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Ron Paul’s Portfolio Is, Surprise, Full Of Gold

January 9, 2012 by  

Ron Paul’s Portfolio Is, Surprise, Full Of Gold

A review of Ron Paul’s investment strategy by The Wall Street Journal shows that the Presidential contender has put his money where his mouth is while investing.

Financial journalist Jason Zweig writes of Paul’s investments:

“As a financial journalist (and registered Independent), I don’t take sides in political campaigns. But, in more than 20 years as an investing reporter, I’ve never seen a more unorthodox portfolio than Rep. Paul’s: no bonds at all, no mainstream stocks or mutual funds (other than three funds that ‘short sell,’ or bet against, U.S. stocks), and 64% of all assets in the shares of companies that mine silver and gold.”

While the writer did not deny that Paul’s portfolio has performed extremely well over the past 10 years, he said that the candidate had too little diversity in his investments.

Here are a few of Paul’s investment picks:

  • AgniCo Eagle Mines (AEM), which doubled in price from 2009 through 2010 before plunging 50 percent in 2011.
  • Barrick Gold (ABX), which went from about $33 in early 2009 to between $45 and $55 in the past year.
  • Goldcorp (GG), which went from $27 in early 2009 to surpass $55 last April. These days, it trades for about $45.
  • Iamgold (IAG), a stock that went from $6 in early 2009 to more than $20 last spring. It’s now trading at about $17.
  • Newmont Mining (NEM), which has jumped almost 70 percent from early 2009.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • s c

    If America’s wannabe Einsteins run true to form (and if Ron Paul makes a killing with gold), I’m sure the first comment out of the mouths of those wannabe Einsteins will focus on how Ron Paul CHEATED by using gold to get “rich.” Also, throw in ‘he’s not paying his fair share.’
    If I had to choose between Gore and Paul, I’ll take Paul. Gore might have some gold, but he’ll probably do his best to deny it. Utopians are obligated to see gold as a ‘barbaric relic.’
    Isn’t Gore a barbaric relic? I have no doubt as about Paul paying his fair share. Gore, on the other hand, probably has battalions of tax accountants and CPAs who take oaths to the effect that his wealth was obtained via ‘socially just’ methods. Without a doubt. Yep, no doubt about it.

    • Mike W.

      The news media will never mention the fact that Dr. Paul gave away several million dollars worth of free medical care during his professional career. That should speak for itself. He not only saved the taxpayers some money, he also saved lives and performed a great service to humanity in the process. Let’s see his detractors on all sides match that accomplishment.
      “Good as gold” is what Ron Paul is all about. It’s definetly reflected in his investments, too.

      • Truthseeker

        I believe Ron Paul is a very honest man and may be the only honest person running for president. It’s painful to me when an honest person is attacked falsely and lied about in the news. I just wish people would take a very close look at Ron Paul’s voting records for the last few decades and then read his official statement for taking back America. I also believe he is one of only a few congressmen to keep the oath to protect and uphold the constitution of the United States of America. Those that don’t keep the oath are commiting treason.

        • Brian

          Truthseeker, your name bespeaks what you are into! I agree!

          • timothy rhoten


          • Truthseeker

            Thank you Brian. Just a little bit of research reveals the truth about the ones we support and those we must oppose. Those of us who support the Constitution and the freedoms it enshrines must do what we can to help one another and enlighten those around us.

        • Lauren Ann Keeney

          Were would I find his voting record?

          • Truthseeker

            For voting records go to, Look up all voting records. Also can go to, The Library of Congress-Thomas. Another good site.

        • Marten, Canadian Libertarian

          That’s why I fear for his life…….Amen

        • Wayne Morgan

          All I can say is “I agree”.All that I could do is repeat your statement. It is a shame how Ron has been treated by main stream media.I have given what I could, all that I do now is continue to pray, for Ron and for America.

  • Tazio2013
  • Duane

    I would like to comment.

  • Bobby

    Ron Paul is not only right, he’s smart!

