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Ron Paul’s Stealth Campaign

May 9, 2012 by  

Ron Paul’s Stealth Campaign
The Ron Paul ground game is working.

Were a big government progressive or media darling candidate siphoning delegates away from the front runner as Congressman Ron Paul is siphoning delegates from Mitt Romney, the mainstream media would be giving the story wall-to-wall coverage. As it is, only those who search for the truth via alternative media outlets have any clue as to what is going on behind the scenes.

Paul’s organization efforts are paying off. His supporters are securing delegates that the media assumed were going to Romney. And many of Rick Santorum’s delegates are migrating into the Paul camp as well. The MSM’s delegate count is a lie. The Paul ground game is working as Paul tries to deny Romney the 1,144 delegates needed to win the nomination and to force a brokered convention.

We have begun reminding voters of President Barack Obama’s Marxist background and his Marxist associates. We will continue to do this, because there is no question his policies are bad news for a free and prosperous country.

But Romney is little better—think of the difference between traveling down the road at 100 mph (Obama) or 75 mph (Romney). Romney’s a big government statist. That he’s running as a Republican makes him even more insidious than Obama because Romney’s a chameleon who attempts to cloak himself in the veil of conservatism (much like George W. Bush did).

And Romney has no respect for the voting process. While Paul and his supporters are using the Republican Party’s own rules to put Paul supporters in the delegate seats and officer positions at local party organizations, Romney supporters are lying, handing out fake ballots, portraying themselves as Paul supporters, changing the rules–and often making up new rules as they go–in an effort to game the system. In other words, the Romney camp is doing exactly what it has accused the Paul camp of doing.

Romney has deceived a lot of people who don’t pay attention into thinking that he is a conservative. His campaign spokesman used rare candor when he compared Romney’s primary campaign to an Etch A Sketch. He made it clear that once Romney secures the nomination he will jog to the center. That’s the same ground Obama will try and occupy once he gets his arms back around his base. But in the end, remember that both Romney and Obama are controlled by the banksters.

I often hear it said and see it written that a vote for Paul is a vote for Obama, and that nothing matters beyond defeating Obama. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What is true is that a vote for Obama or a vote for Romney is a vote for more government spending, more foreign wars, more Federal Reserve money printing, less individual wealth and, ultimately, a complete collapse of the system.

There are two choices in this election: serfdom or freedom. Voting for Romney or Obama is a vote for serfdom.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you should support Romney over Paul simply to bring the GOP together and/or to defeat Obama, especially if your State is yet to hold its primary vote or caucus. Your choice of who to vote for is yours and yours alone. You should vote for the candidate who best represents your views of what America should be. If you let someone else sway you to vote contrary to your conscience in order to satisfy his sense of expediency or because of some fallacious argument, you have betrayed your own values.

Remember the words of Samuel Adams who wrote:

Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual — or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.

And remember: Whether Paul is able to pull off an upset and secure the nomination or not, Ron Paul is winning. He’s laying the groundwork for a much more conservative Republican Party in the future. And he’s spreading an exciting conservative message to thousands of supporters—young and old—who will be in a position to reshape the GOP in coming elections.

If you value liberty, send a message to the GOP: no Paul, no vote.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • GiveMeLiberty

    The part that continues to amaze me is how the MSM so obviously ignores Dr. Paul. EVERY time I hear commentary, even from so-called ‘conservative’ mouth-pieces, the only true conservative (Dr. Paul) is completely left out of the conservation, almost like he doesn’t exist. No matter, as you illustrate, this election comes down to freedom or serfdom. Of course I vote for freedom but since my state uses touch screen voting, I’m not sure if I can write-in Dr. Paul or not. If not, the next best thing is NOT to vote in that column.

    • Vicki

      We need to use social media to show how MSM is ignoring Dr. Paul. Tweet the examples, Point them out on facebook. Or where ever you do your socal networking.

    • Rhonda Reichel


    • Vigilant

      “And Romney has no respect for the voting process.”

      And what would you call the following?

      “Romney’s son booed, interrupted by Paul supporters at Arizona GOP convention
      Published May 13, 2012
      Associated Press

      PHOENIX – A speech Mitt Romney’s son gave at the state Arizona Republican Party convention was cut short by booing supporters of GOP presidential hopeful and rival Ron Paul.

      The Arizona Republic reports jeers from the crowded forced Josh Romney to stop repeatedly as he spoke Saturday at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix to build support within the party for his father, the presumed Republican presidential nominee.

      The paper says the crowd erupted in boos and cheers at the end of Josh Romney’s speech, cutting him short. He was telling the crowd to select delegates for his father just before leaving the stage.

      Members of the Arizona GOP had gathered to pick delegates to attend the Republican National Convention to be held in Tampa, Fla., in August.

      Paul is the only remaining Republican presidential candidate continuing to campaign against Romney for the nomination.”

    • sheryl


  • Sirian

    Very good article, powerful words saying more than many are willing to listen to. What I posted on John’s article may have fit in better with yours. Either way, YES, RP is our only possible alternative to an additional increase in the ever growing government over-reach. In the end, I, as so many others, pray that he either openly receives and or brokers the nomination instead of all of us being left out blowing in the wind.
    From another point of concern. . . with there now being 40 states that have signed into power individual states “Sovereignty Acts” would you have any idea as to why they have not called for a Constitutional Convention? They have the power to do so. A great deal could be accomplished in reference to elimination and addition of amendments – for the betterment of our country – such as elimination of the 16th and 17th. Just wondering. . . :)
    Again, very good article by all means!!

    • Congress Works For Us

      Are you serious?

      Do you REALLY want the people running the Republican Party in those states in charge of a Constitutional Convention???!?!?!?!

      • Sirian

        Just where did I mention any political party in relation to a Constitutional Convention? Hmmm, nope, didn’t. Calm down, everything is going be alright.

      • Dark Patriot

        I was in Bootcamp back in 1979. There was talk about a Constitutional Convention back then. My Co Comander explained all the Hell that could break loose with a CC. It wouldn’t be pretty.

      • Susie Liberty

        Just the ‘thought’ of opening Our Constitution makes my skin crawl! And I hear many from the past screaming, “DANGER! DANGER!”

      • wnettles

        Much could be achieved by repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution, abolishing the FED as our banker, and the return to sound money principles. I am not quite sure just how we would go about purging the system of most of the corruption that is rampant in it at the current time, though.

        However, by electing Dr. Ron Paul to the Presidency, and, by booting out most, if not all, of the “status quo”, lifelong residents of Congress, that would be a good start. Some new blood needs to be running D.C. Looks like we will be getting some “change” this time, but, it may not be what Obama had in mind…….

    • DaveH

      There’s a good reason, Sirian, that State power brokers wouldn’t or shouldn’t call for a Convention.
      First and Foremost, with a Constitutional Convention anything could happen. With the currently still-brainwashed citizenry, who knows what kind of messed up non-Freedom document we could end up with?
      And Secondly, the State Leaders like their Power and Perks as much as the Federal Leaders do. So the last thing most of them want to do is to further bring peoples’ attention to the concepts of Freedom.
      No, the best thing that can happen now is for the citizenry to continue learning about the Freedom that our Founders tried to guarantee us, and why it would bring not only Personal Satisfaction but also Prosperity.

      • Sirian

        I see what you’re saying. Yes, there is a possibility that who knows what could unexpectedly emerge at a Constitutional Convention. Yet, initially if there isn’t agreement among all states involved as to what the convention is being called for, it could not be held. That, in relation to what you mentioned about the “power brokers” may very well be why one hasn’t been called. Power & Perks – an addiction near next to impossible to break away from. It merely seems as at least one possible route available that stands in alignment with the Constitution. A more peaceful approach. I fully agree with you, the more we re-learn the intention and foundation of our Constitution, everyone will benefit.

      • Vicki


        Just look at what the current citizenry consists of and what they believe and allow to happen and there is no doubt of what would come out of a Constitutional Convention.

        The current crop of ‘statesmen” would have no hope of creating a document as good and supportive of freedom and true justice for all. They have shown time and again that they are no where near wise enough.

      • wnettles

        I have to concur. A Constitutional Convention opens too big a door for the wrong kind of “Change” to creep into. We would be much better off just repealing a whole bunch of legislative “garbage” that has been clogging up the system for a long time now. A good start would be the 16th Amendment, along with abolishing the IRS and a return to sound money policy. Cut spending, cut taxes, and return to sane fiscal policy. Reduce the size and scope of government back to what is Constitutionally mandated and let the economy recover. It will recover when we take off the burdonsome chains of over regulation and social engineering.

    • Carl Manning

      Actually, what I am about to tell you may shock you and everybody on this forum. Ever since the Constitution founded the US Congress, the US Congress has NEVER ONCE allowed the States to circumvent them with an Article V Constitutional Convention, EVEN WHEN THE STATE LEGISLATURES MET THE REQUISITE MANDATORY REQUIREMENT OF 2/3rds VOTING FOR ONE. This requirement has been met on several occasions, but Congress isn’t even keeping a running tally on the State Legislatures’ requests for a Constitutional Convention. Alexander Hamilton, the author of the final language in Article V, writing in Federalist #85 about Article V in the US Constitution specifically states that once the 2/3rds requirement has been met, it is “peremptory” (immediately mandatory without reservations) that Congress convene a Constitutional Convention. This is the ARROGANCE of Congress that they refuse to acknowledge the power of the State governments over them when they are getting out of hand.
      President Dwight D. Eisenhower also supported an Article V Convention saying:

      “Through their state legislatures and without regard to the federal government, the people can demand a convention to propose amendments that can and will reverse any trends they see as fatal to true representative government.”

      Those who fear a runaway convention need only to understand that any Amendments proposed require the approval of 3/4ths of all State Legislatures to become ratified.

      Here’s proof that in 1929, the US Congress intentionally refused to comply with Article V. There were 35 States(33 States = 2/3rds requirement) – count them for yourself -in this following document link…

      The US Congress really could care less about the American People; they’re a bunch of bribed whores.

  • MAP

    Very inspirational read, Bob!

    It is (past) time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

  • WillytheGeek

    Ron Paul to checkmate!

  • Dee

    Great comment, MAP!

  • http://facebook Meeche

    Ron Paul is being a jerk and he is going to throw the election to Obama – Give it up Paul and support Romney or we will be stuck with Obama for another 4 years

    • Izod

      There is no difference between Romney and Obama. Vote for Ron Paul if you care about Liberty. Say “no” to Federal Healthcare mandates, fighting undeclared wars, loss of the Bill of Rights.

