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Ron Paul Republicans, A Party Anew

June 11, 2012 by  

Ron Paul Republicans, A Party Anew
Many Ron Paul supporters think his son sold him out by supporting Mitt Romney.

Last week, thousands of Ron Paul supporters likely cried “Judas” when the Presidential candidate’s son Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) offered his support for Mitt Romney.

But some within the Ron Paul Revolution don’t seem all that worried. The elder Paul himself recognized prior to the announcement that he didn’t have enough delegates to secure the Republican Party nomination; though, he has undoubtedly secured enough to have a place at the party convention (Paul predicts 500).

“My first choice had always been my father,” Paul told Fox News’ Sean Hannity last Thursday. “I campaigned for him when I was 11 years old. He’s still my first pick. But now that the nominating process is over, tonight I’m happy to announce that I’m going to be supporting Gov. Mitt Romney.”

While some members of the Ron Paul camp have expressed disdain at the turn of events, other Paul supporters are urging them to consider the bigger picture: Paul’s victory in the battle for the White House would pale in comparison to the chance his supporters have to redefine the Republican Party in coming years.

Reason’s Brian Doherty turns to Republican Party history to explain the movement that is under way, writing:

The Goldwater movement in 1960 was seen as too young, too radical and too outside the mainstream by the GOP establishment of its day.

The religious right during the 1988 Pat Robertson campaign was seen as an overly loud and pushy minority.

But just as those minorities grew and dominated the GOP, the libertarian-leaning energy of the Ron Paul movement is primed to shape the future of the Republican Party.

With their unique seriousness about reining in a government drowning in debt, neither the Republican Party nor the country can afford to ignore the concerns of Paul’s devotees.

Paulitical Ticker blogger Jack Hunter explains more here:

Former Presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who wants his 267 delegates to get piece of the convention action, has noted that a fight within the GOP is already under way.

“I want to make sure that our delegates have an opportunity to come, many of these folks were great volunteers and workers for us and I want to make sure they have the opportunity to experience that convention, and we have other candidates who have delegates coming who, let’s put it this way, may have a different approach, particularly to the platform,” Santorum said speaking to a conservative group last Friday.

Santorum will likely get his fight. In a campaign email last week, Paul urged his delegates to prepare to head to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., this August.

“I hope every one of you continues the fight we have advanced so well this year.  I hope you will finish your local and state conventions, and, if you were selected as a national delegate, that you will head to Tampa in August to force the Republican Party to listen to the voice of liberty,” said the correspondence. “We have never had this kind of opportunity.  There will be hundreds of your fellow supporters in Tampa who will be ready and willing to push the Republican Party back to its limited government, liberty roots.”

The Republican National Committee is already bracing itself to deal with Paul supporters who want to reshape its policies. A three-day festival directly preceding the convention in honor of Paul was put on hold last week because the RNC — which controls most of the free space in Tampa the week of the convention, including the fairgrounds where the festival was scheduled to be held — has for now blocked approval for the event.

If the RNC blocks the event, there is a possibility that it will have 20,000 angry Paul supporters who were expected to attend spread throughout Tampa and a swarm of unhappy delegates attending the convention. It could mean serious bad press surrounding the weeklong Romney love-fest.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Orrie

    I wouldn’t be so happy about supporting Romney!

    • Cathy

      We need to stop trying to change the candidate because it is futile at this point. A third party candidate will only give the advantage to Obama. Intense pressure needs to be exerted to convince Romney to pick someone like Allen West for his V.P. and Ron Paul for Secretary of the Treasury. Then fill the cabinet with true Constitutionalists and push to enact term limits in the House and Senate.

      • Warren

        West?! OMG, check out his voting record. It is awful.

      • Phil

        I aggree with you. I don’t think that Ron Paul ever thought he would get the nomination. Much as I like him he’s just to old to be president. But the Republican Party does need to shape up and get more like America and less like the Demoncrat Party. Comprise with the Demoncrats means selling out our freedoms a little at a time. I think getting the Rebublicians back on the right track will be better than him being president. A third party gives Obama a second term for sure which will be the end of America as we know it. Who do you want to appoint Surpreme Court Justices Obama or Romney. Think about it Ron Paul supporters, I rest my case.

      • TIME

        Dear Phil,

        What is the R party?

        Where did they come from?

        What have they ever done that was Positive for this nation?

        Ok here are the answers:

        #1, They are “NO DIFFERANT” than the D party!

        #2, They came from the WIG party, aka the CROWN of England party.

        #3, The answer to this one is a BIG PHAT “ZERO,” now thats sad, don’t you think.

        As a matter of fact, they gave you the loss of the ” ORIGINAL Constitution,”
        The Civil War,
        The ltotal loss of all your RIGHT’S, and lets not forget they also gave you the NEW Political thearter we now have.

        Now thats what I call a real class ACT! Where can I join?

        Peace and Love

      • PL

        Cathy and Phil have said it, a third party candidate will hand the presidency back to Obama. Beside the failing governance and movement towards socialism, Obama DEFINITELY will have the chance to appoint liberal justices in the second term. Ron Paul supporters worry about our constitution? Be very worried if Obama gets his throne and wield his mandate of the re-elected presidency. Remember what he said: ” I won! “


        Excellent advice Cathy.

        USAF (RET)

      • Mike


        Well stated my dear.
        Several supreme justices are scheduled to retire during the next four years. If Obama wins, HE will be the one appointing them. If you look at the people he has already supported, it gets very scary for rights in America. If he appoints one more anti-second amendment justice, several million Americans will be made into criminals overnight.

        With more liberal leaning justices, we could see the UN pressuring for more control over US policies.

        Another four years of Obummer MUST not happen. I soooo wanted Ron Paul to get the nomination but it was not to be. Perhaps he can put enough pressure on the repugnican’t party to get it back to smaller government and more individual rights.

        At this point I have to support Romney in the hope Obummer cannot continue to circumvent constitutional law. The more I watch and listen to that man, the less I trust him.

      • Wil

        Time, I know I’m probably just feeding a troll here,but face it,we can’t say your party of slavery,Jim Crow law,and the KKK is not persistent. Ever since their loss in ’63,when civil rights laws were passed despite everything they did to stop it,they have been hard at work to turn minorities against the party that supported them.BTW,you have it backwards there,it was the Federalist party that became the Republicans.The Whig party Torys,those supporting the crown,are the party now supporting the global Communist agenda,which would be yours.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        West is a neocon scum….no thanks
        I’d rather vote for Gary Johnson

  • James Andrews

    Ron Paul is by far the best choice out there, but the poilitcal process is so dirty with money today that he probably doesn’t have a chance.

    • LindyMaeUSA

      Mr. James Andrews:

      About Ron Paul, you wrote: “. . . he PROBABLY? doesn’t have a chance!?!” Since Congressman Paul is an intelligent, educated man, I’m thinking he DEFINITELY KNEW up front “he didn’t and wouldn’t EVER have a chance!” at the 2012 Presidency!

      Someone please correct me if my information is wrong, but weren’t Ron Paul’s Presidential aspirations blocked exactly the same way in the past two elections?? If that’s true, what possible motive could this man have to try for a third time to ACCOMPLISH THE IMPOSSIBLE, knowing THEY absolutely would NOT let him get nominated or anywhere near the ballot!?!

      I’m thinking: “There has to be a “reason” for Ron Paul spending his valuable time, energy and money on a “Lost Cause!?” Even a fifth grader could conclude that “a third try” wouldn’t be the most logical or financially advantageous thing to do with two (2) failures toward the same “goal” already on record!

      Now Patriots, don’t get your dander up at what I’ve said here! I’m not accusing or insinuating anything because I’m ALSO a Ron Paul supporter and have been since last November.

      In fact, I wore “Ron Paul – 2012″ t-shirts for months despite people giving disgusted looks and flipping the finger at me! I fearlessly wore END THE FED buttons everyday, but by February when the slime media had already been broadcasting the “rigged” numbers, refusing to acknowledge his statistics as the “highest favored” candidate and omitting Dr. Paul from TV debates, I knew our hopes and dreams for a “decent man” in the White House would never materialize! :-(

      Fellow Patriots: I am utterly broken-hearted by the inevitable fate of our beautiful, beloved Country which has been a bastion of FREEDOM to the rest of this world for nearly 236 years!
      My country,’ tis of thee,
      sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing;
      land where my fathers died,
      land of the pilgrims’ pride,
      from every mountainside let freedom ring!

      Our fathers’ God, to thee,
      author of liberty, to thee we sing;
      long may our land be bright
      with freedom’s holy light;
      protect us by thy might, great God, our King.

      • Kate8

        LindyMae – I wholly agree with you. I, too, have been a Ron Paul supporter, yet have had certain, what I consider, obvious misgivings about where it was going.