    • Millicent

      I wouldn’t vote for this serial usurper of Article 1 Section 8 Libertarian/progresssive/Leftist if you paid me. He is a lowlife pile of garbage even more to the left of Obama. His comments against America tell me how much this offal heap hates America. He is helping Obama more then the DNC. If this trash were to somehow get the nomination, I would not bother to vote. A choice between the Commie or the Nazi. Dr. Dementia can go straight to hell

      • jack

        If he does, I’m sure you will be there to greet him

      • http://google rose

        Dementia? He is sharp as tack! Your just jealous

        • Ralph R.

          It must pain some people to see an American do the right things,without
          complaining about someone who doesn’t use the system and prey’s on the
          other Americans,Mr. Ron Paul has my vote,he will take us back to a major world power not to be a wimpy country,like obummer is trying to do.
          Obummer doesn’t know the truth even if it bit him on the nose,so we
          must keep an eye on Ron Paul to keep him safe from the likes of obummer and the muslim brother hood also those in secret society’s,we don’t need another Mr.John Kennedy killing and Mr. Robert Kennedy,let’s keep him safe fellow Americans!

      • Paradigmshift

        Maybe you prefer this:
        YOU are part of the problem! Are you afraid of the Constitution?
        Well, take your chances with the federal (treasonous) government like the rest of the “useless eaters!”

      • James

        Ron Paul votes against most everything Congress advocates because nearly everything they pass falls outside of their constitutional powers. I fail to see how that ‘usurps’ Article I, Section 8, he is rather upholding it.

      • drtminer

        Awhhh Millie, you’re just afraid of loosing all of your ‘Entitlements’, which would be the case if Dr. No is elected.. Heh Heh

      • John Mags

        Millicent, Confuscious said “It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt!”

        • timothy rhoten


        • Ralph R.

          Right on John,thank you for your positive answer,Ron Paul has all of the right credentials to be our President,his SScard,his birth certificate
          and he doesn’t hide it from us,he’s nothing like Obummer! You know
          Baaaaarrrrraaaakk, or up chuck!

      • CASEY


      • JC

        Millicent, you’re obviously just another frothing at the mouth Liberal Troll. Just go away…

      • Old Henry

        Well Millicent, if loving our Constitution is hating America I would have to say that Ron Paul is not alone.

        You are thoroughly mis-guided. Ron Paul does not hate America. He is very upset with what America has become – a modern-day Rome. Bombing, killing, invading, occupying, terrorizing, sticking our noses into everyone’s business. All that has gotten us is…. BROKE.

      • Mario Gingras


      • Realist

        It would be a blessing to this country that you did not vote because your ill informed witticisms give your ignorance full exposure.

      • Marten, Canadian Libertarian

        You’re really need helps big time…Mister Scumbag

      • metroman

        Watch and get back to me.

      • Wayne Morgan

        You need to come down off that acid trip. Ron is old school, but is a good thing. He remembers the tuff times in the past which is to our advantage. I don’t want to start a war of words, everybody has their own opinion , that is what America is about. Changing when Congress and or the Senate meet is not for the President to decide behind closed doors. This rushing laws into effect and adding them to other bills that are not even made public until its to late. If this is where the future is heading we are, and we are in trouble.

  • R. G.

    I am proud to display RON PAUL 2012 in my front yard (go on site and buy your yard sign). I proudly wear the Ron Paul 2012 lapel pin on my coat. So many people make comments about him and “like my button”. Be proud!!!!!!!!
    I proudly place his round sticker when I mail my bills. (YES, I use the USPS to help keep 35,000 Americans employed). Support Americans and support American jobs.

    RON PAUL 2012———He is the man!

    • Brian

      R.G. – yes he is!

      • Ray

        He may be what you are looking for, but I am thankful that his base is not so strong that we are likely to see him capture the Republican nomination. Just his comments about 9/11 are enough to give me cause for concern, then add his comments about Israel and Iran and there is no way that I want to see him in the oval office.