      • Vicki

        There is a difference. One of them has an R.

        The choice this time is simple.
        Obama spelled with an R,
        Dr. Paul.

        A vote for either Obama or Romney gets you sameo, sameo. Just as the people who voted for Obama the first time. They got sameo, sameo.

    • http://n/a Jerrold

      We all think about the consequences of another bunch of Obama tyranny EOs and policies.
      But! At least the people KNOW the Obummer is Bush on steroids. Romney would be new hope and get away with more? example: Romney said in one of the debates he would have voted for the NDAA. cute
      Why wouldn’t Romney be the same tool for the global oligarchs?
      There was one president in history who won with Paul’s strategy. Vote fraud may not be possible on the RNC floor when the delegates vote……………
      I’m hoping more liberal turncoats like (R) Lugar are thrown out by a ‘Tea Party’ candidate who won the other day. Yea!

    • restorefreedom

      A vote for the less evil is still evil. Is it about ideals and principles or just winning? Ron Paul’s positions are right they will defeat Romney and Obummer because it’s best for america and the people are finally waking up.

    • AJ

      Stick Romney where the sun don’t shine up the NWO’s you know what.

    • Pete0097

      THis is still the Primary. Until the convention is over, people should vote their conscience. I still am a Cain supporter, but after the convention, the winning candidate will be who I support.

      • DaveH

        Then a loser you shall be.

    • DaveH

      No, Meeche, you are being a “Jerk”.
      Thanks to ignorant Propagandized citizens like yourself, we are very likely to be stuck with further Government Growth until this country finally goes the way of other countries who have followed the Siren Song of Progressivism.
      Bob Livingston’s article was Spot On.
      You should do some reading and learn how you’re being manipulated (and it’s Free):

    • Dave

      Paul has NO, zero, nada chance, the fact that idiots keep supporting him guarantees obama’s reelection. Paulinistas are mental cases.

      • Breeze

        Dave, it is people like you that have put OUR Country into this mess. Just stay with the status qoe and keep your eyes closed.

      • JeffH

        Dave, DUH…you just want a winner, no matter the consequenses.

        Suggest you study up and choose morals over pony puppets…vote Ron Paul 2012

      • Mike

        Don’t be so sure Ron Paul has no chance. He said from the beginning it’s about the delegates. Anything can happen at the convention. A big voter protest revealing the hidden agenda of Romney could turn the tide. The MSM would likely explode over that.

        It ain’t over till the votes are cast.

        Those who feed from the government trough seem to getting nervous. There are more and more negative comments attempting to discourage fans of Ron Paul. Ain’t gonna happen with me.

      • DAVID

        obama/romney same old business as usual; USA down the tubes.


        RON PAUL IN 2012!! this country can’t survive another 4 years with obama, and it sure as hell can,t take 4 year$ of romney.
        RON PAUL IN 2012!!

        • Maxine

          I will not take 4 years of Ovmit or Mitten they will distroy are country Ron Paul is are only hope I will write him in If iI have to but no mitten

    • Average Joe

      Meeche ,
      Don’t waste your breath….it ain’t happening.
      Ron Paul supporters are not going to roll over for the party any longer…the party has lost it’s way. The GOP can either get on board with Ron Paul…or they can lose the election…and the party. The ball is in the GOP’s court now…let’s see what they do with it. Will they grab the Ron Paul ball and run it for a touchdown…or will they fumble it and lose the game? We shall see.

      • Doug Rodrigues

        ….then I suggest that the rest of the Republicans get on board with Ron Paul or they’ll have another RINO in office!

      • Alan

        Average Joe,
        Very well said, Thank you!!!

    • Charlotte

      To Meeche, You got it backwards. It should read, “Romney is being a jerk and he is going to throw the election to Obama – Give it up Romney and support Paul or we will be stuck with Obama for another 4 years”. Why can’t you see that Romney is the problem? He can’t get the votes from the independents and the disenfranchised democrats and republicans but Ron Paul can. Paul has a chance at winning against Obama but Romney doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell at winning against anyone. If Romney gets the nomination we will just have a repeat of the last election. It will be like McCain running all over again. You need to vote Ron Paul and quit dividing the party!

      • dagsorge2218

        Ron Paul is the only one who can save our Country.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      So do you believe that by voting for the “establishment” politician Mitt Romney that anything will change? No. It will be business as usual. i.e., too much over spending, and too much government control. Do you know who the “establishment” is? It’s the membership of the CFR, the TRi-Laterals,the Bilderbergers and George Soros….all Big Money Interests who pull the politician’s strings via campaign funding and perks. Politicians on both sides of the political aisle are being manipulated by that Big Money. We cannot trust most of the politicians in Washington now because mostly all have been totally corrupt by the money factor. I’d rather vote for a third party candidate over Romney because at least we wouldn’t have another RINO in office. If Obama won, well, then there is always the option of an armed revolt to overthrow his 5th Column type of treasonous administration. That’s what it could come do to.

      • George Edward

        You have it right Doug, now how do we get that message out to those whose only source is MSM?

      • Alan

        Yes indeed!!! I’m ready for change now!!! Let’s get it on!!!

    • Rhonda Reichel


      WND Poll – 10042 – Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul

      Who would you vote for, Mitt Romney or Ron Paul
      1. Mitt Romney (3.49%)
      2. Ron Paul ( 93.8%)
      3. Neither ( 0.90%)
      Not Answered ( 1.69%)

      Whom do you believe has better solutions for the nation’s economic problems?
      1. Conservatives ( 47.7%)
      2. Liberal ( 6.85%)
      3. Neither ( 42.5%)
      Not Answered ( 2.80%)

      • Deerinwater

        That poll results is greatly faulty for some reason.

    • John Hart

      When it’s “time” for Ron Paul to support Romney, I’m sure he will, but people are still choosing and you are undermining their rights! Ron Paul isn’t the best candidate, he’s the only candidate. The only one who knows individual freedom is the answer. America is well on the way to enslavement. People have been lied to for so long they believe the garbage but economic Law is not superseded by B…S….

      • Average Joe

        “When it’s “time” for Ron Paul to support Romney,”

        Not likely, Ron Paul is a man of principle….think back to 2008…he never gave his endorcement to McLame…and Romney is McLame 2.

    • Dee

      splitting the vote between Paul & Romney will help give the next 4 yrs to Obama. We know Paul can’ t win ,the votes showed that.

      • Deerinwater

        An Idealist maybe, but never a “jerk”.

        Hey! when a man has his feet placed on solid ground, why back off?

        Have you ever rode 2000 pounds of raw muscle to submission? It’s an experience few share. Something few can do, fewer still dare to attempt.

        Ron Paul has made it past the 8 second bell and spurring for more buck,this old cowboy deserves your respect, no matter your political bent. If you can’t see that and respect it for what it is, you really don’t have your head in this game and but a political novice.

      • Average Joe

        Actually, we’re not splitting the vote between Paul and Romney…the GOP (Greedy Old Profiteers) have.
        We The People…have stated resolutely that we want someone else at the helm of our nation…Ron Paul..we are putting our nation first.
        The GOP is putting the party ahead of the nation by trying to force…more of the same…business as usual candidates…AKA Romney,Santora, Bachman…etc.

        The choice seems quite easy for most of us.
        Do you enjoy paying high taxes?
        Do you love the police state that America is becoming?
        Are you happy with never ending wars?
        Do you revel in the fact that the Federal Reserve devalues your money …every time the start up the printing presses (digital now, but you get the idea)…by producing money out of thin air…with nothing backing it….other than your hard work and tax dollars?
        Do you feel rightious when you pass the debt of your generation on…to your children and grand children ( because your government can’t stop borrowing and spending)?
        If so, by all means…v
        ote for Romney.


        Do you support personal freedom?
        Do you treasure liberty?
        Do you love sound currency?
        Do you wish for smaller, less intrusive government ?
        Lower taxes?
        Do you want to leave a better America for your children and grand children that has been left for you?
        If your answer is yes…
        Ron Paul is the clear choice.

        I’m voting for Ron Paul 2012 and I approved this message.

        • Breeze

          Joe, very well said. You are right

    • Dee

      Paul can’t win, it showed in the polls.The people spoke though their votes. I feel splitting the vote between Paul & Romney will cause Obama to win. Do those for Paul really want Obama next 4 yrs

      • Mike

        How would the votes be split between Paul and Romney and cause Obama to win? This isn’t a three-way race. Either Paul or Romney will win the Republican nomination and run against Obama in the general election.

    • wnettles

      The choice is ours. It is either Obama or Romney (Obama Lite) OR Ron Paul (freedom and liberty). Which will you choose? My vote is going for freedom and liberty. Saves having to do the bloody revolution thing again, don’t ya know.

  • Bert Loftman

    I will work for Ron Paul to get the nomination but if he doesn’t succeed, I am moving to the other ignored Republican Candidate, Gary Johnson. He will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

    • DaveH

      I’m hoping Ron will run anyway, but if he doesn’t, I’m with you, Bert.

      • JeffH

        DaveH, I agree…did you happen to catch the Libertarian debate a few days ago…I think it was on CNN. Gary Johnson was outstanding.

      • DaveH

        No, I missed that. But that’s good to hear because he has been a little weak in the speaking department. Not that it makes any difference to me, though, because I vote for the most Principled Candidate who doesn’t want to run my life. I could care less about Flashiness.

    • Average Joe

      My support has been..and always will be firmly behind Ron Paul…whether he continues or not…I will be voting Ron Paul…if I have to write it in with a crayon. …No exceptions.

      • Dee

        I guess you’ ll be giving Obama 4 more yrs,

      • Average Joe

        Nope…I’ll be voting for Ron Paul…if you vote for anyone else, you will be giving O another 4 years…as well as becoming a traitor to your country…..if your not part of the solution…you are part of the problem. Keep telling yourself that though…maybe someday you believe what you say…I ain’t buying your fertilizer though.

        I’m voting for Ron Paul and I approved this message.

  • http://n/a Jerrold

    one only has to go to: opensecrets .org and see the ‘hidden’ major contributions to each candidate. Unfortunately, Romney is getting the highest amount from Goldman and other international bankers. Ron Paul is a different story, therefore ignored in the Corporate Press by the ‘presstitutes’.

  • Breeze

    I am hoping Dr. Paul gets it. He is the only one that can stop the madness. If not, WE THE PEOPLE will have to take OUR Country back by Force, and make no mistake, we CAN do it!

    • Deerinwater

      By force, you mean the vote , Right?

      • restorefreedom

        I think revolution is more like it the vote will be rigged anyway. We might have to take america back from those who are trying to destroy and imprison us.

