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Ron Paul Supporters Will Fight Forever

June 19, 2012 by  

Ron Paul Supporters Will Fight Forever
Ron Paul is working to energize his delegates for the Republican National Convention.

Ron Paul spoke to his supporters last week and urged them not to give up demanding that the ideals of the Revolution he has helped to spark become main staples of the Republican platform when the party meets in Tampa, Fla., in August. But for many of Paul’s supporters, giving up has never been an option anyway.

In a video address last Friday, Paul sought to get his delegates ready for what will be the climax of his entire campaign when the Republican National Convention begins on Aug. 27. In the days following the convention’s kickoff, Paul’s delegates will have the chance to change the GOP in ways that suit their mission regardless of the Party’s pick.

Paul is urging delegates and supporters who will be in Tampa to gather on Aug. 26, the day before the convention starts, for a rally to organize in anticipation of the events taking place the following week.

“[The rally] will celebrate what we have done and to urge on and encourage all the delegates who will do their job at the convention, fight for our values, influence the platform and do whatever we can to promote the cause of liberty,” Paul said.

The candidate also expressed the importance of his supporters showing up in large numbers for this event to let the Republican establishment know that his contingent refuses to be ignored.



Paul’s supporters, who have seen several ups and downs during the campaign season, continue to work feverishly throughout the Nation to further their cause. Often, their enthusiasm in getting involved in GOP politics gives the impression that the establishment is getting annoyed.

Though the national media spent little time covering the events that unfolded at the GOP state convention in Louisiana, Paul supporters who attended the event say old guard Republicans in that State blatantly tried to silence them. According to a report from The Times-Picayune, GOP officials, worried that Paul’s supporters would hijack the event, changed party rules in the days preceding the convention and arranged for nine off-duty police officers and several plainclothes state troopers to attend the event for security.

According to the news report, the additional security was provided because the State’s GOP had received a tip that Paul’s supporters had “retained a militia.” But Paul supporter Nick Soniat tells the story a little differently.

“What they called a militia was actually two guys that we asked to attend to stand around our chairperson, because we knew that they [the GOP] were arranging private security, and we feared that they would simply remove our people,” Soniat told Personal Liberty. “But they were asked not to enter the room. So we spoke to the state troopers to ensure that no one would attempt to remove speakers as long as they acted within the rules. We were assured that they would not.”

The convention reportedly then denigrated into chaos. The result and the cause are explained in two different ways: one from the perspective of Paul supporters and one from GOP loyalists.

Ellen Davis, a Paul delegate, writes in a letter to the Louisiana GOP:

“You claim that the violence committed against representatives of the majority of convention delegates was justified because you were simply enforcing the convention rules. Those supplemental convention rules were adopted in a PRIVATE meeting held two days before the state convention in Shreveport. They entirely changed the scope of the agreed upon rules submitted to the Republican National Committee in October of last year.”

Paul’s supporters in the State claim — with convincing video evidence to back them — that the GOP’s hired officers assaulted the first Paul delegate to the convention, putting him to the ground and breaking his fingers in the process. Davis says the man, Henry Herford, was then arrested without ever being told he was violating the law. Herford was charged with the misdemeanor crime of entering and remaining after being forbidden.

Following Herford’s arrest, the delegates proceeded to elect a new chair and continued with the business of the convention. They reportedly elected a slate of 27 Paul supporters to fill 12 of the 18 district delegate slots and 15 of 20 at-large delegate slots, before certifying the results with the RNC. At the same time, State party leaders held their own convention in one corner of the room with about 30 delegates in attendance that had either been certified by the Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum campaigns. Local media are reporting that the minority convention also elected a slate of delegates. Paul supporters and the Louisiana State GOP will likely not know whose delegates will represent the State until the national Republican Party’s contest committee determines the legitimate delegation.

The Republican Party’s “antics,” as they were described in Louisiana, have become a common gripe among Paul supporters. So much so that a large number of delegates represented by the law firm of Gilbert & Marlowe in Santa Ana, Calif., filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California asking the court to decide:

[W]hether Plaintiffs are free to vote their conscience on the first and all ballots at the Federal Election known as the Republican National Convention or whether Plaintiffs are bound to vote for a particular candidate as instructed by Defendants’ State Party Bylaws, or State Laws, or the preference of political operatives.

The chairmen of every State’s Republican Party, as well as the State parties, are named as defendants in the case.

The plaintiffs’ lead attorney, Richard Gilbert, explained his clients’ motivation to Courthouse News: “When nominating someone for a federal office, all delegates must be free to vote their conscience. They don’t want to be bound to any candidate, or even be forced to vote for the nominee. To have a real convention, the delegates must have free will so that when they meet, they can persuade each other and then decide who to vote for.”

Gilbert said that GOP chairmen and organizers have changed the rules immediately before a convention — like in Louisiana — “and sometimes in the middle of one” to block the existence of a quorum or to “rig an outcome.”

