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Rubio Puts On His Big-Boy Britches And Talks Tough

April 27, 2012 by  

Rubio Puts On His Big-Boy Britches And Talks Tough
A team of Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio will ensure more years of war.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R-Tea Party sellout) donned his big-boy britches Wednesday and unveiled a hawkish foreign policy that surely endeared him to the military-industrial complex.

Rubio, who has eligibility issues that rival those of President Barack Obama, unveiled “new proposals on foreign policy” at the Brookings Institution that sound like more of the same empire building and interventionism we’ve seen for the past several decades. In his speech he advocated for a more active and energetic foreign policy and “repeatedly stressed,” according to Human Events, that American engagement has made the world a better, freer and richer place.

In reality, American engagement abroad has made America — and more importantly, Americans — bankrupt and much less free. And there are many in the Mideast particularly, and in other parts of the world generally, that would argue that they are much worse off thanks to American interventionism.

Rubio also pulled out the old Cold War bogeyman that sends tingles down the spines of all neocons: Russia. “[Vladimir] Putin might talk tough, but he knows he is weak,” the speech text reads. “Everywhere he looks, he sees threats to his rule, real and imagined. And so he uses state-owned media to preach paranoia and anti-Western sentiments to Russians. He faces a rising China to the east and hostile Islamic forces to the South, but he tells his people the biggest threat they face is from NATO.”

It turns out threats to Putin’s rule are real and come from U.S.-backed non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which worked to disrupt and delegitimize Russian elections. The mainstream media also created protests that weren’t occurring by using news footage from other countries and claiming it was from Russia. But this is a topic for another day.

“I disagree with voices in my own party who argue we should not engage at all,” Rubio said. “Who warn that we should heed the words of John Quincy Adams not to go ‘abroad, in search of monsters to destroy.’” Rubio, I’m sure, is glad there are so few of those in the GOP. In fact, outside of Ron and Rand Paul I’m at a loss to name any on the national stage.

Warmongering Senator John McCain and his lapdog Senator Lindsey Graham were pleased with Rubio’s speech, I’m sure, as was the Brookings Institution, which is a neocon think tank funded by the fascist global corporations.

According to the Institution’s website, Brookings expert Leo Pasvolsky was instrumental in refining the blueprint for the United Nations. It also brags that, after 9/11, “With remarkable speed, Brookings experts produced influential proposals for homeland security and intelligence operations. They also testified before Congress and used the Institution’s outreach capacity, including its in-house television studio, to explain the new global reality to a frightened public.”

Tea Partiers, you have been duped. Your darling Rubio is another puppet of military-industrial complex. A team of Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio will ensure more years of war and conquest abroad and increased deficit spending and greater tyranny at home.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Michael J.

    Rubio = Progressive Globalist

    • http://beryl-saintsalive.blogspot,com BCHughes

      The U.S. has won wars in Europe, Asia and Africa. Which parts of these continents have subsequently become part of our Empire? We are probably the most incompetent Empire Builders in history. In fact, we are not really interested in it, are we

      • Fighting Grandma

        No, we are just interested in whatever resources we may steal from them…And, fortunately, I think most of us woke up real quick to rubio’s ‘betrayal after trust’!!!

    • TIME


      100% Dead on with your post….. But saddly most still just don’t get it………

      Peace and Love

  • Michael J.

    A Romney – Rubio ticket will trigger a new found importance to Constitutional eligibility from MSM and the looney left. A miraculous about face will ensue.

    • chqkhw69

      You are so right. What are they thinking? Rubio can not run because his parents were not citizens. The same reason Obama is an imposter since his father was a UK citizen acording to Obama himself. This is exactly why our forefathers put this clause in the constitution to prevent exactly what is going on in Washington at the present time. Wake Up America!!!!!

      • RichE

        Birthers being led by the Lord of the Ring in their nose. Hey! Isn’t Sheriff Joe pulling a birth certificate out of his hat today?

      • Joe H

        Hey richE show me a LEGAL one!!! Show me one that hasn’t been produced on a different machine than was even invented at the time of his birth!When he Opens his records to scrutiny as those before him have, I will believe he is legal!

      • http://Yahoo No name

        The Congressional Research Service has stated that the weight of scholarly legal and historical opinion indicates that the term means one who is entitled under the Constitution or laws of the United States to U.S. citizenship “at birth” or “by birth,” including any child born “in” the United States, even to alien parents (other than to foreign diplomats serving their country), the children of United States citizens born abroad, and those born abroad of one citizen parent who has met U.S. residency requirements.[1]

    • Walt

      Marco Rubio is NOT eligible for POTUS or the VP position since he is not a “natural born citizen”. He is only a citizen. While you can vote, become a Congressman or Senator, as a citizen, you need to be a “natural born citizen” (you & both parents must be born in U.S.) to be eligible for either the VP or POTUS position.

      With this defintion, it will also bring to question Romney’s eligibility for POTUS, since his father (Gov. Geroge Romney) was born in Mexico, to parents who were both “natural born citizens”.

      As far as Obama being eligible…let’s not even go there…the case of his ineligibility is so obvious, with his father being of Kenyan birth, that the whole issue is sadly laughable.

      • RichE

        Please provide legal definition for, “Natural Born Citizen”. If you can’t provide legal definition then please shut up. Thanks
        BTW, Romney was born in Michigan, but there’s birther hope, Sheriff Joe just might think the birth certificate a forgery since it’s a copy and not the original.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear RichE,

          The U.S. Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett defined “natural born citizen” as “all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens.

          Best wishes,

          • RichE

            The Nineteenth Amendment overruled Minor v. Happersett

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear RichE,

            Hardly, at least not as applied to natural born.

            Best wishes,

          • RichE

            You deny the Nineteenth Amendment doesn’t overrule Minor v. Happersett? Go for it Bob.

      • Bob Livingston
        • RichE

          Its spoiled fruit Bob, when an opinion is overruled it is overruled. Why don’t you use the Congressional Research Service’s definition?

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear RichE,

            The CRS is not a court of law. It issues opinions (fox meet henhouse) and certainly cannot supersede SCOTUS.

            Best wishes,

          • RichE

            Bob, in your own words would you define natural-born citizen.
            If I may, I think your definition is:
            1. Both parents are citizens of U.S. at time of birth.
            2. Birth happens within U.S.

            The Court agreed Virginia Minor was a natural-born citizen because her parents were citizens and she was born in the U.S. The court did not define natural-born citizen they agreed Virginia was a natural-born citizen. Bob, if you continue to insist that this is ‘THE’ definition for natural-born citizen I’ll have to insist you include gender since the court said, ‘SHE’.

          • RichE

            Enjoyed it Bob. See you Monday.

      • LaughAtYourIgnorance

        Lmfao, the 19th Amendment guarantees a woman’s right to vote. Stop drinking the kool-aid and learn how to read.

  • Vigilant

    Excellent article, Mr. Livingston.

    These are scary times.

    • Shane

      Disagree. It would seem we have a Manchurian site here. Sleepers with their willing little manchurians, posing as those that have the best interest of our american citizens at heart. But words written here don’t add up, with what the results would be if fruition of their wishes come to pass.

      I do admit, that I agree with much that is written here. But like assorted chemicals that are harmless alone or in different combinations. Some chemicals, like some actions, are deadly combinations, and as such should not be mixed together casually.

      If Obama is as dangerous as many on this site express. Then any action or inaction on their part which would ensure another Obama term. Is just plain unexplainable.

      I do wonder about this site. It does seem to be contradictory in its supposed main purpose.

      To protect its readers from immediate dangers that are evident, and those not fully revealed.

      • Jay

        It is a common held belief among drug-users, that consuming mind-altering drugs opens consciousness portals that lead one into a dimension where reality can be anything you wish it to be. Most, never return; Hopefully Shane, you can find your way back soon…!

      • Joe H

        SHANE!!!! Come back SHANE!!! NAH, Stay gone!!!

      • Shane

        Jay and Joe. So what part of my comment do you disagree with? I guess I won’t be invited to your garden party. Gee, what a shame.

