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Ron Paul on Hardball 04/19/11

May 4, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Christin

    That was a great interview by Ron Paul. He would make a great president for America if given the chance. He has his priorities in the right order and he would lead American and Americans back to prosperity (true capitalism), cut spending and debt to make the dollar sound again, and get out of these rediculous wars. We are glad to have him represent us in Texas.

    Progressive Chris Matthews, however, played Hard Ball when he tried to trip Ron Paul up with the ‘Birther’ question (about obama’s illegitimate non-American birth), but Ron Paul would not play… good for him.

    • http://naver sook young

      I agree with you. He sounds pretty good and could be a good president, but what would he do about our welfare problems and jobs? Other then those two questions, I think he could win. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

    • Void1972

      by Sharon Rondeau

      Image released by the White House which Obama claims is his birth certificate
      (May 9, 2011) — The Post & Email was able to reach Mr. James Colby, who recently performed an analysis aired on a Colorado television station of the image released on April 27, 2011 by the White House purported to be a certified copy of Obama’s long-form birth certificate from Hawaii. Mr. Colby stated during that interview that the image contained as many as 50 layers.
      MRS. RONDEAU: How did you determine that there were as many as 50 layers in this image?
      MR. COLBY: It started when you open the birth certificate in your browser, in Adobe Acrobat. It was a friend of mine who noticed that the text on the birth certificate would flash to white in and out. The reason it was doing that was that there were different layers in the document that caused the layers to flash as it rebuilt the preview layer by layer. So those layers would flash over the top and rebuild that image in that way. From there, you can open it in Adobe Illustrator and see those layers first-hand.
      MRS. RONDEAU: If the image had come from a paper document and then been scanned in and put on a computer screen, what would have happened when you opened it?
      MR. COLBY: Almost all scanned images would be a single layer, so zooming in and out, there would have been nothing noticeable. Additionally, if you zoom in using Acrobat with your browser on a lot of the text, you’ll notice that it appears jagged and a single color. That’s not original. A pen doesn’t write in a single color; as you write lighter, the color is lighter; as you press harder, it’s darker than everything else. So writing in pen is not a single solid color, and when it scanned, anti-aliased, which means that the square pixels on the edges fade to make it appear smooth. Most of the text in the document including a large portion of the signatures is just a single blotch of color. The likely explanation is that someone just drew them in using a tool similar to “pencil” in Adobe Photoshop.
      MRS. RONDEAU: Do you think that this came from any kind of a paper document originally?
      MR. COLBY: There’s definitely a component of it that came from a paper document originally and was then edited after the fact. I can’t tell you how much of it was taken from a paper document unless the entire thing was connected. Another aspect to this is that in Illustrator, you can examine what’s called the “Clipboard.” Let’s say if you’re editing a paper document and you add another document and you are cutting fragments of other documents to paste over them to produce a final copy. The Clipboard on a computer is like all those cutouts, if you will, a kind of storage place. The clipboard for this document is still intact in its original form. It reflects the objects that have been “cut” from somewhere else and “pasted” into this document. By the way, all the things in the clipboard are rotated at 90 degrees without any explanation. Basically, there’s no computer-based explanation for that.
      There are things in the clipboard that are notable; for instance, the “type of occupation outside home during pregnancy;” the “Non” in “none.” That’s in the clipboard…both the dates, “20″ and “22,” are on the clipboard. The signature of the state registrar and the April 25th date are both foreign objects.
      There are explanations that people have proposed. Some have proposed OCR, which is Optical Character Recognition, and that’s when scanners are giving computers the ability to read text. But that doesn’t apply here because OCR converts things into text, not images of text. All of the information in this document is stored as an image.
      MRS. RONDEAU: How long have you been involved in work with documents?
      MR. COLBY: I’ve been doing graphic arts since 2004 using Version 5 of Adobe Creative Suite, but I’m also a programmer. I’m a LAMP developer with a specialty in dynamic graphics. I’ve developed quite a few notable online graphics programs myself, from scratch, including a GD image editor, a 3D dynamic graphing generator, a system to develop the entire graphic profile of a site dynamically. I’m a little bit more than a graphic artist; I’m an internet engineer.
      MRS. RONDEAU: What is your work background?
      MR. COLBY: I incorporated my first IT company in 2004 and have been self employed since. I’ve been self-employed since 2004. I started our current business back in 2007, and I got started in the technology field early through an internship when I was about 15 or 16. I have not stopped working since.