Before a judge could rule a hearing or an injunction in the case, however, it must be determined whether a State nominating convention qualifies as a “Federal” election for purposes of applying Federal election and voting laws and that all of the named plaintiffs are indeed delegates to the national convention.




Despite the controversy that continues around the Paul campaign as the RNC draws near, it continues to realize delegate victories throughout the Nation. His supporters have taken over State Republican conventions in Nevada and Maine, and had a strong showing this weekend in Iowa.

With 100,000 supporters and a strong number of delegates expected to arrive in Tampa in August, Paul is certain his backers have a major chance to reshape aspects of the Republican Party. His success in doing so could mean that even if shaping the Party platform at the RNC is one of his last political undertakings, GOP officials will be in the company of people who appreciate the political philosophy he popularized for years to come.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • GALT

    Well after you figure this out Ron, you can get to work on that common law and equity thing, okay? How many times have you taken that oath?

    • GALT
    • bruce

      I don’t care if my vote is useless, I will write in Ron Paul for Prez. And I will vote for those that claim to defend the CONSTITUTION for other positions. Being the Republican candidate that the press has selected for us, means NOTHING GOOD!.
      IF THE PRESS WANTS SOMEONE ELECTED, THEN WE SHOULD VOTE FOR THE “OTHER GUY”. The press has become a political arm of the democrat party, the same group that brought you the KKK. But big big money backs both Oboma and Romney. So we should vote for neither. A vote for Mickey Mouse would be better. (someday that mouse will be elected).
      I WILL VOTE TO REMOVE ANY PERSON WHO HAS LIED TO THE PUBLIC. You should do the same. We need MORAL people to lead us. We are not yet ruled by angels, so we are ruled by men (and women) who are less than perfect and filled with evil. Never trust them, more than you would trust a thief or a violent person.
      Then those in the shadows in power (rich) will know how many millions of people oppose them. They will be hugely supprised and it will be harder for them to do BAD THINGS to the voting public who are not government employees, on the dole, or in unions. All the non-union, non-government employees people should organize into a group to balance the power of unions, with the power of non-union workers, who out produce them in quantity and quality.
      There is a move afoot to destroy the US from within. Where is that discussed in the news today?
      What groups in power today are working to destroy, or change the constitution? they ALL must be apposed.
      Just say NO to BIG GOVERNMENT.
      Be responsible for your CHOICES.
      Your choices are what got you to where you are, be it a stock broker or a welfare bum.
      Own your choices and quit trying to take money from someone else, thru government FORCE, TAXATION.

      • GALT

        What are the odds that the dream ticket, a multi term representative and a (former) judge on a state supreme court are unaware of the information contained in the link? Are not lies of omission, still lies?

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Another Fool chasing a fool’s dream.

  • simian pete

    Ron Paul’s followers are in a CULT. They need to be deprogrammed. They always act like a bunch of victims. Can you believe that after all they have been thru, Ron Paul doesn’t want them to disrupt the Repulican Convention ?

    Anyhow, Ron Paul has done alot of good. That old, constitution loving, statesman just wants to retire and go home to Texas. He’s probably getting sick and tired of PROPPING UP the REPUBLICAN PARTY with his CULT-LIKE FOLLOWERS … To much work for a 76 year old man. To bad for those spoiled Repubs and the cry-baby Paul followers ..

    The Republican Party is just an a out of control train, with it’s throttle stuck at max. It’s going to derail this election .

    Romney is going to lose to Obama ! So we get 4 more years of “YES WE CAN !!” ….
    Stupid Republicans could have won with Ron Paul – Stupid Republicans !!! HA HA HA !!!
    If the Presidential debates happen, watch Obama win against Romney … Romney will act like a victim ! We all will be told to vote for Romney the victim. The Democrats usually come fully trained to debate – he Republicans usually don’t train at all – Republican hubris !!! The Democrats just don’t want a repeat of what Ronald Reagan did to Jimmy Carter back in the 1980 presidential race. “THERE HE GOES AGAIN !!” that was brilliant !

    Hey all you Ron Paul delegates ! Romney is going to lose because he’s a dumbass – why not “shake things up” !!! Let’s have a Radical Capitalistic Republican Convention !! The Republican Convention could be bad ass – just like the 1968 Democratic Convention – but in a Ayn Rand radical capitalist way !! ATLAS IS GOING TO SHRUG !! BIG TIME MR. ROMNEY !!!

    Let ‘em know who John Galt is – He’s Ron Paul …. HA HA HA !!! WHO IS WESLEY MOUCH ? THAT’S THE QUESTION …. It’s either Obama or Romney ?

    • timblosser

      The word is ‘too’. Not ‘to’.

      • simian pete

        Thanks for the correcshun in gramma ! HEH HEH!!! “to(o) late” to learn for this old dog !!! ??

    • braindeadUS

      no name calling you (expletive deleted)

    • lovingamerica2012

      I think Ron Paul and his followers are having some kind of mental health that I call Psychological Hallucinations. They are completely out of control.

