We have to go through the back doors and allies because we won, you didn’t. We need oil to keep things going, but it’s cheaper in Saudi Arabia and in Venezuela…Unemployment actually stimulates the economy. Your Mulatto Princess has waged five micro wars illegally against the laws writ up within the Constitution, and even Biden yesterday said, if the President continues to go to war without the Congress approval, I’ll have have to seek impeachment preceding and he’s right, he would have to as VP…Obama had to have a Teleprompter to speak before a third grade class, to give a toast, to go before the House of Commons, the first time ever, that anyone has used a teleprompter in Parliament? Bibi Netanyahu, gave a 1 hour 14 minute speech before the UN body and but for a few brief times had to look at his notes. Reagan was the same way. But your Hut Jumping Muslim Kenyan, had to have post it notes to give a few lines for a toast. He at another function after a day of being prepped, the Ghetto Cracker in Chief was to give a toast to the Queen Of England. The poor stupid bastard, screwed up, it was so simple that an 11 year old could have done better…We have enough oil here within the United States that make all the combined Mideast oil look like a small mud puddle, and this moon bat has closed it all down costing over 2.5 million jobs, and your saying we are under Ws wings? Are you a freaking imbecile, and so daft that you actually believe the crap your preaching? Quit spending so damn much time here wasting ours, and read some books that might help you to better your thinking range, You have a 1MB capacity and it’s useless here with your you hoo moments before dimming quite measurably…Go get your girlfriend some teeth, you did say she had none compared to her many tats, and maybe while your at it, unchain her from your bed and set her free, I’m sure she has been tortured enough by your cattle breath! That is your fun time I take it? With the Cattle and all, thought so!

        P>S> I didn’t proof read it for I’m sure, you wouldn’t make it pass the first few sentences…

      • Deerinwater

        jericho777 , if you expect me to read it, put it in paragraphs please. I’ll only pander to you so much.

      • dakotahgeo

        Thank you, Deerinwater!! Your comments are knowledgeable, educated and spot on the mark! These Neandrathal righties need a good swift kick in the posterior but there is a danger of brain damage to them. On the other hand… maybe not a risk at all!

    • Jim Hallett

      Defending ObummerCare is the epitome of faulty thinking. First of all, capitalism in the health care industry was alive and well and giving good access and low cost to those who wanted it UNTIL LBJerk and his “progressive” pukes got the govt. involved in the industry with the Medicare Ponzi scheme travesty. All “progressive” plans are immoral because they are based on theft and coercion. Get the govt. out of the health business period, and let any insurer cover whomever they choose in all states. With a free and healthy market, you will find those who will cover the people you feel are left out. The notion that we create a class of victims, and then steal from some to give to those “victims” is both lousy thinking and immoral. Everything govt. touches turns to crap, so the best thing is to get them out of as much as possible. The problem with many “supposed conservatives” is they object to “progressive” nonsense – and they should – but then support neocon thinking (the neocon movement of Irving Kristol came right out of the progressive movement), which is more govt. bullying and stealing, but just for different projects. Attacking innocents in other countries to confiscate their oil is no defense of freedom or no noble stand at all. Wilson, FDR, and LBJ were by far the worst in damaging the republic since the beginning of the 20th Century, but only Taft and Coolidge actually shrunk govt. at all (and by miniscule amounts), so all the 20th Century presidents get a failing grade. At the start of our republic, govt. spending was 3% of GDP, and at the beginning of the Progressive Reign of Terror (with Wilson in 1912), it was still only 8%. Now, it is a whopping 47% and Marxist scum like Obama want to increase it even more, since they have never had a real job and have no concept of creating value in a free marketplace – just take it from others and hand it out to themselves and their cronies. Eventually, we run out of other people’s money (which is the case now), and why we have a financial collapse throughout the world and its Keynesian nonsense. The nation-state model is a failed one, and the sooner it collapses, the better for all of us.

  • Jeffrey Ray Hardin

    Save your patronizing for someone who cares, and I’ll be most supportive of you in posting it on Rushes site. Like you really have an account there. Your Liberal scum, an idiot, you hang Rush and then tell me your going to post on his web site, hahahahaha, your insane, to many dancing brain cells and nothing to connect them with! And where is the filth?

    • Deerinwater

      “. Your Liberal scum, an idiot, you hang Rush and then tell me your going to post on his web site, hahahahaha, your insane, ”

      He has a web site? I never though about it! Good idea!

      I might do just that! I enjoy bring the fight to you.

      Someday when I’m already feeling really mean and nasty ! ( that won’t be very often )

      No need of wasting a perfectly “good day” wallowing in the mud with a bunch of pigs.

      Liberal Sum? ~ hmm? where have I heard that before?

      And for your information, Rush has hung himself, he didn’t get any help from me but from people like yourself, rooting him on with your twisted and nasty notions of civil discourse.

      The words that come out of your mouth is your responsibility and no one else. Quite trying to blame other people for what you do and say will go a long way in making you a mature full grown man.

      • jericho777

        Before I head to yonder boat for a weekend of fishing, remember this, Rush has not hung himself, he’s gained the highest number of viewership than any other radio broadcaster, he has gained even more endorsements and advertising businesses are lining up for him, not to mention the woman backing him. Your little idle Bill Maher on the other hand is taking the pounding and may even lose his HBO slot. Over 22.000 local residences here in my county are canceling HBO as a result of it and are supporting Rush, so “deerwater”, once again you open your pud locker before you even know what your talking about, it makes you more foolish than you are already…Rush hasn’t hung himself, but we have elevated him for the sincerest apology a man can give…Rush is a great guy, and his compassion there for those that appreciate it for what it is. He has his faults and he knows where they lie, and you, well, your hopelessly loss in your own excrement, and I bet that’s got to be suffering you…

        • Deerinwater

          “Your Liberal scum, an idiot, you hang Rush ”

          well make up your mind!

