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Rush Limbaugh on Sarah Palin… Is She Ready to Be President?

November 3, 2009 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Doris Bruce

    I think sarah Palin would be the best president for this country. I was a dem. But I am so ashamed to be connected to the party I switched. I want to see our country put back with God and a moral structure. I believe this lady can do the job well. Thank you.

    • katherine


    • Carlos

      Ohhh my God! I can not believe it. I hope you are just kidding. haha But if it is true what you think, Wow! This Lady does not know anything about current International Politics, She was in the rally and did not know names of Presidents or even if Africa was a continent, you have to be be kidding me and Rush has a big mouth, that is all he is, he is a sensationalist pundit, and the people that listen to him are as ignorant as him. When was the last time he talked something possitive???? The only thing he does is trashing others, that is not journalism, He complaints US is not safe under this admisnitration??? Duuhhhh How safe was America if we were attacked during Bush time, During Chenney and Rove time? Give me a break. Get the facts before you state a ridiculous opinion like this. Neither this Lady or the Republicans have done the right thing for this country, Republicans sent soldiers to an Unnecessary based on a lie and this lady was chosen because Republicans wanted to match up the Dems female option (Hillary). Hillary really know politics, but Palin???? I bet she does not even know how many states are in the US.

      • Sir Scott

        Carlos, Carlos, Carlos:

        How much Money has Mr. Obama given you? Lets look at facts. Alaska has 23 billion dollars in it’s bank Sarah gave out a check to every one in Alaska for $3,300.00 in 2008 and $1300.00 in 2009. Wasilla Alaska was one of the top 50 fastest grow city’s in America. We live in the safest state in U.S. The last I remeber Mr. Obama had barrowed 23 Trillion dollars and is look to put you in debt for more. O I forget to say we don’t pay taxes like the rest of you do and your takes will go up. Sarah know how to run a Country but the Country is not ready for Sarah. So Carlos i hope you enjoy paying hire taxes because you will, I hope you keep watching for that check that Mr. Obama is going to send you. HA Ha Ha, and rember every October I will get a check from the state of Alaska and Sarah was part of making that happen.

        • Biff

          WHAT?! You get a $1000+ check from the Alaskan government every year? Sounds like Alaska is a welfare state. Maybe Alaska is too close to Communist Russia with all of this redistribution of wealth. Sarah Palin must be a COMMUNIST! Good thing she lost. Socialist Sarah, who knew?

          • mountainman


      • F.M. White

        To Carlos and anyone who thinks like he does. It is a PLUS and an ASSET that Palin does not “know politics”, as you say. We do not need any more “politicians” running our country into the ground. Our government was designed to be run by regular, working people. Not “professional politicians” like Obama, Bush, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, “Teddy” … etc. etc. etc . Wake up and realize that we have been being duped for years by these slimeball “politicians” and it is time to put a stop to it ! Vote for PEOPLE and IDEALS ! NOT PARTIES and POLITICIANS !!!!

        • Sharon

          RIGHT ON ~ F.M.White!!!


          I say give Sarah a chance!! When it comes time to run again, I’m sure she will be ready! Ready for the accusations, ready for the nasty political arena, that will taint every aspect of her life. Ready for the mud slinging. AND we will be ready for a beath of fresh air!!!

          I hope she is taking this time to learn what she didn’t know. a She brings to the table an honest will to be her best….to work hard for the American People.

          We’ve got a wishy washy President at best as it now stands. I voted for you Obama…..I’m embarrassed by your weaknesses!!

      • F.M. White

        And, by the way, Carlos. Where do you get your political information ? You sound like you are reading an op-ed from the New York Times, or the Washington Post. Or, maybe you just watch “The View” too much.

      • Jerome boyer

        You say I am ignorant to listen to Rush. At least I can spell correctly and know how to write a letter. You better go back to school and learn spelling and punctuation. While you are at it, read the Constitution of the United States. As a conservative military man, I believe everyone has a right to exceed in life. I’m not a tax and spend liberal looking for a government hand out. Ask yourself this, where is the long form birth certificate for Obama. I’m proud to show mine, as I was born in this great country.

      • Dustin

        lol its funny you mention how many states there is, because Obama said there was 56.

      • Robert

        And you are all qualified to assess her qualifications? I don’t think so!

      • Robert

        Carlos, you do sound like a typical Kool Aid drinking democrat, with the mindset that somehow big government will save us all, and with your wit and wisdom along with all the rest of your ilk will somehow do away with marriage, the family and God in our lives. Carlos, give me a break from your mind numbing rhetoric! OK?

      • Nana

        And Obama does? Where have YOU been?

      • John Goulet

        Obinbo said he travelled 57 states give me a break.

      • ordinarycitizen

        When Obama ran his campaign on the promise of change, the change was to transform America into his image of what it should be. Less jobs, controlling people’s lives, controlling their earning power. These are not American principles. Redistribution of wealth is a worthless idea, because it will mean two classes of citizens, political bureaucrats and the rest of us. I take it you are one of the rest of us.

        Sarah is smart, it’s just the media and the pundits made her out to be dumb because of her “Alaskan” accent. She has managed the state of Alaska successfully. It happens to be the largest state in the country – land mass. Population: over 600,000 citizens. Maybe not the largest in population, but 80% were happy because she took on corrupt Democrats and corrupt Republicans. She governed from a moral high ground which guided the “right” choices for her state. She was instrumental in get the oil/gas pipeline actually working after 20 years of paying out leases while those oil/gas companies sat on it! She can manage people. She protected her land with the close threat of Russia not far away. She is the real deal – she is what transparency looks like. She is honest. She isn’t a taker. She isn’t going to add dollars to her state coffer in an illegal way. Her oil/gas deal made the state tons of money. She could have given herself a big raise and all those government buddies, but she gave it back to the citizens of the state while keeping a surplus for a rainy day. Let’s not throw jabs at Sarah without looking at all the facts.

        Obama sounded good, but look at what he is doing – hiding his birth certificate and all his school records from kindergarten through college. What does this say about transparency? Signing an executive order after 1 day in office to close Gitmo without truly evaluating the terrorist threat to regular citizens, like you and me. Now, we’ve had two terrorist attacks, some say three – Fort Hood where a jihadist attacked our military, a panty-bomber who almost blew up citizens on Christmas day!! His main job is Commander-in-Chief. If you look at his record here, you have question his ability. Bringing know terrorists to trial in NY rather than a military tribunal. Moving potential terrorists to a prison in IL. How crazy is that – one prison break and who knows who else could be killed on our homeland!

        Investigate who you vote for next, because one who keeps secrets and lies versus one who is truly transparent, has a real record of accomplishments, works on behalf of the citizens that she represents, understands the value of our military and has a son serving is in a much better position to recognize the value of the role as Commander-in-Chief.

      • mountainman


  • Claire

    Palin and Rush would be a great team. Both are ignorant, mouthy, unintelligent, and only out for the money. They could care less about the American public. They are out for themselves. During the campaign, Palin NEVER spoke about the economy, the war, and WHAT she would do to “fix” everything. All she could do was bash the other party. Limbaugh and her are two of a kind. Neither one have any scruples let alone any morals. I was so disappointed in her. It would be great to have a female president, but not her. Any person with any common sense would realize she is not the one. The female that will possibly become president should have intelligence and common sense. Palin’s common sense revolves around money. My dog has more sense than she does. Another item, she does not like animals, and the environment. That should tell you something about her lack of character. Limbaugh, Palin, Hannity, Coulter, and the crazy Glenn Beck are all related in the fact they all have evil mouths. They are the terrorists, the hate-filled idiots, and the wreakers of havoc. I used to be a Republican, No more.