      Image which circulated on the internet in October 2009 and again last week following the release of an image from the White House purported to be Obama’s long-form birth certificate
      MRS. RONDEAU: Would you say that analyzing this particular image was difficult? Did you have to look closely to find the 50 layers?
      MR. COLBY: It was incredibly obvious.
      The Post & Email then asked Mr. Colby if he was familiar with the “Blaine document” which had appeared on the internet as early as October 2009 but resurfaced last week following the release from the White House. We mentioned that to the untrained eye, the formatting of the two images appeared similar. Mr. Colby responded that he had not seen the Blaine image, so we sent it to him. We asked him to comment on whether or not he believed that the White House long-form image was assembled from the Blaine image, as some have suggested. Mr. Colby responded:
      “I can’t find a high enough resolution sample to make any actual image based determinations. I will say the parent and attendant signatures have some appearance of being signed from the same hand, with attempt to create variation. Only one background mark seems to coincide between the two documents, while the rest are independent between – so the certificate released by the white house is not based on the “Blaine” document. Information like name, address, etc. obviously correlate but are publicly available so there is no significance.”
      Mr. Colby’s final comments to us were, “One thing about documents is that it is possible to make flawless forgeries, especially with the resources of the Executive office. That’s what brings this into question; there’s no question that they have the ability to make a flawless forgery if they desire. So the question is, ‘Why was this released?’”
      The Post & Email then asked him, “If you had a flawless forgery on the screen in front of you, could you detect that it was forged?” and he said, “No. If the proper resources research was were put into it, it’s would be impossible to detect it without having access to external information like original records from the issuer of the given document.”
      Mr. Colby left some instructions whereby readers can discover for themselves the information he has presented about the White House image release:
      Verify yourself:
      In your browser (acrobat):
      Visit the original certificate at Zoom in rapidly, in and out. The text flashing is your computer revealing the upper layers with a slight delay to process the preview of each.
      In Adobe Illustrator:
      Visit the original certificate at Go to File – “Save Page As” in your respective browser. Save the page somewhere where you may easily access it. Then, either open it by browsing to it, right clicking on it, and selecting “open with”; finally selecting Adobe Illustrator (you might have to browse to find the program), or open Adobe Illustrator, select open, and browse to the file (make sure to select *.* “Any Type” in the bottom dropdown). Once open, you may navigate the individual layers yourself and hide their visibility; additionally, if you go to Windows-Actions and select the “Links” tab, you may view the clipboard associated with the original birth certificate.

  • Daniel

    I agree with you Christin that Ron Paul is a great public servant and has a lot of America’s priorities in the right order. The only downside right now (although there is plenty of time to improve) is that NumbersUSA has not given him very good grades on the illegal immigration issue. That being said, some of the other GOP Presidential hopefuls haven’t received very good marks either. I think so far, Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota has the best grades as given out by NumbersUSA. Lastly, I totally agree with you that Chris “I play hardball with only conservatives” Matthews sunk a little too low by trying to tie Ron Paul to the birth certificate issue. Ron Paul has never made that an issue and Matthews tried to bait him into admitting he was a ‘Birther’ himself. Matthews seems to do a good job of egging certain guests on by asking such leading questions. If I was Ron Paul, I would have said “Well Chris, I haven’t seen your long form birth certificate so how do I know for sure that you are a U.S. citizen? Since I haven’t seen yours or President Obama’s I guess I just have to take you and the President’s word for it.” I think sometimes turnabout is fair play when you get a question where the intent is to say “Gottcha!” you are just like one of the others that believe this nonsense” Good for Ron Paul for not playing.

