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Ruled By Wealth, Congress Made Up Of Millionaires

September 9, 2011 by  

Lawmakers like Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) had a banner year in 2010, as she added millions of dollars to her fortune while working in Congress.While the U.S. is struggling to recover from the 2008 recession and unemployment figures remain over 9 percent, members of Congress are doing quite well financially. The top 50 lawmakers are worth a combined $1.6 billion, The Hill reported.

The Hill released its list of the 50 wealthiest members of Congress, a group which included leaders from both sides of the aisle.

At the top of the list was Representative Michael McCaul (R-Texas) who has a reported net worth of more than $287 million. The Congressman knocked Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) off his perch as the richest lawmaker, according to news outlet.

Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Pelosi saw her net worth increase by more than $14 million in 2010, due to real estate investments and stock plays, bringing the her total to more than $35 million, according to the news outlet.

The Hill released the list just weeks after Warren Buffet attacked the group of lawmakers in Congress and suggested that wealthy individuals should pay more per year to ease the burden on normal Americans, USA Today reported.

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  • s c

    Some people learn to have and use self-imposed standards. Some don’t. Some who don’t get elected, and make a mockery of representative government.
    A sense of morality seems to be all but impossible to find in Washington. I have wondered for many years HOW it is possible for someone to go to Washington, become rich (at our expense), preach to America about the many faults of ‘the rich,’ and yet these same people dare to place themselves on pedestals.
    To me, any citizen who can look the other way while a member of the House or Senate (or the W H) gets RICH in Washington is a citizen who should not be allowed to vote. If a new member of the Senate or House or the W H is already rich before they get to Washington, that’s another matter.
    Getting RICH at our expense is beyond immoral. It is proof that going to Washington is a ruse. It is to our great shame that such people can get elected. For them to get re-elected makes us look like slaves who can’t understand that we do indeed work for those worthless SOBs and bastardettes in Washington. THEY are legally and morally bound to work for US.

    • Vic Bailey

      The funny part is that most of them were just paupers, then they came to Washington, started learning how to steal and inside trade, inside land deals and ever other crooked deal they could find and then charge the colleges and schools for making speaches about truth and hard work, even though the Constitution says that these thieves are breaking the law, but THEY own the law and make the laws, so the citizen as usual gets screwed. And the crooks are getting by taxpayer dollars to break EVERY Constitutional law on the books, but then they stick together and protect one another, citizen screwed AGAIN!!
      Semper Fi.

      • lucitee

        How about O’BAMA! He has NEVER been self-supporting, has never had a job, has never led a Company and couldn’t afford to RENT a house in Chicago much less BUY one until he got into Politics! Reach MILLIONAIRE STATUS on his OWN MERIT? HEEHEEHARDEHARHAR! IMPOSSIBLE!
        THAT is why he is like a blind dog in a meat packing plant! He KNOWS he needs to grab, ingest, stock-pile, amass, hide and store everything NOW while he can get it FREE! He doesn’t CARE that WE have to PAY FOR IT! He has NEVER had this much wealth, power, fame and recognition in his LIFE and won’t AGAIN! Did he EARN IT? Only for his radical ultra-billionairs GROOMERS with the same agenda!

        • EyesWideOpen

          What we need to find out about anyone up for election is what organizations they are affiliated with. Free Masonry is the common denominator in the groups that are pushing the One World Agenda: The Illuminati (yes, it still exists), Masons, Shriners, Rotary Club International, Trilateral Commission, United Nations, Council of Foreign Affairs, Bilderberger Institute, Labor Unions, Vatican, and the National Conferences of many Protestant religions! To see a list of the people that belong to these groups just enter “the worlds’ richest people” into your search bar on the internet. These people know that in order to get the citizens of the countries of the world to accept this One World System that they must first crush the economies of each country so that we will accept this system rather than starve to death. But know that anyone that is not part of their group will become enslaved! Just look at what is happening today, open your eyes and see the truth!

          • Jana

            You made this statement on the other blog too. Good for you. It needs to be made over and over. We all need to take it to heart and DO IT.

          • libertytrain

            Jana – I think it’s another person than the usual one, don’t get too excited.

          • Jana

            Oh phooey, I thought there was true hope for her. :)

          • libertytrain

            Jana, I think the one we have become sorrily accustomed to doesn’t cap her name. I could be wrong but that’s what I’m sort of remembering without scanning posts to verify. :)

          • Kate8

            Jana and Libertytrain – I was wondering the same thing.

            I think you are right about the caps.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            One little problem with what you say about the masons. my father was an active member for over 50 years. he never made over 35,000 dollars a year in his life!! My daughter is a Rainbow girl and I have never made over 50,000 a year!! Please do me a favor and tell me where my money is cause I sure ain’t rich by inheritance nor wage!!! My wifes father has been an active mason for about 50 years, himself and is a chemist. He’s not really rich either!! I have several other relatives that are either masons or eastern star and they are nowheres near rich!!

        • LANI

          Obummer is the #1 Freeloader in America

          • Kate8

            LANI – Very good point!

