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Rule Change Allows More Government Monitoring

March 26, 2012 by  

Rule Change Allows More Government Monitoring
The Federal government is now allowed to store personal information about private citizens with absolutely no ties to terrorism for up to five years.

The Federal government is now allowed to store personal information about private citizens with absolutely no ties to terrorism for up to five years, expanding previous authority under new rules implemented by the Administration of Barack Obama.

Before the change, the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) was supposed to immediately destroy intelligence information about Americans when they were deemed to have no clear ties to terrorism. Government officials who want the right to spy on every American have used terror attempts to justify their actions.

“Following the failed terrorist attack in December 2009, representatives of the counterterrorism community concluded it is vital for NCTC to be provided with a variety of datasets from various agencies that contain terrorism information,” Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said in a statement last Thursday. “The ability to search against these datasets for up to five years on a continuing basis as these updated guidelines permit will enable NCTC to accomplish its mission more practically and effectively.”

Officials claim the guidelines will make the Nation safer by making sure relevant terrorism information is readily accessible to analysts, according to The Washington Post.

Earlier this year, the FBI and the Department of Justice released a series of flyers that outline possible indicators of terrorist plotting. The flyers noted many obscure activities that many Americans do every day, such as paying for things with cash, taking photos, etc. Over the past several months, the government has taken steps to make it possible to subject nearly any person to the scrutiny of a terror investigation.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Vicki

    , taking photos

    Photo Journalists are doomed.

    Seriously with all the phone cameras about this has got to be cause the “authorities” don’t like having their pictures taken when they do bad things. It’s bad for their image.

    • cawun cents

      Instant identification software inside the phone/camera will make it easy to pipe a missile up your posterior at any given moment.
      Having a camera/phone is like elctronically announcing,”here I am!”to anyone with the tech to hunt you down.With nanotechnology what it is,and will eventually be,you wont be able to hide anywhere on the planet.They will eventually have everyones electronic signature.
      Good luck hide and seekers.
      The ball is now in your court.

      • Sirian

        Agreed cc,
        There are so many that still will not accept that “nano-technology” is being rapidly developed. Once completed it will have reached a level that it can and will be used to “mark” each and every citizen of not only the U.S. but eventually the entire world. Once marked – trackable – there is no problem in “clearing out” a possible problem. Science fiction is changing from fiction to science fact faster than people realize.

    • Rocky Night

      I would say what I am thinking but am no longer free to do so……

      Is this how freedom dies?

      All the while they clamor the sight of their Democrat messiah savior will tell them what to think and feel.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    Big brother can kiss my ass.

  • JimH

    Just keep your life mundane and boring. After you have luled Big Brother asleep, make your move.

    • eddie47d

      You really think this all started today. Remember the John Birch Society and the Un-American Intelligence Committee. Where spying on your fellow citizen was acceptable and J Edgar Hoover was a champion in keeping us in line. This barn door has been open for a long time.

      • Vicki

        You should get with the times. J Edgar is long dead. Holder has the keys now. (I am aware of the difference between the FBI and the DOJ)

    • Jim James

      big brother asleep? your funny. Big brother is monitoring how many people are catching on to there agenda . Then they counter with negative adds through Medea using there sheeple people the ignorant masses to make u feel stupid to keep any militias small. while they move ahead with there agenda. My guess is they are putting laws in place and training our military to contain a world epidemic when the population peaks forcing them and the survivors to fall in line or else. Don’t fool yourself they are just monitoring then brain washing the masses through TV . Look what they are doing to the tea party movement. When people the masses wake up the will think it’s a bad dream. Most will do anything to survive. this day will come Just about the time people put down there toys and figure out Its Too late to learn to survive.They will remember all the laughing they did at the crazy people who tried to tell them of the coming world change. Then they will take there revenge and those people they were wrong but the messes will band together with there ignorance and go after the vary people that tried it warn them. then after the killing and the starvation subsides that is when the new world order will come out of the shadow and promise salvation to the survivors. So don’t worry about big brother. I can’t think of any other possible probability. Big brother must prevent the world from the point of no return. How do you tell 8 billion people to stop what they are doing. Human greed populated the Earth without inherent greed humans would be extinct.Know one told our forefathers that. Power and greed would destroy the world.
      Is anyone for saving the human race ? If so why ? Self preservation is the only thing on most peoples mind. We all have the greed gene how can we overcome this to move on to a type one so called civilization before we use all our natural resources. Who’s crazy we have the answers .Man kind just don’t change. That’s why Big brother created so many sheeple people so easy. yours truly Jim James crazy person

