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Ron Paul: We’re Already Over The Cliff

November 9, 2012 by  

Ron Paul: We’re Already Over The Cliff

The United States is already over the fiscal cliff and there is no hope of current political leaders or those elected within the next decade of being able to undo the financial damage that has befallen the Nation.

That’s what Representative and former Presidential hopeful Ron Paul had to say during an interview on Bloomberg Television when he was asked if he believed Congress could work out the issue associated with the looming financial calamity.

“We’re so far gone,” Paul said. “We’re over the cliff. We cannot get enough people in Congress in the next 5-10 years who will do the wise things. We have to prepare for having already fallen off the fiscal cliff.”

The problem, he said, is that too many politicians argue over what must be protected in the budget rather than focusing on necessary cuts. Paul also believes that the re-election of President Barack Obama is a bad sign that the American public is too welcoming to big-government spending.

“That is why people were sort of surprised with these conditions that the president could get re-elected,” he said. “That is a bad sign in that there are more on the receiving end. People do not want anything cut. They want all the bailouts to come. They want the Fed to keep printing money. They do not believe we have gone off the cliff or are close to going off the cliff.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • http://none Roger Jackson

    Apparently Ron Paul is the only Statesman left in this once great nation. Even his son Rand is a bit wishy washy.

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    I believe the term on this topic is >> ” FREE ~FALL”

    We can never pay back the debt, as in ever and NEVER .~~ no matter what the Criminals in the City state of DC tell you.
    Even if every person on the land paid every penny they earned for the rest of their life, we could only hope to pay the Interest on this insane debt.

    Whats really crazy, is that in the year 2012 alone people on Alleged Government Aid ~ will add cost over $1 TRILLION DOLLARS….. Hello people,

    Printing more paper with pictures on it ~ will not make the IOU’S worth more, ~~ it makes it ~~ {“worth LESS”. }

    How about a nice case of Bankruptcy ~ anyone?

    Peace and Love Got your Bus Ticket yet?

    • alpha-lemming

      Fiscal cliff or free fall doesn’t quite cut it……

      When you hit “Event Horizon”…. slow down…. you’ll be gettin’ warm……

  • roger gunderson

    Ron Paul was my last hope of getting our country back on track.

  • Vigilant

    “We cannot get enough people in Congress in the next 5-10 years who will do the wise things.”

    Dr. Paul’s point is a restatement of what I’ve been saying for some time now. Naively placing hopes in some “Messiah” president to somehow turn things around is both misguided and futile. Dr. Paul recognizes that we are indeed past the tipping point, and that NO MATTER WHO WAS ELECTED, the nation is going down the tubes because it’s too late to change things.

    The most Conservative/Libertarian president imaginable could not turn aside the tsunami that is headed our way. We would need both Congressional and judicial majorities, working over at least a decade or two, to salvage the economy from the damage that has been done by over a half century of progressive (socialist) inroads.

    And every graduating high school/university class will continue to add self-centered “takers” to the electorate. Don’t blame Obama or Romney for a voting public that asks not what they can do for their country, but what their country can do for them. The responsible citizens in this Republic are a dying breed.

    When the financial debacle occurs in 2013 or 2014, unemployment will reach 50%, hyperinflation will become 100% per year, and the stock market will suffer reverses of catastrophic nature. Get ready for Weimar Republic II.

    • momo

      Vigilant, I’m afraid your analysis is correct. Better start buying silver and gold if you can.

      • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

        Before the bottom completely falls out, this apostate criminal cartel mafia government in the District of Criminals will confiscate all gold and silver just as the government did after the Great Depression. MARK MY WORDS. Food and drink will be the most worthwhile currency in a temporary barter system before they implement their plans for a one-world currency and eventually to be followed in short order by the Mark of the Beast. Even toilet paper will be more valuable than worthless dollars during this bartering phase that will be thrust upon us someday sooon after the dollar crashes an ignominious death.

  • Truth

    It is an outrage that the media runs the people of this Country. The media was afraid of Ron Paul because they knew he would win in a landslide. That is why for many years the media drummed into the people’s minds that Ron Paul is a Radical and he never has a chance to be elected. You can ask anyone what they think of Dr. Paul and they say he is Radical and cannot be elected. The media has brainwashed the people of America so that their will be done, and it has as evidenced by the election and reelection of Obama.