            He has the biggest entitlement mentality of all! And he’s taking full advantage of all he can get.

            Here we have people who have never had to work in their lives, and they presume to tell the rest of us how to live.

    • wandamurline

      Pelosi and all the others should have to pay for their flights on Air Force planes. She talled a bill close to a billion during her two years of queenship. My boss never paid my gas to get back and forth to work, does yours? They need to pay for their own vacations, anytime they fly, it should come out of their pocket and Pelosi should reimburse the people of America for her excessive use of Air Force plans during her tenure as Speaker of the House.. of course, she will not do this, and this is another reason she gained 10 million or so during 2010….she was stealing it from the tax payers…but she is the first to point her finger at rich people … she should be pointing her finger at herself.

      • LANI

        That wench should pay the taxpayers back! here she is rich as hell and having us pay the bill for her extravagance! She has business like a Winery and Restaurants w/ NO UNION workers. Hmmmmm

        • Kate8

          LANI – Yes. And what about Michelle’s last personal vacation jaunt. It cost us in excess of $10million! And she is nothing but the wife of an elected official.

          Do these people have to pay for ANYTHING out of their own pockets? It sure doesn’t seem so.

          I’d sure love to have kept my earnings over my life, wouldn’t you?

          Don’t forget that the’ve also stolen billions…trillions?… of our money building the underground palatial bunkers they’ll be occupying when we are being decimated on the surface, along with thousands of miles of underground tubes (subway systems), food, and whatever else their little black hearts desire.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I wonder if we paid for any of her plastic surgeries? You know, those ELECTIVE surgeries that yours and my insurance won’t pay for??

      • Terry Henson

        When one points their fingure at someone. They have 3 pointing back at them.

  • Monte

    I would like to see what a member’s total worth is before taking office and again after a period in office. I think we would discover that our government operates through bribes (bought votes). It would also explain why the country is in the mess it is.

    • Terry Henson

      That statement is true. Just look at the Governor of Iowa. He fires a demacrat and hires someone in his place that gave him over 100,000 for his election. Tell me they arent being paid off by corperation and the rich.

  • Milissa

    If Warren (if B.O. can use only his first name, so can I) is so determined to give more of his money to the current administration to redistribute, then why has he been fighting the IRS over a bill for more than a billion dollars for years?
    Could it be because he knows his p e r s o n a l income is safely separated from the actual money he makes? What a hypocrite. It is no wonder that he and B.O. are such great friends, they seem to have quite a bit in common.

    • Kate8

      Milissa – Did you ever really believe that he actually wanted to pay more in taxes?


      I didn’t.

  • Warrior

    Google “the list” and you will see the astonishing gains in most of these goons net worth. With performances like congresscreature luis guitierrez it is amazing he is not recognized as one that even helicopter ben looks to for advice.

  • Karolyn

    I saw where Starbucks CEO? or founder has a project going on Twitter or Facebook getting people to sign on to get Congress to allay their pay until the economy gets better. I tried to find more info but can’t seem to find anything. He is gathering support from business owners as well. Will try to find more info.

    • Karolyn

      OK, it’s actually about businesses not contributing to campaigns until Congress gets its act together. Here’s the link to the ABC News interview with Howad Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, who started out in federally funded housing in Brooklyn, NY and made Starbucks what it is today.

      • wandamurline

        Good gried, if Schultz is involved, I would be very wary of this.

  • Mike P

    I assume these calculations are in U.S. dollars.

    I also assume there will be no change in government’s nor the fed’s approach to fixing this horrible mess they have created.

    When they vacate Washington,District of Criminals late next year Their pile of worthless FRN’s will just be larger than yours or mine.

    I make sure of this by purchasing all the gold and silver I can afford. I hope, for your sake, you’re doing likewise.

    Come on Ron Paul !

  • Song

    This is a “duh” really? article LOL

  • Backie3

    I agree with Monte, and the sad realities is we the people can’t do much about it. Bribes, special interest groups pay backs and even corrupt organizations like Acorn to get party votes with the taxpayers paying for it. The longer the politicans are in office the clever they are to game the system. So lets be clear after we vote, if we vote, we the people still don’t have much to say how government works for us do we??

    • lucitee

      TERM LIMITS! No more than TWO! Long enough for them to DO THEIR JOB but not long enough for them to get “embedded” and “velcroed” to the
      corrupt system that is NOW “roiling beneath the surface”! Term limits would be the QUICKEST way to CLEAN Pelosi’s SWAMP! And her PLOW! Along with every ONE of the “clueless’ LOONY LIBERALS! The POTUS

      • Jan

        Only one term for senators — six years is long enough.

      • DaveH

        Term Limits will not cure ignorance among the voters.

        And we should abolish the 17th Amendment. The Senators were originally selected by State Legislators, as part of the checks and balances written into the Constitution by our wise founders. The House of Representatives stood for the people, and the Senate stood for the States:

  • don

    what happened to for the people by the people words of the constitution. we elect these people to supposedly represent us but it seems they represent the wealthy who in turn make our reps wealthy by doing them favors. they are the representitives of big money. seems they have become our rulers instead of people who are sent there for our benefit. making laws to take away rights seems to be the thing.[guns and lots of things where the people are controlled] getting to be times for change. VOTE. ELECT RON PAUL. GET BACK TO FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE.