        The NWO elite would not allow him to win. They threatened his life at Bilderberg (?), and it all fell apart after that. Was this planned from the beginning? He knew they would not allow him to win. He is well aware of their power and ruthlessness, and he also avoided certain hot button issues, such as the BC. That was disconcerting, to say the least.

        End the FED? The truth is, the FED had a 100 year contract with the US which expires after this year. It was the plan all along, to use us to build their power during this time, leading toward world government, and then collapse the system (and the US), only to have the same elites rise up supreme on the Earth. America is being discarded like a worn out shoe, and I do believe that Paul has been aware of this, just like the rest of them.

        Just look at what’s been going on. And now DHS has a list of all of those who voted for Ron Paul, and the ability to eliminate whomever…

        Sorry, folks, but I smell a rat here. I kick myself for casting that ballot. I almost did not, but I clung to the thin hope that it was a legit movement, since it seemed all that we had.

        We need to be very discriminating in whom we trust. I wonder if we can trust anyone…turncoats are being exposed from everywhere. And I mean people who have won high trust.

        These are truly the times which try men’s souls.

      • duane

        Your analysis and observations are spot on. In my opinion I think Dr. Paul continues to do this to steer a very misguided political party back to its roots as a small government, liberty loving and practicing fiscal conservativism. I would hope that he leaves a profound legacy on our political process and get more and more people to see the value of all of his ideas.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Kate8, I agree with you! Are you saying that the dhs “probably” has a list of all who voted for Ron Paul? Or are you saying that you read somewhere that they are keeping a list? If it is documented, could you post a link? If you are speaking your opinion, I agree but just wondered if it was documented.

      • Kate8

        Nancy – Many vote by mail. In these cases, your name is on them.

        I have read many times where DHS has said, “We know who you are and we know how you vote”.

        Think about it. Anyone who uses a computer has made opinions known. These things are monitored. We blog and we sign on to citizen groups. They know what books we buy, and anything else we purchase online. Unless we pay cash, they know everything we do anywhere.

        I’m sure you can do a search and find what you are looking for. I have not captured links, but I know there is much info.

        The video I posted on Saturday, the interview with Ron Pauls political advisor, campaign manager or whatever her title… When asked whether she thought Ron Paul was aware of the Bilderberg control of the elections, got very upset and said, “I only know that his portfolio has grown”.

        Here is something more. You’ve heard, I’m sure, about the high numbers of military “suicides”. Have you wondered if they might be just like the high numbers of other political “suicides” going on?

        Is it possible that the military is being brought under control of the elite by rounding up and eliminating all of those who openly state that they will not turn on Americans? It appears that the Oath Keepers are being picked off.

        Has anyone really questioned why we have Russian troops training on US soil, with our military? REALLY? Does this not raise the hair on the backs of our necks?

        This should give us all great pause:

      • JeffH

        In 2010, the Tea Party had a huge impact on the elections. I believe the Ron Paul supporters have a golden opportunity to change the direction, however slight it may be, of the statist Republican party.

      • Mike

        TO CATE8:

        How in the world would anyone know you voted for Ron Paul?

        Do you think they did a fingerprint scan?

      • Kate8

        mike – I thought I just explained that.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Kate8, I don’t doubt that they “probably” have a list of who voted for Ron Paul. Here in Nebraska, we have paper ballots but they are not anonymous as they should be. When you sign the book to get you ballot, they write down the number of the ballot you received. So I don’t doubt that they could or probably do keep track. I was just wondering if you had read something that confirms that they do. As to the video you posted a link to, I will have to research much further before I would believe it. I don’t doubt that it COULD be true but I would need more than that to prove it’s veracity to my satisfaction. I think that our beliefs run along the same lines but I require much more evidence to convince me. I will look for it though. You could be right.

      • michaeljbeglinjr

        MIKE: I have worked the polls for the last three elections and trust me, if they want to know, they can definitely find out for whom you voted. The electronic voting machines keep track of everything, and your name is logged in with your ballot number. So yes, they can easily find out how each person voted.

      • Kate8

        Nancy – I don’t know about anonymous ballots. I, like many, vote by mail and it has my name and address on it.

        As far as the video, this has been talked about for a long time… more so lately. If you look at all that is going on, like troops, both domestic and foreign, on our soil; the confirmation of FEMA camps, including want-ads for hiring staff; the millions of plastic coffins; the deaths of so many military of supposed “suicides”; the “suicides” and “accidents” of over 100 microbiologists; the startling numbers of journalist deaths recently; many highly suspect celebrity deaths, especially those who have tried to rebel against the NWO; deaths of judges and politicians who have tried to expose corruption; the poisoning of our air, water and food;… I could go on.

        Rounding people up has been in their endgame protocol all along, for those who have followed it. I first read about it back in the ’90s. Do a search on William Cooper, ex-military, and what happened to him for exposing it. I have a great documentary on him if you want to see it. I think it’s at A true hero.

        This is not new. Those who have been watching and researching for many years know that it is in the plan. Things are unfolding precisely as planned… so far. I’m not sure they counted on so many people waking up. They’ve kept us from talking among ourselves by labeling us “tin foil hats” and so forth. We’ve been self-censoring, which has helped the PTB greatly. Had we not been so afraid to look and listen, we probably wouldn’t be in this predicament now.

        People have been reporting about the trains and guillotines for some time, too. As usual, people don’t want to hear it, so they decide it isn’t true. The Bible tells us that, during this time of Tribulation, many will be beheaded because of their faith (and patriotism). What culture uses beheading as their preferred form of death? Islam! And the Illuminati, too.

        There is talk of arrests of elites, surrender and so forth. Yet, it is not apparent by what’s taking place… the increase in brutality and oppression. And the SCOTUS just refused to hear the legitimacy case, again… Not because it doesn’t have merit, but because the plaintiffs “lack standing”. Right. We know they’ve sold us out. And this does not bode well for their imminent decision on O’care, since it is a crucial part of the control grid.

        By all means, don’t listen to me. Do some research. Draw your own conclusions. But do it quickly because the Endgame has already begun, and is set for this year.

      • Kate8

        Nancy – If you find that stuff hard to swallow, try this:

        I’ve been hearing about this stuff for years, too. It’s being blown out in the open now. I heard another whistleblower report on this a few days ago.

        These evildoers are in their final days of secrecy. It’s important that everyone know these things so they can be prevented. Unimaginable, I know, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

        Like I’ve said…, we aren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto.

    • http://comcast the fisherman

      Romney is not worth 30 pcs. of silver maybe pescos

    • Belinda Saxon

      dead horse……ka…pow… dead horse…..ka….pow

    • bobmann101

      As I have posted and commented many times I believe there are too many people who have been bought, bribed, blackmailed or threatened and more on the list. If this statement is not true this illegal, phony, lying POTUS would not be in office.
      In fact BHO will remain in office until his big money string pulling puppet masters are finished with him. Then he will somehow be eliminated.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Kate8, I’m not shocked by what you say. Most of these things I have researched and we are in agreement. I was asking for info so that I could learn more about the things that I had not heard of. I am intrigued by one link or suggestion but I need to keep researching until I find what is hard convincing evidence for me. Thanks for sharing.

  • former walmart person

    Many suspect that he has been secretely threatened. However, Alex Jones has been threatened like crazy and it hasn’t stopped him from holding fast onto principles. You can’t do a deal with the Devil. And those who would give in for a return to not have their family slaughtered need to understand: what is to stop them from doing it anytime, anyday? They could decide to do it and make it look like a car accident even if you DO GIVE IN TO THEM for no other reason but they FEEL LIKE IT. Hitler’s FIRST MOVE when he fully came into power was to elminate alot of the people WHO HELPED HIM get to power. Afterall, they knew where the bodies were buried, so to speak. You can’t do a deal with the Devil. You can’t. You will get burned no matter what if you do a deal. If you shout from the rooftops and hold fast onto principles, in a sense it may actually protect you, because if your family ends up dead in a car accident, and people can’t investigate it like a car accident for any other jo blow family, then people will KNOW something smells fishy and it will further outline everything the person said. Ron Paul / and Rand Paul are not the President yet, so if any of them die of mysterious causes, we should be able to fully investigate without some mysterious link “to national security”. The moment a real investigation is blocked like with 911, is the minute we know the truth.

    I am with alex Jones on this one! Just like Captain Picard said of the Borg in First Contact, “They advance, and we fall back” They assimilate entire worlds, and we fall back! No more! “The line must be drawn here!!!! No further!!!