    • eddie47d

      I want to take this moment and thank Ron Paul for his love of country and his vison for America. He may have been “radical” but he was never an extremist in wanting this nation torn apart. He used common sense logic on almost every issue and stood his ground. He lived for the Constitution and a safe America within our borders. Plain spoken he wasn’t like many Democrats or Republicans who were wishy washy on every issue and who turned politics into a hate fest. Thanks again for your courage and conviction Mr Ron Paul!

      • momo

        That’s one of the smarter things you’ve posted.

      • Jon

        Actually, I think it’s the only smart thing eddie has ever said! Good job eddie.



        I AGREE; I WAS SHOCKED. I THOUGHT “eddie47d” DID NOT LIKE U. S. Rep. Ron Paul.

    • millie

      I too am disgusted with the media, I saw for myself how they had a hand in it. The media was brought and paid for. The best that the public could do is boycott the media and they will see their ratings go down. We can send a message to them, rigth now I am disgusted with channel 2, 4, they were in obama’s pocket.

      • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

        You are almost right. The best thing is not to boycott them, but to beat them at their own game and put them completely out of business. If truly Independent Constitutionalists and Truthers would get together with some serious financial backing and start their own network similar to the likes of RT, which embraces the Truth, you would see a Third Independent Party come to power in short order and a demand by the American People to know just what the hell has been going on in the District of Criminals since the CIA and Secret Service assassinated JFK in broad daylight!!! You would finally have convictions for the criminals in the District of Criminals and the Mossad and CIA who orchestrated the 911 inside job. If the criminal federal government then tried to shut the network down just as they did with Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy episodes about the FEMA camps on the Trutv network, this, too, could be exposed on the nightly news to show the American People how this criminal cartel operates. Shining a light on these cockroaches will only make them scatter. Creating a viable Third Party will kill them, and a viable Third party will only be possible with a mouthpiece the size of a tv network!!!

  • Dick Grace

    We are undone. Don’t depend on anyone else prepare to feed and care for your own and forget everyone else. It is time to prepare to survive. The judgment of God is a forgone conclusion on a nation that embraces sin and the consequences are already evident.

    • dan

      …it was all downhill after the GOP-mob booed the Golden Rule

      • Rocketman

        Dan, your absolutely right. When Paul spoke at Greenville S.C., the home of Liberty University and some in the audience booed him for saying “Blessed are the peacemakers”. I knew then that he wasn’t going to win. We can no longer hope to take this nation back from the brink, too few hands on the oars and too little time. The only thing that we can do is to protect ourselves and our families and hope that the decent people can somehow survive this while the others don’t.

  • Texas Gal

    He would have made such a great president, however, I believe that he will make an even greater foe to those who want us to sleep through the next 4 years.

    • Vigilant

      Dr. Paul knows he would have been an almost completely ineffectual president without the support of the Congress and, alas, the American public.

      His term would have been a textbook example of gridlock par excellence. Unless and until the electorate decides it wants to honor the Constitution and the ideals of the Founders, we will continue to get a government of the people, but not by and for the people.

      The majority is getting what they deserve. The minority is getting what it doesn’t deserve.

  • Motov

    Lets face it,.. We are sooo screwed!
    With the current dictator in office for 4 more years, or even more, Might as well get used to living in the USSA, DANG!!!
    The greatest country is in the toilet thanks to the liberal minded parasites that thought the wealth the constitution has created was something they had the right to sucked the life out of it.
    Where will these parasites turn to next? Hollywood? The Feds? Wall Street? on each other?,..Liberals only know how to consume wealth,… creating wealth is something conservatives do. I would say that is the biggest difference between the two.
    Somehow, the GOP was infiltrated by Liberals, which led to the current GOP flops like Romney, and Bush.
    Ron Paul is the last of the true conservatives, We blew it when the GOP backed Romney, and the status quo, shunning the Ron Paul delegates, and it cost the party dearly.
    To be honest it really wouldn’t have mattered who won, but one point will be made, A democrat will be in office when everything starts to crumble, and hopefully,…. just hopefully,…. people will realize the mistake we have made for the past century, and throw out our current government, and replace it with a Constitutionally Restricted Government, free from the power of the Bankers, and strong enough to resist the greed that has overtaken Washington DC

    • Bob

      AMEN Motov

    • Bruce Gietzen

      Look-up lamprey. It’s exactly what has happened. Selfish life- suckers have gorged themselves on America. (liberal AND greedy-businessmen.) I said GREEDY, not capitalists. They are KILLING their host (USA) and will move on when the host is DEAD. Don’t be fooled, human nature only changes from within. Ron Paul is a TRUE Patriot.