    • meteorlady

      Ron’s stance on immigration is that we need to secure our borders before we do anything else. I have never hear him advocate for citizenship for illegals. He is correct though, until we can secure our borders, we cannot deport people it would be ridiculous to even try as they would be back her as fast as we were deporting.

      • James

        Ron’s stance on illegal immigration in his 2007 20/20 interview with John Stossle (only shown on youtube) is that we should remove benefits given to illegal aliens that rewards illegal immigration, and gives an incentive to come here illegally. States have made a lot of progress on this point since then. I’m pretty sure he thought you can’t stop them unless you change policy on this.

    • DaveH

      We should stop people from entering our country illegally, but the illegals aren’t the cause of our bad economy. They are a Red Herring, a distraction from the real problem which is Big Government sucking the life out of our economy. Ron Paul knows that and he focuses on the real problems instead of the distractions.

      • Al Sieber

        Very well put Dave.

  • meteorlady

    Have voted for Ron every time he has run. He gets not media time compared to other candidates. I’m thinking that’s because he makes sense and because he is more real and honest than all the candidates combined.

    My wish is that there was some type of campaign law that would allow all running for office to have equal time and support.

    • DaveH

      The Special Interests do not want Ron Paul in office. He believes in Free Markets, and many executives would rather bribe officials than engage in real competition. They will do anything to suppress his message.

      • Mary

        You’re right. We have pure Corruption.

    • DaveH

      Who passes Campaign Laws? Politicians, of course. They would do anything to stifle the voices of the challengers. It’s best we not go there.

  • jopa

    Daniel:Matthews asked Paul if he was a birther and he said no ,and there was no tricky question involved.Paul just said he would leave that issue with the loonies like Trump and chuckled.

  • Scarefacesquirrel.

    Take the “Race Card, Off the Table”, Vote LTCOL/Congressman Allen West for President. He has Honor,Integrity, Guts and America in his soul.

  • David Mills

    Ron Paul has run before. His simplistic (not derogatory) philosophy of less is better when it comes to government is a view easy to agree with but far too radical for mainstream America. He truly believes that drugs and prostitution should be legalized or at least that these are not Federal issues which I can agree with but most citizens are already too accustomed to the current nanny state. For a new administration to provide total freedom immediately after installment would be too rapid for most. That doesn’t mean he can’t get elected and my opinion is that 2012 is his best chance yet. This is because the citizens are finally fed up with government interference in their daily life. The government’s failure to represent the populous became extremely clear when congress force fed America the health care act in the face of vast public disapproval. The further force feeding by means of executive order when congress fails to do Obama’s bidding has caused what is hopefully a sufficient uprising in the country to deny President Obama a second term to further damage our economy and constrain decrease or remove more of our rights to govern ourselves. The real question is where is the winning candidate to oppose the incumbent? Normal people know they must live within their means and are now expecting Govt to do the same. The rare pleasure of honesty in the voice of a politician is what makes Ron Paul so refreshing for those who are first hearing him. It is kinda sad that honesty is so rare and that most politicians find that they must compromise their values at some point in order to get elected. I have been a Libertarian for several decades and have seen slow progress of conservative policy. I hope I survive long enough to know that my country is secure in its liberty for all and safe from the attacks of those who would turn our freedom to pursue happiness into a series of entitlements to be educated, worked and cared for as seen fit by the regulations enforced by our government or God forbid some other government.
    Colonel West is an honest and honorable man and if he runs please allow him to earn your support because he best represents you and/or your beliefs and you truly believe he is the best person for the job.
    Sorry for the novel thanks for reading through.