    • Shane

      Your comment was a laugh. My comment has nothing to do with my feeling toward Ron Paul, and even those issues that you and I may be similar to. It’s your lack of control over your emotions, and your poorly reasoned writings. “Former walmart person,”, your comments do the cause much harm to the postion of Mr. Paul. Get a grip. Then come back with a balanced and mature explantion of your beliefs. Gee, you reason like a dang liberal.

      • former walmart person

        A. what comment are you talking about? I see only one from you in this article?

        B. I will agree somewhat on need to control my own emotions, but in labeling my argument as devoid of reason, I would like you to list in as great detail as possible, your well reasoned argument and why my argument is unreasoned. So many folk just say your argument sucks! Which is fine and dandy but they never list a reason why. If you don’t list any reasons, then other folk on this website will know your attack to be baseless.

      • Deerinwater

        “So many folk just say your argument sucks! Which is fine and dandy but they never list a reason why.”

        That seems to be the trait of some people that like to think they are intelligently superior to liberals in every way.

        (and for the record) I too,~ fail to understand his critical comment, finding it lacking in development. Time for the old Valcan “mindmill” or Dick Tracy’s decoder ring.

      • Karolyn

        Deer – It’s Vulcan mind meld or mindmeld.

    • rocketride

      Or, as Kipling pit it: “If you have once paid the Dane-geld, you’ll never be quit of the Dane.”

    • speedle

      Unh, tell me Walmart Person, does that mean a “last stand” as in the “Alamo”? How do you go about “drawing the line”? What exactly does that mean? Perhaps you mean like a Kamikazi pilot in WWII.

    • Cliffystones

      It’s funny you bring up that quote, but it does sum up the disgust that most informed American feel when contemplating the future of our country.

      I’m reminded of “Doc Brown” in the first Back to the Future. When he’s checking out the camcorder and exclaims to Marty ‘No wonder your President is an actor, he has to look good on television!”

      This is the real problem. Not you or I, nor anyone else who tries to do their homework and make an informed choice. But those people who will back Romney, Obozo, Brad Pitt or whoever simply because they “Look Presidential”. Dr. Paul’s message is spot-on and what the citizens need to hear. But so many people keep choosing the same type of people with the same cookie-cutter policies and expect things to improve.

    • Shane

      Deer in the water, “former walmart person’s” comment speaks for itself. No further explantion is needed on my part.

      Give my best to Captain Picard and also to Borg. lol gee my belly hursts from laughing. But to play along, let me analysis the leadership method of Captain Picard and how to create new jobs, lower our cost of living, deal with the Iranians, fracking, affortable solar cars that an average citizen can afford, miltary cuts, bailouts to General Motors to keep their union pensions from going broke all the while screwing the bond holders. OK, now what would Captain Picard do? Uhm! Let see? Picard would blast the hell out of the Borgs. Then what? Gee, I just don’t know. Former Walmart Person, just what fould Captain Picard do to solve our nations problems?

  • metroman

    Audit the Fed? Ron Paul wants it shut down! Romney wants to continue the wars, Paul said if elected he would have the troops out “as soon as I can get the ships there.” Paul does not want the new health care law to stay, Romney is the originator!

    More B.S. Obama will get most of the Ron Paul votes or they will not vote. Four more years down this path and to paraphrase Jefferson “you need a revolution every 40 years.” Did the Paul’s get a Ross Perot offer or are they a planted diversion by the NWO?

    • Teresa M.

      Don’t forget Rommney supports the NDAA. When questioned about it at a debate he answered the american people would just have to be careful who they put in office.

  • msbetz

    Ron Paul is the only ELIGIBLE candidate.

    • d

      msbetz, i agree with you. there probly would have been some change for the good in this country. there would have been many changes but not without a fight from congress. i’m sure most of them are owned by big money too. there would have been a overhaul of congress to get anything done. people need to get out and vote. maybe if they did there would be a change in the type of representitive we get. the vote can out do the buck. too bad there is so many people that sit back and think whatever happens will happen and some think nothing can be changed. they are so wrong.we need to get rid of the beauty padgent like elections that big money puts out to get their choice of candidates in. people fall for this crap. thats why paul never got it.

  • Vigilannie

    I WILL NOT support/vote for Romney…..(and DON’T tell me it’s a vote for obama…..) if everyone voted Ron Paul (third party or othewise), we would NOT have obama or obama lite – Romeny! This is not the time to lay down and die…………

    • d

      vigilannne, usually if anybody votes thrid party it goes to a party like the democrats. i thin it would be sweet if ron paul was elected as a write-in candidate but big money has its chosen candidate in obunhole and romney. the general election will be set up in a beauty padgent atmosphere like the republican primaries. whoever is made the prettiest will win.

      • Teresa M.

        Ron Paul pulls votes from the dem party also. The media doesn’t tell you where the disgruntled Obama supporters are, they need you to believe their lies.

    • Shane

      If pigs could fly, I’d see you Vigilannie up in the clouds.

      Ron Paul had his chance this year. There will be time again for him, his son, or others with similar beliefs on freedom. But fools rush forward without a plan, only emotion, like a kamikaze charge. Doing only emotional victory for the empty headed, while leaving their friends with one less advocate for the cause. Only the dimwitted fail to see that the hole will be much larger to dig out of, if Obama is reelected. Maybe too steep, too deep for the nation to be saved. Great progress has been made in the last few years. Look at the congressional strong conservative canidates and governors that have been elected. Let’s rebuild this “once” great nation back to our founder’s orginal intent. Brick by brick. Political race by political race.

      Hey Mable, what’s that in the sky? Oh! It’s only Vigilannie.

      • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

        Shane, Ron Paul supporters are not Fools you are, Romney is the flying pig Big Business Big Government BIG SPENDER, just look at his record and see what he has done not what he said he wants to do. Romney is theFLIM FLAM MAN WHO HASEN’T SAID ANYTHING THAT HE COULDN’T FLIP FLOP ON. He is already Flip Flopping on 40 Million Illegals, that means that the Illegal’s if allowed to stay will keep the 12-14 Million jobs they have taken from American workers. He said he will NOT Balance the budget leaving us with another $4.8 Trillion more in debt. He will not audit the Federal Reserve or close it down and we need to get rid of the Federal Reserve if we have any chance of paying down our debt. Ron Paul has a Plan Romney is just a smaller version of Obamination, but you just put another Phony Politician that dosen’t believe in our Constitution. I say that because when asked of Romney if he would revoke the three Bills that Congress and Obamination passed taking away our 1st and 5th Amendment rights, HE SAID NO. SOUNDS LIKE BUSINESS AS USUAL, ANOTHER FAKE cONSERVATIVE.

      • michaeljbeglinjr

        I’m betting Romney wins this one, and the next election we will see a REAL choice. I predict Rand Paul running and winning in 2016. People laughed at Ross Perot, but everything the man predicted has come to pass. People are laughing at our best choice, Ron Paul, but the corporate money will not back him. Ron Paul knew he would never be allowed to win, but he also knew he could make a huge difference in the Republican party. He has done so. If we had public-only campaign financing, Ron Paul would have won by a landslide. We need to get Big Business out of our elections, and institute term limits on every government position we have. Public service used to be for a term or two, and then the representative would go back home. Now we have career politicians that care more about lobbyist money than their voters. Until that changes, we can complain online all we want, but nothing will change for us. The vast majority of career politicians should be ashamed of themselves for being nothing but leeches.

      • Shane

        Vietnam Vet 67-68. I appreciate you calling me a fool. Coming from you, it places a distinct difference in gray matter between the two of us. You failed to dissect my opinions while spouting gibberish. I did not insult Ron Paul, nor did I collectivly dish Ron Paul supporters. Only those simpletons like yourself, that lack reasoning skills along with moderate comprehension of the written word. By the way, most “battle” veterans that I am privileges to know and associate with (my father was a machine gunner in Korea and only mentioned it once without swagger), place more honor on their brothers than using their experience as a cheap byline on a blog.

    • Vigilant

      It’s truly a shame that you don’t comprehend what Dr. Paul is trying to do. He knows as well as the next guy that he’s not going to be president. He also knows, as Jack Hunter explained, that “our movement isn’t about individuals, it’s about ideas.”

      He also knows that 20% of the delegates is not sufficient to “take over the Republican Party,” and he would be the first to tell you “without the support of Congress, the President alone cannot move an agenda.”

      This article by Sam Rolley is outstanding. Jack Hunter is saying the same things I’ve been saying for months on this forum, that Dr. Paul’s true value is in molding the direction of political conversation and making the Repub establishment understand that it is only respect for Constitutionalist principles that will pull our nation out of the mire. Also, that the impact can be best accomplished by working at lower levels of government first.

      • Vigilant

        That response was directed to Vigilannie.