    • paulette edwards

      Ya know think dems are worried Sarsh Palin would win so they tear her apart from day one even now.Every news chanel is so negetive toward her.and the late nite talk show hosts enough is enough.they sure dont say anything about Obama and his dishonesty.Obama wants to shove health care down our throats and noone wants it.Its all about special favors who can get what for themselves not whats good for America.And Palosie is a joke she makes a fool out of herself makes you wonder how she got to be where she is.Have a friend her brother works for safeway they wqnt to do away with thier health care for employies in turn give them raises intern so they can buy insurance from the goverment.Worse thing they could ever do.The people better wake up.

      • katherine

        intact brain referred to Claire not the other comments.
        Go back in history – see the old “Manchurian Candidate” See who
        it reminds you of.

        Ultraconservatives? Hello

      • Becky

        Obama wants to shove healthcare down our throats? I think you better get caught up with the new Republican talking points. No one is shoving healthcare anywhere except onto a shelf again. Obama has done almost nothing at all with the healthcare debate. That’s what makes him so disappointing. And I do want to see healthcare reform passed, but the boneheads we have in congress are more worried about their campaign money they get from big insurance than they are American people. They are career poltitians and have no clue about America.
        Palin is a joke. She wants fame and money but doesn’t really want to work for it. Remember, she can see Russia from her house. Even that is a lie. She wants to be in the public light but crys about it when they make jokes about her. She is such an easy target that’s why late night made jokes about her. Just as they did Bush and Clinton.

    • katherine

      Thank goodness, someone with an intact brain.

    • s c

      Now that we are temporarily saddled with the American version of lenin and marx in the white house, you must be ecstatic. Do you pray to saul alinsky before you go to bed?
      Do you and your friends get upset when you have to admit that chairman mao and stalin did not help create America? At some point, you might want to reconsider seeing j m keynes as your economic god.
      When reality knocks on your front door, please remember that America used to be the best place to live on the planet. If you need directions, hugo chavez or fidel might need some volunteers to continue making their citizens miserable – as only they can do it.
      How are your language skills?

    • Rai

      Ditto! Well stated and truthful.

    • Juan

      WOW! what a comment from Claire. Firstable,it’s unfortunate that people like Claire does not see the whole picture,I think its view is out of bounds,and not reasonable.Hey! Claire, you may be right to some extend.But, I believe in the US Constitution as well as US Declaration of Independance, most of all Founding Father Benjamin Franklin said “YOU CAN HAVE A REPUBLIC IF YOU CAN KEEP IT”.So,to me United States of America was declared as a Constitution REPUBLIC!.And, I don’t mind how much money conservative radio talk show hosts earn.But, it is important How well responsible you can be for yourself. And also,I’m a conservative independent.

    • Sharon

      Why would you saddle Sarah with a druggie like Rush. This job is hard enough without the baggage & garbage Rush would bring to the table!!

  • Jeff

    Claire you realy need to get out more and away from the media/propaganda machine. If you ever listen to Rush’s show you would know that you are way off base with him. The same can be said of yor opinion of Gov. Palin. Had you followed the actual race instead of what The View, Katy Kuric(spl?) or the rest of the Obama news team had to say, you would have noticed that she is huge on enviromental protection and usage. That seems to be the problem, she believes in USAGE as well as protection. As for ignorance of either I must ask this question. The root word of Ignorance is Ignore. Therefor if someone is to be considered ignorant it would mean they know the facts and choose to ignore them. So who is the ignorant one?

    • Lindy

      C’mon Jeff… you say that Claire has to get away from the “propaganda machine” and then you mention Rush Limbaugh? Rush isn’t a blatant Republican propagandist and outright hypocrite? For eight years anybody and everybody that criticized Bush/Cheney was labelled as a traitor, yet Rush comes right out and says he wants the current president to fail. Traitor is you bad mouth his guy, but its fair game on the other guy. Again, I expect more from people behind the microphone and in front of the camera. I expect credibility in the forms of honesty, integrity, objectivity (that means no bias, a real “No Spin Zone”) and verifiable facts. Have you ever noticed that Rush used the same talking points as the Bush/Cheney White House? Every day? That’s not coincidence… that’s just being a paid shill.
      What was wrong with the Katy Kouric interview other than the fact it was the undoing of Ms. Palin? She was asked what newspapers she read and she couldn’t answer the question? Boom, Sarah’s credibility evaporated and as much as I liked her it was over. She couldn’t answer a question a six-year old could answer. I would have totally accepted Sarah saying, “Well Katy… like most Americans I stopped reading newspapers years ago, I get my info over the internet.” She could have said she gets her news straight from the newsmakers before it gets to the newspapers. Argh, she could have said anything. The media wasn’t to blame… Sarah just wasn’t ready and she may never be forgiven for her blunders and the bigger blunders the party made in rushing her into the national spotlight. They should have introduced her during the 2008 convention and let her loose in 2012. (It seems to have worked for Obama.)
      I’m willing to discuss this further… but if you just want to call me names let’s just leave it at this.

      • Jeff

        First I did not call anyone a name. Second Rush is not the ONLY place I get my information. Third G.H.W.Bush, Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush have extremely few differences in their presidential terms. They were all three Moderates. The 2 Bushs leaned slightly right and Clinton leaned slightly left. None in my opinion could have been considered very high on the list of great presidents. Finaly Just to set the record strait I am not a Republican or Democrat, In my state you go to the voting booth on a primary and tell them what ticket you wish to vote on. I have voted as much Democrat as I have for Republican in my life. As for the subject at hand during the last election There was little choice. Obama/McCain were interchangable on the issues. Turns out Obama is a complete and total Communist and it was obvious to those who actualy looked at what and who the guy was. If the media would have investigated this guy even half as much as they did Sarah he would have never gotten close to the ballot. If you will be honest with yourself and look at the stories they (the media) on Obama and the ones they ran on Palin it is not hard to see who they were putting in office.Look at what was said about the Clintons by the media when it looked as if Hilary was going to beat him. I know this is about Sarah Palin but if you step back and look at the forest not just the tree in front of you you will notice it was all about Obama. The media has alway leaned left but they threw everything at this election to get Obama elected no matter who they had to take out. My guy in the race was the only true conservative and the was Thompson. Once he bowed out I was just looking for who I though would be the best of the rest. Rudy was everyones favorite untill Obama hit the scene. Then he was taken out, likewise with everyone else in cluding Hilary (my third choice) and Edwards. You cannot watch only CNN, and MSNBC or just Watch FOX and listen to Rush. They all have a very important job of gewtting info out to everyone, but once it is out there it is up to you to investigate and research the rest of the story. I have looked at what Sarah did in Alaska and am very impressed. Did she make mistakes, yes. Did she do things I didn’t like, yes. But overall I am much more impressed with her record than I am with the current office holder.

        • Lynn

          Hey Jeff… nice response. You and I probably agree on more things than we disagree. Thanks for a well written and thought provoking reply. Your statement about the media is… sadly… accurate. Fox is a pro-right propaganda machine and MSNBC spends too much time mocking Fox and then over-reacting to the left. CNN is just a disappointment. They could and should be better journalists. But you’re absolutely right, people need to spend more time investigating facts for themselves and challenging the status quo, intelligently. Participating in democracy should mean more than voting on the latest American Idol.

          • Leroy Turknettt

            Get it streight Bub, We are not A democracy. We are a republic. Get your facts rifht before you go wrighting letters.

