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Ron Paul Is Shaking The GOP Awake

May 8, 2012 by  

Ron Paul Is Shaking The GOP Awake
One clever work illustrating how Mitt Romney likely feels about Ron Paul supporters.

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul is gaining ground in his uphill battle to make his voice heard at the Republican National Convention despite being written off by the Party establishment.

Last weekend in Nevada and in Maine, Paul’s ardent supporters were able to secure delegate blocs increasing the likelihood of a brokered Republican convention in Tampa, Fla., or at very least the ability to assert influence over the Party platform.

Despite Mitt Romney taking 50 percent of the vote in the February Nevada caucus, Paul was able to secure 22 of the 25 delegates up for grabs.

“The Paul folks couldn’t get their people turned out for the caucus,” veteran Nevada political columnist Jon Ralston told The Washington Post. “But they outmaneuvered the Nevada Romney people ever since and dominated the county conventions and this is the inevitable result. The question remains: To what end?”

In Maine at least 21 of 24 delegates vowed support for Paul over the weekend, according to the Associated Press.

Maine is the sixth State to elect a majority of Paul backers to the national convention, assuring the libertarian-leaning congressman a prime-time podium at the Tampa gathering.

Romney currently has 856 delegates, 288 short of the 1,144 needed for the nomination to Paul’s 94, according to an Associated Press count.

Upcoming primaries on Tuesday in Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia will paint a better picture of where Paul’s supporters can take him from here. Political analysts like those at Smart Politics say if the establishment-favored Romney is unable to secure more than two-thirds of the vote Tuesday, Paul will wield some serious power over the GOP.

Paul’s campaign manager, John Tate, said of recent campaign successes, “Taken together, these victories and those yet to happen forecast a prominent role for Ron Paul at the (Republican National Convention). They also signal that the convention will feature a spirited discussion over whether conservatism will triumph over the status quo.”

The Republican establishment has repeatedly cried foul over the Paul camp’s use of the Party’s own election rules against the status quo. They have accused Paul and his supporters of “trying to take over the Republican Party.”

But Paul would likely remind his detractors: He is only trying to save the Republican Party from itself and bring it back to its conservative roots. As the Party establishment scrambles to back Romney—a candidate who has repeatedly been on the same side of many issues as Barack Obama—it looks like Paul still has a great deal of work to do.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Vigilant

    Dr. Paul’s value has been clearly to alter the direction of the political conversation in America. I’m hoping he may be able to inject some sanity into the GOP’s platform, and to make the nation more aware of the clear and present danger inherent in our current course.

    Merely revising the party platform is not enough. Campaign promises are made to be broken, and elections all too frequently have become exercises in gaining victory for the sake of power and perks alone.

    It is to be hoped that the publicity afforded Dr. Paul’s views will affect the more important election of Senators and House Reps.

    • Sirian

      I agree with you Vigilant, 100% +. But as long as Obummer stays in office, between himself and his perpetual regulatory czar Sunstein, it doesn’t make much difference how many of the old Republican guard are replaced with “new blood”. Obummer is exceptionally well versed in signing into effect “secret” EO’s that are leading us closer and closer to what could result in a total loss of our nation’s sovereignty to the U.N. This coupled with Sunstein’s harbinger of thousands upon thousands of new regulations being laid in the laps of all businesses nation-wide. Economically, their “hidden agenda” is in part related to exactly what Cloward & Piven had struck out to achieve over forty years past – create a desperate economic climate and ultimately destroy it in the end.
      Dr. Paul is truly principled and right in so many, many areas. Thank God he has the number of delegates that are moving his direction – many more in the weeks to come I hope. But the Progressives have achieved what they have been seeking also. This will remain as one of the most important elections ever held in our nations history. Unless of course something happens and Obummer stays the election – possible? You bet it’s possible!!

    • upaces88

      Personally, I trust RAND Paul more than Ron Paul.
      Please remember and realize it is a ploy by George Soros backing all three horses
      Ron Paul, Romney and Obama.
      Sooo, considering that is true…what do you think HIS expected outcome is?

      • Maryland Freestater

        Soros backing Ron Paul?? Could you show some proof or cite that statement because I don’t believe that!

  • Steve E

    We definitely need to get a conservative Congress in power this fall. Not the usual RINOs. Maybe that will get Romney (if elected) to flip flop in the right direction.

    • dufas magnet

      “We definitely need to get a conservative Congress in power this fall. Not the usual RINOs. Maybe that will get Romney (if elected) to flip flop in the right direction.”..

      … Maybe, maybe, maybe.. Maybe Obama will honor his promises and get this country started again and according to you, he failed miserably even to the point of trying to destroy it.. Now your saying, “Maybe Romney will flip flop in the right direction.”.. What if he doesn’t? What if he goes the route of Obama (or any other president you despised) Where will the fingers point to then? How many times are we going to say, Maybe”..? What we need is a president who will die for this country, who will ignore the bag men behind the scenes and use the constitution against them.. We need a Ron Paul and MAYBE he will be our savior (god knows we’ve given ever other political clown their fifteen minutes.

      • upaces88

        Romney does not have that kind of personality or character to his being. This video will show you “exactly” who and what Romney is.

        Romney Winning Our Future with Blood Money

  • dan

    ….out of the way you boomer_rino-good-old-boys.You’ve had your day in the sun and you bloody well blew it. You’ve stolen your last election….
    Santorin just threw his support to Mittens proving that he was just part of the ass-covering machine….and now the true believers in the Constitution can support Paul
    withno qualms.

    • Average Joe

      “Santorin just threw his support to Mittens proving that he was just part of the ass-covering machine”
      As did Newt and Bachman. I find it very revealing and hypocritical…considering that these folks have spent the last year and 10′s of millions of dollars trying to convince us of why Mittens should under no circumstances, be allowed to hold the highest office in our nation. And now they are singing his praises? Were they lying then?…are they lying now? Answer: C…all of the above.
      OMG…these folks are so transparent…I can see right through them….ewww…that’s nasty!

      ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩☆ ۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
      ★ ☆ ★ ☆ RON PAUL 4 PRESIDENT 2012 ☆ ★ ☆ ★
      ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩☆ ۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

      I’m voting for Ron Paul 2012 and I approved this message!

      • Steve McGarrett

        Well that’s because they all work for the Illuminous state of Israel and Ron Paul works for the values in the constitution,

      • Brad

        Texas Congressman Ron Paul appears more interested in influencing the direction of the Republican Party than in running as an independent presidential candidate. But perhaps Democrats should be careful what they wish for: Even if Mitt Romney’s remaining GOP challenger should run as a third party candidate, new Rasmussen Reports surveying finds Romney the winner of a three-way race.

        Thirty percent believe Paul is at least somewhat likely to run as a third party presidential candidate, but that includes only six percent who feel it’s Very Likely. Fifty-two percent think an independent Paul candidacy is unlikely, with 13 percent who say it’s Not At All Likely. Eighteen percent aren’t sure.

        Only 12 percent of Republicans think Paul should run independently, compared to 34 percent of Democrats and 31 percent of voters not affiliated with either of the major parties. Voters in Paul’s party are more likely to believe he won’t run as an independent.

        Sixty percent of those who plan to vote for Romney have a favorable opinion of Paul, compared to 32 percent of likely Obama voters.

        However, just nine percent of Romney voters think Paul should run as an independent versus 39 percent of Obama voters who feel that way.

        Yet despite apparent Democratic hopes that a Paul candidacy might cut into Romney’s total, the likely Republican nominee is the winner of a three-way race if the election were held right now. Given that matchup, Romney earns 44 percent support to President Obama’s 39 percent. Paul runs a distant third with 13 percent of the vote. Two percent like some other candidate, and another two percent are undecided.

        Just over 80 percent of Republican and Democratic voters support their party’s candidate. Paul picks up 11 percent of GOP voters and five percent of Democrats. Among unaffiliated voters, it’s Romney 37 percent, Obama 31 percent, Paul 23 percent.

        Read more on Rasmussen: Ron Paul Presidential Bid Would Hurt Obama
        Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

      • Ell

        I don’t think they were lying. I do think that they will back whomever they think will oust bo. As I will, even if I have to hold my nose.

    • John W. Neff

      I agree. Ron Paul is the only hope we have. Obummer and Romney who both represent the Bilderberger group will continue policing the world for the elites who are leading us to a world government under the UN.

      • upaces88

        Do you think Ron Paul would do this? This is why I am hedging on my full support of him. I really want to know what you think….Okay?
        Video: Newt Gingrich — Ban Sharia Law in the U.S. = full explanation

      • upaces88

        I’d like to ask a question for those who have a great deal of knowledge about Ron Paul. Let’s say, terrorist bombed NY again or Chicago. What do you think Ron Paul would do about it?

  • Bruce R Porter Sr

    Well, yes, the Kenyan (?) does put a lot of “executive orders” out there. However, the issues is that the Gutless Old Party just goes along. Nobody tries to stop him.
    Where is the outcry? Anybody want to talk Constitution?
    Oh, I forgot, nobody except Ron Paul wants to even know it exists!
    Frankly, with a couple of exceptions, I think we could have 100% republican and all it would change is the sound bites. What we think are conservatives would just fold as they always have and kiss the presidents butt.

    • GALT

      Just because you use the word “constitution”, doesn’t mean you are talking about it, and Ron Paul is no exception…………

      Where are the (common) law and equity courts?

      This message has been brought to you by: The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, “admiralty and maritime jurisdictions”, the District of Columbia, 26 CFR 31.3402 (p), UCC 1-207, UCC 1-103, and ( common ) Law and Equity, which seem to be MISSING?

      • GALT

        Article One, section 8

        To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;—And

        To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

        Article 3, section 2

        The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, the Laws of the United States, and Treaties made, or which shall be made, under their Authority;—to all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls;—to all Cases of admiralty and maritime Jurisdiction;—to Controversies to which the United States shall be a Party;—to Controversies between two or more States;—between a State and Citizens of another State;—between Citizens of different States;—between Citizens of the same State claiming Lands under Grants of different States, and between a State, or the Citizens thereof, and foreign States, Citizens or Subjects.

  • Silas Longshot

    Might not win, but at least shake them up. We (out in ‘flyover’ country) are not too keen on Romney, a ‘plain oatmeal’ candidate at best, Even if he’s the best RINO money can buy, he’s the flip flop king, one of the ‘evil rich’ and the 0bama attack machine will shred him for his past.
    Perhaps a brokered convention will force the party to take a candidate that the PEOPLE want.
    surviving urban criss . com

    • upaces88

      George Soros is playing two ends against the middle. He is behind Ron Paul, Romney and Obama….sooo, what does that tell you?

