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Ron Paul Says Conservative Hawks Are Fiscal Hypocrites

February 23, 2012 by  

Ron Paul Says Conservative Hawks Are Fiscal Hypocrites

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul, in a statement regarding the recently released 2013 Federal budget, calls for an end to the hypocrisy of massive government spending and its negative impact on national security.

Paul writes that conservatives rightly complain about the more than $1 trillion deficit outlined in the budget, but that the same “conservatives” also complain that more money needs to be allocated for what the candidate refers to as overseas adventurism.

Citing “Attack of the Porkhawks,” an article written by the Cato Institute’s Doug Bandow, Paul argues that conservatives are using a tired liberal argument to defend the bloated military budget: More money equals better results. The Federal education system clearly disproves the theory, writes the candidate.

Paul writes:

Is there any amount of money that would satisfy the hawks and the neoconservatives? Even adjusted for inflation, military spending is 17% higher now than when Obama took office. Even the worst case scenarios of Obama’s “cuts”, adjusted for inflation, still put outlays at 2007 levels, which are 40% higher than a decade ago. Our total spending on overseas adventurism and nation building equals more than the next 13 highest spending countries in the world combined. Even if we were to slash our military budget in half, we would still be the world’s dominant military power, by far.

Though the Republican establishment and mainstream media continue to defend the notion that Paul’s foreign policy is nothing short of insane, the candidate continues to enjoy comfortable support from many people with close ties to national defense. Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA’s Osama Bin Laden unit, endorsed Paul several months ago; and members of the armed forces overwhelmingly support the candidate.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    The word MUST continue to be pushed that the majority of the troops support Ron Paul! As much as the MSM tries to ignore this we must be the voice of reason and get the word out. Especially in this time when more and more people don’t trust the MSM and are continuing to look for alternative sources.

    • Bobby

      I totally agree. But the neo-cons are the worst at acknowledging it. If they want WAR so badly – I will gladly help them find their way to the nearest US Marine recruiting office!!

      Veterans for Ron Paul (I went!)

    • Vigilant

      Not true. The MSM has been very active in reporting the military support for Ron Paul. Top choices in Google for “military support for Ron Paul” include the NY Times, Washington Post, etc. That’s what’s called “mainstream.”

      And why would the MSM downplay this anyway? Their interest is primarily to knock out the top Republican contender, and that interest would be best served by touting the military’s support for Paul.

      Think before you post.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        The average person dosen’t thumb thru to page 33 in the whatever “times” looking for military articles like active duty and veteran’s do. If you seriously think that this so called coverage has been fair then you are peeking thru the blinds. Reputative poll? Laughable. If you choose to even follow polls then pick any poll that shows me where the troops don’t monetarily support Paul more than the othes candidate’s I say money poll’s because money talks in this country and the other poll’s can and are fixed.

      • Vigilant

        To repeat what I posted below, “The Ron Paul website claims to have received $263,739 from the military through the fourth quarter of last year. This is less than 1% of his total take, and certainly not a statistic worth touting if you equate dollars with votes.”

        As for your statement, “The average person dosen’t thumb thru to page 33 in the whatever “times” looking for military articles like active duty and veteran’s do,” you’re right. The average person goes to Google or some other search engine and looks at the top picks. Doesn’t require thumbing at all, you simply click.

        “If you seriously think that this so called coverage has been fair then you are peeking thru the blinds.” YOU used the word “fair,” I did not. You said “the MSM tries to ignore this” and I countered with facts.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        I was obviously speaking about the total take from the military vs. the other candidates. Not the total take ratio. Fair enough tho. I’ll look more into it. Thanx for the info. That’s why I come here vs. strictly pro Paul sites. I’m new and I need objective views. I refuse to have tunnel vision.

    • Vigilant

      And perhaps you’d care to link to reputable survey/poll results to back up your claim that ” the majority of the troops support Ron Paul.” I don’t think you’ll find it.

      • C.Davis

        Official Federal Election Commission figures.

      • Vigilant

        Absolutely, undeniably wrong. FEC figures do not, never have, never will indicate that “the majority of the troops support Ron Paul.” Not by dollar figures, not by numbers of personnel.

        I repeat, “perhaps you’d care to link to reputable survey/poll results to back up your claim.” Citing FEC figures (which don’t exist to support you) is not a link to any thing, it’s a stab in the dark.