      • Sanders

        Hey lovingamerica

        Ron Paul wont win the presidency, that is true, however, he is in a great position to force feed a bit more fiscal sanity to the GOP who will most likely control both houses of congress after the 2012 elections and quite possibly the presidency.

        Mr Paul has been preaching about the fiscal armageddon that is headed our way, thank you Democraps and GOPoops, for some time now and it will hit this country extremely hard in the not too distant future. Just look across the pond at the western european countries that are in financial ruins, what you see happening there is well on it’s way here and it is all a result of out of control federal government spending over the past couple decades and especially the past 12 years. Obummer can’t stop it either.

        • lovingamerica2012

          Awake up guy.Ron Paul is another EXTREMIST that American people DOES NOT WANT.Get REAL!

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear lovingamerica2012,

            A review of your silly comments, ad hominems and misdirections reveal you to be a Republican party shill. Be gone with your ignorance.

            Best wishes,

    • vieteravet

      Yes you sound like you are a monkey! How’s Obama working for you?

      • simian pete

        Hey ! Hey ! Let’s not get personal ! I resemble that remark !!!

    • Steven Archibald

      Really?,..obama can win a debate?,..This bad joke is unable to even read a short sentence and get it right when speaking!,..A graduate of harvard law?,..In “name” only!,..The reason behind his school transcript’s having “vanished”,is because none exhists.To “pass”law school,one must be able to pass “court room”speaking.Obviously,he never took the class.

      • simian pete

        Senator Kerry will be helping Mr. Obama to practice for the debates. “There they go again !” – them Democrats will be READY !!! No Ronnie Reagan upset allowed !

        Romney, because of Republican HUBRIS (that’s the power word today, “hubris” !) like a bad lawyer – won’t be adequately prepared !!!! HA HA HA !

        Hopefully the Ron Paul followers will take over the convention – It will be like a 1968 Democratic Convention meets the TWILIGHT ZONE !!! A MOB of Radical CAPITALISTS take over !!! I’m just dreaming ? Maybe not !

    • jim

      (offensive comment removed)

    • d.sartini

      Such big words for such a small mind… there is no separation of the 2 parties any longer silly… dont u know that money and power has taken control of everything. especially our house of representatives. the days u know are over sir. u must open your eyes to the new america. full of genetically modified food, controlled media, martial law, weather modification, chemtrails and so much more than you imagine… we are just everyday people who have been awakened to the REAL state of the nation. the REAL economic situation. RP supporters generally consist of NON politically involved people, who just want to simplify again. bring back personal liberties, restore free market, end the war, reduce government, end the federal reserve, the awesome private banking system that has raped and bankrupted us… Ron Paul is the symbol of an awakening… a movement of concerned citizens, uniting, to attempt restore america. these ‘cult like followers’ are just normal people coming together, trying to change this disastrous course, that we are on…

  • kategray

    I know that Paul has many values and morals but the primaries have should shown him that the majority want Romeny. By his holding out he is dividing the party so that we can defeat the PRETENDER.

    • Average Joe

      The primaries don’t determine the outcome….delegates do….and Ron Paul has been amassing those delegates. Turn off the “boob tube” and find alternative media sources…. if you want to know what is really going on in the nominating proccess. You are better off being uninformed…rather than being mis-informed.
      Ron Paul 2012!

      • lovingamerica2012

        Ron Paul……against…….Obama. Are you kidding? Obama wins by a landslide. Poor Ron Paul, he would be a big looser, together with American people that would had to stand Obama for 4 years more. All thank to the gaga Ron Paul.

      • Steve E

        I you were to be truly informed., you would know that Ron Paul (if nominated) would take votes away from Obama. The Romney lovers would also vote for Paul also because they hate Obama’s policies too much to do otherwise.

      • Average Joe

        “Ron Paul……against…….Obama. Are you kidding?”
        I don’t usually kid …when it comes to Ron Paul….I believe Obama would be gone in a heartbeat….. without any doubts at all.

        Best wishes,

    • Average Joe

      “By his holding out he is dividing the party so that we can defeat the PRETENDER.”

      Which one? Romney or Obama…they are both, after all…pretenders….just saying…….

      I think I’ll stick with the only non-pretender in the race…Ron Paul.

    • kellys

      Which pretender? Romama or Obomney? One is the marxist democrat from Illinois the other is a Massachusetts liberal, the new Ted Kennedy in RINO clothing. Enjoy your slide into irrelevance, wether you vote the one or the other you will get the same thing. Good bye America.

      • vieteravet

        Like William F Buckley said, “Always vote for the more conservative candidate.”

      • Average Joe

        So…now your voting for Ron Paul too?….You did say: “Always vote for the more conservative candidate.”……that would be Ron Paul……

        Best wishes,

  • braindeadUS

    The pretenders are Romney and Obama

  • mark

    A lost cause for sure! Even his own son is backing the conservative imposter (actually a liberal) Mitt Romney

    • kellys

      Thank you, but they are not listening, Limbaugh has them worked up into a fever pitch, they neither hear, see or think. God help us.

