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Ron Paul Supports Cannabis Farming, Blasts Government Ban

May 13, 2010 by  

Ron Paul supports cannabis farming, blasts government ban Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) spoke on the Senate floor recently in support of industrial hemp growers’ declaration that May 17-23 be celebrated as Hemp History Week.

Paul alluded to America’s long tradition of growing hemp, saying that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson engaged in such activity and that the Federal government encouraged American farmers to grow hemp to help the war effort during World War II.

He then went on to criticize the government for having outlawed cultivation of this crop, even though "in every other industrialized country, industrial hemp, defined to contain less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana, may be legally grown."

The congressman added that this policy makes it necessary to import all hemp products and materials resulting in "high prices, outsourced jobs, and lost opportunities for American manufacturing."

In response to Paul’s statement, the sponsors of Hemp History Week, including Vote Hemp and Hemp Industries Association member companies, issued a statement saying they were pleased by his support.

Eric Steenstra, president of Vote Hemp, said Hemp History Week supporters plan more than 100 events focusing on local hemp farming history and the sampling of hemp products, hoping to generate 50,000 signed postcards to the Department of Justice asking to allow United States farmers to grow non-drug varieties of cannabis under existing state laws.

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  • s c

    No one, especially a prez, can afford to turn his back on JOBS. Hemp production must be seen as a productive alternative to ‘economic planning’ via Big Brother. Big Brother has his head too far up his incompetent arse to know the difference between JOBS and statistics.
    If hemp products served a war-ending purpose in WWII (and they DID), they will work NOW. Silence, Mr. Prez, is not an answer.
    Mr. Obama, who are you to turn your back on home-grown JOBS? Take your hyena smile and your Chicago political methods and do something constructive – like moving to Mexico. New JOBS in Mexico just might make a difference in our ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT problem here – assuming that you ever gave a damn about America.

    • Time

      Hemp production would do a number of positive things, cloths can be made from hemp, and they last longer due to the hemps base level structure. As in Levi’s were made of hemp up until the mid 1920′s folks from that era recall how long a pair of Levi’s lasted as in forever.

      Shoes can be made from hemp, such as winter boots, and or even sandles, Sneakers etc. Again Zero Carbon Foot print.

      Paper pulp to make paper its far cheeper that cutting down 10 acres or tree’s – as just 1 acre of Hemp will produce as much pulp as the 10 acres of tree’s.
      The end product has less inpact on the earth in all reguards as in ZERO carbon foot print.

      Rope can be made from Hemp, its stronger than plastic rope that also has a hardc carbon foot print, where as Hemp rope has ZERO carbon foot print, and hemp rope last longer too.

      Food products, Hemp seeds have more protein oz per oz than lean red meat. That alone can sold many problems.

      Hemp oils are far better for you than all other oils for salad dressings etc.

      Hemp Tea is great for pain relief.

      Hemp in the form of Health based oil / paste for any thing most any health issues. It can 100% Cure cancer just for one thing alone.

      The high grade THC Buds are also good for meds, such as an aid for sleeping. Or Pain, as well as many other disorders.

      The overall fact is that Millions of jobs could be opened up, not just from production of hemp, but the sale of hemp products, the lower cost of Meds. As well even high level smoke shops where the products can be sold not unlike a Wine store thus tax base also.

      Its a win – win all the way.

      Plus the side effects most miss totaly, the reduction is jail space for a non crime, that cost alone would save states as much as 15 -20% of their budget per year.
      And when you look at how most all states are hurting now it makes good sence.

      And last but not least, there are folks in the science community that are working on making a inexpencive form of GAS replacment that will have ZERO side effects, (as in no carbon foot print,) unlike the gas used now.

      • John

        Who gives a hoot about “carbon footprints”? Global warming has been exposed for the hoax and chicken little hysteria it always has been. I can understand, however, the desire of many to make various items of clothing from hemp – it gives a whole new meaning to eating your hat!

        • Hugh Jordan

          Sadly, you have been deluded by those who who benefit from denying global warming (kind of like holocaust deniers). They have their own economic agenda and don’t want to slow down the gravy train.

          I am hardly an Al Gore fan, but I do pay attention to what most of the world’s responsible scientists say as well as irrefutable satellite photos of melting glaciers and ice caps, and rising ocean temperatures.

          Conservative columnist George Will was a man I used to have immense respect for. He is a well known global warming denier. He was just caught in a blatant lie that is inexcusable for a journalist of his caliber. To support his refuting global warming he quoted a non-existent Department of Arctic Studies at a major university and provided false statistics to back up his claims such as ocean temperature has not risen since 1979 and that only a little ice has melted since then. When the university was contacted, the REAL scientists said that ocean temperatures have risen considerably and that thick ice the size of Texas, Oklahoma, and California combined has melted.

          Don’t be like those dogmatic people in the 1500s who were so upset at Gallileo for revealing the truth that the earth is not the center of the solar system and wanted to burn him at the stake for it. They were afraid truth would upset their power base just like the people today who are afraid that any real attempt to address climate change would affect their financial well being.

          You may not like the messenger, Al Gore, but that doesn’t change the truth of the message. REAL conservatives are as concerned about conserving our planet as much as conserving business and social agendas.

          When you consider the “hoax” surrounding climate change, consider who is perpetrating what hoax. Who benefits from the hoax believed by the public. Being a conservative does not automatically mean blind obedience to the propaganda being spilled out by those who are motivated by greed.

          Conservative means careful thought, doing your own homework on issues, and focusing on preserving what is best about our country and culture. Buying the bunk because you like the source is hardly true patriotism.

          • Vicki

            You are a little late to the party. Google “climategate” to see where the hoax really is.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            i don’t deny the existance of global warming, I just don’t buy into the scare tactic that man is causing it! If gore is so worried about rising sea levels, why would even a fool like him buy TWO sea front properties??? The only thing he is interested in is adding to the over three hundred million dollars he has made since leaving office!!! There is a report out that states that if you stopped ALL industry on planet earth, you would only lower the co2 by one half a percent!! Screw the carbon foot print theory!!!

          • JC

            Absolute BUNK Hugh. The Reverend Al Gore and his Church of Fanatics have fallen hook line and sinker for a complete and total hoax.
            There is absolutely nothing we can do about climate change. The process has been in place for millions of years and we’re not going to stop it now no matter what we do.

            I’m all for more responsible stewardship of our planet, but the Tax and Grab scam will accomplish nothing more than furthering wealth redistribution, aka Communism.

          • denniso

            Hugh is right…you guys are being willingly duped by Limabaugh. Look up the increase in atmospheric Co2 levels for the past 100 years. Co2 acts as a greenhouse gas and leads to higher temps…pretty simple, really, even for you cavemen.

          • Hugh Jordin

            JC – and the world is flat, Adam and Eve rode to church on dinosaurs 5,000 years ago, the moon is made of green cheese, he tooth fairy is real, and there is nothing we can do to address the human activities that contribute to climate change.

            You are right in that it is a natural process that earth’s climate changes over time, but it is as foolish to dismiss the effects of human activity on he rate and nature of climate change as it would be to ignore the effects of a dam on the flow of a river.