        • greg

          If everyone starts to realize that our biggest threat is not overseas, but right here at home. Our gov. has run amuck and they will be the ones who take us down, if we let them. Obummer has done nothing to uphold the constitution, but rather has stepped all over it. at least Paul will uphold the constitution and prevent our own gov. from taking over our lives. WAKE UP!

          • Old Henry


            Just having Obummer residing in OUR WH is trampling the Constitution. He is not only NOT a Natural Born citizen, it is very doubtful that he is even an American.

          • Wayne Morgan

            If we let them! When was the last time someone from the government called to ask your opinion about anything. They have all ready taken us down, the only person that I’m aware of that is concerned about turning us around is Ron Paul. They all are guilty, but remember all the promises that Obama made? I don’t remember him saying anything about living like a Saudi Prince while in the white house. There is no telling how much money he has giving to family and friends. He is covered, God only knows the back door deals he’s made.

    • Millicent

      You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

      • Paradigmshift

        Are you getting your information from the main stream media?

      • Andrea B

        Wow Millie…you’re calling ‘shame’ on someone else after you just called a 77 year old gentleman a “piece of trash” that can go “straight to hell?”

        Shame on YOU!

        Ron Paul 2012

      • Ralph R.

        They will love you in the muslime brother hood,their terrorists are a coming to America compliments of Obummer,they’ll want your offspring
        also to prove your allegiance to the beast.

    • Old Henry

      Yes R.G.

      I ordered three signs over the week-end and wil have them up as soon as they arrive.

      They will compliment my Ron Paul cap and tee shirts quite nicely.

  • Glen Xx

    @ Millicent, do your home work.

    Reagan was libertarian and so were the founding fathers.

    It means Liberty NOT Liberal. The news media and even talk shows

    are distorting the word. Ron Paul is very conservative and is not

    bought off by the banksters. If you listen to Bill O’riley you are

    probably beyond repair.

    • jack

      Right on, I agree

    • JC

      Right on Glen. Millicent is simply too small minded to get her head around it though. I’m afraid you’re casting pearls at swine…

  • Wayne

    Ron Paul has some great ideas on how to fix most things at home but I feel his weak points are on the other side of the pond and his ability to debate Pres.BO ,Maybe some of the other folks on the stage could learn from him on a lot of issues. Welfare to undeserving would go down the road and a lot of free programs as well.. This guy is far from dumb he just needs to soften his delivery

    • jack

      They want to call him a isolationist,That is far from the truth. He wants to STOP aid to those that do not support the US. I think that is part of a sound foreign policy. We are broke. So our great congress borrows money from china to give away to those that hate the US.Money that we will never be able to pay back until we get government spending under control.

    • Old Henry


      “Maybe some of the other folks on the stage could learn from him on a lot of issues.”

      If you have been paying attention the other candidates began parroting Ron Paul’s ideas several months ago. As his numbers climbed they began stealing / using his views.

  • Marty

    I read recently where Ron Paul supposedly stated that if he lost in Iowa, he would start
    a 3rd party…..(I thought we already had one). IF he did say that, then I question his
    willingness to do whatever is necessary to get Obama out of office and splitting the vote
    will not do it….far from it… would help to insure that Obama wins again. Anyone know
    anything about this?

    • jack

      That wasn’t Paul. That was Trump, and yes that would make sure a win for Obama

      • PATRIOT 101

        Not a “sure thing” (win) for Obama even if there is a third party. If (when) Ron Paul wins the REPUBLICN NOMNATION, Donald Trump will run 3rd Party! You all gonna jump on Trump like you jump on RON PAUL? The “establishemnt” WILL hand Obama a win by running a 3rd party MODEARATE. Think about that for a while!

        • Old Henry

          Absolutely correct PATRIOT 101. Trumpie does not want Ron Paul in the WH as it would greatly affect his gravy train and that of his buds.

    • Paradigmshift

      You’ve been listening to Michael (Israel first)Medved again, haven’t you??

