Rubio’s Immigration Push Not Winning The Hearts Of Hispanic Voters


Even though Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has bent over backwards – or at least 180 degrees – to help craft an immigration reform package amenable to millions of non-citizens residing in the U.S. as illegal aliens, it hasn’t helped his standing in the eyes of Latino voters.

An early poll gauging the tendencies of would-be Hispanic voters in the 2016 Presidential election shows Rubio trailing far behind other possible candidates, including Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden – though he did lead the pack of Republicans whose names have been tossed around as potential nominees.

According to the poll, conducted by Latino Decisions, eligible voters preferred Clinton over Rubio by a 66 to 28 percent margin; Biden also led Rubio 60 percent to 28 percent. Rubio did receive considerably more interest from Hispanic voters than other Republicans, though, with 29 percent favoring him over Chris Christie (14 percent), Jeb Bush (13 percent) and Paul Ryan (11 percent), among others.

Born in Miami to first-generation Cuban immigrants, Rubio was elected to his Senate seat in 2010 as a come-from-behind candidate, riding a wave of Tea Party support in winning the Republican nomination over incumbent Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

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Ben Bullard

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  • Ranchman

    What hypocrisy!!! Marco Rubio IS NOT eligible to run for president!! HE IS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!!! With all the work Patriots have done in this country to prove Obama’s ineligibility, why would we turn around and support someone who’s is not eligible simply because he’s a Republican?!? Hypocrites! The natural born clause means a person is born in America of two parents who ARE CITIZENS before his birth!! It’s hard enough to comprehend the willingness of the Left to subvert and pervert the Constitution, but…Republicans?!? We have a Constitutional Crisis in America today, a total lack of loyalty of politicians who swear AN OATH to support and defend that document from ALL ENEMIES…foreign AND domestic!! Join together, citizens! Join together and help defeat the evil which is ripping this country and its founding documents to shreds!!! I’ll say it again, if you think this sounds extreme, you haven’t been paying attention!!! Join together, put aside all the petty, irrelevant differences that are dividing us!!! Join together, unite, and together we can overcome this plague infesting this land!!!

    • Libertarian Soldier

      Rubio’s bio says he’s born here, in Miami, to Cuban parents. I’m going to say he’s probably eligible if his parents were citizens.

      • Walt

        Rubio’s parents were NOT citizens at the time of Rubio’s birth. Both parents must be citizens at the time of a child’s birth to cliassify him/her as a “natural born citizen”.
        Others have also called for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to run for President; but, he too is ineligible to run, since he was actually born in Canada and became a naturalized U.S. citizen. While his mother is a U.S. born citizen, his father, was born in Cuba.
        Both Ted Cruz’s and Marco Rubio’s parents left Cuba before the Cuban revolution of December 1959, and legally entered the U.S.
        Rubio’s parents were technically not refugees as the vast majority of Cubans who fled to the U.S. in the 1960’s; while Cruz’s father entered the U.S. (Texas) on a student visa in the mid-1950’s, afer being jailed for terrorist acts (freedom fighter?) against Batista’s dictatorship.

  • me

    I wonder if he was part of the deal where employers with over 50 employees would be penalized if they hired american citizens. it would pay to hire the foreigners.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      I bet he came up with it !

  • Libertarian Soldier

    That’s funny, the republicans are advertising immigration deform on Fox. You can’t buy the hispanic vote! Tell the truth. If we allow amnesty, hispanic and black citizens will suffer the most. With 25% unemployment, taxes will not be paid, certainly not by these people. They’re not going to start now. There will be even less to go around. The new, amnestied people will be considered more disadvantaged and will monopolize public assistance, acceptance to college, grants, scholarships, housing, food stamps, health care, prison overcrowding…

    Law abiding, tax paying citizens of all colors will know what it means to be disenfranchised by the more disadvantaged who will enjoy preferential representation without taxation. They will know what taxation without representation means and why we had a revolution to overthrow that type of tyranny for liberty.

    We fought a revolution for lesser tyranny than we’re under now with our government’s suspension of our Bill of Rights.

    Don’t you dare believe that the border will be shored up. This is the third, one time only amnesty, whatever you call it. It’s also the third, securing of the border, “permanently”. That fence- that’s already in the law and that bum in the white house won’t enforce it. He won’t make his stooges in Congress fund it.

    Do you really think that if we make some more laws to shore up the border that this will be done by this administration? We’ve had republican Presidents, democrat Presidents and an illegal, alien pResident. Do you really think he’s going to enforce a law that he doesn’t believe in? He’s not enforcing any law he doesn’t like and he’s illegally making them up, even though he doesn’t have that authority.

    No immigration deform! Not ever

  • CommonSense4America

    Rubio has now shot himself in both feet. First with the Latino voters and then with Conservatives. I wonder what his chances are now in 2016?

  • JimH

    All the Hispanics I know came through the front door and became citizens.
    They resent the ones who sneak in. They worked hard to become U.S. citizens.
    To have someone just handed citizenship because they were here a long time and didn’t get caught is wrong. The legal ones know this too.
    Rubio won’t make points with Hispanics this way. He also betrayed the base voters who got him elected in the first place. He lost those voters too.

  • iwo

    I was all set to vote for Rubio but not anymore, he said at first that we needed to
    close the borders. Well, that didn’t last. Why is it that our borders are so hard to
    close, every other country have closed borders. Try N. Korea, Of course I know
    the answer, –our illegal pres. greedy congress, do nothing FBI, our laws don’t
    have any meaning unless we the people happen to run a stop light. We have
    hard times staring us right in the face. I wonder what the illegals will do when
    the common folk quit paying for them.