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Ron Paul’s son to run for Senate

August 10, 2009 by  

Ron Paul's son to run for Senate The son of the Republican Congressman from Texas Ron Paul has announced he will be seeking a Senate seat from Kentucky.

The seat will be vacated by another Republican, Jim Bunning, who will not be seeking reelection in 2010. The younger Paul is an eye surgeon, and the announcement marks his first foray into politics, although his libertarian-conservative views were widely publicized during his father’s short-lived presidential campaign in 2008.

In particular, Paul is a strict constitutionalist who believes in traditional Republican principles of small government and a free-market economy.

"It’s about time we have someone who is an outsider and not a career politician in Washington," he told the Associated Press. He was also widely reported in the media as saying he worries about the ballooning federal deficit and the financial burden it will place on future generation of Americans.

He also spoke of his unwillingness to approach problems from a Republican versus Democrat perspective, but rather "in terms of issues and whether they’re good or bad."

After a media blitz, including appearances on Fox News and MSNBC, the biggest challenge now for Paul will be to raise enough money. On August 20, Paul’s grassroots supporters are planning a one-day political donation event with the goal of finding 10,000 supporters who will donate $100 each for a total of $1 million.


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  • DaveH

    Go Paul

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      This is what we need in politics, new young blood that isnt hooked into the “good old boys” network of being owned by special interest groups. America wants a fresh change from these career politicians, so I bet this guy will win hands down.

    • Davis

      Very best wishes for a successful campaign and win!!

      The Davises

  • Dirty Harry

    I wonder could this government actually implode ? I talk to people everyday who want to see states secede from the union.

    • DaveH

      Just the threat of secession would do wonders. And if we don’t like the way the Federal Government has grown out of control, then we really need to be wary of the United Nations which is trying hard to exert control over the member nations.

      • Brian Rawls

        F@@k the United Nations!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone of those bastards should be shot.

        • http://google fogey60

          totally agree, include those who would would sell us out to big business, NATO ,wto , world bank etc.

        • http://google fogey60

          brian rawls i totally agree, include those who would would sell us out to big business, NATO ,wto , world bank etc.

    • http://DNA Buddy

      My guess is that by 2015 the union will be a thing of the past. R.I.P.

      • Ron

        Really!!!!!?????We will never survive without the Union if not look at Europe!! they came up with the EU much later than us when they are matured nations!! they are a good example out of what an old continent is we need to learn from!! I bet you by 2015 that WILL NOT HAPPEN!!

  • Homer

    Ron Paul is a Mason…..most of our problems in Congress comes from the Masons who are tied to European Masons/Bankers.

    Do we really need another one?

    • Michelle Richardson

      Homer you know little of the free mason history. Ron Paul is a doctor.

    • DaveH

      Ron Paul is known as “Dr. No” in Congress, because he says “Noe” to most of the bills produced in the House of Representatives. If he is a Freemason, so what? He is certainly not trying to take away our freedom like the Democrats in Congress are busily doing. If you don’t believe me, go to this link and pick the Legislative Activities tab, then pick the Legislation and Votes tab, and then one of the Roll Call vote links. Try and find a Big Government bill that Ron Paul has voted for. Look hard, it won’t be easy. Also, notice which major party is voting heavily to grow government ever-larger.

      • DaveH

        Oops. I forgot to post the link:

        This one will take you right to the Roll Call Votes links:

      • Jeff G

        Very well said Dave.
        We are loosing our country, and need someone who believes and can run with our TRUE constitutional rights, as the founding fathers started with.
        Didn’t we once win our freedom, and we will do it again, unfortunately, it will come at a cost of great loss, as soon as American’s unite again, BEWARE!