        • Deerinwater

          well? ~ I’m not imprisoned yet! and if I were, how might I pay all these taxes?

          We are a good 30 to 50 years from any sort of armed civil revolt. Things a just not as bad as you wish to think if you have plans of taking to the streets but it could happen, you bet!

          Try reading about revolutions, there been many in the course of written history . They are not pretty and the people that start them rarely enjoy the fruits of their efforts while paying a dear price for their decisions.

          It’s a pay forward situation. I not noticed “paying forward” having much appeal with the Tea Party crowd. Feeling more like they just fell to earth owing no one anything. That personal liberty is self evident an inalienable right.

      • DaveH

        A revolution is the last thing we need with the people in their current Brainwashed states. Most likely, we would just trade one set of Dictators for another set.

      • average Joe

        No he means cival war. It has happened in the past and can and will happen again if Obozo gets re-elected

        • Deerinwater

          Okay? ~ You lead off and walk point and I’ll be right behind you.

      • Alan

        It’s good to know you would be on the right side of freedom if it came down to it, right?

    • Bill Collins

      if RON PAUL not on the ballot they are three in this house will have too right in none of the above for presadent

      • Dee

        Why would anyone split vote to help Obama win.logicly it will be a close race even if all Rep vote for just one candidate. Don’t help Obama win.

      • George Edward

        Dee, why would anybody vote for someone other than the person they want in office? The whole purpose of having a vote is to demonstrate who you would like for president. If you want RP in office why in the world would you vote for someone else. You seem to be on of those people who just votes for who they “think” will win so you can boast about being on the winning team. If you don’t vote your your principals, then you have none….

  • Deerinwater

    It’s an exciting day for politics. I wish Ron Paul all the good luck. We should all be mindful this is not the old man’s first Rodeo but I do think it will be his last.

    I would never vote for Romney, what he says today conflicts with his history and what I think is needed in leadership of our nation today.

    Ron Paul on the other hand, ~ “does” and his history confirms and supports his message today.

    I’d love to see an Obama / Paul line up and them go head to head. It’d be a sellout event.

    But make no mistake, the democrats are not holding Ron Paul back, not today.

    • DaveH

      It depends on which Democrats you’re talking about, Deer. The last thing the Democrat Leadership wants is a Ron Paul, and they will work hand in hand with the Republican Leadership to stop him. The Democrat Leaders have their Crony Capitalists who they support at the expense of the people, just like the Republican Leaders have their Crony Capitalists who they support at the expense of the people.
      Ron Paul supports Free Markets which don’t bode well for business people accustomed to succeeding by politics rather than by pleasing the consumers. With Free Markets, the business Leaders of today can easily be the also-rans of tomorrow.

      • JeffH

        Hear Hear!

      • RichE

        Why is Ron Paul better for America than Obama and Romney?

      • JeffH

        RichE, if you have to ask a question like that…then you really haven’t any clue about the maening of the Declaration of Independance, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and this great country our founding fathers created for us.

      • DaveH

        Because, Rich, Individual Freedom is always better than Big Government for the super-majority of citizens.
        Study the countries in this ranking and see if you don’t notice a glaring trend — the Economy grows inversely to the size of Government. The same goes for Personal Freedom, but that’s much tougher to measure:

    • http://yahoo catsueme

      So let’s say RP get the nod. Doyou realy beleive that he could secure enough votes from non RP votyers to get elected over Obummer? That’s the question we need to think about. RP might be laying the ground work fron Rand Paul 2016.

      • DaveH

        Easily. Once the majority of people become exposed to Ron Paul’s message, it will be a slam dunk.
        Think about it, Cat. Right now the Propaganda Media has been able to stifle his message to the broad audience of couch potatoes. But what are they going to do if he gets the Republican nomination, ignore the Republican candidate for President? Already the MSM is becoming irrelevant to those seeking truthful news. They really can’t afford to do too much more of their traditional tricks if they want to keep any viewers at all.

        • http://yahoo catsueme

          sounds good. msm would have to expose RPs thoughts. If that happens lets hope people have the brains to catch the boat.

    • John Hart

      Good comment!
      As to violent “revolution” count me out. America and the World have been on the verge of revolution for years. Violence is what the elite use to hold it back. They play the rich against the poor, right against left, Muslim against Christian against Jew, to distract us as they steal our wealth and subvert individuals God given Rights.

      Individual sin isn’t evil but gathering power to suppress it is. Government must be limited. The Founding Fathers recognized this and established America to reflect God’s Law. Unfortunately corruption has eroded the Limits and brought us to verge of collapse. Those who see America is in serious trouble recognize Ron Paul is the only candidate who understands the principles our country was founded on.


      PROVIDES currency.
      PROTECTS rights.
      PROMOTES welfare.

      Nothing more, nothing less. Anything done by government has to be done in accordance with these limits. Encroachment at any level for any reason is a cancer that will ultimately destroy government no matter how noble the purpose or careful the design.

      This doesn’t mean things government is doing, such as providing food stamps and discouraging drug abuse are wrong it means government must not violate LIMITS doing them.

      For example:

      Instead of criminalizing vise and establishing agencies like the DEA, FDA, DOA, FBI etc. to police them, which is a gross violation of individual rights that empowers and funds organized crime, government should inform, educate and enforce liability. The FDA is supposed to protect individuals from collective greed, but it does the opposite. Allows drug companies to sell defective products without informing consumers and limits individuals ability to be compensated for the damage they cause.

      Collusion between regulators and elite interests limited the liability of the reactor industry that brought us Fukushima. Collusion between regulators and BP brought us Disaster in the Gulf. What is needed is a new form of governance where everything but currency is provided by transparent non government agencies and the currency supply is set by a formula based on individual needs.

    • Dee

      Paul/Obama never happen.

      • Deerinwater

        I share your summation, Our GOP of the day, will never let it happen, if it mean lying and cheating to over come Ron Raul’s appeal.

        This is the same crowd “O” will face off with. Overwhelming force pitted against overwhelming force. spirit will run high while GOP losers will never accept defeat claiming “O”cheated. It was ACORN! It was Oprah!

  • Tom T

    Progressivism exists in both parties and we have had a progressive in the white house since 1988. It’s time for Americans to wake up and rid our government of this malignancy that started w/ Teddy Roosevelt and has reached its zenith w/ Obama and his nanny state initiatives, Marxist ideology(progressivism is based on Marx just like lenninism, Maoism, fascism, and Nazism) massive government expansion, and encroachment into our lives under the guise of “the common good” that violates the individual liberty promised by our founding documents. Dr. Paul seems to be the only one that seems to “get it” that our constitution is slowly being dismantled.

    • MAP

      Great post, Tom T! ‘Progressivism is oppression and poverty, nothing else.

    • DaveH

      The Progressive Era:

    • JeffH

      The Progressives Rejection of the Founder’s Understanding of Freedom and the Constitution

      There have existed, in every age and every country, two distinct orders of men—the lovers of freedom and the devoted advocates of power.”

      ~Robert Hayne, 1830

      • DaveH

        Nice quote, Jeff, and thanks for the link.

      • Average Joe

        Nice link..great quote…thnx!

        • Deerinwater

          I pulled up your link ~ No where in this write up spoke of the conditions that existed that created this climate, the sad state of social affair , the human suffering, the disparity, the abuse of the powerful that sparked the rise of the Progressive movement. NOT one single word.

          If one does not know their history and the conditions that existed at the time, you would left to assume that the world was a wonderful place until these mean old “Progressives ” came along and screwed everything up.

          Why not tell both side to the story rather the only speaking from the snakes point of view. The frog has a story to tell as well so why only listen to the snake?

  • http://personalliberty DoctorJay777

    I never could figure out why the Tea Party endorsed Romney in the first place way back when. How could they when he is Mormon, I don’t think that is what would be expected of “Constitutionalists”. The Founding Fathers had it right when they said We the People should elect Christians (who have real Morals). It looks to me like the Tea Party has been taken over by the Communist/Socialists also! What is wrong with this country? I am beginning to believe what Obama said about America no longer being Christian. I am hoping this election proves him and all of the Left very wrong! Does anyone know who hijacked the Tea Party?

    • MAP

      DoctorJay, the tea party was hijacked by the Republican Party, which is the same thing as saying it was taken over by the ruling class.

    • DaveH

      Christianity has nothing to do with Freedom, Doctor.

      • Jody L

        I beg to differ. In fact, Christianity is the BASIS of self government. Show up for class once and awhile, okay..

      • DaveH

        I did — for 9 years I was indoctrinated in the Catholic faith. The odd thing is that I have more morality than almost any of the rest of them.
        Perhaps, Jody, you could enlighten me by telling me what it is about Christianity that makes it necessary for Freedom?

      • DaveH

        You see, Jody, the Bible was written by men. If men (or women) could come up with a moral code then, they can come up with a moral code now.
        But still, the basis of Freedom is our Natural (you would say God-Given, and that’s fine with me) Right to control our own bodies and legally obtained property. And it’s a fact that most of the Christians I’ve known have a real problem with butting out of other peoples’ business.

    • r.p.

      The Tea Party was taken over by none other than Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, and Michelle Bachman. There were many other RINO’s/NEOCON’s who jumped ship in 07-08 when the electorate was ousting many republicans from the senate and house, but the previously mentioned were instrumental in the hijacking. They saw that the Tea Party was established because of and in support of Dr. Paul, a “republican,” so they assumed the transition would be less noticeable and they might somehow keep the support they were losing in the GOP. When this hijacking occurred the original Tea Party founders along with Dr. Paul moved to establish the Campaign For Liberty movement, who are today the driving force for the R.P. campaign. So, if you want to see where the original Tea Partiers are today go to Campaign For Liberty (C4L). There is where both Dr. Paul, his son Rand and many other Liberty minded candidates will be found.

    • Watchman_on_the_Wall

      In the SF Bay Area, the Tea Party leadership was founded / hijacked by Zionist Jewish elites to push for anyone but RP and to keep it emasculated and focusing on inconsequential tactics. My guess is that this was part of a coordinated plan emanating from the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) who have everything to fear from an RP candidacy. they’re the same opnes behind the media blackout of all news concerning RP.

      • Janice Gaskill

        You are right. The CFR is the biggest bunch of commies there are! They work to destory America, not build her up. If Ron Paul does win the presidency, he should immediately disband the CFR and get us out of the U.N. as well.

    • Dee

      Religion should have nothing to do with it

      • Watchman_on_the_Wall

        You’re right Dee. Religion is of man and should have nothing to do with what is right and what is wrong. But the one true faith in the one true God of the Bible who is the source of all objective truth should.