          It’s your mind, not mine ~ so you are saying Rush is happy then ? Good!

          I hope to make him happier still!

          Flush Rush!

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    First, I don’t totally disagree with you when you say ‘Limbaugh Lunacy’. I began listening to him back in 1994, and thought his program was monotonous at times. E.g., he spent so much time on Screwy Louie Farrakhan and the number 19. He was talking frivolous issues like toenail fungus. And he got rather testy on the radio to his fans who complained about all the wasted air time. And I stopped listening to him for awhile when Monica Lewinsky was in the news, as that was all he talked about, and I was bored with it. Although I’m not always able to listen to him now, when I listen, he seems to have improved his program since the 1990s. And I agree he should defend himself. We know how the left is, and sometimes you have to be bold and controversial to refute liberals. What’s the big deal about his comments about an irresponsible female student??

    Secondly, is it really Rush’s comments per se that offend you?? Or did he say something about your idol and god, Ron Paul?? If this is the case, then I defend Rush!! I don’t know who’s worse – Ron ‘Wrong’ Paul or the RINO Mitt Romney. All I know is that I will not vote for either of the two ….. unless it’s a vote against Obama in November. As I often say, I’d vote for my brother’s dog or cat over Obama. And Mark Levin says he’d vote for an orange juice can over BHO.

    • Deerinwater

      “What’s the big deal about his comments about an irresponsible female student??”

      Hmm? What is it that makes you believe that this student is “irresponsible” ?

      Something that Rush said?

      What makes you believe Rush’s voice was being solicited by this student?

      What makes you believe addressing the political issues of the day make one deserving of “personal” attacks by a media outlet?

      So you would not mind Rush calling your mother or sister a slut or prostitute, even if it might be true? Must it be the truth or a lie to matter to you?

      The big deal, is grown men in America does not refer to our women is such a manner in public. If Rush want to do that and no one say anything about it, he needs to leave and find a country that might approve because America doesn’t.

      Rush is a sick man, we know that. There is not a law against being sick but to purposefulness spread his sickness wholesale is another matter entirely.

      • Jay

        With the fabricated public outrage campaign against Rush Limbaugh already diminishing, advertisers who had long benefited from the massive and loyal Limbaugh audience who broke off relations with the radio program following the Sandra Fluke controversy, are now asking to be welcomed back. Unfortunately for them – Rush Limbaugh ain’t having it…

        Despite the far-left media’s attempts to portray law student Sandra Fluke as a brave voice against a supposed “war on women”, the alternative media has been hard at work informing the American public of the truth behind Fluke’s sudden rise as media darling of
        the far left. With more and more learning that Fluke is in fact a 30-something self-avowed women’s rights/contraception activist who CHOSE to attend one of the most elite universities in the United States has greatly lessened her appeal to mainstream Americans.

        When it was further learned that birth control was not only easily available to Georgetown law students – but in fact FREE for lower income students, the premise of Fluke’s rehearsed portrayal began to truly crumble.

        Now add the even more recently revealed fact that Sandra Fluke’s agenda is being directly controlled by none other than Anita Dunn – former Obama White House communications director! This relationship gives a strong suggestion that the entire Sandra Fluke “controversy” was planned and initiated by Barack Obama operatives from the outset – with ample assistance then given by their supporters within the liberal media.

        So with Sandra Fluke’s credibility in a spiral, and yet more egg on the biased face of the liberal media, those advertisers who had fled Rush Limbaugh for fear of a public backlash are now scrambling to once again enjoy the profitable benefits of having their products being given an audience of millions each day of the work week:

        A Limbaugh spokesman said that California mattress company Sleep Train asked to restart a “voiced endorsement” from Limbaugh that it had publicly cut off last week. The company said at the time that it “does not condone such negative comments toward any person.”…

        …Limbaugh spokesman Brian Glicklich on Thursday forwarded a copy of an email that he said had been sent to Sleep Train Chief Executive Dale Carlsen. In it, Glicklich wrote that Limbaugh had personally received the company’s requests to resume advertising on his show.

        “Unfortunately,” Glicklich wrote, “your public comments were not well received by our audience, and did not accurately portray either Rush Limbaugh’s character or the intent of his remarks. Thus, we regret to inform you that Rush will be unable to endorse Sleep Train in the future.”

        Shame on Sleep Train mattresses for its reactionary bailing on a relationship with Rush Limbaugh that dates back a quarter century. And well done on Rush Limbaugh for making an example of Sleep Train – they and other similar companies need to learn to perhaps withhold judgement against someone until all the facts are made more available.

        Sandra Fluke and her alleged “contraception crisis” is proving little more than a calculated fabrication created by supporters and recent operatives of the Obama White House.

        • Ron

          Jay…thanks so much for your remarks! You’ve put into words the things that I know I wanted to say, but wasn’t sure how to get them accross and brought to lite some new information.
          We are dealing with some very clever and intelligent people in the Kremlin on the Potomac right now and they are destroying the very fabric of our nation on a daily basis. Comrade Obama wasn’t kidding when he said he was going to “fundamentaly change” things and this has been in the works for years.
          Wasn’t it Nikita Khrushchev who said that this country would be destroyed from within, without ever firing a shot? Well, we are at that place right now! We have a media that is so in the tank for Dear Leader, they will not report the truth, for frear of his “mighty hand” coming down upon them and destroying their careers. Then you take into account the FACT that our “higher instatutions of learning” are full of leftists, which I wouldn’t have a problem with if they would just teach the truth and let the kids decide for themselves, but they don’t teach them, they indoctrinate them! I know of several kids, personally, who go to college and have several instructors that TELL the what to think and if they stand up to them, they’re rebuked and moked. This not only goes on in our colleges, but in high schools also. As I stated earlier, this has been going on for years and they know that if they get to our kids, we’re done.
          Sure it goes much deeper and spreads over many areas, but as stated earlier, we are in BIG TROUBLE and if Obama gets another 4 years (or more) to do whatever he wants, with no re-election to worry about, we are done as a once great nation. Yes, Republicans have been conplicite in all this too, but given the last 3+ years and the destruction that this THUG has done to our country, we will never be able to recover, which I believe is their plan.
          It sickens me to see what has happened in this country, especially given the fact that this guy was going to be the “great uniter”, yet has ripped us apart, to the point where we are on the verge of civil war again, not to mention that our standing with allies, has been brought to a low that I’ve not ever seen in my lifetime.
          Thanks again Jay for your words and thoughts…keep up the good work my friend!