    • Dickie

      Homer, You must be a catholic,Or if you knew first hand instead of hear say like all demon-craps, You would know, That if you you did not believe in GOD ALMIGHTY,AMERICA,AND TO TREAT ALL PEOPLE,THE SAME BECAUSE WE [ARE BROTHERS & SISTERS], YOU CLOWN,That is what is part wrong with AMERICA today,People like you are mice,You believe what you want,To scard to find out what is the facts,Or what is lies,I am sorry to tell you there are people,That loves to make up stuff,Just because they are ignorant to facts,And some people like to follow & believe ANYTHING they hear,So stop running your mouth about something YOU don’t know anything ABOUT! MASONS are a hell of better AMERICAN,Than you will ever be,WE LOVE THIS COUNTRY,We don’t spread rumors.Be a man HOMER & MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

  • Connie in Keene

    I was encouraged by what Dr. Paul has been saying on FOX News & hope he is able to earn a seat. We need more people like him to run who think good idea vs. bad idea rather than cling to a national party! Good Luck!

  • Bert

    God knows we need more people in office with a healthy respect for the Constitution. The people there now have no respect for the supreme law of the land and they are systematically dismantling and plowing under our country. These people think the Constitution is just a quaint historical relic and that their ideas are better than those of the Founders. They do not have any fidelity to the sacred oath of office they took. This country is in dire straits.

    Go Rand Paul!

  • http://personalLibertyDigest Geri

    Sure do hope this Dr. Paul can win the seat in Ky as we sure do need our lawmakers to think like he does. Yes our Constitution is being badly mutilated by this congress and will continue if we allow it. New blood is needed, someone not bound to a bunch of corrupt lobbyists, drug companies, union bosses, etc., bound only to the people who have elected them to be their representatives.
    And Homer, like someone else said, you had better make sure that what you say about the Mason’s is true before you post it for the world to see. I come from a long line of Masons and the statement you made above is simply not true.

    • Homer

      Geri….so what is it that I said is not true?
      A. Dr. Paul is/is not a Mason?
      B. The Congress is filled with Masons?
      C. Masons are a secret society?

      Why do you feel you have a need to threaten me… have no idea who I am either. May I suggest as a fellow American that you Google “Masons in Congress” and start reading. Perhaps then even you could put one and one together and get two. I have no problem with Dr. Paul and his views. I am glad he is there. I do have a problem with “secrecy” while in public office.

      • DaveH

        When it comes to secrecy in government, I’m with you 100%. But I have no bone to pick with private groups operating in secrecy. Someday, thanks to people like Obama, most of us will have to operate in secrecy, if we don’t want to be exterminated.
        Government on the other hand, has too many secret proceedings. I think most of the stuff which comes under “National Security” is just an excuse to keep the taxpayers in the blind about wasteful spending, or to cover some politicians butt. There should be no such thing as “sealed court documents” or “closed door sessions of Congress”, and probably many other things that I don’t know or am not aware of.

  • josh

    How about Paul & Paul in 2012???

    Sounds good to me :)

    • DaveH

      Sounds good to me. But they would have a tough go of it, because the major media moguls are afraid of losing their jobs/companies to competition as the Pauls believe in free markets and Constitutional law. Even the Republican leaders are wary of Ron Paul and his libertarian inclinations.
      As viewers, we need to write to the Network Stations and let them know that we want to see more of Ron and Rand Paul. I think even Foxnews may need some coaxing. I have seen Bill O’Reilly treat John Stossel pretty dismissively (John is very libertarian though it isn’t clear if he is a party member). Note that Libertarians don’t mess with your freedom of religion, like some people think. They believe in the kind of freedom that our forefathers envisioned.

  • DaveH
  • Homer

    Michelle….I know that Ron Paul has a PHD….he is also a Mason…not the brick and mortar type duh.
    Washington is filled with Masons in the Congress. They are a secret society….do you wonder what their agenda may be… you know their agenda? How about a public Congress, with everything made public. Keep on electing these “secret society” members….all you will do is accelerate our demise. Google “The Money Masters” and learn something!

    • Ron


      A PhD, mason or not does not give a person authority or put him/her above all……..title does not do the trick!!! remember we are in America……….It is having the right wisdom, vision, common sense and experience to handle a situation or politics. Most importantly to work under a “COMMON INTEREST” that is what is at stake here…a politician is to served NOT TO BE SERVED!! and a citizen(s) to equally do the same to the land for future generations that is our FUNDAMENTAL ISSUE!!