      • Susie Liberty

        What does it tell me when you say Soros is ‘controlling Ron Paul”?

        That you need to seek medical help – and quickly.

      • John W. Neff

        How did you conclude that? Ron Paul would preserve the contituition and the bill of rights. George Sorce is an elitist socialist and world government guy as is Obama and Romney.

  • David

    Ron Paul, the ONLY Republican I would vote for. Romney is a person I do not trust and as such, I cannot and will not vote for him. Mitt is a liar, a thief and a cheat and Washington is already over-flowing with these types and it is time we sent someone that is truly an American Statesman to DC to fight for us, this country and the US Constitution.

    • upaces88

      Ron Paul will not win. Ron Paul, Romney and Obama are all backed by Soros….
      Can’t you see what Soros is doing? Can’t you see that Ron Paul is so needy that he is allowing Soros in his bed (so-to-speak).

      • David

        OK, let us assume that you are correct in your assumption that Ron Paul cannot win, and that Mitt, Paul and Obama are all working for Soros, and that everything you said is 100% spot on. Guess I won’t vote for anyone then, that’s your answer? To stick my head in the sand and pretend it will get better by not voting? Sorry, I’ll be casting my vote for Ron Paul and if he doesn’t get the nomination I still will not vote for Mitt as I do not trust that man and I will not vote for someone I do not trust. Period.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        If soros is giving money to Ron Paul’s campaign ( I don’t know if that’s true and I don’t care enough to research it) I still don’t believe that soros would have any control over Ron Paul. I believe that Ron Paul is an honorable man and would do the right thing. I think it’s obvious that he can’t be bought. He is the ONLY candidate that I could say that about. The other candidates are “owned” by the establishment.

      • upaces88

        To MarylandFreestater: Soros’ method seems to be manipulating all three candidates against each other to split the vote (however, If you have another theory, I’d like to hear it. Manipulation was never my strong point…I am up front..and no one ever has to guess where I am coming from…He is behind all three: Obama, Romney and Ron Paul:

        It was recently observed that Ron Paul was to the left of Obama on national security and the best evidence for that statement can be found when one year ago Ron Paul joined forces with Barney Frank on a proposal to gut national defense via a panel of experts, quite a few of whom were tied to George Soros.
        In July 2010, Barney Frank and Ron Paul co-authored a Huffington Post article rolling out their Sustainable Defense Task Force. The Task Force “consisting of experts on military expenditures that span the ideological spectrum” would recommend a trillion dollars in defense cuts. The experts, however, didn’t quite “span the ideological spectrum” — more like float under it.

      • JeffH

        Nancy in Nebraska, I agree with you. If any Soros money or Soros connections are linked to Ron Paul I doubt it would be anything more than to create doubt and discredit RP…total propaganda, just as the MSM and the GOP have ignored Ron Paul and done their best to squash him and misrepresent his constitutional legalize drugs, isolationist, etc.,etc.

      • Maryland Freestater

        upaces88 said:
        To MarylandFreestater: Soros’ method seems to be manipulating all three candidates against each other to split the vote (however, If you have another theory, I’d like to hear it. Manipulation was never my strong point…I am up front..and no one ever has to guess where I am coming from…He is behind all three: Obama, Romney and Ron Paul:”

        U’88, you STILL did NOT cite your source – it’s just speculation (or disinformation).

        “It was recently observed that Ron Paul was to the left of Obama on national security and the best evidence for that statement can be found when one year ago Ron Paul joined forces with Barney Frank on a proposal to gut national defense via a panel of experts, quite a few of whom were tied to George Soros.”

        Dr. Paul appears to be to the left on defense issues but is readily misunderstood over this – he’s a NONINTERVENTIONIST, which means we as a nation need to learn to keep our noses out of other countries’ business when there is no compelling reason to do so. And as far as gutting national ‘defense’, consider Ike’s remark – “Beware the Military-Industrial Complex!” – DOD is worse than a boat here (boat = ‘hole in the water one throws money into’). This does NOT make Dr. Paul a Sorista.

        “In July 2010, Barney Frank and Ron Paul co-authored a Huffington Post article rolling out their Sustainable Defense Task Force. The Task Force “consisting of experts on military expenditures that span the ideological spectrum” would recommend a trillion dollars in defense cuts. The experts, however, didn’t quite “span the ideological spectrum” — more like float under it.”

        Since I didn’t read the article i can’t say regarding the panel of ‘experts’ or their ideolgies,, but it is highly unlikely again that Dr. Paul is a Sorista.

        Look, I’m NOT trying to be a dick here BUT you HAVE to source or cite statements like Dr. Paul is a Sorista. Ideologically these men are polar opposites – Soros (real name Sorosky) is a leftist who used trade with the Nazis (and since he’s Jewish, this makes him a race traitor). Soros has for some reason a desire to bring down the United States, apparently by supporting leftist (‘progressive’) causes. He has made a fortune off this country. His policies would ultimately GUT this country. Dr. Paul is an ardent supporter of the US and freemarkets, personal liberty and just relationships with all countries on this planet. So, please be more concrete with your postings here because you don’t sound like a Libertarian supporter with pro-Soros statements.

      • EyesWideOPEN

        Like David said, if their all controlled by Soros then there’s no need to vote because they all have the same agenda (as soros dictates) however, I am not an animal.. I will not stick my head in the sand.. I will vote for Ron Paul because IF he’s a Soros puppet at least he has an agenda that sounds like what I am seeking and if he becomes a turncoat then his presidency would not have been any worse than the other choices and I can admit I made a mistake, lick my wounds and (hopefully) find a legitimate honorable man (or woman) the next time. As it is, we all know what’s in store for us with the other two and Ron Paul (to me) is saying what I want to hear and believe and as he hasn’t varied within his long affiliation with politics, I would more trust his words that the words of the two parrots beside him.

    • http://liberty Tony

      To David:
      Right on!! Unfortunately,though, it’s ,obviously, fixed for Obama to get re-elected. This is the reason why a clown like “Richie Rich” Zombie is getting the Repub. nomination. However, in 2016, the Repubs. will be back with a Rubio/Watts ticket. Thus, keep the faith until then. Thnaks!!

      • brown dwarf

        It seems that a foriegn country entity which is in the back pocket of the current occupant, is contracted to be counting the U.S. national vote for 2012 elections. Rigged?

      • David

        Nerver heard of this Watts guy, but if Rubio is on the ticket, don’t count on my vote. Rubio is another say anything, do anything, lie about anything to get elected type of politician same as Mitt. Rubio tying himself to that Blunt / Rubio admendment sunk his (Rubio’s) chance of ever getting my vote. If a person running FOR office cannot be counted on to tell the truth when they are just seeking power, what will happen when they get that power? More lies? More smoke and mirrors? More distraction from the real issues? More consolidation and subversion of power? More for the “uppers” and even less to the “lowers?” No thanks, that’s not the country I want for me and mine and it certainly isn’t the country I went to war for.

      • castaway

        Tony, by 2016, it will be too late for a Republican ticket. The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, will be long gone, or mostly forgotten, and the American Communist Party will either be in control, or almost there, and obama, may have already declared himself the supreme ruler. If all the economists are correct, we will have a finacial meltdown before, or soon after the next election, in which case it may not matter. There will be a bloody civil war, that the government is now planning for. Years of complacency have screwed the pooch.

        • Brad

          You are exactly right and everybody better listen, you give Odrama another 4 years and it very well may tun into a life time Dictatorship. At all cost don’t let him win people.

      • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

        Tony, if Obummer gets another 4 years the US will be so far in debt that it will take forever for us to even start paying for what this idiot COOTUS is spending. What we need to do is first get him out of office and then demand that the money that is owed to us is paid back. (IF WE CAN FIND OUT WHERE ITS GONE TOO!) The way we can do this is by not allowing those that owe us do not and can not declare Bankrupacy but pay back the money that is owed with interest. After that we need to do is strengthen our defense: 1st by allowing the military to buy and posess better equipment, do away with that assinine Obummer issisted cut; 2nd we must close our borders to keep out all illegals and then deport every last one of those that are in the US now; 3rd we need to enforce all immagration laws on the books. You can probably think of more ways that can be used to save the US of A.


  • boyscout

    I don’t count on Mittens to be anything different than what we now have other than that he might pull some of the in RINOS out of gridlock to favor non-conservative ideals. His candidacy is and has been a sham arranged to get Obama reelected or (if actually successful) to replace Mike with Ike. Only the near impossible outcome of a Paul or Libertarian win in the coming election, even if it produce a lame duck presidency, will stir the waters enough to wake an insipidly stupid American electorate and save this nation from the corruption it’s government wallows in.

    • upaces88

      Good post…you covered it all.

  • cawmun cents

    Tale of the tape:
    in the gray/green corner,weighing in at trillions of borrowed futures,The Mighty Ivy League Academic,and Disturbed Progressive Liberal…….
    Balack Who’sSane? Omamba!
    in the slightly red,but most likely some shade of pink corner,weighing in at whatever you want him to weigh,the Twisting Turning Wunderkind and(pin the hopes of republicans on this goofball)hissol’self……
    Mitt Flipper OBombney!
    There you have it….
    The poisonous elapid,
    The never in one position more than a second or two marine cetacean.
    There’s your choice of fine leadership outside the nutshell.
    Hope you got your waders on,,,,,I got a feelin that its going to get deep around here in a hurry!

  • JON

    The image above of Romney’s face superimposed on the painting “The Scream” [which just sold at auction for $119,922,500.00] is an clear message that he can be bought and paid for with millions of dollars. Like the painting…He’s not worth it.

  • Pat

    Let’s keep the momentum for RonPaul.

  • tod

    Congradulatios Dr.Ron Paul Our Next President of the United States,and Our First Honest Patriot as President in all Our Life Times !!!

    • Dwayne

      I agree, GO PAUL GO!!!!!!

      • Susie Liberty

        Wore my Reclaiming America shirt out and about last week, and a “younger” supporter (age range gets broader all the time as my time ticks by faster)… Regardless, he said to me, “Really like your shirt. Ron Paul brings us ALL together!” And attending my first Rally, witnessed it myself…the diversity: all ages, ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic levels (although that doesn’t show – truly) together and dedicated to keeping the Liberty and Freedoms guaranteed under Our Constitution. And courteous, thoughtful, kind to one another…and left the grounds just as they were found…

      • Steve

        Well you have to remember who makes the laws. Just wondering what the RP strategy is for electing senators. If he is siding with the likes of Barney Frank we are all in trouble.
        Can any RP supporter out there shed some light on that for me?