  • braindeadUS

    Romney is not a Republican he is a Democrat, Obama is not a Demacrat he is a socialist, Ron Paul is for the people and America

    • vieteravet

      So, write-in your God Paul and let Obama have 4 more years, brilliant!

      • Vicki

        It’s going to be 4 more years. You just have to decide if you wan those years filled with Obama, Obama spelled with an R, or an actual conservative. If you really are serious that you want ABO (Anybody but Obama) you can not vote for Obama nor Romney (also known as MiniObama). You have but 1 choice. Dr. Ron Paul.

        • lovingamerica2012

          DREAM while you can……….

      • simian pete

        “There you go again !” – just had to use it ….. That Reagan !!!

      • GOTCHA!$

        Bang your head into the wall repeatedly and see how that goes. Thats your suggestion?lol Amazing! Your brillant!! See you in the soup line G.

  • dan

    Romney republicans remind me of Obama democrats …. braindead zombies
    and they then have the temerity to call Ronulans cultists

  • jake

    honest politician cult members line up here. we like ron cuz he doesnt flip flop like most pols. i dont like his foreign policy much…..but, i like a lot more about him than i do other pols. some pols….like ron paul, still have integrity. we wont elect them because we like to be lied to and then bambozled like obama did to us. i prefer romney to obama big time, but, like rand paul, my first choice would be his father, ron paul. i hope that ron paul has influence on mitt that sinks in. we shall see.

    • Vigilant

      Good words jake!

      My fear is that certain planks in the GOP platform will be changed due to the influence of Dr. Paul, and then roundly forgotten. The strife for Constitutionalism must result in a mindset change for Romney or all is to no avail.

      Crucial to national restoration, perhaps more crucial then the presidential election, will be changing the composition of state legislatures, governorships, elected judges and Congress to reflect a true respect for the Constitution.

      • Wildey

        Any changes with Romney will only solidify the agenda that Bush and Obama gave us. Ron Paul is the only running that can give any hope to America. They’re “Republicrats” and then there is Ron Paul. Bob Livingston. lewrockwell. com, occassionally and hopefully others follow Ron Paul.

      • Vicki

        Why hope that Romney might change when you can vote for someone that doesn’t need to “change”. The candidate that will bring hope and change that you really can believe in. Dr. Ron Paul. 25+ years of Constitutionally conservative voting record. Not even Obama can say that having voted “present” so many times in his very short career.

  • Average Joe

    My support for Ron Paul is still present. I will be at the convention in Tampa and I will still be casting my vote for Ron Paul in the general election.
    Before the whining masses start…whining….your arguments are moot and fall on deaf ears….I personally don’t care what your arguments are…I don’t care if Romney or Obama lose….they aren’t my candidate of choice…so, I won’t be voting for either of them….I will be voting for RON PAUL…period! Whining isn’t pretty and it won’t change my vote…So, please…don’t waste your time or mine….just…sit down and shut up…. I am voting for America…I am voting for……..

    Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

    • lovingamerica2012

      Ron Paul will have a heart attack before he gets to Tampa. Then, all his addicted followers
      will follow him to the Hospital.

      • simian pete

        There you go again !

        Ron Paul – the last chance for a Republican victory – FOR PRESIDENT !!!

      • GOTCHA!$

        Lol you have two user names lovingayamerica and vieteravets..TROLLol…

    • vieteravet

      That’s why you’re average!

    • Average Joe

      Ah…the sound of crickets chirping in the distance…what a wonderful sound….

      For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.
      Douglas Adams

      Best wishes,

  • MIKI

    America — America “United we stand, divided we fall” I too respect Dr. Paul – he’s a princpled man and upholds all that Americans need to listen to – there is a but – does anyone remember the the disaster when Pero stood alone, but against the Republican Presidential choice? – and the Republicans LOST? History will repeat itself if we don’t agree to disagree, but stand united. Obama HAS to be enjoying this internal division — he knows that much history.

    • Vicki

      United behind the wrong choice is not a survivable option. Make the right choice. Unite behind a true conservative. One that doesn’t have to “change” to be conservative. One that doesn’t have to explain Romneycare. One that has a 25+ year history of conservative voting. Unite behind the RIGHT choice.

      Dr. Ron Paul.

      • vieteravet

        Thou shalt have no idols! You guys are a religious cult for Paul.. I’ll look for your comments if Obama win another term because of you Paul fanatics!

      • vicki

        And we will look for yours if Romney wins and you get same’o same’o but slower.

  • WillytheGeek

    Ron Paul or lose it all !!

    • vieteravet

      Vote Ron Paul and we lose it all! Thanks comrades!

  • Claudia Walker

    I’m going to write in Ron Paul. I refuse to vote for the least offensive ever again. All you get is more of what you don’t want.

  • tod

    Dr. Ron Paul 2012 Even if we have to write him in !!!

    • The Harrytruth

      If that is who you want, yes by all means right him in and vote for Ron Paul.