  • BlueinToledo

    I’m beginning to feel that the past election was a 3rd world token election. The winner had been determined long, long before we voted by the boys from Chicago and their big money backers. We hadn’t a chance in hell to win. I fear there will never be another election, or, if there is, it will be the same sham.

    Ron Paul makes sense and doesn’t have convoluted and expensive ways of solving big problems. Libs don’t understand anything that doesn’t involve millions and millions of dollars and hiring thousands of people to do what would take 100; meanwhile, wasting time badmouthing and ridiculing conservatives. Then once they finally get to the task, they have to figure out how they can screw someone or cheat to make everything turn out the way they want it to.

    Good Mourning, America!!

    • Vigilant

      “We hadn’t a chance in hell to win.”

      We had a chance, but sadly it was our last one.


    If Paul and Johnson had put their support behind Romney he would have won, and they would have have a president they could work with. But with their “holier than thou” attitude they ensured Obama victory, and now they will be completely ignored. They blew any chance their conserns of ever being addressed..

    • Average Joe

      LESNC ,

      “But with their “holier than thou” attitude they ensured Obama victory, and now they will be completely ignored.”

      I don’t know about you, but I am not in the habit of endorsing things or people who go against my values or morals, to do so would amount to lying to myself….how sad would that be?
      Romney couldn’t beat McCain 4 years ago and McCain couldn’t beat an unknown Obama 4 years ago….and you were expecting a different outcome? Gullible much?

      Romney didn’t lose the election because Ron Paul and Gary Johnson didn’t endorse him…he lost because not enough people believed in what he said or in his policies…period.
      He certainly didn’t convince me, I voted for Gary Johnson and would do so again if the election was held today
      He failed to illict the support of Ron Paul supporters, Gary Johnson supporters and a multitude of other voters. To be blunt, Romney and the RNC went out of thier way to disenfranchise those voters during the entire election cycle…
      So, to recap…Romney and the RNC are to blame for a Romney loss…it is thier fault…and thiers alone.

      Best Wishes,

    • Richard LaConte

      I totally agree 1000%. My first pick was Ron Paul but I knew he would not make it, so I backed Mitt (a very moral man you loves our country). How about a little compromise Ron, Gary, Tea Party we needed every single vote to beat this Muslim terrorist. This election was war for the survival of our country forget your social issues!


        “Richard LaConte,”



      • DaveH

        Compromise? Please. That’s what got us to this sorry point in our country’s life. You can’t Compromise Principles. You either have them or you don’t.

    • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis


      You clearly have no comprehension of the concept of EARNING one’s vote. Romney and the other Liberal Neocon RINO’s who run the GOP Establishment along with their CFR/Bilderberg cohorts in the CIA-controlled MSM did absolutely nothing to earn the vote of Ron Paul or Gary Johnson supporters, much less the endorsements of Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. The criminal, disenfranchising, and tyrannically dictatorial way the GOP Establishment denied the legitimate votes of Ron Paul delegates and supporters throughout the entire campaign changing the rules on the fly right after they rewrote them to suit the needs of the moment; the way neither Ron Paul nor Gary Johnson were permitted to speak at the GOP Convention; the way Gary Johnson was only given a seat at just one debate and later as Libertarian candidate for President was denied a legitimate seat at the Presidential debates; the way Ron Paul was given only 49 seconds of airtime in a 90-minute debate on CNN; and the constant way the GOP and the CIA-controlled liars in the MSM completely mischaracterized his positions in order to provide political cover for their own financial HIGH TREASON – all of this is proof of a RINO co-opted GOP Establishment in the District of Criminals that could care less for the US Constitution and the will and freedom of the American People.
      Just as they threatened to assassinate Ross Perot in 1992 to destroy his campaign that up until that time had bee ndefeating the establishment puppets and God only knows how many judges in the over 150 Birthergate trials that never saw the light of day; just as they attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan; and just as they successfully assassinated JFK, RFK, JFK Jr, MLK, Oswald, Ron Brown, Vince Foster, DC Madam Jeannette Palfrey, former CIA Director William Colby, former Democratic Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, Lt. Quarles Harris, Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Bill Gwatney, Donald Young, Nate Spencer, Benazir Bhutto, and 22 Navy SEALS in the bogus UBL assassination coverup, they most assuredly would have taken Ron Paul out. Freedom sadly has no place in America anymore. The evil powers that be in the District of Criminals are wanting us to take the bait and engage in Revolution. That is the last thing on Earth we should do. That is how they plan to implement martial law and throw many of us in FEMA camps to be exterminated. This battle can only be won spiritually, but if it is God’s Judgment on America, the daughter of Babylon, which I firmly believe it is, there is nothing that can change it.

