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Rush Limbaugh on Hannity Does Rush Want Obama to Succeed part 1

February 9, 2009 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Frank

    Strong and proud Obama supporter here and I am no victim….
    Hannity and Limbaugh are victims of brain death…..

    • Robert

      HI Frank, judging from the ignorance indicated by your comment, you’re already “Brain-dead” yourself… OR … Can you really say you support an elected official who during his first year has only done harm to our country? Do you know that Obama is a Marxist Communist who surrounded himself with thirty some 60′s Radicals, Socialists and Communists, calling them Czars? Did you know that his first “Mentor” and close friend when he was in High School was Communist “Organizer” Frank Marshall Davis who was working on Unionizing the Hawaian Longshoremen? Did you know that he further honed his “Organizer” skills under the tutelage of Saul Alinsky, radical self avowed Marxist Communist, who wrote the book RULES FOR RADICALS? These are just a couple of truths and I could go on and on with more than you want to hear. This guy is out to KILL CAPITALISM which made this country great and which is where the jobs are! He wants a Soviet style GOVERNMENT which has each of us totally dependant upon it for our next meal, which OWNS big Pharma, Insurance, Banks, Auto Companies, Oil Companies and any other BIG PRIVATE INDUSTRY HE CAN GET HIS HANDS ON!!! I’m constantly amazed that more American citizens don’t seem to be catching on to this fast enough to put a stop to it before it’s gone to far to reverse!!!

  • John the Carpenter

    I see the break between what and how Obama says things, and what actually is getting done, but he still beats Bush by leagues! Socialism didn’t work so it never will? Nice “thought” process Rush! If everyone thought that way we’d never have gotten passed depending on lightning for fire. And what of Cuba? Who says Cuba failed? They changed when they had and survived and are doing quite well in fact. They learned to live on their own resources, rather than steal resources under false pretenses, like their big neighbor to the north has been doing for far too long.
    Rush…. what can I say? You and Hannity deserve each other! You’ve only been wrong on EVERYTHING so far. But I’l still listen in to give you the benfit of the doubt. The odds are that you’ll get SOMETHING right eventually!

  • JIM

    Frank and John: You guys will soon learn the truth about Obama when we are a 3rd world country which we are going to be if he succeeds. You will see your children without cloths and hungry like you see in present African and Asain countries. You guys need to wake up and smell the roses. We are headed for a dead end with this president. You cant spend what you dont have if you did not learn that in accounting 101. When you are broke you have nothing, AND WE ARE BROKE. So where do we go from here. Only God Knows, Hope that did not affend you.

  • Tony

    Get ready times are changing. What do you do when a storm is coming ? be prepared! whats going to save us “FAIR TAX ” to start. STOP spending on thing you don’t really need. We don’t need BIG GOV. Every day past it forward. GOOD LUCK TO THE GREEDY PEOPLE.

  • Albert Wacher

    John the carpenter should pull the hair out of his eyes and get a hearing aid. He obviously is either uniformed or naive. Obama and his group of ultra liberals are trying to lead this country down the socialist path and destroy our freedom. Thank God for the many conservative media reporters and blogs that are keeping Americans informed of the corruption in this Administration.

  • ron

    Couple of issues: Does Rush want Obama to succeed? Anyone who doesn’t want their president to succeed shouldn’t live here. Even if you didn’t vote for them your want them to succeed because we are talking about our country, no? That’s like being on a basketball team and hoping the team loses because you don’t like the captain. I didn’t vote for bush and the neo cons but i also did not want them to fail because their failure hurts us. Our country.
    Secondly, folks need to realize that capitalism and socialism are not perfect systems. There needs to be a hybrid system, take what works from each and incorporate them. Yes, team play. Those who scream about socialism and govt involvement I suspect gladly use their medicare/medicaid benefits…govt run, no? What about the postal system? Socialism at play? Come on people. Enough with the us vs. them. Work together.

    • Robert

      Hey Ron, are you sure you voted at all? Why should anyone want a Marxist Communist President who was elected only because of a dumbed down electorate of young women who thought he was cute and swallowed the Hopey Changey lingo and sonorous speeches, men who wanted to prove they weren’t racists and almost every black in the country who loved to see a black President. None of these really checked him out on a computer using google and other search engines to find out what his connection was to Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, ACORN, his Preacher of 20 years, Hate Whitey, Hate America, Jeremiah Wright, non-repentent Terrorist Commie Professor William Ayers. Get with it IF YOU WANT THE TRUTH Ron, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!