      • Shelley Johnson

        My suggestion is to read the Bible – Every prophecy has been fulfilled, except for the “end” of all things. Matthew 24 is a kicker; then read The Revelation -AWESOME! (That word is being used properly!) It’s all there – about the anointed man who will appear – after the Christians have been taken off the earth – and he will change everything. He will use a super duper computer to control everyone. All will have to submit to him – he’ll know everything about you (from the computer). All will have to deny Christ and follow him – The Antichrist. It’s all there – good reading in The Revelation! God is good. the devil isn’t.

  • DSW

    Sure, the gov. is watching us all, especially those of us who DARE to complain about the CORRUPTION of this administration! Go on, keep a record of what I say! God is also keeping a record of the corruption destroying this country. Those whom are guilty will not be able to continue their evil ways and wait till the last minute to repent, He’ll is too late!

    • 45caliber


      Most of them believe that the only God there is, is the one they have made of themselves.

  • Capt America

    At what point does an innocent citizen get placed on big brothers “No Fly” list???

    • AVCurmudgeon

      When you post comments like this one, obviously. Try to keep up, bro!

    • Jim James

      answer to the captain. when your group, militia, or party gets so big they sway public opinion. I see the problem is ” Stop thinking so small think big, THINK WORLD”. survival is for the smartest, the most powerful and most of all the lucky. For those who believe in God,I do.He won’t stop it, if you believe in the bible. He wants you to rise up and shed greed and gluttony. The only way to do that is as a population or whats left. Greed is not a bad thing neither is a gun. It’s what your doing with it. Can humans as an advanced population breed out the greed gene in order to advance?, or move back into the dark ages again over and over?

  • Penny R. Freeman

    Well spoken Sean Murrey! Unfortunately for all of us Vicki is correct, no government official wants to be caught doing or saying something he/she shouldn’t. We are expected to respect them and obey the laws “mandates and regulations” they set for the rest of us but free themselves from abiding by those same laws because they are intoxicated by their “power.” Our leadership wants to control us while keeping their disrespect for us and their disregard for law out of public view. And they have the audacity to expect to be viewed favorably by the public now that their dirty laundry is beginning to be aired. The only way to continue to control us is to hang the threat of the governmental actions against you even if you aren’t guilty of anything. Why do you think the current administration has expanded the power of the government by giving itself the ability to arrest and hold an American citizen even without charging that person with any crime? And the time you now can be held without charge has been changed to unlimited. Don’t you think that is a good way to intimidate citizens in order to kill protest and opposition to their policies? So much for freedom of speech. Expanding the time that information can be kept on file is just another way to remind you that you will continually be held accountable to the government and have an even more difficult time than ever before defending yourself. If you want to live under the rule of law and not continually have your liberties destroyed by our corrupt politicians, especially the current administration, be sure to stand your ground and totally investigate any politican before you vote for or against the person. Term limits should be set for Congress just like for the president and a lot of the power that these corrupt politicians have given themselves need to be taken from them through demands of the public. Make your voice heard and demands known before you lose that right totally.