        God reveals why we are in the mess America is in today. We put our faith in ourselves and mankind in general. God teaches us that man is desperately wicked and that there is not anything intrinsicly good or noble about man without God. For the past 60 years, The truth, God and God’s inspired word, the Bible, have been under a relentless attack by the arch enemy of Jesus Christ: Satan himself and his agents in the world, including our political leaders. Satan is the father of lies. God cannot lie, change or fail. We have placed our faith as a nation in Satan and we have gotten exactly what we have deserved: pervasive evil.

        We can see in the words that do not match their feet action that both Obama and Romney are compulsive liars. Their characters are corrupt and sinister. You do not entrust power to sociopaths. You kill them or contain them. Ron Paul is the only one of the three who stands a chance of not being a patsy of the global elites who clearly own Obama and Romney. Even Ron Paul concerns me after i have seen him flash the well known demon horn handsign of Freemasonry that he, his wife and his two daughters are all active members of.

        The root cause of America’s rapid decline and moral decay is a deep spiritual disease caused by a spiritually dead Church. the Chruch is the only social institution with the transformative power of the Holy Spirit to redeem wretched sinful man. When it dies, the culture goes very dark very rapidly. This is precisely what I have witnessed my entire life of 58 years. If you don’t properly diagnose the rooot cause of a country’s malaise, you’ll never know what solution has a chance of being successful: you’re just shooting blind in the dark. You’re not likely to hit anything.

  • AJ

    It’s Paul or Johnson down with Romney and down with the NWO.

  • http://dna burdel

    to congress works for us,
    check this out before you speak!!!! there has not been a congress of /for the people since Abraham Lincoln’s time!!!!! the congress has been incorporated since the 1860′s.
    people think this doesn’t matter, but the congressional meetings are no different than general motors or any other corporate meeting.. In other words they can do what ever they want. not what we the people want.

  • tncdel

    This is why Ron Paul needs to realistically use, not waste, his political leverage. He can’t be nominated by the GOP [and that's a good thing in light of how lousy Paul is on DOMESTIC national defense], but Paul could use his political leverage either to help Obama to a 2nd term, or to help Romney beat Obama.

    Those with the sense to realize that idealism will be futile need to do our best to try making lemonade out of the lemon Romney.

    And Romney should form a coalition with Ron Paul, to prevent Ron Paul supporters from
    wasting their votes by writing in for Paul, promising Paul the Secretary of the Treasury post and power to orchestrate the Romney administration’s policy on government spending [a political "plum" I think Paul would find impossible to resist].

    • DaveH

      Paul is lousy on “on DOMESTIC national defense”? What does forcefully intervening in other countries’ politics have to do with National Defense? In fact, by impoverishing our country it plays right into the hands of those who would like to defeat us.
      Ron Paul knows that our excursions around the World serve the Bankers, NOT our Freedom. So do these people:

    • Watchman_on_the_Wall

      Darkness and light have nothing in common, just as Romney and Paul have nothing in common that permits them to collaborate with one another right now. RP’s track record of consistency indicates to me that his convictions would never permit him to be part of a Romney controlled administration which would suffocate any initiative on RP’s part with which the elites did not agree.

      By 2016, the game will be over. We’re in the final days of the end times of Bible prophesy already. By the end of 2012, I am guessing that the Antichrist will be revealed. The rebellion or apostasy of the Church prophesied in 2 Thess. 2:3 has already been fulfilled. The revealing of the man of lawlessness comes next.

  • Steve

    I remember voting for Ross Perot just for the principal of it all. It seemed like the right choice. It was like this time or at least like it is being portrayed this time. What a huge mistake that was.
    Thought I was voting for a conservative and turned out to be a democrat plant. Many did so at the time and it split the party and by doing so elected the Democrat. Be very careful. This time it is critical to eliminate the democrat.

    • DaveH

      What is “critical” is to set the stage for our potential Freedom. That isn’t going to happen with any of the other Republican Candidates but Paul.
      Voting for a Big Government Growther will result in, wait for it, duh — BIGGER GOVERNMENT!
      Why would anybody want to rubber-stamp Romney’s further degradation of our Freedom and Prosperity?

    • EyesWideOPEN

      Ross Perot was an ant compared to R.P. followers.. Perot wanted to be President.. Ron Paul wants what’s good for America. When you compare Ross Perot to Ron Paul, your comparing apples to lettuce. Perot was rich enough to bully his way to the voting booth.. Had several media minions raving about his efforts (which I never saw as realistic).. Ron Paul continues to reject big payoffs, he relies on the generosity of the followers that he has sworn to represent and they ARE generous in both money (which now seems to be the life blood of an election) and individual votes which are beginning to accumulate at a mind boggling pace.. Why is this happening? Because the wakers have seen the light, have realized the status quo of the political puppets.. If only we could awaken the sleepers but unfortunately most can only be awakened through education and the first sign of intellect is when they begin turning the dial to alternative media and stop being sucked into the pit of manipulation. In my mind I can see another Truman upset.. It can happen.. It HAS to happen else we will continue to be sucked on from the Romney source or war with our brothers with the Obama plan. You say, “Anybody but Obama” then you close your mind and see only the lesser of two evils.. Well there’s a third and if you keep ignoring him, if you leave your blinders on then YOU will become part of that ‘evil’. It hasn’t been said enough.. Ron Paul for President 2012..!!!

    • Watchman_on_the_Wall

      Steve, I voted the same as you and I have no regrets; nor should you. George Bush Sr. and Jr. are globalists just as Clinton is. Yes, Ross Perot was a plant of David Rockefeller, but the whole voting game is much more deeply manipulated and rigged by the global elites than most Americans understand. Clinton was their choice in 1992 and there was nothing anyone was going to do to block the elites from getting their choice into the White House.

      Same thing applies this time. If RP were to pull off an upset at the convention, he would be assasinated by agents of the global elites within a week. The banksters will not permit anything to block their moves to usher in the NWO in accordance with their timetable.

  • James D. Tills

    To Doctor Jay777. How idiotic for you, an alleged doctor, to say Romney is not a Christian. Just because he isn’t your brand of Christian doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ and follow His teachings—perhaps better than 90% or more of so-called Christians in the Protestant world.

    I am a proud member of the Tea Party and endorse Romney for President. Obama must not be allowed to impose socialism on America any further through his transformation of America philosophy and actions. I love Ron Paul but first we must stop Obama, and Ron Paul, bless his soul, is not going to become President. Not enough Americans are sufficiently awake to make his presidential bid successful.

    • http://personalliberty DoctorJay777

      If you knew anything about Mormonism you would know that they don’t believe in Christ as their Savior. That is what Christianity is all about. The Gospel. Saved by Grace.

      • DaveH

        Obviously, Doctor, you know nothing about Mormons, because they are Christians:

      • daniel

        Hey Doc, according to the Nicene Creed, The Apostles Creed which are founding documents of Christianity as an organization proper they are not Christian. What I meant by organization proper was the core beliefs that all christianity holds to and have died for. To add to or take away from these beliefs would be considered anathema.
        That being said there are a lot of mormans that are adopting the classical christianity that I mentioned above and maybe Romney is one I do not know.

    • randall

      115 trillion in unfunded liabilities, 40 cents of every dollar spent is borrowed. obomma white is not talking about shrinking govt, just not going up as fast as obummer, still spells the end of the USA as we know it. a vote for romeny or obama is a vote for big banks and big govt, slavery for all but the elit.

    • Watchman_on_the_Wall

      James, there are not multiple brands of authentic Christianity. There is only one true Christianity that is Christ-centered and Bible-based without deviation or exception. The reason the Christian Church is so fragmented and divided is that its theology has become hideouly corrupted and polluted by false doctrines whihc are extra-Biblical. If all brands or denominations were Christ-centered, Bible-based and Holy Spirit led the Church would finally experience authentic unity. Until then, unity requires compromising one’s belief in what ias true and what is false. Some of us are not willing to abandon the approval of God to seek the approval of men. I believe this is where Dr. Jay is coming from and if it is, I stand with him.

      Mormonism is a cult, pure and simple, rooted in the occult and drawing many of its secret rituals from the Satanic rituals of Freemasonry, of which Joseph Smith was a member and drew heavily from. They use the name Jesus Christ, but their concept of the person and works of Jesus Christ is in conflict with the teachings of the Bible. Therefore the Mormon Church is teaching heresy and engaging in false teaching to which its leaders will be held severely accountable on Judgment Day.

      All indications are that the elites chose Romney as their favored candidate last summer and are using their full power over the MSM to force that result by the convention. There’s just one problem. They appear to by lying big time. No liar is a man of God. He’s a fraud and he will deceive you. The leaders of both parties are members of the same globalist elite secret societies and privqte organizations and they share the same NWO agenda. Obama and Romney are clearly in their camp. Ron Paul appears to not be, but even he may be a plant of the global elites. He appears to be a member of Freemasonry and his wife and daugters are active members of the Eastern Star, the women’s version of the same thing. At its upper levels, Freemasonry is deeply into the worship of the occult and Satan himself.

      The bottom line is not to get too enamored with politics. The prince of this world controls all political systems, including America’s. Thus, it’s riddled with intrige and endless deceptions. To try to second guess it is a fool’s errand. There are no good guys in politics. They’re ALL bad guys serving the world, the flesh and the devil. So put your faith in the one true gospel of Jesus Christ of the Bible and let God deal with the nonsense of this world as He wills. We’re in the final days of the end times prophesied in the Bible. The rebellion of ther Church prophesied in 2 Thess 2:3 has alreadfy been fulfilled. Next we’re waiting for the man of lawlessness and son of perdition (aka the Antichrist) to be revealed. After that, we can expect all hell to break loose. In light of this reality, who cares who is declared the winner of thr next election?

    • EyesWideOPEN

      So James, what you suggest is that we jump into that pit, grab the Romney string.. Make him the next POTUS then hope upon hope that he doesn’t drop the ball THEN in another four years (eight is possible once the big toads gets a foot hold) and worry about saving our country then.. What a delusion.. If we do not vote in a leader who will go by the laws and rules of all the sheets of papers we have to assure us our freedom and get rid of those amendments that have lessened those rules then no matter who jumps into the pool, we will be left out in the cold.. Get a brain, realize what we’re really up against and vote not for the lesser of two evils but through your conscience.. And who knows, maybe it’ll save all our futures.

  • 45caliber

    IF the federal court allows Texas to have a primary election, I suspect that we’ll find that Ron Paul gets a lot of votes here. Many in Texas are conservative and don’t like/trust Romney. Of course the election will hinge on whether the judge allows the voter ID law. Until that is decided one way or another, the election is basically on hold.