      • Vicki

        Good idea. Join us and stop throwing away your vote for the lessor of 2 evils. All you have ever gotten by that was…….evil.

        Vote Obama
        Obama spelled with an R
        Dr Ron Paul.

        One choice for Freedom, 2 choices for slavery.

        The choice is clear.

    • vieteravet

      Well, I’d like to thank all of you for a second term of Obama, not a very patriotic lot are you!

      • Average Joe

        You keep telling us what you are against…what are you for? I can see no difference between Romney or Obama…other than tan lines.
        Instead of telling us that we shouldn’t vote for Ron Paul….tell us why we should be voting for Romney (defeating Obama isn’t a valid reason, since they are both the same IMHO). Tell us…what are Romney’s virtues? What makes him presidential material? What makes Romney the man to lead a nation?
        The ball is squarely in your court…make your case to us….or stop whining (it isn’t pretty), it doesn’t help your platform (which seems to be weak at best).

        Best wishes,

      • Vicki

        Join with us. Unite behind the candidate that does not have to “change” to be conservative.

        Vote for Dr. Ron Paul.

  • Gillysrooms from Australia

    On media issues let me advise that Ron Paul is lucky to have Bob Livingston publications to assist in spreading the message for him but in Australia its pretty much impossible to get Free enterprise views published when as example only just today our Australian Labor leftist minority government in coalition with the very left minority Greens Party have this week decided they wish to Nationalise our Australian Newspapers so the Worlds richest Australian woman Gina Rinehart who has recently purchased a 19% stake in Fairfax Media on our Stock Exchange could not control the business as a Director.

    These red green politicians claim that a business owner like Gina should not have the right to have the power to sack journalists or to interfere with their left wing views they dribble in the newspapers every day because this minority green group claim she would have too much power over the newspaper group considering her shareholding of 19% but they themselves with no shareholding are doing exactly that without having invested a cent of their own money. .

    What a load of BS coming from a very minority Green RED Party group [who will be out at next election] . Its more a case that the reds are worried about losing their editorial media allies who are sending the newspaper broke with their silly powers given by the current LAZY Board of Directors. Fairfax Media has decided to sack 1900 workers including journalists many of which may not be that good…although i must admit the financial journalists have some credability in my many years reading experience.The political journalist have been long time extreme left wing supporters of socialistic lobbying groups wanting to control ownership of GREEN WEDGE Landholders rights so that non owners have rights over landowners land. Fairfax Media is closing down two of their main printing presses because fewer people want to buy newspapers when it can be read through the internet.

    So I say to both these leftist politicians that your days are numbered and I fully support GINA RINEHART is doing whatever she is currently legally to do with her own money and has the right to control her employees however she feels she should as a Director …afterall i dont see the left wing politicians buying any shares yet they want to have total control by changing our laws to suit these dimwit politicians….to become our dictators. Im sure hoping our citizens learn fast enough to get rid of them at the next elections.

    Can I also tell you readers that i have rarely had one of my Letters to Editior published in the AGE Newspaper one of the two main newspapers in Melbourne [the other owned by Rupert Murdochs NEWS LTD] because they never liked my free enterprise ideas or my grammar.

    So I say to you readers….and you think you have political problems with losing your freedoms. Who ever heard of journalists and printing workers controlling the owners of a newspaper??? FROM MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA


  • SJJolly

    If Ron Paul backers turn out to be a majority of the deligates at the Republican Convention, does anyone think the party bosses won’t find ways to replace enough of them to give Romney the nomination? No straying from the script allowed at the coronation!

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Talk about zombies!! That’s the best description for the delusional people who continue to follow this unelectable old kook!! ….. Just remember, every vote you cast or write in for this McGovern-like crackpot is like half of a vote to re-elect Barack Obama. Is that what you zombies want??!! GET REAL!!!!!!!!!!

    • kellys

      Romney is far more Mc Govern like. Romney loves the national debt, he is for the bailouts, he pushed for mandated healthcare in Massachusetts and Obama copied it, he is not very pro gun or pro life for that matter. He is for the expansion of intrusive government and has so publicly, advocating the Patriot Act, two worthless wars and the NDAA.

      • vieteravet

        You probably voted for Carter over Reagan, get schooled!



  • Wildey

    Ron Paul supporters should not give up. Ron Paul mapped out a sound solution to America’s problems. The general may be retiring but the army is still there. There is the Conservatives, Tea Party, Libertarians, the Constitution Party and other state parties with the same goals. The problem is they must get togther. Hitler lost because he opehed up to many fronts. The godless socialist and democrats rally around the democratic party. They have solidarity that the other thinkers don’t have. They need a statement of principles that all of them can rally around and the statement of principles must be God centered. That’s what founded America and the lack of it is America’s downfall. 11Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is the spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY. No Lord, no liberty.

  • The Harrytruth

    If you want to vote for Ron Paul. When it comes time write him in and have your vote counted. We live in a free country where you can do that. God Bless America. I hope we still have an America after 2014 if Obama gets re-elected. It won’t be as fun as it was this time.