      • JeffH

        Vigilant, well stated! I tend to look at the effect the Tea Party had in 2010 and believe Ron Paul and his supporters are another important step in recovering/remolding a Constitutional government. It’s a long hard road we all must travel…our founders and framers proved it can be done and it can be done again.

        I love my country, not my government…help to defeat tyranny and restore our Constitutional Republic and preserve “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for future generations.

      • Vigilant

        Excelent words, Jeff!

      • Vigilant

        Sorry, make that “excellent!”

    • Wil

      Vigilannie and Vietnam Vet, look,I’m not putting you down,I like Ron Paul’s ideas myself,but think about it.Even his son Rand realizes that Ron has no chance this time around,regardless of the reason,and that our country will not survive another four years with the ‘progressives’ and communists in charge. I’m sure Rand is just as disappointed as any of us,but he is trying to set a good example.The most important thing this election is to vote Obama,and as many liberals as possible,out of DC.
      Have patience, Ron Paul might not be president, but his ideas have taken root,and will help to restore the republican party in the long run regardless.
      Rand Paul 2016! (And here’s to hoping that another Obama term doesn’t end free elections before then!)

  • Labelless

    When you support the lesser of evils, you are still supporting evil. Obama and Romney have the same policies because they have the same money backing them. There is nothing new about this republican party. There is nothing new about these policies they are the same that Bush Jr was putting into place.

    • Eugene Frana

      It’s time to vote LIBERTARIAN and vote for Gary Johnson!

      • independant thinker

        First let me say I am not against the Libertarian party and in fact like most of what they stand for. The couple of points of dissagreement I have with them I can live with.

        Now, If the Libertarian party is to ever amount to anything other than a historical footnote they need to expand their base. They need to make a real effort to field candidates who will campaign and make themselves visible in all or at least most major races at the local, county, and state levels. Where I live in the South I am lucky to see the names of one or two Libertarian candidates on the ballot and when I see them on the ballot is the first time I have ever seen or heard anything about them. When the Libertarian party can make themselves visible on the local and state level then they will have a fighting chance at getting elected on the national level and making a real difference.

      • Wil

        I’ll agree,I like the Libertarian platform,also the New Federalist party,but they both have a long way to go before either stand a chance.Here’s to hoping that,soon,we will have more choices than D or R.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Yep,….that’s the ticket…..only 19% polled thought Romney or Obama were the best candidates….that’s a HUGE majority of voters who don’t really want them

        I’ll vote for Johnson
        If we all stick together we could turn this 2 party nightmare upside down

  • Rosco1776

    It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes, so it will be in diebold’s hands come November anyway.

    Ron Paul or none at all!

    • Eugene Frana

      Gary Johnson-Libertarian Party stands for everything that Ron Paul does and even more in freedom of choice!
      Who says the government HAS to be Republican/Democrat? The GOVERNMENT DOES, thats who!
      Maybe now’s the time for the people to stand up and put Libertarians in charge and have a party of the PEOPLE!
      …..or maybe I’m just dreaming.

  • Roy

    Like I always said RON PAUL or none At all.
    Ron and Rand Paul to get our Country back.
    God bless Ron Paul and America

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    BOTTOM LINE! I am a Ron Paul supporter and will vote for Romney! To keep obama in the white house will be to witness the end of the nation and freedom..We have to hold our noses another time here,but we can’t lay down and let this Obama administration get the last laugh! We need to bide our time and continue the fight!The country can’t afford petty quarrels at this time in history! Rand did the right thing here…When hot heads cool off they will see the big picture! We can’t defeat the beast from the outside..It has to be done from the inside! I am hoping all of you don’t bite off your nose to spite your face and let the beast prevail! Patriots unite! We will win if we stand together! If Romney turns out to be one of them we will throw him out like we must throw obama out..But give it a chance and in the process we will be given time to get things in order! A chicken with it’s head cut ,off will never escape the oven!

    • Al

      Well said Bob. We need to work from the inside not the outside and w/O we are on the outside. W/Romney we have a chance. UNITE to defeat Liberalism.

    • Rubee_s

      @bob peters: excellently said. There are times we can’t get everything we want in a New York minute. There is so much anger toward Obama and people don’t trust Romney. It’s time to slow down and look at the picture devoid of the emotion and realize the best we can do is vote for the lesser of evils and clean out the House and Senate of all the dead rotten wood. If folks want to blame someone take a look at the House and the Senate, these are the common denominator for Bush and Obama. The House has been changed somewhat however there are still too many old cronies in place. Time to stop voting in attorneys into office, they treat the running this country on billable hours. Time to vote in grass root professionals from all walks of life who understands the problems, are able to budget, and function well on a shoe string. Time to be reasonable and quite following glib tongues and snake oil salesman. A throw away vote is a vote for Obama. That us down right foolish at this point in time. Besides the rule of thumb: news media is green as well as yellow: slanted toward THE MONEY and greed for power of control. Investigate on your own. Besides, We can’t afford any more of the exotic vacations taken, the vagabonds in the White House don’t have a home or a rance to get away to… They want to see the world on our dollars! We keep flipping the bill for their whims!

      • Joe De

        We’re not asking for a NY minute! More like a Texas day! All we’ve been getting is a Kansas generation! Our Country is running out of “time” here man!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I’m sorry! If “uniting” with you means supporting romney, I WON’T do it! romney is NO different than obummer! They ARE the SAME THING!!! You are falling for their trap! WAKE UP!!! The system is designed to make you THINK you have a choice but the agenda goes on no matter who is is office regardless of what office (president, house, senate). STOP playing their game! Our country is hanging on by a thread and you want to give them four more years?!? Change will never come by voting for the same thing year after year. Go way back. It doesn’t matter whether the politicians have had an r or a d after their names, they have ALL led us to where we are now! And as much as I HATE obummer, he hasn’t taken away our rights on his own! They have ALL done that! This system didn’t just pop up after obummer was elected. It’s been in place for a long time! The time to clean house is NOW!!! Just because some of you or even the majority of you can’t SEE it doesn’t mean that I will fall into place in THEIR system! I will NOT vote for the lesser of two evils! I’m DONE playing that game! Watch this short video to see how you have been deceived!!!

    • AZ-Ike

      “We can’t defeat the beast from the outside..It has to be done from the inside! ”

      At least this sentence is correct!

      We must defeat the beast from within, but it won’t be done by voting for Romney, or any other President. Defeating the beast means getting back to ‘consent of the governed’ and that means electing a Congress, Representatives and Senators, who supports the Constitution. And that mean replacing most, if not all, the current, corrupt incumbent legislators who have brought us to this terrible precipice.

      Any President or activist Justice/judge could be stopped from unconstitutional acts by a Congress who represents the Constitution and the Rule of Law–a Congress who actually represents the ‘consent of the People.’ The biggest problem we have is that few Congressional Members and Senators will support the Constitution. Since 2003/2004 when the federal Court told Congress they didn’t have to pay attention to the Constitution, it has been a free-for-all in eliminating our constitutionally guaranteed Rights and Liberties. All the laws are now in place for a despotic leader to move from today’s ‘soft tyranny’ to the real, the physical, the hard-line tyranny of dictators. (They are just waiting for Hillary and the Senate to approve the UN treaty that will remove the last of our constitutional enumerated rights, the Second Amendment, and take our guns.)

      Right now, and for past decades–especially the last 10 years, the criminal Congress has worked hand-in-hand with the Executive (Bush & Obama) and activist judges to ‘transform’ America from a constitutional Republic to a despotic nation run by men. (The NWO firmly believes their best chance of controlling the people is through Progressive-Socialism.) They’ve increased the disruption of a constitutional government by allowing the unchallenged entry and occupation by millions of aliens (foreigners) while at the same time inviting millions of Islamic immigrants–the one theocracy that calls for the destruction of both Israel AND America. The government’s support of Islam and the repression of Christianity, particularly Catholicism, is the last nail in the coffin of a nation that was born in freedom under the guidance of Divine Providance.

      It’s possible a Romney presidency will slow the race towards the precipice. But maybe that will just give the NWO the chance to regroup and consolidate their significant gains. Romney has stated he has no interest in ending, or even auditing, the FED. As a political leader, Romney has already accomplished coercion that Obama is still trying to consolidate. And, a nation grateful to be rid of the communist usurper is still easily swayed by elitist, political and mainstream media manipulation.

      We believe Obama should have to run for reelection on his dismal, failed record of accomplishments. Shouldn’t Romney have to do the same? It is true that people, even politicians (sometimes,) can change their positions. However, a man (Romney) who has acted against the Natural Rights of Man, against the Constitution and the Rule of Law, against a firm and understood morality, is unlikely to change his position without an abject ‘mea culpa’–and we haven’t heard that from Romney. The thing all politicians do really well, and perfect with continued practice, is the Lie.