  • sheryl

    I would like to know why Spain is counting the votes this year. Something is not right!

    • GiveMeLiberty

      Your correct…something is NOT right and our upcoming elections will prove it. This election will be like no other in American history. If Barry (I use his given Christian name like MOST Americans) wins the election, then 60+% of our citizens will be very disappointed and feel like the election was rigged, it will destabilize our normally calm country and economy and many will lose confidence in our system. On the other hand, if Barry loses, there will be such discord in our cities by the takers, that marshall law will surely ensue. How convenient would that be and it’s anybodys guess what radical move the ‘outgoing’ president would make at that point…I suspect whatever move it is, it will be unprecedented. Either way sheryl, something is wrong.

    • Sarah R.

      I agree with Sheryl. How is this possible to have votes counted in Spain by a company, SCYTL, owed by George Soros? If this is true, how do we stop it or should we?

      • kf

        SCYTL is the name of the spanish company that will handle the voting, but its owned by another Obama buddy, but don’t believe it Soros. No matter, any Obama buddy is bad news. There will be no tangible ballots for verifying the electronic count, so know that there will be manipulation. We should demand that the elections be run by an American company and that the actual ballots be kept for verification of the electronic count.

        • Breeze

          I agree. I have found that most Americans are able to count.

      • Janice Gaskill

        SCTYL’s CEO is Pere Valles, a socialist who donated heavily to Obama in 2008. Back then Valles was CEO of Global Net in none other than Chicago. I do not who owns SCTYL, but the decision to have the votes counted by them has Soros’ fingerprints all over it. I’m trying to find out exactly when did congress supposedly “vote” on handing over the counting of the votes to a foreign socialist country.

    • Watchman_on_the_Wall

      You’re right Sheryl. Keep questioning it. It’s part of the globalist fraud being perpetrated on America to permit them to manipulate who is declared the winner and keep the vote tabulation itself unauditable.

      • sheryl

        a lot of people are not aware that the votes will be counted in Spain. I e-mailed everyone on my list and asked them to pass along to everyone they know – If everyone does the same, it will become a bigger issue. We need to get the msg. out way before the election or it will end up becoming a huge fraud – there is no reason we can’t count them here or were going to be duped once again. THIS IS HUGH!!!!!!!!

      • gnafu

        I’ve heard this before. so, who do we start contacting to get this stopped? And, Why Spain of all places? Soros in charge of this? I agree with Breeze, Americans know how to count. I thought the count was done digitally – automatically. There are some votes that must be counted by “hand” I guess but where we vote, it is by electronic devices, numbers go into a central location and tallied there. Probably time for another crisis about November 6th – a hurricane will be manufactured to rip through Spain and ruin all the vote counting. Suppose?

        • sheryl

          e-mail everyone you know about where are votes are being counted. The more people that know about this, the more we can complain to our representatives and maybe it will make a difference. If they weren’t trying to pull something, then why are the votes being counted here. Maybe that is why Obama said what he did when he was in Russia, I think this system is being manipulated and the fix is in. I can think of no other reason – do they think we are so stupid that we can’t even count.

      • jopa

        Breeze;Apparently you haven’t been paying attention to the primaries.The Republicans are having a hell of a time counting the votes, and they are in Romneys favor for a week and then in Iowa he wins and loses..They do not know how to count or they are just pushing Romney through for their agenda.I am still not sure where Paul stands in all of this.Is he trying to win or is he helping Romney out in some weird way.

        • Breeze

          jopa, I can’t believe you think this. So, a company in Spain, owned by obama’s friend, Soros, is going to be honest in counting the votes? I hope the tooth fairy leaves you a quarter.

  • T. Jefferson

    Kick butt Ron, you get my vote.

  • smithington

    VOTE FOR RON PAUL IN NOVEMBER 2012!!! Tell everyone you know to do the same if you want to save this country, not only for yourselves, but also for your children and grandchildren. If Obama is reelected, it will be the END of our once great country. MARK MY WORDS!!

  • David

    While I do not agree with the “No Paul, No Vote” because I think voting is one of our most important responsibilities in America, I fully intend to vote for Ron Paul (the only honest one running this cycle) and if Paul does not get the nomination, I still would not vote for Romney. I would rather have Obama than Romney… the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t and at the least I can pretty much guess which way Obama will jump where Mitt will go whichever way the last person talking wants him to.

    • DaveH

      There is another choice if Ron doesn’t get the nod:

      For Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, Limited Government, and the PEACE and PROSPERITY that come with those — Vote Libertarian.

  • donald davis

    I truly believe there is not ten cents worth of difference between the two partry system we now have, we now have a democratic Muslem dictrator who is determined to destroy our nation.Having a Morman in office will become having a developing Morman dictator there is no difference.

  • RichE

    Just what is the conservative message?

    • Watchman_on_the_Wall

      Labels mean nothing any more by the design of the global elites to confound and confuse effective communication between people. You’ve just put your finger on the key issue: how do we define what the Republican Party really stands for? Is it really conservatism or is it electability and tell the foolish sheeople whatever it takes to get elected (Romney’s obvious inclination)? Romney, Gingrich and Santorum are all tools and puppets of the global elites. Globalists seek one thing: total control and domination over the rest of mankind via their NWO. That doesn’t come close to resembling limiting the scope and role of a constitutional federal republic form of government to only those things that a free and just society cannot do for themselves.

      The only one who espouses that vision is Ron Paul and he appears to have done so consisitently over the past 30 years. Yet having said that, I also have seen RP flash the devil’s horn handsign on several videos on the net and it is my understanding that he is a member of Freemasonry and his wife and daughters are active members of the Daughters of the Eastern Star, which is the women’s equivalent of Freemasonry and that at its upper levels, Freemasonry is the coordinating body for the NWO agenda and overtly engages in occult and Satanic rituals. So who can we trust? No one but God and Jesus. Everyone else is suspect.

      • Deerinwater

        “how do we define what the Republican Party really stands for? Is it really conservatism or is it electability and tell the foolish sheeople whatever?”

        Not either evidently! The GOP stands for GRAND OLD PARTY, Yipeee! They only wish to have a grand old time at someone else expense via entitlement, pedigree and WASP membership, found deserving from a lifetime of hard “thinking” about it.

  • Joyceann

    The tea party didn’t go anywhere. We are still working. We said NO to Obama and we said NO to Romney just as soon as the Rhino Republican party “presented” him as our choice. They ran out our selections for anyone else and we were stuck with Romney. As Gingrich and Santorum quit, we expected them to get behind Paul but they didn’t…they stabbed us in the back. Now we want a brokered convention – only to be able to find one who isn’t Romny or Johnson who we passed on before,alreadt. We can only hope that Paul can pull off his plan and become a candidate.. We will not be ignored and they will have to listen to us.

    • Watchman_on_the_Wall

      Just be aware that the Tea Party leadership has been infiltrated and corrupted by the global elites and their agenda to elect either Obama or Romney by dismissing Ron Paul and ridiculing his policy stances, which are very well reasoned and thought through. I had this discussion with the head of my local TP movement and was quickly vilified and ridiculed by her for my advocacy for RP. She is a Jewish Zionist and RP is not quite so smitten by the Zionists as Romney, Gingrich and Santorum clearly are. The Jewish Zionists in this country know a gravy train when they see it and they aren’t about to let an independent thinker who puts Americans’ best strategic interests first get into the Oval Office who they cannot manipulate and control. They’ll assasinate RP through their agernts before they let that happen.

  • Ronald Barbus

    It’s funny all these years of voting I truly thought that WE voted for who We wanted in office and it’s for who they (gop , demos’ ) wanted in the position ,THE RICHEST ONE
    or the MANUFACTURED ONE like obama !! It’s true OUR vote means nothing we just go through the motions and they do as they damn well please until they do all the voting in and WE are SHEEP and OUR pollling stations are boarded up !!!

    • EyesWideOPEN

      “all these years of voting I truly thought that WE voted for who We wanted in office”..

      If that were true Ron, then why aren’t we allowed to choose our candidate instead of having the choice that others choose for us? They choose, others eliminate and we vote for the loser that overcomes.. Does it sound like we have a choice? Or does it equate to voting for someone that others choose for us and those who win are the one’s with the most money to spew onto the media. The slogan, “Anybody but Obama” may be warranted but it’s also a very dangerous and manipulative propaganda move.. Don’t heed it, vote your conscience.. Vote for the betterment of America and not the betterment of the corporate clones.

  • Peter MacMackin

    Remember Howard Beale?
    “I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

  • Les Bourassa

    Nobody who is running is worth voting for.

    • Average Joe

      Did you not get the memo? Never heard of Ron Paul? Wow, great candidate…you should really look into the man…and please…do the research by going to the man’s site…hear and listen to the man’s princples…from his own mouth. Put away all of the MSM, 15 second soundbites and actually listen to the man in his own words. If you still don’t get the memo, you have my sympathies.

      Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

  • Jody L

    By ‘banksters’ let it be clear that the term refers to the private banks that own the Federal Reserve. Or has that become yet another blacklisted term? The terminology of truth usually is.

    • Watchman_on_the_Wall

      You are right, Jody. But it’s a lot worse than that. Through the $15 trillion federal debt that America has recklessly piled up, they own America lock stock and barrel and they are gearing up to reveal this reality to us shortly. When the debt is restructured because their is no way to pay it off, what do you think the owners of that debt are going to demand of all Americans in return for their agreeing to amend the terms of the debt we do owe?

      Does the term slavery mean anything to you? It’s all part of their plan to bring down America and with it, the rest of the world so they can usher in their NWO. Seems sort of bleak, doesn’t it?

      But there is a silver lining in all this. These are all signs of end times prophecies in the Bible being fulfilled. If we read the Bible, we can learn how the story plays itself out and how it ends. The key to all of this is to trust in God and trust in the Lord Jesus with all of our hearts thsat He will fulfill all of His promises to His saints: to those who believe Him andf surrender our hearts, our lives and our wills to God’s will for our lives. Not all of will do this because it’s entirely in God’s hands who “gets it” and believes and who does not so that God, and not man, gets all the glory. It runs out that the Bible is precisely what it claims to be: the flawless words of God to mankind and it’s all true!!! That’s marvelous news to some of us and very disheartening news to the majority of mankind alive on the planet today. Hopefully, you are in the first camp. If not, it’s not too late to get right with God and with Jesus, but time is running out! Don’t delay! Once Jesus returns, it will be too late.