    • Joe H

      I agree, but i keep reading things that make me wonder. Like Waldo county votes missing from Maine GOP results??? If they aren’t gonna let us be counted, we got a problem, people!!!!

    • Deerinwater

      “Vigilant says:”

      excellent rebuttal. If you don’t watch these programs or watch them rarely. It’s hard to know such things.

      Ron Paul has been the grow-up in the room and allowed the children to play “Candidate ” games. It’s all about “timing”, his time will come to “break-out” from the pack.

      As far as “fair”maybe your are right, but “fair” has little to do with the business at hand.

      Ron Paul is offering Capital Hill a huge dose of Caster Oil and nobody on the HILL wants it. Nasty medicine is what he plans to serve up.

      So needless to say, he’s not very popular in certain circles. Main stream and lame stream would prefer him to fall on him sword and just disappear. But Ron Paul has done and said nothing to feel obliged.

      As far a I can tell, telling Santoum he was a “fake” to his face didn’t hurt him a bit. That’s been what I’d concluded myself, some 60 days ago.

      The veiyeo hombre is toting some heavy baggage but armed with solid truths.

  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    Rick Santorum = fiscal conservative = oxymoron = moron

  • s c

    Maybe Ron Paul meant ‘neocon turkeys.’ Hawks fly, whereas turkeys don’t. Conservatives, in comparison, try not to spend, while pretenders and their counterparts [utopians] live to spend and waste.
    Some people never got the word that we can’t spend America into prosperity. When spending fails, it’s time for another war. So, Norman Thomas and Gus Hall were right, folks. There not a whole lot of difference between party A and party B.
    Place your bets while you can. Will it be Iran, Syria, Mexico or North Korea? Call your favorite bookie right now!

    • Sirian

      HA, that’s a good one s c, “neocon turkeys” – it fits really well! You’ve coined a new one that will be used quite often from here on out . . . :)

    • Mark in LA

      He just didn’t want to use chickenhawk – the standard term for these neocon war mongers who used every trick in the book to avoid the draft.

      • Joe H

        Mark in LA, well now you’ve dissed those who did serve, those who didn’t serve, those who avoided serving, WHO’S NEXT????

      • Deerinwater

        I think you covered it Joe.

      • s c

        How would you categorize Bubba Clinton? He did his best to avoid the draft. So is he a closet neocon? Is he a loyal utopian?
        If you don’t want to split hairs, you could call him simply another self-centered useful idiot who was happy to waste time at Oxford (and got no degree). Maybe you could enlighten us as to how any state (let alone Arkansas) would let Bubba serve as their AG without having gone to a law school. You have very quirky, questionable icons, M.
        By the way, you’re still full of it. Define ‘it’ any way you choose, comrade.

  • cawun cents

    It is exactly what happens when you let tax and spend liberals call themselves conservatives.You get the same old tired tactics,with power over budgets at stake.
    Brand A is the same as Brand B,with a shiny new nametag attached to it.
    The wiseman said it best.

    “The ultimate in vanity
    exploiting their[supremacy].
    I cant believe the things you say,cant believe the price you’ll pay,
    Nothing can save us,
    Justice is lost
    justice is raped
    justice is gone.
    Puliing your strings,justice is done.
    Seeking no truth,
    Winning is all.
    I find it so grim,so true,so real.”-Hetfield

    Lyrics from “And Justice For All”,Metallica

    A must read for anyone to see the current situation we find ourselves as a nation in.

    “What sorrow awaits my rebellious children,says the Lord.You make plans that are contrary to mine.You make alliances not directed by my Spirit,thus piling up your sins.”
    Isaiah 30:1 (NLT)

    Avarice is deadly to all who seek control over vast wealth.To seek the power over others,by manipulation via fear,and warmongering.Then turning around and calling themselves true conservatives… arrogant is that?
    And yet the voice of reason eludes them in their quest for control.
    They are willing to sell their great grandchildren to obtain control over the largest cash cow in history.The moneychangers,con-men,slight-of-hand,deep pocketed criers shout.”We will be fiscally responsible,”But their actions do not match their recorded statements.
    So,you get the same old tired rhetoric.
    A chicken in every pot.(as he kisses the babies head)
    The speech writers for Hitler himself,couldnt be any more gleeful with their sway over the populace.
    When a voice of reason,and real moderation,(not the fake democratic stuff)
    calls for an end to the spend,you get the money talks crowd worried that their slice of pie will be lost.In a vain effort to cast dispersion on the socio-economics of sound fiscal policy,the alarm bells go out,”We must protect ourselves from the world!”
    Subjecting all who buy the line,you get a boy who cries wolf scenario.