      The NWO made a real mistake in placing the unconstitutional Obama at the helm of its takeover of America. They thought the ‘perfect storm’ of a Democratic/Progressive Congress and an illegal usurper, with a cadre of activist judges, would advance and secure its agenda. After all, they have had the new ‘voice’ of America, the mainstream media, at their backs for at least a generation. Instead, it awakened the sleeping giant. One wonders if there is still enough time for the giant to save God’s country.

      (Remember, the popular vote does not elect the President–the Presidential Electors do that. If the People really want their vote in the election to count, they must determine in their own states how the Electors are nominated–and prevent the (corrupt) major political parties from controlling the nominations. Of course, if you live in Arizona, the Elections Office, run by Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, has no intention of meeting with voters to discuss elections issues–unless, of course, you are one of the Big Party-Big Contributors. Bennett is obviously another politician who has perfected the Lie.)

    • THG

      Bob , I suppoerted Dr. Paul also , and I agree with what you’re saying . Vote for Romney . Less damage can be done in 4 years than 8 years . At least after 4 , we can get another one in if he’s not done a good enough job . If we keep voting out the ones that don’t abide by the constitution , they’ll eventually get the message.

    • michaeljbeglinjr

      Agreed. I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries, but am now forced to reluctantly vote for Mittens this time around. I will NOT vote for Obama, and I will not vote 3rd party. 3rd party candidates are dreamers right now. This is not the time to vote 3rd party. I know it sounds trite, but every vote for anyone but Mittens is a vote for Obama. As you can probably see, I do not like Mittens at all, but he is better than Obama. The best way to handle this is to vote for Mittens, and get rid of most of our incumbents in the House and Senate. Get rid of the “progressives” at every chance we get, and we may be able to get America back on track. Leaving our incumbents in pretty much for life is what is really killing us. Most people can’t grasp the concept that the President is not a king. The House and Senate have far more power than he does, they just don’t use it effectively. We need real leaders in those offices that truly want to help. We do not need someone in them that is there simply because of incumbency or name-recognition. We NEED people to go to D.C. to serve a term or two for the public good, then go home. America is being killed by politicians that live their entire lives in government “service”, that just vote the way the lobbyists pay them to vote. We need real leadership, not greedy bastards in office.

      • THG

        Touchee !

  • charlie

    The big problem we face is to get Obama and his czars out of the US government. His goal for America is to join with the rest of the world in a one world government, to eliminate the US Constitution and have a socialist/Marxist world.
    Americans are not seeing that or they do not want to see that so they are just listening to the lies that Obama and his czars are telling us and making us feel good.
    Obama is being led by the likes of Soros and his tax exempt foundations along with the people that brought Obama to the presidency. Obama is not making the decisions, his czars are. Obama was brought up with people that did not want a capitalistic Republic democracy, they wanted a class system that they could control and regulate.
    Ron Paul is a great American and his ideas are all good and he thinks America first at all times but we do not have the people count that would make him president. We have to consider the person that will do anything better than Obama. The AFLAC duck would do better. Today the only person that we can consider is Romney.
    The other problem is that we have to make sure that the House and Senate go republican and get out the left progressives that are all under the control of the democrats and union money.
    What is going on today in politics has been planned for years and it is going to take years to fix it as long as we start now with the 2012 election we can overcome the damage that has been done.
    Wisconsin proved one little point and that is that there are still a majority of good Americans that can see what is going on and know the steps to take care of it. Lets hope many more wake up.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      What makes you think that the republicans are going to “fix” anything? The last time we had a republican at the helm, things didn’t go so well! Why do you think it will be any different this time. Time to pull your head out from under your pillow and look at the TRUTH!

      • michaeljbeglinjr

        You seem to think that everything that happened during the Bush years was entirely his fault. Like a lot of people, you have forgotten that the House and Senate hold the true power in America. As far as this election goes, we desperately need to get rid of the “progressive” democrats. They are killing this country. As an aside, Obama has killed a lot more Muslims than Bush did, yet why do I not hear calls for his impeachment as a war criminal? Obama has assassinated American citizens against very specific articles in our Constitution. Obama has done his best to shred our Constitution, yet people still support this piece of trash. I am ashamed to say that I voted for him (I voted republican for House and Senate seats, trying to balance them out. That is still no excuse for voting for Obama. Mea culpa). I quickly found out how big a mistake that was. He and his whole administration have done nothing but lie to us from his first day in office. Obama and every politician that supports his cause MUST go. If we don’t get rid of him and his ilk, America is finished.

      • charlie

        Would you would like to have more of Obama and the democratic socialists progressives. Maybe you need to just wake up.
        Our last republican had his last two years with democratic senate and house. Maybe you need to look up the facts and truth.
        Do you like what is going on now with this administration or would you like to go to an administration that at the least is American and will abide by the constitution.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Michael, you accuse me of saying something I never said. Read it again! I was speaking of the republicans, not bush! I was pointing out that the republicans are just as eager to take away our rights as the democrats are! There is no difference between the republicans and the democrats! They are the same thing! It’s a sham to make you think you have a choice!!! Open your mind before you open your mouth.


      disaster. bissness as usual.
      would Americans vote for Hilley??? Blii is hoping to bring Obama down So they
      can win back the white house. again same old stuff. then what will we do.

  • Deerinwater

    It’s been coming for a good while now, Hold your nose and vote time ! It seemed that some people held on to hopes of Ron Paul possessing a secret weapon or having a few Aces up his sleeve while the math failed to offer RP much promise or hope.

    I could never see it but must confess, RP supporters zeal and determination was up lifting to witness is some ways and in other ways down right scary, willing to be blind to stark realities of math and the political process and “Will” a RP victory.

  • willy T

    I am convinced that if nominated, Ron Paul would not have lived ’til the election in November! The people selecting the candidates have the two they want and any perturbation will/would have been met with ab solute violence!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      You could be right. Or they could just cheat and change the vote count. Oh, they did!!!

  • Jim

    We need to back the candidate whoever he is! If Ron Paul runs as third party candidate the Rep vote would be split and we would have 4 more years (at least) of this distator!!

    • Hey you

      In all probability, most anyone who heads a USA government administration is (or will be) a dictator. Of course there are a few exceptions, but we missed an exceptional chance this time – - like in most other times.

      When analyzed, the system is mostly anti-human (i.e. collectivist), regardless of who’s in charge. However, the system may not exist much longer. I give it less than 4 years.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Yup! And then we get what we deserve! More of the SAME!!!

  • chiox

    What Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente had to say about the sudden change by Rand and Ron Paul is the feeling most Ron Paul supporters feel.
    Ron & Rand Paul Are Killing Their Movement!

  • stopthetsa

    I know Bachmann and Santorum supporters who won’t vote for Romeny and who are leaving the Republican party. So, all this play the game propagand is (expletive deleted) and insult to our integrity.

  • kf

    The puppeteers need to be identified and dealt with. Get to the root of the problem and deal with it. Doesn’t it make you angry that a few elite are calling the shots concerning your life and the lives of your family? Who are they? Who do they think they are? These people are much worse than Hitler or any of the other tyrants or dictators past or present. Hillary and Bill are surely part of the elitists pact, so why haven’t they been dealt with? Time to root out the evil.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I AGREE!!!

  • Mike

    FTW i’m still voting Ron Paul anyway. I’m going to write in his name. I hope he runs as an independent but even if he doesn’t I’m going to write in his name anyway, so whoever counts them sees my statement.

    I hate Romney and Obama. If Obama wins it’s all of you homosexual republicans fault for stonewalling Ron Paul. Romney will NOT get my vote and neither will Obama.
    All you old farts who like Romney because he’s an establishment republican, guess what you just shot yourself in the foot. I highly doubt anyone under the age of 50 would even consider Romney.You have lost all those youth votes.

    Death to the republican party, it surely deserves it.

  • Karolyn

    Hey! You might want to vote for Terry Jones! He is running, you know. He has all the right conservative beliefs too.