  • Vic Bailey

    How can aany one of these MORONs have anything in common with the average citizen, THEY CAN’T. That’s why they can’t legally represent us in any manner. We need common everyday people in office, and I’m not talking about local politicans, I’M talking about PEOPLE, that haven’t been brainwashed by the Socialist. REAL men and women, people that aren’t corrupt YET! I think before anyone is elected they need to study and believe in our Constitution and keeping the blindfold on the Lady of Justice. No lawyers in Washington, No Lobbist, No Monopolizers, ACLU out, NAACP out, DEA out, IRS out Federal Reserve out, EEOC out, every one of these organizations are covered by the Constitution, and be governed accordingly. Semper Fi.

  • Robert

    The one congressman that has become the richest since going to comgress is GUTIERREZ of IL. He is also the one that is pushing amnesty hard.

  • ronald r. johnson

    Anyone worth more than $5000.00 should not be allowed to hold public office, then fifty percent of our problems would go away! No one holding office should be allowed to vote on anything that would even remotely improve his or his family or friends worth! And if found to have voted on something that did that or he/she had do that should have to give up all of it be fined Five Million Dollars and put in prison for twenty years no early release not even by the president. Also everyone in public office or the Armed Services who like sleeping with one their own kind should keep it to them selves [as it should be] and not try to force those feelings on anyone that does not want them forced on them!If you wish to be ODD you should be allowed to as long as you don’t brag about it of try to pass laws making others accept what everyone knows is wrong!!!!!I don’t want those strange ones stopped from being strange just stopped from forcing everyone else to either be strange too or being forced to think and or agree that wrong is right! Eveyone should keep their sex life behind closed doors where it belongs!

  • eddie47d

    It’s all about the wealthy protecting the wealthy. Caring for the rest of us is usually just window dressing to get elected.Washington has bonded with their caregivers in the corporate/lobbyist world decades ago and nobody did a thing then and little will be done now. Rome is burning while the millionaires fiddle.

    • Raggs

      ed that is probably the first thing that I agree with you on.

      • Kate8

        Raggs – I was thinking the same thing.


    • Terry Henson

      Ed you are so right in this statement. As the work class get the screws and the rich gets nothing but more money at the tax payers expense. I cant bleive that the replicans are wanting to give the large coporation and the most wealthes a large tax cut. They only want them pay 5 % in taxs. while we are still paying 20 to 25 per cent.. Only in Washington DC could a idiot think of some like that and went us to elect them.

    • s c

      If hell hasn’t frozen over, it must be rather cool at the moment. If you can agree that there are a lot of elected slimers who wind up rich (instead of doing their job), then what is your solution to this half-assed problem, e?
      I see no way to control it except to prevent anyone from being re-elected (NO consecutive terms). Anybody who gets RICH at the public’s expense should be required to resign as soon as they reach a certain level of wealth (e. g., $800,000). It won’t happen, because it’s based in common sense.

  • Palin12

    John Kerry has an estimated $1 billion (along with his wife) but moves his yacht to Rhode Island to avoid sales tax. This from a man who voted 98 times for tax increases out of 98 opportunities at the time of the 2004 election. He never met a tax increase he didn’t like.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      The courts finally said he had to pay!! I hope there were some BIG penalties involved!! I doubt it though! To me he is a traitor to his fellow vets!! I put him on the same level as Hanoi Jane!!

      • Palin12

        I agree buddy.

  • martin w

    Just remember it’s we the people against THEM the politicians. Once they are voted in it is almost impossible to get THEM out. The next bunch coming in will be just like THEM. We the people do not have the money to have a recall on THEM.

  • Jon

    Search Google for” Bush Signed Afghanistan Invasion The Day Before 9/11!

  • Raggs

    If you ask me… Not one single piece of chit in washington is worth more than worm food…

  • Jimbo

    As I watch the 9/11 Memorial Cerimonies, I see the anger, accusations and cynicism that emerges from this terrible deed and criminal behavior of many of our elected officials. Although the two issues are unrelated the effect on America is quite similar, destruction of the trust Amercans had in their Elected Representatives as well as destruction of one of the symbols of our National Exceptionalism. Citizens never dreamed that our Government could be so corrupted by greed and a quest for power! Americans couldn’t conceive of a few Islamic Radical Zealots formulating and carrying out such a massive attack on our nation! As we remember that terrible day 10 years ago we remain painfully aware of those politicians who’ve brought us to this turning point in our American History as well as the very real threat posed by the very dangerous Islamic Radicals trying to destroy the American Dream! Americans!! wake up and use your anger at the 2012 elections to throw out the corrupt politicians who refuse to call this terrible conflict what it is……A War On Terror!!! Let your common sense and wallet guide your votes in 2012!!!


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