    • Becky

      Maybe you need to get out of the way of the media propaganda machine. You think Rush, Hannity, and Beck are just talking propganda? Ha!

  • Doug

    Clair is obviously a Lib. I wonder if Clair thinks our current excuse for a president cares about anything but money and power. He only cares about bigger government and creating a bigger welfare state. obama is a communist through and through. One need only look at the people he calls his friends in this country and the dictators he wants to be friends with around the world. Thank God for conservative talk radio and fox news because the rest of the media is bought and paid for by the liberal left in this country. obama is much worse than any terrorist because he was elected and therefore can do much more damage to our nation. God help America. I only hope the citizens of this nation wake up soon or this nation will go the way of other great nations and perish from the earth. Our freedoms and liberties are being stolen from us at an alarming rate, much faster than anyone ever thought possible. If this nation does not return to constitutional principles and morels we are done. God Bless America!!!

    • Lindy

      Geez Doug… Claire said something negative about Sarah and Rush and you immediately and very incorrectly label her as a liberal. Obama wants to be friends with dictators around the world? Really. He outlined his approach to foreign affairs in his inauguration speech… something about extending a hand if they unclench their fists. He doesn’t want to be friends with dictators, but he realizes that bombing the crap out of people isn’t a great conversation starter. Our freedoms and liberties are being stolen from us at an alarming rate… like government wiretaps and other trampled rights courtesy of the Bush/Cheney “Patriot Act”. You can’t be credible if you can accuse the current president of all sorts of malfeasance that you ignored it in the previous administration. You claim the rest of media is bought and paid for by the liberal left. Can you offer any specific examples? As far as I can tell the “liberal media” is a Karl Rove invention conveniently and successfully used to negate bad-press. But Fox News is the poster child for a Republican propaganda machine. As I mentioned previously, did you ever notice that the Bush/Cheney White House shared their talking points with Rush and Fox News? I studied journalism in college and Fox News breaks every journalistic rule there is. There is very little news on Fox… it’s all opinion… (by their own recent admission) it’s a steady diet of biased editorials with little news. News is not supposed to have an opinion. News is supposed to consist of facts presented in a (irony intended) fair and balanced way. You can love Fox and agree with everything they say because it mirrors your world view… but it’s not news… it’s not fair and balanced… and it’s not credible. I want a conservative media outlet that’s objective and intelligent. However, after a lengthy radio career I realize that the outrageousness of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity make for exciting info-tainment. I’m sorry, I wish Glen Beck was a Democrat… he’s just embarrassing. Anyway Doug… same offer I made to Jeff… I’m willing to talk… but if you just want to leap to conclusions and then call me names… we can just end it here.

      • http://NONE ellen wilson


    • Becky

      Perish like other other great nations? Like the Soviet Union?

      Please tell me the freedoms you have lost since January 20. I’m interested in knowing.
      You do understand that the President doesn’t make any laws right? Congress writes the laws. Then both houses have to pass the same bill. Then and only then does it go to the President. If he agrees with it he signs it and it becomes law. If he doesn’t agree with it then it goes back to congress and they can over ride his veto and it becomes law. The President himself does not actually write any laws. He can submit a bill and it goes through the same process and is usually so full of crap by the end it looks nothin like he submitted in the first place.
      I bet you can’t name five freedoms that have been taken away from you in the past year.

  • Claire

    Sorry to disappoint you but I am neither Democrat nor Republican. I have always tried to vote for the person I thought would do a good job. Well,NONE of them are doing a good job. I just do not believe in people like Limbaugh, etc. What do they accomplish with their hateful diatribe? They are the wreakers of havoc. Oh by the way, Palin was all for shooting wolves from helicopters,and what about the polar bears? I have never read or heard anything good about her concerning the environment. I believe in USAGE too but not to the extent that it destroys everything around it to the point of no return. The fact that I used to be a Republican is true, I also used to be Democrat. Now I am in limbo, therefore in 2010 and 2012 I will vote for the person I believe will do the best job for America.

  • Claire

    By the way, I work during the day and therefore I do not watch The View. I did see the Katy Couric interview and you have to admit it was rather goofy.

  • katherine

    Give up Claire, they don’t want to hear a reasonable opinion

  • katherine

    Lindy :

    Thanks – I am not good at expressing my objections. The problem is that Limbaugh actually is a high IQ sort – that makes him too dangerously effective.

    • Biff

      Hey Kath:

      Realistically, Rush is a farce, a dichotomy with a drug addiction. Rush may have a high IQ but he has squandered his intellect by becoming a shill. I used to be a fan of Rush, but he has become a parody of his intellect. He has sold-out. The money is good when the ratings are good, but his ratings are only good when he’s a narrow caricature of what he once was… he’s now just an actor playing a role… a parrot mindlessly repeating the party line. You know, there was a time when Rush would constructively criticized Republican policy, now he just follows the daily script.

      I agree that Mr. Limbaugh may have a high IQ, but that’s not what makes him dangerously effective. What makes him dangerously effective is that too many people swallow his kool-aid with examining the ingredients.

  • katherine

    REally, Manchurian Candidate – update it and you will have another point of view (well hopefully anyway).

  • s c

    Listen to those hormones rage. How can Palin be a savior or a loser? There’s nothing new going on when Palin’s name is in the news. Conservatives are willing to give her a chance, but ultralibs are ready to crucify her (why?).
    If you look at what happened to Supreme Court Justice Thomas and Governor Palin, it’s the ultralibs who have brainwashed themselves into believing that it’s not possible for blacks or women to be conservatives (so much for democrats and what they really mean when they talk about freedom of choice, eh?).
    Like it or not, politicians in general (and ultralibs in particular) say this and practice that. That’s how you define hypocrisy on steroids. It’s tragic to know that some people enjoy keeping blacks “down” on the democrat plantation and women oppressed – even when they admit their ‘erring ways’ and join the one, true all-saving, all-knowing, all-powerful democrat party. Pass the pepto, please.
    Hypocrisy marches on – and does it in the name of leadership.
    H L Mencken was right. Only a politician sees an unearned, undeserved reputation as a reward for being elected. And, only a politician can outdo a prostitute in ‘earning’ a place in society.
    Palin merits a chance. She wasn’t brainwashed at Haavid. She isn’t under the thumb of Chicago politicians. She doesn’t look to dead voters for ‘help.’ And, she doesn’t waste tax dollars by stinking-up the planet with huge footprints via treks to Copenhagen with Oprah.
    Again, what is it that ultralibs don’t like about her?

    • CindyL

      sc, I hope you have noticed that the remarks made here by women, are not positive for Sarah Palin. Women have struggled to get representation in politics for many years and if you look at the congress you will see that we are not represented there. Trying to be objective, here are the points that I feel make Sarah not a good choice for President.
      Changing colleges as often as she did shows a lack of commitment, and the ablility to tuff it out, when you are uncomfortable. Getting pregant at her age, set her up to have a child with disabilities. A very small percentage of women get pregant at that age, we know by that age how to avoid getting pregant and on the surface it shows a lack of judgement or responsibility. Letting her children go on the campaign trail with her, missing two months of school, and exposing them to the hostile adult situations was not acceptable, in addition to putting her infants hearing at risk with all the flying. It is worrisome that her husband belonged to such an extreme political party. Her comprehension of how the Federal government functions is very suspect, along with her limited knowledge of other domestic issues.She has governed a very small population, not even a the size of a large city in the lower 48 states, for a very short period of time, and didn’t even finish her term. The fact that she quit in the middle of her term is the biggest drawback. When Rush, says, “for everything she has been through”, doesn’t mean that she is qualified. Most of what she went through was brought on by her actions and reactions to situations. Women definately want a female President, but most of us know that her qualifications are lacking. Please don’t attack me, and assign that liberal tag, as I am a Conservative, who would rather have a strong qualified male, than an unqualified female who will make our journey for representation even harder. I have noticed that if you disagree with the men on this site, you will be attacked and branded as a ultralib. Please note, I didn’t make any comparisons to anyone else. It is a combination of her personal choices and responses to pressure situations which have led me to my decision to not support her. Personally I like her spirit and think she is very pretty, but she is not Presidental material at this time.