        • http://NA Kris Lounsbury

          Great post!!!!!!!!!! God bless!!!!!

  • Rick R

    While two wrongs don’t make a right, Rush’s comment, compared to Bill Maher’s that “Jesus f____d Tim Tebow”, which liberals gave a pass, is like comparing a Sunday School lesson to a Hitler hate speech!

  • Liberterian

    John Meyers is correct, if you don’t have something meaningful to say don’t be an over weight drug sponge and give conservitism a black eye.

  • Jay

    President Obama made a compassionate call to Sandra Fluke because Rush Limbaugh had wrongfully called her a “slut” on national radio. Limbaugh was wrong. Limbaugh can be pompous. While I may share some of his views, I don’t approve of overt disrespect. Regardless of political positions, calling any woman dirty names is low class and far from funny. It speaks more about the name caller, than the name-callee.

    Of course, one might wonder why a president of the United States would take time out of his daily crises situations to telephone a woman with hurt feelings because a talk show host called her a name. How’s $1 million for an answer?

    The president’s actions opened an intended can of worms. You see, this isn’t the first time politically leaning TV hosts and comedians have crossed the “low-class” line by resorting to filthy name-calling …especially against women. According to the media and the president, it seems whatever Bill Maher might say about an American woman is downright funny. They are fair game, because you see, Bill Maher is Democrat who loves Obama and has donated $1 million dollars to his campaign to boot. So, Bill Maher can call Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann all the dirty names he likes, it’s ok.

    From Maher: Palin And Bachmann Are “Two Bimbos” Who Belong On Gilligan’s Island. (nice)

    Regarding Sarah Palin… “Speaking of dumb twats…” (nice)

    When Maher called Sarah Palin a “C–T” on national TV, he added, “there’s no other word for her.” (nice again) Classy guy.

    Bill Maher is fearlessly unapologetic for his vulgar references to women politicos (who are Republican) and makes it a chronic habit, not some one-time slip of the tongue. Talk about hating. Talk about getting away with vulgarity on the air. And what are we to think of the people who would even laugh at so much unfunniness?

    This begs another question: Where are the phone calls to Sarah Palin, Mr. President? Isn’t being called a “C–T” or a “Twat” or a “Bimbo” just as derogatory as being called a slut?

    Where was the president’s call when Ed Schultz of MSNBC called Conservative talk-show host, Laura Ingraham a “Slut?”

    Where was the president’s call when Christine O’Donnell appeared on the Joy Behar show only to be called a “Whore.”

    Where was the president’s call when Michelle Bachmann walked onto the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon as the band played, “Lying Ass Bitch?”

    Where was the president’s call when California gubernatorial hopeful, Meg Whitman, was called a “whore” on voice mail by the now-governor, Jerry Brown?

    This is not about republican versus democrat. It’s about decency and respect. Celebrities, like all of us, may all share major differences in political issues but that doesn’t give license to denigrate women by calling vulgar names. It’s very Low-Class on both sides of the aisle. anyone who engages in such should feel the wrath of their constituency. That includes Maher.

    And, if the president had any class, he’d tell Maher where he could stick his $1 million.

    Don’t hold your breath.

  • Jay

    Sandra Fluke has shown us the new lows to which the women rights movement has fallen. It is not necessary to denigrate Ms. Fluke or to speculate on her sexual proclivities, but it is important to note who she is, what she is doing, and what she hopes to achieve.

    Ms. Fluke, who has recently testified before Congress on behalf of free birth control from Catholic Georgetown Law School, is the product of a sexual and moral revolution that has now resulted in the reduction of women’s rights to the singular right of unrestrained sexual activity protected by universal and “free” birth control.

    She is the face of a radical leftist feminism which seeks a brave new world established by fiat utilizing supra-constitutional means, most especially and most recently via the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The restraints and processes enjoined by the U.S. Constitution, utilized with success by former reformers, apparently are just too tedious to work through.

    A once and often worthy civil rights movement has become a mere parody of its former self. Its most recent heroine has been groomed to subvert the constitutional guarantees of religious liberties and gut the long-established principle of separation of church and state. She now blandly and dispassionately advocates the evisceration of religious freedom in America. And for what? Not for women’s “health,” as is so disingenuously claimed. No.

    She is fighting for the “right” to have the means and resources to be free of the consequences of sexual activity, gratis the Catholic Church — which institution, by the way, is providing Ms. Fluke with a stellar legal education.

    Time was when real feminists fought for the right of little girls to be educated as well as little boys. Time was when they fought protracted and heartbreaking battles for women’s right to vote. Time was when they fought for the right to own their own property, to be in charge of their own monies, to be equals before the law.

    Time was there were heroines such as Abigail Adams, Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Whatever their personal vagaries, oddities, and conflicts may have been, they all fought for core values, values which included women having equal rights in education, in politics, in their homes, and before the law. They fought and they suffered on behalf of future generations of women, and the victories they did achieve were made possible by changing laws and/or amending the Constitution — amendments which gave the vote to blacks and women. We don’t see enough of such women anymore. We see far too many Flukes.