    • eddie47d

      Will your elected official defend your civil liberties or crush them? Vette them before they get elected or even nominated. I personally asked the new Denver Mayor if he would stand behind the review boards recommendations and fire two police officers involved in a beating. He said that would be his highest priority when in office. He was elected and he allowed those officers to get their jobs back . (They were fired by the old mayor just before the election). Seems like you can’t trust new politicians or even those with years of service. It’s a constant battle.

    • Larry Kemp

      Well put penny.

    • uvuvuv

      don’t worry penny, the aclu is right on this. if a girl can’t have a bible in her locker at school then by gum, the feds can’t arrest you without charges. you’ll see.

      • 45caliber

        I’d laugh at this … but the aclu wouldn’t defend a Bible in school in the first place.

    • Dale

      Well put Penny, My sediments exactly

    • 45caliber


      A lawyer once told me that it is impossible to not break at least one law a day. There are far too many laws for even a lawyer to know all of them and most have never been publicized anyway. Further, many of their laws are so ambiguously written that they can mean whatever the government wants them to mean. For instance, “Civil Rights”. What civil rights can you violate? Whatever the government says you did.

      • Preston Weiters Jr.

        3/30/12, 45 cal, A Supreme Court justice once said “I could indict a ham sandwich.” There were apx 40K new laws added to the books just this year. While few people even know what they are, virtually non of the old, arcane ones are ever deleted.

  • uvuvuv

    i thought people of a certain political persuasion were vehemently against the death penalty, but then this administration announces that usa born terrorists can be shot. where is the outrage? of course they are speaking of us citizens who are located offshore, not here, but when will that change? already we can be arrested and held without charges or explanations indefinitely, and we will have camera aircraft hovering over us, watching for evil deeds. by the way in my posting this i am just setting myself up for arrest. but i’ll testify that i voted for aboma in 08, and in fact i voted for him 5 times!

    • Brian L

      HA HA! Good one!

    • Disgusted at the Spy State

      I imagine the US Gument is hiring at least 2,000 “special inspectors” a day to keep up with the millions and millions of comments from the “just barely free American public” They’ll need a supercomputer the size of Miami to record all the names of disgruntaled and activist Americans, but whet the hey, at least the unemployment rate might go down with all these new Gument hires. And not to worry, they will pull off finding a way through Eric Holder (the most criminal AG in history – he’s thinking about renaming the DOJ to The Department of Injustice) to execute Americans as terrorists, just because they responded to columns like this.

      A side note to Penny Freeman: you lost the right to stand up for yourself the day this dictatorship took over The White House, besides, you can’t stand up for yourself when they cut you off at the knees. Just your surname could get you executed as a terrorist here. How dare you have the impudence to claim to be a “Free man” !

      • warrior woman

        the dictatorship was alive and well and even boasted about the 8 years G.W. was in office. he publicly bragged about how much easier it would be to run if America was a dictatorship and if he was the dictator, of course. no less than 10 major public speaking events I know of, including one of his State of the Union speeches, G.W. talked about turning America into a dictatorship. there have been laws on the books about controlling the population and declaring Martial Law since before I was born in the 1050′s.

  • MikeG

    As a combat vet I don’t like what I see. I have risked my life to help others gain their freedoms back. Now, what I see is we are allowing our political “leaders” take them away one by one. When will the citizen’s of this GREAT country, yes GREAT, wake up and say ‘enough is enough’? You will know when the choice between freedom and tyranny is needed when they try to take our guns away. It is then that we will truly understand all that our founding fathers risked their lives for as you will need to either fight to regain your freedom or live with them telling you how to live your life.

    • Vicki

      MikeG writes

      You will know when the choice between freedom and tyranny is needed when they try to take our guns away.

      That ship sailed back in 1934. NFA (National_Firearms_Act)

      What’s that you say? You still have guns? Only the ones they currently let you have.
      GCA (Gun Control Act of 1968)

      Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (Public Law 103-322)

      Note there are a lot of infringements listed in the link but I focused on those banning possession.