    • James

      Whoever receives the most Electoral College votes will be the next president regardless of what party s/he is affiliated with. See Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 and the Twelfth Amendment.

    • Bob Marshall

      I watched the latest video wherein he stated he was running as a Republican, not as a third party candidate.

  • Kevin

    If America did go bankrupt. And or actually tried to get the debt down. You can’t start over or fix anything with all these same defective programs and the same politicians spending (with pocketing) and giving away like they are (and always loosing billions of dollars somewhere that they cannot seem to find).
    And expect us the American People to suffer 100% our pay checks to pay up for them.
    And they still have no means to slow down on spending or making mistakes. That is all that is trying to be said. Whether your are a Democrat or a Republican. Those things or obligations should mean the same for any political party.

    Show me someone that don’t know that.

    Indeed all the Politicians need to be actually working for the American People by utilizing this Nations Constitution. If you don’t want that, don’t try to change how we want to be or what made us a Powerful Country. Just leave !

    Ron Paul is the only one that puts his foot down on this. And the bad people are accusing him of being an extremist.

    By the way? What is up with this person named Millicent ?

    Again everyone knows to do proper Homeland Security, Government Financials-balancing the books-, and getting rid of the cheaters & liars ( and the list goes on and on ) is the only way to move back or get back to a balanced government leadership.
    No one should argue that at all.
    Unless they are getting something out of this corrupted leadership that is going on right now.
    It is not a secret anymore . . . . . .
    How much intelligence do you use to run your household & financials ??

    • jack

      We need Kevin for Vice President

    • Paradigmshift

      Speaking of Millicent… have you ever heard of trolls and shills? They get paid by TPTB (the powers that be) to troll
      pro – Constitutional websites and comment like she does. Just consider her the enemy!

  • jack

    Why is it that these in congress come out millionaires, yet get their salary’s for life. Lets put them on Social security like the rest of us.

  • jack

    Paul / Kevin Now there is a winning ticket !

  • HDMania

    Millicent…you need to get your head out of your arse..Ron never said one thing against America..quite the opposite..maybe you need to put the pipe down? probably voted for Obummer too..its people like you that has America where it is today..I feel sorry for you..

  • Allen

    The 99% need to use their vote to get this country back on track. Deeming it ok to let congressmen trade stocks on insider information is like spitting in our face!

    • Ralph R.

      Like pelosi,she has done a lot of insider trading,she made enough so her
      daughter said she is thinking about quitting,no one will miss her,but
      Reid,obummer and others like her!!! Hey obummer here comes the Navy Seals,looking for more muslime to take out for an ocean voyage,some where in the atlantic!!!

  • Bud

    Respectfully, I must unsubscribe to this page due to Ron Paul’s position on Israel.
    Those nations that curse God’s people always have, and always will, pay the price. History has shown that, time and time again.
    Make that bed & you will certainly sleep in it.

    • Moosedrool

      Dr. Paul did not “curse” Israel. He said we should leave them to take care of their own business. They are no longer “God’s people” they are just another country in the middle east. God’s people, the new Israel, are the believers in the Christ, which most of Israel is not. They rejected the Messiah, and they gave up their chosen status. So those who curse Christians, they are the ones whom God will rebuke.

      • Paradigmshift

        Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You are exactly right, many Jews in the USA feel the same way.
        My user name is derived from a study of early Christianity and thus my exodus from dispensational-evangelicalism, and back to the faith handed down from the 1st century Christians, anything after Scoffield is Zionism at it’s worst. Bud, I suggest that you study the early Christians and after you do that, find out where that Scoundrel Scoffield got his funding! Ron Paul hasn’t ‘cursed Israel!’ The AIPAC, the criminal CFR and the ADL have cursed Ron Paul, but not the other way around!

      • Onesimus
    • Mario Gingras


  • Gail

    I changed my vote from him because he is not pro Israel. Christians must remember if we want favor and protection for the USA we must protect Israel

    • James

      Is your statement based upon the assumption that the people in Israel today are the descendents of the biblical Israelites?