      • Vic Bailey, Auburn, Georgia

        CindyL, tell me about all the qualifications of Bama? He doesn’t have any. He wouldn’t be a good high school president, yet, the stupid people elected him. I don’t think they are real happy about that now.

        • CindyL

          Vic, a comparrison with anyone else, is not the point, comparing her to Obama is useless. I am not here to expound on Obama’s lack of qualifications. I am stating the reasons why I think she is not qualified. The race in New York yesterday proves the point that she does not have the political savvy or experience to understand that local elections are decided by local people who don’t want someone like her coming in and telling them what they should be doing. We should have been able to keep that seat,and now due to the interference of Palin and Rush we have lost a congressional seat, which is more important than a governor’s race. She knows there is a game being played, only problem is, she doesn’t know the rules, the positions or purpose of the game. It is not to enrich yourself, by quitting your term and writting a book to get rich. By doing that she has shown that she is just like those we love to hate. If she was serious about her future, she would have gotten some mentoring from the Conservative party and learned as much as she could before, striking out on her own and inserting her opinions into an election that should have been ours easily.

      • FCG

        CindyL, Sarah Palin was a lot better candidate than Obama. First of she is not a Socialist. Hussein Obama is taking notes from Castrol and Chavez. He is on his way to making the times of Jimmy Carter look good. However, I do agree with you on one thing, I would choose the best person for the job, not because of gender or race.

        • Becky

          In an above comment it is said that Sarah gave everyone in her state a check for $3300 in 2008 and $1300 in 2009. This is the government’s money and they are giving it to the people. Sounds like socialism to me. The government handing out money.

          • CindyL

            Becky, what’s funny is, that money is generated from the pipeline, which all of us taxpayers paid for to get us off foreign oil in the 70′s. Ironic isn’t it? She takes earmarks, took the stimilus, and gets federal monies in many forms and has the nerve to critize other states and other governors who did the same. She is not a regular soccer Mom, I don’t have an airplane do you? Heh, heh, heh.

      • s c

        The illogical, anti-Palin vibes that come from this web site topic are hormonal. What is it with people who preach objectivity and reason, and then in the same breath we get subjectivity, a very concentrated woman vs. woman diatribe and frantic finger-pointing?
        If I want disgusting, one-sided garbage, I’ll watch hormone junkies on The View – and I’ll try not to puke.
        Come on, people. Unless you’re teenagers, you owe it to yourselves and this web site’s readers to act more like adults.

        • CindyL

          SC I am an adult and gave very good logical reasons why I don’t like her. Could your liking her also be hormonal? She is very pretty and you men seem to be blinded by her looks, over looking her lack of intellect.

  • Claire

    Hey!! If you want to be really technical—What politician IS QUALIFIED to be President? The politicians promise the moon, but rarely follow through. Remember, this mess happened over the course of numerous years, and it will be numerous years (if ever) before we are out of this mess. The Dems AND Republicans are responsible for this economic disaster.

  • FCG

    Claire, this has been happening since the Reagan years. Our politicians are to blame. This country has no physical responsibility. If I ran a business the way Obama and his cronies are running this country, I would be arrested for tax evasion, counterfeiting and impersonating as an American citizen.

    • Brent

      Troll. Please back up your points with evidence or examples. Define and explain in your own words what “Socialist” means.

  • http://Q&A mary

    Sarah would be great as president. She is a natural born citizen which barry is not and why does people call him barack obama that;s not his name. geez the sheep voted for someone they didn:teven know him by his name. Unless he can pull out his papers where he changed his name he is the adopted son of lolo soetoro, that;s facts, Golly the man even lies about his name and nativity,he has many secrets besides the ones he is hiding, like cair and acorn. you sheep really picked a lulu

    • Joe Green

      I would vote for Sara Palin in a minute and work for her election as President. I happen to be a conservative libertan!! More and more people are waking up and becoming independents. I can’t wait to read her new book.

      • Lindy

        You would vote for Sara Palin in a minute and work for her election as President. Good for you! Do it. There are people who talk the talk and then there are people who walk the walk. As I’ve already said, I think she’s already “jumped the shark”. She should have been introduced to the party at the 2008 convention, sent back to Alaska to be Governor and practise and study and practise some more for the primaries and the 2012 nomination. Like I said before, Obama made a very powerful impression in 2004 and was given time to mature and polish his campaign… and it worked. We should have treated Sarah the same way… she could have kicked some serious ass in 2012. But now, I like many others are just scared to read her new book, we’re worried the crayon will get on our fingers. (Sorry, it was an easy joke.)

        • CindyL

          Ha, ha, ha, funny, love your sense of humor.

    • Mike

      You have got to be kidding! He has produced papers, the news paper anounced his birth. Or did he go back in time and change the paper? Or maybe someone knew he was going to become President and they faked the birth anouncement way back in 1960. And maybe George Bush had bombs planted in the world trade center that made it fall down. And the soviet Union never put the nukes in Cuba but the Kennedy did so we could go to war with them and Marilyn Monroe had Kennedy Shot so no one would know she was sleeping with them and Jackie Kennedy made Marilyn OD because she was made about her sleeping with her hubby, and Nixon bugged the Watergate Hotel to find out what kind of soup they were serving.

      • Leroy Turknettt

        You finally guessed the truth

  • Get Real

    Come on people. We all need to get our heads out of our posteriors and see how ‘we the people,’ are being played by BOTH partys! Makes no difference who is in the White House. They are ‘puppets’ doing the bidding of others behind the scenes.

    One of the most effective tools that has been used for decades is ‘divide and conquer.’ If ‘we the people’ do not wise up and see this pronto, America as we know it will cease to be.

    I get my news from a variety of sources and keep my eye open and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to ‘see’ that we are being ‘played!’

    I am very grateful for the conservative news sources. They may not get it right all the time, but thier eyes are open. Remember, forget the party. Forget color, religion, ethnicity, education, gender and any other divisive element that is being used. Read the Constitution and Bill of Rights. And you will see that we have very little freedom as the founding fathers meant for it to be.

    Get Real

    • Joe Green

      Get Real, you right the Rep. and Dems. have bankrupted out country.We all need to get out of the box and take a look at the shape our country is it! These people, in Washington, only care about keeping themselves in office.
      Now, these fools want to spend 2-3 billions dollars on third-rate health care for everyone. We don’t want socialized medicine in this country. We are bankrupt and when the ball hit the ground you are going to see runaway inflation with the dollar worthless.
      Stop blaming one party or the other. They are both quilty!!!!!!
      I just hope we never lose our freedom of speech and freedom of the Airways. If you don’t like what someone on radio or TV says, just don’t listen, Don’t call them bad names, Racist or Hate Talk Radio.
      They have as much right to their opinion as you and I do.
      Freedom of Speech is for everyone, that right everyone!!!!!!

  • http://Q&A mary

    sarah doesn”t have a member of cair the muslim terriost organization, as an adviser, mogahed his advisr is for sharia law, Gee sheep are you ready for it?
    Sarah knows more than barry forgot.