    Here’s a message from the beyond from Abigail Adams and other feminists of the past for Sandra Fluke and other radical feminists who have been convinced that birth control subsidized by religious institutions against the conscience is the most burning issue facing women today:

    My dears, there are far more heroic victories to be won than seeing your pet peeve “rectified” by HHS mandate. There are more serious battles to be joined in the struggle for female emancipation than making sure insurance companies allied with religious institutions provide you with the means to have safe sex, no matter what the cost to religious liberties. There are injustices and atrocities toward women which take precedent over your free birth control agenda, an agenda you wish to impose on all, regardless of their constitutional right to refuse coercion against conscience.

    All over the world, women and children are being trafficked for sex; women and girls are being subjected to genital mutilation; unborn girls are the victims of sex-selective abortions and female infanticide; and women are subjected to the horrifying strictures and consequences of sharia law. This is to say nothing of the women who are enslaved by the demeaning and destructive practice of polygamy or the women of the world who are without clean water and food for themselves and their children.

    Time was, apparently, when some of the issues listed above were important to you, Ms. Fluke.

    So could you and your sister feminists possibly turn your attention to the real battles on behalf of women’s health and welfare? There are constitutional, legal vehicles provided to you for recourse against injustices, real or perceived. The problem is that you want to ride roughshod over them to achieve your immediate agenda. Doing things the way the founders of our Republic established appears to be just so, so tedious for you.

    In the meantime, for the rest of us traditional feminists, as the Fluke ideal is held up and defended as the acme of modern womanhood by the increasingly repulsive left, shall we passively abandon the truly noble ideals which have formed women of character in both ancient and modern times to be trampled underfoot as mere relics of the past? Shall we, too, ignore the honorable ways and established vehicles with which to fight injustices?

    An ideal woman is beautifully depicted in ancient Hebrew wisdom literature, which describes her as, kind, just, generous, gracious, industrious, faithful, and God-loving. Is the thousands-of-years-old Judeo-Christian model of the ideal woman of Proverbs, exemplified by women such as Abigail Adams, to be completely forsaken in favor of a contemporary Fluke?

    Once upon a time, even for secular feminists, the ideal was equality of men and women before the law — equality of opportunity to pursue careers of one’s choosing. Once upon a time, feminists resented the reduction of women to the status of mere chattel or sex objects.

    But now we are seeing secular feminism come full circle. Now the new radical feminist is glorying in being a mere sex object, and she boldly presents herself as such. Fluke, the latest representative of the new feminism, wants to boldly crusade for the “right” of women to be mere sex objects. Further, women are to be subsidized for maintenance of their reduced and tiny identity by being given free birth control.

    Fluke’s quietly truculent advocacy of subsidized birth control in order to establish sexual “freedom,” no matter what the cost to others, reminds one of Brave New World’s ubiquitously sexual Lenina Crowne, who, protected by her government-dispensed Malthusian birth control belt, thought it her “right” to have sex with anyone at any time.

    What an ideal woman.

    For the sake of such an ideal, the new sexual world order is to go forward regardless of who is forced to pay for it against his or her conscience or who is against the infringement of the constitutional guarantees of religious freedom and separation of the State from the Church.

    “Oh brave new world, that has such people in it.”

    What a mess of pottage is being offered as a tradeoff for our constitutionally protected birthright as women created by God, standing as equals alongside men.

    • Deerinwater

      “For the sake of such an ideal, the new sexual world order is to go forward regardless of who is forced to pay for it against his or her conscience or who is against the infringement of the constitutional guarantees of religious freedom and separation of the State from the Church. “Oh brave new world, that has such people in it.” What a mess of pottage is being offered as a tradeoff for our constitutionally protected birthright as women created by God, standing as equals alongside men. ”

      “New sexual world order?” ~ what rock had this author been living under?

      “”Oh brave new world, that has such people in it.” ~ Oh give me a break!

      “constitutionally protected birthright as women created by God” ~ The women~ right?

      “standing as equals alongside men. “~ Well, men don’t usually call each other sluts and whores, they save that for women.

      • Vigilant

        Deer in Headlights,

        Your pitiful attempt to trivialize an absolutely superb posting by Jay reveals your true self: petty to the nth degree.

    • David A Deal

      JkinIL is the brightest and most fair minded voice on here and you Jay are a far right judgemental extremist who thinks he is far better than the average human. Our Constitution fortunately was set up to protect us from people like you who would choose to force the rest of us to live by your medieval set of morals set forth by the Catholic Church to control the masses and keep them from thinking for themselves and choosing their own path without fear of death or persecution.

      • dakotahgeo

        Thank you x 10, David!!! Most Catholics today haven’t moved OUT of the idieval Ages… it is sooo comfortable for them! Kudos!!!

      • Vigilant

        And you, Raw Deal, are amongst the dimmest and most history-challenged persons to have opened their trap on this site.

        You got it backwards, sonny. The issue is not the imposition of values on anyone; it is the Constitutional guarantee that government will keep its big nose out of religious issues. You idiots couldn’t see a violation of the First Amendment if it hit you in the face.

      • Vigilant

        As for you, dakota a-hole, your statement that “Most Catholics today haven’t moved OUT of the idieval [sic] Ages” is gratuitous, demeaning and decidely disingenuous.

        Where’s the highy touted “sensitivity” and tolerance, let alone the liberal taboo on stereotyping, we are so accustomed to hearing from the leftists like yourself?

        • dakotahgeo

          vigilant… viggggggilant… please realize that you rightie blokes are nothing but cheap entertainment for the rest of the world to laugh at, always have been, are now… always will be! So don’t become unhinged when we pay you no mind… it’s… simply… to laugh at you, ROFLMBO!!!

      • Vigilant

        Thank you for confirming my comments. I rest my case.