      • American liberal

        Robert… Did you search the Bush familys love affair with the Saudis?… Or the Bush familys business relations with the Bin Laden family for decades?… Or how Bush flew the Saudis and Bin Laden familys out of America less than 48 hours after 9/11 ?.. Before the FBI could even question them?… That’s not odd to you?

    • American liberal

      Very good post Ron..anyone wanting our country is fail is the same as Al Qaeda and anyother American hating anti Goverment… much as I despised for the direction Bush took our country in I never hoped America failed like these ultra rightwing anti goverment haters do…we may hear these anti American goverment haters get even louder as the economy continues to improve…. My newspaper this morning said the recovery appears real…

    • DeJay

      ron, should we want Obummer to succeed at running our country down the tube?? I suggest you clarify what you say. The only thing about your statement that has validity is “work together.” That will never happen. When Sitchin writes about archelogical finds from diggings dating back 6000 B. C. the being from another planet couldn’t work together. There were wars among them. There are instinctive things about us that we seem to care too much about what the other one has. Some of us are productive and some of us are lazy. Some of us avidly seek intelligence while others walk around with pleasures on their minds or their heads you know where. “Never the twain shall meet.”

  • We the Indigenous People

    Ron, u hit it right on the head! Great post.

    • urstupid

      Wow What nail AND what head idiot????????? ron & we the indigenous = dumb & dumber!!!!!!!!!!

  • S. L. Blakemore

    All I can say is Bush and his rogue posey had better be glad that President Obama is a good man. Personally, I would have rounded all of them up, from George W., Condelessa, Rove, on down to Limbaugh, and the entire Fox crew, and charged them as war criminals. But, don’t worry. If these crooks don’t pay for it now, they will meet the true master, and pay the ultimate price.

    • DeJay

      S.L. Blakemore. How will they pay the ultimate price, when they die??
      Don’t we all pay that price whether we’re like Mother Teresa or Hitler?? Look at all the presidents,politicians and super rich that die of old age after a life of living high off the hog. How is the price they pay so different then ours?? You leave the reader wondering if you included Obummer in the group you’d want to round-up. Maybe your thinking is that they will go to hell. Forget about that hogwash. When you die you will be dead a very long time.

  • Roland


    • American liberal

      Too you’re saying our President is going to give himself amnasty?…. And no matter what the state of Hawaii says you’re still convinced the President was born where?….you also think his birth announcement was forged 48 yearsago in the newspaper because they knew He was going to run for president and win the election?…. Here’s a thought for you…… If the Bush administration and the republicans had not run our country off the economic and moral cliff president Obama probley wouldn’t have been elected… other words ..president Obamas election is the republicans fault and yours…. You need to learn to take responsibility for your mistakes…… And you can see the presidents birth certificate online…. And naturally you’ll insist it’s forged because thousands of people are in on this fraud…. Rush and Beck are calling you…. I think president Obama has the possibility to be Americas greatest president or one of Americas best

  • American liberal

    The Republicans and Bush gave us the worst recession since the great depression, the wallstreet bailouts , 2 unfinished wars and at best a total wasted war aginst Iraq… Trillions in debt to China…. I admitt President Obamas had to spend a lot but most of the spending is due to the condition this country was in when he took office….. The healthcare bill will pay for itself in the decades to come in theory … Theirs no reason why we can’t join the rest of the civilized world in making sure all our citizens have access to affordable healthcare…. What did this country get in return for Bushs Iraq adventure?….. Nothing … But Iraq has healthcare….we paid for it… And still are ….. I’d have a lot more respect for the Tea party had they cared so much about spending while the Republicans and Bush/ Cheney were driving our economy into the ditch….. It also appears our economy is starting to improve… Be patient… Their was a lot of damage done by the last administration of Neo conservatives …

  • American liberal

    Rush?.. His job is to rile people up….and hoping that President Obama fails is treason….if Obama has sucess , we all have sucess….. Right now Rush and Glenn Beck are in a ratings war…. Each trying to be more absurd so they can get viewers and listeners…. You really shouldn’t let these two play you

  • PrterC

    There is only ONE WAR going on, that with “radical Islamists” that has been going on since and during WW2. This war is the choice of the ISLAMISTS in accordance with the treachings of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Mr. Obama is the least skilled, least educated President since Andrew Jackson, and Jackson ws personally honest, Obama is not.Worse yet, Obama has no idea what money is, and neither do his advisors, no idea at aall, Neither do thte Obamadrones posting here, If they understood whay money is Obama would terrify them.


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