  • Atthekore

    The RP revolution is bigger than the man. It isn’t about him, it’s about the ideas, which will, without a doubt, influence the RC in Tampa. Their time has come. The longing for liberty, freedom from oppressive and overbearing government, has awakened and will not sleep again soon.

  • r.p.

    Although the past week has been less than stellar for the Paul campaign. There seems to be something that has not been read or said. There seems to be something that is moot but still appears between the lines. There might be something remarkable that is going to happen in Tampa this August, but we will have to wait till then. Dr. Paul seems to know something we don’t and the C4L rally might be the unveiling of it. We shall see. Regardless of my support for the Doctor, if he is not on the ballot I will have to re-evaluate my options. They never included and never will be considered for Mitt or Barack. Gary Johnson may be the only choice left but I don’t like him either. I do hope that Dr. Paul keeps faith in his supporters and is appreciative of their struggle for the restoration of our Constitution and it’s protected liberties. If he stays in the race there might be a real miraculous event about to occur.

  • Jon Enigma

    I will cast my vote for the candidate of my own choosing. My vote will be for the only candidate that has not violated his Oath of Office. It will be for the only candidate that has served this country in the armed forces. It will be cast for the only candidate that honors the US Constitution. In fact it will be cast for the only candidate for POTUS that has any honor. If you choose to vote for some low life scum, lying two face socialist, take your pick. Signed, the Freedom Cult.

    • vieteravet

      A cult, you are that alright!

  • vieteravet

    I can see Rand Paul in 4 years, he’d make a good candidate, since you all want Obama!

    • Average Joe


      “since you all want Obama”

      Did you get lost in the conversation somewhere along the line? I see a lot of folks saying that they are voting for Ron Paul and a few have that said that they are voting for Romney…But I don’t recall anyone who said that they were voting for Obama. You do realize that zero is a far cry from all…don’t you think?
      Let’s see if you can comprehend this concept: A vote for Ron Paul…is a vote for….RON PAUL. It is not a vote for anyone other than Ron Paul….and…as a matter of fact…it is a vote against all other candidates ( see, so simple even a Caveman can figure it out).

      We have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.
      Douglas Adams

      • lovingamerica2012

        Why you reply to me?. I did not place that comment.

      • Average Joe

        lovingamerica2012 ,
        Reading comprehension problems? Seems to me that I replied to “vieteravet,”…so, unless you are “vieteravet,”….you are mistaken, lost…or both.


      • Identitee

        LOL, AJ, she IS vieteravet. They’re the only 2 trolls that have been on here today, saying exactly the same thing. They are the same person.

      • Average Joe


        I guess lovingamerica2012 / vieteravet is having an “IdentityCrisis”….
        I guess that being schitzophrenic has it’s own unique set of problems….lol

      • vieteravet

        Hey Joe, I don’t know who this Identee idiot is, but I’m a retired MSgt who served in Viet Nam. I’m definitely no skirt!

  • Carl Manning

    Mitt Romney was the surprise guest at Bilderberg last week in Chantilly, Virginia. Mitch Daniels, a Bilderberg favorite for VP was also in attendance and gave a speech they liked. The Bilderbergers were overheard expressing their desire that Ron Paul was “dead”. There will not be any compromise whatsoever in a possible Mitt & Mitch (Mitt Romney/Mitch Daniels) administration. Besides, the GOP hasn’t followed anything in its party platform ever just as they never keep any of their campaign promises ever. Only an ignorant fool would presume a Mitt & Mitch administration would ever consider any of Ron Paul’s ideas. This is just folly and wishful thinking. God always leaves a door open, a way out, for any nation facing His impending Judgment. America slammed the door in God’s face when they rejected Ron Paul because far too many Americans still believe in the federal government’s official Neocon lies about Iran, al CIAda, and 911. Now, the Judgments will begin in earnest from here on out. The American Experiment has finally failed.

  • Dave

    You Paulinistas only serve to do one thing, guarantee Obama’s reelection. Idiocy topped by idiocy topped by idiocy. Paul CAN”T and WON”T win, if Obama wins we all lose so you all just stick to those principles and damn us all. Rand Paul saw the right of it, too bad the rest of you can’t.

    • Average Joe

      That’s your tale….I’m sitting on mine………..
      BTW, the correct term is “Paulitically Involved” ….which makes us “Paulitcally Correct”……… see you at the convention!

      Best wishes,

      • lovingamerica2012

        Hey! That was not my comment.Although,I agreed with that.

      • Average Joe

        It is a rare mind indeed that can render the hitherto non-existent blindingly obvious. The cry ‘I could have thought of that’ is a very popular and misleading one, for the fact is that they didn’t, and a very significant and revealing fact it is too.
        Douglas Adams

    • simian pete


      THERE YOU GO AGAIN ! HA HA !!! When Romney loses to Obama, remember what the GIPPER said,

      “THERE YOU GO AGAIN !” …..