        “Blokes?” What are you, British or just a wannabe?

    • Deerinwater

      Jay is attempting to tell Ms Fluke how to fight her battle! While it’s not Jay’s battle to even fight! Jay is suggesting as a man, he knows best how to fight this battle of women equality.

      Jay brings forward many women;s issues on a Global scale , suggesting to her to pick another!

      Jay says;”So could you and your sister feminists possibly turn your attention to the real battles on behalf of women’s health and welfare? There are constitutional, legal vehicles provided to you for recourse against injustices, real or perceived. The problem is that you want to ride roughshod over them to achieve your immediate agenda.”

      And yes, Vigilant , it was a fine posting from a man’s point of view that has little interest in equity for women.

      I just happen to see though it and call it what it was. A man’s blindness to the issues at hand. Jay is not willing to recognize and discriminate the differences that prevails between man and women regarding health related issues. Jay is using the employer based insurance provider system that by it’s very nature uses the power of the “collective” to provide care.

      This “collective” is affording Jay a voice and it seems he likes his women in Boxers.

      • dakotahgeo

        Thank you, deerinwater!! It is more likely that both Jay and vigilant want ther women to be boxers also, lolol. One really wonders what their wives must put up with! Again, kudos!

  • bychoosing

    “Why are President Obama and the Democrats spending so much time and effort on universal coverage of contraception?” Surely they knew that there would be religious objection. Surely they did not think that such a decision would not go unchallenged. Why waste time and resources defending a controversial stance with so many other things going on?

    Recent polls show President Obama’s approval numbers dropping among female voters, despite the “War on Women” attributed to the Republicans, and religious leaders have spoken openly from the pulpit, decrying the legality and morality of the contraception
    mandate, despite some apparent “concessions.” But will this stop President Obama? I don’t think so.

    President Obama wants the contraception mandate to go to court. He wants it to go all the way to the Supreme Court, even if he is not re-elected. Once it finally arrives there, it will be argued as a First Amendment issue. But it will not be argued as you think — as a freedom of religion issue; no, it will be argued by the government as a freedom of speech issue, under a constitutional theory of “First Amendment neutrality,” and arguing against the idea of “content-based underinclusion.”

    Put simply, content-based underinclusion is a term signifying that the government (at any level) has entered into the social arena and has picked winners and losers based on their content. It can be practiced through punitive legislation — imposing fines or penalties upon the individual or group — or it can be practiced through subsidiary legislation — granting awards or incentives to an individual or group. A very simplified example of the former, being applicable to the First Amendment, would be punishing or criminalizing the public display of any nudity — unless the depiction is female. Conversely, an equally simplified example of the latter would be subsidizing all displays of nudity — unless the depiction is female.

    The former suppresses expression, but “under-includes” nude females[*], based on content, and therefore does not suppress all expression (though it could); the latter incentivizes expression, but, again “under-includes” nude females, based on content, and therefore does not subsidize all expression in this category[†].

    But how in the world does, or can, this apply to contraception?

    In order to understand the argument, we must first frame the question with imperative premises.

    First, “reproductive health” must be considered as its own category, and not in the category of “preventative medicine” (a description too broad and vague to be pinned down legally).

    Secondly, we must establish that the federal government, under current law, does indeed subsidize reproductive health, such as prenatal care, infertility, breast cancer treatment, treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, Viagra, etc. This is done through, among other things, Title X family planning services, Medicare, Medicaid, and most recently ObamaCare.

    Third, by the government funding reproductive health insurance, we must admit that it is engaging in government-funded speech. That is to say, the government “hires” private agents to speak for it through subsidies.

    And finally, we must consider that opposition to a contraceptive mandate is based strictly on viewpoint as opposed to the subject matter — i.e., the medicine or devices themselves.

    With these premises in mind, the question can be asked: “Does the government, by funding one point of view over another, or excluding one point of view in favor of another, limit free speech?” By granting subsidies to universal reproductive health but excluding contraception because of the viewpoint of a certain bloc of society, government puts contraception under the category of “content-based underinclusion.” By under-including contraception (and its advocates), the government is therefore over-including alternatives, such as abstinence or celibacy (and their advocates). This violates the principle of First Amendment Neutrality.

    If (and when) the government engages in publicly funded speech, said engagement must be applied neutrally, which is to say consistently, which is to say that all viewpoints must be funded or none at all. The government has no constitutional obligation to subsidize health care — but since it does, it cannot exclude (or “underinclude”) certain content within a category simply because of viewpoint. Furthermore, the free exercise of religion is not violated because (a) it is the government subsidizing the coverage of contraception, and (b) the government does not force those individuals covered to actually engage in contraceptive practices.

    It is thus that excluding funding for contraception, which emphasizes its competitors, constitutes abridging the freedom of speech among some, and promoting the speech of others.

    Think this argument is far-fetched? The author of this theory is none other than Justice Elena Kagan. In 1992, she lamented the Supreme Court decision in Rust v. Sullivan, which upheld that the government could exclude from Title X funding the subsidizing of abortions, abortion counseling, and abortion referrals. If her argument is accepted, not only will Rust v. Sullivan be overturned, but the government will actually be required to fund abortions along with other aspects of reproductive health. Either that, or don’t fund any aspect of reproductive health at all — and then the question simply becomes “will a majority of voters rather see abortion funded and allow only moral opposition, or would they rather lose all subsidization of prenatal care, breast cancer treatment, and other facets of reproductive health?”

  • Jay

    BREAKING: Vice President Joe Biden Moves with Walter Jones to Impeach President Obama!

    • dakotahgeo

      I wouldn’t ask thes Republian jackasses for a PBJ sandwich!!! Worthless pigs’ intestines!!! Treason, my foot! Based on WHAT???!!!