  • dorothy glen

    My husband and I will vote for Sarah Palin as soon as we get the chance. We like what she stands for. We think she is very clever. I
    like her pleasant personality.

    • Becky

      What does she stand for? Quitting a job when it gets too hard so you can go make money an easier way? Parade your kids around the country but then cry foul when someone says something about them? Brag about your wonderful family values but can’t even teach your daughter about the birds and the bees that babies should come after marriage.
      She is nothing but a joke. The McCain campaign tried to get the Hillary voters with her and it didn’t work. Hillary voters are smart enough to know Sarah ain’t to bright.

      • CindyL

        Becky, I am more concerned about the political party that her husband was a member of. It was pretty far out there, going to the UN to get hooked up with the Iranian delagation. Spooky. If he had been a member in his twenties, I would write it off to being young, but in your thirties you are an adult and responsible for your actions and political views.

  • http://YAHOO.COM KAREN


  • Jeff Olivier

    I think the problem is that WE THE PEOPLE have sat silent for way to long! Everyone wants to play the blame game. Washington has been doing what they want for a long time..Seems to me that the Tea Parties did indeed get the attention of our so called leaders. I have never been politically active, I was guilty of thinking my opinion didn’t matter.Its time that (we the people) start holding the people that work for us accountable. Its funny to see you guys slam each other and your beliefs instead of looking at the whole picture. I don’t think the Perfect President exists. But I want The person in that position to listen to us, act in the best interest for this country and WE THE PEOPLE. As far as Sarah Palin, Maybe she just is not what we are use to seeing as a typical polition . If she didn’t know the answer to a question, would you feel better about her if she just answered with a bunch of BS. Or give a 5 min answer that didn’t have anything to do with the question like the rest of them. I think it would be great to have a President that was more like WE THE PEOPLE. Might just put this country back on track!!!

    • Becky

      The problem is we have career politians in Washington. They have no clue about real America. They keep us busy bickering about parties so that we don’t see them catering to the special interest. It shouldn’t matter what party you belong to. The politians are spoiled little babies. That get everything they need to live a wealthy lifestyle. They get bribes from special interest so they vote a certain way. When are the people going to say enough is enough? They are supposed to represent us, not the special interest and lobbiest. We they people put them there in Washington we should take them out too. Not going to look out for the best interest of the country, fine, you can go back home. Our first politians were farmers. They worked a few months then went back home. Do we really need a full time congress? We have over 400 people in congress, 4-6 are actually running the show. The rest are all just yes people.
      We have one year, next year lets show washington who is boss. Vote out everyone that is in office now. Don’t worry about parties and nonsense like that, just vote against those worthless lazy congress people. If you want to take back your country that is how you must do it. It’s not the man in the whitehouse you have to be afraid of, it’s the special interest that buys the votes of our congress people that you have to be afraid of taking your country away.

  • Torpex

    Since when is it the federal Govt Job to provide health Insurance?

    Lets see….Many Americans cannot afford health Insurance….Unemployment is over 10%, not counting those that fell off benefits and those that never applied. so the Govt’s TAX revenue is going to be down..way down. They are spending like theres no tomorrow (key word spending-not borrowing-just printing more money).
    We should be focused on jobs so people can actually have a job, make money and buy health care. Its not the Goverments job to provide health care!

    The American People need to stop looking at the 2 “Bi-Polar-party” system and open their eyes. This entire situation, including health care was entirely preventable. Anyone who know anything knows that nothing that has happened with big bussiness, banks, wall street, the white house & our economy was an accident. Aside from all the BS the mainstream media spews out, these guys knew exactly what was going to happen, when and why. Its not a conspiracy “Theory” to know the the federal reserve is a Private bank that prints our currency after charging us interest. Wall street continues to thrive at our expense, and the Current politicians are mere puppets, as the last 5 or so were.

    Realize that EVERY President knows just how destructive the Federal reserve is and does NOTHING to eliminate it, is on the payroll of its owners. Thats a FACT. Kennedy issued Executive order 11110..look it up-learn.
    Health care is nothing more then a glorified distraction from the reality that our Constitution is being trashed, destroyed and unless we put a stop to it, eliminated.

    Just how invasive is the situation here in the US?….I have an account online that I needed to provide ID on to set up. Didnt use it often so I forgot the pin. So I tried to use its online verification tool, and it was asking me questions regarding certain info on my drivers licence! Key point here, I NEVER used my state drivers licence to open this or any other financial account in my life! I was in the Military for 20 years and used The federal credit union which used my military ID.

    So how is it that they got information off my Drivers licence? More importantly..WHY? Give them them control of your health care and you give them control of your lives from birth. You all are smart people or you wouldnt be writing here…put aside the old dividers of Left-Right, Black-White, Dem-Rep, Pro-life-Pro-Choice, and the other thousand dividing issues created to keep us all fighting! Turn to the source of our problems and demand they RESTORE the REPUBLIC, END the Federal reserve, and our Economy and lives can proceed towards a better life for all. Theres a way, we just need the right people elected.

    Vote for me in 2012.


    • Becky

      Government has been providing healthcare for 40 years. It’s called Medicare. Or do you reject that as a government program. If you are then I hope you are not on medicare or refuse it when you are old enough.
      In theory, if everyone that goes to get treatment can pay, the ocer all cost should come down. Hospitals spend millions and millions of dollars on people that can’t pay. However they do not take a loss. When was the last time you heard of a hospital going bankrupt? They take the cost onto every one that can pay. The insurance companies then pay that cost. To cover that cost they raise premiums.
      You talk about jobs but in this country we saddle our companies with the cost of healthcare. No wonder it’s cheaper to have things made in China, not only do they pay like a dollar a day the government covers healthcare and the companies and manufactures don’t have that cost to deal with. When a small business has to pay over a million dollars in healthcare cost to cover 100 people that’s a big expense. How many more people could they hire and grow their business if they didn’t have to pay a million in healthcare? You’re so blinded by hate radio and TV you just don’t see the big picture. You think you’ll be paying for people that want free healthcare. You are already paying for them in an indirect manner. You should wake up and see the big picture and not just the one Beck shows you.

      • Dragon Fly


        Medicare – BROKE
        Medicaid – BROKE
        Social Security – BROKE
        US POST Office – BROKE
        Cash for Clunkers – BROKE
        INS (Immigration & Naturalization Service – BROKE

        I want reasonable health care as much as most but based on the above history of the Federal Programs success…what makes you think Health Care will be any different?

        How about BIG government fixes all the above first. THEN when they show responsible money management skills…think about that. We can consider Government run Health Care.

        • libertytrain

          Dragon Fly – yes, I agree.

        • Tommy Barns

          The problem is we have too many old people. All the baby boomers are now old folks and using up all are money. I work my butt off to pay into social security and medicare but when I need it it will be gone cuz of all the old people now. Most get more then they ever paid anyway. they take more then they paid in. Do we need to spend so much on old people. like we know what is going to happen to them right. used to people lived to be 65 years old. now we keep them alive to 80 90 years old and all they do is sit around. why we spend the money. Do away with medicare social security. I want my money for me not for old people. its wrong they take my money.