    • vicki

      Dave says:
      “You Paulinistas only serve to do one thing, guarantee Obama’s reelection. ”

      Well actually it is you Romneittes who serve to do one thing. Guaranteed Obama’s election. This is simply because Romney is Obama in Romney cloth. Doesn’t matter which of the 2 wins you will get the same result.

      This is your chance to break the chains that bind you. Vote with us and Obama can’t possibly win. Vote freedom. Vote Ron Paul.

  • Carl Manning

    The fools who will vote for Romney instead of Paul in the general election remind me of Esau in the Bible who sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of soup. You can pretend all you want that voting for Tweedle Dee Romney instead of Tweedle Dum Obama in the general election will preserve America in your ignorance, but there will come a day when Isaac passes away and you lose your birthright of Liberty and Sovereignty. You can only delay the inevitable by continuing to pick between NWO Bilderberg-approved globalists. Romney, the Neocon Nutjob, will at the NWO Bilderberg’s behest start WWIII with Iran, which will lead to a nuclear confrontation with Russia and China and catastrophic global economic collapse, which is just what they want in order to implement their global government of, by, and for the Banksters.

    • lovingamerica2012

      American people had enough about EXTREMISTS. Ron Paul is another extremist that American people DOES NOT WANT.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear lovingamerica2012,

        You write: “Ron Paul is another extremist that American people DOES NOT WANT.” Yes. The Constitution is frightening and supporting Constitutional government is “extremist.” And you claim to love America?

        Best wishes,

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Yea. Let’s balance the budget and mind our own business because we’re broke! What an extremist nutjob! lovingamerica2012: You are allowed to get other news sources besides Fox and CNN. You know that don’t you?

      • simian pete

        That “lovingamerica2012″ … There he goes AGAIN !!! HA HA HA !!!

      • Vicki

        Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.

        Just sayin.

    • lovingamerica2012

      Why supporters of Ron Paul are so BRAINLESS?

      • Average Joe

        Care to elaborate? Not enough info in your post to draw any conclusions concerning whether or not Ron Paul supporters are “brainless”.
        Those of us who are not “brainless” would like to hear your theories…..(this ought to be good)……..

        Please enlighten us!

        Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit.
        Elbert Hubbard

  • Steven Archibald

    Romney has 2 thing’s going for him.1a)his age.1b)his upbringing.His father worked his way up the corporate ladder in the Automotive Industry,before,running for,and becoming Govenor of Michigan(by the way,Ted Nugent and Kid Rock are just a couple of known Michiganiac’s).2)he has job experience.As for the Far Left As You Can Get And Still Be On Earth DemoCraptic Socialist Scum Sucking Piece Of Fraud You Can Find “Pedo” Ofspring,..His Voting record while in Illinois and the short stint in washington?,..He “voted” i’m here,..that is it,..He was “told” not to vote on anything so his political “point of view”could not be “pinned down”,..And look at all he has done so far,..We,need Romney to choose someone(as v.p)that everybody can put up with(actually like better than romney),so,when some whacko jacko’s romney(cause he will tick somebody who is not there off),we’ll have a pres we can all pu up with as a nation.Why has nobody whacked out about b.o?,..Biden.

    • lovingamerica2012

      You SURE, need some PSYCHIATRIC help.Go for it.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        ^ Paid gov’t shill. Verbal attacks, no substance……My shocked face…..0_o

  • Johnnie

    Ron Paul and his Son Rand are known white supremists in the guise of Libertarians. They belief that people should be able to do anything they want….as long as the White Race stays in charge.

    • revnowwhilewecan

      Nice try gov’t check collector but it’s widely know that comments were made on his newsletter without his knowing and when he did find out those responsible were immediately disposed of.

  • revnowwhilewecan

    This just came out today. Apparently there have been attempted sabotage from within the Paul camp. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who knows the forces that have been at work trying to suppress Ron Paul and the freedom movement for a long time now. This explains it well.

    • revnowwhilewecan

      You provide great coverage of Ron Paul so if you hear of anything coming from the 9th circuit court regarding this injunction I’d really like to know more.

    • Average Joe

      Thnx for the link. I had read a bit about this earlier…nice to hear more.

  • revnowwhilewecan

    Note to non-Paul supporters:
    Ron Paul is not just a candidate, he is a movement. What you and the Cabal fail to realize is that even if Ron Paul is defeated we cannot lose. The freedoms that are being stripped away one sneaky ear-marked bill at a time have come to a boiling point. Just like in the 1770′s when less than a third supported the movement (more than 1/3 loyalists and about 1/3 saying, “leave me alone”) we still were able to gain our sovereignty because it was an idea who’s time has come. Once again the idea of freedom’s time has come to reclaim America. So in spite of the ill-informed and the dark forces looking to further suppress our liberties and maintain power, our time has come. Even if Ron Paul doesn’t succeed, his idea definitely will and there’s nothing that Obama or Romney can do about it. When freedom comes to reclaim itself, I will not be standing over you wagging my finger, telling you, “I told you so”, but I will be standing over you with my arm extended to pull you out of the deception you have so sadly fallen for.
    It’s time has come. Join now or join later.