      • Ron

        I see you’re off the meds again , aye dakotahgeo?? LOL

        • dakotahgeo

          When one has to contend with worthless, incompetant, imbeciles like the conservie American christian Taliban ‘patriots’, one doesn’t need any medication… just a gun with plenty of ammo!

          • Ron

            Typical Libtard response…lol

      • Jay


      • jericho777

        What a waste of brain matter! Here are your Ghetto Crackers achievements. The Mulatto Princess at her/his very best, and not far behind, are your dear precious Zombie bots…
        I did barrow this from another site and rarely post what another writes, but, this was so well said, and not a one can intelligently deny the truth here, They all well documented, and that’s the kicker, the Liberals can’t take the suffering of it…Hello Ron, couldn’t handle the temptation any longer with the bait dangling in front of me like this…

        Obama’s policies, a first for a sitting president…

        WHEN – he refused to disclose who donated money to his election campaign, as other candidates had done, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he received endorsements from people like Louis Farrakhan, Muramar Kaddafi and Hugo Chavez, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – it was pointed out that he was a total newcomer and had absolutely no experience at anything except community organizing, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he chose friends and acquaintances such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn who were revolutionary radicals, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – his voting record in the Illinois Senate and in the U.S. Senate came into question, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he refused to wear a flag lapel pin and did so only after a public outcry, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – people started treating him as a Messiah and children in schools were taught to sing his praises, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he stood with his hands over his groin area for the playing of the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he surrounded himself in the White House with advisors who were pro-gun control, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage and wanting to curtail freedom of speech to silence the opposition, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he said he favors sex education in kindergarten, including homosexual indoctrination, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – his personal background was either scrubbed or hidden and nothing could be found about him, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – the place of his birth was called into question, and he refused to produce a birth certificate, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he had an association in Chicago with Tony Rezco – a man of questionable character and who is now in prison and had helped Obama to a sweet deal on the purchase of his home – people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – it became known that George Soros, a multi-billionaire Marxist, spent a ton of money to get him elected, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he started appointing White House Czars that were radicals, revolutionaries, and even avowed Marxist /Communists, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he stood before the Nation and told us that his intentions were to “fundamentally transform this Nation” into something else, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – it became known that he had trained ACORN workers in Chicago and served as an attorney for ACORN, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he appointed cabinet members and several advisors who were tax cheats and socialists, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he appointed a Science Czar, John Holdren, who believes in forced abortions, mass sterilizations and seizing babies from teen mothers, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he appointed Cass Sunstein as Regulatory Czar who believes in “Explicit Consent,” harvesting human organs without family consent and allowing animals to be represented in court, while banning all hunting, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he appointed Kevin Jennings, a homosexual and organizer of a group called Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Education Network as Safe School Czar and it became known that he had a history of bad advice to teenagers, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he appointed Mark Lloyd as Diversity Czar who believes in curtailing free speech, taking from one and giving to another to spread the wealth, who supports Hugo Chavez, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – Valerie Jarrett, an avowed Socialist, was selected as Obama’s Senior White House Advisor, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – Anita Dunn, White House Communications Director, said Mao Tse Tung was her favorite philosopher and the person she turned to most for inspiration, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he appointed Carol Browner, a well known socialist as Global Warming Czar working on Cap and Trade as the nation’s largest tax, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he appointed Van Jones, an ex-con and avowed Communist as Green Energy Czar, who since had to resign when this was made known, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – Tom Daschle, Obama’s pick for Health and Human Services Secretary could not be confirmed because he was a tax cheat, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – as President of the United States , he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia , people said it didn’t matter..

        WHEN – he traveled around the world criticizing America and never once talking of her greatness, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – his actions concerning the Middle East seemed to support the Palestinians over Israel , our long time ally, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he took American tax dollars to resettle thousands of Palestinians from Gaza to the United States , people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he upset the Europeans by removing plans for a missile defense system against the Russians, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he played politics in Afghanistan by not sending troops early-on when the Field Commanders said they were necessary to win, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he started spending us into a debt that was so big we could not pay it off, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he took a huge spending bill under the guise of stimulus and used it to pay off organizations, unions, and individuals that got him elected, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he took over insurance companies, car companies, banks, etc., people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he took away student loans from the banks and put it through the government, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he designed plans to take over the health care system and put it under government control, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he claimed he was a Christian during the election and tapes were later made public that showed Obama speaking to a Muslim group and ‘stating’ that he was raised a Muslim, was educated as a Muslim, and is still a Muslim, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he set into motion a plan to take over the control of all energy in the United States through Cap and Trade, people said it didn’t matter.

        WHEN – he finally completed his transformation of America into a Socialist State , people woke up— but it was too late. Add these up one by one and you get a phenomenal score that points to the fact that Barrack Hussein Obama is determined to turn America into a Marxist-Socialist society.

        All of the items in the preceding paragraphs have been put into place. All can be documented very easily. Before you disavow this do an Internet search. The last paragraph alone is not yet cast in stone. You and I will write that paragraph.

        Will it read as above or will it be a more happy ending for most of America ?

        Don’t just belittle the opposition. Search for the truth. We all need to pull together or watch the demise of a free democratic
        society. Pray for Americans to seek the truth and take action for it will keep us FREE. Our biggest enemy is not China , Russia , North Korea or Iran . Our biggest enemy is a contingent of politicians in Washington , DC . The government will not help, so we need to do it ourselves.

        Question….will you delete this, or pass it on to others who don’t know about Obama’s actions and plans for the USA , so that they may know how to vote in November, 2012 and the ensuing years?

        It’s your decision. I believe it does matter. How about you?

        WHEN – November 2012 comes, it will matter who you vote for!
        AND REMEMBER!*

        First President to apply for college aid as a
        foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.

        First President to
        have a social security number from a state he has never lived

        First President to preside over a cut to the credit
        rating of the United States .

        First President to violate the
        War Powers Act.