          • Lindy

            Tommy… here are the facts you need to know. The Baby Boom generation in the US started in 1946, which means the first Baby Boomers will turn 65 in a little over a year (that would be 2011). So you’re absolutely WRONG when you say the Baby Boomers are using up all “are” money. (Um… Tommy? That should read “our” money.) The Baby Boom generation is getting older but as of right now, NONE of them are senior citizens. You’re worried that the Social Security and Medicare money will be scarce when YOU need it? The last of the Baby Boom generation (born in 1964) turns 65 in 2029, that money will be long gone for the majority of Baby Boomers too.
            What exactly do you mean when you say “WE KEEP THEM ALIVE” until they are 80 to 90 years old? Did “we” used to put them on an ice flow at 65? What did “we” do in the past to ensure that all old people died when they turned 65? Tommy, I think what you’re referring to is the average lifespan for an American male used to be around 72 years of age, the average female was 76 and now the average lifespan for both is about six years longer. Sorry to hear that the well-being of others is an inconvenience to your future finances.
            Tommy, the last lines of your post just made you sound self-absorbed, self-indulgent and just plain selfish. So here’s my response to you… I hope Social Security and Medicare has been wiped-out, cleaned-out and absolutely run dry, before a single penny goes to a spoiled illiterate like you! I think that it’s wrong for MY money to go to someone doesn’t know the difference between “are” and “our”, someone who doesn’t know that “then” and “than” are not the same words (obviously your enunciation is atrocious too), and try to understand how to use its and it’s properly. I weep that my tax dollars were wasted trying to educate you and you don’t know that the first word in a sentence is capitalized or that it’s because not “cuz” or that punctuation should not be an optional feature in sentences.

          • CindyL

            Lindy, I was with you right up until you started nailing him on his education and grammer usage. Not all have had the benefit of an excellent education. You had made good points, there was no reason to insult him on his failings. Climb down from that pedalstal and maintain your intellectual composure without degrading others. That elitist attitude does not become you. You can be mad at me, however, when I get out of line, I will expect you to reel me in. What is ironic here, is that the older generation wants to keep their government run healthcare, while the younger ones are worried that it won’t be there for them. Both want it, yet nobody will admit that it is a social program and could use some kind of reform to keep it functioning. I laugh everyday at the irony.

          • Tommy Barns


            In the old days people went to doctor and got cocaine and they felt better. They also died at an earlier age. Now we spend millions to keep people alive that would have died years ago. If someone is kept alive on machines and is just laying there for years and years what’s the point? What do you mean your tax dollars? Every week They take my money and put it into Social Security and Medicare. It’s my money and if I don’t get it back then I was robbed.
            You must be a baby boomer since you got so defensive about them. But it’s been known for a long time that the baby boomer generation was going to wipe out the funds for social security.
            The personal attacks about my use os grammer and spelling are just uncalled for. You must be one other those over educated people that think because you have more money and education than a hillbilly like me that you are better than me. Some of us in this country live in some very rural areas and don’t have access to the best schools and certainly don’t have the money to go to college. We work hard and just want whats right.
            I hope I didn’t make any more spelling or grammer mistakes. I wouldn’t want you to show your true self again. You appear to be spoiled and have no clue how some people in this country actually have to live.

          • Leroy Turknettt

            hey: Don’t blame the old folks. LOOK back ans see how your congressraided the social Security trust fund for hundresds of millions of dollers to balance the budget. If they had not done that the fund would probably be solvant for a long time to come. If you were 65 today would you concent to be killed so soemone younger could have they’re money?

        • Tommy Barns

          Obama want the country to go broke so he can sell Texas to China. Obama is going to sell states in order to pay back are debt. They will make people believe this is good by making us take the vacines and that gives them mind control so we vote demcrats in office and then they sell states. Texas is going to be first. It’s the biggest and are best president ever lives there now. So Obama wants bush to suffer by making him china.

          • Leroy Turknettt

            How in the wordl did you come up with that. What are you smoking?

    • Tanya Peterson

      The Republicans lost 2 more seats in Congress this week in the 2009 election.
      Maybe if they actually had a good idea instead of just saying NO more would vote for them. But they are clueless and don’t have any ideas. Personally I don’t vote for parties I vote for people. But everyone on the Republican side is just a crybaby at this point. No ideas at all.

  • Claire

    Becky—you are so right! As far as Palin goes, I said before my dogs have more common sense and intellect. Palin is attractive and her personality is more down to earth, but we still need someone with brains to run a country.
    FCG–I said the Dems AND Republicans are at the root of these econmic problems. BOTH PARTIES created this mess together! I believe I am stating the simple truth.


    The fact that Sara Palin set out on her political career to oppose the corruption in Alaska politics and the Oil companies, has shown her ability to read a situation, evaluate the options, put in place a plan of action and follow through to successfully correct the problem.
    She has demonstrated an integrity, a toughness, a common sense approach and determination that would succeed in any situation.
    She also has the skill to evaluate the integrity, honesty and abilities of the people that she enlisted to become a part of her team.
    To clear up any misunderstanding regarding what a possible canidate for the Presidency needs to know about the rest of the world…that is the purpose of the State Department, C.I.A., N.S.A. and the entire Intelligence agencies…. Our goverments eyes and ears. It only takes good judgements, a sence of fairness, a sense of justice and an understanding of human nature to make logical decisions regarding international relations.
    “Walk softly and carry a big stick” Ben Franklin…

    • CindyL

      Do, you have that same opinion when picking a surgeon? Experience and qualifications are required. Just listen to how upset we are about Obamas experience, then consider if you want another one with the same lack of experience in office making decisions that do require an understanding of world politics and domestic agendas.

    • Becky

      BUT SHE QUIT! SHE QUIT! She is a quitter. She didn’t say, I’m not going to seek re election, she quit in the middle of her term. What kind of leader is that? If she is sooooooooooooo good why did she quit? To write poetry on Facebook? She is nothing more than a cry baby quitter.

      • Lee

        She didn’t quit. She just moved on for the good of the state.

        • CindyL

          Lee, she terminated her employment, she was not fired, (impeached) she flat out quit. Just like Mel Martinez did in Florida. They both quit prior to their term of office expiring. There is no excuse. Saying you did it for the state, is laughable. If governing got tough while she was president, should she quit for the benefit of the people?

  • Dragon Fly

    BOTH parties share the same objectives! I am not saying all party members, more likely the career politicians, those in real power within each respective party. They create the illusion that we the people have a choice but in reality we are being lead like sheep to slaughter. Like magicians they keep us focused on the one hand while shifting the cards with the other. Thing is, I believe all presidents since JFK have been puppets of these career politicians and their puppet masters. I believe the objective of these people is the over all dismantling of the US as we know it and the formation of the North American Union (Mexico, Canada & the US). Their main objective is a one world government and the US and its people must be brought DOWN to the standard of the rest of the world in order to help make the transition. We as a people are all expendable…a war here or a war there, terrorist attacks, killer viruses, economic collapse, climate change…it’s all part of the manipulation and fear mongering. This has been going on for quite some time under numerous parties and continues today, President Obama as much as I would have like to believe was different is not and neither is anyone on the horizon in either party. The fact remains that our country is being changed ever so slowly under what ever the guise by BOTH PARTIES. And the solution is not a PARTY solution. The solution will come from WE THE PEOPLE, we are waking up you can see it in blogs all over the internet. People are realizing that the system is broken. Our eyes are being opened and the “CHANGE” that was spoken of is NOT what the powers that be had in mind. They are alarmed that the American people are catching on to their charade.

    We need term limits on all politicians. We need to clean out the House, Senate & Congress…yes VOTE THEM ALL OUT! And after their term has been meet…vote them out again. We the people of this great nation hold the power, we always have and we are the one’s responsible for all our countries ills. We have let these charlatans’ destroy our prosperity, our children’s and possibly our great grandchildren’s prosperity. And all we do is point the finger of blame at each other while they continue on with this madness. Shame on us. It is no longer about left or right it is about who WILL do what is BEST for this country and bring us closer to our forefathers’ vision of America with FREEDOM & LIBERTY for all.