  • robert

    It’s not a question of whether the Ron Paul supporters should give up or not. But what is at stake is more than just a personal political defeat for a Ron Paul. I never did support him and I could never support him because he is only half the president. What I mean by that is it is ideas on the homefront are for the most part good but his overall concept of America’s place in the world is deeply flawed. It’s all been tried before and every time it’s been tried is been the catalyst and spark that set off a world war. America cannot be an isolationist country. Our basic beliefs and the very nature of the American people cannot deal with cutting ourselves off from the rest of the world.

    If Ron Paul and his supporters really care for America, which I believe they do, then they must stand behind whoever comes out of the convention to oppose dirty diaper head Obama. Obama can only be defeated if he faces a committed conservative party that has the best interests of America at heart.

    Ron Paul who I believe to be a good and honorable man who is deeply committed to what America stands for must realize that at this point in time in our history he could not win the presidency in the general election. Using the stated this himself! He needs to set his personal ego aside and put his support and the support of his followers behind the conservative candidate. If the conservative movement does not retake control this will most likely be the last pre-election ever be held in America. That’s what is at stake.

    I know Ron Paul is aware of the inner think that his followers should be made aware of it that every vote for him during the general election will be two votes against America. I say this because for every vote that is not cast for the conservative is a vote for Obama and that’s just the people who don’t vote. If you vote for a person other than the conservative candidate is another vote against America. Now more than ever all conservatives must come together for the betterment of our country not personal egos.

    God bless America and pass the ammunition, it looks like were going to need it!

    • Average Joe

      robert ,
      Your logic eludes me…..

      Please explain to us…what is the difference between Obama and Romney (Tan lines don’t count)….I can’t seem to find any…..

      So, you theory is…we must get rid of Obama…and replace him with a clone…… named Romney?….I believe there are some fatal flaws…in your theory…..Fatal to our Nation. Fatal to our freedoms and liberties. Fatal to the rule of law…..Fatal to the Republic……..

      A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for America.
      A vote for anyone else…is TREASON!

      “Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say ‘what should be the reward of such sacrifices?’ Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth?
      If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!”
      Samuel Adams

    • Vicki

      Robert writes:
      “It’s all been tried before and every time it’s been tried is been the catalyst and spark that set off a world war. America cannot be an isolationist country. Our basic beliefs and the very nature of the American people cannot deal with cutting ourselves off from the rest of the world.”

      Why do you insist that Ron Paul is an isolationist? Read what his campaign says. Non intervention is NOT equal to isolation. It is exactly what we want. To stop trying to force everyone else to behave as we want them to.

  • revnowwhilewecan

    robert says, “America cannot be an isolationist country.”
    You are correct and Ron Paul also believes this. For you to think that is just another example of the MSM penetrating your beliefs. Please look at what Ron Paul has actually said, not what the MSM interprets his views as.
    robert says, “If the conservative movement does not retake control this will most likely be the last pre-election ever be held in America.” This is also correct. Any vote for anyone besides Paul is a vote against the true conservative movement.
    Robert, either you are a disinformation agent or you are a victim of the MSM’s coordinated effort to deceive America. Either way, I will still welcome you when you awaken.

  • simian pete

    I sure HOPE the Ron Paul attendees radically take over this 2012 CONVENTION !! Then the REPUBLICANS could CHANGE FROM flip flop ROMNEY and ELECT a REAL WINNER, that is RON PAUL !!!


    Romney will win the Presidency (?)… There you go again !!!

    • revnowwhilewecan

      I live in Tampa. I’ll be there!

      • Average Joe

        I live just North of Tampa, I will be there as well!

        Ron Paul 2012
        In it to Win it!

  • Marty S.

    Even if Ron Paul does win the nomination the news media would still say Romney won.
    So America, you’re basically screwed with either Nobama or Nobama lite( Romney ).

  • AJ

    The RNC can go F themselves I’m writing in Ron Paul. Such dispicable behavor toward deligates the RNC can go to Hedes.

    • cavalcanti (@cavalca30255304)


  • d.sartini

    You have to fight forever… once you know, you cant turn your head and pretend like you dont… we have been deceived for a very long time… there is no separation of the 2 parties any longer… dont u know that money and power has taken control of everything…. especially our house of representatives. the good old days are over, u must open your eyes to the new america. full of genetically modified food, controlled media, martial law, weather modification, chemtrails and so much more than you imagine… we are just everyday people who have been awakened to the REAL state of the nation. the REAL economic situation. RP supporters generally consist of NON politically involved people, who just want to simplify again. bring back personal liberties, restore free market, end the war, reduce government, end the federal reserve, the awesome private banking system that has raped and bankrupted us… Ron Paul is the symbol of an awakening… a movement of concerned citizens, uniting, to attempt restore america. these ‘cult like followers’ are just normal people coming together, trying to change this disastrous course, that we are on…


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