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Steve,

        You write: “Just wondering what the RP strategy is for electing senators. If he is siding with the likes of Barney Frank we are all in trouble.” What are you talking about?

        Best wishes,

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        LOL! I think hell would freeze over before he’d side with the likes of barney frank.

      • Steve


        Just commenting on upaces88 post above. Plus asking a serious question. How is the RP camp going to influence the Congressional elections and Senate elections. He can’t do it alone. What is the strategy? With out party support from the guys who make the laws he would be one man standing alone. Talk about grid lock. On the other hand, if he is in bed with the likes of Barney Frank we have a problem Huston. I trust Barney Frank even less than Obumer. His action is what is creating this housing mess and preventing the recovery. (Frank Dodd)

        The quote from above.
        “the best evidence for that statement can be found when one year ago Ron Paul joined forces with Barney Frank on a proposal to gut national defense via a panel of experts, quite a few of whom were tied to George Soros.
        In July 2010, Barney Frank and Ron Paul co-authored a Huffington Post article rolling out their Sustainable Defense Task Force. The Task Force “consisting of experts on military expenditures that span the ideological spectrum” would recommend a trillion dollars in defense cuts. The experts, however, didn’t quite “span the ideological spectrum” — more like float under it.”

        Best regards,

        • upaces88

          Thank you, Steve, I was NOT aware of that.

      • Steve


        I know RP is your hero and all and that’s ok. I like him too. What say you about this cite from above.

        It seems well documented by upaces88.

        upaces88. Your welcome. Dodd Frank law is considered by most in the financial world especially mortgages and real estate to be very regressive law.

        To even think RP is on the same wave length as Barney is a very sad day for America.



      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Steve,

        You quote upaces88 above and his lame attempt to tie Ron Paul with George Soros: The charge that Ron Paul is aligned with George Soros is a rightwing neocon smear job by those who want to maintain the status quo. Notice where the link from upaces88 goes. The neocons hate Ron Paul because he wants to cut off their funding for perpetual war and foreign aid (Israel’s gravy train). The Daily Paul rebuts the charge here: The logic that because Ron Paul was asked to be on a committee to address cuts in military spending that Barney Frank was on means there is some sinister relationship between him and Barney Frank is absurd. Even more absurd is tying Paul to Soros because the committee partially funded by a Soros think tank. It was also funded by the libertarian Cato Institute. Does that make Frank a secret libertarian?

        I’m not sure what you mean by “in the bed with the likes of Barney Frank.” Ron Paul is in Congress with 435 other people. When he finds one that agrees with him on an issue that needs addressed, he sometimes partners with that person, even if they want to achieve the same end result for different reasons. For an example, socialist Bernie Sanders worked with Ron Paul on a bill to audit the Fed. Dennis Kucinich worked with Paul to try and end the Libya bombardment.

        You write: “How is the RP camp going to influence the Congressional elections and Senate elections.” You seem to be under the false notion that voting for someone just because they have an “R” next to their name will make a difference. To put lie to that notion I direct you back to the Bush years when he had a Republican Congress. I’m certain Ron Paul will endorse like-minded candidates. I’m equally certain that he won’t endorse someone just because they wear an “R” on their lapel.

        You write: “With out (sic) party support from the guys who make the laws he would be one man standing alone.” With his veto pen he can be very effective.

        Best wishes,

  • Rennie

    Paul is the only man in the room who predicted the current financial mess and depivation of freedom we are now in, how can we expect those who are blind or indifferent to get us, this nation, out of this mess? The White House has been turned into a dictatorship in three years, has Romney ever stated how he will reverse course and preserve the Constitution, or is he just anxious to take the reins himself? The “establishment” gives us two different flavors of the same medicine, both of which are killing us, we need a REAL change, a renewal of what the Founding Fathers wrote over 200 years ago, Freedom, “that which no honest man surrenders up but with life itself.”

    • upaces88

      Rennie, Ron Paul stated that he thought Iran should have nukes….to be Democratic and all, I guess????
      He makes himself sound insane.

      • JeffH

        upaces88, it is you who sounds insane…Ron Paul’s position is a very well thought out position. I most certainly wouldn’t expect you to understand where he’s coming from.

        Ron Paul: ‘US has to live with Iran nukes’

        FoxNews’ Christopher Wallace, while moderating Reblican debate, highlighted Paul’s earlier statement on US policy against Tehran’s nuclear program and illegal sanction against that country. Paul had said: “One can understand why they might want to become nuclear capable, if only to defend themselves and to be treated more respectfully.”

        Paul told Wallace that sanctions historically have driven Americans into wars with the countries under sanctions, i.e. US joined WW II against Germany as result of American Jewish Congress’ economic boycott against Germany in 1933, Pearl Harbor was result of America’s economic warfare against Japan imposed by Zionist FDR who disliked both German and Japenese and recently sanctions pushed the US into war with Panama and Iraq.

        Ron Paul had pointed out that Iran’s neighbors, China, Pakistan, Russia, India and Israel all have nuclear weapons. And that Israel is well able to take care of itself. Dr. Paul is also against wasting US taxpayers’ money on Israel and its enemies.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        U S, Israel, Russia & China have scalar weapons…..we wouldn’t need to care if IRAN gets nukes. You are technologically behind the times if you think it would matter.

  • Deerinwater

    All interesting to watch play out and listen too, while end games seems rather obvious at this point.

    I don’t think there is a cure for hypocritical thinking, if it’s displayed so often in such a habitual fashion it becomes common place and the accepted norm.

    Not one man can save the GOP from itself. It seems that Ron Paul is trying to fight back the darkness, lighting one candle at a time. Like he’s fighting with a hungry bear armed with a green peach tree switch. My money is on the bear as much as I might like Ron Paul.

    Seems like every general election is referred to as the most important election ever. It makes some sense that it would be since it’s the only one before us. The only one that’s final outcome might hang in the balance.

    I do admire Ron Paul’s efforts and what he’s put in play to effect meaningful change in the way Americans view the Federal government, it’s roles and limitations.

    So Ron Paul is to win a ‘brokers” position in the GOP candidate selection? Hmm? Well Romney would be the guy! I think Romney would say and do anything just about anything to secure the position.

    We live in a “time continuum” , events unfold and decision are made which have long lasting effects as we live by the “sound bite” and “news cycle”. Each generation is a victim of it’s own time. Much different then before yet so much the very same.

    “yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery and today is a present” Elinor Roosevelt

    Spend it wisely.

  • Congress Works For Us

    An honest question to the RP supporters on here.

    If Romney picked Rand Paul as VP… would you still write in Ron Paul in November?

    • Susie Liberty

      I have not worked hard and donated (small – as Legions of us have) on behalf of Rand. He is NOT his father and will have his own ‘growing’ to do. (Reminds me of what my mother said when we were growing up: “Doesn’t matter how tall your Grandfather is; you have to do your own growing.”)

      So, as for me? No – that will not change my actions toward a Romney candidacy. “Meet the new boss…same as the old boss…”. The Globalist takeover is in full-on mode, and please do not be deceived. Romney is NOT the person to reverse course – with or without Rand.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      ABSOLUTELY!!! Everyone knows that a VP is just a figurehead! I would actually think that Rand was selling out and he would be finished as far as I’m concerned!

    • Average Joe

      That’s a silly question. First of all, Romney can pick anything he wants…the question is…would Rand accept?…Answer …NO. Rand, like his father has a reputation to uphold , as well as morals and values. Rand, nor his father would give up either to run on a ticket with someone that has different values. Obviously you know very little about folks with real convictions, morals and fortitutude…..which is why you seem to be anamored with Twitt….er…. Mitt.
      Your scenario is a fantasy at best….a self deluded fantasy…not going to happen.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Uhhhh, I heard Rand in an interview say that he would be honored.

      • Average Joe

        Nancy in Nebraska ,

        Got a link to provide?…anything at all? Without something to back up your claims…they have no validity. Folks say things like this all of the time..but never manage to produce any evidence to support their claims. Please provide evidence….because we don’t believe things blindly around here.

      • Average Joe

        Rand Paul’s remark was treated as circumstantial evidence that there is some sort of agreement between Romney and Paul’s father, with Romney promising some sort of reward to Paul for his unofficial and unstated alliance.

        But Rand Paul’s chief of staff, Doug Stafford, told HuffPost late Wednesday that there was no there there in his boss’ comment.

        “The senator was answering a question posed to him by the media. His father is running for president, and since no one has won even 20 percent of the delegates needed to win, he is a contender for the nomination,” Stafford said in an email. “If he does not win and the eventual winner wishes to consider Senator Paul for the VP spot, of course he would be honored. Why wouldn’t someone consider it an honor to be asked to run for the second-highest office in the country?”

        Sometimes you have to understand the context of the statements made….Especially when they are answering…hypothetical questions….I myself would feel honored to be asked…but would I accept?…Not likely….

        A bit more critical thinking on part should be done in the future.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I can’t figure out how to post a link to you tube but if you search “Rand Paul” then it’s on Alex Jones Channel dated April 18, 2012. It’s about halfway into the interview at 10:20. Sorry that’s the best I can do. If a link is already on a website, then I know how but…

      • Average Joe

        I already looked up the comment..which I quoted above and gave two links.
        Please read my post just above yours…..Rand would not accept the position from MItt…within a 99% certainty.

    • David

      Absolutly not. I wouldn’t vote for Mitt no matter who he picked for VP.

      Here’s my prediction on who he will pick… Paul Ryan.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Yes I’d write him in….but Romney would never pick Rand Paul….his financiers wouldn’t allow that

  • Louis Lemieux

    Libertarians believe no law should prevent anyone or any group of people from acquiring the assets of someone else who is willing to sell. Nevertheless, antitrust laws are necessary to protect competition; and,as far as libertarianism goes, when there’s a crack in the shell, the whole egg is compromised. Capitalism is a kind of legalized pyramid scheme that needs to be kept in check by socialistic measures. Relying on individual virtue to keep people from using their freedom to step on their neighbor’s freedom is just utopian and silly.

    • Susie Liberty

      I believe you may have true Capitalism – free market enterprise – confused with CORPORATISM…sometimes Crony – sometimes Corrupt. I’ve been the owner of a small business – 20yrs – and it ain’t the same!

    • Brad

      Louis you are a sick individual Commie Wacko man!!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      How do you figure that capitalism is a pyramid scheme? I give you “x” amout of money for your product. Period! Not the promise of a product later on but it is the direct exchange of one thing for another. You need to do some reading. I think you may be confused. And capitalism itself does not need to go hand in hand with the illegal deals that are made. If you prosecute the criminals, capitalism is a wonderful thing.