  • gnafu

    You can fool The People Part of the time, but you cannot fool All The People All the time. Ron Paul at least tells it up front what he expects to do about the economy and foreign affairs. Things that people may not want to hear but it’s at least truthful. It may take some work from The People to help get this nation back on the right course. Lazy ones will still want government to do everything but they are losers anyway. I really believe that Ron Paul would engage Congress and follow the Constitution.

    • EyesWideOPEN

      Their not losers gnafu.. If you were making everything you’d hope to make at your job then the CEO offered you another raise, would you take it? Would you realize that you have everything that you’ve dreamed of but another raise wouldn’t hurt although it could prevent another employee from being hired? These people look at it in the same manner and when the well goes dry they will either adapt or fall. These people receive welfare because it’s offered, they in no way can demand, beg or expect special privilege.. Only the system can do this and when the system sets limits, though they nag, they adhere to the system.. If the system creates jobs for these people and pay them in accordance to their productivity and deny those who refuse to work in SOME capacity, would that be better? All it takes is the g’ment to enact this rule but as long as they feed the recipients without result, they will continue to accept it and we will overlook the true problem and continue to call them ‘losers’.

  • sherry

    Mormonism belief differs from Christian core belief that Christ is God in the flesh. Mormons have it somewhat twisted that Jesus & Satan are brothers … also Mormons rituals are based largely on Masonic ritual – alot of our Presidents were Masons. So belief in Christ should be clarified as to which “version” of Christ…Muslims also believe in Christ (their version) just saying.

    • HH

      Correction: Muslim’s believe there was a man named Jesus who was a great prophet, they just don’t believe that that Jesus was the Christ.

    • Wildey

      Ask God, he’ll tell you which Christ is the real Christ. The mormons put Joe Smith on the same level as the Muslims put Mohammed

  • HH

    I hear folks say they won’t vote for Dr. Paul because of his stance on the military, I look at the overall picture! I don’t like Romney’s health care or his big government stance period! I can see through him just like I could see through Obama four years ago! Dr. Paul has WAY more PRO’s than CON’s when compared to Romney. We need to get our house in order and I believe Dr. Paul is just what we need at this critical time in our country!

  • dcjdvis

    The government has become so much greater than the president. The president is just the face we throw our most rotten tomatoes at. How will Ron Paul or any other man rise above the power behind the office?

    • HH

      Well dcjdvis, the presidents appointments to the Supreme Court would be a start! The rest is up to us…….. who we vote in as senators and representatives.

      • Wildey

        The Buck starts with us, not any branch of government. This governmentis a reflection of what we built. Don’t like it? We don’t have problems we’ve got opportunities!

    • Watchman_on_the_Wall

      You’re one of the few people who seem to “get it” what’s really going on behind the scenes in our shadow government but you are being way too oblique in the way you are expressing yourself. You and I must speak the truth boldly to all those who might listen and hear, so that some might “get it” and find the truth.

      The truth is that the 4,000 members of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), who make up the Who’s Who of America’s establishment in government, business, the media, academia, non-profit foundations and the military effectively run America and screen and select virtually all major elected and appointed federal and state officials. They exert their influence via their immense wealth and power which they control through an elaborate web of networks and contacts which permits them to hide behind a claim of plausible deniability.

      Most Americans are clueless that such a body of people even exist, much less how pervasive their influence is. What’s most frightening is that these same people do not think and behave as the common man. Their money asnd power has blinded them to the realities of life and they believe that they are destined to rule over the rest of “ignorant” mankind. This is more than misplaced pride and arrogance on their part. It is informed by their occult worldview in which man has usurped the role of God just as the serpent seduced Eve in the Garden to falsely believe that she might become like God. This proves the wisdom of Jesus’ words, “Money is the root of all evil.” The global elites are evil incarnate. They are anything but benevolent, but they control our society. For now.

      The good news is that this is all part of God’s perfect plan for humanity. He’s told us this endlessly, but most of us refused to listen to Him. None of this surprises God who is omniscient and has known all things from before the beginning of the world. We’re all just actors on his stage, each with our assinged roles. Mine is to serve as a Watchman on the Wall to warn people of the coming storm and to explain what they can do to protect themselves from it and to testify to the truth, as Jesus did in His day. Just as then, the truth is not welcome in today’s world. It is hated and vilified by those who seek to deceive themselvesd and/or deceive others. The world is ruled by the prince of the air, Lucifer or Satan, whom the elites worship, and who is also referred to as the father of lies. God and His saints, true followers of His son Jesus, hate lies and injustice. And so the cosmic battle between the forces of good and evil has raged ever since man’s fall in the Garden. What we are witnessing today are world events leading up to the climax of God’s story, i.e. His-story. Until or unless you understand this fundamental reality of life, very little of it makes much sense. Once you do understand and see it, everything makes sense, finally!

      So what are we to conclude from all of this? Not to get lost in the weeds of the unimportant. Focus on the Vital Few things that matter and Ignore the Trivial Many that do not. What matters first and foremost is, are you right with God? Do you know where you’re going when you die? Do you now Jesus Christ of the Bible as your Lord and savior? Are you born again with God’s Holy Spirit living inside of you to guide and comfort you, give you strength and wisdom and the power you lack to become transformed through the Spirit by the reading and meditating on God’s holy word of the Bible to become more Christlike over time?

      Jesus told us the truth 2,000 years ago: “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me.” John 14:6 Through His miracles, teachings, death on the Cross and resurrection three days later and ascension into heaven witnessed by over 500 people, Jesus proved to mankind that He was who He claimed to be: the son of God. Yet mankind has always wanted to usurp the role of God and do whatever he wanted. Our loving God does not force Himself on anyone. He allows all of us to chose where we want to end up for all eternity. Most choose hell separated from God. A few choose to be with Him and Jesus in paradise, but we must give up the illusion of control over our lives and surrender that control to Jesus as Lord over our lives in everything. Those of us in the second group did not make this choice willingly. Most of us fought it like crazy. I know I sure did. But God loved me so much that He broke me and humbled me so that I had no where else to go but the foot of the Cross of Jesus, desperate and out of answers. And there I finally found peace, love, acceptance and a trustworthy protector. And I found the truth. You can too. but don’t delay. Time is running out.

      He’s there for all who will choose to believe in Him above all else. But God must make the first move. Only God can prepare the soil and trandform your cold hard heart to a heart that is soft, warm and open to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ: the bad news of our sin nature and the good news that He paid the price so that we who believe and put all our trust in Him might be reconciled into a right relationship with the God of the universe who loves us to a depth of intimacy that is beyond words.

  • Dan

    Well said, Bob, well said. I feel exaclty the same way. “Ron Paul or no one at all” This is just the beginning of the revolution. The spark has been ignited by Dr. Paul. I pray this spark will be fanned into a raging fire that eliminates all the status quo deadwood before it is too late! My motto is ” Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” I prefer to be a wolf, not one of the sheep. Survival gear is all in order.

    • wnettles

      Yep, better get your gear in order. A good survival kit, with bug out bag and some grub might be needed. I have a feeling that the statists will not go away very easily. It will be up to the patriots and the citizenry to win this fight. Hope that we are all up to the challenge.

      • Breeze

        Let’s also hope that the Military and the Police join our side. Then, all we need to do is take care of the U.N. troops. Really, not a problem.

        • wnettles

          Hey, Breeze:

          Don’t know how many military and veterans are willing to shoot their family members and friends, associates, etc, but, I am willing to bet not many. As for the police, they are paid by the taxpayers. When they turn on the taxpayers, they will no longer have a source of income. That might just be a disincentive to go against the citizens and the Constitution. No matter how “gung ho” the regimented soldier is, when they go against the Constitution and the citizens without being paid to do so, they will not be successful.

  • Jonathan

    Can anyone tell me the actual delegate count?

    • wnettles

      No. The delegate count changes daily, and, will not be a significant factor, as the only time it will become critical is at the convention in Tampa in August, 2012.

  • Jack Coleman

    Ron Paul would be a great choice for President, but unless we clean house in Congress he wouldn’t be able to accomplish much.

    • Wildey

      Yes he could. It’s called REPEAL, REPEAL, REPEAL. He could use the “Signing Statements” Bush and Obama have and are using to turn us in to a one world Faiscist State. Look what Hitler did with 7 people. Look what Christ did with 12 people. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

    • wnettles

      Amen on the house cleaning. You can count on my vote for a clean house. Flush the Congress along with the Executive branch. Supremes need to be impeached and disbarred, also.

  • Rocketman

    I voted yesterday in the primary for Ron Paul and against Richard Lugar. Paul is by far the best choice that America has right now and I still remember in 1984 when a number of my friends went to see Lugar to convince him for voting against the Assault Rifle Ban. Lugar assured them that he would and then turned right around and voted for it. Yesterday was payback.

    • Wildey

      The first sign of illegitimacy in the government is the government’s fear of the people and the people’s fear of the, not our, government. Jefferson said in so many words “the second amendment provides as the last resort for the people to illegitimacy in their government. Look at our government buildings, airline terminals etc. and tell me the government isn’t afraid of the people. I don’t buy the governments manufactured terrors as legitimate reasons for the governments actions. They’re magicians, got us looking into one hand while they perform their wiles with the other.

      • wnettles

        You got that right. Folks are so easily decieved now, heck, even I could pull off a magic trick or two. And, I am no magician……

  • Wildey

    Ron Paul is riding in a Trojan Horse. Once inside they are training themselves to take control. The sin of Satan is pride and his tool is persuasion. Because everything about him and his legions is a lie, Ron Paul and his team are enlightening people to what those branding themselves Republicans or Democrats actually are. They’re unprincipled things without a grain of truth in them. What’s their platform? What truth is it based on? They want us to be “trained” into their line of thinking. Indoctrinate don’t educate. Is Clinton one of their mentors? Did he teach them how to define “is”?

    Every candidate on the Republican side was described by John Locke when he said… “The difference between a King and a Tyrant consists only in this; that a King looks to the good of his people and serves them to that end while the Tyrant expects all to serve his own will and appetite. With the exception of Ron Paul, ALL of them can be defined as tyrants. That goes for Democrats obviously.

    Benjamin Franklin asked all the attendants at the Constitutional Convention to pray and seek the Creators guidance. That worked for them. When they were said and done, John Adams said… ” This Consitution is for the goverance of a religious and moral people. It is UNFIT for the governance of any other. WELL?


    After intensive research, I found a man who is a stout defender of the U.S. Constitution, and is fiercely proud of the United States of America, a man who never plays politics with the documents of the U. S. Constitution and its Amendments…. the man I’ve selected for the Office of the U.S. President is Ron Paul, a true patriot.