          • Meteorlady

            Hate to burst your bubble sweat heart but the volcano in Iceland has spewed more into the atmosphere than we have in the last 15 years. In it’s first eruption it has negated all the savings in CO2 that we have made in the last 5 years. Also, if you get a chance goggle Gores home and then goggle ex-Pres Bush’s Crawford ranch home and see who is leaves the smaller carbon footprint. Gore is a self-serving nut case who in fact DID NOT invent the internet. So you hang in there sunshine.

          • denniso

            Volcanos are natural events and the earth has reached a sort of equilibrium w/ all it’s eco systems over the last 10,000 or so yrs.
            Humans have added and continue to add to CO2 and other greenhouse gas levels and can tip the balance in the wrong direction.

            Your argument is a bit like when the genius Reagan tried to downplay pollution by saying that trees pollute…not smart.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        The government doesnt want to legalize it, as it looks like the marijuana plant which they detect with helicopters and planes, and they are making far too much money with pot being illegal that they dont want to risk losing any of that money. Figure how much money is made from dealers paying off DEA agents. From dealers paying lawyers and the lawyers paying judges, and the court appointed attorneys representing the joe on the street that gets busted for pot, its a billion dollar enterprise to keep it illegal. Well, as as far as the money going into the lawyers and judges pockets. It it was legal, the money would go into the federal and state coffers, and not in the pockets of judges and lawyers, and they dont want that. To legalize hemp would be a step towards marijuana legalization, and they dont want that.

        • DaveH

          Good comment, Beberoni.

        • Airangel

          Not to mention Big Pharma…oooweee…cure cancer, get healthy, take care of ourselves…now they just can’t have that!

          • JC

            Not to mention the revolving door Prison Industrial Complex.

        • Hugh Jordan

          Remember Prohibition? Who made all the money from alcohol? Al Capone and other scum of the earth. When Prohibition was repealed, average people who wanted a drink stopped being law breakers and became honest citizens again, the government benefited from tax revenues, and law enforcement focused on more important issues.

          Legalizing pot would take the mystique away from it, end the waste of money and resources putting smokers in jail, assure that the product is not tainted by unscrupulous dealers, and take the profits away from the vicious thugs that control the drug trade now.

          • DaveH

            Right on, Hugh.

          • JC

            Anothetr notable comparison is that the murder rate in the US dropped by half when the prohibition on alcohol was lifted.

        • denniso

          I hope you’re aware that most of the hardcore drug warriors are Republican. Many are fanatical Christians who make it a ‘moral’ issue. If the Dems we’re afraid of being called immoral and ‘soft on crime’ by the Repubs, they would push for legalization.

          • denniso

            I meant to type, ‘if the Dems weren’t afraid’….

      • Pat R


        Each item you mentioned is “the reason” that Hemp will not be allowed!
        They do not want alternatives; only all the high dollar products that we have to cope with everyday.
        As an herb; Hemp alone, could shut down the Drug Companies.

        • TIME

          Pat, just how sad is that?

    • GeorgeE

      Don’t you realize by now that the Prez and all his people do only what they are told. They are pulling the 3rd world countries out of the gutter by OUR bootstraps and could care less how we get by.Those in real power run the Fedreal Reserve – The World Bank – The Bank of England. They figure they can’t get much more out of us Amreicans cause we owe them trillions unpon trillions and will already be enslaved to pay them for the next six or seven generations of Americans if ever. They want to buildup the thirdworld countries so they can milk them dry starting in about ten years or so. it is plaine as day,I can’t belive I seem to be the only one who sees it and I have seen it comming for years. Why do you think they are dumping all that oil in the Gulf of Mexico. It won’t hurt anyone but the USA and it was done on Purpose. You will never hear it on the news because the world bankers own every news organiazion in the world including UPI,AP,CNN,CBS,NBC,ABC,CBC,BBC,and every newspaper and Magizine in the world. But chere up. Obama is there for us all!

      • Anthony

        Well, from this vantage point – as long as YOU get it, and aren’t still sleep-walking…. A benefit has occurred. The others who refuse to wake up have been given a label in recent years – Sheeple! If the Banking Cartel could rig the system, so that all profits would end up in their bucket – even Hemp production would be come main-stream. This is real fact. And, on who owns the Media? I’ve posted this link in other threads….

        When you read the first few paragraphs, see how much luck you have following the bread crumbs of names mentioned, or Groups. And, one other thing, have you noticed that when searching, it’s automatic now – WACKO-pedia is first on the List…. THIS is by design – you should be smarter than that and look elsewhere. Wikipedia is something anyone can update and the overseers really don’t spend that much time correcting erors and falsehoods. Your choice – but mulitple unrelated news sources or scientific avenues would make a better case.

      • JC

        Not sure about some of what you say, but there is absolutely a covert agenda in place to destroy the US and all other nations where people think they are free.
        If the US falls, so does the planet. So while you still can
        …get ready.

  • Chuck C

    S C your analogy is foolish. This makes about as much sense as legalizing prostitution because it would mean jobs for the wayward women and the pimps because they supported the war effort and “serviced” our troops.

    • John

      Well said!

    • BigBadJohn

      SO? If hemp were legalized, it would create jobs and generate tax revenues, not to mention hurt or cripple, organized crime.

      Prostituion is a victimless crime, it were legalized, as in Nevava, there would be better health standards and it would generate revenue also. Plus this would also hurt organized crime.

      Or are you in favor of the government indirectly supporting organized crime?

      • DaveH

        I agree, BigBad. The Government has no business attempting to protect us from ourselves. That, to me, is the very definition of Freedom. If we can’t do what we want with our own bodies and property, then we don’t have Freedom.

    • JC

      And yet a Supreme Court Justice who just retired in his 90′s (forget his name) likened the whole thing to the prohibition on alcohol, which didn’t work either. I’m not advocating pot use, but the unwinnable “War on Drugs” is a ridiculous waste of resources.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        When you figure how many billions now the government has spent supposedly fighting it, and how many billions the judges and lawyers have made off of supposedly fighting it, when is enough enough? I dont smoke pot, but I do have to say this. Ive seen alcohol destroy more families and relationships than any drug out there. Ive never seen a guy smoke pot and beat his wife or kids because of it. Ive never seen a guy smoke pot and drive his car into a crowd. Ive never seen a guy smoke pot and decide to fight his best friend. Ive never seen a guy smoke pot and cheat on his wife because of it. Ive never seen a guy smoke pot and steal because of it. Ive seen people on alcohol do all these things, and many more, yet it is legal. Something is wrong with this picture. Alcohol is proven to destroy your stomach and liver and brain. Their is no such proof of pot doing any of these things. Those eggs in a frying pan were so untrue, as were the commercials showing a brain on pot with a flat line. I know. In school I believe I had A.D.D., but they didnt know what it was back then. I had C’s and D’s all through school, except spelling in which I always received an A. After my sophomore year, I started smoking pot, and got straight A’s my junior and senior year, because it helped me focus in on what I was doing. It was a great help. Im 51 now, and havent smoked pot for over 12 years now. I have a job in which I get tested quite often, and I wouldnt do anything to jeopardize it. But it does get a bad rap, compared to alcohol and the damage it does, physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically.

        • DaveH

          I had a college class where the professor invited 4 (former, I think) Heroin addicts to speak. They all started with Alcohol, contrary to the common myth that marijuana leads to Heroin usage.

          • BigBadJohn

            the true gateway drug is MILK. ALL drug addicts started out on milk….

          • DaveH

            Ban Milk!