  • C.Davis

    First of all, the purported “ringing” endorsement appeared to me to be the minimum required to fulfill whatever requirement was being addressed. If anything, the advent of this development has laid bare the extent to which the constitutional republicans (Ron Paul people) are immune to the machinations of the GOP establishment.
    It is my guess that there has been some deal struck between the establishment and the Paaul camp which includes the codicil of non-disclosure as a condition.
    It may be that the recent announcement by Rand was a clever gambit with the purpose of illustrating the extent to which his father’s supporters are intent upon sticking to their guns in their rejection of the deeply flawed Romney. After all, if the GOP insiders can plainly see that Paul’s supporters will not fall into line behind Romney even after Rand coughs up his endorsement, they may finally get the clue that Oromney is “dead in the water” after all. He will not win without the Paul supporters somehow being appeased to an extraordinary extent. They will prove their strength, instead, by going for Gary Johnson, Or another third party option, without some astoundingly mitigating circumstances.
    I don’t claim to be some kind of political whiz-kid, but I have good reason to respect the acumen which has been amply demonstrated by Ron Paul. I don’t clearly understand what is going on, but I disagree that the Paul campaign has somehow been duped, as Mr Jones seems to believe, rather the likelihood of the opposite being true is also possible, but for some reason, complete disclosure would not be in the interest of the American people or Paul’s candidacy at this time.
    For me it’s “in for a penny, in for a pound,” I didn’t abandon my apoliticality to support someone that I didn’t trust to have a strategy for straightening out the mess in Washington, and I am in no way going to give up on this chance for our posterity, and that includes NOT voting for Romney.
    Those of you who are content to watch our founders’ vision head over the precipice, have at it by voting for Goldman Sachs candidate A or Goldman Sachs candidate B, but don’t expect me or hordes of others to participate in your folly.
    After the big guns having been rolled out against Dr. Paul have done their worst, we have nothing more to lose and everything to gain, so “damn the torpedoes” and let’s wait and see what happens in Tampa. Paul is not soliciting donations any longer, so it can be inferred that he is set upon whatever course is in his mind, and has the means to carry it out. Godspeed to all liberty lovers.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I agree with you. I’ve lost all respect for Rand Paul and won’t be following him anywhere! He’s given in and joined the game. I guess it shows that no matter who is elected, they ALL fall into line eventually! The system is controlled by HUGE power.

      • C.Davis

        Thanks for your reply, miss Nancy.
        While I have not detected a really devious streak in Ron Paul, I sense a proclivity for political hijinks in his son, Rand. Again, I believe this is an opening chapter in a strategy thet must be played close to the vest. Rand Paul is I am sure well aware of the rancor his announcement would inspire. It would be a mistake to think this would be frivolously done, unless there was the certainty that the payoff would be proportionately impactful. My instinct tells me that there is much more than meets the eye. I will not burn my bridges until the matter is known.
        We don’t know everything that is going on within the campaign. THere could be a matter of his father’s health, God forbid, or any one of a number of other things.
        Thank you for your activism.

  • Joe De

    I’m glad to hear the Republican party MAY be moving in the liberty direction as painfully slow as it MIGHT be, and to possibly start running “Paul” minded canidates in the future. But in the mean time asking us to vote for a “Romney” who represents what’s WRONG with this party is just unacceptable. I want to see some “away from” movement as well as “toward movement”!

  • Ken

    You really have to wonder….

  • David Jaroszewski

    if romney wins he is the nominee for 2016. if obama wins hillary will be and possibly paul. the economy will determine each election. in fact the economy of a few states will determine the election. as long as republicans define conservatism with big military paul and his ilk will need to redefine to a new party.

  • Ken

    “It doesn’t matter who the people vote for, they always vote for us.” Joseph Stalin

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Ahahahaha! Ain’t it the truth?!?

  • Lance Brofman

    Rand Paul can endorse whoever he wishes. What will be treason is if RON Paul does not endorse libertarian candidate Gary Johnson

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Why would it be treason if Ron Paul doesn’t support Gary Johnson? Perhaps Ron Paul might think that he is not a good choice. Is he not entitled to his opinion? I see no treason.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I’m not going to switch over to Gary Johnson, why should he?

  • Pamela Sue Therrien

    Ron Paul is a needed person in politics and brings much to the table but his views on Foreign AAffairs never fails to cut him out of main steam America who knows the extreme dangers those views would bring. Especially in these times which are od dire proportions.
    Still, despite that right now it is not about a man, it is about a Nation being hauled to slaughter by an administration which has no love for this country and has long sought to bring America down. There are a few caught up in an idealogy which is opposed to freedom and totally believes in the Government making all our choices and decisions for us which creates Super Elite and poor. PERIOD. This is the issue.Any one whose whole life is a secret and has sealed all his records from discovery has much to hide. Romney is far more honest and known for that can work with everyone and will absolutely listen to the people of this Nation. I found that out for myself. He was not my perrsonal choice but we must come together for the sake of this Nation and get our country back on track before Obama sees to it we are totally opwned by China and following the lead of Europe which has already failed. Come together for our Nation, for our freedoms and to put America back on top as a world power. We are the hope of people looking to escape from Oppression.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      What makes you think so?

  • Pamela Sue Therrien

    sorry my eyes are dialated

  • Danny

    it doesn’t matter who you vote for Oboma will be impeached and put in prison or sentenced to death for treason. note we are at war and in time of war treason is punishable with the death penalty. also i still think he was borne in another country and is a probable illegal alien. and i say to you and remember this he wants to destroy our country and along with the NWO wants to kill you. Americas only chance is that the American solders take there equipment home to protect there own family’s. also this a time in history when the 2nd amendment comes in to play more than any time in the past. the freedom revolution has just begun. pray for our men and woman in uniform to do the wright thing. and note that all the police in America have been militarized so that could go either way. GOOD COP BAD COP.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      In your dreams! He is following orders! The powers that be will reward him!

  • Average Joe

    What is an intelligent person to do? I cannot in good conscience vote for Romney or Obama. However I am being asked to do so…for the sake of the party and the removal of Obama.
    I am sorry, the “party” has lost it’s way and I for one do not care to attend the “party” this time around. For now, I will still be casting my vote for the man who still has my values and beliefs, Ron Paul.
    Before someone tells me that I am wasting my vote or giving the election to Obama, I would like to remind you that it is “MY VOTE” and and not the party’s vote or a particular candidate’s vote it is mine and mine alone …to cast as my conscience dictates. The only vote that is wasted…is the vote not cast.
    The only person that could convince me to vote for Romney….is Ron Paul (himself) asking me to support Romney. Short of that happening…I will be voting for America…I will be voting for Ron Paul 2012.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Thank you, Average Joe! This is an example of the courage that our founding fathers had. They stood up against evil despite the majority opinion that they not make waves. We have lost that courage and that is why our country is in the position that it is in! We need more people of courage to stand up against those who are destroying our country! I will say this though, if Ron Paul gets pressured to endorse romney, it will not change my mind one bit! I will still stand!!!

      • Kate8

        AJ and Nancy – It’s looking to me more and more like we simply cannot win within the system. It has been rigged against us, and the elite get their man no matter how we vote. It’s getting to be insulting and humiliating to keep playing by their rules and coming up losers.

        Here is a very good look at the situation with Dr. Paul:

        I’ve had vague reservations about him all along, as I said. He always sounded great, but then, no one who opposes the NWO ever gets very far, especially in those ranks. He never really protested being marginalized and dissed during the campaign, and something just didn’t feel quite right to me. Couldn’t put my finger on it.

        I wonder… what would anyone do if they, maybe, had good intentions, but then was paid a visit by one of the controller’s thugs and informed of the ultimate plan to decimate America and its people, and if they persist in trying to “do the right thing”, they and their families will go down with the sinking ship. On the other hand, if they hop on board the NWO bandwagon and work to sway people their way, they will have a cushy place in the underground bunkers when the SHTF.

        What would you do? Only each of us can answer that, but rare is the person who would choose to stand with the doomed. One would have to be completely secure in his faith and his heart, and few are.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Kate8, I never believed that Ron Paul had a snowball’s chance in he!!. I support him anyway! It drives the elite nuts! Someone exerted the right kind of pressure. I wish it hadn’t happened but it’s obvious to me that is the modus operandi of the elite. Otherwise you wouldn’t have ALL of the congressmen and senators supporting them and destroying this great nation. They think that if they get Ron and Rand to come out for romney, then all of Ron’s fans will then fall into line. They think they’ve got it made. I hope they’re wrong! I certainly will never support romney and I hope the others don’t either. It infuriates me that they think they can just eliminate the competition and force me to vote for romney. It will NEVER happen. I will not comply!

      • Kate8

        Nancy – That’s the spirit! You’re a gal after my own heart.

        I’m all for noncompliance.

    • AZ-Ike

      Remember, the popular vote does not elect the President–the Presidential Electors do that. If the People really want their vote in the election to count, they must determine in their own states how the Electors are nominated–and prevent the (corrupt) major political parties from controlling the nominations. (Of course, if you live in Arizona, the Elections Office, run by Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, has no intention of meeting with voters to discuss elections issues–unless, of course, you are one of the Big Party-Big Contributors. Bennett is obviously another politician who has perfected the Lie.) (See additional comments above.)