  • Brian Rawls

    There is a famous quote from Stalin that I think would pertain when dealing with the government.———DEATH SOLVES ALL PROBLEMS———NO MAN NO PROBLEM. This is how we need to cleanse the elected figures that are not for America.

    • Brian Rawls

      It sould be Paul & Paul in 2012.

  • Michael Pomper

    In my opinion, I beleive that every State in the Union should seceed from the nation, that would force a whole new system we can place that will over see the states as a whole and not take over the states as what is going on now.

    • DaveH

      All they have to do is force the federal government to abide by the Constitution.

      • Michael Pomper

        Yes Dave, doesn’t that sound so simple? We need to start the pressure on our Governors to do this for us. I know We the People have a lot on our plate, but if Obama can push his radical agenda all at once, we can push our elected servents to push the Peoples agenda and follow the Constitution. But I know we are smarter than that and need to chip away at this regime until we take our country back. Too many fights at once, spreads us out to thin unfortunately, but we will stand tall once again. Thanks for the contact.

  • chiefbob

    The democrats and their usurper leader need to be voted out. They have to much power and are out of touch with reallity. LORD ACTON: Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts totally. Lets find common ground and begin the movement to take our country back. It’s ENGLISH we speak here, all illegals get out, lets legalize the US Constitution.

    • Dickie

      chiefbob, You are so right,But you have blind mice out there that live live in fantasy world that believe in only what they want to hear,As long as weak people keep putting in office the same old currupt thugs back in office,We wil fail,You tell me why in the hell these mice keeps putting in tyrants like polsie,reid,muthar,kenndey,franks& the older traitors,That has been in office are the ones that has given our jobs to other countrys,If people can’t that, Then are to stupid to even vote,We THE PEOPLE HAVE GOT TO START OVER WITH A ALL NEW GOVERMENT,When our suposed to be our leaders call us nazi’s & unamerican’s,.What is it going to take to get rid of these PARASITES!.

    • MichelleO

      Chiefbob, A big Amen to that, these commie pigs in the white house are frothing at the mouth to get their commie agenda rammed down our throats and by and far they are suceeding, we have to stop them, my hope ( I know it is far fetched) is that the Military will go in and get them all out seeinig how they are being prosecuted for doing their jobs and hoping they are sick of it – and let the collateral damage fall where it might, then get all of the illegal criminals yes I said criminals, they are here Illegally and I for one and sick of paying their way…………

  • http://msn Freckles

    This Dr. Paul, is going to win as the American Pple are pi**ed off. This is not about Dem’s and Repub’s this is about the entire political system being corrupted. Obama thought he could sail in and no one would notice that he is trying to organize the entire nation into a third world country. I don’t know what happened but he has awakened a sleeping giant, and there is going to be real change now from the American Pple.

    I hope and pray that the corrupt politician’s start listening but I think the corruption is too far ingrained. Just pray that this country will be safe.

    God Bless America, our Wonderful Troops, and the Freedom Fighters!!!!!!!!

  • Blair

    Like father, like son? I hope Ron Paul’s son isn’t half the moonbat that is father is. Ron Paul’s been in Congress too long. To quote Oliver Cromwell, “You’ve been there too long. Now by the Grace of God, go!”

    • DaveH

      If Ron Paul is a moonbat, then you are a doofus.
      What about Ted Kennedy, the man who supports every liberal cause that comes along, unless it detracts from the view from his mansion? The man who saves his own life rather than that of his passenger. The man whose yacht dumped diesel fuel into Nantucket Sound. Guess your head will be turned on this one, as liberals’ heads always are when one of their own is caught being a colossal hypocrite.

  • DaveH

    Some of you may be interested in this link to some Ron Paul bills (if you like to keep government out of your health care choices).

  • TR Tomkins

    –Assuming Paul is against a federal government health care system, what is his stance on abortion?

  • Detoxing Diets

    Why not add a few more photos to this post. I think it would engage the readers a little more. I bookmarked the page anyways!


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