    What will happen when there is a collapse,because of spend more to make more tactics?
    There will be no protection then.
    Instead,just like now,they will prostitute our young military personnel to the highest bidder.
    Claiming to do the world and nation a service,they service the Arab League with an army to defend them from the monsters they created.Jumping from bed to bed to illicit funds from many nations,they whore themselves and us the nations populace.Give us your tired,your poor,your huddled masses,and we will enslave the lot to become the filthiest whore in the history of the world.But,because we wrap our intentions in a package that comes with a nice red bow,we will seem like we are attempting to save the globe from itself.
    Meanwhile our endentured servitude only gets deeper when they entice us with scatcandy.
    “Our road to hell is paved with awesome intent”,they tell you while smiling and shaking your hand.
    “We are different from the ruling elite that you have now”,they sing to a nation that desperately needs a change of heart.
    Menwhile back at home,the folks go about thing like nothing is happening,
    Like animals in the slaughteryard they graze comfortably,waitng for that day to come when their liberation from it all will haapen suddenly.
    Their trust put into money and wealth.
    Ignoring the obvious to seem caring and responsible,they continue in the way they have been taught to go.Even if it is the wrong way they go like hell towards it,never dreaming of the carnage to come.They even attach a great value on their”Christianity”.
    Too bad they didnt read the book.
    But they look good wearing their suits and whitewashed tombs.
    Dare to be different,even if you look the same doing it,right?

  • Michael J.

    Pulling back to the original constraints of the constitution is our only way forward. No matter how much I doubt it will happen, we must all strive for it.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who has promised to stand toe to toe with the Industrial War Complex, advocating for a strong defense feathered with reasonability.


    • eddie47d

      I think I agree with you Michael. Yet shouldn’t you have said standing toe to toe Against the Industrial War Complex (not With). We must have a strong defense for America without the foreign adventurism which the Military Industrial Complex continually exploits.

      • Michael J.

        If you keep ageeing with me, you’re gonna ruin my image.

        By working together instead of argueing over R’s and D’s as the elites would have it, we may someday have a chance at restoring America to it’s former greatness.


  • Andrew C

    If you want more youth to smoke marijuana, vote Ron Paul(when he legalizes it, it will trickle down to kids)
    If you want gay marriage legalized, vote Rod Paul
    If you want Iran to attack us, vote Ron Paul
    If you want to forget 9/11 and the people who died, vote Ron Paul
    And if you want a nut for president, vote for Ron Paul

    • pepperdotnet

      All of your points are specious and just prove you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      If you want a President who actually means it when he swears to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, vote Ron Paul.

      • Andrew C

        He’s a crazy, old, man and cant beat Obama. And if he runs independant, like a baby, when he doesnt win the repulican nomination, neither him nor a republican will win.
        Vote Santorum!

      • pepperdotnet

        Andrew, you got any facts to back up any of what you said?

        Last night at the debate, just like at the last one, all three of the others made a point of saying about Ron Paul, “I agree” or “He’s right” multiple times. Why not just save ourselves all the trouble and vote for the one all the other candidates know is right.

      • Joe H

        Actually andrew, he is the only one that has consistantly stood the best chance to BEAT Odumberer!! He has no dirt to be dug up!! Everything about him is out in the open and above board!!! All his years of service have proven him to be a man of honor and a man that will do his utmost to do as he says he will!! We have not had that in a long while!!!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Andrew C,
      We don’t want more of the same!!!
      A vote for anyone BUT Ron Paul is a vote for the same!!!

      • Deerinwater

        I can agree with half of what you say Nancy.

        What we didn’t need was a McCain. We managed to dodged a GOP bullet. What we have today is better then what we could have had.

        And here we are again , trying to dodge another one.

        I’d settle for a Paul/ Obama smack down and may the best man win. Two clear different choices without having to hold your nose to vote.