    • WickedPickle

      Protecting Israel isn’t going to get you any closer to heaven than if you chose to do the best you can in this existence Gail.. Quit fooling yourself, Israelis are human just like us, but they no longer need outside help to make them whole.. You act as if you aid them in saving themselves that you will be beside them at the judgement also as one of the chosen.. The chosen will not be one Nation (be they righteous or corrupt) but to those who live as righteous as a human being can (which isn’t very much I might add) but it’s the attempt that will save you, not the choosing of sides. So your saying, “The Israelis have no hope in helping themselves, we must intervene in their lives for THEIR sake”.. Rethink your strategy.. Would you want others to determine your existence according to their schedules..?

    • James

      Gail, The Apostle that Jesus loved wrote (2 John 7, 9-10): “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist…Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed.” John said one can’t have God without Christ.

  • Kevin

    Sorry Bud but you obviously don’t understand one thing about Ron Paul’s stance on Israel. He is neither cursing Israel nor wishing ill-will on them, actually quite the contrary. Benjamin Netanyahu recently asked the US to get out of Israels way and allow them to take care of themselves. After-all they have some 300-400 nukes (conservatively) and hi-tech weaponry that we have either sold them over the years. And by the way, Ron Paul was the only congressman that sided with Israel when they bombed Iraq’s Osirak nuclear plant in 1981 and unlike the United Nations and the Reagan administration, Dr Paul defended Israel’s right to do so. Paul argues that if the United States cares about Israel, the U.S. should allow them to be more independent. He states that “the surrounding Arab nations get seven times as much aid as Israel gets and also a recent study came out that showed that for every dollar you give to an Arab nation it prompts Israel to spend 1.4 dollars.” Paul would not stop Israel from defending its interests in any way it saw fit. So that leads me to believe, BUD, that you need to stop drinking at the lamestream media’s water cooler and seek out the facts before labeling Dr Paul something he is not sir. These are the REAL FACTS Bud…

    • Andrea B

      You explained that beautifully, Kevin.

      If only the people that continue to parrot the media could comprehend…

      Ron Paul 2012

  • Kevin Beck

    These “mainstream finance experts” that ridicule a person for investing in gold do not understand its purpose. For the knowledgeable people reading, this should come as second-nature to you. For any so-called financial analyst/stock-and-bond salesman out there, here’s the reasoning:

    Gold is insurance. It is insurance against a currency collapse, and a one-way bet against the central banks of the world doing the right thing for the holders of their currencies. And based upon the history of central banking over the last 2000 years, it seems like such a bet against the stupidity of central banking is a one-way bet with a guaranteed outcome.

    For any of you “financial advisers” reading this who wants to take the other side of this bet, I will assist you. I am willing to exchange for all your gold, an equivalent value of currency issued by the central bank of your choice. Then I would love for you to say you feel better off after that trade.

  • Dan

    Ron Paul is a man who practices what he preaches, which is one of the things I realy admire about him. I myself have only invested in gold and silver since I was 18 ( I’m 53 now ) and all I’ll say is that I am very, very, very happy with the rate of return on the investments I have made! Ron Paul is the thinking man or womans policitian. Any rational minded individual who truly does their homework on the candidates, the econonmy, history and geo-politics will arrive at the conclusion that Ron Paul represents an extremely rare opportunity to put a commander in chief in place who truly upholds the constitution and who is a leader in the tradition of the founding fathers of this country.

    • JJM

      If you buy and hold, do not look at Precious Metals as an investment unless you are trading it short term as you might any stock. To me, Gold & Silver are a preservation vehicle against high inflation, which our money printing is guaranteeing. As I hope you know, that 1% (even 2% if you can find it) you might be getting from a Money Market is a definite loss of purchasing power.

  • http://yahoo scout

    Any true American who truly wants to improve this nation and it’s economy , should vote for Ron Paul. How could anyone consider anyone else? This is a no brainer.