    • Dragon Fly

      Forget what you have been told and what think you know about who killed JFK. He was assinated because he refused to go along with the powers that be.

      Read this:

      Estulin: G-20 Meeting in Scotland this Week about Dumping U.S. Dollar
      Posted by dprogram on November 3, 2009
      Best-selling author Daniel Estulin states that the key issue to be discussed this week at the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting, being held in St. Andrews, Scotland, is how to bring down the present world financial system through dumping the US dollar.
      November 3, 2009
      Estulin first reported on this initiative as being deliberated at the most recent Bilderberg meeting held in Greece in May 2009. Estulin says that the success or failure of this callous plan hinges on the ability of the US and UK representatives to convince the Russian, the Chinese and other national governments to go along with their scheme.
      Estulin maintains that if the co-conspirators succeed, such sudden devaluation of the US dollar would result in the sinking of the world economy through a chain-reaction collapse of the entire world’s financial system. As discussed during the Bilderberg Group’s super-secret conclave back in May, this breakdown would then be used as an excuse to launch a new world monetary system. G20 leaders are aware that those who run the monetary markets, the monetary system, control the world. That is why today, the world is run through a dominant one-currency monetary system and not by national credit systems.
      A severe breakdown crisis would affect every corner of the world and be a prelude to instability, wars and general hostility along financial, geographical and geopolitical lines, affecting not only particular countries but also societies, cultures and whole continents. Such a breakdown could result in a consolidation of the world’s monetary system.
      Estulin declares that the creation of the new world currency is the true meaning of globalization, which is nothing but an empire. It is the elimination of the nation-state, the degradation of individual national liberties and the depredation of civil rights.
      Collapsing the US dollar, first of all, is an assault on the structure of the United States economy toward the creation of a “World Company.” This concept, Estulin states, was initially discussed at the April 1968 Bilderberg Group meeting, held in Canada at Mont Trembland, by George Ball, a senior Lehman Brothers banker and former undersecretary for economic affairs for Presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.
      The aim of this World Company, as explained by Ball was “to eliminate the archaic political structure of nation-state” in favor of the more “modern” corporate structure. Ball also called for further political integration in Europe, and then the rest of the world, as a precondition for expanding the power of a World Company, thus putting the financiers on the same levels as governments.
      This initiative, the moving away from the US dollar as a world currency, is the true intention of the G20 meeting November 6-7 at St. Andrews in Scotland, the site of the 1998 Bilderberg conference, Estulin asserts.

      I’m not sure how Sarah Palin fit’s into this equasion…if at all. But you can believe many will be doing their homework before casting their vote.

  • Torpex

    Just a small tidbit….Every director of the CIA, since 1949, has come from Wall Street Banks.

    Sarah Palin is a unique individual, however, I would like to know more of her conviction and how well she would deal with doing the right things in the face of adversity…how well she would stand the fire and if she is willing to sacrifice herself to make TRUE Change.

  • http://Microsoft Eugene

    Who are you trying to brown- nose, Rush?

  • James Richardson

    I think the more appropriate question (which the MSM would never dare ask) is this: Is Obama ready to be President? His currrent on the job training is failing miserably! Anybody, including Palin, could be exponentially better.


    • Tanya Peterson

      If you watched MSNBC (not MSM) you would know that that question was asked by many.

  • http://Google Jean


    You obviously are very uninformed.
    Or is it that you are simply to accustomed to welfare check recipients. Or perhaps you are one yourself!!!! The money that is paid yearly to Alaskans is from OIL REVENUE….Alaska is a state rich in natural, and who had a very honest Governer aka…Sara Palin.

    If any other politician had been in office that money would have found its way into his pocket, or his cronies pockets…..much like the BAMA


  • http://Google Jean


    You obviously are very uninformed.

    Or is it that you are simply to accustomed to welfare check recipients. Or perhaps you are one yourself!!!!

    The money that is paid yearly to Alaskans is from OIL REVENUE….Alaska is a state rich in natural resurces , and who had a very honest Governor aka……..Sara Palin.

    If any other politician had been in office that money would have found its way into his pocket, or his cronies pockets…..much like the OBAMA STIMULUS….hows that working out for you libs???

  • gili4

    Sarah Palin is an excellent choice for our next President, and I wish her (and this country as a result) the very best. I will be voting for her if she decides to throw her hat in the ring.

    • Lee

      She can throw her hat in, just so the rest of her stays out.

  • Tanya Peterson

    Alaskans Speak (In A Frightened Whisper): Palin Is “Racist, Sexist, Vindictive, And Mean”
    by Charley James posted on Friday, 5 September 2008

    So Sambo beat the bitch!”

    This is how Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin described Barack Obama’s win over Hillary Clinton to political colleagues in a restaurant a few days after Obama locked up the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

    According to Lucille, the waitress serving her table at the time and who asked that her last name not be used, Gov. Palin was eating lunch with five or six people when the subject of the Democrat’s primary battle came up. The governor, seemingly not caring that people at nearby tables would likely hear her, uttered the slur and then laughed loudly as her meal mates joined in appreciatively.

    “It was kind of disgusting,” Lucille, who is part Aboriginal, said in a phone interview after admitting that she is frightened of being discovered telling folks in the “lower 48” about life near the North Pole.

    Then, almost with a sigh, she added, “But that’s just Alaska.”

    Racial and ethnic slurs may be “just Alaska” and, clearly, they are common, everyday chatter for Palin.

  • Merl Elton

    Sarah Palin is intelligent. You cannot be governor without being intelligent, politically savvy, tough, wise, and street smart. However, her brush with the media showed her weaknesses; and made it clear that she is not yet ready for the big time. In the New York/Washington corridor, one must always do one’s homework and anticipate how to effectively answer questions posed by the media.
    SP did not fare well with Katie Curic; and hopefully she has learned from this. Being funny, cute and folksey does not work in the NY/DC political corridor; being prepared and informed always does.

  • Merl Elton

    How would the Middle East react to a woman President? Also, I don’t think she had the necessary gravitas.

  • Merl Elton

    Palin should stay out of the Presidential running for now.

  • Merl Elton

    Yeah, its true about the Bamster: What experience did he have before being elected President–community organizer, state senator; not much. He does not realize that you cannot run a country on ideaology. His philosophy on many issues is sophmoric.

  • Joe Smith

    You say Sarah has no experience, and what did Obama have 140 days in congress.

    • Tanya Peterson

      Obama was elected to the US Senate in 2004. Slightly more than 140 days. You have to learn not believe everything you see and hear on Fix Noise and Rush Limbaugh.

  • Jeff

    I have no problem saying Rush and Sean carry the Republican water. They are very much in bed with them. Same as MSNBC,CNN,Chis Oberman, Chris Mathews are in bed with the Democrats. Glen Beck however is not he is more of a constitutionalist. He does lean heavy to right but not Republican. If you have ever listened to Beck or watched his show befor the election you would have seen and heard him reeming Bush and the Republicans when they were in power. I have alot of respect for Mr. Beck because of that.

  • Janet


    • Tanya Peterson

      What has Obama done that is soooooooooooo bad and so much worse than any other President that we have had? You can’t really give details can you?

      • Dragon Fly

        10.6 UNEMPLOYMENT for starters, TRILLIONS in debt and the largest expansion of government into the private sector ever.

        • Tanya Peterson

          Obama had nothing to do with the unemployment. That was coming for years but was ignored because the Republicans we had in the White House and Congress in years past ignored the domestic home front. Their rich friends were making money, jobs wer going over seas and greedy bankers were making bad deals. It was a disaster waiting to happen but was ignored by ALL.
          We are at a point that you must spend money to get the economy back on track. I would love to hear an idea of how to create jobs without spending money.