      • Louis Lemieux

        Thank you, Susie and Nancy. I still stand by what I wrote. Of course at a low level capitalism will not reveal itself as a pyramid scheme. It is a kind of pyramid scheme in the sense that the more money you make, the greater your possibility of making more.., making the money supply get concentrated in one spot. We need laws and regulations to prevent this and protect the common people.

        • Brad

          You mean the common people that want everybody else to pay their lazy ass way?
          Your name is socialist French and just face it Louis you are a socilist commie pinko fag

      • Alan

        Capitalism can work if people can afford to buy the products or services being sold, but then you have to have a job with a growing economy to sustain capitalism, so that you would be able/afford to go & buy that product that you have spent your hard earned money on BREAK. Then you repeat this process over and over again by buying or selling goods or services & those taxes being collected by & so local & federal government can spend it so freely, as you’ve seen. The problem here is local & big government is in every small business owners pocket (myself included) & Corporate America trying to shut you down & monopolize all things needed on a daily basis.
        The corrupt system that is in play for a total dictatorship of all phases of our lives is not what I want for me/family or any other person in this country or through a world dictatorship that’s being crammed down our throats and we the American people are to sit back & swallow this crap. I’m sorry but I just can’t.
        We now have a president that was not born on US soil, whom is now our Commander & Chief of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. With Obama bidding for our votes for a second term. Obama’s attorney has already admitted the birth certificate is a fake & knowing it’s fake asked the judge to throw it out as evidence & what’s even worst is the judge agreeing. How is this possible? The level of corruption & arrogance that has taken place right before our eyes is just totally mind blowing.
        We the people better pull or heads out of the sand & wake up or do you want to see more of the same old stuff & business as usual? This can’t continue. Us giving up the Constitution or our Bill of Rights in anyway, in the name of security, that has been stripped away by Patriot Acts 1 & 2, our 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 10th Amendments being stepped all over. With Secretary of State Clinton trying to take away our small arms as we speak. Our military powers given to the UN control through executive orders written by our fake president along with all the other executives that has been written. With drones flying around in our front & back yards, so called foreign add costing billions of dollars, bailing out companies that are so called too big to fail, Congress having money printed out of thin air through Centralized Bank scam or even balancing a checkbook. I could go on & on with this, but can’t you see that unless we put a person in as president and a controlling party in Congress, Senate & House, this country is doomed with life as we know it?
        The only option for this country is a person with the conviction, loyalty & track record of & to do the right things for all of us is RON PAUL. Everyone is saying he won’t get the support needed or he’s heading into a brick wall to make the changes that is so desperately needed in this country, (you know we need it, right?) or his foreign policies on pulling out of other countries, letting Iran have nuclear weapons, of which he isn’t for them having but opening a line of communications with them to detour those actions. Shutting down our military bases over in other countries of which most of the people in their country wanting us out of there, with Russia setting up military actions to support Iran all along of her borders with Iran. North Korea has launched a missile that landed on the western shores of Alaska a few months ago. Unless you’re listening to our media that’s continually trying to dumb us down to what is really going on over there & here.
        I know in my heart that RON PAUL is what we need in this country to put or start us back in the right direction. Romney is not that person to stop these things in play, but merely go along with the status quo & justify his flip flopping that we will surely see more of if he is to become president of this country. With Obama not even legit for the office that he has lied for now and imposing Shariah Laws on us. I’m sorry I just don’t understand the stupidity that’s allowed us to lose everything that has been fought for by the lives of our children & forefathers from the beginning of this country. Wake up please!!!!

      • Louis Lemieux

        Alan, I don’t know where and how you get your information for thinking the way you think but to me it really looks like you and I are from two very different planets!!!

      • Alan

        I’m sorry you feel we are from 2 different planets, but no we are both here on this star ship which is the 3rd rock from our sun, Earth our home. The only home we have at this point in time.
        You said capitalism is like a pyramid. Well in a since I agree that is because the person at the top makes all the money with the workforce which accounts for 90% of the base, that holds up the top 10% of business X of which the workforce exchanges time for a small amount of money that is earned by that employee. With the top, being the Owner, CEO’s, president, vice president & stockholders making the big salaries or profits. All of which would not have been made if it wasn’t for the workforce. As you said, hence a pyramid. I don’t have a problem with all honest capitalism companies. What I do have a problem with is that the top 10% thinks they got it all from the own sweat and they don’t give some of the rewards back down the ladder of success or even a thank you. Capitalism has to have trust, honesty & respect as the main driving force of success as all phases of life not the greed that has taken over in this country or planet. This is why the economy is failing now. Not to mention that technology has replace the manufacturing force. US is the number 1 manufacturing force on this plant with productivity increase on higher end products because of robotics replacing the human workforce. Thus less jobs for us humans & less money to be spent on the products that we all need to buy, which would boost the economy in the right direction. This is why capitalism will fail. If you don’t have a growing economy to sustain the growth of big government or the spending to meet the wind fall of debt that has been created out of thin air we are doomed.
        As too anything else that I stated in my plead for humanity to wake up, pick out a topic and I would be glad to explain. Even better if more people would turn off the boob tube and start reading and taking an entrust in what is really going on around the world and here in this country you will be shocked to be able to see & understand what is really at stake with this election. Our FREEDOM.

        • Brad

          Alan you are just wrong. A pyramid is what Ameriplan is ans many other scams out there. If you want to be the owner work harder, but dont be envious over your own failer because someone is better than you are loser!

      • Alan

        That’s not it at all, because to have success first of all, you have to be able to put your head down at night knowing you’ve done everything possible to enhance someone else’s life. Secondly you have to have respect from your workforce through them knowing I/you appreciate their efforts & for them to appreciate that you had a idea & turned it into a successful business for which the people that work for me/you are glad & happy to provide their services. I share, I’m not the greedy.
        I’m sorry you don’t have the same feeling for your company or from your workforce. I work with my hands in & on tangible products not insurance. As I said I’m for honest capitalism not the greed.
        Let me ask you a question, when you where growing up was it uncommon to see a family with 12 to 16 children? Now what do you see in an average family today? 1, 2 or maybe 3. Anything more today is a rarity, Right? Unless your a family milking the system is the only time I’ve seen larger families. We don’t have as my babies being born in today time to sustain the growth needed to sustain the big government spending habits. Hence not enough taxes being paid into the system. Nor the jobs at hand to provide employment for all the people who need a job now. This is why I say capitalism will fail & come to an end in the near future. Look I care about every person on this planet & I treat everyone as my brother or sister no matter their race or religion. I truly believe everyone on this planet is entitled to clean air, h2o, nutritional food and a roof over your head. Until we move beyond this monetary system that is in place we will not have the unity needed to survive & grow as human beings with the love & compassion for all living things. We need to move toward a one world government for the betterment of all mankind. That would take us moving forward together not divided as we are now. Utilize technology to grow our crops, build sustainable products that won’t break after a short period of time. Having a world that our higher power would be proud of. Do you think he is proud now from all the turmoil that surround each & everyone of us today? This is why the changes that are made today will affect everyone tomorrow.

      • Deerinwater

        Hmm? Call it what you want to, ~ but there will always be a bottom to any “top” and the top is always a very lonely place that few obtain. I’ve never aspired to be there myself finding the world filled with just too many wonderful things to distract and amuse me. I would think that explains most of us found below the top.

        According to you understanding of a pyramid, any “ism” might apply. Venture capitalism has a degree of risk involved.

        What seems to be taking place today is the “venture” is being removed and leaving us with only capitalism. There is many unscrupulous ways this takes place, like lying, cheating and out right stealing in the form of fraud. Under the table deals, setups, salting the mining, poisoning the well, all the many con games hinging on disinformation, bate and switch, the list is long.

        I’ve heard it said, that you can’t cheat an honest man. Whoever say that was a lying son of b1tch. Because honest men and women are cheated everyday.

        Whenever someone tells you to not worry, that is your cue to start worrying .

      • Alan

        That’s so true, but we should be able to see the cue before someone says don’t worry.

        • Brad

          Deer, your dreams of seeing into the future are all about that utopian life you liberals dream of every second of the day. If there is no risk there is no gain. You have to risk getting hit by a bus to cross the street of life, no one said it would be easy. You have to grasp at the world every second instead of sitting on your ass complaining you want your fair share.

          Good Luck with that. Now get up a do something productive.

      • Deerinwater

        Screw you Brad, ~ I have been running a business since 78. Read my posting without those bias glasses you like to wear around. I could probably buy you three time over and still retire tomorrow.

        “Deer, your dreams of seeing into the future are all about that utopian life you liberals dream of every second of the day. If there is no risk there is no gain.”

        Smart business men work to limit risk. A large part of Business is risk management. With the help of stupid people like yourself, leaked information, campaign contributions, government regulations and restriction, is very possible to engage in risk free commerce.

        Even an armed robber invest in a gun while his true risk lies in the crime.

        You are the Utopian Brad, with you over simplified views of the world, thinking that somehow you are “bright”. I like people like yourself, I depend on people being the way you are.

        I have few tomorrows, rather to focus on today and accept the notion I am a working man and have only this single day to build my past. If I do that, tomorrow will take care of itself.

        Now excuse me while I go do something besides argue with a fool with no money.

        • Brad

          Actually Deer my comment was in line for Alan, I was still asleep when I made my comment. I appologize. One business man to another.

          • Deerinwater

            Apology accepted, I withdraw, no fault , no foul. I stand down.

            I found this little follow up piece and hate to waste it. It’s not my own words but echos some of my thought as well.

            “Today, America is a society of elites. (a sweeping statement but I find fair) Business elites claim subsidies, “liability limits”, and bailouts. Political elites enjoy the economic bounty of skimming off the sweat and blood of taxpayers: rich salaries, plush expense accounts (not counting bribes), platinum pensions and health insurance, etc. Bureaucratic elites (civil servants) “earn” much more than private-sector workers, even though they have greater job security and richer benefits, like plush pension plans that taxpayers can only dream about.”

            A small portion of our society has used whatever means necessary to lock up free Enterprise and corner markets making the average American little more then a cash cow.

            I feel that we have only ourselves to blame for this, this is where I hardly agree with Ron Paul ideas regarding currency and markets. Yet I part from him on some social issues and matters of Church and State.

            Ron Paul to me, would be a compromise that I would seriously consider. Like nasty medicine, if you can chock it down your over all health will improve with time.

            But let us be serious about this; Ronnie wanted to get the Federal Government off the peoples backs as well ~ and he did for a short time, but city, county and state took up any slack create by it. While Ron’s leadership left the American people with one less foe, only to be replaced by another, three more predatory taxing authorities to contend with and after 8 years , over spending of the Fed after making all his social cuts and down sizing. So who really won? Clearly not most Americans unless you can place a price on the “Threat of the Great Northern Bear” . It was sold at the time as “Peace time Profits”, but there was no peace. The absence of the Great Bear created a void and shifting of power.