    • ChristyK

      If you want more youth to smoke marijuana, vote Ron Paul(when he legalizes it, it will trickle down to kids)

      Alcohol is legal but alcohol use in teens has been decreasing for years. Marijuana is illegal and teen use has been increasing for years. One of the European nations (forget which), legalized all drugs a few years ago. Opponents screamed that it would increase useage. It actually slightly decreased useage while decreasing costs of enforcement and increasing tax revenue. If we legally sold drugs (I hate all drugs legal and illegal) they could be taxed similarly to cigarettes & alcohol and youth useage could be controlled. It would help state and federal budgets while reducing violence. Many years ago we introduced prohibition because alcohol causes problems. People understood that the federal government had not authority to ban alcohol so they amended the constitution. The problem drinkers did not stop drinking and crime and violence increased exponentially. They realized that this wasn’t working and repealed the amendment. Drug prohibition is constitutionally illegal, expensive (in money & lives), and doesn’t actually decrease drug use.

      “If you want gay marriage legalized, vote Ron Paul”

      Ron Paul wants the federal government out of the marriage business because there is no constitutional authority. States can ban it if people want it banned. I would rather get the government out of the marriage business. Right now the federal government forces us to acknowledge gay marriages and accuses us of bigotry if we don’t acknowledge homosexuality as being as good as heterosexuality. Those who acknowledge the bible would be better off if the federal government was not involved.

      “If you want Iran to attack us, vote Ron Paul”

      If we don’t decrease our spending dramatically such as Ron Paul’s $1 trillion cut the first year, we will be broke and unable to defend ourselves from anyone. Iran doesn’t have the ability to cause any significant attack because they know that we could vaporize them if they attacked. Because of this existential threat, they will only directly attack us if they are backed into a corner and feel that there is no way out. (like is discussed by Santorum). We don’t need a larger defense budget than the next 13 largest militaries combined. We don’t need 900 bases in 130 different countries in order to “defend ourselves”. We don’t need to tell other countries how to run themselves. This leads to hate and nationalism which allows really bad people to rally their citizens together against us (instead of against their bad leaders).

      “If you want to forget 9/11 and the people who died, vote Ron Paul”

      I don’t want thousands more soldiers dying defending other peoples who aren’t willing to defend themsleves. I don’t want to put our military in harms way in 130 different nations and allow them to die in foreign nations that hate us, especially when these nations don’t have enough military might to hurt us more than a flea can hurt a person. Ron Paul is a veteran who values all life and doesn’t want to risk the life of our soldiers for political expediency.

      “And if you want a nut for president, vote for Ron Paul”

      Ron Paul predicted the housing crash. He predicted the attacks (generally) of 9/11. He predicted the crazy printing of money by the Fed which is leading to high inflation. If this is crazy, then call me crazy. I call Ron Paul, the only sane candidate for president.

      Andrew C, Next time try some facts instead of name calling. I could tell you some informative facts about Santorum, but I think I’ve typed enough words for now.

      • Joe H

        Like the one even romney can see? He voted for budget increases SEVEN times??? All those that cut Palin for voting for the bridge to nowhere?? HE did, too!!! Like ChristyK, I could go on but why whip a dead horse??

      • Deerinwater

        ChristyK, The Federal government should not be everyone’s Nanny.

        I’m not giving RP a 100% approval rating but I like his notions of personal responsibility.

        But he wrong in thinking that the government has dominion over a woman’s uterus.

      • Joe H

        you have a misconception there. He only says that it should be left up to the states. If they DO set the date of conception as the date of life, this will be a moot point!

    • Bill

      How are you so sure that you are not the nut?

  • lawrence curran

    Andrew C u r a jerk and I agree with pepperdotnet. Where do u get ur info. Ron Paul is the only true choice if we want to save this great country. I am a Demo but will not vote for Obama.

    Retired Vet.

  • Vigilant

    C’mon, people, it’s time to wise up and recognize when you’re being played.

    Darrell Huff wrote a book entitled “How to Lie with Statistics” in 1954, that analyzes just this type of propaganda. For Mr. Rolley to say “members of the armed forces overwhelmingly support the candidate” is misrepresentation, plain and simple.

    First, I’d like to see the poll or survey results that substantiate this claim; it doesn’t exist. While I don’t doubt the Ron Paul website claims that he received “6 times the combined amount his opponents raised,” that assertion means nothing of import when you look at the numbers.