  • Brad

    Barack Husan Obama = Scary times, we must defeat him at any cost

    • Shane

      Brad, can you be that naive? Are just dumb?

      Many on this site would have your believe its better to to allow Obama to complete the destruction of this country, than vote for the one canidate that has the best chance to take on Obama in Novermber.

      Better perfection and death. Than a little imperfection and a chance to swing again.

      • Jay

        Shane says; Many on this site would have your believe its better to to allow Obama to complete the destruction of this country, than vote for the one canidate that has the best chance to take on Obama in Novermber.

        Yes Shane, there are many on this site who preach that sermon. We affectionately refer to them as Democrats. But i think they much prefer to be addressed as; Progressive-Socialist-Communists!

      • Shane

        Jay, so your comment leds me to believe, you support my comment. Thanks for being on board.

  • factnotrhetoric

    The way the game is played is:

    Obama and SoS Clinton left “Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate written Sharia Law” in the constitutions of IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, LIBYA, EGYPT, TUNISIA, YEMEN AND KENYA.

    When “Saudi written Sharia Law” is put in the constitution of any country, it will turn any Democracy into a “Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate owned Dictatorship.” Then the “Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate” owns the OIL under the ground (Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia), the OPIUM in the fields (Afghanistan), the DRUG TRADE (Afghanistan), the URANIUM in the mines (Afghanistan), the printing of their MONEY, and their entire MILITARY.

    So when Rubio took this stance publicly, Bob Livingston was right to call him down on it. Rubio has proven himself to be a RINO (Republican in Name Only) and is not standing up for the Republican Standards, he is standing up for the “Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate’s” Standards of world ownership of countries, one country at a time.

  • mickey2

    Rubio isn’t the only one, Romney’s father was born in Mexico. Did the citizenship of the Mormons ever get reinstated?

    It appears whether it is obama, Romney or Rubio, the government is dead set on giving us a NWO candidate. Wasn’t it one of obama’s lawyers that said Mickey Mouse could be president. What a joke our government has become.

    I look at this election as a vote to keep the Constitution of the United States or a vote to accept the NWO progressives and a new UN/NWO consitution.

    We either have Ron Paul or the NWO.

    • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy

      I totally agree with you.

    • Mazer

      Romney/Paul would be a much better ticket.

      • Average Joe

        Are you crazy?…Ron Paul with Mitt “The Twit” Romney? It will never happen…they are polar opposites…and I for one would never ask Dr. Paul to stoop so low as to pair with Mutt….er…. Mitt.

      • Walt

        Or Romney-Allen West.

      • Joe H

        Again, opposites wouldn’t gel!!

      • Meteorlady

        How about Ron Paul and Allan West? West could beat Obama easily.

    • Jimbo

      If you would like, the communists/progressives/socialists could make a birth certificate for Barack with his father being either Frank Marshall Davis or Malcolm X and then that Natural Born thing is removed. Who would we like his father to be? Mom only had a list of suspects.

  • Mary Nicholson

    It takes about 10 minutes to register.

    We only have 10 days to get him on the ballot, He only needs around 1600 more

    google in Americans Elect

    If Ron Paul gets 10,000 signatures, than he will be placed on the ballot.

    Please lets give him a push.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Mary Nicholson,

      Americans Elect is not what it seems. Don’t fall prey to the banksters. Look for my column Monday.

      Best wishes,

    • mickey2

      I thought it was American Elect that was a tool used to deny RP supporters (delegates) from remaining RP delegates. If I am wrong, please correct me and give me links.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear mickey2

      Here is some information from The Daily Paul.

      I will have more information on Americans Elect Monday. I’m putting the finishing touches on the column today. Bottom line, it is a tool of the NWO.

      Best wishes,

      • mickey2

        Yeah, I read that. Thanks for the post. I watch the DP every day. Lots of good info there.

        What’s with the advertisement (here) showing my email address?

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear mickey2,

        Your browser fills in your information in those sections of the advertisement. Other people will see their own information. It is a function of the web browser.

        Best wishes,

      • Jimmy The Greek

        Bob you sure got that right !

    • Truthical

      Is. mary Nicholson serious? Have we forgotten, Obama is the enemy, and a formidable one! I like Ron Pauls economic plans, but his foreign policy scares me!

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Truthical,

        I’ll wager you don’t really understand Ron Paul’s foreign policy. So please, explain it to me and tell me why it “scares” you.

        Best wishes,

      • mickey2

        Ron Paul is asking that ANY war declaration come from Congress, not the same as pre-emptive war as Bush and obama has deemed the powers of the president.

        What makes more sense, trading (as China and Russia are doing) which expands the economy or endless wars that drain an economy?

        We have been bombing these countries since the 50′s, for what reason?

        We certainly aren’t safer because now our government considers us the enemy. I don’t know how old you are but I can tell you, I could travel the country and the world without fear of being attacked when I was young. Even the hobos that came around didn’t pose much threat. Now, I don’t know if I can travel through TN without being assaulted by TSA and Homeland Security.

      • GrayStroke

        The fact that a RP policy scares you reinforced how effective the media dis-info has been and continues to be… really take a discipline mind to read and think it all out approach to understand RP policy. . He just cannot come down to the level of the ‘average Joe’ so to speak…. I finally grasped that notion after reading “The Road to Serfdom” that is a timely read because it is so deep and has so many nuances and figured that is Paul’s approach he thinks at a level much higher then I for sure!…. thus he come off as that crazy uncle we all have … lol…. this nation is not ready for a serious paradigm shift and hence my disappointment and disgust with the TEA Party…. They fail to see how they have been co=opted …….

      • G Harmon

        Ron Paul embraces the Rodney King style foreign policy – ” Oh please,please, can’t we all just get along, let’s kiss and make nice”. If he thinks he can talk rationally with the crazies in Iran then he’s got a screw loose.

      • steve in AZ

        To G Harmon. You have just confirmed that you know nothing of Dr. Paul’s foreign policy. As a responsible citizen, you are hereby charged with educating yourself before the November election – and the sooner the better.

        If you exhibited the tendencies you appear to espouse (in your ignorant post above) in your personal life someone would haverung your chimes long ago, and you’d know better. Why should our foreign policy (defense) be different I have never “started a fight” in my life, nor ever run from one. I’ve been in a few. Why don’t you get the difference? Momma’s boy?

      • Joe H

        Ron Paul has said that if he gets a declaration of war from congress, he would go in kick azz and get out. no nation building, no occupation. Now just how is that “bargaining” with them?

    • Mazer

      Mary, if I am not mistaken, the Americans Elect is a front for the Dems to dilute the vote thus giving O four more years ~ something we can’t afford. As someone recently said, you will either vote for Romney or you will have Obama…think that kind of sums things up.

  • css

    Rubio just goes to prove there isn’t anyone besides the Paul’s who is fit to govern this country. Republicans and Democrats are all the same but there’s too many sheeple still sleeping to realize what’s really going on, and has been going on for quite some time. The American government is one big fraudulent piece of crap with the same wolves wearing different sheep’s clothing.

    Great article.

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone here:
    It’s true, Rubio messed up his foreign policy speech. But that was because, he needs more experience. However, by 2016 he’ll be ready to get elected. Let’s face it ladies and gentlemen, this year’s election is already a wipeout. Thus, by 2016, i foresee a Rubio/Watts ticket regaining the Whitehouse. The beginnings of a golden age then.

    • mickey2

      So you are of the mind that ANYONE in the world can become our leader? No qualification limitations? Does that extend to Chavez? As it stands with Rubio, Romney, obama, none of which I am convinced are eligible under the Constitution, obama’s lawyers may be right, the US will allow Mickey Mouse to become president if he is popular enough.

      Look, we may be the best driver around but without a license, we are illegal to drive. I don’t care how popular someone is, just get the darn driver’s license.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Mickey2:
        Right now, as mentioned in my first post, Rubio,definitely, needs more experience. True, what he said was naive, and erroneous. However, with more time, that’s 2016. By then, he’ll have served a full term in the senate. Thus, he’ll be ready to take control plus get his “driver’s license”. Therefore, again, Rubio/Watts in 2016. Thanks!!