            It’s true, There were some winners, those that found themselves in the position to ride this wave of reform and stay on top. Some did quite well, it’s necessary that some do if you have plans to “sell” the notion of “success”.

            1980 will live forever in infamy, when the American people said, I’ve had enough! I want a leader, get the Fed off my back!

      • Alan

        Brad, Stand in front of that bus if you wish. Definitely nothing ventured nothing gained.
        I’m dreaming, Hardly. This economy will fail before Novembers elections. Then martial law will be imposed on us all & our own military will be in our face. Possibly forcing us out of our homes & into the FEMA Camps that are already built everywhere in this country. Over 500,000 coffin lines stacked up in Madison GA. Concrete coffins the size of the coffin liners in place north of Houston TX. The CDC says it’s for an upcoming epidemic. One of the biggest bunkers built in this country under the new airport in Denver CO., that has a 110 mile tunnel to MT. Cheyanne, along with others bunkers being built around this country. Do you think we’ll be able to get in those bunkers? NOT!! With a world event that will kill off most of us here and around the planet. We have a hole in our magnetic field around earth the size of earth, which is only 4% of the total field, with that hole at the time I saw the report from NASA centered over Louisiana. Solar flares that are already causing problems with our communications systems all around this country. Just ask AT&T. FCC telling pilots to use extreme caution when landing at airport especially into Atlantic, GA.’s airport. GPS’s out of whack. We have a magnetic anomaly in the South Atlantic ocean that’s 3.2 thousand sq miles. We have shifted over 30 to 40 miles from true North. Notice the moon & Saturns rings are tilted. We have the threat of Nibaru the 10th planet of our solar system approaching us. This alone is throwing our solar system out of whack & will be out of whack for years to come, with mother earth trying to repair and balance herself out. Hence all the earthquakes & tsunamis happening all over the planet. The threat of a New World Government in place chomping at the bit. Russia, China, Iran & North Korea has built an EMP intended for us. With Russia setting up for military actions all along her borders with Iran. New fissure popping up all around Yellow Stone National Park & surrounding states, along with sinkholes popping up all around the planet. North Korea’s missile that was launched a couple of month ago landing on the western shores of Alaska. Even more things happening all around us everyday. With all the arguing and financial collapse happening all over this planet we better have our bug out bags ready to move on a seconds notice if you want too stay ahead, if possible.
        When all this falls around us, after the smoke clears wouldn’t you want to try a more utopian world? Everything else we humans have tried has failed. Check into an Abundance Based System for the betterment of all mankind.Start searching every alternative new source off there. Almost all internet countries out there have an English translations for their news. I’m ready for what’s coming before November are you?
        Ron Paul all the way!!!!!


    Well I’,m pleased that Dr Ron Paul is gaining ground were he should have already been accepted, however as I have said before, many Republicans dont really agree with balanced budgets otherwise Ron Paul would have been nominated years ago.

    This is the pivotal point of deciet by the mainstream Republicans…they talk balanced budgets, but what they really mean is increasing taxes or lowering taxes of the wealthy and using the tax revenues in the ways they feel they know better than the Democrats of where the money should go. Its a total deciet of the what they are offering your voter base, whereas Dr RON PAUL means what he says and the other Candidates and their followers dont like it and dont want him and his honesty. Thats my gunshot answer to you readers to this forum.

    • brown dwarf

      While your support for Presidential Candidate Ron Paul is noteworthy, you seem to have double vision where it pertains to the Republic and DemoCommrat parties to such a degree as PUTIN role reversal between them as prior fact.


        brown dwarf I’m not sure what your trying to convey to me, but this is what i wrote in another post “.Not surprised in France or Greece, because the voters dont like paying for their previous spending with cost cutting and increased taxes…so they vote out those who tell them the best way forward and put in those ‘the socialists’ who offer no pain …just more money, more deficits, more boorrowing or more money printing if no one will lend to them again, and no one will or should lend any more money to Greece or France.

        I suggested that Greece should be let loose as an example to others like the French, but alas the Germans decided otherwise and now we have the repeat in France of what the letting loose of Greece would have taught the rest of Europe. Its not going to get better now…only worse down the slippery slide to oblivion. .

        History repeating itself and another new Republic revolution in France with a new currency of little value. Wholesale destruction of the wealthy in France to benefit the angry poor who think they can keep ‘stealing’ from world lenders by their governments. Lets not beat around the bush…citizens have been using their elected politicians to steal from foreign lenders and they dont want to pay the money back. Greece is the prime example. The French have killed the Euro by electing a socialist government. YES, the Euro is dead before it dies a long painful death. So heed my warning… .

        Well as I have said before in these posts….the same applies to the USA you must pay higher taxes and lower services otherwise you will end up under a military junta dictatorship in the USA and you will know it when it happens. In fact its slowly heading that way now. Freelance politican and economic commentator from Australia.”

        If your republican supporters were honest and supported DR RON PAUL ages ago, then most of your econoimic problems would not be with you…… its going to be a hard road for whoever wins office and much worse without RON PAUL. and just this morning i see on news that the Greek Socialsts are actually saying they not going to pay their debts proving the old adage never trust a greek,,government. Cut them loose fast I say, otherwise no one will honour their loan agreements,,,the French, the Spanish, and more…your home borrowers and your car loan borrowers en-masse…a disaster of grand proportions as we write.

    • laurencetribe

      Well said, Gillysrooms in Australia. Maybe more Americans need to step back to see the whole socialistic picture.

      • brown dwarf

        It seems that the fox (communist based party affiliates, dnc) entered the henhouse during 2006, mid-term elections and have been having lunch ever since. Please notice the stats for “change” from then until now, on a worldwide scale. Then was a tipping point.

    • castaway

      GIllysRoom, I think you nailed it!

    • Sirian

      Side topic, referencing back to the other article that we were jawing about – illegal immigrants. Remember I told you they love freebies and would go for as much as possible? Remember? Watch this news report I’ve attached for you and perhaps you get a clearer understanding as to what we’re dealing with. And you’d love to have them there? Really???

      • Average Joe

        The link you posted is right on the money…litterally… Thanks!

      • Maryland Freestater

        Disgusting. I read the transcription and for the US Gov’t to NOT do anything about this is beyond the pale.

        Don’t know about you-all, but articles like this show a pattern of a whole bunch of little actions that are eating away at the foundations of our country and our culture. Look at the losses of freedoms under both Bush Jr. and Obama’s administrations, Obama’s usage of unelected ‘czars’ to set policy and regulations that couldn’t be voted in. Look at the US public education system. Look at the leftist unionized gov’t bureaucracy. Look at political correctness and the dissolution of common sense. Look at how Agenda 21 is being forced upon the US public, drowning us deliberately drop by bloody red drop.The list goes on and on…

        Sadly, nonleftists don’t really know how to fight back, and then FIGHT against these scumbags. The left has had a long time to perfect and carry out nefarious activities, which are apparently starting to bear a LOT of fruit. I for one am thankful for a site like this – which Obama will shut down if reelected (Nugent WAS right but misunderstood AND MISQUOTED) – because we sure as hell don’t get anything near the truth from MSM.


        Sirian, your right we dont want those theives, but its your legislators who are turning a blind eye to these rorts and the tax accountants who are promoting these deals who are responsible to these frauds and the IRS who appear to jump on any citizen minor infringements but turn a blind eye to the illegals deductions and tax credits.

        But let me tell you more, most of the people who escaped europe after the second world war who could not go to USA or Australia ended up in the South American countries who were are corrupt as the criminal new arrivals which included cowards, theives, murderers and other German Nazi generals who had committed many attrocities. the people had families in Sth America and their children grew up into criminal families who know every trick in the book and who are now wanting to more into USA to ply their thieving trade just like their fathers before them,

        Obviously we still dont want those types setting foot on our lands either and your government of many highly paid officials may not be doing a very good job to detect the frauds. Get rid of the financial fraud incentives and you automatically reduce the incentive to enter the USA illegally.

  • Robert Lebischak

    It’s a dam good thing. The RNC picked Romney for us ages ago, they said they wanted a true conservative, then served up Romney? With Newt out the only true conservative we lost a statesman and are being handed Politicians instead. At least with Paul going he will wake them up and hopefully make them think, there seems so little of that these days. I never thought I would say this, but with Newt out, I’ll back Paul before I would ever think of backing Romney.

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  • Joyceann

    We told the Rhino GOP we didn’t want Romney, but they didn’t listen. First in my heart is to get rid of Obama. With Anyone – and if that mean Romney, I will. Should Paul pull this off and become a candidate, I will back him to the limit (or until a Polbot thoroughly pisses me off)

    • upaces88

      Man! Do I ever hear you loud and clear! I respect Ron Paul. I like the man. I just don’t think he is strong enough to stand up to the damn Muslim infiltration in OUR COUNTRY.

      HOWEVER, we are having Romney shoved down our throats. Voter fraud has already been proven in 3 of the caucus(s).

      I just, for the most part, was kicked off a Tea Party site that was doing the Rah! Rah! Dance for Romney…I was told..”.you may have the wrong venue for your opinions.”
      The day before, I was the hero when I uploaded 56 reasons Obama should be impeached and added 4 more this morning.

      Romney is slicker than Obama…he isn’t in your face how he will betray us; but mark my words, HE WILL. “Islam is not inherently violent”… were his very words.

      Yet, Gingrich was the ONLY one to stand to attention for the entire nation to hear, “Ban on Sharia Law in Our Country.”
      So, they took his Secret Service away and left Romney with his.

      Soo, I hope I can be your new best friend.

      • Average Joe

        You say Gingrich is a “Stesman”, however to be a Staesman, one must stand by his convitions and values.
        Is Newt a person who fits that discription?
        He spent the last year and tons of money trying to convince the public that Romney was unfit for the job…yet, now he supports Romney as POTUS…that doesn’t seem very statesman like to me…by any stetch of the immagination.
        On the other han, we have Ron Paul..who has tood by everything he’s said over the last 30 years…by doing exactly as he said he would. A man who consistantly speaks the hard thruths, knowing full well… that his opinions are not polular opinions…but he states them anyway…because the truth needs to be heard whether popular or not. Ron Paul…is a Statesman, by the very nature of his actions.

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

        A statesman is usually a politician, diplomat or other notable public figure who has had a long and respected career at the national or international level.