    USAF (RET)

    • wnettles

      Thanks, John. The citizens have your back. Actually, I am glad to see that there are some retired military willing to speak up. Good to hear these days…..

  • Buck

    The people want RON PAUL , the Republican party wants Romney , either one can beat Obamass , the party needs to ask itself , what is more important America or the party .

    • wnettles

      Republicans must make a choice. Will it be party over patriotism? Will they vote for their political party or will they vote for the future of their nation.

      They can vote for Dr. Ron Paul or they can vote for the party, status quo, big government neo-con, Romney. The choice is clearly in their hands.

      The future of our republic depends on the choice that they will make in August and in November. Freedom, Liberty, and the Constitution, or, Romney, Obama, tyranny and all that comes with it. The choice is ours. Make the Right Choice. Ron Paul for President. And, clean house in the Congress. Freedom and Liberty in 2012.

    • TurbineHarley

      In Indiana’s May 8 Primary Election, the media reported that Ron Paul received 15% of the vote, while Mitt Romney received 65% of the vote and 100% of Indiana’s Delegates. The remaining vote percentage went to Gingrich and Santorum who both said they had withdrawn from the election…and still the people voted for them. Voting public is really dumbed down to vote for Gingrich and Santorum when both had publicly announced they had withdrawn from the election.

      • Deerinwater

        It seems to be a matter of perception based on illusions. A lot of time ,money and effort has went into crafting these illusions.

        Evidently it has worked well, you have many to thank.

  • bill coleman

    Ron Paul would be leading in the delegate count today if he would speak these words: “I will use the Constitution to defend the Constitution and defeat Islamic terror within the United States.” Talk is cheap but to be silent on national issues is a bigger fault. I have seen no indication that he would not appoint a muslim judge. Nor have I heard him say anything bad about Islam. The millions of Christian conservatives who did not vote for mccain and do not vote in the november because they don’t have the perfect candidate are no better at providing for able leadership of this country than the people who will vote for Obama. Face it, if your candidate is not winnig, then his people did not campaign hard enough or your candidate is not the right one to be running for his causes.

  • albertmaslar

    Is voting AGAINST Obama enough, or does the concept of the lesser of two evils prevail? It might be better to maintain the House majority, gain the Senate majority, and impeach the anointed one, while blocking ALL legislation Obama wants, repeal ObamaCare, override any of his vetoes, budget only what can be afforded, force through only constitutional laws, open up drilling on and off-shore, eliminate the HHS, NLRB, Education Dept, EPA, NPR, PBS, all contributions to Planned Parenthood, the corrupt Federal Reserve, and void all Obama executive orders.

    Ron Paul deserves the vote else when will an opposition opponent of the two-party same-party system ever be put out to permanent pasture? Ron Paul is the only one who will stop all U.S. wars, declared or not, reign in the printing of money and ripping off $16 Trillion in illicit profits off the backs of the people, and the offsetting $16 Trillion National Debt, Getting it right is superior to getting even.

    Striving for the grater good is superior to settling for the lesser evil.

    Albert Maslar

    Request my 5 page 80 point tax plan that fixes just about everything with lower taxes and fully funded Universal HealthCare.

  • Carl Manning

    Even if Ron Paul were to miraculously win the GOP nomination and then to miraculously win the general election against all the rigged voting through SCYTL, ACORN ballot stuffing, dead voters, illegal immigrant voters, unregistered voters, counterfeit balloting, and backroom dealing corruption of the Communist DemoCommies and Fascist Socialist Neocon Grand Ol’ Propaganda (GOP) Party, he would be eventually assassinated by the rogue CIA/NWO/Military Industrial Complex/Banksters/Zionist Mossad Network which owns the apostate government in the District of Criminals. All of these criminals, past and present, know when Ron Paul becomes President, their game is over unless they kill him, and they will not hesitate for a second to make him another JFK. If you support endless Government Crime, endless FED crime, endless drug trafficking, endless human trafficking, endless money laundering, endless government growth, endless fascism and socialism, endless debt, endless deficit “spending”, endless bribery, endless abortions, and endless criminal wars based on endless lies and endless coverups, go ahead and vote for Obamney. If you want the TRUTH, fiscal sanity, and moral and Constitutional government for a little while, vote for Ron Paul, but do understand that you will be voting for a dead man because they will kill him and they will kill his VP, too. This, in turn, will spawn a Revolution, martial law, and the destruction of the dollar. The NWO will then install its own unelected puppet bankster as President(Dictator) a la Greece, and it’s all over for America. Either way you go, the NWO will win in the end. When they took over the press before 911, it was all over. A free nation can never remain free without a free press, and as John Adams so presciently pointed out, “…Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” Vote Ron Paul 2012 because what else have we got to lose if we’ve already lost an entire country???

    • wnettles

      Guess that “they” just might not have had their “Patriot Training Class” just yet, hunh? Last time such a training seminar was held (1773 – 1779), attendance was brisk by all parties concerned. That “training” lasted for a while, however, I fear that a refresher course may now be necessary……

    • Watchman_on_the_Wall

      The ultimate solution will come when Jesus returns to slay the wicked and restore justice to a redeemed world. In the meantime, we must stand against evil and lies wherever they show up, even at the risk of some of our lives. “Like a muddied spring or a polluted well is a righteous man who gives way to the wicked.” Proverbs 25:26 Some principles and convictions are worth dying for. Freedom is one of them. Give me liberty or give me death.

  • Elzie Lavery

    Boycott General Motors. And vote for Ron Paul. If you’re a democrat, go buy a windmill, and a Chevy Volt. Make sure you have some good walking shoes.

    • Jack Coleman

      Best idea i’ve heard yet.

      • http://yahoo catsueme

        I agree don’t buy GM they took our money and then sent the engine plant to mex. 300 JOBS LOST

        • Deerinwater

          You have probably worn out 4 rice burners in your adult life time, not buying a good American made Chevy is only your loss. America lost you years ago to the highest bidder.

          Japan, Korea, Sweden, Germany makes some fine automobiles, I just don’t live there. In many of these country the government subsidies industry, so GM got a government loan,~ they have done well in paying it back and make a fine product today. The Volt is big in Europe, where people drive shorter distances. Europe is the perfect proving ground for the VOLT. The American consumer has been behind the curve in energy management for the last 35 years. That will not change, until America’s supply and demand forces dictate the need.

          The good thing about the loyalty of a whore is you know forehand what they will do. I can respect them for that. That’s something I can work with.

          • Jack Coleman

            The Government Motors cars may be assembled here, but have you checked on where components are manufactured?

  • Dwight Mann

    Dr. Ron is the only PAUL-i-tician that reeks of the constitution. What more could this country ask for in times like these. . .

  • AZ-Ike

    Hi Bob,

    Nice article. While it gives some hope, I have a question for you (or any commenters.)

    I have always understood that it is the presidential electors who actually elect each President, not the popular vote. So, how does writing in Ron Paul’s name on the election ballots help get him elected?

    Also, I’ve always believed the electors are appointed by the political Parties–therefore by the Republicans and Democrats. Although there are many more independents that ever before, are electors chosen to represent ‘independents’? And if so, by whom–and which independents–the liberals, or the conservatives?

    Finally, no matter who appoints the electors, it has been my understanding that they can untimately cast their vote as they choose. Usually, that is according to Party, but apparently there is nothing that forces them to do so.

    Like many other conservatives, I will no longer cast my vote for the ‘lesser of two evils’ and I will never allow anyone to ‘blame me’ if Obama is reelected. The fault lies with the Republican elites who who have divorced themselves from the majority in the United States–those who used to be the Party base. Unfortunately, I agree with some of the above comments about voter results. With a Spanish company, led by an Obama crony, counting the votes, there can be no expectation of getting a fair election.

    I believe the Constitution is a ‘contract’ between the sovereign citizens of the United States and that because it is a contract, neither the representatives we elect to government office, nor the citizens, themselves, can choose only specific constitutional provisions to support or ignore. It is all, or nothing. I believe there is nothing more important than restoring constitutional government and that although Paul is the person to do the job; we also must elect citizens to represent us, and we must get rid of the incumbents who have been supporting the country’s transformation to socialism for decades, and who will not support the efforts of any president who resists that transformation.

    Thank you and could you comment on the electoral vs. write in votes?

  • AZ-Ike

    I just completed ‘Constitution 101′ through Hillsdale College and urge everyone to take it. Also, please recommend it to others–especially today’s students, and the last generation or two of students who probably received little true information from public school education following FDR and WWII. It is a wonderful exercise in the history and founding of our nation. This will be an excellent project for students during this summer’s school vacation.

    The course increased my understanding of the Constitution. The best part of the course (for me, at least) was reading the supporting documents that led the Founding Fathers to establish a republican form of government and to write the ‘contract’ that would hopefully control the ambition and greed that is natural to human nature. (It’s unfortunate that too many of us haven’t been paying attention to what our elected representatives have been doing.) It also led to a better understanding of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, as well as the Progressives take-over of our government.

    The lecture and Q&A videos are now archived so participants can take the 10-week course at their own speed and as their time permits. The selected readings from historical documents are all internet linked—no other books are necessary. Each lesson’s lecture and Q&A take about an hour and 10-15 minutes, and each lesson’s supporting reading takes about an hour +/-. At this time the course is still free to any and all who register—and once registered, the course videos and readings will be available.

    How can we save America unless more of us understand what we were given and what we are allowing to be taken from us? Please register at

  • EyesWideOPEN

    Well Carl, if all this pessimism is true and you have decided which way this country is going no matter what, then… Why on earth did you let it go this far? I’ll go for R.P. then petition the feds and S.S. NOT to drop the ball the way they did with JFK and if I speak to deaf ears then a total wash of those idiots should be included along with the political snakes, back stabbers and criminals. We can do it, but we’ll need our help.