      • Joe H

        I believe the person above was trying to explain to you that rubio is not eligible as a cubano/American!! He was born to Cuban Immigrants!

      • oh oh

        Not if Rubio’s fails to be Constitutionally qualified. Even the constitution for corporation USA (the one established after the Civil War) requires its president to be a natural born citizen. Who knows, by 2016, bi-partisan ignorance, apathy or deceit will have rendered the qualification standards in both the organic Constitution and the new constitution even more irrelevant. In 2016, Rubio may not have to deal with any of the pesky qualification distractions that have plagued Obama and numbed most American into becoming political morons.

  • Deerinwater

    “Tea Partiers, you have been duped. Your darling Rubio is another puppet of military-industrial complex. A team of Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio will ensure more years of war and conquest abroad and increased deficit spending and greater tyranny at home.”

    “Duped” in many ways I suspect. Anybody that believes that America can sustain itself with all of it’s citizen running around playing Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett like our Nation might still be a frontier had been duped by somebody.

    • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy

      I agree with you. I was one of the first tea party people. I have left that party, because they continually back the wrong people. What a combination Romney and Rubio—-GOD HELP US>

    • oh oh

      Rubio is a bad choice for several reasons, not the least of which are his likely failure to qualify as a natural born citizen and his RINO views on warfare and comprehensive immigration reform. Rubio is another GOP disappointment-in-waiting at this critical time when progressive liberals are out of control. The last thing the GOP needs is another progressive RINO.

    • Meteorlady

      So what’s different – we are duped by the Republicans AND Democrats all the time. Rubio did just the same thing – lied when he campaigned…. I’m sick of all these liars and cheats.

  • bob jones

    What a HUGE disappointment this sellout piece of crap is, of course anyone pushed by the corrupt establishment obviously has no interest in putting Americans first. Just the fact that the corrupt GOP would make a statement before the primary season began that “they would do whatever it takes to make sure Ron Paul does not get the nomination”, tells us all we need to know about the honorable and uncorruptable Ron Paul. Isn’t it interesting now that the GOP has come out and revealed that Paul actually did win the Iowa, Maine and Minnesota primaries. They have quite a surprise coming if they think Romney will be accepted by most conservatives, independents, libertarians and disillusioned dems. It ain’t happening.

    • Truthical

      Ron Paul is certainly sincere and I admire him. I also do not believe we have to fight all the wars in this earth especially those involving Europe’ s affairs since those people are not allies. But for Ron Paul to give Iran a pass, is beyond me, and dangerous to our country!

      Let us be reminded that our enemy first is Obama, not each other! We have to defeat him first. If Obama wins, this country is sunk! For now get in focus that Romney is our candidate! He may not be everybodys perfect candidate, but he is a competent businessman, and he will be the best one to fix our economy! At this time, we cannot afford to fight amongst ourselves! Dont be unwittingly be Obamas tool. One fight for a time such as this! For this year, RON PAUL WILL NOT HAPPEN! Besides, I like his son better!

      • mickey2

        First, government was supposed to be redundant in its daily business, lots of checks and balances, though slow. Slow meaning one political scheme could not rule the government’s purpose–protect us from one idealogical scheme.

        Second, government is not private industry. IT is huge, more so now than ever.

        Third, Romney is an economy of scale person, big business. In other words, we will have more franchised fast food and other businesses. One set of players making good money and many employees making minimum wage. There is little opportunity for a small businessman to make a living.

        We need to go back to roots. We don’t need another CVS or McD’s. We need more entrepreneurs. Look at it this way, you can make $40K a year working for the likes of companies that effect our health and well being or you can have a choice of what you want to do to contribute to society.

        With Romney we are only going to get small businesess run out and larger pink slime ones coming in.

        Do you ever hear Romney really boasting about his Mexican heritage? He is using Rubio to do that. I for one, having a hispanic legal last name find it an insult that any of Romney’s tactics are going to get my vote. Legal immigration should be a quota from each country, not just a select few.

        I agree with RP that we will need some labor but it should be done the legal way and promote many countries to continue our diversity.

      • Luckyone806

        It does not sound like U understand the root cause of the problems we as man kind much less as a Nation face !!! The free market can never be free as long as corporatists like Mitt Romney continue cater to our wealth being usurped by the private for profit Federal Reserve !!! Do U truly understand what a dirty underhanded TAX inflation and currency manipulation is ?? What good has it done to give corporations control of OUR money and all of OUR other public utilities ?? Where do U think Rand Pauls principals come from ?? If anyone but RP wins , we and the rest of the world are doomed !!!! Maybe it is all U establishment sheeple that need to follow the money to the facts about our secret history !!!! Ron Paul 2012 !!!

      • tncdel

        I hope Rand is a lot better than his father when it comes to DOMESTIC national defense. His dad’s much too soft on illegal aliens and Islamic encroachment. Although Ron would be fine as Secretary of the Treasury, I wouldn’t want him in the White House. He even supported the Ground Zero “Victory Over America” mosque!

      • Meteorlady

        Romney is another NWO CANDIDATE! I hate that with all the patriots we have in this country we are stuck with just another mediocre person like Romney.

  • Stephan F.

    You’ve absolutely nailed it Bob — Rubio is a neocon’s neocon.

    He’s finally been exposed to be the person I’ve always suspected; owned & controlled by the military-industrial-complex.

    It’s astonishing how many fools put such false hopes on this typical-phony politician. To them I say, “gotcha”

    “War is a racket” — Gen. Smedley Butler

  • Shane

    I got mad at CNBC, so I shoot the television.
    I got mad at another driver while driving to the store, so I jumbed the curb in my car and ruined the suspension.
    My boss was an idiot and made me mad, so I slapped the kids and kicked the dog when I got home.
    My neighbor while cutting his grass, came 5 inches on my property. I laid up all night thinking of this slight.
    I overslept as I did not reach rem until 5 a.m., and got a ticket on the way to work.
    My boss was upset with me for being late, so I called my wife during my break to blame her for not getting me up in time.
    My wife said my cloths would be in the yard when I arrived home.
    The world is a mess. Obama stinks. The worst president ever.
    So I’m voting third party in November.
    My kids are screwed, as Obama will have four more years of his antics.
    Everyone’s an idiot except me.

    • Truthical

      I cannot believe this! Do you live in a real world? Yes, please vote for the 3rd party, so you have no say in the affairs of our country! Let us hope the ranting left feel like you do, and vote for their third party– but I forget, they already have Obama! Do you realize you, in your fury are voting with ! THIS IS AMERICA, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY! Can we remember that?

      • Hey You

        Actually, we have virtually no voice now, so it won’t matter if we vote for a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd party or even if don’t vote for a “lesser” evil at all.

      • boyscout

        A vote for any Republocrat is a vote for “no say.” A third party vote will at least register the extent of disenchantment wit the present status quo of corruption.

      • Shane

        Gee the dumb are DUMB. Re-read my post. A little slower this time.

      • Shane

        My original post pertains to those, that can’t reason beyond their emotions. It explains how those that are “personally” out of control in their own life, project the same lack of personal control and reasoning, by voting in such a manner that they get what they don’t want, and much worst.

        How anyone would take a chance on another four years of Obama, is beyond me.

        Give Paul your Primary Vote. If he does not win the nomination. Then vote for the best canidate to replace Obama.


        It’s that simple.

        Then again, you can poke a stick in your eye to get the speck out..

        Yea! That’s the ticket to success.

    • boyscout

      HaHaHa Am down with ya on this one pal !

    • steve in AZ

      Sarcasm is rarely well received here,Shane.

      • Shane

        But ignorance and a lack of reality is.

      • Joe H

        I don’t know, Shane, you haven’t been too well recieved!!!

      • Shane

        So Steve in AZ. You’re here to be popular?

        But while I’m here. You’re a hypocrite.