  • http://yahoo scout

    I hear people say he is not pro-Israel. He is pro Israel. If that’s the only thing wrong with him, I can think of a dozen reasons not to vote for any of the other candidates. So what they’re saying ,i guess, is that he is 99% right. He fits this nation like a glove. We need him now more than any time in history. VOTE RON PAUL.

    • James

      Scout, Ron Paul isn’t for or against any foreign nation. His foreign policy is like George Washington’s: Trade with all nations entaangling alliances with none.” George Bush’s statement: “An attack on Israel is an attack on the United States” is favoritism.

  • http://yahoo scout

    Mitt Romney is Obama with white skin.

  • http://yahoo scout

    Ron is not the most handsome candidate or the most eloquent speaker but he is definetly PRO-AMERICAN and his heart is in the right place. He is a business man , not a lawyer. That alone is reason enough to vote for Ron Paul.To me they’re is no decision to be made. The choice is clear…..

  • Elizabeth

    “THE JUDGE” Napolitono has said that Ron Paul is the only person running who has a PRISTINE past. Good enough for me. Pay attention to The Judge

  • jim capy

    Ron Paul is the only one who can turn this ship around as it is headed for the abyss. Mitt the used car salesman, Newt the sell out, and Rick the menace, and the worse of all Obama the muslim will be the end for America!

  • gnafu

    Just goes to show that Ron Paul is no fool. He knows his economics and what it will take to turn this country away from marxism and back to America the Republic and Freedom!

  • David

    If being a LIBERTARIAN is such a wonderful thing…….. then run as a LIBERTARIAN, NOT A RINO!!! We had one RINO who nearly destroyed the party in 2008 and if we run another one, the GOP will be DEAD!

    • Paul all the way

      David you are really smart! Ron Paul is the only one that is a TRUE Republican. He supports and stands for what the Republican Party say they stand for some of which is lower taxes and a smaller government. Anyone, probably except you, very well know that this is not true. Dr. Paul is the only one running that is NOT a RINO.

    • James

      David, That doesn’t work. Too many Americans vote a straight Democratic or Republican ticket regardless of who is on the ballot. Running on a third party just dilutes votes from the two main parties. Most everybody here is politically active, but we are a very small portion of the voting public.

  • George

    This will be our last election as a free country.
    You can “take that to the bank!”

  • WickedPickle

    You people are pathetic.. You actually think you can over-ride a giant abscess that’s determined to shove their ideology down your throats.. THEY have the money.. And because they have the money, THEY have the power.. Haven’t you been listening? Haven’t you heard the sheeple say, “AH, that one has more money than the others, he then must be our next leader”.. Their pulling the wool over their own eyes because they want to vote for a winner, NOT a loser, and mainstream media is telling them that the only one who can win is the one with the most money, so the sprinters fill their coffers with as much wealth as they can muster then beat their chest as they say, “LOOK AT ME!!”.. So, my fellow amigos, you will get what the puppet masters decide who you will get and you will lump it UNLESS of course, you vote according to you’re heart.. That’s the ONLY way that you will get your Ron Paul (or you’re Huntsman if you will).. Otherwise, expect the same old, same old. I really envy and respect you who wants a true American to lead us but you must not vary or give into media hype.. Stand your ground, REFUSE to allow this antiquated ‘electoral college’ to over-ride the popular vote and choose according to who THEY want but rebel, refuse to accept their so-called wisdom and vote for who YOU want elected.. Ron Paul is the only candidate who isn’t varying his stance according to the audience at hand nor is he sucking up to anybody who shows him their lark (wealth).. We can have a good chance to right past wrongs but not with the same old wrong makers.. Vote your heart and stick with it come rain or shine. According to the media and most voters, there isn’t one worthy leader running for office (as each one has been found with dirty laundry) and the one who HAS clean underwear, the $hit still flies according to what MIGHT happen? (I repeat, MIGHT happen).. So, whatta you want? A leader who sucks up to big b’ness or a leader who MIGHT be wrong (at least in their eyes).. I say, just as Obama was given a chance to heal the Nation, it’s no time to back out on that hope now.. Laugh at the main stream facade.. Vote Ron Paul..!!