    • Carl Manning

      They most assuredly will not listen to you or anyone, and they will take him out even if he ends the FED, fires the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff, CIA, S.S., FBI, and Justice Departments, the Zionist/Mossad/B’nai Brith mafia that has infiltrated these organizations, and tries to arrest and prosecute them all for the myriad of crimes they have committed. JFK wanted to control the FED, talked openly of dissolving the CIA, and he fired the psychotic nutjobs who wanted to start the Operations Northwoods false-flag event to go to war with Cuba. His brother was going to end the war in Vietnam if elected President. Both paid dearly along with JFK Jr, Marilyn Monroe, and Princess Diana. This apostate evil government pulled the nuclear detonations on the Twin Towers and WTC7 killing almost 3,000 Americans and foreigners because they thought the planes had nuclear payloads that could take out all of NYC and WTC7 housed potentially incriminating evidence of the crimes of 911. They know a Soviet missile from the Kursk hit the Pentagon. They knew the tall WTC buildings all had nuclear detonation devices already planted 77 meters under ground level (50 meters under the lowest steel beams underground)that were planted there years ago by the builders as a demolition requirement for building in NYC. Only two cities in America had this requirement: NYC and Chicago. That’s why they immediately evacuated the Sears Tower Building in Chicago after the Kursk missile hit the Pentagon…

      The government knows that Israeli Mossad is behind this – specifically a very famous Mossad Chief by the name of Michael Harari, who, according to the Russian nuclear detonations expert, Dimitri Khalezov, was celebrating his success on the morning of September 12th in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the same guy who is highly suspected of killing JFK Jr. for investigating Mossad’s assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.

  • Carl Manning

    The Globalist NWO’s world Marxism/Socialism has always operated on the principle of incrementalism, which is exactly what you are doing when you vote for the lesser of two evils until you wake up one day to find your entire country is the very embodiment of evil in the world, which is where we find ourselves today.

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  • Maxine

    I am a Republica and I will be voteing for Ron Paul

  • James Lee

    I 1st of all can not stand the straight out disrespect for our country from this administration has! Such as the Mrs. saying it’s just a flag, or this is the 1st time dhe was proud to be an american! Go find another country you indecisive kid, Obama. Can’t help myself I am so upset with the Mrs. too, “Barry take her back to the petting zoo.”

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Ron Paul does not stand a chance of being elected President of the United States of America. If all of you Paul loons decide to vote third party, you are insuring the re-election of Obama, which makes you my enemy. Chew on that for awhile.

  • George Edward

    As the saying goes, “it’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes”. So there is your answer to the next election. IF someone in Spain is hired by Obama to count the votes, then of course he will win. Why else would he hire someone in Spain to do the vote counting? All our fuss and campaigning strategies have no meaning except to give the voters the illusion that they actually have a vote in the process. It’s a done deal…

    • sheryl

      When you think about it, isn’t it amazing that WE the taxpayer are paying for these people to push us around – turncoats -liars and theives. Just amazes me that so many that we voted in are actually working against us but enjoying our money at the same time.

  • Gang Buster 2012

    I Voted For Ron Paul in the Oregon ballet , I’m wailting to see how this will play-out.I’m sure as hell not going to vote for Mitt,if i don’t have to.I hope Ron Paul ends up screwng up Big “mitt”.I hope like hell,Ron Paul Takes Oregon by a landslide!!!!!!That will not only send a message to “mitt” but also to the SUPER Pacs as well!!!!!.

  • wnettles

    “It’s not who votes that counts, but, it’s who counts the votes that counts.” Josef Stalin

    “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely”. Lord Acton

    • Doug Rodrigues

      That’s exactly what could happen with a Spanish company counting votes, and with connections to George Soros. Meanwhile, the Republican “Leadership” in Congress sits on their hands doing nothing to to stop the subversion? The only logical conclusion would be that the RNC is complicit in Obama’s fraud!

      • wnettles

        Yep, that’s why we need to purge the “status quo”, big government, tax and spend Republicans, as well as, their Democrat likenesses from the Congress. The sooner the purge, the sooner we begin to reclaim our nation.

  • Gary

    Both parties “love” power……..Lugar is finally gone, now we need to get ride of a few more RINO’s, then we can take back our country………Rubio should be re-called…he has proven to be in with the elite, with his “Dream Act”……..

  • Brian

    Paul should drop out. Him and the few whom are still pushing for him are going to take votes away from Romney which it LIKE giving votes TO Obama. Do you really want four more years of Obama? There are enough swing votes to defeat Obama for Romney but not nearly enough for Paul. Stop, Think, it’s not what you want it’s what is better for this country!

    • wnettles

      Romney should drop out of the race, as the liberals already have a candidate in Obama. The socialists need Romney to split the vote between the true conservatives, who will vote for Dr. Ron Paul, and the neo-con, conservatives in name only, who would vote for Romney.

      Whym, heck, you could run them on the same ticket and you could call it te Obomney ticket!!! After all, there aint a dime’s worth of difference between them anyway.

    • David

      Since when does the GOP give 2 cents for”what’s best for the country”? Not for the past 20-30 years maybe and certainly not since the mid-term elections in 2010. They have put party ahead of country and self-power ahead of good policy. They are so bad, they won;t even support their own ideas if Obama wants it too. The Republicans will do NOTHING if it even seems like it might help Obama. There is a reason they are called the Party of No and compromise is not a sin, it is the way our government is supposed to work and in case you haven’t noticed, our government hasn’t been working since 2010 and hasn’t been working FOR the country for years longer than that.

      Do I support everything the Dems and Obama has wanted to do? No.
      Do I support everything the GOP wants to do? No.
      Do I support viable solutions to pragmatic problems? Yes.
      Do I support compromise? Yes.

      • Watchman_on_the_Wall

        True patriots have given away the store for decades. In light of this reality, compromise is a meaningless term. The objective must be taking back ground we should never have yielded in the first place. You don’t compromise with terrorists. You either kill them or contain them. There are no other viable options. If you set your sights low, you will be sure to under-perform even them.

        • Deerinwater

          losing an election is the fastest way to under preform I can think of.

          • Ronald Barbus

            donn’t e-mail me any more please and take me off you alls list ,Thank You

          • John Hart

            Ronald, you have to change your subscription options, spamming the list won’t stop the comments from coming.

            Ron Paul knows the President can’t change the law, that’s Congresses job. I think he would make a good President but he wouldn’t be able to do much. It’s going to take thousands of people to unravel the tangled mess politicians have made of this country. Ron Paul can’t do it for us. People need to be educated, Ron Paul should get the Congressional Medal for his effort.

      • Deerinwater

        I agree whole heatedly John. One man, where it’s Obama or Ron Paul or Super Newt can’t fix things unless they could employ a Magic Wand. Occupying the moon offers us no solutions here on earth.

        Like Obama, Ron Paul has been good for the nation if in no other way but to waking people up to focus on these “issues” that seem to have the American people stymied, baffled and bewildered.

        Currency issues, race issues, the true purpose and process of government. Who’s interest is being best served.

  • http://PersonalLiberty Vickie

    I love this article. Ron Paul is the only one who can fix this country. I for one will vote for him in the general election. I have a comment for my fellow Mountaineers.Instead of voting for Judd. Why didn’t you guys vote for Ron Paul? You could have sent the same message to Obama. We need to get Ron Paul’s message out to the ones who voted for Judd & get them to vote for Ron Paul in the general election. Romney is going to continue the same old stuff that previous presidents have done.WAKE UP! Its all New World Order & global tyranny.Ron Paul is the only one that can damage their plans.That is the reason why they are afraid of Ron Paul.

    • Gary

      I am with you, we will be voting for Ron hear in Texas

    • Deerinwater

      “Ron Paul is the only one who can fix this country.”

      Well Vicky, that’s an opportunistic thought.

      I would agree with you that Dr. Paul has a better idea about what needs fixing but the actual “fixing” it is going to take more then knowing what is broken.

      The “fix” will have to be sold to the people and then applied.

      The “application” used to “fix problems” is where “the people” actually win or lose ground and more often the not, have devastating end results.

      What Ron Paul is selling us today will not be what we get tomorrow. It’s becomes the classic “Bait & Switch” Ron Paul doesn’t have to be the person guilt of the “switch”, the bankers and attorneys will do the “switching”. Ron Paul is simply supplying the “bait” with noble intentions.

      Allow me to cope & paste a posting that really got my attention as “poster Samdromeda” describes a “government fix” that has been used repeatedly throughout history of man.

      Samdromeda commented on Racists For Obama.
      in response to Katrael:

      “shavager, it’s a sin and a shame that anybody in this country should go hungry and there are those who really can’t help it but if an able bodied man or woman goes hungry in this country it’s because they don’t work. What’s this got to do with your subject? Basic math and finances will [...]”

      Samdromeda say;

      “When the money changers sweep all accounts clean, the investments in private prisons and security forces will open doors for slavery for survival.

      In the past families sold their daughters to erase familial debt. The agreement was that the person who bought their daughter would pay off all familial debt. Private fortunes can and will buy the land out from in under you. It happened to The Native Americans with The Louisiana Purchase. It is currently happening to the Natives in Central America.

      Politicians line their pockets and the local people get forced off of the land by private armies financed by The Central Banks using other peoples money.

      The tax payer eventually foots the bill.

      The native Americans never wanted to be on public assistance and were fully capable of supporting themselves but they were robbed of their land and often starved to death waiting for assistance during the winter from a government who sold the supplies to settlers instead of delivering them to the people for whom they were intended.

      Dependency is a precursor to bondage.

      But often the dependency is forced by treaty and the promise of support for for-fitting the right to independent self sufficiency upon threat of death by total extermination and/or genocide”

      Samdromeda is describing events that has already happened and continues to happen to this very day.

      When you have private prisons, the next step to compromise people with the charge of “noncompliance”, to demand something that is impossible to comply with.

      This is what Hitler done to the Jews in the beginning, this is what the US government did to the Native American Indian. Guess who could be next?

  • Gang Buster 2012

    I’ll Take a chance with Ron Paul First.If however he doesn’t win,then ,any only then,I might vote for “Mitt”,I don’t like him,But I dislike Obomba More.Let’s face it,anything is better than what we now have(which is nothing short of Zero.)

  • Silas Longshot

    There have been a few blurbs on Fox about Paul’s delegate wins, but only seconds long play time. As a long term libertarian (voted for Harry Browne back in 2000) I like a lot of Paul’s policies. If the plan works and the convention happens, it’s going to be an interesting event. Perhaps we will come out with a candidate the PEOPLE want instead of the plain oatmeal, best RINO money can buy, McCain 2,0, elite chosen flip flop king, Romney.
    Be prepared in any case. Click the name.

  • Jeanne E Robinson

    Ron Paul – all you are doing is insuring that Obummer wins. You splitting the vote!! To the absolute Socialism of this country!! Such Foolishness!!!

    • wnettles

      No Paul, No Vote. Got it yet?

    • Gary

      There is no vote to split, dummy……..this is the Primary, not the General Election…..educate yourself, before you spot off with nonsense.

      • Watchman_on_the_Wall

        Well said, Gary. We’re dealing with an uneducated electorate who never took high school civics class where these basics used to be taught to all of us.

  • Damn Buster 2012


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