        First President to be held in contempt of
        court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

        First President to defy a Federal Judges court order to
        cease implementing the Health Care Reform Law.

        President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third

        First President to spend a trillion dollars on
        shovel-ready jobs and later admit there was no such thing as shovel-ready

        First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over
        control of companies to his union supporters.

        First President
        to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive

        First President to order a secret amnesty program that
        stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S. , including
        those with criminal convictions.

        First President to demand a
        company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political

        First President to terminate Americas ability to
        put a man in space.

        First President to encourage racial
        discrimination and intimidation at polling places.

        First President to have a law signed by
        an auto-pen without being present.

        First President to
        arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce

        First President to threaten insurance companies if they
        publicly speak-out on the reasons for their rate

        First President to tell a major manufacturing
        company in which state they are allowed to locate a

        First President to file lawsuits against the states
        he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN)

        First President
        to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years

        First President to fire an inspector general of
        Ameri-corps for catching one of his friends in a corruption

        First President to appoint 45 Czars to replace elected
        officials in his office.

        First President to golf 73 separate
        times in his first two and a half years in office.

        President to hide his medical, educational and travel

        First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing
        NOTHING to earn it.

        First President to coddle American
        enemies while alienating Americas allies.

        First President to
        publicly bow to Americas enemies while refusing to salute the U.S.

        First President to go on multiple global apology

        First President to go on 17 lavish vacations,
        including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his
        friends, paid for by the taxpayer.

        First President to refuse
        to wear the U.S. Flag lapel pin.

        First President to have 22
        personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.

        President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000.00 a year at
        taxpayer expense.

        First President to repeat the Holy Qur’an tells
        us, and openly admit that to him, the early morning call of the Azan
        (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on

        First President to take a 17 day vacation.

        that after 32 months of Obama White House we the people have accumulated
        national debt more than 27 times as fast as during the rest of our
        nation’s entire history, as the Obama’s plan their next extravagant
        vacation to the Indonesian Island nation of Bali.

      • Libertytrain

        dakotahgeo – I had no idea you could buy ammunition with food stamps or a welfare check. You left libs are are very resourceful to utilize your free money that way.

        • dakotahgeo

          Thank you, thank you!! We do rather well with what the Repub/Tpod wealthy have left us! ROFLMBO!!!

          • Ron

            Maybe you guys can get some free condums from that Fluke chick, if she has any spares! lol Have fun BOYS!!

          • dakotahgeo

            Good grief!!! You can’t even spell “condoms” correctly??? Does your Daddy have to buy them for you also? You right wingers are pathetic!

          • Ron

            Trust me, I KNEW you’d know how to spell it! Have fun with your butt bro!

          • jericho777

            Hahahahaha, you know you got a Liberal flustered when he has to correct misspelled words, because they can’t the issues opposed to them, and I can go through this thread and find the same of you, but, we’re to busy correcting you Liberals on your flawed issues, and conservatives, conservatives can read a post, even though the misspelled words stop liberals in their tracks LMBO…And the only reason you can’t use a “CONDOM” is because you would suffocate!

          • Ron

            It’s a “condum” for libs, because that’s what they are…DUM”B”!
            Suffocate!!! LOL LOL Makes PERFECT sense to me!
            Thing is, the spelling doesn’t matter…Dum Dum got the point!

          • jericho777

            Take this to a place you can set down and listen to without interruption. I’m into my 5th video on this issue. I’m into an 1.20 into this particular one. This is damning to our freedoms….Enjoy Brother!

            This is over 2.02 hours long. It has checked out and the president did sign off on it Friday, and now has by executive order, authority over all our natural resources through the Home Land security act…He also has authority to order our military to enforce the control of general distribution of all natural resources, regardless what they may be, including man made resources. Again this has been authenticated. I have been posting bits and pieces of this since Saturday morning but it has become mainstream now…


          • jericho777

            HAhahahaha, I’ve had my head buried into these videos that I just now got it, CONDUM? hahahahaha, your to damn much, my gawd, It went right over my head. OMG that don’t make me a liboturd does it? LMBO I can’t believe I misseded it, I’m normally on my toes…Whew, I need to slow it down some LOL “CONDUM” Yep, that would be a Liberal alright…. :)d

    • David A Deal

      The fact that you defend an ASS like Rush, you say the Feminist movement has reached a new low because a college student addressed her medical insurance needs, and your posting of a twisted, distorted YouTube video that is meant to deceive the viewer with disinformation says it all. I can’t believe Youtube would allow such a video which is mistitled and deceptive to be shown. And there is nothing wrong with our trying to cooperate with our allies in a respectful way as opposed to be the dictator of the world and the Bully on the playground is a GOOD thing. And Panetta said legalities of any possible military actions anywhere would be best handled by building international coalitons and then approaching congress to address all the issues is GOOD. Just because Sessions was grandstanding in a poorly veiled attempt to make the Obama administration bad was treasonous to me.

    • David A Deal

      Why would anyone with integrity and decency and respect for the truth post such dribble. I watched this and saw the analysis which showed that it was a pieced together misinformation propoganda piece. Biden’s words were spoken during the Bush administration about GW. The answer is a person with INTEGRITY would NOT post misleading lies!

  • dakotahgeo

    And..??? Your point is??? And he ain’t done spanking your sorry little butt yet, lolol!!! Just wait until his SECOND term!!! You blokes will either be dead or commenting from a well-hidden gulag in your region… of course, your messages won’t be going anywhere or be read by anyone important, lolol!!!

    • Jay

      Obama is about to be thrown under the bus. If i were you, dakotahgeo, i would start shopping around for another super-hero. Up up and away…with the trash! But don’t worry about obama-the puppet, the soon to be ex-president. He made a small fortune during his (sojourn), and will live the rest of his life in comfort, as he should! Personally, i think he’s looking forward to getting back to his Cocaine-use, and homosexual lifestyle, without those constant, pesky interruptions; you know; geopolitical crisis, and sh-t! Not that there’s anything wrong with that…you know, the gay stuff. Snort snort….LOL!!!!