        Considering Newts past escapades…I hardly think he fits the definition of a statesman.
        Sorry, I call them as I see them.

        A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for America.
        A vote for anyone else is a Treasonous vote…period.

        ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩☆ ۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
        ★ ☆ ★ ☆ RON PAUL 4 PRESIDENT 2012 ☆ ★ ☆ ★
        ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩☆ ۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

        I’m voting for Ron Paul 2012 and I approved this message!

      • Average Joe

        Sorry for missing letters..keyboard is getting old…time to replace it.

      • Wildey

        Ron Paul is only involved with Republican Party because he found out that working from within a known party would give him better chances to get his message out. He thought the people were ready for a new a new party and went with the Libertarians. To his dismay the Libertarians were more like libertines with their position on prostiution and abortion. He’s a pediatrician who’s delivered more than 4,000 babies and his two brothers are retired ministers. For him principal is everything.

        When it comes to the muslims he’s aware that America’s relationship with them went to hell after 1968, when America took sides in the Zionist Muslim disputes. Before there was no problem but America discounted President Washington’s sage advise. If we pick sides with one then their enemies will become our enemies. As Ron Paul says…” because we’re over there, there over here. Somewhere down the road the Zionist have made their enemies our enemies. Americans blood and money are fighting and dying doing battles with another countries enemies.

      • Void1972

        DIVIDE & CONQEUR!!!!

        Well folks, it’s been a great run, but we have been defeated by the world bankers!

        I really enjoyed the late great America and all that it offered us during the last 300 plus years, but I’m afraid it has finally come to an end.

        I want to thank all of you on this site for helping with the total destruction of this once incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring country, and helping me to make the only conclusion possible from witnessing such idiotic, self-indulgent, childish BS!!!!

        It’s time to go……like the tens of thousands of Jews that are leaving N.Y (the last exodus on this scale was in 1933 Germany)!

        The only problem is, like you all, I’m owned by the same bankers that control the newspaper we read in the morning with our coffee from one of their food companies, control everything we see on TV, news, movies, magazines, control our children’s un education, their thoughts, dreams and now thanks to you, their future.

        Yep, it’s time, but like the Jews that remained in Germany, because they too were owned by the bankers, we will be massacred as a sacrifice to the mighty dark forces of the “New World Order”.

        The only thing that gives me a little bit of hope is my own preparation for what you have created.

        I know others are as prepared, for we will not lay down when the brown shirts come to our doors.
        We will not let them threaten us!
        We will not let them hurt us!
        We will defend our families!
        We will defend our properties!

        We will defend what is left of America, and when it’s over, when all of your dumb idiotic ideals have been shattered, and you have lost everything, we will be there to help you get back to reality!

        This is the reality of your future if we are not united in this election!

        The Barbarians are at the gate, and obama gave them the key!

        Unite against this evil now or God help us all!



    • upaces88

      Joyceann, I really wish the Paul Bots would learn that more people were/are looking at Ron Paul — they literally run people off who are looking at him as a viable candidate. They do more harm than good.

      • Wildey

        If you had a train bearing down on you and you didn’t see it, would you want me to whisper the fact to you or scream my lungs out. Listen to his message and forget about how nice the conveyors are. Yes, we are at a do or die situation.

        • upaces88

          Maybe(?), the die-in-the-wool Ron Paul people need to learn how to make their arguments without sounding obsessed.
          For instance, this is a valid point when he “supported the Mosque to be built on Ground Zero”. Yes, we have freedom of religion; however, Ron Paul did NOT understand that Muslims build Mosques on the Grounds they conquer.

          He “mis-interprets” the Constitution.
          IF they want support for him and I (and many others now are seriously listening) explain in a logical fashion with examples without sounding obsessed.
          Another point that ran me off was when Paul stated he thought Iran should have the Nuke.

          • http://n/a Walker

            Ron Paul is the ONLY evident non-socialist left in the race so HE gets the VOTE.
            Yet, IF Mr. Romney peradventure is placed as the only candidate of the Conservative Party at the end of the day, then Let Him have Valid Inaguration.

            Mr. Paul knows well enough to veiw all the facts and data before making decisions which affect the continued existance of free men on the face of the earth, and is able to face every decision with reasonable actions.

            There really is no other choice.

          • upaces88

            You still haven’t gotten the point. To believe Ron Paul People?
            Give us HIS Statements; his video(s) on specific subjects…
            Just saying it isn’t going to convince us.
            GIVE US PROOF…not opinions

          • http://n/a Walker

            Anyone of sufficient age and I.Q. may properly do their own research and seek first-draft knowledge for understanding into the affairs which are before us.
            It’s a matter of principal and work ethic to wit, the founders of a nation which concieved prominent values and efforts, by faith in God thru grace, realized freedom to the common good of those who would stand, put fourth due dilgence in the frameing thereof.

        • Brad

          Well when Odrama say’s he sees light at the end of the tunnel I am going to intercept and tell you, you best be careful that there light just might be a high speed Demorat locamotive getting ready to get you where the sun don’t shine.

      • Brad

        Al Qaeda ‘Bomber’ Was CIA Informant


        The would-be bomber at the center of a thwarted Al Qaeda plot to bomb a U.S.-bound jet was a CIA informant all along, officials say.

        What do you think Ron Paul would think about this? Everyday under this administration we have another encounter that is way more serious to American’s safety than under previous Presidents all the way back to Reagan.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Read Ron Paul’sbooks, he spells out clearly what he believes.

    • David

      “First in my heart is to get rid of Obama…”

      Easy to see you are just the kind of voter the GOP is wishing for. No matter how bad Mitt is, no matter how much he lies, cheats or steals, he still gets your vote. Typical of the sheep following the judas goat into the slaughterhouse. So you are willing to sell out you values, your morals, your convictions just to keep Obama from a second term? (This is assuming you dislike lying, cheating and stealing… or do you always turn a blind eye when a Republican is doing it because then it is okay?)

    • Wildey

      Joyceann, He needs your help now while the battles raging. The timid can join him after he wins the nomination.

  • Wildey

    When I think of a candidate, I think of a person willing to serve my interest and what should be the people’s interest. A person willing to sacrifice for the people’s good, if they want it or not. I’m not in the least interested in some wouldbe tryrant. A person who wants to feed his own will and appetite. A person would lie steal and cheat or do or say whatever he has to get the power now associated with the presidency. The people called Washington. He did not run for office. The same is true of Ron Paul. He’s running because he was asked. His passion is the Consitution and seeing the country he loves run right. During his tenure as a congressman he certainly has proved he’s not motivated by money.

    Of course the others are afraid of him. Honesty, integrity, the good of the country are not in their books. Greed, self interest, power, pride (Satan’s sin), they’re all in there books. Amorality: Functioning outside of God’s code of conduct for action and interaction, that’s how they think. In my mind, how far Ron Paul gets will be a barometer on how far down the country has fallen. I pray we’re not looking like Sodom and Gommorah in God’s eyes.

    • moonbeam

      “I pray we’re not looking like Sodom and Gommorah in God’s eyes.” Too late. We are already there. This whole world is one big-ass (no pun intended) Sodom and Gommorah and thus will meet the same fate.

      God promised to not destroy this big blue marble by water like He did in satan’s flood and Noah’s flood. This time it will be by fire.

      • upaces88

        Well, unfortunately, Sodom… and The Fall of Rome both have been on my mind the past few days.

  • David

    Brad says:
    May 8, 2012 at 12:17 pm
    You are exactly right and everybody better listen, you give Odrama another 4 years and it very well may tun into a life time Dictatorship. At all cost don’t let him win people.

    Seems I heard the same thing about GW back in 2004. “Anyone but Obama” may sound nice but it isn’t a viable platform because then you get someone like Romney as a replacement. A liar. A cheat. A self-serving back-biting hypocrite of the first order, willing to say anything to get the Whitehouse. However, if you support a politician who lies, cheats and steals, one who panders and begs for votes, one who will say anything to anybody and change his views to fit the audience, then by all means vote for Mitt, he’s your guy! Just like Rick Santorum, who three months ago couldn’t stand the guy, now endorses him. So either Rick was lying then or he is lying now… either way Rick is a liar and why would I take the word of a known liar of who to vote for? Birds of a feather….

    • Brad

      Ron Paul great I’m all in if he can even get close, let’s see what happens in FL before we go giving up the farm to Hitler and his crony Commies

  • Al Kerensky

    Ron Paul is the Only candidate who, a la Jack Kennedy’s later, non-rhetorical imperative, swore an oath of allegiance/fealty to defend the country and constitution against all enemies foreign AND Dom…(now that 2-gun Rick Perry, another USAF vet left the race) & Did serve his country (in either the peace corps or an armed forces component.). Willard may not be as evil as der schlickmeister (the triple draft-dodger) or B…b..biden, the sextuple+ (that’s right: 1/2 dozen deferments in u/grad and 1 in law school!) draft evader: and at least “W.”, McCain, and Algore served (and not as Cabrini Green street people, dacoits and brigands!). So what do we constitutionalists/conservatives/strict constructionists/classical liberals/libertarians/populists/polyarchical democrats and reactionaries, revanchists, and revisionists do, Joyceann et al?…write in Paul or take the more realistic vote for Willard?* *Help: not a rhetorical q.

  • http://n/a Walker

    To clarify the posting:
    ‘Anyone of sufficient age and I.Q. may properly do their own research and seek first-draft knowledge for understanding into the affairs which are before us.
    It’s a matter of principal and work ethic, to wit, the founders of a nation which concieved prominent values and efforts, by faith in God thru grace, realized freedom to the common good of those who would stand, did put fourth due dilgence in the frameing thereof.’
    Proper punctuation has been added (comma after the word efforts, and an insertion of the word ‘did’)

  • upaces88

    @ David: I was throwing that out there to try to understand the intentions of Soros backing all three????

    @Joe…I know…I noooo. We have to vote and we are “deliberately” being wedged between a rock and a hard place.

    What I find THE MOST interesting is Newt’s Poll numbers were higher than any of the above. When he spoke out in POINT BLANK TERMS that Shariah Law will be banned in the USA…suddenly his security team was taken away leaving Romney with his!
    Look at these Poll Numbers:

    Poll – 10045 – Gingrich vs. Obama

    *Who would you vote for, Newt Gingrich or Barack Obama?*
    1. Newt Gingrich (82.9%)
    2. Barack Obama ( 10.7%)
    3. Neither ( 4.76%)
    Not Answered ( 1.45%)

    *Whom do you believe has better solutions for the nation’s economic
    1. Conservatives ( 83.7%)
    2. Liberal ( 6.89%)
    3. Neither ( 7.59%)
    Not Answered ( 1.77%)

  • upaces88

    Google: Ron Paul and Soros…it is all there….I just want ALL THE TRUTH…I want anyone but Obama and Romney. I want Ron Paul UNLESS he is wrapped up with Soros.
    The bottom line, and I would love to hear theories? Debates?
    What does Soros get out of supporting all three?