    • Larry Hunley

      I am on you side this is from our forfathers When The People Fear Their Government, There is Tyranny, When The Government, Fears The People, There Is Liberty.” Thomas Jefferson.
      A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attemp to abuse them, which would include their own government.

  • Rennie

    This allows their chinese masters to build a database of who the troublemakers are.

  • 45caliber

    Question for all to consider:

    If they can keep the info for five years before deleting it, where does that five years start? The moment they file the first bit of info on you? Or from the last time they update the info – which I’m sure they do periodically – like once a year or better.

  • Priscilla King

    Some people pay with cash because they’re hiding. Others pay with cash because they’re honest, frugal, intelligent, and respectful of those waiting behind them in a checkout line. ALWAYS CARRY CASH.

  • mike

    This becomes simple when you realize that if you want security you are going to have to give up some of your liberties. It is a delicate situation and must be handled with care. This of course does not take into account… who is watching the watchers.

    • Disgusted at the Spy State

      Problem is to quantify, and qualify what “…give up some of your liberties….” means. Like what? Freedom from unreasonable search and seisure, indefinite detention without being charged? Do we just toss out the Bill of Rights that pretain to individuals, or just toss out 30%, 40%, 50% or higher? Who is going to “Watch the Watchers”? The US Department of Injustice seems bent on taking all of our rights. The DOJ BATF already arms criminal drug thugs in Mexico that kill Border Agents and terrorize American Citizens in the states bordering Mexico. Good ole Eric “kill them all” Holder says it’s O.K. for Uncle Sam to murder, yes murder, an American Citizen overseas classified as a “terrorist”. Doesn’t stretch the mind much to add killing a US citizen INSIDE the US without due process, and who gets to define “terrorist?” Doesn’t seem to fit under the EPA or Treasury. Not even Department of State or the Interior, or the VA. How about letting that be decided by the three top GS classifications of “Korean and Pacific Islander” ethnicity in the Dept. of Labor? Do you think the DOJ will get to make that call, too? Mike, have you defined in your own mind what “give up some of your liberties” means? If so, I’d love to here your specific definition. I guess when the DHS pats down 5 year olds in wheelchairs, anything goes….

    • Jim James

      Who cares about who’s watching or who’s listening. They don’t care if your breaking the law. Just the fact that people know they exist will keep the sheeple inline it’s all about controlling the crowd, mass rebellion and large militias. Keep you away from focusing on the big picture until it’s too late. ” What will you do when the lights go out ” Our government will and have been keeping everything running until the vary last minute. Doing the greater good playing good cop bad cop. Then as funny as it sounds your going to wake up and something will feel different, and you will look around and some will be missing. Some will think Revelations is here why am I still here. Then “BLINK out goes the lights” . Who’s watching now.?

  • s c

    It sickens me that we have people in America who will say ANYTHING to defend this criminal regime’s constant lusting for more power and controls over our lives. No sane individual can defend this crap.
    Is America so close to being utter devolution that some people have to have this matter explained to them? Is this a matter of ‘public schools at work’ again?

  • steve

    the politicians, for the most part, allow our freedoms to be violated every day not for our protection but for their power. they are backed by extremly wealthy people & most of the media. we have allowed ourselves to be brainwashed into thinking we can’t think for ourselves. i believe it was joseph stallin who said:
    ideas are more powerful than guns; we would not let people have guns; why should we let them have ideas ?
    i believe patrick henry said: “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH” so it shall be written, so it shall be done.

  • ranger hall

    Seems like all we do isTalk and Blame others, Well these past Generations we can just blame no one but ourselves,
    How many Politicians have lost their jobs are have been put in jail in the past 100 years, For any and all reasons. Club members do not get punished.
    All we have been doing for so long is following the BELL.

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  • Stephen Russell

    Govt is building huge data center in Utah for such use alone & staffed.
    Date open?
    Someplace in Utah.
    & then add NSA in MD alone.
    Total Invasion of Privacy big time.


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