    • Mario Gingras

      I absolutly believe we need Ron Paul but wheather he wins or not he got his message out lets spread it and act onit

  • James Corbin

    The only thing that worries me about Ron Paul—-He said the terrorist wasn’t our enemy and he said we shouldn’t help Israel. When we turn our back on Israel we will be in trouble.

    • http://none R Paul or status quo

      Now why does Israel need U.S. help? Their own leader said they can take care of themselves. Best worry about your own butt right here James.

  • chuckb

    ron paul does not stand a chance of getting the presidency so what’s all the concern about. he killed himself with his foreign policy. his stand on drugs will only get him college support. we have the most important election in our history coming up, do we back someone that will split the vote, or let the media elect romney as our nominee, and then we will certainly lose. rick santorum is not much better than romney.

  • Buck

    RON PAUL has done very well for himself , now lets make him do well for US , elect RON PAUL President . PLEASE elect RON PAUL PRESIDENT , not for yourself , but for your grand children .

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Ron Paul is the busiest man in Washington. He is continually at work, creating a plan to “Restore our Nation”, increasing his knowledge, or preparing for and campaigning for president, in addition to his congressional duties. He needs a simple portfolio that safeguards his assets in our current economic crisis, one that performs well without him having to constantly monitor his investments. Ron Paul’s portfolio is efficiency in action, the portfolio of a man whose major focus is on the health of his country, not self-interest, but still self-protective.

  • http://none R Paul or status quo

    Ron Paul’s portfolio made money the old fashioned way, he earned it. There is NO insider trading there. Without a doubt, the smartest guy to have as President. Not to mention America’s only hope of ferreting out this bunch of bloated bureaucrats. He’s willing to take a bullet for the people, see anyone else that sticks to their guns like that? I think not.

  • GILLYSROOMS in Australia

    Whilst financial journalists feel the need to publish Dr Ron Pauls private investment strategies, i feel it unwise for a politician to get into the financial advice businesses or to suggest that people follow his investment strategy, as to follow may upset those investors who follow at the wrong time and thus lose money and gain many disgruntled voters. Examples if some supporters had purchased AgniCo Eagle Mines (AEM), in 2010 before plunging 50 percent in 2011 would have upset many followers. Not a wise move. But i dont believe Ron Paul has ever suggested that people copy his investment plan.

    The moral of my story is you need to be your own leader…not follow the leader as you can never do the trade at exactly the same time as the leader. The other reasons are that some politicians who might be close to the treasury departments intended movements would be in effect holding insider information from which they may speculate as to how this or that move will affect the prices of other official instruments.

    Its obvious that Dr Ron Paul does not need the so called ‘expertise’ of the financial gurus who many have had a history of spreading peoples money into Madoffs schemes. Most of these ‘expert’ advisers want to get their grubby little hands on the money to ‘spread’ some of it into their own pockets. And I usually say to these upstart investment advisers…that they were in dipers when I was dealing in $millions in my first career in 1970′s…..what makes them think they are smarter and why should I take a strangers opinion of what to invest in. Most of these experts never do any Real Research…they let others do the research…which they are too lazy to do anyway and as with Madoff …everyone relied on everyone else and lost $billions. The problem today is that it is ILLEGAL to do proper research…because it is called INSIDER information.

    I f I where to intend to invest several $millions or $billions of other peoples money…I would want to know more about the companies I was about to invest in….so I would employ someone to go work in that company to see what is really going on…I would not ask a broker for his opinion based on no REAL research…that would be silly and illogical. I would rather carry out my own investigational rsearch by getting into an accounting department or factory floor to talk to workers and management to find out the culture and financial stability…then only would I invest any money. Yet in Australia anyway…it is ILLEGAL to have INSIDER information BEFORE you invest. HOW STUPID IS THAT LAW? Which might explain why so many people invest with ACTORS in the corporate world and lose their money.