          • JC

            Ban Milk Indeed! I’m lactose intolerant…meaning I don’t take any crap from Cows! LOL

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I have seen a guy nod out at the wheel on pot!!! He flipped it seven times. Could have just as easily been in the middle of a croud!!! I respect your opines as long as you don’t exagerate the lack of a bad side. I have also seen 16 and 17 year olds burnt out on it as well!!! They went from straight “A”s to c and d!!! There is also a study out that says smoking it during pregnancy is worse than cigarrettes in the area of infant birth weight and other areas. There are some bad sides to it.

          • del

            Your right there are bad sides to it. That is where parents come into the equation.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Yup, you are right that’s where the parents come in. what about the kids now that go to a friends house and get drunk? what about the kids that are fed date rape drug in a coke? A parent can’t be with their kids 24 hrs a day, seven days a week 52 weeks a year. If they could, I’m sure there would be a lot less teen pregnancies!!!

    • s c

      Thanks for phrasing it that way, Chuckles. Most people think Nevada is the only place in the US where prostitution is legal. Not so, dude. Have you ever heard of a place called Washington? Washington is America’s TRUE prostitute paradise. Those elected hookers have been “servicing” many groups and individuals for many, many years. If you think I’m being facetious, it’s because you think and live in a box.
      When I say hemp, I mean hemp. Apparently, when you talk about hemp, you define it ‘your’ way. When it comes to prostitutes, you sound like you’ve been living in a cave for a long, long time.
      Whatever your problem is, it’s your problem. The next time you buy a progressive newspaper, take the time to read about America’s job situation. If you can stand to watch lamestream TV news, listen to how often they talk about JOBS. America sorely needs new jobs. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with a prez and a Congress that couldn’t care less.
      Now that you’re ‘informed,’ you might ‘bless’ us with some practical SUGGESTIONS to compensate for
      two sorry losers in the White House and hundreds more in Congress. Good luck, Chuckie, and keep in touch.

    • 4TimesAYear

      Are you aware that we actually import industrial hemp right now, rather than grow it? How much sense does that make? Industrial hemp has legitimate uses, unlike prostitution.

      • Airangel

        exactly…again we need to grow and manufacture in the USA…NOT import so other countries profit….and because AMERICA always does it better (when we’re allowed)..we can then export our own for profit!

    • JC

      Chuck they say Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world.
      Funny how it looks very similar to the second oldest profession, Politics.
      As far as I’m concerned there should be no illegal drugs.
      If some moron wants to sit in a closet and smoke crack until he is a blithering idiot why should I care?
      But if that same idiot breaks into my house to support that habit
      he will find out very quickly what Darwin’s theory was all about.
      Legalize it all…and let nature take it’s course.
      I’d give it one year and we’ll see drug use drop to damned near zero.

  • Michael

    Yes isn’t it odd that we can see the better good but we can’t understand why our government can’t? It’s because they want it the way it is. A big smoke screen to keep our law enforcement, judicial system and prison system workers employed. You know, Big Brothers little watchdogs.

    • DaveH

      That’s true with most crimes. The lawyers make money. The courts make money. The news media makes money. The prisons make money. And we think the government want to rid our society of crime, when they have a vested interest in it?

  • Termite75

    Growing hemp as a source of paper pulp would save the trees. More trees results in lower carbon dioxide levels in the air as that’s what trees “breathe in”, and then exhale oxygen. This will contribute to cleaning up our atmosphere That much makes sense.

    • Airangel

      Termite..that is the way to get these Dem’s on board…Green Energy, save the trees…although we know it’s good for so many things, this is the one area they might actually LISTEN to!

    • Vicki

      Just btw hemp also breaths in CO2 and exhales oxygen thus we get the benefit from both.

  • Kelly

    If growing of cannibis is legalized, then the govt. could tax it, the trllion dollar deficit is no longer an issue. Would that create jobs, yes, but not Big govt. jobs. Most of the Congress want to stay in power and whatever it takes to do that, that’s what they will do. Sadly, even new representatives are sucked into the black hole of politics. As soon as an election is over, they ALL begin campaigning for their next election instead of working for us, the people that put them in office to begin with. Now if you disagree with the Big govt., you are unamerican, racist, or worse. What is this country coming to? Our fore fathers would roll over in their graves to see the Constitution thrown out the window and politics as usual. Pretty sad. Having grown up on a farm where if you didn’t grow it you didn’t eat, I can tell you from personal experience that this country is slowly slipping away. If we as a nation don’t take measures to correct these awful things, then it won’t be long until there is no country to rescue. Think about it, 40 years ago we didn’t have 80% of the taxes we face today. And the answer is more
    taxes? Wow, look at Greece, are we headed there or can we fix this? Put some new blood in Washington and maybe so. Otherwise, look for an exit stragety.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Like I said in an earlier post, the government probably wont ever legalize it, as too many lawyers and judges are making a mint off of it being illegal. To legalize it would threaten their easy money, and since lawyers and judges run things, I dont see it ever getting legalized, where the general public would profit from all the revenue being brought it.

    • DaveH

      There is a party with the Principles to get us back to Individual Liberty, Individual Responsibility, Free Markets, and Limited Government:

  • Barb

    Can someone answer me this? Hemp grows wild around here, and people harvest it to smoke. Is the hemp you are referring to the same hallucinogen known as Pot? If so won’t that just encourage more pot use as well? We have enough burned up brains as it is don’t we? I know prohibition didn’t work but look at all the alcoholics and flat out drunks that are out there now. Why make it easier for these potheads? I am willing to learn if you guys can give me a decent explanation why the good would out weigh the bad! I’m really trying to be open minded about this, but bear in mind I have seen too many children born to parents who smoked pot and their life long struggles to learn and just be, because of their parents habit is sad. And yes alcohol is just as bad for the babies but pot does different harsher things sometimes. I am willing to learn though, not trying to play devil’s advocate here.

    • BigBadJohn

      Strictly speaking – pot and hemp are both members of the cannabis family.

      But just like tomatoes are hybridized for production, so is hemp. TCH is what gets people high, hemp plants that people plant/grow for drugs have been hybridized for tch production.
      Plants that are grown for Hemp, are bred for the fiber in their trunk, TCH is secondary and of very low amount and quality. Most pot smokers consider hemp the same as “smoking rope”.

      • Sidewinder

        “I’ve had enough of reading things by neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians. All I want is the truth…just gimme some truth.

        “No short-haired, yellow-bellied, son of tricky dicky Is gonna mother hubbard soft soap me with just a pocketful of hope… …Money for dope…Money for rope.”

        Just Gimme Some Truth
        John Lennon

    • Time

      Barb, Not all this is in responce to your post.

      Pot / THC will not destroy brain cells, thats ((100% total BS.))

      The higher the THC levels the higher the amounts of cabinioids these are good for you, as in no differant than MOTHERS MILK.

      As a matter of fact people that have issues when they get older with loss of brain connections – THC will stop that and regenerate brain cells, so the whole dead brain cells issue is just a lot of extra road apples by the way all started by the “PROGRESSIVE” movement.

      Again How bloody clear can I make this; its a WIN – WIn deal.

      I didn’t even make note of making car bodys from the hemp fiber thats a 100% new industry that is 100% biodegradable. Thus the cost of a new car would drop by massive amounts, and as it would be much lighter than steel and stronger than steel, you will get better milage too.