        Just start at the beginning of the comments here. Then place mine on a scale of uncivility of the commenters. Have you commented on how they presented their opinions?

        I’m not seeking your our any other’s accolade on this site. Just commenting.

        I do challenge you to reply back as to what I wrote that you find so uncivil on this site.

        But since you care.

        I’ll be your friend.

  • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy

    Rubio sounds like he wants to put us in another war. Reagan had a way with words. It sounds as though this man wants to irritate Russia, which we don’t need and rule other countries—which we don’t need. Hasn’t there been enough lives and money lost fighting that politicians war. What a combination, Romney and Rubio. I’m 76 and feel sorry for the younger generation. But then they are putting these people in office insteat of picking people who would get this country out of the problem it has now. They didn’t want someone like Newt who worked under Reagan passing thru the new deal which brought us out of the recession. They continually vote for people who bring us deeper in debt at the taxpayers expense. Romney couldn’t run Ma, and Rubio is another Castro who wants big government. Romney only has his money going for him, he out to lunch on brains and Rubio is a loud mouth, who’ll get us in trouble. God help us.

  • tncdel

    Mario Rubio is a TRAITOR who wants to attract more job-stealing illegals with amnesty and college at taxpayer expense.

    Please see, “Did you know that Marco Rubio gutted 31 illegal immigration fighting bills in the Florida legislature, and is now pushing for Congress to give illegals college at taxpayer expense same as Barack Obama has been trying to do?,” here:

    I urge everyone to PLEASE message Romney asking him to choose ALLEN WEST as VP. We don’t need someone who puts the interests of foreign nationals here illegally ahead of our nation’s best interests. Here’s the form to contact the Romney campaign:

    • Paul B.

      I agree. I haven’t seen that much from Rubio, but I haven’t been that impressed. He talks a good game, but so does Obama. He seems like a typical politician, with speeches that resonate to conservatives, at least for the most part. I like his tenacity to rail against the machine, but so did Obama. there is something about him that just doesn’t ring genuine… hard to put my finger on exactly what.

      I agree. Allen West seems to be a real fighter for conservative values, unafraid to express them and doesn’t back off when challenged with being PC. He has a military background which would hopefully given him insight into why we shouldn’t be globetrotting while sacrificing young lives for little valid purpose, but I haven’t heard him speak directly to that subject. He is tough on immigration, and best of all, he drives Wasserman-Shultz crazy as if she needed any help getting there. That IS one wacked-out leftist, lying b****. Literally. I pity her husband to have to live with that on a daily basis.

      As much as Rubio may help with the hispanic votes (maybe???) I just don’t get the warm and fuzzies when I hear him talk. West would be much better in my humble opinion.

      • Mazer

        Allen West is about the most genuine thing in Washington today. We could definitely use him on the ticket. However, if the Dems regain control of the House, we will need him there, just as much.

    • r.p.

      tncdel, and Paul:
      You should take the time and read this article and check the links provided and expand your knowledge of Allen West; among others. It will open your eyes as to what Mr. Livingston is talking about.
      Live Long And Perspire; r.p.

  • David Michael Myers

    Rubio’s parents were Cuban citizens, not US citizens, at the time of his birth. Therefore Rubio is NOT a “NATURAL BORN” US citizen. He, just as Obama, is not constitutionally eligible to be president or vice president in accordance with Article II of the US Constitution. Wake up GOP, the Scumocrats are setting a trap so that no one can question Obama’s eligibility. Wake up !

    • Shane

      Your wrong again Myers. For those out there that want to check for themself. Just goggle it. Natural Born Citizen

      You don’t even have to leave this site.

      Goggle – Natural Born Citizen

  • David Michael Myers

    UIt makes no difference WHERE Obama or Rubio were born. If their parents were not US citizens at the time of their births, then neither is a “NATURAL BORN” citizen as required by Article II of the US Constitution.

    • Hey You

      Rubio was raised in the USA and probably has been instilled with USA values. Obama was raised in a muslim country and probably has been instilled with muslim values. There is a difference. But then, neither seems fit to steer the country’s political course.

    • GrayStroke

      your common sense will not take…. people refuse to believe they have been lied to by their own government and we have a illegitimate POTUS …..sad state of affairs but WE are unwilling to first look in the mirror for truth……. and the few that do get maligned….

    • Shane

      Wrong and wrong again Myers.

      To those interested. Take a five minute break. Goggle – Natural Born Citizen

      • r.p.

        Myers’ is right.

      • Joe H

        the only exception to the rule is if the child is born to natural born citizens ON AMERICAN OWNED SOIL as in the case of Mc Shame when his parents were on base when he was born. Or in the case of an Ambassador whose child is born on embassy soil! YOU check it out!

  • The Resolute Voice

    It’s this kind of talk that will get Obama re-elected in November. I haven’t read this stupid an article in a LONG time. It feed right into the Obama election campaign and even provides great quotes for scare-tactic ads the Democrats can use. Ridiculous.

  • GrayStroke

    Rubio the American Dream and we will buy into it out of desperation to be rid of the anointed Juan ……. and pander to another block of voters; GOP just democrat lite……the conservatives mostly so called Christians are so stinking naive and gullible….wanting to so badly believe in something good….and just and we fall for it every time…..well not this time for me….

  • Glenn Smith

    I have news for everyone….Unless we have GOD on our side and HE puts HIS hand back on this nation…All your plans and aspirations of placing someone in the white house to deliver us from obama is an exercise in futility! We as a nation MUST change the thinking of each person …one at a time ant turn back to GOD who created everything! All these candidates are men and WILL fail you. Put your faith in GOD and HE will return to us! Glenn Smith

    • Sunny

      Truer words have never been spoken. But we must also put feet to our faith and keep on fighting the good fight and never give up!

  • Jim

    I love ya Bob and I agree that this guy is sowewhere on the left side of the faux paradigm. Romney certainly does not appear to even be in the ball park of a constitutional conservative but we have been more than duped by one or two closet liberals. We have been checkmated by the cumulative efforts on and of all sides of the faux paradigm. We have been left with no other choice but to keep focused on vetting all future candidates for all public office, attempt to take the senate and vote for Romney or stay home. Patience is a virtue we must all continue to observe. Sad sad days in America.

    • Paul B.

      You are right… the Senate is almost as important as the Presidency, maybe even more. Reid is screwing everything up in DC, holding up House legislation, no budget, blocking anything that might shed a poor light on the left, and creating the image of a do nothing congress so Obama can justify all these executive orders with no fear of repercussion because Reid runs interference on that as well.

      The Senate is the HEART of our problem today. With a solid conservative Senate, we CAN hold Obama (heaven forbid he gets re-elected, which I don’t think he will if we all play nicely together on the right, regardless of our disappointment with the candidate) to playing by the rules, blocking much of what he may try to accomplish which, without fear of re-election might finally quit campaigning and finish off the project he started 3 years ago. I would almost he keep campaigning, it is probably safer that way. When he is playing, he is distracted from ruining our country… but then that is why he hired all the radicals in his administration to do his dirty work for him, keeping his hands “supposedly” clean. He knows exactly who he hired, and why he hired them and they are fulfilling every on of his wishes for him. Don’t ever be fooled when Carney claims these people don’t speak for Obama… of course they do, they are him, especially selected by him to do what they do.

    • Meteorlady

      Remeber the Supreme Court? Obama may get to nominate one or more justices if he is elected to another term. I find that very very scarey. We have Kagen sitting on the case for Obamacare and she should have excluded herself but did not. This election is VERY IMPORTANT because of there could be 1 to 3 more liberal justices appointed.

  • Hey You

    There is an old adage which says that “If it’s in the name, it isn’t”.