  • chuckb

    upaces88, some on here can’t face the fact the nomination is over, out of the bunch newt gingrich is most qualified for the job, but money talks and newt didn’t have any. we are faced with voting for a rino as president or a socialislamist, paul doesn’t have a chance of getting between those two.

    after searching the net,i found this site, a progressive one:

    after reading why they don’t like paul , it made me think, he’s against everything the bolsheviks stand for. no wonder the bolsheviks and rino’s don’t like him.

    • upaces88

      Ooo, Chuck, do I ever have a lot to tell you!!!! He had the $$ — $$ was never the issue.
      When he came out with his video “Banning Sharia Law” in the U.S. and the other 3 which I will upload — all hell broke loose.
      It was right after that they took away HIS SECURITY TEAM leaving Romney with his!
      Romney had previously announced a few weeks prior to that “Islam is not inherently violent.” I can’t remember if it was days or a week that Breitbart had been murdered. When they did that to Newt…that was my very first thought when they took his security team away. This is the most corrupt President and staff we have EVER had in our country IN OUR Entire History.

      Ban Sharia Law in the U.S. = full explanation

    • Deerinwater

      #10; Ron Paul is opposed to the separation of church and state. This reason is probably behind every other thing that I disagree with in regards to Paul’s positions. Ron Paul is among those who believes that there is a war on religion, he stated “Through perverse court decisions and years of cultural indoctrination, the elitist, secular Left has managed to convince many in our nation that religion must be driven from public view.” (( Koyaanisqatsi Blog: Wrong Paul Why I Do Not Want Ron Paul to be My President )) Though he talks a good talk, at times, Ron Paul can’t get away from his far right, conservative views. He would support “alternative views” to evolution taught in public schools (i.e. Intelligent Design.) We’ve already taken a look at his “bill to strengthen the American family and promote the virtues of family life.” or H.R.7955 Besides hating the gays he takes a very religious stance on many other things. He is attempting to force his beliefs on the rest of America, exactly what he would do as president.

      Reason 10, is a hard one to swallow Chuck. Not that I condone these activities, it’s just that it not the Federal governments job. Allow us to accept the fact that the Church hold dominion on such matters. That is a function of the Church. If the church can’t get the job done with the leg up God has gave them, why think government can, much less “should”.

      Then, ~Maybe this is just a bunch of fabricated leftist lies and Ron Paul really don’t hold these views at all?

      I don’t what your ideas of religion shoved in my face Chuck and more then I’d want to see a bunch of Muslims on their prayer rug, nose to the mat and bottom in the air going through some repetitious chat to start off a fun weekend worth of Rodeo. But I have too! We ask God to bless the riders, bless the stock, bless the injured, bless the day, bless the sponsors, and watch over us on our way home.

      You want to discuss ““years of cultural indoctrination”? I think that would apply well the evangelical Christian more then anyone else. Our country side is loaded with “crosses”. I’m not bitching about it, but I’m not blind to it either. Just don’t stick one in my front yard but I’m not denying you yours. So we should be OKay! But some are not! They want “crosses” everywhere!

      “Through perverse court decisions” I suppose that implies Roe verse Wade which brings women out of the dark ages and ALLOWS a woman & the CHURCH the benefits of modern science and some control of her own body inside limits and agreed boundaries. It is here where the Church offers guidance and has dominion and not the Federal government.

      • upaces88

        I appreciate you…..LOL…Ronald Reagan was ALSO counted out! Remember? LOL
        I got an email tonight from Fred Thompson…he is just now throwing his hat in the ring. It is getting very exciting! I don ‘t know as much about Fred but what I have heard, it is also very tough like Newt.
        And, for those people who don’t know….IT AIN’T OVER UNTIL THE FAT LADY SINGS!!!
        And, I don’t hear her!

      • Deerinwater

        Fred Thompson the actor?

      • chuckb

        i agree with some of your opinioins.

  • Louis Lemieux

    Remember, the Qur’an teaches that religion must not be a matter of the state.
    Shariah is a personal relationship with God. Prophet Muhammad, even as the de
    facto ruler of Arabia, wrote the Charter of Medina in which Muslims were held to
    Shariah Law, and Jews to the Law of the Torah. Not a single non-Muslim was held
    to Shariah because Shariah itself forbids compulsion. The Qur’an clearly says,
    “There is no compulsion in religion” (2:257). Furthermore, Shariah obliges
    Muslims to be loyal to their nation of residence. Therefore, American Muslims
    must adhere to the US Constitution as the supreme law of the land. Any Muslim who does not live by this is not living according to the teachings of his religion.

    • Brad

      Another old Demorat bites the dust Hey Hey Hey, Another Demorat Bites the dust Hey Hey Hey!!! Groovy man I love it don’t you Louis??

    • upaces88

      Louis, what do you think will happen when the news finally gets out that it was, in fact, a

      • upaces88

        @ Suzie:
        Rick Santorum told Ron Paul in Saturday’s debate: “You should know better than to cite George Soros-like organizations.” The comment came in response to attacks on Santorum’s record from the Texas Congressman and libertarian running in the Republican presidential primaries.

        Exposed for using Soros-funded research in an attack ad charging that Santorum had been “one of the most corrupt” members of Congress, Paul had no explanation or response, except to say that “somebody” had done a survey attacking Santorum and he used it in the ad. The Ron Paul ad includes the line, “I’m Ron Paul and I approve this message.”

        The exchange adds to Republican fears that Paul is trying to weaken or divide Republicans in order to guarantee Obama’s re-election.

        The Soros organization alluded to by Santorum is the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). It is the source of the corruption charge against Santorum in the Ron Paul ad.

        In the debate, Paul said that “…somebody did make a survey and I think he came out as one of the top corrupt individuals because he took so much money from the lobbyists.”

        That “somebody” was CREW, a Soros-funded group that targets Republicans and conservatives.
        Read More: As a result, O’Donnell’s group, ChristinePAC, has asked the IRS to strip CREW of its tax exempt status for engaging in partisan political activities in violation of federal law. O’Donnell’s PAC has also released a video exposing CREW’S “illegal, partisan agenda” and highlighting Soros’s funding of the group. The video includes excerpts of an interview with CREW executive director Melanie Sloan talking about how the Soros-funded Open Society Institute (OSI) is “a very big donor” and that the OSI is “very happy with what we do.”


    • chuckb

      apparently your muslim belief doesn’t always hold up as you say:

      Sharia Law held over US Constitution in PA Court Added by Ava Wilson on February 24, 2012 at 7:25pm in Ethics & Morals Tags: amendment, assault, atheist, constitution, ernest, first, harassment, judge, mark, martin, More…

      Ernest Perce and Muslim Judge Martin

      The article linked above involves an incident occurring last year on Halloween, where central Pennsylvanian Atheist Ernest Perce dressed up as Muhammad on Halloween and was assaulted by an angry Muslim.

      Long story short: he recorded audio from the court room which involved a Muslim judge dismissing the case, blaming the Atheist for provoking the attack, threatening that in an Islamic country he would have been sentenced to death for that provocation, and attempting to debate the Quran in a court of law.

      The judge did not recuse himself of his position for fear of bias. He ran with the bias and held Sharia law over the US Constitution which does not excuse angry Muslims from barring others their freedom of speech.

      this is exactly why barry must be removed from the white house, sharia law is on the horizon. remove the muslims from this country before it’s too late. if you doubt thia take a long hard long aty what’s happening in england, europe and the middle east.
      the qur’an calls for world domination, it does not respect any other government or document.

      • Louis Lemieux

        Any Christian who wishes harm to all Muslims just because they are Muslims is just as bad as a Muslim who wishes harm to all Christians just because they are Christians. I have several Muslim friends who are very good people and abide by “love thy neighbor as thyself“

        • Joyceann

          You are wrong. We do not hate them because they are Muslim. Most Americans are not so gullible as to judge another’s religion because it’s different. We live side by side with the Amish, Jewish, Mormon, Hindu, Jahovah’s etc – even those who have no religion at all.
          We read their “bible” and it says to erase us or change us. Where are these Muslims who have modified this to live peacefully in America? Do they stand up and denounce those jihadists? We don’t see them. Do they wish to assimilate into American culture? We do not allow child abuse or abuse of women. Perhaps you are right and your Muslim friends are peaceful and good. Until we see that Muslims no longer desire to kill us, we will be wary and careful in our acceptance. We won’t harm them as enemies, nor will we treat them as friends until they prove they are.

          • Brad

            Amen Joyceann, dont pay any attention to louis the french socialist.

  • upaces88

    John, I don’t remember Obama’s name ever being mentioned with the Bilderberg Group…do you have that article?

    • Jay

      The main stream media is never going to tell you what you’re about to read here. Please read this with an open mind and visit the link I’ve provided at the bottom of this post.

      James A. Johnson is the person selected by Obama to head his Vice-Presidential Search Committee. The main stream media hasn’t told you much about Johnson other than the fact that he lead John Kerry’s VP search committee.

      But why?

      Because James A. Johnson is a Vice-Chairman of a multi-billion dollar hedge fund and merchant bank, and a business partner of George Soros. Johnson also was the chairman of investment house Lehman Brothers. Johnson is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

      So if a powerful man like Johnson is Vice-Chairman of this investment fund, then who is the Chairman?

      Try Frank Pearl, who not surprisingly is also a member of the CFR. Even more astounding, Frank Pearl’s biography on his own web site identifies him as an active member of the Americans for Bilderberg group. There is now a proven, direct link between Obama and the Bilderbergers. What may be even more astounding is that nobody in the main stream media has reported on this.

      So now we know how an unknown African-American, a former street organizer made his way from Trinity Church in Chicago to being the Democrat candidate for President of the United States. He was backed by the Trilateralists and the Bildeberg group, following in the footsteps of Jimmy Carter.

      This is not speculation. This is not rumor. This is not some wild conspiracy theory. This is documented.

      And now we can understand why the main stream media has been obsessed with Obama’s associations with Rev. Wrigth and William Ayers, and has been silent on Obama’s association with James Johnson and Frank Pearl. Rev. Wright and William Ayers, and the “Michelle tape” that’s been rumored are designed distractions to keep the public from focusing on Obama’s associations with groups like the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, and the Bilderberg group.