      (By the way also with ZERO Carbon Foot Print. Thats the counter argument to the Progressives global heating rhetoric.)
      People wke up!
      Now lets talk about really going GREEN, rather than the CCX format of going green, now known as the “American Power act,” and if that pass’s in to law you might as well just shoot yourself and be done with it.
      As your life as you know it will come to a swift end, you will not be able to afford Food let alone Gas, Air, Heat, or to sell your home.

      You all really need to get on a quick learning curb or the Progressives will be taking over and as I said 38 months on the long end.

      Hey you know what the Progressive don’t want it Legal, so whats that tell you?
      If you have any gray matter with even a slight fold its abundatly clear, wake up and get with the program.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        How do you expect to convert people to your way of thinking with insults? I tend to turn off that insult me or as evidenced by the way I treat a couple of others here, I just give back tenfold what I get!

        • TIME

          Joe, I gave up on converting anyone, the stupid factors are so vast that its like trying to toss a rock at Pluto and think you can hit the mark.

          I put out the info if anyone is so inclined use it super, if not they can just go and have the Doc sell them legal drugs and die.

          Anyone who is smart enough to grasp it super, I will gladly help them no matter who they are.

          • JC

            I like to speak to young inquisitive people that haven’t been completely brainwashed yet. All I do is ask them some questions that get them thinking…seems to work pretty well.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Whereas you would smoke a joint of pot, you would have to smoke about 7 joints of hemp to get enough THC to catch a buzz. And having been a guy who smoked pot from age 16 to the age of 38, I can assure you that the TV commercials and things youve seen that say it cause brain damage are all made up as scare tactics. I have an office job where Im paid to use my brain, and it is sharp as a tack. I havent smoked it in over 12 years because I get tested often as I also hold a CDL license and am in a Federal testing program, and I wouldnt do anything to jeopardize that. Alcohol detroys brain cells and lives and relationships, but I assure you , pot doesnt do that. If it were legal, I would light up, buts its not, so I wont. But all those millions of dollars in scare tactics they spent doing those stupid commercials were all lies made up by those who had no clue what they were talking about. No clue at all.

      • Barb

        All I know about pot is how my class mates in high school back in the late ’60s acted. And they usually were off in lala land. Also a lot of the children I helped teach in Early Childhood Sped. ED. were diagnosed with develop mental disorder due to marijuana smoking by the mother. Of course that was often times the interpretation of the school’s Sped Ed officials all very progressive libs. I’m going to have to research this more but there are several of your opinions that I trust on this site so I will be very open minded in my research. I just wonder if hemp is so low grade why do people take the risk of picking it and getting caught?

        • DaveH

          Did the Pot put them in LaLa Land or were they there already? I’ve known plenty of nuts who don’t smoke or drink.
          My brother was a life-long marijuana user (dead now). Whether it contributed to his early death by Lupus or not, I will never know. But I respected his freedom to live the way he chose. It might well have made his crappy lot in life more tolerable.
          I often hear people worrying that if legalized that drug usage will skyrocket. So, I ask them “Are you alcoholic? If not, why not, it is legal?”
          And in fact, in Portugal, where it has been decriminalized to do drugs, there has been no such increase in usage:

          • Barb

            I see your point, I’ve just seen so much hurt and pain and destroyed lives because of illicit drug use of all kinds and alcohol abuse as well. I don’t have an answer, I just don’t know, I just know the pain it has caused people I love very much. It’s a hard question for me. Guess I’m too emotionally involved in this question so I’ll just gracefully recuse myself from it. Thanks to all of you for your input.

          • JC

            Barb, on another note: Had the mother been vaccinated? Was she on any prescribed pharmaceuticals? I would tend to look there before anywhere else. But the authorities would of course never even consider the thought.

        • Time

          Hi Barb,

          Let me try and address some of your questions as I have a few moments.
          There are two basic types of Hemp plant, one is called a Indica, these are short plants that like colder weather.
          And Sativa, this is a tall lean plant that likes warmer weather.
          Thats it as far as the hemp plant goes.

          Now what creates higher levels of THC is the lacking of seeds, thus the THC is produced and left as a crystal rather than expend the energy to make a seed.
          The seed is very low in THC levels, no more than 1 -2 % THC, where as the seedless can range from 10% – to as high as 25% THC levels.

          Ok so whats that mean to you, as far as for meds the higher levels of THC are the better of the two.
          As far as food production cloths, oils, gas, and or a car body there is little to no THC in them at all.

          Now take this as you will, I had Cancer I was given a few months at best to live, that was well over 12 months ago.
          I am now 100% Cancer free, and was only 4 months after starting the oil / paste, of what you don’t smoke it you cook the pot down to a paste and eat a piece this size – of the paste three times per day for 4 months. Then you drop that back to three times per week for a year and your done.

          I am not the only one who has had such results, I have met in person now well over 100 people that have done the Hemp / THC oil cure and have lived, some now for over 10 years, keep in mind they were given a two weeks on the far end to live.

          I have seen with my own eyes folks with skin cancer cured in two weeks no pain no scars from a laser.

          As to are there people with no brains or that act like dorks?
          That I can answer with a simple, yes.
          Its not attributed to anything other than just being dumb as a box of rocks and it can’t be blamed on THC.

          • Sidewinder

            Are you serious Time? My position on pot was it should be decriminalized, but not really leagalized, if that makes any sense…

            I thought Pot only helped with the bad effects of Chemo. I really didn’t believe in any health benefits from it. I will have to check on that…

            And good luck with your recovery!

          • del

            Can you supply us with a link on the oil treatment? I know someone that has cancer and its not looking to good for them right now. Thanks in advance

          • TIME

            Google the Rick Simpson Story, or Run from the Cure, There are many links from both sights that will help you.
            If you need advice on making the oil let me know; I use 150 proof Grain to reduce with – its natural and leaves no taste.

            The normal base is this; 1 pound will make enough to cure most cancer, it taks 4 months to do so. Thats 3 to 4 – 1/2 grains of rice size per day, and your friend will sleep like a rock 18 -20 hours per day. This after a few weeks drops down to 15 hours of sleep, then down to 12 and soon your at 8 hours per day. Your body will let you know as you get better.

            Then you will need a pound to use as a one half grain a day for a month, then 1/2 grain three times per week, then 1/2 grain once a week for a month. Then finish off the batch by twice per month 1 full grain And you should be 100% well by then.

          • del

            Whatever advice you could give on making this would be highly appreciated.

          • Sidewinder

            Thank you buudy!

          • TIME

            Hi Del,
            Here are the best method I have found to make this paste / oil.

            Start with 1 pound, remove 1 oz for use when you have issues with H2 O2 as I note below in a post to SW.
            Things you will need;
            1 Pound of pot as high a grade as you can find try and get seedless.
            1 large Stainless steel Bowl
            1 Stainless Steel strainer
            1 wooden mallet of a Pestle of any type.
            5 7 -5th of grain alcohol
            1 large cooking pot, stainless steel is best
            3oz of Distilled water
            1 really easy to clean stainless steel Scraper to move the mix.
            1 small stailess steel pot
            A well vented room, use a fan and point it out your back windows.
            Don’t use a flame on the stove if electric thats far better.
            **Please keep in mind that grain alcohol is very flamable.**

            Get the large stainless steel bowl put it on a slip proof base rubber pad of some type, next place one quarter pound of buds in the bowl remove the sticks that hold the buds together.