    You know, such adjectives like “Honorable” and “United” when speaking of a politician or of a geo-political area.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    I will not vote for Romney if Rubio is his Vice Presdentual pick, Rubio and Romney are already talking a revised Amnesty for ILLEGALS and that dog aint going to hunt, I will then be for Ron Paul for Third Party. Any Amnesty is a Travesty to Americans we has spent 30 years supporting these people and watching Americans being Murdered by Illegals, so far over 11,000 Americans that we know about have been murdered by Illegals. That alone is enough for me to get them all out but what about all that have been raped, beaten and robbed by Illegals? But, I have another one that hasen’t been talked about the diseases that they are bringing and have brought our Federal Health Organization stated in 2010 20,000 Americans died from a stronger viris and strains we cannot heal and thats just from 2010. How about our overrun Schools, Hospitals, our 12-14 million American Jobs that have been stolen, Social Security that I paid in on for 50 plus years is being given to Illegals while these ass—- Bastard Politicians tell me I will have to tighten my belt because its going Bankrupt, well tell me where did the Money I paid (forceably by the way) into the fund with matching funds from my employers GO???? That was my money and which one of you Political Bastards STOLE my money and gave it to someone else??? Please stand in front of me and say you took it and you will see the inside of a Hospital or Jail for Grand Theft. You Demo-Communists have been stealing from the fund since Johnson the head Communist removed the Peoples money and gave it to the worthless non productive people at my expense. No on Rubio, Romney proceed at your own risk I will not vote for you with this ass—- for Vice President you will be continuing to break our Immigration Laws.

  • Dave

    A Rubio Romeny ticket will guarantee no votes from Ron Paul supporters and Obama will get a free pass from the media, will not be vetted and sail back into a second term. The fact that all of his past is a lie and he uses forged documents won’t matter. Candidates are selected not elected. Rubio as VP could not be the president under the constitution but that won’t matter either.

    We better support Ron Paul before it is too late.

    • Sunny

      Often reality is not what we wish it to be. If Ron Paul supporters don’t vote for “ANYBODY BUT OBAMA” then we can expect another 4 years of hell and the complete destruction of America. To sit this election out because a candidate does not line up with your libertarian views is completely irresponsible and dangerous. It is “cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

    • Shane

      Spoken by a true deceiver. Got another one for the slow brained, Dave?

    • tncdel

      Ron Paul is unfit to be in the White House. He’s much too soft on illegals and Islam. DOMESTIC national defense is a core tenet of the Constitution. Paul would serve us better as Secretary of the Treasury.

      • Meteorlady

        Where ever did you come up with he’s soft in illegals and Muslims? I cannot find a specific thing about that. I have studied Paul for a long time and he’s a representative for the southern part of my state.

  • Mirage

    Duh … what a surprise, a Tea Party guy like Rubio wins on change, goes to Washington, becomes party of the system (which no longer works) and NOTHING FOR MAIN STREET CHANGES. I’M SHOCKED.
    Guess what, if Ron Paul were to defy the infintesimal odds to win the Presidency, nothing is going to change for the 99% …. just business as usual.
    OWS/Get Money Out/TP.

  • Sunny

    I disagree. Right now America is a laughing stock around the world because we come across weak and undecided and wishy-washy. It is always best to “walk softly but carry a big stick.” Be subtle, but never be too passive that threatening nations can walk all over us. Never let them forget what we’re capable of. Marco Rubio’s family comes from a nation that oppressed and still oppresses it’s people. I would much rather have someone in leadership who talks strong and bold than someone who “hopes” that if we make nice-nice to our enemies they will like us and leave us alone. All the money we give to Muslim nations is taken with greedy hands but their hearts hold us in contempt because they see us as fools who are trying to buy their “affections” when in reality it does just the opposite.

  • G Harmon

    “Fascist global corporations”. Now there’s a Marxist statement if I ever heard one.

    Ayn Rand had it right when she said that Libertarians are no better than Conservatives and Liberals.

  • Emmy

    Bob, I fail to grasp your objective with this article. Moreover, from reading your article and some others’ posts, sounds more like an extension of the liberal /progressive rhetoric that is railroading this country straight into a Dictatorship.

    Was it not enough just to say, “I’m not a Rubio fan, and this is why…..”? Additionally, adding “Here is the short list of who I believe would better serve the people of the United States”

    I would certainly take Rubio over Obama any day. The Obama machine has become the Dictatorship, I never thought would happen to this country. Yet, here we are. We have to, if we are able (if it isn’t stolen from us), clean house, and start over with pro-American, freedom loving, Constitutional respecting and upholding individuals.

    I am a libertarian, but at this juncture, I am not going to be going around trashing those who oppose Obama………

    • Sunny

      Ah, finally, a libertarian who looks at the whole picture. Thank you, Emmy.

    • Shane

      Emmy, you have been noted. The Manchurian columnist has taken notice of your self reliant reasoning.

      Now get back in the line.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Emmy,

      You write: “Bob, I fail to grasp your objective with this article.” My objective is, as always, to spread the truth. It’s what we do here everyday, even when some find the truth uncomfortable.

      You write: “Moreover, from reading your article and some others’ posts, sounds more like an extension of the liberal /progressive rhetoric that is railroading this country straight into a Dictatorship.” Then you are not reading very carefully. We are dedicated to the U.S. Constitution and to spreading the word about the fascist system that has replaced it. We are not trapped in the vacuum of conventional wisdom, as you seem to be. We present a new paradigm. Some are ready for it, some aren’t. That’s why we keep trying.

      You write: “Was it not enough just to say, ‘I’m not a Rubio fan, and this is why…..’? Additionally, adding ‘Here is the short list of who I believe would better serve the people of the United States’” That is what I did. Why are so concerned about the style of delivery? I am not afraid of hurting people’s feelings with the truth.

      You write: “Additionally, adding ‘Here is the short list of who I believe would better serve the people of the United States.’” The list is indeed short. On the national stage it consists of Ron and Rand Paul. While there are a few others who are right some of the time, it seems they always inevitably sell out to the fascist system. Gary North explains why here:

      You write: “I would certainly take Rubio over Obama any day.” Rubio is not a natural-born citizen and is therefore no more eligible to be President than is Obama and so cannot be VP. If you believe in the U.S. Constitution, this is a point that cannot be compromised. You obviously are not a Constitutionalist, as I am.

      You write: “I am a libertarian, but at this juncture, I am not going to be going around trashing those who oppose Obama.” I believe you need to rethink what it means to be libertarian and whether you are one.

      Best wishes,

      • Emmy

        Dear Bob –

        You wrote: “ My objective is, as always, to spread the truth. It’s what we do here everyday, even when some find the truth uncomfortable.”

        I appreciate that you are all about the truth, as no one prefers truth more than I. I never find the truth uncomfortable, however, strategically speaking, when the office-seeking group opposing Obama is limited, I will be on the opposing Obama side – period.

        I wrote: “Moreover, from reading your article and some others’ posts, sounds more like an extension of the liberal /progressive rhetoric that is railroading this country straight into a Dictatorship.” You wrote: “Then you are not reading very carefully.”

        I am the first to admit I do not always read everything as carefully as I should.

        You wrote: “We are dedicated to the U.S. Constitution and to spreading the word about the fascist system that has replaced it. We are not trapped in the vacuum of conventional wisdom, as you seem to be.”

        That made me laugh! I must say, I have never been accused of being “trapped in the vacuum of conventional wisdom.” That was indeed a funny line. Common sense is actually my approach to life.

        You wrote: “We present a new paradigm. Some are ready for it, some aren’t. That’s why we keep trying.”

        That’s a great thing, and I am all for truth ruling the day. Until then, my focus is in the here and now, and that is getting rid of Obama, et al. Nonetheless, I applaud your persistence, and genuinely value individuals like you. I doubt that this world will ever recognize Utopia though.

        I wrote: “Was it not enough just to say, ‘I’m not a Rubio fan, and this is why…..’? Additionally, adding ‘Here is the short list of who I believe would better serve the people of the United States” You wrote: “That is what I did. Why are so concerned about the style of delivery? I am not afraid of hurting people’s feelings with the truth.”

        I assure you, no feelings were hurt here Bob. However, semantics aside – delivery is everything – next to integrity, of course!

        I wrote: “I would certainly take Rubio over Obama any day.” You wrote: “Rubio is not a natural-born citizen and is therefore no more eligible to be President than is Obama and so cannot be VP. If you believe in the U.S. Constitution, this is a point that cannot be compromised. You obviously are not a Constitutionalist, as I am.”