      And by the way, the name of Johnson and Pearl’s investment bank, which he founded in 1995? Perseus, LLC. And for those of you who might have forgotten your greek mythology, Perseus became a hero for cutting off the head of Medusa.

      Coincidence? There’s no such thing as coincidence. On their web site they have images of Perseus holding the severed head of Medusa.

      Wait… did I mention that James Johnson is on the board of Goldman Sachs? Or that former Clinton cabinet member Richard Holbrooke is also a Vice-Chairman of Perseus? Or that that the Vice President of Finance at Perseus LLC held a similar position at the Carlyle Group? Or that the Managing Director of Perseus was formerly a Vice President at Enron?

      So for everybody who has fallen in love with Obama and who has bought into his speeches about changing the culture in Washington, know that you are supporting the candidate hand-picked by the most elite, powerful men in the world, who literally are members of the Bildeberg group.

      Are you sure you want these people in the White House? Do you think the masses who show up and cheer Obama have any idea of these connections?

      • Deerinwater

        Maybe he should appointed “Joe the Plumber” instead.

        No, ~ I don’t like it Jay but by what selection process would you apply to fill a slot?

      • Jay

        Come on deer, isn’t the answer obvious?

    • John W. Neff

      No I don’t. Wish I did, I would send it to you. It also named the Bush’s as members. Through the years I have read bits and pieces about the Bilderberg group. Didn’t pay to much attention to it. Now I’m seeing a lot of articles regarding the Bilderberg group. I’m paying more attention to it.

  • Joyceann

    To Those who responded to me: David – kiss my rosy red A fanatic is dangerous no matter what he believes and when a polbot gets in my face he sounds like a fanatic and I am angered and if that is what you want you got it. My reasons for anything are mine and I don’t need your self centered opinion to call me stupid in so many words. A man as old as you that hasn’t learned you catch more with honey than vinegar is stupid in my book. Not shining a good light on Paul are you?

    Wildey – you ask about a train. If I’m standing on the track, you can yell – like “move” or “run” and I’ll get off quick but “Hey Stupid” won’t get me paying attention to the train but only to the dumbass that can’t practice what he preaches. I’d rather be ran over than called stupid by an idiot – that ‘s human nature. Paul preaches more than the constitution he preaches God and what is right. Calling names isn’t right or nice. I liked everything else you said though.

    Upaces88 and Walker – you have something to say. Don’t get me wrong, most Paul backers are not Bots – even old Bob himself is not a Bot – but those screaming fanatics that run people away are doing more harm to Paul and makes getting people to listen calmly to Paul that much harder. Tea party people, meaning most of the working class – they are just not particularly big on politics. Generations raised by good people and slowly we got away from the constitution. It took Obama to wake us up. If all we have now is the GOP and their Romney, I am ready to back Paul if he can broker the convention.

    Now, what if Obama declares Martial Law before the election?

    • Deerinwater

      I was with you Joyce until the last few sentences. If you believe that, you are a fanatic calling people fanatics.

      I guess fanaticism come in degrees much like everything else. You and your friend could have listened to Ron Paul in 2001 when it really could have mattered. He is saying the same thing then as he does now.

      The GOP losing in 2008 is what woke some people up, losing to a junior Senator woke up some more, losing to a man of color woke up some more, finding out by mid 09 that the last two months “W” was in office American lost 80 thousand jobs, that this job lost continued for almost a year woke up the remaining.

      So I wish that Obama could take all the credit for the GOP being awake today, but that just wouldn’t be fair to George W Bush and all the war hawks with little plastic flags.

    • David

      What I asked you was if you liked lying, cheating and stealing… How is that getting in your face? But if you want to follow the judas goat, be my guest. If you want to vote for a know liar, be my guest. If you want to vote for a man who keeps his riches off-shore to avoid taxes you and I must pay, be my guest. If you want to vote for a guy who has never worked an honest day in his life, by my guest. You may vote for whomever you like… I just commented that you are the perfect Republican voter, one that doesn’t let history or facts or past statements get in your way of hate and lies.

      • Joyceann

        I am hardly the perfect Rupublican. Our Rhino Republicans are not my party. My issue with you is when we debate or converse about the values of believing in the constitution and my inquiries into Paul’s idea of constitutionalism, you cannot speak to me by speaking the facts of what Paul believes, but name calling because I dare question you. I do not disagree that we are left with only Paul as our choice. Why do you think the people said no to Obama and no to Romney also. We want someone who believes what the majority of the people want. I did my homework on Paul – I read what he has written and I have followed his politcal life and his voting record. When I was done, I question the believers, or followers of his ideas. I question. Paulbots take exception to being questioned, and invariably, the finatic will resort to name calling and degradation of the questioner. That is what I do not like and will not tolerate. Those who can relate their position with fact will gain followers. Nasty mean finatics that yell and scream lose their case along with their temper. Paul deserves better than that. I plan on voting for Paul in spite of you or your ilk – simply because I have talked to sane, calm, constitutionalists. I have no choice but to save my America if I can.

      • David

        Joyceann says:
        May 9, 2012 at 9:29 am
        I am hardly the perfect Rupublican. Our Rhino Republicans are not my party. My issue with you is when we debate or converse about the values of believing in the constitution and my inquiries into Paul’s idea of constitutionalism, you cannot speak to me by speaking the facts of what Paul believes, but name calling because I dare question you. I do not disagree that we are left with only Paul as our choice. Why do you think the people said no to Obama and no to Romney also. We want someone who believes what the majority of the people want. I did my homework on Paul – I read what he has written and I have followed his politcal life and his voting record. When I was done, I question the believers, or followers of his ideas. I question. Paulbots take exception to being questioned, and invariably, the finatic will resort to name calling and degradation of the questioner. That is what I do not like and will not tolerate. Those who can relate their position with fact will gain followers. Nasty mean finatics that yell and scream lose their case along with their temper. Paul deserves better than that. I plan on voting for Paul in spite of you or your ilk – simply because I have talked to sane, calm, constitutionalists. I have no choice but to save my America if I can.
        First, let me say I am sorry if I offended you but I do get so tired of people saying everything is Obama’s fault and in the same breath refuse to lay any blame at the feet of the GOP. If a person doesn’t like Mitt and has reasons not to vote for him but will anyway just because it is a vote against Obama… that just doesn’t seem kosher to me. 100% of this country’s problems didn’t start in 2008 and lying about that, lying about how bad Obama is, making stuff up to fit the views already held is just wrong. Instead of saying how they would fix anything, find a solution to any problem… they continue to say “Obama bad! Me good!”

        Like you said, I do not like being called names either and just because I disagree with a person who has a different political view doesn’t make me un-American same as it doesn’t make them un-American and perhaps yesterday was just an off day and I did not express myself in the best manner possible. Again, sorry if I offended you and after reading your above post I think we agree more than we disagree… and I fell this way with many Republicans I talk to but they are so busy lying about Obama and Democrats and how everyhing will be better (read perfect) with a Republican President I can’t get them to see we differ very little in our views. If I am not a foaming-at-the-mouth, rabid right-wing only 100% behind ANY GOP candidate, then I must be a commie.

        • laurencetribe

          You sound pretty rational to me,David. It seems obvious to me that we, the people, have been saddled with a two party system but one governmental ideology driven by people of wealth, power and authority dedicated to the undoing of the nation’s Constitution and establishing a socialist government, a failed system in every instance, but promoted by our betters, the haves, to the detrement of the have nots. Reducing the American standard of living was necssary to usher WTP into a one world oligarchy underwritten by the world’s megabankers who provide WTP with their currency at a price that amounts to the major portion of the national debt. Education and educators have failed.

    • upaces88

      Rick Santorum told Ron Paul in Saturday’s debate: “You should know better than to cite George Soros-like organizations.” The comment came in response to attacks on Santorum’s record from the Texas Congressman and libertarian running in the Republican presidential primaries.

      Exposed for using Soros-funded research in an attack ad charging that Santorum had been “one of the most corrupt” members of Congress, Paul had no explanation or response, except to say that “somebody” had done a survey attacking Santorum and he used it in the ad. The Ron Paul ad includes the line, “I’m Ron Paul and I approve this message.”

      The exchange adds to Republican fears that Paul is trying to weaken or divide Republicans in order to guarantee Obama’s re-election.

      The Soros organization alluded to by Santorum is the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). It is the source of the corruption charge against Santorum in the Ron Paul ad.

      In the debate, Paul said that “…somebody did make a survey and I think he came out as one of the top corrupt individuals because he took so much money from the lobbyists.”

      That “somebody” was CREW, a Soros-funded group that targets Republicans and conservatives….
      Continue reading: Video:

  • Rocketman

    Typical of the republican establishment crying fowl of legal tactics that the Paul people employ to gain delegates. They have used every ILLEGAL tactic that you can imagine to keep the nomination from him and give it to Romney.

  • Joyceann

    Yes, and I don’t want to hear a word from Newt or Santorum – they had a chance to back Paul instead of Romney – I see some awful dirty workings by the GOP and the Left even before Paul got quiet.

    • Deerinwater

      Kind of showed you their colors , didn’t they?

      No surprise to me, they all share the same quality overriding “self interest”, as much an American patriot as Fidel Castro.

    • Deerinwater

      so how has the left undermined Ron Paul? I know they have address his positions and offered bias commentary but it hasn’t been in an overly unflattering way.

      The biggest enemy Ron Paul has today are people that like to wear the label of ‘conservatives’ and make claims of being righteous people while they wave their plastic flag and sing drill baby drill. They have got a nice government job or government subsided job and want to keep it or they are retired and depending heavily on SS, medicaid & medicare to get by.

      That makes for a lot of people.

  • Beacon007

    The Americans, once a proud people, should, hang your head in shame.


  • Joyceann

    About the question Upaces88 ask and Bob commented on : the war on terror and what Paul would do. Bob, you may be correct that there isn’t a true war on terror – that it is a farce made to make us afraid and continue our military war. But we are doing our homework and war on terror or not, a question remains that we have read the Koran and it calls for our death anyway possible. We are being told by those who know them that not all Muslims follow that dictate but truth remains, there is one who is here to destroy us. We should remain afraid and alert.
    To Upaces88 – from what I have read of Paul – he is like a banty rooster. He doesn’t believe in war – but he does believe in survival and will fight back with everything we have if stepped on. I do not believe he will lay down and roll over in defeat. In fact, I believe he is not someone to mess with. He won’t start a fight, but he won’t back up from one either. JMO

  • AJ

    Ron Paul or not at all!!!!!

  • upaces88

    @ Alan…he can’t explain it because he heard it one time when Rick Perry mentioned it and couldn’t explain it either. He doesn’t understand what he is saying… so how can he explain what he doesn’t understand.


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