    • dobroist

      Well said, and I totally agree…

      • Average Joe

        “Remember, the popular vote does not elect the President–the Presidential Electors do that. ”

        While I agree with you, what woud happen if 70% of the population were to vote for Ron Paul and the electors placed Obama or Romney as the victor? Would this not expose the corrupt system for what it is?
        Would it not then be time to get out the pitchforks, torches, tar, feathers and other implements of destruction and decend upon DC with the expess purpose of causing extreme bodily harm to anyone involved in politics and/or lobbying?
        I always felt that if we would string up about 6-8 of them on the WH lawn…and the rest would straighten right the he!! up…..but heck, I’d settle for good old stock and pillory in the public square, a few public floggings and the good old fashion tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail…. (I knew there were things in our history that I dearly missed other than the Constitution and the Rue of Law)….I’m getting all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it….. ;)

      • Average Joe

        Sorry that was for AZ-Ike

  • Y-knot

    I thought it was said that a “Natural Born Citizen” to be ELIGIBLE for President had to have both their mother and father born in the USA? This was what the forefathers implied so there wasn’t bias toward PARENTS heir country ! Romney’s father is Mexican as he was born in Mexico! Seems we will never get the illegal Mexicans out of the country with Romney in office! Seems by the standards set for the President, Romney is ineligible?
    Seems that RON PAUL would be the next eligible candidate for the party !

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      romney’s father’s parents lived in Mexico. However they did not give up their American citizenship. They were still American citizens (living in Mexico). When romney’s father was born to US citizens, he was a US citizen. romney’s father and mother were US citizens and he (romney) was born on American soil. Do you understand? It doesn’t matter where romney’s father was born. His father does not need to be natural born, only him (romney).

    • AZ-Ike

      The natural born Citizen, himself, must be born IN the Country of parents who are both citizens OF the Country. The parents may be natural born Citizens, or naturalized citizens.

      In the case of Mitt’s father, George, who was born in Mexico, he either had to become a naturalized citizen when he returned to live in the U.S., OR you have to go back to Mitt’s great grandfather and determine when and where he was born and how he acquired U.S. citizenship.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        You don’t “become” a natural born citizen. You are “born” one. It doesn’t matter where your parents were born. If your parents were US citizens at the time of your birth AND you were born in the US, you are a natural born citizen.

  • MNIce

    To be a “natural born citizen” one must be born of two citizen parents, according to the traditional legal definition. Both George and Lenore Romney were citizens of the United States, and Mitt was born in the United States. George was born in Mexico to two parents who on paper were US citizens (unless someone has documentary proof that they renounced US citizenship and became Mexicans, we must assume this). The case against Mr. Obama being a natural born citizen is far stronger, and look how hard it is for that one to gain traction. You are better off to drop this and pick a better battle in which to fight. A mouse attacking a coyote is a foolish mouse, for a very short time. After that, it is probably a dead mouse.

    • AZ-Ike

      How do you know that George Romney, born in Mexico, was a U.S. Citizen? Because he said so? Proof of natural born Citizenship requires both the candidate’s legal birth certificate AND the BCs or naturalization papers of both parents.

      If George Romney did not become a naturalized citizen when he returned to live in the U.S. you have to go back to Mitt’s great grandfather who emigrated to Mexico with his then 14 year old son (Mitt’s grandfather) BEFORE the Utah Territory became the State of Utah.
      So, when and where was Mitt’s great grandfather born, was it already a U.S. state or did it become a state before me moved to the Utah Territory?

      If Mitt is so truthful and forthcoming, this is the one issue that would be resolved immediately.

  • Rocketman

    To the person that said that Paul had his chance this year, he didn’t. The game was RIGGED from the beginning against Paul. The Iowa vote was counted IN SECRET SO WE WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT THE REAL COUNT WAS.

  • SSMcDonald

    All of you with an IQ above room temperature, pay attention. Rand Paul is a politician. He recognizes that today he must be seen as a team player. Being a team player today opens the doors for his future run for the presidency in 2016 or 2020, whenever the Republican spot is again open.

  • PL

    People, it’s time to stop bashing the GOP and face the reality, and open your eyes to see what the progressives are doing. Bill Press said our national anthem is abominable and he is embarrassed by it. An Obama presidency will embolden the likes of Bill Press. He gave the highest civilian honor to the head of the Socialist Party. Who knows when someone will want to abolish singing ” My country Tis of Thee” in the public and gets his way because it offends someone.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Yup, but don’t forget that the “progressives” have infiltrated BOTH parties.

      • Shane

        During battles involving sailing warships, the victor would sometimes trades boats, so as to have the more shipworthy of the two in which to take his sailors home to recoup. Nancy, so progressives have infiltrated both parties. Which one is still salvagable, that by consistent change from within and without might be made worthy? Or do you plan to swim to shore?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Neither!!! They’re BOTH evil! I won’t be getting on either boat!

      • Shane

        Say high to Davey Jones.

  • lillian bystricky

    This is not the America that I grew up in. We celabrated Christmas, we said prayers in the schools, We didn’t roll out matts and kneel on them for hours at a time, on busy street in NYC. They did that in there homes. Holidays were 4 th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas, Easter were holy Days. We had Christmas trees, nativity set all over town. When you put obama in the White House we lost all that. He is a muslim , not a Christian, he should be impeached but I believe there are people behind the scene preventing it. I’d love to know who that is. Ron Paul would have brouhjt our America back to be great again.

    • Liztalk

      Above….. ignorance exemplified.

  • MNIce

    Either Senator Paul misspoke when he said he was “happy” to endorse Mitt Romney for President, or he’s got the most solemn happy face I’ve seen in a while. In life, you must deal with the people you have, and that is especially true in politics.

    Senator Paul is obviously playing to commonalities with Mitt Romney in hopes of persuading him to pay attention to his father’s supporters. I know – quite a few will jeer at the notion, but it does work sometimes. On the other hand, if we all pick up our balls and go home in a snit, guess what? We don’t get to play! If we make it obvious we will never support Mr. Romney, he won’t take the time to listen to us, and our agenda will never get a hearing. Not only that, but such recalcitrance will only alienate the very people you joined to persuade to our side – the veteran rank-and-file Republicans.

    The reality is we are stuck with the man who for many was the next-to-last choice of the nominees (ahead of Mr. Obama’s ambassador to China!). Now we have to work hard to get him into our camp, or at least to the edge of it. Instead of snarling about how he is the enemy, ask him how he plans to restore the Rule of Law to our Federal government. How will he bring the government down to the prescribed Constitutional limits? If we can get him to answer those questions, we have already gotten him to accept the premise of the Restore America movement. But first, Mr. Romney has to believe we can be persuaded to at least vote for him. Then he may think it worthwhile to hear us out.

    That, I think, is the present strategy of Ron and Rand Paul. Ron Paul plans to make a big show at the convention with his supporters to convince Mitt Romney of the necessity of working with the Liberty Agenda, and Rand Paul is saying that the payoff would be critically needed additional support. Don’t undercut it by constantly crying “NEVER!” No, it is time to change it to, “Tell me why I should vote for you, and I want more than ‘Your alternative is Mr. Obama’.”

    In the meantime, the real gains are to be made in Congress and the state legislatures. The Senate is in need of fumigation. It is Mr. Obama’s defense against the House of Representatives, and if not cleaned out, it will ruin any hopes that a Romney administration would roll back the illegal activities of the Federal government. But a Congress firmly in the hands of constitutionalists could hold a President Romney to his Oath of Office.

    But first things first. “Do not put your trust in princes, nor in a son of man, in whom there is no help. His spirit departs, he returns to his earth; in that very day his plans perish.” Psalm 146:3-4 “Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 124:8 First, pray that the Lord will have mercy on us and our country. For we have too many who make government their god, or one of their gods – these have a false vision. And we have far too many “whose god is their belly” – these have no vision at all.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      If you’re willing to “take what you get” you will never get what you want!!! I’m taking my ball and going home! I’m not playing this game!

      • Shane

        But you’re also denying your children, and their children a chance at the game. So take your ball home. Quitter!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I’m standing up for freedom so that my children and grandchildren HAVE a future!!! It seems to me that you’re the quitter. You’re willing to bend over and take it. I’m refusing to play their game. I’ll be back! Where will you be?

      • Shane

        Nancy in Nebraska, you better get your story straight, remember, you quit. But I’m still in the game, You’re a just a quitter. A self righteous know it all, with out the maturity or smarts to know how to deal with the cards that currently are within your control. But since you don’t care about yourself, I guess I should let you just waste away. But I care about any children, grandchildren that you may leave this mess to. Nancy in Nebraska, we will never have a perfect world until the coming. We are instructed to do the best with what we have. Working in an inperfect world. Your position is dispictable and stupid. I’m also not too sure you could measure up to Romney in the moral department. As a disclaimer, he was my third from the bottom pick from the original seven canidates, and not even close to those canidates above him. But he’s no Obama, and that is good enough for me at this time. I chose to continue in the game, get my hits in, and win a better, not perfect, but better world for those I care about, and even those I don’t.