        You could not be more wrong in that assumption.

        I wrote: “I am a libertarian, but at this juncture, I am not going to be going around trashing those who oppose Obama.” You wrote: “I believe you need to rethink what it means to be libertarian and whether you are one.”

        I do not need to rethink what it means to be a libertarian. I am not confused here, and I appreciate that – at least for now – we have the freedom to speak our minds. Then again, I believe that knowing when to speak, and when to remain quiet, is critical. I also understand that words need to be thoughtful and wise, and the delivery of my message can yield a greater gain.

        All the best to you Sir.

      • Joe H

        I think you just proved Bob L. right in his assumption that you are NOT a constitutionalist when you still say you will take Rubio after it is pointed out to you that he isn’t eligible!! What will you take next? Khomene as pres??

    • Shane

      Actually, Rubio is a natural born citizen.

      The Congressional Research Service states that the weigh of scholarly legal and historcial opinion indicates that the term means one who is entitled under the Consitution or laws of the United States to U.S. citizenship “at birth,” including any child born “in” the United States, even to alien parents (other than to foreign diplomats serving their county).

      There’s quite abit of information out there, supporting Rubio’s situation and that of many of our neighbor’s and probably prior family members born in the same manner are and were natural born (American) citizens of this great crountry of ours.

      Just goggle, and look it up.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Shane,

        Either you know far less than you suppose, or you are an intentional deceiver.

        “The Court finds that the federal question presented, the meaning of the phrase ‘natural born citizen’ as a qualification for the Presidency set out in Article II of the Constitution, is important and not trivial.”

        “The issue of whether President Obama is constitutionally qualified to run for the Presidency is certainly substantial.”

        “It is clear that the stated federal issue of President Obama’s qualifications for the office are ‘actually disputed and substantial.’”

        “It is also clear that there will be a legal dispute over the Constitution’s definition of ‘natural born citizen’ and the Supreme Court’s decision in Minor.”

        Best wishes,

      • Shane

        Bob, you are correct. I was incorrect as to the meaning of Natural Born Citizen under the U.S. Constitution and it’s foundation, “The Law of Nations” by Emmerich De Vattel of which the appropiate Article and Section of the U.S. Constitution was based.

        Ignorance can be remedied, stupid is harder still. My ignorance on this topic of Natural Born Citizen has been corrected. Thank you for the clarification.

        However, I still disagree with the heart of your article. Along with the tone of so many on this site, that would risk another four years of Obama with a failed third party attempt by Ron Paul. Ron Paul deserves his chance within the party that he chosed to run under their banner, to win the nomination. If he is unsucessful as it appears that he will be. Any third party attempt by him, along with the taking of votes of those self-reported fiscal conservatives and patriots, is a recipe for disaster.

        I am neither a Bush(s) nor Republican Party supporter. If you only knew and could hear my comments with others about the Republican Party, and especially the last Bush’s lack of true conservative principles. You would likely have a clearer understanding of my position and political stand.

        But my distrust and distaste of the Republican establishment, does not cloud my thinking and understanding of the abhorrent nature of the Democrat Party and their minions. My responsibility as a good citizen, is to protect this nation from total destruction by those seeking it. The war can be won, if it is not totally sacrifice in a sucide calvery charge from which victory is all but impossible. You do know Bob, that the right to bear arms will be on the chopping block if Obama wins in November, along with other liberties.

        Lets get someone in, that can stem the tide, till we can recruit stronger canidates to help govern this nation.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Shane,

          I thank you for your open mind and willingness to consider a new paradigm. I wish all were as you. Regarding Ron Paul and a third party: I will be surprised if that were to come about. Besides, the party (race) is not yet over, MSM efforts to make it so notwithstanding. There is that tricky matter of delegates, and the Romney camp is concerned.

          Admittedly, a Ron Paul nomination is as yet the longest of shots, but the fat lady has not sung.

          Best wishes,

      • Joe H

        I can only pray and push at people my friend!!

      • alice

        Yes there its alot of information long ago that is not on the internet. when Obama was a senitor, but when he thought of running for the predident, he went back to kenya to make sure all his records were sealed, when I first did research on Obama and his mother in keyna. his mother was suppose to be married to Mr. Obama here in the U.S. but at the time his father went back to Keyna because he had 6 wives there and many children from each wife, because back there you could have many wives. his mother was still here in college, after that she went looking for him, she was there and she was pregnant at the time, In Hawaii before Obama was born there was no law saying you had to be born in Hawaii to become a U.S. citizen or a natural Born Citizen because Hawaii was not a state,So Obama mother had her child, came back to U.S where her mother lived and had grandma register Obama as a natural Born Citizen of Hawaii. when Hawaii became a state, they all claim he was born there. but his mother went back to indonesia to marry Obama stepfather. then she sent for him. His mother did not want Obama father under his faith or rule of Keyna. when the parliment was discusing there new drawn constitution, Mr. Odenga made a statement to the parliment that the U.S. was doing away with discrimation, they elected one of us a Keyan. You can no longer find this on the internet, i found out all of this when I first heard Obama was running for office. This is no longer on the page, the constitution of Keyan is, there is more to this. I strongly believe we will never find out until many years after Obama leaves office, The Democrate party does know but they are covering it up I believe. It would be an embarrassing if all comes true one day.

      • Meteorlady

        I have a friend high up in the Romney campaign and they are indeed worried about delegates. Seems that Paul won a few states that were not previously reported by the lamestream media. Also, Santorun has delegates and where will they plant themselves.

        Ron Paul is correct to not give up the fight until the Fat Lady sings.

  • elvIra

    So what If Romney Is Mormon, what relIgIon Is obama? we have to elect a new presIdent before Obama fInIshes destroyIng our country. Marco RubIo excellent choIce for VP.

    • Shane

      Elvira. Tis, tis. You just don’t get it.

      Better to ruin this country, and leave a mess for our children and grandchildren. By being true to our prophet, and following him off the third party cliff, thus allowing Obama to complete his mission. Then our use of common sense, decency and morals, along with rational thought in our own political actions to support someone that actually could dethrone a despot.

      • charlie

        Shane,,, a few questions ,,,who does The Mayflower Compact call out as The Leader of America? does Man’s law overrule The Words of King Jesus Christ ? who are the people called out at Matthew 15:24 by King Jesus Christ ? is King Jesus Christ discriminatory at Matthew 15:24? sort the above out and you will know who The “””Real”””American are no matter where they are born…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38,,, IS ,,, Salvation…

      • Joe H

        do you actually believe that setting a precident that ANYONE can be president of this nation, REGARDLESS of birth won’t leave our grandchildren a mess?? If not, you are very naive!

  • Patriot

    Another great article Bob. It’s refreshing to see someone speak out against the military industrial complex and that damage that it has inflicted on the United States.

    • Shane

      Patriot. Your receipt in in from the relecetobama/

      • steve in AZ

        Shane, read more, think some, post less.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Somebody needs to put on “big-boy britches”. Appeasement has never worked throughout human history, and appeasement is Obama’s only weapon.

    • alice

      No, appeasment is not only Obama weapon, Obama weapon is marxism, to become a socialist leader he is doing the job now. he is taking the us down that road. control everything in his path. even going past congress if they don’t do what he ask, his czar are in place. so expect it. or vote him out of office.

  • David Michael Myers

    I get sick of you DO-NOTHING-PEOPLE whining and raving about all these politicians and their attributes. It’s the entire system that is corrupt. Fight against the state )that means government at ALL levels.]

    Read the short book “Resist Not Evil” by Clarence Darrow, the brilliant attorney who defended the teacher John Thomas Scopes in “The State of Tennessee vs. John Thomas Scopes” the so-called “monkey trial.” The famed bloviator William Jennings Bryan, failed Democrat presidential candidate, spoke for the prosecution.

    You can download the entire book in PDF at NO CHARGE from


    If you actually BELIEVE IN and are willing to fight for individual freedom you will love it. If you are a closet statist (and don’t know it) you will hate it.