            Next – Add in 1 of the 5th of Grain Alcohol or until the pot is covered its really not quite a full 5th,

            Next – use a wooden mallet or a Pestle of any kind and crush the buds into the liguid, the liquid will turn green after a while.

            Now strain this through the strainer in to a large pot that you can use to cook this down on the stove.

            Now remove from the strainer all the buds and place them back in the mixing bowl and repete the process again.
            Do this until you have done all the buds. Its twice per 1/4 pound load that way you get all the THC off the buds.
            When your done just toss the wet buds in the compost they are of no value anylonger.

            Next its importaint to strain the whole batch again to remove any little pieces that may get in the mix. (You want it very clean)

            Don’t use cloths strainers you are getting the very small crystals of THC called Tricromes, a cloth will retail these and your work will all be for not.

            Now as I noted ones you have the large cooking pot ready, the next step is slow and takes on average 3 hours.
            I start with a {very low heat} and bring down the mix to a 50% level before I bring the heat up to about 50% – make sure that you keep the mix always in motion.
            Reduced down to where you have like a demi glaze paste.

            **Now this part gets a bit harder. You really have to keep your eyes on this from this point on and I mean never take your eyes off it even for a moment.
            It goes very fast now and you can loose the whole mix in a flash.

            **Now transfer the paste into a smaller pot, add in the distilled water and reheat at low heat – again keep the mix always in motion.
            When the distilled water is gone. Remove from the low heat.

            I use a plastic mold I have that is like a small tube. remove your mix place it in your container of choice – let it cool.

            The mix should look like green tooth paste that has an oil like feel to it. It should not be runny or liquid like, but smooth like butter or tooth poaste.

            *Side effects your home will smell for a few hours. You may be a tad buzzed for while it will wear off before you know it.
            You have been breathing Alcohol and THC for a few hours so your going to get a slight head rush.

            Now if you use Indica or short fat stocky plants witn fat buds, this will work better and faster for healing and curing cancer.
            Indica – will smell like a shunk or stinky smell.
            This is the best for healing and killing cancer cells, if done right you will be cured from cancer in 4 months.

            The Sativa is a tall long lanky plant very heady like and works a little on your body.
            Sativa smells more sweet like and will have longer buds.
            The Sativa is ok and it will work but will take longer as in around 6 -8 months to cure cancer, I now use it only for pain.

            If anything is not clear please ask.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        does that mean you would light up while using your CDL?? I only ask because of the way you word that.

      • Sidewinder

        Beberoni says:
        May 13, 2010 at 7:58 am
        And having been a guy who smoked pot from age 16 to the age of 38

        I knew it…I knew it…

        • JC

          I know some very successful executives, lawyers and policemen who smoke pot and they are well in their 40′s. About the only thing they seem dangerous to would be an ungaurded bag of Doritos.

          • Sidewinder

            Yes, my comment was uncalled for.

            I smoked pounds of it as a kid. Its harmless.

    • del

      Like I said before this is where parenting comes into play. Alcohol has been around ??? who knows how long. Some people are alcoholics some people drink responsively. You can’t legislate common sense. You are either taught it or not by your parents. How you raise your children is the biggest determining factor on their outcome. Thats just my opinion.

      • TIME

        A better framed argument can’t be made. Super post.

  • BigBadJohn

    There are so many stories, it is hard to figure out which if any are correct.

    During the Vietnam war, there were a lot of stories about the CIA and elite forces carrying heroine from Cambodia to supply $$$$ and training to rebels that were opposed to the VC.

    The same sort of stories keep popping up in central America, about the US efforts in the “war on drugs” to combat cartels, which actually turn out to be communist sympathizers. Or the US simply dumping $$$$ to a government that they support again in the name of the war on drugs.

    In other words, the “war on drugs” is really a cover for illegal US government involvement in foreign governments.

    Ron Paul is correct hemp needs to be legalized, but I would carry it one step further and legalize all drugs. There is a certain percentage of our population that is un-redeemable, they will get their drugs if they have to rob, steal or kill to do so. If legalized some of the drug revenue could be put towards drug rehabilitation. If cheaper and easier to get these unredeemables might even be able to hold a job to pay for their drugs.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      To those that have no clue about smoking pot or how most heroin and heavy drug users are, your comments will seem out of line. But to those of us who are in the know, you are 100 percent correct. But the government doesnt listen to those in the know on most things. They listed to some stupid arse lawyer with a noose around his neck, that thinks he knows everything when he hasnt a clue.

    • DaveH

      Indeed, most of the drug-related crimes are a result of the high price of illegal drugs, which is a result of the illegality of the drugs.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Yes, there are un-redeemables that will never lead a good life but by legalizing ALL drugs how many others that aren’t un-redeemable will have their lives shortened by those ones like in alcohol related deaths?You will never convince me that legalizing all drugs won’t increase their usage as there are a certain number that don’t use because they are illegal, not unlike Berberoni said about his pot usage. He doesn’t light up as it’s illegal. There are many just like him.

      • usmadgirl

        Joe H,

        I respect the views of a majority of the people on this site & agree with a lot of them about 75% of the time, but you are the only one whose views I agree with 98% of the time.

        I’ve NEVER smoked pot or done any kind of drug, legal or illegal in my entire life (except pain medicine after surgery for 2 days & antibiotics for sinus/bronchial infections a few times).

        Keep in mind that I lived during the Vietnam-protesting, love-in, “acid dropping” evil, progressive, immoral Hippie days. Thank God, I was so stubborn that nobody could talk me into anything I didn’t want to do! I don’t even like to take Ibuprophen for a headache…only Alka-Seltzer for indigestion.

        I don’t want big government telling me what to do (no salt or sugar, my happy butt), but like I’ve said before, there has to be rules & guidelines or we become like animals.

        If “hemp” can be grown for valuable uses other than for “pot heads”, I can deal with that, but NOT legalizing “pot” or any other drugs.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          thanks for the kind words!

  • Karin Rada

    We live in a remote area surrounded by pot farmers. These people don’t live here year round. They only lease the land for the summer. It would be nice to get some real neighbors. Please, legalize marijuana!
    The drug enforcement is a waste of money. They don’t do anything.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      It makes lawyers and judges billions of dollars a year, thats why they want to keep it illegal. Its a fact, and I know it, they know it, and the American people know it.

    • JC

      Let me guess…Humboldt? (Don’t answer that)

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    We will just see what Barry and his buddies reaction is to this idea of legalizing hemp farms. Chances are he and his buddies won’t go for the idea, probably because it wasn’t their idea. They have bigger fish to fry like taking away the Constitution and limiting our rights, not to mention raising our taxes…

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Obama and his boys would probably rather legalize opium poppies so that he can help out his muslim brothers that grow this stuff over in their countries.

      • Yvan

        Not a very smart comment. May be your pot is too acid.

      • JC

        I have a brother in law in the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan. He tells me that the Taliban had pretty much eradicated the poppy fields.
        But, with the “Coalition” there, the fields are back and business is booming. He’s disgusted.

        • Smallaxe

          Follow the money brother!

  • http://gmail i41

    Either you potheads work at a pretty simple job, but you don’t want somebody loaded putting intericate parts assembly jobs being done, or equipment operating jobs done by a pot head. I worked with a bunch of pot heads in a switching yard in the early 80′s, we had several accidents, from somebody not paying atttention, failure to react fast enough on controls. Same goes for heavy equipment operators, that have hit or run over people and other equipment nodding off. If you want to do it in your domical, get as high as you want, when you light your couch or bed on fire, enjoy the barburace. Check the toxicology on burn victims in house fires, in the 12-45 year old range. Drug testing on the job, works great! Since it is more common, the volume discounts applies.