    • LIzzie

      Honestly? People actually vote for a candidate because of an “endorsement”? Really? I thought that was all hype setup to make some advertising agency happy. I’ve never voted for a candidate because anyone told me to. I think for my self and pick by the common sense and study God allows me to do. I am an original “tea party” member who chose to vote against my conscience because it was the “lesser of two evils” though I know the ideology behind it was just as flawed as the choices. Apparently the Czar in Chief didn’t scare enough people to get them motivated to vote against their selection even knowing what they do. That is why we have a vote though and I would guess that most don’t select their choices based on anyone in any party doing any “endorsement”.

  • cerebus23

    I agree mr paul but we see this the world over, people want stuff, politicians are too willing to lie a yarn of “free” healthcare cheap education, pensions for all, all that is payed for people, it is supposed to be payed via taxation, unfortunately in a cred card society now more often we just debt ourselves into oblivion.

    People do it in their personal lives all the time.

    We just need to see how bad it all gets before it gets at all better, and how bloody.

  • ranger09

    Same Boat same Crew. The American People WHAT IS LEFT OF THEM will never have the Backbone to change where we are going, And have been going for a long time. WE ARE FAST BECOMING A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, AND WE WILL ALL SOON BE FOLLOWING THE BELL. When the Govt has 48-49 percent of the People depending on Govt money in all forms, WE are no longer a Republic, or Democracy but A Dictatorship.

  • ranger09

    History, to bad People never Learn from it. Have you ever heard of the never ending War, Well folks we are in the middle of it now. And folks WE dont even know how do defend ourselves. So few against so many. And we are leaderless. But the few are NEVER with out a Leader.

  • ranger09

    We have become a People that only Talk and Complain, and Follow., We are no longer a People that can stand up and be counted. We accept our Brainwashing and we do not even care anymore. Really makes you wonder why we have shed so much of our Blood and others in 200 years. And what has it accomplished.

  • millie

    I learn about Ron Paul too late in the game, and I hope in the future he tries again to run for President. He is a good man and that is what this country needs.

    • Motov

      I get the feeling Ron Paul will retire, I hope there are people out there who can fill his shoes. We need more Ron Pauls, people who aren’t afraid of the truth, People who understand why the Constitution was written, and our forefather’s concerns.
      We have to be careful when we select “conservatives” for office, that they are not wolves in sheep costumes. Romney is a flip-floppin’ liberal. It’ll probably be better to allow a democrat take the fall of our country than have a RINO marr the GOP. But then again,…The GOP has been liberal for years, maybe the Tea/Libertarian, party is where we will find true conservatives. We just need to be on guard for liberal infiltrators looking to make any conservative look bad by acting like neocons.

    • DaveH

      It’s not too late to learn about Gary Johnson, Millie:

  • Elda

    Perhaps it would be best to let the states break up and the weak ones fail. The strong ones can rebuild the constitution and add the idoits as they get their acts together. We may loose a few like California but I think it is all buy lost now anyway and is just taking the rest with it. BTW….I was born and still live in CA. It is like having a distructive child in your family. You love them but can’t allow them to harm the rest of the kids and sometimes must let them fail and see what they are doing wrong before they get their act together and shape up.

  • Kim

    If you don’t like who is in Congress or don’t line who is President, get out and vote. Get everyone you know to vote. From the least office to the greatest. Vote. Blame no one if anyone one you know and know of did not vote.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE ENTIRE SYSTEM HAS BEEN CORRUPTED AND INFILTRATED BY THE ENEMY!!! THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA EXISTS IN NAME ONLY!!!!!

  • F A Seddi

    Just like the end of the Roman Empire…

  • Motov

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a
    citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the
    Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the
    follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the
    necessary common sense and good judgment to a
    depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their
    president. The problem is much deeper and far more
    serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what
    ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not
    blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made
    him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack
    Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely
    to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made
    him their president.”

    • Art Krugler

      Krugler sez;
      Very true. We fools do the same thing and expect a different result. We vote for a different lawyer to correct the problems when we have lawyers controlling all three branches. They daily pass laws written to control and punish in the ‘land of the free’. Are we still free?? The founding fathers used lawyers as a resource – not leaders. Jefferson, sometimes listed as a lawyer, did not attend law school but worked in a law office after college.
      We have similar problems in the Medical field.


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