        Nancy in Nebraska, you need to read (something different) more. Comment less. Pray more. Get off your high-horse more. Take a humble pill. Retrospec more. Love more. Smile more.

        • Rubee_s

          It’s time to stop the bickering kids…. Bottom line, can we, the American citizens, taxpayers, military to continue to sustain this mess? NO, it’s a pipe dream to think any other way!

          We can only rebuild the mess, stone by stone. And, it has to start reinforcing the foundation. Time to clean out the House and Senate and vote out their “puppet boy” Obama. We almost have tomstart at the bottom, at the basics and replace the mess with a stronger foundation based on the visions of our fathers and the Constitution.

          No more bickering on the birth certificate, it is evident a mistake was made in vetting “O”, too much time and engergy has been spent to cover up. So, what do we do? We know enough, hiding the facts is evidence something is wrong! Now to move on, we have been bullied too long. The gerrymandering has to stop! It’s destroying this country… We have to fight this with patience and one step at a time, one day at a time, getting to the truth, cutting off the bloodmline to greed for money and power.
          No more name calling. Be kind and factual…. Reasonably, we know, NOTHING, NOTHING, is free there is always a price. Attempting to fool the minorities and illegals will eventually come to the surface. Even as dysfunctional as we are right now we are better off than the third world. Teach the truth, and move back to what and all immigrates includingn the illegals immigrants are looking for, an oppprotuinity for success. They have to be taught they should not to be used as pawns by the eleitists just to get votes.. Open our arms to legal entry into this country, open up to fair taxation, re-enstaing the Glass-Steagll Act, tighten our belts to waste,revamping, get a REAL simple budget passed, we don’t to go down the same rabbit hole as Europe. Obama has to go. All he does is bully and go in every way but loose without a solution except to polarize and destroy! Time to unit despite the differences, unitnwithnthe same cause, to save our country so our children and grandchildren have an opportunity to live in the Federal United States of American not the Socialist Union of the United States.

          We’re coming into a time not for sissies or sore loosers. Keep the ball in the court and stand up for what is right. My Country ‘Tis of Thee, Land of Liberty. ONE NATION UNDER GOD!

    • AZ-Ike

      First and foremost, Mitt Romney is a politician, and the one thing politicians do really well is tell you what you WANT to hear while they do what THEY want to do.
      His supporters ‘hope to convince Romney to work with the Liberty agenda? He will be happy to tell you he will, even though his record indicates otherwise. Look at Romney’s record and his major supporters (big banks and finance companies)–NWO all the way.

  • mariedevine

    In all holy books, God warned against debt, interest, insurance, seeking riches and honors and covetousness; now we know why. It is a bottomless pit that enslaves us to lifelong employment, pollutes our air, land, water and food, causing disease and separates us from family, friends, neighbors and our possessions almost daily. Our prosperity is an empty illusion. All God’s blessing and wisdom guide to living off the land for an abundant life with no sorrow added. We could easily eliminate much of our government expense and increase true prosperity, security and good health by returning to the land. God said He would guide His people who to vote for; and if they did not vote, it would be counted as a vote against Him. (Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Prophecies, April 6, 2012)
    God has solutions to personal, national and world problems we created by ignoring His wisdom.

  • Wildey

    The Ron Paul movement must go beyond Ron Paul. What he has said is a remedy for America, not for Ron Paul’s or Rand Pauls political ambitions. When a Lieutenant gets killed his next in charge takes over. Sure you mourn but the battle goes on nevertheless. Is there a next in charge in the ranks of the Constitutional movement? Only Christ can claim the position of a one man winning army. Even He wanted and trained men to work with him after He left. I had hoped what happened wouldn’t have happened but I only supported Ron Paul because he supported what is right. Personally i realize men are fallible. We must regroup and continuing enlightening new soldiers to the cause. Don’t let it die because one man might of stubbed his toe.

    In the bible there’s a account of Moses telling his father in law the burden of all those was to much for him. He told Moses appoint leaders of 50, 100 and so no. Only hear stuations that cannot be handled by anybody but him. We had general but what’s happened to the army?

  • nw

    The press and media with their propaganda would have you believe that a third party will get Obama re-elected. I will go with third party and vote Ron Paul. It should have never reached this point of no return. There is enough on Obama that Congress should have started impeachment proceeding, but those on the hill are only concerned with their positions and not their constituents. The only difference between Romney and Obama is their religion, but they both believe in socialism.
    Personally this election is between good and evil and evil seems to be triumpht, but only till Christ returns.

  • Mike

    Now I’m reading comments that suggest DHS knows how you vote and what you do online. I have long been suspicious of spying but eegads that is really scary. I am doubtful of that, but just in case.

    Okay, don’t vote by mail.

    I don’t know how you connect to the net but my modem gives me a new IP address every time I turn it back on. go to a site like speakeasydotcom and see what it shows for an IP address. Turn your modem off for at least a couple minutes, then turn it on and go back to the same site. If you still have the same IP then you truly are LABELED. But if like me, you get a new IP every time, you can surf as a different address every time you turn it back on.

    Good luck out there.

    Make certain you have 2-3 months worth of food on hand. Canned goods are great because they also have a lot of water. Get camping stoves that you can use if the gas or electric is turned off. BBQ grills are at risk of theft. Learn how to get extra water for drinking. Keep dry goods like rice or dried beans so you don’t need refrigeration. Do it now.

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  • Mike Swapp

    Headline is wrong… it should read, “OLD PARTY GETS 2 NEW MEMBERS”

  • Arby Justice Wilder

    “Welcome my son, welcome to the machine. If we tell ya the name of the game we call it riding the gravy train” As Roger Waters would put it. However the bigger picture is being in the inner sanctum is where things are changed. Ron Paul supporters of which I am see a revolution that will not stop unless we are killed off. We are taking the country back precinct by precinct, county by county, district by district, state by state. We will not stop until we get it all!!!

  • Liberterian

    I will vote for Ron Paul for my on my principles. Obama and Romney are one and the same, a shady shadow of each other. Eventually a third party, really different from the other two in one, same as the other, will rise or this system will fall on its own wait.

  • George Jones

    Ure wrong, TIME.
    It was the Democrat party that gave us the Civil War. The GOP did come from the old Whig Party, but from the anti-slavery wing. If the Dems hadn’t started the War, slavery would have been eliminated peacefully. And likely we wouldn’t be in the situation we are now.

    Even after the War, there was a pretty good chance things might have come out OK, if the Democrats hadn’t assassinated Lincoln. Without him, the war feeling remaining in the Congress resulted in divisions that prevented a national healing for many decades, and gave rise to the racial distrust that survives even today.

  • Robert Hamilton

    Party means nothing to me. I vote for the person who I think is the best one for the job. Therefore I believe Ron Paul is the best for the job and will be writing in his name. People hollar at me and say I am wasting my vote. BS! No vote is wasted as long as you are voting for who you think is the best for the job. The votes I think are wasted are the ones that are cast by what I call lazy voters. They vote a straight R or D ticket. Makes no difference who or what it is they are voting for as long as it has an R or a D.
    I know what we will get if Paul is elected. He will lead according to OUR Constitution and will not take us to was or conflict without the approval of Congress. I have no idea what I will get with Romney. As my granmother told me. Talk is cheap. Just because a person is faithful to his wife and can run a business does not mean he is qualified to be the leader of the free World.
    It is said a write in has never won before. Of course they have not won if their supporters give up on them. As far as I am concerned the Media is one of the enemies within. As long as we Ron Paul supporters do not listen the Media, do not give up on him and stand by him to the end we have a chance. People also say Ron is too old. He does not look like is is in poor health. If he picked Allen West as his VP and he passed away we would still have a good POTUS. I call a VP Plan B. So come all you Ron Paul supporters let’s not give up on him. Also write him and tell him to tell his supporters to write him in, because we believe in him.

  • simian pete

    I’m still for Ron Paul. I hope he gets up off the mat and continues to fight back !!!


    also .. Romney Sucks !!!!

  • http://FarTooMuch.Info JRuss

    I think Rand Paul sold his support to Romney. The question is for what, and why. I was not there so I do not know. However, I want to believe that it was done for the good of our country. What I hope the What is for Romney to become more conservative, to spend less, to balance the budget without raising taxes, to reduce the size of government by eliminating unneeded departments such as TSA and reducing the size of EPA, FDA, USDA, Department of Education, Department of Energy, etc. I would hope that Rand Paul influenced Romney to more closely follow our Constitution with emphasis on the separation of powers and the first 10 amendments.

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