          • Dragon Fly

            Tanya – for starters the government does not make money. It can only take it from you. Where do you think the money they are spending is coming from? Here’s a clue…just look in the mirror. You are correct in saying that these problems started way before this administration. However what you failed to mention is that the same people who caused this economic nightmare are the very same group who are in charge of fixing it. Please explain to me how we can expect a different outcome with the same people in charge? I and others would like to know.

            It took Japan 20 years to over come their economic downturn which btw, started in the real estate market (loss 85% value)Japan’s unemployment rate never surpassed six percent. They created JOBS and increased Exports, we in turn are spending money as fast as it can be printed under the guize of stimulius. The banks are NOT LENDING, JOBS are not being created and we are in the mist of creating the largest social health care debacle. Don’t get me wrong, I think it needs fixing BUT the timing is all wrong. Does this make any sense.

            Why not start by giving employers tax incentives for hiring? How about the Small Business Loans Administrations lending to new biz? What about Banks lending for start-up? Right now obtaining any money from the lenders for inventory, payroll or start-up is like pulling teeth. They have the money, they are just not lending. Why is that?

      • Leroy Turknettt

        how about the iimmigration policy. Why is he seuing Arizona for doing what the fedral government is supposed to do and refuses to do.

  • http://Drudge Ken -pf

    Dear Tonya (Carlos,Lindy..and endless other Liberals..)
    What did O’B do in 9 months …how about -11b$$ for starters…
    .. you are now part owner of GM, City, Health Care decisions

    and you ask ..what did he do ? ! ! !

    But do watch/record Fox Sunday News
    they have 2 from PBS to offer the other side.
    ( there is no better presenter than Britt H.
    with LOGIC for his positions)
    Yes George Wills does balance the other 5 on the Steponolipis

    I’d sadly object that Rush yields Conservative opinions for
    the Right party,,, how many are smart enough to follow
    is yet another question

    • Tanya Peterson

      GM Asked the goverment for a loan. Obama did not go to GM and force them to take the money as you all like to make believe. You cry about jobs but yet were willing to let millions more become unemployed by letting GM and Chrysler close their doors.
      The banks are another issue. Some wer more or less forced to take government money. Bush started that and Senator Obama was also in favor of it. What would have happened if the banks had closed? What would have happend to everyone’s money that the banks had? I don’t think anyone can answer that.
      The Stimulus money was given to the states. If that money was not sdpent correctly in your state then you have issues with your state government. There should have been rules sent along with the money like where to spend it and receipts for what it was spent on. But Remember, Congress went along with everything.
      I guess my question to you is this, How do you create jobs without spending money?
      Look at history, we were in a depression in the 1930′s. It was an awful time for many americans. The government tried to spend money to create jobs. Hoover Dam was one project. People called Roosevelt a socialist because of his spending and social programs. But it wasn’t until we entered WWII that we really got out of the depression. The government spent so much money on the war effort. Factories accross the nation were making things for the war and military. Every able bodied American that wanted to work could find a job doing something. The defict ballooned to enourmouse amounts and things got better.
      The sad thing is that today we couldn’t even make boots for our fighting men and women. We have no more industry left in this nation. Ever think about what would happen if the rest of the world imposed sanctions on us?
      If you want to fix the problem you need to create jobs. That takes money. But you also need to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US soil to create those jobs. Until that happens you can point fingers at Obama, Bush and Clinton, all you want. But remember Congress went along with it. Let’s get rid of Congress and start over. All of them!

  • Jeff

    GM and Chrysler did ask to be bailed out. 2nd time for Chrysler they did so in the 80′s also. Difference was Reagan and Bush stayed out of the way and let them recover. They did and did it very well and even payed the debt back early. Today Obama demands the CEO of GM to resign, takes over the company and splits ownership between Labor union, Canada, and the US government. He demanded Chrysler sell off to Fiat them took overwhat was left. What happened to all the people who owned stock? All facts if you care to look them up. As a side note Ford was also in the room when Bail outs were being discussed. They saw the writing on the wall with Obama and the Democrat Congress power grab. They decided to tuff it out and doo with out the bail out money. Ford is up and the two Goverment auto makers are down, do you see a pattern here?
    Banks failing; yup it happens but stronger banks buy them out and continue on. This keeps the best alive and strong whilethose who do not manage money well fall to the wayside. People lose money its part of life these days.
    Government bail outs only prolong the agony. Automakers bailed out to keep them from going bankrupt, few months later they go bankrupt. So what was the purpose? The purpose was to gain power and they succeded. Have you ever heard of Studebaker, AMC, Nash, Hudson, I could go on for hours but my point is they were all automakers. When they could no longer make it they went under. Here is the kicked though. Those jobs and manufacturing didn’t just poof and disapeer. they were bought by other companies and in the end made both stronger. Same would have happened this time. Ford, Toyota, Honda, Fiat or countless others could have steped in and took over all are in good shape. Befor you scream IMPORTS consider Obamas choice to buy Chrysler was an imort Fiat. Simply put the government has no constitutional right to take over companies wether that is auto manufacturing, Banking and Finance, or Healthcare.

    By the way for those who think Bush did nothing and he saused all the. Look back I think it was around 96 or 97. The Bush administration tried to reform Fanny and Frerdie to make the more solvent. Barney Frank is the one I remember sitting there saying he could find nothing wrong with the way they were doing things. The Democrats converged on the issue and did everything they could to make the Bush administration look bad and this was one of those times. I am not saying to anyone to believe what I am saying, I am say do your homework. Pay attention to what is going on.

  • Al Shaw

    Well after reading most of the coments posted my fears have been confermed most of our citizens are shell shocked. The nut case we have in the White House and his croniees have violated the Consitution, if we read it the Federal Government has has limited power and certain duties. Last time I checked ( with the powers to be) are doing a piss poor job supporting our troops peotectiong out bourders and spending money we do not have.Those how made statements about Ms Palin’s forgin policy experience I am very certtain she would not be going around the world appologizing for our county. Ms Palin will be a strong protector of the Consitution.She will do a great Job she is not a blur blood it is about time we have some in the white House who will really represent the average person. Go Sarah

  • Thomas Avery Blair

    Never underestimate the so-called “silent majority” in America. I have personally disassociated myself from being Republican or Democrat…I can perceive very little differance between the major political parties anymore. I am supporting the “Tea Party” and I hope Ron Paul and Sarah Palin and others statesmen and stateswomen will step up to the plate and prove that most Americans will tell Washington, D.C. to “Keep the Change.”

    Unless it can be done at the election boxes, I fear there will be a backlash against our federal government too closely akin to a second American civil war. The American Constitution was not a suggestion, our civil rights are not government mandated, but are instead God given, and my faith remains with God and with the hearts and minds of God-fearing people exactly like Sarah Palin.

    I will not support a socialist agenda, financially or otherwise. I hope the voters will “clean house…and the senate” in the next two national elections. Failure in that effort condemns the failure of my beloved country and I will not fail to oppose further governmental control of my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness…just as I am certain millions of other Americans will.

    Let’s don’t do away with the USA.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Thomas Avery Blair, EA

  • Leroy Turknettt

    This next election will probably be the last chance we will have to change the corse that we are set on. We are now so dangerously close to bankrupaie and most people do not realize it. If we let the dollar collapse we will be in deep trouble. Vote responsabaly and change the course befor it is to late. please, God bless America.


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