    • Christin

      David and Angel,

      I hear what you both are saying, but I don’t think just because he is lax or for personal responsibility on those issues (responsibility… which most in America probably don’t have) that he will be able to over turn much. He believe he would listen to ‘We the People’ and I doubt he could even get to those issues with the many other problems facing America with the DEBT, Collapsing dollar, unsustained Spending, joblessness, HIGH TAXES and REGULATIONS, problems with Entitlements braking America’s budget, not to mention vetoing obama-no-care, and the illegals & amnesty, people & drug smuggling, violence on Americas’ unsecured borders… just to name a few!

      Ron Paul would be MUCH better than the Destroyer of America we have now. If we don’t change back to the way the Republic was designed to work then we will die as a nation of Freedom.

  • http://! Angel Wannabe

    I was in for Ron Paul, until I heard the debate_he’s in for legalization of drugs and prostitution. I get where he’s coming from with Liberty and freedom from that stand point, it’s seems he feels,if we accept personal freedoms at and “right issue” we have to agree to issues, that we don’t personally agree with. I agree Peoples bodies are they’re own, but where will this end? If drugs, prostitution and Gay marriage are Legalized, it won’t end there, there will more folks, pushing the envelope, for every whim that’s comes up the alley__there has to be rules and things we will not do. Both in our personal lives and across America. Rules for the masses aren’t nessasarily for the law biding, rules of law are for those who can’t control themselves, they’re will always be plenty these. I’ll keep looking for a nominee.

    • Average Joe

      Angel Wannabe,
      You and me usually agree on issues, but on this issue I must disagree. Please read my reply to Jopa below to get an understanding of my point of view on the matter. I care not what others do in their private lives…so long as they do not infringe on anothers rights while “doing their thing”…regardless of what their thing happens to be. whatever a person does in the privacy of their own homes shoud be nobody’s business but their own. A man’s home is supposed to be his castle and not the public domain….subject to “mob rule”. Each of us has our own set of “morals” and it is not our right to enforce our particular “morals” on others…that is between each of us and our “creator”. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. There are many “habits’ that people have, that I do not approve of….but I will defend their right to do them….so long as no one else is being forced to particpate against their will.

  • jopa

    Ron Pauls idea to legalize heroin is crazy.Pot okay but that’s about it.I must say he is open minded and cause for debate.

    • Average Joe

      Question, if heroin and other drugs suddenly become legal tomorrow, will you be going out to buy some? I asked this question because most people (myself included) will answer no. Just because something that is illegal and suddenly becomes legal, doesn’t mean that people will run out and start using the item. Most people know what the effects drugs of any kind are and what the consequences of over-indulgence will be. There are those amongst us that are pre-disposed to over-indulge in activities that they know are bad for them….they exist in our society today, whether the drugs are legal or not….they stil use and they still OD etc. Prohibition has never worked in the past.
      Incarceration for the use of drugs is a waste of money, resources and destroys both the family unit as well as career choices in the future…In other words, once the stigma of jail is attached to someone…employment as well as other opportunities become limited, thereby keeping people in the same mindset…..because they can’t seem to get out of the rut…which causes many of them to continue the drug use and whatever other “unlawful” things that they have been doing to support themselves and their families. Once down…kept down.
      Next comes the issue of drug related violence…by making all drugs legal, we remove the incentive for there to be a criminal element involved anywhere in the chain of drug purchases, use etc. The drug cartels would cease to exist….the violence would cease to exist. We need to stop treating drug use as a criminal problem and start treating it as a medical issue…because that is what it is….some people just have “addictive personalities”….and do everything in life to execess….prohibition of drugs won’t change them anymore than legalization will change those of us that don’t have “addictive personalities”. I believe, just like Dr. Paul that people have the right to live their lives as they please….so long as they do not infringe upon the rights of another… be responsible for their own life choices…good, bad or indifferent. People die everyday because of poor choices….legalizing drugs or keeping them illegal will not change that equation….JMHO. I will continue to endorse Dr. Paul for his clear thinking on this matter…this is about freedom and individual choice…not about drugs in general….he doesn’t approve of drug use….but rather supports your freedom (as an adult) to make your own informed choices in life and to deal with the conseqences of those choices.


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