    There is no such thing as a crime against society or a crime against humanity.

    There are ONLY crimes of one person against another(s).

    Government’s ONLY LEGITIMATE JOB is to thwart those four crimes: (1) fraud, (2) extortion, (3) theft, and (4) unprovoked, violent physical aggression.

    Government has NO LEGITIMATE RIGHT OR CAUSE to interfere in the lives of those who conduct themselves peacdfully and honorably.

    Laissez-Faire [Leave Us Alone !]

    • alice

      I agree, people who whine do nothing, if you happen to talk about politics the first thing they say I don’t pay attention to that. well I don’t whine, I attend our city councils meetings and I put my two cents in if I disagree about our taxs base or anything I see that us taxpayers have to pay for, what I do get made about is that politician if they wants something they use the poor people, police, fire to get there way for a rate in pay. So I suggest those who grip attend your city or county government meeting. you will get alot out of it and you could spill your guts out, if you disagree with them and then you will fell much better, then when your congressman or woman comes to your town you can express your self to them. Thank you.

  • Randy131

    How can you increase spending and deficits any more than Obama has, and you are against what Rubio suggests, and apparently in favor of emulating Obama’s foreign policies and destruction of our military. Having a strong and viable military doesn’t mean you have to use it, but makes your enemies think twice before using theirs, and that I believe is what Rubio, and I hope Romney, wants. Our military spending is just a small percentage of our budget compared to our socialistic entitlement programs, which is really what we can’t afford, and is driving up our out-of-control spending and deficits. One wonders how Americans survived in our glorious past without all these socialistic entitlement programs, they were a self-sufficient and independent people, that supported their government, not the other way around.

    • Shane

      Dang it Randy131! You have been warned before. Common sense and rational thought is not to be used on this site.

    • Joe H

      The repubs, the dems, the Liberals don’t understand the budget. look at it this way,
      You come home to find you neighborhood has had a sewer back-up and your house is full of crap to the ceiling. do you raise the ceiling or do you pump out the crap? your choice is coming in November…….!

      • alice

        If we could get rid of Nancy Pelosi,Ried,Schumer, they run the stables, remember what pelosi said about the Obamacare pass the bill first then read it later, this is what they do. they never read anything, only pelosi reads here itinery for a vacation at the cost of the taxpayer in the tune of $10,000.00 a day, her escorts cost $34,000. It’s hard to get rid of her she is a far left Saul Allinsky liberal who pelosi lives in San Francisco.

      • Meteorlady

        Alice – Pelosi was or maybe still is under investigation for a little credit card legislation and stock fraud. Even with the tuna scandle she still gets elected. Her district is disfunctional and a bunch of liberals nutcases. She will be there til she dies probably. Reid has the unions behind him and he was elected again last election. He’s bad for this country, but hey, the unions don’t care because it’s all about control with them and they certainly have control over their members.

  • madgorilla

    For somebody who bills himself as an ultra-conservative, you sure sound like an ultra-liberal. Reagan’s 600 ship Navy and his resolve against “the Evil Empire” ended the Cold War. When Bush left office we were well on the way to victory in the Middle East. Obama, on the other hand, has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Far better we get a little saber rattling from Rubio than more yellow streak from Obama and the left.

    • Shane

      Madgorilla. Your subscription to the Manchruian Liberty Alerts will not be renewed.

      You have also had a personal file set up.

      Watch it.

  • Dens

    Mr. Rubio needs to reassess his statements and actions on immigration and foriegn policy. His support for a grand new “Dream Act” which will shovel tax money into “free” education for illegals is stupid. Look at what he does, not what he says.

    As far as his attacks on Mr. Putin and Russia, the facts do not match his rhetoric in that case either. Mr. Putin has just won re-election as President of Russia in spite of clandestine interference by Obama and his State Department wonks and constant attacks by the usual fools in the Republican party and our so-called news media which is nothing more than leftist, produced and controlled government propaganda.

    What really upsets these characters is that Mr. Putin puts Russia first in all things. That includes it’s business, people and politics. Also, being a former KGB officer, he knows the games Washington plays to try and force their version of a bastardized form of “socialist democracy” on the rest of the world. He is good at their game and has either caused them to stumble badly or stopped them at every move.

    Mr. Putin knows the Russian people have had a belly full of Socialism, it’s hardships and lack of freedoms. He also knows how to keep the international wolves from comming in and stripping his country bare during it’s very long and difficult transition from it’s socialist, communist past. Mr. Putin does a good job defending and leading his people, that’s why they re-elected him and that’s why the elitist weasels in our government and their international banker masters hate him.

    Washington and their news media sock puppets attack and demonize or ignore anyone and everyone who dares disagree with their warped ideas on how the world should function, Marco Rubio is turning out to be a disapointment in that he is apparently no exception. I would like to see Rand Paul chosen as Vice President. He says what he will do and does what he says.

    Ideally his father Ron, who has excellent ideas on foriegn policy, including Iran, would be my preferrence for President but from all the “news” reports I see and hear, Ron Paul doesn’t exist. I know there is such a person as Senator Rand Paul because we have seen proud, crowing “news” reports of how he was held by our leftist government’s TSA thugs at an airport causing him to miss his plane. Big sis and her boss took a great deal of delight in their being the cause of the younger Senator Paul’s inconvenience.

    Rand shares his fathers views (in word and deed) and can be trusted to do a fantastic job as Vice President just as he does as a Senator. He is on the “right” side of many of the issues we consider to be extremely important for stopping the leftists in their tracks before they complete the destruction of our Republic from within and involve us in more and bigger wars eventually insuring our destruction from outside. Of course Mitt Romney, the darling of the Republican establishment and the “news” media’s choice of opponent for their boy Omaba will never make such a choice but it’s one that could help him.

  • kay

    I would just love to see a Ron Paul/Allen West ticket.

    • tncdel

      Impossible. Allen West upholds the Constitution when it comes to DOMESTIC national defense as well. Ron Paul DOESN’T. Paul even supported the Ground Zero “Victory Over America” mosque.

      Listen to Allen West’s reply when asked about his opinion of Ron Paul’s soft stance on illegal immigration and Islam here:

      • Meteorlady

        Where is the link to Paul’s support of the mosque? If he did – it’s because the Constitution gurantees religious freedoms.

  • RichE

    Bob, what’s wrong with a hate/fear centric policy? It’s been the norm for centuries. Why change? Do you think the revelation will not be Armageddon, but a change of consciousness? Humans consciously trying to get along. My what a novel idea.

    • Jay

      My, what a wonderful dream…! No one can accuse you of being negative, RichE. You’re right, if only people would just become conscious, and give Mother Earth, a great big hug!

  • CJay

    Rubio is a CHICKEN HAWK! All that tough talk give me a break , serve your damn country before you talk like that , same to you Romney ( who was hiding out in Paris drinking wine and oh yeh on a Mormon mission dodging the draft during the Vietnam conflict ) and Obama dont get me started……they are ALL GLOBALIST MINION CHICKEN HAWKS , you think you have a choice???? if its Romney or Obama both choices STINK! None of them give a damn about The Constitution or Liberty ….and by the way The Empire is flat ass broke! None of these rubes have any interest in creating jobs and facing the real problems…

  • Alex

    Like nearly all of the Miami Cubans, Rubio and his ilk wish only to turn Cuba back into the brothel/casino it was before the Revolution.

    The Rubio family SURE loved Cuba—-BUT NOT ENOUGH TO STAY AND FIGHT!! LOSERS!!! Left Cuba with suitcases of cash. Easy to see that they loved money much more than their island paradise.

    • chuckb

      as usual alex, you have it wrong, the good people of cuba did fight the best they could with what they had. the bolsheviks in this country let them down, remember the bay of pigs. those brave cubans were left dying on the beach then imprisoned , guess who didn’t back them up

    • alice

      don’t forget all the foreighners that have come to this country, and when they are here for awhile they start to tell us how our country should be run, instead of fighting for there own country, I could never understand that one. Then when you ask them to give up there citizenship of there country they will not do that, so they have a dual citizenship just like Obama, Maybe he could go back to keyna where his grandma lives in a shack.