    The Ron Paul website claims to have received $263,739 from the military through the fourth quarter of last year. This is less than 1% of his total take, and certainly not a statistic worth touting if you equate dollars with votes.

    A more telling statistic would be to divide the number of contributors by the total personnel strength of the Armed Forces. Making a broad (and VERY generous) assumption that each contributing member sent in just $1.00 to Ron Paul, that would be 263,739 members out of a total of 2,278,616 regular and reserve personnel, or just 11.6%. That is definitely NOT what I would call “overwhelming support.”

  • jopa

    Watching the debate last night confirmed it once more that Ron Paul was the only adult in the room.The other three were just trying to outdo each other in who could start the most wars the quickest.What a bunch of morons,( Almost typed Mormons).Then Santorum trying to justify all of his past actions but the Mitt was ready for him this time.The Newt sitting on the side grimacicing and chuckling when the others were after each others throat.So many great moments for late night comedy.When will they ever learn?

  • phoenix

    oh, andrew is just on the santorum dole. don’t mind him ;)

  • Raymond Carl

    ChristyK is right on in her reply to Andrew C. Thank you Christy. If Andrew would get the facts behind those blogs he quotes, he will find the truth is exactly as ChristyK pointedly exclaimed.

  • Bonnie Parmenter

    National Day of Prayer and Fasting for our Nation April 06, 2012.

    A prayer group is organizing a national day of prayer and fasting for our nation. We are praying for the candidates running for office. We are praying for the restoration or our nation morally, politically and for our economy.

    Please join in prayer and fasting on April 06, 2012 for our nation.

    Please forward this to all your contacts.

  • http://NOWEBSITE EDWARD Brown

    [Andrew C] You say RON PAUL is a liar well if you can name one politician thats not a thiefor liar you don’t know your history the CONSTITUTION HAS BEEN TORN APART FOR MANY DECADES AND ONLY RON PAUL has Even mentioned Without the Constitution as the LAWS of THE LAND We Will continue to Fight WARS, ECONOMEY failure,POLITICS THAT KEEP US SLAVES,LIBERTY, FREEDOMS as we knew them all gone living under socialistic communism, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Obamaare are more of the same as what we’ve had for 65 yrs and even some presidents of the teens,twenties,thirties, forties and then, middle SIXTIES until PRESENT. RON PAUL WILL RECOUP MANY THINGS FOR AMERICA and its citizens. MANY GENIESES were call STUPID ED [check it out Andrew C ]

    • Joe H

      I can name one politician that isn’t a liar or a theif!!! Ron Paul!!!! Very consistant in KEEPING his word! Very consistant in trying to CUT spending!! Has even promised to cut his own salary as president by 1/3!!!! THAT ISN’T A THEIF!!!!

      • Deerinwater

        I’d say that he really wants the job.

  • Jake

    Well,I sure hope He gets it!!!!!!

  • http://NOWEBSITE EDWARD Brown

    Ed Brown!! Sorry Joe H maybe I didn’t word my comment correct, politics upset me to no end, everyone except RON PAUL lie and cheat the American people. Ron PAUL is the only Canidate that ever mentioned the CONSTITUTION probably the only one in congress that Knows what it means. I know what the country was 50or60 yrs ago, if we had a President like Ron Paul and a congress,we could trust, life would be sound again.The trouble is, Joe no-one wants to fight for our rights, just government keep selling us out,come on young people fight these political corrupt thieves & liars,THE PEOPLE ARE the GOVERNMENT,535 employees telling 300or so AMERICANS how to live its time to wake up people in 125 yrs there should have been thousands of politics impeach for treason lying under Oath and I could go on & on & On for weeks but no-one would believe, the truth if it bit them in the a__

    • Joe H

      No problimo, friend. Your explaination cleared it up!!!

  • s c

    Be careful what you wish for, comrade. Here goes, ‘M.’ IF you are SO concerned with whether or not people register with the ‘draft’ [something we haven't had for a LONG time], then are you claiming that one of YOUR favorite icons – Bubba Clinton – is a NEOCON?
    If you do a small history check, you’ll find that Bubba did everything he could to STAY AWAY from going into the military. That puts your words in a strange position, huh?
    Either Bubba is a NEOCON, or you don’t know what the ___ you’re talking about, comrade. WHICH IS IT, eh?

  • Wolfman




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