    • BigBadJohn

      most people do not drink on the job, most pot heads don’t smoke on the job. Both should have the same penalty.

      What you do at home is your own damn business!

      • Hugh Jordan

        Correct. Smoking or drinking on the job is irresponsible and inexcusable.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        “What you do at home is your own damn business” Yup untill you burn my attached Condo when you nod out, or three or four other apartments!

    • Airangel

      Alcohol is legas but I can’t be drunk at work since we do random drug testing…Hemp/pot would be no differnet…companies have their own commpliance policies

      • Airangel

        I meant “legal” mispell

  • Barb

    Ok, bear with me I’m still trying to figure this out. If commercial grade hemp is different from Pot then why can’t we legalize the farming of commercial grade hemp and the production of products thereof, without legalizing Pot? Would that be a feasible solution? We would have the crops, the jobs, the production companies and Marijuana would still be illegal. Works for me.

    • DaveH

      Here is an article that should answer your question, Barb:

      • Barb

        Thanks Dave I read it and a couple of others. Still having trouble with the notion of legalizing pot but I’m all for the Hemp farms. Guess I’m going to be one of those that have to see the crime rate go down and usage go down before I will believe it. I’d like to but I just don’t think it will. However, I hope you guys are right.

        • George Halepis

          Did you ever read about Prohibition? Anyway, the Drug War is Prohibition all over again. Criminalize guns, and only criminals will have guns. Criminalize drugs, and only criminals will have drugs. Make sense?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            George Halepis,
            When prohibition ended did drinking go down like people are saying drug use will if it’s made legal? NO, in fact, it increased at least four fold, if not more!
            And if, as Del says it’s all in the parenting whether or not kids use, does that mean every one here that says they started to use at 15 or 16 had bad parents?

        • DaveH
  • eddie47d

    Thanks Time, for you educated comments. S.C. and even Robin;Didn’t take long before you dragged Obama into your daily tirade.Even though the article had nothing to do directly with him. You show your bias every time. I bet Obama is for hemp production and it’s usually Republicans who vote against such a product. Hemp is a terrific product that needs to be brought out into the open. You make your side “whatever that is” look like a screeching bafoon.

    • DaveH

      The deal is Eddie, that both major parties are a threat to our freedom. They just have different agendas. I think many, if not most, of the commentors know that, but Obama is the one in power now, and only the staunchest Liberals could deny that he is growing government faster than any President before him.

    • TIME

      Eddie, I have to tell you that most Rebublicans have no issues with it, its been my experience that its the Democrats in congress and the senate that don’t want it legal.

      I keep asking why that is, and get no rational reason.

    • Vicki

      If Obama is such a friend of Hemp why has he not signed an executive order telling the DEA to leave hemp alone? I did hear recently that he did do something related to treating drug abuse more as a disease then a crime but that is only changing the collateral damage not ending the war.

      Oh and we pick on Mr. Obama cause he is the apparent president at the moment so he is the one that could do something significant about the war on (some) drugs.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        and who do you think will foot the bill for treatment?? All taxpayers!! every body wants to use their crutches and have everybody else take care of them when they can’t stop crapping and pizzing their pants!!! If they DO legalize all drugs I believe that they should put a tax on them and booze to take care of all the related health problems!! The hell with us having to pay for it!!!!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          What people no answer to that?

  • Bud

    Hemp was grown even in colonial times, it was considered patriotic. The dogooders in our country want the government to regulate every aspect of our lives. The dumbasses in our gov. don’t seem to remember prohibition, which gave us organized crime. If they legalized marijuana imagine the revenue they would be able to collect. Let me say that I don’t use the stuff, but I do realize that you can’t legislate peoples morals.

    • JC

      Some of Alexander Hamilton’s best buddies and supporters of the Bank of the United States were Hemp farmers. They were wealthy and they were slave owners.
      There’s just a ton of irony in that statement if you think about it.

  • Global Hemp

    The #1 hurdle in growing industrial hemp (“hemp”) in the United States is the federal government, specifically the White House Office of Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) who state that there is no difference between hemp and marijuana.

    Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis. However, this is like saying a Greyhound and a Beagle are both canines (dog) and by that measuring stick, the Greyhound and Beagle are one and the same. The “obvious” fact is that a Greyhound was breed to race and a Beagle certainly has no chance of winning a race against a Greyhound. Heck, even a 3-legged Greyhound would most likely still beat the fastest rabbit chasing of all Beagles.

    There is plenty of information on industrial hemp on the Global Hemp website.

    Hemp has been breed to produce a long and strong fiber. Marijuana has been breed to produce THC. Hemp has 0.3% THC or less, whereas marijuana has 6-25% THC.

    Therefore, the legislation by Ron Paul is the only legislation that makes the difference as all the states have been great, but not addressing the #1 problem — the federal government.

    If you want Change, you should seriously pull off your blinders and learn what Ron Paul has to say, be a part of his Revolution (of Common Sense)!

  • karen

    Some people are missing the point here. This is not a question of legalizing the growing of marijuana (pot) but of growing hemp, which you don’t smoke. It shouldn’t have any affect on the illegal drug industry as hemp is not a drug. Also it has nothing to do with people going to work loaded and making mistakes. Ron Paul advocates the legalization of growing a useful crop, which makes good econimic sense. It would create jobs, boast the economy and provide availibilty of a lot more hemp products, hopefully cheaper than those we have to import.

  • Mickey de Rham

    Hemp for fuel is one big reason to grow hemp and get out of the food chain (Corn) to make ethanol!
    I am thankful that there is Hemp Milk (God knows where it is grown) There is no cholesterol and the
    benefit of eating blueberries on cereal with hempmilk lets the good effects of blueberries remain
    where as cows milk destroys the benefit..(brain food)
    Hemp products are superior and we are a stupid nation not to allow these products to be produced.
    Where is common sense?
    End the war on drugs, if people want to do them, it is their body. There are too many people anyway.
    We should stop all the baby sitting, empty the prisons $$ save the money and put it to better use.
    Save money we don’t have because of out of control spending by our lunatic President OBAMA.
    Give farmers a reason to continue to stay in business. Wake up America, this would be positive change.

    • Anthony

      Hemp Milk? I’m going to look that one up. Thinking abuot the taste alone, has me dazed…. j/k

    • Smallaxe

      Its grown in Canada Mickey, when we could be making 100% Organic Hemp Milk here in the USA, putting all sorts of people to work in a new industry.

  • marvin

    i say back when over 30years ago when i was drinking and smoking both cig,s and grass, when i drank i would drive fast like i would start at 40mph and befor i knew was doing 80mph, when i smoked pot i would drive and start at 50mph and befor i knew i was doing 20mph, as for alcohol and cig,s if you take the tax money generated then subtract the lost lives ,property damage, pain of lost love ones the millions of house fires ,the long term care of accident victoms, whole famly,s wiped out from drunk drivers, my point being more people are killed and mame,d ever year then from all wars from a legal missed used drug[alcohol]is pot safe most likly yes if not over used is alcohol safe in small amounts yes, are cigerest,s safe not that i can tell,do i care if you smoke and drink no as long as you don,t over indulge and become a statistic, i live with pain ever day,do i drink no do i smoke pot no, do i take pain medication yes aspirin, if you think you need to indulge, please do so in moderation if you want to kill your self thats your choice, but do not cause harm to others

  • Bruce

    I just wanted to add in this I feel its real important I had cancer in my lungs. My Doctor told me to get my life in order as I did not have long days or maybe a few weeks that was 8 months ago.