  • Olin Ross

    This should be worded ‘Little boy put on his short pants and talk & look like a nerd…..

  • Maxine

    I am done with Rubio he is going to cause us nothing but problums I will not vot for Mitten I will vote only for Ron Paul even if I have to write him in I am sick of all these liers Republicans and Demacraps

  • b Scot

    Listen: FOLLOW THE MONEY. Nothing / No One else matters. Wake up. They all laugh at you guys in the maze.

  • Average Joe

    In the beginning was the Plan.

    And then came the Assumptions.

    And the Assumptions were without form.

    And the Plan was without substance.

    And darkness was upon the face of the Workers.

    And they spoke amongst themselves, saying:

    “It is a crock of sh–, and it stinketh.”

    And the workers went unto their Supervisors and said:

    “It is a pail of dung, and none may abide the odor thereof.”

    And the Supervisors went unto their Managers, saying:

    “It is a container of excrement, and it is very strong,

    such that none may abide by it.”

    And the Managers went unto their Directors, saying:

    “It is a vessel of fertilizer, and none may abide its strength.”

    And the Directors spoke amongst themselves, saying to one another:

    “It contains that which aids plant growth, and it is very powerful.”

    And the Vice Presidents went unto the President, saying unto him:

    “This new plan will actively promote the growth and vigor of the

    company, with powerful effects.”

    And the President looked upon the Plan, and saw that it was good.

    And the Plan became Policy.

    This is how Sh– happens.

  • Homer

    Marco Rubio does have issues of the same Birth cert Obama has and he also was NOT born in the U.S.A. I am voting for Ron Paul!! We don’t need another foreigner and/or a Mormon!!! We need a man who can get us to return to the old paths!!

  • Gang Buster 2012

    and to think I though that there were only THREE STOOGES !!!!!!!!

  • Jerry R. Parris

    Rubio not a NBC? I suggest you reaserch a little deeper.
    Title 8, Section 1401 of the U.S. Code

  • American patriot

    He’ll be having us invade Cuba while his family members are safe and sound in Miami.t

  • Gang Buster 2012

    Ron Paul-Man Of The Hour!!!!!!!!!!


    RUBIO never has been the TEA PARTY CANDIDATE. He is in my district and I am part of the TEA PARTY. We always have people running for office fill out a questionnaire before supporting them. RUBIO refused. He refused to join the TEA PARTY CACUS in the CONGRESS. The talk show hosts are the ones who spread this lie , along with the REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT.

  • Jay

    The US Government has been hijacked by a self-serving, permanent political class, which considers itself above the law, and elections as bothersome formalities temporarily interrupting their plundering of the nation’s wealth.

    Having become comfortable with ignoring the will of the people, American politicians have created a culture of corruption in Washington, D.C., while they steadily whittle away at the Constitution to remove any remaining obstacles in their pursuit of personal power and affluence.

    The rule of law has deteriorated to such an extent that it is now possible for Barack Hussein Obama to present a forged Certificate of Live Birth on national television, to use a stolen Social Security Number and forge his Selective Service registration without a single member of Congress raising an objection.

    In 2012, these same politicians will ask voters to ignore Obama’s crimes like they have and endorse their endemic corruption.

    Obama was never eligible to be President. The Republican Party did not object because, like the Democrats, they wanted to circumvent the Constitutional requirement that the President and Vice President be natural born citizens.

    Having for years failed to amend the Constitution by legal means, the permanent political class grabbed the opportunity to amend it through a backroom political deal.

    Having become complicit with the Democrats in violating the Constitution, the Republicans joined them in a deliberate campaign of disinformation and outright lies to cover-up their malfeasance.

    Both parties believe that they have successfully amended the Constitution by fiat. If they are not challenged, expect far more of the same.

    The United States is no longer governed by laws, but by power-hungry and greedy politicians.

    The precedent of an illegal President having been established by the inauguration of Obama, the Republicans now feel free to promote their own illegal candidates.

    Both Democrats and Republicans have tried very hard to confuse the eligibility issue, mainly by focusing on what the Constitution and the Supreme Court holdings do not say, rather than what they clearly do say.

    Being born in the U.S. makes one a U.S. citizen, but not necessarily a natural born citizen, which requires US citizen parents at the time of birth. The Founding Fathers specifically put that requirement in the Constitution to prevent someone having dual allegiance from becoming President.

    Marco Rubio was born in the US, which makes him a US citizen. His parents were not US citizens at the time of his birth. Therefore, Marco Rubio is not a natural born citizen and not eligible for the office of President or Vice President.

    Although not defined in the Constitution, Article II, Section I, Clause 5 specifically requires, not just citizenship, but natural born citizenship.

    The Supreme Court binding precedent in Minor vs. Happersett (1874) provides the Constitutional definition of natural born citizenship.

    The Court in Minor did make a direct holding that Mrs. Minor was, in fact, a US citizen. The Court established her citizenship by defining the “class” of “natural-born citizens” as those born in the US to parents who were citizens. The Court included Virginia Minor in that class, thereby deeming her to be a US citizen. They did this by specifically avoiding the 14th Amendment and by specifically construing Article II Section I, Clause 5.

    When the Court held that Minor was a citizen under Article II Section I because she was born in the US of citizen parents, that definition became national law. Therefore, Minor supersedes all other sources on this point. It is a direct Constitutional interpretation and definition.

    That holding still stands. Minor vs. Happersett has never been superseded. Never.

    There is no ambiguity.

    • jopa

      What kind of a source is that a foreign publication.What is your next source the Russian Daily News.That is why it is better for the readers to learn how to gather their own information and read both sides of every issue rather than go to some phony posted source.

  • Gang Buster 2012

    What we need in this Country is a strong Third Party,Which could serve as a check and balance Against the Demo’s & Republicans,(both Of Which Have screwed things up.)And I’m not the kind of person to be so easily brain washed by The SUPER-PAC’ lets all get behind Ron Paul,And tell The “SUPERPACS”What they can do with their Money..

    • Meteorlady

      We have approximately 15 political parties in the US, and a lot more smaller ones. Do you happen to see anything about them in the news? Do you evern see them on ballots? Sometimes, but they are never publicized. Hence the media keeps the two party system intact and makes us feel like we have a choice when in fact we are getting hand picked candidates that THEY want us to elect.

      Romney was assured the nomination when he stepped aside last election and let McCain have the spot.

      • chuckb

        good point, but, i wonder why. i still say palin was the best of the bunch, the republican leaders couldn’t control her, the bolsheviks have done nothing but trash her since ’08.and of course the sheep follow the rhetoric.i still say barry isn’t going to run, i think the clintons have their eye on the pie.

      • jopa

        Perhaps Romney will step aside for the good of the country and let Ron Paul have a crack at it and he can choose Christine O’Donnell for his running mate.She doesn’t go to a witch doctor like Palin and she claims she is not a Witch.It don’t get no better than that right?

  • chuckb

    where did the witch doctor bit come from, you bolsheviks dream things up, i’ll have to say, you guys did sarah in, four years of bs is just more than one can stand, even the republicans got in to the act. they were so busy trashing sarah they failed to look what barry was bringing with him “moochella” now there’s so one we all should really be proud of. no wonder there is rumors about barrys homosexual life. it’s probably not true, however, looking at her a person can understand,
    the bolsheviks have a problem with women, show me one that couldn’t win an ugly contest.

    • jopa

      chuckb;It is not a made up bit about Palin going to a witch doctor on a regular basis.There is video out there of her having the demons taken out from within her soul and a cleansing of her physical makeup.She wanted to have her witch doctor to be the head of Health and Human services that she called the Dept. of Doctors but McCain wouldn’t let her bring it up in the debates.My my my I miss her so much.

  • Gang Buster 2012

    Super Pac s Are to be outlawed.

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  • Dad

    Romney’s “bitch”
    Bought and paid for…

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