    Anyway I’d still vote for DR RON PAUL…the wisest man alive today…you have a treasure but many of your media cant yet see it until it might be too late.

  • Jay

    What is it about Ron Paul that the Establishment finds so disturbing? This is a man who perhaps personifies Christian character and integrity, American patriotism, and family values more than any other public figure. Ron Paul is a committed family man whose marriage to Carol has lasted for more than 50 years. He is a lover of families and children. As an OB/GYN physician, Dr. Paul has delivered more than 4,000 babies into this world. His life demonstrates a commitment to life and marriage.

    Furthermore, Ron Paul’s devotion to Christ is very personal and deep. Unlike many politicians (especially in the Republican Party), Ron Paul does not wear his religion on his sleeve. He doesn’t need to. Anyone who knows him knows his faith is exhibited on a daily basis. His life and family are testaments to his Christian faith.

    Beyond that, Ron Paul’s record in Congress is so unblemished, so honest, so full of integrity that it is difficult to describe. This is a man who actually takes his oath to the Constitution (an oath every congressman, senator, and President also takes–but then ignores) seriously. So much so that he has never voted to raise taxes, never voted for an unbalanced budget, never voted for a congressional pay raise, never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership, and never voted to increase the power of the executive branch of the federal government.

    In addition, Ron Paul has never taken a government-paid junket. Even though he is a 10-term congressman, he is not accepting a government pension. He also returns a portion of his office budget every year to the taxpayers. No wonder Ron Paul was declared to be the “Taxpayer’s Best Friend.”

    Now, how in the name of common sense can a man such as Ron Paul be hated? Maybe it is because he is a man of integrity and honesty. Remember, our Lord said that men who love darkness hate the light. And if there is a word that describes the Establishment in America today, it is DARKNESS.

    • Mario Gingras

      quit simple he doesn’t play there games

    • Deerinwater

      Well Jay, his plans for America, changes the feeding position at the feed trough. This bothers some people, name people that are doing well with status quo.

      If elected, he will encounter heavy resistance to change, perhaps more then the current administration.

  • Darold Boucher

    Does he own any bullion or coins? He could have been cutting a fat hog for the past ten years if he did. If he’s really smart I suppose he does. Anybody know?

  • Darold Boucher

    Oh…….I thought we were talking about gold. What are all of you people talking about?

    • libertytrain

      seemed to have strayed from the subject matter in many cases —–

  • Mario Gingras

    without our backing they will continue to ignor him as if he don’t exist we have to shout louder then them and get his word out i use my name and might rregret it but i’m proud of what our founders started lets keep it going

  • Montana

    President Ron Paul in 2012? Yes!!!

  • Camery

    We need to be watchful of our thoughts. What we say and how we say it tells others what we are made of. So far as Ron Paul is concerned, I have thoroughly studied the platforms of all the candidates and for me there is only one candidate I can vote for. Ron Paul knows the economy much better than the other candidtaes and where is our principle problem? It is financially. Ron Paul is the only candidate with a viable solution.

  • http://Yahoo HAMMER

    Why are we discussing Ron Pauls portfolio ?
    Did we discuss the Obama portfolio ? Not on your life.
    Our main goal is to save our Country and the Constitution and to do
    that we need to remove a monster from the White House and remove
    the mindless Liberals that support him. How can any civilized
    person support this guy.
    Obama controls A B C News and other station. Ask yourself how he
    was able to do that. People need to be told who these people are
    and not to patronize them. The MEDIA IS POISONING PEOPLES MINDS.
    It’s hard to believe that almost every other person that you
    see, needs a psycological evaluation. They are brain washed.
    How did this great Country produce all these STUPID people ?
    Come on people. Let’s wake everyone we know to help save our
    Country. As we talk to each other, we get smarter. Let’s get
    started. Yes, right now.

  • Middle Class Man

    Now you know why all the GOP want to make the rich richer. They are the millionaires looking to profit their own portfolios and bankrupt the middle class.


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