    TIME hooked me up I am now 100% Cancer free. I could be wrong but I think he has helped out about 25 other people most who had no clue how to get the product, or had the energy to make the oil.

    When TIME says something is what it is take his word to the bank its golden my family and I can’t thank him enough for saving my life.

    • Sidewinder

      Thats incredible. Where can I learn more about this? Any books? Whats the treatment called specifically?

      I don’t have cancer or anything, but this would be preferable to the Gerson Therapy…LOL! That would be rough…

      And continued good luck Bruce!

      • TIME

        You can google; The Rick Simpson story, or Run from the Cure, from these you will find many links to others sights such as the science end of it there are hundreds of links.

        Bruce was in very bad shape, I too was in bad shape so far I have helped 23 other people who were given a death notice.
        Of them only one did pass on, but let me say this about that.
        She had gone through Cemo twice and when I got her she was a walking corpse who was so sick that no one could have helped her.
        She did last for 4 months with out pain and she did gain 5 pounds. But her system was shot and she was 78 years young, so I believe her will was broken.

        On the other hand of the 22 others not a one has cancer anylonger, so if you add in myself and Bruce I have helped 24 people to live.
        I have also helped about 15 folks with skin cancer, you apply the oil to the skin topicaly 3 X per day and in about two weeks its gone.

        I can’t say this enough you have to have the will to live as well.

        Its not hard and overall no one feels pain, they also do put back on weight thats the first sign of this working.

        Then you also need to adjust your diet and remove all high Fat foods, all prossessed sugars, No more cakes, candys, cookies etc. cut out all fried foods, no french frys anylonger.

        Cut back on starchs, eat fresh foods, veggies, Fish, Chicken, some red meat but it must be lean and never fried.

        Its not a simple easy to do system, but it works if you follow it, how great is that?

        • Sidewinder

          Thanks again for the info. I only ask, because anyone of us can come down with it, and its good to have a plan of action in advance.

          Did you go through Chemo and or radiation? I am trying to get some idea, if your treatment aided conventional treatment, or if it worked all on its own.

          You are a good man Time.

          All the best…

          • TIME

            Hi SW,
            No I didn’t follow anything that would fit the format of the norm at all.

            I did the following as I see everything has three prongs, The first was the hardest thats cutting out all Sugars, this will take you body well over 200 days to detox, whats that tell you about processed sugar’s.
            As this is also part of the diet prong, your diet you have to remove all the following if youn have cancer, ( All Fried foods, All Processed foods, All foods that come out of a can or box or are pre made, I mean all of them to include candy bars.
            Remove heavy strat foods, like pasta, etc.)
            Cancers #1 food is Sugars and gums / starchs that hold sugars some that you may not think about are Salad dressings in bottles from the store, baked goods from the store.

            #2, The second step is adding in more Oxygen this is done in two parts, the first step is getting 35% Food grade H2 O2 do a step up plan, it starts with 3 drops of 35% H2 O2 added to a 8 oz glass of water 3x per day – the key’s with this is you must have Distilled water, not filtered.
            This drink must be on an empty stomach, The best times are before brekfast, lunch and dinner. After you drink the H2 O2 water wait one full hour before eating.
            With this when you get to the 15 -25 drops per glass 3x per day – you may feel sick, thats ok, keep a oz of your pot aside for this, use a pinch in a water pipe 5 minutes before you drink your water.
            This will take that edge off and you will not feel sick, as in toss your cookies sick.
            As well it will aid in the transfer of O2 to your blood that aids in the killing of cancer cells.

            Part two of part two, start walking every day be sure to intake a breath with each step, the more O2 you take in the better.
            With each week – add in more to your walk if you have hills use them to your advantage go up them this makes you work your larger mussel groups and you take in more O2, if you can talk to yourself this also makes you take in more O2.

            Part 3, The hemp oil this part must be done no less than 3x per day a half of a grain of rice size chunk of paste.
            Set your times so you have the energy to get what you need done, as you will sleep like a baby, at first this can be an easy 20 hours per day.
            But as your body adjust this will drop off. Keep in mind when you were drinking Mothers milk it knocked you out so you could grow and heal at the same time, so this is the same event, just no mothers milk.

            I will post more later I have two meetings today so please if I have not hit your questions yet I will.

            * Dell I will give you the best methods to make the paste / oil later today. Its easy but its time to make it, I do it like a lab would do it so keep that in mind its my science backround.

          • Sidewinder

            Thanks Time, sounds similiar to the Gerson Therapy without the dreaded enamas….LOL!
            I am researching all I can about this now. Cancer is on my dad’s side, and has been killing straight down the line.
            So thats why I am intersted. I’m no stranger to this stuff, lot of experience in younger days…

            But this tip was huge. I was behind the curve on this. Keep spreading the word.
            Thanks Time.

  • dpla

    If cannabis prohibition were repealed and hemp became the prime source for the Cellulose Industry, trees would be left for lumber and nature to clean the CO2 from the atmosphere thus ending global warming and reviving mother nature. Plus it would put a lot of broke farmers and other capitalists back to work.

    • TIME

      Your 100% right.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Don’t take my posts wrong. I am for legalized MEDICAL marijuana, as long as it IS medical! As far as legalizing it for recreational, no!

    • JC

      Saving the forests is a much better idea.

  • bigotae

    Hugh Jordan nailed it on the legalization of pot but he is out to lunch on the glogal warming scam.
    Some people choose to believe some things no matter how many times they are disproved.
    The gravy train is engineered by the global warming promoters who want everone else to conserve while they buy 6 million dollar mansions and fly around the world on private jets.

  • MadMarty

    Re: “victimless crimes”, whether George and Thomas grew industrial pot, whether it’s good for what ails you, whether the government has ANY right to tell you what to wear eat smoke or poke your wingy into…

    Most of us are sick of voting for a bunch of lying, stealing, domineering fascists.

    We all want new blood on Capitol Hill.


    • Karlos

      madmarty is right.Nobody and i mean nobody,Has the right to tell anyone else what to do with your own body.If someone can,through force of law,
      tell you how to live.THEY OWN YOU.BTW; for a really good view on victimless crimes read “ain’t nobodies business if I do” by Peter Mc williams and by all means vote LIBERTARIAN all the way. peace

      • TIME

        Karlos, I with you on that.

        • denniso

          Karlos is right, but don’t forget that most of the people pushing the war on drugs and the so far one trillion $ cost ar the Republicans who believe it ti be a moral issue that they get to decide for you.

          Voting for libertarians won’t help because they can almost never win, so it’s a thrown away vote. There are many Democrats who support the legalization of most drugs, vote for them and maybe there’s a chance to end this idiocy…or find the very few Republicans who would stop the drug war and vote for them. Keep voting for the same moralist Repubs or libertarians who can’t get elected and allow the insannity to continue.

      • JC

        That’s true Karlos. But as long as you have guns…they can’t truly own you. Which is why they want the guns. It’s why anti-gun morons seem to have limitless funding.
        Never give up your guns…at least not until you’re ready to wear chains.