  • Larry

    I agree with Mr. Livingston.
    As a two term Viet Nam era Veteran, I served the United States, while Mr. Limaugh scated(he had a pimple on his butt, and escaped the draft). Thank God he has no children.

    • dakotahgeo

      Larry, best comment I’ve read all day, outside of deerinwater’s comments! Welcome home!!!
      Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

    • David A Deal

      Pimple on his butt! I Love it.

  • Deerinwater

    “dakotahgeo says:
    March 18, 2012 at 10:59 am
    When one has to contend with worthless, incompetant, imbeciles like the conservie American christian Taliban ‘patriots’, one doesn’t need any medication… just a gun with plenty of ammo”

    Sir! I’d ask you to refrain from speaking of Guns or Gun play, directly or indirectly while posting here. I understand that “opposition” does this on occasion but we don’t.

    This is not in line with the image that the DNC and it’s supporters wish to broadcast and serves no meaningful purpose.

    Be mindful that ever word you post here becomes out of your control, it then belongs to others to do with as they please and can be used to their best advantage.

    Raise your message to a higher caliber ~ please. Everyone will be better for it.

    • dakotahgeo

      Thank you, deer… you are of course correct! It is just so easy to lower the bar against our will after reading so much negative drivel from the rightists. Your comment is well advised!

    • Jeffrey Ray Hardin

      (personal attack removed)

      • dakotahgeo

        LOLOL… thank you, thank, I resemble those remarks, proudly I must say! Those right wing loonies taught me well.. I’m simply practicing the art. Thank you for your support… every little bit helps, LOLOL.

        • Jeffrey Ray Hardin

          Ohhhhhhh, and your so welcome too dakota…
          You know, for teaching you so well, I’ll take great pride in that always, and are absolute tickled that your so tickled about learning new tricks, and your enthusiasm for all the wonderful things we have taught you, your just too cute! Your so welcomed my dear friend….Usually, most Liberals don’t do so well, and can’t be taught the basic of tricks, like fetching the ball or paper, getting a bewski from the fridge, and house training them, but You, you have been such an ideal student, that, I just might stay in teaching field, maybe a little longer, and donate my time to other less unfortunate and un-tameable un-teachable Liberals? You have shown me, that there is always hope for you Liberals…Bye Dekota, and stay out of Mr Obama’s bushes will ya, that’s not nice,,, :)

          • dakotahgeo

            Obviously more prattling from the prattler. I pity your students if they are taught by you! You can teach nothing of value. You don{t even recognize a back’handed insult when you see it. Disgusting. You aren’t even a good conservative.

  • Deerinwater

    Like your miserable lonely, little lives, have you ever wondered why mother thumb and her four daughters are your companion? None of you fit the description of a “Chick Magnet” , that’s pretty certain. LOL! ☺

    The women have all but left this thread not wishing to “engage you” and your sexist thoughts of fairness and equality.

    The last possible woman to weigh in was 23 posting up ~ “Bychoice” and I’m not convinced Bychoice is a woman. As thoughtful as the posting was, it could have been.

    • dakotahgeo

      Thank you, Deerinwater. It would stand to reason that if the opponents of women here couldn’t have the decency to respect women, they would more than likely turn on each other. The bullies always need a victim to satiate their desire to reign supreme. It is a sad reminder of what the Republican Party ha become, in geneal, at the hands of the Tea Party! Sad… so sad!!! ¨
      I must say the new Executive Order signed by President Obama on Friday might just clear up a lot of the negativity we see on the far right. I’m hoping so!

    • Libertytrain

      Deer – who are you addressing? By the way, I am female and not leaving anytime soon —-

      • Deerinwater

        Clearly not you! It was an attempt to solicit a woman input as all this testosterone seek to dominate the conversation. As these men seem to suggest they might understand women’s health issues better then women themselves.

    • Deerinwater

      Bring forward some facts or quit threatening to offering some.

  • JohnnyE

    >“When someone says it’s not about the sex, it’s about the sex.” That was Bumpers’ variation on a quote attributed to H.L. Mencken: “When someone says it’s not about the money, it’s about the money.”

    Or when Cheney says it’s not about oil, it’s about oil.

  • dakotahgeo

    Poor Ronny… complain, complain, complain…. Now get back to work! We need your tax money to pay for my new Porsche… it’s sitting at the delaer now and they just called, lolol!

  • Charles D

    You apparently don’t listen to Limbaugh. Your statements remind me of the ignorant politicians that pick up out-of-context excerpts and assume they were meant seriously. The Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation made a lot of money because of that. Your article lessens your credibility, in my opinion, not because of any agreement or disagreement, but because of your lack of attention and judgement.

  • Infidel

    I would rather get my news from Rush than this site. You guys just don’t get it.

    • Deerinwater

      Suit yourself, but I believe Rush holds no claim to news.

      He claims that he is a “Political Entertainer”

      Editorial Humor I suppose. You are suppose to laugh and think him humorous.

      I never got it myself, but if you enjoy it, that’s all that matters.

      But if you really have an interest in current events, you are left to dig though the bias that each offers. The bias is not only the spin and the way the news is presented to you but what’s in the news and what has been omitted from the news.

      If Al Gore stumbles and falls on his butt, Fox will cover it , Msnbc will not.

  • jericho777

    Water under the bridge, this is antiquated by now March 14th 2012… Ciao, and Go Rush, Yippi Ki Yay!

    • DarthEVaderCheney

      Yes, yes, yes, Limberger Cheesehead! Go, go, go… to any ring of Saturn’s!


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