        • denniso

          J C, why do you have to spout such nonsense? Your guns may get you killed, but they sure as hell won’t keep you free if you and others keep supporting people like Cheny and Bush and Limbaugh.
          And, it’s the NRA that has unlimited money, everyone knows that….

  • Boo Ewald Taylor

    Hemp should defintiely be cultivated for industrial use and household product use in my humble opinion. I know a number of law abiding hard working tax paying citizens who smoke pot like some would drink but, instead of drinking alcohol. They are quite healthy well adjusted people who don’t seem to be stressed and tired like alot of people in their 50′s. Think of the spaces in prison that would be free for those that really need to be in prison and good people can get back to their families and jobs. The money saved not housing and feeding those that don’t need to be in prison. Just the tax revenue alone would kill the national debt. But I forgot, Obama wants to break us, that’s right. It’s just hard for me to fathonm that we elected (not my vote!) that someone so anti-American and he lives in our Whitehouse and is in charge of our fine once free nation. OMG

  • Boo Ewald Taylor

    I read back thru lots of opinions and Time, you are doing all such a great service opening up and sharing your success story, many more years ahead for you!! I work in conventional medicine and I really love the alternatives!!! Get the word out and people will see, sooner than later hopefully, that there are so many good things about marijuana.

    • TIME

      Hi Boo,
      I do try to be of some help, I have lost many firends to Cancer and I have seen how it rips familys to pieces. I started out not 100% sure about it myself, but I had no other choices so I went with it to see if it would work.

      It did and if I can help anyone who’s life has been set on hold waiting to die, even if they only live 10 years more thats more of something that made them happy and they did it without pain.

      I don’t know the long term effects I do know that the normal methods are not all that strong when you think that 1 out of 15 will live.

      I have met people who have done the Hemp paste / oil that are still alive and cancer free for as long 14 years now. Keep in mind that its just roge people like myself that say enough already what else is there and then take the time to figure it all out. Its not easy at all you have so many road blocks its almost crazy.

      One of the people I know that had done this form of treatment back 14 years ago was told he was crazy and would end up living on the street in a cardboard box. Just how stupid is that.
      If it hadn’t worked he would have ended up in a box 6 feet under.

  • Anthony

    Several have commented on the Cannibis/Cancer Cure. First glance has me wanting to do more research – and I will.

    The benefits of growing HEMP – like they still do in Kentucky, for the Government – certainly has more benefits than ills. What they grow in Kentucky is NOT the smoking kind – it’s the male-plant version, whereas the female plants are what would get one “high”… People would catch on quickly enough and not waste their time on smoking the male plants – and they do stand up once made into all the products listed. Imagine jeans that never wear out and I believe the shrinkage is less. It would certainly bring in jobs to every State, especially in the south where multiple crops in a longer growing season would avoid layoffs.
    As far as Cancer Therapy is concerned – there has been one Doctor/Scientist you should all read about (and there is a movie to watch, too) — his name is Gerson. Google that up and the movie is called: BEAUTIFUL TRUTH
    And, let’s don’t forget how much info is being loosed on us about the benefits of higher dosage on Vitamin D3 when it comes to fighting cancer. Check out that movie, tho’… I already have a copy of it. And, the Gerson Workbook.

  • ThE_RoPE

    Hey Hugh GO FOR IT !!!

  • Leonard Krivitsky, MD, DD

    The decision by the people of this country concerning legalization of the marijuana medicinal plant that has been used by humans for thousands of years is based in choosing between two opinions. The first one, articulated by the “father” of marijuana prohibition in the 1930-s and the second one by Dr Grinspoon, one of the leading contemporary experts in this country.

    These are the the direct quotes from the prohibitionist Harry Anslinger pushing the “Marijuana Tax Act” of 1937 that led to the subsequent demonizing of this quintessential medicinal plant:

    “There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and any others.”

    “…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.”

    “Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”

    “Marijuana leads to pacifism and communist brainwashing”

    “You smoke a joint and you’re likely to kill your brother.”

    “Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.”

    And this is what Dr. Grinspoon said in 2006 about Cannabis Sativa medicinal Plant:

    “Cannabis will one day be seen as a wonder drug, as was penicillin in the 1940s. Like penicillin, herbal marijuana is remarkably nontoxic, has a wide range of therapeutic applications and would be quite inexpensive if it were legal”.
    Dr. Lester Grinspoon, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Los Angeles Times, May 5, 2006 ”

    These are two opinions the citizens around the country will be asked to compare and to choose from. I do not believe that the choice is exceedingly difficult one. What I believe is that the fear-tactics must be rejected once and for all, and at least medical marijuana should be legalized in all 50 States ASAP.

    • TIME

      Hi Leonard, Great post, thanks.

      • Sidewinder

        Yes in all seriousness, my position on pot, as well as every other drug, both legal and illegal, is that what you do in your own home, on your own time, is your own business.

        Not to say I am a supporter of pot smoking. I think getting stoned on any drug is detrimental. Drugs in general, even perscription drugs that don’t get you stoned, for other “legitimate” uses, should be avoided if at all possible.

        But I am happy to learn of medical uses for marihauana. If these cures are legitimate as Time assures, and I will look into it, its a Godsend.

        • Sidewinder

          Thanks for your huge contributions to this post Time.
          I was unaware of that treatment.

          • Smallaxe

            I can totally vouch for Time’s posting as I have seen it work on many conditions here in the Southwest

    • JC

      So the choices are between unenlightened / racist thinking or modern uses of a natural herb. Hmmm…what to do what to do?
      It’s a no brainer folks.

      • Sidewinder

        JC I haven’t touched it in 20 something years…for me it seemed harmless.
        I do know a person, actually 2 people, they use it to get high with, and it does aggravate their mental issues. Exaggerates obsessiveness, hampers motivation, ect. I know this to be true.

        Compare the list of side effects off almost any perscription med, and it almost reads like a comedy script…..
        I do agree it should be completely legal for medical use.
        Reduced to jay walking status for recreational use. Ie, decrimilized….

  • Meteorlady

    Legalizing is just going to throw all the dealers and their higher ups out of work. Boo Hoo….. If you study prohibition you might find some answers there. A lot of people make a lot of money from illegal cannabis distribution and sale so they then finance and campaign in opposition to it. This is an herb and should never have been classified as a drug. My dad used told me that when it was legal they would smoke it because the sometimes couldn’t afford alcohol. It was considered non-addicting (unless you have a proclivity toward additions) and was harmless.

  • RChick

    I think Mr. Paul has a good idea. I think he is talking about legalizing hemp production, not hemp in the form of marijuana. I think there are those who see hemp as only the illegal street drug and not the variety that serves as a fiber for clothing, paper, etc. I think we, as Americans, can be so tightly wound and can be a little ignorant in that we cannot see the difference between the two. A little education or clarification from lawmakers such as Mr. Paul would help to show that he wants to legalize growing the fibrous type of hemp. I think it would be a great idea. If it would add an industry that would add jobs for people here, then it sounds like it should be pursued.

    Maybe one day the legalization of the drug will be considered, but I think we have to go little by little in changing legislation. God knows, this administration has been changing way to radically already. God bless!

  • George Halepis

    Please be advised that it’s Dr. not Mr. Paul. He’s an MD [obstetrician].


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